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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 1, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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anything wrong? >> unfortunately that's all the time we have left for hannity. sean will be back in the chair on monday. laura continues with more on president trump's rally from mississippi. >> give up whatever you have to give up. you're going to leave work maybe a little early or maybe get there a little late. tell your boss i said it was ok. i will give you a pardon if i have to. i will give you a one-hour pardon. but why your help, we will lift millions more of our great citizens from welfare to work. dependents to independence. and poverty to prosperity. together we will elect a republican congress to create a fair, safe, sane, and lawful system of immigration. and you have great congressmen
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here. i appreciate you, fellows, you are warriors. what was it? 196 for and nothing against, right? that doesn't happen with republicans. it doesn't happen. i always complain. i always say the democrats are lousy politicians. they have lousy policies. open borders, sanctuary cities. they have one thing. they stick together. and they're vicious. the republicans have great policy. in many ways they're better politicians but they're not as vicious -- thank you, darling. i appreciate it. they're not as vicious but they have a tendency to split apart. the democrats don't seem to have any mitt romneys. we do. we do. i don't know. maybe he will get better. maybe he will get better. we'll see. we'll see what happens. maybe he will get better.
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let them be fair. but they don't have that. we will enact trade deals that result in more products proudly stamped with those beautiful, beautiful words, "made in the u.s.a. made in america." we will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine. finding new cures for childhood cancer and ending the aids epidemic in america. can you believe that? within 10 years it will be over. when they told me that i said that's incredible. we're going to end the aids epidemic within 10 years. it's funded. nobody thought we could do that. we'll have it ended in america in 10 years. the aids epidemic. who would have thought? we will defend privacy, free speech, free assembly, religious liberty and the right to keep and bear arms. [applause]
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>> above all, we will never stop fighting for the sacred values that bind us together as one america. we support, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. we stand with the incredible heroes of law enforcement. [cheers and applause] >> we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the true american way. we believe that children should be taught to love our country, honor our history and to always respect our great american flag. [applause] >> and we live by the words of our national motto and we always will. you will never see it disappear.
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"in god we trust." [applause] [cheering] >> we stand on the shoulders of american patriots who crossed the oceans, settled the continent, tamed the wilderness, dug out the panama canal, laid down the railroads, revolutionized industry, pioneered technology, won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism and made america the single greatest nation in the history of the world, and today it's greater than ever before. proud citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country. that's what wire doing. >> that's what we're doing.
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that's what happened in 2016. we are returning power to you. the american people. with your help, your devotion and your drive, we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting. and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] >> you will get so tired. i don't know, mississippi. you're winning. you had the best year you ever had. you had the best mississippi -- the best year you've ever had in the history of our country, mississippi, your statistics, and mississippi, aren't you getting tired of winning? >> no. >> i guess not. so phil doesn't come to me and say, "sir, please. we're winning too much. the people of mississippi can't take it any more."
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i don't think you will ever have to make that trip. i don't think he's ever going to have to -- and i don't think tate will ever have to make that trip. we are one movement. one people. one family and one glorious nation under god. america is thriving like never before, and ladies and gentlemen of mississippi, the best is yet to come. [cheers and applause] >> because together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, mississippi. thank you.
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>> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle from washington. the president wrapping up a speech in tupelo, mississippi, his first rally since dallas and you could tell there were things he wanted to get off his chest. we will have a full recap and analysis with mercedes schlapp, and tom bevan in moments but first the democrats want you to know they are not gloating over that impeachment resolution vote yesterday. i want you all to understand was a very solemn day. ok, americans? it was so serious, in fact, that nancy pelosi naturally made her first appearance on a late-night comedy show. >> this is not for the faint of heart so if you want to go in the arena you have to be prepared to take a punch. but you also have to be prepared to throw a punch. for the children. >> laura: we're punching now for
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the children? it's more like punch drunk. what children is she actually referring to? i don't know. is trump supporting the destruction of innocent children? no, that would actually be you and your party, san fran grand nan and at this point i take pelosi and her democrat lapdogs about as seriously as i take the political pronouncements of stephen colbert who i haven't watched in any great length since he lost comedy central when he was actually funny. woo the trade issue with cline athe national debt, immigration, problems with our schools. given all of that, why are democrats so laser focused on this farce of an impeachment about ukraine? for the answer, look no further than today's unreal, amazing jobs numbers. 128,000 jobs created in october.
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almost doubling expectations. the dow was up 300 points to close just 12 points shy of its all time high. the s&p 500 and nasdaq both closed at a fresh all time high and this is all coming despite the dire predictions of the experts. we should just do a whole show called the experts and completely run all their old comments because they have spent the past few months, really the past year predicting, hoping, praying for an economic downturn. >> if we're going to have a recession it's going to be a smorgasbord recession. >> it's near panic territory. >> he objection be seeking reelection during a recession. >> recession is written all over the forehead of this economy. >> the economy may not be such a great talking point any more. >> wrong, wrong, wrong, and by the way, these are the people
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we're supposed to believe over trump? these democrats can't impeach a roaring economy so they have to impeach our sitding president. what about this unprecedented step of pushing this charade into an election year? pelosi isn't flinching telling bloomberg today, "there is as i say a mountain of concerns to be brought up." our ruvals are sinking into recession. germany is basically there, china's economy is taking a nosedyche with its g.d.p. growth at its lowest level in decades. while they're stumbling, our economy under trump even with the mueller thing and the impeachment hanging over his head is the envy of the world and with no counter argument the democrats are left reviving the mueller road show and it closed out of town to lousy reviews.
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same cast of characters. same tired plot. slightly different lines. >> this administration wants to have a constitutional crisis because they do not respect the oath of office. the american people now realize more fully the crimes that were committed against our constitution. we're not here to call bluff. we're here to find the truth. to uphold the constitution of the united states. this is not a game for us, this is deadly serious. it's about the truth and it's about the constitution. >> you half expect her to show up in a revolutionary waistcoat because shiz sleeping with a copy of the stulgz. since they're so fund of citations, democrats the only party in the history of the country that is happier the worse it is and they will happy
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to support the -- the better off you're doing the worse off they're doing. or feeling. while they waste their majority and our time slandering the president and his collaborators trump was out in the heartland tonight talking about what he's accomplished for this country. . confident is booming, crime is falling, our nation is stronger than ever before. we have the best economy we've ever had. we have the best military we've ever had. the best unemployment and employment numbers we've ever had. the best president we've ever had. >> laura: joining me now is mercedes schlapp, 2020 senior campaign advisor, gregg jarrett, author of the new book "witch hunt" and tom bevan of real
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clear politics. mercedes, how big a day, a week was this? started off with baghdadi. taking him out. then of course we had the impeachment drama during the week. the resolution. then you end with these numbers that all of these experts said weren't possible. you had the g.m. strike. the uncertainty because of the cloud hanging over the president. how big was it? >> a monumental week for the president. the foreign policy success of taking down baghdadi and then leading toward these economic numbers. alone african-americans are seeing a record low unemployment for african-americans. also for hispanics as well. they've done the revisions for august and september. >> laura: we didn't talk about september. those numbers revised upwards as well. >> what you are seeing is the middle class succeeding under president trump's economy and you are seeing the democrats are not willing to talk about the economy and focusing on spending trillions of dollars to
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implement medicare for all like what senator warren did today. that is the contrast. and that is why we are winning when it comes to the economy and it is the success story the president will continue talking about. >> laura: he was taking a bit of a victory lap after this impeachment resolution which all republicans voted against. tom, speaking to what mercedes just mentioned, elizabeth warren's release of her medicare for all plan. the price tag $52 trillion. 2020 frontrunner of the democrats says the middle class won't see tax increases. >> fully paid for by asking the top 1% and giant corporations to pay a fair share. >> laura: that's a lie. workers will end up indirectly at the very least paying that bill. tom, she got hit big time over this today after this $52
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trillion -- this is like you might as well throw up your hands and say i'm not serious about running for president but what are americans going to believe about this? >> yeah, she was taking heat from her colleagues in the democratic party because she wouldn't give answers about how she's going to pay for it. i'm not sure she's any better off putting out a plan. cutting defense spending, reforming immigration, all of these things and the price tag is enormous and she's taking heat again from the centrist democrats that are running. let alonea what donald trump would do in a general election if elizabeth warren is the nominee. it's a problem for her. it's a problem for all the democrats. this is where the party is. this is where they want to go. i'm not sure it's where the mainstream of america is especially when you talk about how much it's going to go up and how much taxes are going to go up across the board. >> laura: 54 people claiming not
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to enjoy the impeachment vote, it's a solemn day, we don't take joy -- of course they do. they were gleeful. iven fighting in the party. joe biden took a swipe at elizabeth warren. watch. >> she's making it up. nobody thinks it's $20 trillion. it's between 30 and 40 trillion dollars. even bernie who talks about the need to raise middle class taxes can't even meet the cost of it. we don't have to go that route. >> laura: gregg, they say he's weak because he has slip-ups. he's the only one in the field who has ia chance of winning some of the battleground states especially in the south. >> a moment of uncommon clarity by joe biden and he's right. liz warren must have flunked third grade math. it is an economic and financial impossibility to achieve what is
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truly the price tag of $52 trillion. the worst part of it is she just dismissed the fact after admitting that two million jobs would be lost. oh, gee, that's just part of the cost of the plan. i would like to see her say that to the two million people who will receive pink slips if she's president and the millions more who are dependent on those wage earners. she's indifferent toullav this and ignorant of the math. her only background is a professor of bankruptcy. she will need that because she will bankrupt the nation. >> laura: even nancy pelosi saying she's not a fan of medicare for all today. they're pulling each other like taffy in the democratic party. gregg, i want you to stay. a new report. talks between the whistleblower's are wells and adam schiff's staff have ground to a halt, mark said telling the washington examiner we remain committed to talking with any
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oaf sight committees as long as it protects and ensures the anonymity of our clients. gregg, is it schiff pushing for the whistleblower not to testify? who says the whistleblower -- i don't necessarily believe it's a whistleblower -- deserves anonymity. that's not what the statute requires. >> anyone can look up the statute. it's easy to understand. the whistleblower is not a whistleblower under the law. you have to have intelligence activity and a member of the intelligence committee and trump isn't and that was a diplomatic conversation not intel discussion. he doesn't qualify for protection under the whistleblower statute but he's being hidden because he would reveal the conversations between himself and schiff and the staff which schiff lied about. >> laura: mercedes, the president tonight said this impeachment march is an attack on democracy itself. i think that's the way to frame
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this. they're trying to take your vote away next year. they're trying to disenfranchise you. do you agree? >> yes, i do. they're also trying to create chaos and uncertainty. think about the uncertainty by the democrats pushing this narrative. the specific, targeted leaks that have been dominating the media the last four weeks to say wait a second, there is so much chaos and scandal surrounding this president making the american people question when there is no crime. when the president has been transparent. when adam schiff has become this ultimate decision maker where he decides, authorizes or declines which subpoenas they expect. >> laura: who can ask questions. cutting people off. >> exactly. it's like the k.g.b. >> laura: tom bevan, this enters the public arena at some point. nancy is fuzzy on the timetable. how does the public digest this in a booming economy where they're seeing their 401(k)'s go
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up and wages going up. >> we're going to wait and find out how the politics of impeachment plays once it goes public. it's not going well for democrats now particularly in some of these battleground states. the numbers out of the battleground states don't look good if democrats. when it goes public, i think most people have taken sides -- it's gotten so down in the weeds, a new name, a new list of folks testifying behind closed doors, a lot of folks have already chosen sides and to your point, laura, if you go to any one of these states impeachment is not at the top of the list. >> laura: ukraine? what about china? if you're going to talk about another country, what are you doing about china to keep us peaceful and prosperous in order to take on the chinese? that's the conversation everyone sugar have been. panel, thatching you so much. next, the liberal media propping up adam schiff and his mission to destroy the trump presidency
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right before an election. why are they casting him as a hero? charlie kirk and di97 d'souza are here to respond. ♪
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>> laura: the media. they're not even borthing to try to hide their impeachment -- they're not even bothering to try to hide their impeachment cheerleading. adam schiff once wanted to be a screen writer. can he give the trump presidency a hollywood ending? can you believe this? nice going, jeff bezos. democrats in the media think everything is like a movie and they believe the fictional alternative universe of tinseltown is reality. joining me now charlie kirk, president of turning point u.s.a. and dinesh d'souza.
11:26 pm
dinesh, are they really that out of touch with reality? it read like a parity, actually, worse than adam schiff's parody. >> this notion of adam schiff as a kind of fictional screen writer and director, as somebody who has concocted a narrative, as somebody who has set up the action, trying to direct it, trying to stage the witnesses, choreograph a kind of climactic conclusion, this is a riveting accurate description because this whole thing like the mueller report is staged. it's trumped up if you will. what they have done is schiff was collaborating with the whistleblower so he's like an actor on who is part of the plot. he's kept himself off stage so
11:27 pm
people can't see what was ssz discussed bfrnld. yes, it's staged, it's fiction, it may be riveting but it's also fake news. >> laura: charlie, there is a part of this that continues to be played up in the media, no one can confirm because it's always off the record or anonymous. listen to these comments by media figures who claim that republicans are secretly hoping that trump is leaving office. watch. >> i have heard from my republican colleagues privately from some of them that i should not interpret their vote as indication that they will vote against impeachment. >> i hear from republicans who say "i'm exhausted. i'm tired of his -- i'm tired of the drama. >> if there was a secret ballot in the united states senate i think trump would lose 90 to 10. >> if there were a secret ballot in the senate this morning, mike pence would be president by
11:28 pm
noon. >> laura: charlie. blowhard central. >> pretty extraordinary. look, when you're writing a crime novel or crime film there is something called plotting backwards where you start with the villain, you start with the crime and you work backwards. it seems like schiff did this when it came to the whistleblower and it came to this entire narrative of ukraine. he started with he wanted trump to be removed as president of the united states and he went through whatever needed to happen. changing the whistleblower rules. we have to point out that "the washington post" after this president was sworn in, 19 minutes after he was sworn in they said the case forv impeaching donald trump begins. this is a pre-meditated achievement. he may have missed his calling in hollywood but not only is he making the stories he's part of
11:29 pm
this sort of intergovernmental espionage against a duly elected president. >> laura: dinesh, part of me doesn't take any of this seriously. i take issues seriously like what's happening with china, on the move, in australia, places like africa, buying up interests, making deals, that's the future we have to deal with, the idea that the democrats give a you know what about ukraine aid -- they care about one thing. what do they care about, dinesh? getting power back, right? >> yes, absolutely. this is all a ruse. the problem with their fictional narrative as i see it is that reality keeps intruding upon it. you've got this guy vindman or vindman saying i was troubled with what i heard on the call. the trouble is we have the transcript of the call. we don't need a fellow in a uniform to tell us how he felt about it and how he was grieved
11:30 pm
about it because we know what was actually said on the call. you can choreograph all you want but at the end of the day there is reality and reality is staring you in the face. >> laura: gentlemen, thank you very much. great to see you both tonight. i want to go back to a question i asked earlier. why are the democrats going all in a year out from a presidential election? probably because the record is one of ruin, chaos and frankly, violence to our financial markets. financial upheaval. the democrat dominated california where shoplifting and theft are exploding. the downgraded any theft below 900 to a misdemeanor resulting in chiefs running amok and it's feeding the state's homelessness crisis and a lot more. >> homelessness is not a housing crisis. it's a drug, criminal and mental
11:31 pm
health crisis. you can any go into a wal-mart and steal $900 of stuff and they walk you out of the store, you don't go to jail any more. >> laura: joining me is candace owens founder of the blexit movement. california is not an isolated case. i love the state. i spent a lot of time there. i lived there for a short period of time. why does the left want to selective lie enforce our laws under the guise of civil rights? >> laura, thanks for having me but prop 47 has reduced recidivism and reduced violent crime. i will concede that property crimes are up but the report very clearly, public policy institute, we're dealing with facts, violent crimes down, property crimes are up, those are facts, laura. what's wrong with those facts? >> laura: candace, leo says. we might have problems along the edge on property crime but
11:32 pm
everything else is hunky-dory. >> now can you say it reduced violent crimes when it wasn't about violent crimes if it was about we're going to downgrade felony stealing and making it about being a misdemeanor. you're seeing that property is up because it was about property in the first place. what you are saying to people is that if you steal up to $950 from someone, no one is going to show up. the police are not going to show up because it's downgraded to a misdemeanor. this is awful. $900 is a lot of money, leo, you cannot deny that. >> good game, candace. you know what violent crimes are. >> let's move on to -- >> $you can talk about $900 but we're talking about violent crimes. >> we're talking about prop 47. >> we know what violent crime is, we're talking about recidivism is down. >> laura: prop 47 is about the theft issue. that's the focus that we were -- let's move on, though. what american city -- this is the real question.
11:33 pm
what american cities that are run by liberals -- which ones are shining examples of good governance st. louis? baltimore? chicago? l.a.? oakland? leo? help me out. i need to buy a vowel. >> glad to help you out. california. budget surplus. balanced budget. let's talk about the homeless. national conference of homeless in washington, d.c. said that l.a. and the state of california is working on homelessness on the issue of housing and mental health. >> laura: working on? >> yes. national conference of homelessness in washington. i'm getting facts. i'm not giving opinions like candace. these are facts. >> laura: so california is an inspiring case of good governance, super majority democrat rule. >> they have literal pain patrols in california, people that have to go around and pick up the pain because of the homelessness. if you're pointing at that as an
11:34 pm
example of an inspiring city you're in trouble, leo, this level of delusion, pretending that california is an example of good inner cities -- this is the reason that trump wins. they cannot concede the truth. >> laura: leo, we have great numbers of african-american unemployment. trump gets big credit for that. >> i will concede that, laura but i will also concede, i hope candace is honest about this, we don't earn as much as whites, our earning potential is a lot less, i will concede lower employment but we get the lower paying jobs. those are facts, candace. >> we need to build a wall. >> laura: raymond awrio on the other side of this -- >> laura: raymond arroyo on on the other side of this. a washington nationals fan finds a creative way to celebrate the world series win. 2k678
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>> laura: it's friday, and that
11:39 pm
means it's time for -- it's time for friday follies. cnn fretting over who is fighting those california fires and some political booboos. joining us with all the details, raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. this amazing piece of video that you found that occurred just as the nats clinched the world series. >> washington, laura, they have been waiting decades for their team to win the world series but the way this man celebrated -- it's hard to describe. >> there it is. >> and begin to writhe on the top of the dugout. for a moment i thought it was gerald nadler. . that was the nadler. of years ago.
11:40 pm
>> a 19-year-old. what is it about these world series games that provokes the fans to go topless? remember the two women who flashed the camera during one of the games? >> laura: that was their paris hilton video moment. >> it guy rips his shirt open. >> laura: i thought that was a mutual of omaha's wild kingdom on the sea lions. i saw a different view. >> there was another view. you can only get right with certain images. here is my feeling. if they're going to ban the women for going topless, that should have to be banned as well. >> he's having fun. it's adorable. >> laura: we are watching fires of the >> laura: we are watching coverage of the fires in california. we came across this at cnn. pay attention to the reporter bill weir's real concern. >> you see the firefighters in orange? those are california inmates.
11:41 pm
they earn between two and $5 a day. if they're putting out active flames they get a $1 a day bonus. the aclu and other justice folks say it's akin to slave labor but they volunteer. >> homes are burning down. the reagan library is imperilled and he's worried about the aclu depicting volunteer criminals working as firefighters. slave labor. >> laura: what would you rather be doing? would you rather be inside some filthy prison or outside in the smokey air? >> they volunteer. there are 3,000 who did so. >> laura: learning a skill they can use whether they get out. >> as kamala harris it saves the state money. >> laura: i love the fact he had goggles on. the later clip, the goggles -- the smoke is bad but then he seemed to have no problem taking them off with the wind blown
11:42 pm
look. he looked quite handsome at the end. the santa ana effect. i like the fact they're learning skills. we had major political bloopers this week. a few you might have missed. joe biden in iowa made this comment about people who iven even -- who even with a bachelor's degree earn the lowest salary. >> my daughter is, i wish i had raised one republican to go out and make some real money. >> this man -- he's running for the democratic party and he's saying if you really want to make money, be a republican. >> this is after his son scams burisma for 80 k a month. maybe his son is a republican. maybe that's what he gets out of it. >> don't look at me. my son is a republican.
11:43 pm
laura, i need to get your reaction to this. this is a true folly. kamala harris was asked at a justice forum at benedict college about black men being shot. >> talk about violence, nothing stops a bullet like a job. >> nothing stops a bullet like a job. she was pilloried on social media over this and rightfully so. >> laura: what's her point? >> her point, i think was if you're working you're not on the street. >> laura: that's a good point. >> a lot of people are killed in random violence in chicago and other places. a dumb idea certainly for someone who has been a prosecutor. in her position. >> laura: as someone who was touted by obama folks, susan rice, samantha power, you got the sense of the old john kerry cabinet were waiting for kamala's rise. this thing has fallen as flat as a pancake. >> she's laying off staff and
11:44 pm
answers like that show you. she hasn't been able to galvanize support in the black community. >> laura: like bringing the paddle. "clear." not going anywhere. raymond, thank you. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> laura: coming up. you're not going to want to miss this. we are celebrating our second birthday here at "the ingraham angle" we have a hilarious look back at some of our favorite moments. doevent even think about going anywhere. the game doesn't end after that insane buzzer beater.
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♪ >> laura: we celebrated a really special anniversary this week. it's two years -- paper? i don't know what two years is called what you celebrate it with but at "the ingraham angle"
11:49 pm
we are thrilled and you haven't missed a night. i can hardly believe it. a special thank you to the best audience in tv. you watch us all the time. you keep us number one. a quick look back and you will remember why you love us all anew. this is "the ingraham angle" from a busy washington, live along the rio grande in a place called del rio, texas. >> blustery paris. broadcasting from the normandy cemetery on the coast. live from the border state of arizona tonight. [speaking in foreign language] >> washington, d.c.? ok. >> we have folks who will come in and literally within 45 minutes they're in a delivery room and that was just a week ago. >> they're delivering children in >> they're delivering children.
11:50 pm
>> this is terrifying. if a man -- now you have a sman separated from his baby here. the baby is crying on the other boat and border patrol is left to have to fish him out of the river. the migrant throwing himself into the rio grande. contrary to reportage, they know they're going to be rescued. i'll make you a promise, laura. whatever the democrats want to spend their time doing on capitol hill, this president, his vice president and this administration are going to keep focus on the issues that we were elected to advance ask we're going to keep america great. >> america is the greatest country in the world and i think when it's all done at the end of the day nobody is look back and say is it a good story or a bad story, they're going to say what did you accomplish? >> wouldn't you rather be doing brain surgery? easier than what you are doing here, right? >> dealing with morerably people. >> --
11:51 pm
>> dealing with more reasonable people. >> if ikdz choose between one or the other, which is more fun? >> they're different jobs. i have enjoyed them both. >> what a diplomat. what do you pray for when you pray for this country? >> peace. really, peace. we built up our military. we built up our wealth. we built up everything. our country is in such great shape now. >> we need as much help as we can to bring the killers to justice. my son was taken from me, burned in the garbage and no mother should have to deal with that. >> laura: i never forgot demetrius, not one day. $15,000 reward. it's 20,000 now. >> thank you. >> i'm sean lannity for laura ingraham. -- >> i'm sean hannity for laura ingraham. >> i wish one night you would start without a string of
11:52 pm
adjectives like psychotic, crazy -- >> sean: not you. if the shoe fits, wear it. >> laura: we like each other contrary to what people think. >> sean: you are a horrible person. did you ever watch "duck dynasty"? >> laura: >> laura: i love it. i have a question. what event? you told me to bring this from my house. >> i know. i didn't have one. >> laura: you're giving me a rose that you told me to bring. >> they're called props, ingraham. don't ruin it. >> the yes box is what it is. give us something on the box other than yes. >> the ultimate trigger sculpture kind of culinary sculpture has everything the democrats hate. tastes good. ♪
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>> we're thaep that we're still. still kicking. there is a story behind these earrings and let me just say my ear rings are falling out i'm laughing so hard. the national thing. my ear rings fell. we're learning about this in "wall street journal." a federal delegation. my earring fell off. >> he sent me and secretary pompeo. >> i apologize. this is like a running joke. people in offices. my earring fell off, i was so excited. oh, my god. >> raymond. >> sorry, laura. oh, my god. >> laura: you are the worst. you are the worst. my god. up next. get the tissues ready. we have to say goodbye to someone who actually brought this show an enormous amount of joy and i know a lot of you as
11:54 pm
well. stay with us.
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>> hard to believe it is the end of the road for another 2020 democrat candidate. robert francis o'rourke announced he is dropping out of the race for the white house. hard to believe. he gave us such joy but tonight we say thank you to him and goodbye, beto. >> i am running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america. we are truly now more than ever the last great hope of earth. we are going to take your ar 15, your ak-47. i love youtube, thank you. >> you are a rock star. >> this country was founded on diplomacy. >> public enthusiasm for this optimist continues as well.
11:59 pm
>> i'm at the dentist. changing the fire on this truck. >> i have enjoyed my privilege undeniably. >> you can see the charisma he has on stage. whenever you get a camera on this guy, his charisma, that was the moment he felt he had some kind of destiny. >> a problem with broadband in rural communities. they can go to tinder and find the special person who will make the difference in their lives. >> know what is going to be president of the united states of america, least of all me. >> remind me again how much time the media elite spent typing this guy over the last two years. in retrospect why were they giving so much attention to a guy who had literally no support? i ask again, how many times do
12:00 am
you have to be wrong before you are no longer considered an expert? so long, robert francis. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert. bipartisan push back to the 2020 presidential candidate elizabeth warren's $52 trillion medicare for all funding plan, the senator claiming the middle-class tax hikes needed. critics say the math doesn't add up. we will examine. donald trump fresh off the keep america great rally in mississippi, touting the economy and military successful takedown of the world's most wanted terrorist, the president, hillary clinton, suggesting tulsi gabbard is a russian agent claim house democrats


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