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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 5, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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daughter says she had no love recognizing the love of her wife on their 72nd anniversary. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha mccallum up in new york starts right now. hey, martha. >> martha: hey there, bret. thank you very much. good evening, everybody. so tonight on "the story" brit hume and congressman eric swalwell are here in new york to talk about the latest in the impeachment proceedings. also with us this evening missouri senator josh hawley who believes it is time to sanction the leaders in china. but he also says do not trust what silicon valley executives are telling you. also, with us tonight, jesse watters on that stunning hot mic abc moment that is raising a lot of questions about how jeffrey epstein's story got buried three years ago and, yet, brett kavanaugh's was fair game. good evening, everybody, i'm martha mccallum and this is "the story" and we begin tonight with the absolutely
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horrifying story coming out of mexico tonight. at least nine americans, three women and six children, including 8 mold twins were massacred in their vehicles in mexico. their bullet-ridden, burned out cars discovered in an area that's known for drug and migrant smuggling. [crying] this is for the record. anita and four of my grandchildren are burnt and shot up. >> martha: horrifying, all of it. in moments we will be joined by the aunt of donna langford. donna was one of the women killed in that attack along with two of her children. but, first, chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher brings us the very latest on this investigation in this unspeakable tragedy.
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trace? >> martha, the theory that because these families were driving suvs they may have been mistaken for rival cartel members appears to have zero credibility. we now know these vehicles were miles apart heading in different directions. and in the first attack, one of the moms, christina lankford johnson got out of her vehicle, waived her hands to show she wasn't a threat and was shot and killed anyway. a child running away also shot and killed. johnson's 6-month-old baby was found in a car seat hidden on the floor of the vehicle alive. in another suv maria miller had car trouble and fallen behind the other families when she was attacked near the border of is a so he nora she and her four children were killed including 8-year-old twins. search teams found a third vehicle with three bodies. relatives identified them as donna ray lankford and her 11 and 3-year-old children. several other children, some badly wounded, escaped that
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vehicle. and after hiding the smaller children in bushes, a 13-year-old boy walked 14 miles for help. the families are all break away mormons, not associated with the church of latter day saints. most have dual citizenship and lived in mexico for decades. authorities say their relative wealth once made them targets of the cartels for extortion and kidnapping. in 2009 one of the group's prominent members prominently denounced the drug traffickers and shot and killed shortly thereafter. experts say it's rare for the cartels to target americans it. generates too much pressure. and today president trump tweeted, quote: if mexico needs or requests help in cleaning out these monsters, the united states stands ready, willing, and able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively. mexican president manuel lopez el salvado lobe door thand president trump for the offer but said mexico would
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handle it. tom cotton says mexico can't handle it. watch. >> the only thing that can counter act bullets is more and bigger bullets. if the mexican government cannot protect american citizens in mexico, then the united states may have to take matters into our own hands. >> historically cartels have also avoided targeting children. apparently not anymore. martha? >> martha: awful. trace, thank you very much. joining me now is trish, the aunt of donna langford, who is one of the three mothers who was killed in this horrible attack. trish, i know you were on vacation in rome and you were hoping that you are going to be able to get back home tomorrow. what did you learn from the family about how the surviving children are doing tonight? >> they are still hospitalized but they are doing better. >> martha: what can you tell me about what have you heard through family members about what happened. >> through family members at
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the time that we received the first message in a group message that the whole family is a part of. at this time on that trip i was actually taking a trip with ronita, ente bernita's brother. we got wind of it at that moment because he was also with us. we are related to all three of the women, just as i'm related to donna langford. i'm sorry, this is really, really really hard for me without breaking down. >> martha: i completely -- i can't imagine. you know, when you hear of this little boy, the 13-year-old who apparently put some of these other children in bushes to make them safe and then he walked all the way back to try to
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get help. can you tell us about the strength of this boy? >> >> that was the oldest boy that was there he had to have so much strength to do that and courage. it doesn't surprise me. his mother is my niece, and she is a great mother. and she taught him well. these are great children. these are children of good standards and good faith and that doesn't surprise me that he did that. >> martha: early reports were that it was a mistake in identity when you learn they were miles apart and one of them got out of the car and was then shot what goes through your mind when these cars could potentially
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be targeted with these individuals in them and killed. women and small children? >> what goes through my mind it's unfathomable. it's unspeakable. it's gut-wrenching and it's an attack on american citizens. and you don't know either way. the families would love to believe they weren't targeted because the family had never had drug cartel for over 100 years to challenge them or anything like this. this is unbelievable. >> martha: what might have changed. another woman from the community said she has felt the tensions have been rising. she believed with certainty that they must have been targeted. have you felt anything changing in the community? why do you think after all those years of safety the cartels would suddenly turn
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on the family? >> because they are not being stopped. it doesn't matter if it's our family or somebodies' family. they are not being stopped. they have no conscience. they are going to do what they want to do regardless. there's no consequences for it. >> martha: do you think they are trying to send some kind of message? i can't say if they are. they are evil, heartless. it's a lawless element that has gone untouched in mexico it needs to stop. we need to get involved and i really appreciate so many that have been involved. especially our president. we want to thank him for doing that just to be
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looking at an average american citizen and really taking to heart and progressing forward with action because something needs to be done. and we just can't overlook this anymore. >> martha: chris close, our prayers with your whole family. i can't imagine what you are going through especially for being so far away from home from everybody. keep in touch. thank you very much. >> absolutely. >> martha: thank you, trish, take care. when we come back tonight, we will have the breaking developments today in the impeachment inquiry. democratic congressman eric swalwell says the newly revealed transcripts describe president trump's quop pressure campaign against ukraine. also in new york this evening, brit hume and he says that he does not see that being the case given what we learned today. we will talk to them both next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> martha: significant developments tonight in the house impeachment inquiry. transcripts released today reveal european union ambassador gordon sondland revised his testimony, acknowledging that he told a ukrainian official that u.s. aid would not resume until the country issued a corruption statement. democrats call that revelation a clear cut quid pro quo. but the white house is saying not so fast as more staffers are summoned. fox news correspondent gillian turner pouring through the stacks of documents today. she has the story tonight from capitol hill. hi, jillian. >> hi, martha. still going through them, hundreds of pages. it will be going on all night. for now we want to tell you that ambassador gordon sondland we advised that testimony you just mentioned with this three-page long addendum that he sent over to the intelligence committee yesterday. in that addendum he said after he gave committee investigators his testimony, he then soon after
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remembered a meeting that he hadn't mentioned with ukrainian official that official was andre mac. he remembered telling him ukrainian aid likely wouldn't resume until ukraine issued anticorruption speech had mentioned for weeks. kurt volker, the president said the president directed him multiple times to talk to rudy giuliani. he says he wasn't even specific about what he wanted us to talk to giuliani about. he just kept saying talk to rudie, talk to rudy. sondland also says after ambassador bill taylor texted him with that now infamous text on september 9th saying i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign. he called president trump himself directly and asked him what do you want from ukraine? to which the president said i want no quid pro quo.
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i want zelensky to do the right thing. now, martha, the next big ticket item for impeachment investigators here on capitol hill in particular the intelligence committee is going to be the appearance or maybe not appearance of john bolton on thursday. he has been summoned. his lawyer hasn't so far said he is not going to appear. so there is at least some reasonable chance to think he may show up. we will keep you updated on that, of course. and then also today fox news confirmed mick mulvaney has been summoned for friday. our sources here are telling us, you know, there is a lot of hope but thought much chance he is actually going to show up. >> martha: jillian, we will see. thank you very much. democratic congressman eric swalwell a member of the house intelligence committee. congressman, good to have you here. you have already seen all of these transcripts because you were sitting in there. what strzok that you came out today that makes a difference what we heard before and what we heard now. >> the revised statement
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from sondland it confirms and arrows continue to point in the direction that the president was leading an extortion scheme. but i do think you see that there is a sharp straight line from the president to sondland and the president to rudy giuliani. these two individuals are the ones asking the ukrainians to carry out this investigation. >> martha: extortion, how so? >> so $391 million allocated by congress signed into law by the president for the ukrainians to protect themselves against russians. using those dollars, aid that has not yet come and sondland told the ukrainians you are not going to get that aid unless you conducts these investigations. solely to benefit the president. not to benefit u.s. national security or u.s. interest but the president in strategy a potential political opponent. >> martha: president says it's about corruption and sondland and even in the statement it was clear they he wanted an announcement that they were going to look into the corruption. >> when you read these transcripts you see that the witness has acknowledged
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that investigations mean burisma and burisma means biden. that that was synonymous as one of the witnesses told us. that it wasn't about corruption at large. what's interesting in the call records. >> martha: extortion i'm trying to mean what you mean by extortion. >> you need to do this if you are going to get that. >> martha: quid pro quo, essentially. but the issue is -- one of the issues is that the funding was released and they never did make this public statement about corruption. so, that makes it a little bit more difficult to have a case of extortion if, a, you are not sure that the people understood that they were being extorted and, b, the issue that was the goal of that extortion never actually happened. >> and i made this clear in the volker interview if you read the volker transcript and volker acknowledges that the money was actually not released until after the whistleblower complaint had become public. so, i think this is a very good argument that once impeachment is now on the table, the volker complaint or whistleblower complaint becomes public the white
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house realizes they got us. we better release it or else it looks bad. >> martha: politically how do you feel this is going? because when you look at the most recent polls it looks like the division in the country seems to very much reflect the division we saw in the house vote. are you concerned that, you know, in order to convince the american people that you are, you know, what you are putting forward, that you may not be able to get them over that bridge? >> i think what we have seen in the depositions that have been released now, there is powerful evidence to suggest that we should go forward and have public evidence hearings. evidence is not a conclusion. the president is entitled to a fair process in public hearings these witnesses will be under oath. they will be before the cameras. >> martha: you sound like you have already made up your mind he is guilty of extortion. you just said that. >> allegation you have extortion is a serious one. evidence so far has born that out. the president has an opportunity though to cooperate and allow his witnesses like mick mulvaney and john bolton and others to come forward and
4:20 pm
exonerating evidence. there is strong allegation of extortion that's why we are moving from deposition to public hearings. >> martha: do you think you can scwins the american public of that. >> the president has admitted, you know, this was what was going on. mick mulvaney signed off on it and said this is what we do all the time when asked if this is a quid pro quo. these witnesses from lieutenant colonel vinman to other state department. >> martha: you are saying that you think the evidence will ultimately bring the american people over to your point of view? >> we have. >> martha: you believe that. >> we have good reason to continue in our process. i'm not going to jump to a conclusion of guilt or innocence yet. >> martha: do you think rudy giuliani is at the center of this and the president was aware of everything that he wanted these folks to do? >> that's a great question. and some suggest he will just throw giuliani under the bus. he cannot separate himself from rudy giuliani because giuliani is his agent. he told sondland this talk to rudy. they are inseparable. >> martha: sondland said he didn't tell him what it would be. >> talk to rude.
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lawyers don't act on behalf of their clients unless their clients say go do. this. >> martha: thank you for being here. as house democrats press on. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell predicts that if this impeachment inquiry leads to a trial, he says it will not lead to president trump's removal from office. >> i will say i'm pretty sure how it like is likely to end. if it were today, i don't think there is any question it would not lead to a removal. so, the question is just how long does the senate want to take? how long did the presidential candidates want to be here on the floor of the senate instead of iowa and new hampshire? i would be surprised if it didn't end the way the two previous ones did with the president not being removed from office. >> martha: fox news senior political analyst brit hume joins us now in new york. brit, good to have you here. great to see new new york as always. tell me a little bit about mitch mcconnell there and what you think the language around all of this is like
4:22 pm
right now brit brit looking ahead i think it's pretty clear that he and his republican colleagues in the senate are now the key audience. i think it's pretty evident that the democrats are going to go through and impeach this president. and the question then becomes what happens in the senate. the president can afford to lose 19, what, 19 republican senators and still survive in office. i don't think there is anywhere near 19 republican senators, if any, who are prepared to vote against him so far. so, that's where we are. and so when we judge these things like the sondland transcript today and the other information we are getting you need to look at it in that light. this is a peculiar process. it's quasilegal, quasipolitical. >> martha: absolutely are. >> when you get down the road legally, this legally that. you miss the point. that's where we are. you heard mcconnell he is somewhat dismissive. they will have to hold a trial, but at this point i
4:23 pm
don't think that the democrats in the house have moved the ball very far towards getting republicans to go along and they need them. >> martha: here is an interesting poll from gallup that finds that more democrats want president trump removed than wanted nixon out. president trump, i think i got the number right there, 87% want him removed back in 1974, 71%. you know, i would imagine a lot of that is a reflection of the times and certainly of the strong feelings about president trump. >> remember that impeachment, that whole impeachment was very much a bipartisan affair. the vote to start it was 410 to 4. it was clear that republicans were prepared to vote to convict if he were impeached. and nixon saw the handwriting on the wall and resigned before that could all happen. that was a very different atmosphere. i must say to you, martha, i was there in washington then and watching all of that. the atmosphere in the house was very different. it was a very sober proceeding. it was a sense of gravity about the whole thing there were not members of the house running out to the
4:24 pm
microphones after every day's events and announcing their collisions as you saw eric swalwell doing right here with you. even though he insisted he had an open mind. that wasn't how it was then. and there was a sense that impeachment is a drastic step. there was a sense that you know, it's going to be very divisive and has to be gone about with some care. nancy pelosi had it right in the beginning when she said it's got to be bipartisan. well, it's not. it's not a bit bipartisan at this stage. >> martha: you can only wonder if she -- if she feels like she did the right thing. she sort of gave in to the pressures that were around her. and she said well now that this -- now that we have this transcript and this piece of information, it's very clear. the phone call that we need to move forward. but 59% of americans in the monmouth poll think it would be better to just wait until the election and let people decide then. >> and, of course, as more time goes by, martha and into the election year, fully into it, people are going to say wait a minute, we want to turn him out of
4:25 pm
office we can turn him out of office later in the year. remember this about nancy pelosi. when she made the announcement, which is all it was that this impeachment inquiry was getting underway, it was the night before the transcript, such as it is, was released. so, i mean, my guess has been and i don't know this, but my guess has been if she had seen the transcript ahead of time, she might not have done it. >> martha: brit hume, always to see you. >> good to see you. >> martha: polls show president trump on track to lose the popular vote but in the battleground states it looks like a different story. national polls vs. those polls with rich lowry on whether the democrats are in for a rude awakening or perhaps not. ♪ ♪ of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off.
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tonight showing one year out this race for the white house is tight. joe biden is ahead of the president in pennsylvania, wisconsin, florida, and arizona. they tie in michigan. trump is ahead in north carolina. but all those numbers are within the margin of error. so, he is also ahead, president trump is ahead of sanders in florida, arizona, and north carolina. and then elizabeth warren polls ahead of president trump only in arizona. i know that's a lot of information to look at. but the overall take away is that it's very tight. my next guest who is not a big fan of donald trump as a candidate first time around now says he thinks this president has a clear path in 2020. rich lowry editor of national review and new book "the case for nationalism. "rich, it's great to have you back. >> good it see you. >> martha: when you look at these numbers one year out what do you see. >> one, a lot of media and the democrats have reveled in these national numbers
4:31 pm
that have trump routinely, you know, losing to biden. >> martha: our fox poll shows a 13 point spread. >> these states are more important. they are the states that deliver the presidency to donald trump and these poll numbers make it clear they are still there for them. for him. they are still attainable for him. now all the margins they are relatively small but there is a clear pattern. biden is the strongest of the democrats. sanders after him. and warren is the weakest. so you can see how democrats, despite the problems of joe biden are drawn to his candidacy because at least on paper he is the strongest of them. >> martha: yeah. if you are in the joe biden camp, obviously, you are going to feel good about those numbers. he has an edge and only one who has a pretty solid edge at this point. but, democrats have expressed that they are concerned about this field. and i keep thinking about, you know, when he is more solo out there or when it is only down to three candidates and on the debate stage longer and speaking longer, you wonder how that's going to hold up.
4:32 pm
hillary clinton had this to say last night about democrats and what she is looking for in a winning candidate. >> we have to hope that whoever ends up being nominated can win the electoral college, because we know that's what it comes down. to say several of our candidates could win the popular vote. but, as i know so well, as al gore knows so well, that is not enough. >> martha: that is probably the most realistic thing that we have heard. >> finally occurs to her that you need to win the electoral vote. >> martha: new york and california. >> about three years later. but, the warning sign for democrats here should be it's not going to be easy. and you just can't fly your ideological freak flag and that's what the party has been doing to lurch towards elizabeth warren's rise is all about these extreme left wing positions that are going to be a hard sell in a
4:33 pm
general election, especially among the working class voters. >> martha: last question before i let you go. what's the impeachment impact here do you think? >> i don't know. i think it, like a lot of things, it's going to disappear really quickly like two weeks later wait, that wasn't a decade ago? but i think it will play in a lot of house races. but, we have the potential for a truly unprecedented act the president getting impeached by the house and then going on to win re-election. quite plausible. >> ainsley: going to be quite a year. rich lowry the author of the case for national esm and editor, of course of "the national review." rich, thank you for being here. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: abc anchor on hot mic saying that the killed the story of jeffrey epstein. amy roar balk says she does not believe that the pedophile killed himself in that prison. a special tuesday edition of wednesdays with watters. it is tuesday though, folks, coming up. >> convince her to come out,
4:34 pm
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>> martha: so it's election day as you know and the polls are now closed in the state of kentucky where republican governor matt bevin is facing a tight re-election bid against the state's attorney general. democrat eanel andy beshear. the republican getting a boost from the rally as we showed you here. is that enough able to get matt bevin to hold on to his seat there. matt tobin live in louisville tonight with the latest on this. hello, mike. >> hello, martha. as the numbers are trick links in the trend we are seeing right now the challenger andy beshear is doing well in the population centers as democrats generally do and matt bevin is doing better in the rural
4:39 pm
counties. it's still too early to say you can see a trend one guy is pulling ahead. right now matt bevin does show a lead but it's too early to draw conclusions. both candidates with are their families. beshear is watching the numbers as they roll in minute by minute. bevin is not. he is in hotel suite with nine kids. not even taking calls from well-wishers. bevin worked hard to nationalize this race. he hit hard on issues that are important to trump voters, abortion, immigration, gun control, with the president in his corner he said that kentucky voters are disgusted by this impeachment inquiry. >> we don't appreciate when a handful of knuckle heads in washington add and indicatabilityindicateanabdicat.
4:40 pm
>> handy beshear has been bevin's nemesis the whole time he has been in office. he says that bevin is unhinged. that he does not have the temperament for the job. >> no governor should ever behave the way that matt bevin has. that bullying is absolutely unacceptable in that governor's office. and that we expect a governor to use that bully pulpit not to bully but as a pulpit to bring us together. >> bevin made the prediction earlier today that the polls were wrong and we would see him break away early in this process. that hasn't happened thus far. but it is still early. martha? >> indeed it is. mike, thank you very much. so senator josh hawley is joining us next on "the story" tonight. why he is sounding the alarm on china based tech companies collecting data on americans. ♪ not even our competitor's best battery
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4:45 pm
on hong kong and free people everywhere are standing with you. sometimes the fate of one city defines the challenge of a whole generation. 50 years ago it was berlin. today it's hong kong. >> martha: calling on sanctions similar to the ones imposed on russia and tehran. officials freezing the assets of high ranking members of the government. he also believes that a number of chinese companies should be tossed out of america. like the company tik tok bought by china two years ago and used by millions of people including celebrities. watch this. this is what it looks like. >> tik tok beautiful people challenged by uploading your video. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> martha: seems normal enough. maybe not. senator josh hawley a member of the homeland committee judiciary committee joins me now. thanks for being here.
4:46 pm
what's so scary about tik tok? >> well, every parent should know about tik tok and should know that it's not just a social media platform. it's a platform that teenagers use now more than facebook. here's the problem, martha. it's owned by a chinese company that has ties to the chinese government. >> to the communist chinese party. tik tok scoops up massive amounts of data on our kids that communist party is able to get that data. they are able to build profiles on our children, track where they go, who their friends are what's in their phone book. it's really alarming. >> martha: you had a hearing today and you had an empty seat for apple and empty seat for tik tok. why didn't they show up? >> because they are afraid to answer questions. tik tok doesn't want to answer to the fact that they take direction from beijing. that they are exposing our kids' data to the chinese communist government. and apple doesn't want to answer for the fact that they are storing information in china. they are storing encryption keys in china and that, too could expose americans' text messages or emails to the communist party.
4:47 pm
these are major security risks, martha. both of these companies need to be held accountable. >> martha: so you want to freeze the assets of the chinese leadership and also in hong kong so does that include president xi, does it include carrie lamb in hong kong? >> yeah, absolutely can. can also include financial institutions that may be working with them in order to put the squeeze in hong kong. look, we know what china is capable of. china has been stealing our jobs for years. now they want to see you lens hong kong. they want to project power all across the region and ultimately, martha, they want to shut us out. they want to shut us out so that we can't trade and sell our products. we cannot allow that to happen. >> martha: so talk to me a little bit about, you know, the larger picture here. you say that china is the berlin of the times that we're living in. and, you know, there is a sense with the nba scandal and all of that that people are starting to look at what china is doing in this country very differently. >> hong kong really
4:48 pm
represents the battle of the future. we are in for a long struggle with china. the truth is we probably have already given up too much ground already. by we i mean the u.s. government. washington has been asleep at the switch for years. they have thought that china was our friend. that china could be liberalized. none of that has happened. they have stolen our jobs. they have stolen our property. now they want to shut us out of whole regions and one day they want to dominate the world. we cannot allow that to happen. we have got to get tough with them. hong kong shows what the battle of the future is going to look like. >> martha: obviously there is a lot of business, a lot of trade that goes on with china. trying to get a trade deal with them. how much support do you think you are going to get for trying to impose sanctions and freeze the assets of the leadership when all of those things are at play? >> well, i think it speaks to the need to keep pressure up on the chinese government. pressure is what they understand, martha. the sweet-talking they don't respond to. they will make a deal with you, and then hood wink you behind your back. that is not the way to deal with china. you have got to get tough with them. the president understands. this i mean, the president's tough measures is what has
4:49 pm
brought beijing to the negotiating table. and this, i think, is sanctioning them for their bad behavior in hong kong, for their repression in hong kong helping keep the pressure up. >> martha: we will talk more about it. senator josh hawley, thank you very much. always good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: you bet. a special edition coming up wednesdays with watters but it is tuesday. it's not like daylight savings week or anything. it's actually still tuesday. ♪ ♪ ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
4:50 pm
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so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> martha: renewed interest in whether serial pedophile jeffrey epstein killed himself in prison or offed by somebody who wanted him dead. a lot of people may fall into that category given the number of high profile people who partied with and obsession with underaged girls who say they were sex slaves in his bizarre world. then this video surfaces from project veritas says that abc, quote, quashed her
4:54 pm
exclusive with epstein accuser virginia jeffrey who said she was forced to have sex with prince andrew when was 17. fox news is not able to independently verify this following video. >> i have had the story for three years. i have had interview with virginia roberts. we would not put it on the air. first of all, i was told who jeffrey epstein nobody noe one knows who that is that's a stupid story. the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about prince andrew and threatened us a million different ways. we were so afraid we wouldn't be able to interview kate and will, that we -- that also quashed the story. she told me everything she had pictures. she had everything. it was unbelievable what we had clinton. we had everything. do i think he was killed? 100 percent. yes, i do. because you want -- he made his whole living blackmailing people. there are a lot of men in those planes a lot of men who visited that island. a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment.
4:55 pm
>> martha: abc and row back released statements today essentially saying that the story wasn't ready for air. she said that and they said that as well not fully vetted. abc has still not run all these years later and he is dead now the original robach jeffrey interview. let's bring in jesse watters host of "watters' world" and co-host of the five. what do you think of all of this. >> jesse: a sickening and wicked scandal. abc news has to hire an independent investigator to get to the bottom of this. and they have to answer one big question. how many children were raped in the last three years since they spiked this story? because as amy says, she had witnesses. she had victims. she had photographic evidence with bill clinton connection and a british royal family connection. and abc news said that did not meet their editorial standards. what are those standards? i want them to come clean because they went after brett kavanaugh with 40-year-old hearsay, with no corroborating witnesses, no
4:56 pm
evidence, and a lot of that was furnished by make call avenatti, a scan directly, a bankrupt tax cheat, who brought forth gang rape allegations with no evidence. so what were those standards that allowed that to get on air? i would like to know. and it look us like the play was we don't get access to royal family interviews on gma, please, you are not going to go protect children who are allegedly being sexually asawlgted by god knows who and god knows where? and this is the disney company? the disney company, it's sick. >> martha: i mean, and the suggestion that nobody knew who jeffrey epstein was? i mean, i don't know who these people are. but jeffrey epstein was, you know, linked to many powerful people for years. i mean, he wouldn't be a household name necessarily but executives at abc and new york city had no idea who he was, i find very difficult to believe. i mean, it also smacks of a
4:57 pm
lot of similarities of what we saw with the weinstein story and i think that these institutions, these corporations need to ask themselves who are we and what are we when this story comes to us and we don't air it? virginia roberts, you know, that story on what she had alone, the pictures she had of her and her story how many stories do you see on abc and ntsb and everywhere where it's just this is her story. this is what she says. you can back it up. you can investigate the other side of the story and say we can't corroborate this. there is a lot of ways to get at a story like that. as you rightly point out, none of those hoops were jumped through with the brett kavanaugh story. >> jesse: no. abc just got in big trouble for putting on fake syrian war footage instead it was a gun range in kentucky. that doesn't look good. but, also, this isn't being mentioned but hillary clinton three years ago was in the midst of a presidential campaign. and if abc drops a devastating blow against her husband in the midst of this
4:58 pm
campaign, that's going to blow back big on abc news. remember, they thought hillary was going to win the white house. and they didn't want to jeopardize that relationship. they wanted to be on the right side of history. now they are on the wrong side of history, and it's a tragedy if this is true. >> martha: it also starts to raise those questions again. we have had sort of three different data points this week of people raising questions about whether or not jeffrey epstein took his own life. when you go back and you look at this and you look at the people and, you know, some of the names that you mentioned who, you know we know were on the plane and went to the island. there is no evidence about none of these women have said they were with bill clinton. it's part of the story that he was on that plane absolutely. so, it raises questions about whether or not somebody had him killed. michael baden went on and he is, you know, full disclosure, is he doing work for jeffrey epstein's brother, but is he a very renowned forensic
4:59 pm
scientists. he said he saw signs that he perhaps, that he didn't take his own life. >> jesse: everybody with common sense, martha, knows that epstein did not kill himself. everybody knows that. this guy was wanted by many people. he was accused of blackmailing people. remember, he had a picture of bill clinton in a blue dress oil painting in his mansion. >> martha: oil painting in his house which is so weird. >> check the flight records, see who wassen that plane. interview the pilot. these are questions we need answers. to say the department of justice says they are doing an investigation into what happened at the prison because, remember, the video cameras went down that were looking at epstein's cell. that just doesn't happen randomly. >> martha: too many crazy things there. we got to dig into it more. jesse watters, that you good to see tonight. take a peek kentucky governor's race. 51% of the vote is in there. it's now 50% bevin. 47% beshear. keep a close eye on that eye one
5:00 pm
reeves. we do not have any numbers for you there. that's the story on this november 5th. see you back here tomorrow night when the story goes on. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker kar "tucker cn tonight." someone told the truth and caught doing it. anchor at abc news on a hot mic accuses her network of spiking her reporting on billionaire pedophile jeffrey epstein. that audio just minutes away. but, first tonight, we would like to open this evening with a breathless update on how some obscure democrat said something unforgettable about a government official about a topic that was literally nothing to do with your life or nothing to do with the future of our country. drone on about this nonstory for the entire hour tonight and e


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