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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 8, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> that's it for today. join pete tomorrow. see you monday. >> bill: breaking news from the hill now. mick mulvaney is the democrat's target acting white house chief of staff. overnight he was subpoenaed to testify. you almost made it. you're that close, america. welcome afford for the three-hour tour. >> sandra: ifm owe sandra smith. democrats not expected to challenge mulvaney in court instead using it as evidence of what they are calling white house obstruction. meanwhile fox news obtaining exclusive emails between former ukraine ambassador marie yovanovitch and a democratic
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staffer that would contradict her hearings last month. >> yovanovitch was the u.s. ambassador to ukraine and she was the victim of a vicious smear campaign that was led by rudy giuliani and some of his allies in an effort to force her out of that position. ultimately she was recalled. >> the whistleblower also needs to be subpoenaed to make sure the american people are getting all the facts. this is just more action on the democrat side to limit it. >> i read the transcript. as far as i can tell the only firsthand interaction the whistleblower had with anyone of note was chairman schiff's staff. colluding with the intel staff. >> sandra: a lot to go through here. mike emanuel is on the hill keeping track of it all for us. mike, good morning. >> good morning to you. this may be a quieter day in the impeachment probe with the two invited guests not expected to show up.
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one is acting chief of staff mike mulvaney. he is not expected to appear even though being subpoenaed. yesterday the witness was former national security advisor john bolton. when he didn't show democrats said they wouldn't allow the fights to be tied up in the court and they're moving on. a key democrat is drawing this conclusion. >> the president has had an opportunity to allow witnesses to come in who could save him or provide exonerating evidence any time he blocked someone and they don't come in we conclude there is a consciousness of guilt there. consider that for articles of impeachment for obstruction of congress. we haven't heard a single witness provide testimony to suggest it was anything other than defense dollars for dirt. >> next week open hearings get started. the acting top diplomat bill taylor is set to appear and so is george kent. both of them on wednesday. former ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch removed from her post is due next friday.
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it is expected one of president trump's most vocal defenders, ohio republican congressman jim jordan, will get moved temporarily to the house intelligence committee for those hearings. we're told it hasn't happened yet but something to watch. the white house press secretary weighed in on impeachment this morning. >> i would just implore the democrats to understand that the president did nothing wrong, their sham impeachment has not work and it won't work. let's get to work for the country and do some positive things. >> it sounds like we may get a few hundred pages of transcripts to review heading into this veterans day sandra and bill. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: let's bring in a former justice department prosecutor jim trusty. you want -- i want to make this point here about the process you believe it's been absolutely deficient. make your case. why do you think that knowing the public hearings haven't gotten underway yet? >> i think you compare it to
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what we have in regular courtrooms across the country every day. you have rules of evidence where a judge is a gate keeper to make sure that only reliable information gets to the finder of fact. here we have a non-crime in the first instance and the witnesses being called in are second hand, third hand people. they do not have admissible testimony in a normal proceeding. they have opinions or presumptions based on something they weren't a part of. the whole process, as ever changing as it is under adam schiff is something that's not reliable or firsthand facts. they can't establish any crime from the call. >> bill: the deal on schiff. you call him the hang man judge, clever wording. he is calling the shots. the way the rules are set up he can do that. >> sandra: hangmen judges do call the shots. he may not look the part but the reality is if you brought a person into court for their initial appearance and the judge says okay, i'm ready for sentencing tomorrow. he has pronounced guilt over
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and over again. now we have the added wrinkle that should disturb any citizens and any attorney that hangs around washington, d.c. that if you don't fully comply with a changing process including last-minute subpoenas that is obstruction and evidence of guilt. that's lunacy. there is a whole cottage industry of attorneys in d.c. that make a practice out of fighting back if there is something wrong with the process. >> bill: what do you think of the official from yesterday from the state department george kent. apparently he talked about the issues with hunter biden in ukraine. i would imagine next week no matter where the democrats want to go they'll be dragged back to this issue. do you see it that way? >> ukraine is a giant pile of quicksand. everybody will get skew erd and the biden story won't go away. the biden story is understandable in normal, daily life. everyone knows what nepotism is. they've seen the boss's son get
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the job. it is easy to understand factually what happened there and how it's wrong. maybe illegal, maybe not. at least wrong. that's a big distinct from what we've got in terms of the phone call to the ukrainian prime minister. >> bill: the mulvaney story, do you think it's wise to ignore the subpoena? would you recommend that? is there a different legal track we need to be aware of? >> a little bit of a tactical error. the better track would be to have a noisy response either filing a motion to quash or filing a letter with the committee that lays out in public ways all of the flaw ins this process if it does end up going to court someday you have better posture if you responded rather than ignored. >> bill: a noisy response tells the judge who may hear the case later you mean business? >> i don't mean noisy as in fluff. pointing out the flaws of the process, the changing rules, the fact that doj has said there isn't a crime.
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>> bill: i'm looking at all these transcript releases. take yesterday afternoon for a good example. to our viewers at home they may not know this. our team in washington blasts out these emails. the impression you get when you see something that is brought out by the democrats is whoa, this might be a problem what he is saying. then within 10 minutes the republicans come out with their response and if you really have a fair mind you can see their side of it, too. i'm wondering if that's the case as the hearings play out next week if we are just running in circles. and those people who have made up their minds will possibly keep where they are, and a lot of minds won't be changed in the end. what is your feeling on that, jim? >> i think that's a safe bet, bill. most of the american public has already figured out where they stand on impeachment in general. the further you get from the beltway the more they're talking about football this weekend and not politics. so again i think you're right. there won't be a lot of changes.
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when you talk about second or third hand information it is unlikely to change even the undecided. it is not direct. >> bill: democrats will say he did this and that and republicans will say the lethal aid was there more than the obama administration. left to decide for yourself. if mick mulvaney disregards a subpoena they can write up an article of obstruction. is that an individual article or a separate article of impeachment for every individual who defies a subpoena? >> the only game is to lump it onto the president. they would probably say the president's proxy, mr. mulvaney, has committed this crime with the president's full blessing. no reason to really target anybody else in a direct fashion. they have to shoot through him to get to the president. >> bill: be more specific. my question. if they do eventually take it to the full house is that a different article for every person who defies the request? or is that lumped into one charge do you believe? >> they could do it either way.
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not a lot of rules. jerry ford said when he said it is supposed to be high crimes and misdemeanors but what is whatever the hell congress wants. they can lump it or individualize it. they would individualize it to make it sound like there are so many more offenses. >> bill: see you next week. thank you for your time. >> sandra: there could be a newcomer to the 2020 presidential race. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is expected to file for the alabama democratic primary there. peter doocy is live in new hampshire where other candidates are trying to get on the ballot in that state. will he? peter, good morning. >> good morning, sandra. joe biden is coming here to new hampshire to get on the ballot in the first in the nation primary later today. mayor michael bloomberg doesn't think biden, warren, sanders or mayor pete can beat president
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trump. they explained the billionaire's evolution on the campaign. 2018 he spent more than $100 million to help elect democrats to insure congress began to hold the president accountable. this year he helped democrats win control of both houses of the virginia legislature. we need to insure trump is defeated. mike is increasingly concerned the current field of candidates is not well positioned to do that. but some in that current field of candidates think bloomberg is off base. >> as someone running now for a number of months, you can't underestimate the importance of actually meeting hundreds or thousands of early voters in new hampshire and iowa and nevada and around the country. i just don't think that any amount of funds can replace that kind of experience and exposure over time. >> recent fox news poll found that just 6% of democratic
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primary voters would vote for bloomberg if he ran. he hasn't announced a campaign. he has staffers in alabama working to get him on the ballot there. the alabama primary isn't until super tuesday, the deadline to get on the primary ballot is today. sandra. >> sandra: very interesting stuff. peter doocy. back in march, bill, that bloomberg wrote i believe i would defeat donald trump at a general election. he wasn't -- he was clear eyed about the difficulty of winning the democratic nomination, such a crowded field and that's what he is thinking about. >> bill: a lot of folks in new york have a lot to say on all sides. i have a list of things, right? he was mayor for 12 years, i do believe. there is a record out there. elizabeth warren targeting billionaires telling people like bill gates to chip in more. president reagan's economic advisor art laffer has his calculator and will join us
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soon. >> sandra: juul taking steps to help with teen vaping. >> bill: ronald reagan, how the american embassy in berlin will pay tribute to ronald reagan 30 years later at the fall of the berlin wall. thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ we have no debt, we don't owe anybody anything, and it's fantastic ♪
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>> sandra: jeff sessions confirming he will run for his old alabama senate seat in 2020. last night on tucker carlson sessions said he was always a team player despite a contentious relationship with the president. >> i was on president trump's cabinet. did i write a tell-all book? no did i go on cnn and attack the president? no, have i said a cross word about our president? not one time. i'll tell you why. first, that would be dishonorable. i was there to serve his agenda, not mine >> sandra: he would face
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democrat doug jones who won the seat two years ago in a special election. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> bill: what a moment that was in june of 1987. a speech etched in history, 2 1/2 years later president ronald reagan got his wish. tomorrow marks 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall. next hour secretary of state mike pompeo in berlin will help unveil a statue of ronald reagan at the american embassy. john live from berlin. thank you for your time. the shot looks good, you look good. what does this moment mean to the world 30 years later? >> a dream of president reagan, right, bill? he spent a lifetime fighting for freedom and fighting against communism. so to have secretary pompeo unveil a statue of him today is just a remarkable thing.
6:17 am
a lot of people around the world are pleased because president reagan deserves the honor. >> bill: how are the german people reacting to that? >> you know, i have to tell you, bill, it's been a bit of a struggle. we've been trying for 10 years to find a way for berlin to honor the president and there is a plaque in a sidewalk not too far from the brandenburg gate which honors the spot president reagan stood on. this is the first statue of president reagan we see in berlin. it is a happy day for all. it's an honor. >> bill: why the reservation on the first part of your answer? where does that come from? >> you know, i think this is a city that, you know, while it's free, bill, it is still somewhat torn apart in the sense that east and west germany certainly have united but it's somewhat of a culture
6:18 am
clash. there is not total adoration for all things west and all things involving ronald reagan and all that he stood for, freedom and all that. i think there is a growing appreciation for what he did. he certainly spent a lifetime trying to achieve it. >> bill: i'm happy you're there. he had allies, significant allies, margaret thatcher working western europe. pope john paul ii working eastern europe. the three of them together helped bring this about. when you reflect on that, john, what do you think about? >> you know, what a remarkable thing to have a handful of world leaders pulling for the same thing at just the right point in history. you are right, bill, it took their combined efforts and it took the efforts of germans in west berlin and east berlin. people had courage to try to scale the wall over the years,
6:19 am
over 175 people lost their lives trying to do that. but we have a world that's free here now and we have ronald reagan in great part to thank for it. >> bill: it's remarkable. a week ago we grabbed a picture of you on fox about a week ago. you were fighting fires in simi valley projecting the reagan presidential library from destruction. you are covered in ash and you can tell that you have just been whipped by the wind for hours at a time. now here you are in berlin. you were successful a week ago and i bet this week is going to be even more special. final comment on that, john. >> we almost lost the reagan library, bill. it was the closest we've come to such an incredible disaster. we have nothing but first responders and heroes to thank. that literally saved the day and saved the reagan library and i'm glad to be there as part of that and glad to be here as part of an incredible
6:20 am
celebration. so things can change in life from week-to-week. this is a good week. >> bill: enjoy the events. john in berlin. if you haven't yet been to berlin. anyone in our audience, put it on your bucket list. the amount of history that's contained over the past 100 years within that small town is -- not a small town but within that town is really remarkable. it will take your breath away. i spent a lot of time studying what is important to whom and why. >> sandra: a great look back at that moment in time. we'll have more on that coming up. a home destroyed by flames after a small plane goes down in a residential neighborhood. what we're learning about that deadly crash. >> bill: also from las vegas they have banned people from sleeping on the city sidewalks. critics say it criminalizes homelessness. how do you solve the problem? we'll hear from a vegas city councilman on that very issue. stand by.
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>> bill: e-cigarette company jewell says it will stop sales of mint flavored products. it was the most popular flavor for teenagers who vape. the company says it will only sell the men thol and the tobacco flavors in the u.s. 24 past now. >> this is all in an effort to get the homeless community in for service and help and back into a life of the wonderful offerings we have of compassion, involvement, good jobs and ultimately ready for housing again. >> sandra: las vegas facing backlash over a new ordinance banning people from camping or sleeping on the city streets there if shelter beds are available. violators face six months in jail or a $1,000 fine.
6:25 am
the ban unfairly criminalizes the homeless there. our next guest voted against that ordinance. brian, good morning to you. why are you opposed to this particular measure? why do you oppose it? >> for one thing i agree with the mayor, outcomes, we agree on and on far more than we disagree. on this strategy i think there are far more economically reasonable approaches to working with the homeless population. it involves working with our federal and state government and county government. i think law enforcement for me is the last approach. >> sandra: here point this has been a problem for 20 years and time to do something. she says we need real results. she called the new law imperfect, the city's mayor and said it was necessary to deal with the crisis. this is flawed but it is a start. do you agree with her there? >> i agree that this is an
6:26 am
approach. this isn't my approach. i want to mention this is a problem faced by every other major city in america. this is something that as a nation we should be talking about, a mental health crisis within our large cities and nation. we should be talking about the federal government's role, the state government's role and the county government's role and the local municipality has a role to work with the agencies. prevention is a much easier and economic strategy to deal with this issue. >> sandra: what about the shelters there? the law says if there is a shelter available and a bed available for that homeless person, then that's why they are making it illegal for that person to sleep on city streets. is that fair if there is enough room for them to be in the shelter and sleep there is it fair the mayor in her words says it's a way to nudge them off the streets to the safety of a shelter? >> again, i would bring you to what the facts are. there are 6,000 people in
6:27 am
southern nevada. we have 2,000 beds. at any given time any shelter in southern nevada will be at 95 to 100% capacity true of every other major city in our country. we don't have enough resources for the population. so i think it's health year for us to talk about how to invest in prevention and if people end up in the situation make sure they are quickly put into transitional housing with supportive services around mental and physical healthcare. >> sandra: you hear that from all these city mayors saying that the mental health crisis has to be addressed. affordable housing is another part of the picture. it seems like it's a multi-tier solution that has to happen. it is complicated. here is the mayor in her own words, someone who is trying to tackle this crisis last night. >> it is not the purpose of penalty or criminalization. it is the question of choice and providing service, beds, training, get back in a life of great integrity, success, and
6:28 am
back with their loved ones that you share. >> sandra: still the law that she has put forward can still be challenged. but final thoughts from you as everyone is looking for a solution to this growing problem. >> that's right. i want to highlight the mayor. this is in my mind this is compassion, we differ on our approaches. she is trying to do something that's right for las vegas. it's an amazing community and i support the mayor. this approach i don't agree with but the fact that las vegas is bringing it to national attention i think deserves recognition and i'm happy to be on the city council supporting the city of las vegas and acknowledging that as a nation we have to deal with some of the biggest challenges we face. las vegas can be a place where amazing things can happen. hopefully we can move to a point where we don't have to deal with the homeless situation with law enforcement. >> sandra: a huge problem and a
6:29 am
big effort to tackle it. thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: we're learning more about the horrific murders of three women and six children in northern mexico. the funerals for that family drawing hundreds of mourners already. >> sandra: new emails raising questions about a key witness in the impeachment probe. what do they mean for next week's first public hearings? >> the president felt both those things would be helpful in the reelection campaign. to use the apparatus of the u.s. government to use bipartisan support of military funding for an ally that's at war with russia as leverage is unconscionable. what i love most about being a scientist at 3m is that i'm part of a community of problem solvers. we make ideas grow.
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can save on your prescriptions and to get our free decision guide. licensed humana sales agents are standing by, so call now. >> sandra: acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is expected to be a no show with a closed-door deposition with impeachment investigators. former ukraine ambassador communicated with a democrat
6:33 am
capitol hill staffer in august. the messages appear to contradict yovanovitch's testimony last month. here to talk about all of it is jason chaffetz. great to have you here this morning. your thoughts on mulvaney and what this all means for the impeachment probe. >> well, i think the democrats want to create a narrative because they are overreaching. they create this narrative that says look, these people are not testifying, therefore there is obstruction. that's a leap that goes beyond the pale. if they have an issue they can go to the courts. they can do other things. but what adam schiff is telling the world is just simply not true. >> sandra: where do you think all of it will go now? you have yovanovitch set to testify next week, the first public hearings. how does next week change everything, jason? >> i think it is a circus and a show. i think personally the democrats are doing this because they know that the horowitz report and what the u.s. prosecutor durham is doing
6:34 am
is very serious. and i think those reports will come out. the president released a transcript. i can read it in black and white. everybody else should, too. i really don't care what all these other people have in terms of their opinion about what the president did in that call but i find that the president did nothing wrong in that call. >> sandra: senator chris coons weighed in on all of it and protecting the whistleblower and what it means for the impeachment inquiry. >> the whistleblower needs to remain protected. should not be hauled in front of congress because frankly that's what whistleblower protection statutes are there for. when there is someone who works for the federal government and sees something wrong, what matters here in the ongoing impeachment inquiry in the house is that not the whistleblower but other folks, lieutenant colonel alex vindman, ambassador gordon sondland have confirmed the core of what he was saying was going on. >> sandra: you say what to that? >> i disagree with mr. coons.
6:35 am
i was the chairman of the oversight committee. we had the most contentious hearings on capitol hill. we treated victims very differently than somebody who wanted to come forward. the so-called whistleblower doesn't have any firsthand knowledge or information and if the committee -- the minority wants to call and hear that person, that i think is fair game. when you are talking about trying to impeach the president of the united states. >> sandra: now a lot of questions about how all these rules that were voted on, how they'll play going forward. adam schiff moving the goalpost. a lot of republicans make that point. adam schiff trying to clarify and outline the rules for the questioning next week. here is adam schiff. >> we don't have a right to subpoena people. we have to basically create a list that meets certain criteria and then go beg the house democrats to let us have some of our witnesses. every one of the witnesses we put forward will be substantive and will lead back to the corruption of the democrats and what they were doing in ukraine.
6:36 am
>> sandra: so that was devin nunes. it is friday, everybody and we appreciate that. adam schiff is outlining the rules. devin nunes reacting to all that. he says the republicans must justify the relevance of witnesses they want to call in public hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry and to the president. what does that tell you about how he is going to lead this inquiry going forward when republicans make it clear who they want to call forward? >> what adam schiff and nancy pelosi are doing is an absolute travesty. it is by no means fair. the analogy i would use is a baseball team. nancy pelosi and adam schiff want to be the manager of both teams, decide who gets to bat and who goes where and what pitch they'll tloe. it is not the way it works. i did this elijah cummings. the minority always, always got to call the witness that they wanted. they didn't get as many
6:37 am
witnesses as the majority but they always got to call their own witness. that is sacred ground. what adam schiff is doing is just an absolute farce, a travesty and needs to be called out. >> sandra: what do you make now of republicans and the move to consider moving jim jordan to the house intelligence committee on a temporary basis? do you want to see that happen? what sort of gymnastics would it take to get him on there? >> the intel committee is treated very differently than every other committee. that's the sole selection of the minority leader of kevin mccarthy. he can puts whoever he wants on that team. adam schiff and nancy pelosi don't get to pick who is on the opposing team. if they want to put the very best player that's out there by the way in jim jordan, he should be on that team. >> sandra: got it. jason chaffetz fired up on a friday morning. appreciate your thoughts. >> bill: in the meantime
6:38 am
funerals now continue for family members who were killed in northern mexico. they say goodbye to mothers and children killed in a drug cartel ambush. jonathan hunt live in l.a. for more on the story today. >> good morning, bill. there will be more raw and emotional scenes today as yet another funeral for the victims of the mexico massacre gets underway. another mother caught in the ambush that in all killed three women and six children. hundreds of mourners turned out for the first funerals watching solemnly as three pine coffins carrying the bodies of a mother and her two sons were laid in a single grave. relatives still trying to comprehend how and why their loved ones were so brutally gunned down.
6:39 am
donna langford and her sons. >> able to assimilate it and realize how the cruelty, the heartlessness of these people to do something like this for their own purposes or whatever it might be that we don't even know where it came from or how or why. >> the mexican authorities do seem to know the how and why. the american women and children, part of a community that is a fundamentalist offshoot of the mormon church drove into an ambush that had been set up by members of a drug cartel as part of a turf war with the sinaloa cartel. the large suvs the group were driving possibly mistaken for those of drug gang members. the mexican army staged a show of force as the funerals took place but residents of the community complain of a lack of security in normal times. and that the area is in reality controlled by the drug gangs.
6:40 am
it is, of course, one of many areas in the country where the government has arguably ceded control to the cartels and raises questions about the mexican president's strategy of trying to solve underlying social problems rather than taking on the cartels through force. his so-called hugs, not bullets approach, bill. >> bill: thank you. jonathan hunt you are right about that. thank you. >> sandra: thursday night football. the raiders still right in the thick of the afc playoff race after last night's win over the chargers. it all came down to that last minute with rookie running back josh jacobs scoring on an 18-yard run with over a minute left on the clock. the raiders getting that victory, a 26-24. close game victory that was. >> bill: last time they will play in oakland those two teams. >> sandra: moving to more
6:41 am
important football games. >> bill: what are you doing saturday at 3:30, right? >> sandra: lsu/alabama game. >> bill: a deadly chemical accident at a popular restaurant chain. one employee is dead. how the restaurant is responding to that. >> sandra: and as billionaire michael bloomberg considers a presidential run elizabeth warren doubling down on her plan to tax the rich. art laffer is on deck. >> it's about politics. it is not about the math. the math is what -- we had all the numbers. ar lows. one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. zñ when didwhen i needed ton? jumpstart sales.
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with the newday va streamline refi, you can refinance at near record low rates with no income verification, no appraisal and nothing out of pocket. >> sandra: we are awaiting possible remarks from the president at any point this morning. expected in the next 15 minutes or so. he will be leaving moments from now for georgia. when he steps out of the white house sometimes he talks to reporters.
6:45 am
if he does we'll bring that to you. >> in the past few days, i've heard that there are some billionaires who don't support this plan. you built that great fortune here in america, i guarantee you built it at least in part using workers all of us help pay to educate. all we're seeing is when you make it big, when you make it really big, when you make it top 1/10 of 1% big, pitch in two cents so everybody else gets a chance. >> bill: that's her rally cry on the stump. our next guest has been crunching the numbers. ramping up the battle with the super rich and billionaire's calculator to add up your fair share. folks like bloomberg, gates and art laffer former reagan economics advisor. how are you doing? happy friday. >> i'm doing very well. how are you?
6:46 am
>> bill: what does the calculate -- tell you? >> i would love to pay more. i would do anything to be in that category but i haven't quite been able to be there yet. i'm trying real hard, though, bill. >> bill: i don't believe you. here is the plan, art. the wealth tax plan would impose an annual tax of 2% screen left here now an every dollar for a household above $50 million. increases to 6% for households with more than a billion dollars. now go ahead and tell us what you think the effect of that would be, art. >> well, that along with the high marginal income tax rates they're proposing, prohibitive death taxes as well. huge tax rates there. they are also talking about all sorts of transfer payments, free medicare, get rid of all school loans. all of that together. it is exact formula done in the
6:47 am
1930s. in 1929 and 1930. january 1, 1932 they raised the highest tax rate from 25 percent force 63%. they raised the death tax to 90% throughout the great depression. they raised the personal income tax rate to 79% and you know what that led to? the biggest, deepest decline in u.s. history. i'm very afraid that all of that will occur again as a consequence of these policies. what they don't believe is they don't believe a wealth tax will reduce the stock market value. they don't believe the income taxes will reduce gdp growth and output and prosperity but they will. that's exactly what will happen to the economy. we'll go into the deepest decline ever if the full program were implemented. we have a lot of experience with countries that have done this and it's terrible.
6:48 am
>> bill: bill gates net worth $1.7 billion. 6.4 million in taxes. the point is she sees -- >> they will pay a lot more than that. >> bill: she sees an audience for this. why does they lead with the left, the far left some would argue. why is that happening? >> well, because it's very attractive. it is free that you can get money from the rich people. they don't care. bill gates was ridiculous in his response. $4, $5, $10 billion. what a nonsense set of statements. bill gates and all these other wealthy, wealthy people run business in america beautifully to the benefit of -- how you want to win with rich is you want to lower tax rates
6:49 am
and make the tax systems compliant with their sense of fairness because rich people, poor people, we're all americans and these rich people make the world a lot better for us and if you lower tax rates and get rid of the tax loopholes they'll pay their taxes fair and square and voluntarily and we'll all be one team. you never want to pit one group of americans against another group of americans. we should love rich people because they pay a lot of bills for us. we should send them birthday cards. and she is making all of this as one group of americans against another group of americans, which has never done well and never works. we're one team. no american is made better off by pulling one of us down, never. a rising tide raises all of our boats, not just one. >> >> bill: nice to see you. >> does that make sense? >> yes, it does. >> sandra: we're showing the white house. we could hear from the president a short time from now.
6:50 am
portraits of courage. how former president bush is paying tributes to our americans as american heroes share stories of recovery. >> bill: she was once the fastest girl in the country but claims training she received in a nike program left her contemplating suicide. what is her story? details on the troubling allegations there. with medicare advantage plans designed for the whole you body, mind and spirit. that means aetna is helping you get ready to be the best grandmother the world has ever known. with medicare advantage plans that come with monthly premiums starting at $0. plus hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage in one simple plan. and wide provider networks including doctors and hospitals you know and trust. plus a limit on your out-of-pocket
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6:53 am
>> sandra: veterans day is monday. the american veterans center in arlington, virginia is helping us thank all those who served with the wounded warrior experience. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more on all that. good morning. >> for the past nine years i have had the honor of hosting the wounded warrior experience,
6:54 am
a moving evening of storytelling arranged by the american veterans center. warriors whose portraits george w. bush painted join me to talk about their darkest moments and road to recovery. sergeant first class raymond moved at the age of two and later joined the army on his way to get a sandwich at his base. he was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. >> severed the left side of my arm while splitting the air i felt i got hit like a bee sting on the right side of my head. turned out i broke a piece of my skull off and rubbed against my brain and gave me brain damage. landed on my force, one hand was stump on the ground. >> a therapist at walter reed convinced him he had a reason to live. >> i can't say i had a darkest hour. i had an awakening. the only thing i want to do is play catch with my little boy.
6:55 am
>> there is sergeant major injured in baghdad. >> took shrapnel to my face, broke my upper jaw, cut my throat and lodged in the back of my neck. >> how did you know you had post traumatic stress? what were the signs? >> i don't think you wake up one day and you have a headache and here it is. it was over time. >> he joined president bush on a warrior ride and began mountain biking to fight his post traumatic stress. >> it took my mind off of things. it let me find a purpose. let me put away the pills that i was using to try to help me sleep and now i describe the outdoors as my pharmacy. >> the wounded warrior experience will air at 4:00 p.m. this sunday, november 10th on fox business network. it was filmed this year at the kennedy center. amazing evening of stories from these wounded warriors.
6:56 am
>> sandra: great stuff. we'll be watching that sunday at 4:00 p.m. fox business. >> bill: the president speaking with reporters on the south lawn. we'll bring it to you as soon as he wraps up. in the meantime testing the waters now. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg considering a run for the white house. what does it say about the current field we wonder? republicans call for the whistleblower to step from the shadows. we'll talk about that and a lot more with our headliner today louisiana senator john kennedy will be here top of the hour.
6:57 am
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today. >> sandra: fox news alert. we're awaiting the president. he is departing the white house for a trip to atlanta this morning where he will be holding fundraisers and taking part in a round table with supporters there. right now he is talking to reporters before boarding marine one. as soon as we get tape playback of that we'll have it for you. but first it could be a new ballgame for 2020 democrats. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg opening the door for a possible run for president. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." it is friday. i'm sandra smith. good morning. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. bloomberg laying the ground work for a potential late entrance to the race. his team issued this statement. we now need to finish the job and insure that trump is defeated. mike is increasingly concerned of the current field of candidates is not well positioned to do that.
7:01 am
based on his record of accomplishment, leadership and ability to bring people together to drive change, mike would be able to take the fight to trump and win. how about that for our a-team. juan williams. he is juan in a million. there we go. she is the lovely lisa boothe. fox news contributor. and the wonderful emily campagno. >> we'll know next week. the filing deadline for new hampshire is next friday. we'll see if he files for new hampshire which would paint a bigger picture that he wants to run. but i think it's interesting. he has previously said he is willing to spend $100 million of his own money. someone like joe biden or elizabeth warren that's a lot of money.
7:02 am
>> bill: he could spend a billion. >> a clear disfaction with joe biden at the moderate. a lot is a facade. you look to early states like iowa, new hampshire where biden is struggling and look at fundraising numbers, $8.9 million cash on hand. the vast majority comes from big dollar donors, not grassroots small dollar donors. 38% have maxed out. if you want to go the distance where is the money going to come from and facing somebody like michael bloomberg with deep pockets? >> bill: is he in or not or does he make a good candidate? >> he sent up a trial balloon. it has seismic impact on the current democratic field in large part picking up on what lisa was talking about. you look at the fundraising. i think wall street is they're going out of their minds warren and sanders are doing so well. with biden looking uncertain
7:03 am
and not having a ton of money, what you get is a sense among people like bloomberg, steve ratner and others on wall street. oh my god, elizabeth warren might be the nominee. it's halloween again. for them they think wait a second, mike bloomberg, come on in. let me just say that there is a strong response. the idea of another billionaire in the democratic field. >> sandra: what does that say? >> i don't think the populists are anti-wall street, anti-billionaire. they think there should be higher taxes on them and remember that bloomberg despite having put a lot of money into the virginia race and helped democrats greatly. he is a guy who was for stop and frisk in new york city. a guy that is viewed as maybe a moderate, if not even a centrist democrat. >> warren is spooky. you mentioned halloween. >> sandra: warren responded to this and said this.
7:04 am
we need to be a country that doesn't just work for those. >> sandra: to have somebody come in and buy this election. that's not what democracy is about. we need a country that doesn't just work for the top. >> an interesting talking point that help has been echoing, comfortable for her to put as a target these billionaires. to your point what is different between him and steier? bloomberg is dynamic. when he towed the water in 2016 he was going to use airbnb, uber, lyft. 2019 and 2020 is a totally different climate for those entities than in 2016. from him the democratic candidates should be shaking in their boots and the average citizen might resonate far more
7:05 am
stongly with him than they ever will with biden. >> 12 years mayor of new york city. the trans fat push, remember that? that was him. remember the salt push? that was bloomberg. remember the calorie counts? that was bloomberg. remember the oversize sugary drinks? that was bloomberg. all right? the charter of new york city says you can serve two terms and you are out. when he was the mayor during his second term the city council changed the law that allowed him to run for a third term. when he was mayor during his third term they changed the law back. all right? so here is your imperialistic mayor from new york city about to possibly launch a national campaign? is michael bloomberg willing to go to des moines, iowa and sit in the living rooms of families and try to dress people to caucus for him. >> this is a democratic party
7:06 am
believes in big government. i'm not sure if democrat primary voters would be opposed to things you mentioned. he is not going to make the debate stage november 20th. i'm interested in saying maybe in december does he get up there and juxtaposition between him and elizabeth warren. we saw with the last debate elizabeth warren doesn't respond well when she is under attack and polling took a dive after that debate. if she is on the stage with someone like michael bloomberg i would love to see them going after each other and also painting that sharp contrast of what is going on in the democratic party now. there is a sharp divide between people like joe biden, pete buttigieg and you have the bernie sanders and elizabeth warren on the other side. i would love to see them go head-to-head. >> sandra: we have a fair conversation. we talked about this last night when the news was breaking. one thing to talk about mayor bloomberg the mayor, the politician, another to look at his business track record. he built that company from the ground up. he is a brilliant businessman.
7:07 am
could he change and elevate the conversation, the debate within the democratic party on the economy, on income equality and other things? >> an interesting debate for him to engage how he would change income inequality. he is a billionaire. important to note in the most recent fox poll 6% said they would back him if he got in. all speculation. contrast that to people like hillary clinton about 25%, michelle obama like 50%, sandra. the key point here i think for a lot of people is michael bloomberg only became a democrat in october of last year, 2018. before that he was a republican. i think it is the changing -- it is hard for a lot of people to -- >> bill: want to move to another topic. speaking of sugary drinks stephanie grisham had a response on this. here is bloomberg. >> hold onto your sodas, america, that's all i can say about that. i can't really talk about elections too much because of
7:08 am
the hatch act. at the white house we're not worried about anybody who will run against this president. he has got results. he has got great jobs and great markets. we aren't concerned about anybody. >> bill: david all ex rod tweet. a thunder clap but not a vote of confidence from leading moderates in durability of joe biden campaign. some of you touched on that. now to the testimony of marie yovanovitch. here is the quote from yesterday. they wanted me to come in and talk about, i guess, the circumstances of my departure. she emailed me, i alerted the state department and asked them to handle the correspondents. she emailed me again and said who should i be in touch with? the suggestion here, emily, there was correspondence with either the whistleblower or with whom the whistleblower was working on these committees with adam schiff. >> i think up until the testimony yovanovitch had gotten a certain measure of respect in she hadn't said anything before then. she had kept quiet. people were applauding her in
7:09 am
terms of honoring her position and dedication to the state, the larger state. this call calls into question for the average american citizen they're saying this is why these proceedings need to be transparent as well as the gop and why for everything that we're given there is something that trickles out later there is an additional piece of information that makes us call into question the original presentation that we were spoon fed by schiff and the left. >> sandra: all right. >> bill: yovanovitch is on friday. george kent is on wednesday. >> sandra: we got a look at the kent testimony yesterday. this in particular he said on hunter biden. when i was on a call with somebody on the vice president's staff, i raised my concerns that i had heard that hunter biden was on the board of a company owned by somebody that the u.s. government had spent money trying to get tens of millions of dollars back and it could create the perception of a conflict of interest.
7:10 am
those concerns were raised. >> it is hard to take democrats seriously when you have the stuff with the bidens going on. because of recent requests we know the state department set up meetings with a consulting firm for burisma holdings noting hunter biden was on the board. what kind of access did that give hunter biden and burisma to the united states government and did it change the united states' policy on ukraine at all particularly with joe biden being the front man. also say quick regarding the email exchange with yovanovitch, it looks like she is lying about the communications exchange she had with the staffer. the reason why that matters, you add this onto the fact that you have the whistleblower attorney talking about a coup after the inauguration, add it to the fact that adam schiff lied about his contact with the whistleblower and add it onto the fact right now there is an investigation into if the f.b.i. and d.o.j. abused their power spying on an opposing party with president trump.
7:11 am
so it raises questions about people on the inside and their animosity toward the president. >> sandra: the president is talking now. >> bill: we'll play it when it becomes available. we'll see whether or not republicans are able to bring out the points you're making in next week's hearing. that's their job. see if they can do it or not. >> sandra: senator bernie sanders has released a sweeping immigration plan calling for a halt to deportation and the breakup of existing immigration agencies like ice. kristin fisher is on that for us. >> this plan puts bernie sanders at the far left of the immigration debate. among the 2020 democratic contenders. a look at what exactly he is proposing to do. he wants to impose a moratorium on deportations, break up existing immigration enforcement agencies including ice, immigration and customs enforcement and customs and border protection and *r and wants to grant full welfare access to illegal immigrants and welcome a minimum of 50,000
7:12 am
climate migrants in his first year in the white house. in a statement sanders says when i'm in the white house we'll stop the hatred toward our immigrant brothers and sisters and family separation and locking up children in cages. we'll end the ice raids that are terrorizing communities. i'll use my executive power to protect our immigrant communities and reverse every action implemented by trump. the head of the national border patrol council said he is disappointed in sanders' plan but not surprised. the council claims this plan would put border patrol agents and other immigration enforcement officers at risk, quote. instead of developing a plan that strengthens the security of the united states, protects the citizens and honor immigrants who abide by the laws, senator sanders introduced a plan that represents the interests of those who violated the laws and will make the united states a safe haven for traffickers and terrorists. sanders plan would also end the president's so-called travel ban and the policy of making
7:13 am
migrants wait in mexico while their asylum claims make their way through courts here in the united states. sandra, this would really be almost a full reversal of president trump's entire immigration agenda. >> sandra: we'll dig into that. thank you. >> bill: back with the a-team. your witness, juan. is this what democrats want to hear? >> i think there are some democrats who want to hear it and an appetite for it in the base. remember, bernie sanders is really faintion off against elizabeth warren. he has been going down in the polls, elizabeth warren has been rising. pete buttigieg has been taking some of his support as pete buttigieg is now in second place in iowa according to the real clear politics average. for this i think what you are seeing is bernie is saying to the people on the left. when it comes to immigration and confronting i'm your guy. i will -- i want to let more immigrants in in terms of climate change and other issues.
7:14 am
he said his dad was a jewish man who immigrated to this country and gave him as a child all these opportunities. he does not like these anti-immigrant policies. >> sandra: the case that's the story of so many americans today. could this work? >> i think acknowledging where that comes from him that obviously from a compassionate place. i think it is a total oversimplification. a frightening one of our entire system and he ignores all the converging factors that come into play with every thing he would dismantle in his proposed plan. for example when he talks about climate migration. he has been a legislator for so long why hasn't he aided anything in terms of international diplomacy with china or india, the largest polluters. talking about the southern borders and immigrants why isn't he talking about diplomacy required and acknowledgement of the cartels and the push factors coming over the southern border? in terms of hough it will impact his potential voters a poll came out yesterday kaiser
7:15 am
foundation and cook that in the four states that are the blue wall states overwhelmingly decriminalizing border crossings was a no. >> bill: that brings us to the people in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. how do we know what they feel about this particular proposal? >> we've seen with polling general election voters with typically against the complete and utter lawlessness which is what sanders is advocating for. what we've seen with the poor families in northern mexico, the salve acknowledges that exist with cartel members. it is known cartel members have tried to cross the porous border between mexico and the united states. why would you want to open the floodgates to allow people like that potentially into our country or getting rid of the agencies tasked with removing those people once they get into the united states? so basically what bernie sanders is advocating for is complete lawlessness and president trump is going to love this because he would love nothing more than to take that
7:16 am
to the american people and draw that sharp contrast between his policy and bernie sanders. >> sandra: does this push the other democratic opponents, his opponents further to the left on this issue? >> they are pretty open to immigration. it's not the case the trump campaign would say democrats want open borders. that's not the case. but i think it is the case that they feel the president's policies and particularly things like detaining children, being cruel in terms of the people coming into the country, most of these people are not members of ms-13 and drug cartels. >> bill: that was some of the headlines out of mexico. >> those are cartels and criminals. >> bill: thank you. we're waiting on comments from the president. they've gone at least 20 minutes. they've covered a lot of ground and a lot of topics. viewers will hear it shortly. lisa, juan, emily, have a great weekend and happy birthday. >> sandra: startling allegations meanwhile from one
7:17 am
of the nation's mostly let track stars accusing one of nikes coaches of physical and emotional abuse. the details on what we're learning there and nikes response to it. >> bill: one of the more iconic moments of the 20th century. the berlin wall fell 30 years ago tomorrow. the free world honors ronald reagan who led america to victory ultimately in the cold war. >> he spent a lifetime fighting for freedom and fighting against communism. so to have secretary pompeo unveil a statue of him today is just a remarkable thing. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. that's right, so activate your va benefit now. cause one call can save you $2000 every year. every year.
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@with medicare advantage plans that offer health coaching ,l b#(
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7:21 am
>> sandra: it is friday morning at the white house. the president just left the white house a short time ago. about a half hour since he stepped out. he talked to reporters on his way down to atlanta for some fundraise rs and going to a football game tomorrow. he did answer questions. he is talking joe biden, hunter biden. talking about mick mulvaney. asked why you are not allowing mulvaney to testify. he talks about the ongoing impeachment probe and michael bloomberg's potential run at the presidency. he weighs in on all that. just stopped talking to reporters a moment ago. we'll have it for you and play it back for you about 25 minutes in a moment. >> bill: stand by on that.
7:22 am
in the meantime she was once considered one of the more elite runners in the united states. the abusive culture at nike broke here and accusing the company and one of its coaches forcing her to lose weight and ignoring her claims of self-harm. she have posted the accusations in a video piece for "the new york times." >> i joined nike because i wanted to be the best female athlete ever. instead i was emotionally and physically abused by a system designed by alberto and endorsed by nike. >> david bruno criminal defense attorney and jared maxx with fox news headlines. good morning to you. she said the coach wanted her to get to 114 pounds. she makes claims there was not a scale around and there were not nutritionists on the team to give them a proper advice. is there a legal question here at play? >> no. i do not think so. i think that this is a good
7:23 am
conversation to have and i think that there are tons of programs throughout the country in every single sport that can be addressed as to where abuse versus training is. but here there was a u.s. anti-doping agency investigation recently on this organization t oregon project. what they looked at was the coach salazar as well as the organization for doping violations. they did find doping violations. there were three of them which resulted in salazar's suspension for four years from the sport. but nothing like this came up and there was no concerns of the agency for these problems. and i think that generally speaking every support has issues. people are trained to be the best of the best and she admittedly said in that video she wanted to be the fastest woman out there. what does it take to get there? it takes hard work and training and now she is pointing to certain things during the course of that training.
7:24 am
i don't see a legal issue. >> sandra: i listen to this from a different perspective. i ran track for lsu. weight plays a part. a certain level of fit necessary and body structure is to be maintained to run your best but made aware there are people to talk to. it was an all-male staff. she points that out. she does make the point there was not a certified sports psychologist. she was having mental issues. they didn't feel she had anybody to talk to. a certified nutritionist. there was always somebody to talk to. does she have a point there? >> maybe greater support systems in certain athletic areas. bottom line she signed as a professional here as a runner. whether it be in high school i remember kids on the wrestling
7:25 am
team walking around carrying cups and spit in the cup in order to lose weight. that's amateur. this is now professional. this may be kind of a dividing line we think in legal terms if it is a professional running program at 17 years old she was the youngest track athlete to make the world championship team. she works out with alberto salazar. this is the guy who won three new york city marathons back in the 80s. no slouch. one of the biggest names in long distance running to promote more long distance running in the united states. she was there and there are a lot of other women who say they went through something similar. fat shame. she said he said you were five pounds heavier than anybody in the race. in every sport they have similar dealings with their coaches in amateur and professional sports. >> bill: whether or not there
7:26 am
was abuse here and whether or not you can prove that or make that claim. nike made this statement. we take the allegations extremely seriously and launch an immediate investigation and hear from oregon project athletes. these allegations are completely inconsistent with our values, end quote. >> let's not forget she made a decision to be there. also where were the parents? the parents have to be responsible as well. i just wouldn't point the finger just at salazar oregon project and nike. it goes a long way. final point for me. look at all the awards, accolades, scholarships. we're talking about paying ncaa athletes for sports. i think that when there is an end goal to be the best or make the most money or whatever, this is a common story. i think it is a good conversation but at the same time i don't see legal fault for coaches to push athletes.
7:27 am
>> sandra: troubling allegations that nike said they'll look into. her breaking point was in 2015 in a race she under performed. while this support is very physical it is very mental. it wears you down and beats you down. it takes an immense amount of mental toughness to run at that level. >> she claims salazar was fat shaming her and she quit racing and gave up her olympic dream. it was trying to survive. she said she had cut herself. >> bill: thank you both. we're getting the word the president addressing a lot of things we've been talking about today so far. questions about joe biden, questions about corruption in ukraine. questions about michael bloomberg and whether or not he will be a candidate for the democratic nomination. it just concluded on the south
7:28 am
lawn as the president gets ready to head for atlanta, georgia. we might get a two-minute warning. not just yet. >> sandra: he said bloomberg wouldn't do well. will it hurt biden? he says i know him well enough. if he does i'll be happy, said the president. we'll hear that from him himself in a few minutes.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> sandra: as we told you, the president stopped to talk to reporters as he was departing the white house heading down to atlanta for some fundraisers. he stopped to talk to reporters for about 25 minutes. we're seconds away from that and play it back for you. meanwhile charles payne the money man is here and -- >> bill: you have 15 seconds i think, charles. >> sandra: looking at a record stock market. >> trump saying he hasn't said anything about rolling back tariffs. that took a little off the rally. it will be signed in the united states. he doesn't do these kind of negotiations in these interviews. i think the big takeaway when
7:33 am
we'll see some sort of deal signed very soon in this country and the president and china coming here. >> bill: can you say yes or no on that? >> yes. >> sandra: here is the president. >> president trump: i have to come over and see the fake news. what do you have, john? [inaudible question] >> president trump: i'm not concerned about anything. the testimony has all been fine. for the most part i never even heard of these people and have no idea who they are. some very fine people. you have some never trumpers, seems nobody has any firsthand knowledge. there is no firsthand knowledge. and all that matters is one thing, the transcript. the transcript is perfect. mark levin last night on television who is a great constitutional lawyer broke it down and said what trump said -- he was respectful. he said president trump, what
7:34 am
president trump said was perfect on the transcript. what he said on that telephone call with the president of ukraine was perfect. he said no other -- nothing else matters. what he said was perfect. and he analyzed every line and every paragraph. it was not complex. it was perfect. nothing else matters. with that being said every one of those people canceled themselves out. what they do is go all over washington let's find 10 people that hate president trump the most and let's put them up there. now, in some cases they really turned out to be very much honest and fair. but in no cases have i been hurt. in no cases that i say have i been hurt. [inaudible question] >> what do you say for the millions who don't believe you? >> they shouldn't be having public hearings. it is a hoax like the russian
7:35 am
witch hunt. just a continuation. when you look at the lawyer for the whistleblower i thought it ended when we found out the lawyer was so compromised. the lawyer is a bad gie. you look at that. i thought that was the end of it. this is just a continuation of the hoax. it's a disgraceful thing. in the meantime we have the best markets we've ever had. stock market. we have the best unemployment numbers. we have the best employment numbers we've ever had. we have almost 160 million people. we've never been close to that. unfortunately you people don't want to talk about that. [inaudible question] >> can you tell me whether a tariff rollback will be part of the phase one signing? >> they would like to have a rollback. china would like to get somewhat of a rollback. we're getting along very well with china. they want to make a deal. they want to make a deal more than i do. i'm very happy right now.
7:36 am
we are taking in billions of dollars. china would like to make a deal much more than i would. >> will you endorse jeff sessions ?t alabama senate run? >> he said nice things about me last night. i haven't gotten involved. we'll have to see. i haven't made a determination. >> [inaudible question] >> president trump: i don't think about it. >> bill: what do you say to the millions of people who just don't believe you that you have something and that the transcript shows you did something wrong? what do you tell them? >> it's a simple thing. i had a very good call with the president of ukraine. i assume that's what you are talking about. the call was perfect. now they are after -- i have a second call that nobody knew about. i guess they want that call to be produced also. you've heard that, john. i have a second call. i had a second call with the president which actually i believe came before this one and now they all want that one
7:37 am
and if they want it i'll give it to them. i haven't seen it recently but i'll give it to them. but i had a call before this one with the president of ukraine. i understand they would like it. i have no problem giving it to them. i have no problem giving it to them. >> on the bidens, did you ask bill barr or anyone in your department of justice to investigate the bidens? why would you ask the president of ukraine to do something you weren't willing to ask your own justice department? >> president trump: we are looking for corruption. we are giving hundreds of millions of dollars and we are looking for corruption. all you have to do is take a look at biden and you will see tremendous corruption. what he did is quid pro quo times 10. let me just say, be quiet, quiet. quiet. quiet. >> did you ask the d.o.j.?
7:38 am
>> president trump: are you ready. i saw the same tape on television. the tape shows that joe biden is a crook. he is 100% crooked. the fake news which is you and you, you don't want to do anything about it. his son walked out with millions of dollars from ukraine, millions of dollars from china. he doesn't know anything. he walked away with a stash. it is a corrupt deal and a corrupt enterprise. if the press did it right it's a hell of a story. [inaudible question] >> have you figured out where you'll sign the trade deal yet? >> president trump: assuming we get it. i don't want to talk about things until we have them. it could be iowa, farm country, someplace like that. it will be in our country. it could be someplace like that. i think it would go more to the farm belt. [inaudible question]
7:39 am
>> president trump: i'll see how it goes. jeff is a good candidate. alabama is a place where my approval numbers are very good. i think i won by 42 points. i love alabama. i'll go watch a very good football game on saturday, which is tomorrow, with lsu. it will be great. we'll see what happens. he has tough competition. you have the football coach tommy doing very well. you have some good people running in alabama. let's see what happens. [inaudible question]. >> president trump: we'll see what happens. we are getting along very well. they want to make the deal far more than i do. i will tell you they want to make it far more than i do. we'll see what happens. we are taking in right now -- you know as a reporter of finance, you know what i'm
7:40 am
saying. they've devalued their currency and we're taking in billions of dollars in tariff money from china. i like our situation very much. they want to make a deal much more than i do. but we could have a deal. [inaudible question] >> they said if you can't change your behavior you probably shouldn't run again in 2020. what do you say to that? >> you really shaped my behavior because from the day i came in here, i've had problems with phony stuff like a phony dossier that turned out to be false, like false investigations that i've beaten. so a lot of my behavior was shaped by the fake news and by the other side. that was a lot of my behavior. the fact is that we created the greatest economy in the history of our country. with all of that stuff going on behind me, nobody else could have done it. rush limbaugh said he doesn't know a man in the world that could have done what trump did. i don't know leon cooperman but whoever leon cooperman is, i
7:41 am
know of him, he can have his own view. but in the meantime i'm making him rich and a lot of other people rich including the working man and woman. they have never done so well as they've done right now. our jobs are the best they've ever been. everything about our economy is just about the best it's ever been. including unemployment. so i think in light of all of the things going on, you know what i mean by that, the fake news, the comeys of the world. all of the bad things went on. it's called the swamp. you know what happened and you know what i did? a big favor. i caught the swamp. i caught them all. let's see what happens. nobody else could have done that but me. i caught all of this corruption that was going on and nobody else could have done it. on top of that, we have the best economy, greatest economy we've ever had. the best job numbers we've ever had. african-american, asian americans, hispanics the best ever.
7:42 am
i think we've done a great job. tell leon, who i've seen but i don't know, tell him congratulations because he did very well with trump. [inaudible question] >> president trump: a lot of different things. prime minister is a very good friend of mine. you saw me in houston at the event. 55,000 people. it was great. we have a lot of things happening with india. we have a very good relationship with india. he wants me to go there. i will be going at some point to india. [inaudible question] >> president trump: my charity was great. i gave a lot of money away. i was sued because in new york it's a hornet's nest and they sue you for anything. on a really bad thing, if you look at that clinton charity, they left her alone. it is one of the reasons people
7:43 am
leave new york. i gave away $19 million. i took no expense, i took no rent, i took no fees, i took no nothing. 100% of that money was given away. i had to actually go through a process for years with new york because you know why? new york is a corrupt state. it is a shame. i gave $19 million away. what happened is instead of saying thank you, great. they hit me with a lawsuit and it was started by a man who had to get out because he beat up women. that's the kind of a place it is. [inaudible question] >> president trump: we are going to be coming out with an important position on vaping. we have to take care of our kids most importantly. so we'll have an age limit of 21 or so but we'll be coming out with something next week. very important on vaping. we have a lot of people to look at, including jobs frankly.
7:44 am
it has become a big industry. we'll take care of it. when you mention vaping you are talking about e-cigarettes and a lot of different things. we're coming out with a big paper next week. [inaudible question] >> president trump: we're talking about the age. we're talking about flavors. we're also talking about keeping people working. there are some pretty good aspects. we're close to a final report, john, we'll be giving it next week. >> the industry does support raising the age. >> president trump: we'll be doing that. >> can i come back to the first transcript of the call with zelensky from april 21. the white house counsel isn't keen to release that. will you overrule him? >> they don't want to give all this information on a scam, it's a witch hunt. i'm okay with releasing it.
7:45 am
it doesn't bother me. i know what i said. it was fine. but no, they do want to have the second call which is really the first call. the one before this. i had a call. i'm sure it was fine. i make a lot of calls. but i have no problem releasing it. i'm very transparent. nobody is more transparent than i am. if i wasn't and if i didn't release it, it would have been a problem. the fake whistleblower said something about the call, many things that were wrong. when the whistleblower came forward, he talked about this horrible call. it turned out to be a perfect call as i say. mark levin said it was a perfect call. so they lied. they lied. the whole thing is a scam. this is a scam by the democrats to try and win an election. now they want -- now they want my first call. i have no problem giving it to them other than i don't like giving calls to the media when
7:46 am
i am dealing with foreign nations. but i will give it if they want it. >> sondland said at the beginning of september he presumed there was a quid pro quo. then a telephone call to you on september 9th. had he ever talked to you prior to that telephone call? >> president trump: i hardly know the gentleman but this is the man who said there was no quid pro quo. and he still says that. he said that i said that. and he hasn't changed that testimony. so this is a man that said as far as the president is concerned, there was no quid pro quo. everybody that has testified even the ones that are trump haters have all been fine. they don't have anything. but now they want the first call with the president of ukraine. if they want it i'll probably give it to them. they really want it badly. if they want it, i will probably give it to them. i don't like doing it because
7:47 am
it sets a bad precedent, john. because every time president xi calls or somebody calls from china, if i speak to kim jong-un they worry about my giving the call. in this case because the press has been duped into a hoax and in some cases have started the hoax, i will give the letter if they want it. i do say this about that call. i think that's a very revealing call. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i was invited. it is right in the middle of our campaign season. i am thinking i am thinking about it. president putin invited me to -- it's a very big deal celebrating the end of the war, etc. very big deal. i appreciate the invitation. it is right in the middle of political season. so i'll see if i can do it. i would love to go if i could.
7:48 am
[inaudible question] >> bill barr and d.o.j. are not denying that you asked him to have a press conference. >> president trump: let me just tell you. i never asked him for a press conference. it is fake news by the "washington post", which is a fake newspaper. it is fake, made up. if i asked bill barr to have a press conference i think he would do it but i never asked him to have a press conference. you know why i wouldn't do it? because the phone call was perfect. just read the transcript of the phone call. nobody has to have a press conference. i think if i asked him -- by the way, we confirmed i never asked him. if i did ask him -- i haven't said this yet and i don't think i will. i'm sure i won't. but if i asked him to have a press conference i think he would. with that being said, it is fake news. they wrote a fake story. we told them that before they wrote the story. today when you tell the press something, it is meaningless because they write -- it is all
7:49 am
fiction. i'll tell you, they don't have sources. they make it up. not everybody, not john, not everybody. but they make it up. [inaudible question] >> president trump: what they want is they want my first phone call. i had another phone call and it is a very important phone call. it came to my attention last night that they want the first phone call. now, the problem i have releasing the first phone call. it was actually the second phone call. it's a perfect call. but they found out there is another phone call and that is the first phone call. they want it released. we're considering that. which one? that i don't know. i don't know about any calls. i have no problem except --
7:50 am
it's up to mike. i have no problem. [inaudible question] >> president trump: you know what it is really? it is a crooked deal. it is like the fake dossier and like everything else. these are crooked people. they lost an election and they lost it big. it was really a landslide from the electoral college standpoint and they lost it big and they still haven't recovered. they are going to lose again. what they're trying to do is weaken me. it has actually made me stronger. interestingly if you look at the polls that just came out, my polls are up. the fundraising is through the roof. it has never been this high. we just had fundraising. people are angry about it and it has made republicans and people that vote for me, not just republicans really angry. they've become angry because it's a hoax. i tell you, the whistleblower,
7:51 am
i call him the fake whistleblower. he gave a fake report of my phone call. when i did it all of a sudden when i released that call all of a sudden everybody disappeared. the whistleblower disappeared whatever happened to the second whistleblower? why isn't the first blower whistleblower going to testify anybody. everything he wrote in that report almost was a lie. he my phone call was perfect. he made it sound bad. that's why i had to release. so the whistleblower is a disgrace to our country. a disgrace. and the whistleblower because of that should be revealed. and his lawyer, who said the worst thing possible two years ago, he should be sued. and maybe for treason. maybe for treason but he should be sued. his lawyer is a disgrace. then ask him this.
7:52 am
where is the second whistleblower, right? where is the witness that gave the whistleblower the information? they all disappeared. because adam schiff is a corrupt politician. he is corrupt. he made up a speech and he put my voice in it. he made up a speech. had nothing to do with what i said. adam schiff is a corrupt politician. that's not giving us due process, not giving us lawyers, and despite all that we are kicking their ass. [inaudible question] >> president trump: every one of those people testified absolutely fine for me. they have gone out of their way to find the people that hate donald trump, president trump the most. they put them up there. everybody has been absolutely fine. i don't even know most of these people. many of these people i've never
7:53 am
even heard of. what crooked schiff is doing. he is a corrupt politician. he looks all over, tries to find people that don't like trump and he puts them up. we are winning so big. my polls are the highest they've ever been. i'm leading in all of the states, every swing state. the fundraising numbers just came in. they are the highest i think in history. i don't think anybody has ever had -- i'll tell you what. we are winning so big because we're going along. these are corrupt politicians and that includes nancy pelosi. she is a corrupt politician. she should go back to her district, which is horrible. it is filthy, it is drug infested. the stuff is being flown out to the ocean. it is being wiped out to the ocean through their drainage systems. you have to see what's happening in san francisco. nancy pelosi ought to focus on her district. these are corrupt politicians. [inaudible question]
7:54 am
>> president trump: we're going to atlanta. we have as you call a black vote. we're doing very well with african-americans. i think a big factor is the fact that they are having the best economic year they've ever had in the history of our country. we've been invited and i think it will be fantastic. i've known michael bloomberg for a long time. if you go back early on he said a lot of great things about trump. but i know michael. he became just a nothing. he was really a nothing. he is not going to do well. i think he will hurt biden actually. he doesn't have the magic to do well. little michael will fail. he will spend a lot of money. he has got some really big issues. got some personal problems. he has got a lot of other problems. but i know michael bloomberg fairly well. not too well, fairly well. well enough. he will not do very well.
7:55 am
if he did i would be happy. there is nobody i would rather run against than little michael. that i can tell you. >> democrats say by keeping white house officials from going up to give depositions that's evidence that the white house is obstructing and could lead to an article impeachment. >> president trump: they're making it up. this whole thing is a phony setup. when you look at the lawyer that got it started, the whistleblower lawyer who got it start et. it's a phony deal. these democrats are corrupt. nancy pelosi is a corrupt politician. shifty schiff is a double corrupt politician. he took my words on the phone call and they were so good he totally changed them. he went before congress. he made a speech before congress and in the speech, john, he said things that were horrible. that bore no relationship to the call and later on he was embarrassed. let me tell you something, schiff is a corrupt politician and our people know it and they
7:56 am
know it too, by the way, just so you know we have the highest poll numbers, the most energy. i was with mitch mcconnell and a whole group of people last night. i was with actually leaders of faith and evangelical leaders. they said -- all of them they have never had the energy that we've had. and we have now in the republican party. and beyond the republican party. people that were democrats and are for trump. we've never had the poll numbers. >> can you explain just so people understand why you are not allowing people like mick mulvaney and others to comply with subpoenas. >> president trump: i don't want to give credibility to a corrupt witch hunt. i would love to have mick go up frankly. i think he would do great. i would love to have him go up and almost every person go up when they know me. what i don't like is when they put all these people i never met before. when they put the head of the
7:57 am
never trumpers on the stand. even those people were okay, fine. people i never even heard of. the people that i know, i would love to have them go up. the rest is up to the lawyers. i have to do what the lawyers say to a certain extent. not always, but to a certain extent. but i will tell you, i like to have the people go up. except one thing. it validates a corrupt investigation. adam schiff is a corrupt politician. he is as corrupt as you'll ever see. when he makes up my words and reads fake words to congress and he acts so innocent. he is a corrupt politician. okay, thank you. >> bill: on to atlanta we roll. a few headlines now just recap quickly over the past 25 minutes on the south lawn of the white house. with regard to the phone call it was perfect. the whole thing is a scam. with regard to the reports this week that he urged bill barr to call a press conference he said
7:58 am
barr can do what he wants to do. i never asked him to do a press conference. with regard to the bidens specifically hunter biden his son walked out with millions of dollars. he walked away with a stash the president said there. there was a little more news, too, on the first phone call with ukrainian president zelensky. the president saying there is consideration right now to release the transcript of it. in his words we're considering that. then toward the end why do you not allow mick mulvaney and others to testify? he said i don't want to give credibility to a witch hunt. those are the headlines at the moment from the south lawn of the white house. >> sandra: let's bring in chief white house correspondent john roberts. wide ranging in his question and answer with reporters. jeff sessions, impeachment, russia in may. >> he was talking for 40 minutes. he had an opportunity to give his thoughts on every question that pretty much anybody had on any topic.
7:59 am
it is interesting to see, too. for the last couple of days the president hasn't really spoken much to the press. on the way out to the helicopter the other day he just passed us by and walked straight to the helicopter. yesterday an event for victims of communism was supposed to be open for what we call the pool spray. it was closed at the last minute. this morning the president did one of his epic helicopter events out there on the south lawn before leaving for atlanta this morning. one of the big headlines, of course, today is that the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and mark sandy, the deputy director for foreign policy programs at the office of management an budget ignored subpoenas. the president said i don't want to give credibility to a corrupt witch hunt. he would love to have mulvaney go up. if mulvaney went up he would give a counter narrative to what some of the other people who have given depositions thus far have done but the president
8:00 am
does not want to give validity to what he says is a corrupt investigation. i did ask him as he came out whether he thought there were any problems with the transcript so far because democrats are saying that they are problematic, the transcripts of these depositions. listen how the president answered. >> president trump: i'm not concerned about anything, the testimony has all been fine. for the most part i never even heard of these people. i have no idea who they are. they are some very fine people. you have some never trumpers, seems nobody has any first-hand knowledge. there is no first-hand knowledge. and all that matters is one thing, the transcript. and the transcript is perfect. >> we should point out that democrats are looking at the non-compliance with subpoenas as obstruction by the white house of the house investigation. the house inquiry, that can all be rolled together into an article of impeachment on
8:01 am
obstruction if they decide to go down that road. the president insists he did not ask the attorney general bill barr to look into anything regarding ukraine. he said barr can do what he wants. he also said that he did not ask barr, as has been reported by both the "washington post" and the "wall street journal," to hold a press conference to say that there was nothing wrong with that july 25th phone call with zelensky. here is what the president said. >> president trump: i never asked him for a press conference. it is fake news by the "washington post", which is a fake newspaper. it is fake, it is made up. if i asked bill barr to have a press conference i think he would do it. but i never asked him to have a press conference. you know why i wouldn't do it? because the phone call was perfect. >> now the president talked about this in the past. talking about it again which seems to me to be an indication that they may be getting ready to release the transcript of the first phone call that the president had with zelensky of ukraine after he won the
8:02 am
presidential election. that was on april 21st. the president says if the democrats want it he is happy to provide it. my understanding is that they are going through some legal things at the white house to determine whether or not it is a good idea to do that. it sets again sandra a lot of precedent as the release of the first one did. and you heard the president say there during the question and answer session that if he releases the call with zelensky every time he talks to xi, is xi worried the transcript will come out or other world leaders going to worry about it? my sense is the transcript will get released but may take a couple of days. the fact he is talking about it and the way he talked about it this morning to me gives a big indication they are about ready to pull the trigger on that. >> sandra: off he goes. john roberts, thank you. >> bill: thank you, john. on the hill now house intel committee chair adam schiff laying out the guidelines for witnesses that republicans want to question. democrats prepare for the first public hearings on wednesday of next week. mike emanuel is taking up
8:03 am
coverage from the hill. republicans give them a list by tomorrow is my understanding. is that right? >> absolutely right. good morning. republicans have a tomorrow deadline to come up with a list of witnesses they want. the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff of california telling devin nunes the ranking republican on the committee to submit that list in writing. it must be accompanied by a detailed written justification of the relevance to the inquiry of the testimony of each requested witness. in terms of relevance schiff is directing republicans to the resolution which passed the house last week. republican nunes is promising it will be a strong list. >> every one of the witnesses we put forward are going to be substantive and it will lead back to the corruption of the democrats and what they were doing in ukraine. not to mention whoever this whistleblower is and whoever he is connected to we'll be trying to ask those questions. if they don't give us several
8:04 am
witnesses i don't see how this will have any credibility. >> next week open hearings in the impeachment probe get started. on wednesday bill taylor is due to testify and so is deputy assistant secretary of state george kent. marie yovanovitch removed from her post is expected next friday. a key democrat said there don't need to be many in the next phase in order to make their case. >> the facts here are very simple. we need someone to establish that the president pressured zelensky to announce a public investigation into biden. we need someone to establish that the president directed that he wouldn't take a meeting or wouldn't give aid. i think those facts are all that need to be established and a few key witnesses can do that. >> in terms of new transcripts being released we're told it's possible fiona hill and lieutenant colonel alexander vindman could come today.
8:05 am
vindman is a ukraine expert. a little light reading heading into the holiday weekend. >> bill: live on the hill. back with you shortly. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in chris wallace. he joins us now. chris, good morning. we have 25 minutes from the president there as he was leaving the white house. your thoughts as we conclude another week here. >> i have to say what interested me most was his comments about michael bloomberg. most of the stuff about impeachment we've in some way, shape we've heard before. the news in the last 24 hours that the former mayor of new york city might enter the race as a democrat and the president welcomed him with a few well-chosen barbs. he called him little mike. he already has his nickname and said i would love to run against him. the battle is joined potentially. we don't know that bloomberg will get in.
8:06 am
the battle of the two new york billionaires, man, i would cover this one for free. don't believe me but i would. >> sandra: to be sure he said if he joins the race, he will fail said the president. what is making headlines out of there is the ongoing impeachment push with democrats because he did remark about that second transcript, chris. talking about as you heard john roberts reporting that april 21st phone call zelensky after the election. this would be another one the president says he is not concerned at all. he is convinced the phone call like the other was perfect. that's all that matters. the transcript is all that matters. that was the president a few moments ago. does that change anything? >> well, first of all we'll have to see whether he releases the transcript and then we'll have to see what's in the transcript. i don't know. here is the interesting thing to me, the bottom line in all of this. nothing has changed anything. we have had a number of
8:07 am
witnesses come up and testify and we've had the release of the transcripts of a number of those witnesses, and the three witnesses who will testify on camera this next week, william taylor, george kent and marie yovanovitch. we've read their transcripts and one assumes they'll say what they said behind closed doors. and look, democrats think it's quite incriminating. republicans think it isn't. that's the bottom line. it hasn't changed anything. this is still an utterly polarized and partisan exercise. no republicans are jumping ship and joining the democrats. no particular democrats are jumping ship and joining the republicans. the two camps are locked in place and it seems that nothing that is being presented is changing either side. >> sandra: mick mulvaney was a
8:08 am
no show. >> why you aren't allowing people -- >> i don't want to give credibility to a corrupt witch hunt. i would love to have mick go up. i would have to have him go up and almost every person to go up when they know me. what i don't like is when they put all these people i never meant before. >> sandra: he was subpoenaed and did not show this morning. >> the president has basically said he wants all of his top aides current and former to ignore subpoenas. no surprise there. to me the surprise how many people have ignored the president's direction. some still in the state department or the national security council. some of them formerly and have gone up and testified. but the fact that the chief of staff to the president mick mulvaney would do what his boss wants him to do i don't think is much of a surprise. >> sandra: what do you have coming up this weekend, chris? >> the big story, of course, is
8:09 am
the impeachment hearings and we'll hear on camera on the record what they said behind closed doors and have two members of the impeachment committee talking about that. maloney, one republican, one democrat. we'll hear from them and then we have a great panel. obviously the big political story is going to be the possibility, not set. i guess you would call it a trial balloon that we'll get michael bloomberg in the race. the only thing i would say is last week we had a poll out and we asked people what would you think if various new candidates got in the race? 50% when we mentioned michelle obama, 50% said they would definitely vote for her. when we mentioned michael bloomberg. those polled 6% said they would definitely vote for him. he can get in the race and have a great amount of money, campaign hard, a vigorous guy. it will take some selling to convince the democratic primary voters that he is the one they want representing them against
8:10 am
donald trump. >> sandra: the discussion over whether or not he could prosper as a candidate. the other discussion what he is seeing in the field as far as the other democratic candidates. chris, i want to move on to one other thing we heard from the president asking about jeff sessions. you saw the jeff sessions video. the president said i haven't gotten involved. i saw that he was said very nice things about me last night, said the president. we'll see, he said. he did refrain from criticizing jeff sessions. what did you think of that moment? >> well, you know, it's an interesting thing. he obviously doesn't want to go to war with jeff sessions. jeff sessions as much as he disparaged him when he was his own attorney general because sessions could win the primary and be the republican candidate. as much as he has problems with sessions he would sure rather have a republican vote in the
8:11 am
senate rather than the incumbent doug jones. he will probably stay out of this until he sees whether or not sessions wins. if sessions is the nominee of the republican party, my guess is he will hold his nose and support him. >> sandra: another interesting moment. he hit a lot with those reporters on the ground as he heads down south now. he will engage in some fundraisers and head to that football game tomorrow. want to ask you about this as well. he was asked by vladimir putin to visit russia in may. he said he has been invited and he is thinking about it, chris. >> well, it is the end -- marking the 75th anniversary of the end of world war ii. a lot of the world leaders will be there for that. obviously with this president anything that involves putin or moscow, you know, is freighted with potential meaning. but in a sense i guess the argument would be look, i was investigated for two years, they found no evidence of
8:12 am
collusion between me, my campaign and the russians. i got nothing to hide. i'll go be part of the celebration. if i had to guess i would guess he'll show up. >> sandra: we'll watch you on "fox news sunday". i threw a lot at you there. >> you did indeed. we'll be on with you guys wednesday and friday. looking forward to it. >> sandra: the first public hearings. >> bill: did he say he would do it for free? >> forget that, no, forget that, guys. somebody may be listening and my agent wouldn't like that, either. forget that. >> bill: clarification noted. see you sunday. overseas, palestinian protests could grow even more violent. we'll take you there live. >> sandra: president trump speaking out moments ago criticizing house democrats for holding public impeachment hearings next week. reaction from louisiana senator
8:13 am
john kennedy. he is here and he will join us live next. 000 a year, every year. activate your va refi benefit now and start saving.
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8:17 am
extreme nausea. >> it was an individual that was at first was prepared the floor to clean. that person immediately was exposed to the chemical and self-extricated himself out into the fresh air environment.
8:18 am
the gentleman that passed away was an employee of buffalo wild wings who attempted to squeegee the product out of the building. he was overcome. >> authorities say the efforts to save the man's life failed. 10 others including customers were also affected but survived. some patients reporting difficulty breathing eight. the chemical is a high concentrated chlorine. buffalo wild wings released a statement saying quote we are shocked and saddened to learn of this tragic accident at our franchise and working with the authorities while they conduct an investigation. the restaurant was evacuated and the investigation is continuing. >> sandra: the restaurant was open at the time it happened. molly line. thank you. >> president trump: shouldn't be having public hearings. this is a hoax, just like the
8:19 am
russian witch hunt. this is just a continuation. when you look at the lawyer for the whistleblower, i thought it ended when they found out that the lawyer was so compromised. the lawyer is a bad guy. you look at that. i thought that was the end of it. this is just a continuation of the hoax. >> bill: president trump at the white house moments ago saying house democrats shouldn't hold the hearings wednesday. they will. they are on the schedule now. louisiana senator john kennedy is on the judiciary committee. back home in baton rouge. enjoy the game wherever you find it. a moment ago i thought one of the more interesting headlines that he gave there was about the first phone call with ukrainian president with zelensky. i don't know the date that happened but he says he is considering releasing that transcript. do you think he should? >> yeah, if it won't jeopardize national security. i've been sitting here listening for the last i don't
8:20 am
know 30 or 40 minutes with great interest. i have learned from the presidential news conference that about the first conversation. secondly, the president at least so far has indicated he is not going to get involved in the alabama senate race. and of course we all heard that chris wallace will work for food. so that's been an interesting morning. >> bill: to turn it to just a more serious aspect here. when you consider next week and you consider some of the transcripts that have been released already, some of them appear to favor the democratic argument. and then others appear to favor the republican argument. i'm wondering if you believe that we're talking in circles next week and whether we move the ball anywhere. do you think that? >> good question, bill. let me make two points. number one, this whole process is not only dumb but it is
8:21 am
dangerous. this is going to be the first partisan impeachment in the history of our country. and i'm worried it will establish a new normal. someday we'll have a democratic president and then half of the country will be pushing us to impeach him or her. they will say well, you know, you did it to trump, do it to the new president. i think that's dangerous. number two, there are only two issues in this process. number one, why did the president ask for the investigation? and number two, what did mr. hunter biden do for the money? they are linked. and all of the back and forth about a quid pro quo is only relevant if what they're talking about is an appropriate quid pro quo or inappropriate quid pro quo which only relates to the two possible scenarios
8:22 am
here. now, speaker pelosi says that president trump asked for an investigation of a political rival. the other point of view is that the president may have asked -- did ask for an investigation, the other theory is the president asked for an investigation of possible corruption. which may have been committed by political rival. the second scenario is in the national interest. the former one would be in the president's personal interest. and those are the only two issues here. at least that's the way i see it. >> i don't know what your feeling is on the whistleblower. ivanka was asked this question. i thought her answer was intriguing. play this here. >> i don't view the whistleblower as -- it shouldn't be a substantive part of the conversation. this is a third party who was not privy to the call and did
8:23 am
not have firsthand information. so that is what was the catalyst for all of this discussion. but to me it's not particularly relevant. >> bill: interesting answer. i don't know if a lot of people in the public -- they're splitting hairs on this or not. a lot of your republican colleagues have suggested the whistleblower should go public or have a private hearing. i don't know what your view is on that. would that advance the argument in the white house favor or could it hurt them? >> i don't know the answer to that question, bill. here are my thoughts for what they're worth. i think we ought to follow the law. i don't know the whistleblower. i would hope that he or she would have the courage and conviction not to hide, to just stand up in front of god and country and say here is what i did and why i did it. i've seen the press reports of the name of the whistleblower. don't know if those reports are accurate.
8:24 am
if they are accurate it appears to me the whistleblower and his counsel or her counsel i guess based on the names we heard his counsel, are partisan political operatives. i think that's -- i think most -- >> bill: it's okay. just trying to get to one more topic. we'll see where the argument goes. one more thing you were at the rally in monroe, louisiana, the other night. i want the play a clip. got a little attention. i think you are aware of that when you said this. >> president trump: speaker nancy pelosi is trying impeach him. i don't mean any disrespect but it must suck to be that dumb. >> bill: the audience loved it. you heard the reception down there. i think your words can be clever, oftentimes if not all the time. but was that too much?
8:25 am
>> well, i didn't mean disrespect but i think what i said was accurate. let me say it again. i think that what speaker pelosi is doing here is dumb but dangerous. it is a partisan impeachment clearly. all impeachments are political. this one is 100% political and it will establish a new norm for america that i think is bad for us. the other part of this whole process that really offends me as an american, forget about president trump. i understand he is not nature's best diplomat. whether you like him or hate him this process is rigged. this is like a professional wrestling smackdown. it is all scripted. and that's not right. it's just not fair. due process should matter and i think speaker pelosi intends to give the president a fair and
8:26 am
impartial firing squad and she made up her mind before she saw the facts. >> bill: thank you, john kennedy. enjoy the game on saturday. we'll talk again. >> sandra: palestinians demanding action in anti-israel protests. >> bill: what newly obtained emails might reveal come next week. ana, we believe your healthcare should evolve with you. and part of that evolution means choosing the right medicare plan for you. humana can help. with original medicare, you're covered for hospital stays and doctor office visits, but you'll have to pay a deductible for each. a medicare supplement plan can cover your deductibles and co-insurance, but you may pay higher premiums and still not get prescription drug coverage. but with an all-in-one humana medicare advantage plan, you could get
8:27 am
all that coverage plus part d prescription drug benefits. you get all this coverage for as low as a $0 monthly plan premium in many areas. and humana has a large network of doctors and hospitals, so call or go online today. find out if your doctor is part of the humana network and get your free decision guide. discover how an all-in-one humana medicare advantage plan could save you money. there is no obligation, so call or go online right now.
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8:30 am
>> sandra: violent clashes along the israel/gaza border today. trey yengst is live for us in gaza city. >> good morning. tensions have slowly been rising between israel and gaza as a cease-fire that was brokered back in may began to
8:31 am
unravel this fall. this has been going on for a long time but today once again you saw thousands of palestinians gathered along the israel/gaza borders. they are standing feet away from haoefp other as a group of people from gaza tried to damage the wall. it was the 82nd friday in a row they held the protests. one person died last week. rockets were fired into israel. 69 people were injured today including one person in critical condition. a look at the scene. palestinians have demonstrated against the israeli blockade for more than a year and a half. you can see the scene behind us here. one demonstrator has been shot. this is what we've seen all day. a cycle of palestinians throwing rocks, getting close to the israeli military and the
8:32 am
israelis responding with tear gas, live ammunition and rubber bullets. the demonstrations are because of local frustrations another major factor, it's iran. we've spoken with two of the largest factions inside gaza, both groups tell us they're receiving money and weapons from iran. if a larger conflict erupts in the region gaza could be on the front lines. >> sandra: trey yengst in gaza city. thanks. >> president trump: the fake whistleblower said something about the call. many things that were wrong. the whole thing is a scam. this is a scam by the democrats to try and win an election. now they want my first call. i have no problem giving it to them. >> bill: president trump an hour ago on the ukraine matter. maybe the transcript comes out. more on the impeachment matter as we obtain emails showing
8:33 am
former ambassador yovanovitch democrat staffer. john yoo. there was some sort of communication, how much is that going to matter do you believe, john? >> i don't think it is a big deal when it comes to ambassador yovanovitch's credibility and her testimony. but i think it is important for a different reason. the timing of their communications. the house committee staff member reached out to the ambassador just two days after the whistleblower complaint was filed, which was done privately within the executive branch, not to congress. so what that actually pushes forward is an inquiry into how did this whole thing start? was the whistleblower actually working with members of the house democratic staff to coordinate their stories and actions? it is almost as if we were in a trial and the prosecutors were found to be coaching the witnesses and telling them what to say rather than conducting a truly impartial inquiry into the facts? >> bill: if you could prove
8:34 am
that adam schiff had contact with the whistleblower or the whistleblower had contact with members of his staff perhaps and then you put that together with the emails with yovanovitch. are you then building a case that destroys credibility or is that wishful thinking on behalf of republicans? >> i think actually it is a good question, bill. it has two impacts. one is it does undermine the credibility of the some of the witnesses if they are shown to be coordinating what they were going to say to the government and in these hearings. you want an impeachment inquiry to be as open and transparent as possible. you try to persuade the american people and the united states senate that this is not a partisan affair. the founders did not want impeachment to be used as a partisan political tool by one out of power party to attack a sitting president. you have ought to have if you're the house a process that's as open and credible and nonpartisan as possible. >> bill: okay. you've been reading the
8:35 am
transcripts or the partial transcripts that have been released. you see the back and forth and how the left is painting it one way and the republicans are painting it another. i wonder if next week we just go round and round on this. democrats will make the case he did this and that and republicans will argue the lethal aid was distributed. if you wanted to lethal aid to fight back the money was there, javelin weapons were already delivered to ukraine. adam schiff will come back and say the most important facts are largely not contested. and i believe when i heard that comment from him two days ago what he is talking about is the whole biden matter. so then be as impartial as possible now. when you hear that, do you think democrats will have something on him when it comes to that aspect? >> so i think they could say we have evidence, read the transcript of the call, read
8:36 am
the transcripts of the interviews that we've had with career foreign service and national security council officials. and we believe what the president did was he tried to trade military assistance for an investigation into the bidens. i think that is a question that the whole house and the american people and senate have to judge whether that actually happened. because as you just mentioned, bill, there are doubts whether it actually took place. the bigger question is, is this really a high crime and misdemeanor? is this really something that's worth putting the country through to remove a president rather than just going into the november elections and letting the people make their judgment, render their verdict whether this is serious or not? >> bill: last question. you heard the president talk about releasing the transcript of the first phone call. do you think they should do that? none of us know what's in that phone call. they do. is that advisable? >> formally i would want the president to protect all the communications with foreign
8:37 am
leaders to make sure that future presidents can conduct diplomacy. he already released the transcript of one of his phone calls. releasing the other one would be important to provide context for any claim he is making that he didn't try to engage in this kind of political horse trading to try to get an investigation into the bidens. >> bill: thank you. john yoo from california. nice to have you back here and we see what we get next week. thanks, john. >> sandra: almost all the california wildfires are now contained. the state remains at a high risk for the rest of this fire season. this as we mark one year since the worst fire in california history. the deadly camp fire that wiped out an entire town. we're live in paradise, california with that. claudia. >> last week's wildfires did cause a lot of damage but nothing compared to what this community saw one year ago. 85 people lost their lives in
8:38 am
the camp fire. 90% of the city of paradise burned to the ground. unimaginable loss. the resilience just as incredible. the town literally rises from the ashes, one house and business at a time. >> we have over 200 businesses that have reopened in the last year. and before that i want to say we had maybe close to 2,000. so it is not a huge percentage but it does show a commitment and a resiliency for our town. >> of the 11,000 homes lost, nine replaced. may not sound like a lot but it takes a year to build a house in the best of circumstances. here they're dealing with cleaning up debris, getting permits, finding contractors. upgrades will include underground power lines and sewer system they've been trying to get for years. the mayor says the new paradise will be state-of-the-art and
8:39 am
built to the highest standards to prevent another inferno. improvements that she believes will fuel the repopulation. >> i would expect 6,000 or 7,000 people to live here in two years. it will keep growing. everything that is built is brand-new. the town will be beautiful. >> city leaders say 4,000 people are living in paradise down from the 26,000 here before the fire. and many of those who have stayed tell me they struggle every single day with a deep sense of loss and even survivor's guilt. a number of events here today will commemorate the town's moving forward while also remembering those 85 souls who perished in the camp fire. sandra, this is a very bittersweet anniversary here. >> sandra: thank you for that. paradise, california. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. track star speaking out. how the young woman says she was emotionally and physically
8:40 am
abused during a nike running project. we have that story in a moment. >> sandra: a new study says your smartphone might shorten your life. we're going to go beyond the headlines. that's next. you're still out there chasing what matters. that's why at aetna, we're committed to taking care of the whole you. with medicare advantage plans that offer health coaching and fitness memberships. plus hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage in one simple plan. with monthly plan premiums starting at $0. aetna medicare advantage plans call today to learn more and we'll send you a $10 visa reward card with no obligation to enroll. medicare annual enrollment ends december 7th.
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>> bill: business news now. not just president trump leaving his hometown. tens of thousands of residents are leaving new york and other high tax states to avoid taxes, new data shows florida receiving a significant number of new settlers from the northeast. majority of incoming residents are from the state of new york. >> he created an arbitrary number of 114 pounds. usually weigh me in front of my
8:45 am
teammates and publicly shame me if i wasn't hitting weight. >> sandra: nike is looking into allegations published by that track star mary cain emotionally and physically abused by her coach in the nike oregon project. abby, great to have you here this morning. two athletes having this discussion. what is the case sthe is making? >> these are serious allegations against alberto salazar. he came to her when she was 16 and recruited here for this top running team in the united states. and what is really happening here, sandra, she is claiming that he said you need to lose weight, you need to lose weight. gave her an arbitrary 114 pounds. you ran track, correct? >> sandra: weight was a discussion. part of being an athlete at that ever. >> the more weight you have on
8:46 am
your body as a runner the more energy you have to give out. it has to be a healthy weight. she is saying there was no certified nutritionist or a sports psychologist. all male staff. so this is really a problem. it got to the point where she developed reds as a woman that means you don't get your cycle for three years in her case. when that happens you are depleted in estrogen and your bones become weak. as a runner you can break something. that's what happened to mary. >> sandra: she broke five bones at the training facility. more from mary cain on her experience there. >> he wanted to give me birth control pills and diuretics to lose weight. it is not allowed in track and field. i ran terrible during this time. reached a point where i was on the starting line and i lost the race before i started. >> sandra: serious allegations here. her final moment was in 2015
8:47 am
when she performed in a race. nike is launch an investigation to hear from former oregon project athletes. the coach was let go. he was suspended because of anti-doping allegations. >> of course she performed poorly. you know as an athlete as much as your physical abilities are important. when you are being told these things at the starting line things are going through your mind. >> sandra: final thoughts on the smartphone stress. what is the new study and what does it reveal? >> all the time. i could have told you that. i'll put this over here. there has been a huge body of work shown that it affects our sleep, productivity and even can decrease our available cognitive ability within arm's reach. i feel much better now. there is new research, sandra, saying every time we get an
8:48 am
alert it spikes our cortisol level. it is a stress hormone. it lessens our immune system. when you are constantly hearing pings not good for your body. >> sandra: i'll do the hemmer and not even keep the cell phone even near your bedroom, right? you don't keep it -- another room for you, right? bill, while you're hear let's talk lsu/alabama football. you know where i stand. >> there is a lot going on between bill and sandra. i walked into a little bit of a toxic environment. >> bill: i'm rooting for lsu, absolutely. >> sandra: i was picking on him because the quarterback ohio state, there was a thing, right, bill? >> bill: yeah. >> president trump will be there. it will cause a little more excitement or not excitement for some. we know the reaction he had at
8:49 am
ufc-244. if i could become president and go to this game i would say count me in. carve up the lsu defense, >> sandra: no doubt it is a huge game. we'll all be watching 3:30 on saturday eastern time. great to have you here this morning. >> bill: i have to hear it all day long. >> i might stop by again and say more. >> sandra: you love it. >> bill: welcome to the club. yes, i do. big fallout from the elections this past week. is there one key demographic that is moving away from president trump that should be a concern for 2020? we'll tell you about that coming up when we continue next. how did you guys...? >>don't ask. the lexus december to rembember sales event get 0 percent apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> coming up president trump speaks out on the impeachment inquiry as his acting chief of staff mick mulvaney defies democrats' subpoena to testify today and as republicans work to meet the deadline for the list of witnesses they would like to call in next week's public hearing. >> after some labeled a classic holiday season duet a date rape anthem. now there is outrage at a new
8:54 am
me too ready version. we will play it. you decide. >> "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, ladies, recent polling showing support for president trump slipping among catholics. that's a voting block that helped him win key battleground states back in 2016. alison barber has the story what washington what did you find out? >> catholics make up 25% of the electorate. they are a significant voting group but politically they can be hard to pin down. catholics only voted as a cohesive block twice for kennedy and johnson. catholics voted for president trump over hillary clinton 52 to 45%. but a year later data released by the american national election study suggested the narrow margin potentially went in clinton's favor, not trump's proving a point a number of
8:55 am
catholics told me. every catholic is impacted in different ways. election analysts say it is a mistake for any candidate to think of catholic voters as the same. >> you have to look at who is a catholic in each of the key states. what they respond to. in some places social issues take precedence like abortion. in other places it is more economics than social issues. over generalizing how catholics vote are mistakes people make. john kerry was catholic. >> president trump did well among white catholic voters and a majority still support him. 56% of white catholics approve of the job president trump is doing. 43% said they disapprove. among all catholics the numbers are different. a poll released in may found 57% of catholics disapprove of
8:56 am
president trump and 55% said they definitely would not vote for president trump in 2020. >> bill: thank you, she is watching numbers in washington >> sandra: president trump had a lot to say a few moments ago on the house impeachment inquiry saying there should not be public hearings. we're live at the white house just ahead. call newday usa. one call can save you $2000 a year. with the newday va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs. and my team can close your loan in as little as 30 days. one call can save you $2000 every year.
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plan that's right for you? one that fits your needs and your budget? call humana now at the number on your screen for this free guide. it's just one of the ways that humana is making healthcare simpler. and when you call, a knowledgeable licensed agent-producer can answer any questions you have, and help you chose the plan that's right for you. the call is free and there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs, so call now! and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana, just might be the answer. >> bill: i thought it was too much. speeeighteen left me hanging when i said, "don't you put your cell phone in another room and
9:00 am
you were sleeping? >> bill: i keep my phone in my kitchen. >> sandra: that's in the river. >> bill: that's exec right! my ipad is a different story. good luck as we can. the >> sandra: go tigers, purple and gold. that's it for us. we will see you back on monday. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert with this radical and president trump setting up his criticism of democrats and piquant inquiry ahead of public hearings which are set to begin next week. today, acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney divide house could make out subpoenas to testify. didn't show up. the president told reporters a short time ago that he would be fine with mulvaney testifying. however, he called democrats' investigation "illegitimate." watch. >> i don't want to give them credibility to a corrupt witch hunt. i would love to have him go up, frankly. i think he would do great. i would love to have him go up. i would love to have almost every person go up, when they know m


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