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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 6, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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yeah, they got a pretty clear picture of his face right there. rob: i think they are going to find him. hey, you are going to the patriot awards. jillian: i am tonight. rob: broadcast on fox nation. jillian: we will have a recap all morning long. steve: we start with a fox news alert. the result are in from yesterday from the most high profile races across the country infantry in the off year election. brian: one of the big ones the kentucky governor's race remains at this hour still too close to call. jillian: todd piro joins us live in the newsroom with the night's biggest win. hey, todd. todd: hey, steve, ainsley and brian. good morning. start in kentucky officials there not yet calling the governor's race. democratic attorney general andy beshear is claiming victory. republican incumbent matt bevin not yet conceding though. bevin got a boost from president trump on monday when he stumped in the blue
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grass state. overnight the president tweeting in part quote one five out of six elections in kentucky. including five great candidates that i spoke for and introduced last night, meaning monday. matt bevin picked up at least 15 points in last days, but perhaps not enough, in parentheses, fake news will blame trump. staying in kentucky, one candidate there making history. republican daniel cammeron becoming the first african-american attorney general in state history. and in mississippi, republican lieutenant governor tate reeves defeating attorney general jimhood. president trump congratulating reeves who he campaigned forte rally last week. in virginia, democrats taking control of the state legislature there for the first time in nearly 25 years. meantime, president trump hitting the campaign trail today to stump for republican gubernatorial candidate eddie are a sony he h.
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steve: thank you very much. andy beshear has declared he won and matt bevins the current incumbent says it's too close to call. although the secretary of state did call the race for beshear last night, does not believe the difference can be made up. i was reading in one. local papers in kentucky says the republican senate president robert stifers told reporters last night that a joint session of the kentucky general assembly may eventually be used to decide the winner because it's so close. and different provisions may kick in that have not been used in kentucky in 120 years. ainsley: the president said he helped some of those republicans win. one of those was that republican daniel cammeron the first african-american to hold that seat as a.g. in that state ever. also the first republican to have that seat since 1948. he was the former top aide to mitch mcconnell. brian: that was the first state the president had declared won he won and most likely win again in 2020 by a wide margin. he point out as brad
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parscale says the same thing that bevin is a businessman. he did some things that were unpopular. steve: he feuding with the teachers. brian: trailing in the polls. he was able to close the gap. what they're playing on other channels is the president saying don't make me look bad, kentucky. you know, that's what they will be saying if i lose this. steve: well, that is the county by county results. and as you can see it's predominantly red; however, there are some blue spots around louisville and frankfurt and lexington as well. all right. meanwhile, let's switch gears right now. another fox news alert. we were telling you about this story. it's a terrible one. suspect now under arrest in the deaths of those nine americans who were ambushed apparently by drug cartel down in mexico. ainsley: at least they have someone. mexican police announcing the arrests overnight. brian: let's go to griff jenkins in washington with the latest. griff: good morning. a possible major development
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the criminal investigating agency in sonora where this murder occurred saying an arrest has been made. saying they apprehended the suspect on the u.s./mexico border across from douglas, arizona. noting the suspect had two hostages. we are working to confirm more on that story. stay tuned. but we are learning a lot more details about the 2000 attack itself according to realive speaking with fox news. three wives departed the mormon community in three suvs. just outside of town one gets a flat. the other two returned back to town to get male relatives to help fix the flat. after dropping those men off continued their journey only to drive into a hail of bullets by a rival cartel. one 13-year-old boy is being hailed a hero by walking five miles to get help with his surviving siblings. president trump is calling for action against the cartels. he spoke with mexico's president yesterday who told trump that declaring war on the cartels just won't work. it's not an option.
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one g.o.p. senator totally disagrees. >> the only thing that can counter act bullets is more and bigger bullets. if the mexican government cannot protect american citizens in mexico, then the united states may have to take matters into our own hands. griff: this comes as violence in mexico is spiraling out of control, guys. we looked specifically at the border state of sonora and where this family list. cartel turf wars so bloody. homicides up 65% first halve of this year. brian, ainsley, and steve. ainsley: such a terrible story. thank you so much, griff. i was reading about this family. 17 of them traveling in three different cars. some accounts that maybe one had a flat tire. steve: the suv, the tahoe the suv. they think there is possibility that because they stopped for the flat tire, they were simply in the wrong place. ainsley: they wrong time. steve: the other story is that apparently this family has had squirmishes in the past with some cartels.
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then again some feel it could have been mistaken identity. they have dua dual citizenship. break away of the mormon community. one. little boys watched his mother get gunned down, he grabbed one of his wounded siblings or several siblings and hid them in bushes and ran to go get help in the closest community. brian: one kid shot in the back. these are heartless, without moral conscience, obviously. killers. as bad as it gets. mark morgan weighed in and said this is what i'm dealing with at the border. this is what i have been trying to tell you for the longest time. it's not politics. >> i'm trying to stay apolitical from a law enforcement perspective, things like not support for the wall, things like not support for resources so we can lock down our border so, we can stop not people looking for a better life. we have avenues they can
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legally enter our country and claim asylum. we really should be putting every resources to lock down that border, again, to stop the drugs, to stop the criminal illegal aliens coming into this country. i don't understand why everybody on both sides of the political aisle that don't stand together saying yeah, you know what, we probably should do everything we can to stop 68,000 people from dying from illicit drug overdose. brian: keep in mind, too. the president offered help immediately. we have had good relations with the socialist president of mexico. he wants to hug it out. he can't do it. he doesn't have the law enforcement to do it. what do they have hundreds of cops executed a few weeks ago. so, here's the deal. we can do it. we have done it before with colombia. there is ways to coexist. we have done it before. i think there is a way the president has got forces in there and the mexican people should stand up and say you have to accept america's help. ainsley: why wouldn't they want our help they have a good relationship with them. brian: there is national pride and there is fear.
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steve: the president obrador said we already declared war on the cartels and it did not work. we need some other answer. one of the states in the united states that is a border. brian: good luck with that. ainsley: we already tried. we weren't successful so we don't need your help, america. brian: all right. let's go work in the fields. steve: just reporting the news. tucson, arizona. arizona is one of the border states with mexico. they have had a terrible probable down there. yesterday the voters went to the polls and they defeated proposition 205. and what that was going to do is put restrictions on how ice. [phone ringing] ainsley: is that me or you? that's my alarm. steve: what was supposed to happen at 6:08. brian: i think we were supposed to. ainsley: that's the sound everyone in america hates. steve: tucson one of america's most liberal cities, you have got democrats in the top spots,
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the mayor and the council as well. the voters there rejected this proposition 205 that would have put restrictions on how the local government can coordinate with ice. so that's good news for ice. they are going to be able to get cooperation. ainsley: they were getting so many letters and so many phone calls about the backlash. this happened end of july signed executive order. and in august and september. you had a lot of individuals that were illegal that were put behind bars for raping and assaulting. brian: ainsley, there is a lot of difficult issues in the world but protecting illegal immigrants who are criminals, i really don't think that's a hard one. ron vitiello says he is glad tucson stepped up. >> tucson is effectively a border city. it's not on the border but close enough. and people in those communities, people who live along the border, they want a safe community. they want their kids to go to good schools. they want the government to protect them. brian: that's why they voted not to be a sanctuary city. good job over in arizona.
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ainsley: there is still restrictions. the ice individuals can go into identified areas of the county jail now. steve: that's right. in montgomery county, we have been telling you about mark elrich, the top executive there who banned the police from putting up that thin blue line flag. now apparently he has reversed one of the rules earlier that had barred ice agents from accessing jails. now they will be able to, in certain circumstances, cooperate with the federal government. brian: jillian, we were supposed to toss to you two minutes ago and put it on snooze. ainsley: sorry. i don't know why that never went off. my alarm never went off. my alarm went off i guess i set it for 6:08. jillian: that happened. ainsley: i had my phone on silent. good to know it still works. jillian: now everyone is definitely awake. ainsley: sorry, america. jillian: we have a fox news alert now. a massive search is underway for a missing u.s. airmen in the gulf of mexico. the air force says he fell out of a plane during a
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training exercise off the coast of florida nearly hoberhurlburt field. when the plane turned around to pick him up they couldn't find him. the coast guard is helping in the such. also breaking right now 13-year-old double mulder suspect escapes custody and is on the run. police say the teen identified only as jericho w. somehow got away after a court appearance in north carolina. he was wearing leg restraints and no shoes. jericho is considered a threat to the public. local media reports say he was charged with murder after two men were found dead inside a home they shared. thousands honor a sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. officers from around the country paying respects to deputy brian ishmael, ishmael was shot and killed responding to a theft at a marijuana farm in california. four people are charged in connection with his death. neighbors showing support by holding american flags during his funeral procession. ishmael was a 4-year veteran
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of the force and leaves behind a wife and three kids. do you remember the woman who was fired from her job for this right here, flipping off president trump's motorcade? guess what? she just flipped a seat. julie won a position on the lowden county virginia board of supervisors. beating the incumbent republican in her district. she won over 50% of the vote. so, an interesting update for you. steve: she is number one. congratulations. ainsley: when you say number one use the right finger. steve: she is number one. what are you talking about. brian: do you know what is going to be our priority after the show get down to petersburg to sold out first ever patriots award streaming on fox nation tonight. talk about streaming and unscripted. talk about first year, unscripted no rehearsal. this is going to be -- you can't miss this. ainsley: i'm so excited. we are going to have so much fun. john rich is going to be down there. he has the best personality. we are going to be handing out awards to patriots in
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america. steve: absolutely. people who have not been absoluted in the past but deserve our attention. because it sold out and not going on the channel tonight the only way to see it is download fox and get the app. and stream us all day. ainsley: we will be live tomorrow morning down there. steve: on this show. brian: weather will be warm. this is going to be a great show if you believe red, white and blue you are not going to want to miss this. straight ahead on this show. steve: the u.n. ambassador to the eu changing his testimony there was what appeared to be him quid pro quo but a different ambassador pushing back. what's the truth? former white water counsel jim ray. ainsley: jane fonda arrested at climate change protest four weeks in a row. now she wants millions of americans to join her ♪ more, more, more ♪ in the midnight hour, baby ♪ more, more, more ♪
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pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. ♪ steve: surprising shakeup in the democrat's impeachment probe u.n. ambassadors to the european union revising his testimony former envoy.
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pushes back claims president trump sought to hold back meetings with the ukrainian president unless they end him politically. newly released transcripts. kurt volker says, quote, you asked about conversations i had about quid pro quo, et cetera. none, i didn't know there was a quid pro quo. former federal prosecutor, robert ray served as independent council in the white water investigation he joins us now. what do you think about this. >> when he uses words like likely what was occurring and i presumed that the two were related, that doesn't suggest to you what the law requires, which would have to be which would have to be a complete and unmistakable exchange for one thing for the other if you are ever going to talk about quid pro quo as the bribery and extortion statutes. he also apparently concerned
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that rudy giuliani. his involvement, the level of involvement. is that a problem? >> i'm glad democrats are concerned about that. honestly when you think about that really that's a process argument, that is not the sort of thing that you beach is a president for. if the president wants to use anybody in the country in order to conduct foreign policy, that's his prerogative. you may not like it and there are good reasons why you ordinarily would not do that because it always is a question in the minds of fair minded people are you acting politically for your own benefit, you know, personally motivated. but if the president wants to use somebody outside of the state department and the state department doesn't like it, too bad. steve: there you go. the question is, you know, regarding the foreign aid. any time the united states gives money to other countries, aren't there always strings attached? we're going to give you this money but you need to do this. >> it's called diplomacy, if you wanting to try to turn that into a crime it. seems to me that you bear a very heavy burden to do that because there are so many
3:20 am
reasons why there would be strings attached to things like foreign aid, it's really a stretch to say oh no, no, no, no, what that really is a personal benefit to the president of the united states and it is the equivalent of a campaign contribution. that's the democrats' argument. and that argument is a thin and weak one because courts have struggled with the notion of the application of the public corruption statutes. the federal bribery and extortion statutes for at least since the 1990s. steve: what do you make of the fact that it sounds like leader mccarthy on the republican side may actually shuffle the permanent select committee for intel on impeachment to include jim jordan, mark meadows, lee zeldin, people like that to get, essentially, the a team on board? >> i was just going to say, you know, with no disrespect to anyone else intended, this is the time for the a-team, for the varsity to show up. and that's how want leading the charge here. it is a political process,
3:21 am
obviously. steve: it's not legal. it's political. >> right. i'm here to tell you the legal parameters of what is a well-founded article of impeachment or not. and i don't think they are and will be well-founded articles of impeachment. once the house starts to act through the judiciary committee, wherever it acts. you want the best people involved asking the questions in order to make your case to the american people. steve: why isn't judiciary involved? why is it intel? >> well, of course, that's what the democrats are doing on the other side. they have their own view about hot a team is and i think they made a determination that they were not going to run it through jerry nadler until they absolutely had to. steve: all right. robert gray, thank you very much. >> nice to be with you. steve: 6:21 in new york city. the 100th veterans day parade in new york city is on monday. and there's going to be a very special guest in attendance. the big announcement about who that is coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
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brian: quick headlines right now, the nypd was just stabbed in the back by the people it swore to protect. that's what the head of the sergeant benevolent association just said. ed mullen has been a guest on the show reacting after voters approved a plan to boost watchdog oversight of the police department. the superintendent of the chicago police on another note the department expected to retire this week. eddie johnson says the decision is not linked to an investigation. finding sleep in his car at a good stop sign. johnson made headlines last month when he boycotted president trump's speech at the international association of chiefs of police at that chief of police conference. okay. right around the corner on
3:26 am
the 11th. veterans day is coming up. and while many business owners say it's important to hire veterans, not enough are actively doing so. a new study finds 80% of small businesses support hiring veterans but only 46% of those businesses have done so. steve: so what's the disconnect? what do businesses need to know about hiring our vets? joining us right now marine corps veteran and chairman of the united war veterans council doug mcgowan screen left and founder of the con labor relation group bill white. we have a big announcement about the parade in a minute. first, talk about hiring vets when you hire a vet, you are hiring a leader, i don't get it? >> hiring a vet is not a charity. veterans they all spend time in the different services and in those services they learn leadership principles and character traits. they then can take those leadership principles and character traits and apply them to the work environment. so it's not a charity, you are getting the best of the best. and if you look at the united war veterans council website, what you will see
3:27 am
is our corporate sponsors lead best in class in exactly this mission. brian: is this intentional looking past the vet, i want to hire them but i don't? >> i think there is a misunderstanding of what actually a veteran has done once they are in service and how that translates into the business world. so the work pool doesn't really understand all these great things that veterans actually probably do better than most other folks who are in the pool. good leadership, discipline, show up to work on time. say yes, sir, no ma'am. and that's a great leadership input to an employment position. ainsley: i know your goal is to have 0% unemployment for our veterans. what's the big announce: parade is on monday. >> drum roll, please. >> o i am proud and honored to announce that the commander-in-chief has accepted our invitation and will be leading the new york city veterans day parade the centennial this year. steve: that has never happened before. >> first time. this is the first time.
3:28 am
and president donald trump astin donald trump in the 80's and 90's and again in the early 2,000s has been here for the veterans community of new york. brian: bill, you say he saved the parade one year. >> that's right in 1993, almost 25 years ago, the parade was in difficult financial straits, and the president of the united states then the donald, no questions asked said yes, i will do it. he wrote a ginormous check. saved the veterans day parade. he was honored at the pentagon way back then. he has been a friend to our veterans for many, many, many years. that's him with mayor giuliani receiving an award there. that's a much younger version of me in the middle. but we are so grateful to our president. we have a great commander-in-chief. there is going to be 30,000 veterans. 400 military units. the marine corps, which doug is a proud marine is the service of honor and to have the president, the first lady come to new york on veterans day is a first. and it's our 100th
3:29 am
anniversary. ainsley: every year have you invited the president. this is the first time a sitting president has said i'm coming. >> that's correct. >> since 1985 the policy of the united war veterans council to invite all commanders in chief. this is the first time accepted and we are glad to have him. steve: aren't you making it easy on him. isn't that going by his house. >> he has a different house right now. yes, it will go up to trump tower. one thing that's important if you think about the veterans community. the president has done more for our veterans in the last three years than what so many of us have been trying to do for decades. the choice that he is giving veterans to be able to go to a doctor and not have to wait on a line and potentially die. we lost a lot of veterans to that particular bad incidence at the v.a. he is also getting rid of employees at the v.a. who aren't taking care of veterans. so he is doing a lot for the veterans. brian: he talked about having his own parade. why have a parade when there is a parade already. and now he is going to be
3:30 am
here. it's going to be great. hopefully see him on monday. tell him to stop by here after the parade. >> why don't you all come over and interview him over there. steve: we have a big live show on. >> having something special for you. >> new york city has been doing fabulous work for veterans as well. so on behalf of new york city, and on the united war veterans council i'm going to provide with you a coin. brian: thank you very much. steve: you got more. >> i have one for each of you. >> ainsley, you need a coin. ainsley: i love. this thank you so much. god bless you. steve: do you have a website. >> the website is www.uw. >> united war veterans ainsley: thanks, guys. brian: meanwhile, more news coming your way. steve: it is 6:30 in new york city. stock markets closed yesterday at record high and futures opening exactly three hours from right now looking up again ainsley: what does it mean for your 401(k) and your pocketbook?
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stuart varney is here. brian: and stuart's pocketbook ♪ i wannabe rich ♪ >> we have the power to change the course of our nation. and the world. every four years we make a choice for our selves, for our families, for our future. we do something most people across the globe only dream of. democracy 2020. it's in your hands. fox news. america is watching. only one thing's
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compared it to ours, it would be very dirty. steve: america runs on dunkin' and apparently we also wash the floors with it. [laughter] brian: that was 24 hours ago. steve: because that has been a problem. we have got a number of producers who have young children. and i was talking to some of them yesterday. and i said you know what we need to give brian for his coffee and here's the new pink dunkin' cup. we need to give him a sippy cup. [laughter] brian: thank you very much. ainsley: we made sure it was blue. now you will not ever spill your coffee. brian: directions. thank you for that okay, fine. steve: we will watch the transfer. ainsley: these were hayden's favorite sippy cups. brian: if you were under my seat yesterday you needed a lifeguard that's how deep it was. ainsley: do you know how to use the sippy cup? steve: he has three kids. ainsley: these are three kids. put your lips on the edge
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and by the it and then it come out. it's so hard to do. can you get it. steve: well, very effective. brian: yeah, i got some. just enough to fill my palate and now i'm ready to read the prompter. steve: you are putting it right. ainsley: how funny is that the whole staff got together and said what can we do? get him a sippy cup. brian: thank you very much, guys, i appreciate the support. steve: anyway, despite talk of potential doom from some democrats, the economy, according to the financial metrics is booming under president trump with the stock market setting big records this week. joining us right now host of varney and company on fox business stuart varney who is a little jealous he doesn't have a sippy cup. sorry. >> i'm going to invest in the sippy cup company. that's what i'm going to do. [laughter] steve: how about stock market finishes. they are way up there. >> let me take you back a couple of months. the media and the democrats got it totally wrong. they were talking recession. they were talking up a
3:37 am
recession. they wanted a recession. they were totally wrong. fast forward to the president, and we are sitting on a series of stock market records and we are sitting on an economy that is really doing extremely well. when donald trump was elected president, the dow jones average was at 18,000 and change. it's now at 27,500. and the value of all-american companies has gone up over $10.6 trillion in the three years that he has been president. ainsley: how does that effect families? 401(k)s? >> everybody benefits from this. steve: wages are up? >> okay, look, you have a booming economy. wages are up. full employment. you have got growth. we have got prosperity. we got a stock market that's booming. and that means that the 55 million americans with a 401(k) they have done very well. most people put their 401(k) money into stocks. they are up on average about
3:38 am
a third or better since the president took office. that's a big gain. 35 million americans with an ira same story. you got any kind of pension plan, same story. steve: unemployment is so low at 50 year lows which mean people, if you want a job, there is a job out there if you can, you know. >> we got the numbers yesterday. just over 7 million jobs going be begging. and not enough people to fill them. we have a fully employed economy. brian: last question. they were supposed to have a meeting to announce phase one of the china u.s. trade deal in chilly, civil unrest. they cancelled it. now the president is talking about bringing president xi to iowa and maybe announcing phase one. are your sources saying this is close or are we going to be left at the altar again? >> my sources that would be larry kudlow, the president's economic advisor. steve: good source. >> very good source. he is saying they have almost done phase one. that, in fact, 60% of the overall deal is done.
3:39 am
now, where they sign phase one, whether they sign it, or what point, i don't know. i simply don't know that. brian: unbelievable. >> yes, xi jinping spent time in iowa as a young man before he was the leader of china. so that will be very symbolic. if you gone in there as to whether that takes place or not, i don't know. i will tell you. this we are very close to signing phase one of the china trade deal. and that is a big deal for the stock market and for the economy and for holiday shopping. come on. brian bine we are out performing the world. stuart varney you outperformed all other business professionals. you are going to be live 9:00 to noon with varney and company. >> i like your book as well. brian: thank you very much. i appreciate the hit yesterday. >> you are welcome. brian: thanks, stuart. >> thank you. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us from studio f with headlines. jillian: your coffee spill doesn't touch my worst one on tv. i will show you that in the
3:40 am
commercial break. now to this story we are following. a man charged with murdering his wife. he says he shot her while sleep walking. ray and lazarene shot other 20 times in 2013. daughter claiming he was abusive and threatened to kill his wife so many times she was no longer afraid when he said it. if convicted, lazarene faces life in prison. former attorney general jeff sessions whisked away trying to crash his speech watch this. [chanting] jillian: it happened at northwestern university. demonstrators tried storming the building where sessions was speaking. police had to stop them. officers were reportedly ordered not to arrest anyone. pictures posted on twitter showed the former trump cabinet member being led out of the building. president trump has repeatedly called "new york times" fake news as you know.
3:41 am
well, one florida county is echoing that sentiment. after a local library requested funds for a digital subscription. >> fake news. okay. i agree with president trump i will not be voting for this. i don't want the "new york times" in this county. i don't agree with it. i don't like them. it's fake news and i'm voting no. >> citrus county commissioners voting unanimously to reject the request. it would have cost $2,700. actress jane fonda is encouraging americans to protest in the streets to stop climate change. listen to this. >> the climate scientists are saying this isn't -- we are not going to be able to turn it around. we have 11 years to avoid catastrophe. and we'll can't do it unless people mobilize by the millions in the streets. jillian: the 81-year-old actress and activist speaking out on "the view" arrested for protesting several times. fonda leads weekly
3:42 am
demonstrations in washington, d.c. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: i was in washington last week when she was arrested with ted danson. did you see it? steve: i saw ted danson. brian: i got his voice mail now i know he was in prison. janice dean you were in fox square. janice: i thought you were going to say speaking of prison. hello. how are you what's your name. >> diane kinkaid. >> and grey kinkade. janice: be careful with did you know continudunkin' donuts t to brian he will spill it. janice: speaking of snow in michigan, take a look at the maps. we have the potential for snow across the great lakes, the you were midwest, the northern plains, and the interior northeast. this system is going to bring measurable snow across some these areas. i am concerned with perhaps a system next week that could bring measurable snow along the coast. look at this, this is thursday, my friends, we could see several inches of snow across those interior
3:43 am
sections. along the coast too warm for snow. this is our first storm system. i have to tell you we have major cold air coming in saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. and that will be a set-up for measurable snow perhaps next week along the i-95 corridor. you have been warned. all right, my friends, say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. brian has a new book out. steve: he does. brian: thank you very much. ainsley: is he from charleston, you should go down there. they love you down there. brian: hopefully i will go down there. it's available as of yesterday. i'm going to go to the patriot awards, of course. and then going right there to tulsa on friday in oklahoma. doing the radio show signing at barnes & noble at noon. over on saturday to wichita falls books a million and then to waco at lee lockwood library. steve: right now number two on amazon. ladies and gentlemen, watching right now, order it now. let's make him number one by the end of the show.
3:44 am
ainsley: wimpy kid is beating him. do not let the wimpy kid beat brian. brian: they both have very good messages. thank you. thank you so much. more "fox & friends" in just a minute. p display. wow, that's dialed in. i can still keep my eyes on the road. my truck doesn't have that. it offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different camera views. that's quality picture. it even offers one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible - to help you see what's behind you. oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪ this piece is talking yeah?. so what do you see? i see an unbelievable opportunity. i see best-in-class platforms and education. i see award-winning service, and a trade desk full of experts, available to answer your toughest questions. and i see it with zero commissions on online trades.
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brian: aer froa fox news alert. suspect under arrest for killing 9 americans in mexico. demanding justice. our next guest calling to declare these cartels a terrorist organization. george rodriguez joins us. he worked for the immigration commissioner in the reagan administration joins us now to explain. george, the cold blooded killings and assassinations shocked me, shocks americans. but does it shock people who study these cartels? >> well, we have been seeing this kind of violence for a long, long time. it had never reached american lives. never taken american lives. so in that aspect, it's a new level. but we have been seeing for a long, long time the silence, thviolence the vicious.
3:48 am
going on at the border. brian: killing of three children and women and shooting in the back and burning alive. you say the arrest, you are very suspicious of the arrest. you think that might be to just placate trump. >> i do. the mexican government is very, very insecure about the united states. and any time the united states sneezes, they catch the cold. and they see themselves as, you know, put upon. president trump's comment yesterday about helping them and them immediately reacting and saying no, we have got it under control. we have already tried this. all it is nothing more than the mexican government just being absolutely a failure. they cannot protect their own people and they are certainly not going to be able to protect our folks whether they are expatriots that live down there, whether they are -- they are tourists, whether they're missionaries, i mean, this is a bad situation.
3:49 am
brian: george is, president obrador subservient to cartels? >> i wouldn't go that far to say he might be on the take. but he certainly is -- is not capable of controlling them. he certainly is not capable of controlling them. that's the big problem right there because he can bark and he can carry on. but they are not going to pay attention to him. brian: because they kill cops and kill those who come after him. they are going to need our help whether they want it or not. the president has got to make some tough decisions. george rodriguez, thank you so much. it jeopardizes our security. meanwhile, straight ahead. she is one of the first women to bomb isis from the skies and has flown combat missions in iraq and afghanistan. joining us retired navy lieutenant caroline johnson. she is sharing her stories from the cockpit in just a moment ♪ fly like an eagle ♪ i want to fly >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
3:50 am
well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: a female former weapons system officer who took part in over 40 combat missions during a nine month deployment is now sharing her incredible story. it is all in her new book. the book can called "jet girl" my life in war peace and the cockpit in of the navy's most lethal aircraft. she is caroline johnson joining us now. what a beautiful cover. i'm so proud of you. thank you for serving our country. >> absolutely. thank you so much for the opportunity. ainsley: you are welcome. >> it was an honor to serve. ainsley: you went to the naval academy. >> i did. ainsley: what made you decide you wanted to fly this lethal jet. >> i was just attracted to going fast and the
3:54 am
incredible people in the aviation community and i just fell in love with it. and then ran with it. ainsley: what was it like. >> so it was the most incredible experience of my life. there is nothing like strapping into an 80-million-dollar fighter jet and being able to go off and serve your country abroad. ainsley: you were one of the first women to neutralize isis. how did you do that? >> so, we were overhead in iraq up near mount sinjar and under attack and we were able to identify two armored personnel carriers and then uparmoured humvee. they were persecuting innocent civilians on the ground and called in by the higher level forces and neutralize that threat to protect the civilians. ainsley: incredible. where did you grow up? >> i grew up in colorado springs, colorado. air force town go navy. but, you know, my brother went to the naval academy and then i followed in his footsteps. and we're the first people to really serve as career officers in our family.
3:55 am
ainsley: that's amazing. i know your parents are so proud of you. we have an excerpt from the book. actually, i will let you read it. can you read this teleprompter. >> absolutely. just like in real life, i would argue that in the air girls are better communicators. ainsley: i love that. that's so true. right? >> it does happen, yeah. ainsley: how many women are serving. are there a lot of women that are pilots? >> we are growing our numbers. actually we are above the national average in the navy. the numbers are growing which are incredible. women are good in the cockpit and able to maintain situational awareness and communicate very well and be very effective at their jobs. ainsley: we got a statement they proud of you. naval aviation greatly values the service of its female aviators. over the past decade the numbers of female aviators have steadily increased and we celebrate their many successes. what's your response to that? >> i am so proud of that statement. and i am so proud of the women joining naval aviation. they are incredible officers
3:56 am
and incredible officers. ainsley: how many years did you serve. >> 9 and a half years on active duty. ainsley: what are you doing now. >> i'm currently in the public sector a public speaker and share not only my story but the incredible story of the naval team and military complex and just the great work that they are doing out there. ainsley: if you want to pick up her book it's called jet girl. if you want to hire her to speak where they k. they find you? >> absolutely. so my website is jet girl my contact information is listed on there. and also on instagram jet girl u.s.a. ainsley: caroline, you are an inspiration to all women. god bless you, go navy. >> go navy. ainsley: we have kellyanne conway, mollie hemingway, lawrence jones and dean cain. and they're all here live. ♪ ♪ fast lane ♪ ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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♪ brian: we begin with a fox news alert. results are in for most of the high profile races across the country from last night. ainsley: the kentucky governor's race is still too close to call. steve: although apparently the secretary of state in kentucky did, but the governor is not conceding. todd piro joins us live in the newsroom with the night's biggest wins. todd? todd: good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. you are right. it was an exciting election night across the country. let's start in kentucky. officials there like you said not yel yet not yet calline governorrens race. andy beshear is claiming victory. republican incumbent matt bevin not conceding as of now. bevin got a boost from president trump on monday when he stumped in the blue grass state. the president tweeting in part, quote: won five out of six elections in kentucky including five great candidates that i spoke for and introduced last night. matt bevin picked up at
4:01 am
least 15 points in last days, but perhaps not enough, in parentheses, fake news will blame trump. staying in kentucky, one candidate there making history. republican daniel cammeron becoming the first african-american attorney general in state history. in mississippi, republican lieutenant governor reeves jim hood. president trump congratulating reeves who he campaigned for last week. there is the tweet on your screen. taking control of the state legislature for the first time in nearly 25 years. today, president trump hitting the campaign trail in louisiana to stump for republican gubernatorial candidate eddie risponi looking to unseat john bel edwards in next week's run off election. back to you. steve: that's right. i believe the early voting the mail-in voting ends this weekend. todd, thank you very much. rather, november 16th that is. when you take a look at the state of kentucky, and if red indicates the counties that went to the republicans
4:02 am
and blue to the democrats, there you can see that it's a lot of red. and the blue spots are around tank for the and lexington and louisville. matt bevin the current governor there says he told supporters he is not going to concede. he said there were irregularities with the vote that were corroborated, according to the governor. and so what is going to happen next is the first step is they are going to recanvas the vote last night. that means all the county clerks are going to make sure the numbers are correct that went to the secretary of state. and then they are going to count the absentee ballots. ainsley: he is the incumbent. the republican. he is saying too close to call because of irregularities. why didn't he get reelected because he had a feud with the teacher's union? steve: his approval ratings have been under water. and a couple months ago he was down 15% to 20% to the democrat and, you know, in the last 48 hours, they were both tied going into the election on tuesday at 46%.
4:03 am
so it's amazing that he made up so much room but, right now the other guy, the democrat leading. brian: just bizarre onto see the attorney general call into another network say it's over before it was certified. interesting things going on in 2020. we knew it was going to happen and finally here. democrats going to attack each other. and it's coming between joe biden for the most part and elizabeth warren. and it's really -- joe biden has been really feisty over the last two weeks, not as much on trump, more on warren. here is an example in his op-ed a quote from it. he says if someone doesn't agree with you, it's just that they you disagree, that person must be a coward or corrupt or a small thinker. talking about warren. some call it the my way or the highway approach to politics. but it's worse than that it's condescending to the millions of dlars democrats who have a different view represented in elitism, he is channeling trump that working and middle class people do not share. we know best. you know nothing. if you were only as smart as
4:04 am
i am, you would agree with me. that's something that trump ad-libbed from the stage. steve: he made those comments high dollar fundraiser. you know, last week, elizabeth warren came out with her plan for medicare for all, and with the 52 gazillion dollar price tag and when joe biden referred to well, that's creative mathematical calculations and gymnastics that went into that, she pushed back. warren pushed back at him saying the figures were calculated by people from your administration, joe. and nibble who defended the insurance company profits was running in the wrong presidential primary she said. ainsley: they were playing nice now they are going after each other. jamie diamond the chairman and ceo of jp morgan chase he said this about elizabeth warren. >> you really have to ask her what she really means. she used some pretty harsh words. some would say vilify successful people. i don't like vilifying
4:05 am
anybody. i think we should applaud successful people. brian: yeah. that's the way we have always done it. ainsley: if you are successful you shouldn't be vilified for it. you have worked really hard. brian: ainsley on top of that there is a theme with elizabeth warren. attack the big companies. attack powerful ceos and try to look like you are sticking up for the little man or little woman. here's what warren says back. by the way, this plays right into her what she thinks is going to help her. really simple jamie diamond and his buddies are successful in parts because of the opportunities, workforcend and public services that we all paid for. it's only fair that he and his billionaire friends chip in to make sure everyone else has a chance to succeed. the fact that they reacted so angry clip in more tells you all you need to know. the system is working great for the wealthy and well-connected and jamie dimon doesn't want that to change. i'm going to fight to make sure it works for everyone. you should know. this they had a series of big meetings with other ceos and they talked about some changes to capitalism.
4:06 am
this could work on the dispersion of wealth through the country. i mean, to vilify him or wall street does nothing but get the economy unwe wouldy about the prospect of elizabeth warren winning. ainsley: i don't understand how she is doing so well with that message is that message you have more than i do. i'm jealous. i'm going to take what you have. steve: that's a potent message. ainsley: that's not the american way. work your tail off. say yes. work weekends, work nights. work your way to the top. steve: if you have worked really halder and still don't have anything, i have been to the bernie sanders rallies where there are a lot of people who need help, you know, they didn't have healthcare. they need, you know, they got problems with college tuition and things like that and so for the democratic message, look, you don't have anything, the government is going to make sure that the most successful people pay extra
4:07 am
so you can get a hand up, that is very powerful. brian: right. steve: that's why, you know, you look at the number of people with that point of view, you add up all the people who support that, it's a big number. brian: right. i think if you want to say ceos get paid too much. you got a point. so dollars and some other ceos turn around do you know how much i have generated for everybody. steve: that's a business decision. if the business can afford to pay you, that's how capitalism works. brian: you put that board in place and that board votes you a massive raise and incentives. that's when people in 2008 focusing on. here's the thing with elizabeth warren. steve, you are right. mat market. there is more people without than with, i get it. in the big picture. by continuing to go after the wealthy and the corporate tax cut, i think it's a dishonest approach to what is going to get her elected. because, in the end, she has a history of getting money from those corporations. ainsley: 7:07 on the east coast take to you this. a fox news alert.
4:08 am
a suspect under arrest in the deaths of those nine americans in mexico. brian: mexican police announcing the arrest. that happened overnight. steve: let's get straight to griff jenkins who has been working his sources with the latest. griff: news of this comes to the facebook page of the criminal investigation agency in the mexican state of sonora where this grizzly attack occurred saying they apprehended a suspect on the u.s. mexico border across from douglas, arizona. the suspect had two hostages, tied and gagged in a vehicle and four assault rifles and ammo. unclear what role the suspect may have played. we are working to get more details on that as we learned more of what happened in that massacre. according to relatives speaking with fox news, that 9:30 in the morning, three wives and three separate suvs depart the mormon community just outside of town one gets a flat. the two turn back to get male relatives to come help fix it after dropping them off, the three women and children continue on their journey only to drive into a bloody cartel ambush and a hail of bullets.
4:09 am
one 13-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero for walking some five miles to get help. meanwhile president trump calling for action against the cartels, spoke with mexico's president yesterday who told trump that declaring war on the cartels will not work. it is not an option. one g.o.p. senator completely disagrees. >> only thing that can counter act bullets is more and bigger bullets. if the mexican government cannot protect american citizens in mexico, then the united states may have to take matters into our own hands. griff: this comes as violence is spiraling out of control particularly border state of sonora where this occurred and where this family lives. cartel turf wards have become increasingly bloody. deaths are up 69% in the first half of this year. steve: i know the president has offered the help from the fbi. has mexico accepted that? griff: we have no indication that they have. they did make that offer. and i spoke yesterday with the mexican embassy here. they say they are waiting to
4:10 am
coordinated all of the information from both chihuahua, from sonora and from the federal level before they decide what their next step is. it was interesting to see the statement out of the sonra criminal investigators. ainsley: thank you, griff. when you read these reports the way that the family members died, these children died, shot in the back. one little boy trying to save his -- he watched his mom get shot and killed. he tried to save his wounded siblings. he puts them in some the brush. some of the bushes and then he runs off to get help. brian: five hours. steve: it's terrible. and there is a possibility it was manages taken identity. and also a possibility they are suggesting that one of the vehicles had a flat tire wrong place at the wrong time. ainsley: some reports that women were assaulted. brian: victim family member will be joining us live at 7:30 to talk about where we go from here and how they try to pick up the pieces. meanwhile, 10 minutes after the top of the hour.
4:11 am
jillian mele you have the other news. jillian: tragic story there and following a number of other stories we begin with this fox news alert. right now a massive search is underway for a missing u.s. airmen in the gulf of mexico. the air force says he fell out of a plane during a training exercise off the coast of florida near hurlburt field. airmen on the plane say they saw him treading water. but, when the plane turned around to pick him up, they couldn't find him. the coast guard is helping in the search. a man arrested for a terror plot on american soil has just pleaded guilty. demetris admitted he tried to support support to al qaeda. also admitted to making threats against president trump. pitts wanted to stage a fourth of july attack at a fireworks show in cleveland last year. his plea deal calls for 14-year prison sentence. celebrities are pushing a petition to stop a convicted murderer's execution later this month. kim kardashian west and rihanna among the hollywood stars calling on texas governor greg abbott to take
4:12 am
rodney reed off death row. reed was convicted of killing a 20-year-old woman in 1996. but he says he is innocent. his attorneys say new evidence will exxonner rated him. more than 1 million people have signed reed's petition. then there is this story, a college student has a chance at a year's worth of free tuition. only one thing stands in his way. check it out. [cheers] jillian: nothing but net. the university of oklahoma student sinking the half court shot winning the free tuition. he also had to make a free throw, a layup and three-point shot in just 30 seconds. i'm sure his parents are rather excited about that. brian: wow, fantastic. he. steve: i hope the basketball coach is looking at him. ainsley: i heard you say earlier 10,000 to go to that school if you are in state or something like that. jillian: that i don't know. steve: congratulations to
4:13 am
him. ainsley: yeah, that's awesome. brian: coming up straight ahead. joy behar has advice for 2020 democrats about gun control. >> if you are going to take people's guns away, wait until you get elected. then take the guns away. [laughter] >> don't tell them ahead of time. steve: oh did, she just reveal the left's real agenda some wonder? we're going to talk about that coming up next. ♪ coughing oh no,... ...a cougher. welcome to flu season, karen. is a regular flu shot strong enough... help prevent flu in someone your age? there are standard-dose flu shots. and then there's the superior flu protection... ...of fluzone high-dose. it's the only 65 plus flu shot... ...with 4 times the standard dose. and it's free with medicare part b. fluzone high-dose is not for those who've had a severe allergic reaction... any vaccine component, including... ...eggs, egg products,... or after a previous dose of flu vaccine. tell your healthcare professional if you've ever experienced severe muscle weakness... ...after receiving a flu shot.
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♪ steve: all right. welcome back. arizona county has declared itself a sanctuary for second amendment rights. mojave county passing a symbolic measure to strengthen its commitment to gun owners joining 127 other counties that do the same thing all across the country. here to discuss former tulsa police department officer and founder of the d.c. project dianna muller joins us along with american sports shooting champ chris cheng. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: dana, let's start. explain what a second amendment sanctuary city is. >> well, i think they are going on the heels of sanctuary cities for immigration. and i'm happy to see them elm brace the second amendment when the second amendment is being attacked like it is. so, it's kind of -- it's kind of a spin, i appreciate that there are good solid constitutional leaders out
4:18 am
there that are willing to say hey, we are for the second amendment. we are for -- and it's sad that you have to have a sanctuary place for constitutionally protected rights. steve: so, chris, what happens is, you know, the governing board, maybe it's a city, a county, something like that, they say okay, no guns. but, in these cases, these counties say we're not going to -- we're not going to enact that particular law. >> yeah. for me, i'm san francisco, california resident, you know, home of the sanctuary city for illegal immigration. we have seen how poorly that has been executed. but, in the case of second amendment sanctuaries second right. defending the constitution and i'm in wholehearted favor of more counties and cities considering making themselves second amendment sanctuaries and really sending that signal that there are americans who are
4:19 am
law abiding gun owners and we need to draw a very clear line in the sand and say we are here. we are gun owners, and we are not the ones that you need to worry about. and we need to protect our second amendment rights. steve: all right. yesterday, on "the view." this conversation went down. watch this. >> don't tell everything they are going to do. if you are going to take people's guns away wait until you get elected and then take the guns away. don't tell them ahead of time. >> that's what people like me think you are gonna do. that's what people like me think is going to happen. steve: dianna? you are just shaking your head. >> my adrenaline just hearing her say that how disgusting is it that a woman with such reach and such influence on millions of viewers on a major network can propose for a candidate to lie in order to get their way and then impose a different will on the people. steve: maybe not lie but just not explain the whole
4:20 am
plan. >> i guess so. but either way, to me, it's reinforcing the fact that conservatives feel like the liberals are prepared to lie, cheat, and steal in order to win. steve: chris, it was a couple weeks ago beto o'rourke took a lot of heat where he said darn right i'm going to come for your guns. and he is out. >> very clear the american people clearly showed that concept of gun confiscation is a losing topic, right? if the american people really believe that confiscating law abiding people's guns. may maybe beto o'rourke would be in. joy behar should be fired and abc should terminate her. you can't be promoting candidates lying and then bait and switch? i will give beto one thing at least he was honest about what he inextended to do. but, joy behar, she should be gone.
4:21 am
we can't have politicians lying to the american people. it's just flat out wrong. steve: well, she is not a politician. she is a tv host. and she is paid to give her opinions and that's her opinion. so there you go. how big, before you go, diana, how big will guns be in 2020? >> oh, i think they are going to be huge. and this -- all of this talk and all of this rhetoric and i think that everybody is watching the democratic debates. and it's more important now than ever that people get engaged with the voting, you know, volunteer, talk to your neighbors, talk to your families and talk to your communities about going to vote. steve: all right. dianna and chris, we thank you very much. good discussion. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile we have been telling you about the documentary no safe spaces. one comedian in the film says political correctness is no joke. it's a real threat. she joins us live coming up next. >> i have had someone come up to me you know i'm bow
4:22 am
liam mic in higbulimic in high . that wasn't but. that was a joke. that's what i'm up here to do. here, it all starts with a simple...
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4:26 am
on prices. brian, down to you. brian: all right. in the new documentary we have been discussing over the last month or so, we have been telling you about no safe spaces. it disrupts the p.c. culture in hollywood on college campuses and in comedy. >> i have a joke about, you know, being comfortable with my size. you know, i say it depends on where i am geographically if i'm in new york i'm pleasantly. l.a. beach whale in midwest i'm anorexic and awesome. i had someone come up to me after a show saying i was bulimic in high school. i said calm down, that wasn't but, first of all. it was a joke. and that's what i'm up here to do. brian: that comedian kara foster is here. she is featured in the film. you wanted to do a film like this, right? because this has been bothering you, too? >> when i got asked to do it, i was all for it, absolutely. because i see firsthand traveling to colleges and universities taking programming that promotes free speech and inclusion
4:27 am
and social change that people want to be connected but they are afraid to talk to each other. they are afraid to hear other points of view. and living in fear is no way to be. brian: in this movie, you see democrats and republicans equally worried about where society is going. because we're going to the point where not going to be able to say anything to anyone because people are perpetually offended. you can't do your job as a comedian if this is the case. >> this is not a partisan issue. this is an everybody issue. people need to realize that if your first amendment rights are taken away. you want to take them away from other people. they can be taken away from you, too. brian: do you talk to the comedian seriously about what you need to do to get a laugh these days? have you curtailed your actor today's next generation. >> i know my fellow colleagues are frustrated. you see them coming under fire on a regular basis. michael shay was just in the news. it's really sad. it's sad for us because this is our art. this is our craft. this is the most vulnerable thing that we do. and we do it to connect
4:28 am
people to each other. and when you lose your sense of humor. i mean, we are doomed as a society. brian: do you remember you're too young probably all in the family was number one show forever about a guy who was racially insensitive, archie bunker, and we used to have laugh at his ridiculous racist point of view? >> that's the whole point the comedy. norman lehrer, first of all, genius. brian: liberal. >> the point of comedy is to make people a little uncomfortable and to poke fun at the absurdity of racism, and sexism and homophobia. brian: you are emphatic about this dennis prager and adam carolla co-produced it and co-starred in it. really resonating. it beat terminator in two separate cities in a limited rollout. officially comes out november 15th. here is a look at no safe spaces. >> kevin hart has stepped down from hosting this year's oscars. >> anything you say that we don't like will be used to shut you up. you can't be funny. >> creating an atmosphere of
4:29 am
fear and repression and it's going to bust. >> isn't it spooky that we are having this discussion? >> you can't challenge us. brian: and the movie is moving because it just tells the story. there is no skewing of the story or shaping the story. it tells the story today. will this change anything? >> i hope to god it does. and, if not, we just need to keep using our voices because everybody deserves to have their voice heard. i understand that it may make people uncomfortable. but sometimes have you got to put your big girl panties on and hear other side of things. you actually have to have a face-to-face conversation. you have to look someone in the eye. share your ideas and your thoughts and hear theirs too. you may not all leave singing kum ba yah but most american thing you can do is converse and talk. brian: if you can't be honest can't laugh. if you don't laugh can't get paid this much. the movie is great. you will have a chance to see it in wide release next weekend. thanks some. >> thanks for having me.
4:30 am
brian: top story this morning, an arrest made in the brutal cartel murder of nine americans. it happened in mexico. one of the victim's family members calls it his absolute worst nightmare. he joins us live next. where we all want more energy. but with less carbon footprint. can we have both? at bp, we're working every day to make energy that's cleaner and better. and we see possibilities everywhere. to make energy that's cleaner and better. nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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which, every day, generate enough electricity to power over 150,000 homes. and of course, fowler. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. a suspect is under arrest in the deaths of the nine americans killed in mexico. steve: mexican police say they found the suspect holding two people hostage in a border town near arizona. the person had four military-style rifles and ammo. brian: wow. a lot of questions still. it's unclear what role the suspect played in the attack. all of the victims were related. six of them were children. steve: let's bring in lafe langford he is a victim's family member. he joins us today from baton rouge down in louisiana. lafe, we are soldier about your loss. tell us what you are hearing on this wednesday morning. >> good morning.
4:34 am
we have heard of some, at least one or two that have been captured. and we have details and updates on our children that are wounded and in the hospital and we -- that's kind of what we are focusing on right now is just grieving with them. ainsley: so sorry. we are hearing different stories. there were three cars involved. there were 17 people in the family that were driving to a wedding anniversary party. i read one of the articles that the mom was driving up to arizona to pick up her husband and come back down. setted the record straight for us. what happened that day? >> i will try to focus on some of the facts what we knowed happened that day.
4:35 am
there is so much false information out there on different media outlets. i know it's next to impossible to try to report something like this when there is so many people involved. but, i think we have a lot of the details narrowed down and, you know, i think we can kind of state more clearly what really happened. but first of all, there were three vehicles that left the community of sonora. and the one got a flat tire. and because of the flat tire, they left that vehicle there and they returned to lanora and obtained another vehicle which they left and traveled on in. so, the vehicle with the flat tire was not the one that was ambushed. one thing that we need to establish, there was -- there is a violent war going
4:36 am
on between cartels. and i don't know the names of these cartels or who they are, but we just know there is a war going on between cartels. we know that there was a war below the arizona border that had broke out the day of or the night before. that night fighters had been sent in on foot to combat a cartel in our state. they came in from the state of chihuahua on the east into the western state of sonora to fight and try to take over our, you know, just some smuggling routes, i guess. that's what they're warring over. so, in the process, we have a lot of evidence and reason to believe that they had a strategic plan and we were
4:37 am
attacked, unfortunately there was -- the vehicles that had left our community were -- we believe they may have been used as bait to try to attract the cartel in sonora to them to bring the war to them. so, what happened was two of the vehicles had a head start over the one in the back. and ronita was driving one in the back with her four children. she came around a corner, and they just -- i mean, they just unleashed hell on this vehicle. there are reports that they. brian: go ahead. >> there were reports that they shot this vehicle until it blew up. but we now have details and know that's not true. they actually -- there were shells on the ground by the vehicle. and there was checkbook from
4:38 am
ronita's bank account up further the road. they came up to the vehicle and shot more shots, searched, raided the vehicle. and then incinerate and set it ablaze and burned everybody alive. brian: you mentioned some of the kids are in the hospital? >> yes. i spoke with ryan their eldest brother yesterday. and i had a long conversation with him he is in the brother in tucson with his dad, my uncle. and i mean it's hard to even describe it was the hardest day of his life running back and forth from room to room to all these little kids and describing to me their wounds and, i mean, it's just they thought they were going there to try to be
4:39 am
strong for these kids and realized that these children are just incredible. their stories they are telling, they are just unbelievable. steve: yeah. lafe, i know it happened in mexico. but we are talking about american citizens. the president of the united states did talk about this case yesterday and said and said that mexico needed to declare war on the cartels. what would you like the united states to do? >> you know, we appreciate his support. we are praying for the lords of both of these countries. i mean, we are mexican citizens as well. and between both of these countries, we just -- we want answers, we want to be protected. and we want -- we just hope that because of this tragedy, these countries can
4:40 am
somehow unite and [inaudible] i mean right now we are just trying to focus on the suffering and the grieving and i think this transcends politics and country lines. this is a humanitarian issue. i mean, i think we want to tell our story. we want the people of the world to unite and suffer with us, feel our pain and we want to we also want to thank everybody for just the immense overwhelming support. it's hard to describe the support that's coming in from all around the world for us. we are a family of 100 and something million mexicans in mexico that suffer this abuse and these atrocities. although this was unique in
4:41 am
the sense that it has a lot of historical content, being women and children, just the purest form of innocence, but we also want to recognize that so many families have suffered tragedies like this throughout mexico and the world. and their voices were never heard. they have never had the support that we have. and we just want to let them know that we know what they went through. we feel their pain and we remorse with them and we hope that our sacrifices and our loss can be a light and a hope bring awareness and try to unite people. we just want to unite people. ainsley: we are sorry for everything that you have been through. the hostages, we are reporting that one person has been caught. you said you have heard maybe another one. but there were some hostages. were those your family
4:42 am
members? >> i don't know of any hostages. i don't know if that's something that's not true or something being misreported. i have not heard of any hostages. all of our family is accounted for. brian: last question. have you ever traveled down that road before and have you ever felt threatened before? >> i grew up in lamora and i have traveled over that road in innumerable times. we traveled women and children didn't matter. we have been there for decades and decades and we have never -- the langford and the miller and the johnson family in this community of lamora, we have never felt unsafe. we have never had an incident with the cartels of any type and you know that
4:43 am
road has just been -- i mean, we love the road. our children love the road. dirt road over the mountains. we roll the windows down. we just, you know, when we travel, when we go back and forth for the holidays, we can't wait to get to the beautiful mountains and the dirt road. i mean, it's never been. brian: never been dangerous? >> never been unsafe. we have taken precautionary measures in the last few years, absolutely, just because things changed. the cartels have definitely become more violent in the past decade and we have been cautionary. steve: we can understand that lafe, thank you very much for joining us. you know, so much has happened to your family over the last 48 hours for you to be able to describe what you know for a fact. we greatly appreciate it. and just know the world is praying for you and your family. lafe langford joining us from baton rouge, louisiana. ainsley: thank you, lafe.
4:44 am
god bless you. steve: we're going to be right back. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) performance comes in lots of flavors. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result.
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with esri location technology, you can see what others can't. ♪ ainsley: one week after famed forensic pathologist dr. michael baden made the shocking announcement that he believes jeffrey epstein murdered. cbs news anchor saying the network buried her investigation into jeffrey epstein. the video from veritas has not yet been verified by fox. >> i have had the story for three years. i have had this interview with virginia roberts. we would not put it on the air. first of all, i was told who is jeffrey epstein, no one knows who that is. that's a stupid story. the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about and threatened us a million different ways. it was unbelievable what we had clinton. we had everything.
4:48 am
do i think he was killed? 100 percent. yes, i do. he made his whole living blackmailing people. brian: wow, will there be any media fallout from her claims? joining us right now with reaction, after nbc reacted and so did she mollie hemingway. also co-authored "justice on trial" best selling book about justice kavanaugh what he went through and what was behind it. first off, mollie, your take on what you just heard? >> first off, i just want to point out that the video was verified by amy robach and abc news themselves. they already released statements acknowledging that it was a real video. and the reporter said it was a reflection of her frustration at the time. but i think that their statements were so interesting because they are completely different than what the video says. the video talks about not getting this story to air frustration. but, in the video she is talking about how she had everything corroborated. and that points to bigger problem that we have seen in
4:49 am
the media. where they have these ridiculously high standards when it comes to their friends or when stories might imindicate their political allies when it comes to other people they have seemingly no standards at all. abc news went wild with ridiculous and uncorroborated allegations against brett kavanaugh, such as that he was the leader of a serial gang rape cartel that was roaming the suburbs of maryland. they didn't care about standards when it came to putting the attorney or the person making those claims on air, but when it comes to someone who is imply caghtd their friends or powerful people, all of a sudden their excuse is that they have high standards that they clearly don't have when it comes tore stories. ainsley: mollie, full disclosure i interned under amy in charleston, south carolina. she is an excellent journalist. she is smart as a whip. she is frustrated clearly because she chased the story down and she was trying to tell this girl's story who has been through so much. it sounded like the network prevented her to do that. brian: she seems to go along with the network. >> as a journalist as the story continued to unfold i
4:50 am
was caught in a private moment of frustration. i was upset that an important view i had conducted with epstein's accuser virginia roberts didn't air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet abc's editorial standards about her allegations. why would abc try to protect this guy, this pedophile? >> i mean, the whole reason why jeffrey epstein was allowed to continue doing what he was doing was because he had such highly placed friends and because of his wealth and she specifically articulates in her hot mic segment about implicating prince andrew and the royals getting involved and people being worried that it would cut off access. again, it just seems like these are concerns that only go one way. you didn't see these concerns when it came to donald trump in 2016. ainsley: i think she is frustrated because her bosses wouldn't run with the story and she wanted to run with the story. she is not tarred because of this because she is an amazing person. >> she also said that she had information on bill clinton and that she has had for three years.
4:51 am
it would be good to have that now. ainsley: all right, mollie, thank you so much. brian: more "fox & friends" in just a moment. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ seaonly abreva cany to help sget rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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♪ >> over the last three years what's one thing that the democratic party has accomplished? [laughter] well, -- over the last three years? >> since trump has been in office? >> since trump has been in office? not a whole lot, man. >> i guess they have taken back the house. >> they haven't really done much over three years. that might have been because trump has been in office. ainsley: students at bernie sanders ilhan omar rally this weekend asked what democrats have done in the last three years and they couldn't name a single thing. the reporter in that video
4:55 am
kyle joins us now. hey, kyle. >> hey, good to be here. ainsley: that one guy was correct they have taken back the house. what was your reaction though when you were asking all these students and you didn't get much of a response? >> what really struck me in producing this video is how the people we interviewed are dedicated supporters of ilhan omar and bernie sanders. yet, even these involved members of the campus left couldn't really list much that the democrats have done to make them proud. i think that says something about politics beyond just the university. ainsley: i think we have a little bit more. let's watch this. >> bernie sanders igniting this passion in people. >> as far as like a tangible accomplishment? >> i mean, i really like the green new deal. if it passed, just resisting like trump in general. >> they passed the raise the minimum wage bill in the house. >> i feel like hard to point to one thing. [laughter] ainsley: kyle, did you hear any tangible policies at
4:56 am
all? did they answer anything? >> well, that bill that one man referenced passing in the house got held up in the senate, which he admitted later in the interview. and the green new deal, as we all know, did not become legislation. so, while it seems that these students have a lot of ideas, some of which they may be learning from their university, i didn't hear any tangible accomplishments there. ainsley: okay, kyle, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: counselor to the president kellyanne conway is going to join us next. plus, dean cain is here live coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn, now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. ca. .
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a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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brian: begin with a fox news alert. the kentucky governor's race is too close to call. that is not stopping democrats from declaring victory. steve: attorney general andy
5:00 am
beshear is say saying he is winner. ainsley: todd piro is here to explain. reporter: let's start in kentucky. officials not yet calling governor's race, democratic attorney general andy beshear is claiming victory. governor matt bevin not conceding. he got a boost from president trump on monday when he stumped in the blue glass state. five great candidates i spoke for introduced last night, meaning monday night. matt bevin picked up 15 points in the last days. perhaps not enough in parentheses. fake news will blame trump. one can date making history. republican daniel cameron becoming the first african-american attorney general in state history. in mississippi republican lieutenant governor kate reeves defeating attorney general jim
5:01 am
hood. president trump congratulating reeves who he campaigned for in a tweet you see on the screen. in virginia democrats taking control of the state legislature there for first time in nearly 25 years. president trump hitting campaign trail in louisiana to stomach for republican gubernatorial candidate. he is looking to beat the governor there. brian: huge run off already. ainsley: a fox news alert. relative of the nine americans killed in mexico joining us on "fox & friends" a few minutes ago. brian: a mexican suspect is under arrest in their deaths. steve: griff jenkins with more. reporter: we're learning a lot more details about the grisly mass cure. here is what we know. three wives and children in the suvs.
5:02 am
the other turned back down to get men to fix the tire. after driving them off the three women con inin three vehicles. picked up a new one where they drove into bloody cartel ambush. leif lang done, a relative the victims, here moments ago tried to make sense of it all. listen. >> there were shells on the ground by the vehicle. there was a checkbook from nita's bank account further up on the road. they came up to the vehicle, shot more shots. , searched, raided the vehicle, then, incinerated, set it ablaze and burned. reporter: meanwhile a possible break in the case. criminal investigators in state of sonora where this happened they arrested a suspect in a town across douglas, arizona. he had two hostages bound and gagged in a he can have. unclear what involvement the suspect may have had in this
5:03 am
attack. sources in mexico told me a few moments ago it will take time because there were other related cartel violence and shootings on that same day in sonora. president trump calls for action against the cartels. he spoke with the mexican president yesterday. the mexican president said the war on cartels won't work, isn't an option. something has to be done. violence in mexico spiraling out of control in the sate of is a nora. it is up 69% the first part of this year. guys. steve: griff, thank you very much. our guest really didn't get into it but i heard some people who had seen the scene down in mexico. they said it is hard to believe it was a coincidence or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. when you look at two vehicles filled with children. that doesn't look like drug cartel people. brian: one of the kids was shot in the back. they had ever reason to pull back when they realized who they
5:04 am
were dealing wit. ainsley: one relative we interviewed, at the hospital he talked to one of his cousins yesterday, his up kel was dad, all the children in the hospital had horrific stories to tell. brian: on a different note, three minutes after the top of the hour, kellyanne conway, counselor to president of the united states. the president didn't hess hesitate offering help to the president of the mexico. he said thanks but no thanks. now what? >> i was with the president when he first got information. he didn't hesitate either. safety and well being of americans anywhere around the world is the first priority of this president. he will continue to insure the safety and well being of americans including if not especially innocent children wherever they are. this president has made a priority, a centerpiece of his administration, his legacy. stopping the flow of drugs over
5:05 am
our borders. until we get people who are serious about that, when people call it manufactured crisis, and then tragedy like this happens. it just is so unspeakable. we, our thoughts and prayers obviously are with victims and families with these harrowing stories. the president said to the mexican president, we got to go after these cartels. the mexican president didn't seem persuaded. this president will continue to press the issue. i worked on the drug crisis here. it is a very serious problem, what is coming over the southern border and what's going on with the cartels. they are ruthless. they are fearless. they are very savvy business people in that, they don't care who gets in their way, the way of their profits. steve: it's a terrible story. we're glad the white house is on it. talk a little bit what has consumed official washington. that is the impeachment inquiry. yesterday the european union
5:06 am
ambassador, gordon sondland, actually revised what he had told, his statement from earlier. here's part of it. he said, by the beginning of september 2919 absence of credible explanation for aid, i presumed the aid suspension was linked to proposed anti-corruption statement. he said he told a top ukrainian official, u.s. aid would not likely resume until the country issued corruption statements regarding the bidens. democrats say that proves there was quid pro quo. >> no quid pro quo was proven in that statement. the transcript releases what he thought he was supplementing there, proved nothing yesterday and here is why. i looked at page 106 of the sondland transcript he said he engaged in no small talk with president trump, he asked him what do you want from ukraine? i want them to do what they ran
5:07 am
on is anti-corruption. there was no quid pro quo in the conversation. ambassador sondland has said, i presumed. how are we going to impeach a president extraordinary event in our constitutional democracy less than a year away from the next election? we'll impeach a president because one witness my interpretation was x. another person presumed y. good day is as good as any to remind the world the whistleblower was not on the call, apparently saw the transcript when the rest of the world saw the transcript. they're trying to knit together very specious and very sparse claims from individuals who are admitting, in the case of ambassador sondland, he presumed. he presumed. he also admits he doesn't know if the aid was held up or why it was held up and he still doesn't know. this is why senators like lindsey graham, chairman of the judiciary committee said he is
5:08 am
not paying attention to the transcripts in the house. he looks at at whole process ill-conceived. and that is why a lot of senators don't want to weigh in bit by bit, day by day. this should not be tried in the media. we don't impeach presidents based on cherry-picked sound bites come out ten minutes at a time from 10 hours of testimony and remove a president from office. ainsley: there is a transcript excerpt we're getting conversation between congressman zeldin and kurt volcker behind closed doors. mr. zeldin says, in no way, shape or form in either readouts from the united states or ukraine did you receive any indication whatsoever for anything that resembles a quid pro quo? mr. volcker says, correct. >> pretty dispositive. volcker and, zeldin exchange will be ignored because it doesn't fit the narrative. it doesn't fit the, we're headed to recession. there is russia collusion. we should impeach the president over a call that the whole world
5:09 am
can see the transcript. i walk around with it. right here, everybody. read it. much like the president's social media feed, everybody has access to it. now we're bringing witnesses in who tell you what they presumed, how they interpreted it. last time i checked there was one person and a vice president who were elected to set the nation's foreign policy and to decide these matters. other thing i wanted to mention here is that ukraine got its aid. if using aid as we speak. president obama is basically the my pillow guy when is it came to ukraine aid when he was president. gave them pillows and blankets. if not for president trump they wouldn't have this kind of aid. they didn't have it in the past. that is number one. number two, most importantly the ukraine president said he never knew aid was being held up. he felt no pressure. he has said, somehow, what the two presidents of respective country is less important to the democrats and their complicit
5:10 am
pals in the mainstream media what the ukrainian president and what american president has said. folks, this is a sham. remember in a constitutional democracy you don't allow the media, don't allow the democrats, don't allow one political party to interfere with the last election results, certainly interfere with the next election results. speak of election results. 14 of the 15 or 13 of 14 republican won out right in kentucky by average of 15 percentage points. in mississippi, 18 percentage points. in kentucky history was made with first independently elected african-american statewide. his name is daniel cameron. he is now the attorney general of the state of kentucky. also in mississippi the first female ever elected attorney, and she, she of course is republican first. first republican attorney general elected in mississippi in 140 years folks. this is causation, not coincidence. tucson don't want to be
5:11 am
sanctuary city. the duh vote. colorado you had voters rejecting by 11 percentage points weakening of the taxpayer bill of rights. even in left-leaning new jersey, two state assembly seats went republican. they're tired of slide towards overtaxed overregulated state. brian: virginia did not go the president's way. the legislature is democrat, including the democratic governor. does the president look at personal loss, tom bevin knew looks like he is going to lose? >> matt bevin, too chose to call. they're looking at voter irregularities in some places. president first went to kentucky on august 21st for this race. governor bevin was down nine points, 48-39. i checked poll. the president made the race competitive as did the vice president. the president got 62.5% of the vote in kentucky three short
5:12 am
years ago. he will dominate the state next year. put a lot of races made them more competitive. we'll see what happens. governor bevin was trailing, less than half a percentage point. libertarian there, i guess was spoiler. they like to do that everywhere they go. less than 2% of the vote. there is the spoiler. andy beshear's father was governor. all that is important here. 13 of 14 statewide races. see the final call in the governor's race in kentucky is. steve: kellyanne, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. steve: the headline, tom bevin of from "real clear politics" will not be the governor. ainsley: matt bevin. brian: both very good guests. jillian. jillian: maybe he has a brother. brian: thanks for letting that slide by. appreciate it. jillian: fox news alert right now. the wife of killed isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi is captured alive. turkish president erdogan making the announcement in a speech this morning.
5:13 am
it comes after the country says they captured baghdadi's sister and brother-in-law. she is suspected being affiliated with the terror group. she was caught with her family during a raid in northern syria. bag did i was killed in u.s. raid last month. a massive search underway for a missing us air men in the gulf of mexico. the air force says he fell 1500 feet out of a plane during a training exercise off the coast of florida near hurlburt field. they saw him treading water. when the plane turned around to pick him up they couldn't find him. the coast guard is helping with the search. we'll keep you updated if we get more information. steve: thank you very much. switching gears, homelessness on the rise in the united states in several liberal-run city. should it be made criminal? one city is considering that. ainsley: lawrence jones will react to it coming up next.
5:14 am
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5:18 am
homelessness increased to 553,000 people. half of them live in the nation's 50 biggest cities. some of those cities are criticized for liberal policies that enable that population to grow. fox news contributor, "fox nation" lawrence jones been to many cities, doing work for us here and "fox nation." look what happened in austin, this is way overdue. people are fed up. >> welcome to how we do things in texas, my home state. look, a lot of the community is upset. a lot of of the politicians are even upset and when the austin marry fused to do anything, the governor of texas said look, you have a deadline, if you don't get it taken care of by november, i'm going in, ripping them all out of there. they can either go to homeless shelters. we'll not allow the community to be unsafe. we'll not allow things like typhoid where officers are put in danger the community is put
5:19 am
in danger. this will be a wake-up call for other governors across the country. as you said i've been to seattle, i've been to portland, i've been to san francisco, i've been to l.a. all are struggling with the issue. the governors in the state won't step up and putting community at risk. brian: las vegas is front and center. their city council will vote today on ordinance would ban homeless people from sleeping on the streets. here is the vegas mayor. >> this ordinance is really only about safety, health and sanitation. criminalizing homeless is not what we're doing. we're looking at making sure that people get the help that they need. brian: right. because it is not a matter of having a hard heart. it's a matter of public policy and become as magnet, correct? >> this is a climate change issue. i know liberals talk about this all the time. they're thinking about banning cows and airplanes but they are affecting the climate.
5:20 am
this is a public health crisis and many mayors are stepping up because people are being put at risk. look, we love our homeless people. we believe a lot of them have a lot of mental health issues they need help with. we understand that many of them are struggling with money, all that. but you can't put the public at risk. you put them in homeless shelters, give them help they need but you can't have people sitting on the street, putting human fees ses, needles everywhere, putting public at risk. brian: we will turn the corner when we have democrats see the same urgency you outlined and witnessed in portland and seattle and los angeles, san francisco. until then this is going to be, i have a big heart and i care and you don't. final thoughts? >> well you saw the austin mayor is doing interviews right now. it is not because he wants to. because he has been put pressure on. if you don't put pressures with the governor's office, the
5:21 am
mayors will never do their jobs. brian: lawrence jones, we'll watch whatever you do on "fox nation" an whatever you do on our show. >> thanks, brother. brian: the left has something else to be outraged about. sean spicer's "dancing with the stars" performance. this is not a joke. dean cain will not dance but he will react. ♪. chevy silverado hd. it offers head-up display. wow, that's dialed in. i can still keep my eyes on the road. my truck doesn't have that. it offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different camera views. that's quality picture. it even offers one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible - to help you see what's behind you. oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪
5:22 am
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5:24 am
♪. ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. kansas city erasing history from one of the city's most historic boulevard. the community voting to remove dr. martin luther king, jr.'s name on a 10-mile stretch of the road. it will be changed back to its old name, the paseo.
5:25 am
people who pushed for king's name on the street say critics are racists. those who support the paseo claim it is important part of the city's history. one american city wants a proposal signed, sealed, delivered. los angeles considering a measure that would forced sealed take-out bags at restaurant. it would insure delivery drivers cannot steal food. the california restaurant association supports the idea. brian: stealing food? ainsley: former white house press secretary sean spicer to continues to triumph on "dancing with the stars". ♪ come sail away with me, come sail away, come sail away ♪ >> the first couple who is safe is -- sean and jenna. brian: look how surprised his
5:26 am
partner is. ainsley: surprised everyone. steve: sean spicer is still safe. the left is not happy about it. a "new york times" op-ed said, no, sean spicer really can't dance. claims over the past eight weeks he has been the weakest dancer on the show. mr. spicer isn't trained but he has revealed much about his soul's weather through his dancing. brian: actor dean cain is going to weigh in. dean, they say he is not getting any better, dances same way each week. the judges are trying to tell america to stop voting for him. america won't listen. how do you explain this. >> them's the rules, baby. they threat them up that way it's a possible late contest as well. it noise the just about the dancing. those are the rules. sean is winning, staying on the show based on the rules. it is pretty clear that they just want change the rules now that he is there.
5:27 am
kind of like, let's get rid of the electoral college. get trump out of office. you can't do it that way. ainsley: isn't america saying look, you have, you have ridiculed this president, you have ridiculed this administration. we are fighting back? >> well, that could be seen that way for sure. you know, it is, it's a popularity contest. not just about dancing. do i think sean is the strongest dancer on the show? probably not. that is not the only criteria. so these are the rules. he is playing by the rules. i mean, i couldn't wear that sailor outfit. i couldn't do it myself. steve: you couldn't wear a sailor outfit? i think i remember you flying around in a cape, buddy. >> i changed since then. i might have worn the florida -- flemnnco. steve: here is your one of our acting colleagues.
5:28 am
jane fonda was on "the view" yesterday. >> climate scientists say we will not turn it around. we have 11 years to avoid catastrophe. we can't do it unless people mobilize by the millions in the streets. folks out there. steve: there is that number again. we have 11 years. brian: i thought it was 10 actually. >> 10, 11 or 12. we'll be out of here, no matter what. listen, the "green new deal," that is a power grab. that is exactly what that is. if jane fonda wants to protest climate change or, saving the environment, she ought to go where the source of the worst, the worst offenders are, which is china. i don't think she will be showing up there any big hurry. brian: right. 10, 11 years, is that consensus when you walk around go to the mall among hollywood? only celebrities shop in los angeles where you are. when you talk to other celebrities do they all agree or afraid not to agree.
5:29 am
>> nobody says anything about it, absolutely zero. about it. i seem to remember a certain film called, "an inconvenient truth." if you look back at dire predictions things happened there, those things should have happened nine years ago. i haven't seen any of those things come true either. i love the environment. i want the environment to be as clean as wonderful as anything else. i think there is a huge amount of alarmism here. jane is part of that. steve: most alarming that it is predicted that sean spicer could still be on "dancing with the stars" in 10 or 11 years. dean cain, thank you very much. brian: he might never ever get -- >> appreciate it. you guys, check out the empire state building tonight. it will be lit up orange and black. i don't know how they light it black. princeton university colors. princeton play dartmouth. both teams 7-0, big deal. yankee stadium. steve: you're an alumni. ainsley: thank you, dean. steve: 8:30 in new york city.
5:30 am
in mexico apparently an arrest was made in the murder of nine americans. an arizona sheriff taking on these cartels percent hand joins us live next. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging?
5:31 am
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5:33 am
steve: we're back with a fox news alert. if you're just waking up, a suspect is under arrest in the
5:34 am
deaths of nine americans ambushed in mexico. ainsley: earlier we heard from a family member who described their terrifying final moments. >> there was a checkbook from nita's bank account further up down the road. we now know they came up to the vehicle, shot more shots. searching, raided the vehicle and then incinerated, set it ablaze and burned everybody alive. brian: mexican police found the suspect holding two people hostage in a border town near arizona. it is unclear what role that person played in the attack. steve: let's bring in the sheriff of pinal county in arizona, mark lamb. we tried to have you yesterday. had a little, some problems with the transmission, sheriff. thanks for coming back. >> sorry about that. thanks for having me back. steve: live tv. what do you make of the news that it sounds like they made at least one arrest in mexico?
5:35 am
>> you know it is hard to say. i don't know all the details. at least they're working towards it. i have to believe this crime was committed by far more than one person. i think they have a lot more work to do but if they have got somebody that's a start. ainsley: sheriff, the president told, the president of mexico, hey, we'll help you, we'll help you try to eradicate these drug cartels. then the president of mexico said no thanks. we don't need your help. what do you make of that? >> i don't know why he would say that. obviously they struggled getting on top of these cartels. we saw that first-hand when they captured chapo's son, the rapidity, the amount of violence that the cartel put on them in a short amount of time, they were, they had, they relented. they need help. i would wish that they would take the president up on his offer. i'm glad our president, president trump extended that offer because you really do have to fight force with force. we've got to go after them. they're watching us right now to
5:36 am
see what we do. we've got to go after them. brian: sheriff, this doesn't work for their cause. they know if they hit an americans, they have a whole country, a superpower now focused on them. do they really want this attention? >> no. you know, but what you get is like anything, you've got fragmenting groups of the cartel this is probably a fragmented group. maybe a younger portion of the cartel a little more violent, a little more reckless. this isn't typically what they want but violence is part of what they do. this is not abnormal for them. but, kids and women, they use kids for trafficking. they have total disregard for human life. this is not a surprise to any of us out here. ainsley: when you think about, when you see their pictures, see how little these young kids were, you know how horrific it was, they're relatives are saying that the cartel burned them alive. i mean the pain that they experienced in their last breaths and their children, innocent children and women,
5:37 am
what do you think these families need to do? do you think they will consider moving back to america? >> you know i've heard that i have heard they considered that. you would hate to see somebody driven from their home because of violence. that is exactly what terrorism is. you know, especially when it involves civilians and innocent civilians. they have tough decisions to make. that is difficult thing. kids that survived it. you will have to deal trauma they suffer from it. not just that, the pain from all the family members. i have friends, directly related, this was their sister-in-law and niece. they're taking it hard. steve: you can understand that but sheriff, you know, when some story like this makes news it focuses our attention on it. but the president has been talking about the scourge of drugs. how it comes across from mexico, from that part between chihuahua
5:38 am
and sonora and the united states and that is why he is buckling down on the immigration issue. >> from day one president trump understood how important it is to secure our borders. a lot of people get side sidetrd in washington. we've recently seen a lot of violence. if we don't secure our borders, who are we believe that they will not spill over in our country? we get little pockets of it. there are crimes the cartel commits throughout the country. it is not just as awful as what we saw this week. brian: yeah. we'll see where this goes. if this starts going across the border, president will have to take action whether mexico want him to or not. thank you, sheriff. ainsley: jillian has more headlines. jillian: good morning. we begin with this story. a mother freaks out after her 10-year-old sonfalls 20 feet
5:39 am
from a zip line. we stop the video before he lands hard at a florida adventure park. the family is suing saying they didn't properly secure his harness. >> seeing it, knowing that was my little boy, it was just, it killed me. jillian: the park says all staff members have been restrained. that the workers in question no longer work there. france will set limits on the amount of immigrant workers in the country. the government says a list of jobs subject to quotas. they will only grant visas to workers that are skilled. president macron is vowed to take a stronger stance against illegal immigration. the quota system is seen as move to protect french workers. a woman in handcuffs accused of lying to have cancer to scam people. jessica smith posted videos on
5:40 am
social media telling alleged struggles in pennsylvania. people that wanted to help donated $10,000. when her husband found out what was going on. he reported her to police. smith has been previously charged about lying being a police officer and identity theft. >> millenials will rack up holiday debt. 52% of them were willing to increase their debt to make holiday purchases as compared to 49% for gen-xers and 34% of baby boomers. send it back to you. maybe they're giving really good gifts? brian: we'll have to see. go into debt. go into the red. short time ago we talked to dean cain. now janice dean. janice: dean times two. dean squared. he made the deans list. high you guys, happen anniversary. what is your name. >> joy. >> nathan. janice: where are you from. >> florida.
5:41 am
janice: secret of 25? >> janice: you ran the new york city marathon? >> i did. janice: good girl. batch of snow coming into the interior northeast, parts of great lakes, miffed west. cooler cold air moves in the great lakes. this is the first batch of snow. i'm not saying this would happen. look next week, could see measurable snow along the coast. stay tuned. we'll keep you up to date. wave to steve, ainsley and brian, my friends. thank you for coming. hugs. brian: hug it out. ainsley: we've been telling you about this all week. the patriot awards is tonight. "fox & friends" weaken co-host pete hegseth in live in florida with a preview for us. brian: looks nice. pete: guys, it is fantastic. you guys will be on the stage tonight thanks to the magic of flight. patriot awards. we'll give you a preview down here in florida just on the other side.
5:42 am
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♪. jillian: welcome back. some animal headlines now. a fiery feline is going viral for letting other cats out at a shelter. a animal rescue center in houston has to tie a rope around the doorknob so the cat can't open it. mini horse spotted on commuter train in san francisco. it was allowed to board because it's a train service animal. the horse getting a lot of fans on social media. others have some negative opinions. a bear gets himself out of a sticky situation. watch this. >> come on. that a boy. good boy. jillian: the bear named t-shirt, best name ever, climbing out after dumpster with a help of a california deputy. send it back to you. you can go wherever.
5:46 am
brian: why does it keep happening and bears leave natural habitat bothering us. >> they are stuck there to eat. jillian: the name is t-shirt. steve: as soon as this program is done, we'll hop on planes where pete hegseth is with the big patriot awards tonight on "fox nation." hey, pete. pete: look at this theater, the theater in st. petersburg florida, it is made for and i awards show. unless you have 2000 tickets that were sold out a long time ago, you can't watch it unless you get "fox nation." get "fox nation," five bucks goes to folds of honor. you can watch this award show. the premise is simple. hollywood had award shows. self-important celebrities giving awards to other self-important actors and celebrities about nothingness. this is about love of country.
5:47 am
highlighting unsung heroes, service, sacrifice, the things they do in the community. you guys are giving out the most valuable patriot award. that is my mvp. you will be on the stage doing that tonight in a demonstration of what fox naics really values, this great country, the greatest on earth. this will be a great event. doors open at 5:30. the red carpet starts at 6:15. i'm sure ainsley will be out there. brian, steve. if you're made for the red carpet or not. viewers will have a great time. ainsley: we'll ask brian, who is he wearing? brian: ask him. i will say keds and the gap. steve: i have feeling i will be wearing this. brian: pete, so get everything ready. you took the private plane down. so we'll have to fly commercial. hopefully we'll take it back. pete: yeah, you're right. the folks are excited to see you guys. we can't pan to it. it is outside the theater is the "fox & friends" set you guys
5:48 am
will be on tomorrow morning. people here for the vip experience will get a chance to sit on the simulated curvy couch over there. if you're a fox news fan, tonight is disneyland for you. it is awesome event celebrating the country with, john rich will be there. dan bongino, ed henry, my nemesis. a lot of folks will be here. ainsley: did you take the kids? will you do disney world? >> no, we're skipping that. solo on this one. brian: it will be great. we look forward to see everybody on the big sign in person. ainsley: it will be so much fun. steve: pete with a preview. see you shortly. ainsley: he is best-selling author of behind tuesdays with morey and the five people you meet in heaven. mitch albom is out with a powerful new memoir. the story of a young girl that changed his life. he is life with us next. brian: i would like to check in with bill hemmer to find out what is on the show.
5:49 am
>> did i do something there? looking forward to tomorrow. it will be a lot of fun. enjoy the trip. enjoy mitch albom. we shall -- we'll hold down the alamo, kilmeade. brian: thank you. >> that is what we will do. in a moment how to make sense of this massacre in mexico. we'll talk to a relative from one of the murdered mothers. a really tough, tough story. elections are in. some still counting. what does joe biden think about elizabeth warren? there are clues on the latest post. see you at the top of the hour. ten minutes away on "america's newsroom." with advil, you have power over pain, so the whole world looks different.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
♪. ainsley: set best-selling author, out with a new powerful story, nearly 20 years after the best-selling memoir of all time "tuesdays with morey" captivated readers across the world. mitch albom is back with a new one. steve: this tells after young haitian girl whose life was changed forever. in the middle of a earthquake, making of a family. mitch albom joins us live. >> good morning. steve: couple days before the earthquake in haiti, this little girl was born. >> right. steve: winds up at your orphanage. what happened. >> she came in, 3 years old. bossiest, loudest brashest kid we had. one day five years old i got a call, there was something the matter with her face. it was drooping. when we looked into it, turned out she had a brain time.
5:54 am
turned out to be stage 4 dipg. no surviving it. take her back and let her die in haiti. this kid is fighter. she survived an earthquake. we're going to fight. that began a two year journey around the world my wife and i and she, became a family. unlikely family. we were in the 50s. didn't have kids of our own. all the kids in the orphanage. we came with family. steve: she lived with you in detroit. >> lived us for every minute. went to gem any for treatment. went to treatment. it was a short period of time. ainsley: how long did she live? >> two years. longer than most kids survive with. i would have to carry her place to place there was a funny moment, we were sitting in, coloring and, i popped up, late for work, i got to go. mr. mitch, stay here and color with me.
5:55 am
this is my job. no it isn't. your job is carrying me. because of her, that is what she thought. that is my job. was my job to carry her. steve: quite a story. will you read a passage from the book? >> sure this is about fatherhood. i remember times when you and i were walking, without prompting you reached out and took my hand, your little fingers sliding into mine. i would like to tell you how that felt, chika. it is too big for words. it made me feel like a father. nearly all of what i learned about that role, i learned from the man who raised me, the rest i learned from you. steve: such an impact you had on your you and your wife. even though she passed you keep seeing her? >> i wrote the book, in a way i didn't want it to be a sad book. very first page you know what happens to her. she comes back and visits with me. i have conversations with her all the time. she would sit at my feet while i wrote. play with her crayons. it begins why don't you write
5:56 am
about me? tell me my story? i take her up and i do. she taught us families can be made a lot of different ways. conventional way, normal way. also when they don't look like you, don't come from you, don't sound like you, it is still a family. all really takes to make a family. ainsley: she gave you such a gift. she made you a father. >> she did. ainsley: you're an incredible person. i mean gosh, that story is sweet and touching. you sat with morey every tuesday. you flew to visit him that book changed our lives. this will do the same. steve: all money. all proceeds go to the orphanage. mitch albom's finding chika. >> thank you. god bless you. ainsley: more "fox & friends" moments away. [ music: instrumental which continues throughout spot. ]
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>> the sold out patriot awards, stream them.
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>> watch it at fox if you don't have tickets. >> tomorrow you'll see us live from st. petersburg with sunscreen and tank tops. >> bill: thank you, new developments now after the massacre of nine americans all women and children in northern mexico. they were ambushed in broad daylight. today there is at least one suspect in custody. that's our lead story today. good morning, i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. good morning, i'm sandra smith. authorities saying the suspect was found holding two hostages who were gagged and tied inside that vehicle. we're also learning the crime scene stretched for miles. >> bill: one of the relatives to one of the victims struggling to come to grips with what has happened. >> it is unfathomable. it is unspeakable. it is gut wrenching and it is


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