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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 8, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> marie: happy friday! >> melissa: we can all go and read the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages of transcripts, which will be so fun over lunch! in the meantime we will hand it over to harris. >> harris: thanks, guys. have a great weekend. we come in with a fox news alert has those transcripts from the national security council director of european affairs, lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, and former russia advisor fee and i will 's coaster test man-hour we've been going back and forth with chad pergram and mike emanuel, our senior producer and senior correspondent, respectively, on capitol hill. we will get to them and hear with leanness is all this. chad, are you there? >> yes, i'm here. i've been going mostly to the alexander vindman testimony so far. this is very interesting because vindman is a key witness, because he was actually on the telephone call on july 25th. with president trump and the leader of ukraine.
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he says there's no doubt the president was asking for a deliverable, as a pretext for a white house meeting with president zelensky. that's with the july 10th meeting was about. they were trying to set the table for this. and he was "concerned" about the telephone call between president trump and zelensky. he didn't think it was "appropriate for the united states asking for government to investigate a u.s. citizen," and that it jeopardized u.s. national security. now, on the july 25th call, he says this was handled in a very irregular fashion. that after the call -- and we read a lot about this, that the call was locked down. the term of art here is that it was logged into what's called a "ma'am con." which is a way to secure it. he says they didn't go through the usual security procedures when handing a telephone call between the president and a foreign leader. something of this magnitude. he says he went to the nsc lawyers, talking about and need to restrict access to this.
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where there was restrictive access to the steer phone call. he expressed his concerns to the national security staff. now, come august, he was starting to get some interesting queries. what he described as "abnormal," regarding the office of management and budget. questions as to whether aid might be suspended or without status was of that aid. vindman testified that in mid-august he was starting to get questions about that very point. we have not called vindman yet, and this is why this is important, when you look at the witnesses next week. you can see the democrats potentially kind of setting the scale so they have people next week -- george katz, bill taylor, the acting ambassador to ukraine, and marie yovanovitch, the fired ambassador to ukraine -- people who were not on the telephone call and then potentially tried to call vindman and others who were on the call the week after that.
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that would be how they set the stage. of course, the republican defense here is that they would argue, "wait a minute, you are talking to people who weren't even on the call. if the telephone call is the prime mover in this, they give the energies of this entire process, why are we talking about all these other things and interpretations and presumptions of what people felt about the schema" i should note one very important point. some point this afternoon, maybe over the weekend, we are going hear maybe about a personnel move. there's been a lot of chatter here on capitol hill about trying to move jim jordan, republican congressman from ohio, to the intelligence committee. the resolution at the house of representatives was approved last week, it put the bailey make of this impeachment investigation in the intelligence committee. so jim jordan has been in on some of the sessions previous member of the oversight committee. he can't ask questions. what republicans are trying to do is presents their best match up. kind of like in baseball, sometimes when you get a left-handed pinch hitter to come up. it comes out of the dugout, taps his arm, he wants left-handed relief pitcher to come and pray that's the best matchup in baseball. republicans are trying to do the
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same thing on the days till my dais next week. the problem is they have to remove some of those from the committee, and we've been told the likeliest are will hurd of texas and mike conaway of texas. they are retiring next year. >> harris: chad pergram, thank you very much. there was so much to get you. when you get to this, how different this will be for next week. you have set it up beautifully. thank you, my friend. president trump is now weighing in on former new york city mayor michael bloomberg's expected decision to jump into the presidential race, 2020. a bloomberg spokesperson has confirmed to fox news the billionaire tycoon is actively weighing a late presidential run, and he is expected to file paperwork at alabama's presidential primary. this, as axios is reporting that bloomberg is considering entering the race because he believes that former vp
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joe biden is fading. the president told reporters a little while ago that he's not worried about a bloomberg run, but biden should be. >> he's not going to do well, but i think he will hurt biden, actually. but he doesn't have the magic to do well. little michael will fail. he will spend a lot of money. he's got some really big issues. he's got some personal problems and he's got a lot of other problems. >> harris: right now we are awaiting the former vice president, who is set to file official paperwork to enter the new hampshire primary. in fact, our peter doocy is live in concord, new hampshire. to set the scene for us there, peter, we can just see you. >> [laughs] i'm again on my tiptoes, harris. michael bloomberg has a week to come to a crowd at secretary of state's office here in concord if he wants to get on that after primary ballot.
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that is something joe biden is going to do any minute. we understand he is expected on the grounds at any time now, and he will be up here with a $1,000 check and a declaration of candidacy. michael bloomberg, though, tipped his hand because he sent staffers down to alabama to try and get on the primary ballot. which seems like an odd choice at first until you realize that the deadline to get on the ballot there is today. now the chairman of the democratic party in new hampshire new hampshire and i will have a joint statement where they say this. "we are certain that the state voters are eager to ask michael bloomberg about his plans to move our states and our country forward. we hope they will have that opportunity." but it's not clear how excited voters are going to be. just 6% of democratic primary voters in the newest fox news poll say they would definitely back bloomberg if he runs. still, a member of the bloomberg team tells us about the former
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mayor and billionaire. in 2018 he spent more than $100 million to help elected democrats to ensure congress began to hold the president accountable. this year he helped the democrats win control of both houses of the virginia legislature. we now need to finish the job and ensure that trump is defeated, but mike is increasingly concerned that the current field of candidates is not well-position to do that." one of those candidates, andrew yang, was here early this morning to file his paperwork, and he doubts that bloomberg is going to be able to used his financial advantage in a place like new hampshire because he hasn't been connecting with primary voters in their houses and at coffee shops while more than a dozen others have. harris? >> harris: that's an interesting way to look at it. that 6% number you've given me, i will take right into the power panel. peter doocy, thank you very much. oh, we've got you. we see you now. thank you, my friend. the power panel now. michael meehan, former senior
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advisor to several democratic senators including john kerry and barbara boxer, and jenna ellis reeves, trump 2020 advisory board member at attorney. good to see both. we are sitting by for the former vp in new hampshire to step up, and as that happens, trying to put them on the ballot there in new hampshire. we will go to that life. meanwhile, i want to talk about how low the percentages with you, michael, on if bloomberg were able to get into the race. what is he looking at? 6% of anything, that's not a lot. >> and a 17-person race, it is. the reality is there are three people who will come out of iowa. the current polling has people at 20, 21, 15%. the real advisor will not get a minute she has in this race at this stage is that he can pay for tv ads in california and texas, on march 3rd, and no other campaign will be able to get anywhere near close to buying ads in that state. >> harris: what about tom steyer? he can pay for ads coming's
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money. >> and michael bloomberg has that and then some. one of the political advantages he would bring to the race if he can live past finishing fifth in new hampshire and still play on live another day. the way we pick presidents is a 50% threshold, and aggregate delegates all next spring. we do have an advantage. when you get on the air and start serving the message. >> harris: i want to know what republicans think when they see this next poll. fox news shows 30% of democratic voters wish there were other options. if you are on the other side of the political aisle, what does this mean to you? >> [laughs] yeah, this spells disaster for the democratic party. everyone on the democratic side don oxide hasn't shown much enthusiasm for any of the far left candidates. with bloomberg entering the race, i think he will try and juxtapose himself against all of the really, really far left socialist candidates. warren, of course. it'll be very interesting to see what has responses to her wealth
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tax. the whole medicare for all thing. all these things that are really pushing and have been driving the current democratic party message. i think he tries to paint himself as a moderate here, than there is so much that the republican party and president trump is going to push back on. this is a guy that overregulated everything from diet coke to styrofoam to all of these things that were just antithetical to liberty and fundamental common sense and values. c1 do you think most americans know his past, though? >> of course. without that was ridiculous. this is also going to drive the messaging. if they haven't heard about that already, they are going to. everybody watching us today, now they know about it. >> harris: i want to go back to you, michael, with this. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski was recently asked whether or not bloomberg would make a difference for democrats. that is what he said. "affirmative credit strategist and somebody asked who i would
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want, i would only choose one name. michael bloomberg." michael bloomberg. that is a story the american people like him and he's an outsider. i think it would be a very competitive race." and you say what? >> i don't often agree with corey lewandowski but i actually would agree with him. i think is a very interesting candidate. he has run for office before, which is important. he also has the ability to go to democratic activists and say, "we changed the virginia legislator, we've been fighting on guns, i put my money were my mouth is. we've been putting bill initiatives all across america." he has built a national network through his philanthropic analytical activities. he can go to activists in these early states and say, "i've been here before already." >> harris: what i heard jenna coming up to is the nomenclature that was used about him, the nanny state, whether he had overregulated. real quickly, with his comeback for that? >> i don't think he has one.
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he is going to have that moniker of "the nanny state candidate." if moderate democrats are looking for somebody to be enthusiastic about and have any motivation about, it's not going to be michael bloomberg. i think in a head-to-head, bloomberg versus trump, you won't see that enthusiasm and he won't see rallies. you will see the support on the love of any democratic candidate so far that we see with president trump. >> harris: michael and jenna, great way to start this hour. i will bring you back later, thank you. we want to let you know that jim jordan, the republican that was talked about to join the house intelligence committee through the impeachment inquiry process, because of his strength as a questionnaire, so on and so forth, is now actually going to do that. that is breaking news. we will scoop up more information as it comes in. but jim jordan, republican, representative, going to join the fight for the republicans
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against impeachment. house intel. part of the questioning. and those public hearings begin next week. ewwe'll be right back. ♪ 50-year lows. newday usa can help you refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. i urge you to call newday usa now.
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>> harris: fox news alert, we have just learned that house oversight ranking member and trump defender jim jordan will be moving to the house intelligence committee ahead of next week's public hearings in the impeachment inquiry. meanwhile, newly obtained emails have raised questions about whether former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch, wide about her communications with the democratic staffer. congressman lee zeldin tweeted this. "it impairs ambassador yovanovitch did not accurately answer this question i asked her during her impeachment inquiry deposition under oath." gillian turner live on capitol hill. >> hi, harris.
10:18 am
as always, at this hour, a lot of new freaking moving parts. we are just learning a few moments ago that starting today congressman rick crawford is going to step aside, vacate his seat on the house permanent select committee on intelligenc. they are running point of this impeachment investigation. kevin mccarthy has said he is going to have jim jordan take over that vacant seat. he's putting him in a better position to help manage the impeachment inquiry moving forward. same time, harris, we are coming through these just haven't released transcripts from lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, and former russia advisor fiona hill. we have been told even before today on the release of this transcript that colonel vindman's testimony was highly critical of the president to, and both sides of the aisle, saying he's maybe the only witness so far that's been most critical of president trump and how he handled ukraine policy.
10:19 am
vindman puts a lot of blame on e.u. ambassador gordon sondland, saying it was sondland who specifically demanded that ukraine investigate joe biden and burisma. he also says no evidence against ambassador marie yovanovitch before president trump recalled her from office. harris, looking for to next week, yovanovitch is slated to be in the hot seat on friday. she will be the third witness to testify publicly in front of the impeachment investigators, and really the entire nation. right now, though, she is facing some tough questions from house republicans like lee zeldin, who are accusing her of contradicting herself when answering their questions during her closed-door deposition. according to emails obtained by tucker carlson tonight, yovanovitch received an email from a democratic staffer on the house foreign affairs committee just two days after the whistleblower filed the complaint. the staffer says in that email, "i would appreciate the chance
10:20 am
to look at info with you. some are delicate and time sensitive. we want to make sure you get them right." the next day, yovanovitch replies to that staffer and reportedly referred to that same person to the state department of affairs office. she replies, "thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your new job. i would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you." while zell then fox news this correspondence and yovanovitch's characterization is "greatly concerning," a spokesperson for the house foreign affairs committee tells us "congress has a constitutional duty to conduct oversight. the state department doesn't tell congress how to do that job and should be more concerned with the culture of retaliation and impunity that has festered under this administration." again, harris, two wildly differing perspectives on something that we have now in an email. republican saying this is a major transgression and they are going to be looking into it a
10:21 am
lot further, democrats saying everything is above board and it's no big deal. >> harris: gillian turner, a complete wrap up for us. thank you, so many pages to get through with the transcript, so we appreciate it. let's talk about jim jordan's move over to house intel. steve hayes, fox news contributor. i want to get your initial reaction, and then i have a little news to add to it. >> sure. jim jordan has proven himself as a dog and defender of the president, willing to make arguments others aren't willing to make. as a tactical matter, having jim jordan on the in committee where he will be more actively involved in the inquiry as it rolls out is something the white house is wanted. they've pushed for this behind the scenes. i think house republican leadership has been having to put jim jordan on the panels we could be aggressive in his questioning. >> harris: we've been told that there was no objection when this was put forth on the floor. that means house speaker nancy pelosi did not bigfoot the g.o.p.
10:22 am
she could have, because membership on the intelligence committee is ultimately up to her, as the panel is a select committee. the significance that nancy pelosi let this go through? >> i think part of the significance there is that nancy pelosi and the democrats are confident that they have the facts on their side in this matter, broadly speaking. they will have a difficult time because they are not arguing -- they don't have a good hand. they aren't playing with a strong hand. i think they're right about that. if you look at the way jim jordan argued on the facts and the new information he presented, for instance come in the benghazi select committee when he did the questioning of hillary clinton and produce new emails and have the facts in front of him, he was able to make a pretty good case and was one of the more effective questioners that they had. jim jordan was still arguing two days ago that there was no quid pro quo would have four people testifying under oath that there was. and including the white house chief of staff, acknowledging
10:23 am
the quid pro quo. so he's arguing things that come in this instance, make the broad case very difficult. >> harris: i'm going to ask my team to tee up, if they will come a president trump earlier on witnesses not testifying at the impeachment inquiry. he talked about this on the white house lawn for more than half an hour. let's watch a bit of that and then i want to get your reaction. >> i don't want to give credibility to a corrupt witch hunt. i would love to have mick go up, frankly. i think he was do great. i would love him to go up. i would love to have every person go up when they know me. but i don't like is when they put up all these people i've never met before. when they put the head of the never-trumpers on the stand. >> harris: the acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney. and you say what? >> this is a tough argument for the president to make. most of the people who provided the most damaging information to the broad argument that this was
10:24 am
a perfect call and he had done nothing wrong are in fact people that the administration brought in by themselves. of course, and i we've seen with the release of these transcrip transcripts, additional information suggests that many of the arguments the president and his defenders have made just haven't borne out. you have arguments yesterday about the quid pro quo, which i mention. there's a new set of texas just yesterday about the specific ask of the statements that the u.s. government was asking president zelensky of ukraine to make. it very specifically mentioned burisma and 2016. i think the problem for the president isn't who goes and doesn't go, and whether he wants to participate or not. it's that the facts around this controversy are growing in a way that's unfavorable to the presidents. >> harris: interesting. we learn from him that there is also, adding to that list, and earlier first phone call with ukraine back from april. the president says he's always transparent. he's going to give up the
10:25 am
transcript of that, too, if and when the time comes. stephen hayes, good to see you. thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: hillary clinton once again mocking president trump. what she did this time, and whether it's time she starts to let this go. plus, billionaire backlash. the new questions elizabeth warren is facing as she comes out with a so-called "wealth calculator." is she helping her cause or not? ♪ orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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>> harris: well, isn't this handy? elizabeth warren is out with a calculator. especially made for billionair billionaires. after bill gates and others slammed her wealth tax proposal, it shows the microsoft fund would pay about $6 billion under plan, not the $100 billion he said he was worried about shelling out. but leon cooperman, who insists he uses his wealth for good, got
10:30 am
emotional when talking about elizabeth warren's plan for his taxes. >> i think that her and bernie sanders are presenting a lot of ideas to the public which are morally and socially bankrupt. my game plan, the other half i will give to my family so they can be periodically and give away the money. i don't like elizabeth warren of the government giving away my money. >> harris: wow, brought to tears. for a spokesperson for the obama to a thousand 2008 campaign, zach friend. i want to get a reaction to some of the more generous liberals out there, with cash to throw around, and to have been doing it. they are critical of elizabeth warren. >> i think realistically when people run for office they don't normally say they are doing it for the billionaires. they are doing for the middle class. from a messaging standpoint it probably doesn't hurt her. with the points he raised are
10:31 am
fair. some of the largest gifts and nonprofits, some of the largest functional gifts, to come from people who have intergenerational recurrent generational wealth. ultimately i think the question is going to come down to this, harris. even with these taxes, is it actually going to fund the programs she's intending to run on health care not? i don't think the member still quite add up for her on that. >> harris: when you add up the wealth of 2,000 billionaires, i'm told it's far from paying for even half of what she suggesting. biko i think that's none of her rivals like mayor pete buttigieg and even as president biden are trying to challenge her on. i will fodder on the fact that she's lying on a vision of what she wants for the country. we have to literature are going to pay for it. >> harris: it's been a drumbeat. the democratic debates didn't help her out on this, as people were turning as she began to have front runner status. how are you going to pay for
10:32 am
that? how are you going to pay for that?" and it took her some time to get that information out. she rolls it out on the blog and ever since she's been defending it. here's the bigger question -- what i hear elizabeth warren doing, zach, is she's throwing up the legacy point of your former boss, barack obama. president obama's obamacare. she is throwing it out and replacing it. what does that do? >> it's not popular with the american people, i'll tell you that much. i think most people actually don't mind their current health care. i will say this, they are concerned about what it would mean if there was a government takeover of the program. a lot of us who have worked in government aren't always confident in all the services we can provide, and it's always the best way to do it. >> harris: that's an understatement. >> as a private health insurance system broken? sure, but is the solution to that throwing out the health care situation in four years? no, their people with
10:33 am
preconsistinprepre-existing cone terrified of that those who build on the obama legacy make more sense for the american people. >> harris: zach friend, former spokesperson for obama for america, the 2008 campaign. plain ivan speaking. always great to have you on the program. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: the white house sipping of attacks on the anonymous author of an upcoming anti-trump insider book, amid a new report on what it may reveal. ♪
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>> harris: breaking news, we said we were watching. former vice president joe biden is in new hampshire submitting his paperwork to get on the ballot in that state. i want to bring back the power panel now. michael meehan, jeanette ellis reev. so, you've got a situation today as he moves into put his name on the ballot in new hampshire. michael, michael bloomberg says
10:38 am
he might jump in. joe biden, the timing of it all. >> the timing, the calendar determines the front to make the deadline by today. alabama, for mr. bloomberg, next week he's got to go to arkansas on tuesday because he will make the ballot unless you do it otherwise. there is clearly, the president polled at 40% against half the people running, so i wouldn't get in? it's a job worth having and a winnable fight. we want february 11th, i'm told by my team, is the primary in hampshire. we of course no, jenna, for prethird, eight days prior, is iowa. joe biden still not polling very well there. >> he's not in either state, and he's not fund-raising welcome either. he has raised less than a third of what elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg have in the third quarter of this year. there is really no motivation behind joe biden.
10:39 am
for this photo op, he's very excited and trying to get that motivation. i don't see him generating any enthusiasm here. it will be interesting to see if things move along, with or not the democratic party will be smart enough to back off of the really extreme socialist agenda that really has plagued the left. a lot of my democratic friends even are just saying they are not enthusiastic or excited about any of it. joe biden doesn't have that drive and that motivation, and his polling numbers as well as fund-raising. >> harris: michael, i'm curious. how much do you think the ball back on his son and ukraine and the energy company that hunter biden was on the board of, getting estimates $50,000 to $80,000 a month. how much do you think the slow response to that by his campaign -- and i say that, marie harf formerly of the student permit was on with us on "outnumbered" last hour, and she had this because that christensen -- how muchis that t him down the stretch?
10:40 am
do you this might be among them? >> if one of your reporters estimate, she would. >> harris: you don't think anybody else would ask about that? come on. >> it should be. >> can i finish, or do you want to -- >> harris: go right ahead. >> i said you said you're a reporter could ask and he should answer it. it's something that's in the news. but the slowest of the responses, i don't think it matters. it's a facts that are of the problem, not the speed with which you answer the questions. >> harris: what do you think democrats will pay attention to as voters, that are problematic for joe biden? >> he had a poll in "the washington post" this week, 66-241 he beats the republican opponent. that's pretty big if you get 20 or 30% -- look, i worked for john kerry in new hampshire. we are were at 3% of the polls at this time, and we won the
10:41 am
nomination. the idea that whatever we are talking about in the first week of november before real snow ice new hampshire is going to change once the new year comes. the one that is really interesting. we are taking a look now. great perspective, thank you for adding that experience in. we are looking at the former vice president, joe biden, and as you look at him kind of work through the crowd there i mentioned that there are reporters. our own peter doocy is there. we are told he will make some comments. we fully anticipate that reporters might shout a few out. your reaction now as we prepare to hear potentially from joe biden? >> i wish democrats cared more about facts. if they did, they would care about the hunter biden situation. they would all be asking joe biden that they back off, even though lack of motivation they have, they would see the impeachment coup is an absolute scam and just a hatred of president trump. they would actually care about the facts. we will see if the reporters from the left, this mainstream media, are willing to challenge him and ask him those hard
10:42 am
questions. or whether it has to be from a fox news reporting who is fair and balanced. we will see what joe biden says. it's not just the speed with which he responds, it is how he responds to the question. what part of it is whether you are truthful and honest. joe biden, with all of his so-called gaffes, he has not been truthful or even quick or responsive on anything he needs to be. that should concern the democrats. again, they're not interested in facts or truths, and that's a problem for their party. >> harris: michael, i want to wrap this with you as we watched joe biden file his paperwork to get himself on the ballot in new hampshire. he really opened the door on this idea of why anyone would consider michael bloomberg. it sounds like -- and i don't want to put words in her mouth -- it sounds like you could see that potentially being a big challenge for joe biden coming from bloomberg. >> oh, for sure. you have four, maybe five top-tier candidates at this point in time. in our party you've got to get
10:43 am
to 15%. even last cycle, hillary clinton against bernie sanders, that race wasn't wrapped up until june because you just can't aggregate enough delegates until that point when we do proportional splitting. i can see a long fight into the summer, and michael bloomberg has the funds to keep himself going long past mere mortal candidates who have to raise money the old-fashioned way, either through the internet or through fund-raisers. >> harris: and there he is signing, filing his paperwork in new hampshire. joe biden putting himself on the ballot. that contest, february 11th. eight days after the first caucuses in iowa. thank you both, michael and jenna. good to have you. hillary clinton has gone after president trump over the ukraine controversy, even doing an impression of her 2016 rival. is this sour grapes, or something else? ♪ geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7,
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>> harris: fresh new shots coming from hillary clinton toward president trump's rhetoric. this, as sources in her camp say the former secretary of state has not fully rolled out another run at the white house. here is hillary clinton in an extended interview with "the new york times," weighing in on the ukraine controversy.
10:48 am
>> i do live rent free in donald trump's head. i'm aware of that. it's hard to imagine how they could be sitting around the golf club or whatever. "we've got to prove that ukraine interviewed. vladimir just told me in my last secret phone: him. get ukraine!" >> harris: she of course was mocking the president of the united states. doing to me now is fox nation host and national review columnist kat timpf. hello, kat. >> hi, how are you? >> harris: she's back. don't rule it out? >> that's nuts. she might have a better chance running for president than doing impressions anymore. that impression was confusing to watch. it was not great. i don't think she has a future doing that. she might be better running again by doing that. i think it would be an insane move but she still not over the last election. she might be able to beat him. my favorite part of that entire interview is saying, "i know i
10:49 am
live rent free in donald trump's head." every time she makes a public appearance she talks about donald trump. she is living rent free in her head to come if anything. >> harris: we saw joe biden sign his paperwork in new hampshire. we are waiting for his comments momentarily. you've got the president in the white house. it's very hard to unseat an incumbent. there seems to be a lot going on that is like a salad on the other side. it's all mixed up, lots of ingredients there. it's a very in ingredient you think democrats want? >> i really don't think so. people weren't excited about her last time, so i would voters be excited about her now that she lost again? i think she is still not over the election. she might want to give it another two over. i don't think she's what the democratic party needs. who knows what it is they need? they can't seem to decide who they are right now. are they moderate, or uber, uber
10:50 am
progressive connector seems to be a huge chasm there. >> harris: that fox news poll matt, 30%, democratic voters saying there should be other options. we are going to pause. joe biden in new hampshire, just filed his paperwork to get on a ballot in february. let's watch. >> those states that our early states, that we have to win back. if i'm not mistaken, i'm doing pretty well both relative to trump and relative to all the people running in the democratic primary. i know you guys like this fiction about how things have closed down and everything is moving. look, the polls aren't the reason why i'm running. this is a marathon. this is a marathon. it's really important that you do reading the first four states. it could be enough to make you a nominee and keep you in the race, and object take out of the race. i'm here planning on winning hampshire. i'm not coming in second. i'm not entering anything to come in second. we will see. if we've got a way to go and i
10:51 am
welcome mike into the race, michael into the race, we were see where it all goes. >> mr. vice president, you came to new hampshire last month calling for the president's impeachment and removal from office. yesterday, vice president mike pence was in the very spot you're in. he called the entire process a disgrace. senate republicans this week say if there's a trial, they are going to call you and your son, hunter, as witnesses. if there is a senate trial, would you agree to appear? if not, why not? >> number one, this is about donald trump, not about me. there's not a single solitary thing anyone has demonstrated, that i didn't do my job as a representative of the united states of america, representing america's position. the position of all of our allies, all of our allies. the position of the e.u., the position of an attentiona interl monetary fund. and getting rid of a corrupt prosecutor. it was simple, and i was held for another time. there is not a single solitary
10:52 am
scintilla of evidence anywhere that somehow i did anything wrong. what trump is doing, what he always does, try to take the focus off of what the problem is. the problem is donald trump invited, at least on three occasions, three different countries for different reasons to interview in american electi. look, this is a constitutional issue. the house has no choice. the president stood there and basically indicted himself. indicting me, saying there's enough evidence to move forward with a trial in the united states senate. i've been through a couple impeachment proceedings. they are not fun, they are not good for the united states in the sense that everybody -- but here's the deal. there's a constitutional responsibility. the witnesses who have testified so far, witnesses who are in the administration, who are in place, who was to conversations, one of them said the man who is making the most news, "i
10:53 am
don't believe it. that's not joe biden. i know him, he's a man of great integrity." or something to that effect. let's focus on the problem here. the question is, did the president of the united states violate the constitution? did he profit from his office? i give them 21 years of my tax returns. take a look at them. i have yet to see one year of his. he should be quite otherwise. >> reporter: sarah, to follow up, he did suggest that elizabeth warren's approach is condescending, and suggested that it's elitist. i'm wondering if you think she's out of touch with the democratic -- >> i'm not saying she's out of touch. what i'm saying is the way to approach politics today, to get things done, is not to question people's motives. you can question their judgment. so i think it's dead wrong. medicare for all is wonderful, it's going to work, and then giving -- or a think biden's plan to provide medicare as an option is
10:54 am
a bad idea. that's all legit. totally legit. but to turn around and say to the millions of democrats out there that, in fact, if you don't agree with me, you are lacking courage. or you are not a democrat. that is not how we run the democratic party. that is not how you're going to go into the united states congress. the united states senate. and say, "here's my plan, please pass it." "this is why i think this is a good plan." that was the point i was missing. it wasn't about her, it's about the attitude and the response on the part of the vast majority of democrats out there, including people. ask the people in the house, ask the people campaigning whether or not they think because they don't agree with the position or any of the position that somehow they are not that smart, not democrats, et cetera. that's what i was referencing.
10:55 am
she's a very competent candidate. but it's not about that. it's about how we are going to change this country. how are we going to get health care for everybody? how are we going to make sure that the function and focus is on that global warming? had regenerated an infrastructure that puts us back in the 21st century instead of back in the 20th century? how are you going to do those things? >> harris: joe biden come after filing paperwork to be on the ballot in new hampshire, hit with some staccato questions for the first one, what you think about michael bloomberg potentially getting into the race? he says, "he's a solid guy, i have no problem with and getting in." with regard to him getting in. "i'm doing pretty well." the second question was on his son hunter biden's ties to ukraine and the energy company that he sat on the board of, getting anywhere from 50,000 allies to $80,000 a month. he says it's not about him, it's about president trump. then, asked about his criticism
10:56 am
of elizabeth warren, her medicare for all plan. a lot of questions that he's getting peppered with right now. we are watching all of it, and we will monitor it for more breaking news come out of that. for now... >> if you seek prosperity for the soviet union and eastern europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. mr. gorbachev, open this gate. [cheers and applause] mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. [cheers and applause] >> harris: those famous words from ronald reagan, in 1987. and that wall, the berlin wall, an international symbol of division and communist repression, would come down a little over two years later, marking the end of the communist rule in east germany and the beginning of the end of the
10:57 am
soviet union. tomorrow marks 30 years to the day since the berlin wall began coming down. joining me now is best-selling historian and reagan biographer, craig shirley. he is the author of three books on america's 40th president. the significance for you of this day. craig, welcome to the program. >> thank you, harris, very much. >> harris: and this day has what meaning to you? >> i think it's one of the seminal events of our lifetime, certainly of the last 100 years. world war ii, the rise of the soviet union in 1917, the fall of the soviet union, as we are marking tomorrow, and 9/11 are probably the most important seminal events in the last hundred years. it's unfortunate. i don't think enough attention is actually being devoted to the fall of the berlin wall. i think in america if they haven't been to berlin they
10:58 am
think of the wall as maybe just a block or two long. it was actually 97 miles long. the portion that cut east berlin from west berlin was 27 miles long. over the time it was up, nikita khrushchev ordered it built in 1961. something like 100,000 people successfully fled, but almost 200 people were killed trying to flee from east germany to freedom in west berlin. >> harris: craig, how did president reagan do it? you have looked at his life, you have looked at those moments. >> sure. >> harris: how did he do it? >> he was fortunate, because the four most important bully pulpits in the world at the time were the soviet premier, the vatican, the prime minister of great britain, and the president of the united states. it just so happened that 3 out of 4 of them were all virulent anticommunists. margaret thatcher, pope
10:59 am
john paul ii, and of course reagan. together, mostly -- but more reagan and pope john paul ii -- first of all, they believed it was their divine destiny to defeat soviet communism. second of all, they marshaled everything in their powers. radio vatican, radio free euro europe, arming the labor union movement in poland. the velvet revolution in czechoslovakia. giving more support and financial support, giving organizational support through the cia to bill casey, who was an underappreciated, great cold warrior at the time. head of the cia. the nicaraguan contras were being armed by the united states. we were at a full court press. reagan was at a full-court press to defeat soviet communism and soviet adventure-ism. he was using the bully pulpit, he was using information, he was using broadcast, he was using organization, he was using anything he could to bring down the soviet union.
11:00 am
>> harris: all right. craig shirley. the book, again -- three books, actually, on america's 40th president. best-selling historian. we appreciate it so very much. reminding us why we need to know about tomorrow, and that anniversary of the berlin wall coming down. i'm harris, here's >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino. president trump tearing into the impeachment investigation as they release brand-new statements for the testimony behind closed doors. we will get into all of that coming up at first, a very special surprise on "the daily briefing." i am enjoying now by the 43rd president of the united states, george w. bush. the former president live in crawford texas where he is joined by servicemen and women wounded in the war on terror. is the bike ride. was a surprise to me, it is great to see you. i know this right means a lot to you. you've been doing it for ten years


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