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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 7, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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you fight like hell as a parent, but i don't know if it's ever enough. >> jessica: i like the maoist approach. >> guy: there are lovely trojan. >> jessica: we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern. now here's harris. >> harris: president trump taking aim at the whistleblower's attorney, as the impeachment fight is escalating. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president says the impeachment process is rigged, after fox news uncovered explosive anti-trump tweets from one of the whistleblower's attorneys. back in 2017, attorney mark zaid wrote, "a coup has started," and promise impeachment will follow ultimately. zaid also treated back then, "we will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters." the president fired back at a louisiana rally last night.
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>> "a coup has started," the whistleblower attorney said in 2017. you know when that was? it was a long time ago. it's all a hoax! they say january 2017, a coup has started. and the impeachment will follow, ultimately. it's all a scam. you know who helps them? these people right back here, the media. >> harris: david spun to lie for us in washington with the latest. david? >> good afternoon. our sources here in says that nobody inside this building, including the attorney general bill barr, know the identity of that whistleblower. over the past few days, certain names have been coming out in the public domain. that's what has made this whistleblowers attorney, mark zaid, upset. let me pull out the full tweet from 2017. january 30th, about ten days after president trump took the oath of office. "a coup has started, first of many steps. in billion the mike gallagher
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billion. impeachment will follow ultimately." and then acting attorney general sally yates was being fired for not enforcing the travel ban. the president use that treat in louisiana blaming the media. now he's treated several times about the story. the president's morning treated, "based on the information released last night about the fake whistleblowers attorney, the impeachment hoax should be ended immediately. there's been okay six of the other side." we reached out to mark zaid, the whistleblower's attorney. "those tweets were reflective and repeated the sentiments of millions of people. i was referring to a completely lawful process of what president trump would likely face as a result of stepping over the line and that particularly whenever it happened would come about as a result of lawyers. the coup, and refer to those working in the in administration who a week into office standing up to him to enforce recognized"
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we are hearing for mike emanuel on the hill that congress meant jim jordan once it was a ploy to testify. jordan is asking house intelligence chairman adam schiff to do so. jordan wants this to be in a public setting. adam schiff has in the past said he would like to hear from the whistleblower. never said anything about testifying. it's ultimately his decision, and he has said he's very concerned about the whistleblower coming out in public. so that is not likely to happen. mark zaid also said that as a partisan move for jim jordan to want the whistleblower to testify. harris? >> harris: david, thank you very much. i want to bring in fox news politics editor chris stirewalt, oco's of "i'll tell you what," the podcast. good to see you today. you are the words from the whistleblowers attorney, mark zaid. "a coup has started." i don't know if we can ever know someone is clear why it clairvoyant, but does this help the president when he presses at saying it's rigged?
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>> the first thing is, and every tree. never, ever, ever treat. one that was 2017, it's too late for that! >> that's the first line. don't do it. and don't hashtag. the reality here is this is helpful for the president. because this gives -- the president needs to feed his supporters something on a steady basis. this got to be content. there's got to be #content to give to them, the supporters. a third of this country is behind him through this, no matter what. these are the "shoot somebody on fifth avenue" folks. no matter what, they believe in trump. he needs a narrative for them, and this feeds it perfectly. the story he tells people is, "they've been up to get me from the beginning. every criticism of me is a legitimate because it is rooted in this effort by democrats to unseat me." >> harris: so i would the whistleblower want to keep this attorney? i mean, he has put you in a sticky wicket, as we say in our
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family. >> the whistleblower doesn't matter anymore. >> harris: i know the intel chair has said that, but then he has also said, adam schiff, that he is necessary to the process. >> once the president but the transcript out, and once we had the testimony from others who were in the room for the call and talked about the circumstances, this -- the good news and bad news for democrats here is that it's simple. they have evidence of the president doing -- the president even said he did it. with the president said is it's not wrong, and what most republicans say is it's not impeachable, and certainly not worthy of removing him. the facts of the case are in evidence. the white house put out there transcript of the call, the president said he did it. most are public and say it's not going to happen. certainly there's nothing like 19 republicans in the u.s. senate who would be prone to agree. >> harris: real quickly, before we move on, with democrats by strategy maybe look
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at this and say, "maybe you table this and let the american public decide if you get much beyond january of 2020." because the new scooted in february with the caucus and away you go with the primary for democrats. this really is taking the shiny lights and focus off those 2020 democratic candidates. >> given that those candidates are doing what they're doing, i don't know that such a bad idea for democrats. i'm not saying that's what happens, but this is the scenario. you do this stuff, you handed off to the senate for the vote, but you never will devote. >> harris: that's what i'm suggesting. >> "it took too long and we aren't going to be able to do this." be one that could be something they do. but i don't know if it helps them, because then the american public and say, "he proved it is not important as you said it was." so what are they doing all that time? it's still up to us, the american public. it's a huge risk than for democrats, as well. let's move on. just two weeks from the next democratic debate, joe biden is
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going all in on his attacks on elizabeth warren. but it appears to be, chris, a strategy to define warren as an elitist when it comes to anyone who disagrees with her medicare for all proposal. biden started with an op-ed. that happened on tuesday. he mentioned it at three fund-raisers yesterday, and watch this. >> she has things in her plan that are just not realistic. but when you question it, she talks about it as, "you just don't understand, you sound like a republican." which is a talking point that is used by the other party. not by us. it's not who we are. it's an elitist attitude about using my way or the highway. "you mustn't know what you talk about if you disagree with me." >> harris: chris stirewalt? >> it's where people use the term traction "mustn't" when calling someone an elitist, but i preach at that. it's working against warren. my advice to her is to hydrate, because it's going to be thirsty work up there.
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across the spectrum of democrats, from bernie sanders to her left to everybody else who is to her right, they have all agreed elizabeth warren has failed. by the way, the pundit class, the rank-and-file democrats, elizabeth warren has had just a snake-a-roo two weeks. a month ago she was at his heels, two points behind in. now it's more like six points. she's in big trouble. >> harris: let's take a look at this, though. while democrats still view biden as the best candidate to beat donald trump, warren and sanders have closed the electability gap in student. let's pop those numbers up if we can. chris, looking at this, what is happening? >> i think democrats, as they get to know the kind needs more, maybe if they think trump is more vulnerable. i don't know preor the one i'm watching is pete buttigieg. and then i will poll out today,
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quinnipiac university, he has basically caught elizabeth warren. >> harris: what are his politics? you've heard warren and sanders -- well, sanders calls himself a democratic socialist. they were pulling at least six points behind the president, and hypotheticals. >> pete buttigieg, i would call him a "technocrat." he acts like a consultant. his got an answer for everythi everything. the most important thing for him is his tone is moderate. he sounds reasonable. he's not shouty like sanders, he's not preachy like warren. he's got a matter of fact a businesslike approach that i think we'll connect well if i'm joe biden -- sure, i'm worried about elizabeth warren, but i'm really worried about pete buttigieg boomeranging items i would. >> harris: the stire is on fire. a no-show on capitol hill, former national security advisor john bolton said no thank you to
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testifying. we expect to hear from him anytime soon. the committee might change that, we will see what happens. plus, the war of words between president trump and top democrats is getting hot. will it only get uglier as the inquiry goes public next week? >> it's so bad, these people are bad people. it's so bad but they do to our country. they ripped the guts out of our country. ♪ at bayer, we're more than a healthcare company.
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>> harris: former white house national security advisor john bolton is declining to show up for a closed-door hearing on capitol hill today, and his lawyer is threatening to fight potential subpoenas. this, as newly released transcripts show top diplomat bill taylor directly tied
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president trump to a quid pro quo with ukraine. however, we are hearing from republicans that another witness i have undercut that accusation. meanwhile, an aide to vice president pence is right now on capitol hill, and we know she was on the call at the center of the impeachment inquiry. gillian turner reporting on these developments now. gillian? >> i met, harris. breaking this hour, we are learning the adam schiff last night send a letter to ranking member of the intelligence community, devin nunes, asking him for republicans to produce a wish list of witnesses they want to have testify at the open hearings that we now know are kicking off next week on november 13th. we are learning about schiff's letter said, "the list of witnesses must be accompanied by a detailed, written justification of the relevant to the inquiry of the testimony of each requested witness." we know from our sources that as of this morning john bolton
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still had not received a subpoena. we also know his saying he want dome i will show up in the state issue one. she's been postponing she was now on the instrument she was on the call with president zelensky on july 25th. we've also confirmed jennifer williams herself did receive a subpoena. the white house tried to prevent her from testifying here today, so that subpoena went out this morning to ensure that she showed up. yesterday, intel chairman adam schiff release transcript testimony from bill taylor, the acting ambassador to ukraine. he took over after president trump recalled marie yovanovitch from office. taylor talk to investigators at length about what the democrats are calling a quid pro quo, saying he believes it was rudy giuliani who wanted ukraine to investigate the bidens. taylor saying, "i don't know
10:17 am
what was in the presidents min mind." congressman zeldin asking, "so where was this condition coming from if you're not sure it came from the president cannot" ambassador taylor responded, "i think it was coming from mr. giuliani." "but not from the president cannot ""i don't know." with everything going on, behind closed doors in the intelligence committee, lieutenant colonel speed tells dome i don't >> was reviewing his testimony. giving some of these officials time to go over what they told them behind closed doors before they release their transcript publicly to protect any classified classified information that might be in the transcripts. if you remember yesterday when we look at the transcripts, there was a lot of redaction. some of that is coming from these witnesses. >> harris: that was the first time. chad and i were looking at it, it was breaking news at the end of the 1:00 p.m. hour yesterday. it was the first time we had seen that many reductions.
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it didn't have as many. thank you very much, we appreciate the update, breaking news this hour. meanwhile, president trump talked about the impeachment inquiry as rally last night in louisiana, using some of his harshest language yet. >> now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi and shifty adam schiff -- [boos] and their crooked media have launched the deranged, delusional, destructive, and hyperpartisan impeachment witch hunt. these people are bad people, and it's so bad but they do to our country. they ripped the guts out of a country, and it's a shame. they shouldn't be allowed to do it. people should stop. >> harris: louisiana senator john kennedy joined the president in taking aim at democrats. he started at the top with speaker of the house nancy pelosi. >> speaker nancy pelosi is trying to impeach him!
10:19 am
[boos] i don't mean any disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb! [cheers and applause] >> harris: with me now, to syndicated radio host, leslie marshall and lars larson. leslie also a fox news contributor. speefifteen, that was salty. >> yes, i love john kennedy. he is a great man. he is absolutely right. americans ought to know, this whole thing is a giant joke, harris. after all, how many more witnesses are going to hear, like taylor, who didn't hear it first and/or second hand? he heard it third and at best. i heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who heard it from somebody else. and it -- >> harris: calling the speaker dumb, lars? the language. >> i join him in that, actually. >> harris: leslie? >> oh, what a tangled web we weave. in addition to my finding it to be sexists, i find it to be
10:20 am
unprofessional. the name calling, whether it's from the left of the right or the right to the left, it just brings down and lowers the bar of decency in our nation. for our elected officials, for a senator to call the house speaker dam because he doesn't agree with something she's doing, it is the constitutional responsibility of the congress, which she is the speaker of the house, and their responsibility. her responsibility, specifically, as speaker, if this investigation finds the evidence leads in that direction, to put this to a vote for impeachment. that is her job. that isn't a question of her intelligence. it blows my mind. in addition, the word "dumb" doesn't really mean dumb or stupid. >> it doesn't? i've got to tell you -- >> i don't let my kids say dumb or suck. i should watch the senator's mouth out with soap. speak out when people do dumb things they should be called out.
10:21 am
it's not sexist. i know dumb man and i know dumb women, and i probably will meet some dumb people with pronoun names, too. it's not a sexist term. the fact is that nancy pelosi, six weeks ago, was telling us, "i have what it takes to impeach the president." now we are saying we are investigating to find out if there's anything there that justifies impeachment. the more we learn about it, the attorney who says the coup begins now, second, third, fourth hand, why donald trump was about to undercut the foreign policy of the united states. the president of the united states makes the foreign policy of the united states. >> harris: this conversation devolved. we don't put down people who use different pronouns on this network, on this show especially. leslie, i will give you the last word and we will move on. >> oh, i would just say that i feel our nation and our politicians, our leaders, need to get back to have some level
10:22 am
of professionalism. name-calling is unnecessary. if you disagree with some of the policy, there is a more polite way to discuss it. it's sad, i think it is. harris, you're a parent, as well. it becomes harder and we as adults don't set the example for our children and for our future. i have to say, i'm fearful of that in the future. >> harris: it's happening all over the place. i remember when the dnc had was cussing. it's there. i want to bring you back later this hour, thank you. sit tight. fired fbi director james comey speaking out on the democrat impeachment push, saying lawmakers have to address chart so my president trump's behavior and problems dull my promises would mean nothing. comey could factor into this. senator lindsey graham says he thinks the outcome of that probe will be damning, but fair. >> i trust horowitz to be fair. i don't trust adam schiff to be fair. i trusted mueller to be fair. i don't trust the house nadle
10:23 am
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>> harris: former fbi director james comey is speaking out. it happened in a "washington post" op-ed, arguing that lawmakers oath to uphold the constitution could be the dh president trump. comey called out senator bob portman's defense of the president's phone call with the ukrainian president that sparkle was the whistleblower complaint from writing this. "it oath and promises, the bedrock of the rule of law, arching anything come of the senator and his colleagues will need to explain how they swear their solemn promises with trumps action." meanwhile, president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani has announced he's hired his own legal team. and he faces growing scrutiny in the democrat impeachment inquiry. i want to bring you now
10:28 am
robert ray, former federal prosecutor and independent counsel of the whitewater investigation. good to see you today. let's unpack this for a bit with james comey. what do you take when he is saying to mean? is he right, is he wrong? >> there's a number of oath's involved, obviously. the president takes an oath of office that he will faithfully execute the laws of the united states. he talks about that in the op-ed piece. the senators take oath's as a result of their own office, when they enter following an election. and i suppose the one he doesn't mention is that also senators as a court of impeachment take a separate oath in connection with an impeachment. in this instance, involving the president of the united states. i guess he suggesting that it's enough to impeach of the president violates his own oath of office. which is a rather odd concept
10:29 am
since i have argued on other occasions, and i think the legal scholars and historical scholars are all of the same view, that a well-founded article of impeachment requires both an abuse of your oath as well as a high crime and misdemeanor. so i'm not quite sure what he is suggesting there. >> harris: are you surprised to see them talking about it? is this a person you look to for this kind of thing? >> between jim comey and his former deputy, andrew mccabe, they've had way more to say in the last two and a half years than they ever should have. frighteningly, in my view, their view about what constitutes illegal conduct is one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in. again, i'm hoping for, through this process, which is difficult, that there is a clear eyed evaluation of conduct here. i fear that we are going exactly where nancy pelosi said she wouldn't take the country, which is in a hyperpartisan
10:30 am
environment. a partisan effort to remove the president. and now apparently also efforts to try and essentially suggest that the vice president is also potentially removable, which is really rather frightening in a democracy. >> harris: meanwhile, senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham says to expect a "bombshell" now that he's gotten an update from attorney general william barr on the upcoming ig report on possible fisa abuse. watch this. >> i think his report is going to be stunning. i think it will be damning. i think it's going to prove that the system got off the rails, and we need corrective action. where we go from there, i won't know until i hear from him from him. >> harris: your reaction? >> he's right. i know michael horowitz very well. i do believe he is making a supreme effort to be careful and nonpartisan with regard to the origins of the russia investigation. it will have collateral consequence, because it is now back into the hands of main
10:31 am
justice for any evaluation of criminal conduct as a result of what it is michael horowitz found. it's a little too early to speculate as to where that might lead, but it seems to be kind of odd at the moment for jim comey to be stepping forward. >> harris: for the public to know? >> absolutely. it's the one place where i believe politics were played in connection with what was disclosed, and more importantly, what was not disclosed to the fisa court in connection with electronic surveillance of the trump campaign during the 2016 election. >> harris: robert ray, thank you. great to see you. >> nice to be with you. >> harris: a liberal media outlet has unleashed a scathing anti-endorsement for a bid for the white house. are they right that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are better options in 2020? plus, 17 candidates earned the coveted obama endorsements ahead of virginia state elections earlier this week. only half of them actually won. it is the former president losing his so called political?
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10:37 am
employees and the saudi government. no saudi government officials are named specifically, but that go-between person is believed to have ties to the crown prince. so this raises two important issues. first, that the saudis have some concerns or reason to worry about how social media is being used by those who don't support the monarchy to organize and potentially speak out. saudi arabia has about 14 million twitter users. that's 40% of the population. remember, twitter was a key agent of change during the arab spring, which resulted in the removal of two dictators in egypt and also libya. so you can see why the saudis might want this information. but the second key issue here, perhaps more central, is how the government and also u.s. technology companies are protecting people from having their private information accessed on these platforms. in the statement from u.s. attorney david anderson said this. "will not allow u.s. companies or u.s. technology to become
10:38 am
tools of foreign repression in violation of u.s. law." the question, harris, is whether you can realistically promise that on every level to every user. >> harris: thank you very much. good to see you. wow. the editorial board of liberal outlet "the nation" posting what it calls an anti-endorsement of joe biden. the editors are accusing him of having a phony middle-class persona and ripping the former vp on everything from the 1994 crime bill to his handling of anita hill's testimony. here is just a taste, a coach. "biden's zombie campaign crowds out where ther challengers , handing trump a free pass on the very issue that should be his achilles heel. putting it biden to withdraw from the race." jenny and you know, former every content advisor, richard goodstein. what is your reaction to this?
10:39 am
>> as you said, it's a very liberal magazine. they rarely endorse, and in 2016 they endorsed bernie sanders in the primaries. i happen to think they are dead wrong. all the data we have indicates that a democrat who is more moderate as opposed to quite liberal has a better chance of winning. i think as of now joe biden is running ahead in the polls, and in the fox news poll maggie said by 12, much more than sanders or warren. i think in an odd way this could be something that biden uses to his benefit to basically say, "look, i'm not one of them." the nation calls them out not supporting medicare for all weather green new deal. the democrats have the advantage on health care, which they could squander again by medicare for all. they have the advantage -- >> harris: nancy pelosi is saying that. >> she's not supporting medicare for all or degree new deal.
10:40 am
she is basically saying, "yes, we should reform the system and address climate change," but not medicare for all. not the green new deal. >> harris: i hear what you're saying, he could use it to his advantage. you called on one poll and happens to be fox news poll. at the same time, when you look at where he's polling in iowa and new hampshire early out still, february 3rd will be here in a heartbeat. do you think the nation's favorites of warren and sanders would be better for some in your party? you say they are far left, there are liberal, as we describe "the nation" publication. your party is leaning in that direction, too. >> if they go too far left, they will lose. i will stipulate that. the voters in iowa, democratic voters in iowa, they tend to be wider and more liberal than voters nationally. they are totally unrepresentative as far as people of color are concerned. as is new hampshire, which has two neighboring, sanders and warren, senator's -- >> harris: but they have factored historically into who
10:41 am
gets into the white house. not every single time, but often. >> of course. i'm not saying they won't hear. i could make a case that somebody, sanders or warren, wins both iowa and new hampshire. very tough to beat. i hope that doesn't happen. as you know right now, it looks like biden is doing well in south carolina and nevada before week -- >> harris: that's a lot to take in. we will move on. democrats including former president barack obama turning the sweep in virginia with democrats taking control of both chambers for the first time in many years in that state. but some obama-endorsed candidates came up short. of the 17 candidates backed in virginia's senate and house races, eat won, eight lots, while one race right now remains undecided. we call it the political mojo. but as the former president losing something in his ability to help people win, particularly if you look at this race? >> as you know, harris, after
10:42 am
donald trump won, in 2017, republicans had a 66 to 34 edge in the house of delegates in virginia. democrats now control the house of delegates just two years later by 55-45. >> harris: are the different types of democrats and the former president? >> well, no. as it regards to president obama, he supported plenty of people who won two years ago and again the other night. with a lot of politicians, but they don't do is he supported nonincumbents. as you know, it's tough to unseat an incumbent. obviously a lot of them got unseated for the republicans controlling 66 seats to now 45. hats off to him for putting his hat in and taking the chance that people would say just what you're intimating, that somehow he has lost his mojo. i don't think so. >> harris: the reason the issue also gives the spotlight, if you will, is because you talk about who can help democrats as you try to unseat an incumbent and a president.
10:43 am
in 219 years, it hasn't happened all that often. good to see you, richard goodstein. >> thanks. >> harris: protesters greeting first lady melania trump as she visited sick children at a hospital in boston. protesters. did the demonstration crossed the line? plus, some billionaire business titans going after elizabeth warren's far left proposals and rhetoric. will that hurt her front runner status or fire of the parties liberal base? we will get into it. ♪ pain happens.
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>> i met, everyone. i'm ed henry. i will be here at the top of that word. president blessing into the whistleblower's attorney come over old tweets calling for a coup. as her republicans call there was a boy to finally testify. kamala harris wants her kids to spend even more time in school. we are talking about several more hours every day. and a woman is fighting to keep her emotional support chickens. not dogs, chickens. that is all coming up on "the daily briefing." >> harris: two high-profile billionaires taking on one of elizabeth warren's far left
10:48 am
proposals. microsoft's bill gates saying he might pay too much under warren's wealth tax, and that she might not even want to talk to him. >> i paid over 10 billion in taxes. i paid more than anyone in taxes. if i had to play dumb i pay $20 billion, it's fine. [laughter] when you say i have to pay $100 billion, i'm starting to do a little math about what i have left over. >> harris: however, were entreated this in response to bill gates. "i'm always happy to be with people, even if we have different views, bill gates. if we get the chance, i would love to explain exactly how much you pay under my wealth tax. i promise, it's not $100 billion." meanwhile, jpmorgan chase's ceo went after the anti-wall street rhetoric. watch. >> she's a some pretty harsh words. some would say vilify. i don't like vilifying anybody.
10:49 am
i think we should employ successful people. >> harris: alexandria ocasio-cortez responded in a tweet. "y'all, the billionaires are asking for a safe space. you know, in addition to the entire u.s. economy and political lobbying industry." the power panel back now. leslie marshall, syndicated radio host, fox news could you do. lars larson, europe first. your reaction >> senator warren doesn't want to be honest and admit her plan will require the taxing of the middle class. even senator sanders is being honest about that. let's do the math on this. there are about 2100 billionaires in the united states. which is extraordinary. it shows the success of our country. their collective wealth is about $8.9 trillion. if you took every single dime of every bit of wealth of every single billionaire in the united states, it wouldn't even pay for one half of senator warren's plan.
10:50 am
what she should admit is, "i'm going to have to tax the middle class." but she reasons dominic realizes it's a nonstarter with voters and that's why she doesn't want to do it. >> harris: lars, i'm going to double down with you. lastly, be patient please. should she actually meet with bill gates to of the surge in the polling has stopped for elizabeth warren we talked about it for days now. earlier on the show. does she take that risk in saddam somebody might be able to school or on what the taxes will look like? >> far be it for me to give campaign advice to senator warren, but if she did it would certainly draw a lot of attention, and review bill gates creaks when the numbers to repair the last person i would consult for the numbers is aoc. she has a problem with numbers. >> harris: leslie, when elizabeth warren came out with what she had been promising, and that was -- he got hit in that last democratic debate -- "how are you going to pay for all this?" it doesn't seem to have helped her with voters. now she's rubbing up against the
10:51 am
people who normally support this sort of thing. >> there in favor of taxing the rich. however, this wealth tax goes a step further. bill gates is one of if not the most philanthropic person in the world. so he is certainly a person that not just paste taxes but gives a lot of his wealth. income inequality is a big issue on both sides of the aisle. the problem elizabeth warren is facing -- and you're right, harris, the surge has stopped. we are seeing her numbers going down. one, she's not being accurate with how it be paid for, to be able to answer that. two, she is also getting people on wall street and silicon valley angry. they knew that support. whoever's going to be the nominee will need support both from wall street and from silicon valley. >> harris: i don't know if you saw a few moments ago on the
10:52 am
program, the very liberal publication of a perk of the nation" pushing against joe biden, saying sanders and warren would be better as candidates. what do you think about that, leslie? >> look, they are better as candidates for the democrats. but this is about the general election, not just about democrats. it's about independents, republicans who are unhappy with the president and what has become of the party, about swing state voters. speaker pelosi has said, i have said and written on many occasions, this is not where the country is headed. i have said i fear that if elizabeth warren is the nominee she will be able to appeal to those voters. we want to see this sort of food fight over what costs what, does this help republicans, lars? >> it does help republicans, because you framed it up well. joe biden is probably the best chance to go against
10:53 am
donald trump. i still think he would lose, but warren and sanders on that bunch, the far left part of the democratic party loves those ideas. the problem is the ideas, as leslie said, and i'm forced to agree with my friend leslie marshall, the general electorate is not going to agree with a far left wing of the democratic party. if they nominate sanders or warren instead of biden, they diminish their chances severely of going up against donald trump. >> harris: lars, great to see it. leslie, you as well. thank you both. melania trump was met by protesters at a hospital where she was visiting sick babies and promoting a program to help them. cuddle them, give them love. carley shimkus is here with the whole story. ♪ i have huge money saving news for veterans. mortgage rates just dropped to near 50-year lows. one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year.
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>> first lady melania trump met
10:58 am
by angry protesters when she visited a boston hospital yesterday. she was there to tout her pioneering cuddling program aim to carry for infant born dependent on drugs or alcohol. many of the protesters who are hospital staffers demonstrated against the trump administration's immigration policy. reporters were fox headlines 24/7, what happened there? i saw protests writing on the back of people's clothing. >> mama to get trump went to boston medical center yesterday to learn about this with a great program that they have where they use skin to skin contact to help baby is born with if not a lot of hospitals using this technique so she wanted to draw positive attention to it. hospital protested her visit there. in some holding a sign that said children and cages can't be cuddled, others that mocked that
10:59 am
jacket that she wore that had the phrase i really don't care, do you? written on the back. so a clear display and clear indication that they were not happy with her being there or welcome her help or support. support. >> we live in america and that is free speech. that is private property as i understand. and these are employees. what does the hospital say about this? >> the hospital has been very vocal and active in working with the hospital employees. they knew there was going to be protests and they even applauded them for keeping the protests peaceful after the fact. my feeling on this whole thing. >> how could you have a nonpeaceful protest on hospital grounds where babies are being cuddled? >> my feeling is every time you feel about someone that rejects meeting with a member of the first family, do you really think you're getting your message across by not talking to them? seems like you are shooting yourself in the foot. >> real quick, did the first lady know that these protesters would be there? >> unclear that she knew that
11:00 am
the protests were there. when she went inside the hospital, it was a much different scene. she did know about it, she didn't show it but she was greeted with open arms by hospital administration. >> again, it's a cuddling program. thank you. >> straight to a fox news alert. the political temperature hitting the boiling point on capitol hill. once the whistle-blower to finally testify publicly. he says republicans will issue a subpoena unless the mysterious figure at the center of this whole impeachment inquiry. i am ed henry in for dana perino and this is the daily briefing. a lot of breaking stories today. we are learning that the whistle-blower's attorney tweeted in january 2017 that a post-coup has started and president trump would ultimately be impeached. the pre


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