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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 5, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and group think all of which are in remarkable abundance right now if case you haven't noticed. we remain cheerful. hope do you too. see you tomorrow from washington. >> sean: welcome to hannity. tonight we are breaking breaking stories across the country. hour hour polls have close new several states. we will call races throughout the hour as a result very tight race, kentucky governor going on as we speak. following a horrific story out of northern mexico where earlier today well at least nine americans were murdered including six children during apparent ambush mexican cartel. also tonight why did abc cover up a major story surrounded convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein, bill clinton and prince andrew in 2015? a bombshell new video uncovered by james o'keefe and project veritas reveals one reporter's struggle to
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get her own network to cover this inconvenient truth. take a look. >> i have had the story for three years. i have had this interview with virginia roberts. we would not put to be the air. first of all i was told who is jeffrey epstein. no one knows who that is. this a stupid story. the palace found out we had her whole allegations about prince andrew and threatened us a million different ways: we were so afraid we wouldn't be able to interview kate will that also quashed the story. >> tucker: we have will show you the entire shocking damning video coming up moments away. first break john solomon, we now have our hands on yet another document shocking between the obama state department, joe biden and hunter biden's very lucrative position with no experience at all at burisma holdings in ukraine. now compliments of solomon
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and the freedom of information act. newly retained memos of june 2016 state department officials actually prepped the new u.s. ambassador to ukraine on how to handle questions about burisma holdings and he had the imagine if donald trump did that and imagine that. same ambassador to u.k. who recently apparently testified that i had some role in the allegations that led to her resignation. in reality despite the obsessive fake news reporting by the media mob i don't know anything about this woman. her name was barely mentioned but a few times on this program just in passing, basically. and to this day i haven't talked to anyone from ukraine that i knew was from ukraine. nobody, ever. i certainly was not lobbying for her removal. that did not stop the mass hysteria from the mob over yours truly. i think they like putting my
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face on tv because then they can trick viewers that never would watch them thinking it's fox. i don't know. take a look. >> in the new transcript out tonight this ambassador details how sean hannity's attack on her and his alleged support of access to the ukraine plot made it to the highest levels of the state department. >> the secretary of state says that he will call sean hannity to try to find out what the deal is with this whisper campaign of slander that is being directed at her to get her removed. >> in fact at one point in time secretary pompeo said he had to call sean hannity to find out what u.s. foreign policy was in one these transcripts. the level of insanity and craziness and convenien venallas unmatched. >> that's what happened with task in the soviet union in 1974. it's like state media has turned against you. the only ways to get the guys in state media to back off is to offer a sacrifice to the gods.
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>> sean: he really is a dumb jack ass just for the record by the way. i never talked to the secretary of state or anybody else from the state department. all of what you saw oh, shouldn't be surprising. let's see, a hoax? more fake news, more conspiracy theories. none of that happened. by the way, mr. zucker, i hope your stenographer humpty dumpty is taking notes back to solomon's big breaking news. found in the newly uncovered documents and by the way this is real news. in 2016 a sample question and answer section actually is prepping this ambassador person i don't know much about. how to answer questions during her senate confirmation hearing. one unredacted section reads, quote: question: do you have any comment on hunter biden, the vice president's son, serving on the board of burst marks a major ukrainian gas company? and they suggest the answer. for questions on hunter biden's role on burisma i would refer to you the vice
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president joe biden's office. remember, biden has been vehemently denying ever talking to his son about his ukrainian business deals but in june of 2016, yep, sleepy joe creepy joe, biden was the official point person for all matters related to hunter biden and burisma holdings. so, another flat out lie which even contradicts his own son by the way who said in an interview in the new yorker, yeah, we did talk about it. by the way, biden said he and hunter did nothing wrong, nothing. we'll correct this in a second. but, take a look. >> no one has established that he did anything wrong or that i have done anything wrong. period. i carried out the policy of the united states of america, our allies, and the international monetary fund, the eu, and dealing with the corrupt prosecutor, period. number one. i did not know he was on the board of that company and,
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in fact, no one serving on the board illegal to be on the board or did anything wrong. >> if had you known, would have you said don't or would you have believed or said it was wrong. >> no, it's not wrong. his words speak for themselves he wished he had realized how krohns of the crope president would try to paint it? >> nothing wrong, ukraine, gas, oil, energy, millions of dollars. no, nothing wrong. no experience. china, private equities. we can see. looks like joe 33030 needs some help with pretty basic fundamental facts. media is exposed as so corrupt. someone might want to remind sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe that his son hunter wasn't selling his experience. he had zero experience in oil, gas, energy, or ukraine. none. but he did have a direct line to his father who was the vice president of the
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united states, the second highest elected man in the united states in charge of, yes, policy in ukraine. the only reason hunter biden was getting paid millions of dollars with zero experience for his so-called services they wanted favor from the bidens. as it turns out, we can report tonight it looks like a pretty good investment for burisma holdings. why? because in february 2016, three weeks after ukrainian authorities conducted a search warrant at the home of hunter biden's boss as burisma holdings, well representative for the company was actively communicating with the obama state department. according to another newly unearthed email of john solomon and freedom of information request. burisma lobbying the obama administration to end all corruption allegations against the company. arguing, quote: even two high profile u.s. citizens are affiliated with the company. including hunter biden as a
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board member. oh, that's why they paid mr. zero experience, hunter biden, millions of dollars. and then one month later, yep, there he is, joe biden, vice president of the united states in a shakedown quid pro quo joe. fire that prosecutor in six hours, i will give you a billion dollars. you don't fire him, i won't give you a billion dollars. why on earth would a vice president of the united states of america care about a prosecutor in ukraine? the answer is obvious. his son was being investigated. even the "new york times" warned biden his son was being investigated by that prosecutor. by the way, democrats, we found your quid pro quo. quid pro quo joe. a shakedown with taxpayer dollars. and by the way, in spite of what joe biden just said, a serious potential violation of multiple laws, our own gregg jarrett laid it all out. look at your screen, 15 usc 78, it is illegal for a u.s.
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person to coerce or influence through bribery, a billion dollars, or extortion, a foreign nation into taking action -- oh, yeah, they took action, fire the prosecutor. that might financially benefit the person, his family, hunter, or business. that's just the tip of the ice beg. 18 usc 201 c. whoever gives offers a billion dollars or promises anything of value to a public official, to influence an official act -- fire the prosecutor -- is guilty of bribery. wow, these are real laws. 18 usc 201 b, giving, offering, promising a billion dollars anything of value to a public official in exchange for official ac act -- fire the prosecutor. 18 usc 1951, a threat to a foreign official, in order to obtain -- oh we won't give you the billion dollars -- in order to obtain official benefit, affecting interstate or foreign commerce could constitute extortion.
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biden leveraged 1 billion u.s. tax dollars. that's right, demanded a foreign prosecutor get fired. fire him. you get the billion. quid, do this slowly for the mob and the media, quid pro quo. fire him, you get a billion. don't fire him, you don't get a billion. and son of a b, they fired the prosecutor, we now know biden knew was investigating his own son. at the very same time the company was evoking hunter biden's name all over the obama state department. what were they wanting? political favors, make these investigations go away. this is how corruption, the swamp works, isn't it? when their media mob friends lie they say no evidence of any wrongdoing, that's what the mob says no evidence of any wrongdoing. one of this president trump and don jr. this is business as usual. this is okay. nothing here.
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no evidence, a conspiracy theory? forget the law, forget the conflict of interest. forget the biden got rich off the backs of u.s. taxpayers and despite all these documents, all this evidence, all this stench and stink in the swamp of corruption, all over washington, d.c., not a single whistleblower came forward here. no outrage from the mob in the media. no, they are too pizzey makin -- busymaking up excuses. biden was totally protected just like hillary was totally protected. when trump upheld his sworn duty read the transcript, enforcing the law, election interference and asking the newly elected president of ukraine to cooperate with the investigation into 2016 election interference, and also later mentioning vice president biden misconduct and the country, well the swamp erupts. this is outrageous. i can't believe this is happening. unlike biden there was no quid pro quo with trump.
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no conflict of interest no crimes of misconduct. they got the money. they didn't do anything. read the transcript. totally available online. by the way, the president released the entire thing. what other people say and feel about the transcript. we are releasing so and so transcript. this is meaningless. o my god somebody said they think it's bad. meaningless. read the transcript. the president was faithfully executing the laws of the land. i thought liberals cared about foreign election interference. look at this corruption. they wanted a favor from the obama administration state department. existed on so many levels. releasing transcripts of the new norm, republicans tonight need to begin demanding that the release of all transcripts of vice president biden with any ukrainian official in this period of time, as a matter of fact, do it for the whole
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time he was vice president. release all the transcripts of the vice president and then biden and china and any other country paying his zero experience son a fortune, millions of dollars. no other americans getting that deal. let's release while we are at it of all transcripts of then president obama with vlad putin and other russian leader after he had more flexibility after his reelections. while we are at it let's release any and all transcripts of then president obama with any of the leaders with iran. and the discussions that led up to the stupidity and the idiocy of giving the mullahs in iran death chant to israel a billion and other cash and currency. why would you ever do that? productions need trepublicans n. the media needs to ask joe and obama, hey, did you guys give us permission to look at those transcripts? i have a funny feeling they are not going to want those transcripts released. by the way, republicans must
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demand subpoenas while they are at it for very important witnesses. we're going to start with the non-whistleblower whistleblower. in other words, the sear say whistleblower. the bff of the compromise coward and -- yeah. the congenital liar, adam schiff. and apparently his staff. also apparently friends you have biden. he wasn't on the call. his information was hearsay, third hand material. republicans must demand this whistleblower go under oath. what was the contact with schiff's office? what was the relationship with biden? who was the person who gave you this third hand information? let's be clear, the whistleblower statute does not guarantee anonymity. does protect against retribution and retaliation. must also demand that hunter and joe biden that they be put under oath, that they be subpoenaed. let's not forget the corrupt compromised congenital liar adam schiff. he is now a fact witness of this case. let's put him under oath.
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schiff, in fact, his office, what advice did they offer the non-whistleblower, whistleblower from the very beginning? he can't bring the whistleblower in because the whistleblower will be asked questions about him. this is a set-up. it's all been conjured again by deep state unelected brewer democrats that are just obsessed with impeaching trump because they can't beat him. carrying out the most corrupt person in washington this whole thing is being carried out by the biggest congenital liar. this is a clown show, a three circus. that guy has been lying for three years. here with more on this big breaking report john solomon. you know, this is so damning because i find this presidenty amazes. everyone is worried about a quid pro quo. fire him, you get a billion. don't fire him, you don't get a billion. oh, and the "new york times" warned him about his son being investigated by somebody you interviewed, a guy by the name of shokin, the prosecutor. >> that's right. >> sean: abc interviewed
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him. they got the same story you did. so did the "the washington post" interviewed him, same sorry. >> right. >> sean: what are these documents now it takes it to a different level? >> it does. listen, the only person that doesn't think that burisma is about joe biden is joe biden. the state department prepping the ambassador for nomination hearing was prepared for a question and directed people to joe biden. ambassador to the united states for the obama administration will not send the media or the senators to joe biden unless they thought he knew something about it. but, let me wind you back to something else you just said, sean. you talked about the need to release transcripts. i have done some reporting. in the period after prosecutor shokin raided the home of hunter biden's about, the owner of burisma, and before burisma showed up and started lobbying the state department a few weeks later in february. joe biden had three consecutive phone calls. three. but the president of ukraine. it's the only time in a two-year period i have can find flee consecutive
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contacts between biden and president. did biden any of those issues come up in calls. joe biden owes us an answer given the circumstances these documents provide to the american public. >> sean: can you believe that the media mob, if the names were changed, and it was vice president donald trump jr. and instead of hunter it was don jr. or eric jr. who is going to join us tonight. do you think they would be saying oh there is no evidence of any wrongdoing? this is a conspiracy theory. >> instead of one reporter on this there would be 1,000 reporters on it. >> sean: a thousand or 5,000. >> you are 100 percent right. willful blindness going on. we now know a senior state department official believed joe biden had a conflict of interest. he tried to raise this issue with joe biden in 2015 and joe biden's staff turned him away. this isn't a conspiracy theory. this isn't a fox news
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fantasy. these are facts that the american people are willfully choosing not to pay attention to reports to learn more about. we have to get to the bottom of this. i think the next round of documents -- i'm doing another round of documents in december. i think we are going to learn a lot more, marijuana. steve: he is on tape bragging quid pro quo joe. that was the best interview i have ever seen by 4-year-old kid on gma. do they pay you? your dad yeah probably that reason. brand new article "new york post" perfectly describes the ongoing soviet style impeachment attempt against the president. piece is entitled pelosi's impeachment role guarantee partisan circus. how nancy pelosi insist the impeachment procedures adopted last are the fairest possible. don't believe it. in truth, a privileges slyly added at the last minute all but certain to deprive president trump of the
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ability to defend himself. >> expect a one sided propaganda sir cus with the intelligence, the compromised, the corrupt, the general liar adam schiff awcketting as a rings master. that prevents the president from calling witnesses, presenting. unless he waves executive privilege. of the court ruled violate to a president. congenital liar schiff he is the judge, the jury and executioner. and in a totally fake proceeding based on claims totally fake whistleblower who won't even testify because he can't because he is going to have to talk about his relationship with schiff and his team. anyway, all you have that needs to be exposed. and to top it off, none of these witness testimonies, again, this witness said this about the transcript. who cares what they think. we have the transcript. and by the way what do we see? president faithfully executing the law under the circumstances of the land. that's why americans are now turning on this witch-hunt.
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according to a new monmouth university poll, 29% have little trust nut process. 44% no trust at all. here now with the best-selling look exonerated fox news contributor dan bongino, fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. you know, geraldo, we were on different sides in the clinton impeachment. there were 11 specific felonies ken starr laid out. one thing have you got to admit. newt gingrich gave every due consideration to bill clinton. to bill clinton's attorney david kendall and tout democrats and to the ranking members as well as the majority. correct? >> correct. but, even more basic than that, sean, is that in both of nixon impeachment in 74 and the clinton impeachment on which we were on opposite sides in '98, there was a crime. there was clinton lying under oath, richard nixon basically covering up a burglary at the democratic national committee headquarters.
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so, when you have a crime it's different. what is the crime exactly that president trump is alleged to have committed? if you don't have a crime, what is this impeachment really all about. if we really want to find out what happened in ukraine len let the impeachment call every politician republican and democrat who is fed at the trough. i want to know every politician, every obvious, every relative of politician or lobbyist who has gotten money from ukraine. let it all hang out. republican and democrat. let's see. >> sean: release the transcripts, release them all. let's release biden's transcripts. >> i agree. it's so crucial that there be due process that this impeachment process as it goes forward is fair and both sides get to call the witnesses that they want, subpoena the witnesses that they want, and not let one side bully the other. the republicans have to stay firm. and i have to also add,
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sean, when i said the difference between nixon in '74 and trump in '19 was you, i didn't know that you would be targeted so viciously as you have been in the last 48 hours. i feel sorry for you. stay strong and lock arms and fight to have because they are coming. >> sean: geraldo, yeah, i talk to everybody, do you know why? that's my job. my job is to get information and get as much information as this audience as possible. yeah, i call everybody. >> you are connected reporter on this story. exactly. you follow the story where it goes. >> sean: thank you very much. you are a dear friend. dan bongino, we have a quid pro quo. we have a vice president. you want the presidential, you fire the guy that he knew was investigating his son. you don't fire him, you don't get the billion. quid pro quo joe. >> yeah. yes, sean, republicans and
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they are good ones out there. jim jordan. you have devin nunes and others. the weak ones really need to grow a spine and stop acting like democrats, okay? this is a story about joe biden. it's not about trump. let me contrast the two here for a moment, right? the case against trump, the noncase against trump is a case based on the appearance of a quid pro quo. with no facts that a quid pro quo actually happened. there's no quid and there is no quo. nobody can point to it. the story about what the quid pro quo was keeps changing. it's about a meeting at the white house. it was about military aid. it's about roasting marshmallows at the white house with trump. nobody knows what it is because it didn't actually happen as kurt volker said. they asked kurt volker the ambassador over there they said to him listen the envoy, why didn't you mention the quid pro quo? because i didn't know there was one. apparently neither did the ukrainians. contrast that with joe biden. a case based on appearance of a quid pro quo with the facts to back it up.
6:24 pm
sean, the guy is on tape demanding a man investigating his son's company hunter biden be fired. he's on tape. >> sean: he has a duty to faithfully execute. >> i know big trouble. >> sean: 30 seconds. >> i think it's also crucial that adam schiff be called as a material witness because did he help the whistleblower craft that complaint on the q.t.? did he then pretend he didn't know the whistleblower from adam? i think that is the very crucial point that needs to be probed in this, sean. >> sean: all right. great analysis. thank you both. we will be back. we will have more on the democrats this witch-hunt, this hypocrisy, this lunancy. senator lindsey graham, eric trump later shocking video. you have to see this. wow, abc covering up for jeffrey epstein? why didn't they run this tape? when you see it, you will have more questions than answers straight ahead.
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cowardly corrupt compromise general liar schiff pelosi seemed to be getting their hopes one impeachment madness in the house. senate majority leader mitch |1 mc 0 connell already knows how this will end in the senate. take a look. >> howling it guys on really depends on how long the senate wants to spend on it. i will say i'm pretty sure how it's likely to end. if it were today. i don't think there is any question it would not lead to a removal. >> here with reaction senate judiciary chairman senator lindsey graham, the great state of south carolina. senator, if you don't have any due process you and newt
6:30 pm
gingrich gave clinton and his lawyers in '98 has been denied donald trump. why is it in the senate if there is no new process, it should be dead on arrival. shouldn't it? that's what our resolution told the house. 50 republican senators told the house by resolution that the process in the house currently being engaged in is out of line with due process expected in impeachment. the process is unfair. the president did nothing wrong other than that, they have a good case. >> other than that. >> sean: the president said he wanted to get to the bottom of 2016. politico wrote about it. i thought democrats cared about it. they only care if it's trump and russia. not the hillary dossier. you know, and then we have
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this whole issue as it relates to ukraine. bragging about a quid pro quo. you fire the prosecutor that the "new york times" told him was investigating his son. you get a billion bucks. you don't fire the prosecutor in six hours you don't get the billion dollars. that to me, if the president asks a question about it. wouldn't he be faithfully executing the laws of the land, that looks like illegal act and i outlined the laws in my open monologue. >> i think the john solomon reporting has changed everything for me. now you have messages and emails going to early 2016 suggesting that the prosecutor was being zeroed in on -- bye bye den that there was concern that the prosecutor was getting too close to hunter biden that people from burisma or whatever the name of the company actually were engaged in the state
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department, so that whole story line needs to be looked at and john solomon's reporting has changed everything for me. i'm hoping that jim rich, the chairman of the foreign relations committee will do some oversight of the state department and find out what really did happen regarding firings the prosecutor. >> sean: let me ask you this, so we know that biden knew his son was being investigated we know his son did say they talked about business. and we have on tape bragging. you fire him you get a billion. you don't fir him, you don't get a billion. doesn't that seem something that could be a crime, i outline bribery and foreign services and services act and a bunch of other laws just earlier. doesn't the president have a duty to get to the truth of a vice president was leveraging a billion dollars of our money to literally get a guy fired from investigating his son? doesn't that sound like something that deserves an
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investigation to you? because it does to me. >> absolutely. i mean, i supported mueller doing his job because i thought he would be fair. i don't believe that adam schiff is going to be fair to the president. i don't believe that adam schiff is looking for the truth. this is the first time in the history of the country that impeachment is being led bipartisan politician, not some outside entity like a special counsel. the process thinks in the substance the president did nothing wrong and when it comes to adam schiff never enough. as to joe biden he was told in december by the "new york times" that the company that his son was sitting on was being investigated in february they raid the office of the guy who owns the company. then all of the sudden you get people from the biden world getting involved with the state department that needs to be looked at. horowitz is going tell us about the counterintelligence investigation. is he going to tell us about the fisa warrant, application. somebody needs to look at
6:34 pm
the biden interference. >> sean: let me ask you this, i think adam schiff obviously is compromised. >> could be. >> sean: whistleblower, we need to know what went on between the whistleblower and biden and whistleblower and schiff's office. we also need -- don't we need to bring in joe biden and put him under oath? don't we need to put hunter biden under oath at this point knowing what we know? >> i think the first thing we need is to start asking questions about the state department about the role they play. hunter biden's partner actually met with john kerry right after the raid. what was that all about? why were there three phone calls made in pretty quick succession after the raid? those are the things that may lead to hunter biden and joe biden being asked questions about how the prosecutor was fired. i don't know why the prosecutor was fired. whether or not we should look. we should definitely look. the house is not going to look. it's up to the senate to
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look. are we going to get the fisa report in maybe like a week or two? i keep hearing it's come. it's driving me insane. i guess we lost him. all right. what if anyone in the trump family did what hunter biden did? up next, eric trump responds to this witch-hunt. later, judge jeanine, joe concha react. this video of project veritas will blow you away. why did abc news kill a story about jeffrey epstein's conduct oh, that mentions bill clinton and prince andrew? three years ago. well, amy robach was pissed and i don't blame her. that's straight ahead. ♪ ♪ i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes.
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♪ >> sean: the mob and the media, they are working overtime as usual. nothing but an extension of the democratic party relentlessly, smearing, slandering donald trump every second, minute, hour of every 24-hour day and even now comparing the firing of an ambassador to benghazi. they fire the ambassador of benghazi terror attack. you just can't make this up. this is how this psychotic rage is now manifesting itself. take a look. >> and remember a time when everyone was really concerned about benghazi and did the state department, did the secretary of state hillary clinton did the obama administration do enough to protect ambassador stevens and the other diplomats serving at that shardshihardship post. and we literally had the president of the united states targeting an ambassador. >> the way he singles out this particular ambassador to another head of state, he sounds like not like the president of the united states. not like an even very partisan member of the
6:41 pm
president of the united states. he sounds like a crime boss. he sounds like someone who is in a boorn movie. here with reaction is eric trump who now runs trump enterprises inc. i go to -- by the way, plenty the last 24 hours, everybody is saying hannity did it. i don't even know this woman. i don't think i have ever talked to anybody that i knew was from ukraine in my entire life. nobody. zero. >> hey, sean, that makes two of us, right? they blame us for talking to people we never met every single day. every day. you took a picture with this person you must know them very well. even though we take 400 selfies a day. unbelievable. that makes two of us. >> sean: by the way michael cohen apologized to me the night after his lawyer said i was his client. i was never his client, ever. >> facts don't matter. they are willing to lie. they are willing to take anybody down for any reason that fits their narrative. they do it to me, they do it
6:42 pm
to don, they do it to ivanka and my father every single day. facts do not matter to these people. if it helps think political agenda. helps them get something they want and bosses and higher ups in the mainstream media. they will lie, they will deceit. they will defraud. that's who these people are. they are really terrible people,. >> sean: sean i watched your dad give a rally and everyone read transcript. it doesn't matter what all these other people think because the transcript is the president is saying hey, ukraine interfered in our elections. get to the bottom of it. and when i hear joe biden bragging about his quid pro quo, billion billion if you fire the prosecutor that i know is investigating my son or no billion and have you six hours to decide. that sounds like a quid pro quo what they are accusing your father of that they didn't do. >> how about all the other scandals we talk about that talk about biden's son obviously very crooked and
6:43 pm
what they are doing totally wrong and investigated and should all be up there. quite frankly i called the senate to get those guys both on the stand. hunter biden and on the stand to talk about what actually happened there. how about loretta lynch that whole scandal, you mentioned benghazi, that's another scandal where people died and, what about the ukraine -- what about the iranian scandal where they gave $150 billion. why don't we get every single one of those irken calls and find out why they got 150 billion. can i go down the list of a hundred different scandals get transcripts for. get transcript of every call that joe biden and barack obama ever had with ukraine, with russia, you talk about all the time the more flexibility after the election. let's get all those transcripts. let's put them out there. let's see what's there. if they want to play this game. why doesn't the senate depose every single person? why don't they subpoena every single person? you know, but the one thing, sean, i have to say that i'm
6:44 pm
really happy, about my fathers taught the republican party how to fight. right? they have never been fighters like this before. it makes me happy to see lindsey graham on here and makes me happy to see mark meadows and jim jordan. the republicans are finally learning how to fight against this awful, awful system. this swamp and honestly he should be commended for that. >> sean: i want the republicans to demand all those transcripts, biden, ukraine. i want the transcripts of obama-russia. more flexibility. obama the mullahs and iran. i think schiff. the whistleblower non-whistleblower i think hunter and joe need to be put under oath. we need an explanation. you knew they were investigating your kid and you leveraged the billion taxpayer dollars. we have identified a lot of laws. >> sean, let's see how that works out for them. every single republican go after for perjury. you misplace a comma in a sentence and you just purr
6:45 pm
injured yourself. put biden under oath and hunter and adam schiff under oath. obama under oath. >> sean: what it was vice president donald j. trump and hunter biden is eric trump. how would the media react? >> come on. i don't even need to answer the question. the greatest outrage in the history of the world. i would have reporters and i said this the entire time. where is hunter? i would have reporters camped in the hallway of my residential building in new york city. they wouldn't leave me alone. i wouldn't be able to go anywhere without being followed, right? they give this kid a total pass. where is he? he comes out and does one interview and gets a total pass? do you know what would happen if that was me? i would have circuses following me down the street every single time i -- >> sean: how much money did you raise for kids' cancer. >> well over $20 million before the age of 30 by the way, sean. >> sean: what are you not allow to do now because your dad is president. >> raise money for saint
6:46 pm
jude's hospital democrats killed me for that not only did i raise the money before the age of 30. i did it ratio any other than the world. you are profiting. total nonsense. it was their way to hit at trump. it's disgusting. sean. i mean, politics is dirty. the swamp is dirty. my father is exposing that and we are going to get these guys again. >> sean: 364 days, we, you, this audience, this people get to say. >> we are going to fight. >> sean: when we come back, abc news anchor, wow, this tape, of project veritas is going to blow you away, talking about how her network spiked her story that she has buttoned down on jeffrey epstein, bill clinton and others. jeanine pirro, joe concha next. you are going to want to see this tape? ♪ ♪
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6:51 pm
>> previewed in tonight's opening monologue. james o'keefe out with damning new footage revealing abc news and anchor amy robach saying that she had the epstein story three years ago. had it locked down. the network, they squashed it. why? watch this. >> i have had story three years had this interview with virginia roberts. wouldn't tut 'on the air. who is jeffrey epstein? no one knows who that is. this a stupid story. then the palace found out that we had other whole allegations about prince andrew and threatened us a million different ways. we were so afraid we wouldn't be able to interview kate and will that also quashed the story and allen dershowitz was implicated because the planes. she told me everything. she had pictures. she had everything. she was in hiding for 12 years. we convinced her to come out and convinced her to talk to
6:52 pm
us. it was unbelievable what we had, clinton. we had everything i tried for three years to get it on to no avail. all coming out new revelations and i freaking had all of it i'm so pissed right now. >> sean: i don't blame her. we did reach out for comment. not all the reporting met our standards to air but we have never stopped investigating the story. yeah, right alan dershowitz mentioned in this tape. he has repeatedly denied and threatened to sue anyone makes false allegations any wrongdoing in his case only roll is. one point until he regretted it. radicals of resistance revenge. plot remake america host of
6:53 pm
justice saturday nights 9:00 judge jeanine pirro. anyway media reporter joe concha. all right. judge, i'm look looking at this here. unbelievable. we had everything. allegations about prince andrew. afraid they might lose the interview with kate we had clinton. she had pictures. she gave us all the details. doesn't sound like she had anything but all the facts and ripping and ready to go to me. why would abc spike that. >> i don't know why they spiked it allegedly. they didn't want to ruin relationships with the buckingham palace and with the royal family. but here's the interesting thing i don't understand why abc, ntsb, all of these people are interested in protecting a pedophile. and by the way she comes out with this statement explaining it saying, you know, i never really stopped
6:54 pm
working on it. and we just didn't have the standards. we couldn't corroborate. that's like saying to a rape victim unless have you corroboration. >> sean: you know, look, she is caught between a rock and hard place because they are saying amy, you like your job here? >> no. but what i'm saying that abc is making that excuse as well. they are saying they didn't have sufficient corroboration. the truth is that they have gotten those plane logs they would have had them. the truth is that acosta had the case from 2005 in florida. there was all kinds of corroboration down there. and if they said that they would have done it but they just didn't have enough, what have they been doing for the past three years? they haven't done anything on it. and now they say they are going to do something next year. amy row back i'm very proud of her. it's abc that i'm talking about. >> sean: joe concha? >> i think we also have to talk about in this case sean and jeanine that there has been a black out, obviously abc, they had the story for three years according to
6:55 pm
roarowback cnn and ntsb have not covered this story since this broke today as far as in project veritas video is concerned. if abc is putting out statements about, this that means that that tape obviously has been ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
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performance comes in lots of flavors. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪
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♪ >> sean: all right, i was shea rush's comments tomorrow, sorry, i'm bad at time management. one announcement, donald trump jr. will do a live book signing online tomorrow, 4:00 p.m. eastern. you can find it, triggered we will never be the rage, psychotic, hate-trump media mob. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham. >> laura: what is it called, triggered? that's triggering people, just hearing triggered. >> sean: it's" you write a note to so-and-so -- >> laura: we were stupid to go around the country. >> sean: 60 cities, something like that. >> laura: that time has come and gone. i think it's much more efficient, we will have donnie on in a few moments.
7:00 pm
i can't wait to talk to him about all of the latest development. thanks so much, sean. >> sean: have a good night. >> laura: . >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. where jam-packed tonight. we have a lot of election news coming up. donald tru i