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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 28, 2019 6:00am-8:59am PDT

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chicago. you will see him about two raid. congressman adam kinzinger hours from now right here on weighs in on that and more the fox news channel. fallout plus the "washington po >> we'll see you tomorrow morning. have a great day, everyone. >> if you want to see fox editing its initial headline on nation watch us or the radio. the al-baghdadi raid after the >> watch the radio. >> sandra: fox news alert on capitol hill. another impeachment witness with many. our a-team is ready to go on could be skipping a closed-door that at the top of the hour. interview expected to happen in >> president trump: baghdadi 30 minutes. was vicious and violent and he congressional investigators wanting to talk to charles died in a vicious and violent way as a coward running and cupperman, the deputy national crying. security advisor john bolton. unclear whether or not he will show up after being told by the - [woman] with shark's duoclean, i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors. white house not to comply with his subpoena. he listened in on the call so i got this. between the president and the yep, this too. president of ukraine that is at even long hair and pet hair are no problem. the center of this but the one thing i won't have to clean is this. investigation and ultimately launched the impeachment because the shark self-cleaning brush roll inquiry by democrats. big question whether or not he removes the hair wrap while i clean. will show on capitol hill when - [narrator] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, you are still a government employee. the white house has the ability now cleans itself. now available in our new uplight model. to stop that key witness from
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appearing on capitol hill. that is what is in question this morning as we await all of that. the staffer is due on capitol hill 30 minutes from now. we await any information on that. when we have it for you we'll bring it to you. breaking news this morning. isis already named a new leader as president trump announce white house situation room saying abu bakr al-baghdadi died like a coward during a
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daring raid by special operations forces in northwestern syria. closed in on him. >> jon: the president calling the death a major victory in the fight against terrorism. >> president trump: the thug who tried so hard to intimidate others spent his last moments in utter fear, in total panic and dread, terrified of the american forces. >> they performed a very difficult mission. some cases made it look really easy. intelligence was really good. the execution by america's mostly let forces some of the brave men and women that come from across america demonstrate the remarkable nature of the united states. >> this is a very meaningful step in the right direction in terms of the war on terror. the president made the right decision. now reminder that america is never going to forget what happens to our people and we are going to be patient and always coming after the bad guys. >> jon: fox news team coverage with analysis from general jack keane. first we go to lucas tomlinson
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live at the pentagon this morning. >> jon, eight u.s. helicopters were used in the raid. the strike force launched from a base in iraq and took heavy fire to the target in northwest syria. the goal was to capture the ice is leader alive. after u.s. special operations forces hit the door and ordered him to surrender he had started running down a tunnel away from the compound. he detonated a suicide vest taking three of his young children with him. president trump called him a wimp for doing that. >> president trump: he was a sick and depraved man. and now he is gone. al-baghdadi was vicious and violent and he died in a vicious and violent way as a coward running and crying >> the president watched the raid from the white house situation room in realtime. it was like watching a movie. the vice president, defense secretary and general mark
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millie were among those present. they had been watching al-baghdadi for the past two >> sandra: breaking news out of weeks. two or three other missions the west coast. california is on fire at this were called off. hour. the president thanked russia right now we're awaiting a news for letting the force go into conference with fire officials on the ground in brentwood, the area and thanked a nato california where fresh new fires have erupted just this ally. >> president trump: turkey, we morning. brand-new video continuing to pour into our newsroom and dealt with them. they knew we were going in. we'll take you there live when that news conference is underway. we flew over some territory. first a fox news exclusive. they were terrific, no problem. plus it was a very secret attorney general william barr is speaking out now about the mission. we flew very, very low and fast. criminal investigation into the origins of the russia probe. it was a very dangerous part of welcome to a brand-new hour of the mission. "america's newsroom," i'm >> the president asked people sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott for bill to remember americans killed by hemmer. the attorney general in chicago today where president trump will be speaking next hour to a isis. meeting of police chiefs. barr telling fox news the investigation into how the russia probe got started is the operation was named after making great headway. kayla mueller. we expect a press conference >> durham, the u.s. attorney for connecticut, is in charge with the defense secretary and of the investigation.
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i understand he is making great joint chiefs of staff at 1:00 progress. as you know he is a 35-year p.m. eastern. >> jon: thanks. >> sandra: moments ago when we veteran of the department. were hearing from the president he told reporters that he is great reputation for now quote considering releasing nonpartisanship. he was selected by two the video of the raid of democratic attorney generals to do sensitive investigations for baghdadi. them. he is a by the book kind of guy. let's bring in four star general jack keane. good morning to you and great to get your reaction. first thing this morning. first to what the president just said about the release of the video of the raid. what -- manage our expectations on that when you look back how it was handled after the death of bin laden? what should we expect? >> that would be highly unusual. normally we wouldn't do anything like that because it he is thorough and fair. i'm confident he will get to the bottom of things. reveals a tactics, techniques >> sandra: that interview happening moments ago. we're live in chicago with that. david. law enforcement. before meeting those members of and procedures that these law enforcement our producer highly-trained elite forces are jake gibson had a chance to sit down with mr. barr to talk to him about the durham using. there may be some portion of it investigation. president trump and his team that they would not mind being are calling it investigating released. i'm talking about the forces the investigators. themselves in concert with the last week we learned that the
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white house. but it is unusual to do investigation into the origins something like that. of the russia probe is now >> sandra: your reaction this criminal headed by u.s. morning after the world learned of this news over the weekend. attorney john durham out of >> it's clearly a major victory connecticut. for us in the war against it started as an administrative review but durham will have the radical islam and particularly dealing with isis. anybody that tries to minimize the impact of this doesn't know ability to file criminal what they're talking about. charges and issue a grand jury. despite traveling to italy to durham and introducing him to officials in the u.k. and al-baghdadi took several hundred fighters out of iraq in australia attorney general barr said it's only john durham's 2012 and invaded iraq and also investigation. >> we'll let the chips fall formed the safe haven in syria where they may. where he trained that force and i think they all know john declared the islamic state. no terrorist organization in durham's reputation and we'll just see how it turns out. modern times had ever i do want to say that one of accomplished anything like that. it electrified the entire the reasons mr. durham is able radical islamic world. to make the kind of progress he as a result of that baghdadi is making is because director holds a status that no other wray and his team at the f.b.i. terrorist leaders has ever enjoyed. even though he runs the most have been outstanding in prominent organization in it. support and responsiveness
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they've given. so killing him is absolutely a >> the attorney general praising the f.b.i. before he setback for this organization. even took the oath of office, yes, will they appoint a new bill barr was asked if he would leader? they have one today. of course they will. be president trump's personal attorney or the attorney general of the united states. but it is major, major issue still a lot of criticism there for the organization. from democrats. it impacts on their recruiting, we asked him that question today and barr insists that he their funding, their morale. that's a reality of it. is the attorney general, not president trump's personal it also underscores how attorney. president trump set to take the important it is to rely on stage behind me in about an local forces in the region that hour here in chicago. we are working with. sandra. >> sandra: thank you, david. our partners, the syrian democratic forces. the iraqis who provided >> it's a good day for the valuable intelligence and other partners in the region. world and a real blow to the we have to stay forward with a isis organization. he was the spiritual leader, presence where the radical their heart and soul. islamists gather. we don't have to have hundreds he is dead. the caliphate has been of thousands of troops to do that. we have to have some working destroyed because president trump changed the rules. with our local partners. >> sandra: you heard the >> jon: that's senator lindsey president specifically saying graham on the death of abu bakr to all those involved in this al-baghdadi in a u.s.-led raid raid and executing this as it in northern syria. was. general keane, we spoke last it comes that the terror group week when you and senator has already named a new leader. lindsey graham penned this
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op-ed turkey paves way for isis benjamin hall is speaking to the kurdish fds forces and comeback, u.s. must prevent return of terrorist group in getting their reaction. which you were very openly >> we just finished an critical of the president's decision to pull u.s. troops from northern syria and what interview with general abadi that meant for the resurgence the head of the kurdish forces of isis. in northern syria. so tie that into the he told us a lot of information developments over the weekend. about this raid came from the do you still share that concern? >> i think the president has modified his commitment to fds. the intelligence knew about eastern syria in the sense that al-baghdadi's location since troops will be returning to may 15. they had intelligence he would eastern syria. move to a new location and say i think with two things in mind. one is to make certain the oil it was the sdf told the u.s. fields that are there which about the tunnels at the represent 70% of all of the syrian old fields are currently compound. the sdf knew how many people were with him. because they had a source under u.s./coalition led within isis that was feeding this information back. they say that while it was control they don't fall into american military might that went in and got him it couldn't iranian's hand and keep our have been possible without the hand on isis. sdf intelligence. they wanted to make that clear. the democratic forces do it so much better and when we are we talked to him about their
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new partnership with the syrian controlling the airspace. >> sandra: have you spoken to government. the syrian government has moved up to the border and put troops the president. >> i don't talk about talking to defend against turkey. to the president. something that fox news saw that's his call, not mine. first-hand on the front lines. >> sandra: thank you. appreciate your time. >> jon: the families of we are watching syrian government forces taking up americans killed by isis their positions opposite turkey. reacting to the news of the kurds say in the long run al-baghdadi's death. >> sandra: the family of james they can't push back the turkish army. what we're seeing is a foley a journalist captured and beheaded tweeted this. partnership in action. we can see a turkish tank just i hope it will hinder the up in the next hamlet. resurgence of terror groups and their forces are clearly coming pray that captured isis fighters will be brought to towards us. that's where the gun battle has trial and held accountable. been as well. it won't be safe for us to go >> jon: the operation was named for kayla mueller who was any further. you can hear. kidnapped while helping syrian it sound like air strikes. civil war refugees. a wide ranging interview today her mother praising the with the general but he was president's actions saying i still say kayla should be here. saying two things. if obama had been as decisive the partnership between the sdf and u.s. is critical. as president trump, maybe she would have been. there may be a few more isis >> sandra: the president has called the families of isis arrests killed or captured in coming days but they want the u.s. to come back and help them victims but keeping the details protect the kurdish people. of those conversations private. jon. >> jon: katie hill is resigning >> jon: benjamin hall inside from office amid an ethics syria.
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>> sandra: let's bring in the investigation into allegations of an affair with a campaign a-team david avella, mary anne staffer. hill tweeting yesterday saying this is the hardest thing i have ever had to do. marsh, and tom bevan, great job i believe it is the best thing for my constituents, my community and our country. to benjamin hall on the ground in syria. jonathan hunt is live in los moving to the developments of angeles with that. jonathan. the weekend your response. >> outstanding. americans are safer and more secure as a result of this >> good morning, congresswoman weekend's actions. and credit to president trump speaker nancy pelosi for a and congress who spent more money on defense spending. leadership position. after compromising photographs we went from $517 billion to to of her and text messages to a campaign staffer service she acknowledged what she called -- $717 to 738 billion onin new defense spending. errors in judgment saying it is in 2017 we changed the obama with a broken heart that today policy that allowed the military to be more active on i announce my resignation from the ground. congress. hill is going through a bitter divorce from her husband eight million syrians, kurds, following allegations she had and iraqis can be liberated. an affair with an aide in her three million can return to their homes. congressional office. the trump policy exceeds that is prohibited under house expectations for success. rules. >> the reason this was so she has denied the affair and successful.
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in her statement blamed her we have to thank our allies, intelligence agencies and our quote abusive husband writing military. everybody did an outstanding having private photos of job. it should be the concern of personal moments weaponized every american that the allies against me has been an that helped us most in this the appalling invasion of my kurds we also betrayed when the troops were pulled out of syria privacy. it is also illegal and we are and a genocide was allowed to currently pursuing all of our occur. this mission was in planning available legal options. for months. yet we pull our troops out at and in what appeared to be an the very time and left the kurds exposed. acknowledgement there might be in terms of intelligence more photos or texts out there. she said i know as long as i'm agencies, again exceptional job. in congress will live fearful of what might come next and how but we just listened to much it might hurt. attorney general barr talk about the investigation of the nancy pelosi also issued a investigators, the people that helped us find baghdadi. statement praising the everyone should be concerned 32-year-old congresswoman's quote powerful commitment to about those two kings. her community and bright vision >> jon: congressman hakeem for the future but adding she jeffries praised the president has acknowledged errors in on this move. judgment that made her >> it was certainly an continued service as a member appropriate mission to green light and in that regard the untenable. we must insure a climate of president made the right integrity and dignity in the decision. now we need him to continue to congress and in all workplaces. make appropriate decisions now hill had won her district moving forward. >> jon: your take, time.
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by nine points last year >> it was tough to find ousten knight. democrats willing to give the the last republican to hold a president credit. house seat in los angeles a lot of them gave credit to county in the wake of hill's the forces. this is a boon from president trump and his reelection. resignation republican you remember when osama bin officials say they're looking laden was killed. forward to winning back that president obama made that part seat. of his reelection campaign. we shall see. >> jon: it will be a battle. thank you. >> sandra: a state of emergency bin laden is dead. we saw his approval rating jump declared for california as a new fire breaks out in a 7 points. southern part of the state near we'll see how this effects president trump's approval rating. l.a. certainly the fight against wildfires have forced nearly isis and taking out this guy 200,000 people from their homes there and how officials are was far as the responding this morning. >> jon: president trump heads makes a erm impact it will hav. to chicago right now. a city he has compared to a war zone. what he is doing there today. >> sandra: and the impeachment inquiry's witness list is still difference. al-baghdadi was the founder of growing. why house democrats now have isis. he formed the caliphate. their sights set on john bolton. we'll have that for you next. >> as much as the democrats who he was an inspirational leader. quickly tried to spin out of when you take out a leader like that and say when we said quid that it will have a major impact on the organization. pro quo on july 25th we really meant sometime in august. we went into syria with our sd it still raises a real question
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about the whistleblower's credibility and motivation. partners to fight isis. this one grows fuel. ♪ >> you you allow the mail tear exxonmobil is growing algae for biofuels. to do their job this is the success that you get. that could one day power planes, >> it's great al-baghdadi was taken out. they have a new leader today. we'll see what he does. propel ships, and fuel trucks... people forget that 100 isis and cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half. terrorists escaped prison during -- when our troops left and hundreds more have escaped algae. camps. there are hundreds of isis its potential just keeps growing. terrorists now loose across ♪ syria moving their way in the middle east, europe and its potential just keeps growing. (mom vo) it's easy to shrink into your own little world. hopefully -- they could be here. i hope they don't come here. that's the big risk. especially these days. >> jon: want to take a look at the media treatment of all this. (dad) i think it's here. the "washington post". (mom vo) especially at this age. >> sandra: adam schiff is (big sis) where are we going? talking right now. we'll dip in and listen. >> the nine other witnesses who (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. met similar opposition from the (little sis) whoa... (big sis) wow. see that? white house who were instructed (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. by the white house not to (vo) the three-row subaru ascent. appear but honored their lawful obligations and came forward. love.
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. did their lawful duty. we greatly appreciate the courage that they have shown it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. and that other witnesses will show who are scheduled to it's a competition for the talent. appear. employees need more than just a paycheck. the lawsuit that dr. kupperman filed in district court has no you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source basis-in-law. a private citizen cannot sue the congress to try to avoid coming in when they are served for personal savings and protection solutions. with a lawful subpoena. the workplace should be a source of financial security. we expect the court will make keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. short shrift of that argument but we move forward. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path dr. kupperman had testimony we to financial wellness with prudential. believe would corroborate the allegations of misconduct that other witnesses have made. but we move forward and we will obviously consider as we inform dr. kupperman's counsel his failure to appear as evidence that may warrant a contempt proceeding against him. in terms of where we are, we have had a full schedule up until this point we have a full schedule from this point. i think we can infer from the
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white house opposition to dr. kupperman's testimony that they believe that his testimony would be incriminating of the president. it is also i think very plain additional and powerful evidence of obstruction of congress and its lawful function by the president that yet again and even after a did you know that feeling sluggish or weighed down could be signs that your digestive system court decision affirming the right of congress to proceed isn't working at its best? taking metamucil every day can help. with this impeachment inquiry, metamucil supports your daily digestive health the white house has obstructed the work of a co-equal branch using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium. of government. psyllium works by forming a gel in your digestive system if this witness had something to say that would be helpful to to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. the white house, they would want him to come and testify. metamucil's gelling action also helps to lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption they plainly don't. to promote healthy blood sugar levels. after hearing the testimony or so, start feeling lighter and more energetic reviewing the written opening by taking metamucil every day. statement of ambassador taylor one can easily see why the white house does not want further evidence to come before the congress. i found it remarkable i have to say that the republican members of our three committees,
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including ranking members on oversight committees, took a position effectively of endorsing the white house >> jon: we shared reaction of obstruction that the president the family of kayla mueller to in an impeachment inquiry or the al-baghdadi raid, the any oversight inquiry into american aide working with whom misconduct can simply instruct the operation was named. senior people not to testify. we flashed a picture of robert that is deeply damaging to this institution and any congress's mueller on the screen. ability to do oversight, let alone in the important context of an impeachment proceeding. kayla mueller was kidnapped by nonetheless we go forward. now armed with additional isis and she was killed in 2015. evidence of obstruction as well >> president trump: a as additional inferences that can be drawn that this whistleblower wrote a false narrative of the conversation. now they don't want to talk witness's testimony would further incriminate the about thewise blower because president of the united states. they didn't think i was going i'm happy to respond to a couple of questions. to release the conversation. when i released the >> do you think other witnesses conversation, i blew up schiff's act. will say they'll do the same >> jon: president trump demanding public testimony from thing and wait for the courts the so-called whistleblower at before they testify? the center of the ukraine >> i have more confidence in the witnesses that we've controversy as we wait to find invited to appear and will
6:17 am
out a deputy to former national subpoena to appear that they security advisor john bolton will perform as the nine will comply with a subpoena to witnesses that have gone before have, that they will do their speak with impeachment duty and honor their lawful obligations and show the kind is a former of courage that these other assistant attorney general under george w. bush. witnesses have shown. thanks for sharing your >> when you say moving forward expertise.ify at this point? does that mean you won't -- [inaudible question] >> it's a debatable question and why cupperman has taken the step of asking a federal judge to step in and determine his does that mean the inner circle obligations here. on one hand he recognizes the like cabinet members and senator bolton and people like house does have a constitutional power to conduct that you aren't looking for? impeachment proceedings but on the other hand you have >> it's hard to say what other executive privilege. senior officials will do. if the white house is directing i'm sure they will get like him not to testify he is saying instructions from the white i'm in a bind and looking to house and if they do and they the courts for guidance how to sort this all out. fail to appear, they will be >> jon: the house is commencing building a very powerful case an impeachment inquiry but there has been no formal vote against the president for of the house. obstruction. basically what's going on is and articles of impeachment the will of the democratic side based on obstruction. of the house, perhaps a handful each time the white house steps of republicans. in to obstruct congress from
6:18 am
we don't know that because getting documents and of course there hasn't been an official vote. we know now that there are any >> that's right. it is interesting because number of very important relevant documents the state clearly the framers envisioned that impeachment is something department is withholding from that wouldn't be carried out by congress, but in time they also a minority or by a small withhold witnesses and force faction of the congress and why them to refuse to appear or you need a super majority in the senate and a majority of attempt to ignore lawful process, they will merely build the house in order to impeach and remove a president. the obstruction case against the president. in terms of how we will use at some point hopefully sooner rather than later the litigation and not use litigation, we are not willing democratic leadership will say we need more buy in from a to allow the white house to engage us in a lengthy game in majority of the house of representatives. the courts so we press forward. >> jon: we know adam schiff is particularly hot, the guy running this impeachment inquiry. here is what he had to say over >> [inaudible question] the weekend. >> this is someone who was concerned that people in the >> no, we will not allow the white house to delay our state department, mulvaney and sundland were cooking up a drug investigation. any acts of obstruction like deal, he meant a corrupt deal this, any effort to prevent the congress and the american people from learning more about involving withholding a white house meeting or aid as well the president's misconduct will for political purposes. merely build a public case for he has very relevant information and we do want him obstruction of congress by this
6:19 am
to come and testify. >> he is talking about why his president. and let's keep in mind what we committee wants to hear from have learned in two short weeks thanks to the courageous cupperman. cupperman asked that federal judge whether he should testify. testimony of many state if you were the judge, what department, defense department and other national security officials. we have learned that a would you tell cupperman and bolton as to whether or not they had to appear? president of the united states >> i think the fact is the abused his power to coerce and closer you get to the president. ally that is fending off look, that's why the democrats want bolton, they want russian occupation of its cupperman. territory in order to get now they're moving in closer to president trump himself. they're moving in from the political dirt on an opponent. outer realms of the diplomatic core and getting into the white conditioned a white house house. if i'm a judge there is a much meeting and as mick mulvaney stronger argument in this acknowledged, conditioned context for executive privilege. military support to fight off it is one thing for the white house to try to stop diplomats an adversary of the united states, conditioned those from testifying but quite things on getting political another thing to say this is help in the form of an someone who is personally investigation into one of his advising the president on a matter of sensitive diplomacy opponents. i can understand why the and national security at the heart of what executive president doesn't want these privilege is intended to witnesses to come forward. protect. >> jon: so the battle lines are what i find harder to understand is why the republican members of this body obviously drawn. you have two co-equal branches in this house don't want these
6:20 am
witnesses to come forward. of government but neither where is their duty to this bolton nor cupperman is working in the white house. are they still covered by institution? where is their duty to the executive privilege? >> the fact that they're no constitution? where is their respect for the longer working there weakens the claim. i don't think it absolutely rule of law? this will not be our last eliminates it and i think the other thing is to the extent president. these disputes get propelled into the courts from the and as i underscored today, democrats's perspective it will they ought to understand the string things out considerably. they've been talking about the imperative of a congress to get need to move quickly. information from the executive. streamlined inquiry and vote. without it we can't do our jobs. not let this drag out for thank you. months or years. once you get into the courts the one thing all of us can be certain about is it not a fast >> jon: we're both trying to process. it will slow it down. sum up what happened there. at some point the democrats adam schiff is chairing the might say let's move ahead and intelligence committee, the guy take a vote, we have enough who has been holding the hearings in the basement of the evidence. >> jon: tom, thank you. capitol. impeachment inquiry and he did >> sandra: a new report on the not receive the testimony today economy this morning. of the witness that he wanted to hear from. what a slowdown in hiring could >> sandra: he said it was mean for wage growth for regrettable he did not show and also wants to have john bolton american workers. maria bartiromo is here to break that down for us. testify. he said this is an obstruction plus dueling headlines from the of congress. we will not allow the white house to delay this
6:21 am
"washington post". following the death of the isis investigation. more on that in a moment. leader. chief intelligence correspondent is live on capitol hill. >> the reason this witness matters is it is someone who was inside the ring and just one removed from the former national security advisor john bolton and that's why the testimony is so important. we saw what the democrats have been really signaling for a couple of weeks. that they will now consider efforts by the white house to block witnesses, whether those efforts are legitimate and based on the law or not, as well as to withhold documents, evidence of obstruction of congress in this particular case. and what we saw unfold this morning is not in a vacuum. we've just recently had a decision from the federal court here in washington that said that house democrats can now get access to grand jury material. these were sections that were redacted in special counsel robert mueller's investigation. and the judge in this case
6:22 am
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ask your dermatologist if cosentyx could help you move past the pain of psoriasis. >> sandra: u.s. business hiring falling to a seven-year low according to a new survey. the slowdown coming as businesses report slower growth in both sales and profits and many say that the tariffs are having a negative impact on business. joining us now maria bartiromo, host of sunday morning futures on fox news. good morning, maria. big day yesterday morning. we'll get to an interview you had shortly. first this news not going to stop the stock market from hitting an all-time high. but you look at the slowdown in hiring and what does it tell you? >> it tells me businesses are waiting to make decisions because of the uncertainty
6:25 am
likely around trade. i have to tell you, we're right now smack dab in the middle of the third quarter reporting season and better than expected on a lot of levels. even the guidance and what you want to focus on. what companies are saying about the future. are they still investing in capital expenditures and r & d and for the most part the guidance have been strong. if you get out of the way of china and usmca. i think you see a much better back drop because that uncertainty is causing managers to sit on cash, make decisions later. in that real *m i have good news. today breaking news from the president on his way to chicago he said and i quote, we are ahead of schedule on the china here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... how can i help? dealings. and over the weekend the a data plan for everyone. chinese ministry put out a everyone? everyone. statement and said the language let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] for phase one is basically wifi up there? -ahhh. complete. so it looks like we will get a sure, why not?
6:26 am
signed papered deal when they meet at the apec conference in how'd he get out?! november. november 17th. a camera might figure it out. then there is usmca. that was easy! i'm hearing better tone about glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. this. >> sandra: you spoke with debbie dingle on your show over so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. the weekend and says it is a priority for speaker pelosi. here is debbie dingle. >> last time you and i talked about this i made you a bet i'll get it done. >> jon: fox news alert from i told her that and she said that it continues to be a chicago's o'hare international airport as we await president priority. i've talked to both the administration and to -- i must trump's arrival any moment nou. say they're holding tight. he will speak at the annual i don't want to know anything that could be leaked but i know people are working really hard on trying to get this done. conference of chiefs of police. >> president trump: a >> sandra: after that talk it whistleblower wrote a false is probably not a shocking thing that the stock market is narrative of the conversation. now they don't want to talk hitting on all-time high today. about the whistleblower because >> i spoke with another they didn't think i was going to release the conversation. democratic congressman who said we will pass this this year. when i released the so many congressmen and women conversation, i blew up schiff's act. on the democrat side that want >> sandra: president trump the deal to go through because echoing calls from house their constituents want it to republicans saying it is time for the whistleblower to come
6:27 am
go through. i think it will happen and why forward and testify. you're seeing strength in the let's bring in today's stock market. >> sandra: you look at the business economists asked about the slowdown in hiring falling headliner former independent counsel ken star. to a seven-year low they talked the president said it before and saying it again. about the presidents tariffs, the whistleblower, it's time to worsening business conditions testify. and import from china. will it happen? >> it may not. one thing to talk around the the democrats are in control. i think what we just saw moments ago was that chairman tariffs and usmca and now businesses talking about real schiff has already declared impact. have you been hearing more or there will be an impeachment and articles of impeachment. less of that? >> also the global economy. and i think for the sake of the when you have a situation where country it would have been good europe has a hard time to have had a vote from the generating growth, you have a full house. we don't but now of course the situation with china's economy has slowed down quite a bit. chairman is operating under the u.s. doesn't live in a this mandate and mantel from the speaker of the house who vacuum. we'll feel it as well. says this is impeachment. you are hitting on the right this is very serious and you thing. have to cooperate. businesses aren't sure. when you are uncertain you you can't go to court. you can't have a judge test won't make that decision to this. if you try to do that that's contempt. it is a gotcha moment which i invest x billions of dollars in think again we're setting one something. 2020 is uncertain and the bad precedent after another. >> jon: without a vote of the election. businesses are quaking in their full house, there are many boots about elizabeth warren. legal scholars who argue there
6:28 am
they don't want to see a green is no impeachment proceeding new deal costing trillions of that the white house can dollars and a wealth tax. obstruct because the house hasn't voted on it. all of that is in the soup of >> those scholars have history uncertainty. >> sandra: a lot out there. and tradition on their side. >> by and large things are what they don't have on their side is the text of the going really well even with that uncertainty. constitution. and the text of the >> sandra: monday's with maria. constitution just entrusts this to the good judgment, whether see you tomorrow on fbn. stock market opens in two it's being exercised or not, to minutes. >> president trump: why didn't the house of representatives. i give the information to adam i don't think any court is likely to quarrel ultimately schiff and his committee and with that. the answer is because i think but history will, i think, adam schiff is the biggest judge this not well. it should judge it not well. leaker in washington you didn't have a full debate >> jon: president trump on floor of the house. defending his decision to keep it just lends itself then to key congressional democrats out let's go to court and have it of the loop for the al-baghdadi raid. is it the right move? litigated. the chairman says you go to we'll speak to democrat court you're in contempt. congresswoman slot kin next. >> sandra: what we heard adam california under a state of schiff talking about emergency and raging wildfires obstruction of congress. from what we just heard they're and rolling black outs send moving more and more in that thousands of people scafmg for direction. safety. >> it's an easy thing to do. we're live on the ground. you don't cooperate fully. >> near historic wind event at we heard the chairman say we a scale and scope the likes of
6:29 am
still don't have documents from which we haven't seen in some the state department and so time. we've been battling fires up and down the state now for forth. so they are already writing, close to a week. you can tell, that article of impeachment. the obstruction of congress. but what we're hearing from the senate thus far are all these concerns about the entire process. whether it is fundamentally fair or not. and i think it is a bit excessive to say as the chairman just did you go to court, you are in contempt automatically of the congress of the united states. i think he also said well, it will be given short shrift. if it will be given short shrift why don't we go to court and let the judges decide it. that's our system of government. as i said before it is almost a gotcha. you fight us at all and you are in contempt or obstructing our investigation. >> jon: when your investigation led to the impeachment of president bill clinton his team had the ability to bring in lawyers and argue against some of what they were being accused of, right?
6:30 am
>> absolutely. president clinton's very able when you're looking for answers, lawyers obstructed us at any it's good to have help. because the right information, at the term. right time, may make all the difference. at humana, we know invoking executive privilege. that is our system. that's especially true when you're looking for a medicare >> jon: it's two-sided system. supplement insurance plan. it is one side fighting against that's why we're offering seven the other. right now we've got a one-sided things every medicare supplement should have. it's yours free investigation. >> exactly. just for calling the number on for the chairman today your screen. and when you call, essentially declare guilty a knowledgeable licensed think again is another agent-producer can answer any questions you have, and help you choose the plan that's right for you. the call is free, and procedural irregularity. he should try his best to give there's no obligation. you see, the appearance of fairness and medicare covers only about 80 open mindedness. he has already -- we heard him. percent of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. that's why so many people he has already declared the purchase medicare supplement president guilty as well a insurance plans, like those offered by humana. they're procedurally guilty. >> sandra: we learned the designed to help you save money and pay some of the costs durham investigation turned into a criminal investigation. medicare doesn't. depending on bill barr was just interviewed the medicare supplement plan you by one of our reporters for select, you could have no several minutes in chicago. he was asked for an update on deductibles or co-payments for doctor visits, hospital stays, the durham investigation.
6:31 am
he said of course i can't emergency care and more. you can comment on that. it's ongoing. keep the doctors you have now, he said he understands it's ones you know and trust, with no making great progress. what did you take away from referrals needed. plus you can that? >> i know bill barr and served get medical care anywhere in the under him. country, even when you're a person of complete integrity. travelling. with humana, you get if he says there is great a competitive monthly premium and personalized service from a progress, my friends, that means there has been real healthcare partner working to movement and now we know it's a make healthcare simpler and easier for you. you can chose from a wide range of standardized plans. each one is criminal investigation began. that means there is at least a designed to work seamlessly with medicare and help save you prima facie case, a claim that money. so how do ya find the criminal wrongdoing occurred. plan that's right for you? one and so we are, in fact, getting that fits your needs and your to the bottom of this just as budget? call humana now at the bill barr said in his number on your screen for this confirmation hearings back in the spring. this is all good. free guide. it's just one of the >> jon: you've been at the ways that humana is making center point of some of the big healthcare simpler. and when you call, a knowledgeable licensed political and legal arguments agent-producer can answer any in american history. questions you have, and help you imagine what happens if chose the plan that's right for criminal charges are brought you. the call is free and against former top leaders or there's no obligation. you know at least top agents at the medicare won't cover all your f.b.i. or maybe the c.i.a. medical costs, so call now! and can you wrap your mind around that. see why a medicare supplement >> i can because during the
6:32 am
plan from a company like humana, nixon years we had an attorney just might be the answer. general go to jail. we've had f.b.i. directors who have been discredited. and that's our system. >> sandra: a new fire breaking we have checks and balances. out in southern california as now, there is a presumption of nearly the entire state suffers innocence. let's not declare anyone guilty from raging wildfires. as chairman shift just 200,000 evacuating their homes there. millions were cut off from basically did. it's incompatible with our electricity last night. william la jeunesse is live in system of fairness in the united states. i believe there is a los angeles with that story. housekeeping underway. william. if criminal charges are brought >> sandra, we're in the we'll be able to read the indictment as we did during the brentwood area called the getty mueller investigation. fire. we can read the indictments, the getty center itself isn't evaluate them and see what being threatened. they're putting out hot spots happens. >> sandra: great to have you on because the wind is picking up. all the breaking news this morning. appreciate it. thank you. 3300 right now being evacuated >> jon: wildfire problem is under mandatory evacuation spreading across california as orders. four homes have burned. millions brace for see how steep this is? hurricane-force winds. that could fuel the flames and we've seen water drops already. the fire is burning over in hurt efforts to keep homes safe. this direction here. >> we want to get people back it came through around 2:00 in to their homes as quickly as possible. the morning very quickly going we understand there is a lot of from 70 acres to over 450. anxiety and fear out there. it is burning on both sides of people want to get back.
6:33 am
the hill i'm at right now >> sandra: president trump called tiger tail. the area being evacuated for defending his decision to not those who do live in los tell top democratic leadership angeles is basically sunset on about the raid that killed the leader of isis in syria. the south, mulholland on the was it the right move? north. 405 on the east and they've republican congressman adam moved the boundary twice. kinzinger joins us with his we'll show you where one of the take next. four homes that burned. our 18-year-old the good news is the 405 is open, major thoroughfare obviously. the other part is temperatures today about the 70s, good. humidity relatively high. the only major fire in california right now that is a was in an accident. good thing. they can dump a lot of when i called usaa, it was that voice asking me, resources into this thing. the bad news is it's very heavy "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. brush. we're the rivera family a lot of dense area with homes and we plan to be with usaa for life. here. lebron james was evacuated this see how much you can save with usaa insurance. morning around 2:00 a.m. steep terrain. the streets are narrow. difficult to get people out and the fire trucks in. we heard from the mayor a short time ago. >> we have 500 firefighters that are on the scene right now. we have homes that we believe
6:34 am
are lost now. and my side super soft? be firm? see how much you can save do not wait. do not think that you can fight with the sleep number 360 smart bed it can. with your sleep number setting. this. do not get your own houses out or fight this fire. leave it to professionals. >> again this is one of four can itel sleep number 360 smart beds. homes at least that have been only for a limited time destroyed. it's very dense in here. the other bad news is this hi, my name is sam davis and i'm going to tell you about exciting plans available to anyone with santa monica mountain preserve medicare. many plans provide runs from brentwood, to malibu, broad coverage and still may save you money on monthly premiums and prescription drugs. to ventura it could go on for several days. last thing i want to show you with original medicare, you're video from up north. covered for hospital stays and the kincaid fire was raging all doctor office visits, but you weekend. that is where the state of have to meet a deductible for each and then you're still emergency was initially declared. responsible for 20% of the cost. up in that area 200,000 are under a mandatory evacuation. next, let's look at a medicare 5% contained on that fire now supplement plan. as you can see, they cover the same things as about 55,000 acres and 94 original medicare and they also structures destroyed. this one they'll do the best cover your medicare deductibles they can today when they have and co-insurance. but they often have higher monthly premiums and fairly favorable weather until those high winds are expected no prescription drug coverage. to return on wednesday. now, let's take a look at >> sandra: tough situation for humana's medicare advantage a lot of folks there.
6:35 am
thank you. plans. with a humana medicare plan, hospital stays, doctor >> does the president not trust the speaker of the house with office visits and medicare deductibles are covered. and, of sensitive national security information? >> chris, i don't think that course, most humana medicare was the implication at all. advantage plans include i think from the time that we prescription drug coverage. in fact, in 2018, humana medicare got actionable intelligence the president's total focus here advantage prescription drug plan was on a successful mission and members saved an estimated $7400, on average, on their the safety of american troops. >> jon: vice president pence prescription costs. most humana defending president trump's medicare advantage plans help decision to keep key you stay active and keep fit by congressional democrats in the including a silver sneakers dark by the al-baghdadi read. fitness program at no extra the president said he withheld cost. and, you may be able to information to avoid leaks. save on dental and vision she is urging the administration to provide the expenses, because coverage is house with a briefing on the now included with most humana operation. let's bring in congresswoman slotkin, a former pentagon get all this coverage for as low official and c.i.a. analyst. as a zero dollar monthly plan in your view should speaker premium in many areas. and your pelosi have been notified in advance about the raid? >> first of all i think this doctor and hospital may already be a part of humana's large was a good thing so we should network. if you want the facts, mark that time that this was a call right now for the free decision guide from humana.
6:36 am
positive, positive thing. that said we do have a there is no obligation, so call tradition in our country whether you're a democrat or the number on your screen right republican president of now to see if your doctor is in informing the gang of eight. our network; to find out if you the top eight leaders across can save on your prescriptions the house and senate when and to get our free decision something very big and very sensitive is going on. guide. licensed humana sales so i think that the president agents are standing by, so call should have done that in a now. bipartisan fashion. that said i understand and was part of different administrations where we were also worried about leaks. he should have notified the top eight officials. >> jon: he did not notify any republicans in advance as far as we know. we understand that he did tell richard burr and senator lindsey graham about the raids. he didn't give republicans advance notice. >> i hope that's the case. i'm an army wife and worked in the military my entire life. before those guys and gals got on the planes and helicopters they did not ask is someone a democrat or republican. i hope the same goes for the leadership that represents them. so i'm looking forward to a
6:37 am
briefing but again this is an unambiguously good thing. i think the discussion of how it went down is important but we shouldn't lose sight of the big picture which is a major leader was taken off the battlefield. >> jon: that's a very good thing. i want to read the quote from speaker pelosi on the democrats being kept in the dark about all this. she said the house must be briefed on this raid which the >> jon: wildfires across russians but not top california prompting widespread congressional leadership were notified of in advance and on mandatory evacuations, millions the administration's overall bracing for more black-outs as strategy in the region. the state's largest utility it sounds wrong, i guess, to company warns of more power shut downs. we are at one of the evacuation notify the russians first but if you didn't notify the centers there. russians you run the what is the latest, claudia? possibility of those six or >> more than 500 evacuees are eight helicopters being shot down by the russians very good getting food, shelter and rest air defenses. it was absolutely a military here at the sonoma county requirement, wasn't it, that the russians be told? fairgrounds in santa rosa, some >> yeah. of the more than 200,000 people i worked on middle east policy forced out of their homes by from the pentagon and helped to work out the flight safety the kincaid fire that continues arrange wments the russians to grow. while 420 miles to my south a over syria.
6:38 am
absolutely for operational security and the safety of the new brush fire is forcing max folks who were involved it made sense to notify on an evacuations in brentwood where flames are burning near a getty operational level the russians, center museum. 500 acres so far, the getty syrians, turks, iraqis since we started from their country. fire has already burned down those are the things you do five homes and threatens when you perform a dangerous thousands of others including operations you don't have that of lakers star lebron mistake. the russians not understanding james who tweeted about fleeing what's going on and firing on with his famiacres, destroyed 94 structures, still u.s. aircraft. that would be a horrible threatens 80,000 homes and outcome. so i do think it's important. businesses, and is just 5% frankly the obama administration did the same contained. more than 3,000 firefighters thing and notified the russians are on it hoping better weather today will help with the ground before operations. and air attack. i still think it was important all of this coming amid a to tell the top eight in the house and senate bipartisan. widespread public safety power but to make sure that our troops are safe as possible it shut-off that's impacting millions of people. made sense to notify the more strong winds are in the forecast for tomorrow night. russians at an operational level. >> jon: talking about horrible so even as pacific gas & electric begins to restore outcomes remember 1980 and power to some parts of northern operation eagle claw, the iran california, the utility warns it may have to shut off power hostage rescue operation that to customers again later this ended with a crash in the week. for some it will be their desert and eight dead american fourth blackout this month. servicemen. if something like that had
6:39 am
>> jon: frightening times in happened in a situation like this and lots of members of california. thank you, claudia. congress had been notified in >> this was a great development. it is good that al-baghdadi has advance, they become potentially part of the problem. by keeping this information in the dark the president takes met a justified violent end the blame if things had gone after leading one of the worst badly. terrorist organizations in >> i think telling four history. it was a successful raid in individuals in the senate and spite of, not because of donald four individuals in the house and really literally point to trump's abrupt withdrawal of point. our forces and betrayal of our not staff, not a big room. not a big briefing. kurdish allies. it is something that both democrat and republican presidents have done for a very >> sandra: chris coons reacting long time. i don't think that it's beyond to the death of al-baghdadi. the pale that the president it came on the heels of trump's should have done that in this exact same circumstance. decision to withdraw troops that said i think you've got to keep security at the forefront from northern syria. any time the president makes a adam kinzinger sits on the tough call like this. >> jon: we thank you for house foreign affairs committee. bringing your expertise to this first your reaction to the president's big announcement yesterday of the death of topic. congresswoman slotkin of michigan. al-baghdadi. >> sandra: the astros are one >> i think it's fantastic. win away from their second this is something that as world series title. americans we should celebrate. it was a little disconcerting to watch people try to qualify
6:40 am
>> 2-1. that's hit into left center the celebration especially folks on the other side of the field, back at the wall and it's gone.sandra: houston light aisle. this is a big win. it's not the end of the war against isis but a national psychological blow to them and the game because of neck spasms. as we saw in the surge in iraq, when you keep killing the president trump stopping by to catch up on some of the game leadership you get dumber and dumber people to replace it. and the commander-in-chief less experienced and how you sitting with the first lady and wind up and destroy a terror several lawmakers in a suite behind home plate last night. network. >> he was a charismatic leader. the series heading back to he grew it from a rag tag texas for game six tomorrow. what a game it was. force, the one that president obama troefrd as a jv team, to some of washington took place a team that actually controlled there. >> jon: i love a seven-game territory, printed its own series. >> sandra: hemmer was hoping money. established its own government. >> you think about how quickly for it. >> jon: go nationals. this all happened. obama left iraq and pretty quickly we heard about what we now this fox news alert on thought was al qaeda that moved capitol hill. a former deputy to john bolton into iraq and then this thing appears to have skipped his deposition in the impeachment spread through iraq and syria inquiry. with the problems there and charles kupperman says he wants to testify but the white house assad released some of the does not want him to do so. people from jail that ended up creating this. republican congressman andy and because that shows you the biggs is on deck next plus did power of an idea. that's the important thing in you catch this interview?
6:41 am
>> do you still consider the war anterior. yourself a frontrunner? it is not just liberating >> i know i'm the frontrunner territory, it is discrediting but look. and destroying an idea. this is a marathon. this is a marathon. it takes generations to do so. it will be a fight we'll have >> sandra: joe biden says without a doubt he is the to be engaged in for a long time. we can do it without 200,000 frontrunner. so why is his former boss, troops. >> sandra: you were very openly barack obama, not yet endorsed him? our a-team will take that one critical of the president's up next. decision to pull u.s. troops with va mortgage rates suddenly from northern syria. in the wake of this dropping to near record lows, my team at newday usa announcement this weekend, where do you stand on that is helping more veterans refinance than ever. today? >> it's a great development. the newday va streamline refi is the reason why. i still am critical of the idea it lets you shortcut the loan process and refinance with no income verification, of leaving sir ya. i'm hearing no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. about changes to the policy that i would be supportive of. one call can save you $2000 every year. think about turkey, iran, call my team at newday usa right now. russia. russia was introduced under president obama. he allowed that to happen all in the area that not only pushes the u.s. presence out but is a major threat to israel. you think about the alliance developing threatening israel, it is a real concern. if there are some changes occurring where we can leave a
6:42 am
presence there to to have leverage that will be very important. >> sandra: that's what you were most concerned about, about american losing leverage in the wake of that decision. here is the president talking about and addressing criticism that he did not tell particularly democratic leadership, including nancy pelosi, about this raid ahead of time. here he is responding to that. >> president trump: the only thing is they were talking about why didn't i give the information to adam schiff and his committee. the answer is adam schiff is the biggest leaker in washington you know that, we all know that. i've watched adam schiff leak, a corrupt politician and a leaker why nobody has ever seen before. >> sandra: that was his explanation for not telling congress. >> i think he should have. i'm not concerned about it and i don't think oats a big scandal. this in a legal perspective is no different than any raid that
6:43 am
happens to syria and iraq. if the president told congress every time the special forces were doing something. we wouldn't be able to get anything else done. the president was justified with not alerting congress. to make it a scandal when we should be celebrating the death of a really evil man and his introduction into hell it's a bit too much. >> jon: what is the practical benefit of speaker pelosi getting the information ahead of time? what would she do? >> zero practical benefit. just the involving congress as the war powers resolution. but again, i think the president was completely justified in it because you would -- if you said that you had to announce because of the raid against al-baghdadi because of who he is legally speaking it was no different a raid than the dozens we do every month in that area. it's just the democrats trying to make a problem with it. >> sandra: congressman adam
6:44 am
kinzinger from illinois. thank you. >> jon: big rally on wall street this morning. what's driving the markets higher and setting a new record as well? money man charles payne on that ahead. grilled flavors >> sandra: fox news alert on of an outdoor grill indoors, the impeachment inquiry. the latest witness a deputy to and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do even more, former national security advisor john bolton appears to like transform into an air fryer. have skipped a closed-door the ninja foodi grill, interview that was scheduled the grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. for today. some republicans saying the only testimony that matters is my bladder leak underwear.orried someone might see the whistleblower's. so, i switched. >> the whistleblower's to always discreet boutique. testimony has become more essential. its shape-hugging threads smooth out the back. the most important witness we should be hearing from is that so it fits better than depend. person. and no one notices. it will tell us whether or not always discreet. this was organic or orchestrate doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? i had memory support brand. >> sandra: joining us now is you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. andy biggs. you were at the ballgame last prevagen. healthier brain. better life. night. a bit of an early turnaround for you. thank you for being here.
6:45 am
the question on kupperman. what can you tell us about that? with the ties to john bolton it makes it very interesting. what do we need to know about all this this morning? >> kupperman, the president was asserting presidential privilege. the democrats were insisting that he come anyway because he had been subpoenaed. threatened to hold him in contempt. we'll see what kupperman does ultimately but today he has decided and through his attorneys that he is not going to come. and i think what this is reflective of is this idea that when you continue to have these ongoing secretive closed-door hearings and not even bringing in the most central figure to this, the person who made the allegations, the whistleblower, to earn j.d. power chevdependability awards... maybe it's viewed as across cars... trucks... and suvs. illegitimate. i view it as illegitimate at four years in a row. this point and the president since more than 32,000 real people... urged non-compliance. just like me. >> sandra: our understanding he and me. and me. took the survey that decided these awards. it was only right that you hear the good news from real people...
6:46 am
was willing to but the white house didn't want him to. like us. i'm daniel. what other details can you i'm casey. offer on that? i'm julio. only chevy has earned >> there was communication between the attorney and the j.d. power dependability awards across cars, white house, kupperman's trucks and suvs. attorney and the white house and back to the committee again four years in a row. and that you are right. i think it was the white house that was saying look, we are going to assert privilege here and let me tell you something, rodeo... i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage and kupperman's attorney said okay. >> sandra: come back out big picture on the ongoing of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. impeachment inquiry and the situation with democrats and what they continue to push for here and what progress they are or are not making. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, how would you describe the state of all of this as we kick it's helped over a million americans. off another week, congressman? >> there is not really much a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. progress. what you are seeing is as long as they keep holding them in it's a loan, like any other. this secure room and put big difference is how you pay it back. strictures on republicans and find out how reverse mortgages really work with aag's free, they release their information at 9:00 in the morning and republicans don't even get to no-obligation reverse mortgage guide. ask questions until 3:00 in the eliminate monthly mortgage payments, pay bills, medical costs, and more. afternoon and we are under threats, our guys are under threats if they release any call now and get your free info kit. information there will be an
6:47 am
inquiry brought it is a other mortgages are paid each month, but with a reverse mortgage, disproportionate undue process type of event. they are going to keep going. you can pay whatever you can, when it works for you, or, you can wait, i think they'll go another couple weeks in the house intel committee. >> sandra: very interesting. and pay it off in one lump sum when you leave your home. eric swalwell appeared on "fox discover the option that's best for you. news sunday" with chris wallace yesterday and he makes the case call today and find out more in aag's free, despite everything we've heard from the president and no-obligation reverse mortgage loan guide. lawmakers like yourself who say it hasn't been a fair process access tax-free cash and stay in the home you love. and calling for more transparency he makes the case you've probably been investing in your home for years... the president is seeing a fair process play out. making monthly mortgage payments... here is eric swalwell. doing the right thing... >> when are you going to go public? >> in short order when we're and it's become your family's heart and soul... done. we're moving through and this well, that investment can give you tax-free cash just when you need it. happened last month. we got the whistleblower complaint last month and we've interviewed nearly a dozen learn how homeowners are strategically using witnesses. we'll give them a fair process a reverse mortgage loan to cover expenses, pay for healthcare, and it will move to a public proceeding soon. >> sandra: you started to hear protect investments, and so much more. that last week. look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think it would move to a public process soon. do you see that happening and i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. when? >> there is so much about what i'm proud to be a part of aag, i trust 'em, eric said that is just not up
6:48 am
to cricket, right? i think you can too. first of all mr. schiff, the trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. chairman, had the whistleblower complaint a month before he took it to the committee. they've had it for two months, not a month. so you can... retire better. you aren't seeing a transparent process and it won't be transparent when you open it up now. what is critical is first impressions. if we would have had this open >> president trump: the economy and transparent process which is doing phenomenally well. we would have had a vote, then you and i would be able to we have looks like another good judge the credibility and the day will be taking place today in the stock market. veracity of that witness immediately. now what is going to happen good numbers are being -- good you'll have somebody who has numbers are happening all the time. we have good numbers happening been prepped and know the questions that both sides will all the time. very soon i guess we're in ask and craft answers that will record territory for stock. be somehow consistent yet it is going to be -- it won't be that's great for 401ks and transparent. great for jobs. we needed that to begin with. >> jon: president trump touting it's part of the reason it has been so unfair. the economy earlier this >> sandra: you were with the president last night after he morning. moments before a stock market announced the deaths of al-baghdadi. rally sent the s & p to a new how would you describe the mood and tone of the president? record high. >> he was justifiably pleased. let's bring in charles payne from the fox business network. what's driving the market? the reality is that is an
6:49 am
incredible victory for the >> everything. united states of america. almost everything the president talked about. what i love about this market he was justifiably pleased. >> sandra: appreciate your time this morning. and the earnings season, four thank you very much. times a year we get the report >> thanks. cards on corporations. >> jon: doctors making house >> sandra: a lot of concern calls might no longer be a about this one. thing of the past. >> a lot of concerns. why a new app aims to up end the best performing stocks after earnings snowmobile the $3 trillion u.s. healthcare stocks. motorcycle stocks. system. details ahead. recreational vehicle stocks, electric sports car stocks. when you look at the world, it tells you we have an american consumer who is strong, who is vibrant and what do you see? we see patterns. confident spending money and the stocks have gone through the roof. >> jon: they want to have fun? relationships. when you use location technology, >> they want a chunk of the you can see where things happen, before they happen. with esri location technology, american investor. we created 670,000 new millionaires last year. you can see what others can't. >> sandra: don't the markets ♪ the end to take a breather this time of year and even sell off? here we hit another record high. >> october has seen some of the most devastating days including
6:50 am
blackmon. it is very volatile but september also is the worst month. those back-to-back typically give you a lot of anxiety if you will. by the same token we're setting up for a good year end. if we get phase one of the trade situation done. the momentum continues on the economy. professional money managers have missed the whole thing. they are sitting in a record amount of cash right now, a record amount. >> sandra: sound like you are rubbing it in. >> i am rubbing it in. they have a fiduciary responsibility to make money people. not sit it out because they may not like the president. >> jon: california is enduring horrific fires right now and the governor is criticizing pg&e. turns out the governor and political group that supports him accepted about $210,000 in campaign contributions from pg&e. >> it's extraordinarily
6:51 am
hypocritical. hypocrisy there. there are big problems there. it has this massive homelessness crisis, the biggest income equality gap of any state in the country. you have the wildfires, you've got black-outs. it really is a mess. this is like -- you take something this amazing and squander it to the degree he is squandering it, it is mind-boggling. >> sandra: the president is talking about making a deal with exxonmobile to tap into syrian oil reserves. >> we have to get more details on that. as we watched that announcement and question and answer period. the president is saying it's crazy we've spent trillions of dollars that we lost all these amazing valuable lives to protect a region of the world where the biggest asset in oil and we never tap into it or use it to alleviate our economic pressure. how something like that would work remains to be seen. >> sandra: he threw it out
6:52 am
there. perhaps he could make a deal with exxon to go in there and do this properly. >> right. then he talked about spreading the wealth. it wouldn't be the united states is in the middle east just to take the oil for ourselves but i think the idea is to sort of alleviate the -- we have paid a toll, human lives and trillions of dollars. >> jon: charles payne. good to have you on. >> any time we have a record high, call me. >> jon: as this country argues >> sandra: a rally. over the best way to provide president trump meanwhile healthcare a new startup is leaving the white house a short time ago earlier this morning aiming to upend the system. heading to chicago where he is heal is an app that brings a now arriving to address a doctor's services right to your conference of police chiefs. home and it is already we'll bring you his comments attracting support from some live next hour. major investors. up next a man set to go on trial in colorado for the murder of his fiance. she is presumed dead but her people like lionel ritchie and body has never been found. what do prosecutors need to jeb bush. you looked at this and what do
6:53 am
prove their case? >> there has been an aching in you think? >> it sounds almost too good to be true. our hearts of pain that doesn't i see positives. this all started when an l.a. go away. hmm. exactly. doctor was waiting in an emergency room for hours and said this can't be. this app you push a button. a doctor, medical assistant and labs and everyone come to your house within two hours for $159 for the visit or 20 insurances cover this including medicare and medicare advantage. i like that idea especially if a patient has the flu or they're disabled. i don't want somebody with the flu in my office they'll spread it. you get to see someone in their home environment. i've done house calls since i first staertd. there is a big advantage to seeing a patient. how they are living. what's contributing to the illness. the down side, jon, they aren't necessarily plugged into the same network that i'm plugged into at a hospital where i know
6:54 am
the -- you are kind of isolated with this type of doctor. >> jon: the medical tests all arrive at the house and come with a battery of blood pressure machines and can do it all on the spot. >> you get a summary the next liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, day of all the things just done so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... to you. what's up with your... partner? patients out there will say, what happened to me? not again. limu that's your reflection. i got a blood test last week only pay for what you need. and no one gave me the results. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ now the results come to you. that's a big advantage. >> jon: in terms of $159 for a visit. insurance covers some of that? >> 20 insurances are covering this and medicare is covering it. that is surprising to me. if you are an elderly person you may have to pay nothing. good insurance coverage a $20 co-pay. all a big plus.
6:55 am
what i really like about this, it's on an app. this is the future. the future and the past coming together actually. you push a button and a doctor comes to your house. >> jon: i guess the disadvantage it is only in california, new york, the district of columbia and georgia at this point. not nationwide. >> it is going to spread and become more nationwide. they are anticipating 100,000 visits this year. it doesn't take the place of a hospital network. that is one big downside of it. it is more of a model. it will fill the gaps of people who say i feel sick but i can't make it out the door to my doctor. >> jon: dr. marc siegel. the amount of student loan debt i have, interesting. thank you.u.s.-led i'm embarrassed to even say. we just decided we didn't want debt any longer. ♪ i didn't realize how easy investing could be. i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪
6:56 am
. >> a multi-state operation with
6:57 am
investigators working nearly round the clock to find kelsey. while we haven't found kelsey at this time, information has been developed that is helping to narrow down our search. as you can tell from the arrest, sadly we do not believe kelsey is still alive. >> sandra: police chief in colorado on a murder mystery in the trial of patrick phrasey accused of killing his fiance kelsey last seen on thanksgiving last year. she was seen doing last-minute grocery shopping. she is presumed dead but her body has never been found. what do prosecutors have to do in this case to make their case. let's bring in heather hansen. you go back to that surveillance footage of her walking into the grocery store and the last time she was seen or heard from. >> her cell phone tells an interesting story. we see it more in the cases.
6:58 am
cell phones and surveillance video are making the case oftentimes. in this case her cell phone tells the story her fiance and his girlfriend got together. he committed the crime and the girlfriend helped him to cover it up. we know that because of the way the cell phone pinged in different areas, the fact the cell phones were together at times he claimed he was texting with his wife and that she was still alive. there is a lot about that cell phone testimony that will be important. >> jon: they're trying to prove and murder and they don't have a body. >> we talked about that in -- most importantly the jury will hear from the girlfriend, the person who allegedly helped him to clean up from the murder and helped him to try to cover it up by sending the text messages. she is a key witness for the prosecution and maybe for the defense as well. they are going to try to pin it on her. >> sandra: 29 years old. on her cell phone she called
6:59 am
her mother twice to talk about christmas shopping. she was loading the baby car seat onto the cart when she walked in the store. she talked to her mom about plans for thanksgiving and sent her fiance a text to tell him she bought sweet potatoes. when all this was happening, how was she never seen leaving the store or anything unusual and why was he not seen entering if he indeed came in and carried this out? where is all that? >> surveillance video works is not constantly in one place. the fact she wasn't seen leaving the store isn't necessarily that key. she was allegedly killed in her house blunged to death with a baseball bat while their child was in another room and the man, the person who is accused of this crime, the fiance' called his girlfriend to clean it up. they found blood left in the home. they found teeth. this is a gory murder.
7:00 am
>> jon: jury selection beginning today. thank you. more details on the special operations forces mission that took out isis leader baghdadi. we are joined with more next hour on that. overtimeteam is worg so every veteran can save $2000 a year.
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7:03 am
p@wri @ mortgage rates just dropped to near 50-year lows. >> sandra: fox news alert as we await the president's remarks to the international association of the chiefs of
7:04 am
police at their annual conference in chicago. that city's top cop skipping the speech saying he won't attend because he opposes the president's stance on immigration policies and disapproves of his comments on the city of chicago. as soon as that speech is underway we'll bring it to you live. breaking news right now a new wildfire erupting in los angeles overnight in the neighborhood known for its celebrities, the getty fire already spreading over 500 acres as firefighters continue to battle other fires up and down the state. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. officials say at least 500 firefighters are facing off against several wildfires in california trying to put down massive flames that forced nearly 200,000 people from their homes. now crews say they're expanding mandatory evacuations. >> if you're in the mandatory evacuation zone and you are
7:05 am
still there watching this, you are an idiot. get the hell out. it is way too dangerous. >> sandra: william la jeunesse is live on the ground in brentwood where the situation is quickly changing. william. >> sandra, we're in the canyon where the fire apparently began. [bad audio] >> sandra: we will try to get back to william la jeunesse when we can. there is a quickly changing situation there. the wildfires are forcing evacuations of more than 3,000 homes. we'll try to get back in touch with him. hope he is safe there and we'll continue to bring this story for you as it develops. >> jon: this fox news alert. president trump is considering releasing video footage of the daring raid that killed the most wanted terrorist in the
7:06 am
world. isis leader al-baghdadi. reaction is pouring into this major victory in the war on terror. here is congressman adam kinzinger on "america's newsroom" earlier. >> this is something that as americans we should celebrate. it was a little disconcerting to watch people try to qualify the celebration especially folks on the other side of the aisle. this is a big win. it is not the end of the war against isis but a psychological blow to them. >> jon: we have all the angles covered. bret baier joins us with analysis. first to jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. >> we have learned from a well-placed source that the remains of al al-baghdadi have been disposed off at sea to avoid creating a shrine. they spent two hours inside
7:07 am
gathering and removing loads of intelligence materials that could prevent future isis operations. after they left, american jets bombed the compound into rubble. u.s. forces also captured a number of al-baghdadi's top lieutenants at the compound alive. the kurdish general who leads the syrian democratic forces the main u.s. ally against isis announced a joint u.s./kurdish operation killed an isis spokesman in another village nearby just hours after the raid to kill al-baghdadi. in fact, eight u.s. military helicopters were used in the original raid. the strike force launched from a base in iraq even though bases in turkey were much closer. they took heavy fire en route to the target in northwest syria. al-baghdadi's compound was just three miles from turkey's border. the goal was to capture the isis leader alive but after u.s. forces hit the door and ordered him to surrender he had
7:08 am
already started running down a tunnel away from his compound. al-baghdadi detonated a suicide vest taking three children with him. >> president trump: he was a sick and depraved man. and now he is gone. al-baghdadi was vicious and violent and he died in a vicious and violent way as a coward running and crying. >> the military dogs that chased him down the tunnel would have typically been wearing cameras. the president called the operators involved in the raid to thank them. the president thanked russia for letting the assault force fly into northwest syria home to al qaeda fighters and in range of russian air defenses. the operation was named in honor of american aide worker kayla mueller. we expect a press conference at the pentagon at 1:00 p.m. eastern to learn more details. >> jon: america is celebrating that success. jennifer griffin at the pentagon.
7:09 am
>> sandra: let's bring in bret baier of anchor of "special report" and author of the new book "three days at the brink." good morning. great to have you here in new york. huge news with the president announcing this yesterday morning. >> big news and big news in counter terrorism efforts. a lot of people say this isn't the end of isis, of course that's true. but when you cut the head off of a snake it makes a huge difference. they have already announced another leader to step in that apparently al-baghdadi had chosen but it's a big signal the u.s. won't step away from finding terrorists leaders wherever they are. >> sandra: does it blunt the criticism the president received for his announced troop withdrawal from syria? >> it does blunt it a bit. the intelligence that led us to this raid came from human intelligence and through the kurds. so that factors in on the
7:10 am
ground. these special ops guys will tell you they work closely with them. does it blunt the impact, the ability to get this done even though they were in process of pulling back? yes, it does politically. >> sandra: the president spoke a short time to reporters leaving the white house en route to chicago suggesting he was considering releasing the video of the raid. we'll see where that goes. there is concern about retaliation. be it in the case of lone wolves or coordinated attacks in the united states. what are you hearing? >> i've talked to people. they're concerned about it. any time something this big happens, there is the possibility of a retaliation. mainly not from someone coming in from overseas but maybe someone who has been inspired inside the u.s. and we've seen those attacks numerous times. i want to talk about one thing, the briefing of different people on capitol hill. and i was told that there were more people briefed than has been told and including some democrats that were in the
7:11 am
circle. so i think we have to be careful painting with a broad brush who was or who wasn't until they say they weren't. >> sandra: nancy pelosi has made it clear she wasn't made aware of the raid ahead of time. >> other members of the intelligence committees may have. >> sandra: the raid was named in honor of this young woman kayla mueller. she was a victim of isis, of the terrorist group. her parents are praising the president and are grateful for what has happened. >> we've seen them speak out before. they were critical of president obama's administration for not doing more for hostages who are being held out there. and it's a tragic situation with their daughter. but this special ops mission, it's classified. the code name, but in honor of her. >> sandra: here is kayla's parents speaking out about that. they said i still say kayla should be here. if obama had been as decisive
7:12 am
as president trump maybe she would have been. i'm hoping now we'll get the answers we've been asking for all along. some criticism of the former president there. >> we forget there are american hostages still out there and this is a big effort to try to get people home on all fronts, not just isis. >> sandra: can we talk about the book? you have been everywhere, bret. including nationals. watching the nationals. but you have been up and down the coast. you have been east coast, west coast, north and south. this tour has brought you everywhere. you are getting such great feedback from people who watch you every night. >> the best part is going going to different places and book signing and have a 95-year-old veteran or landed on the beaches of normandy say it really strikes me. i'll be at the reagan library on tuesday and nixon library on wednesday. >> sandra: you are filling up
7:13 am
the bookstores. neat to see. bret baier, great to have you here in new york. >> jon: fox news alert live to chicago. any minute now president trump will take the stage to speak to the annual conference of the international association of the chiefs of police. we'll bring you there live as soon as the president begins. >> sandra: plus democratic presidential candidate joe biden defending his son on the ukraine issue making it very clear that he thinks hunter biden, his son, did nothing wrong. former governor john sununu will be here live to weigh in next. >> president trump: what they did to be an out rage to our country. when a man walks away who has no talent, no skill, no experience, with 1.5 billion out of china, in my opinion that is a payoff. synth music) - [narrator] forget about vacuuming for up to a month. shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself into a base you can empty once a month. and unlike standard robots that bounce around,
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7:18 am
let's get to perspective of former new hampshire governor john tsunami tsunami and chief of staff to george h.w. bush. dig into what the former vice president said there, did hunter biden do anything wrong? >> well, what biden is referring to is it may not have been illegal but it certainly looks wrong. and the real wrong thing that the bidens have done is represented by the vice president putting his son on air force 2, flying him into china knowing he is going to have meetings with people involved in funding his investment bank and sending a signal by that act that if you want to funnel money into the biden family, hunter biden is the conduit for that. that's what the real wrong is. >> jon: he was getting $50,000 to $60,000 a from the burisma the ukrainian oil company on whose board he sat.
7:19 am
the vice president said he was already on the board. the outside observers are saying he had no experience in the oil industry, nothing to bring to the table except for the fact that his last name was biden. >> well look, let's go back to biden's statement that he was already on the board. that underscores the fact that when biden went there to put the pressure on the ukrainians by saying we aren't going to give you the billion dollars, he knew the situation quite clearly. and so it wasn't an accident that his son was on the board. it was with complete knowledge that his son was on the board. but he strong armed -- vice president biden strong armed the ukrainians. it makes it worse, not better. >> jon: the former vice president has his own criticisms for president trump in the course of that interview. listen. >> president trump has said publicly joe biden and his son
7:20 am
are stone cold corrupt. chances are he is watching this interview. anything you want to say to him? >> yeah. mr. president, release your tax returns. let's see how straight you are, okay, old buddy? >> is that a deflection or a worthy point? >> it's a desperate grasp at a fact that really does not absolve what the biden family has been doing. there is a huge history of hunter biden and the other biden son being the conduit for funds into joe biden from when he was senator. and i really think that it may not be illegal, but it certainly was wrong. >> jon: you know a thing or two about politics. joe biden is said to be the frontrunner in many polls. but he has been hurting for cash and he has now opened up his campaign to super pac money that he previously said he wouldn't take. what are his chances of becoming the democratic nominee?
7:21 am
>> it will be biden, elizabeth or bernie. right now i would rank it warren, biden, bernie. there is a long way to go. the first action in iowa and certainly the important new hampshire primary is in february. we have a few months. a few months in this kind of political climate is an eternity. >> jon: let me ask you one quick question of the raid over the weekend. nancy pelosi is complaining she was not informed in advance of that raid. what do you think about that? >> look, she has shown that she has absolutely no interest in doing anything constructive. she has allowed leaking to take place out of democrats and especially the chairman of the intelligence committee. i don't blame the president and the military being afraid that it would be a risk to american lives if there was a leak on this thing. so they did as i understand it, notify some democrats. they just didn't notify what i
7:22 am
think they considered the leaky, risky democrats. >> jon: governor john sununu, former chief of staff to president bush 41. good to have you on, thank you. >> have a great day. >> sandra: with the isis leader now out of the picture does the terror group still pose a threat? a closer look at that ahead. controversy for the "washington post". why one of its headlines on al-baghdadi's death is sparking outrage. is that net carbs or total? eh, not enough fiber. chocolate would be good. snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress.
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thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. you can watch the out of market games you want- all season long. and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, you get everything nba all in one place- even notifications about your favorite teams. watch the dropped dimes, monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. plus get instant access to your teams with the power of your voice. that's simple, easy, awesome. say nba league pass into your voice remote to check out a free preview. don't miss out. >> sandra: fox news alert. live to chicago where we are minutes away from the president's speech to the annual conference of the international association of the chiefs of police. the president has arrived there. sons -- as soon as he gets underway
7:26 am
with that speech we'll bring it to you live. >> jon: the "washington post" under fire for changing its headline on the death of isis leader al-baghdadi. it first called him a terrorist in chief. then an austere religious scholar before finally settling on extremist leader of islamic state. joining us now howie kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of "media buzz". the "washington post" taking a lot of heat over the changes. how do you see it? >> a lot of well-deserved heat. unthinkable the "washington post" would run the headline and the fact it changed the earlier headline it shows it was a conscious decision and not a deadline mistake. the headline was awful, offensive, and it white washed the reality that al-baghdadi was a brutal mass murderer. the post changed it but no
7:27 am
expression of regret. >> people were beheaded by this guy. it is unthinkable he could be described as a religious man in any way. >> it is unthinkable and it suggests a kind of media mindset. i don't want to indict the whole paper based on one headline writer. the fact it was published is really troubling. it clearly has hurt the post's reputation. as far as the coverage today a day or so after the raid, i think it has moved to a grudging praise mixed with stinging criticism. some fair and some nitpicking. i can give you some examples. >> jon: such as the nitpicking. >> let's go back to the "washington post". when president obama announced the death of bin laden it was using measured tones. when president trump talked about al-baghdadi it was airing a personal group. the president said things like
7:28 am
al-baghdadi he was a coward and died like a dog perhaps sending a message to other terrorists. cnn and "the new york times" said the raid occurred largely in spite of not because of trump's actions. i think that's overstating it but it did turn to a fair question about whether or not the partial u.s. pull-out from northern syria may have changed the planning for this or would make future raids more difficult. >> jon: the times seemed to devote equal space to the notion the president made the raid more difficult. vice president of communications for the "washington post" did sort of apologize. she tweeted this out regarding our al-baghdadi obituary the headline should never have read that way and we changed it quickly. as you pointed out they had a perfectly acceptable headline to begin with and they changed that. >> let's be clear.
7:29 am
they changed the offensive headline because there was a huge backlash online and i would have liexd to have seen some expression of regret rather than it being implied. look, for the rest of the media i think part of the negative approach and sometimes outright hostility to president trump. what we're seeing now is they are moving on and back to impeachment. if you tuned in to cnn the first 10 minutes on impeachment before getting back this achievement for president trump. i predict within a couple of days it will be all back to impeachment. it is a narrative most of the media much prefer. >> jon: there was a mocking tweet, if you will. i'm sorry we don't have it up on our screen. but walter russell mead, a frequent guest on fox news "wall street journal" columnist as well put out a tweet mocking
7:30 am
the "washington post" saying adopt hitler, passionate community planner and dynamic public speaker dice -- dies at 56. same thing the post tried to accomplish with the muddled headline of that. >> religious scholar is hard to fathom. a lot of those taking some of history's great monster. al-baghdadi was a monster and why he would be remembered with that one phrase is clearly was a world class blunder. >> jon: drowning people alive in cages. burning people alive, throwing people suspected of being gay off rooftops. the world will not miss him let's put it that way. >> it is worth remembering that, jon. >> jon: thank you. >> sandra: fresh off the successful raid of al-baghdadi the president has arrived in the city of chicago a short time ago. he will be delivering remarks to the international association of the chiefs of
7:31 am
police. this is their annual conference and exposition at the mccormick center in chicago. when the president begins speaking we'll take it live for you and he will be introduced by the president of the chiefs of police. newday usa can help you refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. i urge you to call newday usa now.
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my team's working overtime to make sure every veteran
7:34 am
can refinance now to save $2000 every year >> sandra: attorney general william barr speaking out as democrats accuse him of doing president trump's political bidding questioning his european travels with the man investigating the origins of the russia probe. >> some of the countries that john durham thought might have some information or be helpful to his investigation wanted preliminaryly to talk to me about the scope of the investigation. so i initially discussed these matters with those countries. then introduced them to john durham and established a channel by which n obtain assistance from those countries. but he is in charge of the investigation.
7:35 am
i'm not doing the investigation. >> sandra: judge andrew napolitano joins us now, host of fox nation's liberty file. good morning. that was the fresh interview from bill barr earlier on fox. your thoughts as you heard him responding to those criticisms? >> some of us have been arguing for a couple years at least one foreign intelligence service was involved in surveilling trump and there was there there and the reason for attorney general introducing the u.s. attorney from connecticut, john durham, to intelligence and law enforcement people in the foreign countries in western europe where it is believed there was some activity between the american d.o.j., the american intelligence community and foreign intelligence communities about the trump campaign and whether or not it was involved with anything having to do with russia. >> sandra: he couldn't get into details there. >> he can't. >> sandra: he said they're making great progress.
7:36 am
>> it's all classified material. i'm surprised he spoke about it as much as he did to our colleagues in chicago. but to say look, that's why i went. i'm not managing this, john durham is, is a little unusual but there is no red flag there. >> sandra: now democrats moving on are asking bill barr to recuse himself on ukraine matters. here is the head of the intel committee in the house adam schiff. >> bill barr on the president's behalf is weaponizing the justice department to go after the president's enemies. you don't seek to prosecute the losing side but this is what bill barr is seeking to do and demonstrating once again he is merely a tool of the president. the president's hand, not the representative of the american people. >> i have defended congressman schiff's handling of the impeachment inquiry thus far but i don't know what the basis for the criminal investigation is that john durham is looking
7:37 am
at. and i don't know that congressman schiff does, either. so should the attorney general recuse himself? i don't see a basis for recusal unless his management of the justice department conflicts with some personal knowledge that he has of what the president did or attempted to do with ukraine. and there doesn't seem to be a there there yet. >> sandra: i want to finally ask you and we're awaiting the president in chicago talking to the police chiefs. katie hill, democrat from california. we're learning more about what is happening. we now know she has resigned under the ethics probe into her reported affair with a staffer. now reports she paid $5,000 bonus to an alleged male lover, the fox headline. used influence to get jobs for husband according to reports. just want to get your thoughts as we continue to learn more about this situation. >> she probably did the right thing by resigning. this is -- none of this is
7:38 am
criminal so far. but it is a gross and serious violation of the rules of the house of representatives and it might very well have expelled her had this gone to a full investigation. now if she used federal dollars to silence a lover, there is potential criminal liability there. if she used campaign dollars to pay somebody for their silence and she reported it, that's not a crime. >> sandra: she is also taking issue with the amount of information exposed about her, pictures were published, her and her legal team asked for those to be taken down. she said having private photos of personal moments weaponized against him has been an appalling invasion of my privacy. >> did she know the pictures were being taken when she was engaged in the private behavior? >> sandra: she said it's illegal and we're pursuing all available legal options. nancy pelosi democratic
7:39 am
leadership responding with this. she says she has acknowledged errors in judgment that made her continued service as a member untenable. we must insure integrity in congress and all workplaces. >> ms. pelosi is correct and probably grateful the issue is not on her table. >> sandra: we await the president now. thank you. >> jon: fox news alert. we take you to chicago where the president is about to be introduced. this is his first trip to chicago as president. it is a city that he has avoided calling it a war zone in reference to the number of murders that have taken place there. this is the convention of the international association of chiefs of police. notably the chicago chief of police is not going to attend. he does not particularly like this president. and he is boycotting his own organization's meeting in chicago because of it. now president trump.
7:40 am
[cheering and applause] >> president trump: thank you. thank you, paul. been my friend for a long time. thank you for that introduction. that says it all. i think there is nobody that has ever done more certainly in the position of president for our great police and it is an honor to be with you. please sit down. let's go have a good time. [applause] paul, i want to thank you for nearly four decades of exceptional service in the line of duty. i'm thrilled to be here at the 126th annual conference of the international association of chiefs of police joined by thousands of amazing law enforcement leaders, people that i know, people that i love, people that i respect, who defend our communities, chase down criminals, and keep
7:41 am
america safe. you don't hear it enough. you do an incredible job. the people of this country know it and the people of this country love you. you don't hear that from these people back here. but they love you. [applause] you don't hear it from the fake news. the fake news doesn't like talking about that but they love you. every day of my presidency i will be your greatest and most loyal champion. i have been and i will continue to be. [applause] as you very well know it was a tremendous weekend for our country. we killed isis leader al-baghdadi. [cheering and applause] they have been looking for him for a long time. they've been looking for him for many years. he was a sick and depraved man
7:42 am
and now he is dead. [applause] he is dead, he is dead as a door nail. [applause] and he didn't die bravely, either, i will tell you that. he should have been killed years ago. another president should have gotten him. but to me it was a very important -- i would say all the time they would walk into my office, sir, we called this leader at a low level. i said i never heard of him. i want al-baghdadi. that's the only one i know now. i want al-baghdadi, get him. and they got him. [applause] but he was big time. he built the isis caliphate. you hear about isis, that was him. it was once the physical size of the state of ohio and had
7:43 am
seven million people and growing big, big, big. and they had a problem. it started about 2 1/2 years ago. [laughter] [applause] and during my administration, i, we, all together destroyed the caliphate 100%. remember, i got it down to 97% and i said let's go home and then those people started saying 100%. before me they didn't care. but now they said what about 100%? and we met some great generals. i learned a lot about generals. i met some good ones and i saw some bad ones. some that didn't have what it takes and others that had more than anyone would have thought. it was supposed to take a year, maybe two years.
7:44 am
i said to one of them how long will it take? i think we can do it in one week, sir. he was a little more like you. but we have now tens of thousands of isis prisoners under tight supervision. and now we want the countries in the region to police their own borders. we don't want to be a policeman in this case of two countries that haven't gotten along for centuries. we're keeping the oil. remember that. i've always said that. keep the oil. we want to keep the oil. $45 million a month, keep the oil. we've secured the oil. this morning we are delighted to be joined by a life long friend of our brave police, incredible guy, tough guy, and somebody with a tremendous heart also. but he is strong. he can take it. attorney general william barr.
7:45 am
where is william barr? [applause] they are giving him a side angle. thank you, bill. you are doing a great job. we are also glad to have with us representatives rodney davis, mike botts, and darin la hood. they are warriors for all of us. thank you. they are warriors. [applause] they've done an incredible job. thanks as well to the entire iacp board and congratulations to your new incoming president,
7:46 am
front here someplace. there you go. i went all the way around the room to find you. [applause] thank you very much. congratulations. incredible group. i hear you are an incredible leader. thank you very much. thank you also to the international law enforcement partners who join us. together our nation ensures the rule of law prevails. we work together. i want to extend our immense appreciation to all the law enforcement family members in the room. please stand. the family members really make you folks work. they are so proud of you. family members, please stand. i know how that works. [applause] i know how that works.
7:47 am
without those family members, you wouldn't be doing so good. i know that. but there is one person that is not here today. we're in chicago. i said where is he? i want to talk to him. in fact, more than anyone else, this person should be here because maybe he could learn something. [applause] and that's the superintendent of chicago police eddie johnson. he said the values of the people of chicago are more important than anything president trump would have to say. i don't think so. because that's very insulting statement after all i've done for the police. i've done more than any other president has ever done for the police.
7:48 am
[cheering and applause] over 100 years we can prove it but probably from the beginning. and here is a man that could not bother to show up for a meeting of police chiefs, most respected people in the country, in his hometown and with the president of the united states. and you know why? it's because he is not doing his job. last year 565 people were murdered in chicago. since eddie johnson has been police chief, more than 1,500 people have been murdered in chicago and 13,067 people have been shot. during the first weekend of august 2019, seven people were murdered and 52 were wounded in 32 shootings in chicago.
7:49 am
and recently they had 78 shootings over a weekend spree and three people killed. and chicago has the toughest gun laws in the united states. that doesn't seem to be working too well, does it? a lot of you people know exactly what i mean. but under johnson's leadership, they certainly don't protect people. then you have the case of this wise guys jussie smollett who beat up himself. [laughter] [applause] and he said maga country did it. he said it's a hate crime. it's a hate crime. and it's a scam. it is a real big scam just like the impeachment of your president is a scam. [cheering and applause]
7:50 am
and then you look what's going on, smollett is still trying to get away with it. he would have been better off if he paid his $100,000 bill. chicago is unfortunately the worst sanctuary city in america. chicago protects criminals at a level few could even imagine. last year in cook county alone ice asked local law enforcement people to please, pretty please, we beg you, we'll do anything necessary to stop crime. we want to stop crime. please detain 1,162 people, please. but in each case the detainer was denied and eddie johnson
7:51 am
wants to talk about values. no, people like johnson put criminals and illegal aliens before the citizens of chicago and those are his values and frankly, those values to me are a disgrace. i will never put the needs -- [applause] -- of illegal criminals before i put the needs of law-abiding citizens. it is very simple to me. [cheering and applause] so when eddie johnson and many other people from lots of other regions and areas support sanctuary cities, it is really in my opinion a betrayal of their oath to the shield and a
7:52 am
violation of his duty to serve and to protect the courageous police officers of chicago. i know some of them and they are the most incredible people. they could solve this problem quickly. [applause] it is embarrassing to us as a nation. all over the world they're talking about chicago. afghanistan is a safe place by comparison. it's true. police officers of chicago are entitled to a police superintendent who has their backs and knows what he is doing. you are entitled to a police superintendent who sides with you, with the people of chicago. the people want this. and with the families of chicago, not the criminals and the gang members that are here illegally. and not the stupid politicians that have no idea what the hell they're doing. [applause]
7:53 am
but i'm going to tell you a quick story because it happened right here and i was very impressed with a certain person, whoever that person may be. i'm sure that we could find him but about three years ago i was leaving chicago and i was accompanied by a massive motorcycle brigade of policemen. and to do that they have to volunteer, because i guess most places say you have to volunteer. i had a lot of volunteers, i'll tell you, hundreds and hundreds of them. other candidates have none. almost like a free poll. i had hundreds of them. chicago is in the news a lot just like it is now because of all the killings going on and all of the shooting and all of the horrible things happening. when i arrived at the airplane,
7:54 am
the police officers asked whether or not it would be possible to have some pictures and before i won the election i could do that. i would do that routinely. now i think secret service has a problem. if it was up to me i would do it. but it was before, might have even been president elect. wasn't long ago. the leader of the brigade was this really powerful, strong-looking guy. big, booming voice and he was definitely the boss. do we know what that means? he was the boss. put your cycles over here, come on, let's go. he is going to take a picture. come on, let's go. hurry up, come on. and yet they all loved him. they loved vince lombardi and coach belichick. they love certain people. it is called respect. but he was very respectfully shouting at his men and come on, let's go.
7:55 am
and they were doing exactly as he said. he was the guy. just as i'm boarding the plane i asked this man. i had a lot of respect for him myself. i saw the way he was. he wasn't doing anything wrong. he was just the boss who was a respected person. i said excuse me, come here, what the hell is happening in chicago? he said it's very sad, sir, very, very sad. i hate to see what's going on. i love this city so much. i hate it. i asked him what do you think the problem is? and he said there is no leadership from the mayor and there is none at the top of the police department. they are afraid to do anything. he said we have great police here, the best in the country. and you all feel that about your own police but he said that. but we don't have the leadership at the top.
7:56 am
it's so sad. i said you are a tough guy. how long do you think it would take you to fix this killing problem in chicago? he looked at me and said one day, sir. these cops are great. they know all the bad guys, sir, they know exactly what to do. we could straighten it out so quickly that your head would spin. i left very impressed, whether it was one day, one week or one month no doubt he could have done it. and i actually told the story numerous times and i actually sent his name in to somebody involved with chicago and that's the last time i ever heard of that man. he probably has a good job someplace outside of a police force. i'm sorry to do that to you but he is happy. he is happy. [laughter] he doesn't have to put up with the nonsense that you have to put up with.
7:57 am
but i thought there is a guy who could be your police superintendent and do a hell of a job. he would straighten things out. so that was years ago. i was thinking about it. i just thought about it on the trip over. i said i'm going to chicago and i want to tell the story because it was to me a great story. because you could fix this up so fast. good leadership would be easy to find. you have a lot of good people in the department. i love how they go to other parts of the country and hire other people and they don't know the name of the most basic street. they go all over the country. hire somebody, oh good, where is our headquarters? what does that mean? where is it located? incredible people in the police department in chicago. i know some of them. i met some of them. but remember, 565 people were
7:58 am
murdered last year. and it is a shame and i want eddie johnson to change his values and change them fast. [applause] today we're here to report on the outstanding progress we've made to combat violent crime and restore peace and safety to american cities. and most cities are setting records for good crime numbers. in the years before i took office, outrageous slanders on our police went unanswered and unchallenged from your leaders in washington you know that very well. radical activists freely trafficked in vile and anti-police hostility and criminals grew only more bold as a result. in the two years before my election violent crime increased 8%, murders were up by more than 20% and going a
7:59 am
lot higher nationwide. the steepest two-year consecutive increase in over 50 years. but with your help, all of that is changing and changing very rapidly. under the administration, we're once again standing up for law enforcement. we're condemning anti-police bias in all forms and we're giving you the support, resources and the respect -- we have tremendous respect for you -- the respect that you deserve. [applause] together we have taken bold action to reverse the tide in violent crime. over the last two years the number of murders in america and america's major cities has dropped unlike here, by more than 10%. if we ever took the chicago numbers out of our total
8:00 am
numbers the numbers would be incredible. they already are, even including chicago. the nationwide violent crime rate has declined for two consecutive years. during the same time the number of burglaries was reduced by over i think of this, a quarter of a million. so a quarter of a million less burglaries, big number. it also helps we have the strongest economy in the history of our country. that probably helps. take a little credit for that. [applause] and it was just announced as i was getting off the plane that the s&p has hit an all-time high. the highest in the history of our country. [applause] and that's not for rich people. that's for everybody. that's for your 401ks. think of that. and i have again a great love
8:01 am
for the police and in new york i was thernot so long ago. this was before as went as high as it is now. and this policeman, i like to shake hands after an event. not that i like to, i do it because i respect policeman and they want to shake my hand and fire marshals, people in different stadiums. but i was at an event in new york and came out i was shaking hands and this one policeman said sir, i want to thank you. my 401k is through the roof. for the first time in my life my wife thinks i'm a financial genius. it's true. [applause] said he was up now 72%. i said that's not bad. he said she always thought i was incompetent financially. but you have made me into a genius, sir. he hugged me. he actually wanted to kiss me. i said no thank you, but you
8:02 am
can. not my deal but that's okay. but he was great. and it gave me an idea. this is about 401ks. many of you have them. does anybody in this room have a 401k that's down? raise your hand please. does anybody have a 401k that's up? [cheering and applause] everybody. i don't know what you would have had to do to get one that's down. you would have had to really be very bad but no they're up 70%, 80%. last year my administration charged the largest number of firearm defendants ever recorded in the history of our country. bill barr is doing a fantastic job. we have increased federal -- go ahead and let him hear it. [applause] and i say let him hear it because he hears from the fake
8:03 am
news back there all the time. they want to silence everyone, you know. except for their very strange opinions. we went with that you wouldn't have a country very long. we've increased federal firearm prosecutions by 44% compared to the last two years of the previous administration. this is a record, a new record. two years ago we launched and revitalized project safe neighborhoods. now federal prosecutors are once again working closely with state and local law enforcement and all of the community leaders to marshall our resources, target crime in the most dangerous areas and lock up violent offender. in coming weeks attorney general barr will announce a new crackdown on violent crime which i think is so important. targeting gangs and drug traffickers in high crime
8:04 am
areas. let's call it "the surge." we can come up with lots of names but we will be doing something that's very dramatic, headed up by our great attorney general. you will see tremendous results very quickly. the best way to reduce gun violence is to put criminals with firearms behind bars. [applause] and, just so you understand, because i think there is no stronger protector than me, we
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