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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 1, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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i will see you at 4:00 p.m. on fox business. here's harris. >> harris: fox news alert, former white house russia expert tim morrison is defending president trump's ukraine call. he did so in closed-during testimony. this is "outnumbered overtime," and harris faulkner. morrison told lawmakers he was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed on that call, but worried, perhaps, that there could be some political issues. the testimony added new pressure for house intelligence chairman adam schiff, who was pressed about the lack of witnesses overtly claiming that president trump has committed any crimes. >> none, to my knowledge, so far have said "because i knew it was illegal, or an abuse of his power." do you think that hurts you can marry because certainly bolsters the courage of republicans to say it.
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even mr. morrison. they sought for what it was, but they didn't think it was a crime. >> i can't go into the substance of the testimony. i wouldn't agree with the general characterization you've made of it, but you will have the opportunity to read the transcripts very soon for yourself. >> harris: meanwhile, democrats are reportedly fearing they are losing momentum and those close-door hearings, and ready to move into the public face of the impeachment inquiry. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with the latest. mike? >> harris, good afternoon. with these closed-door depositions, it's very difficult knowing the big picture impact of the witness. tim morrison yesterday was a prime example. fox news has quotes from his opening statement, but the rest of the testimony is unknown. somewhere in the process going forward into more public phase isn't going to be any better. >> if you read the resolution, it allows, first of all, for adam schiff to continue going on behind closed doors, building
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this false narrative. where they leak out certain things to try and mislead people. you talk to people that were in the room, you get a completely different response. >> but a key democrat insisted after yesterday's floor vote on a resolution laying out procedures going forward that president trump and republicans will be treated fairly. >> it is extremely inclusive of republicans, with the classified setting has been, as well. it ensures that the ranking has the same time as the chairman does. it gives them the opportunity to subpoena. if this does go to the judiciary committee, the president's counsel is allowed to be present, ask questions, and make closing arguments. >> some republicans are not arguing that house intelligence chair adam schiff should be brought into an open hearing to testify under oath about interaction he and his team had with the whistleblower. >> when they met, but they talked about, whether they were directed, whether he was coordinated. tell us whether or not this
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impeachment effort was orchestrated or organic. those are material facts, and adam schiff is one of the folks that has knowledge of those relevant facts. we ought to have the opportunity to prosecute him. >> today, a key progressive said president trump should blame himself for causing this impeachment probe. >> even the fact that he wants to read the transcript and a fireside chat makes me think he really doesn't understand it, or he is just ignoring that this is absolutely outrageous that he would ask you for ally to interfere for his political gain. >> more closed-door depositions are expected next week with the open open hearings by the end of the month. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor and cohost of "i'll tell you what" podcast, good to see you today. >> good to see you. >> harris: i want to get your reaction to the week we've had that included a full house vote
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on impeachment inquiry. not impeachment soul. it determined that there might be playing with some words on that one. this is just the investigation. debbie dingell of michigan, a democrat, also quick to tell you that part. >> sure. when we look back on this 20 years hence, when history looks back on this, this will not be the vote. this was nancy pelosi taking temperatures. this was nancy pelosi trying to get a little heat off of her members who are under fire for the perception that they are not operating at an above-board fashion. this is nancy pelosi sounding the depths to see what's going on. this is an incremental step, but we heard from her today -- she told bloomberg, "look, we are going to have a vote this month. we are going to have open hearing starting this month, and we are going to have a vote by the end of the year." >> harris: okay. tim morrison, kind of backing up the president, defending the president, saying he didn't think there was anything illegal
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on the call with ukraine's president. he just thought it might be complicated politically. does this mean the democrats are running out of options when they say the president committed any crimes? >> they don't need to show the president committed a crime. he doesn't have to violate the statute for an offense to be impeachable. impeachable offenses relate to the abuse of public office. their argument is that he abused his position as president in order to try and arm his political opponent. that is enough, so they don't needed to be a specific crime. >> harris: are the even getting that far, is the question. are they running out of witnesses to say about? >> they have plenty of witnesses to say about. where this ends up, where this thing ends up is the republicans are going to have to say, "what the president did wasn't great. i wish he hadn't have done it, but it's not an debatable offense, so i'm not voting for his impeachment or his removal." that's where the republicans end up on this. they are waiting for the president to get there with them. >> harris: are former guest in
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the senate seat, of "outnumbered" last hour, since the president is freezing his defense in place by saying the call was perfect. he's got to leave republicans a little bit of room to do what you just said. i do want to look at this -- a new "abc news" washington post poll shows percent of americans think the president did something wrong. but here's the key -- fewer than half of them believe the president did something seriously wrong. 40%. 47% saying he did. what is in play there? how complicated is that for democrats? >> that actually illustrates the point really well. the difference -- in that same poll, 49% of the people said he should be removed from office. that other 6%, that takes you up to 55%, are the people who say, "yeah, what he did was wrong, but he ought not be removed from office for it." that is the 6% that wins elections, the 6% that makes a
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difference in public opinion on this. it's not a huge number of people, but boy, that's a crucial number. for democrats, they are basically looking at it closely-divided nation. you've got in that same poll 49% favor removal, but 47 percent don't. what each side is going to try and do over the weeks to come his knowledge of those numbers as hard as they can when we were the other. >> harris: it's interest income if they all stayed working on capitol hill and democrats can show anything in terms of a reason to impeach the the needle, maybe that might bet they would want to do. going home. we haven't seen those percentages change all that muc. and they just had a break! anyway, president trump -- >> [laughs] >> harris: i'm just saying, we are paying them! president trump is touting republican unity in opposing democrats resolution to move ahead with the impeachment inquiry, saying democrats are getting desperate out of 2020. watch. >> is the only way they are going to try and win the election, because they can't wi. the transcript of the call that
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i had with the ukrainian president is the perfect and totally appropriate document. they are using that to try and impeach the president of the united states. >> harris: the president also reportedly meeting with nine g.o.p. senators to talk about the impeachment proceedings after yesterday's house vote. your thoughts? >> well, we are told that the nine who -- maybe they rode a scooter up to the white house -- but the night he went up there to hang out with the president were his staunchest defenders. these are not persuadable, these were not guys who might wield in their support for the president once you get to trial. this is his war council. he has some of those senators, just like he does in the house. >> harris: oh, that's interesting. >> you are in the bunker, bring your team together. "how will we five disconnect one of the pressure points," list and partly trim, how do you apply maximum pressure that any that might weaken their defense of him? there are some in 2020 feeling a
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little bit bilious about this whole thing. they don't like how it's all stacking up. how do you make sure you really put the screws to those folks so they don't walk away from you? that his war council. >> harris: a lot to take away from what you just said. that mantra of, "no war room? why not, mr. president?" technically, when you get nine of your inner circle, if you will, in terms of your supporters, that is like a war council. those were your words. that's really interesting. the stire is on fire. >> [laughs] >> harris: it's friday and we are glad to wrap it up with you. we will move on with this. president trump says goodbye to the bright lights of new york city, hello to the sunshine and lower taxes of florida. he's leaving the big apple with some choice words. plus, she finally has a plan for that. paying a whopping price tag for medicare for all. however, elizabeth warren insists middle-class taxes will not be touched. how she plans to pull that off
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as she takes heat from her democratic rivals, and from the white house. >> your signature, senator, is to have a plan for everything. except this. >> i'm sorry, elizabeth, you have not said that. i think we owe it to the american people to tell them where we are going to spend the invoice. >> the plan we are here to discuss is the biden plan, the one i put forward. ♪ loans, va mortgage rates have just dropped to near 50 year lows. veterans can refinance their va loans with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. newday has extended our call center hours so that every veteran in america can take advantage of this unexpected drop in interest rates. one call can save you $2000 every year. to start saving on your next mortgage payment go to
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>> harris: serious sticker shock from elizabeth warren campaigning in iowa just a few moments ago, in defending her long-awaited medicare for all funding plan, which she revealed today. if not a bargain. she is insisting her $52 trillion proposal over a decade will not raise taxes 1
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penny on the middle class. instead, war and plans to shift costs to big corporations and the wealthy. however, economists are saying higher payroll taxes can end up hitting everybody. workers in the form of reduced wages, and even war and admits her massive overhaul of the health care system could cost some 2 million jobs. watch. >> i think this is part of the cost issue, and should be part of a cost plan. although, do recognize on this what we are talking about. and that is, in effect, how much of your health care dollars have not gone to health care? >> harris: war and just spoke to reporters in iowa, as i mentioned a few minutes ago. peter doocy is following it all from washington. peter? >> harris, i've asked senator warren over the last two months whether or her health care plan requires raising taxes on the middle class. she never answered directly. but it's not clear why, because
10:16 am
now she is saying no new taxes on the middle class, and she is defending the $52 trillion price tag, just a few minutes ago in iowa. >> it's fully paid for by asking the top 1% and giant corporations to pay a fair share. i believe in an america where you can have a government that isn't working for the top, but for all of us. medicare for all is part of it. >> she has still got to come up with $52 trillion over ten years somehow, though. so a president warren would levy a new tax on ultra millionaires and some new fees to financial tracks actions, and cut spendin spending. she said she had a math major working on their phd checking her numbers, but a biden campaign says they don't think it all adds up. "the mathematical gymnastics in this plan are all geared toward
10:17 am
hiding a simple truth from voters. it's impossible to pay for medicare for all without middle-class tax increases." the more succinct statement is coming from one of her republican colleagues in the senate, senator ben sasse writes this. "ha ha, this make-believe math is bonkers." critics of medicare for all, including joe biden and pete buttigieg come see it's not sustainable to pay $30 trillion over ten years. but now warren says 30 trillion is not nearly enough to get rid of insurance companies and moves 31 million people from medicare. the harris? >> harris: peter doocy, thank you so much. new facts coming in via that because elizabeth warren to spoke 10 minutes ago. i want to bring another host of "making money with charles payne," on fb n. charles payne. good to see you. first of all, reading through this today, talk to me about the middle class. if you do those things, more payroll taxes, if you look at
10:18 am
who actually gets a smaller paycheck, would not be the middle class? >> she is saying the employer will bear the brunt of that. which is focused on, i find it interesting -- the she throws e $52 trillion. the entire company from 2016 to 2018 was -- that's like sinking the entire economy for the last three years to pay for this. she's trying to focus on the $11 trillion that she says is the part that we pay as consumers. she is actually selling this as the largest tax cut in american history, because you don't have that. we don't pay premiums, deductibles, co-pays. network expenses. all of that, we get to keep in our pockets. who is going to pay it? the federal government says government employers, the report there, new taxes on financial transactions, another surcharge on wealth. the top 1%. she will find ways to make sure
10:19 am
they don't evade taxes anymore. it just does not compute. >> harris: how does the middle class get hit by this? i know you say, "okay, not everyone getting a paycheck is in the middle class." i hear that. what about the cost of 2 million jobs? >> 2 million jobs -- this was a partner at the beginning of this, she's trying to get rid of an entire industry. millions of people work in the medical industry, in the health insurance industry. she is saying we don't need these industries, to wipe them out completely. this is all for the collective. her idea is we are doing this for the collective good so there will be some major -- i agree with you. i don't know how she is going to continue to articulate this, at least with the mathematics here. i think one of the trees talked about gymnastics? it certainly is mathematical gymnastics. >> harris: all right, i mentioned warren is in iowa. just moments ago she had back at the biden criticism over what he calls mathematical gymnastics. perfect timing, let's watch. >> the cost projections that we
10:20 am
have on medicare were authenticated by president obama's head of medicare. our revenue projections were authenticated by president obam president obama's labor economist. if joe biden doesn't like that, i'm just not sure. >> harris: does she put this back on obama? >> and her letter she put out this morning, she mentions betsy stephenson, chief economist and the labor department under obama. also simone johnston. and mark sandy cummings under the best known economists in america right now. she throws these names out there. whether they rubber-stamp this thing or give the whole thing a checkoff remains to be seen. >> harris: can ask you a basic question? why doesn't she just fix obamacare? that's where it they say want to do it.
10:21 am
>> csa obamacare is a failure. >> harris: so she is saying republicans are right? >> listen, she is saying this industry route obamacare. if you look at -- >> harris: he will tell mike she went to the obamacare people she is essentially saying obamacare cannot be fixed. there's no such thing as obamacare 2.0, because it would keep the health insurance companies in the mix. it would keep unnecessary paper, billions of dollars a year in salaries and profits, as long ae industry as a part of it we all use. >> harris: want to feel like my doctor? >> i don't know. i don't see any part of that. >> harris: she's not going to tell me i can get my doctor, because she wiped away private insurance. >> absolutely not. >> it's a tough sell. she spends most of her time trying to articulate it, arguing against the current system more so than promoting this.
10:22 am
it's hard to promote this. >> harris: charles payne, thank you very much. by the way, we want to give a lot of kudos to our digital team who broke the story on warren's plan. you can check out all the details on bill clinton is putting hillary back in the special, fuel expectoration she might run for president for a third time. plus, president trump channeling his inner fdr as he considers it a televised fireside. to read aloud that ukraine call record. >> he's got nothing to hide. i think that's the point that's getting across. that has nothing wrong and nothing died. so i wouldn't he read the transcript of a call that was fine? it was all ready public. to show people the context of what was going on. ♪
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>> harris: president trump may
10:27 am
take a page from fdr's playbook to prove to the american people he did nothing wrong and that ukraine phone call. he's telling the "washington examiner," "at some point i'm going to sit down, perhaps as a fireside chat on my television , and i will read the transcript of the call because people have to hear it. when he read it, it's a straight call." i want to bring in the power panel now. chris plante, syndicated radio talk show host "chris plante show." antjuan seawright is a former advisor to hillary clinton in south carolina. chris, it will start with you. if the president right? to people have to hear him read the transcript? >> it's pretty clear that the mass media is not putting out what needs to be put out there in terms of president trump's argument here. how many people actually read the transcript, the abbreviated version provided by certain news organizations? i think it would be a perfectly good idea for the president to come out and read it. it would be historic and it would also be sort of a slap in
10:28 am
the face with a fish to the american news media who are not giving him a fair deal on this at all. there is nothing wrong with the call, as they've said again and again. "there is no quid pro quo. if there were, quid pro quo is not illegal." all of u.s. foreign aid comes with strings attached. they'll have a quid pro quo attached. i think the president should go ahead and read it on the air. >> harris: antjuan? >> first of all, with all due respect, you may have things a bit confused. with the president is saying that he wants to take the american people's time and read a version of the script of an actual phone call. what we know, because of her testimony, the script that was released was an alternate version. not the true version of what was said in the call. so it would simply be wasting our time and taxpayers' dime by reading the transcript of a call and other troop transcript. for you to continue to say -- >> harris: antjuan, have you seen a different version out there?
10:29 am
>> yeah, where's the troop transcript? >> harris: you sound like you know something and i want to know what you know. >> we'll be, testimony that has come out as a result of the hearings, is that someone on the call, one of the most decorated generals of our day, said -- who was on the call -- that the transcript release is different from the actual context of the phone call. >> i assume you're talking about a lieutenant colonel, rather than one of the most decorated generals of our time. >> i'm sorry, you're right, you're right. >> he said that -- that's a fact-free point there -- who said there were two cowords in there that he recalled being in there that were not of the transcript. that has been disputed and refuted by officials. >> harris: one thing i will say before i move on, to both of you, when mr. morrison testified yesterday he simply said that he didn't see anything illegal going on. he said there might be some political implications. >> that doesn't mean the transcript of the call is -- >> harris: again, antjuan, as you can show proof that
10:30 am
something else has happened here, i just want to know if ifu seen a different version. >> it's over there with the russian collusion proof. >> harris: bill clinton is fueling more speculation that his wife might jump into the 2020 race. watch this. >> i'm the only one not running for anything, ever. [laughter] she may or may not ever run for anything, but i can't legally run for president again. >> harris: quick reaction, antjuan? >> of this country! [laughs] >> i don't think hillary is running for president. i could be wrong, but i think she would have lot to offer in assistance to help in the 2020 general general election. >> harris: how? >> she will help candidate dumb i can be for candidates in places where donald trump won, that democrats are able to read so mike win in 2018 >> she's a glutton for punishment. most democrats want her campaigning with her. she lost in 2008 to barack obama
10:31 am
in the primary process. she lost in 2016 to the man that couldn't possibly win. honestly, she is a shakespearean tragedy. it would be best if you just went home and left this nice country alone. >> i'm sure you would say that. again, she campaigns for candidates. >> harris: i'm just wondering how she would get behind as a nominee. she listed joe biden on her list of things for having lost. you can read about that, it's a long scroll, including farms in macedonia. both of you, great to see you. thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: president trump facing major port battles over potential impeachment witnesses. what they are saying about white house efforts to block thr testimony. plus, one republican senator going after president obama and president hillary clinton's emails again. what he says the public now needs to know. ♪ lated to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand.
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>> harris: as the impeachment inquiry marches on, one republican senator is turning the spotlight on the previous administration. wisconsin's ron johnson is requesting access to all email communications between president obama and hillary clinton. he says it's the shed more light on whether the former secretary of state discussed sensitive matters through an unsecured account while she was overseas. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live for us on the story in washington. catherine? >> thanks, harris, and good afternoon. in this letter to the national archive, ron johnson said if your text messages between peter strzok and fbi director james comey suggest there are emails between hillary clinton and president obama that went through her private, unsecured personal server. the letter reads in part, "i write to request email communications between former secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama. the january 2018 i requested the
10:37 am
department president obama when she was located in the territory of a sophisticated adversary." that's code for a country like russia that has a targeted and sophisticated hacking capabilit capability. one week before comey's public statement declaring no regional prosecutor would charge clinton. strzok writes, "jim, i have the potus hrc emails director comey requested at the end of the briefing yesterday. i hesitate to leave them. please let me know a convenient time to drop them off." according to two former intelligence officials, president obama's high-security blackberry used a special process known as white listing that only allowed it to take calls and messages from preapproved contacts. the last administration has acknowledged that the two emailed each other while clinton was secretary of state. as you know, presidential communications are highly classified. why we don't know the nature of
10:38 am
their communications, this section from comey's public segment in 2016 continues to stand out. >> seven email chains concerning matters that were classified at the top-secret special access program. at the time they were sent and received. there is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. >> and if we get a response from the archive or from the doj, our team will bring it to you, harris. >> harris: catherine herridge, before we let you go, your friendship, your great journalism that i've appreciated it so much through the years. >> thank you. >> harris: i will miss you, but i know i can find you as you move on. thank you. >> i if i could, harris, thank you for allowing my genuine curiosity for news -- i want to break up here -- on your show, and for bringing my
10:39 am
documents, and i have special documents today. thank you. one of my personal favorites -- hold on, if i can just do it -- you're welcome. >> harris: god bless you, my friend. >> thank you. i want to bring in robert ray, former special prosecutor and independent counsel for the whitewater investigation. you know, i'm not you, but i see plain facts when recognize them and see them. when we hear james comey talk about email chains, and there having been seven of them, people on both ends -- hillary clinton and whoever she was corresponding with -- should have known that things were classified. what do you think? >> at the time? >> harris: at the time. >> i think the unexplored territory, and a situation in which nobody within the justice department was keen on surfacing the fact that the handling of
10:40 am
classified information also, of course, involved who secretary clinton was communicating with. to the extent that it involves also communications with the president of the united states, that was something no one was really too anxious to surface. again, i don't know what's in those communications. judicial watch, i've been responsible for the production through the freedom of information act of the trove of those documents. what all that means. i suppose we don't have the end of it and i think that's what the senator is referencing. in light of that email that you just put up. >> harris: what is the significance of us knowing it now? >> look, my problem with this all along was that secretary clinton was using a private email server because she was trying to control access in the future to information knowing that she was going to run for president. she did what she did because she didn't want to leave it up to the public or anybody else to
10:41 am
decide what gets released. to the extent that it involves email communications with the presidents, it's hard to talk about that because you don't quite know what the access was by the former president of the united states, barack obama. nobody should be suggesting or speculating that he did anything wrong. clearly the person who orchestrated this and who erred and then expose the people she communicated with with breaches of information, is none other than secretary clinton herself. that's what i make of it. we will bit and see what happens and whether anything else is released. it's also fair, i think, to be careful about speculating whether or anybody else did anything wrong. >> harris: people might ask, "why are we talking about are emails again cannot "and you were laying out the case that it's always good to know the origin of things. >> right. be careful about revisiting old territory. we already put this to bed. i get the fact that there is
10:42 am
still a public interest in this, and the release of information through the freedom of information act. but be careful about drawing too many conclusions. we already sort of went through this and made an overall judgment about what happened here and who was in the wrong. >> harris: very interesting. robert ray, thank you. >> nice to be with you, have a nice weekend. >> harris: thank you, you, too. the rnc claiming impeachment efforts are already boosting president trump's support after yesterday's highly charged votes. details on that ahead. plus, to democrats in swing districts voting gives impeachment inquiry. should the party be worried about division growing within the ranks? ♪ hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ you don't let a cold ruin your day. you take dayquil severe liquicaps and crush it.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. after hearing about it for so long, we are now seeing elizabeth warren's health care plan. she claims it won't raise taxes for middle-class working families, but even some of her fellow democrats disagree. karl rove and donna brazile debated. also, country star john rich joins me. i will ask him about politics and much more. in a very inspiring story, a white house staffer who beat cancer three times is running the new york city marathon for a very good cause. i will speak with her, coming up on "the daily briefing." >> harris: two vulnerable house democrats have broken with their party. as a come of this week, voted against the resolution to move
10:47 am
ahead with the impeachment inquiry. collin peterson of minnesota, jeff van drew of new jersey. they are both calling the process too partisan for them. peterson also agreed to appear with republicans, saying "i have serious concerns about the way the close-door depositions weree will have a process that will be open, transparent, and fair. close without support from republicans, doing down this path is a mistake." i want to bring in scott bolden, former chairman of this d.c. democratic party. good to see you. first of all, scott, not really a surprise from either of these men. leading up to this, we knew where they were going. perhaps kind of surprising is the fact that it could grow. i had on debbie dingell or this week. michigan democrat. she's not there yet on impeachment. she's pretty furry. more than that.
10:48 am
where are we going? is there a further divide to watch for? >> maybe. but this vote was to investigat investigate, to formally investigate come whether there's enough evidence to bring an impeachment proceeding. it wasn't a vote on impeachment. i think there are a handful, if not more, of democrats who do want to see the truth come out. who do you want to see the investigation. it's really ironic that some of the dems, those two democrats and even the republicans the house, are talking about transparency. this vote gives them that. there are 47 republicans on these committees that were in those depositions. it's not like the republicans were locked completely out. now we are going to have the ability to subpoena, to cross-examine, and even call their own witnesses. so the republicans and those democrats are getting what they want. let's see what happens. >> harris: scott, they have to go and they have to present their case. they have to ask whether or not they can bring in those witnesses. and the people to have to ask
10:49 am
our democrats, right? because that's how it's working. they're running the impeachment. i want to get that up there. that's worth knowing. that's not the same as walking into court and being able to call the witnesses they want to call to to the stand. >> that is certainly true. when the republicans were in control of the house, those were the same rules and democrats had to ask permission and get the committee to vote on it. that's not really unusual. >> harris: can i pause you right there? here's another question, just quickly, with the respect that i have. on those previous occasions, did you have a ramp-up of several weeks where there were closed-door meetings at her republicans -- i know that some could either read the transcripn the depositions, but there were seven republicans who could be in both accounts. there were a wider group that could have one or the other, as my reading has put out there. how does that compare to history? >> i think every case is different. in this case, the republicans have been critical of the dems
10:50 am
meeting in private, and the dems holding these depositions and not releasing transcripts. i think the vote yesterday clears all of that up. >> harris: but it doesn't erase it. >> it doesn't erase that, but once you release the transcripts you see exactly what occurred and whether it was a fair process or not. i think the dems are banking on that, and congressman schiff is banking on that. listen, there is no glory in trying to impeach the president, no matter how much i disagree with him. i think the dems would be mindful to do it fairly and transparently going forward, and to get it done or not done. >> harris: that's a fair look at it. meanwhile, the rnc is claiming the democrat impeachment pushes pushing republican donations and volunteers, and even luring over some to satisfy democrats. chairwoman ronna mcdaniel told the "washington examiner" this. watch. "the longer this goes, we are seeing more and more voters shift to supporting the president and recognizing that this is a totally partisan endeavor by democrats."
10:51 am
it's politically risky, stock. i know you would agree with that. >> [laughs] all impeachments are risky. nancy pelosi, for several months, tried to protect those democrats in those swing states, in trump jurisdictions. but the reality is this -- for every g.o.p. dollar and for every g.o.p. voter that comes over because they don't like the fact that the president may be removed from office, or the attempts to do so, the democrats are just as energize over this impeachment process and how bad this president is. >> harris: grew debbie on the program. i have so many more questions. scott bolden, i want to bring it back. thank you. house democrats are calling the dv impeachment inquiry vote a solemn one. however, at least one of them -- well, she thought she would dress this way. look, i know it was halloween. republicans, however, are not laughing. the response, or defense.
10:52 am
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>> harris: the democratic congress woman katie hill with a parting shot in her speech. she said she was forced out by double standard and misogyny come allegations of improper relationships with staffers and the publication of racy photos by a conservative outlet. here she is. >> i'm leaving now because of a double standard. i'm leaving because of a misogynistic culture that gleefully consumed my naked pictures, capitalized on my sexuality and it enabled my abusive acts to continue that abuse. i'm leaving, but we have let men who have been accused of intentional acts of sexual violence remained in board rooms, on the supreme court, in this very body and worst of all, in the
10:57 am
oval office. >> harris: at the pictures part is what they referred to as a revenge and it has never been used that we can find is a political in this way. some are accusing democrats of abandoning katie hill. joining me now, cat temp. always good to talk with you about this topic. is she right about that double standard? >> i think this is interesting because this has been one of those discussions where i don't think there has been enough with nuance. either people are saying she's completely a a victim or she's a completely sick monster. i think the way she was treated with these photos and people criticizing her for having an alternative lifestyles, that is a completely unfair. i think there were some undertones of sexism and some of those criticisms. however it's still true what she did was against the rules. you cannot have a relationship with your subordinates.
10:58 am
so i think -- i'm certainly sympathetic of her having to have those photos out there, that's awful. but at the same time she broke the rules and a lot of the people behind the knee, to movement do talk about the dynamics in these power relationships. so man or woman, the rules are the rules and she broke the rules. >> harris: it's interesting what you said it, not enough nuance and how it's been laid out. fascinating perspective. and that there is this as well. house reporters are going after katie porter for wearing a halloween costume during a committee meeting. house democrats prepared to eventually blow up there authority. and as they said it, batman this is seriously -- this is how these clowns are taking impeachment. porter fired back saying she takes her work seriously but
10:59 am
does not take yourself too seriously. plus she pointed out that she was having halloween fun for her kid's sake and she was dressed as batgirl. >> and politics and life in general, it's important to pick your battles. a battle involving a halloween costume is never one that i will see is worth it. watching worn this costume on say august 5th, and the vote had taken place then, i would be like, how are you doing? i just think there are more important things to be upset about. >> harris: i don't know how many people on the hill got nancy pelosi's note about how she was playing and how sad and a solemn of an occasion this was, nobody comes to do this, that sort of thing. >> absolutely.
11:00 am
however it was hollowing, lots of people where halloween costumes and even though it may not have been the best objects it's just not serious for me. >> harris: and we picked you to be here. thank you, i'm harris faulkner. it appears dana. >> dana: fox news alert, elizabeth warren institute defending her long-awaited health care plan but opponents say the very large numbers don't even add up. hello everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefin briefing." after weeks and weeks of talking about it we finally got a look at the senator's medicare for all plan. the price tag just under $52 trillion. she claims the middle class families will pay a penny more in taxes. >> i have a plan


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