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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 5, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> lawrence: the left is the only side that calls the other side racist when they show some support. >> dagen: and it was washington-washington, come on. good to see you, lawrence jones, we are back tomorrow. right now harris faulkner. >> harris: breaking news this hour, we have just been told at any minute now house democrats are expected to release new details on closed-door testimony and the impeachment inquiry. we watch this rollout yesterday. and now there is more to come. this is "outnumbered overtime." i am harris faulkner. here it is, house committee set to release those transcripts from two key witnesses. e.u. ambassador gordon sondland and u.s. special envoy. the official who denied in text messages that there was a quid pro quo for military aid supporting the president, and meanwhile two more white house aides so far have not appeared further deposition which was
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scheduled for today. the president of the united states at a rally last night and took aim at democrats over impeachment. speak of the media and the democrats have launched an even more brazen assault on our nation with the deranged hyperpartisan impeachment witch hunt. they have been plotting to overthrow the election since the first hour that we won. and actually, before we won, they were plotting to overthrow this election. >> harris: gillian turner live on capitol hill with the very latest. >> hi, harris. we are standing by outside the house intelligence committee, no transcripts as you mention, but we will bring them to you the very moment that we get them. i did have the chance to talk to keep republican mark meadows, again, just a couple of minutes ago. and he confirmed to fox news for the first time that he does not know the identity of the whistle-blower who filed the claim that kicked off the impeachment inquiry. this an issue today that is very
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much on the minds of republicans here on the hill as more and more look to report about who they think the whistle-blower could be. now more on that testimony as we are standing by, this is as we are waiting to hear from the transcript from special envoy to ukraine and kurt volker, and the e.u. ambassador gordon sondland. he was one of the first to dig into the extent that rudy giuliani was in the report on ukraine. the intel committee believes that volker's testimony was helpful to president trump because it took some of the pressure off of the president and instead refocus the democrats energy onto rudy giuliani, his personal attorney. now sondland's deposition by contrast focused on what democrats say was a quid pro quo between president trump and president zelensky of ukraine. republican steve scalise says that the public release of all of these documents is not
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changing anything. >> well, you will see a few more transcripts released from some of the secret schiff hearings. a still a one-sided show. at the bottom line is they are trying to remove a sitting president for something that president trump data and a conversation with president zelensky, that neither side felt was inappropriate. >> democrat jamie raskin doubling down on his claims that there was a quid pro quo. take a listen. >> all of the witnesses have agreed that the president engineered a shakedown of the ukrainian government. nothing like that has ever happened before, and nobody has any kind of alternative story to it. >> the last thing i want to mention to you, harris, mark meadows told me while he does not know the whistle-blower's identity, it would be helpful to him and his investigative efforts to know who that person is. he says he is not actively
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seeking out information about who they are, but if he did know, it would answer a lot of the questions that he had about the process and the inquiry so far, harris. >> harris: in the meanwhile as we did almost 24 hours ago, you and i will likely be on screen again talking about to the release of transcripts. thank you very much. i want to bring in christopher bedford, eddie dear edito editon chief of "the daily caller." let's just begin with exactly where we are in this moment, perched for more information through transcripts of the closed-door meetings. the american public now getting a first chance to see what the democrats and a few republicans were able to witness. >> i am absolutely excited to see this. i think our reporters cannot wait to pour over these transcripts and the meetings and see for example how ambassador sondland clarified and how he characterized his interactions. his understanding of what they
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are doing. because we have text messages from him that say that there is no quid pro quo, but recently testifying that he understood that there was a quid pro quo, and he was worried that that may have played into it. congressman scalise is correct to say the republicans did not have a chance to ask questions. this was not an open hearing. you may not have been a fair hearing. we will get a glimpse of that when we can see the transcripts, here. but we will get a better idea of how he characterized and what the democrats will use as they move forward in the impeachment process. >> harris: all right, chris bedford, we right now have some breaking news with the nine americans, little ones and their mothers killed south of the border. and senator mitt romney. he is speaking, let's watch. >> it is a very dangerous area, because there are drug cartels that are working along the border, and their number of american families that live in that area, and that is a great
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risk too many, many people. women and children are going to be brutally murdered for the unthinkable. >> reporter: at this point do you still want to hear from him or her? but do you think that there is enough otherwise that comes up? >> i will not be giving advice to the house or to the individuals of the house that will be presenting the case, if they decide to go forward with articles of impeachment, nor to the president's council, let them decide what they think is right, but i do think with regards to the whistle-blower, they blow the whistle, than other people have to look in and capture the facts and present those facts to the individuals that will make a final determination. >> reporter: thank you all. >> harris: so there were a couple of things that was all right there, senator mitt romney of utah, and we know the situation with the nine u.s. citizens, the mormon family south of the border who were slaughtered overnight. and so, we have guests that will
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bring in and talk about that, border patrol council will be joining me shortly. but we wanted to take you to the senator, he was asked about the situation with transcripts and impeachment, so on and so forth, in this order we will unpack it all. i bring christopher bedford back. we heard from mitt romney, first your reaction to what he said on this topic. >> it is a terrible tragedy. the united states is held here to what we can exactly do, takes a lot of what mexico will require. or what will ask us to do, require us to do. we cannot operate without their consent. we have done it in the past, constituted war, but what they are dealing with is a very unsafe country. a lot of folks are underestimating how dangerous and unstable pakistan is. republicans and democrats on the hill are very worried about what is going on in syria and libya, but they are not necessarily concerned about the narco's state to the southern border
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with the drug cartels, that is a major threat to u.s. citizens. >> harris: forgive me, we are navigating a lot of different things and i appreciate your comments on that. we are going to cover the news of that story too, but i wanted to get your reaction to that, and we will toggle back to politics. the house republicans were reportedly going to use the transcript. we saw a couple come out, one of which ambassador, and we will see two more today. they plan to use those to the advantage by highlighting parts where the witnesses admit to having no knowledge of the whistle-blower among other things. your reaction to that? >> the president relates the transcript of his call, which he did not have to do, very quickly after this all came out and the accusations came out. we could see what was said between him and the head of ukraine. everything after that is he said, she said with people who were not in the room or on the line, and anything else we seem to find out is people on the line.
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we already know, because of transcript has been released. it is all public relations game, and the idea that this is an investigation when it is essentially a foregone conclusion into the house of representatives going to impeach the president. nancy pelosi will not pull back now. it's a little bit farcical, and it will have an impact on the election than the reality of if he is removed. >> harris: we will cover it all. chris bedford "the daily caller" foundation, thank you for your time. as i just mentioned, a massacre leaving nine family members, including nine children dead in mexico. >> this is for the record, nina and four of my grandchildren are burnt and shot up. >> my next guest says that the killers may have been sending a message, the white house is promising to take action. take a look. as a struggling actor,
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>> harris: fox news alert, a tragedy in northern mexico, at least nine american citizens among all of them women and children gunned down in a gruesome drug cartel ambush on the highway. this is not the families first run in with the cartel. the mormon offshoot community lives just south of the u.s./mexico border, and ten years ago they attacked and murdered members of the same family. today relatives are in shock. >> i was so angry. so angry, and yet so sad. it was horrifying. something that you can't explain how there are evil people in this world that can do things like that. >> harris: william la jeunesse on the story, william.
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>> this is sounding more like a coordinated attack, there were three separate locations, three separate cars, all of these individuals shot in cold blood. no indication from the state department as to why, but releasing a statement saying that they rescue two individuals who are bound and gagged not far yesterday from the ambush site. a man in custody of possibly connected to the incident. and a stolen u.s. car and three power rifles. south of the arizona border, killing nine u.s. citizens living in the mormon committee. three mothers, three suvs, 14 children, when they came under fire. despite one mother according to surviving children waving at the oncoming attackers as an innocent, not a rival cartel, all belonging to the sector that broke off from the mormon torch years ago. including a month old twins as
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well as howie and daughter crystal, ages nine and 11, christina and tawana langford were found with two children also shot to death. remaining children had hidden in bushes, the oldest walked six hours back to the village. when the townspeople arrived to help, they found christina's baby faith in a car seat in a vehicle riddled with bullets and children bleeding in the weeds. the senator from utah said that the fbi is investigating. >> we are still trying to get more of the details on what happened, whether these individuals were singled out, or whether they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, looking at the reports. >> earlier today at the governor tweeted "as a mother i feel courage, deep pain for what the cowards did. i don't know what kind of monsters heard women and children, as governor i will make sure that this does not go unpunished, and those responsible pay. the mexican government signing about 100 officers and police to
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the location, saying that most of the victims were found inside their cars either shot or burned to death, four children were injured and had to be taken to the hospital. >> harris: william, thank you very much. president trump is reacting to the murders and our southern neighbor by tweeting this. "this is a time for mexico with the health and help of united states to wage war on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. we await a call from your great new president." vice president of the national border patrol council, art, thank you for being with me today, we talk about these issues. as a child, you live not far from where this happened, and you are very familiar with who these americans are, why are they being targeted? >> you know, harris, thank you for having me. this is just terrific let it happen. not only did i grow up in the
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area, but i remember taking trips to that same location where the incident happened. the family, there are people within the family that have been very vocal against the violence and the kidnappings and against the cartel that operates in this area. and it just makes you think and wonder, if that had something to do with it. the cartels are very upset when their money is at stake. and when people bring a lot of their issues to light, it just makes you really think about this. it is horrific. >> harris: when you say their money is at stake, that makes me think that we are making it a little bit hard for them to do business. >> we are definitely making it harder, which is a great thing, but at the same time, we are seeing these incidents. it is definitely a time where we need to work together with some of these individuals and be able to arrest a lot of these cartel members, and we need to put a little pressure on mexico and let them know, this is bad. when they are arresting cartel members themselves and then
10:19 am
letting them go later on because of the violence, something needs to be done. just hours before this happened, there had been a gunfight which is right against the border, and something that we really need to think about. they need to stop making border security so much about politics, and start caring about the american public. because it is ignorant for us to think that a lot of these individuals are not operating within the united states. >> harris: i want to learn more about the community. popping up pictures of the beautiful family that perished because of this. there is a burned out vehicle that one of the relatives shared as well with us where the little ones had been strapped in their car seats, so on and so forth. it is very hard to look at. so the genesis of where they are and to the role that they played to be vocal, could something like this happen on the other side of the border? i've had people ask today, well, this is south of the border, but if it is that close to america,
10:20 am
could it come here? or has it already? >> just seeing what happened, that alone, you start thinking a stray bullet could come into the united states. but most certainly, a lot of these individuals have been known in the past, they are chemicals within mexico, and they run to the port of entry, and decide to ask for asylum to come into the country. that is one of the issues we have attacked for the longest time. we don't know a lot of these individuals that are coming through reports of injury or the individuals that are entering illegally, then asking for asylum. we don't know what crimes they have committed in their country. and that alone i think the vetting process has to be even harder, and we need to be more vigilant. because obviously, this is something that could definitely affect our country, and it has. >> harris: art, i need a quick answer to this, are we at war already with the drug cartel? or is president trump's call for that new and necessary?
10:21 am
>> when you see the amount of deaths that are happening in mexico coming to see the drugs that are entering, and you know that we have hit a lot of the cartels and we see it affecting the united states, and now the mexican individuals at the same time with the drugs. we have been at war with the drug cartels for a long, long time, and everybody needs to take it seriously. both sides of the aisle. >> harris: i hear what you're saying, it is not americans only who have perished, there are thousands of people south of the border, citizens in mexico who have died at the hands of the bloodthirsty drug cartels. when i have spoken about it before. art del cueto, thank you for being with me. and we are following another breaking news story on the hill. the transcripts from those behind closed doors meeting set democrats and a few republicans had with witnesses testifying in the impeachment probe are about to come out. gillian turner's on capitol hill covering that for us, and we
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>> harris: and the news is breaking. we now have brand-new transcripts in the closed-door interviews and depositions that democrats and a few republicans held with witnesses and the democrats impeachment inquiry. so much like yesterday, it is released online. so we are all taking to our devices and trying to catch up quickly. we have excerpts first from the joint interview with kurt volker, special representative for ukraine, negotiations conducted on october 3rd. house permanent select committee on intelligence house committee on oversight and reform, so on and so forth. what happened to that statement? no one when we started using a tempo of engagement with ukraine, we had first the sense
10:27 am
that rudy giuliani is not going to be convinced that it meant anything. it feels out of context, i want to go to you, judy, because we are just reading it as it is happening. >> i don't expect to hear anything that is inconsistent with what we have already heard, and that is everything that we have heard supports the testimony or the statement of the whistle-blower, and kurt volker is a very important figure in this. and i think that his naming of rudy giuliani is being effectively the shadow for administer, the shadow secretary of state. >> harris: this is torn from pages 226-227. there are several hundred like we said. not everybody would agree with that assessment, but some say that it really bolsters the president. >> it does bolster the president politically to some extent.
10:28 am
look, they are leaking this stuff out in drips and drops. >> harris: when you say they -- >> the democrats. talking about a run of the mill investigation of the state department, we are talking about the impeachment because of the president of the united states. the fact that the democrats are going to try to go through with an impeachment process that is simply leaking material out like this and spun by the press because they leak out the worst pieces of the conversations. i think for a lot of people sitting out there, it bolsters the view that it is not a legitimate process. >> harris: pages 226-227, intended to pursue allegations by ambassador volker, warning rudy giuliani that he was not credible. he said in his deposition, so i had learned through the media that he was going to go to
10:29 am
ukraine, and he was intending to pursue these allegations. and he was going to investigate these things. i reached out to him to brief him. a couple of key points, not credible. don't listen to what he is saying. you told rudy giuliani that the stinko is not credible? yes, i did. judy. >> once again, you have volker trying to walk this very fine line between what he knows is his responsibility to the united states. and what he knows rudy giuliani wants from him, and the president presumably, an investigation of the president's democratic rival. >> harris: i want to jump in there, because i don't hear the president's name in this paradigm very basic. so when you say that you are assuming or presumably rudy giuliani is working on behalf of the president, that's not what the deposition on the page as far into this. you have to read the whole thing, and we will.
10:30 am
>> that's not what this witness says. that's what others have said. >> we know that the president did have the phone conversation with president zelensky of ukraine. >> harris: the president released the call record. >> that's right, but how closely the president is tied to the events is an open investigation. >> harris: but such dire circumstances of impeaching the president of the united states? >> it is a worthy political issue, if they want to vote for or against him on this next year, that is fine with me. but impeachment is a entirely different scale. >> it is a crime. >> harris: i know you do, we will get back to that in a moment. judy and dan, senior capitol hill producer, chad, you when i did this very yesterday i met yesterday with the transcripts, hundreds of pages, and i know that you are pouring through this. >> it is coming in on my phone as we speak, but it is what it will be like on capitol hill the
10:31 am
next few weeks as we get these depositions in transcripts and have to parse them and understand what they say. you will see a lot of people reading them off their phones like i am doing right now. one thing i am struck by at first blush is from page 3, there was an exchange with kurt volker who is the special envoy to the ukraine, and this is a question posed, we don't know precisely who is asking the questions, just q&a, it could be committee counsel or investigators, why would rudy giuliani have any role in dealing with ukraine? the answer from volker, because ukrainians would be connected trying to get their message across from differences of the past. so the ukrainians believe that speaking to rudy giuliani could communicate to limit communicate president trump that information flow would reach the present. the fact that he would purvey that, is that presumably correct?
10:32 am
the answer is yes. some people might say that they were leading questions, but they are trying to establish the role of rudy giuliani and what was the flow as they put in the transcript to the president to try to get access. the big challenge as we weave through these hundreds upon hundreds of pages is how do house investigators and house members distilled this all to a legislative begin and say, wait a minute, this goes to an article of impeachment. this is obstruction of congress, this is abuse of power or something else? that is the key. how do they market that tell the public? that is what is going on is that democrats are not getting quite much information from witnesses, two today did not show up, they have asked for bolton to come thursday, they have asked for the white house chief of staff to come friday, that is unlikely. what democrats are trying to do is build the case and fill the void with this information to try to control the narrative. granted, they are still trying to educate the public and
10:33 am
educate their members to say this give credence to articles impeachment, harris. >> harris: thank you very much. we have questions on the connection between rudy giuliani, and he filled some of this in her testimony. thank you, we will come back to you as you pour through it. dan and judy sit by, the trump administration is withdrawing the u.s. from the paris deployment agreement, and another moved by president trump to dismantle barack obama's legacy. how will it impact him in 2020? let's watch this. it offers head-up display. wow, that's dialed in. i can still keep my eyes on the road. my truck doesn't have that. it offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different camera views. that's quality picture. it even offers one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible - to help you see what's behind you. oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be.
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doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> harris: on the breaking news, i want to bring in democrat's senator ben carson, setting on the finance committee, thank you for being with me today. we have the news of these transcripts that are coming out. democrats have been accused in process of not allowing fully republicans in the house to see
10:38 am
things. now the world can see this. very little redacted again today as yesterday, your first reaction? >> harris, first of all, it's good to be with you. i'm all for transparency. i think it is important that the american people get as much information as possible, the facts need to be the determinative factor. i urge everyone, i remember congress to recognize that we have a constitutional responsibility and to put our constitutional responsibility above party and recognize that we really need to carry out this responsibility where the facts go. >> harris: i am curious about where democrats will go, because republicans are now arguing that there may have been quid pro quo between our president of the united states and the president of ukraine, but it was not a crime, and it is not something that if you look across the nation in several polls and in averages that the american public may feel is worthy of removal of a president, not just impeachment, but also of
10:39 am
removal, what do you think? >> the president said that this is all okay. he said it was a perfect conversation. i would hope all americans would agree that the president of the united states should not be asking a foreign leader to get involved in our political system. and say that in exchange for that, i will ease up on the money restrictions or provide arms for your country. that is clearly wrong, it is an abuse of power, it is putting political interest above national security interests. the issue that you raise is it impeachable? that will be up to the house of representatives to determine whether they should be brought. >> harris: what happens when the ghost of the senate? are there republicans among you, and i don't know how you would vote on impeachment, i'm guessing on your previous answers that you might support it to depending on the fact that you want to see it all, but what happens when this gets to the senate customer >> that is a
10:40 am
great question, the senate is the jury. they are the ones that have to determine whether the house can establish the facts that are in the articles of impeachment and whether that elevates to a removal of fence, it takes a two-thirds vote in the united states senate to do that. i just want to urge every member of the senate to wait and see what the house does before reaching any conclusion, and then recognize that we are jurors, and we have to take the testimony and see whether they can establish the facts and whether it is elevated to an impeachable offense. quite frankly, we should take that responsibility above party loyalty. spin on that all sounds evenhanded, what do you say to your fellow democrats in the house that have had quite a bit of rhetoric? you have heard from some that wanted impeachment like al green and others from the get-go with this president, so now that we have flashed forward and there
10:41 am
have been questions about fairness, and you can weigh one side or the other on whether or not to the process is fair, though transcripts are coming out from the closed door meetings, what do you say? you are not talking rhetoric, you are talking waiting for the evidence. >> let's be perfectly frank, thereby members on both sides of the aisle that have said things that i think are not appropriate. it is important that we carry out our constitutional responsibilities, again, in a constitutional way, not any partisan way. clearly it has been challenging for the leadership to be able to do that, considering the type of activities that have taken place. but the key thing is that the facts are the facts. and the more facts we can get out, let the public see the charges or the information behind charges. let's see specifically what articles of impeachment if any are specifically brought, then we have a specific allegation. cannot be established? does it arise to an impeachable offense? and i would hope all members of
10:42 am
the senate, if that occurs would be objective and listening to the information and facts and drawing a conclusion. >> harris: that sounds like a longer process than what has been said among some in the house including the speaker trying to get this done in a timely fashion. it is 2020, the election season february 3rd with the first caucuses in iowa, and beyond. do you think it will wrap before that? i just need a "yes" or "no." >> i have no idea. they need to take as much time as they need, this is a constitutional responsibility but the house is ready to get the issue resolved and wants to move it as quickly as possible. >> harris: senator ben cardin from the great state of maryland, thank you for your time. chad pergram still going through it, judy miller and dan herron gore are sitting next to me also going through this, what are you finding? >> one reference in here in the
10:43 am
sondland testimony deals with the issue of a quid pro quo and whether or not he told investigators out. something that we spotted looking at the deposition. i want to do a reset, this is very important for context, go back, this was maybe about a month ago. we got some text messages between bill taylor, the acting ambassador to ukraine and gordon sondland. i will read what the set up was then. bill taylor "as i sat on the phone, it is crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign." and gordon sondland replied by text messages "bill, i believe you are incorrect about president trump's intentions but he has been incredibly clear, no quid pro quos of anytime pit i suggest we stop the back and forth by text and take this back on line." there was something potentially withheld when you go through this testimony. the other thing i am struck by
10:44 am
here in the sondland testimony, this is a question by house investigators, to gordon sondland, the u.s. ambassador to the union. "where the demands that took place?" "ultimately yes." "you had to navigate those mans and navigate what the president wanted." >> i think that is fair." so democrats will hold onto these admissions and say that this is precisely what we were talking about. but again, this is the waiting part. what is impeachable? does it constitute abuse of power, does it meet the definition of a quid pro quo. >> harris: what is fascinating, senator ben cardin, i don't know if you could hear him talking to me, he said let it take as long as it needs. that sounds oppositional to the house. he did not deny that. he said let's see everything. there was now the rhetoric that you are hearing in the house of
10:45 am
representatives, what has been the reaction on the hill, chad? there is a lot of movement behind you. >> to have these transcripts come out when the house of representatives is not in session all week, these halls have been exploding with people running up and down and getting reactions for members on both sides of the aisle. the u.s. senate is in session and here in about 15 or 20 minutes republicans and democrats are meeting and what they call their weekly party caucus lunch. the republicans go first and the democrats, these questions will be a number one about the transcripts. >> harris: thank you very much. the justice department's demanding details on the author of an anonymous anti-trump book. what the publisher is saying about it. ♪ imagine a disease is caused by too much of a bad protein, but a company develops a way to actually attack it. what drew me to capital allocation in health sciences was the potential to help many people through investments
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10:50 am
investigators call an act of domestic terrorism. alicia acuna on the story. >> the fbi says that it was a tip that led them to richard holzer's multiple facebook accounts where according to the criminal complaint, he expressed hatred for jews and other minorities and promoted violent acts. >> after being contacted by undercover agents as fellow white supremacist. he indicated that he wanted to do something that would lead jewish people in the public community know that they are not welcome, and according to him they should leave or they will die. >> the 27-year-old was taken into custody friday night after meeting at a hotel where he believed that they would supply him with pipe bombs to carry out an attack next morning. he wanted to poison the congregants, federal authorities say that he called this plot his mountain. the formal charge reads that he intentionally tried to instruct
10:51 am
persons in their enjoyment of their free exercise with religious belief, and the attempt of explosives and fire. temple emanuel is the second oldest synagogue in the state. the congregation's president said that they will not waste time living in fear. >> this guy is a transplant. he is not a real play berlin, and we have never, ever received any threats from anybody in the pueblo community. this place has been welcoming to us. we have been here 119 years, and we have never had anything like this happen. so it took an outsider to come in and stir the pot went back pot. >> also pointing out that to their house of worship is not a gun free zone, and they will not be victims. >> harris: alicia, thank you very much. the doj going after the publisher of a new anti-trump book is set to be released soon. they want to know how the
10:52 am
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>> harris: the department of justice is going on offense against the anonymous trump administration official behind an infamous new york times op ed last year, and now the author of the upcoming book "a warning by anonymous." a doj official demanding details from the publisher to determine if the author violated confidentiality agreements. however, the publisher is rejecting that argument and the author's literary agency calls it an effort to intimidate. let's find out what it is from the former deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. tom, is this something that the government can say, no, you can't go talk and write a book? >> well, harris, i totally understand where the justice department is coming from. you have an anonymous author who, by his own admission, is actively seeking to under mind the administration from within.
10:57 am
at the same time, i think legally it is extremely difficult or it will be extremely difficult for doj to force the publisher either to enforce any sort of nondisclosure argument that the author signed or to disclose the identity of the anonymous author. >> harris: why is the government pass out nda's when, it's my understanding, you know, when a navy seal or somebody wants to talk, they have to get permission. why didn't this person have to go and get permission? is an nda even necessary? >> welsh that's a great question, and the answer is it might not even have been necessary. we don't know who this person is, what agency -- >> harris: that's gonna help this person sell books. you don't know who i am, i'm anonymous. >> that's the idea. it is true that this person already could be governed by a host of protections. obviously, you can't disclose classified information if you work with certain agencies. you have to get prepublication approval. >> harris: a, b. i mean, these are things that are just naturally there, right?
10:58 am
so the doj, is your former place of employ helping sell books by pressing against this? >> well, i think inevitably the more that we talk about this, the more people get interested, the more people even learn that this book is coming out. look, the fact is that there already have been a number of internal critics of the administration, whistle blowers who, haven't been afraid to attach their name to the criticism. by this point it does seem unusual that someone would be afraid to come forward and criticize the administration from within given that we've seen other people doing it before. >> harris: i have an extra minute with you. you know i'm going there on all the breaking news with you because we do it so often with you. transcripts. a second batch came out. now we have four people we heard from behind closed doors. what is your first take? nobody has had time to read the hundreds of pages that came out like 20 minutes ago. i know you're privy to some of it. >> yes. my first take, harris, is i don't think this will have a tkdramatic effect on the under
10:59 am
lying dynamic. release of the transcript is helpful. number one, it's increased transparency which is something republicans and the o a lot of american public have been pushing for. now people can see what actually was said. the other thing is context. we have been getting strategic leaks of what has been said during these depositions and interviews. obviously, people are cherry picking particular sentences that are favorable to their side. i think putting these transcripts and these sound byte sr in context, it's helpful for anyone. it allow for a much fairer assessment of what the witnesses said and didn't say. >> harris: a name that keep comes up is rudy giuliani. is he in trouble? >> well, he's not coming across great in a lot of this, harris. what we've been hearing from a lot of people is that they recognize that giuliani was essentially running almost a shadow foreign policy, as it were.
11:00 am
this really bothered a lot of people within the administration who didn't quite know who was pulling the levers of power. >> harris: we are up against it, the clock, but you got it in. tom dupree, thank you very much. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: we're following two breaking stories. at least nine americans killed at the hands of mexican cartel gun men. the chilling details in a moment. but first house democrats releasing more closed door testimony in the impeachment inquiry. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." we're just now seeing transcripts from two interviews with witnesses from the investigation of the house democrats so far. the first one today the former u.s. special envoy to ukraine and the united states ambassador to the european union. those are two that we got today. there is some news in these. just looking at the transcripts


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