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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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rallying behind conan to reverse the rule. until then conan is set to be recognized at the white house later this week. we'll always seek the truth. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. there he is. you're going to get in trouble again tonight. whatever it is. get out of the way. >> i think the dog is going to be fine either way, whether he gets a milk bone or a purple heart. >> sean: they had a purple heart recipient giving his purple heart to the dog. the president needs to give them both one. change rules. >> the dog is fine. all right. hannity, you had a great show. we're going to pick up where you left off with john solomon. i'm laura ingraham. from a very busy washington. the stars are out on monday night. senator lindsey graham is here.
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he's going to tell us how the senate g.o.p. will attack this impeachment fight. alan dershowitz. it's game on. laura trump has never been on the show before. it's hard to believe. she has exclusive reaction to a new battleground poll that has democrats in total panic mode. as i was talking about with hannity, very important, john solomon has exclusive new reporting he will bring to us tonight concerning hunter biden and pressure that ukrainian company burisma put on the state department. president pragmatic versus democrat fanatic. the focus of tonight's "angle." last week we saw democrats finally vote on that sham investigation they have been pursuing in secret for weeks. this impeachment inquiry. think about it. it would knock the wind out of any other president but not
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trump. in fact, the dramatic effect of their cheesy prequel was blunted days before the vote when trump announced the successful and daring special forces mission to take out isis leader baghdadi then it was six days later the week ended with blockbuster economic numbers. >> nonfarm payrolls rose by 128,000 jobs in october. solidly beating expectations. >> black unemployment rate. another historic low. 5.4%. >> these are potentially game changing employment reports. >> laura: today the stock market, meaning your 401(k) and pensions kept climbing hitting records across all indices. excellent news. even pockets of pop culture seemed to be coming around to trump. for years the president has gotten this kind of stiff-arm from celebrity athletes but today when he hosted the world
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series champs, the washington nationals, it was all smiles. >> kurt suzuki. i love him. >> i love you all. >> i didn't know that was going to happen. >> thank you for keeping everyone safe and continuing to make america the greatest country to live in in the world. >> four more years, four more years, four more years. >> laura: leftists swore they would never cheer for the nats again. all over social media. i'm sure the team is just crushed to hear that. as all this good news is piling up, ask yourself. what are the democrats up to? >> we expect the witnesses who have been subpoenaed to come in this afternoon to be no-shows. this will only further add to the body of evidence on a potential obstruction of congress charge against the president. >> laura: speaking as a former
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white-collar criminal defense attorney this is insane. a president exercising his right to invoke executive privilege is now tantamount to obstruction? it's going to end up in an article of impeachment? what a joke. but it is a question that a federal court, perhaps the highest court in the land may ultimately have to decide. but the democrats' tunnel vision on impeachment -- it has them in the dark about how regular people feel about all this, i think, the latest "the new york times" siena poll showing that the top two rising democrat candidates, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are losing to trump in most swing states. who could have guessed that middle america wouldn't be thrilled to pieces with a socialist from vermont or a faux native american who pretends she's not a socialist? but i have to say at least bernie sanders is vacuum up all the best endorsements.
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>> we must build a mass movement of the working class that transcends faith, age, gender and background. that is the only way we are going to defeat donald trump. i am beyond honored and excited for a president who will fight against western imperialism. >> laura: is she reading a dog-eared old copy of howard zinn's history? what is she talking about? what countries has trump tried to occupy? she's the gift that keeps on giving so i don't want to give her any advice but smart democrat leaders see the dangers here lurking for the party. >> this idea of purity and you're never compromised and you are always politically woke and all that stuff -- you should get over that quickly. [laughter] >> the world is messy. there are ambiguities.
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>> laura: we have all those imperialists running around. i'm sure the hit squad when they listened to what obama said weren't all that amused but nancy pelosi seemed to advance obama's point on friday. she said "what works in san francisco does not necessarily work in michigan." remember, november, you must win the electoral college." i'm kind of thinking this is too little too late on nancy's part, giving the fanatics so much running room and propping up them may have been pelosi's greatest political blunder ever. she should have seen this train wreck coming. meanwhile the candidate who has the best chance of beating trump in the swing states is the lamest horse in the democrat primary, joe biden is in fourth place in iowa and third in new hampshire. but maybe that's because he seems to live in a constant state of self-contradiction. >> i did not know he was on the
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board of that company. >> your dad said i hope you know what you are doing. >> i said i do. >> laura: which is it? this takes us back to this inescapable reality. while the party's energy is clearly with the left-wing radicals, their message doesn't connect in the swing states. this is "new york" magazine -- big liberal magazine's latest anxiety-filled headline. check it out. and then there was this attempt at a wake-up call from an old liberal. former san francisco mayor willie brown. he wrote "if the goal was to damage president trump by formalizing the impeachment inquiry it's mission accomplished, unaccomplished for house democrats, if anything the vote solidified the president's hold on power. the democrats will have -- what?
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back in january folks kind of thought it was odd when i said in a "angle" that i took ocasio-cortes seriously. it wasn't that i agreed with her views but that i saw her quickly becoming the thought leader of the party. now, the democrats have gone in the direction i predicted and it is slowly but surely backfiring on them. the never trumpers, liberals, they're forever accusing us republicans of selling our soul to trump. how many times have you read that tired old line? that's blatantly false. trump and the g.o.p. on ia variety of issues have compromised. issues like the number of troops that should be deployed overseas. to trade deals that at one point he wanted to pull completely out of. like nafta. the woman who sold her soul is the woman with the gavel. she cannot go to her voters next
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november and brag about all of her accomplishments because she will have none. impeachment isn't going to do anything to make americans' lives better and she knows it. passing the usmca, prescription drug, that would have but she refuses to do it. this frantic rush to satisfy the people on the left. to impeachment trump. has only empowered the crazies and it's swamped any other agenda they could have. or platform. >> lock him up." >> laura: bernie didn't interrupt the cheers. i thought they were all against that chant. of course, that feigned outrage on their part when trump folks chanted that about hillary. it was just another lie. all in all, this week was a very good one for our pragmatic president. no wonder trump was in such a good mood tonight in kentucky.
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>> today a record 158 million americans are now employed. the highest level of employment in our country's history. we've added nearly 10,000 new factories. we slashed a record number of job-killing regulations. we ended the war on american energy. we're now the largest producer of energy anywhere in the world by far. >> laura: a year from now voters will choose between that stellar record, peace and prosperity or a record of dysfunction and demonization on the part of the democrats. it's going to be a very easy choice. and that's the angle. here now to respond is alan dershowitz, harvard law professor emeritus and author of. the president didn't look
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worried about impeachment at tonight's rally. is there anything now with the posture of this case as it moves forward in this inquiry? is there anything he should be worried about? >> first, thank you, and the name of my book is "guilt by accusation" not by association because it's about being falsely accused and having the accusation becoming the determination of guilt. no, i don't think the president has very much to worry about. they're focusing on obstruction of congress. there is no such thing. obstruction of congress. obstruction of justice might be a crime under certain circumstances but obstruction of congress is called checks and balances. that's called separation of powers. when congress tells you that you have to do something and you think executive authority tells you can't do it you go to court and if the court decides you have to do it, then obviously if you fail to comply with the order of the highest court after all review is done then you are obstructing.
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but to refuse to comply with a congressional subpoena when there is a plausible claim of executive privilege is simply an faze exercise in checks and balances and good for the -- exampley an easy in checks and balances and good for the constitution. >> laura: when it became clear that we're not going to allow a member of the white house counsel's office, mrmr. eisenberg not to testify, they were going after him for obstruction. they're trotting out more liberal legal scholars like michael gerhard at u.n.c. who says there is no provision that protects the president or anyone in the executive branch from disclosing criminal activities or abuses of power, the president's efforts to impede are really an attack on the house. your reaction to that tonight. >> first of all we don't have any evidence of any criminal conduct and normally the
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prosecution or investigation of criminal conduct doesn't get done by a partisan political branch like the congress is. congress's power over impeachment is for extraordinary things and we don't remotely have that here but third, the president's advisors and his conduct of foreign affairs and the internal communication and advice from his advisors particularly in the wlous counsel's office are things clearly protected by executive privilege the and the notion that congress can demand people to release or reveal the president's foreign policy, internal deliberations? that's insane. it's a direct threat on the independence of the executive from congress and it is an attempt ultimately to change our system of government from one where the president is elected by the people to one where he is merely accountable and chosen by the house of representatives. that's a parliamentary system. that's not what we have. >> none of us is safe from this. steven cohen, the congressman from tennessee actually accused us on your show of being
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co-conspirators. they said we're in on it. he called me a quisling, which is another ferm for nazi because of that interview you had -- another term for nazi because of that interview you had with john yu which i did not interrupt but the idea that a congressman would say that we're co-conspirators because we have a different view of the constitution shows you how far some extremist radical democrats will go. >> laura: i don't take any of these people seriously. they do not believe in free expression. fundamentally they are shrinking the first amendment. they apparently don't believe a president has an ability to invoke his own privilege. if he does they're going to accuse him of obstruction. this is becoming, sadly because i have respect for a let of democrats this is becoming the antifreedom party across the board, whether it's college campuses or this. john. congressman meadows said this in
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response to the whistleblower not yet having to testify in person. watch. >> why should adam schiff get to call his witnesses and have them come in and testify in a back-and-forth dialogue and yet the whistleblower is supposedly only going to answer questions in a written format. >> laura: i have lindsey graham coming up. i'm going to ask him the same thing. that's how the lawyers for this whistleblower, i don't know if it really is a whistleblower, really qualifies but will submit written answers. is that enough? >> that's not -- here is the problem. the statute protects whistleblowers' anonymity unless they have made false statements -- knowingly false or recklessly disregarding the truth. >> laura: not from the media. doesn't protect them from the media. where does it protect him from congress? >> doesn't protect him from congress either. >> laura: i don't think so. >> but my point is even -- even if that statute applied here it
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doesn't apply when he's made knowingly false statements or reckless disregard for the truth and his complaint has several knowingly false statements. he signed on the form that he was a firsthand witness of this yet he acknowledges in the complaint he had no firsthand knowledge of the situation. there are other things we need to get to the bottom of. who illegally leaked the information to him? he falsely claimed he gathered this in part of his job duties. the c.i.a.'s job does not involve spying on the president of the united states in the white house so there are several blatantly false and illegal things in the complaint and that's why they have to be investigated. >> laura: it would be like two seconds, three questions the whistleblower would probably not have too much incredible but you do have the transcripts. >> apparently everybody knows who he is and eventually he's going to be revealed and eventually he will be
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cross-examined, i'm sure. >> laura: conflicting reports any whether john bolton is going to testify on thursday, originally reported he was, behind closed doors, then it was reported it's not clear that he is so we don't know but we do have reporting tonight that lev parnes, the ukrainian businessman who had an association with rudy giuliani and all this has quote flipped on the president. whatever that means. the president said he had never met him. didn't know -- or didn't remember him and that offended him. alan, any thoughts on him? >> they have himp. they've indicted him and they're putting pressure on him and that's what happens. people flip when there is pressure. the idea that there is a conflict between whether he knew the president or didn't, any of us in public life know they take pictures, they shake hands with us but we don't know who they are and i'm sure in the end it will turn out that there was not a close relationship.
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remember, to be able to hurt the president it has to be testimony about him and against him. i don't see that forthcoming from this source. >> laura: gentlemen, thank you tonight. great to see both of you. democrats are facing voter backlash over impeachment thanks to nancy pelosi and adam schiff. will that mean a red waive wave in 2020? lara trump thinks so. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
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>> now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi and adam schiff have launched an even more brazen assault on our nation with the deranged, hyperpartisan impeachment witch hunt. >> laura: the 2020 election is a year away from today. can you believe it? despite weeks of the impeachment insanity, check this out.
11:23 pm
i love this. a new poll showing that president trump in a dead heat with leading democrats in battleground states and the left, of course, is freaking out. >> alert for democrats, a new poll shows president trump could very well again win key balth ground states. >> democrats have not made as much progress with working class white voters that they thought they had. >> this is a much tougher fight -- donald trump is formidable. >> adam: top of that the r.n.c. is spending a lot of money targeting swing district democrats who voted yes on that impeachment resolution. >> laura: joining me now is laura trump. the president's daughter-in-law and senior advisor to the trump 2020 campaign. what is the trump campaign doing now to capitalize on voters' unease? skepticism of impeachment?
11:24 pm
>> everybody knows exactly what this is, laura. this is such a nonsensical sham impeachment, a coup against the president, i think that becomes clearer and clearer every single day and people understand that the democrats are so desperate because what are they going to run on? look at what this president has done. 6.7 million new jobs created under donald trump. the october jobs report came out, 223,000 new jobs added and you saw tonight look at his will rally. how can you compete against that? they can't do it. they're trying to throw impeachment at him. but at the trump campaign we welcome that because internally we have seen the numbers for president trump go up thanks to nancy pelosi calling for impeachment. three points since she called for this impeachment nonsense. voters aren't buying it. they're seeing every single day the results of donald trump in office so we're capitalizing on that. we have the ability to have the president out there around the
11:25 pm
country like we saw tonight talking about the great things he's done and americans feel it. they're not dumb. the numbers are probably even better than that, laura. >> laura: i want to share with you something that bloomberg is reporting tonight looking at various financial models including moody's. the headline from bloomberg. "trump's reelection likely if economy stays on course." examining various economic indicators saying an enduring u.s. expansion puts donald trump on course to win in 2020. the economic models that show a track record a really good one at who wins the white house. based on trump being boosted at the ballot box by steady economic growth. a historically tight labor market and limited inflation. my question to you is why aren't his numbers higher? with this economy, you would
11:26 pm
want his numbers up at 55%. do the numbers matter? are they skewed? some polls are good, some aren't. >> listen, laura, if we believed the polls hillary clinton would be our president because they all said in 2016, even days away from that election that she was going to be elected president and donald trump had no shot, so when it comes to this the approximate, even more so now than in 2016 people are scared to voice their support for donald trump. they're scared to post on social media, they're scared to wear a hat or shirt, they're not being honest with the polls, those numbers don't mean a lot. whenever we go out across this country and we see the love this president receives like we saw at the rally tonight, we see at airports and airplanes the number of people who come up to us, even here in new york people love this president even in the
11:27 pm
liberal bastion of manhattan so those kind of feelings and the numbers we internally have mean a lot more to us than those polls. >> laura: the concern oft-expressed, lara, is about female voters. the president did very well among female voters in the 2016 race, better than any of projections expected. the concern of the experts is that they don't like his rough tone, it's too rough and tumpble, women want everything to calm down. is that a legitimate concern? are you concerned at all about female suburban voters in key states? >> i think that women like a fighter. i think there are more women that support donald trump again that will ever tell anyone but that's why at the trum campaign we launched a coalition over the summer. women for trump coalition. we want to encourage women across the country to talk to your friends.
11:28 pm
post on social media. talk to the parents of your kids, classmates and stuff because the reality is so mean more people out there support donald trump. they're scared to say it. we of course are lookinga women and making sure we do everything we can to win the women's votes but i think his numbers going to be even higher with women in 2020 than in 2016. >> laura: you think he's going to build on it. african-american support. latino support also will see an uptick, this is an interesting scenario developing. the democrat are freaking out. i don't care what they're trying to say on the surface, they're freaking out. buttigieg 9% in the polls but he's gotten a lot of money from the bigwigs on the left coast. said this to "washington post" on his campaign bus on saturday about running as kind of a midway point between warren and bernie sanders or even biden. he said "the way we think this shapes up is if you want the
11:29 pm
most ideological, far-out candidate possible you've got your answer, if you want the most washington candidate possible you've got your answer. everybody else i think can come our way. i think that's almost everybody. clearly trying to go into the space that he thinks is not being properly occupied by biden, that he's more a middle of the road guy. does that concern the trump campaign, pete buttigieg? >> it doesn't matter who this president runs against he's going to beat them handily. we're not worried about pete buttigieg. if you other than able to stay awake for the debates you can see he's radical and far left many of his policies. i don't think people will be fooled. the debates i'm looking forward to is whoever donald trump debates because those are going to be popcorn ready. >> laura: thank you, lara trump,
11:30 pm
for being with us. >> it became old-fashioned. it's called a nationalist. and i say really, we're not supposed to use that word. you know what i am? i'm a nationalist. >> laura: the word used to be a bipartisan philosophy, one that needs to be put forward as an american citizen's first idea. they're the people, by the way, who vote you into office. pat presidents like f.d.r. and reagan had totally different beliefs and policies yet their goal was to make americans' lives better. today in the media nationalism is a dirty word. >> it is a favorite of the alt-right and loaded with nativist and racial overtones. >> assertiveness, aggressiveness, dominance of one race and one country over another. >> he is a white man who is a
11:31 pm
nationalist and there are people who are concerned. >> laura: here with me rich lowery, editor of "national review and it is and the author of the new book out tomorrow. congrats on the book. here is what jeff bezos's personal newspaper, "the washington post" said that your book is quote part of a larger effort on the right to create a framework for crump r trumpism, to contort the president's impulses into something that can help the movement. your response. >> i don't think i contort anything and the democrats, f.d.r., j.f.k. all had nationalist tendencies but the democrats turned their backs on nationalism and the republican party lost touch with nationalism. that's why this force was there for donald trump to pick up and it is a natural force. it's a powerful force. it's a very old force. efforts to eradicate it
11:32 pm
throughout history have always failed. that last clip you showed right before i came on about he's white and he's a nationalist. so was alexander hamilton. so was abraham lincoln. so was teddy roosevelt. i've encountered this in the early reaction to my book that there are people on the left as you know if they're not accusing somebody else of bigotry they would be rendered practically mute. >> laura: rich, people in your own magazine, "national review" have written about nationalism in a very negative way. you're open minded. you put all sorts of points of view on the conservative spectrum which is fine even though some of it is a very small part of the spectrum. never lets you put that out there. they along with people on the left try to make a blanket statement. this is giving aid and comfort to the worst of the worst. the nativists. people who don't like any
11:33 pm
immigrants. your reaction to that. >> i think that's completely wrong. nationalism is the doctrine that distinct people should govern a distinct territory. in more practical terms as you allude to you put your own people's interests first and you put your nation's interests first, in true nationalism it's a loyalty tribe and ethnicity and any sort of subnational divisioned. you look throughout our history it's the nationalists pushing for greater civil rights, whether it was lincoln or nationalists in the 20th century so this is a smear and a misunderstanding and one reason i wrote the book, i want trump supporters to understand why this is -- all the arguments are wrong and i want people who are skeptical or opposed to trump also to read the book and realize they're wrong about this. >> laura: this is all playing out according to -- you wrote your book, you framed this -- in europe too, is it not? angela merkel a couple weeks ago
11:34 pm
was sad to report that multiculturalism has failed in germany. big protests in greece over the influx of refugees. sweden in turmoil because of refugees. are they horrible, awful, rotten people because they want to preserve their country? >> if if you read further into the "the washington post" review it suggests that i'm bigoted because we dealt in the early 20th century with a large influx of immigrants by having a robust culture and machinery of assimilation and we need that today and that is said somehow to constitution hostility to immigration. assimilation is good for us who are already here in our country. it's also good for the immigrants. it's welcoming. it's assuming that they can actually become fully american which they should want to do.
11:35 pm
>> sean: >> laura: rich, i'm glad you wrote this book and thanks so much for being with us. cone grats. coming up. is the senate g.o.p. caving to the left's quid pro quo narrative? senator lindsey graham. next. these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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♪ >> laura: last week in a series of angles i warned senate republicans that if they don't step up and vosiserously defend this president against this ongoing farce, guess what. democrats would exact revenge on them if they, heaven forbid went on to win in 2020. as if on cue the "the washington post" reported over the weekend that a quote growing number of g.o.p. senators consider acknowledging trump a quid pro quo on ukraine and, of course, the media -- they're running wild with it. >> some republicans in the senate are on the brink of publicly admitting that there
11:40 pm
was a ukraine quid pro quo and that directly contradicts what the president has been saying. >> some senate republicans are arguing for a shift in strategy, acknowledging the quid pro quo but insisting it is not an impeachable offense. >> the republican party and those close to the president realizing they have nowhere else to go other than acknowledging the fact that there was a quid pro quo. >> laura: joining me is lindsey graham, head of the senate judiciary committee. assuming everything they say, it's still not impeachable, is that what's going on? >> i think maybe a little bit of that. there is not one point for impeachment, removal from office. i don't believe mitt romney would vote to remove the president over the phone call because, one, he did nothing wrong.
11:41 pm
if that's an impeachable offense you won't have any presidents left. >> laura: in kentucky tonight a lot of kids behind him had "read the transcript" t-shirts. >> have you read it? >> laura: of course. many times. >> there is nothing wrong with that phone call. did he say "unless you investigate my opponent, joe biden, i will cut off your military aid?" did high say that? what has the president of the ukraine say? no, i didn't take this as quid pro quo. we didn't cut off aid. >> laura: rand paul in the kentucky rally and he kind of was pushing the president to be strong. watch. >> president trump has great courage. he faces down the fake media every day. but congress needs to step up and have equal courage to defend the president. if shifty schiff will not let
11:42 pm
hunter biden come and if he will not bring the whistleblower forward, every republican in congress should take a walk and say this is a farce. >> laura: he's going to walk out. if you don't have these witnesses? >> the whistleblower statute has become a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. a whistleblower statute is designed to keep somebody from being fired if they report corruption. it was never designed to keep somebody anonymous. >> it's not in the statute itself. >> i like senator grassley but with all due respect you can't prosecute somebody. impeachment is the political death penalty based on an anonymous source. rand is right. we need the whistleblower's name. we need who they are and they need to be cross-examined under oath about any biases they may have, number two we need to look at whether or not hunter biden corruptly engaged in lobbying. did joe biden ask the prosecutor to be fired because he was investigating his son? and john solomon, one of your
11:43 pm
guests coming up is giving us plenty to look at so i hope chairman rich, the foreign intelligence chairman will open up an investigation about the role of the state department. >> laura: state department going back to the reagan years, lindsey -- senator graham. >> lindey. >> laura: has been always a thorn in the side of conservatives. it just is. they have a different view. that you are burrowed in for the long haul. >> john has sounded communication. >> laura: we're going to get into this in a moment. >> the company that hunter biden was serving as a board member went to the state department and said if the prosecutor doesn't leave hunter biden -- >> laura: lay off. >> it's going to hurt us. that to me is a bombshell of all bombshells which should lead to a senate investigation. >> laura: how could rich not call him? and members of the burisma board. how could he not? >> the member of the board met
11:44 pm
with john kerry. >> laura: let's move on to what's happening on the whistleblower front because the whistleblower's attorney said we will submit written answers, senator graham. what could be wrong with written answers? come on. let him or her -- >> if you're charged with a crime and the person accusing you of wrongdoing they don't have the ability to take written questions. you have the constitutional right to confront your accuser and this idea of written questions violating every norm of due process can you imagine if the republicans did this to a democrat that we had a whistleblower accusing the president of wrongdoing they would take written questions, the town would blow up. >> laura: didn't trump submit written questions? >> he's the president of the united states. he's the target of an investigation and they agreed upon written questions. when you accuse somebody of a crime you can't do it anonymously. you can't get a parking ticket based on an anonymous source. >> laura: people forget that
11:45 pm
senator graham was an impeachment manager in the impeachment so you have been down this road. any other advice for the senators? you put on -- you were an impeachment manager. you can put on a case in the senate. you present your position. the senators don't get to ask questions. they have to sit and listen. >> you can ask written questions. >> laura: you can't interrupt the impeachment manager. >> what i would tell my fellow senators, every impeachment except this one was conducted by outside counsel. i'm the one guy that said mueller wasn't on a witch hunt. a lot of people. i took heat. >> laura: from me. >> here is what i said. i trust the guy to do his job. i introduced legislation saying he couldn't be fired without cause. adam schiff is not looking for the truth. jerry nadler is not looking for the truth. what's going on in the house is a bunch of partisan b.s. every republican senator -- they signed on my resolution saying the process wasn't fair. we should continue to process
11:46 pm
the people prosecuting the president. we should let every american know this is the first time in history anybody has ever been impeached by a partisan, if you think adam schiff is out to get the truth -- all of us should be throwing the b.s. flag on this. >> laura: appreciate it. coming up as the senator mentioned a bombshell new report details troubling contacts between burisma, hunter biden and the obama administration. exclusive reporting tonight. if you have medicare, listen up. the medicare enrollment deadline is only weeks away. with so many changes, do you know if your plan is still the right fit? having the wrong plan may cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket. and that's why i love healthmarkets, your insurance marketplace. with their new fitscore, they compare thousands of plans from national insurance companies to find the right medicare plan that fits you. call or visit health markets to find your fitscore today.
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beyond the routine checkups. beyond the not-so-routine cases. comcast business is helping doctors provide care in whole new ways. all working with a new generation of technologies powered by our gig-speed network. because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. ♪ >> laura: breaking tonight. hunter biden and the ukrainian gas company pressured the obama administration in 2016 to end corruption allegations against
11:51 pm
them. that according to new reporting from investigative journalist and fox news contributor john solomon who joins us now along with bongino. what can you tell us tonight? >> hunter biden gets a job, starts working at dad's contacts at the state department, tony blinken, one of the closest advisors has meetings with him, something big happens in 2016, prosecutors raid hunter biden's bosses home. later hunter biden's people are at the office. a couple days after that hunter biden's business partner meets with kerry and not long after that joe biden fires the ukraine prosecutor that he knows was investigating his son's company. >> laura: dan, they say this is
11:52 pm
all a conspiracy theory and these friends in the media who are trashing solomon's reporting and he's reminded me he has 100 front page stories for "the washington post" when he worked for "the washington post." they loved him then. now he's looking into something else and suddenly you can't trust this. what are your thoughts? >> it's fascinating. they can call did a conspiracy theory all they want. it's certainly a conspiracy but it's not a theory. i follow john's work and admire it and i have been following it for a long time. john has government documents from ukraine. legal teams for burisma, their own documents indicating that everything the democrats are telling you -- and by democrats, you mean the media, too, about this case is not true. one of the myths he debunked last week in one of his stories which i read, john, well done, is that the burisma case was closed down so don't worry. joe biden couldn't have influenced the case because the case was not open.
11:53 pm
that's not true. that's not backed up by facts, laura and the media which previously was interested in this case, politico and even "the washington post" at one point before biden became a candidate now mysteriously that biden is a threat to trump or they persev him a threat to trump has backed off their coverage. >> laura: it's a stunner. there aren't many reporters left who don't have a severe political bias one way or another and the also not pointing out the obvious. adamap schiff today complaining that the trump administration deep-sixed marie yavanovitch. >> ambassador had a well earned reputation as a fighter of corruption. this seeks to reof move someone fighting corruption in ukraine -- this seeks to remove someone fighting corruption in ukraine by a smear campaign at which the state department at the highest levels acknowledged had no merit
11:54 pm
whatsoever. >> laura: trump had no right, apparently. >> apparently the president doesn't have the power to appoint his own people if you believe that sound bite. march of this year. i picked up the phone. a career diplomat. there is an election in ukraine in three weeks and she gave a speech calling for a removal of an official in the ukraine. that's against the foreign affairs manual. i dig in to marie yavanovitch. her embassy is funding george soros's groups and in ukraine george soros is a ideologue. the president didn't need any reason at all to fire her. it's a contrived argument. >> laura: people burrowed into the deep state at the state department or in the intel community still working against this president's interests. that's not a conspiracy. john knows it. i know it.
11:55 pm
your thoughts. close it out. >> i was given credible information, i'm sure from some of the same people yawn talked to that yavanovitch, the do not prosecute list, there may be merit to that, if marie yavanovitch and george kent had a list of people that should not be touched by the local department, that should be looked into but it's a conspiracy theory if it affects donald trump -- >> laura: thank you so much. up next a football moment you will never have wanted to miss. stay tuned. like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. ..
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>> this should be the final play of the ballgame, tyler gets free, goes, end zone, dartmouth
12:00 am
touchdown and they win it, a miracle, stays undefeated. >> that was my alma mater, taking down harvard and the second hail mary pass. it was awesome. both undefeated. that is all-time we have tonight. shannon bream, take it from here. 's shannon: you get it done. we begin with a fox news alert. a big race on tap for tomorrow. the political makeup of state legislature, what tomorrow's popular election means one year the day. live off the president's last-minute push in kentucky tonight. the latest into house democrat


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