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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 4, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> what is somebody is looking -- would it be the same as that one? >> no. heather: the bike was returned to the school in scotland. well, thank you so much for joining us, bought it on amazon, that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye, bye. >> were in jail for murder, we have to consider them dangerous people. >> it's scary that you never know who is out there. >> makes you wonder how is it possible. jillian: monday november 4th, fox news alert, two murder suspects on the loose at this hour after a daring escape during routine inmate count. rob: manhunt that has upscale california community on alert. jillian: live in washington with the bombshell development that could make or break the left's case. controversy for the cleveland
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browns. brown brown two star wide receivers were nearly benched, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: maybe the most bizarre world series in history of all world series. think of all the money that was spent on games. jillian: thousands of dollars for a ticket, crazy. good to be back. rob: good to see you after 2 weeks, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first".
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i'm rob schmitt. jillian: i'm jillian mele, thank you for starting your day with us, several white house officials expect today skip this week's testimony as democrats prepare for next steps in the inquiry. rob: this as we know the whistle blower who sparked awful this is willing to answer questions. jillian: griff jenkins live from washington, there's a big caveat here, right? griff: nearly a dozen new witnesses are being summoned to the hill but the whistleblower who sparked the inquiry is not among them, the attorney for the whistleblower is offering to answer questions from democrats and republicans tweeting they would do so, quote n writing under oath in penalty of perjury but that may not be enough for gop leaders, congressman jim jordan appears to be rejecting the offer in statement to abc news ranking member on the intelligence community to whom the officer was made directly is not commenting, meanwhile the president wants whistleblower to
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come forward. >> the whistleblower should be revealed because the whistleblower gave false stories, some people would call it a fraud, i won't go that far but, when i read it closely i probably would but the whistleblower should be revealed. griff: about to see more what has transpired behind closed doors, democrats leaders say it's their intention to begin releasing transcripts soon. >> now we passed a resolution that says we will move to public hearing where all the transcripts, all the depositions made public. griff: 11 closed-door depositions, unclear if many will show, among them national security adviser john bolton who
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will not appear voluntarily and energy secretary rick perry who is first cabinet member asked to testify. >> thank you so much. jillian: now to fox news alert, urgent manhunt underway for two escaped inmates in california, fonseca and salazar both behind bars on murder charges, the sheriff's office is trying to figure out how they broke out of high-security facility, 5,000-dollar rewarded for information leading to their arrests. rob: president taking aim at california governor gavin newsom, slamming the democrats for doing terrible job of forest management while also threatening to cut off federal funding to fight wild fires. president trump also slamming newsom for state-water management practices calling on him to open up the ridiculously closed water lanes coming down from the north, newsom firing back on twitter, quote, you don't believe in climate change, you are excused from this
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conversation. after scorching thousands and thousands of acres, the wild fires m across northern and southern california are mostly under control at this hour but experts warn that more hot and dry weather could elevate the risk this week. jillian: the governor of maryland blasting a county executive for banning a police department from displaying a thin blue line flag that it received as a gift. rob: wow, jackie ibañez more on war of words this morning, jackie. >> good morning, rob and jillian, what was a gift in honor of first responders day causing uproar in montgomery county, here is how it went down, the police department posting photo of american wooden flag gifted by wood worker and his son saying they would display it in the installation mark eldridge putting the brakes on this telling the police union it is banned, the flag provides symbol of support if some but
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dismissiveness to others, firing back in a series of tweets saying is disgusted, i've attended the funeral fallen officers, i strongly call on mr. eldridge to reverse the decision and apologize, the police and citizens of montgomery county, governor showing his support forcing blue line flags, images of two flags hanging in his official home there, the police union also speaking out about the flag controversy writing in a letter, quote, we condemn arbitrary political action and refuse to go display the flag is, quote, outright disrespect, the wood worker who gifted the flag to police gave red flag to firefighters that flag is allowed to stay. a spokeswoman for eldride has
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not responded for comment. rob: president trump headed to kentucky today for last-minute campaign stop, he's campaigning for matt bevin who faces tight race with andy bashear, bevin says he's tackling on issues. >> whether it's our taxation system, tort reform, education, choice for parents, kids in urban communities, the pension system, every one of these is a political loser, have to make hard decisions and i will continue to make hard decisions in the next 4 years. >> he won the state by nearly 30 points in 2016. as the former vice president joe biden loses momentum, his campaign is now down playing the iowa caucus, campaign manager telling wall street journal, quote, i think we are the only ones who don't have to win iowa honestly because our strength is the fact that we have a broad
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and diverse coalition. new york times poll shows biden in fourth place in the hawkeye state, iowa's february caucus is the first nominating contest in 2020 race. jillian: week 9, now the ravens pull off a huge upset to end the patriots undefeated season. >> jackson, he's going to do it himself, he's going to try to -- jillian: lamar jackson 3 touchdowns, baltimore 30-27 win, the miami dolphins ending winless season beating the jets 26-18 and the eagles shutting down the bears offense in a 22 to 14 win. and the browns, the broncos 24-19 but they made more headlines in half time, the nfl ordering odell beckham, jr. to change their customed cleats or
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they would be benched. clown design inspired by new joker movie. players violated the league's uniform policy. >> okay. social media is divided on this person tweeting only the browns could have their best players more interested in shoes than winning games. jillian: nfl is worried about color of cleats when they have issue with referee calls, another person tweets, the game is their job, wear the uniform. i mean, they know the uniform. rob: yeah. jillian: they know the rules. rob: it's true. jillian: homeless crisis crack-down underway right now, live look in austin as the governor of texas says today is the day to clean up the city, our own aisha live with more developments overnight. rob: democrats, even saturday night live slamming elizabeth
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warren saying former teacher should check her math on medicare for all. >> she's making it up, nobody thinks it's $20 trillion, it's between 30 and $40 trillion. >> we are talking trillions, you know, when the numbers are this big, they're just pretend. rob: yeah, 52 trillion, 20 trillion in new spending, we already know the plan will cost trillions and trillions of dollars and next guest says it will totally disrupt health care and likely the economy as well, a doctor joins us live coming up. see what your customers need,
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now in one pot, and with tendercrisp technology, you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. rob: welcome back, elizabeth warren has finally released the details of her 52 trillion-dollar medicare for all plan which she says would require 20 and a half trillion dollars in new spending over 10
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years, the numbers are so dramatic that many democrats even saturday night live went after this plan. >> she's making it up, nobody thinks it's 20 trillion-dollar, it's between 30 and $40 trillion. >> i'm not a big fan of medicare for all, i mean, i welcome the debate. >> we are talking trillions, you know, when the numbers are this big, they're -- they're just pretend. [laughter] jillian: mind-boggling numbers, we already knew the plan would cost trillions of dollars and millions of jobs, how else could this cripple economy, here to break it down critical care doctor, thank you for your time this morning, we appreciate it. let's get right into the breakdown of this plan and you can see a number of things listed on the screen in a second 8.8 trillion, 1.4 trillion of individuals, financial firms and top 1% of earners, more listed on the screen in addition to
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that some of the implications here, 52 trillion in first 10 years would eliminate 2 million healthcare jobs and end private coverage for 150 million people, doctor is this realistic? >> you ask a really good question, i think when you look at the history of healthcare reform over the last century it's been incremental process, we've been struggling with this question since the truman era and the notion that we are going to go -- our entire industry in insurance, we will destruct rural communities and change the face of how we -- the dynamic between doctor and patient fundamentally, i think that's a lot to ask in the course of just one election cycle, no, i don't think this is realistic, i think incremental approach that slowly changes healthcare system is far more likely to get bipartisan support. rob: forget the fact that you will knock half of the country
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off insurance and put them in big pile, when you talk about the money, 20 and a half trillion dollar spending and biden says it's 30 to 40, so essentially over 10 years, that's almost doubling the amount of money that we would need to bring in as a country. i mean, that's an explosive tax burden and she says only billionaires will going to see tax increase. >> well, what worries me is clerical implications as public health doc and i know myself and colleagues we worry about patient healthcare access on a timely -- on a timely period, days to weeks, we don't want our patients to be waiting months for access to needed subspecialty services to getting primary care appointment and we need to have a the humility as a country to say what are our peer nations that have adopted single-payer system what have they gotten right and what they
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have gotten wrong, canada and australia they have a role for private insurance, this is a false choice with no private insurance and the single-payer, this is a false choice, private insurance has timeless rule in places like canada and australia and england for a reason and i think we have to have a realistic debate about that. >> a lot of people are concerned about jobs that would be lost in the aftermath of this or throughout this process, really, let's take a listen to what she had to say on the topic. >> so if you've had a chance to read the plan you'll see no one gets left behind, some of the people currently working in health insurance will work in other parts of the insurance and life insurance and auto insurance and car insurance. jillian: what do you make of her comments there? >> i don't think there's been much thought about the disruption this is going to
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cause to multiple stakeholders in the industry, providers like myself, nurses, health insurers, people who work in the industry, this is a for profit, we have to talk about this in honest terms, are we going to have doctors, my wife who is a pediatrician, she didn't say we will raise medical school, cost a fraction to go to medical school in england and canada, she doesn't talk about that, at the same time president trump, other democratic candidates are having debates about incremental changes, whether it's the public options from the vice president which is very realistic, president trump is talking about increasing access to telemedicine, digital health, we are having real debates on the other side, of course, there are gaps, it's a complicated debate, the notion that you will disrupt the healthcare industry in one election cycle is phantom --
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unfathomable. jillian: thank you. 19 minutes after the hour, a crack-down on the homeless happening right now in austin, texas, garbage trucks and crews with whistleblowers closing in on the camps overnight. rob: our own aisha with firsthand look, aisha. ♪ >> yeah, guys, the state is stepping in to try to get a handle, grip on the homelessness crisis in the capital city ordering crews to clear camps, first stage is under way, we will take you live after the break. the game doesn't end after that insane buzzer beater.
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rob: welcome back, starting today texas cleaning up homeless camps in the capital city of austin, state agencies moving in after the governor gave local leaders more than a month to come up with some other solution. jillian: aisha where cleanup just began moments ago, good morning, aisha. >> you're right, moments ago we were able to capture on video, let's play it for you and show what we saw for you in austin, texas, we saw texas dot crews escorted cleaning up trash using leaf blowers and the second part we believe to pack up folks living here, pack up belongs and put them in storage, as the state steps in now in frustration it's mounting over how the city is handling the crisis. >> i think our city councilman, mayor are a bunch of idiots.
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they need to help us as much as we are helping them. >> we are spending money to do it but it's not affecting the problem. >> so governor greg abbott warned city leaders to straighten things up but now he's stepping in, this morning texas dot crew wills clear away the homeless encampments across town and there are a lot of them, the governor says he will not allow austin to turn into a city like san francisco or la and by the way, texas gop chair was on with us at 4:00 o'clock, listen to what he said about how they're contributing to this. >> it is absolutely crazy that leftist continually believe that if they -- if they just -- someone with a bigger heart tries the same failed policy over and over again that things will get better but they don't get better, they get worse. >> now, some of the homeless have actually already started to pack up overnight we saw some of
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that happening last evening but they've told us, our crew that you know what at once crews, the texas crews leave, they will come right back, the problem is, though, the governor has said, this is going to be a weekly cleanup so they'll be back again next week. >> you talk to people from austin, they can't believe what's happened over the last year or so, aisha, thank you so much. federal investigators -- [laughter] rob: do i it every time, federal investigators launching a new probe into tesla after several reports of their vehicles bursting into flames. jillian: tracee carrasco from sister network fox business explains what could be causing the fires. tracee: national highway safety administration have launched investigation looking at specific models of tesla, yes, after you've said they burst into flames, this happened a number of times, they want to know what's going on but they believe it could be battery
2:26 am
defect, model s and model x vehicles made between 2012-2019 for any sort of issues with the battery and interviewing employees and officers of the company, anyone who had to do with the engineering, the model, design, anything with the batteries to try and figure out what is going on, tesla has until november 28th to comply with this investigation or they could face a massive fine of $111 million. jillian: good information to know. i feel like there's little information to back that up. tracee: microsoft japan, they tried this out, they cut down their workweek to 4 days, they gave employees friday off and they found that productivity went up, increased by about 40%, huge number there, so even though they had a short week, they were still getting a lot of things done and one one of the r things they found they cut down on meeting times and figured out
2:27 am
ways to get things maybe remotely or virtually, they also found a few other things, they were using less electricity, they were printing fewer pages and employees were taking fewer sick days. rob: wow, 4-10's, i love the idea. tracee: i'm all for it. rob: three 13-hour a days. four times is good. jillian: 27 minutes after the hour, liberal city is resorting to bribery as part of their so-called criminal justice reform? >> make that play, we need you the make the big catch across the middle. make it baby, because we are coming at you. rob, drew brees, sticking alma mater to next level coming up.
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rob: all right welcome back, manhunt in california, beautiful monterey, california, both behind bars on murder charges and the sheriff's office is trying to figure out how they broke out of high-security facility, 5,000-dollar rewarded for information that leads to their arrests. jillian: house republicans will get to submit written questions to the anonymous whistle blower who triggered the impeachment inquiry, whistleblower to answer questions under oath, president trump is calling for the whistleblower to be publicly identified. rob: president trump will host the washington nationals at the white house, pitcher sean dolittle the only player to say he will not attend citing
2:32 am
divisive rhetoric from the president. jillian: democratic front runners hit campaign trail desperate to prove that he takes what it is to win oval office. rob: fox poll sheds light on the primary, christina coleman breaks down numbers for us. >> former vice president joe biden leads nomination race and beats trump by 12 points in a matchup and rally in sterling, virginia biden took on the nra. >> my god, what are we doing? that's part of why we are losing the soul of this country, we have to get it back and the nra, the nra is part of the reason we are losing our soul. >> biden isn't the only one catching steam, mayor pete buttigieg gaining momentum over kamala harris putting him in fourth, biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, he's ready to go up against president trump
2:33 am
in a debate. >> a lot of tough talk and chest-pumping and that sort of thing but it's not the same as strength, there's more to strength and toughness than that kind of thing, real toughness is standing by your word, real toughness is standing by your friends and allies. >> warren talked about her healthcare plan sunday at an event in iowa. >> our time to win the fight for medicare for all and save our people. 2020 is our time, our time to dream big, fight hard and win. >> despite a shrinking field of candidates down to 16 from 27 in july, some democratic primary voters say they wish they had more options n los angeles, kristina coleman, fox news. rob: supreme court will issue order today on homeless camps, the original case was filed in 2009 after the city of idaho issued ordinance banning people from sleeping in public places, several people filed cross-suit
2:34 am
being forced to leave was cruel and unusual punishment. the city argues there would be nothing stopping camps from growing to dangerous size. jillian: today hundreds of inmates will walk free, oklahoma releasing 450 low-risk offenders, the largest commutation in state history, low-level drug and property crimes to misdemeanors, officials say they are saving $12 million by releasing these inmates early. and 900 inmates could be let out before christmas, governor andrew cuomo will authorize the move before new bail law takes reform next year, mayor bill de blasio will offer accused criminal tickets, movie passes and gift cards to encourage them to show up to court. rob: all right, the department of defense praising a college
2:35 am
football team for honoring veterans with special helmets, each one bearing the photo of a player's family member who has served. the department tweeting so awesome to see northwest missouri state university athletes and bear cat equipment honoring military service, the bear cats debut the helmets this saturday, they won that game 79 to 0. [laughter] how is that possible? they were feeling it. jillian: yeah, they were, we are at that time of the year where we are starting to see 30 something. janice: you think this is cold, you wait, some models are showing snow flurries in the new york city, stay tune for that forecast, so it is cool out there, a lot of 30's and 40's on the map here, we do have some snow in the forecast, parts of the northern plains, the great lakes, the upper midwest, nothing significant just yet with the storm system,
2:36 am
we will watch a couple of cold fronts move through, 3 of them over the next week or so, the first one bringing some cooler air, the second one a reinforcing shot of cooler air and then the third one heading next week could bring the coldest air of the season for much of the country and some snow flurries for parts of the northeast, that's next week and we will have to watch for that. this is a week from now, as you can see the snow across the northern plains, parts of the midwest, great lakes into the northeast, it's something that we will have to watch over the next week or so, there's the forecast today, not too bad, the snow furrilies across the great lakes, it would be a mostly sunny day in new york city with 58-degrees and i hear it's a special day today. rob: come on over here. jillian: today is the sweetest day of the year, it's national candy day. janice: i'm running.
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rob: why do they have 3 days after halloween. >> why not in rob: we decided to celebrate with guilty pleasures, they asked us what stuff do you like and seems like we agreed on a lot of things? >> what is that? >> tweet tart. >> who picked those? >> i picked sweet tarts. rob: all right. >> who picked milky way. >> somebody else wants them? rob: reeses is the most popular one. jillian: all the leftovers, i don't know. >> could be it. rob: 6 weeks to digest. >> did you guys know the first candies were medicinal? [laughter] rob: in colorado they are still
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medicinal. jillian: use today treat ailments for digestive and throat. rob: way to go. they will sit in your gut for about 3 years? >> i'm surprised nobody picked twix. >> who picked kit kat? jillian: we have to go, 38 minutes after the hour, the president greeted with cheers at ufc match this weekend. jillian: so why did the headlines say he was booed? >> yeah, we will talk about that and should the dog that cornered al-baghdadi get a purple heart, the new movement from veterans to make it happen, stay tuned.
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jillian: good morning and welcome back, now debate taking over social media over president trump's entrance at ufc match in new york city. [cheers and applause] rob: a combo of reactions, several media outlets are reporting that the president was met with boos, basically ignoring the cheer that is you can hear, the president and his supporters say that it's fake news. >> you can hear people whistling it sounds like. rob: yeah. jillian: carley shimkus fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115 here with arguments on both sides. carley: sparking sparring match with the media over series of mostly negative headlines, cbs news writing trump booed at ufc event in new york city, cnn says
2:43 am
trump met with loud boos and some cheers at ufc fight in new york and the hill says trump gets boos upon entering msg prior to ufc44. well, the president bunched back by posting footage on instagram that shows people clapping, waving, taking cell phone video as he walk intoed madison square garden, for all the haters keep pretending that it was only cheers by us in first video and elsewhere, nice try, fake news, fakeers are going to fake, you are only driving home the point that you guys are bias beyond repair. social media coming upswinging as well, more cheers than boos, this actually looks more like a trump rally and then matthew says, seriously, why not deliver the facts without judgment or prejudice just say cheers and boos if you have to color -- why do you have to color everything, ufc president dana white called it the most electrifying entrance he's seen in 25 years, you know that man has seen a lot
2:44 am
of entrances. rob: that's very true. jillian: we have the photo of the beautiful canine injured in isis raid, veterans saying he deserves a purple heart. carley: the only problem is that that award is reserved for humans injured or killed in the line of duty, let's listen to this from a former army ranger who received purple heart himself to the new york post, do i believe he should received for purple heart, absolutely, they are out there with us every step of the way, former army ranger said one explosive can take out 6 to 8 guys, he's definitely saved lives and let's just take a listen to one twitter user, absolutely service dogs deserve to be honored just as much as any soldier, same thing as the soldiers too, one canini named chip received purple heart for
2:45 am
his bravery after world war ii, but it's never been awarded to a dog since then. >> any dog deserves it. >> yeah. >> that's a good candidate. absolutely. >> 11-year-old kid nobody showed up to his birth party, what happened here? carley: hockey players are rallying around 11-year-old boy after father posted picture that shows his son standing by toronto maples leafs cake, none of his invited friends came, that hurt, i'm asking my friends, my twitter friends to show him some love today, if you have a minute send him love today, ask and you shall receive, they responded and said that they are going to give him a big surprise, they haven't said what the surprise is going to be but the family responded saying they are totally overwhelmed with the outpouring of support as thousands of
2:46 am
people sent him birthday wishes including favorite hockey players. jillian: that's so great, isn't it? rob: happy birth, that's great. carley: thank you. rob: maryland police department banned from displaying a thin blue line flag because it's too divisive? an outrageous claims that has the state's political players at odds. jillian: maryland sheriff calls it lack of respect, he joins us live to react next, first time to check in with steve doozy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends", good morning, steve. steve: welcome back to home base after job well done. jillian: thank you. steve steve dan bongino who ran for congress in maryland will be talking to us about that. former ufc fighter tim kennedy is going to be joining us along with and it's going to be great, hall of famer jerry rice, look at that, the southern rock
2:47 am
legends from iconic song sweet home alabama. ♪ ♪ steve: well, leonard skinner taking tour for a one-night only showing but johnny vanzant and guitarist will join us live on the set with preview, busy 3 hours kicks off 12 minutes and 40 seconds from right now right here on the channel that folks trust for morning news. jillian: great show. steve: it's a great show. rob: be right back entire world.
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rob: welcome back, maryland's governor outraged after the montgomery county executive bars a local police station from displaying the thin blue line flag calling the flag divisive. jillian: police union slamming the ban calling it a slap in the face for the offers who risk their lives daily. joining us now to react from harper county, maryland, sheriff jeffrey, thank you for joining thus morning. what does the flag mean to you? >> symbol for men and women of law enforcement who go out there every single day, put their lives on the line for the rest of us to make sure that we are safe in our homes and in our daily lives and the act of county executive can be described as ludicrous from banning this flag given from young man.
2:52 am
rob: the flag provides a -- there we go, symbol of support to some but symbol of dismissive ness to others, it would not be posted at fifth district nor any public space within the police department, what's your response to that and what do you know about this guy, what can you tell us about him in. >> i don't know how much about the county executive of the state, thankful in a community that loves and supports the men and women of the sheriff's office, men and women, the terminology that he uses is ridiculous, if we are in such a state in this country now where if you try to ban everything that someone is going to find offensive, none of us will have anything and the same group will be, you know, offended by the united states flag, when do we stop the nonsense? jillian: is an action like this creating divisiveness?
2:53 am
>> it certainly does. think about how divisive it is for the young man. poured heart and soul into the project, took it there and delivered it to these officers in person, you could see their reaction, they have happy to accept it and what's -- the county executive is not worried about offensive the young man, large segment of i'm sure montgomery county community as a whole who support their police officers. rob: it's getting harder and harder to recruit police officers to do their job, are moments like this the reason? >> i certainly think this is contribute to go that, the negative portrayal on so many -- if you want to use the term fake news about our men and women in law enforcement who overwhelmingly are out there doing outstanding job every single day and yet the false narrative is allowed to permeate and, you know, give credibility to county executive, gives credibility for taking such an action as to refuse the young
2:54 am
man's gift. jillian: take a look at statement from governor hogan, i'm offended and disgusted that county executive mark eldridge has prohibited montgomery police officers to display thin blue line flag, i strongly call him to immediately reverse the terrible decision and to apologize to the police, we will standby to see if that happens, multiple times we've seen the picture of the boy delivering the flag to the police department, you wonder what if something like this teach our younger generations? >> i think it teaches them entirely the wrong message, makes the police department appear that they are not accepting the gift, it's not the case, this is an elected official who is playing to a very liberal leftist mind set instead of supporting the men and women of law enforcement, but this young man just sees the police department refusing the gifts and governor hogan's remarks couldn't be more spot on, governor hogan stood up with me, i wear thin blue line 2-10
2:55 am
pin and we have a governor thankfully who supports the men and women of law enforcement unlike the county executive in montgomery county. jillian: we certainly thank you for what you do in your community and communities beyond feeling the impact. >> thank you for having me on. jillian: thank you. >> thank you. jillian: 5 minutes until the top of the hour, a krispy kreme crack-down, entrepreneurial teen trying to bring the hot and fresh favorites to his communities, got more than doughnuts, not so friendly warning coming up next. [inaudible conversations] jillian: ouch. rob: that didn't feel good, more than just patriots undefeated season that crashed and burned this season, a fan adding to injury coming up..
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jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. drew brees pumps up his alma mater before the big game. >> make that big play. we need to you make that big catch across the middle. make it, baby, because we're coming at you. jillian: it worked perdue beat nebraska 24-7. rob: krispy kreme orders a man to stop selling their donuts. buy donuts and bring them back to twin citiesened and charged a lot of money up to 20 bucks. the company says his business is a liability.
3:00 am
jillian: patriots fan adds injury to insult. his team lost 20 to 37 to the rafnsz. that looks like it hurt. jillian: it did. rob: baltimore beats the patriots. who knew? see you later. jillian: have a good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ steve: let's go. it's monday. how did we wind up in november? we are in the month of thanksgiving already. and watch you are watching "fox & friends" hour one. brian: celebrating halloween tough to get over. ainsley: craving candy corn this morning any left over. brian: no expiration date because it's not really food. open the bag and close it. it's just as stale. steve: a lot of people like candy corn. ainsley: we have a huge show for you today. brian: we have a fox news


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