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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 8, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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and when you travel, your plan will go with you - anywhere in the country. whew! call unitedhealthcare today and ask for your free decision guide. >> neil: here is why you shouldn't dismiss michael bloomberg. for a guy who says he isn't much of a threat, the president spent a lot of time talking about him. >> little michael will fail. he will spend a lot of money. he's got some really big issues. he has some personal problems. he's got a lot of other problems. i know michael bloomberg fairly well, no not too well, fairly w, well enough. he will not do very well. if he did, i'd be happy. there's nobody i would rather run against the little michael, that i can tell you. >> neil: it's already started.
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is this a great country or what? only in america can a billion a run for president and win and out another billionaire considers taking him on helping to win as well. welcome, everybody. happy friday. i'm neil cavuto. notch is the president weighing in. democrats as well. hillary vaughn following it from washington. trying to keep track of it. >> michael bloomberg not making a final decision about a run but he's running to get his name on ballots in early filing states like alabama. joe biden is doing the same thing today in new hampshire. officially failing to put his name on the ballot in the first primary state, and while doing so, biden reacted to the "bloomberg news" saying he is not bugged by the idea of bloomberg being on the ballot. >> i welcome in the race. michael is a solid guy. we will see where it goes. i have no problem with him getting in the race.
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>> warren isn't welcoming him to the race. she is warning voters about his $52 billion net worth. >> i don't think the big money ought to be able to buy our election. that's true whether we are talking about billionaires or corporate executives that fund pacs' or lobbyists. >> bernie sanders hoping to cash in on a billionaire being in the race. fire have to fund-raising plea writing "why is this happening? the truth is is because mike bloomberg and his friends in the financial elite are scared and they should be." another billionaire already in the race, president trump says he wants a head-to-head matchup against bloomberg heading into 2020. >> i think he's going to hurt biden, actually. but he doesn't have the magic to do well. little michael will fail.
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he will spend a lot of money. he's got some really big issues. he's got some personal problems. and he's got a lot of other problems. >> a long time bloomberg advisor said bloomberg is thinking about a run meaning he's not convinced anyone in the race now can beat trump but you have to be entered to win it and bloomberg only has three months to win over voters before the first vote in the presidential primary at the iowa caucuses in february. >> neil: thank you very much. the battle of the billionaires is on our so we think. charlie gasparino, what do you think? >> we understand biden had some sort of pact with bloomberg early on or bloomberg with biden that he -- that bloomberg would not run unless look like biden was faltering. that was in place for a long time. >> neil: must assume he's faltering. >> he's coming to the conclusion he's faltering that the party will be taken over by the leftists, by bernie sanders and
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elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren will likely be the nominee. that's what he's getting in here. a couple things come up democratic party establishment is in freak out mode. chuck schumer was at a fund-raiser last night just totally perplexed i was told, he was grousing about it because he clearly upends the race. it could put the race in warren's hands, just so you know there's -- >> neil: quite the opposite effect of what he intended. >> he gets in and she appeals to the base of progressives of billionaires buying the election. bloomberg, people still aren't sure that bloomberg is going to get in and neither is bloomberg. >> neil: he had to do it because of deadline purposes. >> fox business was first to report he was considering it. he didn't disband his campaign office. we are not that much different than when we reported in september. here's whereby his worried enough. half of the biden people saying bloomberg has no relations with
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african-american community. they don't like him based on some of the stuff that went on to new york city. stop and frisk. that's one thing. here's where they are worried. bloomberg, i don't care what donald trump says. bloomberg is a real billionaire. donald trump is worth billions or billion based on liquid net worth. mike bloomberg has $20 million from what i understand that it's a liquid, it's in treasuries and stuff -- >> neil: so he can spend it. >> 5 billion is nothing. the most expensive presidential race is generally around a billion or 1.5. this guy has 5 billion like that and that's formidable. >> neil: ninos how to spend it. he went virtual unknown in new york despite his financial empire when he ran for mayor and got reelected and reelected. >> i think the problem trump has against him and even biden getting in there, from matches up very well against warren. you can see it in the battleground states. obviously bernie sanders and a lot of the others.
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where he doesn't match up well is biden. lately that's been a problem because biden has this stuff with hunter and the controversy with hunter's involvement in the ukrainian government. bloomberg is going to be a tough beat in a general election because he's going to appeal to a lot of -- >> neil: how about wall street? you can make the argument that for wall street there is no bad choice. michael bloomberg, socially more liberal positions. very popular in the financial community. >> neil: here's where i think wall street would matter. he doesn't need money. you will see people like mark cuban and jamie dimon, not just wall street but corporate business leaders saying that he will have a social conscience. he's not going to be donald trump lee's not going to destroy the economy like elizabeth warren would have. >> neil: he doesn't hold a candle to the president's
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campaigning skills. >> that's a fact. i don't think he has the personal negatives donald trump is saying. maybe he does and we don't know about it. >> neil: i wonder if he would have the ability to fill a stadium the way the president can. >> he probably won't. but remember, there's an issue where donald trump is not exactly well-liked. >> neil: there is that. thank you, my friend. very good seeing you. i can hear the texts coming. i will say this about michael bloomberg. he's not whining. he hopes to be waning. so wow bill gets talk -- bill gates talks about paying more taxes and not liking it. mr. bloomberg is different. he potentially is in because he is tired of the pile on, as charlie says.
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let's go to emily larson, steven moore, daniel mcglocklin. what do you think about it? the passion on the left seems to be with the elizabeth warrens and the bernie sanders for last. michael bloomberg talks to a group who feels like they are getting slighted to come up moderates, those who don't have the same problem with capitali capitalism. >> i agree with you, there are a lot of moderates in the democratic party. this patent research and that the persuadable voters, those who switched between president obama and president trump are looking for more moderate candidates. we see both ends of the spectrum, whether it's left or right in primaries tend to get the -- one of the other in the spectrum but the at the end of the day, democrats have to do a little bit of navel-gazing i think and not think only who can win the primary but who can win against president trump, who can take moderate republicans. somebody like biden or bloomberg
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or cory booker or perhaps, harris has a perhaps better chance in the general populace than one of the far left progressive candidates. >> neil: steven moore, you know the president very, very well. would he be concerned that someone like michael bloomberg would emerge as the democratic nominee, sort of like billionaire versus billionaire but more to the point, do people who are similar on financial issues, not so in some of these other issues. >> a couple things, neil. when i heard michael bloomberg is really looking to be serious about running, my first reaction was what party? this is the guy without a party. he ran, correct me if i'm wrong, when he was the mayor of new york, he was a republican. now he says saying he's a democrat. the problem i think. >> neil: briefly and independent before that. you're right. he's tried them all on. >> my point is he's way too liberal to run for president as a republican but my opinion he's way true -- way too pro-business
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to run as a democrat. i thought that comment by elizabeth warren was outrageous. she said he can't be president. he's a successful businessman whose employed tens of thousands of people, made billions of dollars, made shareholders wealthy. what the heck is wrong with that, neil? i'm not a big fan of michael bloomberg but the fact is what a resume the guy has. the idea that you can't run for president if you're a successful businessman, i think that's backward. what has she ever done? all she has ever done is be a politician and the university professor. >> neil: i will say he was a very successful manner. tough to pull off in the city. having said that, emily, there's been a trend lately to go after billionaires or lately billionaires of those responding. saw the interview on cnbc featuring bill gates in which he kind of joked i guess i could pay more, billions in taxes.
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leon cooperman saying let's not forget that i generate and have generated a good deal of philanthropy and activities. others talk about others. created whole industries that have hired thousands, hundreds of thousands over the years. that's their pitch and they are getting annoyed that somehow they are hanging on ill-gotten gains. what do you think? >> certainly i think a lot of the ultra wesley are definitely nervous -- ultra-wealthy and a little bit peeved at elizabeth n and bernie sanders plans to taxe rates they are proposing. one of the big challenges for michael bloomberg is that he hasn't been campaigning in the states like the other candidat candidates. there was a marked poll and i welcome among iowa democratic caucus goers and that found that michael bloomberg had a negative 11% approval rating. so he's going to have a
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challenge, even though he does have the resources. appealing to these early-stage voters which ultimately do decide a lot of the direction of the primary after states start voting. there's also concerned about whether he will be able to amass the number of polls and democratic individual donors needed to make the primary debate stage. depending on his strategy, he might be trying to run an unconventional campaign which could tur turn off voters and ao the negative perception of him being a billionaire trying to buy the election some of those democratic contenders have alleged. >> neil: the fact of the matter is this president is going to talk about the markets. it's been an uninterrupted pace, very strong year. would a michael bloomberg like that? >> i think michael bloomberg -- >> neil: to steve. i apologize. >> sorry, would he do what?
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>> neil: would he like it? what he liked the fact about the markets? he couldn't argue with the president on that. >> americans go to the polls in november of 2020 and if they are voting on the economy, donald trump is going to win reelection. it's a booming economy. the middle class has benefited. the significance, here in washington i tell you, i talked to democratic operatives and why it's significant as democratic operatives are looking at the field and they believe they have a bunch of c- candidates frankly and they are looking for some alternative. maybe it is michael bloomberg. maybe it's michelle obama. but i do think you're going to see other entrants in the race. it's not too late. there's a lot of worry in this town among democrats that elizabeth warren may be, you know, kryptonite for the democrats. she may bring a lot of other democrats down with her. >> neil: we will watch it very, very closely. we did have a record on the bow today. record-setting pace continues. this is the fifth straight week
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visit thousands of companies, in a multitude of countries, where we get to know the people that drive a company's growth and gain new perspectives. that's why we go beyond the numbers. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> neil: in the meantime, we've got this fox alert. jim jordan got what he wanted. he's moving to the house intelligence committee
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presumably set to be a stronger republican voice against a process he says is rigged and frankly a waste of time. more transcripts of key testimony for more key players in this ukraine mess. gillian turner has been watching and following all this enjoins us on capitol hill. >> the move by jim jordan to the intelligence committee has been ordered by house minority leader kevin mccarthy and our sources here on capitol hill tell us the move was really meant to signal the gym jordan is going to play bigger, more powerful role in impeachment proceedings going forward. also recognition that he's been a major advocate for president trump over the last several months. meanwhile, as you mention, we are continuing to sift through those transcripts over here. we are learning some brand-new details about the transcripts release just a couple hours ago. lieutenant colonel vindman's testimony largely focused on making the case there was a deal in the works between president trump -- excuse me,
1:19 pm
between trump administration officials and ukraine's government. it's asked, do you think the president was trying to get the ukrainian government to investigate former vice president joe biden? vindman answers "it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where the gain would be for the president and investigating the son of a political opponent." also released today transcripts for fiona hill, she was really the first to report that john bolton was trying to distance himself from the unofficial policy channel. many witnesses have now said was being run by rudy giuliani. fiona hill says "rudy giuliani was a hand grenade that was going to blow everybody up." she also adds "the more you engage with someone who is spreading untruths, the more validity you give to those untruths." hill also says bolton told her he "wanted no part of whatever drug deal sondland and mulvaney are cooking out."
1:20 pm
some brand-new perspectives on how the trump administration was managing u.s. foreign policy towards ukraine. lastly, i wanted to mention tomorrow is a saturday but it's also the deadline for republicans to get democrats there list of wish list of witnesses they want to publicly testify as part of this next phase in the impeachment investigation. look out for that tomorrow. >> neil: oh, boy. all right, thank you very, very much. >> something to look forward to. >> all the time. forget impeachment, next week the president's meeting with the president of turkey as well. but before you start wincing, remember this. franklin roosevelt and joseph stalin, they met too and they shared pleasantries as well. it's all historic and it's all laid out by bret baier in a fascinating book after this. may 1 of '75... the magic moment.
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congress really democratized wall street... i wanted to have a firm that wanted to get everybody in. because people couldn't access wall street. we wanted to be agents of change. for the better. ♪
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>> adam schiff is a corrupt politician that's not giving us due process, not giving us lawyers and despite all that we are kicking them. >> neil: house democrats going all out on impeachment per john roberts following in the white house. >> good afternoon. you heard gillian turner talk about john bolton. new development, the attorney for john bolton and charles kupperman who was john bolton's former deputy nsa director here at the white house, sent a letter to the general counsel the house of representatives outlining the reasons why bolton and cooperman wanted to go to federal court to get an opinion about whether they should comply with the subpoenas that were issued to them. in one paragraph in the letter, cooper writes about bolton that he was "personally involved in many of the events, meetings,
1:25 pm
conversations about which you have already seen testimony as well as many relevant meetings and conversations that have not been discussed in the testimonies thus far." the committees withdrew the subpoena for kupperman and didn't she want to john bolton because they didn't want to wait until a court date until december to hear from them. they felt they were coordinated with the white house to try to delay the proceedings. this letter is to say they were not coordinating with the white house. the white house knew nothing about what they were doing. how serious can this impeachment inquiry possibly be if you don't want to wait a couple weeks to hear from people who actually talked to the president about it? the president himself was dismissing the inquiry again today as he was on his way out of the white house down to atlanta for a big event they're saying that he told his acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and the office of management and budget's deputy director for foreign policy programs marks handy to ignore subpoenas to appear today because he did not want to validate what he called
1:26 pm
a corrupt process. the president that he's been watching the transcripts released and is not worried about anything he's read or heard so far. here's what he told me. >> i'm not concerned about anything. the testimony has all been fine. for the most part, i never even heard of these people. i have no idea who they are. they are some very fine people. you have some never trumpers. seems nobody has any first-hand knowledge. there is no firsthand knowledge. all that matters is one thing, the transcript. the transcript is perfect. >> neil, there's another transcript that we may be seeing soon and that's the transcript from the president's first telephone call from the ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky. that was after president zelensky was first elected. president trump says he wants to put it out there. there's some resistance from the legal team at the white house but we could see it as early as the first part of next week or
1:27 pm
we might not see it at all. they are undecided on what to do. we do all right, my friend. john roberts the white house. thank you. all of this impeachment stuff kicks off next week. something else as well that could be a lot more important. the president will be sitting down with the turkish president erdogan, certainly a controversial figure in his own right, all of it at a time when a lot of people are saying should the united states president be meeting with erdogan at all or any nefarious character? there is precedent for that, and this image or we look at fdr with winston churchill and joseph stalin an indication of that, then there, done that. historically it's made a difference for this country. bret baier is with me. not only the anchor of "special report" but also the author of "three days at the brink: fdr's daring gamble to win world war ii." it included that meeting with the aforementioned joseph stalin. good to see you, my friend. congratulations on the book. great success. >> bret: thank you. >> neil: i think it started
1:28 pm
with your parents on fox business. >> bret: 100%. >> neil: let me ask you, the president getting a heap of scorn on even meeting with erdogan. what do you make of it? >> bret: he has decided, the president has, that his foreign policy will be to meet with even bad guys. the turkish leader does not have a great track record about how he's dealing with us in the u.s. we saw with the interaction with the kurds in the action across the board in syria. however, there are things that they've talked about that the u.s. and turkey could deal on. remember they are a nato ally. despite all the bad things that have happened and they are numerous, president trump believes it's worth sitting down with him. it does track with previous leaders. you referenced fdr and churchill and stalin. churchill and fdr believed it was imperative that they sit down with stalin at the end of world war ii. there was a chance that we as a
1:29 pm
country might not win the war. they said we are going to deal with it. >> neil: things were looking dicey. >> bret: at the brink because hitler was on the move in europe. we were iffy in the pacific against japan. they determined that yes, we know this devil. he's horrible but we need to sit down with him and get them on our side. >> neil: fascinating about the way you re-created those events in the day in the meeting at even churchill was concerned that they were getting too cozy. you in researching this, i had been struck by friendly how fdr was towards stalin, dictator unknown killer. he was almost obsequious. winston churchill was affronted by fdr's charm offensive. you weren't alone and that thought. >> bret: churchill really raised some red flags because they believe stalin had this ambition for communism which eventually was realized. fdr dies and churchill's removal from office.
1:30 pm
>> neil: he just didn't trust him. >> bret: yeah, and fdr, i think looking back, he was looking through a prism bible "we need to win the war." he thought he could corral and contain stalin. he died after yalta i never realized it. >> neil: the me ask a little bit about talking to people, even some of your top aides, military types, you mentioned briefly, donald trump makes brief mentions. you do go over kim jong un on the north korean leader, the summits, you covered them. a third one that could be in the works, and the criticism about meeting with him. it happens again and again. it's an issue that makes him uncomfortable. >> bret: it does. foreign policy experts debate whether it's worth doing it if you don't know the end game of what you're going to get out of it. ronald reagan believes that too.
1:31 pm
trust but verify. his diplomacy with gorbachev obviously sees a breakthrough and ends the cold war. trump obviously hasn't seen that -- >> neil: not before things fell apart. >> bret: they fell apart in reykjavik. they fell apart numerous times in those summits. i think president trump looks at kim jong un is the possibility. it just hasn't been realized yet. whether a third summit happens or not, we haven't seen the north koreans live up to what they've even talked about at these first two. >> neil: you don't say this but the leap that i've made is the president seems to have a fondness for roguish characters. maybe admirers how they hang onto power. is it it detriment or risk? >> bret: that's a great question. i think he likes the powerful folks but obviously they are dictators. i asked him on air force one in this interview with him, he said he's a killer. he is a killer, kim jong un. he's killed his own family members. he's killed lots of people. but yet president trump sees the
1:32 pm
prospect of something coming together. >> neil: all right, bret baier. continued success with this. "three days at the brink." is there more to this serious? >> bret: three days in los angeles. [laughter] >> neil: very good seeing you. i want to remind you, the markets today, i left out the fact that the s&p 500 and the nasdaq all hit records today. that's three of them. i think it's worth -- it's called a hat trick or something like that. all up and in record territory that is something that the president is crowing about. more after this. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ at outback, steak & oh no, it's phew, it's back with lobster mac & cheese. it's gone again. oh, it's back with shrimp now! steak & lobster starting at only $15.99. hurry in before these three are gone again.
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>> neil: the president in georgia saying how peachy things are looking in the peach state and around the country for african-american supporters. is he getting help from the record low unemployment numbers? they've been going his way. you're turning 65 soon? yep. and you're retiring at 67? that's the plan! it's also a great time to learn about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. here's why...medicare part b doesn't pay for everything. this part is up to you. a medicare supplement plan helps pay for some of what medicare doesn't. call unitedhealthcare insurance company today to request this free decision guide. and learn about the only medicare supplement plans endorsed by aarp. selected for meeting their high standards of quality and service. this type of plan lets you say "yes"
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to any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. do you accept medicare patients? i sure do! so call unitedhealthcare today and ask for your free decision guide. oh, and happy birthday... or retirement... in advance. >> when they ran for office three years ago, i looked at the bleak, dismal record of the democratic party and asked the african-american community what the hell do you have to lose, right? what do you have to lose? >> neil: president trump is back saying more like everything to gain, the president reminding a georgia audience that he's delivered on all of his promises, record low unemployment for the country not only for african-americans but for latinos and women in virtually every major, well, traditional democratic
1:37 pm
demographic there is. it's too early to say if the president has won all of them over but is this democratic congressman worried he's winning more of them? good to have you. thanks for coming. >> sure, good to be with you. >> neil: what do you think of this, that he makes a compelling case. african-american unemployment has tumbled. minority unemployment in general, tumbled to record lows. surely some of those people heretofore inclined to vote democrat are going to remember that vote republican. do you think? >> i'm not sure, yes there will be some obviously but i'm not sure that there's going to be a large swing. and it's not because the presidents wasn't sincere in his outreach. i think the president, what he's doing is good. the more all-americans are included in every component of
1:38 pm
the political process, it speaks to the greatness of the country. anytime we can expand that. the problem here is that the president has unfortunately used language in the past that will have a lot of difficulty in erasing. even with an eraser with the words unemployment dropped. because i think some harsh and painful words are just kind of hanging out here across the country as it relates to african-americans and other minorities. >> neil: do you think, congressman, sometimes people are more impressed with what you do than what you say. the diffuse said things clumsily in the past. there's nothing clumsy about economically what the president delivered for the african-american community. i am just wondering whether what he talked about a couple years back when he said what the hell have you got to lose come he was clearly talking about democrats who promised big things, big
1:39 pm
programs, big government and didn't deliver big results. he says at a fraction of that, he has. what do you think? well, if i were advising the president, if i were a republican and advising the president before he comes out, i would say look, i know you don't want to say this but if you want to start inching into the support base of the democrats, i would say something like look, the economy was being rebuilt by my predecessor and i've built on the success that he started. as a result, the unemployment numbers have dropped to historic lows. i think that would be a good response. but i think that would be one step and an important step in trying to get all of the comments the president has made -- >> neil: give him some credit for going through this after the recession. i can see that. again, a lot of these record
1:40 pm
lows are under him but leaving that aside, where are you on this whole impeachment thing, congressman? some in your party i'm told are getting nervous. are you worried about that? >> well, look. last week when we voted on the impeachment inquiry, it was one of the most painful votes i've ever taken in my life. it is something i've struggled with. from the very beginning. nobody i hope is excited and playful about what happened. but i don't know about whether there's going to be some retribution to democrats who supported it or not. but i think the charge, there are two explicit things in the constitution as it relates to impeachment. they were and are bribery and treason. and so i think everything else comes under the banner of high
1:41 pm
crimes and misdemeanors. i think this could be misdemeanors but it also could be bribery. so i think the best thing to do is get all the facts out. i'm not going to make a declaration that i'm going to vote for impeachment because i don't like donald trump. i'm not going to do that. >> neil: you haven't made up your mind. bottom line. >> no. i've got to see the evidence. i'm not on any of the committees of jurisdiction. >> neil: congressman, always good seeing you, my friend. be well. do you think it's going to get a little frosty in washington on political stuff, there's a very real arctic blast coming and it's actually much colder, much nastier. made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it -
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for small prices, you can build big dreams, spend less, get way more. shop everything home at >> neil: last week we turned back the clocks. this week mother nature is dialing back the temperatures and i mean way back.
1:45 pm
rick reichmuth has the latest and we conveniently placed him outside to tell us. >> you know what, i'm ill-prepared for the cold. i didn't bring a jacket for my office. not ready to put my mind in this mode but we need to get ready. it's already cold. it's going to get much, much colder as we move forward. currently the temps across the great lakes are right around freezing. 37 in new york. not that bad down across south florida. tampa and points to the south not that bad but i tell you what, we are around 21 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time in raleigh. big warm up across parts of the plains. rapid city, 20 degrees warmer than you were. watch what happens. this arctic air up around the arctic where it should be. it's going to die down. three different cold fronts will move through in seven days and each time the cold will get progressively colder.
1:46 pm
cold air and play saturday. not that bad. kansas city, 62. then we see the dive down on sunday. the next batch of cold air. coming into monday, we are at a high of 36 in amarillo. by the time we get tuesday, the cold air is going to settle in across parts of the south. you get the cold air, some tend to get precipitation that freezes. we're going to have snow definitely across the great lakes and the interior sections of the northeast by next week. coastal areas probably still rain. >> neil: thank you, my friend. rick reichmuth in the middle of it. it's cold and getting colder. millennials are telling working boomers to please move on out so they can move on up. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source
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>> neil: here's a new one. millennials and gen x-ers telling baby boomers to get off their lawns. survey from "usa today" and linkedin revealing younger workers are finding it harder to move up the ladder because an old fogey like me is on it. and i'm not getting off. what do you think? >> i always thought there was something weird and fishy about the fact that i've been here for four years and i don't control the company yet. as it turns out, just as i suspected, not my fault at all. no, i'm never going to tell anyone to get out of their jobs because i personally -- [laughter] you can't fire me. this is all i have. [laughter] i'm going to work forever. maybe after i die. >> neil: do you think older workers stating your way or is it just you? >> it's definitely not me.
1:51 pm
come on. i'm very talented and gifted. in everything that i do. for a larger scale, bigger situations, the fact that with the economy and perhaps with layoffs, the switched automation that older people aren't retiring. if you think you're going to retire at 65, that's probably not going to happen. >> neil: we are in your way. you keep offering me that sailing. >> keep trying to push her chair. >> realizing they can't retire and that's the scary thing. we get that age. people my age aren't having children. >> neil: i can retire. i don't want you to take -- >> when we get to retirement age, there's not going to be enough people to fill the jobs. what we are seeing is out with the old come in with the new. >> neil: how old is the chairman? james dean making a return to the big screen even though he's been dead for more than 64 years.
1:52 pm
the rebel without a cause back in a new film. it's computer-generated. it's the wave. >> we saw this with peter cushing. young people who didn't know peter cushing was, looked fine. in the "star wars" prequel. now even robin williams before he died, you had them put in his will that he saw this coming and he put a little thing where they could use his likeness for 20 or 25 years. it's the wave of the future. i rode a book and in my book, i had jim morrison in it. that's how i envision it. the rub here is instead of them playing themselves or character they played before they died, you're having them come back and actually do a new role. >> neil: wouldn't did make it more appealing to watch if you knew someone who's been gone for a while is resurrected on the screen? >> this is what i meant when i said i'm not quitting just because i die. if something happens to me, gutfeld, i will accept nothing
1:53 pm
less than a cgi kat timpf or else i will haunt you. >> it's happening right now. with "star wars" and also the irishman. they use the -- and also whitney houston is going on tour next year as a hologram. >> neil: i am a hologram right now. >> you do look thinner, i must say. >> neil: in the meantime, kanye west wing. businessmen, friend of president trump, eyeing it. >> first lady kim kardashian? that would be something. we've seen stranger things happen. >> elva sarandon cost barry goldwater the election. >> ever since we saw trump get elected. nobody said that couldn't happen. i don't say anything -- anything is possible.
1:54 pm
>> he does the apparel brand. $1.5 billion because he teamed up with adidas. >> neil: are these the ones that are $1,000? >> yeah, 500 to 1,000. he's moving the main factory to north america within the next two years to create more jobs. he has pretty good with what he does. >> doing the issues locally. >> neil: there's a trend here. >> if you have a social media platform. >> neil: i want your take on michael bloomberg running and elizabeth warren saying we don't need any billionaires. are you anti-billionaire? >> i feel bad for billionaires because she is mean to them. he can give me all of his money and he won't have to deal with it anymore. >> that might be a fraser-ali fight. has to go after trump. the bottom line is, bloomberg,
1:55 pm
it's not -- she's not going to win. >> put himself into a third -- >> could be kanye. let's go. >> neil: impeachment the movie is on only won't be a movie and you won't need to go to the theater. you can just turn on your tv. but will you? after this. i saved hundreds on my car insurance
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>> neil: the first open hearings are kicking off next week so what can we expect? let's go with child program if anyone knows, he knows. >> we have two big witnesses. we have george kent, the state department official. and also bill taylor, the acting ambassador to ukraine. he is someone who raised questions, had concerns about a potential quid pro quo, and friday we have marie yovanovich. she was fired, the two big hearings before the house
1:59 pm
intelligence committee. we should note that before that panel, that's very important because it's not the judiciary committee, it's the oversight committee, and that's why today the republicans made the bold move of putting jim jordan on that committee. they want aggressive attack dogs on that committee so they can counter punch to the democrats. that's something that house speaker nancy pelosi could a block because the house committee is a select committee but she did not block that in jim jordan is on the committee. the other thing we are looking for is that there could be an update on potential requests for republican witnesses at these hearings. they have about 11:20 tomorrow morning. >> neil: looking forward to it. speaking of tomorrow morning, the fall of the wall, 30 years ago tomorrow with the berlin came down. now a statue of ronald reagan going up. our ambassador to germany was at the unveiling. he will be my special guest. why he says we should remember history and what was historic,
2:00 pm
and battle between those who would try to squash freedoms and those who would try to promote them. a special "kabuto here comes "the five." >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, along with emily compagno, juan williams, greg gutfeld, and jesse watters. this is "the five." president trump unleashing on democrats' impeachment inquiry ahead of next week's public hearings. the president facing up to the media going after the entire process, the whistle-blower, and much more. speak of the whole thing is a scam! this is a scam by the democrats to win and election! they shouldn't be having public hearings! this is a hoax! this is like the russian witch hunt! the democrats are


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