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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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♪ [applause] >> welcome to wealthiers world i'm jesse watters media dishonesty that's theld subjectf tonight words seal team six killed osama bin laden in pakistan, immediately after, president president obama told world about the mission. operation neptune spear was successful welcome the president wanted toll bring him to justice andd green lit the mission mission accomplished he did it it was a bold call. joe biden actually was against it, by the way. the president obama deserved credit and he received it. >> obama captured -- >> a difficult decision. this operation has been in the planning stage for more than eight months and president obama was deeply involved every step
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of the way. so there's always a high level of risk i but the president andi think handled this brilliantly frankly it wasn't just mainstream media that gave obama credit people on the right did it too. we need to open the program today by congratulate hadding president obama. >> president obama has done something extremely effective, and when he does about -- this needs to be pointed out. >> i give president obama a lot of credit here. because i thought it was a gutsy choice when you consider everything that could have gone wrong and president obama would have if it did and took a lot of courage to do that anded i do admire that. made a courageous decision and difficult tactical circumstance with great risk here. so i think he justifiably can claim credit. c now question of to give credit where credit is due, obviously, truman deserves credit for ending war in pacific. reagan deserves credit for winning cold war and clearly donald trump is deserve credit
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for kill canning isis leading baghdadi military forces stay raid into syria was more dangerous than the bin laden raid. behind enemy license and russian and syrian control territory imagineri if it failed in midstf impeachment serial of pullout debate trump crucified like jimmy carter. the trump administration and brave soldiers pulled it off. but media is so dishonest it refuses to say trump scored a win for america. this president is determined to give credit foror killing al-baghdadi not because of the president. but inspite of him. perhaps inspite of the president inspite of president trump. despite -- largely inspite of -- largely inspite of and not because of -- and not because of donald trump. [laughter] how pa the thetic, i mean, trump campaigned on bombing hell out of isis destroying caliphate and
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killing their leaders and he did it. he set a goal settled on strategy and gave go orders the military executed it. we know hoe didn't jump out and kick down the compound doors himself he's a commander in cchief. most people especially lead percent understand this. in fact, donald trump personally congratulated obama on twitter after the bin laden raid saying this. i want to personally congratulate president obama, and e men and women of the arm forces for a job well done. we should spend next several days not debating party politics, but in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those currently fighting for our freedom. god bless america. but guess what, barack obama has not congratulated donald trump for the baghdadi kill and hasn't said a word about it. silence. now, he did have is time to congratulate nationals on world series, though. come on. look congrats to world champion
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nationals and fans great group that always showed up when it counted and it was never afraid to show a little joy dancing in dugout laughing believing in always sticking together. a true team with a spirit that do us all well. sticking together, really -- pl you didn't really look like you were. now maybe if obama had tried harder to kill isis instead of trying so hard to frame trump for collusion he would have gotten credit he so desperatelying looking for. so trump won war on isis he took on china has crime and poverty rates dropping. gas prices, and best economic numbers in 50 years. and democrats want to impeach him for a phone call and country is not going for this. let's look at the polls just 36% want to impeach. 22% say investigate, but don't impeach. and 37% say drop the investigation thing altogether. so when you tally it all up 59%
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of americans are against impeachment. 59% are against it. keep that in mind when fake news media skews these polls. now, here's how we feel about trump ukraine phone call. 38% say it is impeachable offense. 21% say it may be wrong but doesn't rise to level of impeachable offense andim 31% sy nothing wrong with the call at all. so 52% say that call wasn't impeachable. and just 38% say it was. a huge margin -- a huge margin. so how is impeachment playing in swing states is? it is a total loser which can this out. over 50% of voters are against impeach m in arizona, florida, michigan, north carolina, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. now, these polls i'm sharing with you they're from usa today and "new york timeses." they don't really lean right. [laughter] okay?
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so -- where are we as a country? who are we? and how do we feel about all of this? 89% of us are proud to be an american. 87% of us are tired of this circus in washington, and a lot being 70% of us believe in america first. there's a silent majority of americans who believe what you and i believe. but media tries to hide that. they try to deny that. and they try to deny trump credit and making you believe their lies. but you and i know we don't need media to tell us what to think. diwe know what's right. and that scare the hell out of them. here with reaction counsel to the president kellyanne conway kelly what do you think? >> first facts first crowd must just be infuriated that you show a clip of them and of politicians and sharing contrast instead of just presenting one's
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opinion, masquerade as facts. you actually mind them how ridiculous it is that people can cannot lay down their political arms for one single second, and phrase our brave men and women in uniform particularly with those with special on thank them applaud the fact that we are militarily strongest country in the world that we have a commander inr chief that have guts to execute on operation and go get al-baghdadi i think last monday following the announcement of capture and killings was banner day on record that biggest record ever -- for trump derangement syndrome, people just could not wave the flag. and it's really a shame solet remember too you said something important in your opening. that biden was against operation with osama bin laden that's important because he's trying to run for president and commander in chief now it is important for two other reason ares. one, former defense secretary
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bob gates said months ago, joe biden was basically wrong about evevery foreign policy decision that happened under their watch and number w two, in his career, and number two -- remember it was none other than president obama who referred to isis as, quote, jv team. he called him jv team president trump didru a big league move, g varsity move on isis and al-baghdadi. >> former president congratulated this president on killing and capture hasn'ted tweeted anything about it -- has i don't believe he's called the white house. to personally say anything to the president.. why do you think that is? >> to my knowledge he's not called the president and congratulated the president. and well, because of what we talked about before. which is that it just seems that most people -- >> do you think barack obama had trump derangement syndrome too? >> i appreciate what he had to say this particular week about
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how ridiculous it was to cancel calls just because -- >> more that have coming up. >> don't think because you're a big cable news prank that you're somehow making a difference that you're really -- don't think that because you're awake. no, but again -- you have susan rice who lied on sunday shows about the reason we went into -- benghazi happened to four innocent americans killed there had and you heard this week a cursing -- and demeaning the operation and the people who work here and other president saying, you know, every so often we need to lay down political arms say thank you butut look the country sees it. country sees that president of the united statess is busy -- capturing the world most wanted terrorist, and there are -- and they see that our new jobs numbers are explosive, that we'reth right there with 7 milln about 6 million jobs 7 million plus available jobs and their jobs for blue collar for wage growth sup. regulation is down. the number of energy related
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jobs are exploding they've got all of the judges on court, so people see what's happening in their own lives and as for the theye look at the impeach vote and they say okay about but what is this really about? >> i'm glad you brought that up because how does it look when schiff own district is on fire in southern california. literally you know nancy is out in california that whole state has blackout people don't have power. and they're here in washington, d.c. making their delegation vote about a phone call. how detached is that look? >> but what you're saying is important for another reason the leadership of the democratic party now come from new york, maryland, california that's fine but they very few if any membero are overseeing phony impeachment nonsense. they're not from districts that trump and pence want but 31 democrats are and we'll see what happens with them when they go
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home yet again web and they get and earful from constituents much like republican congressman franco city rudy recently wheree went home and people said what are you doing get back to work. democrats promised, to reduce drug prices, they're investigating the president. they promised new infrastructure they're impeaching president they promised help to us keep this economy humming along they're impeaching the president and nancy pelosi has betrayed her own words. a few months ago jesse she said impeach m must be overwhelmingly bipartisan, themi opposition was bipartisan, purely political vote because the scene is purely political process. did you see "new york times" jenna college in seven or eight swingg states a tight for impeachment removal of the president is not there. the appetite to keep the economy going keep our energy boom going and bring peace around globe capture rapist and terrorist who died as coward and live as
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cowards like al-baghdadi that appetite is way up. efnlg kellyanne conway go eagles there. >> go great open those bears. take care. >> kellyanne thank you. joining us now ranking member republican congressman from california, devin muñiz all right so congressman i didn't do it. but whistle-blowers have been outed. we have itwe right here real clr politics if everybody accounting to go job line to check it out everybodyt knows his name if you go look at it on the internet. nower we already knew he was a democrat and been working with biden. but i there's new revelations about thisn guy's left wing pet agree and been in contact with dnc people involved with ukraine. and also john brennan -- hat this point, how orchestrated do you think this whole quote unquotenq whistle-blower scheme was?ow >> well thanks for having me on jesse the the issue is we don't
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know the whistle-blower. only the whistle-blower and adam schiff and certain people on his staff and the i.g. know who the whistle-blower is. they all refuse to tell us. and so some of the most important questions you know that we still have, you know, obviously, the press is talking about this person that's out there is clearly someone that is -- that we would want to interview. but we need adam schiff to testify, icig to come to testify. in public so they can tell the american people who exactly this whistle-blower is right now this is a case with no evidence. >> so would you call adam schiff in front of the committee under oath to testify about his contacts with the whistle-blower? >> are you even allowed to call up -- >> look what's happening down there is a built of -- i've described it as like ini decision cults that's happening behind skiff with arm guards behind big door. you were actually there last year. you went up to the outside. went thering the to.
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saw press that were hanging out there they were like the cult followers, and so -- what you really have to look at here is that they all they've been up to last six week for six week they admitted everything we did here was wrong but we're going ahead and have the house of representatives vote on it, to say yeah everything we just did was okay. and by the way, we're still not going to tell you who this whistle-blower is. who started this whole mess. >> so in any opinion -- this is now a race between nancy pelosi and adam schiff, and bill barr and john durham. i believe that they cranked up this whistle-blower situation because they knew that durham and barr were pursuing the collusion, corruption with the democrats and ukraine in the 2016 election he had to get ahead had of it and now it is a race against the clock is that how you see it? >> so, so i hate to disagree
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with you on your show. i think it is just one of those things that would be called an added benefit. so you have to go back to the beginning of 2017 when the democrats took over congress. they turned the house intelligence committee immediately into the house impeachment committee. you only have to look at the people that they hired they were guaranteeing impeachment from the very beginning. they hired all of the people on that were geared. they're not expert in the intelligence agencies at all. these are people no one political hacks. so that's who they've, who they've brought on they said mueller was going to deliver goods we know what happened to mueller they. flamed out and american people didn't understand what muellerer said. we're going to go ahead to conduct more interviews they the gots were and c worse from worse for them knadler became a disaster. he disappeared. and so what happened is that house intelligence committee they wanted this. they dreamed they go to bed at night all of the people that are on the house intenls committee
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the democrats they dream and fantasize about water gate so they want to have this -- this show trial up for the american people reliving their old days when they were probably -- in college, and relive water gate. you know i was born right around time "watergate" and people they fantasize about it and in front of the american people. but the fact of the matter this is t not like water a gate and nixon impeachment trial or like clinton. they don't want to let us call any witnesses i doubt they'll give us one of our witnesses. this is -- this is going to be a show trial of which it is more like a cult on trial for everyone to see . e.>> so we have to run but when you see your colleague adam schiff and hallways around congress. do you guys look at each other in the eye -- do you bump him in his shoulder how does that work out? [laughter] [l>> well if you -- if you go down in behind the
8:17 pm
skiff, obviously, jacket tell you what goesel on inside of the exactly. but i can tell you this. it really is like a cult. they sit there and they snicker, they interrupt when john ratcliff is asking questions they always interrupt trying ratcliff he's a congressman from texas because they're afraid of john ratcliff because he's a real attorney. they laugh, they snicker. they -- with the the relationship do you guy like not make eye contact do you like how does that work when yous see each other? is it just -- what is it? >> yeah, well it is a essentially all it is is that we have to communicate via lawyers. because you cannot trust anything that they say because they're noty' dealing in good and look, this is for all practical purposes. >> in intelligence committee. [inaudible conversations] >> look, four years ago before we started -- before it turned into impeachment, when we were just doing intelligence, you would only see people from the intelligence committee.
8:18 pm
when this was like a raid on baghdadi and might see us with a terrorist attack or international distinct but turned this into a show trial cult committee. >> now you have to see him every day. all right. e congressman davidmen use there he is have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> still ahead, the hero military dogs -- who take on the world most dangerous terrorists. we'll show you all about them butt first kanye west accusing democrats of brainwashing black americans. >> for years lowering our votes making us board our children. ♪ ♪
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kanye west is back with a new album called jesus is king very heavy on christianity this time and, of course, promoting it and, isn't shying away about politics. >> we brainwashed out here bro with come on man this is a free man talking. democrats have us voting for
8:23 pm
food stamps for years bro, guns in 80s plan b, lower our vote making us board our children. the most racist thing a person could tell me is that i'm supposed to choose something is based on my race i aingt apologize you're dealing with grandpaa now i've been through too much. founder of a $3 billion company. >> joining us fox hogs and radio talk show host larry elder i want to talk to you about term brainwashing so 0% of black americans vote democrat is it because democrat policy or loyalty, is it because republicans don't reach out to black america? why do you think he uses term brainwashed? i would say all a of the above, most blacks don't know in thes not democratic party founded clan.
8:24 pm
democratted voted against 1, 14, 15th amendment as a percentage more p republicans voted for cil right act of 1954 than did in the in thes in house and? the senate most blacks are oblivious to that nor have blacks connected welfare state to the rise in black kids who are raised without fathers. and 165, 25% of black kids were raised without fathers now number is 70% and that tracks welfare states spend welfare state has women to marry government low men for spornght and kanye west is e shedding light on that and advancing unthinkable proposition toha voe for a republican be black and not be a sellout. >> so tommy i think it is obvious that kanye west is the first really, really famous mainstream black american entertainer with any street credit to come out against the democratic party politics and policies so aggressively. do you think that's going to make an impact on black american
8:25 pm
voting patterns do you think things are going to stay the same? >> you know, i would love to say yes. i would lovee to say that kanye west could really sway a lot of folk but at the end of the day i agree with many of the things kanye west say i'm so happy that he's coming out and being independent free thinker bold to say thing he's saying but i have to be honest with you jesse i won't jump on kanye train yet because train is not completely stable. when it is completely stable then i'll clap and i'll get with kanye west but for now i'll stay in the back give him all golf clap and hope he continues what he's doing. [laughter] but at the end of the day i don't think we should place outr bets on kanye but i do give him credit where credit is due for speaking his mind that is always something that i will respect. >> seems like you're saying kanye has been erratic in past and you're trying to maybe wait until it all plays out. well you can still buy his album i knows that's orn your list of
8:26 pm
to do things this weekend. i want to play sound of hillary clinton on "daily show," i think she's trying to be funny. but i don't really know if she pulled it off. watch this. >> and then what happened? they counted all of the votes. and even though she got three million more, the orange man still got into the house. >> but how? >> the electoral college. [laughter] larry i'm laughing at her i don't think she realizes she's the the a butt of the joke she lost . >> she lost big time. and she lost against somebody that everybody thought was an idiot and fool and nazi what does that say about her? i would like hillary to ask a couple of questions what happened to 33,000 e-mails under subpoena and did you, in fact,
8:27 pm
verbally intimidate wantagh if you wantnt to get serious? >> i don't think he's ever going to ask anything tough of hillary tommy what do you think? >> well i think hillary is trying really hard to reinvent herself and wish her the best of luck and possibly enter this race because she's lookinged a democrats to her and narcissistic mind might be funnier and jump in at the last minute so she's on this media tour. she said she's doing with her daughter for a gutsy woman book no i think this is hillary talking about hillary because hillary loves hillary that's something they have iny common and love themselves and extreme from that. >> i love myself almost as much as hillary and kanye too but you know what there's nothing wrong with a little self-love you know what i mean by that. tommy larry thank you very much. barack m obama -- shocking the country this week sounding like a fox news host. sounds like me out there find out what he said, coming up.
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live from america's news
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headquarters, prawmp is in new york to watch the u.s. fight at madison square guardsen tojt his first trip to home state after announcing that he would be changing his permanent residence from new york to florida. the president wrote in part, quote, the white house is a place i have come to love and will stay for hopefully another five year, as we make america great again. but my family and i will be making palm beach, florida our permanent residence. meantime the washington nationals receiving a hero welcome after defeating houston astros in thrill game series lining streets today to celebrate the first baseball championship in the capitol since the washington senators back in 1924. president trump has invited team to the white house on monday. i'm now back to "watters world." >> from new mexico. isis -- [laughter] yeah i was prisoner in syria until lastt week when you freed me so i just wanted to say,
8:33 pm
thank you for bringing job back. [laughter] >> to isis. "saturday night live," taking a shot at president trump last weekend but the joke was on them because just hours earlier a team of u.s. special ons guys embark on top secret mission to take out world most wanted terrorists. leader of isis al-baghdadi in what the greatest accomplishment has been to date . mr. trump announcing that news to the world very graphically. >> he died after run into a dead end tunnel. wimpering and crying and screaming all the way he reached end of the tunnel as our dogs chased him down. he ignited his vest killing himself, and the three children. his body was mutilated by the blast, he died like a dog. he died like a coward the world is now a much safe per place.
8:34 pm
here with reaction country singer trump supporter john rich. so the the left got real angry with graphic language did that offend you when had someone talks about that with a terrorist and apparently they don't understand to put people that nasty and vicious into check is by -- hitting them back with their own medicine which is obliterating them and then humiliating them after you do to which is is whole point of that. i mean, for americans we e get to see what our military is capable in real time. and for the bad guy they're going -- they just blew up our leader and then, of course, they got the next guy in line going yeah by the way he's dead too anybody else want to raise their hand that's the way to handle it. it is attitude that left puts out right now abouttt things lie that have been applied in world war ii. can you imagine the outcome? >> you know, i can't believe roosevelt bragging about killing nazi. i can't believe patton wants to walk out there. how dare truman drop those bombs so mean --
8:35 pm
to japanese. have they been watching this culture recently turn on sport-- turn on cable news, turn on twitter . there's so much trash talk in music, everything is trash tack so trump likes to trash talk it is propaganda victim for america but not just military so you want to spike the football on that. >> not bragging if it was true if he was wimpering and got blown up and we took his head then that's what happened by god. >> now it has november and you have a famous stash going on therele on upper lip so you putt to the vote. you have a poll -- should you keep it or shave it? ladies, and it is not for the men but ladies you polled. >> i don't care what dudes polled. who cares w what guy think so bg decision hashtag, i'm going to put up picture on screen of me with a mustache we can ask
8:36 pm
people what they think etlet see "watters world" with a stash. that's a john rich stash right there. you can be unforgiven with that. with clint eastwood. what else we got going here -- that not so much. a little geraldo. >> that's at troublinglet getted rid of that one. that can getge me in trouble. you -- that looks like you're headed down for some scotch and a cigar right now. >> i can get some of that right there. >> right there in that smoke. what else do wee have? >> wow. hello. wow. you're going to need two seats on the airplane. [laughter] alll right. i'm not going to ask ladies or ask the guy i know i don't need poll i don't need it i can't grow itit this is two week here. >> all of the hair energy is focused at the top. it grow on the top not the the face all right john thank you so much. red neck rivera media going bananas over war dog ceremony these are not very smart people and laugh about it up next but
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but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today and tomorrow. great. can you help us pour the foundation too? i think you want a house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. ♪ >> earlier this week former earlier this week former president barack obama weighed in on cancel culture you knowob trying to get people fired per tweeting the wrong thing ten years ago. or using wrong pronounce. watch. >> this idea of purity and you're never compromised, and you're always politically woke and all of that stuff. you should get over that quickly. [laughter] the world is messy. there are ambiguities. people who do really good stuff have flaws. like if i tweet or hashtag about how you didn't do something
8:42 pm
right or use the word wrong verb or been i can sit become and feel pretty good about aboutoo myself because you see how awoke i was, i called you out. that's not -- that's- not activism. that's not bringing about about change. joining me now fox news contradict tore raymond. in my opinion obama is worried about 2020. he realizes that twitter activism is no substitute for community organizing this is a warning shot to the left say you guys better do a lot more than canceling people on twitter. >> you're absolutely -- look this might be the most important thing obama has said since yes i can. okay. s actually his fatherhood initiative t this calling out of the callout culture this was major and here's why we've been seeing culturally over the year first peel called somebody out for something they did, then it become a social media fire storm. then they're canceling people. it is the predicate for cancer
8:43 pm
culture we saw it with roseanne and drew brees asked kids to bring their bibles to school even laura ingels wilder -- her name was stripped from a children's book award because of something she had written 90 years ago. he's really smart to call this out in the democrats would be wise to heed words because what they're polling on president this impeachment east is a big -- act to the culture of cancel that's -- wongd for obama is worry about about his own legacy tbens gay marriage he said and made joke about special olympics that he could never get away with in today culture but toipght talk to you about baby it is cold everybody remembers the original song let's refresh their memory first. play it. >> baby it's bad out there. >> hey what's in this drink? >> no to be had had out there. >> i wish i knew how. >> your eyes are like star light now. >> to break spell.
8:44 pm
>> so kelly clarkson, and john legend have come up with a new politically correct me too version of the song, and i think you and laura you do a little duet request that together? >> we did a little profane duet of this christmas i knew i prefer his version here's what problem jesse this too a product of the canceled culture last year. they canceled this song from radio air wave from coast to coast even in canada so john decided to redeem it with a pc pen, and he'snd written new whay lyrics about it is your bids and your choice, and let me call you a cab. if he's calling the girl a cab, the song is over. it is two people flirting. trying to staying the to -- how dare john legend stephanie fiveve years later try to improe on frank, to you don't like frank's composition or his lyrics write something different, leave the class picks
8:45 pm
alone that would be my message to dear john legend. >> all right raymond, all right jesse the man to miss the legend there he is.he thank you very much. >> thank you. we've heard plenty about hero dog wounded in the raid now a real life combat train k-9 quacks l into "watters world," next. ♪ i don't make compromises. i want nutrition made just for me. but i also want great taste. so i drink boost for women. new boost women with key nutrients to help support thyroid, bone, hair and skin health. all with great taste. new boost women. all with great taste. - [narrator] forget about vacuuming for up to a month. shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself into a base you can empty once a month. and unlike standard robots that bounce around, it cleans row by row. if it's not a shark, it's just a robot.
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this week president trump tweeted a clearly photoshop image of himself pinning medal of hon non on hero dog who taked down al-baghdadi see the watering mark on right-hand side from ben shapiro side and media can't take a joke and fact checked meme. cnn jim acosta says white house official is saying the dog is not at the white house and voice ofca america had steve went a sp further a writing, i have requested details from the white house on this photo. this was no such k-9 event in today potus schedule but set for later today for active duty green bray.
8:50 pm
god these people are stupid and joke go over their head. they're fact checking jokes now. i mean, they're so gullible no wonder they fell l for russia collusion thing now dogs became a force during world war ii and train k-9 sent into battle for beach front and used as messagers and scouts and even mind detecters today there are over 2,000 active military dogs in america. and here to fill us in on the role military dogs play in the war onn terror, is former p navy s.e.a.l. k-9 dog trainer mike explain how you train a k-9 to enter sort of these combat zones and what are they specifically trained to do? >> so the most important thing starting out is finding right dog which is overwhelmingly genetic a lot of times people make a mistake of thinking you
8:51 pm
can train your way through thing and no different than the human parallel -- if thing dog doesn't have the right stuff, it is really nothing you can do no matter how good of aa trainer you are. and a selection. >> like in the nba. yeah, sllgt e-absolutely right so starting with right dog is number and and recreating the environment that the dog is going to be operating in as best as possible, and just running a lot of repetition and rehearsal frankly had of doing explosionive detection, and apprehension work so that the dog is well versed, and well rehearsed.ed when it is game time to be able to do what is asked of it. >> so for instance without giving upns any sort of intelligence, you know you have the baghdadi raid behind enemy lines where k-9 took a part of and injured but fine now. what conceptionly would be doing like that and kind of
8:52 pm
seeking out explosives or seeking out -- bad guys? >> i would say most likely. i mean, obviously, without having been on the raid, and not knowing the course of action, in terms of the details, i couldn't about say, however, it is reasonable ascertain that explosive detection on the way e in ton protect the guys behind them from many ied's or explosive cash things of that nature as well as a potential ambush from a human component. and then once they're inside similarly, to be able to sending dog in ahead of time, and either, you know, rout out, you know, a good rout in and out for the troops to go in, and find their high value target is in conjunction with, in conjunction with being able to apprehend to take down whatever that human high value target is should they locate it. >> that's awesome thank you for trading niro to your left there
8:53 pm
and i'm sure he's ready to go on next mission, and he can't wait. soso thank you, and thank niro r your service i appreciate it. >> absolutely if i could throw a psa out real quick? >> real quick. > just it shall the remarkabe l nature ofab these dogs and thm being highlighted in the news creates a huge demanding by people that frankly shouldn't have them. if you see the coverage and you decide i want one of thesing i toes either e buy a finish, trained, you know, fully trained and finished dog from a professional. or just don't get one with at all epstein didn't kill himself. >> all right. okay. thank you for that commentary all right mike. maybe more on that later. and -- tonight up next -- last call. ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream.
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jesse: type for "last call." a double dose of dogs in honor of the k9 warriors. a trip down memory lane from when i visited the kennel club to find out what it takes to be the top dog. who is this? >> the dog's name is nick. jesse: the name? >> swagger. he's not packing any heat? >> no, but there is probably heat under that hair. >> he doesn't eat much. $300 to $400 a month. >> $900. >> $3,000. jesse: people actively cap
8:59 pm
paining for their individual animals. >> there is a little bit of politic. jesse: what do you win here? >> you don't get any money. jesse: ribbons? when you are junked, what are you looking for? >> a dog that is the breed standard under the american kennel club standard guidelines. jesse: has anybody tried to grease you? >> no. jesse: maybe i'm not her type. i gave consent before the kiss. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.
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judg"justice with judge jeanines next. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us and thanks for making "justice" number one again last saturday. tonight we are going at it again with gusto. house majority whip, steve scalise joins me. and white house press secretary, stephanie grisham. governor mike huckabee, corey lewandowski and charlie kirk. and dr. michael baden will be here to discuss the latest news in the jeffrey epstein saga.


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