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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 8, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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shot -- dog day at the movie theater. >> greg: what's the possum? >> emily: pawsome. >> dana: will see you back here on monday! have a great weekend. >> bret: resident trump says he has no worries about the increase in inquiries so far as his staff members do not show up to testify. bernie sanders takes the far left of the immigration debate, we'll take a look at his policy. former new york mayor michael bloomberg enters his first presenter primary. we will get reaction from the competition. plus, the panel takes a trip to candidate casino and has winners and losers as well. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to new york. i'm bret baier. president trump says he's not stressing about anything right
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now in the impeachment inquiry. whether that will still be true one week from tonight after the first round of public hearings remains to be seen. this evening, we are getting a look at more transcripts from behind closed doors testimony, but we are not getting is any testimony from some of the yet.dent 'his top advisors. chief correspondent john roberts starts us off on the north lawn. >> the previous couple of days, president trump has not taken any questions on the media on the whirlwind of activity on the impeachment inquiry. but in 40 minutes this morning, he unloaded a week's worth of material. on his way to atlanta today to roll out a black voices for trump coalition, the president said he was unconcerned about any of the deposition transcripts released so far. >> i'm not concerned about anything. has no first-hand knowledge, there is no first-hand knowledge. all that matters is one thing:
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the transcript. the transcript is perfect. >> the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and mark sandy to give depositions today. neither showed. president trump defending his decision to hold them back. >> i don't want to give credibility to a corrupt witch hunt. i'd love to have mick mulvaney del michael up, frankly. i'd love to have him go up. >> the committee will also hear from john bolton -- they had to ask the courts whether they would comply with the subpoena. the committee didn't want to wait so they dropped them. fulton's attorney teased the committee saying, bolton was personally involved in many of the events, meetings, and conversations about which you have already received testimony, as well as many relevant meetings and conversations that have not been discussed in the
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tennis testimonies thus far. the underlying message of the letter, how serious is the inquiry of the only possible evidence on the table and don't want to wait to hear from someone who actually talks to the president? after a couple of weeks lying low and lawyering up, rudy giuliani reemerged today, appearing on the war room if you can podcast advisor steve bannon. giuliani highly and giuliani, now in the cross hairs of criminal >> no right of counsel, no right of cross examination from the right to call witnesses. and they are conducting at least 20 different investigations be to try to find if i did something wrong. >> joe biden is a crook! >> president trump continued to hammer joe biden and his son hunter tweeting a quote from senator john kennedy yesterday. "what did hunter biden do for
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the money and saying a good question, he and sleepy joe must testify." in new hampshire today, whether his son would participate in the inquiry, biden lit up. >> this is about double trim, not about me. donald trump does what he always tries to do, try to take the focus off of the problem is. the problem is donald trump. >> we may soon see another transcript, the transcript of the first call that trump had with the new ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky. the president indicated he wanted it out. getting pushback from the legal counsel in the white house but forces tell fox news that it could be released as early as the beginning of next week. >> bret: john, thanks. let's dig deeper in the newly released transcripts. mike emanuel tells us what we are learning tonight. >> knew transcripts from closed doors depositions are out,
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including alexander vindman. expressed that the call could undermine the phonetic efforts, "i did not think it was proper to the man a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen. if ukraine investigated into these bidens and burisma, it would be interpreted as he, ambassador sondland, said he had a conversation with mr. mulvaney, and this is what was required in order to get a meeting between trump and zelensky. vindman said there was no ambiguity for what he called an explicit demand. hundreds of pages of new testimony from fiona hills session behind closed doors. something that is not a national security deliverable. hill added about john bolton. made it clear that he believed
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that they were making basically an improper arrangement to have a meeting in the white house. it's also quite clear, career officials were alarmed by the removal of u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovich, to convince president trump that ukraine did not interfere with the 2015 election for its affection ukrainian government was launching an effort to upend our election, to mess with our democratic systems. hill also told lawmakers she didn't think it was wise for hunter biden to be on burisma a boxer's board. i remember hunter biden being appointed, thinking this was not a bright idea. the american people will be able to judge the credibility of the impeachment from hearings. there will be a new edition to the g.o.p. line up in those hearings with ohio republican congressman jim jordan, a fierce defender of the president, being temporarily added to the house
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intelligence committee. bret? >> bret: mike, thank you. the man who once ran the trump presenter campaign says former trump confidant roger stone talked up his connections to the founder of wikileaks and said they would be information coming from the website that would hurt the hillary clinton campaign. steve bannon, taking the stand today in stone's federal trial, correspondent david spahn is outside the u.s. district court in washington with the latest. >> steve bannon said in court that roger stone was a "axis point wikileaks" to the two men talks frequently in the campaign, he said still never brag about having access to nonpublic documents. roger stone and his entourage left the courthouse after six hours of testimony. described as "dirty tricksters on trial for lying to congress about his alleged role in the wikileaks release of hacked emails to bolster the trump campaign." vanden said on the
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stone would mention his relationship with julie and us on she wikileaks. said stone, implied that he could use his weekly's contacts to obtain information about hillary clinton into the campaign. spoke to cameras making it clear that he was not here by choice. >> i was forced to go to the grand jury and am forced to compelled to be here today. >> a new york radio host denying allegations for a second day in a row that he was the conduit between stone and julian assange who runs wikileaks. says despite meeting with julie massage, he was not the middleman for stone and wanted to get away from stone. in court, he said "i cannot play on his level. he throws a lot of junk and i do not want to get hit." multiple times, he made references to the "godfather" films,"
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" a we are expecting to hear from rick gates, paul manafort's former deputy who is cooperating with authorities at some point next week when testimony resumes on tuesday. not clear if roger stone is going to take the stand, but the judge did tell the jury not to watch and the ""films during this trial. spewing all three embassies close in record territory. the s&p 500 of eight, all the big exchanges were up around one percentage point. in our democracy 2020 report tonight and the reaction to the entry of michael bloomberg into the democratic field for correspondent peter doocy is on the campaign trail tonight in franklin new hampshire where the welcome mat for bloomberg does not appear to be out, at least not yet.
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>> if joe biden wants to be president, he's going to have to beat a billionaire from new york. he might actually have to be two billionaires from new york, donald trump and michael bloomberg. >> i welcome him in the race. michael is a solid guy. let's see where it goes. >> president trump thinks he knows where it's going to go. >> michael's not going to do well. there's nobody i'd rather run against man little michael. >> bloomberg claims after the billionaire invested $100 million to help democrats flip the house, "we now need to finish the job and ensure trump is defeated." but mike is increasingly concerned the current field of candidates is not well conditioned to do that. that field of candidates includes joe biden. >> the polls, i've looked at it. i'm pretty far ahead. >> and elizabeth warren. >> i don't think that the money ought to be able to buy back our. >> a lot of
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>> pete buttigieg sounded less interested. >> not to get too far up in what the others are doing. >> bloomberg is being rushed back by amy klobuchar for flirting with a run without a clear platform in a field that's full of them. >> i don't think any of them said, i got in the race because i think the rest of the candidates aren't good enough. >> they just hope bloomberg shows up, we are certain that iowans and other early-stage voters are eager to ask michael bloomberg about his plans to move our state and our country forward. but biden still sounds confident in his self bowing to put his own name on a new hampshire primary ballot eight years after filing for barack obama. >> let me tell you what, this time i got the right guy. last time, it was me. >> within the last hour, the bloomberg team filed in alabama to get him on that states
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ballot's super tuesday. they are admitting it's too late in the game to win make any contest before super tuesday. they will not compete in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, or nevada if the billionaire mayor and clench your fist launches a bid. bret? >> bret: that'll be something to see. peter doocy in new hampshire. peter, thanks. bernie sanders is banking on immigration to get him past the competition in the presidential sweepstakes. sanders is promoting measures many consider to be extreme when it comes to immigration. correspondent kristin fisher takes a look tonight. >> senator bernie sanders proposing a full reversal of president trump's immigration policies. >> we are going to pass a complete overhaul of our broken immigration system. >> stopping construction of the border wall to ending the travel ban, to removing the new policy requiring migrants to wait in mexico while they await their asylum hearings.
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but sanders is proposing going even further in the opposite direction by decriminalizing illegal border crossings, to suspending deportation, giving full of or access to illegal immigrants, and breaking up i.c.e., immigrations and customs enforcement. sanders, i'll use my executive power to protect our immigrant communities and reverse every single horrific action implemented by trump. ken cuccinelli, the acting director of u.s. citizenship and immigration services argues proposals like sanders'... >> would literally throw open the door everyone in the world. evil, vicious, or just merely greedy, on top of migrant flows that would stop being controlled. we would be flooded instantly. >> with sanders cementing its place at the tip of the progressive spirit of immigration policy, it's pushing other 2020 contenders even further to the left. with senator elizabeth warren conceding today...
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>> i am open to suspending deportations. >> former vice president joe biden is standing his ground in the middle. >> we shouldn't abolish i.c.e. we should reform the system. i.c.e. is not the problem for the policies behind i.c.e. is the problem. that's easy enough to fix. >> immigration is becoming the new health care debate in the democratic primary with sanders and war in place in the field for there to the left. this time on president trump's signature issue. >> bret: thank you. up next, we tell you what's at stake in next week's public impeachment hearings. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering in the country. a buffalo wild wings employee has died and at least ten people have been hospitalized after a chemical mixture at that restaurant. police say that they think the employee inhaled fumes from a cleaning agent. buffalo wild wings says it is shocked and saddened.
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box 28 in columbus were 43 plaintiffs filed the latest federal lawsuit against ohio state university over two decades of the alleged sexual abuse by him now deceased team doctor. a professional referee alleges in that lawsuit that he told then wrestling coach and current ohio republican congressman jim jordan about an incident involving dr. richard strauss that occurred in the shower. jordan denies any sexual abuse attributed to strauss. and fox 31, the big story there tonight, the education department is forgiving student loans for more than 1500 borrowers who attended a pair of for-profit colleges that shut down last year. students from the art institute of colorado and the illinois institute of art sued betsy devos in october. they allege the department illegally dispersed funding to the schools even after they had lost accreditation. that is tonight's live look
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>> bret: a cease-fire between israel and palestinians in may
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has unraveled. palestinians threw rocks and explosive towards the israeli troops. the israelis responding with live ammunition, tear gas, rubber bullets. they were standing a few feet away from each other as a group of gazans try to damage the wall that separates both sides. this was the 82nd friday in a row palestinians have held these protests. right here at home, next week figures to be a crucial one in determining whether president trump faces impeachment. public hearings begin wednesday. tonight, we look at whether the public has already had its fill of the impeachment saga and what's next at stake in the next chapter. here is fox news media analyst and host of boxes media buzz howard kurtz. >> the impeachment shall now playing on capitol hill unfolding like a three act play. act i, gordon sondland, william
3:21 pm
taylor, maria yovanovich. closed-door hearing, selectively leaking highlights to the press. act two, asked towhen ambassador sondland provided new testimony saying that he forgot about a conversation which he pressured ukraine to launch investigatio investigations. after a few weeks of, i don't know, reading press reports about what other witnesses were saying, biden said, yes, i remember now. >> offering something he calls an opinion to the ukrainians why military aid was held up. >> act iii opens next week when hearings open to the public stage which can produce drama or fizzle as robert mueller's as he repeated what was in his russia report. president trump barely making a decision between the democrats and the press. >> the crooked media have launched a deranged, delusional,
3:22 pm
disruptive, and highly partisan impeachment witch hunt. >> he called the whistle-blower fake and joining some g.o.p. allies, urge he be outed. >> the whistle-blower is a disgrace to our country! a disgrace. the whistle-blower, because of that, should be revealed. >> i say tonight, to the media, do your job and print his name! >> rand paul's challenge has drawn flack even from news anchors. >> he is a small man. what he just did there is small and cowardly. right there. >> mainstream journalists who know the cia officer's name have held it back. >> the whistle-blower may not testify. ivanka trump tells the ap he's no longer particularly relevant. featuring the same players, the same lines already been made public, the production may not make rave reviews. >> bret: will tune into "media buzz" this weekend in the long fluids of 29 people
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sickened by paving. the center of disease control say more study is needed because it's possible that there's more than one cause for the illness. more than 2,000 cases have been reported with at least 39 deaths so far. juul labs was a little hot new sales of its flavored electronic cigarettes as it struggles to survive a nationwide backlash against vaping new government research shows that juul is the highest first, beyond our borders tonight. masked men attacked antigovernment protesters in the rocks southern city 5 people were killed, scores wounded since the
3:24 pm
officials say at least five people were killed, more than 300 injured. there is 250 miles northwest of iran's capital of tehran. berlin unveiled a new statue of president ronald reagan, overlooking the very location of president reagan's iconic speech imploring the soviet union to remove, or tear down, the berlin wall print saturday march the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. cold if you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure.
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>> bret: intimates whatever happened to the segment, the one-year anniversary of the worst wildfire in california history. the story of how one northern california town trying to recapture paradise lost. >> the wind whipped fire was california's deadliest. 85 people lost their lives, 95% of the community burned to the ground. the loss of almost unimaginable. but the resilience just as incredible as paradise literally rises from the ashes. one house, one business at a time, including new boutiques
3:29 pm
and cafes as locals invest in the town's recovery. >> we had over 200 businesses that have reopened in the last year. before that, i want to say we had maybe close to 2,000. so it's not a huge percentage. but it does show a commitment and the resiliency for our town. >> of the 11,000 homes that were incinerated, nine have been rebuilt. it may not sound like a lot, but it also takes a year to build a house in the best of circumstances and here they are dealing with cleaning up tons of debris, getting permits and hiring contractors. by year's end, some 500 homes should be in the process of being built. builders are using fire resistant materials and adding more defensible space. future upgrades will include underground power lines and a sewer system that the town is wanted for years. with a rare opportunity to start over, the mayor says state-of-the-art improvements will fuel the repopulation. >> i would expect six or 7,000
3:30 pm
people to live here in a few years. everything that is built is brand-new. the town is going to be beautiful. other people are going to want to move here. >> amid event celebrating help and progress, city leaders and residents held 85 seconds of silence to hollander honor all of the campfire victi. >> bret: this week and, americans honor the tremendous achievements and sacrifices of our nation's military personnel. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is teaming up with the american veteran center to post a discussion about how wounded warriors are trying to put their bodies and their lives back together again. her special, "the wounded warrior experience" will be broadcast this sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox business network. here is a preview. >> sergeant first class room class raymond padilla was heading to get a philly cheese
3:31 pm
cheesesteak july 8th 2007 when shrapnel ripped through his skull. >> the one time the enemy fires. i felt like i got a bee sting on the right side of my head, but turned out i broke a piece of my school off, a piece of my brain, gave me brain damage. i can't say i had a darkest hour. i can say i had an awakening. the one thing i want to do is play catch with my little boy. >> the therapist at walter reed said they had prosthetics for that. padilla is 1 of 98 wooded veterans whose portraits president george w. bush painted and recently told his story as part of the wounded warrior experience, along with sergeant mayer brian flom injured in 2007. >> i broke my upper jaw, cut my throat. >> how did you know you had post-traumatic stress? what were the signs?
3:32 pm
>> you don't wake up one day, you have a headache -- it was over time. >> sergeant major flom started mountain biking. >> and my wife said you should go ride your bike, i know what she's saying, you need to go ride your bike. it gave me a purpose but let me put away the pills that i was using try to help me sleep and now i describe the outdoors as my pharmacy. >> this sunday, the entire hour-long wounded warrior experience, i'm honored to host for the ninth year, will be broadcast on fox business network at 4:00 p.m. eastern head had make a veterans day bret? >> bret: it's a great show. thank you. president trump says he's not concerned about anything he's heard so far. we'll get reaction from the panel after a quick break. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out
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>> i'm not concerned about anything. the testimony has all been fine. i had no idea who they are. some very fine people. you have some never trumpers. there is no firsthand knowledge. all that matters is one thing, the transcript! and the transcript is perfect! >> bret: the president talking about the transcript of the phone call with the ukrainian president. since then, there've been a lot of transcripts out from the on closed doors. one of them today from lieutenant colonel vindman. i thought this was wrong, you feel like there's something wrong, it's your duty to report it to your seniors and that's what i did. in the meantime, as far as other people testifying, the chief of
3:38 pm
staff mick mulvaney did not show up today. the statement for the white house, while mick is immune from compulsion making subpoena unenforceable, this subpoena is also independently unenforceable because lack of reasonable notice. the committee knows that no court in the country will enforce a subpoena unless the 15 hours of notice. let's bring in our panel here in new york. former cia analyst buck sexton. marion marsh from a former senior advisor to john kerry, and jason riley, senior fellow at the manhattan institute. okay, jason. these transcripts tell a story in and of themselves. it's all setting up to the public hearings next week >> i'm glad we are getting public hearings. i don't think it'll make the process more fair but if you are going to try to overturn an election let's make it public. i'm glad they are doing that. but when i watch president trump out there responding to these reports, bret, he's starting to look like leslie nielsen in
3:39 pm
"naked gun" saying, move on, move on from nothing to see here. that's not going to cut it. it's only witch hunt, a hoax, nothing here to see. >> bret: you are saying the call is not perfect and he should acknowledge that -- >> this impeachment thing is real and the democrats are steadily and methodically putting out a narrative and needs a counter narrative. he needs a counter narrative and just saying that there is nothing to see here, there is nothing here is not going to caught down the cut it's. >> bret: here's what rush limbaugh doug says about the democrats' moving target on this. >> now they are saying trump engaged in bribery. the withholding of aid until ukraine did what he wants. and they are going to go obstruction. that trump is preventing the house from finding out what he did.
3:40 pm
currently imploding on schiff. >> bret: obviously, that's rush limbaugh. you have the former advisor to the united nations nikki haley what she says, what are you going to impeach him on, you are going to impeach him on asking a favor that didn't happen and giving money that wasn't withheld? >> that's not true. spirit eventually they got the money. >> but it was withheld. there is a clear sentence in that call, even though we don't have the full transcript, we only have the summary, he promised to put out another version this afternoon at some point. we need the full transcript. but he did withhold congressionally approved money. it was on hold. members of money, congress went to him and said release it, why are you holding it, to rush limbaugh's point, bribery is another word for quid pro quo. that's what happened here. >> bret: again, even though at the end of the month, by
3:41 pm
september 11th, the ukrainians don't know all the way along since july 25th that it's withheld at all, according to the ukrainians and everybody involved, and the ukrainian president says i didn't have a problem with it, didn't feel any pleasure, i'm just saying that that's what republicans are saying. >> they are saying that. zelensky clearly had a problem. he was begging for military aid, he was begging for those things. it was always conditioned on his doing something, either investigating the bidens or if he did investigate them, do it publicly which he came very close to doing. >> bret: democrats are making this case, they are going to make it public. >> democrats are going to impeach president from the matter what information comes out, this is my assessment but this is where i think it's all heading. they aren't going to pull back on this at all. good thing they weren't asking about the missiles during the obama administration because they were expressly denied those, which was the single most
3:42 pm
useful thing that could've been done to push back on russian aggression. while we are sitting here talking about what trump may have delayed in funding, he was also willing to make a decision about assisting the ukrainian military. president trump up, especially he refused to do because it would anger the russians. looking at a policy matter, that should be left out of the discussion. as where this is going to go with impeachment, let's understand that during the mueller probe, there was a promise of elevation. there is going to be the day the issue of the smoking gun is going to happen. the plan is just repetition, keep talking about the call, the call, the call, the perception of the call what somebody said at some point of time. i don't think that's going to cut it with people who aren't already overtaken with animus of the president. i disagree with people who think they are winning this battle with the president when it comes to public opinion. i think this is more anemic. >> i want to say one thing about
3:43 pm
this. if we have the full unredacted mueller report with the grand jury testimony and everything behind it, which we still don't have even though a judge said it should be released, and if we do have the actual transcript of the call, not an edited summary, i think we have a lot -- >> bret: you have some people saying that even if you insert the words in the... or whatever left out, it still has the same overall meaning, saw some of the testimony behind closed doors. we'll see if that's the case bid they say they want to put out every exact word. >> they should. >> we also had a discussion about not knowing who the whistle-blower is even though it has been reported all over the place. the issue brought up about the mueller report, it's we don't know about. all these people taking shot at this president's administration from behind the cloak of anonymity is how dare you try to -- even generalists are pretending -- the same presidents who will break the espionage act when they think the public has a right to know, they in this case say you could go to prison if you talk about
3:44 pm
the whistle-blower. i don't think i'm going to prison. >> bret: there have been reports that have had the wrong name. >> this speaks to the problem of the press changing its standards to go after trump. the public has no faith in the media anymore, or it has diminished greatly under this president. but yes, people are saying if you can change your rules to cover president trump, why can't you change the rules on reporting for the whistle-blower is. that's what the mainstream media has done itself no favors. >> and this will not be the last panel on this topic. the final don my lightning round winners and losers, candidate casino. all of it next. ♪
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>> i don't think big money ought to be able to buy the election. >> there is something like 85 people running for president. >> i will say if he does decide to get in, it's going to be tough. >> i don't think any of them have said, i got in the race because i think the rest of the candidates aren't good enough.
3:49 pm
that is -- maybe he hasn't said it himself, but that's basically what they've been saying. >> bret: like bloomberg is officially in an alabama as far as we know. the deadline was tonight 5 minutes beforehand. he got on the ballot. the termination element determination will be made. his teams as we have to finish the job that trump is defeated, but mike is concerned that the current field of candidates are not well positioned to do it. is he? >> i don't think so. i think this will mostly help elizabeth warren and her joe biden. i think it'll hurt his fund-raising physically where he's already struggling and i think it will hurt the moderate voters. bloomberg will take them away. more importantly, none of these guys have the black support that joe biden has including mike bloomberg. both in the primary process and in the general election. they might've caused hillary the election. hard to see this turned out for
3:50 pm
hillary turnout for bloomberg. >> bret: bloomberg hurts biden exponentially? >> pete buttigieg too. i think he's making the wrong bet here which is the democratic party isn't looking for a billionaire nominee. he assumes he can pick up the biden- presidential campaigns don't work that way. >> i want to turn to bernie sanders' immigration plan. take a listen. >> we are going to pass a complete overhaul of our broken immigration system. >> republicans will always stand with the heroes of i.c.e., border patrol, and law enforcement. >> basically he says that illegal immigrants will be able to utilize medicare for all, college for all, university, school meals, there is a whole
3:51 pm
list of things here. how does that play? >> this is where the democratic party has gone furthest to the left of any issues that are major in the campaign right now. the american people just frankly are not with candidates like sanders as well as all the candidates on stage who said they would vote for medicare for all four illegal aliens in this country when you talk about not enforcing the law, decriminalizing at the border, all the different areas of immigration policy being turned upside down may play well with the left-wing base but the fact of the matter this is going to be a huge liability in the general. >> he wants to raise military taxes to pay for free health care for middle and illel immigrants. >> bret: let's take a trip down to candidate casino. democratic field come here we go. >> $100 on elizabeth warren. >> bret: you are going with a black chip! >> go big or go home for the only one operating on all cylinders. >> bret: that's our first black chip. >> i was going to go in on
3:52 pm
warren too as well, but i think i'm going to go 70 on warren, 20 on biden, 10 on buttigieg. i do not think biden is a real frontrunner. >> i think she has the momentum. i think bernie is treading water. biden is hanging on. and biden's real nightmare scenario is when sanders gets out and endorses warren. >> bret: winners and losers? >> mind when there mark zuckerbermark my loser is the awful and awful unnecessary read recording of john legend and kelly clarkson's "baby, it's cold outside." >> bret: winner or loser? >> democrats, the big winners make a huge difference in
3:53 pm
momentum going to 2020. the loser come donald trump. a big win from kentucky and virginia. also the testimony this week, i would add to it in stone's wikileaks trial, the first time he has not been able to control media cycles since he got in the race since 2015. >> bret: the economy had a pretty good week. >> james o'keefe, big story this week. the media didn't want to cover it, a major network wouldn't go with what was essentially ironclad for the purpose of journals delman journalism jeffrey epstein. abc news did not look good and the response they had about why they wouldn't go about some of the most rich, powerful connected people involved in or around somebody who was a, that something that's shaken the journalism. >> bret: i don't think that's going away anytime soon. panel, appreciate it. have a great weekend. when we come back, notable quotable's
3:54 pm
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3:58 pm
>> bret: it is friday. you know what that means. notable quotables. >> the violence and disregard for human life displayed by these criminal organizations is a barbaric and gruesome as any terrorist organization we see across the globe. >> we are now also know the name of the whistle-blower. we stay tonight to the media, do your job and print his name! >> the most important facts are largely not contested. >> republicans are struggling to defend the president. >> they contradict themselves but they turn themselves into pretzels. >> they fell in love with nats baseball. that's all they want to talk
3:59 pm
about. that an impeachment. i like baseball much more. >> we can have medicare quarter all for allwithout raising 1 penny n middle-class families. >> when you say 10 billion, i'm thinking about what i have left over. >> it must suck to be that dumb! >> i want to say thank you to our union families that helped make the selection happened. >> mission accomplished last night. >> it's a pro-god, primerica, pro-america, pro-gun -- that's all i want! >> i want to be the strong silent type, but it never worked out. >> bret: another wild week covering washington for this we can, watch fox news sunday. chris wallace will speak to two members, republican will hurd and democrat sean maloney. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight.
4:00 pm
thanks that's it for this "special report," fair, balance, unafraid. >> to register himself as a candidate, one big question that was hovering in everybody's mind, as former new york city mayor michael bloomberg seems to think that a week joe biden has left the lane open to get in this race. >> with regards to michael bloomberg, i welcome him in the race. michael is a solid guy. i have no problem with him getting in. and in terms of, he's running because of me? the last polls i looked at, i'm pretty far ahead. >> president trump wasted no time reviving his favorite nickname for his fellow new york, new york, billionaire. speak a little michael will fail. he'll spend a lot of money. he's got some really big issues.
4:01 pm
got some personal