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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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locations in tennessee and alabama are all for entertainment. a petition with 75,000 signatures is demanding the site be shut down claiming they are torture chambers under disguise was the ugly, delivery driver get scoop spooked that an unexpected haunted house. you can see the driver screaming and running away from the halloween decorations, unclear where this happened. that reps of this hour of "fox and friends first". have a great day. it continues right now. goodbye. kim jong un fox news alert, and inside look at it or a takedown courtesy of us special forces. jillian: why democrats still aren't satisfied with the president's plan in syria. happening hours from now the house will hold its long-awaited vote on the impeachment resolution. rob: new reports reveal the name of the whistleblower who started it all. what do we know and what comes next? busy day in washington.
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>> what we got ourselves into. [shouting] rob: celebrating halloween at one of the northeast's now most notorious haunted houses. jillian: you all get a fox front row seat. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ thriller ♪ thriller of the night ♪ jillian: happy hello income you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning.
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rob: the kids are going to get wet in the northeast. it is raining around here. thanks for getting up early with us and straight to a fox news alert. dramatic video of the us-led raid that killed isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. juan guaido carley: democrats demand the trump administration reveal its full plan of taking down isis in syria. >> reporter: the might of the us military in full display in a series of videos that show how the rate went down. look at this. us ground troops approaching the compound where abu bakr al-baghdadi's tunnel was found, those troops met by a number of civilians. the moment u.s. air force 0 in on the combatants and obliterate blowing them away. us troops finish clearing the compound, a precision strike
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from above obliterating the compounds. going up in flames, burning to the ground. >> helicopter assault by special operations forces in syria launched against an isolated compound in northwest syria where abu bakr al-baghdadi was suspected to be hiding. >> reporter: these images paint a picture of the destruction. mike pompeo talking about the daring mission. >> we were very focused on one outcome which was to make sure we got this bad guy. >> reporter: democrats in congress demanding more with nancy pelosi saying the trump administration owes the house a briefing on syria and chuck schumer adding this. >> it is clear that isis continues. they are not vanquished. i believe the administration has
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to do more to make sure the existing isis prisoners are guarded, to trap those who have escaped. rob: richard blumenthal adding he's more concerned than ever about isis, these comments from democrats coming days after the abu bakr al-baghdadi strike. carley: a live look on capitol hill for four hours from now the full house is expected to vote on rules of the democrats impeachment inquiry. rob: griff jenkins in washington as the sides battle over each and every little detail. >> reporter: the first time all 432 members of the house go on the record, debating in midmorning, history being recorded. this is not a vote on the articles of impeachment but rather on a resolution to codify the impeachment process. the risk republican is excited to vote for out of 200 for democrats only five have declared support. the resolution is 217th to pass. jim mcgovern had this to say.
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>> 5 or 10 years from now people will ask each of us what we did in this moment. they will ask is what we did when confronted with this crisis. as much as this president flaunts the constitution we are going to protect it. >> reporter: hearings on the hill continue today. tim morrison, director of russian affairs who is leaving the job will testify. news the former nsc advisor john bolton has been summoned, charles cooper telling fox news bolton is not willing to appear voluntarily. i stand ready to accept service of a subpoena on his behalf as the top house republican blasts the impeachment investigation. >> if this was a court of law there would be a mistrial. right now based on what democrats have done, the ink of the poisonous tree. this would all be blown out but only in nancy's house to be right on the laws and you get no due process. >> reporter: the burning beltway question of who the was a lower
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is may soon be answered. our name has surfaced in reports but we are not naming him or her. rob: thank you so much. a fox news alert. the south korean military confirms north korea launched two projectile's overnight. the japanese coast guard says the missiles landed in the ocean outside their jurisdiction. the launch follows reports earlier this week that pyongyang is growing impatient with stalled nuclear talks and reeling from tough sanctions. earlier this month they testfired an underwater ballistic missile for the first time in three years. more breaking news this morning. wildfires raging across california, those fires fueled by strong winds gorging hundreds of acres across the state. as misery continues flames narrowly missing the reagan presidential library in seamy valley. homes in jeopardy of being in the fire's path.
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>> it started over at the top of the hill behind the house and wind started blowing and it went this way, the neighbors next door, ready to go. >> such a beautiful part of california. the kincaid fire to the north of san francisco is 45% contained. they made a lot of progress. 150,000 homes and businesses are still in the dark from blackouts. carley: a detention officer killed in the line of duty after a brutal attack by a convict. deputies say he died from his injuries overnight. inmate daniel is accused of jumping lee earlier this week, grabbing him by his throat and sweeping his legs out from under him forcing his head to hit the floor. he was a 6 year veteran of the sheriff's office.
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fireworks flying on capitol hill over the trump administration's border policies. >> you and mister trump don't want anyone who looks attractive information americans to be allowed to this country. >> that is false. >> please don't interrupt me. >> that is inflammatory. carley: major accusation. ken cuccinelli class with debbie wasserman schultz. he fires back at her claims the administration has a white supremacist ideology. >> after declaring i am not a white supremacist as you alluded. nor is the president. >> facts matter. >> yes they do. >> that is why i am stating that. >> you certainly are not. >> how many -- carley: ken cuccinelli could replace kevin mc alinin his last days today but he will stay longer if necessary until a replacement is chosen.
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overnight, and epic world series victory, washington national taking down the houston astros to win their first ever world series title. rob: jillian has been gone forever, she is there, joins us live in houston. i can't believe how this all went down. >> reporter: nobody can. 95 years ago was the last time a dc team won the world series, that was the senators, this is the nationals. look at the team in washington dc, pure joy, celebration, excitement, you name it, that is how they felt. let's take you to the game in the bottom of the second, astros get on the board with a home run solo shot bottom of the second and astros take the lead until the top of the seventh when anthony blasts a home run to left.
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the nets are up 3-2 in the seventh inning and this started to turn around for the nationals. next we go to the top of the ninth. adam eaton drives in two runs, final score was 6-to and as you can imagine a well-deserved champagne celebration afterwards. look at that. >> the washington nationals world champions for the first time in franchise history. >> what does it mean to bring this? >> sometimes bumpy roads lead to beautiful places. we never thought we were out of this game and we were right. >> what is the conversation like going into the game? >> the patron saint, a connection -- the patron saint
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of the 2019 nets. >> we finally did it. they were up and down on a roller coaster ride with us and stayed with us. >> an unbelievable year to where we are now, the best in the world. driving it home. >> reporter: the first time in world series history a road team won every game. it is incredible when you think of it. the raid will be saturday. you can bet that will be a wild day. carley: maybe people get away in washington. people are excited about the world series. >> reporter: pulling out of work today. rob: thanks so much. 11 after the hour, big day in washington for other reasons, democrats calling for the president to change course after watching that moment us special forces took out isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. house democrats are about to bring their impeachment resolution to the floor.
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>> the defense department releasing video of the raid that ended with the death of abu bakr al-baghdadi. rob: the video is incredible, it shows the moment us troops close to me isis leader and others in the compound. here to react is texas congressman michael burgess, the kind of video that makes you proud to be an american. what did you think? >> reporter: thanks for having me on. those guys do a tremendous job
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and every american should be proud of the work they are doing for us. carley: kurdish forces are responsible for providing us with the information needed to take abu bakr al-baghdadi out. should the united states recommit to defending our ally, the syrian kurdish forces? >> that is interesting because of course since 2014, we have, the united states forces have operated in syria without authorization from congress. congress could do some things if that is the argument, we wanted to bolster that we could pass an appropriations bill, we have not, they are running on fumes. we could pass the authorization for those expenditures, we haven't, they are running on fumes and we could authorize military activity in syria if that is what we are serious about doing. congress has the power to declare war. that will eliminate what military objectives are and what
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defines success and give the president the authority to do that. rob: are you worried about retaliation here at home after this? >> you always have to be focused on that. from what i have heard there is a significant effort being put into that. don't want to say too much about things that you are concerned and the effort is being made to make certain america -- american stay safe at home or abroad. carley: the impeachment inquiry vote taking place later today. you don't think the rules moving forward are going to be fair. why? >> know i don't. if anyone was not watching the world series last night and watched the rules committee i think you could see the frustration, the committee is an unusual place, speakers committee, republicans but 9 democrats focus on what the vote
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was on every amendment, we lost every one before but it was things like how about if we have more than one open meeting, if we are going to do part of this in the intelligence committee, the rule they just passed for themselves they have to have one open meeting in the intelligence committee. why not give the american people more of what the information they are getting? carley: are you saying there will be more closed-door hearings? >> it is not all open. the intelligence committee will work in secret, they will see things through the judiciary so it is all dependent on what adam schiff wants to let out. we know the game plan and have seen it for weeks. they leak what they want to leak. republicans are criticized if they dare say anything about what is going on. my understanding is republicans are not given an opportunity to
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cross-examine witnesses, witness instructed not to answer their questions. it has been an unfair process from the get-go. i knew i would get this detail of the rules committee at some point i was going to have to vote on a rule whether or not to bring this to the floor and i wrote a letter to the speaker, to adam schiff, let me see the transcripts. let me see the transcript of what you have done so i can make an informed decision on behalf of my constituents and on behalf of congress, the articles of impeachment begun because of the we passed last night and incumbent upon me to have all the information i can have and i didn't get it from nancy pelosi or adam schiff. the 1-time adam schiff came to the committee he lied to us. rob: people are saying republicans are getting what they want, they asked for a fool vote and are going to get that and the ability to open this up
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and have a defense for the president. you say the people who say that are wrong. >> we move from the star chamber to the kangaroo court. it is stacked against the president. fortunately for the president he released the transcript of the phone call, there is no impeachable offense. might have talked pretty bluntly but -- the president is responsible for setting foreign policy. the state department is supposed to execute what his direction is. not the other way around. carley: it is whether it is an impeachable offense for removing him from office. i don't think they have swayed the senate yet. >> a year away from a popular election. this is how we do things, we elect our leaders, or remove our
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rob: kamala harris is shaking up her campaign. the democratic senate laying off dozens of people and transferring others to iowa and cutting her campaign manager's salary as she struggles to raise more money for the presidential bid, harris raised $12 million far behind bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> katie hill about to give her final house for speech before her last day in congress. the california democrat resigning over a relationship with a staffer, former trump campaign aide george papadopoulos confirms running
2:25 am
for hill's seat, papadopoulos launching this website, help fight back against democrat corruption, expected to make a formal announcement today. rob: we are celebrating halloween with a creepy competition. carley: joining us is a lifestyle expert. >> what we are doing, you guys, put your hands inside. the first one to be. we studies here and it gets harder. rob: i don't think it is going to bite you. >> what does it feel like to you? rob: sounds like eminems. >> little hard things. >> do they feel like --
2:26 am
>> what can i -- >> what we are going to do is open it up. >> it is elbow macaroni. >> feels like teeth. >> that was the easy one. >> another one here. >> this line from yesterday. >> there is something in the slime. do you feel it? rob: feels like -- >> a little spider? carley: is a really cute you >> fake creepy crawlers. the next one too. it is a haunted house, not a scared we want him to be. rob: a huge tarantula. look at that.
2:27 am
look what i had to touch. >> so that is a lot of fun. what is that? feels like a hand? >> is it a hand? >> what you do, feels like a dead hands, take a latex -- and it literally feels like a hand. rob: great game for the kids. it was fun. rob: if you want to have some fun. thank you for coming in. we do appreciate it. >> 27 after the hour. minnesota outraged over ilhan omar voting present in the
2:28 am
unanimous vote on genocide. rob: chris kelly called the choice morally repugnant and is live with a message from her constituents coming up. the only thing better than horsepower... more horsepower. (engines rev) with dodge power dollars buy any challenger, charger, or durango and get ten bucks cash allowance for every one horsepower.
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>> a look at top headline starting with a fox news alert, the pentagon releasing dramatic video of the us-led raid that killed isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. footage including an airstrike completely destroying our compound before it burned to the ground in syria. rob: the full house of representatives voting to outline the rules for the democrats impeachment agree, battling over every detail well into the night starting after 9:00 eastern time. jillian: the washington nationals are world series champions despite falling behind in houston.
2:32 am
the gnats coming back from behind as they have all season, putting the game away with a 2-run single. look at that celebration. rob: ten wildfires raging in california as we speak. the kincaid fire to the north of san francisco is 45% contained. >> narrowly missing the reagan presidential library. >> christina coleman, i see the wind blowing. >> reporter: the wind is blowing in the seamy valley. firefighters were able to keep the flames from getting to the reagan library. they came dangerously close. the easy fire threaten the reagan library and 7000 other structures and threatened 1600 a
2:33 am
key -- acres according to the mentoring county fire department. three firefighters are injured, two structures, 3000 people were ordered to evacuate. people were scrambling to get out of harm's way. >> it started over the top of the hill behind the house and the wind started blowing and it went this way. the car is ready to go. >> the kincaid fire has burned 77,000 acres since last night forcing thousands to evacuate. the fire is 45% containment. the fire conditions we have had lately.
2:34 am
>> winds have subsided quite a bit but we are remaining in a dry air mass in the next several days. >> utility companies shut off power to prevent fires during the santa ana wind event we have been experiencing. pgn the restoring power to thousands of customers right now. the company shut off power to 973,000 customers because of dry windy conditions. and how these fire conditions, fire conditions, 10 different wildfires in the state and it is difficult considering these dangerous windy conditions. carley: firefighters working around-the-clock.
2:35 am
a letter claiming he can't be impartial. the ninth circuit court of appeals, the american bar association calls them not qualified because he won't be fair to the lgbt community. and i broke down when he asked about that letter. >> i did not say that. i do not believe that. it is a fundamental belief of mine that all people are created in the image of god and they should all be treated with dignity and respect. >> a uniquely emotional moment. it is not clear when the senate will hold a confirmation vote. rob: remember when kanye west said this about liberals? >> we brainwashed -- come on. a free man talking.
2:36 am
democrats had them in footsteps for years. rob: he is backed up by fellow rapper telling tucker carlson that kanye's criticism of the left is spot on. >> anyone who goes out and promotes self-reliance and self empowerment and self-improvement and isn't trying to point the fingers outside and blame everybody else or blame other factors, that person is going to get demonized. rob: he went on to say liberalism could not exist without oppressors and victims. jillian: congresswoman ilhan omar just one of 3 lawmakers refusing to recognize the armenian genocide. rob: the a genocide committed by muslim turks against armenians just before world war i is said to have killed more than 1 million christians. joining us with reaction is minneapolis police officer and iraq war veteran challenging
2:37 am
omar for her congressional seat chris kelly. thanks for coming on, want to start by reading out the tweet you put out in response, your level of moral repugnance is beyond comprehension, your full of venom and hate. how are your beliefs different from the ss of world war ii? genocide can never be justified. go into that a little more. what do you make of that? >> a week doesn't go by without her creating controversy. her failure to have the moral courage to declare the genocide a genocide, got to question her motives here. carley: the vote was taking place because of turkey's actions against the kurdish forces in syria. that is where we are. ilhan omar voted present, she was criticized and released a statement as to why she voted present saying i believe accountability for human rights violations especially ethnic cleansing and genocide is
2:38 am
paramount but recognition of genocide should not be used avocado in a political fight. she said the vote was purely political and she wants other atrocities like the slave trade to be included in a vote like this, something the united states has condemned. isn't it always a good time to condemn genocide even if the resolution doesn't include every horrible thing that has ever taken place? >> absolutely. we need to make a stand on things like that, to intervene when we can. it is important to acknowledge it to learn from our mistakes. rob: this district in minneapolis you are trying to take back from ilhan omar do you think she runs the risk of alienating non-muslim or non-turkish voters in the district by making a move like this? she is very much if you look at the vote tally one of very few the denied this happened, one of three that said present, 11 said no.
2:39 am
most worried about upsetting the turks and the situation right now. does she risk alienating her own constituents? >> across the board, doesn't matter who you are, regardless of where you come from or what your background is this needs to be addressed and needs to be condemned. feeling her constituency once again. carley: she has made controversial statement about 9/11 and israel. her constituency at home where you live, what do they say about her? >> the thing i am hearing over and over, what are you doing for us, should they want her to quit grandstanding, standing up for things outside of her district. celebrity is important to her, but she is neglecting people in her district and that is what we need to expose. rob: thanks for coming on this morning, appreciate your time.
2:40 am
>> have a good day. rob: a political band, twitter ceo jack dorsey breaking from facebook and google to ban political ads from his platform. is this the right move? we break it down for both sides. carley: a huge push to shut down a haunted house that requires health insurance and a 40 page waiver. tens of thousands agree it is a torture chamber in disguise but the owner isn't going down without a fight. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ o♪ ozempic®! ♪ oh! oh!
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i wanted them to know that innovation is not just about that one 'a-ha' moment. science is a process. it takes time, dedication. it's a journey. we're constantly asking ourselves, 'how can we do things better and better?' what we make has to work. we strive to protect you. at 3m, we're in pursuit of solutions that make people's lives better. rob: blocked by twitter the social media giant will ban political ads worldwide. jillian: an interesting move by jack dorsey, getting reviews from donald trump in his contenders. pressure is mounting for facebook. >> it is not about freedom of
2:44 am
speech but paying for reach. the political message earned, and account for retweet. they removed the decision, targeted political messages or not. donald trump's campaign calling this a dumb decision asking will twitter be stopping ads for biased liberal media outlets that run unchecked as they by obvious political content to attack republicans. this is an attempt to silence conservatives. 2020 opponents, putting on a statement for the move, saying we appreciate twitter recognizes they should not permit smears like those from the trump campaign to appear in advertisements on the platform. dorsey seems to associate at mark zuckerberg who last week was on capitol hill where he was defending his decision to allow political ads, even one that
2:45 am
makes false claims. zuckerberg saying i don't think it is right for private companies to censor politicians or the news. instead the better approach is to work to increase transparency. it goes into effect in november 22nd. the internet is a wild west now. in some cities including denver setting record lows, the thermometer dropping below 0 in some places with some stuck in single digits. rob: an early blast of frigidaire following a major snowstorm, snow fell for 24 hours in some parts, janice dean is here. >> we used to make our costumes, we would wear snow suits underneath.
2:46 am
we will get a lot of ghost costumes so 21 chicago, 5 in denver, 19 in albuquerque, 20 in dallas, that is a cold front and it is moving eastern, snow in chicago, as the front moves eastward, across the great lakes. the front will bring showers and thunderstorms and severe weather to the mid-atlantic and northeast. some cities are postponing some halloween trick or treating because of the potential for severe weather, listen to your local forecast and we will keep you up-to-date from new york city, all the producers asking me we have a window of opportunity, 3:00 to 6:00 pm where it will be a light mist so
2:47 am
trick-or-treaters can get out. and i want to wrap up that winds are finally dying down, a few more hours but we have red flag warnings. a couple days of better weather. carley: the moment you have been waiting for almost here. rob: todd pyro and i suffered halloween at one of the most notorious haunted houses in the northeast. >> got some new patients. >> your front row seat is next. >> on "fox and friends". >> i used to live in that apartment building. jillian: made strides. >> it was pretty good.
2:48 am
>> that is why i am adorned in my pumpkin spice. carly is wearing pumpkin as well. it is a redneck tie. >> announcing the death of ice is leader abu bakr al-baghdadi, in the hands of that terrorist group. mueller and james fully, their parents join us live together today. we have cardinal dolan talking about joe biden being denied communion, doctor oz and kellyanne conway and all sorts of things, and celebrity the best costumes for your kids and we will reveal our own. what will we be this year? carly and rob the back in two.
2:49 am
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thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. you can watch the out of market games you want- all season long. and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, you get everything nba all in one place- even notifications about your favorite teams. watch the dropped dimes, monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. plus get instant access to your teams with the power of your voice. that's simple, easy, awesome.
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say nba league pass into your voice remote to upgrade for a great low price - or go online today. >> good morning, it is halloween. we sent rob and todd to a haunted house in new jersey to get the ultimate right and i can't wait to see them squirm. rob: it closed its doors decades ago when patients tarted to disappear. we went to check it out. >> we capture the experience on camera, check it out. >> smart that they waited until night. >> hello.
2:53 am
>> nightmares come to life. >> do you want to go down. >> you son of a -- >> you are not part of the experiment. all right. >> i see a hand.
2:54 am
>> i got some new patients. >> what have we gotten ourselves into. >> oh yeah. >> i knew it!
2:55 am
>> what did you think. >> it is good. >> one final right at the very end. >> robbie really enjoyed, it was funny. >> it is interesting that you are into halloween and you are not. you are like a child. >> passaic, new jersey. we will be right back.
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. .
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rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. start with the good. one couple's hilarious attempt to train their 2-year-old is going viral. >> i thought you pooped, too. >> i did poop. i peed. rob: the west virginia's boy animated denial cracking up the parents. the video has 17 million views. carley: enough fentanyl to kill everyone in the state in ohio. drug bust to chemical warfare. three people were arrested. rob: finally the ugly. more than 75,000 signatures demanding that a very extreme haunted house be shut down. mckamey manor in disguise.
3:00 am
critics say it's all in good fun. carley: would you do that. rob: before they shut it down. maybe next year. carley: count me out of that one. rob: haul halloween. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ i am invincible ♪ knock me down ♪ i get up again ♪ i am the champion. steve: man, washington, d.c. had trouble falling asleep last night after the nats won, the underdog nats, i should say won 6-2. first time in a world series that the winning team won four games on the road and they have officially run out of champagne in houston, texas. ainsley: took it all the way to game seven. how exciting. steve: it was great. brian: not many people thought the astros would lose the series. nationals unproven. they come out of nowhere


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