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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 5, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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kids freak out film it and laugh at them and post it online. jillian: oh my gosh. if that's not bullying in today's pc society, what is? rob: that would freak me out if i was 5 years old. jillian: have a good day. ♪ steve: 6:00 in new york city and straight to a fox news alert. breaking right now, at least nine american citizens, including children, gunned down execution style by a mexican drug cartel. ainsley: a family member says they were driving to a wedding when they were ambushed. some of their bodies found in a burning car. brian: let's go right to griff jenkins. he is all over in this morning in washington. hey, griff, this sounds horrific. >> it is horrific brian, ainsley and steve. a chilling story that you will hear a lot about today. as you mentioned the ap reporting nine american childrenning some children as young as 6 months old killed south of the border. members of a mormon family
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living in mexico dual citizenship. some of their bodies were found in this suv set on fire and riddled with bullet holes. one family relative saying that he saw the attack and that dozens of heavily armed men were standing around the burning suv. one claiming that there were others kidnapped. but another relative told a reporter that they are all accounted for so it's very fluid situation. mexican national guard police and military forces have been dispatched overnight searching several operations. let me show you where this sun folding right now. here in the mexican state of senor are a south of the arizona border, authorities searching in the town of bavispe area not unfamiliar with drug cartels and narcotrafficking. no update from the police authorities on what that investigation has found. this morning brandon judd weighed in and here's what he had to say.
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when the united states citizens are put in danger going into mexico. this is a message drug cartels are sending to the united states. as this story develops i imagine what you will find out because we are doing a better job. because president trump is putting a lot of pressure on these cartels, they are going to send messages to the united states and this looks like it's one of those clear messages. griff: our u.s. ambassador to mexico christopher landau tweeting saying our fellow citizens is our top priority. we will hear a lot more. we are closely monitoring the situation, guys. we will bring it to you as we get it. steve: indeed. right now griff, the motive is not clear it. is believed it could be mistaken identity, right? griff: that's right. a lot of reports coming out of there, and i have got a lot of the mexican news sources i do trust trying to find out exactly what happened. if, indeed, steve, it is a direct attack on a u.s. citizen and a family that would mark sort of a new territory for cartels. this usually doesn't happen. and that's why brandon judd is speaking out so forcefully. ainsley: an american family,
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mormons, down in mexico for a wedding and little children are killed. it's horrific. thank you, griff. griff: we will have more on this. watch this one. steve: the mexican state attorney says the number of dead is confusing because family says nine local media says 12. nonetheless, americans killed in mexico, as you see right there. let's bring in newt gingrich. former speaker of the house. fox news contributor writes a newsletter available at gingrich this is troubling news. >> good morning. steve: billion this cartel in mexico executing these americans. >> well, look. i think we have been hiding from reality. the cartels have grown richer, stronger, bigger. they are a direct threat to the mexican government. much more than all the attention we pay to syria, or iraq or afghanistan. mexico is a vital american interest. and our desire to make sure the mexican government defeats the cartels should
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be enormous. and i think this -- i hope this will be a wake-up call that we had better find a way to have a partnership with the mexican government and help them with whatever intelligence, training, equipment they need to decisively defeat the cartels who are now, frankly, a state within a state. brian: you have a situation where politicians don't dare cross the cartels or they will be gunned down. news reporters don't dare write critical things because they will be killed and they are not protected. and you wonder from the outside progressive who is more powerful, the government or these renegade mob like organizations. >> well, they had one recent case where they captured the son of one of the major cartel leaders. and the cartel literally attacked the prison, defeated the army and the police. and libel berated the son. i mean, to me, that was the really final straw. we're now faced with, i think, almost like lebanon,
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real danger of a government that's unable to control its own territory. and because it's our next door neighbor and, frankly, it's a big country. there are a lot of people in mexico. we have a huge interest and much bigger than we do in syria or a lot of the places we pay attention to. mexico is a much more important part of our future than those countries are. ainsley: there are certain areas that are extremely dangerous. i remember going down there to cover the border in el paso. i asked the border patrol agents what if i went over to mexico right there. they said you wouldn't come back. it's pretty scary. talk about what happened in kentucky last night. the president had a rally in kentucky. he was praising the incumbent governor matt bevin hoping he wins the election. steve: look at those new transcripts. read the transcript. ainsley: people in the back wearing read the transcript. let's listen to him. >> our country is winning again and our country is
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highly respected again. [cheers and applause] but while we are creating jobs and killing terrorists, the radical democrats are going totally insane. [crowd boos] they want to obliterate the rule of law, drive out faith from the public square. with last week's vote, the far left has declared war on american democracy itself. these people are lunatics. in the face of these attacks, republicans are the most unified that i have ever seen. the american people are fed up with democrat lies, hoaxes, slander, the democrats outrageous conduct has created an angry majority that will vote the do nothing democrats the hell out of office soon. [cheers and applause] america is thriving like
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never before. and, ladies and gentlemen of kentucky, the best is yet to come. [cheers and applause] ainsley: what are your thoughts? is this going to backfire on the democrats? >> well, first off, i think ronald reagan would love the closing because that was one of reagan's favorite lines that the best is yet to come. look, i think trump has a very impressive appeal. he took a louisiana race which looked like it was over and the democrat was going to win. it's now in a runoff. governor bevin was in trouble three months ago. now it looks like it may be too close to call. and personally i'm looking forward to the results tonight. the president has a tremendous amount of support and he is exactly right. when they had to vote on impeachment, not a single republican in the house voted to proceed and two of the democrats sided with the republicans. so, pelosi came nowhere near delivering her promise that it would be bipartisan.
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in the senate, the same thing is going to be true. steve: right. >> this whole thing is a political charade, essentially a kangaroo court led by the chief kangaroo adam schiff. and i think we ought to recognize it for what it is. it's not a serious project. it's a political project. steve: well, did you mention adam schiff. his name -- his ears were probably ringing last night because the president of the united states did mention him. so did devin nunes who made it very clear. we have been talking about it on this program for the last two weeks. when the republicans finally get the chance to call witnesses, devin nunes would like to make sure that adam schiff is the first guy in the hot seat. listen to this. >> congratulations, democrats that were on the house intelligence committee that's now become the impeachment committee. they have set the precedent for members of congress to give depositions. and so you heard our minority leader, the republican leader, kevin mccarthy say, that schiff is our first witness. you have had john ratcliffe,
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a former u.s. attorney in congress say adam schiff is our first witness. so, yes, he, in fact, is going to be our first witness that we're going to ask to come and give a deposition. steve: newt, that could be the only way the republicans finally get some answers to some of these questions they have had for the last month or. so. >> look, by the way, i will tell everybody in minus letter tomorrow is going to be will lee smith's new book on the plot to destroy trump. it is an amazing book. it's the story of what devin nunes and the republicans on the house intelligence committee did for two solid years against lies and dishonesty and the fbi and the justice department and the news media. i can't recommend too highly reading lee smith's book the plot and the truth is nunes, if he gets schiff under oath it will just be unbelievable because schiff has been lying for three years.
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ainsley: what's the likelihood that's going to happen? brian: not going to happen. 72 hours. >> look, i think schiff says to the country i am afraid to testify under oath because it will be so clear i'm a liar. i think that pretty well demolishes their whole thing. if the chairman of their committee can't tell the truth and testify under oath, how do the democrats go forward? brian: all right, newt, thanks so much. look forward to that newsletter. >> all right. take care. brian: meanwhile, jillian is somewhere. she is close, right? ainsley: she is upstairs. jillian: saw me this morning. brian: i don't know if you would come here or not. you guys left me upstairs by myself. in a fox news alert. we begin with this. a detective is in critical condition after being shot serving an arrest warrant.
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the dayton police department says the unidentified detective was working with a federal task force in ohio when someone started shooting. police say they found a large amount of fentanyl and weapons inside the home. five people are being questioned. we're expected to learn more in a plifsz news conference later today. it is election day across several states today. president trump hoping his last-minute push for kentucky governor matt bevin will help him win re-election over attorney general andy beshear. and indicate reeves is running against attorney general jim hood: hope to win both houses of the state ledge temperature following high profile scandals involving the democratic leadership this year. the 2020 democratic pool could be getting smaller. julian castro's campaign laying off staff in new hampshire. campaign reportedly focus on iowa and nevada it. comes just three days after
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kamala harris announced she was firing staffers in new hampshire and shifting focus to iowa. some football action now. the dallas cowboys now control the nfc east after knocking off division rival new york giants. >> he sees trying to keep his balance and he does. >> the cowboys beating the giants 37-18. new york playing well in the first half until a stroke of bad luck. watch this. >> a black cat is running across. going to be bad for the cowboys? if you are superstitious? jillian: the play-by-play on that by the way was hilarious. turns out bad for the giants. cat eventually ran away. the giants eventually lost the game. that's your recap. ainsley: where did that blast black cat come from.
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brian: they had an extra. jillian: pretty sure that's not what happened. steve: big day for brian kilmeade. ainsley: it's huge. brian: sam houston the alamo avengers highly anticipated finally out. the texas victory that changed history. special thanks to everyone. i was able to have a mini book party last night and we get started today at 7:30 eastern time a quick look at what the whole book is about. ainsley: are you ready? because you are going to get on the road. brian: i know, going to oklahoma and texas coming up shortly but first stop st. petersburg for the patriots. ainsley: fox nation did a huge piece on this we are going to air later in the show. brian: yes they did. ainsley: congratulations. steve: you can order it in a second. as voters head to the polls across the member. one member is backing a member of the squad. 16-year-olds should be able to vote. yes, i said 16-year-olds is that a good idea or political ploy from the
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up to lower -- push to lower the voting age. that push coming from a ona presley claiming in a new op-ed, quote: she is right. 16-year-olds should be able to vote. our next guest sees a serious problem with that here to explain is campus reform's editor and chief cabot phillips. what possibly could go wrong. >> this is not about equal rights as many on the left are trying to say. we are getting more people involved in the political process. that's not what this is. this is political ploy. the left sees an opportunity to add a million, 2 million new voters to their party and they are trying to capitalize on it. we have seen as we have seen at the leadership institute campus form reform education of america is oftentimes bias not always just college campuses it does many times start at high schools. a large part of americans getting a biased perception of what's going on in the
3:19 am
political process. a lot of these 16 and 17-year-old kids only hear one side. they feel that social pressure from social media and teacherrers. they would likely be voting for democrats nip their lives. that's what the democrats are trying capitalize on. a political ploy and nothing else. steve: trying to get votes 16-year-olds predominantly vote to the political left. when you look at a 16-year-old beings and you know how this works, at 16, they don't really pay taxes. they don't do anything about their own healthcare. they don't take out loans. it's not until the age of 18 and older when those kind of things kick in. >> absolutely. and that's the whole point of voting is that you have a skin in the game. and so when you are voting on things that are going to impact americans and their decisions and their day-to-day lives. you are not there yet. you are not making financial decisions for yourself. you north making healthcare decisions taking out loans and things that you said. also important to point out that we should be
3:20 am
encouraging 16-year-olds to get involved. no one is saying that we don't want young americans paying attention. steve: right. >> voting and being involved in the process are very different things. steve: you want them to figure out how it all works for the day when they actually do get to work. even though 16 is the age when many teens can realize the rights and responsibilities of adulthood such as driving and jobs. we say somehow they lack the maturity and experience to make informed choices at the ballot box. in fact, the evidence suggests just the opposite that in franchising, 16-year-olds would be good for them and good for our democracy. what do you think about that argument? >> the left can't make up their mind on 16-year-olds and 18-year-olds are mature or not. just last year when the firearm discussion was going on, they said we are going to raise the age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21 because 18-year-olds are just not mature enough like buy a firearm which carries so much societal weight. voting carries far more
3:21 am
weight for society than purchasing a firearm. well 18 is mature and 16 is mature enough. they are moving the goal post when it comes to where the age of maturity is. again, i think that shows just how political this all is and how it's not about equal rights, even though they are going to try to bully people into supporting this. if you don't support this you don't care about equal rights and dichotomy. steve: you say to win elections and today is election day. cabot phillips, thank you for joining us today from d.c. >> appreciate it. steve: what do you think about lowering the age to 16: and also on facebook. just how much has president trump's tweets shaped the presidency? gilbert creator scott adams predicted trump's win in 2016 and said his tweets are making trump's presidency brilliantly. he's next. ♪ ♪
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that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. ♪ steve: we are back with a fox news alert. the state of texas is making progress on its promise by the governor to clear out homeless camps overwhelming the city of austin, as you can see right there. aishah has any is live in austin with how it started it started 24 hours ago. how is it going? >> it's going well that video is unbelievable, isn't it. i just can't get over what i saw yesterday. i'm actually stan standing. this is where the after is let's show you that video again of the before. take a look. we are talking about needles, feces, rats running
3:26 am
all over the place. we smelled u.n urine here. makeshift weapons on the ground. they came in and swept it all up and cleared it all out. the homeless were allowed to keep some of their items. the rest of it though went straight into the crash, governor greg abbott is taking action after city leaders legalized camping on sidewalks and some folks are now applauding the governor. >> i really want to thank the governor for standing up and listening to us. and demonstrating leadership here to protect the safety and security of texas. >> now these sweeps continue today and they will continue on a weekly basis. i actually got to speak with a homeless man who says he is going to go right back to the overpass. >> not going to clean this up. as long as there are people under this bridge, people are going to be giving us crap. it's just that easy.
3:27 am
>> now, meantime, austin mayor steve adler the democratic mayor here in town facing a lot of pressure. he is actually facing the threat of a recall. there is a petition floating around online. we will talk to him live right here on "fox & friends" in the 8:00 hour and ask him about that and, of course, the governor stepping in to help his city. steve? steve: all right, aishah, we will be watching for that 8:00 report. we thank you very much. brian, ainsley? brian: if you have not noticed, president trump likes to hop on twitter from time to time. and now, thanks to a recent analysis by the "new york times," we now know how much and what he is trying to say. ainsley: president trump sending out more than 11,800 tweets since taking the oath of office. how has the president's use of social media changed what it means to be the commander-in-chief? brian: here to weigh in is the creator of dilbert comic strip and author of loser think. scott adams welcome. when you see that number, does it surprise you.
3:28 am
>> not at all. the president has created his own television channel on twitter. it's video, it's text. it's everything he wants to do. the funny thing about it is when he first started tweeting when he was running for president. too much tweeting. too much tweeting. you will never get -- okay you got elected president. now you need to stop. then he just increases his tweeting. i think historians okay that tweeting was a really good idea. it bonded the public to him without the middle man. and i think even the typos end up working in his favor because you know he wrote it. that makes it feel personal and you feel connected to your leader in a way we never have before. ainsley: it's being reported that some of his staff wanted to restrain him. they wanted to read the tweets before. brian: 15-minute delay. ainsley: exactly. >> that would have ruined everything. i think you can tell a massaged tweet vs. an original. you look at it and go oh yeah he wrote that one. ainsley: the people who do support him they like him for that. s they like him because he says exactly what he is
3:29 am
thinking. >> the authenticity of it to know you got it right from his brain is really what he thinks. nobody fixed it. brian: scott, how does that play into your book loserthink? >> the connection with the book is a little loose. the loserthink is rampant on twitter. when i would get attacks on twitter i would look at often the profile i would see the good comments come from people with economic background and lawyers. i would see one that made no sense at all on any logical level and click on the profile, artist, musician. now, i'm not making fun of anybody here. i'm just saying that there may be types of experience which give you access to the way people think in different fields. so loserthink is where you think you know how to think but you don't have access to, let's say how an economist thinks, a psychologist, historian, an entrepreneur. and so i give example of easy ways to think so that
3:30 am
can you manage your twitter life and be as powerful as president trump. brian: know what to take personal and take as instructive and what not to. know who it is coming from. >> also to recognize the errors and call them out. i tell people to take a picture of any page in my book as a response on twitter if somebody is doing something like mind reading or saying one variable is everything or they are using an analogy or they say crazy things like slippery slopes and history repeats. these are all the things i call out as not really good thinking. brian: how untrained brains are ruining america loserthink is now out. scott adams thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: what are voters saying about president trump's rally in kentucky last night. todd piro is lexington. todd: you heard the old adage when you think of kentucky specifically lexington you think of the three b's. bourbon, blue grass and
3:31 am
bagels? we are in a bailing spot. bagel spot. talk about more when "fox & friends" returns on a tuesday morning. ♪
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brian: we're back with a fox news alert. breaking right now. nine american citizens including children gunned down by a mexican drug cartel. steve: execution style. they were reportedly ambushed while driving in northern mexico. some of their bodies were found in a burning suv riddled with bullet holes. ainsley: the mexican national guard along with police and military forces are searching the area where the bodies were found. there are reports that some people are missing. steve: it's just a terrible story. we will keep you posted throughout. ainsley: an american family. steve: i know it. in the meantime you were probably watching the president last night go out to kentucky where today there is an off-year election. he is supporting the governor there matt bevin. todd piro joins us from the great bagel and bakefully lexington. todd, that's a state that the president won by 30 points. he had a lot of fans, didn't he? todd: he has a lot of fans
3:35 am
but this is a very close race between matt bevin the incumbent republican and andy beshear the son of some political royalty here in kentucky. that is really adding to a situation where it's pretty close. so, we're talking to the folks here about the issues of the day. we begin with david. david is a registered democrat. works as a veteran in the -- ven in the horse industry. you don't want to say how are voting for today but you say impeachment is a joke why? >> we are not dealing with any of the other problems in the united states. unfortunately the democratic party is solely focused on impeaching trump, which they were from the time that he won the election before he was even sworn in. so nothing else is being ghished. todd: what county democrats do to get your vote back? >> they are going to have to deal with the substantive issues that actually exist. healthcare, prescription drug problems. crime, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. and keeping a robust economy. todd: david, thank you.
3:36 am
we now go to stephanie. she said in the polls today likely to vote for matt bevin. you said impeachment is also a joke, why? >> i think -- i didn't support bush and i didn't support obama. and, you know, i don't know why people are so angry. and i don't understand because accepted them as my president. i think this is a political game to try to slander someone who is doing a good job for the country. that's what i think. todd: stephanie, thank you for your comments. herschel, you said you voted straight republican meaning you voted for matt bevin today. you call impeachment a total waste of time. why? >> total waste of time, money. like david said, there is nothing getting done. and you look at biden as far as the quid pro quo, you know, what's different? so, i don't know. i just think it's a total waste of time and resources. todd: all right. thank you, herschel. jashed works in the airline industry. you are also voting for matt bevin. you say the economy is great, but? >> well, i mean, talking
3:37 am
earlier here in kentucky it could be better but it's not as bad as it was. you go to eastern kentucky coal timples filling up and they were empty for years. places in the midwest still struggling but they aren't struggling like they were four years ago. i think that, you know, why do you want to change horses right now? i think that we need to work with the president and the democrats need to work with the president to improve some of the things that this gentleman is saying. todd: last question to you you say the impeachment inquiry involving president trump puts matt bevin over the top today, why? >> because it's fired up republicans to get out and vote. i know -- every republican i know is outraged over impeachment. they wanted to get to vote for something. they are going to vote today for two reasons. i think some support bevin but a lot of them want to get out and shoat democratic party they don't want to put up with them trying to nullify the 201 2016 election.
3:38 am
todd: solid start from this table. toss it back to new york city. two more hits join you later on in the show. back to you. steve: he will be back with another round table from kentucky one hour from now. todd, thank you. brian: what's this tv stuff. two more hits, what does it mean? ainsley: that's tv speak. yeah. he will be on two more times. steve: two more breakfast before. jillian: family is suing after 10-year-old boy falls 20 feet off a zip line. you can see the child holding onto the ride in lake land, florida. we stopped the video before he plummets to the concrete floor he was seriously hurt and needed to be air lifted to the hospital. family claims workers did not secure the child's hannerness. the employees in question no longer work there a high school student speaking out after a teacher is accused of segregated students based on religious and political
3:39 am
beliefs. >> i don't even know if teachers are allowed to talk about religion at school. no one does. it's crazy to hear about something like that. jillian: the north carolina teacher threatened to withhold job or college recommendations if anyone reported her. she has been suspended with pay as the school district investigates. 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren appears to agree with the supporter who proposed the idea that the u.s. backed genocide. listen to this. >> right now the united states is bombing at least seven countries. we support genocides in palestine and in yemen. the u.s. military is actually the biggest polluter of any organization in the world. >> so i like your frame on this. jillian: warren seemed nodding and giving the surprising answer at a campaign event in iowa. president trump welcomes the washington nationals at the white house. camp getting a hug look at this after putting on a make america great again hat.
3:40 am
first baseman ryan zimmerman offered kind words. >> we would also like to thank you for keeping everyone here safe and our country -- [cheers] and continuing to make america the greatest country to live in the world. jillian: he also gave the president a jersey with his name and the number 45 on the back. the pitcher had to shut down a trump critic on twitter. showed video showing the world series mvp avoiding the president it. cut out before strasburg cut back and shook the president's hand. he responded to the tweet saying quote, fake news. a look at your headlines. jillian: what were you doing when i was reading the headlines. brian: ainsley poured a brand new coffee. i took one sip, put it by my heel and kicked it over. it's flooded. it must be five gallons. ainsley: if you took a swab of the area under brian's
3:41 am
sofa part and compared it to ours. it would be very dirty. he does this often. steve: his part of the couch would be largely pumpkin spice. [laughter] ainsley: you can see it. i hear jillian said it's streaming behind the sofa down there in the cable so if we go off air, it's because brian's coffee. steve: america runs on country continue and apparently we wash the floors with it. brian: by the time martha maccallum tries to do her show have no electricity. steve: janice dean is out on the streets try where could use a cup of coffee. janice: brian had a late night last night celebrating his book release which is going to go to number one. sam houston, my friends. go buy it on amazon and where all books are sold. hi, my friends. happy anniversary what are your names. >> sandy,. >> bob. >> what's the number? >> 52. janice: what is the secret?
3:42 am
>> a good wife to. janice: yes, i love it. take a look at those maps. i will show you what's happening here in new york city. we have 54 degrees. i have to tell you there is some cold air moving. in couple of shots of cold air not only that but snow in the forecast along the coast we are not going to get snow but we could see some measurable snow across the great lakes and interior northeast. that's going to be our big story over the next couple of days. elsewhere, a pretty good-looking forecast. and birthday to your mom what's her name. >> jan. >> my son's griffin's birthday was the day before. janice: thank you for coming out to "fox & friends" so early in the morning. we love you. back inside steve, ainsley and brian. happy book release brian kilmeade. brian: thank you very much and happy birthday gretchen. ainsley: i think it's griffin. steve: 18 minutes now before the top of the hour. nancy pelosi is third in line for the oval office. if the president and vice president are removed, the "new york times" says pelosi should not be president.
3:43 am
brian: the judge is on the case. ainsley: did you bring a paper towel? ♪ you might as well be walking on the sun ♪ ♪ searching for a way to help stop your cold sore? only abreva can get rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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3:47 am
1947 federal law that the speaker of the house in third in line to the president is judge napolitano who is fourth in line should the speaker turn it down. judge: should the speaker turn it down pro tem in the senate. i don't know who that is would be the senior republican in the senate. i think it's probably senator grassley. if he is not the senior and i'm saying he is i'm sorry, senator. it's not about your age. i think the article is silly and fanciful. almost science fiction. what would be the base -- first of all if you don't want donald trump to be impeached, there are a lot of reasons for not impeaching him, the least of which is mrs. pelosi might become the president. second, what is the case against mike pence? i don't understand this. steve: exactly. >> why does this editorialist say if donald trump is impeached and removed from office, two huge leaps that mike pence would be impeached and removed from office for the same reason and that nancy pelosi becomes president. the only thing they didn't put in this is that nancy pelosi would get to pick her vice president and she would
3:48 am
pick hillary clinton and then she would resign and hillary would become president. this is crazy. steve diabolical there is not a real conflict of interest. the chances of mrs. pelosi becoming president even if donald trump were impeached, she is not involved in the removal proceedings if they are to happen. just impeachment. so remote. it's not worth discussing. but we are discussing it. steve: why would the "new york times" do that because, you know, a lot of people who read the "new york times" like nancy pelosi and for them to say she shouldn't be president. >> i don't know. this law was written in 1947 when we didn't have a vice president. fdr had died. harry truman was president and there was no provision for a new vice president. as we know from the richard nixon gerald ford experience, the law was changed to allow the president, when is a vacancy
3:49 am
in the vps to appoint a president that's hour gerald ford became vice president and eventually president when richmond nixon resigned it. never got beyond that. brian: we will see where we are at and the president of the united states said read the transcript. you saw the t-shirt, judge. >> i think there is more than just the transcript. but i understand his argument. brian: it's more of his meetings? judge: yes. yeah. that's what we are going to hear about in two weeks. steve: democrats are leaking things out selectively. that's what we will see now. judge: who does the leaking? is that coffee cleaned up yet? ainsley: no. judge: i'm sitting in it. brian: judge, if you have some time, i need a cup of coffee. judge: might surprise you. ainsley: i want my $3 back. as democrats are ramping up impeachment push. republicans are turning the tables. they want adam schiff to testify. congresswoman elise stefanik sits on the house intel
3:50 am
committee with adam schiff and she is here to react coming up next. brian: hundreds of criminals could walk free in new york. mayor bill de blasio has a plan to make sure they behave. give cards to mets games. ainsley: crazy. ♪ put me in, coach ♪ i'm ready to face the day ♪ put me in coach ♪ i'm ready to play today ♪ look at me ♪ i can be what's on my christmas wish list? kick off the holidays with huge savings
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♪ steve: let's some politics more eyes on capitol hill. democrats push towards impeachment. the whistleblower now willing to apparently take written questions from republicans who are now turning the tables and planning to call on adam schiff to testify. republican congresswoman elise stefanik sits on the house intel committee. she joins us with more. >> it's great to be here. steve: you say the whistleblower, you don't want to read a transcript from the whistleblower. you don't want to read his testimony. you want to sit in a room with him and ask him questions. >> absolutely. the whistleblower should answer questions under oath but more importantly, adam schiff needs to answer questions under oath. i was the first member of congress to ask when did adam schiff have access to the whistleblower? we know now that that was before the whistleblower submitted his complaint to the inspector general. so there are a lot of serious questions about the
3:55 am
coordination between the whistleblower and chairman schiff. steve: so you -- adam schiff doesn't want the whistleblower then to testify because, if you're sitting there and adam schiff is sitting there and the whistleblower is sitting there and you are going to ask the whistleblower that question, adam schiff is going to look bad. >> absolutely. and this needs to be done under oath and it's interesting. adam schiff at first wanted the whistleblower to testify. steve: right. >> as it became clear that there was coordination between the whistleblower and adam schiff and the democratic staff members, now adam schiff is backtracking that which is why our first witness will be adam schiff. steve: because he's the one who can connect all of the puzzle parts but don't you have to ask the democrats for permission to call him? >> yes. this is why. steve: then that's not going to happen. >> right. this is a partisan resolution that was brought to the floor last week, passed with only democratic support. it limited our ability to subpoena witnesses, unless adam schiff signed off on it. it also allowed adam schiff to retract portions of testimony as they are
3:56 am
released. steve: and we saw some of the testimony yesterday selectively leaked. you were actually, as a member of the house intel committee, you were in the room in adam schiff was telling one of the witnesses last week don't answer that don't answer that. what was he doing? >> yes. this has been a partisan process from the start. adam schiff has conducted himself as counsel to the witnesses, as judge and jury. and the american people deserve transparency. these should have been open, bipartisan hearings from the start. again, throughout this process, we have seen partisan cherry picking leaking coming from the democratic side. and it's unfair to the american people. impeachment is more than a political buzz word. this is serious constitutional process and the american people deserve access to 100 percent. they should be open hearings and the media deserves access. steve: indeed. you say that the deck is stacked against the president and the republicans. congresswoman elise stefanik, thank you for joining us from d.c. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile today is election day 2019. and the voters are heading
3:57 am
to the polls in some states for pivotal races. we will take a look at those next. jim jordan and donald trump jr. both here live on this tuesday morning _ ♪ come sail away ♪ (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. brian: here we go straight to a fox news alert. this is breaking. at least nine american citizens, including children, gunned down after getting caught up in a war, i guess, between two drug cartels. steve: some of the americans' bodies found in that burning car with car sights strapped in the back. ainsley: oh my goodness, they are americans, mormons there for a wedding. we will get to griff in washington. griff: good morning. it's a tough story to wake up to. motive unclear. but the details of what exactly happened are starting to surface and what is undeniable is that horrific violence that we have seen in recent months in mexico has now taken the lives of at least nine
4:01 am
americans. the youngest among them twins, just six months old. all of them living quietly in a mormon community in mexico. some children, who survived, reportedly said that they watched their mother die. a surviving grandfather was devastated in the aftermath. >> this is for the record nita and four of my grandchildren were burned and shot up. right on the road. griff: hard to watch. what we know is it appears these family members were reportedly ambushed by dueling cartels. so bodies riddled with bullets. a family witness, who wished to remain anonymous, because she fears for her life, had this to say. >> that it was a war between the two cartels and that these women just happened to be caught in the middle. i didn't ever in my life expect to be having this type of a conversation.
4:02 am
griff: mexico call national guard police and military forces have been dispatched, searching overnight and continuing today. let me show you where this sun folding 70 miles south of the arizona border. authorities searching near the down of bavispe an area not unfamily with drug cartels and drug trafficking. last month 14 police officers killed in a cartel ambush. and a few days later, city there, police forces turn over chapo's son because of the cartel violence. no update on what this latest search has brought, but we are learning these details very, very difficult. we will bring you more as we get them. ainsley: not in an area where americans largely travel. most people go to cabo. steve: the coast. ainsley: cancun. you. griff: that's correct. very important point while it is a more remote area of central northern mexico where a lot of cartels pass through, usually americans have not been bothered
4:03 am
there. even mormon communities living quietly, peacefully, not bothering anyone, maybe it is a case of mistaken identity, but one thing is for sure, a line has been crossed because mexicans -- americans, rather, are usually not caught in these sorts of situations. ainsley: terrible. brian: griff jenkins, thanks so much. that video is incredible, too. walking around the car. steve: and knowing that there had been two children in car seats strapped in the back. brandon judd joins us right now from d.c. brandon, you know, ainsley made a good point. this is not a tourist destination. this is right between the states of chihuahua and senor are a, which is right where the drugs come from. >> that video is very difficult to see. obviously our hearts go out to the families, our prayers go out to the families. what we have to understand is although this isn't a tourist destination, while this isn't a tourist destination but this is where smuggling takes place.
4:04 am
this is where drugs come into the united states. criminal aliens come into the united states. what we also have to look at and this is just speculation right now because this is ongoing. u.s. law enforcement, we don't have a whole lot of information right now. but the speculation, what you have to look at and what you have to consider is as we continue to do a better job on the border, we can expect to see more violence. it's rare that the cartels lash out at american citizens unless we're cutting into their profits, which is what's happening right now with the policies that are taking place mexican government becoming a true border security partner you can expect to see more violence. what i will call out to the politicians is is these cartels are extremely dangerous. they don't care about life. and they are operating in the united states largely because we have politicized border security instead of standing up and saying we need to get this situation under control. we continue to use it on the left and the right as talking points instead of
4:05 am
saying we have got to safeguard american citizens in the united states. brian: in the past we have helped out mexico. previous administrations. when they do have situations like this. do you think that we should offer help, fbi, not just the investigation of this but how the cartels have taken over that country to finally maybe gut it or it's not our responsibility but as neighbors it might be in our interest. >> oh, it's absolutely in our interest. all we have to do is go back and look at what we did in colombia. we absolutely helped out the colombian government. brian: we were invited. >> yeah. but we went in there and we did our job to safeguard the american public. it's not that we went in there to safeguard colombia. we went in there because it's in our best interest. it's also in our best interest to give the mexican government as much support as possible to go after these cartels to stop these drugs flowing into the united states, to quit these opioids that are going into
4:06 am
suburban america that are killing our children are coming largely from mexico. brian: we have to be invited, right? >> we do. we would get invited if we put the requisite pressure on the mexican government. we have seen that. steve: we were speaking to newt gingrich, former speaker of the house. he was reacting to this lead story. he had this observation. listen to this, brandon. >> much more than all the attention we pay to syria or iraq or afghanistan, mexico is a vital american interest and our desire to make sure the mexican government defees the cartels, should be enormous. and i think -- hope this will be a wake-up call that we better find a way to have a partnership with the mexican government and help them with whatever intelligence, training, equipment they need to decisively defeat the cartels who are now, frankly, a state within a state. we are now faced with i think almost a lebanon. a real danger of a
4:07 am
government that's unable to control its own territory. ainsley: brandon, you have got some people on the left saying that the president is racist because he wants to build a wall. this is exactly why he wants to build the wall, right, to keep that danger out. things like this. we don't want cartels here. >> no. absolutely. and if you go back to look at what newt gingrich said, we have to be a partner. this is a president that's been able to work. president trump has been able to work with the mexican government to come up with policies that have been very beneficial to both mexico and to the united states. president trump can work with mexico. we can get ourselves invited to go after these cartels and, yes, walls absolutely work. i personally know that firsthand from my workings on the border when i patrolled the border. he is doing the best that he can and he is going to get this under control. but we have to have congress step up to the plate and do their job as well. and if we don't. brian: nothing is going to happen until after the election. brandon, thanks so much.
4:08 am
unbelievably resourceful this administration has been working almost virtually alone. steve: what a shocking story. brandon, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: the story is, if you are just waking up, nine americans executed down in mexico presumably by drug cartel. ainsley: mormon family, american, just going to a family. steve: motive unknown. today is tuesday. it's election day. with elections underway in weskentucky minnesota and ken mississippi and virginia. brian: the president's long rally. hey, kristin. >> good morning. president trump isn't on the ballot today but how impeachment is playing with voters is in large part to the white house's efforts to turn the kentucky governor's race to a referendum on impeachment. as you mentioned, president trump was down in kentucky last night rallying for the republican incumbent, governor matt bevin.
4:09 am
he's hoping he can harness the president's many supporters in the state and their anger against the impeachment inquiry. >> let's get out and vote. let's send a message to washington to the other states, to the united states of america, that kentucky is leading the way and that we support the president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers] >> bevins running against andy beshear telling that this race has nothing to do with impeachment. >> i believe that our families know that this race is not about who is in the white house but about what's going on in their house. >> and the other big race to watch today is the governor's race in mississippi. democrat attorney general jim hood vs. the republican lieutenant governor reeves. remember all the scandal around ralph northam and justin fairfax? well, they are still in office and not on the ballot
4:10 am
today and now democrats have a chance to flip control of both the house of delegates and the state senate giving them total control of the state government. so a lot to watch today and this really could give us our best sense of the state of play heading into 2020. steve: all right. >> brian, ainsley and steve. steve: kristin, thank you very much. she is on the north lawn. on the south lawn yesterday the nationals that won the world series were in attendance. 18 of 295 players went. one particular player, the camp, kurt zooky is getting a lot of attention because he was wearing a make america great again cap which has caused a lot 6 backlash. here is the president saying congratulations. >> come here. say a couple of words. [cheers] >> i love him. [applause] >> i love you all.
4:11 am
i love you all. thank you. >> okay. completely ad-libbed but social media has melted down. they feel that he should not have done that. brian: before we tell you how, keep in mind. all he did was support the president of the united states of the country he is in. ainsley: who is standing next to him. invited him to the white house. asked him to come up and speak, and he was congratulating him on winning the world series. steve: right. a lot of members of the twitterverse tweeted things out. here's the palmer report which has now been deleted. if he wore a swastika hat he would be banned from baseball and a maga hat is no different. it's when he put the hat on and then somebody formerly of cnn, soledad o'brien called it pathetic. brian: and "the today show" meanwhile ajit alee "new york times" they will never love you kurt suzukiy. they will never love you.
4:12 am
enjoy the hug and the delusion. whatever makes you feel great. ainsley: catcher of the team? brian: i think things are breaking his way. ainsley: isn't it amazing the president of the united states ask no matter how you vote asks you come up and say something you are hated if you walk up to that microphone support him and put on the hat. steve: ryan zimmerman gave him a trump 45 jersey and said we would like to thank you, mr. president, for keeping everybody here safe in our country. continuing to make america the greatest country to live in in the world. and it was that bear hug that's in every paper this morning. brian: i think four players decided to stay home. that's their option, too. no one is mad at them or people might be. not as angry as somebody who just put the president's hat on. meanwhile, 12 minutes after the hour. jillian, you have the breaking news? jillian: that's right. following a number of stories. including this. a manhunt for two killers is intensifying in california. as we learn more about how they escaped. they broke out of jail through this hole in a wall.
4:13 am
the monterey county sheriff says it's only 22 inches wide. authorities say they squeezed between walls and pipes to sneak out of jail sunday. there is a reward for information leading to their arrest proposition 205 would limit a person immigration status or contacting ice. ban city employees from asking a person's legal status. tucson's mayor warns the initiative could do, quote, irreparable harm to the city. former white house press secretary sean spicer sails into the next round of "dancing with the stars" ♪ come sail away ♪ come sail away ♪ come sail away with me jillian: spicer a naval reservist wearing a naval costume for jazz dance.
4:14 am
he received low scores for the performance but one of the judges joked the fans keep throwing him a lifeline. "new york times" agree no, sean spicer really can't dance. you know, come on. just embrace it. it's fun. steve: he is getting the votes. people are calling. brian: i never heard come sail away and thought i could dance to that. ainsley: any song you thought you could dance to. jillian: perfect for navy background. ainsley: i love that the fans can keep him in. brian: voting. and salute to popeye who was a great sailor. steve: there you go and loved spinach. hundreds of inmates could soon walk free in new york state. and mayor bill de blasio has a plan to make sure they behave. he will give them gift cards and free baseball tickets if they go to court. brian: excellent. ♪ come on ♪ come on ♪
4:15 am
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and suvs. four years in a row. since more than 32,000 real people... just like me. and me. and me. took the survey that decided these awards. it was only right that you hear the good news from real people... like us. i'm daniel. i'm casey. i'm julio. only chevy has earned j.d. power dependability awards across cars, trucks and suvs. four years in a row. steve: all right. this next story is shocking. nearly 900 new york city inmates could soon be released from jail before a new bail law reform takes effect at the first of next year. ainsley: and on top of that, the "new york post" is reporting that mayor bill de blasio will give out gift cards and baseball tickets
4:19 am
to encourage them to make their court date. brian: but they will be met tickets because yankees are too hard to get. i'm not kidding. our next guest is outraged and says this endangering the pluck. new york city assemblyman brian colb joins us now. this seems outrageous. how could it be possible the governor didn't know about it? >> i think it's impossible for him not to know about it. you know, i was quoted in the paper the other day. governor cuomo said i am government. and every state agency, every budget decision is controlled by him and his office and for him to say he pleads ignorance on this it's just not that thomable. and certainly not believable and i think this is what, you know, really eventually why people just roll their eyes and say okay, whatever you say, governor. ainsley: brian, he signed the law in the spring, he says he didn't know about it, even though he signed it. maybe it was fine print. but, as a governor, to admit that you didn't even know that that happened and you are signing stuff doesn't
4:20 am
that admit that you are not reading what you are signing? brian: met tickets? ainsley: right. >> actually in fairness, this release idea was not part of the budget. this is a separate action by oca office of court administration and the de blasio administration. oca is, you know, is a court system that obviously gets funded by new york state and all of the judges that work at this part of it. so to say that governor cuomo didn't know about it, it's just ridiculous. but, certainly it's the concept that the average new yorker just says are you kidding me, really? that you are going to release 900 inmates without checking all their background, what are they in jail in the first place for, as a matter of fact, i think governor cuomo's office acknowledged that they said that 900 people don't have violent crimes. but, on one hand they are saying they did know about it. yet they know the criminal background of everybody that's in jail in this is
4:21 am
why it just erodes public confidence. steve: mr. kolb the new york most has a cover story today about how the commissioner of new york, mr. o'neil, is resigning. and apparently he has privately been fuming about he said that criminal justice reform -- the criminal justice reforms that the city has done under mayor de blasio could actually unravel some of the gains they have made in keeping the streets safe. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. there's no doubt about it. all you have to do is just look at the recent stories. new york police officers having trash thrown on their cars. steve: terrible. >> cars spray painted, yelled at, can you, can cursed . spit upon. doused with fluids. it's a danger to public safety. it's lawlessness. have you seen the story about now the turnstile jumpers literally hundreds. protests in the streets: i think if i was a new york
4:22 am
city resident or business owner i would be fearful being out on the streets of new york based on how they are treating police officers. brian: brian kolb thank you so much. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up. well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy.
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4:26 am
rats running all over the place. we smelled urine, we saw makeshift weapons laying on the ground. so, tex dot came in with police and cleared it out. the homeless were allowed to keep some of their personal items. the rest of it has to be trashed. the governor, greg abbott, taking action after city leaders legalized camping on sidewalks. and some folks actually showed up to watch and they everywherwere applauding the governor. >> you have to be naive to think that austin won't become the next san francisco or l.a. or seattle and nobody here wants that. >> now these sweeps continue today and they will continue on a weekly basis. i actually got to talk with a homeless man at a different overpass. and he says he is just going to go right back. >> i'm just going to go a block. and then when they leave, i will go right back. what have we solved? nothing. we have just spent more government money. that's the only thing we
4:27 am
have done. >> now the democratic mayor of austin mayor steve adler facing a lot of pressure because there's actually a threat of a recall. there is a petition going around online signatures every single day. we are going to talk to him about that and, of course, the governor stepping n his city coming up here in the next hour. ainsley: okay. thank you, aishah, for that report. brian, we are going to head down to you. brian: meanwhile, in the new documentary we have been telling you about for a while now. no safe spaces it. dives into the fight for free speech on college campuses and looks at the sad state of free speech today. surging in the box office in its limited release. >> we wanted invite joey gibson freedom rally. making social media. protest and the school ramped up security on us telling us that because we invited a speaker that made the protesters mad we had to
4:28 am
pay every cent of security caused by the protesters. brian: money so successful only behind the terminator in limited release in two major markets in san diego as well as denver. unbelievable. that student in the film you just saw chevy swanson joins us now. chevy is the university of washington graduate and he is with us this morning. so what about the message in this movie and are you glad that you are getting it out and putting your face in front of the entire nation? >> yeah, well, thank you for having me. i think this is a great message. this movie sends a great message and it does a great service to a lot of people. a lot of campus conservative types. right now we're seeing a crazy amount of censorship on college campuses coming from the left, coming from the right in some cases. and we need to make a stand and we need to say that this is not something that conservatives stand for. conservatives stand for fighting for ideas and defending ideas and debating those that disagree. we are willing to debate
4:29 am
extremists on both sides and say that our ideas are better, our ideas are stronger. and the message of the movie couldn't be talked about even -- couldn't be talked about better this week with a lot of things going on. we're seeing censorship all over, of course i had to sue the university of washington for our right to assemble. our right to speak. but, i think it's wildly important that we continue to beat the drum, we continue to say that we are here to defend these things. brian: i just can't believe these administrations don't stand up. right or left, everyone should get a chance. it's not even in their business interest to shut down one voice. meanwhile, listen to this. and this shouldn't surprise you, cheviy. this is a study shown about college campuses and how they feel politically. 69% say they would vote for a democrat in 2020. 23 percent said they would vote for donald trump. so there is going to be very little push back on that school of thought from the
4:30 am
administrators. what i think is key is now liberals are having some of that backlash blow back on them. do you get that? >> no. could you repeat that last part please? brian: liberals are getting blow back for not being liberal enough. so they are seeing the problem in many cases and bill maher in this movie in particular. >> yeah. it's absolutely insane, honestly. there's backlash against the movie. there is backlash against conservatives in general in these campuses. and, you know, it moves left at a rate that is unseen. and ultimately, it's unsustainable and it can't go on. and we need to, again, we need to fully defend free speech whenever possible. movies like this do that. brian: right. >> we need to make sure our campus activist and campus activist groups are doing it as well.
4:31 am
brian: you did it. you are doing your job. open spaces has a nationwide release on the 15th of november. shows already a lot of interest in it. chevy swanson, thanks so much. >> thank you so much for having me on and make sure that you're always defending free speech. brian: you got. it was sentenced to life in prison for killing a police officer as a teen. now he is getting a chance to go free. you will hear from the officer's family next. plus jim jordan and donald trump is coming up. america is a special place to-to-speak up for what we believe. we have the power to change the course of our nation and the world. >> every four years we make a choice for ourselves, four our families, for our future. we do something most people across the globe only dream of. democracy 2020. it's in your hands, america is watching. ♪
4:32 am
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4:35 am
♪ celebration times, come on ♪ celebrate ♪ celebrate good times come on brian gave me an award and flew a flag over the alamo and gave it to me yesterday. the weather department highly represented. jay lien does a great job here helping all of us out. i was able to last night officially launch sam houston the alamo avengers at del friscos across the street. not only is it nice but i'm afraid of breaking tradition. i try to have it in the same place every time. the good news is. steve: good luck charm. ainsley: talking about your book parties. how many books is this now for you. brian: six. four history books. for this i really owe fox nation. they sent me to the aloe and do the feature. i thought if i could tell
4:36 am
the complete story what led to it and what happened after it that people might be interested in it and people the texas really helped me out. they get this in grammar school. they get this in high school and now america this is a texas story that is really an american story. take a look. >> 1776 america declares its independence. the united states was born. almost six decades later another daunting fight for freedom loving independent americans. the odds of success just as long. the stakes just as high. this time it was mexico and the battle for texas office early 1830s. independent state of mexico. that all changed in general antonio lopez santa ana took power. he shelled liberty. cue for steven f. austin and company to break await a minute these guys ready to fight. >> who controlled san antonio would control that
4:37 am
whole interpart of texas. once you start having colonel travis and james buoy there at the alamo running the volunteers. santa ana thought it was easy one. brian: surprise of many outnumbered and pretty much unorganized would take over the alamo mission. but bad news was coming. general santa ana he wanted to stomp out before it could take root. buoy would decide to stay. along with colonel william berry travis to leave. factor in one of the most famous men in america, at the time davy crockett was under his command. >> buoy and crocket and travis and the others decided we are going to dig in our heels and it's free freedom on deaf. courage is something different in every person. most people are not courageous alone. you get courage from the people you are around. if the people around you show optimism, it's contagious. brian: for 13 days.
4:38 am
travis fearlessly. inflicting hundreds, some say over 1,000 casualties in santa ana's army. march 5th. walls breached. every texan killed from buoy to travis to crocket. it was supposed to intimidate sam houston's forces. it didn't. brian: 1836. weeks after the alamo massacre, the battle flashes here to goal lad. to this fort behind me led by west point dropdown jim gannon knew they were about to be engaged a an edge engagement sam houston never wanted to see happen. his orders were not heeded. he hesitates and caught in the middle of an open field. after brutal fighting cut a deal disarm and next change they would be allowed to live. bannon trusted mexican general to hold his word. he didn't. the men were marched out, then executed. sam houston knew he had to give one of the most toughest, most unpopular orders in his career. take the men he had left and
4:39 am
retreat. known today as the run away scrape. >> this was now a war of attrition. houston wanted to preserve himself and texas. he is also going over formations and strategies at which time they come to a which way. sam houston and his texas army looked and said well i can go through that limb and go to the american border where i can get more troops and maybe rest my guys or he can make this decision follow that limb and go to where he nissan that anna and his mexican army would be waiting. after much deliberation, sam houston decided to finally fight. the first and only time the santa ana and sam houston will square off. who better to take them through this battle than stephen moore the author of 18 minutes. why 18 minutes? >> that's the amount of time it took for the texans to overwhelm a completely surprise the mexican army. it went on for another two minutes but 18 minutes is the time that it took to achieve total victory. brian: wait a second the
4:40 am
group that got annihilated at the alamo. got massacred at goliad took 18 minutes. >> most lopsided victory probably in american history. brian: sam houston led the texas fight for freedom. his army's courage resilience and ultimate victory would change a country and soon change the world. brian: jefferson and then after that santa ana would be captured. they said instead of killing them and torturing them. okay, sign a paper give us texas. and sign this other paper. tell your reinforcements to turn around. texas would be its own country for nine years. ultimately annexed into our country. but jefferson and jackson among the people that said we got texas in the louisiana purchase and the secretary of state john quinel is i adams should never have given it away in a swap for florida that we already had then. this is the winning of the west that started right there. steve: right. and everybody knows parts of the story of the alamo. but how it all fits into that great big puzzle piece
4:41 am
that led to what ultimately led to the end of the book is fantastic. brian: listen, thanks, steve. meanwhile, i'm going to be in tulsa on friday. i'm going to be doing the radio show there. after that go sign at noon. ainsley: at barnes & noble. brian: oklahoma city. not been there yet. be there at 6:30. next day wichita falls, texas. good time to drive. that will be saturday 11:30. and then over to lee lockwood library in waco, texas. and the tour begins. ainsley: going to be a busy weekend. brian: back monday no problem. steve: book is now available order it today on amazon and have it tomorrow. brian: thanks, guys. we will have a special and talk about that next week on the channel. steve: meanwhile, january first dean is outside on the streets of new york city. janice: brian, you are making history cool again. i love it. friends from texas. where are you from? >> katy, texas. ainsley: very nice will you be buying brian kilmeade's book. >> we sure will we are all
4:42 am
excited about the alamo. janice: where from from you. >> mexico. >> are you getting married, too. >> i am. janice: are you going to buy brian kilmeade's book? >> i am. brian. janice: we sold two. it's a great read. a little warm here in new york city considering that we're getting some snow just west of us across the great lakes and the northeast. interior northeast sections, that's where we will get a measurable snow on friday, my friends. it's come. then next week we are going to feel an artic plunge. enjoy it while it's here. the rest of the country is pretty quiet. and a anniversary here, right? what's the secret to being married so long. >> one house, one wife, no boat. janice: okay. excellent advice. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. brian: one house, one wife, no boat. steve: interesting. new one. ainsley: that is so funny. brian: hallmark people are calling. happy anniversary, wife, no
4:43 am
boat. steve: never know what's going to happen on the streets. sold three books and got that president trump firing up base last night at a big rally in lexington, kentucky. what are voters there saying in the post game show. ainsley: todd piro he is having breakfast with friends. we are going to check in with him next ♪ i don't want to be the best camper, but i do want to be the warmest. i want to keep that buck from even catching a whiff of me this year. (male announcer) kick off the holidays with huge savings from bass pro shops and cabela's. like ladies' sherpa mock neck pullovers for under $20. save 33% on this redhead men's 3-season jacket. and this scent crusher bag with ozone go for under $120. plus free 2-day shipping.
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4:46 am
>> america is the hottest economy anywhere in the world by far. foreign leaders come in to see me. congratulations on your economy. >> a record 158 million americans are now employed. the highest level of employment in our country's history. steve: there have you got president trump in front of people wearing read the transcript t-shirts. firing up the crowd at a massive rally in kentucky. so what did the voters think
4:47 am
about last night's big rally? ainsley: todd piro is getting the reactions. is he live at the great bagel and bakery in lexington, kentucky. hey, todd. >> hey, guys. obviously the folks around here were energized by the rally if they are fans of president trump. it's interesting. the president was here to stump for matt bevin in the race for governor. these folks i have in front of belief we are going to talk to them right now. the combination, democrat voting for bevin, non-democrat voting -- it's crazy. it's like a domino's pizza store. we begin with father nick. please, bless this breakfast with friends segment. you have call president trump a culture warrior, why? >> sure. i believe that he truly understands the american experiment. that he supports the fact that our rights are god-given, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and not the product of this democratic socialist idea that it's government who gives us that right. todd: as somebody who is voting straight line republican you are voting
4:48 am
for bevin. somebody not voting for matt bevin is sharisa you and your fellow teachers have come out against bevin, why. >> we don't support vouchers that the catholic church wants. we don't like that he uses the crony system, gives his friends jobs who aren't qualified for them, buys cheap houses from them and then gives them $200,000 raise while i have 15-year-old textbook in my classroom. we care about all of the kids and our future economic prospects. todd: along the lines, the 2020 dems, you say the 2020 dem who wins this state has to be center, why? >> in our state it's a winner takes all for the electoral college. and i don't think that there is a big enough following that far to the left. i would like to see a more moderate candidate who brings us all back together. todd: all right, thank you. >> yeah. todd: you are not a trump fan. what are you looking for in a 2020 dem? >> well, i'm a registered republican, so i don't really have a dog in that fight.
4:49 am
but if a democrat is going to win my vote and other moderate republicans and independents it's going to have to be a center, center left. can't be too far left. like she said, ken sinnot like that. kentucky is not like that. todd: republican for beshear. do you think bevi trump will puh bevin offer the top. >> it's going to be close. he pushed barr over but i don't know if he can push bevin over. todd: thank you very much. steve: it is tight. according to the latest poll the two in that state are tied at 46%. ainsley: we will let you know tomorrow morning. steve: we will. ainsley: it was the assignment of a lifetime. our correspondent steve harrigan embedding with our military after 9/11 in afghanistan. steve: steve is going to join us live with a new look at his fox nation special coming up next. >> it's a weird kind of war to explain to people who weren't there to basically drive you some place and hope that you don't get blown up along the way.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> did your job and that was your whole life. >> i have one mission to keep my gear operational and keep me operational and keep you on the air. ainsley: well, he witnessed war firsthand now in a fox nation special fox news correspondent steve harrigan and his cameraman reveal the dangers that they faced alongside the u.s. military in the middle east. steve: that's right. fox news correspondent steve harrigan joins us now live. steve, as we look at the little montage right there, some of those scenes are familiar they were you and your cameraman joel feigen reporting live on "fox & friends" while people were shooting at you. >> that's right. it's just great to hear his voice and how focused he is. i had one mission to keep him on the air. i mean, you really couldn't ask for a better person to
4:54 am
be stuck in a dirt house for three months with. steve: no kidding. ainsley: what was it like? you told our producers that you drive to some place and hoped you didn't get blown up along the way. >> that was the nature of the war really. there were buried bombs in the road. it wasn't like there was a front line. but i think the thing that was really different at the start of that war is that you could still live the war with afghans. you could be on the side of the northern alliance. you could live with them, knock on their doors. by the end of the war, it had gotten so dangerous you were basically with the u.s. military in military vehicles. i remember just looking out through a million-dollar m rap through a slit and seeing afghans in the distance. at the start of the war you could be right with people. by the end so dangerous you couldn't have any contact with the people on the ground. steve: that's right. it was hard to know who to trust. we have another clip from embedded in harm's way. watch this. >> it's a weird kind of war
4:55 am
to explain to people who weren't there to basically thrivdrive to some place and hoe you didn't get blown up along the way. >> will you gte down over there? >> that's the moment that stuck with people you are just showing the terror of the moment. steve: that part where you were just yelling you get down over there. that was live on "fox & friends"? >> that was on your show. i had honorable armored vest on and a helmet and fowf feet of dirt between me and the taliban that was firing. you could actually hear bullets hit leaves over your head and there was a young boy looking at the camera. now, you could do a live shot with some stuff exploding in the background okay. but to see a boy standing there next to the camera, it just -- i just lost it right there. it's like you forget you are on tv. just get that guy down. ainsley: were you terrified? >> it's a real mixture of terror and then once we were safe, sort of elation. ainsley: right. >> if you can believe it. steve: we can. this is a personal question. how, these days, how often
4:56 am
do you wake up and you have just had a dream about that? >> i sleep pretty soundly. steve: good. >> yeah. but i do think i'm very aware of potential attacks. if you are walking down the hallway in 1211 you probably don't anticipate an attack. other people might. ainsley: well, steve, we are glad you are safe. >> thank you. ainsley: we are glad you are home. if you want to catch embedded in harm's way on fox nation go download the appear fox and that is out today. the latest episode. steve's episode is out today. steve: great job. >> thank you. steve: always a pleasure. fox a heart-breaking story to wake up to this morning. nine americans killed in a brutal drug cartel ambush. we are live with new details coming up next. most? not actors, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves.
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>> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. brian: straight to a fox news alert of the breaking
5:00 am
right now. a woman speaking out after her family is gunned down by dueling drug cartels in mexico. ainsley: their family discovered their bodies in a burning car. steve: let's get to griff jenkins with latest. we had not heard about dueling cartels. and we understand the fbi which is involved. reporter: i will try to unpack it to you. was it a case of mistaken identity, wrong place, wrong time or deliberate targeting of americans living in mexico. we don't know yet. what is very clear the tragic raw carnage, horrific violence we've seen in mexico, taken the lives of at least nine americans living quietly in a mormon community in mexico with dual citizenship. the youngest among them, six-month-old twins. it is unbelievable, the pictures. other children survived the attack, watched as their mother died. surviving grandfather just devastated in the aftermath. >> this is for the record.
5:01 am
nita and four of my grandchildren are burnt, shot up. reporter: let me show you where this happened in the mexican state of sonora. 100 miles south of douglas, arizona, an area known for drug trafficking. they were dueling cartels. victims were found in the suv and riddled with bullet holes. an emotional aunt speaking out this morning. >> i was so angry, and so angry and yet so sad. it was horrifying. this is something that you can't explain how there is evil people in this world that could do such a thing like that. reporter: mexican national guard police and military forces were dispatched overnight in a search operation following reports of some family members still missing. it is unclear if all have been accounted for. the state department is not
5:02 am
officially commenting although the ambassador to mexico saying security of americans is a priority. this will likely raise security threat concerns, guys over rising violence in mexico. remember last month in the city of in sinaloa, police were forced to turn over "el chapo"'s son because cartels violently seized city. and 14 cartel members were killed in an ambush. they are opening an investigation into what happened. you will hear a lot more. we'll bring you more as it happens and we can get it to you, guys. steve: griff, thank you very much. brian: thanks, griff jenkins. that is the area which so many cartels flourish, griff, over in arizona i guess i will talk to him off-line after the show is over. that is a area where a lot of drug trafficking takes place. they get angry when there is a flood of illegal migrants looking to change countries.
5:03 am
drug traffickers say get them out of the way, or we will kill them. that is what they do. ainsley: this family is americans and mormon. they were there for a wedding. most people from america go to cancun or they go to cabo san lucas. steve: this president made illegal immigration, flow of drugs from mexico into this country one of the cornerstones of his administration and campaign. president, national border patrol council brandon judd on about an hour ago. he was talking about as bad as this was, we can expect more vie recognize. recognize -- violence. >> this is where smuggling takes place. this is where drugs come into the united states. this is where criminal aliens come into the united states. as we do better job on the border we can expect to see more violence. it is rare cartels lash out at american sit we're cutting into
5:04 am
their profits. what is happening. with the policies taking place, and mexican government becoming a true border security partner, you can expect to see more violence. steve: right. one of the things, we put up the map a little while ago. this happened between the two mechanic can states of chihuahua or sonora. it is not a travel area for the most part by tourists. it is part of a pipeline of drugs into this country. bring in pinal county arizona sheriff marks lamb. he joins us. >> good morning. steve: this story is personal to you because your grandmother i understand grew up in that mormon colony that these families were from. some of your friends from church are related to the people who were murdered? >> yeah. this is hits home. my grand ma grew up in one of the colonies. i spoke to one of the family members this morning.
5:05 am
i offered my condolences and prayers for the tragedy. frankly for all americans. brian: when you hear something like this happened, if i told you was in the area, best we can ascertain from the map would you have told me i was in danger? >> if you watch the news anywhere in those areas where the cartel is heavy are dangerous. we just recently not far from the border here in arizona, places where arizonans like to go, they found 44 bodies buried in a grave. unknown who they are. you have the "el chapo" incident. that shows how fast and violent the cartels can be. where are the the people clamoring for open borders now? this is exactly why we have to stand behind our president. i'm not -- ainsley: lost him. brian: we'll pop him up again. we had him before. he popped out. we will have him up again. if we get a chance to have him. i remember mitt romney's dad
5:06 am
came from that region. his father originally from there. there is mormon colony in that area sounds vaguely familiar. here is thing, no mat other how it plays out it is a tragedy. don't expect the mechanic can government has the capability. we'll have to help them. ainsley: so sad to hear the grandfather. did you hear that? the guy is walking around the burned car, he says my grandchildren were killed here. he choked up. steve: that is a suburban. you can see that is what is left of a car seat, a couple of car seats in that vehicle. we apologize for the transmission with sheriff lamb. we appreciate him getting up early, telling us his story. ainsley: keep the family in your prayers. brian: we'll probably get him tomorrow with a full segment. ainsley: i want to find out more why the family was there. they were there for a wedding but i would like more details. steve: 8:06 in new york city.
5:07 am
ainsley: it is election day, guys. pivotal races in west begin, and kentucky. brian: president trump made a last push to help a fellow businessman turned governor, matt bevin. steve: kristin fisher with a recap if folks missed the president's rally. kristin. reporter: a lot to watch. the race the white house is most heavily invested in, the governor's race in kentucky. vice president was down there recently. last night president trump was rallying for the republican incumbent. governor matt bevin hopes he can harness the president's many supporters in the state. a state president trump won by 30 points back in 2016. he is also hoping he can harness some of their anger against the impeachment inquiry. >> let's get out and vote. let's send a message to washington earns to the other states, to the united states of
5:08 am
america, that kentucky is leading the way and that we support the president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheering] reporter: before very much a is running against the state democratic attorney general, andy berber says the race has nothing to do with washington and nothing to do with impeachment. >> our families know this is not about the white house but what is going on in their house. reporter: other big race to watch the governor's race in mississippi. jim hood versus the republican lieutenant governor, tate reeves. he can forget about virginia, remember the scandals around ralph northam and justin fairfax? both are still in office. they are not on the ballot today. now democrats in the state have a chance of taking back and winning control of the house of delegates and the state
5:09 am
legislature, essentially giving them control of the entire state government. that is a distinct possibility. so that is a very important. certainly something to watch. but really keep an eye out on the governor's race in kentucky. as the vice president says it sets the stage for 2020. brian, ainsley, steve. steve: kristen fisher live at the white house. brian: president had a great line, it will make me look bad. don't make me look bad. please help me. ainsley: people behind him were wearing t-shirts that said read the transcript. steve: coverage as soon as the polls close. jillian joins with us fox news alert. jillian: we begin with this alert. four people are booked into jail after a police detective is shot trying to serve a warrant in ohio. the unidentified detective was working with a federal task force. he is now in critical condition. police say they found fentanyl and weapons inside of the home
5:10 am
where the shooting took place. a man is under arrest accused of plotting a bombing attack on a synagogue. the fbi says richard holzer discussed his plans with undercover agents in colorado. he spread messages of hate with multiple facebook accounts. the alleged white supremacist was arrested hours before the planned attack on saturday. he could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. political staffer accused of stealing voter data from a rival can date resigned. a former aide of tom steyer ousted old account with the south carolina democratic party to access information about kamala harris's campaign. the steyer camp said he stepped down as deputy state director after an internal investigation. a book got a face-lift. revealing a brand new logo with block letters. meant to dish the corporate
5:11 am
parent company from the social media platforms of face being, instagram and what's ap. facebook the social networking site will still look the same. send it back to you. >> like the new one? jell jill i glanced because i was reading. i haven't seen it in person. brian: hold your thoughts. talk about it maybe next time. jillian: next time. brian: 11 minutes after the hour. democrats wrapping up their impeachment push. but republicans may countermoving congressman jim jordan to the house intel committee. will he accept the challenge? ainsley: we will ask him. come on in congressman. ♪. searching for a way to help stop your cold sore?
5:12 am
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mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. ♪. brian: all eyes on capitol hill where more hearings are expected as part of democrats push for impeachment. steve: republicans are turning the tables. they want adam schiff to testify himself as they consider moving a key figure on their end to the house intelligence committee. the panel set to conduct the initial public hearing. speaking of the key figure, we
5:16 am
have him here. ainsley: congressman jim jordan essentially led gop efforts in the closed-door impeachment proceedings husband far. he joins us now. there are thoughts you might be moved temporarily to the intelligence committee so you can question adam schiff potentially and -- >> i don't know about schiff. we'll see. that is a call for leader mccarthy. ainsley: why would he do that? because you're a bulldog? >> that is the kevin, leader mccarthy's call. if kevin and ranking member nunez wants that to happen, i want to help our team. i want our country to see the truth here that president trump didn't do anything wrong. what the democrats are doing, it is partisan, unfair. frankly ridiculous the particularly the way with secret meet national the bunker of the basement of the capitol. brian: dem -- steve: democrats released partial transcript trying to establish the president is a bad guy. this all got started ukrainian
5:17 am
thing with the whistleblower who told a story that was leaked turned out not to be true. now i know you're side says we should hear from the whistleblower about the conspiracy? >> heck yeah. one way you determine someone's credibility, what their motivation is, what biases they may have, they need to be under oath, answering your questions and frankly the position we have is the same position adam schiff had six weeks ago. remember when this first happened adam schiff said we need to hear from the whistleblower. then, six weeks later, no, no, we don't. what happened in the six-week time frame. namely we heard adam schiff's staff met with the whistleblower. when that came out, suddenly changed their story. the idea we impeach the president 12 months before next election based on a whistle boyar with bias against the president, who worked for joe biden is ridiculous and we don't question imunder oath and determine what kind of buys they may have? steve: apparently ready to
5:18 am
answer written questions. >> that is not going to fly. steve: why? >> he needs to come in. what i said, you want to look the individual in the eye, ask him questions see how they respond in the moment, answering questions. not just members of congress have, but frankly 63 million americans, 100 million americans are trying to overturn the election who we voted for. brian: the transcripts, mike mckinley, former top aid to secretary of state mike pompeo and former ambassador to the ukraine, were concerned about operation led by rudy giuliani, political purposes to affect ukrainian american relations. they were concerned. what is your take? >> they're concerned. but remember the president of the united states is the guy who is in charge. he can have whomever he wants trying to move policy forward in the best interests of the country. steve: been working like that a very long time. >> often times people outside of
5:19 am
the diplomatic core will do diplomatic missions for the commander-in-chief. that happens all the time. they didn't particularly like that. that is the president's call. there is fundamental concern from some of the folks in the diplomatic area somehow unelected people tell the elected person what to do. that is not how it works in our great question. the president of the united states is one we the people who elected. he is one who determineses policy. he can decide who is the ambassadors and dot diplomatic missions that need to be done. ainsley: how does this play out? you might question adam schiff and question the whistle-blower but it is up to the democrats because adam schiff is in charge. realistically that will not happen. how will this all play out? >> they passed a resolution. i said it is ribbon on a sham process. it is still a sham process. adam schiff is still in control. we have to provide a witness list. adam schiff decides if they come
5:20 am
or not. he is in charge. i don't think he will testify. i think he should. he still determines who witnesses are. how this all operates. brian: let me ask you something. in the big picture you can sit there and say the process a problem. you have something to go with. you could say people are embedded in the state. you have something to go with there. you could say, why was the president looking to ukraine. was there a reason? what was hunter biden doing? couldn't find out for sure. so have you thought about getting on the offense and proving there was a reason for the president to be concerned instead of looking at this saying this is not impeachable? >> there is certainly a reason. ukraine has a long history of all kinds of corruption. one of the most corrupt nations on planet. brian: senator schumer told me they had nothing to do with 2016 election. >> their ambassador to the united states writes an op-ed on august 4, 2016 criticizing the president. their interior minister does social media post calling
5:21 am
president all terrible things. he still in the government. there was clear concern in 2016 the president running for office, justified concern the president had how ukraine is operating. president is not a big fan of foreign aide. he has given millions of dollars to this country. he would like to know zelensky is the real deal. turns out he is. president was justified being concerned about that. steve: one year from now is the election. what will democrats be able to run on? >> the president will have a strong record to run on, that is for sure. cutting taxes. lowest unemployment in 50 years. >> what will the democrats run on? >> who knows. that is why they are going after the president. as mr. green said, they will try to impeach him because he think he will be reelected. i do too. brian: helping people in middle america, southern america, pass the usmca. >> heck yeah. every republican would vote for it and most democrats. brian: you demand it. >> heck yeah. brian: you're jim jordan. >> i don't know about that,
5:22 am
brian. you demanded it on tv. ainsley: thank you for being with us. brian: good luck with the assignment change. >> we'll see. brian: we have nothing in the prompter. we'll just stare. feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪
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you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today. steve: the sister of former isis leader baghdadi apparently captured alive, caught in a trailer with her family during a raid in northern syria. she is suspected having ties to the terror group. a turkish official calling the arrest an intelligence gold mine. joining us former u.s. marine mark geist was a member of annex security team that fought the battle of benghazi famously. he joins us live along with his service protection dog rome. >> good to be here,.
5:26 am
steve: steve what does it make of the news that turkey captured baghdadi's sister? >> it's a win. it's a big win. she has to have a lot of information being that close to everything that is going on with al-baghdadi and cells over there i think it's a phenomenal coup i guess for us and for turkey and their fight against isis. steve: sure. the president of the united states was touting the fact that we got baghdadi when he was in lexington, kentucky last night. listen to this. >> american special forces gave the world's number one terrorist one-way ticket to hell. [cheering] no enemy on earth stands achance against the awesome power of the united states military which is now stronger than ever before. we rebuilt it. it was all made in america.
5:27 am
all made in america. [cheering] steve: all made in america. he wound up with a one-way ticket to hell, baghdadi i had. >> yeah he did. yeah he did. what a phenomenal on. a phenomenal group of guys he sent in there, delta force, they did the phenomenal job with all the support given with such a complex operation. come back, only, only individual that got injured was their dog a little bit. i hear she is back to full duty. steve: i think so. headed to washington and there is a possibility, some people are saying that the dog should, same breed as your dog rone, should wind up with a purple heart. >> i think so. you know, these dogs are such an integral part of what we do in the military. both during service and even after. you know they should be recognized for what they really
5:28 am
do. steve: you have rone, named after -- >> tyrone woods who got killed beside me in benghazi. steve: we remember that. tell us about 11/11. >> they will provide free medical care through the internet for veterans that sign up for it on veterans day. it is one day. what can be done with technology and free market system where companies make money off of stuff. they come up and develop something like this. it is called medici. steve: the company that is doing it f i'm a vet, i download it, i look at it on veterans day, 11/11, what am i going to see? >> you will have access to a plethora of doctors across all genres of medicine. steve: people that might not be available to me in my locality? >> correct.
5:29 am
the thing about a veteran, typically a veteran has to drive to a doctor's appointment. take a whole day for prescription or consultation this is a way to alleviate that. it is not, replace anything. va is doing this to compliment what we can do for veterans. they deserve it. steve: if veterans are interested, they can preregister right now, at med mark, always a pleasure. god bless, thank you. steve: crackdown on homeless camps in austin, texas. we have a live interview with the mayor of austin, coming up next
5:30 am
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steve: back with a fox news alert. moments ago president trump tweeting from the white house, deadly attack on americans down in mexico. the president writing quote, this is the time for mexico with the help of the united states to wage war on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. we merely await a call from your great new president. of course he is talking about the fact that nine americans were executed. apparently by a drug cartel or perhaps dueling drug cartels in the, between the areas of the states of chihuahua and sonora down in central americas co. brian: let's add to that, what we learned earlier. people used the analogy including guests we had on earlier how we helped out in colombia. we can't do it ourselves. so we helped out. we sent the cia, paramilitary, others to help out, made unbelievable progress. if mexico makes the call, great on immigration in the southern border, allow keeping illegal immigrants applying for
5:34 am
citizenship on their part of the border, you think if we can help them there is no downside. steve: fbi is helping them. >> a mormon family. hearts an prayers go out to the family. a second fox news alert. the state of texas making progress on the promise to clear out homeless camps in austin. brian: cleanup orders straight from the governor's office. steve: it has been a terrible mess down there. asia is joined by city's mayor. reporter: i'm at the austin city hall. steve adler stepped in with the shot with me. the governor stepped in because he feels like city leaders, including yourself are not doing the job you're supposed to do. that is how he feels about it. i went to one of the overpasses it was alarming to see. i have to ask you the question i imagine everyone will want to ask, which is, how has it been allowed to get to this point where there are so many homeless
5:35 am
people camping out everywhere? >> you know there is a homeless challenge in cities across the country. austin's numbers are average, maybe a little bit less. our count went up 5% last year. national average. dallas up the street went up 9%. seattle and l.a. off the charts. this is a challenge that is everywhere. we're just seeing it in austin. it is more visible right now. we did that so that we could fix it. so we could clean it up. so we could house people. malt let i, we need to end housing. we don't want people camping anywhere in the city. reporter: you want housing in the city because you want to help people get off the streets. i have to ask you, i talked to a couple of different people who are homeless. austin is the worst-kept secret because this is the town to be homeless in because the city will take care of you. are you afraid at all this will only attract more homeless into your city if you offer them free housing? >> that is urban myth. all the studies show that is not true. there is no voters guide to
5:36 am
cities for homeless people. austin went from two stars to four stars. our count, survey of the population, indicates overwhelming number of people in austin became homeless in austin. that is true in most cities around the country. reporter: one last quick question with a little bit of time under left. you're under threat of recall. there is online petition going around. how do you respond to that? >> demock a sy is vigorous here in austin. i was just elected in an eight-person race with 40% margin over the person that came in second place. i think this community, this community is united. we don't want people camping anywhere. we know we need to house them in order to get that done. reporter: we got to go. thank you so much for joining us. back to you guys. steve: great interview. thank you. brian: todd piro at the great bagel bakery in kentucky. getting reaction to president trump's rally last night. it is voting day.
5:37 am
reporter: it is voting day. saw this shirt a lot, read the transcript. michelle was there how was it. >> it was awesome. reporter: dirk was there. you talk about impeachment. >> the whole thing is unwarranted. it is ridiculous. if they go ahead with impeachment it will get trump reelected. reporter: you voted all republican, mat bevin running for andy beshear. you are a part of a teacher group not a fan of him. why? >> every chance he gets he insults us. trying to take money for public schools into privates and charters. trying to overhaul, do away with the pensions. my husband and i are teachers. he is attacking my whole family. reporter: that race, in a democrat in 2020, what are looking for a can date? >> i'm looking for a moderate. someone to unite us not all the divisiveness we see.
5:38 am
reporter: you say moderate. >> absolutely. reporter: cindy at the rally to support bevin. what is the personal question you have? >> matt bevin who i will be voting for today, passed a law in april of 2018 in my daughter's name. the lizzie conch. teaches first aid. all kentucky public employees and teachers to be trained in teacher first aid. that is live saving. reporter: because your daughter has epilepsy? >> that's correct. reporter: a lot of divergent views. we'll see how it comes out tomorrow morning. steve: getting the pulse of the people. brian: speaking of pulse. ainsley: janice dean has one. out on the fox square. janice: last time i checked it seems to be doing quite well. what are your names? >> melanie. >> j.r. davis. janice: you are from? >> georgia.
5:39 am
janice: you were at brian's book party. how was it? >> fantastic. janice: clear skies for now, 58 degrees. a series of cold fronts will come through. this is the first one bringing mostly rain. we could see lake-effect snow across upstate new york and parts of the great lakes. we'll see a little bit of rain. the big story next week, it will be cold as far as the south as the gulf coast my friend. be prepared. say high to our friend, steve, ainsley, brian. thank you for coming. brian: huge crowd again. excellent. steve: they all have pulses. ainsley: all alive last check. brian: all beating, 51 beats per minute, resting pulses which are optimism. ainsley: you wear many hats, doctor. 39 minutes before the top of the hour. president trump praising the economy at his rally in kentucky last night. >> america is the hottest economy anywhere in the world by far. tore rin leaders come in to see
5:40 am
me. congratulations on your economy. ainsley: the numbers back him up. the president's son donald trump, jr. is here to react to talk about his new book out today. how are you? ♪ look. only one thing's more exciting than getting a lexus... ahhhh! giving one. the lexus december to rembember sales event lease the 2020 nx 300 for $329 a month for 27 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. for $329 a month for 27 months. do you have the coverage you need? annual enrollment ends december 7th. now's the time to get on a path where you can take advantage of all the benefits of an aarp medicare advantage plan
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you don't let a cold ruin your day. you take dayquil severe liquicaps and crush it. dayquil severe. the daytime, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, sore throat, power through your day, medicine. ♪. >> america is the hottest economy anywhere in the world by far. foreign leaders come in to see me. congratulations on your economy. a record 158 million americans are now employed, the highest level of employment in our country's history. [cheering] brian: president trump firing up the crowd touting his winning economy or our winning economy at a massive rally in kentucky. steve: joining us on the couch is the president's son, donald trump, jr. the executive vice president of the trump organization. author of a new book, comes out
5:44 am
today, "triggeredded how the left wants to silence us i'm surprised you're not wearing a one of those read the tran scripts. >> "the washington post" wrote an article that launched 19 minutes after the inauguration, making the case to impeach trump. this stuff has been going on since the day he won the election and we all know it. it's a sideshow. i think honestly the american people get it. they see through the nonsense so well. it is such a big part of what i wrote in the book the constant hypocrisy, one-sidedness of it all, whether through the mainstream media functioning as the marketing arm of the democrat party right now or social media, censorship, the bias there. in these interviews you do five minutes, you can get it out in the book. you have 300 pages to go into detail all the experiences, whether bias, media. whether my time under the gun.
5:45 am
kids are off limit, except nor when they spent two years trying to throw me into jail with 30 hours of testimony and all committees and all this nonsense but hunter biden is off limits. i drive home the points. real people get it. and see that. ainsley: talk about conservatives, they're sick of this. "meet the press," chuck todd did whole montage, people were saying -- >> stop. guy comes up to me. i'm actually sort of a democrat but i wish they would just let him try to do his job. like just let him try. whether you have usmca sitting on nancy pelosi's desk for nine months, which, it would take five minutes. trust me. they have five minutes. despite all the showmanship and all of the nonsense. steve: they can't give him a win. >> not just a win for him. they can't give a win to the american people who would benefit? the economy is roaring. let's add some more jobs. let's ad some more business. let's get rid of these stupid
5:46 am
trade deals. nafta, which only, it been 25 years, shipping the american dream to countries that hate our guts. that is all it accomplished this renegotiates that. she won't even put it up. we all know it will pass with democrats signing on as well. brian: what your dad is, take the republican argument, free trade is good, international trade is good, democrats, i don't think we should do that, worry about unions here. your dad said, i don't like free trade deals we got. it through the democrats off. he took the issue back. they don't know what to do. >> reality, this is not your grandfather's democrat party. if you look at their party platform, it is not for working class americans. jfk would be alt-right neo-nazi terrorist according to them today. steve: also not your grandpa's republican party. >> i think it has changed. for the first time in 50 years republicans are actually fighting back.
5:47 am
they're not just taking a loss because the mainstream media does the pile-on. they're not just taking the loss because hollywood and pop culture says you're terrible people to having, for clinging to your guns, your bible, your religion, all of those things. we said, hey, we have a fighter in the white house. we're pushing back for the first time ever, making gains which is incredible. ainsley: yale university professor ray fare, trump wins by four points. moody's analytics, trump to win 332 electoral votes. oxford economics, trump wins by five point even in case of recession. steve: because of the economy. >> because of the economy. because he is the first politician in modern history. this is big part of the book, who actually kept promises he made on the campaign trail. there is entire chapter. we have people that are, i don't like him, imagine being a state in history where the anomaly, the unusual point is that the guy actually did what he said he would do. people are being showed. i hate him. but he is doing the things we wanted him to do.
5:48 am
think about when that is not the norm. brian: true or false your dad asked you to stop cheating during the election? >> that is a good chapter. brian: after he got the job. >> there were couple times. took me 41 years realize i was a lot more like him than we ever thought. backed in a corner we fight. i get the call, you're getting a little hot on social. brian: your dad called you? >> this is the white house operator. the president would like to speak to you. don, getting a little hot. ainsley: give us an example. >> take your advice, i will take your advice on anything. he gets it. he understands life. he understands people. he understands human nature. you can learn a lot from the guy. i was amazing. this may be the one place i'm going to say i'm on my own, maybe you don't have the authority to start talking about this. have you ever had that conversation? no we never had that conversation. i think it works both ways. steve: in the new book, triggered, what are people going to read they did not realize?
5:49 am
>> it gives me the long form to go into things like, hey, i've done 30 hours of impeachment inquiry. nonsense during the mueller stuff. they were literally trying to throw me in jail. i got to be tip of the spear of greatest political upset in history. you can only cover so much on five-minute hit on fox and trends. you can only cover so much on radio. this allowed me 300 pages. my mother escaped come niche. from a very young age formed a lot of my belief system why i'm active out there fighting against this nonsense when the democrat party is becoming party of socialism. it is not your grandfather's democrat party again. i get to go into that in great detail. there is lot more into it than the sound bites you throw on tv. brian: do you want to see your testimony released? >> i'm 100% fine with it. like my father. here is the transcript. how come we don't see, democrats
5:50 am
are selectively leaking things. won't put it out from day one. they lied about my wikileaks stuff. here it is. see for yourself. you're not supposed to -- we're only ones that are being open and transparent. i get to read about democracy dying in darkness from "the washington post. they have no problem with their people, marketing wing keeping things in total darkness from the american people. ainsley: are you nervous? >> the alamo is great. the alamo is great. it has been around 100 years. you can wait a week. nothing will have changed this is 2020. the alamo will still be around. brian: donald trump, jr. -- >> brian should do awesome next week. after you buy "triggered." wait a week or two and buy brian's book. i love butted did i. steve: buy "triggered" at barnes and mobile.
5:51 am
555 fifth avenue. ainsley: buy them both. brian: straight ahead a college football team paying attention to the military with their uniforms. the coach and equipment manager joins us next. the unbeatable strength of advil. what pain? we love smart savers. like yard-sale savers. tee-time savers. and especially med d savers. select a medicare part d plan with walgreens as your preferred pharmacy and get co-pays for as low as zero dollars and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. isn't saving great? save smartly on med d. walgreens. trusted since 1901.
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to upgrade for a great low price - or go online today. itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> developing at this hour americans shot dead on the way to a wedding in northern mexico by a drug cartel. am i opening this? okay. oh, this is our tease. major developments in the impeachment inquiry. two more witnesses today. will they show. president trump at a rally last night. calling the investigation deranged. our a-team is coming up. andy mccarthy here. i thought we were rehearsing at top of the nine. that is our tease, folks. see you at top of the hour.
5:55 am
brian: we'll be watching sandra. honoring america's heroes playing america's game. last weekend football players at northwest missouri state paid tribute to the america's veterans with patriotic details. look at that. many had pictures of family members in the military. they had names on jerseys to replicate. we have the direct coach, director of the equipment operations. tucker, first off why was this important for to you do this? >> here in northwest missouri state we always honor the men and women who serve. once a year we have military appreciation game to show appreciation for men and will. brian: you know what? you guys definitely do. military friendly school. kyle what did it mean to be out there for that? >> it was awesome. i come from a family where a lot of my family members served whether in the armed forces or military or police, last year we were able to honor my other
5:56 am
grandfather who is a marine, served in vietnam. awarded three purple hearts and bronze star. brian: wow. >> my dad served eight years with the johnson county sheriff's department. in my helmet, my grandfather harold member of montana national guard for six years as weapons mechanic. these are very positive role models in my life. tucker did a great job. this is incredible. >> other men and women who served. brian: coach, you went out and won big. any coincidence? >> i would like to think so. one of the things we talked about here at northwestern state is trying to make our kids feel like it's a family. the thing so neat about this, there are 97 in our football family on that helmet sticker. it is just -- brian: fantastic. guys we'll have you back, when we have more time. but great story. appreciate you joining us. more "fox & friends" in a moment.
5:57 am
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>> tomorrow we're flying to st. petersburg, florida for the patriot awards. watch it on fox >> brian's book comes out today. >> bill: moments ago brand-new reaction from the president after nine americans were shot dead in an apparent ambush by drug cartel gunmen in northern mexico. the victims all women and children from a prominent mormon family. it is still developing now as we say hello on "america's newsroom." >> sandra: good morning. bill. i'm sandra smith. a lot coming into our newsroom at this hour. three women and six children now confirmed dead after they were shot and killed on the way to a wedding. they were members of the lebaron family and there are reports mexican forces are searching for several other family members reportedly kidnapped after their convoy came under fire in broad


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