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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tonight. >> i really can't stay come up with records on. we are out of time, wishing we could keep going come out back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., the sworn enemy of mine come up and possibly. >> sean: welcome to hannity, the crazy democrats expose, recognize -- the great one mark levan -- i just checked in with him, he is fired up and he will be joining us tonight. lara trump joins us tonight, so many of you have been asking -- we have the history -- two days after president trump is elected, impeachment started all through 2017, 2018, 2019 -- we got it all covered. we can't plate every night because it takes too long. that is coming up. plus mystery surrounding the identity of the nonwhistle-blower -- hearsay whistle-blower who kicked off this insane new ukrainian
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witch hunt. one report, real clear investigations of real clear politics claiming a trump hating deep state operative with close ties to joe biden and trump hayter former cia director, the corrupt brendan and the staffers working for the compromised, corrupt congenital liar adam schiff. reports he also has ties to the very same dnc operative that helped the clinton campaign, went to the ukrainian embassy to get dirt on donald trump and his associates and coordinated and colluded with ukraine to impact the 2016 election. we are now looking down the barrel of yet another national crisis clearly orchestrated by the deep state, a hit job that will not go unchallenged. let me be very clear here tonight. on this program, we are going to
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wait, we always get new process and presumption of innocence, we aren't going to reveal a person's identity that everybody in washington is talking about until we can independently confirm the facts, also breaking moments ago, another star witness in the secret soviet style impeachment to attempt just obliterated the democrats narrative, that's why they are doing it behind closed doors. i talked to my sources, another disastrous day for democrats and that's why they are staying behind closed doors, that's why they are using the soviet style impeachment proceeding and democrats are all giddy -- remember lieutenant colonel vindman's interpretation of the call? we don't need his interpretation, his boss testified today and literally obliterated and blasted his interpretation and a story out of the water today and more importantly, destroyed the phony lie and narrative that the mob and media has been pushing with
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the transcript was changed. top national security official, he was the boss -- his name was tim morrison, he testified nothing illegal took place during the president's call with ukraine. "i want to be clear, i was not concerned that anything illegal wasn't discussed. he also interestingly said the transcript accurately and completely reflects the substance of the call. that blows the whole thing out of the water. morrison reportedly testified he was concerned of the contents of the call would be leaked to the media, shocking for pretty good reason because only this president has already had multiple conversations -- with prime ministers, presidents, heads of state -- leaked. this has not happened to any other president so of course he was suspicious. you would think this testimony from a key top official would cause at least some of the so-called moderate democrats to put the brakes on the
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impeachment madness and psychosis and rage against trump, today despite morrison's remarks, only two democrats voted to give a green light to the corrupt compromise and that's who adam schiff is, congenital liar -- he has been lying to us for three years. with the exception of one congressman named collin peterson and jeff van drew, every other democrat, take a look at that list. those from swing districts, districts that trump won, they voted to go along with this madness with zero tw zero due p, leading the unconstitutional witch hunt. many of the lawmakers on your screen they all ran on a partisan platform, a bipartisan platform, they want to reach across the aisle and work together and focus on fixing and helping the lives of americans. some even said impeachment is a really bad idea but they went
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along anyway. push came to shove and their arms were twisted by pelosi and company and the squad, they caved, every one of them -- take a look. >> it's about both sides being willing to actually say we are going to put aside our political labels for a minute and focus on what is best -- we are americans first. >> we need to be looking for solutions, bipartisan solutions. when i get to washington, i'm going to do what john f. kennedy said, we shouldn't be looking for the democratic answer or the republican answer, we should be looking for the right answer. >> we need to be working together democrats and republicans, i don't think it's that hard. >> i didn't get elected to spend the next 18 months on the political process of impeachment. >> sean: words are cheap, they all folded, they all lied to their constituents. the people you saw, they gave into the pressure, they are con artists, they aren't working for their constituents.
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instead they always hold the party line and whatever schiff and pelosi in the squad wants that's what they are going to vote for. they all caved and voted and gave this incredible impeachme impeachment -- congenital liar, he has total control that not. he's been lying for three years, they did this despite having no public access to any evidence, no hearings, no transcripts, no due process. these are the rules, under newt gingrich during bill clinton's impeachment, he afforded bill clinton -- the house openly debated, they held an official vote, the president had the ability to call witnesses, build a case and he had a chance to talk to every witness but the corrupt compromised schiff has complete veto power, like a dictator. he can control the witness list, the evidence and there's nothing you can do. no fair hearings, no ability to mount any defense, no rights of the accused -- we don't even know what the charges are.
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schiff lying to us for all these years, he's a judge, jury, and executioner and what is only a public show trial to decide to convince the american people the president deserves to be impeached. we are told the majority of witnesses had heard nothing wrong with the call that we have a transcript to but they aren't going to be asked to testify publicly. watch and see, that's how corrupt he is. this is the soviet union style on steroids, so far it has all been conducted in secret by a guy that is a fact witness and compromised in the very case caught in more lies and i can even edit count. a guy who was a totally compromised individual himself. we know they were coordinating with the nonwhistle-blower whistle-blower from the very beginning -- that is just a fact. we would like to know what was said, was he advised to go to the inspector general? like we said, there are reports
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revealing that this whistle-blower's name and identity was anti-trump, pro biden, a deep state operative, friends with brendan with a penchant for leaking. on this program we are going to independently verify all of the information but what we do know already it's chilling. partisan democrat colluded with schiff's office, we need to know what happened. this individual supports biden and worked for brennan -- we are going to learn a lot about brennan. we are learning a lot about brendan in the days and weeks to come. republicans must demand answers, they must demand to know the extent of this person's contact with schiff's office, they must demand to know if he abused his power, they must demand answers on his relationship with biden, brendan, the dnc and while they are at, america needs -- we are going to have transcripts released, i want the transcript of every call with sleepy
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creepy, crazy uncle joe biden. that was the guy who was involved with a real quid pro quo in ukraine. we want every call between barack hussein obama and vladimir putin after obama promised more flexibility after his election. i would also like the transcripts of the calls between obama and iranian leaders leading up to obama making the dumbest deal in the history of mankind giving the radical mullahs of iran the chant "death to america, death to israel" hundred $50 billion. it's time for fairness. we need to demand those transcripts, what's fair is fair, right? regardless of the whistle-blower's identity, the ongoing witch hunt supported by all but two democrats, it's only the latest in what has been a three year lawless unconstitutional bitterly partisan coup attempt. they have never accepted the election results, nor that they except for code separate
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investigations that proved in spite of what they were telling the american people there was trump-russia collusion. they ignored the dossier of hillary the whole time. devoid of any justice, totally attached from reality. americans are fair-minded, that i can say for certainty. they will see this for what it is, the corruption, this is the filthiest and most repulsive raw political act that in my 31 years of doing talk radio and my 24th year here at fox that i have ever seen. a few months ago, speaker pelosi told "the washington post" -- kind of ironic -- "impeachment is so divisive to the country unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, i don't think we should go down that path, it will divide the country." adam schiff set up a time "if the evident isn't sufficient to win bipartisan support for this, putting the country through a failed impeachment is not a good
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idea." he is doing it. jerrold nadler, "impeachment should not be partisan, it's partisan because every single republican in the house of representatives stood united and strong against the psychosis and injustice. pelosi, schiff, nadler lied again. they are major-league hypocrites controlled by the radical socialist base. without any due process at all. the psychotic rage filled trumpeting democrats will vote to impeach donald trump and the president will be vindicated in the senate by probably almost all the senators, if not all of them. without due process, now the u.s. senate needs to send a very loud message to their corrupt house colleagues and teach them a lesson about the constitution. if you're not going to allow due process, we will dismiss this on day one. there is every indication that will happen.
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the best part is today, we are one year and three days away from the election. that's right, and that means that we the american people, you, the american people, not schiff, not pelosi, not the squad, not aoc, you get to decide and you get to reelect donald trump. the people will get their say. who knows what they are capable of in the next year? we know what they did before the last election and after the last election but the truth is anything between now and november 2020 is political noise and political theater, they have done nothing for you the american people. they have done nothing, they have just tried to hate trump harder and harder every day and they have been frustrated because they haven't been able to get what they want. sad reality is, at the democrats, the mob in the media, their allies in the swamp, they have never sunk so low.
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it should be a sad day for america, i'm not so sad because i think all they are doing is helping donald trump, they are becoming the biggest contributor to the trump campaign, the reelection campaign. they have completely and totally detach themselves from reality, their sole mission surrounds this irrational, psychotic, never ending hatred of president trump, the mere name of which triggers them all. there is also a deep hatred for we the people, the smelly walmart shoppers, the irredeemable deplorables that cling to god, our guns, our second amendment rights, our bibles and religion. there is a deep contempt for americans. this vote is just the latest coup attempt, one middle finger, one more deranged scream and yell from a group of people throwing a temper tantrum because they lost and never accepted the results of the 2016 election. they were let down by four separate russia investigation's, they were counting on robert mueller to do this for
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them, now they are going to do it themselves and make it up as they go. more of my monologue in a moment, but joining us with all the details of what happens next -- the hitchhikers guide to this impeachment coup attempt. fox news senior capitol hill producer chad pergram is with us. let's go through the process so everybody knows. >> let's look under the hood and the mechanics of the vote today in the house of representatives. speaker nancy pelosi presided at the start of the debate, she announced a result of the end, her participation was emblematic of how important the speaker thought the vote was, and the republicans backed the measure, the united front sent a message to president trump that republicans stand behind them for square but the unanimous g.o.p. vote also sent a message to the senate, a few defections could have indicated there were cracks in the g.o.p. rearguard. the democrats only lost two of
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their own, moderate democrat jeff andrew and also minnesota's collin peterson both represent battleground districts which the president won in 2016. house majorities have the majority so they can lose a few members and still prevail on big votes. today's vote codifies the impeachment road map but what is remarkable on this is just how little we know regarding what is next, we don't know the timeline, we don't know if the president would ever have the opportunity to defend himself. doug collins, top republican on the house judiciary committee argued his panel may try to call house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff. with president clinton's impeachment in 1998, the judiciary committee heard from independent counsel ken starr, collins argues that schiff is the accuser, republicans would like to question schiff the same way president clinton's council
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challenged ken starr, democrats craft the resolution that he has ball control and may never cede to the judiciary committee. in the next couple of weeks, the house will released transcripts into the depositions, that will be the first public peek into what is going behind closed doors and it will be a sprint to write articles of impeachment before christmas. that matches the clinton timeline in 1998. the house impeached president clinton on the saturday before christmas. back to you. >> sean: what we are about to see play out is just a big show trial kind of what you would see in cuba, former soviet union, even iran. the political target is afforded zero rights. this is not worth anything, this offers none of the protections and due process that newt gingrich afforded bill clinton. this is all in the hands of one guy -- adam schiff gets to the side unilaterally and he is compromised in the case and he's
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corrupt and a liar, a congenital liar. public proceedings, the outcome is predetermined regardless of facts. g.o.p. lawmakers are calling this unconstitutional which is what it is -- watch this. >> what we are seeing among democrats down in the scif right now is like a cult. these are people loyally following their leader as he bounces from one outlandish conspiracy theory to another. >> 435 members of congress, only one individual, one member of this body knows who this person is who started this crazy process -- chairman schiff. what does this resolution do? it gives an even more power to run this secret proceeding in the bunker of a basement in the capital. >> every time i hear my colleagues on the other side of the i'll talk about efforts to somehow undermine national security for political gain, i can't help but think about what they are doing precisely this
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morning. >> may be in the soviet union, you do things like this were only you make the rules, where you reject the ability for the person you're accusing to even be in the room. do we believe the speaker what she said about cooperation? we believed her when she said with the majority they would be different. i guess it's only fitting to take this book on halloween. >> sean: checkmate. joining us now, house oversight committee ranking member congressman jim jordan of ohio, smart enough to get the hill out of there and the author of best seller power grab jason chaffetz joins us. here's what i heard, another beat down, a disastrous state for the democrats. are we ever going to get the transcripts so we can show again today, the boss literally saying nothing wrong on that call, there was no alteration of the
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transcript. more lies told by the leaking democrats. jim jordan. >> i do think we will get the transcript sometime, it's up to adam schiff and nancy pelosi, they're making the rules up as they go along, they are trying to pass this revolutio resolutit doesn't change it. it's still a sham process. hopefully we look at the transcripts at some point they said they were going to have public hearings but look, when you do this in secret in the bunker in the basement of the capital where the american people can't see it, i think they understand this is a flawed process and the american people get it. it's unfair and partisan and i don't think they're going to stand for it. our party stayed together and we all voted against this which was a great sign in the great message to the people in this country. >> sean: it's obvious, we know what newt gingrich did in terms of bill clinton, jason chaffetz -- i've gone over it many times on this program.
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every consideration, every due process, the right to call witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, deny evidence being admitted, admit evidence -- all of that was alive. none of this was a lie, you must bow at the feet of the congenital corrupt compromised liar and beg please may we have permission sir and beg for anything and he gets to say no. >> what nancy pelosi and adam schiff did was try to sell this sham to the american people by saying there's a formalized process and its more open and transparent. literally today, the exact day they voted on this, they were having transcribed interviews in the dark and tomorrow they are going back to the house intel committee, is that going to be open and transparent, is that going to be out on television with reporters and other members of congress being able to look at it? you have elected members of congress cannot go into a hearing which is an unclassified hearing and that is what is going to happen even after this thing passed.
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it is a total sham that empowers adam schiff more, it has become more secretive no matter what the speaker says. >> sean: here's what i don't understand, jim jordan if he is a fact witness which he is, go with other things that we know. there is contact with the nonwhistle-blower, hearsay whistle-blower, don't we have the right to know what the contact was? don't we have the right to know whether or not they colluded? to we have a right to know what the relationship is with john brennan, the biggest trump hater, most corrupt individual i think we're going going to learn a lot about in the durum investigation? don't we have a right to find out those facts? >> remember this, five weeks ago adam schiff says we need to hear from the whistle-blower, today he says we don't need to hear from the whistle-blower -- what changed in that five week time
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frame? one fundamental fact, we learned that adam schiff's staff had met with the whistle-blower. now he said we don't really need to talk to this guy. i would love to have adam schiff under oath in front of the committee and ask them questions. i don't think it's going to happen. he is the only guy in america who knows this individual is who started this whole thing. in the complaint, the bullet point number one trend, the says "over the past few months i've talked to more than half a dozen u.s. officials who form the basis of this complaint" who are there was more than half dozen u.s. officials? i would like to talk to them and more importantly the american people would like to see those people who gave the whistle-blower the information and judge their credibility under oath in front of the committee, not in secret in the basement of the capital but in an open hearing where we can ask them questions and they have to answer them under oath and we see how they respond. that's how it should work for that's not how it's going to work because this process as jason just said is a sham.
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>> sean: not only was the president exonerated by the transcript but we see the president for three years -- we have heard about how horrible outside election interference of foreign countries is. the president sang to the president of ukraine who we know from a ukrainian court that they colluded with hillary clinton, the political rights about a dnc operative meeting in the ukrainian embassy in d.c. to get dirt on donald trump to have ukraine colluded impact the 2016 election in her favor -- i guess donald trump is doing his constitutional duty, faithfully executing laws -- hey, give us any evidence you have and in spite of what the media says, there is a quid pro quo. crazy uncle joe, you fire him, get a billion dollars. you don't fire him, you don't get a billion dollars, you have to fire the guy who's paying my
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son millions who has no experience with ukraine or energy whatsoever. i think that sounds like corruption to me. that sounds like he was buying favor, maybe i'm just making that up. maybe that's a conspiracy theo theory. >> this a lot of us that believed the rush to this vote happened when it did is they know the horowitz report is moments away and they wanted to get out in front of it so they can concoct this new spiel next week to say that's just donald trump. his conduct in the department of justice to cover up the impeachment -- that is such a lie but horowitz is going to come out, he's going to come up with the truth and it is going to be ugly, ugly, ugly for the democrats. >> sean: they are upset about that. everyone has been asking for our timeline, we will play you that. also lara trump, the only thing i can tell you is i talked to mark levin tonight, he is fired up and he's coming up straight ahead.
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>> sean: today the completely deranged, desperate, radical democrats in the house, they voted finally to continue their soviet style witch hunt, the latest witch hunt. talk of impeachment started almost immediately after president trump was elected, two
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days after. many of you have been asking for us to re-air this, we can't redirect every night because it takes a lot of show time, but i hope you are running your dvr, take a look. >> if he takes the risk of going to trial and he's convicted that could be seen as an impeachable defense. >> if trump were caught on the video camera snorting cocaine with one of his children, there's a chance he would be impeached. >> if he is not a legitimately elected president in your mind, there are tools that congress has. >> i don't see how that wouldn't be an impeachable offense. >> that tweet fits the republican definition of an impeachable offense. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached, impeached 45! impeached 45! [cheers and applause] >> grounds for impeachment.
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>> it's an impeachable offense. >> an impeachable offense. >> is impeachment the appropriate remedy? >> it sounding like impeachment. >> all that may be impeachable. >> that's an impeachable offense. >> is that an impeachable offense? >> is that an impeachable offense to you? >> he is much more vulnerable to impeachment. >> potential ingredient of impeachment. >> where do you see an impeachable offense? >> it is grounds for impeachment. >> potentially criminal or even impeachable. >> grounds for impeachment or to setoset not go far enough in yor view? >> grounds for impeachment. >> this tweet alone may be an impeachable offense.
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>> let's talk about impeachment. >> impeachment is on the table. >> which impeachable offense? >> i said maybe they don't, we are going to go in there and impeached the [bleep]. [cheers and applause] >> do you see an impeachable set of offenses? >> it's an impeachable offense. >> if that's not impeachable, i don't know what is. >> the president shall be removed from office on impeachment. >> is it impeachable? 100% is impeachable. >> very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> grounds for impeachment. >> tipping point, talk of impeachment reaches a fever pitch on capitol hill. >> sean: joining us with reaction, senior advisor for trump 2020, lara trump.
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they started two days after he was elected, 2017, 2018, 2019, they still don't have a reason, the transcript isn't a reason, it shows the president doing his job. election interference and whether they like it or not, joe biden is corrupt and so is his son. >> that was quite a montage, it does take up a lot of air time. we can probably do an entire 24 hours on fox news of their impeachment obsession. here's the bottom line here, they are so obsessed with impeaching donald trump because in their minds he should have never won in 2016, they know that there is no way to beat him at the ballot box in 2020 and the problem they have is that donald trump doesn't play by their rules. he's the ultimate outsider, and instead of going in there and playing with the good old boys club and lining the pockets of corrupt politicians like has been done for years, donald trump is there and he's
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not buying into any of that. he's working for the american people and he threatens their way of life. it has been really good for them in washington for so long but the swamp is being drained by donald trump every day so they have to do something. they are so desperate, this is it. they are so desperate to get him out of office, they know this is the only shot they have. you heard nancy pelosi back in march say the only thing she would bring impeachment forward as if it was a bipartisan effort, if it had bipartisan support. we saw today, there was bipartisan support against impeachment. no republicans voted for impeachment and in fact two democrats voted against impeachment yet here we are. it's very obvious to the american people. the good news is despite all of this, donald trump every single day is doing the opposite of what congress is doing, he's working for the american people. >> sean: there actually was congressman al green, i think his name was -- >> he said it, that's the only
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way to get him out. >> sean: he said "we better impeachment because were not going to beat him." the interesting thing i see in all of this, it's like everything else. the world of the deep state is about to be rocked by the pfizer report from the inspector general, the durum report is now a criminal investigation, i know a lot of what is coming there too, it will shock the conscience of the american people, all they have done to destroy donald trump. the timing is probably now going to be perfect. i see this as you are in charge of trump 2020, to me they are giving you the biggest campaign donation possible. the american people see this for what it is, this has been three years of doing nothing for the american people and obsessing over this. >> it's the boy who cried wolf, first we saw the russia collusion hoax, they desperately tried to say donald trump colluded with russia or the campaign colluded with russia -- we had $30 million in two years
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at the american people had to go through to get to the end of the mueller report and find out that did not happen, there was no collusion with russia. you are right, this is a gift for us and in fact our internal polling shows donald trump's support has gone up thanks to the impeachment inquiry, since nancy pelosi called for this we have seen numbers go up since june in a head-to-head match up with joe biden, we have increased ten points with women alone. with independent voters and young voters, we'd gone up even more than that. we can let them keep going with this because the american people are not distracted by this. the american people feel every single day with this president has done for them and they are not going to be swayed by some nonsensical sham impeachment, some coup against the president because i think they see this for what it is and i agree with you, it only helps us every day. i have been saying it for a long time, i don't know who gave the democrats a shovel and said "start digging" what we are
6:36 pm
going to sit back and let them keep going because they look so crazy. >> sean: abu bakr al-baghdadi is dead and we have record low unemployment for every demographic. "the new york times" best seller "unfreedom of the press," i call him "the great one" and nationally syndicated radio talk show host. i said this to you privately to you the other day and i'm going to say it publicly. this is where you shine, this is your wheelhouse. you know this law backwards and forwards. i turn it over to you because i talk to you before the show and i know you've got a lot to say. >> here's what i want to start off by saying. what exactly is the issue here? what is the impeachable issue here? the ukrainian president said "no pressure, no quid pro quo. "he didn't know military aid was
6:37 pm
temporary withheld, and the president has the right to withhold military aid it has done before by presidents. the phone call, the president declassified it, you can't find a single tie between military aid and a request for the 2016 investigation and even if you do, it's perfectly legal. but there isn't, there isn't. you can't ask the ukrainian government to assist you in the 2016 criminal investigation that is being led by the attorney general? of course you can. even though it might get to the bottom of the hillary campaign and the dnc that worked with ukraine and the obama administration, the president of the united states is free to do that. and if he did do that, good for him. you can't mention the biden's? why? because joe biden is running for office for the 412 time? tiktok got assistance from 13 governments in his special counsel investigation i don't remember hearing a single complaint from anybody, just
6:38 pm
because somebody is running for office doesn't mean they are immune from investigations. the president of the united states said it as passively as possible. meanwhile, ukraine got the military aid and the binds are still running free. you want to talk about interfering with an election, biden is interfering with an election -- he supports impeaching the president, does that help the election? the democrats are interfering with the election, that's a whole purpose of what they are doing, they are trying to reverse the 2016 election and influence of 2020 election, how do i know? this is the first time in american history a process like this so baxter dies in the impeachment clause has ever been used against a president, any official in the united states government. there is no issue of impeachment, high crimes and misdemeanors, no issue of criminality when it comes to the president, so what's the issue? we have found the rats nest,
6:39 pm
it's in the national security council. the whistle-blower according to a number of reports as you have been saying here tonight comes off the national security council, an obama holdover -- a democrat. somebody who worked with biden and brandon, an obama holdover who didn't like trump, who met with one of the active figures in the ukraine efforts to undermine the president of the united states in 2016. we have two others who now were hired by schiff, obama holders who were in the national security council, now they work for schiff and of course schiff doesn't know anything about it. if you want to know why the president of the estates' had trouble getting clearances, now you know why. because it's a rats nest. i think u.s. attorney durum and the attorney general of the united states should have an investigation of these three national security council former staffers, what role do they hav6
6:40 pm
matter interfering in the election, what role did they have pushing the russia collusion matter? with a leaker's? i think the criminal investigation -- the hill with schiff -- it ought to get into these three and find out exactly what they did and there may be more of them. then we have lieutenant colonel vindman. you can trash mike flynn, you can trash holly north, you can trash anybody who served in the military but not lieutenant colonel vindman. deep inside that "new york times" piece, it said that colonel vindman had provided advice to the ukrainian government mostly in english -- what the hell does that mean? he's on the national security council he's an active duty lieutenant colonel, why are you giving advice to ukraine, nobody is following up on matt. i'm curious, what was that all about? adam schiff, you are a key fact material witness. you hired those two obama staffers, your staffers are one
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of them met with the former national security staffer to the president of the united states, you are trying to protect your staffers and protect this phony whistle-blower and you are trying to protect the democrats from 2016 and what they tried to do to candidate trump. it's all in politico and "the new york times" even though they don't want to admit it. donald trump has been investigated by the southern district of new york, by the special counsel, he's been investigated by multiple committees in congress, hundreds of subpoenas have been issued against him, his businesses, his taxes, his bank accounts, his family members, but joe biden -- you can't interfere with the election, joe biden is running for office again, he's been running for office since he was nine years old, now he's 103. joe is running again, you're not allowed to look into joe biden, that's interfering annual for an election -- sure it is. you can't ask foreign governments for help? how do you get help in investigating somebody when the offense occurred overseas. the fbi does this all the time,
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we investigate people for drug prosecutions, investment prosecutions, money laundering with the assistance of foreign governments all the time. the president of the nine states hasn't done anything at all. why do the democrats keep lying? years with they pass due day, seven and half pages of b.s. here's what they did in 1998, a long discussion of the president's rights. the president has a right to counsel, to cross-examine, have his own witnesses and so on. you know what they said today? they said the chair of the committee including such procedures has allowed the participation of the president and his counsel, how did they get them to participate? we don't know, this is the biggest disgusting scandal and it is all on the democrat party that has hijacked the impeachment process, our tax dollars, the house of representatives to push their 2020 election. that is what it's going on, that's it. >> sean: the great one, mark
6:43 pm
levan. right here in the fox news channel, just breaking. trump said in an interview with the "washington examiner" that he may read the transcript of the american people in a fireside chat and he will not be cooperating with the democrat witch hunt. up next to bill clinton adding fuel to the fire that hillary may be running again in 2020 -- our advice, run, hillary, run. dan bongino and geraldo next. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪
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♪ >> sean: more speculation tonight, hillary clinton may jump into this 2020 race. bill clinton says i support her
6:49 pm
100000% and i will have more free time for myself. >> i'm the only one who is not running for anything -- she may or may not run for anything but i can't legally run for president again. >> sean: i really like to but i get to be the first dude, it would be awesome. here with reaction author of the best-selling book "exonerated," dan bongino along with fox news correspondence geraldo rivera. he is your friend geraldo. >> i love the guy -- but if she does run because i am fond of the 42nd president -- his scandals have only percolated since 2016. news breaking with the epstein death in prison, jeffrey epstein's death that they former president rode the lolita express, epstein's private jet 26 times. >> sean: i wonder what went on in that jet.
6:50 pm
inquiring minds want to know. >> you can imagine. those kinds of issues that she will have to deal with. she's already being portrayed as bitter and boring, three times is definitely not the charm for secretary of state clinton. i hope she does not do it, i hope she preserves what is left of her legacy. you talk about trump, having seen the 30,000 deleted emails, she will have to answer that question. >> sean: that now is reopened. charles grassley is getting to the bottom of it and listen, it all started with her cheating bernie sanders. if they rigged that whole primary. then she did violate the espionage act, she had top secret classified emails and geraldo, as good a lawyer as you are -- if dan bongino had subpoenaed emails and he deleted them, deleted the hard drive and
6:51 pm
busted up devices and removed sim cards, you couldn't keep dan bongino out of jail no matter how good of an attorney you are, could he? >> probably not, i don't think any american other than hillary clinton could have gotten away with that. i would argue the real scandal is not for hillary, it's because she emailed barack obama and he lied about it. he set on national television, i learned about the email scandal from the news -- really? she was emailing you, how did you figure that one out? let me present just a bit if i may have a contrarian view here, why shouldn't she jump in? candidly, this field sucks, it's the worst field ever. they are three lanes for the democrats right now all occupied by hapless candidates. you have the establishment laid occupied by biden who can't get out his own way, you have the liberal wing occupied by a
6:52 pm
communist, bernie sanders, then you have the outsider lane occupied by pete buttigieg who isn't an outsider, he's a terrible mayor in a city he has already failed. they have a real problem and i would say hillary, why not? it's the worst field i have ever seen, she might as well jump in. >> sean: at record low unemployment, the best since 1969 for african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, we are better off than we were four years ago and i would say trump folders are pretty fis pissed off at how thy have mistreated this president. >> how can they not be, i heard you mention mitt romney as a candidate for the democrats, maybe he could save the party. i'm very dismayed at the house of representatives today, the democrats using the
6:53 pm
sanctimonious language of the hollowed constitution to justify their preordained, one-sided, partisan -- hyperpartisan decision, i'm so glad the republicans held tight and not a single one defected. spells out to the american people what this is, this is a political exercise, an assassination attempt, a hatchet job. i'm glad it came down the way it did come of president will benefit i believe from it. >> sean: it's also gonna backfire big time and blow up right in their faces, that is a certainty. good to see you both, when we come back, rush limbaugh has just ripped the democrats today for the sham vote in the house, that's straight-ahead. innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer
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>> sean: today, rush limbaugh, well, he's had enough of the democrat's and the smears of a president, and i couldn't agree more. take a look. >> as every one of their plans blows up, they are going to have a new one that everybody will react to like they did trump-rush out. this is the thing that bugs me. at what point does and everybody say enough? you tried with russia and you bombed outcome you tried with this phone call, and it's a nothing burger. it's enough! but nobody reacts that way. with every new, never before heard about revolution , what does washington do? they stopped, they gulp, they go, oh, my god, trump might have done that. it's been three years, and donald trump hadn't done anything. donald trump hasn't done a single thing. for which he has been accused -- of which.
7:00 pm
>> sean: he keeps his promises, cut taxes, originalist judgejustices, killed baghdadi, pulling the wall -- promises made and kept. we will never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham, take it away. >> laura: hannity, don't you think the trick they've been trying to pull -- i'm going to get into this tonight -- this thing is one of those fake, toy guns that ends up backfiring on the person trying to play with it. >> sean: you know what it's like? >> laura: a stupid gambit the democrats have made, and they're about to blow all of these moderate democrat seats because they are all tying their boats to nancy's anchor, and they're not going to anchor to anything. >> sean: let them keep being stupid. don't tell them. >> laura: [laughs] hannity, creature tonight, as always appeared on laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from a very