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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 7, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> oh my gosh. [bleep] heather: the worker stumbled into the latter before being knocked to the ground. that had to hurt. thank you for joining us as always. "fox and friends first" starts now, goodbye. rob: november 7th, the families of 9 americans gunned down by mexican drug cartel believe it was a targeted attack. jillian: through the or a miracle story of survival. we have the latest on the investigation into the massacre plus political bias in black and white. anti-trump tweets posted by the whistleblower's attorney surface. rob: as the impeachment fight it into the public arena how does this affect the democrats case? >> not just honoring 6 patriots but following the example of generations of americans.
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rob: a big surprise from mike pence at the first-ever fox nation patriot award show. carley: we are live in st. petersburg, florida with moments that make your morning. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rocking in the usa ♪ carley: patriotic morning at fox news as it always is but particularly today because it is the day after the first patriot awards. you are looking live at st. petersburg, florida, pretty quiet in new york. rob: a lot of us are down there. coming up in a few minutes. carley: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday
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morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us and we begin with a fox news alert. public impeachment hearing set to begin next week. carley: republicans fight to unmask the whistleblower. we learned their attorney was calling for impeachment in 2017. rob: todd pyro with what we can expect next week. >> reporter: first up wednesday, willie taylor, the top us diplomat in ukraine expected to echo close hearing testimony, portions of which read as follows, quote, i became increasingly concerned our relationship with ukraine was being fundamentally undermined by an irregular informal channel of us policymaking and withholding vital security assistance or domestic political reasons. he will be followed by george kent, deputy assistant secretary of state for european and
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eurasian affairs and marie yavanovitch, former ambassador to ukraine as rand paul locks us senate resolution to reaffirm was a lower protection saying it is a system that needs to be refined, and introducing new legislation that would allow donald trump to face the whistleblower. other congressional republicans like devon nunez saying there's a lot more to the democrats not wanting the whistleblower's identity revealed. >> whoever the whistleblower is must be an extreme partisan with lots of problems with their story. that is why the whistleblower won't come forward. >> reporter: adding fuel to the fire tweets from the was a blower's attorney including this one from 2017. hashtag who has started. as one fall two more will take the place, hashtag rebellion hashtag impeachment. that refers to administration employees and the white house. take a look. this picture showing documents from previous presidential impeachment adding next up, donald trump.
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attorney mark said adding it could occur in many steps and we will get rid of him, referring to donald trump. jillian: we have more on the impeachment inquiry and what those tweets mean later in the hour. meantime funerals begin for the nine americans killed by a drug cartel in mexico. their family tells fox news they believe the gunmen targeted the women and children. rob: griff jenkins joins us from washington as the family and friends head to mexico to pay their loved ones or delay their loved ones to rest. a sad story here. >> reporter: it is indeed, a caravan of a different kind, hundreds -- the quiet mormon enclave, protection from mexican security, today's funeral, 9 americans killed monday, many getting a firsthand look at the carnage unfolding at the hands of cartel gunmen with questions over who is responsible for the bloodshed. mexican president obrador suggesting they were caught in a fight between warring factions
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of the cartel in sonora with a neighboring one from chihuahua but family members say it was deliberate. >> all we know it was on purpose. it wasn't an accident. they weren't in the wrong place at the wrong time. we don't believe that is the truth. they were attacking when they attacked. >> reporter: this as donald trump and others in washington push for more involvement in the fight against the cartel saying the us is ready to assist but president lopez obrador is refusing any aid saying it is not an option holding onto a policy calls -- hugs, not bullets. this comes at a time when cartel violence is spiraling out of control, nearly 36,000 people were murdered in mexico last year than most on record this year. they are on pace to exceed that figure 5%. then there is this.
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a miracle amid the mayhem. a baby named faith reunited with her father after being found 11 hours later in a bullet riddled is uv. an amazing part of this tragic story. as for the arrest yesterday mexican authorities say they do not believe that suspect was directly involved in the attack. rob: a soft response from the mexican president. we will see if that changes. a new clue in the search for the missing stepdaughter of the us street fighters. the surveillance pictures of personal interest in alabama. the man was at the convenience store where she was lasting two weeks ago, blanchard's car was found last week. police believe she's a victim of foul play based on evidence they found inside. hundreds of people attending a church vigil overnight praying for her safe return. a 13-year-old murder suspect who escapes custody is turned in by his own mom. the boy identified as jericho w,
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in north carolina, he took off while wearing leg restraints and was able to escape, not even wearing any shoes. a guard opened the door, jericho is charged in the death of two brothers last month. his mom called the police when he showed up at a family member's house last night. jillian: matt 7 calling for be canvassing of vote, claiming voter fraud may have played a role in a close election. >> we want the people of kentucky to have absolute confidence that their votes were counted. as they should have been counted. >> the gop incumbent more than 5000 votes behind his democratic challenger, andy bashir. the remarks come days after donald trump visited the bluegrass state to rally for republicans. and officially canvas will take place next thursday. donald trump rally supported
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louisiana for gubernatorial candidate eddie riskone. >> you cannot afford four more years of his far left travis the. it is time to replace your failed governor john bell edwards with eddie riskone who will do an incredible job. carley: riskone and john bell edwards are head-to-head in the latest poll. the runoff election is next week. rob: a sold-out crowd for the first ever fox nation patriot award show honoring the brave americans who served this country. carley: jillian joins us live from st. petersburg, florida along with "fox and friends" weekend host pete hegseth. i was watching last night. i thought it was a wonderful celebration of patriotism and i'm sure you're feeling great this morning.
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jillian: it was emotional, powerful. you were the emcee of the event and did a great job. how did you feel looking out among the sea of patriots. >> it felt long overdue. here we are in this award show honoring the best. we had to watch for years, hollywood runs them, they are not based on patriotism or anything substantive at all and last night we got to hold up the story of people who deserve to be held up so i am honored any time i get to stand on stage and hear the applause. i don't take it from me or anyone else. there were are so many patriots in the world. jillian: there's a 14-year-old boy who serves the community going door-to-door to hand out flags and make people aware of what is going on and provide that patriotism to the community. you had a double amputee who ran 31 marathons in 31 days. i can't do one. a wife and her daughter, her husband is a police officer
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overseas serving and you look at the individual faces and the emotions and that tells so much. pete: the coach in the locker rooms as we stand for the and them. my hope is by elevating the stories we encourage people to do the same thing. that is the point. our celebrity culture holds up celebrities who act for a living. if we can say no, do these small things, patriotic things and you can be a leader in your community that is the point. elevate the things that matter the most. standing up there, watching these videos, this is what should matter the most in our country and god bless everyone who put this together last night. jillian: a surprise message from the vice president mike pence. listen to a portion of that. >> tonight you are not just honoring six patriots. you are following the example of generations of americans who
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lived out our 16th president's pledged to care for them. we thank you for that. jillian: a moment like that to have that message. pete: we reached out to the vice president. he wanted to do it and believed in it. it is because our culture lacks this type of thing. find me an award show for the patriots. the patriot awards, i got the same feeling, long overdue and it was an honor. jillian: our job has significant meaning to you. pete: we the people, you got to do it. jillian: you are a patriot. pete: so many people made this possible. jillian: you did too, thank you for your service. back to you. an incredible night. carley: a great award show and
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so well executed. rob: thanks. carley: you can catch it next year. it is 11 minutes after the hour. tape is not a quick fix you want for an airplane but that is the view from this window. how that are line is defending itself. >> i had this interview with virginia robertson they would not put it on the air. unbelievable, we have everything. rob: this video got everybody talking. abc says it squashed the jeffrey epstein story because it wasn't confirmed that their standards when it came to brett kavanaugh. we call out the hypocrisy coming up. ♪ about vehicle quality.
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the best of pressure cooking and air frying now in one pot, and with tendercrisp technology, you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. carley: abc news sticking by
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their story about keeping a bombshell piece on jeffrey epstein off the air for ethical reasons. and explanation that came after anchor amy roback was caught on a hot mike saying the opposite. >> i had the story for three years and had this interview with virginia roberts, they would not put it on the air. they said no one knows who jeffrey epstein is, this is a stupid story. then found out we had her whole allegations and threatened us 1 million different ways. it was unbelievable. we had everything. rob: this is something else. the epstein story did not meet abc standards three years ago, why did they run with the other stories like all the unfounded claims against brett kavanaugh? joining us live is the president of district media group beverly hallberg. let's look at how abc covered brett kavanaugh.
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>> a detailed, moving account of brett kavanaugh's attack. did brett kavanaugh sexually assault her or physically harm her in any way? >> embedded supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh fighting to save his nomination and his name. rob: completely unconfirmed claims against brett kavanaugh versus what we saw was jeffrey epstein, this is something else. carley: this continues to come out, a lot of people saying abc news has been hypocritical as you mentioned. they say does not adhere to journalistic standards. they had no problems smearing brett kavanaugh when they didn't have corroborating evidence. the question is why? part of it is ties to epstein, the clintons, stephanopoulos, the story will unfold and we will learn more. carley: abc news release a statement of fox saying not all the reporting met our standards to air but we never never
2:18 am
stopped investigating the story. but then you listen to amy roback saying we had pictures, we had all these ties to the clintons and they were concerned about the palace getting involved. do you think abc news was trying to cover the story up? >> absolutely. i don't think this is purely about money but power. she was you heard in the video just baffled at the amount of information she had and couldn't believe they didn't come forward. here is the other side. not only that they didn't come forward in the three years they had this information but they are not even reporting it today. they haven't put out a statement saying very much. they are not putting it in their news coverage. this is a major story. they are still trying to hide it. carley: talk about the palace stuff, prince andrew involved and everyone wanting access, talk about will and kate but three years ago hillary clinton was running for president in
2:19 am
this country, bill clinton is off on an island with jeffrey epstein, that changes and election. that is a huge story. >> that is why there are so many elements to this. don't underestimate the clintons. a lot of it has to do with power and not wanting to get the story out. you see what hillary clinton said about tulsi gabbard. the clintons have a lot of ties and they think the story adds more to do with them than abc news and money. carley: i don't understand their explanation that the story wasn't ready for reporting because so often that side of the story and leave it there. >> if i could make a contrast, when you look at the book that came out, the women in bc had to settle with they report on that book. looking at other networks, generally they report on facts
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and let you decide. >> the squad not all in on bernie sanders was the freshman congressman breaking from the pack to support another 2020 contender. >> a swing and the hit. the epic ride fail going viral. . ♪ we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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rob: congresswoman iona presley breaking from the squad to campaign for elizabeth warren in north carolina. >> this is a fight for the soul
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of our nation. she knows how to win. i am proud to call her my senator. i can't wait to call her the president. rob: after receiving his endorsement warren tweeting thank you, proud of you, fighting alongside you to put power in the hands of the people. the other democrats squad members are backing bernie sanders. carley: newly divorced congresswoman ilhan omar could face an investigation into payments to her alleged lover. according to the daily mail omar's campaign paid $360,000 to her finance chief's company since august 2018. a conservative group wants the sec to investigate those payments to determine if any money went to personal expenses. omar has denied reports of the love affair with her finance chief. las vegas makes it illegal to or sleep on the streets of their sidewalks. city council approving the measure in front of a fired up
2:25 am
crowd. [chanting] carley: protesters say this criminalizes the homeless population. those violating the law could be fined up to $1000 or put in jail for 6 months. rob: the president marking a major milestone of his presidency as the senate approves his 158th judicial appointment since inauguration day. in the same time the obama administration hit just 115. >> it should be donald trump's greatest legacy to have judges who aren't trying to put their personal policy preferences into the law but instead are applying the law and respecting the judiciary has a special role in our government. rob: senator lindsey graham said
2:26 am
he believed donald trump's appointment of brett kavanaugh has been the defining moment of his presidency so far. carley: sean spicer on dancing with the stars, one judge not that happy. my reaction to sean being saved is frustrating. there are really great dancers being sent home but that is part of our show. it has always been the audience of the judge's perspective. i can't be mad at it, it is just frustrating. is time has been controversial from the start. in a tweet, tom bergeron says he disagrees with spicer's casting. rob: even this show is political. give me a break. a dancing show. 26 after the are, donald trump rallying a fired up crowd in hopes of turning the governor's mansion in louisiana read.
2:27 am
what this means for the last gubernatorial election of the year and 2020. carley: kanye west leading hundreds of people to christ in a new wave of revival. meet the pastor and witnesses firsthand when they join us live. she wanted to move someplace warm. but he wanted snow for the holidays. so we built a snow globe. i'll get that later. dylan! but the one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with homeowners insurance. what? switching and saving was really easy! i love you! what? sweetie! hands off the glass. ugh!! call geico and see how easy saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. i love her!
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carley: donald trump rallying support for eddie riskone. >> great to be with thousands of proud hard-working freedom loving american patriots. that is what you are. rob: the second rally in this race. aishah hasnie joins us with the biggest moment. >> reporter: the president knows how to pack a rally hoping he can convince voters to vote for eddie riskone as republicans try to unseat democratic governor john bell edwards. >> edwards is a complete disaster for the state of
2:31 am
louisiana. you cannot afford four more years of this far left travesty. it is time to replace your failed governor john bell edwards with eddie riskone. >> reporter: he urged folks to get out and vote early saying find your polling location and vote for your next louisiana governor. that is important because even though this is a state trump won in 2016 a recent poll has edwards up by two points. one of the biggest moment of the night came when the cast of "duck dynasty" took the stage to put their support behind riskone. >> if you are pro-god and pro-america and pro-gun and pro-duckhunting that is all i want.
2:32 am
>> reporter: the president plans to attend the big lsu alabama football game saturday. the student government in alabama already warning any organization that engaged in disruptive behavior during the game will be removed for the remainder of the season. louisiana's gubernatorial election happens november 16th. rob: kanye west has made it his new mission to spread the gospel lunching events across the us called sunday service. >> my job is to spread the gospel to let people know what jesus has done for me. i was letting you know, what jesus has done. >> interesting evolution for kanye west, this brought 1000 attendees to christianity.
2:33 am
they join us live, good morning. happy to have you here. >> i don't know what i expected but it was not a kanye concert but a service. it was phenomenal. >> he didn't go to stage in a 2-hour set. this? a lot of people think it is a ploy for attention. he is a celebrity. is he in on this thing? >> no one can judge the heart of
2:34 am
a man except god but i will say this. look at scripture, the apostle paul is literally on his way to kill and capture christians whenever he had this road to damascus encounter with god. you literally went from solid persecutor to paul, two thirds of the new testament. there are some who believe it was a 3-year process, the early church accepted him as a legitimate carrier of truth. i believe at the end of the day it is hard to judge a hard man but watch the proof. carley: tell us about your self. you have a very interesting story. >> we could be here all day on that. i grew up in church all my life. when i was 11 years old i
2:35 am
started doing drugs. i was a cocaine addict experimenting with crack cocaine, in and out of jail. i faced ten years in prison for armed robbery, second-degree kidnapping. my wife prayed for me, she would visit me in jail. eventually i faced incredible rehabilitation program. encountered the love of jesus and never looked back since. we have been traveling for 13 years to christian hip-hop music and pastoring at the greatest church in america for 41/2 years. rob: we appreciate it. thank you for your time. carley: what an inspiring couple. we turn to janice dean in st. petersburg, florida at the fox nation patriot awards. rob: i bet she is tired.
2:36 am
>> how do you know that? do you know me that well? rob: she might have had a cocktail last night. >> reporter: you both have to come next year. what an inspiration. incredible. fox nation put on a wonderful show and i'm happy to be here not only because we had the patriot awards last night but because it is 72 ° in st. petersburg. it is beautiful. i have a cold front to tell you about that will sweep the country even as far south as florida as we go into the weekend. i will show you what we are talking about. you see that front pushing across the ohio valley, mississippi and tennessee river valley, 17 in minneapolis and a balmy 7 ° in rapid city. along this cold front we have the potential for showers and thunderstorms moving through the
2:37 am
region. don't know why my maps aren't working but that cold front will bring potential for showers and a little bit of snow where we have colder air pushing to the northeast so we could see the potential for accumulating snow across the interior northeast, parts of the great lakes in the upper midwest and coming back into st. petersburg, tampa, florida where it is 72 ° and i will keep reiterating that. we have some snow moving in and the cold front will dip as far south as the gulf coast this weekend and later next week cold enough for perhaps snow along the big cities so stay tuned. carley: i would like to the request in to stay here in florida. >> everybody looks so beautiful. >> we don't need the map. we need you. >> i might have a slight headache, just saying. rob: thank you so much.
2:38 am
we appreciate it. it is somebody's birthday today. just to ruin the day we made her sick next to me for an hour. carley: i think i'm going to cry. >> your favorite food ever. >> i am actually tearing up. >> happy birthday. every on in the control room, thank you so much. i was just about to say about having birthdays anymore but if birthdays come with tacos i'm having a birthday every friday. >> where are you going for your birthday? >> i believe we are going to go to taco bell. if anybody wants to join, thanks, guys. so touched. ♪
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>> reporter: open hearings in the impeachment inquiry next week. those open hearings will be an opportunity for the american people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves and to learn firsthand about the fact of the president's misconduct. rob: a lot of big updates on this. americans will get their first look at the democratic impeachment agree with three key witnesses testifying in public hearings. carley: it comes after newly uncovered tweets from the whistleblower's attorney celebrating a coup against donald from. rob: judge andrew napolitano is live to break it down for us. let's pull up these tweets, you can see the first one, the coup has started, rebellion, hashtag impeachment in some of these tweets, very scary, we will get rid of him and the country strong enough to survive him and
2:43 am
his supporters. the attorney doesn't like the president. how big deal is this? judge napolitano: it is decidedly on lawyer like comments but i'm sure he will eat his words and wish he hadn't said. i don't think it is a big deal in the ultimate impeachment. attorneys have biases like everybody else was the attorney doesn't come in neutral, he comes in defending or advancing the cause of his clients but it is somewhat of an embarrassment for him, particularly harsh language and use of the word coup which implies illegal overflow. it is constitutional. it is a coup. carley: interesting the whistleblower chose him, that could have factored into it. judge napolitano: or the other way around, he may have chosen the whistleblower. we don't know. the lawyer himself whatever his political biases is one of the leading experts in national
2:44 am
security law, representing people who work in the intelligence community when they have a beef with their bosses. not on this grand a scale but has done it before. carley: we are used to having lawmakers go back and forth in lines of questioning but next week it will be different. judge napolitano: you will see serious lengthy questioning for 90 minutes, each side can pick a lawyer to do it. adam schiff is a former federal prosecutor who knows how to ask questions and follow up. the witness can often eat up the questioner's 5 minutes. it is more realistic and go into far more detail. every one of the witnesses has been examined under oath by this community.
2:45 am
questioners have a good idea of that. rob: you have become unpopular by saying the democrats have a case here. judge napolitano: popularity - rob: there is a case to be made, democrats have a case and you think the president may have done something wrong. judge napolitano: under the constitution they have a case because, he wasn't president then but became president, gerald ford once said and impeachable offense is whatever the house of representatives thinks it is and they do have a case that asking a foreign government for aid in a political campaign is and impeachable offense. rob: the republicans when they defend against this say the president to ukraine was trying to say they were going against corruption and the president was simply pointing out a case of corruption. it wasn't about knocking joe biden -- talking about look at this, this looks dirty.
2:46 am
judge napolitano: that is the president's defense of the public will decide who they believe. democrats will say they have the majority because this is not a jury case. the democrats have decided the president -- that there is a case there. if the president and his people make a stronger defense than the case the democrats make. carley: the only thing that will swing republicans is a bombshell that we don't already know. do you foresee that happening in open testimony? judge napolitano: i don't know. if you asked me that about nixon or clinton, you remember nixon? you were around. carley: i'm getting older by the moment. judge napolitano: there were bombshells nobody anticipated. who knows what is going to happen. this we know for certain, we will be riveted to it. rob: thanks for coming back.
2:47 am
5:46 in the morning. carley: time to check with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> it is not sunny yet but it will be sunny shortly. we are in st. petersburg on the west coast of florida for the first ever. last night we had the fox nation patriot awards and the awards we gave out, first responders, most valuable patriot, the ultimate patriot. you are going to meet many of those people. it is fox nation. we have a lot of people we know and love with us that you will see on the show starting in 15 minutes and we will have with us diamond and silk, tommy laren, and lawrence jones. because last night we took over the happy theater near the harbor in st. petersburg, rented the whole place and chris the
2:48 am
camera guy, at great expense, we have flown into st. petersburg a replica of the kirby couch as seen in midtown manhattan every day of the year. the fox nation patriot awards postgame show live on "fox and friends" starts in 15 minutes on the channel you trust for your kirby couch news from florida, we will be right back. what are you doing back there, junior?
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since we're obviously lost, i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. ah, relax. i got this. which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. he knows exactly where we're going. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... the my account app makes today's
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xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. >> good morning. live from the st. petersburg, florida where we experienced the
2:52 am
first annual patriot awards last night. let's bring our friends who has gone the promotion because we used to call you major dan rooney, colonel dan rooney. >> amazing night we celebrated everything that was right in america. >> talk about your favorite moment of the night. >> one of the award winners, rob jones, double amputee made such a sacrifice for our country and what we do is honor that sacrifice. and find out rob's wife is expecting a baby boy. we had this incredible moment when i wasn't able to say when the time is right. and the good that happened.
2:53 am
>> and we see thousands of people it was sold out. we see people in their uniform and look at their faces and emotion on their faces. we were hosting, this is the oscars of what really matters. and they celebrated god and country, we did with no apology and accept the award for 25,000 recipients with all the folks that support us in the audience. >> all the proceeds going to fold of honor. a lot of people on social media commenting i tried to get tickets but they were already sold out. for those people dying to help, they still can. >> they visit our website,
2:54 am if you sign up today we send you a folds of honor t-shirt and uniform. >> we got a couple seconds left. what does the word patriot mean to you? >> someone that puts service before self, that wants to make this country better. you don't have to be a patriot to put on a uniform. there are so many individuals contributing, giving back. and embodied the spirit. >> we thank you for being here, for everything you are doing, thanks very much. colonel dan rooney. we love you. we are coming right back, stay with us. chevy silverado hd.
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rob: time for the glul. we start with the good. and this cheer dad has got the spirit. check it out. ♪ carley: look at that high kick. rob: she taught him this routine so he could perform
2:59 am
in the bleachers. carley: that family seems like a fun of fun. a cracked window covering clear tape. a concerned passenger snapping this picture while flying by. the crack was only on the inner layer of the window and fixed the same day. not good. rob: only the inside. it was fine. finally the ugly. a rope swing operator not paying attention at all. [screams] >> oh my god. >> and then he gets hit after run over they knock him in the girl on the right took it on the butt it. looked like it hurt a lot. the operator gets knocked on the. you can see just dancing around and boom. carley: how does that happen? i feel like you like this video a little too much.
3:00 am
rob: watching him hit the ladder is funny. happy birthday 22. carley: that's right. exactly my age. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ only in america ♪ dreaming in red, white and blue. [laughter] ainsley: we had the patriot awards on fox nation last night. so incredible. janice: inspirational. steve: it was. if you familiar with st. petersburg, florida right out by the bay. this place is filled with about 2,000 p


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