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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 2, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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next. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us and thanks for making "justice" number one again last saturday. tonight we are going at it again with gusto. house majority whip, steve scalise joins me. and white house press secretary, stephanie grisham. governor mike huckabee, corey lewandowski and charlie kirk. and dr. michael baden will be here to discuss the latest news in the jeffrey epstein saga. history showed us that there is
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nothing like the partisan divide vote. the vote was 232-196, districtly along party lines. two democrats defected and voted with the republicans. it's so clear what's happening here. a vote to simply formalize the procedure is the least partisan vote, it's benign. if there were a scintilla of evidence of an impeachable offense, that vote would have crossed party lines as it did with clinton and nixon. prediction, complete and total failure ultimately in the senate. the democrat players are dishonest, disingenuous and deceitful. nancy says i will only do this in a non-partisan way.
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>> if and when the time comes for impeachment, it will have to be something that has such a crescendo in a bipartisan way. judge jeanine: she lied, the woman is more than willing to impeach in a partisan way, as well as divide the country in her power grab from the rightful occupant of the oval office. and the lying sack of schiff is so dishonest his law license should be revoked. he lied about the so-called whistleblower saying we never talked to him when he did. he perjured himself in congress when he talked about what the president said on the ukraine phone call. he lied when he said he had evidence of russia collusion. he was cunning as he created a narrative about ukraine while the deep state cultivated the so-called whistleblower who is
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reportedly an obama holdover, who has apparently worked with joe biden, john brennan and susan rice. these liars created yet another narrative so they could impeach donald trump. whistleblowers historically were required to have first-hand knowledge. but no the democrats just changed the rules. now hearsay can be the basis to take down a president. you don't have to sight, witness it or hear it firsthand. you can just talk to the other malcontents in the west wing who don't like donald trump, then call yourself a whistleblower. either schiff is stupid or his ego is so big that he doesn't know that a president can only be impeached when a high crime or misdemeanor occurs like when a president has done something
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so outrageous and beyond the norm that we as a nation say he no longer deserves to remain in the oval. he can no longer be our commander-in-chief. bill clinton engaging in sex acts with an intern in the oval office while president is about as disgusting abuse of power that the #metoo movement has ever chosen to ignore. are you charred nixon approved a break-in of the dnc headquarters. a crime in and of itself. the president's southerns were present, there was cross-examination. and get this. adam schiff has a closed door interview on the day the democrats voted to make the process more transparent. what a joke.
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this guy thinks he's an emperor, and they are probably telling him his clothes are beautiful. there are no rules here. this so-called formalizing the impeachment inquiry puts the president in a worse place than any other president where impeachment was attempted. if queen narnsy and emperor adam's world, president trump has fewer rights than an ms-13 gang member illegally crossing our southern border. this is lunacy with the liars, leakers and leftists running the asylum with radicals resisting the president, the law, the constitution and the americans who put this man in office. they take our laws and our constitution and they use them to distort for their own illegal purposes. and damn it, they have gone the away with it. who the hell are these people who flaunt the law and get away
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with it, and they even laugh about the fact that their deep state is accomplishing its goal. i for one am sick and tired of this nonsense, the lies, the hate, the hypocrisy, the lawlessness of those who hate the man who every day fights for this country. i don't want to hear the secret hearings are still going on. i don't want to hear schiff has the right to veto a president's lawyer, to veto testimony. to close the doors. who the hell does this guy think he is? i have been in california, and texas in the last 2 1/2 weeks. i have spoken to thousands of americans. everyone of them wants to know when the leftist criminals are going to be prosecuted. when there is going to be
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accountability. nancy pelosi for all her nonsense about the president not being above the law, that's a double speak, nancy. it's you and your gang of criminals who are above the law. john durham better be prepared with indictments or face the wrath of mayor cans who believe they are held to a different standard. in the end this is about a conversation our president had with the president of ukraine. and to be honest with you it's none of your damn business what was said. we are not entitled to know what barack obama was promising putin through medvedev in that hot mic moment. and we are not allowed to know what the quid pro quo of barack obama was when he gave $150 billion to the ayatollah.
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or are we just supposed to assume he was playing santa claus with iran? a phone call with ukraine involves policy. if you don't like the president's policy, vote for someone else. the guy on the other end of the phone says there was no pressure. the transcript makes it clear there will be was no pressure. the guy on the other end didn't even know military fund weren't available. so how can there be a quid pro quo? and i am tired of protecting this whistleblower. barack obama fired the whistleblower in fast and furious. and this whistleblower is just a punk trying to get his leftist credits. he's white noise totally irrelevant to the conversation which in itself is the best and
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only evidence. to all of you out there, get over it. this is a bunch of nonsense. the democrats are tearing this country apart yet again. they are wooss and whim muchs and weasels. they don't have the chutzpah to face donald trump in november. and i don't blame them because he will below them out -- he will blow them out of the swampy water they call home. that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook page, twitter' @judge jeanine. my next guest gave an impassioned speech on the house floor slam offing the democrats ridiculous witch hunt. >> when you look through this resolution and see how
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one-sided, how soviet style this is running. this is the united states of america. don't run a sham process. judge jeanine: house whip, steve scalise joins me. what's fascinate being this, it's not just stalin-like. it started when hillary clinton and barack obama had the reset button with russia and with the selling of the ukraine to russia. the dems have been in the hands of the russians from the get-go with the obama administration, so it's no surprise they would use stalinist-like rules. what were you talking about when you got on the house floor. >> you hit the nail on the head. they are denying the ability of both sides to participate. schiff has veto power. schiff can literally kick the
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president's legal counsel out of the room if he so choose. earlier this week adam schiff directed one of the witnesses to not answer certain questions asked by republicans. that's the soviet-style impeachment process i'm talking about where one side is shut out so they can leak things out that are undermined by republicans in the room because schiff won't open up the room. 70% of the voting members of congress are not allowed to be in the room. judge jeanine: they say they will open it up, adam schiff has the right to decide when someone should answer a question, whether you can even call someone as a witness. this is consistent. and i write about this in my book, they have turned the criminal justice system and the justice system upside down. you are guilty until you prove
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that you are incertain. what we are going to do is, as far as we are concerned, you are not going to have the right to represent yourself. you will not have the right to prove your case, to cross-examine witnesses, we'll go in there and smear you for what we don't know. do you know what the crime is? nancy pelosi says -- i think we have sound from one of your colleagues. take a listen to this democrat. >> the phase we are in right now is the deposition phase. where witnesses are called in to determine whether they have any information that's relevant to this case. at that point we'll move into the public phase of hearings. judge jeanine: you are going to move into the public phase of the hearing? there is something called the fruit of the poisonous tree. when you start the thing illegally, you don't have the right to go to the under top
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achieve the thing you were seekerring. >> it's a completely tainted process. there is no crime as you pointed out. with clinton and nixon it started with an actual crime committed. first you had the mueller investigation. for 22 months they me and derd trying to find something. they thought that would be their ticket to impeachment. so instead of moving on and taking on the business of this country, they wanted to impeach him from day one. so they started with this so-called whistleblower. even the inspector general said the whistleblower has a political bias. there might have been from actual reports a joe biden employee. if that bias is there shouldn 't the public know about it? but nobody can find out about
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the whistleblower' besides adam schiff. >> nancy pelosi says we didn't come here to impeach the president. yes you did, you started on the first day. they have been talking about impeaching him from the quick. they just don't know what to impeach him for. they were the ones colluding. then it was racism, then it was recession, so that was wrong. now it's the ukraine. but here is the rub. there is a national defense authorization act. tell us about that federal law. >> judge, in fact one of the things that the national defense authorization act requires, if the federal government gives taxpayer money to a foreign government like ukraine. the president has to certify
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that country is rooting out corruption. that's what president trump and president zelensky were talking about. adam schiff and nancy pelosi voted for that law to make sure the country is rooting out corruption before we send the money. clearly there was corruption in ukraine and president trump and president zelensky were talking about how to root out corruption, that happened when barack obama was president. judge jeanine: i ran this on "justice" three weeks ago. we have a treaty with ukraine where we have the right to have our attorney general bill barr discuss with them any information or evidence that involves criminal activity. then we have section 1250 of the national defense authorization act where the president is required to confirm by law whether or not the foreign government is going to certify that they are cleaning out
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corruption before we give them taxpayer money in the form of military aid. how stupid are these democrats? >> for that they want to impeach a president. there were only two people who participated in this call. witness after witness in secret giving their own version of what they believe the call was about. president zelensky said publicly there was no pressure and he got the money. there was no quid pro quo. president trump was carrying out his duty to make sure they are rooting out corruption in ukraine and congratulating president zelensky on a platform of rooting out corruption. zelensky thanked president trump for selling them the javelin missiles that allows them to stand up to russia. i don't know why barack obama
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wouldn't sell those afterlisten. but president trump did and helped ukraine stand up to russia. judge jeanine: you guys don't fight the way the democrats fight. you had the goods when obama isn't selling what he agreed to sell. he of the defending russia when they are taking out the defense system over the ukraine. it's frustrating for americans to watch this. i know you are in a situation where you are fighting for us. but isn't it frustrating to not be able to work on the opioid crisis other usmca? >> we had a package of bills that came out of committee unanimously to lower drug prices. every republican and democrat. but speaker pelosi is infatuated with impeachment. securing our border. none of that is getting done
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because they are infatuated with taking out the president. judge jeanine: corey lewandowski and charlie kirk next. say good-bye to beto. governor huckabee joins me next. don't go away.
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>> we take no joy in having to move down this road and proceed with the impeachment inquiry. but neither do we shah slink from it. judge jeanine: no joy? then why don't you stop lying and try the truth. joining me, former arkansas governor and fox news
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contributor, nuke huckabee. when i look at them and they say, we are doing our constitutional duty, this is something we have to do for america. he's violating his oath of office, what are they talking about? >> they don't have a clue. this is an impeachment in search of a reason. that's wait has been from the beginning. they were trying to impeach him from the day he took office. they have have been talking about it since january of 2017. they first thought it was going to be russia. then it was going to be obstruction, then racism and now it's going to be ukraine. they have no idea why they are trying to impeach him, but they know he can't beat him in the election. this is their only strategy.
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judge jeanine: the fact that the american people are watching this and instinctively we have a sense of justice. i was in the courtroom for 30 years. people get the right to confront your accuser, the right to cross-examine and hear all the evidence. none of that is happening here. >> i think most of people have at least passed 9th grade civics. maybe it's not taught anymore. there are three equal branches of government. i wonder if the legislative branch can summarily dismiss the executive branch because they don't like him. can he dismiss the legislative branch. i am going to turn the lights off in the capitol and i am not going to register any checks.
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because the executive branch writes the checks. we'll close your branch down. if you want to show up in the dark go ahead, but you won't be paid. they can't hate him any more than they already do. it's really absurd. i think americans see through it. judge jeanine: the democrat primary field is thing out. one of my favorites, beto is gone. what do you think of that guy. he started with $80 million and he can't get through to this point? he was on video, then the haircut out of his ears after having his teeth cleaned. >> he's going to be remembered for strange things. he talked about how he tried to feed his wife some poop and told
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her it was guacamole. that's what he was going to do to the american people if he got elected. he did have the audacity to tell us the truth the other democrats won't. he said i will confiscate your ar-15s and i will tax churches that don't subscribe to the attitude towards sexuality. churches aren't responsible to beto o'rourke, they are responsible to god. i hope that stirred a lot of people including some thoughtful, responsible democrats who realize this field of democrats are so far out there that they are not going to get elected. judge jeanine: nothing seems to be off bound from the left any
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more. i was just there for my book signing for a few nights. you know how you take pictures with everybody? everybody had a side arm. i am going to take away your guns, vote for me. it's kind of crazy. >> good luck doing that in texas or anywhere. we are talking about taking them away from people who haven't broken any laws. so why would you take a self-defense mechanism away from people who are simply trying to protect their homes and families when what you ought to be doing is going after the criminals, people have mental health issues. but that's not the democrat way. let's go and take the money away from people who have worked hard. let's go after people who haven't broken any laws and make them feel like some kind of criminal. i can't imagine the american people would vote for this
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ideology. judge jeanine: thanks for being with us. president trump pushing back at a rally in mississippi. president trump: while we are creating jobs and killing terrorists, the democrat party has gone completely insane. judge jeanine: stephanie grisham, the white house press secretary joins me now. the president was on fire. he gets energy from the groups in the stadiums, and i think they get the energy from him. but let's talk about, yesterday, the day before yesterday, adam schiff comes out with these rules, and everyone is somewhat hope full they will be fair. they are anything but fair with adam schiff deciding and having veto power over whether the president should defend himself
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in this so-called impeachment inquiry. what was his reaction to that. >> having adam schiff be in charge of it. he's an admitted liar. he has been orchestrating this whole thing behind closed doors. it occurred to me the real crime here honestly is against the american people and the democrats are refusing to work on behalf of them. we had amazing jobs numbers just announced because of president trump and his economic policies. we just had the for under and leader of isis killed because this president is committed to keep our country safe. he's built up our military. the real crime is being perpetrated by the democrats and they are not doing anything. they are not working, just yelling the word impeachment. judge jeanine: the jobs numbers for october were higher than expected. it's all good, obviously. but let me ask you this.
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there was talk about the fireside chat. i was fascinated by that. only one hand i said if adam schiff in congress can literally lie in congress about what the transcript said, the president could do the same thing. but the president does haven't to lie because the transcript is perfectly legal and legitimate especially in light of what i just spoke to congressman steve scalise about where the president has the obligation to make sure they are rooting out corruption before he gives hem military aid. >> we released that transcript a few weeks ago. people are something to hide would not do that. the president knows he did nothing wrong. i sit in meetings with the president with several foreign leaders, and all he cares about is american taxpayer money. he sales brings up the point, if he's going to be sending foreign aid to any country, he wants to
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insure it's a country that's not corrupt. and he wants other countries to share in that burden. i would also point out as i have been, the ukrainian government said they never felt any pressure. this is truly the dems trying to get a redo. they didn't like the results in 2016. and they are terrified and know donald trump is going to win in 2020. their crazy left-wing idea aren't going to go anywhere. they are grasping at straws and it's sad on behalf of the american people. judge jeanine: the president is continuing to get results in spite of what they are throwing. stephanie grisham, thank you for taking time out of your saturday. take care. dr. michael baden is still ahead with new details on the jeffrey epstein case. next, nancy pelosi can't make up
6:31 pm
her mind when it comes to impeaching the president. corey lewandowski is back on "justice" to talk about nancy's conflicting statements and a lot more.
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aishah: live from "america's news headquarters," name aishah hasnie. airbnb is reporting it's banning party house. it comes in the wake of a shooting that left five people dead in california halloween night. according to the associated press, the woman rented her home in san francisco for her family to escape wildfires. police have yet to make an arrest. police and protesters clash in another round of protests in hong kong. riot police firing tear gas at the demonstrators following the
6:35 pm
attack on china's official news agency. protests now entering their 22nd week. i'm aishah hasnie. judge jeanine: the dems' impeachment circus continues to to -- to mozey through congress. i have got to tell you, i love this whole thing tonight because nancy pelosi, stay with me -- she says impeachment we haven't yet decided. this is the impeachment investigation. but i wonder. do you think the voters understand this an investigation versus articles of impeachment?
6:36 pm
>> well, judge, as you know, what nancy pelosi is trying to do is give political cover to the 31 democrats arranging congressional districts that donald trump won in 2016 that they won in 2018. they know this is a political loser for them at the ballot box in 2020. donald trump is going to win those districts again. nancy pelosi will be the minority leader of the house of representatives. judge jeanine: explain to me how nancy pelosi having them vote on impeachment anything is cover for the democrats. that's like throwing them a noose and saying hang yourself. >> here is what she is trying to do. she is trying to say hey, this isn't a vote for impeachment. this is to bring this out into the open so the american people can see what's going on.
6:37 pm
i was in front of that committee. it's run by a pack of clowns. president swalwell and his band of merry men running the operation. let's put these hearings in front of the american people. let's let the american seem see. judge jeanine: are adam schiffless said he will open up the hearings then the next day he had closed door hearings. i don't want to waste everybody's time with legal knowledge. but let me tell you something. they don't even know if this is an impeachment or attempted impeachment, there has to be a crime. they don't even know what the article of impeachment or the bill of particulars would say. they think he's a bad guy. i am going to find a crime. that's nonsense. >> judge, don't forget, if they
6:38 pm
move forward with articles of impeachment, the president's attorneys have the right to ask questions and subpoena people to bring in. they don't want to do that because they know they will lose. but they want to claim this will be an open process. little adam full of schiff told witnesses he doesn't have to answer questions from republicans. can you imagine with a republican committee chairman said that if democrats were in the minority? it would be front page news with the media calling for him to be thrown out of congress. judge jeanine: she says they will release the transcript which they haven't done. and she says, i'm not for impeachment without bipartisan support. the only bipartisan support was for no impeachment it was all partisan on the part of the democrats. the woman lies like schiff.
6:39 pm
>> judge, as you know, two of the democrats voted against it. no republican voted for it. there is complete unanimity because they know the president committed no crime. this goes back to the collusion, collusion, obstruction, obstruction, now it's impeachment, impeachment. the democrats won't be able to hold their caucus together. the progressives challenging them from the left, it will force the american people to see that the democrats failed them once again. it will help donald trump in the ballot box in 2020. judge jeanine: she said in march, i don't want this because it will divide the country. now she has got it and it will divide the country. she has got to know this will make donald trump win. >> you have got to remember, people like jerry nadler have a
6:40 pm
primary from the left. that's why they are doing this. to go to their progressive base. judge jeanine: i said it months ago. now more evidence that jeffrey epstein may not have killed himself after all. dr. michael baden is here with new details. announcer: ride the totally realistic traffic jam. ♪ beep, beep, beep, beep children: traffic jam! announcer: and the world's first never bump bumper cars. children: never bump! announcer: it's a real savings hootenanny with options that fit your budget. that's fun for the whole family. announcer: only at progressive par... maybe an insurance park was a bad idea. yeah. yep. - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, this, and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll
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judge jeanine: i smelled a rat back in august after jeffrey epstein's shock alleged suicide behind bars. now the famed forensic path on jicht hired by epstein's brother says he did not kill himself. dr. michael baden joins me with
6:44 pm
more. it's a pleasure and honor to have you here. you are one of the most of famed forensic pathologists in the world and i thank you for being here. you and i know this because we both have done this before. we have a medical examiner in new york city. within five days she makes the decision the death of jeffrey epstein is a suicide. and do you think that was unusual? >> i think the autopsy findings had not shown that to be true. it required further investigation. judge jeanine: what are the autopsy findings? >> the autopsy findings show that there were hemmages in the eye, there was a deep mark around the neck and the hyoid
6:45 pm
bone and thyroid cartilages fractures in three places. there was a crushing of the neck, not a single ligature of hang. and he was not hang. the photograph taken after he was removed from the scene show that the ligature was 3 feet off the floor. judge jeanine: i want to be clear. i want the viewers to understand. i have tried these intentional strangulation cases, too. the breaking of the thyroid cartilage, that means serious pressure on the neck that you don't get in a hanging. he's 4 feet tom, you have been able to identify that the tie
6:46 pm
was right there. so let's assume -- we have jeffrey epstein. if he's kneeling and the ligature is from there, there is no force that can break the hyoid bone. >> the ligature is tied up here, but it's down to the floor. so is there not enough force to cause any fracture. judge jeanine: let's talk about the fact that there were five agencies investigating. you know and i know that a decision by a medical examiner is not just based upon the bod crane autopsy. there are other circumstances you assess. >> in every death autopsy gives a lot of information but has to be interpreted in the light of
6:47 pm
all the surrounding evidence at the scene and other evidence that may be found in the investigation of the death. so when somebody has an overdose of drugs, suicide, homicide, accident. judge jeanine: what would you have wanted to look at in addition to the body? >> the condition at the scene. apparently from the nature of the ligature which is tight around the middle of the neck, not the top of the neck. he had been dead for a few hours before the body was found. there were cameras that weren't working that were suppose to be on him. the fbi would come in, what do they find. was that sloppiness because the cameras didn't work or were the wires cut? or did they find something that showed the fbi in looking at the film that was not good condition that show him putting a noose around his neck or an
6:48 pm
unauthorized person going into his cell. did they investigate it in all these cases that happened, they have to talk to the inmates in the surrounding cells. the adjacent cells. what did the other inmates see. and interview the guards. judge jeanine: the guards were asleep. why are the guards asleep? >> occasionally i have seen deaths when one guard has fallen asleep and fudged the report. but i have never seen two guards fall asleep. that doesn't sound right. than was one photograph taken off the body was removed which you should look at and it looks kind of staged. judge jeanine: there is no dna from the noose. >> if the fbi or the new york city police examined the
6:49 pm
ligatures on the noose for dna, it would be interesting to know, is it his dna or somebody else's dna. judge jeanine: i love this case. i want to have you back to talk about it. there are a lot of people who might have had a motive to kill. >> that has been suggested. judge jeanine: are the 2020 democrats turning their backs on a favorite state when they have need it most of? in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life.
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judge jeanine: wildfires continue to devastate parts of california. but in true democratic hypocrisy. the democratic candidates are
6:53 pm
nowhere to be seen in the state trying to help. charlie kirk joins me now. how many candidates are from california? i know you have got kamala harris there. and who else? >> i think andrew yang. and there were some previous that dropped out. california is one of the first states out there. the democrats, kamala harris in particular hasn't visited the fires yet. california is a democrat-run state and democrat destroyed state. they rank 46th in education. they have the largest debt and the most illegal aliens and homeless of any state in the country. if you want to see where the democrats want to take america, look at california. they have also have the most
6:54 pm
income inequalities. judge jeanine: clearly, nancy pelosi should be out in california worried about her own state. but i think they are worry about the illegals and worried about making sure the illegals get in and making sure the president moves out. but that another issue. now i know there is an issue regarding someone who wouldn't say something about donald trump on stage. explain that. >> last week there was a rap concert with a wrapper named yg. he had a song where he noticed some one in the crowd -- the young man -- judge jeanine: they tell me we have the video. >> no, you won't.
6:55 pm
>> get him off the stage. if you don't say blank donald trump get out of here. and the guy wouldn't say it and he threw him out. >> he saw he wasn't singing along. extracted him from the crowd. just one person not singing along. this young man is a hero. he as hero for not capitulate together left wing mob in front of all his friend and a rapper that he enjoys. he paid money to see this concert. lame on him for publicly harassing him. i think the president of the united states should invite this young man to the white house for his courage and not bowing down to the left-wing mob when it would have been so easy to do so. judge jeanine: he's very young and you have got to give him credit. he has his moral compass in the
6:56 pm
right place.
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tonight, your dog chased him down, the leader of isis was wounded when the terrorist pulled his suicide vest. she's a beautiful dog, pretty coating. the resident told me himself coming is coming to the white house. i will be a special day because i will be there. i love dogs. these dogs in particular are not just companions on the battlefield. they help our veterans after they come home with injuries we don't see. like ptsd. many said she deserves the purple heart and for some time, stocks did get back but they are not getting it anymore. i'm sure we will figure out a can be part for her.
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that's it for us tonight. don't forget to give my book. i'm jeanine, advocating for truth, justice the american way. she test sea levels can't price soon enough. this week began with a hero dog chasing the theist users of isis, title to his own death. german shepherds.


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