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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 30, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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out of time. happens every night. we'll be back tomorrow. 8:00 p.m. show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. "hannity" is next. have the best night. ♪ >> sean: this is a fox news alert. we begin tonight with what is a massive, huge mystery out of our nation's capital, washington, d.c. that is literally as we speak reaching a fever pitch. now, just who is the hearsay non-whistleblower, whistleblower? tonight real clear investigations, paul sperry is reporting the details of this person's identity. let me be up front and be very, very clear. line of demarcation. there are things tonight that are so scary that we can report. we will identify them. we cannot independently confirm sperry's report. we will not go with the name of
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the identified person unless we have final confirmation. i can confirm to you after making numerous calls in the last hour, this is the individual that is the most talked about in washington as the whistleblower, and if sperry is correct, if he turns out to be correct in what he is reporting tonight, we are looking at a scandal of monumental proportion in this country. one way or the other, what we're watching is the speeding-up process of this impeachment witch hunt with what we know, i can tell you tonight, we cannot continue until questions are answered. republicans tonight must now demand answers before anything moves forward. they must demand to know if, in fact, the whistleblower was a deep-state operative. they need to demand to know now -- we do know there was contact with the corrupt and cowardly and compromised, congenital liar
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adam schiff's office. we need to know what that contact is. every bit of that contact. we need to demand to know if this person in fact, whoever the non-whistleblower, hearsay whistleblower is, did they abuse their power, their position at the central intelligence agency? we need to know now if in fact this person was working on a major political agenda, supporting a democratic candidate? because we know there was the support of a candidate from the i.g. -- which we'll get to. we need to demand to know tonight the relationship and the contact with his former boss, and that would be brennan -- yeah, his name comes up a lot, doesn't it? the whole thing, what we know stinks to high heaven. we need to upon if the tools of our intelligence community were -- we need to know if the tools of our intelligence community were once again turned against the president of the united states of america, we need to know if high-ranking obama
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officials were yet again involved in an effort to overturn the will of the people. an election. now, we cannot -- and i want to be clear -- confirm real clear's report but what is already being reported is chilling. we need answers and we need them like yesterday. we need to know the identity of this non-whistleblower hearsay whistleblower. we need to know if they have an agenda. we need to know if the intel community's inspector general, when he said this hearsay whistleblower favored a political candidate, that was a democrat. what candidate? was there any contact? we know there was contact with adam schiff's office. that makes him a fact witness. that makes him a compromised chairman. he is in no position to lead any effort to impeach anybody except himself. he needs to be investigated. now, we know that a town that loves to leak has been remarkably quiet on the whistleblower's identity. we know he was mentioned on the
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floor of the house. we know he was mentioned in the secret soviet-style impeachment coup hearings. we know that everyone in the media -- i can speak from people i know, people at fake news cnn. at the area 51 roswell rachel maddow conspiracy channel msnbc, they know his name. "we the people" need to know before anything else moves forward. it makes you wonder. why do they want to rush something as important as impeachment? why no due process for the president? who is the person that started this entire ukrainian what we now know to be a real witch hunt? because we do know the interpretation that we were given by the corrupt, compromised, cowardly and congenital liar adam schiff was wrong. it was false. we were told that the
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non-whistleblower hearsay whistleblower said quid pro quos took place. the transcript revealed these claims were false by the corrupt, congenital liar. we need to know if this person had a political agenda, whether there was collusion with schiff's office, whether there was collusion with the democratic candidate they supported, we need to know who that person was friends with, we need to know what contact he had with john brennan. in other words, we know brennan, he hates donald trump and he's a former c.i.a. director. has a lot of power and a lot of deep-state friends still working there. susan rice's name is mentioned in sperry's article. what about a relationship with adam schiff? where and when did he meet with people in schiff's office? did schiff's office recommend hiring a lawyer? was it a specific lawyer? did they recommend going to the
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i.g.? did that recommendation come from the compromised, corrupt schiff's office? we know schiff lied about the whistleblower. we know he lied for three years about russia. here is what he said. >> we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. we would like to. i'm sure the whistleblower has concerns that he has not been advised as the law requires by the inspector general or the director of national intelligence just as to how he is to communicate with congress. >> sean: that was another lie by the compromised, corrupt, congenital liar adam schiff. tonight, we need answers. republicans, it is now time for you to stand up for due process, for the constitution of the united states, for the rule of law, for equal application of our laws and -- yeah, application as well, that would work. now, you've got to do your jobs. we need as a country to get to the bottom of this impeachment, is a really, really important issue for the american people
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because what is being reported by real clear investigations on top of what we already know, it is shocking. if it turns out that paul sperry and real clear investigations is right, it would represent another confirmed coup attempt, and according to the report, again, this is what they're reporting, we have not confirmed, he would be an obama holdover, worked with john brennan, in fact sperry reports that the individual was a former colleague to members of schiff's congressional staff and that's not all. they are reporting, we have not confirmed, that he had ties to the d.n.c. operative who helped the clinton campaign coordinate with the country ukraine. that's how deep sperry's allegations go. the media needs to get off their back sides and report the truth. the d.n.c. operative who colluded with ukraine -- yes, to
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bolster the clinton campaign. and a ukrainian court confirming ukraine did in fact coordinate with the d.n.c. and they colluded to help hillary clinton and interfere in the 2016 election. that was the ukrainian court decision. we know the whistleblower used to work with that ukrainian individual we talked about. but there is more. in sperry's claims he said this individual hated trump was and not shy about sharing those opinions, according to this real clear report he was accused of leaking information to damage president trump. does he have an agenda? it's obvious all indications point to the likelihood of another deep state political hit job. we need to get to the bottom of what we know. what we know is what was the contact with the corrupt and compromised, congenital liar adam schriffen's office? what was the relationship with joe biden and any of the other
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candidates? the relationship with brennan. he used to be his boss. no wonder schiff refused to call this guy. "we don't need to talk to him any more." we know he's not a real whistleblower. we know he's anti-trump. a deep-state bureaucrat. we know he's doing this because he hates donald trump and he thinks he knows better than we, the american people. it's time for the corrupt, compromised, cowardly adam schiff, the congenital liar and his allies to come clean. republicans must demand that. that is the subject of our monologue tonight. it is clear tonight that the media mob and the deep state have been and continue to work hand in hand. they want to fundamentally destroy the very foundation of this great democratic republic. that is indisputable at this point. after a top-secret trial, no due
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process, flagrant witness tampering, spurred by an apparent partisan deep state operative masquerading as a whistleblower we know that speaker in name only nancy pelosi is now asking her members of congress to rush through and authenticate this secret soviet-style impeachment coup attempt. house members will now have to decide whether or not the corrupt, compromised, congenital liar adam schiff will get a green light to take his top-secret witch hunt public. republicans have not been allowed to attend the hearings, view evidence or the transcripts yet they'll be asked to authenticate a closed-door process they know little about. it is a vote -- very clear this vote tomorrow will be a vote for a process that is run by adam schiff. that guy is the single most corrupt, the biggest liar in
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washington, d.c. in that sewer-swamp which says a lot. that guy spent two-plus years, right there, blatantly lying in public, on tv, saying he has all the evidence of trump-russia collusion. you might remember some of these lies because we had four separate investigations. the f.b.i. investigation. house intel investigation. bipartisan senate investigation. and the mueller report. that contradict what he was telling us. take a look. >> there is already, in my view, ample evidence in the public domain on the issue of collusion. if you're willing to see it. if you want to blind yourself, then you can look the other way. >> i can certainly say with confidence that there is significant evidence of collusion between the campaign and russia. i have been very clear over the last year, year and a half that there is ample evidence of collusion in plain sight. >> sean: no evidence in clear sight. that's why he's a congenital liar. those lies didn't stop there.
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this is the guy who completely fabricated the transcript, had to make it up of the president's phone call with the president of ukraine in an official white house hearing. that's the guy who lied once again on tv about not having contact with the hearsay non-whistleblower-whistleblower and he's the guy who has been tampering with environmentally every witness brought before his secret soviet-style impeachment coup attempt inquiry. take a look. >> i have never in my life seen anything like what happened today. they have been bad in most of these depositions, but to interrupt us continually. to coach the witness. to decide whether or not what we're going to be able to ask the witness -- we don't even get any witnesses at this point and it doesn't look like we're going to get any, ever, but to not let us ask questions, i have never, ever had that and to see someone coach a witness -- this isn't the first time -- schiff is very good at coaching witnesses.
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remember? he also met with the whistleblower. so this is just unprecedented. >> sean: whether you're a republican or a democrat your goal, if you're talking about impeaching a president needs to be to find the truth. to have due process. you don't shut down a witness. you don't coach a witness. you don't stop a witness from answering a question because you don't like the question. in fact, if you have any fidelity at all to object to truth, common sense, reason, justice, the constitutional process, you must implement due process in any trial or investigation. that's why past impeachment proceedings in short, for example, newt gingrich guaranteed bill clinton. the democrats guaranteed richard nixon. they were not stripped of their fundamental rights. that is now happening here. the latest resolution does the exact opposite and that's the one that will be voted on by the democrats tomorrow.
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it's going to be interesting to watch. it would grant, yes, the congenital liar, the compromised, corrupt adam schiff and his fellow democrats the power to veto any witness, any evidence, any procedure, they basically can do anything they want. there is no due process. is there any fair-minded democratic congress people out there tonight? when you put your hand on the bible and you swear to uphold and protect the constitution of the united states of america, is this what you had in mind? is this what due process looks like to you? is this really the best way to get to the truth? at the end of the day, if you decide to sacrifice american ideals, principles, constitutional order, you will be creating a dangerous precedent. and what are you gaining? we have one honest democrat from new jersey who plans to vote against the witch hunt tomorrow. summed it up perfectly to cbs news. from new jersey. obviously, he says he's going to
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be impeached and it will go to the senate and i believe in the senate he will be, meaning the president, vindicated, and that's congressman van drews from new jersey. he also says, "i think we spent a lot of money and a lot of time and haven't been able to get a whole lot of things done." van drew is one of maybe five democrats so far not supporting this corrupt impeachment lacking due process resolution. that would include anthony brindisi from new york. jared goldman, maine. colin peterson from minnesota. what do they have in common? they all represent districts won by donald trump in 2016 and they're not alone. there are 31 lawmakers that represent purple, red districts carried by the president. these lawmakers right there. will they vote to override the will of their constituents based on a one-sided, secret trial run by, well, a compromised, corrupt, congenital liar by the
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name of adam schiff? sadly, at least one of the people on this list, new york congressman matt rose is ready right now to impeach president trump and he believes the president is guilty until proven innocent telling the new magazine "the president says he's innocent. so all we're saying is prove it." oh. i didn't know it worked that way. is that what you believe, congressman rose, do you believe that? guilty until proven innocent? this is why republicans -- kevin mccarthy, house minority leader says they will take back the house in 2020. they need 19 seats to win that majority and end pelosi's feckless reign as speaker. with me is house minority leader kevin mccarthy. everyone in washington has confirmed that's the name being bantered about. i can't confirm, unless you can confirm paul sperry's reporting, let's just stick to the facts. you have heard this person's name, correct? you won't mention it.
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>> yes. the only person who can confirm this is adam schiff because he's the individual who has met with him and what's interesting -- remember what adam would say at the beginning, the administration was going to hold this whistleblower back, all this quid pro quo was in there, once the call came out and we saw the transcript where the president has done nothing wrong, nothing to be impeached but now they won't bring the whistleblower forward? what does adam schiff have to hide? once again, he's taken america through a nightmare because of his lies. >> sean: what we know is -- because we know there was contact, that's a fact, with schiff's office, that would mean he's compromised. that would mean he lied yet again like he's lied for the last three years. how could anybody allow this man to run any investigation? he's a fact witness. >> he is a fact witness, and in our judicial system a fact witness cannot be a prosecutor, and what we'll vote on tomorrow
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will not only make adam schiff a fact witness, a prosecutor, a judge and a jury. he has stopped people -- witnesses from answering questions, so he objects, but then when he objects to them to answer the question he's the judge who rules whether they should answer the question or not. he should send these witnesses a legal bill because he's their attorney and he's he's the only one picking the witnesses. if this was in a court of law there would be a mistrial right now based on what these democrats have done -- and the way they've treated all these facts. it is the fruit of the poisonous tree. this would all be thrown out. but only in nancy's house do we write all new laws and you get no due process and you are guilty. >> sean: we know the i.g. identified this guy as political. we know this isn't really -- this is a hearsay whistleblower. not even a whistleblower. we know that the attorney
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general has exonerated the president of any wrongdoing. but more importantly, here is what we also know. we have the transcript. the transcript, to me, not only exonerates the president, but it shows the president, because we know from a ukrainian court in politico that they in fact did interfere in our 2016 election, i thought democrats cared about that. we know the president was doing his job -- in other words, faithfully executing the laws. we know that joe biden admits on tape to a real quid pro quo, either you fire this guy or you're not getting the billion dollars. that would be a quid pro quo. we know that hunter biden had no experience in ukraine, oil, gas, energy at all but he got paid millions. how do you dismiss investigating that? how do you dismiss the compromised adam schiff in the i.g. report saying the non-whistleblower is compromised? >> if you ask the american
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public, they want to see hunter investigated, because he got paid and there was an action taken. all your viewers have to understand what adam schiff has lied to us about and why the president has done nothing wrong. they had a phone call on july 25. the money was sent to september 11th. ukraine did nothing for the money to be sent forward. so there is no quid pro quo. why are we carrying through this? you know why they continue to keep it in intel and not judiciary? because nadler is a failure and schiff is a fraud and is willing to lie to the american public. they're taking a vote tomorrow. no democrat should vote for that because they're going to try to justify all the actions he's already taken and they've never even read one transcript. how could you vote on something? >> sean: something you could do as house majority leader -- >> i'm house minority leader. >> sean: soon to be majority
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leader hopefully. >> yes. >> sean: is there something you could do with your caucus to make a statement and stop this tomorrow? >> watch what we have done time and again and we will continue to fight but at the end of the day 218 is the rule of law inside this floor. what needs to happen is not just us but the american people needs to join with us. if you believe america is more than a country and you have to have due process, pick up your phone, call those democrats and ask them what is the impeachable offense? why can you vote and not have due process where republicans have given it to democrat presidents and republicans have given it to democrat president why today is different? why are you putting the country through it? worst of all we are about one year away from a new election and the democrats do not trust the american people to make this decision? they think they are smarter than the american people? we'll be watching tomorrow. joining us now, florida
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congressman matt gaetz. congressman, good to see you. you filed an ethics complaint, sean spicer, also. matt, just what we know. compromised, matt. we have a compromised schiff. you pop up with an ethics complaint. compromised whistleblower with a political agenda. now even worse allegations out there. >> you're right. this is not a crime by our president. it is a setup by the deep state. the same deep state that told us that president trump was engaged in a criminal conspiracy. the same deep state that had an insurance policy against the people of this great country electing donald trump. what's different about the ukrainian knockoff sequel is adam sdhifrns has violated the rules of the house by -- adam schiff has violated the rules of the house by making representations to the american people that were false. rule 23 of the house of representatives code of conduct
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says we are not permitted to engage in activities that bring discredit on the house. i can think of nothing that has brought more discredit on the house of representatives than adam schiff acting like the president of the united states and the president of ukraine had a conversation they never had. we've seen the transcript. we've heard from president zelinsky. it is offensive to the american people who want better roads, better health care, lower prescription drug price, that nancy pelosi has authorized more subpoenas than they have passed bills on the floor of the house of representatives. it is shameful and they will be punished for this by americans in the next election. >> sean: i want to,a plaud you. what you have been doing. how you have been stand -- >> sean: i want to applaud you. what you have been doing. you stepped away from an important dinner. sorry to drag you out of dinner.
10:24 pm
>> anything for you, sean. >> sean: matt gaetz, we appreciate it. when we come back, sean spicer, tammy bruce, charlie hurt will join us, also incredible video released by the pentagon of the raid that killed the isis terrorist leader baghdadi. straight ahead.
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10:30 pm
al-baghdadi crawled into a hole with his two small children and blew himself and them up and as president trump explained baghdadi's identity was confirmed by a d.n.a. test conducted right there on site. the president tweeted a viral image of him putting a fictional medal of honor on the heroic dog that took part in this raid. tonight i want to take one second and give a thanks to our special forces. you are the best of the best. for the president for making the courageous decision. the patriots that i always delineate between the corrupt, those -- they keep us safe, they would never misuse the powerful tools of intelligence that we entrust with them or turn them on the american people because the world's most powerful terrorist has been brought to
10:31 pm
justice and the isis caliphate destroyed. a sick reminder that evil exists. we've seen it throughout history. it tells us about it. we saw the destruction in syria, the torture. workers like james foley and kayla mueller, attacks nearly wiping out the yazidis. the antitrump media mob reacting to another trump accomplishment, "the washington post" calling the terrorist leader the austere religious scholar dies at 48, even if the president cured cancer as i said they would want to impeach him for curing cancer but i want the american people to remember how blessed we are. we live in the united states of america and have the best military force on the face of this earth. the best intelligence officials on the face of this earth. remember, we are a country that stands for freedom, prosperity
10:32 pm
around the world. we are the shining city on the hill that reagan talked about. that believes in truth and justice. there has never been a country in the history of mankind that has used their tremendous power and resources for the advancement of the human condition more than the united states of america. abused it less, that power than the united states of america. it's why we pray for these brave men and women overseas. stand strong in the war against terror and the war on evil in our time. here with reaction and the impeachment madness we have fox news contributors tammy bruce, charlie hurt and sean spicer. sean, we'll start with you. we know schiff is compromised. we know he's corrupt. we know he's a congenital liar. we know he's a fact witness. how does he get to run this witch hunt? >> because i think that he is -- it's the tail wagging the dog.
10:33 pm
pelosi as you pointed out has to assuage the far left, socialist, progressive alexandria ocasio part of the party and schiff is the one person seen by the left as 100% focused on going after donald trump no matter where the facts lead. i have to say one thing, sean, and i praise you for pointing out the successful military. what saddens me now is that this weekend was a huge victory not just for our country but the world and it's been undermined by this political fear and that's a shame. it was a huge victory not just for this president, for the country and the world and we should have had time to praise the men and women of the armed services as you just did for doing a job that has made the world and our country a safer place. this man murdered american citizens and terrorized thousands, if not millions of people. we should be celebrating that.
10:34 pm
instead, we pivoted quickly to this political impeachment witch hunt type thing that is distracting from something that should have brought us together as a country. >> sean: what we know, charlie hurt, about the compromised, corrupt liar schiff running this thing, what we know from the i.g. inspector general told us about the person being a politico, hearsay whistleblower, not even a real whistleblower and what we know about the transcript, the president is faithfully executing the laws of the land, isn't he? he's asking for information about ukrainian interference in 2016 and while the media might say it's a conspiracy theory joe biden admits that he was involved in a billion dollar quid pro quo, to get a ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating his son with no experience in oil, gas, energy
10:35 pm
being paid millions of dollars. if his name was trump i think he would be in a lot more trouble. this is where they're trying to take america right now? >> yeah. quite frankly, what's really frightening, not only are they trying to undo the 2016 election, they're also trying to negate the 2020 election. they're trying to hijack election. a colleague of mine, steven diamond at "the washington times" did an analysis and found that while the democrats have issued i think 56 subpoenas in this -- all of these ridiculous investigations, they have managed to pass just 46 bills that eventually became law. that right there tells you what their agenda is. they have no policy agenda. they have no agenda to help people or anything like that. their only agenda is to go after
10:36 pm
donald trump and to destroy him and undo his presidency. >> sean: tammy, i'm interested in your take in how it's possible the media ignores the biden corruption. the obvious quid pro quo. the obvious -- "do you know anything about ukraine oil and gas? no? why do you think he got the job? i don't know. could it be because of your father, the second most powerful man? what would be it be like in this country if if it was donald trump and not hunter biden? >> they've chosen to do it. they've chosen to ignore it. this i think goes across the board. one of my main points this evening is for americans to realize this is not a group of people who mean well and are just misdirected and are doing something that they just don't understand is wrong. they know what they're doing. they know that it's false. they know that it's a fraud.
10:37 pm
and the reason they know is that they have had to construct things out of whole cloth. they have had to fabricate the russia hoax dossier and now it appears depending on who the whistleblower ends up being with the discussion we're having now we may in fact see that this dynamic has been going on as long when it comes to planning, that elements have been involved with the same sorts of individuals that were involved earlier within this notion of this insurance policy against the president, that in order to be able to do this and for the media -- nothing stays secret in washington. right? but somehow they've managed to keep the whistleblower's name secret. that takes a lot of agreement and energy and let me tell you, if the whistleblower and this entire dynamic was genuinely bad for president trump it would not still be a secret. the fact that they are holding it as a secret and this is my point, tells everyone that they know that that exposure ruins this entire scheme, and that is what it is. i'm all for law and order.
10:38 pm
i don't trust either party. but the fact of the matter is what's frightening here and you touched on it in your monologue, that this is something much larger now than a few people doing a bad thing and thank god donald trump is the president to be able to deal with the aftermath of the shock of what we have learned over the last two to three years, and he will be re-elected. the american people will see through this because we do not underestimate them and we do not underestimate the president. >> sean: great commentary, all three of you. tammy, thank you. i've got to run. bills to pay. thank you, sean, thank you, charlie, thank you, tammy. joining us is the executive v.p. of the trump organization. donald trump jr. a lot to decipher here. what i'm beginning to see is drupgz. a compromised -- what i'm beginning to see is corruption. a compromised adam schiff. non-whistleblower. wow. >> sean, it's a continuation.
10:39 pm
we all know that this impeachment inquiry literally started november 9 of 2016. whatever they could add in there to create the narrative, and honestly the media happily willing to sell it. they don't pretend to be objective any more. you saw that this weekend when al-baghdadi, the number one target on my father's hit list, the number one person in isis, the worst human being on the face of this earth is a mere austere religious scholar. not a terrorist. not a rapist. not someone that throws homosexuals off of buildings. he's an austere religious scholar. but nick sandman, one of the innocent 15-year-old kids from covington catholic is a home-grown terrorist. the media is destroying their credibility. they're taking what little faith people had left in those institutions and totally flushing it down the toyota. you're -- and flushing it down
10:40 pm
the toilet. other than my father no one was a bigger target of the original russia hoax. now you have version two. and he's able to alter emails. he's able to leak this. he's able to change the narrative. you have guys like lee zeldin saying "i'm in the room. this is ridiculous. when are you going to let us speak? when are you going to let us ask a question?" i remember "the washington post" making a big deal about democracy dying in darkness yet, they have no problem with this going on for three years and certainly not for the last 40 days of this sham in a darkroom in a basement of congress impeachment investigation with no one is even asking the question about what's going on. it's a true disgrace, sean, but the good thing is it's gone so far that the american people get it. it's gone so far that those people, even the people in the
10:41 pm
middle, even the people on the reasonable left -- what's left of them because this is no longer your grandfather's democrat party any more, these are extremists -- but the reasonable people in the middle. they get it. they want to see this president be able to do his job. they want to see congress enact actual legislation to benefit the american people. usmca has been sitting on the desk for nine months. nancy pelosi doesn't want to do that because she doesn't want to give president trump even a little credit for getting things done, and this president is getting things done for the american people in an unprecedented fashion with unprecedented incoming from the other side. >> sean: imagine. look how the media protects joe biden. joe biden is on tape with a quid pro quo. "either you fire him in six hours or you don't get the billion dollars." do you know anything about ukraine? no. energy? no. oil? no. gas? no. millions of dollars.
10:42 pm
that was the guy that joe demanded to be fired. imagine if that was your name was hunter biden except hunter -- >> i wish my name was hunter biden. i could go abroad, and make millions off my father's name. but because my name is trump if i took 1.5 dollars from china -- not 1.5 billion like hunter but 1.5 dollars their heads would explode, if i took a no-show job for $83,000 a month in a country i didn't speak the language like ukraine where my dad said we're going to withhold billions of taxpayer dollars if you don't get rid of the prosecutor investigating me the media would have an aneurysm. we would end the fake news. that's the double standard we're living under and that's the double standard that the american people are sick and tired of. >> sean: i would say they're all
10:43 pm
trigger. i said that on purpose. thank you for being with us. when we come, incredible news. dr. michael baden says jeffrey epstein's death is not a suicide. we will bring that inside. next. doug, doug!
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>> sean: we have explosive new information surrounding the death of jeffrey epstein. our friend pathologist michael baden was hired by the family to attend the autopsy. he's officially disputing the medical examiner's findings saying that epstein did not commit suicide. he says the injuries are more consistent with strongulation.
10:49 pm
how long have you been doing this? >> pretty much close to 50 years, sean. you were a lot younger when i first met you. >> sean: thanks a lot. so were you. let me how many autopsies have you participated in? >> i have done more than 20,000 autopsies. many more than that that i participated in. >> sean: you have been in high profile cases. what did you see in this case? what you are describing is chilling. >> i attended the autopsy. spoke with the medical examiner doing the autopsy and noticed with her that there was some unusual injuries where a person who was described as having committed suicide by hanging, there were extensive forceful damage to his neck organs.
10:50 pm
to the hyoid bone that you see in the middle that has a fracture on the left horn, that the horseshoe bone with the horn in the back, and there is beneath it the adam's apple, thyroid cartilage and there are two fractures in that bone. that's an awful lot of force that does not happen in hanging -- suicidal hanging cases but can happen with forceful compression of the neck in manual strangulation or ligaature strangulation which is what looks like -- the autopsy showed looked like happened here because of the deep mark that the ligature had, it wasn't just from hanging -- for that reason the medical examiner on sunday put down the cause of death as
10:51 pm
pending further study because she didn't know if it was hanging, strangulation, suicide or homicide. and waited for more information. apparently the medical examiner got information that a few days later made them change it from pending further study to suicide. but the family has been trying to find out what that information is because most of the information that came through like the breaches in security where he was left alone, open prey to anyone who wanted to come into his cell have to be explained and should be vchthed and i think the injuries are not those typically seen of a suicidal hanging. >> sean: dr. baden, what are the odds in your view that this was in fact a strangulation, not a suicide? what are the odds? >> i think that 75-25, right
10:52 pm
now, on the basis that this is a homicide. maybe more. because we don't have -- we don't have the results of the d.n.a. swabs. the ligature around the neck which would have the d.n.a. of anybody who put fingers on that and made the ligature. that should have been available within a few days. it's not clear where the ligature is, where the city kept is, whether the f.b.i. kept it, whether it was thrown out in the trash or whether it's being held to be examined in the future. >> sean: i can tell you that i spoke to an attorney who spoke with him and just two days prior who confirmed that he was looking forward to quote proving his innocence and i can also confirm we also know that he had been assaulted in prison. don't we? >> 18 days earlier. july 13th -- july 23rd.
10:53 pm
he was found in his cell with marks on his neck. crush marks on his neck and he said that the inmate he was celled with had assaulted him. for some reason they put him on a suicide watch then removed the suicide watch. >> sean: would you be able to determine 100% if you did the autopsy? >> yeah, i would think that right now we don't have all the information in. we don't have what the f.b.i. has done. what the crime lab has done. i think it's getting up to 90% certainty with what we have. >> sean: dr. baden, thank you. they brought justice kavanaugh to tears. remember that? today the democrats brought another trump nominee to tears. the video next.
10:54 pm
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10:59 pm
♪ >> sean: now, earlier today one of president trump's originalist, highly qualified judicial nominees come his name is lawrence vandyke, brought to tears like justice kavanaugh on capitol hill after enduring more baseless attacks, lies from the left-wing smear machine accusing him of hostility towards the lgbtq community. here is what happened. >> i apologize. >> it's all right. >> i'm sorry. no, i did not say that. i do not believe that. it is a fundamental belief of mine that all people are created in the image of god, and they should all be treated with dignity and respect.
11:00 pm
senator. >> sean: smear, slander mismanagement, pretty much a normal day in washington. pathetic. that's all the time we have left, a lot more tomorrow night. we will never be the media mob that hate-trump media did let not your heart be troubled laura ingraham, you and i apparently weren't invited to the pompeo event. everyone else on air was invited to the pompeo event. did you get an invitation? because i didn't get an invitation. >> laura: i have a question: what event? that's how bad it is for me, i don't know what you're talking about. >> sean: oh, you're going to the event with the secretary of state? nope. no invitation for hannity. >> laura: hannity, first of all, we have to work for a living, number one. number two, before we talk about that, i have to say congratulations, you wiped the floor with the competition. not a big surprise, but still you wipe to the floor with the competition, october -- >> sean: and so did you. >> laura: you are number one on top.