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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 6, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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by announcing an investigation that would benefit someone in the united states and it wasn't clear to me that it would be worth it, that a meeting would be worth it. so essentially there taylor saying, his personal belief was that if president trump was going to withhold the ukraine
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military assistance and that will launch an investigation into vice president biden and his son and he didn't think that would be a worthwhile exchange. >> on the open hearings, chairman intelligent adam schiff announced that would take place wednesday november 13 and friday november 15 and that's really what democrats here, our sources here on the hill are telling us will mark a whole new investigation. excuse me, a whole new phase of this investigation into president trump. on wednesday, ambassador bill taylor and state department official george kent will testify on friday we will hear from former ambassador to the ukraine maria jovanovich. take a listen to chairman adam schiff here. speak of those open hearings will be an opportunity for the
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american people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves, making determinations about the credibility of the witnesses, and also to learn firsthand about the facts of the president's misconduct. >> key republicans are already taking issue with the democrats playing -- making plans. listen to this. so all three of the witnesses that are now slated to testify openly and in public have already testified behind closed doors to the intelligence committee right here. we will continue going through those transcripts now. >> shannon: we have a couple of new things happening on this front. first, i want to ask you about these open hearings that are taking place next week. and it jim jordan, we heard yesterday might end up being
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placed on the intelligence committee and maybe that will happen before next week. but that is a curious thing of why not wanting special envoy kurt vogel to be the first to testify in open hearings when he was the one that was deposed. any thoughts on that? >> well some thoughts that the democrats might think that bill taylor or other officials might have better testimony for their narrative. but remember the president this morning tweeted out a thank you to colt mike kurt volker because it appears that he is backing up some of the president's account there was not a quid pro quo. what i think is very important are a couple things. number one when you see what adam schiff and the democrats are trying to do in the release of the transcript, they say right at the top in their press release the testimony of ambassador taylor, a west point grad, vietnam vet and nonpartisan diplomat, they are saying all of that dana of course because there narrative,
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the democrats, will try to be at these public hearings. that these are people largely who are testifying on a nonpartisan basis. if the reason you would have jim jordan join devin nunes on the intel panel is they are going to push a much different narrative. that these are "never trumper's" that we've heard the president talk about who have an asked like ax to grind or political bias against the president. >> dana: but one of those points that gillian turner -- and she's had 6 minutes to look at a 330 page document so we don't know the details yet. but one of the things she said was i had concerns about this and i raise my concerns and to me, that sounds like a proper way to do things. i don't know how his character could be disparaged in that regard. >> right. remember one of the things bill taylor has testify to that we
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had heard without getting the full transcript. we had heard days ago that he had suggested that he learned from investor sunderland, the other ambassador involved here who has a key role that may be the u.s. aid to the ukraine was being withheld until president trump got the investigations he wanted. remember, ambassador sunderland initially suggested in his testimony that that was not the case and now he has come back to the committee and has refreshed his memory if you well. he has said it, he did have concerns about a quid pro quo. bottom line is, i think andy mccarthy, a fox news contributor and contributor as well as national reviewer has written about this extensively. he doesn't quite understand why the republican response has been -- whether there is quid pro quo or not, the fact of the matter is this does not rise to the level of a no impeachable offense. instead you've heard, and, he
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had to sort of walk that back. the message has been all over the map. but what matters more is the substance of what these diplomats are going to say and the cross-examination of people like jim jordan. that's why the republicans want to get somebody strong like jim jordan for these public hearings because, we are going to learn more. they have not been before the tv cameras, they have not been cross-examined before the american people and, that's one thing that we originally talked about. that was apparently among senate republicans of course the impeachment starts in the house and the senate is wondering, is there anything they should be doing in the meantime? one of the questions is, should somebody like lindsey graham who is a judiciary or over at the foreign relations committee bring up hunter biden, and interview him and try to at
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least get that part of the story into the newsmax while they try to beat back with the democrats have which is power to release things when they want. >> right. the democrats have been controlling the narrative which is why i was referring back to the cross-examination, that the president and the republicans on the hill have sort of been demanding and urging witches to get this in the public light so we can do some cross-examining and maybe bring up hunter biden and other issues. while the transcript are getting all the attention today it's a "wall street journal" story that people should pay attention to. "the wall street journal" has gotten documents suggesting that hunter biden may have been used to try to help burisma, the energy company in the ukraine to get a meeting. we don't know if such meetings happened, or if there was any influence peddling going on behind the scenes, we don't have basic answers to, a, what what did hunter biden do to get some
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$81,000 per month from burisma while his father, the president of the united states, was overseeing the policy. now there may be documents suggesting that hunter biden was being used to lobby the obama biden demonstration. but to your point i bet there will be republicans saying we have got to get some testimony from people. >> dana: if you could stay with us we want to bring in our senior producer on capitol hill, chad program. you've had another 6 minutes to look through so tell us what you know so far. >> i'm going to go through a couple of key sections here. first of all, in july according to the testimony, it became clear. that's the word that bill taylor used in his testimony, that the meeting with burisma, there was some sort of issue here with burisma, tied to hunter biden. and i will read this other section, this is bill taylor talking about gordon sunderland,
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european ambassador. they had electronic text messages exchanges were taylor expressed concerns about what may have been going on and if there was potentially a quid pro quo. taylor -- someone told me many times that president trump so there was no quid pro quo. i observed to move forward with aid there must be an investigation. that's part of his testimony there. the other things i'm noticing and this is at the top of the document, 324 pages, there is a large section that has been redacted. in the other transcripts that have been released this week, we haven't seen that, that's new. and again, a little bit of flavor there. you had these guerrilla tactics by republicans, trying to ask questions and bull rush the skiff. if you start at the very top of the transcript they refer to roy. roy is chip roy, republican congressman from texas and he was someone who is trying to get involved in this. they are only allowing intelligence committee members to ask questions during the
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hearing and that is something that is of note. >> dana: can i interrupt you for a moment? as i was starting to read through this 324 page document which is not easy to do, and just skimming, i noticed right of the top. i think you and i can speculate because they released this and who we are talking about it. but why would that be redacted? is that simply because he's not a member of the committee? >> it's not the chip roy part that's redacted, but it's the part about reductions. >> dana: i know there's a tendency to over classify and block things out there don't necessarily need to be blocked out but it adds more to the question of how secret these meetings were when republicans were complaining about process. now, it's like what could they have possibly said? >> this is why we've had a lot of these figures coming in to review their testimony.
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some of the presidential advisors have come back in today. the reason why you are talking in a classified setting, they want you to come back in and check your work. number one. and also make sure that there was something -- and maybe that was something that bill taylor came back in and that was something they flagged. >> dana: do you have anything more? >> looking at the other things, there's a point where they talk about this exchange and he said he had a sinking feeling when he learned about the talks with gordon sunderland. and we don't have george kemp's testimony, he is the state department official who would testified at hearing next week. he started to read flag some of the concerns about the informal channel. the trump administration was doing some sort of a back channel and irregular -- that's another term we are seeing --
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type of diplomacy with the ukraine. again, we will be an open session next wednesday and it will be in a room up here. 1100 longworth. that's across the street in the longworth house. it's probably one of the most ornate and largest, most cavernous rooms on capitol hill which is where the ways and means committee usually meets and that's where the house of representatives met for several years while they revamped the regular house chamber in the 1940s. so to have it in that room is probably one of the most ornate facilities and capitol hill. >> dana: i have to say when you said 1100 longworth i went back to when i was a capitol hill staffer in 1995 and i would give tours and stop by there to show people. >> and it's the coldest room on capitol hill so bring your heater. speak want to water. let's go back to gillian turner. i just want to mention, and you don't have to comment on this. bill taylor says is learning
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about this and he has a sinking feeling. what's interesting to me is the sinking feeling is then replicated, maybe not in exactly those words but the description of concern, worry, it sounds bad and doesn't feel right. there was some sort of consternation about where is this headed and it doesn't look bad, et cetera. your thoughts on that? >> scrolling through taylor's testimony a bit more in the last few minutes, to your point it sounds like he was aware and talking to people about his reservations, about taking the ukraine job even before he accepted it. he tells committee investigators in his transcript that he was hesitant to take on the ukraine post because he knew already that president trump was planning to recall marie jovanovich and the president had made that decision after hearing from a member of congress, now a former member of congress.
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he had seen press reports of the intent of mr. giuliani to travel to the ukraine. to pursue these investigations have mentioned a couple times with the intent of using that information in political campaigns. he then goes on to say i knew there were problems in key avenue and i knew there were problems in washington. i knew secretary pompeo had received a letter from a member of congress or perhaps a former member of congress saying that much i jovanovich, ambassador jovanovich should be removed. i can say i was very concerned about that. what he's essentially saying here is number one, we know that former member of congress was pete sessions, congressman pete sessions. so what he's saying is there was already a campaign to get rid of the sitting ambassador and he didn't want to sign on there
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were already those political initiations. >> dana: at henry has been going through this as well. in exchange between adam schiff and bill taylor? >> bill taylor. this will give us a flavor for what we can expect in front of the cameras next week when bill taylor testifies publicly. this is one where we noticed chairman shift saying behind closed doors of the initial testimony, this is the first i'm hearing of security assistance, not just that the white house meeting was being held up there but it was conditioned on the investigation. did you mean that if the ukrainians didn't do this, the investigations, they weren't going to get that, the meeting in the military assistance? bill taylor says under oath, that was my clear understanding. security assistance money would not come until the president of
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the ukraine committed to pursue the investigation. adam schiff response if they don't do this, they won't get that, is your understanding? taylor: yes, sir. adam schiff says are you aware that quid pro quo while means literally this for that? and if taylor says i am. behind closed doors they were able to get somebody who they believe to be a nonpartisan deployment, to say under oath even though they have danced around there for days and weeks. and he has said for weeks now that the bottom line is it doesn't raise to the level of an impeachable offense. and that's what we will hear from republicans in the days of headed but they have taken a long time to get there. >> dana: and basically anti-mccarthy was saying, maybe ten days ago that he first wrote that, saying if you want an off-ramp, this is the one
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that you should take. big public hearings at 1100 longworth. they want to make it a spectacle. and of course we will bring it to you live here on fox news. let's bring in u.s. attorney brett tolman. are you hearing anything so far that would be a significant game changer as bill taylor's testimony is released? >> you know, i paid attention to the cross-examination of bill taylor. it's always the most interesting part to me. if you look in pages 80 through 100 for example there is an interesting dialogue that develops in this exchange. the questioner is saying, do you acknowledge that there is corruption in this country? is it a long-standing policy that the u.s. is concerned about corruption? answers affirmatively. he seems reluctant though, he doesn't want to give into the fact that yes, this is a valid
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concern that ukraine has a lot of corruption. other criminal justice system is poor right now. that's setting the foundation, a very key foundation for any argument that the president is accurate when he has concern over corruption. >> dana: when you read through this testimony, and i appreciate you doing that because i have got to page 80 but it's an interesting exchange. it's kind of like an open secret that ukraine has i corruption problem. but when you thing about these public hearings that will happen next week, this is not a criminal investigation. you are a u.s. attorney, he worked as a prosecutor. so it's not as if you are in a court of law, you are in the court of public opinion. they are on the hook. that and how do you consider this? >> it's interesting because
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right at the beginning of this, you see the chairman saying no other attorneys for any other individuals are allowed in the room. that is directed at the president. the president is a lot though mike isn't allowed so the person that's accused is not allowed to have anyone there. then you are starting to sense that both sides are starting to dig into the issue. but what's apparent is that taylor right now is very strong on the fact that he was uncomfortable. but very weak at identifying and pinning down comments or statements by the president himself that was expecting a quid pro quo. >> dana: what's interesting about all of this is, you know, there is a whistle-blower. the whistle-blower and then we find out all this information. the aide was a relief released and there's this concern. and yet, it's interesting to me that our country has only been
11:22 am
through impeachment four times and each time, especially if there is a special prosecutor or special counsel or they change the name back and forth over time, independent counsel et cetera, it's not well laid out. you can have a concern and it could be political and you could try to fight that out. we actually have people, witnesses who are on the hook. we also have a long time public servants. west point grads, serving in vietnam. he's not the whistle-blower. so now, he actually has to get lawyers and he asked to answer under oath and he's saying, i had a bad feeling but that's not necessarily impeachable. i'm not necessarily asking the question. how are the systems of government set up to work with concerns like this? >> you forget the exchange that occurs. there is an exchange in which
11:23 am
taylor has asked whether or not there is generally a concern on his part or others with the board of directors, and he acknowledges, yes. i had concerns about that. i did notice boards of directors and we were looking at those. then i was asked if he looked into the hunter biden point of the board and he indicated no. so if you are a witness, everything kind of comes out and gets exposed and he has to acknowledge that he may not have focused on that. he may not have paid attention to it and that goes to credibility. that's why this process is frustrating for the american people because we also want to credibility. >> dana: the testimony we had the other day wasn't secret but bill taylor will apparently be the first witness in open hearings. we will be back to you, brett.
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meantime let's bring in our senior producer chad program with the latest in the last few minutes. >> remember bill taylor was basing some of his concerns on information that may have been coming from gordon someone. and this is why republicans and their overall defense have said let's focus on the phone call. we meaning republicans don't think there's anything wrong with that text of the phone ca call. but that said it, here is some things that we are finding in the transcript this afternoon. from taylor, taylor became "worried" about rudolph giuliani's role in the ukrainian policy and taylor and others, and that is a broad birth to
11:25 am
affect foreign policy. that is how republicans try to narrow things into the phone call here and say wait a minute. bill taylor wasn't on the phone call. we don't think there's anything wrong there. whereas bill taylor was just getting things in his ear and diplomatic channels and everything else saying there might not be anything there, they are. and that's why he was reaching out to gordon someone. >> dana: is it possible just procedurally that the republicans could make a change and put jim jordan, the congressman from north carolina, on the committee before that hearing las next week? >> you try to get the best match up the republicans. he's been in all of these closed-door depositions and he faces the same problem that chip roy, that we see at the top of this deposition was trying to pose questions. chip roy is on the oversight committee and you can't pose questions in these oversight
11:26 am
commissions unless you are a member of the intelligence committee. the intelligence committee is not just the ways and means committee, it is a select committee. that means the speaker of the house has to approve who is on the committee. both democrats and republicans. they do that with a lot of these committees that are supposed to be bipartisan even though some might say the intelligence committee over the past couple years has devolved into a lot of partnership on the side of the aisle. the big unknown and this is number one, it might just be a one-off. the other issue is if they want jordan, that makes a big difference for republicans. >> dana: we appreciate everything you are doing for us. right now we have a fox news alert. the royal dutch military police have confirmed they are investigating a suspicious situation aboard an aircraft. trace gallagher is following
11:27 am
this breaking news story. >> this is at an airport in amsterdam, about 9 miles outside of the city. we are being told this is what they call a group three which is a high-level alert. what's happening, we believe there, isn't that air europa plane -- there are reports that at least one as many as three men with knives may be taking over this plane. it is spain's third largest air carrier. the plane itself is apparently away from the gate and leaning toward the runway but it's unclear right now if it's near the runway, on the tarmac or still in the gate area. but we news know the plane is secluded and these people are on the plane. it is an 80 3:30, airbus 3:30 and that is -- it's a wide body carrier. if this plane was to go up it was scheduled to fly to mandarin
11:28 am
and if this thing gets airborne, they have the capacity to fly 5-6000 miles of that's fully loaded with fuel. on board the plane, we do not know the passenger load but these planes are capable of carrying 200 of 50 or hundred 90 passengers. we don't know exactly the situation but we do know that there are groups on the ground that are trying to surround this plane and trying to get communication the plane. as you might imagine there are 250 people on board and a lot of cell phones on board. if there are one, two, or three people with knives, it's very hard to try to get control of all these people. so the people on the ground, the military arm of the netherlands that is now in charge of this would be trying to get in touch with people on board the
11:29 am
airplane. that will give details on what might be happening. we don't know anything about the suspects. where they are from, what they want and what their goal is. we just know that it's being called a group three which is a high-level alert at the airport. it's about 9 miles outside of amsterdam. and again, it's an a330, a big plane. we don't know anything else about what's happening on board the plane. are they holding hostages or what are their demands? this all is very unclear but there is a group three meaning they do believe this is the real deal. and right now this is an all hands on deck scenario. >> dana: trace gallagher, thank you for that breaking ne
11:30 am
breaking news. we will take a quick break but more breaking news right after this.
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>> i'm trace calendar don't like it gallagher. breaking news, dutch military police are saying they are investigating a very suspicious situation on an aircraft in amsterdam, at steeple airport. dutch media are reporting that emergency services are of gathering right at the airport on the outskirts of amsterdam. it's actually around 9 miles outside of amsterdam where it's around 8:30 p.m. there right now. if you are just joining us, and air europa plane which is spain's third largest air carrier has an a330 and we believe it's parked at or very near the gate at the airport. in netherlands group three is one of their highest alert
11:35 am
alerts. that means a high number of people are in jeopardy or in danger. what we know from the netherlands reporting, one of their 24-hour news agencies, b and o says the passengers were apparently loading this a330 plane. we believe there were some 27-30 passengers that were already on board when this incident happened. when the incident happened the pilots pushed the hijack alert button. so the hijack alert was on and we do not know if the plane, if the door on the plane has been shot. so we are told that it was pushed away from the gate. pictures coming from b and oh, which we will show you as soon as we get them, it appears that there are still planes at the gate and there is at least one or may be more pilots on board. we do not know the demands of the people who are actually trying to hold hostage or commandeer this plane.
11:36 am
we know there is at least one person or there could be up to three people on board this plane and at last check we were told that there weapons were knives. it's very difficult to get a gun on board so we are being told and they have knives on board. this has allowed the military to get involved with this meaning that there is an f-16 now flying about the airport and there are helicopters flying above. as you might imagine, surrounding the a330, the a330 is so wide body plane, capable of flying may be five or 6,000 miles.
11:37 am
it was in the process of boarding. people getting on from the jetway onto the plane, and we are told, we don't know how they got the exact count but the number that we are being given is that 27 people had already boarded the plane when the suspect or suspects got on with a knife, made some type of threat and try to commandeer the panel plane. this is the ux 1094, the flight number. it was supposed to fly from schiphol to match droid which is about a two and a half or three hour flight. as far as fuel on board, we don't know if it's fully loaded because if it is, they can go five or 6,000 miles. if it's just for this plane you are looking at flying maybe 1800 or 1900 miles. we don't know the demands. the people on board this plane or person on board this plane that is making this threat or
11:38 am
trying to hold hostages has so far not given any demands. we are still waiting for information to come in from the scene. again, it's a long ways away. we are kind of relying on b&o which is the 24-hour news channel in amsterdam, they are giving us information as well but it's very tight and closely held and very few details are coming out. as you imagine, there are 27 people if the reports are accurate on board this a330. they come the airline, the police and the investigators are trying to get in contact with some of these people. we haven't verified that these are actual passengers on board the plane so we don't want to let you know what they are saying. we don't want to scare any families or freak anybody out with undue concerns until we have confirmed the information. the process right now is they are trying to get a hold of some
11:39 am
of the passengers to get some flavor and find out exactly what's happening on board and airlines as you might already know, routinely had several of the passengers numbers to contact them about if the plane is going to be late or canceled. so they have some of the phone numbers and they may try to be contacting these passengers right now. this broke -- and this is the first video we are seeing from schiphol airport. you can see if you look straight ahead, it looks like it somewhere down the tarmac. but someone, possibly a news organization, b&o is trained in on that area. that would likely be -- the dutch police are saying everybody on board is stil safet apparently they are still on board. the question is -- i'm sorry?
11:40 am
okay, now we are being told that the passengers and crew on this plane have been escorted and taking off of the a330 which is fantastic news. we don't know if the suspects are still on board and if they are, they too will be shortly taken off that plane. the situation broke about an hour ago and it looks like we are getting a very good result on this because we are being told now that the 27 passengers and the pilot boarded this plane with the preboarding or boarding process have now been taken off the plane. we do not know that yet the status of the suspect or suspects but this looks to be a very good conclusion of the situation that has a very bad connotation about 15 minutes ago. we are told this was away from the gate and demands are being
11:41 am
made. the a330 was supposed to go to madrid and it's not the gate at schiphol airport in amsterdam and we are being told that 27 people on board are off the plane and safe. the status of the hijackers, we still do not know. continuing coverage of breaking news after the break. y. at bayer, this is why we science. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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>> dana: at fox news alert and one of several big stories we are following, a suspect arrested in the death of nine americans killed by a mexican cartel. plus new details about how eight children, some of them infants, actually survived of the ambush. mexican officials are saying days arrested a suspect in the brutal massacre just across the border from douglas arizona close to where the attacks
11:46 am
happened. the suspects had to hostages bound and gagged as well as two assault rifles and a bulletproof suv. and graphic new details on what happened during the ambush that left three women and six children dead including 8-month-old twins. one of the victims, christina langford, reportedly hit her 7-month-old baby on the floorboard of the back seat and got out of the car with her hands up. she was shot and killed, her baby was found 11 hours later alive. a 13-year-old family member hiding six of his injured brothers and sisters in nearby brush covering them with branches before walking 14 miles to find help. mexican officials say the gunmen may have mistaken the groups suv is for those of a rival gang about a relative of the victim says otherwise. >> we have a lot of evidence and reason to believe that they had a strategic plan and we were attacked. unfortunately, the vehicles that
11:47 am
had left our community were -- we believe they may have been used as bait to try to attract the cartel in sonora to them. two of the vehicles had a head start over the one in the back and run nita was driving the one in the back with her four children. she came around the corner and they just unleashed on this vehicle. they came up to the vehicle and shot more shots, rated the video and then set it ablaze and burned everybody alive. >> dana: wil william lodge and s with more. >> a lot of this doesn't make sense in terms of them being used as a decoy. in fact, the plans were messed up because of a flat tire but,
11:48 am
the president said it did appear that the mormon families got caught in the middle of the cartel fight, not that this is random or on we have some pictures here of some of the casualties of that turf war. mormon children taken to u.s. hospitals who survived the assault by hiding from gunmen in the weeds. a funeral caravan is expected today from one mormon community to the other. the funeral is planned for thursday and friday for the three mothers and six children killed in the assault. the head of mexico state security did say police arrested a man known in documents only as leonardo n near the mormon max occur hours later with two victims bound and gagged and five guns including a barrett .50-caliber which is big and 9,000 rounds of ammunition.
11:49 am
but they haven't confirmed he was part of the ambush. president of the torah says that the factions out of chihuahua who controls a neighboring state of sonora had a gun fight that monday which could have continued and the mormons got caught traveling the same roads, shooting a woman in the chest, a child in the back, a mother yelling don't shoot, burning babies in a car and sending a ruthless message. so president trump offering u.s. help to mexico even though they have declined and even as the country seek sinks further into disaster. >> that's why we are here. the objective is for this indignation to be backed up by the law so there is justice. >> obviously mexico right now, something like 100 homicides per day. the president is trying to get some kind of strategy out of this to regain the confidence of
11:50 am
voters and not hurt tourism worse than it already is. >> dana: william lodge and us, thanks for following the story. let's bring in tom cotton. senator, it's just unfathomable almost. except it is very real. it was a horrible attack, several americans have been murdered. at the you see this as an individual incident or is this a national security concern now just south of our border? speak out this is not an individual incident. this is the depraved murder of six women and children and wounding other children. cartel violence in mexico has reached an all-time high and under the last year murders have surged under the president's policy of hogs not bullets. that might be nice for a children's fairy tale but in the real world when they have .50-caliber machine guns the only answer is more bullets.
11:51 am
>> dana: how might we do that? i was talking yesterday about the idea of designating cartel as a terrorist organization, or that make a difference? >> one thing we could do is increase the penalties and sanctions that transnational criminal organizations already face. most of the cartels are designated as such. our special operations forces were able to take down al baghdadi in syria. they did it to pakistan eight years ago. they could impose a world of hurt on his cartels a few dozen miles away from the american border and i can tell you that a pinion inside of congress is running extremely aggressive towards the cartels given this last act of depraved violence. >> the impeachment hearings will start next wednesday. i wonder about your level of frustration, not being able to get anything else done in
11:52 am
congress while this continues. it looks like it's going to dominate the news for days to come. >> just last week democrats in congress blocked the defense spending bill which will spend d send money to the very troops that were serving in syria. they are starting down the path of impeaching the president yet again. the people that's what is not getting done right now. do you think contraband and should be called to testify? >> i don't know that it's necessary for the committee to do so but if the house proceeds with articles and impeachments, many will be paid 50,000 months to do. or we might like to hear from
11:53 am
joe biden on exactly what he did as a obama administration's point person for the ukraine when he directed the firing of the prosecutor who is investigating the oligarch that was painting for hunter biden. >> dana: let's stay in touch especially on the mexico issue. we would love to have you back and talk about it. >> flight 96 was a boarding air europa from amsterdam to madrid. about 27 people were on board the plane and somebody push the hijack alert. a macro button. they went into all hands on deck and got the 27 people off. there were reports of men with knives on board but it all turned out to be a false alarm. somebody apparently pushed the hijack alert button and air europa has not tweeted that this whole thing was a false alarm. the passengers are safe and all is over, the flights in and out
11:54 am
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>> fox news alert, two murder suspects who spent three days on the loan after busting out of jail or back in custody. john, how does your all go down? >> the two were detained just before midnight local time at the u.s. and mexico border. the same as he drove crossing to be exact which is just south of san diego. but what's curious here is that the escaped murder suspects were apparently trying to come back into the u.s. from mexico. rather than trying to escape the u.s. as we all might reasonably have thought. the monterey county sheriff's that he had no idea why they would be trying to come back into the country having already made it into mexico but he said they are now being brought back
11:59 am
to monterey county in northern california to the jail from which they escaped. listen here. >> with done at least three security improvements, one particular housing unit and before anyone asks, no they won't be housed in the same housing unit. they are going to a separate housing unit where they will be housed alone, meaning they will not be housed in the same area, they will be in different rooms. we will take every caution possible to make sure we don't have another escape. >> now yesterday 444 miles north of the u.s.-mexico border there was a six hour standoff involving police s.w.a.t. teams and u.s. marshals sheriff's deputies all of whom believed they had one of the two suspects, jonathan salazar, cornered with nowhere to go. when a final finally entered the motel six the alleged gang member was nowhere to be found. 20-year-old salazar escaped from the school in the in jail sunday
12:00 pm
with the other suspect. the pair made a hotel -- hole in the bathroom ceiling of their housing unit and crawled out by ducts and pipes. >> dana: thank you for that. here's shannon. >> president trump set to speak moments from now at the white house, and we will see if the testimony will no longer be behind closed doors. i'm shannon bream on the fox news desk in new york. releasing the transcript of put closed-door testimony from the first witness. the hearing is set to kick off a week from today it they became a key figure in the impeachment inquiry because of his text messages discussing this military aid to ukraine. we will have details from the transcript of his testimony in just minutes. also today, the


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