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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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officials encouraging lawlessness, violence, vandalism. back tomorrow on the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. >> sean: a fox news alert, moments ago president trump wrapping up a raucous rally in kentucky. don jr. will be here. and what if hunter's name was don jr.? congressman devin nunes, and congressman gaetz will be here tonight and i will address the insane story about yours truly because i do my job that you don't do because you're lazy and corrupt. investigative reporter john solomon. uncle joe biden is in serious
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hot water. we were right. according to solomon, hunter biden was in fact peddling his influence and we have access to damning new documents showing how burisma holdings used hunter biden, the vice president's son at the time, the guy in charge of ukraine at the time to try to win special favor from the obama administration. february 2016. one month before then vice president biden leveraged $1 billion of your tax dollars in u.s. aid to force ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating burisma holdings and his son, millions of dollars his son was paid with zero experience in gas and oil. communicating with the obama state department tonight according to these newly unearthed emails courtesy of
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john solomon and a freedom of information act request. noting that "two high-profile u.s. citizens are affiliated with the company including hunter biden as a board member." one month later, the vice president tells the country of ukraine. why would the vice president of the united states ever want a prosecutor of ukraine fired? fire the prosecutor in six hours or you won't get the billion dollars. don't believe me? call obama. that is a joe quid pro quo bragging about it on tape and for good measure let's remind you of him bragging in his own words. take a look. >> we're not going to give you the billion dollars. they said you have no authority. the president. i said call him. i said i'm telling you, you're not getting the billion dollars, you're not getting the billion, i'm leaving here in six hours,
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if the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money. son of a -- he got fired. >> sean: son of a b -- quid pro quo joe. it's called a shakedown. calling the congenital corrupt liar adam schiff, he's bragging about it. name dropped hunter biden to the state department of obama and a month later the prosecutor investigating hunter biden and the company paying him millions with no background or experience after biden leveraged a billion of our tax dollars, he's done. did hunter biden have experience with energy? none. did he have experience in ukraine? none. it was his father, the second most elected -- powerful elected official in the united states and in charge of american policy in ukraine -- pick your choice.
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influence peddling. buying favor. what other possible reason could there be a vice president demanding a ukrainian prosecutor being fired or you don't get the billion? plain and simple. even hunter biden could not deny this obvious fact. this has to be the dumbest interview i have ever seen a 49-year-old give in my life. watch this. >> you didn't have any extensive knowledge about natural gas or ukraine itself, though. >> no, but i think that i had as much knowledge as anybody else on the board. if not more. >> in the list you gave me of the reasons why you were on that board you did not list the fact that you were son of the vice president. >> of course. >> what role do you think that played? >> i think it is impossible for me to be on any of the boards that i just mentioned without saying that i'm son of the vice president of the united states. >> if your name wasn't biden do you think you would have been
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asked on the board of burisma? >> i don't think there are a lot of things that would have happened in my life if my last name wasn't biden. >> sean: looked like burisma's investment paid off in a big way. hunter $1.5 billion private equity deal with the bank of china 10 days after flying with his dad to china. zero experience in china. we can't find experience in private equity either. would any other american get this deal? no. this stinks to high heaven. joe 30330. if you didn't discuss it, in leverage to get him fired? hunter biden scored a one-on-one meeting with then secretary of state tony blanken one month after starting his gig with
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burisma holdingsings, then we learned tonight hunter's business partner and fellow board member devin archer scored a meeting with secretary of state john kerry. so nice to know people in high places. this is the behind-the-scenes look. it reveals a level of sick nepotism and influence peddling. it is repulsive and should disgust every american. the american people get it. the media mob? all they do is run defense for the bidens. that's equally repulsive and sick and it shows you who the media is. the president raised this in a speech tonight. would they make these excuses up if it was donald trump jr. with no experience being paid millions? i doubt it. pay close attention to gregg jarrett who will join us in a minute. biden's actions could be criminal. look at your screen. he's identified the laws that seem applicable.
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foreign corrupt practices act. 15-u.s.c.-78. >> sean: might financially benefit. that seems to fit. according to gregg jarrett, if vice president biden used his public office to influence or coerce a foreign official into taking action that benefited biden's son, biden has broken the law, likely. that's not all. bribery. >> sean: a billion dollars. to a public official to influence an official act. fire him. is guilty of bribery. fire the guy, you get a billion dollars. uh-oh again.
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how about the gratuitys act. -- how about the gratuities act. fire him. six hours. woops. looks bad. >> sean: i'll let law enforcement do their jobs but i think we now need an official criminal investigation opened here. it almost looks to me like a biden criminal enterprise. what do i know? i'm a talk show host and member of the press. it might have something to do -- i would have something to do with it if i were the prosecutor. piden right at the top. second most powerful person in the country. his son raking in millions of dollars from all over the world
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with no experience. the easy gig on the board of burisma holdings. no other american is going to get that deal, no other american getting $1.5 billion private equity deal with the bank of china with no experience -- deutsche bank, goldman sachs might be more suitable candidates for such a deal with the bank of china. meanwhile, the media mob. the willing accomplices. stepping all over themselves trying to protect the bidens. for years they simply looked the other way. ignored this massive scandal like they always protected the clintons and they have been trying to cover it up saying it's disproven conspiracy theories. there is no evidence of wrongdoing. the american people are smarter. democrats on the hill, even biden's 2020 opponents are trying to protect biden while launching a baseless witch hunt against donald trump surrounding ukraine and he didn't get anything. that's how morally bankrupt. that's how intellectually lazy. that's how compromised.
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that's how corrupt. that's how hypocritical you have to be, to be either a democrat or part of lying mob in the media. it only makes sense that their de facto leader is -- yeah, that guy. he is a corrupt, compromised coward and congenital liar. he's been lying to us for three years. his name adam schiff and a fake, phony non-whistleblower, hearsay whistleblower refusing to come out of the shadows. and he won't bring him in. because compromised and a fact witness. joining us with reaction house intelligence ranking member congressman devin nunes. by the way, this resolution that they passed last week, to be clear, adam schiff is judge, jury, executioner and he makes all the decisions so it's the appearance of fairness but offering none of the considerations newt gingrich
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offered bill clinton. bill clinton's counsel and the democrats in 1998. correct? >> that's exactly correct, sean. there is nothing new. nothing has changed from what we have been seeing last six weeks. this is essentially all of the democrats, or enough of them, all but two democrats in the house voted specifically to make adam schiff the king of this -- or the king inquisitor for their cult that they have been going on here for the last six -- actually, the last three years. >> sean: i hear my little birdie sources -- i actually make phone calls and i have sources. hannity's name keeps showing up. hannity works hard as a member of the press. that's my job. >> can i tell you something? hold on, sean. first of all i want to congratulate you and john solomon specifically. for all they have been saying is that john solomon has been
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peddling conspiracy theories. tonight's report is really the cherry on top of what you have had the guts to put john solomon and his reporting on your show night after night. the common theme -- this is what's going on behind closed doors -- the common theme that the bureaucrats who are targeting the president, who come in -- two of the transcripts you saw today, one of the common themes is they don't like john solomon's reporting on your show. we even had one of the lawyers complain about the republicans and about fox news in one of these adam schiff show hearings that we have been having. >> sean: up know, look. this is my job. >> sean: you know, look. this is my job. we do investigative reporting. we do opinion. sports and culture. like the whole newspaper. i'm up front. i'm a conservative. let me ask you about biden. congressman, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a prosecutor, i wouldn't want to be joe or hunter biden
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based on the laws identified by gregg jarrett. >> it looks pretty clear, sean, now that you see the emails. you see the timing. i would say -- and you will ask gregg jarrett this, i'm sure, but you have the beginnings and the buildings of evidence, of circumstantial evidence that there was a crime here. the timing very suspicious and i think that's what you are looking at. >> sean: nancy pelosi said the smoking gun is the transcript. ok. president says can you do me a favor? i thought democrats cared about election interference. he's saying ukraine -- a court decision in ukraine says they interfered in our election to help hillary. we know there are other engagements. they admitted it. politico wrote about it and that they were effective. so the president to me is basically when you read the transcript he's saying get to the bottom of it. that would safely executing the
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laws. how could you not look at what joe biden said and no experience, son getting millions and not saying, holy, we need to investigate that. that looks like he's faithfully executing the laws, again. >> it's more than that. mainstream media continues to ignore this. they do not want this out there. that's why they claim it's a conspiracy theory and they don't like solomon's reporting. they don't like what you are doing but these are the facts. it would be dereliction of duty for the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, to not go to ukraine to figure out what on earth were the democrats doing in ukraine paying for dirt from ukrainian officials to dirty up the trump campaign in 2016. it would be dereliction of duty for me and my committee not to be meeting with ukrainians, looking for information as to where did nellie ohr come up with the information to put in the steele dossier that ended up
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with the f.b.i.? who is andrew chalupa? the president had every right to look at it and now, what you are beginning to see is the reason they're trying to hide this is because of what john solomon has now uncovered. there clearly is a tie to the bidens and the state department. >> sean: and by the way, yeah, we had a d.n.c. operative in the ukrainian embassy colluding with ukraine to get dirt. >> only adam schiff can subpoena adam schiff but there is a precedent for this. >> sean: he's judge, jury and executioner. i forgot. >> but remember. last congress they were hellbent on making sure that former congressman dana rohrabacher terrified. i said i don't think this is a very good idea to turn around and have members of congress testify and give depositions.
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so congratulations, democrats that were on the house intelligence committee that's now become the impeachment committee, they have set the precedent for members of congress to give depositions so you heard the republican leader, kevin mccarthy, say that schiff is our first witness. you have had john ratcliff, former u.s. attorney in congress say adam schiff is our first witness. he is going to be our first witness that we're going to ask to come and give a deposition. >> sean: you're doing amazing work. the fisa report behind this and tlafrng you for all that you have done. you have been amazing. before we get to more breaking stories, let me dispel some fake news -- oh, about me -- that's getting obsessively, compulsively reported on fake news cnn and other outlets. according to testimony from the u.s. ambassador to ukraine under obama that was a holdover apparently i'm accused of making
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some kind of allegations against the ambassador and that secretary pompeo or someone from the state department called me about it. no. that never happened. that would be fake news. the ambassador was barely mentioned on our show. i don't know anything about it this woman. her name came up a few times on the show. she's an obama holdover. if she was involved in something, we do news here, i never talked to secretary pompeo or ukraine. i never talked to anyone at the state department about this ambassador. sorry to burst your fake news bubble. my only purpose was surrounding the obvious biden family corruption. jeff zucker. you're losing it. you need me to say this more slowly so fake news understands? i think they just like to put up my picture because they're hoping when people flip by they'll think they're watching fox. if that's the case i need to get
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paid. get paid from two channels at once. it would be great. let's keep in mind, we are one year away from the 2020 election. 365 days from now. americans will define the future of this country. each night we will count down to the single most important choice election in our lives. buckle up. it's going to be a daily fight. get motivated. pay attention. the republic is at stake. president trump has amassed an historical level of accomplishment. the economy on fire. record after record. we've got tax cuts. originalists on the supreme court, massive reduction in the bureaucracy and red tape, trade deals with canada, mexico, western european allies, wall is going up as we speak, what have the do-nothing democrats done? nothing except for one garbage witch hunt after another and big
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breaks news surrounding the latest ukrainian hoax. the american people are not buying it. it's about to blow up in their face just like the russia hoax and the russian conspiracy theory, chuck todd over at fake news conspiracy tv msdnc and voters less than enthusiastic about the hysteria. these are people in swing states. >> we went out and tried to find some voters tow talk about impeachment. we had to bring it up to them. here is what they told us. >> a waste of time. a bunch of little kids not accomplishing what they're elected for. >> we have a system of checks and balances and the house and the senate should do what is set out in the constitution. >> i have read the document and there was nothing concerning to me for the president. >> sean: democratic witch hunt boils down to one thing.
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the president's phone call with ukraine. the president faithfully executing the laws of the land. joining us with more on why this fake whistleblower and the compromised, corrupt coward and congenital liar adam schiff must be forced to testify. all this is in there, the story of the greatest mass illusion in american political history. gregg jarrett, you identified all these laws. this information shows up in your book. a great job. people should read it. here is the question. did biden break the law? >> there is plenty of evidence here for the department of justice to open an investigation -- a criminal investigation into joe biden and hunter biden. they may have done it. the foreign corrupt practice it ises act. you can't use extortion or
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bribery or sflns a -- influence a foreign government to benefit you. these new documents unveiled by john solomon implicate hunter biden in this as well. so there is compelling evidence to justify department of justice investigation. if they don't do it, i would suggest congress do it. lindsey graham, chairman of the judiciary committee should open vchgzs. >> sean: let me put up on the screen, matt gaetz, willie brown, former high-profile official, i don't agree with a thing but he's a fun guy sounding the alarm in a piece titled. he writes this.
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>> sean: come next year we'll have an impeachment victory and quite possibly a solid economy. the democrats will have what? absolutely nothing, matt gaetz. >> democrats are running a campaign of disorientation and distraction. that's principally for two reasons. they failed to deliver on the promises regarding health care, immigration, infrastructure, lower prescription drug prices. second, and i would say just as important, gregg jarrett wrote books about it, the russian hoax was a disaster over the fact that they said for two years the president was in a criminal conspiracy with russia so now we have the ukrainian knockoff sequel. if you peddle influence to the vice president's office that's
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just business as usual but if you ask questions about it that's impeachable. it's ludicrous. i think what we learned today from the testimony, the key nugget i got from that is that after several years of the trump policy we're more supportive of ukraine and tough on russia. that's why voters all across america are rejecting the sham process and also the lack of substance that undergirds this distraction. >> sean: i want to know who the whistleblower is. we do know, don't we? >> we know. >> sean: i had multiple confirmations of who the whistleblower is but i'll play the game for a little bit and i'll take the lawyers' threats that they're going to see me. this is not a whistleblower. this is more of a leaker, gregg
10:24 pm
jarrett. hearsay whistleblower. not a whistleblower. the idea that this person that's connected to schiff's office? what did they talk about? what advice were they given? what is the relationship with brennan and with biden? i would like to know that too. >> the whistleblower, who is a fake whistleblower is being hidden by adam schiff. why? because schiff knows that he would reveal the secret collusion that was taking place between adam schiff and his staff and this faux whistleblower who is not a whistleblower under the law. he doesn't meet the condition. he's not entitled to identity protection whatsoever. >> sean: matt gaetz, keep kicking. keep doing it. every day. thank you. when we come back, donald trump jr. his dad was talking about him at the rally. he reacts to the democrats'
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impeachment mania. lawrence jones from tonight's trump rally in kentucky. he asked trump supporters what they think about the madness. straight ahead. .
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cooper saying "it's totally unsubstantiated. mr. biden." what's unsubstantiated? he is on tape doing a real quid pro quo. could you imagine if i did what he did? could you imagine if don jr. or eric trump walked out of china while i was, let's say, vice president or president? let's say they walked out of china with 1.5 billion. do you think the press would be saying it's unsubstantiated? >> sean: the president at his rally in kentucky asking what people would say if anyone in his family did what hunter or joe biden did in ukraine but for some reason the mob and the media don't seem to be aware. no evidence at all. none whatsoever. take a look. >> mr. vice president, president trump has falsely accused your son of doing something wrong
10:30 pm
while serving on a company board in ukraine. i want to point out there is no evidence of wrongdoing by either one of you. >> there is no proof wleefr that joe biden did anything wrong or that hunter biden did anything wrong. >> trump's claims of wrongdoing are unsubstantiated. we have looked. lots of outlets have looked. >> president trump is making a unsubstantiated claim. in reality joe biden was the one working to purge corruption from the ukraine. >> sean: they're nuts. here is reaction. this book just out today. bookstores everywhere. perfect title. "triggered." the executive vice president of the trump organization, donald trump jr. i'll take the bait. i heard your dad. what would happen if he was the vice president and he shook down and leveraged a billion taxpayer
10:31 pm
dollars in a quid pro quo. >> obviously it would be fine. i took a phone call when we were in campaign mode as a private citizen, unsolicited, and i have done 30 hours testimony in front of the house and the senate, i have had those same journalists say that i committed treason on live television for years. hunter biden. no smoke. even with the john solomon stuff coming out. if i took a 20-minute meeting from an unsolicited phone call that got 30 hours of testimony you would think hunter biden should do something. i thought rand paul nailed it out of the park at the rally when he said it's time and the american people are sick of this, sean. >> sean: i love the word "triggered" a perfect word i
10:32 pm
have been reading the book. extraordinarily well done. you've got to be all over the country. go to whatever your website is and people can go see you but here is the thing. think of nicholas sandman. he wears a maga hat. neither you or i would show as much restraint as nicholas sandman did in that situation. i wouldn't put up with that krop and nor would you. the kid is going to be a billionaire. might be richer than your dad at the end of this. >> without question, this is the stuff i get into in the book, i literally go through at length the hypocrisy of the media, the shadow banning from the social justice warriors and the social media companies doing whatever they can to prevent the message from getting out. toim stereoy the message of success. of victory. of all time low unemployment numbers. all time high stock market numbers. every aspect of this economy is churning and you see the media literally trying so hard just to
10:33 pm
destroy that, trying so hard to try to discredit it, they're literally trying to turn the economy and so for years people said, maybe you should write the business book. my dad has that totally covered. when you have been the number two target of the mueller hoax. >> sean: jared gave you a run for your mope. barron gave you a run for your money. >> i get to watch the media personalities talk about hunter biden is off limits because it's family. if hunter biden is off limits, 13-year-old barron trump should be off limits. i certainly wasn't off limits for obviously a lot less with a lot less smoke and when we weren't actually even in power and that's why the sickness is there, that's why we did the book, it gives me an opportunity to go into long form. there is only so much you can do
10:34 pm
here or in an interview or otherwise, it takes 300 pages to go into detail. they can go to triggered new york, florida, california, texas where we're going to do stops and get to see people who have been so awesome, the book is literally dedicated to the deplorables because those are the people that stuck with us from minute one. >> sean: guilty. >> you were there too. >> sean: smelly wal-mart shopper, costco shopper, target shopper and i cling to god and heaven, i believe in the second amendment, the bible and my religion. i am guilty as charged. >> nothing wrong with it, sean. when you look at the people that re-elect your dad, let's say they impeach him, not getting convicted, willie brown is right, the american people -- i was in chicago and detroit this weekend. they are pissed off.
10:35 pm
three years. every-ending lies. conspiracy theories, another hoax. everyone i have met they're fed up. seems like they'll crawl over broken glass to get the fot polls on election day. >> everyone knows this impeachment inquiry started on november 9, 2016. "the washington post" wrote their first op-ed 19 minutes after he took office in january of 2017 making the case for impeachment. this has been going on forever. they can't accept that he won this election. that he beat the anointed one. hillary clinton. who, in all fairness, let's face it, had no business ever running this country. he's done a great job. unprecedented, sean. >> sean: "triggered" now out in bookstores everywhere,,, don jr., we'll see you on the road, thanks for being with us,
10:36 pm
congrats with the book. the president continues to pack arenas across the country. our own lawrence jones, investigate special correspondent to lexington, kentucky tonight to talk to will rally attend'sees. what did they have to say? take -- rally attendees. what did they have to say? take a look. >> why are you supporting the president, man? >> because i have common sense. >> why are you supporting the president? >> because he's doing everything right for america. >> how do you feel about the impeachment? >> it's a charade, they know the fisa reports are coming out it's a joke. >> do you think it will backfire? >> absolutely. the american people aren't stupid. >> anybody that knows anything about the history of the constitution will know this is not going to go nowhere, it's
10:37 pm
smog. >> a witch hunt. looking for something to convict him of. they have been looking for three years and haven't found anything. >> will they be victorious when it comes to this pavement or do you think it backfires on them in the next election? >> it backfires. 100%. >> are you buying any of the impeachment talk that is happening in washington? >> i do not. >> do you think it's going to backfire on the democrats? >> i hope it will. i think it's a distraction. >> sean: joining us now with reaction our friend, special 2020 investigative on the road reporter lawrence jones. former arkansas governor, fox news contributor mike huckabee. say hi to all the good folks behind you. say sean hannity says hi. >> sean hannity says hello. >> hello. >> sean: i'm watching. i am getting reaction. i was in detroit and chicago.
10:38 pm
people are pissed off. they have had it. this never ending witch hunt, lies, conspiracy theories, they have had it, lawrence. >> they have had it and when you look at the media talking about the whistleblower and all of a sudden the whistleblower -- their star witness has suddenly disappeared, the identity of the whistleblower, think about the kavanaugh stuff, when christine blasey ford did not want to be on the record democrats leaked who she was and made her testify. they dent want to do this with this whistleblower. almost as if they're hiding something, that the whistleblower is not credible, i'm here in lexington, kentucky, people are sick of it, i'm not just talking about people that are supporters of the president, i'm talking about average americans sick of the policies as usual in washington. >> sean: there is a poll out today, nearly 10%, governor, of
10:39 pm
democrats are open to voting for trump and you have a poll out showing the president winning against all these people in swing states and i would argue the president probably underpolls anywhere from six to 10 points. >> they said in 2016 he had no pathway to win. he couldn't win. the polls showed him lose think. i kept telling people get out of washington, gettut on of new york, get in real america and you will find out this is a movement. he's going to win. adam schiff is like the little boy in the woods with a shotgun over his shoulder and someone said what are you hunting for? "i don't know. i haven't found it yet." he's got a shotgun and he's going out there, he's tried everything. because he knows that if donald trump stays on the ballot he wins next year. the democrats' only hope is a
10:40 pm
phony impeachment. >> sean: governor, you're right about this. he's a fact witness, governor. he's compromised. he's corrupt. he's a coward. he won't come on this show. he's been a congenital liar for three years. we've got the evidence. trump russia collusion. all the evidence. he needs to be investigated, governor. >> well, he does, and for two years he said he had information on the russia situation. he said he had the data. he had the goods. the evidence. i guess it must have gotten lost in hillary's email server. he must have been keeping it on that because he's never produced one page of evidence. not one page. you're right, sean. he spent his entire time lying about this president. i think the long-term effect, people are sick of it and a lot of people who didn't vote for donald trump four years ago, i'm convinced they're going to vote
10:41 pm
for him this time because they know if they don't the deep state will eat them alive. this is not about donald trump. i hope people never forget this. it is about them. about a government that can run over their families, their businesses and their lives and do it with impunity. we cannot let that happen in america. >> sean: there is contempt for we smelly wal-mart shoppers, costco shoppers, guilty, guilty, target shoppers, clinging to guns, bibles, religion, irredeemable. lawrence. >> adam schiff who is supposed to be the intelligence investigator of the house has turned a blind eye to the biden scandal. you have been sending me around talking to democrats and republicans and even the democrats that are supporters of the other candidate feel like the hunter biden scandal is shady. meanwhile, none of the democrats
10:42 pm
who attack joe biden on this issue. average americans care about the issue. say what you want about the republicans but during the primary it was a bloodbath. republicans went after each other. they talked about the issues. the democrats aren't willing to do that. that's going to leave joe biden being the nominee and since he has not been pressed, when he's on the stage with donald trump he's going to be exposed and it's not going to be a pretty sight. >> sean: lawrence, turn around and tell everybody sean hannity said you're smelly wal-mart shoppers and irredeemable deplorables that love god. >> sean hannity said you're smelly wal-mart people that are deplorables and love god. they say they're proud of it, sean. >> sean: i'm proud of it. guilty as charged. governor, thank you. sick, twisted, ugly, vicious
10:43 pm
attacks on law enforcement again in new york city. what you are about to see will shock your conscience. pam bondi and bernie kerik react. later today at the white house with the chrld champions straight ahead. when we started our business
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thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: new york city is in a state of chaos as left-wing leadership is embracing lawlessness and they're turning their backs on the brave men and women in law enforcement. they forgot 9/11 really quick. fox news chief correspondent trace gallagher joins us live with the latest. trace. >> the new york police unions believe the political climate in new york has made police officers fair game. all summer long on this show we
10:49 pm
showed police officers doused with buckets of water. it's elevating. halloween police responding to a domestic violence call had piles of traffic dumped on their cruiser and as the officers pulled the trash down they were ridiculed. mocked. cursed at. meantime in brooklyn, more than 1,000 people hit the streets and subway terminals protesting a police crackdown on fare beaters. those who don't pay for the subway. the protesters shouted obscenities and shouted that people should punch the police. expecting man ocasio-cortes. "arresting people who can't afford a $2.75 fare makes no one safer and destabilizes our community. critics point out nothing can destabilize a community faster than not having a police presence. sean. >> sean: trace gallagher.
10:50 pm
with reaction former nypd police commissioner bernard kerik and former florida attorney general pam bondi. they're not backing the cops and it is not getting worse. they're going to get hurt and worse is what i fear. >> sean, they've turned into a hug-a-thug mentality. supporting these protesters that are breaking the law. these people should be arrested. they act like animals in the street. i have no idea what the mayor is thinking. it's demoralizing to the cops. it's degrading. and it's something i really -- i have never seen before because any other mayor, whether it was mayor giuliani or mayor bloomberg, they would send out a massive enforcement unit to deal
10:51 pm
with this and hold these people accountable for their actions. whether it's jumping the turnstiles. attacking the cops. vandalizing property. they're engaged in violence. nothing is happening at city hall and you have a congresswoman that's a complete lunatic supporting these people. >> sean: yeah. that's called anarchy. pam bondi. i believe they're putting these cops' lives in jeopardy. we have felony assault videos. attacking cops. and they're not using the video to arrest every single one of them. why? >> that's right, sean. they are not helping them in those neighborhoods but our great women in law enforcement, you need to know that america's neighborhoods, you are respected and the people that are doing this are no better than the trash that they're leaving on these cars. lives are at stake. as the commissioner said, our great men and women in uniform. their lives. they were investigating a
10:52 pm
domestic violence call. as a former domestic violence prosecutor that could have cost a life. ocasio-cortes needs to be voted out of office. >> sean: it's aiding and abetting, pam. >> it is. >> sean: i don't blame cops if they have to pull back. if they're not going to get the support of the mayor and other elected officials, are we going to arrest them next if god forbid they fight back and arrest these people, god help them. >> there is a history here of the mayor not supporting the men and women. there is a history of the mayor attacking -- verbally attacking the cops. all the way back to when he was campaigning for office. so i understand the cops not doing their job. being afraid to do their job. i wouldn't do it either. >> sean: pam. last word. >> people need to respect our police officers and all the people who are doing this, one day you're going to need a
10:53 pm
police officer and you are going to need them to protect you. >> sean: did we forget 9/11? everybody else is going down, they're risking their lives. we forget. thank you both. when we come back, a new development on the hero dog in the raid that killed baghdadi and a very touching moment from the nationals. world champions. they visited the white house today. t this blt is delicious! made it myself. i love this place! made that myself, too. order up. fries on the side. right where i like 'em. don't forget the grease fire. burn, baby -- wait, what? -[ alarm beeping ] -i said grease fire. what are you doing on the counter? when owning a small business gets real... sorry. can i get a to-go box? helps protect what you built -with customizable coverage. -aah!
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♪ ♪ >> sean: a little good news. the president hosted the washington nationals at the white house following their world series win. they're world champions. catcher kurt suzuki and first baseman ryan zimmerman showed their support of our president. >> come here.
10:59 pm
say a couple words. come on. i love him. oh. >> i love you all. i love you all. >> mr. president, me and my teammates -- first of all would like to thank you for having us here. this is an incredible honor that i think all of us will never forget and we would also like to thank you for keeping everyone safe in our country. and continuing to make america the greatest country to live in in the world. >> sean: an amazing update on the heroic canine that helped in the raid that killed baghdadi. he will not receive a purple heart. apparently animals are not eligible. leaving veterans and purple heart recipients outraged and
11:00 pm
rallying behind conan to reverse the rule. until then conan is set to be recognized at the white house later this week. we'll always seek the truth. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. there he is. you're going to get in trouble again tonight. whatever it is. get out of the way. >> i think the dog is going to be fine either way, whether he gets a milk bone or a purple heart. >> sean: they had a purple heart recipient giving his purple heart to the dog. the president needs to give them both one. change rules. >> the dog is fine. all right. hannity, you had a great show. we're going to pick up where you left off with john solomon. i'm laura ingraham. from a very busy washington. the stars are out on monday night. senator lindsey