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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 4, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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touchdown! and the big green when it! a miracle, dartmouth stays undefeated! >> laura: that was my alma mater dartmouth taking down harvard on a last-second hail mary pass. it was awesome, six seconds to go. playing princeton's we can, both undefeated. that's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here, shannon. >> shannon: that's fancy football, you iv leaders. you get it done. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. antidepressant rallies thousands in a key state with a slate of big races on tap for tomorrow. the political makeup of state legislatures, who will win my governor's mansion's? what tomorrow's off year election means in the presidential election is exactly one year from today. matt bevin joins us live fresh off the president's last-minute push for him. also tonight, the latest in the house democrats impeachment inquiry, who will and will not show up for more close doors to
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physicians amidst several untapped? more witness transcripts, republicans claim they are cherry picking which ones the public will see. we will have late-night insight. later a fox news at night exclusive, the televangelist remains president trump's personal pastor and now she's taking on an official job in the white house. we will talk on how to keep that key voting bloc in 2020. the newest white house advisor joins us exclusively live tonight. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin to mate with mike tobin live in kentucky, the scene of the president's keep america great rally. it was a raucous one, good evening. >> hello, shannon. this race for governor here in kentucky is neck and neck and in an off year election the turnout is expected to be low, this is the kind of event where the president can show up here in lexington, throws his support behind matt bevin, throw a bunch of excitement into his voting base year, and give matt bevin a
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bump just before people go to the polls. >> you will vote to reelect kentucky governor matt bevin. he put his whole life at stake to help the state and the job he's done is incredible. under his leadership, kentucky has created over 57,000 new job jobs. >> as the president does at these rallies, he went into a number of subjects, he talked about the killing of al-baghdadi and he of course talked about the impeachment inquiry and the democrats were leading it. >> they've been plotting to overthrow the election since the first hour that we won and actually before we won they were plotting to overthrow the selection. >> the opponent, it the democrat is the current attorney general. he's also the son of kentucky's last governor. in a state that the president
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carried, attempting to woo some of trump's bay spectrum said today that he is a major liberal and someone who has pledged to undo trump's policies. people are looking at this race to see if it is indeed a test of the president's support. shannon. >> shannon: mike tobin in kentucky live, thank you. here's how president trump describes my next guest. >> he such a pain in the ass, but that's what you want! [cheers and applause] >> shannon: pretty sure he meant that as a complement. joining me now, republican governor of kentucky, matt bevin. governor, what you make of that comment and i? the president says he's constantly asking for things for kentucky but you're doing a good job. >> i love this president. i love it. we've got a good relationship. he said the same thing to me in private. he said it very publicly tonight, but it's true. i ask him for a lot. he delivers a lot. he's a man that loves america, he's a man that loves kentucky.
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kentucky was the first state called for him when he ran. he's never forgotten it and he's been very good to us. >> shannon: back there tonight by briefly rallying ahead of a big election, a number of offices in kentucky tomorrow. let's look at the latest mason-dixon survey, it has you in the democrat tide, locked in 46-46 -- 47% -- undecided. also nepal, though his job approval remains underwater, compared with 48% disapproval, that is an improvement in recent months. how do you swing this thing, can you, as your critics point to the things they don't like about what you've done as governor of kentucky? >> if you take on challenges, there's always going to be plenty who don't like things. if you take on the pension failure, if you take on tort reform. if you take on education reform, if you take on tax reform, these things are going to create controversy. we have kicked so many cans down the road for so many years and i took these on very intentionally. this is the first political job
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i've ever had, shannon. i'm not a politician, i'm not doing this to kiss rings or backsides. i'm not trying to build a political career, i'm trying to clean the state up. there's a lot of corruption, there's a lot of mess that's been left by 96 straight years of democrat control of our house. i'm only the fourth republican and 100 years. i will remind you though, four years ago at this time, four years ago, the night before the election, the same polls showed that i was down by 5%. i ended up winning by 9%. at the polls work well here, so if they show that we are even right now, that bodes very well for us. i want to win by double digits. it absolutely is a bonus to have the president hear because this is a man who loves our country and our state, as i said, and the people here are grateful, and they will be enthusiastic about turning out, even to a greater degree than they might otherwise have been. >> shannon: i want to read something from congressman, a democrat from there and kentucky.
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the only one i think in your congressional delegation -- he says this to "the washington post." "matt bevin is kind of antithesis of any politician i've ever been around in that he seems to get up every day and decide "who am i going to piss off today"? you've tangled with the teachers, people have come to their defense and said listen, these are all children's educators. you've taken on some unpopular fights. what you make of what he has to say? >> coming from a liberal whiner like him, that's one of the greatest compliment i could ever get. quite literally, i've quoted him recently, aristotle said if you want to avoid any controversy, say nothing, do nothing and be nothing and that's what too many people and politics dupe, nothing. and i'm fed up with that, frankly. as a taxpayer, as a military veteran, as a business owner, i'm somebody that said somebody's got to get in and take on hard issues. i will say this as it relates to teachers, my grandmother was a retired public school teacher. my father, public-school school teacher, two of my five teachers, public school
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teachers. my sister is still a fourth grade school teacher. i love teachers. this idea that i don't is nonsense. who i have a problem with is the teachers union. it's corrupt, it's absolutely narcissistic, it's all about spending teacher dues for its own political power. doesn't look out for the teachers or the students or their parents and i have a big problem the way in which they conducted things in this state, so yes i've taken on but i'm the only governor in the state that has ever in history funded the teachers pension, which is a sad commentary. i've also put 100% of the lottery money to education, which kentuckians have been promised for 30 years, i'm the first governor to ever actually do it and we are putting more money into the classrooms poor people than ever in history of the state, so there's nothing really to complain about. at the teachers union has got its knickers in a twist but again, i consider that a compliment as well. >> shannon: yours is one of many tough races in kentucky and several other states as we look one year out from the presidential election. next your folks are going to be watching these races to see if they are indicators so we will
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be watching as well tomorrow night, governor, thank you for your time. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: scores of supporters rallied saying read the transcript, echoing the president's message about the ukraine phone call at the center of house democrats impeachment inquiry. tonight we are getting a look at to witness transcripts and learning more about what democrats plan to release the others. but several more close depositions on the calendar, who was actually planning to show up? garrett tenney has the very latest on this, good evening. >> agreed to bhere with you. and several big pieces of news breaking tonight on the impeachment inquiry. fox news has learned that one of the men, rudy giuliani hired to help dig up dirt on the bidens in ukraine is now ready to cooperate with congressional investigators. he and his business partner were intimately involved giuliani's efforts to try and persuade ukrainian officials to investigate joe biden and his son hunter. the two ukrainians were arrested last month on campaign finance charges and projected a subsequent request for documents
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and testimony from house democrats, but tonight, his attorney tells us "he will answer the subpoenas to the best of his ability" and the reason for his change of heart? he "was deeply disturbed to learn in jail while awaiting a bail the president was disavowing and claiming not to know him." there were also allegedly involved in an effort to remove the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, which we learned more about today. after the house intelligence committee released transcripts and several the closed-door depositions it's recently completed, including the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, maria yovanovitch, who told lawmakers that late last year, ukrainian officials warned her that giuliani was in touch with ukraine's former top prosecutor, "and that they had plans and they were going to, you know, do things, including to me." yovanovitch is one of the handful of witnesses who has agreed to testify. today, another for white house officials defied subpoenas by not showing up for their closed-door depositions.
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tonight, president trump continued to slam the impeachment effort and dismiss last week's vote to formalize i it. >> with last week's vote, the far left has declared war on american democracy itself. these people are lunatics. in the face of these attacks, republicans are the most unified that i've ever seen. >> tonight fox news was also told that while there is a possibility the president's former national security advisor john bolton shows up to testify as scheduled on thursday, right now, that is not expected to happen. democrats are very interested in hearing what bolton has to say because he reportedly raised concerns of his own about the president's actions in ukraine and even refer to it as a drug deal. shannon. >> shannon: yeah, we are standing by for that but this is one of these games that we play in washington, will they show up? our cameras will be ready in case they do. >> we will. >> shannon: president trump's attorney tonight vowing to take the battle over the president's tax returns all the way to the
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supreme court. earlier today, an appeals court ruling to allow new york city prosecutors to proceed with a subpoena for several years of the president's tax returns. the president's team arguing that a sitting president should not be subjected to a state criminal process. the united states formally telling the united nations it is beginning the process of pulling out of the 2015 paris climate agreement. nearly 200 nations signed the climate deal, secretary of state mike pompeo called the deal and unfair economic burden to the u.s. democrats are criticizing the move, chuck schumer calling it one of the worst decisions the president has ever made. the investigation into the investigators escalates. who could be in u.s. attorney john durham's investigative cross hairs? and when do we finally expect a report? our legal panel, we've got news with them next. these co great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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♪ >> shannon: tonight we are learning more about the investigation into the investigators by u.s. attorney john durham and how it turned from an administrative investigation into a criminal one. correspondent david spunt is at the department where the investigation is expanding. >> the john durham investigation is a very important -- i feel one of the most important investigations in the history of our country. >> investigating investigators, a favorite phrase of the president when talking about the origins of the russia investigation. now he has his wish. john durham, the u.s. attorney in connecticut, is conducting a criminal probe into the nexus of that investigation and the results may be quite telling. >> i do not get involved with it, that's up to them. and by the way, i feel out to get involved with it if i want to, but i chose not to. it's up to bill barr.
8:17 pm
>> but attorney general told fox news just last week he staying away from investigation leaving sole responsibility to durham. >> i understand he's making great progress. as you know he's a 35 year veteran of the department. great reputation for nonpartisanship. >> the investigation began last spring as an administrator's review. over the summer, new evidence still under lock and key came into play and now the probe is criminal. durham can now subpoena witnesses and impanel a grand jury. despite him saying he's not involved, bill barr did traveled with durham to italy to introduce them to italian officials who could help with information. fox news has also learned introduced durham to officials from the united kingdom and australia. president obama's cia director john brennan potentially mentioned in the probe praised durham at a recent appearance. >> john durham has a very good reputation and is working with a number of professionals who i think are going to try to ensure
8:18 pm
that this is done appropriately. >> but his former colleague, michael morel, isn't so optimistic. >> the proper people have already looked at this. john durham should not be looking at it. >> the durham investigation is expected to take several months. we are also waiting for the doj ig report that is looking into alleged fbi surveillance abuse into the trump campaign. we could find out then by the durham probe is criminal. shannon. >> shannon: david spunt, thank you. with praise from both sides of the aisle, the spotlight is on john durham as we await his report, who could be caught up in this expanding probe? let's bring in ethan bearman and fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. also the author of "witch hunt." great to have you both with us, gentlemen. >> good to be here. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: from the national view today, this piece says "if durham comes back with an indictment is extremely likely to get in and conviction but if he chooses not to press charges it probably means that no prosecutor could sustain a
8:19 pm
conviction based upon the available evidence." greg, it sounds like focusing he's a pretty much straight shooter down the middle. >> he totally is and everybody, even democrats recognize that and have said so. i think now that it's turned into a criminal investigation, that suggests to me as a lawyer that he's probably found some fairly persuasive evidence of lawlessness and corrupt acts and i suspect it's true electorallyy related to the inspector general's report which surely durham has right now and i think we're going to find out that all four of the fisa warrants were illegally obtained so the people who signed off on that, the people who prepared it, who may have deceived the judges, concealed vital evidence, and may be perpetrated a fraud on the board could be held accountable by durham. >> shannon: i see ethan already shaking his head. >> that's quite the assumption regarding the fisa warrants because if gregg jarrett had insight into the fisa warrants directly themselves we would have a very serious national security issue on our hands
8:20 pm
because that is a security court, so here's the deal, durham himself of course has a great reputation just like robert mueller has a great reputation. what's tainting this already though is we have an attorney general was acting more like a protector of a child king, a boy king, then he is actually serving as the attorney general of the united states are we the people, so there's a question, is he coloring this investigation? we are going to need the transparency, we are going to want all the transcript at the end, just like we are wanting out of the mueller report and what is happening in the house right now and again, i just want to point out, the reason i say that about attorney general barr is because he misrepresented what robert mueller wrote in the report when he gave his summary. that's what makes me suspicious about this. >> shannon: listen, gregg, that accusation has been made, people can now read the mueller report, draw their own conclusions but there was this initial letter that came out from the attorney general, did he get it wrong? >> he didn't get it wrong, he
8:21 pm
got it totally right. i devoted the longest chapter of my book to explaining how he got it right and how mueller and his team actually got it wrong by contorting the law and twisting the facts. and as to the fisa warrant applications, a year ago, those applications, with some reactions, or made public, so that's another part of my book in which i go through them and explain how the judges were deceived and six different pieces of evidence that were concealed and misrepresented. so that would be, by logical extension, a misrepresentation and a potential fraud on the court. >> shannon: okay, i want to get you guys -- we can relitigate that a lot, but there's so many things happening today so i want to ask you about a couple of newer things. there were no shows today for these depositions, we don't know if others including john bolton are going to show up later this week but here's what adam schiff, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, had to say. he said there's evidence of
8:22 pm
obstruction when these people don't show up but he also said this. >> we may infer the white house obstruction here that their testimony would be further incriminating of the president. >> shannon: a quick comment from you both, eat and will start with you. he says it's evidence if they don't show up of obstruction and we can infer that their testimony would be back for the president. fair of him to say that? >> if it's not a valid executive privilege, then yes, it would be obstruction, which is what, again, president trump is very busy doing and was evidenced in the mueller report. don't okay, gregg, final were to you, is that evidence of obstruction -- >> no. if you're exercising executive privilege, you have every right to do it. it gets litigated in the court -- and there are other privileges as well. if you defy a court order, then it would be obstruction of justice, but it's silly for schiff and he's completely wrong to claim it's an impeachable offense of obstruction of
8:23 pm
congress simply to invoke executive privilege, that's nonsense. >> article two of the nixon impeachment was specifically regarding obstruction of congress, gregg jarrett, that's what was in article two of the impeachment documents against richard nixon, so no, that's not ridiculous. there's precedent for this. you can't go interfere and directly block congress' article one duties. >> shannon: quick final word, great, we got to go, but i will give you a chance to respond. >> i think it will be up to the courts if schiff wants to pursue it and then we will wait and see and have this argument buried >> shannon: some of this is the democrats saying they will not waste their time in the courts, he said that, but we will added to the obstruction charge. we will see, a lot of this is going to get litigated but in the meantime we have a couple great legal eagles of our own, so gregg and ethan, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: nearly 900 convicted criminals could be getting out of jail early in new york city and with perks, we will tell you about that after the break. ♪ er.
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8:28 pm
we are learning more about a colorado man under arrest accused of domestic terror for plotting an attack on a synagogue. 27-year-old richard holtz are allegedly met with an undercover fbi agent excited about plans to bomb that synagogue. correspondent alecia korea is in denver with the very latest >> good evening, shannon. according to the criminal complaint, undercover xpi agents reached out via facebook, back in september and after agents say he was using multiple accounts to promote white supreme as the ideology and violence. the 27-year-old from pueblo, colorado, who self describes as a former member of the ku klux klan and current skinhead, was in federal court today where he faced a domestic terrorism charge that he "intentionally attempted to obstruct persons in the enjoyment of the free exercise of religious beliefs through force and the attempted use of explosives and fire." the u.s. attorney in denver, jason john, says he was planning to poison congregants of the temple mount which is about a
8:29 pm
two hour drive from denver, and also detonate pipe bombs at the house of worship. posing as like-minded individuals. in a direct message, holzer told one agent in october "i'm getting ready for rachel," " meaning a racial holy war. it came to an end this past friday one holzer met with undercover agents in a hotel buried >> received inert explosive devices that have been fabricated by the fbi. including two pipe bombs in 14 sticks of dynamite. according to the affidavit, mr. holzer allegedly planned to detonate the explosive several hours later in the early morning hours of saturday. >> when you ask what my reaction to this part of it is, comfort to know that law enforcement was able to intercede and what could be a very dangerous situation. >> if convicted, holzer makes faces a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. shannon. >> shannon: thank you.
8:30 pm
nearly 900 terminals could be getting out of jail early in new york city with perks. according to "the new york post." the news comes as a police officers are reportedly hesitant how to engage with suspects after massive antipolice protest rocked the streets of brooklyn this weekend. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight, good evening, trace buried >> good evening, shannon. for months we have documented instances of police being doused with buckets of water and other liquids and now it appears things are elevating. if on halloween while responding to a domestic violence call, two police officers had their squad car's covered in trash, eggs, and boxes, and when the officers pulled the trash off, they were taunted by passersby yelling "trick-or-treat mother blinkers." more than a thousand people took to the street, opposing a police crackdown on fair leaders, people who jump the turnstiles and ride the subway for free. the protesters argue that issuing citations to those who cannot afford the subway is racist, targeting mostly black
8:31 pm
and hispanic residents. and they said this about police. watch. >> police brutality against the criminalization of black youth and subway systems by the police. >> she's referring to video of a police officer punching a 15-year-old who was arrested for assaulting police but as residents curse the cops and break the law, police unions say officers are hesitant and try to keep a low profile saying "cops don't want to engage because they fear that if it goes bad the nypd is not going to back them." and beginning january 1st law goes into effect that illuminates bail for defendants charged with more than 400 various misdemeanors and felonies from negligent homicide to selling drugs near schools,
8:32 pm
meaning most defendants will be free until their trial date. it's part of new york governor andrew cuomo's criminal justice reform and because the law is retroactive, new york city may quietly release some 900 inmates in the coming days. critics say that as a threat to public safety. and finally, to make sure all those inmates show up for their court dates, new york is offering the criminals free stuff, including tickets to professional baseball games. shannon. >> shannon: we will keep an eye on that, trace gallagher on the west coast, thank you. ♪ >> shannon: "the new york times" reporting on its own brand-new poles in key states as the president's advantage in the electoral college remains intact and may have even grown since his election in 2016. 2016. headlining new york magazine warning democrats say they will will be living in a fantasy world. correspondent mark meredith is counting down to 2020 for us. good evening. >> good evening, new poles from fox news and other media
8:33 pm
organizations like "the new york times" are giving us a better idea of where the 2020 presidential race may be heading. just under one year until voters will head to the actual pole to cast their vote. >> and america is stronger than ever before. >> president trump told a crowd in kentucky tonight he's proud of his record since taking office. now a pair of new poles are showing how voters feel about his performance. "the new york times" and siena college's survey of registered voters shows the president remains competitive in key battleground states against potential 2020 democratic rivals. in michigan the times on the president essentially even with former vice president joe biden and leaving massachusetts senator elizabeth warren by seven points. >> thank you, detroit. >> the same poll shows vermont senator bernie sanders beating trump in michigan, but only by two points, that's within the margin of error. in florida, a state trump won in 2016, polls show biden leading the president by two points emma
8:34 pm
but trump remains slightly ahead of both sanders and warren. biden told pbs last week he's confident his message would prevail in battleground states. >> look at the numbers, how i beat trump in pennsylvania emma in ohio, in minnesota, and all those middle-class working-class states. that's why he doesn't want to run against me. >> the chairwoman of the rnc told fox today republicans are confident of their chances going into 2020. >> i will tell you the rnc pulling where we've been in the field every week showing the president very strong in the 17 battleground states that we are going to need to win back buried >> a new fox news poll shows the president remains unpopular nationally. in a survey of registered voters, 57% told fox they disapprove of the president's job performance. compare that to 42% who approve. but that may not matter, the times says the poll shows the president appears to have an advantage in the electoral college vote suggesting the president, similar to what happened in 2016, could win the
8:35 pm
election while still losing the popular vote, shannon. >> shannon: mark meredith on the 2020 beat for us tonight, thank you. iran it one step closer to getting a nuclear weapon. morgan ortagus, state department spokesperson is here life to respond next. but first, tonight's real news roundup, department no longer allowed to display a handmade wooden thin blue line flag gifted to them by a resident. the flag is meant to honor first responders but is cuffed sparking controversy. some residents were left calling it of white nationalism. while supporters say it's meant to celebrate police, the state's governor agrees. larry hogan is calling on the county executive who bans the flight from public property to reverse the decision. a "new york times" column blasting former president barack obama for his comments criticizing young people and cancel culture. ernest owens, whose bio just says "it's a journalist," says he gasped when he heard the former president, who he labeled old and privileged, telling young activists to get over being politically woke. he went to call the former president's comments "misguided
8:36 pm
and a figure wagon." the i find -- tasha very boomer view of cancel culture. in florida, a pregnant woman fought off to burglars with her ar-15 after they broke into her house. the woman reportedly walked in on the intruders pistol whipping her husband and grabbing her 11-year-old daughter. when one of the burglars shot at her she came back with her own legally owned rifle fatally shooting one of the burglars. her husband says she saved his life. you ever wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you.
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8:41 pm
nuclear weapon. he says iran is operating twice the amount of advanced centrifuges as previously known, allowing for more enrichment of uranium. the speech aired live on state television as iran's vice president added the islamic republic is enriching 5,000 grams of uranium a day. earlier this year that number was just 450 grams. already, iran has surpassed the uranium stockpile and enrichment limits made out in the 2015 nuclear deal. in response to the new actions, the trump administration imposed new sanctions today on iran targeting nine people and one entity. this as tensions remain high in the middle east and tehran looks to exert influence over massive demonstrations in both lebanon and iraq. overnight antigovernment demonstrations continued across iraq as the iranian consulate was overrun by protesters. many scale the walls of the consulate as security forces opened fired on the crowd, killing three people. as people threw stones and burn fires, an iraqi flag was raised in place of the iranian flag.
8:42 pm
an extension of the protest that erupted early last month in the iraqi capital of baghdad. demonstrators are demanding a new constitution, a new government and u.n. supervised elections. as for any common ground between the united states and iran to reduce tension in the region, just yesterday iran's supreme leader, the ayatollah, reaffirmed her commitment not to negotiate with the united states amid crippling american sanctions on his country. shannon buried >> shannon: thank you. with that pledge, not to talk to the u.s., and today's demand that iran turnover -- morgan os joins us live to talk about that and other hot foreign policy issues, quite happy with us. >> were to to be back on thank you. >> shannon: we are not the 40th anniversary of the takeover of the embassy, that long hostage crisis. we know there are americans being held there now, what leverage do we have as they say they are not even coming to the table? >> today is a really important day because what we saw happen 40 years ago, we had over 50 american diplomats that were
8:43 pm
held for 444 days. they were held hostage and that pattern of behavior that started 40 years ago, that's been indicative over the past four years. this is a regime that has fought for the past four years to use hostage taking, use terror for their gain and what you see, and this is still happening today and we again have used today as an opportunity to call in the iranian regime to let the american hostages of those who are wrongfully detained go. i was just speaking with someone tonight, we had a rewards for justice announcement, $25 million in the u.s. government for information reading to robert levinson, who of course has been detained in iran. speaking to his family member today, and i thought this really puts a face with this terrible crisis that you see, and again, this is indicative of a pattern of behavior that we see in iran. they use these hostages for political means. and there's really no value for human life. >> shannon: interesting, the secretary speaking for people who are survivors or family
8:44 pm
members of survivors of that hostage crisis told amazing stories about how they funneled messages to each other through letters and were very clever and there's so much, so many stories still to be told from that, but it is something we can never forget and how this country operates. i want to ask about hong kong as well, nearly five months of protests there. they continue on. joshua wong, who without a show, in and out of jail there as he tries to protest for pro-democracy, he says this in a piece that he wrote in the washington op-ed. he's talking about various measures that are being passed in the house, others in the senate. would like to see them come together, he says under the headline "china confounds me but it can't silence hong kong's movement." he says this is a moment when the international community must pick up comedies actions would signal to beijing it should illusion that might loosen its grip or face international pressure. what more could read administration, should our administration be doing at this point? >> the president and the secretary have been very clear on this issue, the president has called and said he wants humane treatment in hong kong. the secretary has talked and said the chinese me to live up
8:45 pm
to their commitments as it relates to hong kong, just last week secretary pompeo was at the hudson institute in new york where he actually gave an incredibly tough speech as it relates to the pushback that we are seeing from us towards the communist party in china and i think it's important too, to differentiate here. are some of these are always with, , and our friendship are with people around the world to make their own determination about their country and our dispute often times in these scenarios in these situations are not with the chinese people, but with the communist party that seeks to silence their own people. we saw in places like for example in hong kong, we saw one of our diplomats was harassed. i talked about this from the state department podium, one of our diplomats are harassed for doing their job, where they meet with activists and with all different parts of the political spectrum, wherever they are on the world, this is what american diplomats do. this is an issue we talked about quite extensively in something
8:46 pm
or secretary pompeo will continue to lead the charge for this administration to keep pushing back on an aggressive chinese regime. >> shannon: i want to get your response tonight to a piece late from "the new york times," the headline "pompeo faces political peril and diplomats revolt in impeachment inquiry." all because of things attributed to people, most of them not in the record. those who are don't seem to be current employees at the state to permit but they say this, mr. pompeo's face and were both in the state department, confidence in his leadership has plummeted around career officials. what can you say in response? >> one of the things i can say is the people that the secretary has empowered around him are career foreign service officers and he's put them in very high positions of leadership in the department, most of the people that i work with on a daily basis are in the foreign service and these are people that i worked with not in just this it administration but in the obama and in the bush administration administration's, where he also worked in national security, so i'm encouraged by the people around the secretary that are in these senior positions, he has
8:47 pm
sought to do many things in the year and a half he spent secretary of state, including lifting them hiring freeze and getting more people in the foreign service and getting more people appointed to these senior positions within the state department. there was a while where junior people were not even coming into the foreign service and he restarted those classes. i think he is an incredibly effective leader, he's someone that i am proud to work for and someone that i know believes in building strong teams and will continue to stand up for his people. >> shannon: organ, so much going on on several foreign policy fronts, thank you for dropping income of it to seal. she's been celebrated and criticized. president trump's controversial personal pastor and his newest white house aide, next. ♪ sleep this amazing?
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>> democrats have also had an unrelenting assault against people of faith. anybody in here a person of faith? [cheers and applause] >> shannon: one of his biggest lines of the night tonight in kentucky. now his longtime personal pastor is taking a new role inside the trump administration advising the faith and opportunity initiative, working to keep the president strong evangelical base in 2020, but the announcement was not without controversy as some questioned her theology. joining me now to answer the
8:52 pm
critics, newest white house advisor paula white cane, also the author of the brand-new book, "something greater." great of you with us and i. >> it's were to be with you, shannon and with everyone. >> shannon: is taking a lot of religious steps and of course his critics say with the move last week dealing with lgbt issues and religious freedom in the intersection, they say that what he's doing is legalizing discrimination, but pinning it on religious liberty. how do you answer that? >> our president continues to advance the faith agenda for all people of faith. he's done so many different things from when we look at alleviating poverty, 6 million people coming off welfare, strengthening families. religious liberty, the state department and alliance, he just is a freedom fighter for people of all faiths. you see it over and over, i have personally seen it up and close for 18 years, so that's with the faith initiative and opportunity agenda is about.
8:53 pm
it is really advancing, because he recognizing recognizes faita difference in people's life. he says it over and over, we worship god, we don't worship government. >> shannon: there are those who -- including joshua harris, famous pastor who is left christianity and says it's not how he chooses to identify himself but he's got this morning, he says evangelical support for president trump "incredibly damaging to the gospel." he says i don't think it's going to end well, how do you respond? >> people are going to say some pretty ridiculous things all the time. i think this ending very, very well as we see that evangelicals support president trump at an all-time historical high, the base is stronger than ever. 99%, the latest prr say that impeachment is absolutely ridiculous. they are against it, so we continue to see the policies that our president makes as he works tirelessly on behalf of of all americans of all people. he's done unprecedented things
8:54 pm
from opening up houses of worship to be able to take in fema disaster relief, to be able to do so many things within the faith community. he continues to make a huge difference. >> shannon: you, like the president, you all have bonded, and do some really interesting tidbits in your book as well, but both of you are used to coming under criticism, so i want to read a little bit for you, which is honestly being revved up now that you are in this new position as well. jeremy peters writing this in "the new york times." he says among christians, miss white is a divisive figure. her association with the belief that god wants followers to find wealth and health commonly called prosperity gospel is highly unorthodox in the faith and considered heretical by many. you've been a faith leader for a long time. what do you make of that critique of you? >> i've been in ministry 35 years and i've heard just about everything said. first off, i do not believe that in what you would say -- you give to get and that's what they try to label it as, prosperity.
8:55 pm
i believe -- i've had to defend the trinity of all things that got the father, god the son, god the holy spirit. i think most of this is a political ploy to hurt our president, to hurt the great faith agenda that he continues to advance. anyone that's ever listened to my message knows very well that i believe in very solid biblical beliefs. so this is not anything new. >> shannon: it you all now continue your partnership, it goes into a new phase and we will watch, we know they're going to be key moving into 2020. thank you. >> thank you so much, shannon. >> shannon: time for tonight's midnight hero. this dramatic rescue happened after the raiders and lions game after the bay area rapid transit station in oakland. a man falling from the platform as the train was coming thoroughly in but a quick acting transit employee pulled him to safety in the nick of time. the men hugging in the aftermath, so to john o'connor,
8:56 pm
that is the transportation supervisor who was there in the right place at the right time, you are truly a midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent this evening with us, good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ some farms grow food. this one grows fuel. ♪ exxonmobil is growing algae for biofuels. that could one day power planes, propel ships, and fuel trucks...
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washington, d.c. ♪ >> tucker: fox news alerts, "tucker carlson tonight" we have a big show plan for you but first we go back to the president as he communes with supporters and the commonwealth of kentucky. >> president trump: i'm going to become a politician. but i looked at "the new york times" and it was like a little leaflet that you hand out at the grocery store. the wind would blow it away. it was dead, i call it the valley of "new york times" only because eventually it will fail. but we built it up. they do stories. in my entire life, i had a few stories on the front page of "the new york times." and how, i have three or four a day. it's like, why are they not


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