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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 7, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> sandra: okay, that was a show. that's it, were out of time. see you tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, former national security advisor john bolton skipping a closed-door deposition today. and the democrats growing impeachment probe. his attorney said bolton would not show unless democrats issued a subpoena, but i was intelligence official telling fox news bolton's lawyer now says they will take democrats to court over the subpoena. this, as we are learning one of the whistleblower attorneys treated all the way back in january of 2016 that a "kook" had started and that president trump will ultimately be impeached. the president at a rally in
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louisiana last night seizing on those tweets. >> it's all a hoax. they say january 2017, a coup has started. and the impeachment will follow. it's all a hoax. it's a scam. >> melissa: but there but the whistleblower's attorneys telling fox news, "those tweets were reflective, and repeated the sentiments of millions of people. i was referring to a completely lawful process of what president trump would likely face as a result of stepping over the line. the coup comment referring to those working inside the administration who are already just a week into office standing uup to him to recognized and enforced rules of laws." this is "outnumbered," and i mills affords us. here today, my partner, melissa faulkner. harris faulkner. post of cavity on the
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fox business ever, kennedy. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. an fox news contributor and host of his show on the fox radio, guy benson. i think i said 2016, but the streettweets were from 2017. how much damage does not do? it's not the normal anti-tribe tweets. "the coup has started, it ends in impeachment. cnn will play key role." >> guy: and not findin finishint his term in office, or whatever. i think it a few what term has been arguing. he was reading from the podium at the rally saying the whole thing was rigged from the get-go. the statement we read, not persuasive to me. "these are normal terms everyone uses!" sorry, coup has a significant meaning. to use it in this giddy way back in 2017 clearly shows a strong animus toward the president. that's fine. i'm not sure it impacts the facts of the case. even if the whistleblower in every attorneys ever had where
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radical resistance on the that doesn't change with the trans group said. it doesn't change with these people have been testifying under oath. that is the heart of the alleged misconduct here from the president. i think it's relevant. what may have possibly motivated the whistleblower, and the team around him. >> melissa: kennedy, to me it's like that moment when we heard from the lawyer. >> kennedy: christine blasey ford? >> melissa: thank you. after everything came out. that there was something political in it. it reinforces that theme. "coup" is a really bad choice of words. >> kennedy: and incredibly loaded. it betrays her motivation as an attorney and you are doing whatever you can bu by any means necessary to overthrow the president. everyone is entitled to their opinion. there are plenty of government
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workers who don't like the president, but they can still act like adults and do their job. this sounds incredibly childish. this guy seems like an antifa member with a cement milk shake and a pink kitty cat hat. he seems like an irrational resistance protester, and it makes other adults sitting on the sidelines who are just now getting curious about th what te real charges are, it makes them go "really? this is what we are doing, again? >> jessica: mark zaid, the lawyer for the whistleblower, he has was presented -- >> kennedy: he is conflicted. >> jessica: guy from your spot on. it doesn't change the facts of the matter. do go on. [laughter] you have so many levels of corroboration, now that we have the revised testimony from gordon sondland, bill taylor, the memorandum of the transcripts. the president of the united states of america on national television, and mick mulvaney confirming it from
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the podium during that terrible press conference. those tweets are definitely kind of eyebrow-raising. "what are you talking about?" a little bit. when you have this much evidence, i don't think it impacts the inquiry at all. >> melissa: are sort of agree with what she's saying and sense that we all know what happened. the question is, do we think it's worth reversing an election? >> harris: of course we know what happened. that's on one side. on the flip side, you got adam schiff, the house until chair, who said at one point there is the whistleblower, "we might need to hear from the whistleblower," and then, "we don't need to hear from the whistleblower because we have a call record and that's everything we need." perfect versus enough. where army, in terms of -- we all can read the call record. i have a quick question for you, guy. zaid says -- and he said this earlier -- "i predict cnn will play a role in donald trump not finishing out his term as president."
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not to single them out, but just all media aspect of this. as the president has said this as the drumbeat all along, the part the media will play in what he calls the witch hunt. how that factor in? >> guy: it goes to one of the other refrains referred from the president over and over again. "they're all out to get me, they all hate me." in many cases, that's true. there's been a revival of robust investigative journalism because of this president come after eight year nap. they really are hostile towards his president, and he gives that hostility read back to them. here is zaid sort of egging them egging them on entering them saying, "not only are they telling truth to power or holding power accountable, they are going to specifically help take him down." >> harris: so they are in possession of some information, they should just tell the world. right? >> guy: i think they would. >> harris: imagine, you're sitting there at the keyboard, and somebody says "we need you
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and your colleagues to stop the president from a full term." "wait a minute, what do i have?" >> guy: that might have been some wish casting. let's make one other point about what you were saying. yes, the transcripts speak for themselves. the witnesses speak for themselves. it's damning, it's a problem. i think there's a lot of merit to that. however -- and this brings schiff back into it, and this is where democrats are in trouble -- the american people just sat through two years of adam schiff saying there is collusion, there's clear evidence of collusion. he still saying it. we went through all of this. eventually we got to the finish line with the mueller report and it was just kind of a fizzle. and now there's a new thing and they are like, "now we have to really care about this." i think there is some burnout. >> kennedy: i want to add something to that. i think the impetus is very critical in both of these cases. for the russian special counsel investigation, it was james comey leaking memos through a friend to
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"the new york times." and here come with the impetus is the whistleblower. those are important, that is the match that starts the wildfire. you are absolutely right. what is are sitting there going, "is it worth it again? is a big enough? is this it, is this the one? is this where the wheels come off the wagon?" >> melissa: when they said they were gasping as they were hearing testimony, and we are looking at the transcripts. "what were you a gasping at?" what do you think about ambassador bolton now officially not going in today? "if you subpoena me i'm going to fight it." what do we think about this? because he is not a trump fan, obviously. >> jessica: he shares a lawyer with another official who did fight it. and now they have dropped it and are not allowing them to testify. i think it's kupperman. they didn't want it to drag on. there bill taylor, marie yovanovitch is coming in next week from public testimony. bolton is more important than giving up on charles kupperman. i think they want to move
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forward with the subpoena, and you could get to the point where you are actually forcing democrats to do something about this with the defying of the subpoenas. the white house has been in an all-out war against this, for bidding people to testify. mike pence, one of his top aides going in today. jennifer williams, i believe, is her name. because of a subpoena. that will get elevated. >> melissa: you think bolton is essential. i would say one thing -- >> jessica: he was the one who said, "i don't want to be part of this drug deal going on." >> melissa: one of the things we've been looking at is this idea of rudy giuliani and how he figures in. how do you think bolton figures and with what's to be had on rudy giuliani? it seems like giuliani is in trouble here. >> harris: all we can do is go by the transcripts, the four that we have. we might get another one from george kent's testimony today. we can only go by the mentions of rudy giuliani. and of course, he lawyered up in the last 24 hours, as well. with an entire legal team, reportedly. i believed he tweeted about
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that, but if i'm wrong about that, forgive me. >> guy: i want to hear from bolton, don't you? it would be really dramatic. he was at the center of all of this. >> harris: he left right around -- not on the day, but -- >> guy: shortly after. >> kennedy: he wants to tell about it in a book. he also doesn't want to waste his time behind closed doors. if he's going to undo an administration and sell books, he would do it in a very public setting. >> harris: that's not the way to look at it, though. i don't think we can assume who is a fan of whom in terms of the president. john bolton is somebody who -- all these people who went to work for the administration, they didn't have to. he wanted to go, he wanted to help. we know him from here at fox news. >> kennedy: he wanted to do it on his terms. >> harris: he did go, and just because he'd decided he doesn't want to talk, he doesn't he is anti-president. we don't know what he will say. rudy giuliani, like i said, it's laid out in this transcript we
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are reading. it's interesting, the role he played. it seems like a lot of people knew. like the tentacles on a squid, that things are going on. >> jessica: we do know john bolton didn't like the president's foreign policy when it came to russia, north korea. he was not being a nearly hard enough there. >> guy: those are mosaic to screens on policy. >> jessica: that's his job. >> guy: absolutely. >> melissa: funeral services starting today for some of the nine americans killed in that cartel shoot out in northern mexico. what we know about the brutal attack. plus, house republicans considering new ways to beef up their defense as the impeachment inquiry enters a new public phase. out nancy pelosi could throw a wrench in their plan. ♪ there's a company that's talked to even more real people
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>> harris: today, loved ones are gathering in mexico for the funerals of women and children slaughtered in monday's brutal drug cartel ambush on american citizens inside northern mexico. services scheduled for today and tomorrow. of course, safety is a huge concern for anybody in attendance. meanwhile, mexican authorities confirming a man arrested near the border earlier this week with two hostages in his vehicle is not connected to the shoot-out that killed those americans. william la jeunesse has been following this story for us come to great job. he's like from los angeles. william, the latest? >> until now we kind of knew what happened but not the why. now that's coming into focus. put mexico claims, and the family say, conflict. relatives from around the u.s. captured in the border town of douglas arizona for the long drive under heavy police escort. funerals this morning for donna
9:17 am
langford and her two sons. this afternoon, rhonita lebaron-miller and her four children. then they will bury christina johnson in town nearby. what happened? from others, 14 children. they leave their home, which straddles the boundary between two states, sonar and chihuahua. at two rival cartels, wires and sinaloa. according to the surviving children, they were driving down the road when the gunman, some standing on the welcome open fire. christina got out, waved, yelled, "don't shoot!" but was gunned down in cold blood 15 yards from our vehicle. a few miles back, a second car, hit. dawna and her two sons, dead. they pulled out the surviving children and told them to leave. some were injured and bleeding. they hid under a tree and the oldest went to get out. 10 miles back, gunmen fired some 200 bullets into the third vehicle, killing rhonita and her children.
9:18 am
mexican officials claim it burst into flames. the family says it's not true. their belongings were found outside the car, and the gang, they say, set it on fire, victims inside, sending up a column of smoke to lure the rival cartel into a trap. >> there were reports that they shot this vehicle until it blew up, but we now have details and no that's not true. we believe they may have been used as bait to try and attract the cartel in the sonora to th them. >> so, whether they were bait, a random victim, who were a target of a kidnapping, none of this is good for mexico or the backbone of their economy, which is tourism. harris? >> harris: william, thank you for the latest on that. meanwhile, we are awaiting the potential release of additional impeachment inquiry transcripts today. house democrats gearing up to take the process into a new public phase next week with televised hearings beginning on
9:19 am
wednesday. on the other side of the political aisle, house republicans could decide as early as this weekend whether to move big names like house oversight committee ranking member jim jordan over to the house and tell committee. that could set up a showdown with house speaker nancy pelosi, who has the power to veto such a move. guy benson, what do you predict could happen there? >> guy: i think pelosi would be ill-advised to try and veto moves by republicans within their own ranks. because she be able to come up with some pretext is why she would do it and why she has the authority to do it. if democrats are confident this is all about following the facts are nothing more, they should be fine with republicans putting whoever they want on the panel to be there gladiators. if they try to veto this or block jim jordan, that's another process story. "why are the democrats scared of this person joining the questioning? why won't they take questions from this hard-hitting person?
9:20 am
what the republicans put their people up there, as the questions, and let's see what the witnesses say, which is what matters." be one i can think of another recent ask about with regard to the speaker. jessica, that would be because, up until now, she can kind of take a step back. she puts adam schiff up there and she doesn't have to get muddy in the process if this doesn't work out. politically, it will be a bombshell for them, and it'll be cleanup on aisle seven if it doesn't. so does she just kind of let this go? >> jessica: i would expect her to, just to not create another sideshow of process. where people are saying, "oh, democrats are getting to run the center republicans aren't even getting to ask questions," which wasn't true, and republicans got equal time. but this is a different beast. questioning is 45 minutes at a clip versus the usual five minute segments we see. staff attorneys are going to be able to do the questioning. >> guy: the ranking member is, i think. >> melissa: i want to ask
9:21 am
something because we've gotten a few more rules here in the past couple minutes. this is coming from schiff's office. he is formally asking for witnesses on the intelligence committee for hearings next we week. they are going through what's going to happen. this is for ranking member nun nunes. within the resolution, the minority witness requests are submitted in writing. we talked about that before. to guide relevance, there are some guidelines. these are some of the questions they want to put in. number three is, "to the president and his administration seek to obstruct the press or cover up the information to conceal evidence about the president's actions and conduct?" "to the president requested a foreign leader in government initiate investigations to benefit the president's personal political interests in the united states, including an investigation related to the president's political rival?" to be what i will just add this,
9:22 am
because this is coming from chad pergram, our senior producer and correspondent, gillian turner. they are telling our team they are still talking about potential requests for witnesses. you know, kennedy, when you are looking at this process, that is what so much of the fight has been about up until now. how important do you think it is for republicans to stay focused on this? or do they move to substance at this point in their fight? or do you anticipate, "yeah, this is worth it," because they will get their witnesses? >> kennedy: you have to have some strategy. we see in somewhat of a lack of strategy from the white house. they haven't done the best job on offense or defense, really. that leaves it u up to congressional republicans on this committee to make a better case. i think it benefits them and it benefits the country, if they are more methodical here. and really pick apart some of these claims and compare them to the actions of past administrations. the best way to do that is, like
9:23 am
a good prosecutor and with little emotion as possible. jim jordan, in the past, has acted very well in that role. recently, he's been very emotional defending the president. i think he has to lock up some of that emotion and put the prosecutor hat back on if he's going to take apart what democrats -- >> harris: or, kennedy, what we know is going to happen is predominately, guy, you will see staff lawyers during this period which is really going to shift that possibility of the emotion -- >> guy: the position, having an actual plan that's not fully grandstanding the cameras. by the way -- >> harris: and lengthy. 45 minutes. >> guy: i think both leaders have 45 minutes to delegate however they see fit, including two attorneys. also, if i'm adam schiff -- which i'm definitely not. [laughs] i have major criticism elusiv om throughout this entire process. just like pelosi shouldn't block jordan from trinity committee, schiff should allow any witness
9:24 am
they want to call. shutdown the argument that he's mocking the truth. bring them out, let them ask the questions. if it's a useless witness, that will become apparent to the american people. >> jessica: i want to pay you back on that, to what you said, kennedy. about how emotional jim jordan has been about this. i've read several pieces that have said the administration has not been thrilled about how well devin nunes is doing as compared to jim jordan. he's thrown himself in front of a camera every time there's one available. he's gone full's out. he's backing the perfect call argument here, in line with with the president has said. and devin nunes, the ranking member there, has apparently not done as well in defending the talking point. i think that's an interesting maneuver, if we do see it come to fruition. >> harris: one more update from our team on the hill, new decisions on names have been made yet. not only are there ongoing discussions, there is not that final list. i don't want to speculate about who might be on that list. again, kennedy, you make a good point about this whole process and how they've got to have a
9:25 am
strategy. because up until now they had to wait until the opportunity wherr them. >> kennedy: it's a shouldn't seem like auditioning for the voice or "american idol." see one although i love good song. [laughter] >> kennedy: it shouldn't be vaudeville, it should be a coordinate effort that serves the american people. that means they have to get on the same page and stop treating it like these short auditions or campaign speeches. that's a coordinate. >> harris: how much input should be seen from the president at this point? >> guy: in what respect? >> harris: he talked about the wording of the perfect call, that sort of thing. he's talking about this at rallies. just real quick? >> guy: i think the bill clinton strategy would be really smart. "i'm working on things that matter to the american people, and republicans are obsessed with impeachment." that's quixotic. he's not going to do that. he is what he is. >> harris: can he do both? you got an initiative in atlanta on friday for people of color.
9:26 am
a lot of other stuff coming on. >> guy: doesn't get crowded out by impeachment? my suspicion is yes. >> harris: will move on. for the first time, prosecutors publicly accusing saudi arabia of spying on the united states with the help of some former twitter employees. former attorney general jeff sessions expected to join a crowded g.o.p. field and run for his old alabama senate seat. we will get into it. >> it is going to be six candidates on the ballot. it'll probably go to a run out with two top candidates. we will win that seat back. ♪
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9:31 am
former auburn football coach tommy turberville who tweeted "he's another career politician the voters of alabama will reject. as ag he feel the president at his point of greatest need." and g.o.p. garnishment bradley burns says "president chavez been under constant attacks, alabama deserves a senator who will stand with the president and won't run away and hide from the fight." that's our harsh! guy benson? >> guy: out of the gate, unless the republicans nominate someone named roy moore again, virtually any sentient being with and are next to their name will pick the seat up. which makes the math for senate democrats a little harder if they want to take over the majority. as for sessions, i'm fascinated by this decision here. it was reported that trump was coming through the grapevine come morning sessions. "if you jump into the race can be painful for you."
9:32 am
in sessions decided, "i'm doing it." he took ritual humiliations from the president. he was one of the early backers, things went south over the whole recusal situation. i don't want to play armchair psychologist or something. but is this a way for sessions to go? "i'm going back home, the people of alabama know me, they me." "the president can pound sand, i'm going to beat him." we will see if he succeeds in that. the president is educating against his candidacy. what is it due to it? >> harris: here's what doug jones is hoping. sessions come alabama g.o.p. primary will be really divisive. he's thinking, am i going to get kicked out and get replaced? but as they are facing off against each other, do they not notice so much? to have more time, doug jones, to do more stuff? to have more proving ground? i don't know.
9:33 am
>> melissa: someone who is concerned about this and looking forward to it, lindsey graham. let's listen to what he had to say. >> it'll be about what terms about sessions. i can imagine, that would be kind of ugly. the president is pretty out there when it comes to the job he did as attorney general. >> kennedy: it is kind of ugly. he was a horrible pick for attorney general. he made some really bad choices while he was acting that role. now he wants his old job back because he didn't want to be done with politics. everyone made a bad choice in terms of what his next up was going to become after the u.s. senate. he wants to go back to a place means comfortable. being a senator is a great job. why wouldn't he want that job? the question is, do people in alabama want him again? it's up to them to decide. leith and appreciate the outside opinions -- >> harris: but they help the
9:34 am
democrat, doug jones. >> jessica: it's alabama. unless you are running against an accused pedophile, it's hard to get a democrat in. he still member of the democratic party. to your point, harris, but what if they pull each other apart? we need to have as high and african-american turnout as possible. black women delivered doug jones that win. against reward. but i'm not sure the numbers really bake out that we can do this, if there is a traditional republican running against doug jones. >> guy: republicans delivered in that victory. people who couldn't vote for roy moore. anyone who is not roy moore is going to win that race. >> jessica: weirder things have happened, like donald trump as president. >> guy: sarah. >> melissa: on that note, our own tucker carlson will have exclusive interview with doug jones tonight. be sure to watch tonight from 8:00 p.m. eastern. the one and then switch over to fox business at 9:00! pt watch kennedy immediately at
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9:00 right after that! coming up on "outnumbered," microsoft cofounder bill gates taking aim at 2020 democrat elizabeth warren. what the billionaire is saying about her proposed wealth tax, and her response. ♪ with va mortgage rates suddenly dropping to near record lows, my team at newday usa is helping more veterans refinance than ever. the newday va streamline refi is the reason why. it lets you shortcut the loan process and refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year. call my team at newday usa right now.
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>> kennedy: one of the world's richest men, microsoft cofounder bill gates, taking a job at elizabeth warren's proposed wealth tax. watch. >> i paid over $10 billion in taxes. i've paid more than anyone in taxes. [laughter] you know, i'm glad to -- if i had to pay $20 billion, it's fine. [laughter] when you say i should be a hundred billion dollars, i'm starting to do a little math about what i have left over. >> kennedy: he's also refusing
9:40 am
to see if you do it for warren or president trump, and that he has not spoken to warren about her proposals and is unsure if she would meet with him. warren tweeting in response, "i'm always happy to meet with people, even if we have different views. bill gates, i would love to explain exactly how much you pay under my wealth tax. i promise, is not $100 billion extra" >> melissa: yeah, right. >> kennedy: it's $200 billion. [laughter] wall street and really rich people are some of the few that have a big issue with this unconstitutional wealth grab from elizabeth warren. >> melissa: what i think is really interesting is her up against bill gates is a very interesting pairing, because bill gates is somebody who has taken the promise to give away his money when he dies. that he has been very clever about these people have made a fortune and dedicate themselves to one cause in particular, and they put the whole rest of their lives into eradicating a certain disease or helping a certain problem. so he is sort of the mall
9:41 am
modelcitizen billionaire. it is because he didn't choose, much like warren buffett and all the other people who act like taxes should be higher on rich people, they did not choose to give their wealth when they die to the government. because they, as business people, understand that that is not an efficient way to help people. they were better off putting your money to work through charities like the bill gates foundation. a lot of people are giving their money to that instead. he sort of the perfect one to sit there with her and say, wireplan doesn't make sense. >> guy: the dynamic and this debate we are having right now place your advantage. because it's her taxing 1 of the most prominent billionaires on the planet ever to exist. the problem is her plan is what it will mean not for billionaires but for middle-class and working-class people. just on health care plan, for example. i do not trust her math from retreat. >> kennedy: because she's making it up. >> melissa: as you could also
9:42 am
tell you what's wrong with it. >> guy: if you look at the wealth of all the billing is in the country, she could somehow weave you want and confiscate every penny and put them all out on the street -- >> harris: do not give her a wand. >> guy: it would get maybe enough money to pay for just three years of only the health care plan that all the billionaires are on. >> kennedy: you are absolutely right. it doesn't cover student debt forgiveness, job guarantees are universal child care. >> harris: how is elizabeth warren doing in the poll across the board? maybe give us an average year looking at. since she rolled out how she's going to pay for it? >> jessica: the warren surge has stalled. >> kennedy: oh, liz! speefour of its overhyped. she's definitely the favored candidate of the media. the one that's one way to sell it, but money talks, too. >> jessica: i disagree we set about this benefiting her. it doesn't benefit her. because democrats are concerned
9:43 am
with electability and beating donald trump. and there is huge anxiety not just amongst the billionaires and the billionaires, but people who want to make sure we have a democrat in the white house. if you can frame up a general election of capitalism versus socialism, that we lose on that. she's not a socialist. but if you look at the polling right now, especially in those battleground states, joe biden is the only one above water. >> guy: my point is she would rather talk about raising taxes on bill gates than telling the truth about raising taxes on the middle-class. >> harris: right now it might not be smart to meet with him, either. he's not too thrilled. >> jessica: bill gates, as melissa pointed out, he's a hero to everyone. that the democrats, too. that standoff is different than the billionaire crying on cnbc about what they're going to do. bill gates is someone people can get behind. the same kind of thing. when he makes that argument, i
9:44 am
think everybody listens. >> kennedy: i would love to confiscate his wealth and spend it on shoes. [laughter] tulsi gabbard in a very heated conversation on "the view," when she was called a useful idiot for the russians. joy! musica musica ♪ ♪
9:45 am
two years ago, my wife and i were over 50k in debt. through sofi's help refinancing we paid off all that debt. now we're debt free and visiting places like this. thank you guys.
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>> some of you have accused me of being a traitor to my country, a russian assets, a trojan horse, or a useful idiot, i think was the term you used. so you're saying it's not deliberately, you're implying that i am too stupid and too naive and lack the intelligence to know what i am doing. that's extremely offensive, to me and everyone of color. >> harris: wow. tulsi gabbard handled her business. 2020 democrat, confronting "the view" cohost joy behar after a comment she made last month it gabbard was acting as a "useful idiot for the russians pink was good she defended the comment, w russians describe western sympathizers. well you saw her on that. she also brought out compliments she's gone for the likes of white nationalists like richard
9:49 am
spencer. guy benson? >> guy: tulsi gabbard has gotten a lot of mileage out of these attacks. she disqualified for another debate. hillary clinton went after her in a reckless and responsible way and she fired back. and she shows up on the side of the view, that was yesterday. today was even more lit, apparently. different guests. but she was like, "okay, i've memorized some of the things you said about me. i'm not here, let's have it out." and i think she did it very well despite the fact that i have disagreements with her on her positions on foreign policy. "if you're going to tell me i'm a communist or that i'm a who doesn't understand what i'm doing, a traitor even though i served the country, let's have that discussion." again, this is something -- she's happy to have that conversation. >> harris: how do you think joy behar hello, jessica, when the conversation became about hillary clinton being a warmonger? which is what gabbard's comeback was when hillary clinton called
9:50 am
her and jill stein, both in the democratic party, assets of the russians? >> jessica: i think it was handled fine because people are not really moving on this debate. tulsi gabbard has a very specific point of view and arguments that she is taking, mostly to conservative media. and that is important and notable. i have huge issues with her foreign policy, as well. >> harris: would you call her a russian asset? >> jessica: russian asset, just to be clear, doesn't mean you are knowingly participating in this. >> kennedy: so anyone can be a russian asset. >> jessica: absolutely. i could be russian asset. >> guy: tarlov! >> melissa: useful idiot is the one that implies you don't know it. >> jessica: hillary clinton, in her podcast, what she originally said is there somebody -- it didn't even name tulsi gabbard, but it was confirmed by nick merrill -- is
9:51 am
a favorite of the russians. you cannot deny the support that tulsi gabbard has -- spewing but she did mention -- >> guy: yes, she did. >> jessica: but -- >> harris: be confirmed -- >> jessica: he did not confirm that. no one on the content side. >> kennedy: yes, they did. the nesting doll thing? if that's not confirmation, what is it? >> jessica: the confirmation was about that hillary was talking about -- she sang the g.o.p. is grooming her to run third party. >> harris: we've spent two years watching -- cote >> jessica: tulsi gabbard is not going to be the nominee. >> harris: we were waiting for the outcome of the russian investigation against the current president, which he all along called a witch hunt and a hoax. in the bob mueller report comes out and i we don't even talk abt it anymore because democrats have moved onto the next thing. >> guy: maybe we should be more careful about calling -- >> harris: now there's an
9:52 am
argument about russia, and it has to do with whether or not hillary clinton thinks any of the candidates one last time around for a different party, and now it gabbard for democrats, might be russian assets. >> kennedy: it's a flimsy claim she made, and she was basically saying in 2016 that jill stein, because she was running third-party, and russians need a third party democrat in order to beat the democrats, that means a gary johnson was also a russian asset wasn't. he ran in 2012, and soda jill stein. >> jessica: but he wasn't -- >> harris: this is what they were thirsty for to begin with. they want to see us divided. >> guy: we should be more careful but i we describe our political opponents when there's a claim that they are working on behalf of a foreign adversary. come on. >> harris: will move on. the feds charging to former twitter employees with spying for a former government. the questions this raises about your privacy when you go online.
9:53 am
you have any privacy online? >> kennedy: no. >> harris: no! ♪ ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
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>> jessica: the doj charging to former twitter employees by spying for saudi arabia, accessing accounts of users who criticize the saudi government. it's the first time they've been accused of spying in the u.s. pretwitter cooperated in the probe and says, "our company limits assess to sensitive account information to a limited group of trained and vetted employees. we understand the risk by many who choose to use their twitter to share their view with the world on hold them accountable." nonvoting is private, everyone is watching us all the time, but to me, when every going to stop pretending that the saudis are our friends? they hide behind this ally ship. >> guy: there's any number of regimes that could apply to. i would say that there is no chance there've only ones doing
9:58 am
this type of thing. the chinese are doing this. so i hope that as the doj pursues this prosecution that they figure out every possible way to lard up these charges and through the book of these people to dis- incentivize this type of behavior. if somebody says, "we are going to fund new cash to help you squash dissidents," i hope these people made an example of some other people might say, "that's probably not going to be worth it no matter how much money they offer me." >> jessica: melissa, would you think this says to the general public concerns about privacy when you're online to >> melissa: i think people at this point feel like when you're online it's not private. you are giving away your information. what is really scary is that younger people really don't care. they really are used to this idea that everything you put online is going to be public forever. they are like, "that's fine." i don't know, i don't think there is anything you can do to stop it. the government is not an effective watchdog over this.
9:59 am
they are behind the technology, and reminds me of when i'm trying to put up passwords and screen time and this and that to keep my kids from doing things online when the only thing i can really do is take the electronic away and hide under my pillow while i'm sleeping. otherwise they will think of a way around it. it's been when i've done that, too! [laughs] >> melissa: they will think of a way around it. i can't stay out of my kids on technology. we can't stay ahead of the cyber criminals. certainly the government can't. >> jessica: you've got a couple of gen z-ers at home. >> kennedy: i talk about privacy. the best way to create a generation of libertarians is to be an authoritarian parent. [laughter] bring the hammer down! we cannot conceive of what social media does to young people and culture and the influence it has. it is unbelievable.
10:00 am
you fight like hell as a parent, but i don't know if it's ever enough. >> jessica: i like the maoist approach. >> guy: there are lovely trojan. >> jessica: we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern. now here's harris. >> harris: president trump taking aim at the whistleblower's attorney, as the impeachment fight is escalating. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president says the impeachment process is rigged, after fox news uncovered explosive anti-trump tweets from one of the whistleblower's attorneys. back in 2017, attorney mark zaid wrote, "a coup has started," and promise impeachment will follow ultimately. zaid also treated back then, "we will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters." the president fired back at a louisiana rally last night.


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