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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 8, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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tucker is up next. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ dc >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." jeffrey epstein died some weeks ago, months ago at this point. but basic questions remain unanswered. among them, why do powerful people appear to be covering up for him, still? there's a new development in the jeffrey epstein story tonight we will bring new just a minute. worth sticking around for. first tonight former new york city mayor michael bloomberg appears to be running for president. now, in the plus column, bloomberg is one of the richest people in america. more than $10 million. more money than he could ever spend. he is also highly popular on the set of the nbc morning show and
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absolutely beloved on martha's vineyard during the summer months. again, that's the upside to the candidacy. on the other hand bloomberg is not exactly the man that democratic primary voters picture when they dream about their ideal candidate. maybe that's why prominent democrats reacted to the news today this way. >> john, do you think the country wants another new york billionaire after donald trump? we usually elect the opposite. >> we underestimate the level of affection for joe biden. mike bloomberg, whatever good things you can say about him he just doesn't have. >> it feels a little bit like a hail mary for a certain class of folks. i think it would be more genuine if he would actually run as a republican given his record. >> i don't see any room here. he is a relatively ideologically neutral billionaire and there are zero people clamoring for that right now. >> mike bloomberg is also
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another white entering the race as well. many asking if that's something that we need at this point. >> tucker: oh, he is a white man says the cnn anchor. many people asking if we need that right now. well, you can mock and dismiss that but for a party increasingly controlled like racial commissaries like the one you just saw brianna goldrigger bloomberg is a tough sale. the democratic base is not clamoring for their own elderly billionaire candidate and that's true. here's the problem. on the other hand, wall street liberals and there are many of those are not happy about elizabeth warren either. that, when you take three steps back is the real story here. you are not watching a united confident political party. this is what it looks like when a party declares war on itself. the core problem is there is a massive gap between the components of the democratic coalition between nantucket and the bronx between unionized auto
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workers in ohio and nonbinary transactivists of san francisco. it turns out that the democratic coalition has essentially nothing in common. so for the first three years of the trump administration, that hasn't been a problem. everyone has been so focused on hating trump, orange man bad, but suddenly they have to pick a contender. their own nominee. and suddenly this is a real problem. some of us are enjoying it why the way. quintin james is a democrat and founder of the collective pact and he joins us tonight. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: tell me why at a moment i don't know there are still more than 10, i know there are more than 10 democrats, seasoned democrats running for the nomination, why michael bloomberg, this close to 80, and retired, would get in the race? why would we need michael bloomberg running? >> well, look, i think we don't need michael bloomberg. michael bloomberg thinks we do. i'm sure you have some polling
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saying he is going to be a candidate who can be formidable in the primary. but the reality is, i mean, is he a billionaire. i am guessing most billionaires around the world do what he want to do because we have a process where we allow folks to run for office who are are, you know, qualified. you know, he has decided to throw his hat in the race. now, i think he brings a lot of problems to his candidacy. the first being the tremendous stop and frisk policy that he had where over 500,000 people were stopped by new york city cops under his watch. most of them being young black and brown folks. so, i don't think he is going to be a moderate alternative to joe biden. >> tucker: i think what you are saying is that gun control efforts disproportionately punish black men? you may be right. i'm not mocking you. i think that's what you are arguing, right? >> no. but, look, michael bloomberg has done a great work on the environment. >> tucker: is he good now. >> no, i'm not saying he is
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good. he is doing some great work. and my opinion he should stick there.he put $100 million from house democrats flipped from red to blue. he has a great record. maybe he should invest his money there. >> tucker: yeah. people have been to new york city and are living under bill de blasio look back at bloomberg who made the trains run on time. he built this remarkable company, bloomberg. is he totally out of touch and dictatorial. is he a joke. if you listen carefully he doesn't have any idea what he is talking about. as a candidate, this is an absurd candidacy. why does he think that there is space for him? i will tell you exactly why. in fact, i will illustrate it on the screen. the frontrunner is elizabeth warren and it's become really obvious she can't get elected. this is tweet she sent out last night. this is she black transinsist women nonconforming and nonbinary people are the
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backbone of this democracy and i don't take this endorsement lightly. i'm committed to fighting --pla blah blah, this is the woman pander, totally inauthentic and weak, actually. that's why democrats -- >> if you look at the polls. >> are jumping in. >> the democratic party is trying to decide on their future. will it be one of a bernie sanders, elizabeth warren or one of a, you know, joe biden and moderate democrat with the policy prescriptions that they have put forth. i think that's a great question. voters are going to decide the future of that party. the challenge is. >> tucker: they always do. >> the challenge with bloomberg is he can single-handedly fund his campaign and outspend every candidate running. with the exception of tom steyer. that's the general election. he had super pac money behind him, too. >> tucker: money doesn't get you elected. america is not going to elect michael bloomberg. spend 20 minutes listening to michael bloomberg, he is a buffoon, actually.
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who is going to be the nominee? sincere yes to you because it's your party. who do you think is going to get it? >> i think one of the candidates who is polling right now in the 3, 4, 5% is going to have a surprising moment right now. i think there is an opportunity for a candidate like a cory booker to emerge, someone who is talking about kind of unification not being too moderate, not too liberal but trying to bring the country together. >> tucker: really standing up for private equity as he has done for years. you want someone to make the case for hedge funds, have you cory booker. you make a great point. quintin, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks so much, tucker. >> tucker: bloomberg is not the only one eyeing the white house. tom steyer is also in the race. you wouldn't know it. he is at under 1%. in other words his candidacy is just like bloomberg except it's dumber and even more embarrassing. steyer has spent years bank rolling candidates who support his personal agenda.
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now he says, brace yourself, tom steyer says he wants to get money out of politics. for real. >> the american people can fix anything. the problem is corporations and the people who run and own them have purchased our democracy. [laughter] >> tucker: excuse me, tom steyer is complaining that rich people are trying to buy our democracy. okay. and by the way, to make it even better. one of steyer's top aides was just caught trying to pay people to endorse tom steyer. fox news trace gallagher has that amazing story. hey, trace. >> hey, tucker. it's not illegal to pay people to endorse you as long as the payments are disclosed. but analysts stay wreaks of desperation, especially considering the associated press, which broke this story, could not find anyone who accepted the tom steyer deal. of course, it also reignites the criticism that tom steyer is
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trying to buy his way into the white house. apparently steyer's top advisor, former iowa house speaker pat murphy is the one who reached out various iowa lawmakers. and lawmakers reportedly were surprised that steyer would think that he could buy their support. pat murphy, who has since resigned from the campaign, says it was a, quote, miscommunication. tom steyer denies the offers were ever made, when is interesting because several iowa lawmakers have already admitted on the record they did, in fact, receive the propositions. tucker? >> tucker: it couldn't pay for an endorsement. he is very concerned about money and politics. very concerned. trace, great to see you tonight. thank you. well, kamala harris, she is the california senator we were all supposed to think was going to be the next president. absolutely, she is perfect. she doesn't have any children of her own. but she has got big plans for your children. harris has proposed a bill that weeks tend school hours, nationally, to 6:00 p. m.
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the idea is to aline the school day with the work day and that of course, would make it easier. this is the key, for parents to serve shareholders by staying late at the office. so while you're plugging numbers into excel spread sheets, in some solace glass office building in preparation for the quarterly report, the state will raise your children. big business loves that idea. why wouldn't they. kamala harris is happy to be their representative. but should you like that idea? rebecca friedrich spent 28 years teacher in california. author of the great book "standing up to goliath" she joins us tonight. thanks for joining us tonight. shouldn't we like this idea, keeping your kids at school until 6:00? >> absolutely not. as a 28-year career teacher and a mother, i would say run fast. run away from this. this is being pushed by the teacher's unions who, by the way, aren't really teachers and
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aren't really unions, they are radical socialists who are pushing an agenda into our schools off the backs of loving teachers. this is a frightening agenda. and it's dangerous for our kids and our country. >> tucker: unpack that a little bit. i'm absolutely willing to believe you and, again, i'm suspicious. this is being pushed by somebody who doesn't have children who has a long track record of acting on behalf of incredibly creepy multinational corporations. but tell us why we should be worried about it. >> well, we should look to the past. so, let's just take the free lunch program that we have in our schools. it started out being pushed by the unions and their friends for poor children. well, 28 years ago, i had two students in my class on free lunch. today almost every single child is on free breakfast and free lunch. so what the unions are trying to do. they are pushing something called community schools. and in these community schools, we're giving children free healthcare, we are giving them free food.
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free emotional support, and by the way free political indoctrination for their parents. and so, if these unions and their friends, their politicians, get their way, they would like our schools to be open 24/7. they want to replace the family and families raising their children with our own virtues, they want to replace that with the state. with union-controlled government-run schools. that's dangerous. that's communism when you think about it. >> tucker: i mean, wouldn't it just be easier to make it possible for families to raise kids on one income? so maybe parents could raise their own kids if they wanted? a lot of parents say they want that why wouldn't politicians work toward that? >> wouldn't that be beautiful? that's what is right for all little children. all the little kids i taught over the years, they wanted to be with their mommies so badly all day long. and that would be beautiful.
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but these politicians, you know, that just proves they are not looking out for the best interest of children or families or teachers like myself. they are looking out for themselves, for power. and they really want to undermine our republic. and they are doing that through our schools. starting as young as preschool. and pushing all the way up into the universities. we need to be very concerned about this and politicians like kamala harris who would push this sort of idea on to our families. >> so, helping families raise their own children doesn't make kamala harris more powerful, so thee is against it. thank you for summing that up. rebecca great to see you tonight. great to get your take on that after 28 years in the schools. there is a left wing takeover of public schools in this country. what you may not know it is probably happening in your kids' school. we will tell you precisely how. the results of an investigation into that. it's a new curriculum next.
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plus, california is, of course, falling apart. an update on how their plan to decriminalize crime is making the state even harder to live. in that investigation straight ahead. to live. in that investigation straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: if you don't have kids in school, you might imagine that the worse trends in american education are pretty much confined to the most liberal cities. you know, in seattle math is racist. in new york city gifted and talented programs are oppressive. in berkeley, god knows what they
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are doing. the left has abandoned education in favor of naked political propaganda. you know that. but it's comforting to think it's not happening near you or your children. unfortunately that's not true. it is happening. probably right down the street from where you are now. an investigation by this show found a radical new curriculum in schools across the country from arizona to iowa. the program is called deep equity. it's produced by a for profit education company called core wynn which is based in california. corwin describes deep equity as a teacher training program that is, quote, aimed at producing real school improvement for equity and social justice. so how does deep equity do that? well, mainly by attacking the students on the basis of their skin color. according to deep equity, america is based on a hierarchy of various oppressions. men oppress women, christianity oppresses islam, english oppresses spanish, white people oppress everyone.
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by the way, if you have a problem with this explanation, you are yourself entrenching oppression. you are part of the problem. according to corwin, differences in academic performance have nothing to do with culture or effort. they are purely the product of racism. in order to fight that racism, teachers are instructed on different types of, quote, white identity orientations. this is all pseudo science you may notice. many white people, teachers are told by deep equity are defined by their, quote, ignorance and supremacy. other whites, meanwhile, quote, question the systemic issues that have caused whites to be so much in a superior position. the curriculum offer what is it calls a, quote, white allies action agenda among the items on that list, quote: acknowledge the reality of white racial privilege. educate other white people, use your privilege to work for racial and social justice. feel sick yet? according to one teacher we spoke to who has used this
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curriculum, the deep equity curriculum forces teachers to become racial activists. not that you need to interview anyone to find that out. it's obvious. they are not teaching anything having to do with math or science or english or language. they are teaching racial activism, certain to confuse and wound and divide our kids of all colors. so where exactly is deep equity being taught? well, all over, it turns out. for example, virginia a place that voted for by donald trump by 25 points in 2016. deep equity now some part of that county's teacher training. most people aren't aware of it but it's there. deep equity used in west des moines, iowa. chandler, arizona. it may be coming to your school district assuming it's not already there. it will be forced on your kids and you will pay for it with your tax dollars. no one will ask you whether you like it or not and don't bother
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to complain. deep equity orders teachers and we are quoting now, to explicitly reject and resist any parents who disagree with it. got it? california has the highest taxes in the united states. but, not clear where the money is going. schools in the state of california are failing. the power is often out. parts of the state are on fire. there aren't shelters for the homeless and now there isn't space for felons in california state prison. that's one of the reasons the state law called prop 47 got passed. prop 47 legalizes all sorts of crime. including property damage, open air drug use, and theft. the idea was to reduce the prison population by ceasing to arrest criminals. that's the fastest way to do it. the consequences not surprisingly have devastated the state of california. christopher knows a lot about this. he is a research fellow for discovery institute and
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contributing journal. this idea that you would reduce prison overcrowding by ignoring certain types of crime. why should would he be concerned that the state has become more dangerous and unruly after passing a law like that. >> it's a trend that's been happening for the last decade. have you seen since 2010 explosion and low level property crimes in california's major cities. thefts are up 50% in san francisco. 61% in los angeles since 2010. and what you are seeing is actually two trends. first, an addiction crisis of methamphetamines and heroin that leads to property crime as addicts try to feed their addiction. and second, as you mentioned, they have essentially decriminalized all property crimes under $950. so you can go into a store, you can rip a flat screen tv off the shelf and can you make an exit knowing that the worse that's going to happen, if they catch you, if they arrest you, and if they prosecute you is a
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misdemeanor and you will be back on the street in 24 hours. >> tucker: so the idea behind this law, the ideology that spawned it is that the united states is so morally flawed that we can't really say these are crimes. who are we to say that shoplifting is wrong i mean, there are poor people out there. what's the effect of this law on poor people? it strikes me this doesn't help them very much. >> no, it doesn't. it really is part of this kind of perverse inversion of the moral order where they are saying that people who commit crimes are victims of oppression and they essentially deserve to be able to steal to secure their livelihood. as you say the real victims are honest, hard-working people that want to shop and buy goods for themselves and their families. and the cost is real. not only do you see an increase in public disorder, an increase in thefts and violence in many cases, but according to a major study in washington state, i think it would hold true also
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for california, this actually costs the average family $400 a year in a so-called shoplifting tax as retailers lose money from shoplifting they pass on the cost to hard-working honest every day consumers. >> tucker: yes. >> for the average family that's working hard to make ends meet that $400 is actually a meaningful impact on their lives. >> tucker: it really strikes me that is only something a deck can't ruling class could come up with. what does it say about the mindset of the people that came up with this that we can no longer say theft is wrong? >> yeah, i think that's exactly that what you will see is actually once you kind of break out of the aggregates and you go very specific neighborhood by neighborhood in a city like los angeles, a city like san francisco, what you see is that the thefts are often focused in the poorest and most disenfranchised parts of town whereas as our actual ruling elites live. the nicest communities, affluent communities that have private security there are very few thefts. in a sense, they are signaling
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their own moral superiority peer group and forcing onto the people they are supposed to be helping causes the most hardship for the working class families trying to get by in a already brutally unequal and very difficult environment in california for working families. >> tucker: so the policies they push make them feel virtuous and shaft everyone beneath them. couldn't you say this about our trade policy or immigration policy? can you think of a policy pushed by our ruling class in the last 30 years that that doesn't describe? >> yeah. and i think what you are see something that california is really becoming the some bowl of almost third world inequality. i grew up in california. i spent my first 25 years there. as i had a family and wanted to move up in the world, i realized that if you don't come to california as a member of this kind of ruling elite class, you are either going to be pushed down into the kind of poverty
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class or somehow have to climb your way up into that elite. the relate is that for middle class people, california dream is over. it's a state that's not functioning for the majority of people it has the highest taxes. it has 10% sales tax. 10% to 13% income tax. massively high property taxes. and it's good for the people at the top and unfortunately, they have hoodwinked the masses and really punishing the people at the bottom. >> tucker: very deep. christopher, thank you so much for that assessment. >> thank you. >> tucker: george soros is single-handedly remaking our legal system in many places by installing left wing radicals in d.a. offices. electing prosecutors. the epicenter of this effort is the city of philadelphia where soros backed da larry krasner is going soft on crime including murder. the mother of one of the murder victims is next and she has a message for him. stay tuned.
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stay tuned.
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>> tucker: major twist tonight involving leaked video of amy robach talking about the network she works for killing the jeffrey epstein story. now a tv producer who recently left abc news for cbs has been fired. huh. a short time ago she spoke with news anchor megyn kelly. fox news chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is helping to put the pieces of this fairly complicated but interesting story together tonight. trace? >> tucker, the former abc news producer accused of leaking the amy robach record something 25-year-old ashley bianca. when identified executives at new employer cbs had immediately fired her. during exclusive interview with our former colleague megyn kelly, bianco sells she is not the leaker. watch. >> it wasn't me. you know, i'm not the whistleblower.
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i'm sorry to abc, but the leaker is still inside. you know, it's not -- i never did any of that i may have accessed it, but i never, never leaked it. i never showed it to anyone. i didn't talk about the situation outside the company. >> bianco acknowledges as part of her job she recorded amy robach's rant about how executives buried her explosive report about child rapist jeffrey epstein. here's part of that. watch. >> she was in hiding 12 years. we convinced her to come out and talk to us. it was unbelievable what we had clinton. we had everything. i tried for three years to get it on to no avail and now it's all coming out. new revelations and i freaking had all of it. i am so pissed right now. >> actually bianco says she told her manager what robach said but that pretty much everyone in the office had already heard it. but bianco says she never heard of project veritas until they released that tape.
9:34 pm
and she never spoke with project veritas founder james o'keefe and o'keefe today confirmed it. in fact late today project veritas published a letter from the abc insider who leaked the tape. that person writes to abc news quoting here i like many are at a loss of words how this has been handled. instead of addressing this head on like the company has in the past it. has been spun into a mission of seek and destroy. innocent people that have absolutely nothing to do with this are being hunted down as if it were all a sport. and ashley bianco just wants her career back. look. >> how many days had you been at cbs? >> four days, you know. and i begged, i pleaded. i didn't know what i had done wrong. and i just, you know, i wasn't even give the professional courtesy to defend myself, you know. i didn't know what i had been accused of. it was humiliating. it was devastating. >> we reached out to both abc
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news and cbs news for comment, so far no response. tucker? >> remarkable story. trace gallagher thanks so much for that. full interview with that young producer is posted on our facebook page. interesting. well, philadelphia soros backed district attorney larry krasner is transforming that city by going tough on crime krasner. consider the case of sean, he was stabbed to death in public in 2018. no question about who did it. the guy who did it admitted doing it. charged that man with first degree murder. downgraded the charges to third degree murder. days before trial he downgrade charles once more to manslaughter and that blew up the case completely. the killer, again, the acknowledged killer was acquitted last month. and that, of course, was clearly krasner's plan.
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victim's mother says he did that he is responsible and should be punished. we spoke to her recently about this. here's the conversation. first, i am -- i couldn't be sorrier about what happened to your son. explain why you hold larry krasner guilty why you think that he is the reason that the killer walked free? >> yeah, thank you, tucker. i clearly think that he is the reason that the killer walked free. as i stated on the last day of the trial, i said to the judge that that i wanted larry arrested for obstruction of justice. i will not rest until i see him in handcuffs. i believe potentially criminal activity has occurred here on behalf of the district attorney. he has suppressed evidence in an effort to continue to reduce charges. so, there is many, many
9:37 pm
instances. we don't have time here to go through all of that. but many instances that i can provide you where he has suppressed evidence, facebook posts, videos that were created by michael white, the killer, the defendant here and they were prekilling sean, going to his premeditation that he was going to kill someone. he certainly didn't know sean. sean happened to be the unlikely recipient of that stabbing in the back. also, videos that he made after he killed him talking about blood in the street and rapping about it. those were never admitted into evidence. it's disgusting. >> tucker: the position of the city. played out in public. essentially was the killer claimed that your son made a racial comment to him, no one
9:38 pm
heard this seemed clearly that he made it up. on the basis of that krasner's position appeared to be well, he deserved to be killed for that. >> isn't that interesting. no one corroborated. not one eyewitness it's written how square on a thursday evening in the summer there is joy. people are outside. the restaurants are open for business these people are no dog in the fight no. not one person heard this racial slur except for michael. so interesting. >> tucker: he in effect bragged about murdering your son after the kill? >> yes. >> and why was that never admitted? why wouldn't jurors be able to see that that seems significant to put it mildly. >> tucker, that is a question that i would like to get the answer to mr. krasner, i'm not the only mother, so this is not -- i am
9:39 pm
not unique, unfortunately i am not unique. i am not going to be able to bring my son back but i will be darn if i'm going to stand by and allow this to continue. i literally as i'm walking into your studio got a call from a mother her son was killed, third degree murder, they dropped it today to aggravated assault. >> and he was murdered. >> he is dead, yes. 30-year-old young man another one dead. i can line up for you hundreds of mothers in this city that are in the same position that i am. in continuation of the reduction of charges for violent criminals. we are not talking about theft. we're not talking about misdemeanors. we are talking about taking someone's life mr. krasner has continually suppressed the evidence in order to reduce the charges. this was a murder one charge as you said at the start. the assistant district attorney
9:40 pm
lou, the original prosecutor, he believed this was a murder one charge because there was pre-med occasion as michael had put out on his facebook post. he said he was going to cut someone. he said i'm going to cut someone. >> tucker: larry krasner is one of many prosecutors taking the side of criminals in effect installed by george soros who shows up in this country with a lot of money and decides to transform our country. if you had a message for george soros. if he were sitting here and you could say something to him, what would it be? >> you know, it's interesting because i sent him a note and i haven't heard from him yet. what i said to him was you are on a mission for justice reform and reducing mass incarceration. i don't think this was your intention to allow killers to walk the street. can you give me 10 minutes of your time to have a discussion
9:41 pm
about how just reform should not include violent criminals and allowing killers to walk the street? there is difference. he has a rogue da here. and i unfortunately appears to be contagious in our country this rogue da that they have gone on a power trip to take this into craziness. i mean it will be anarchy at some point where do we go from here? it's literally frightening. >> tucker: it's taken the life of your son already. and i hope that you will come back and give us an update on and this i hope you get justice. thanks so much for joining us. >> i will. thank you. >> tucker: good. thank you. we are going to keep on that story. meanwhile it's time to test your news knowledge. can you outsmart the expert here at the fox news channel. that tonight would include bret baier and his former college roommate. whoa. it's friday. means it's time for dan bongino's news explosion
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straight ahead. lots of reasons to stay tuned. ♪
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>> tucker: time now for final exam where the hardened officials here at fox news compete to win fabulous prizes from the store. tonight not just a matchup but reunion of sorts between two of our friends who once lived together. former roommates fox news anchor and "special report" host bret baier and the long time guest on david who lived together in '90 here in washington. >> bret: for a semester american university.
9:47 pm
>> that's right. >> bret: hard to believe. >> they know each other's secrets. >> tucker: grand prizes a johnny o golf polo which i think both of you would look great in. ready? >> bret: ready. >> tucker: don't be nervous. >> new town. take it easy on me. >> tucker: david vs. goliath. talking this down. very smart. wait until i finish asking before you answer. multiple choice. acknowledge by saying your name go ahead. every correct answer worth one point. get it wrong subtract a point. best of five wins. understood? >> tucker: ready? new super yacht for sale spaceship on water so expensive that they don't even tell us what it costs. four decks a bar, sun lounge, observation lounge, private five bedrooms and a garage. designed by car company which one? ferrera, volvo, porsche? bret baier? bret ferrari.
9:48 pm
>> super wrong. >> tucker: i would have guessed ferrari, too. only available on application. >> bret: i knew i should have watched stuart. >> tucker: look at that thing. studying at american university. he winged it. >> bret: one out of three. >> tucker: by the way, i didn't have the card so i didn't know the answer to that and i would have guessed ferrari as well. [buzzer] >> tucker: another multiple choice dog that helped capture al-baghdadi leader of isis. dog has newly declassified his name what is it a gizmo, b, slater, c, conan? david tafuri? >> conan.
9:49 pm
>> is that right? actually i'm happy about this conan the dog got more publicity than me. and i'm very happy about that. conan is incredible. conan is coming to the white house in a few weeks. >> bret: also goes by good dog. >> tucker: yes he does and standing on the lawn of that white house tonight reporting live. just kidding. question three, another multiple choice photo going viral unusual animal writing the bart train bay area rapid transit train. a a mini horse? b, a baby llama, or, c, a potbellied pig? david? >> a mini horse. >> tucker: you said you have been preparing for this show by watching "fox & friends." is it true a mini horse? >> and a mini horse is spotted on a commuter train was allowed
9:50 pm
to board. >> bret: you gave him tips. >> a lot of fans on social media. >> tucker: speaks well that you don't know. question four this is not a multiple choice. have you got to think of it. >> bret: okay. >> tucker: makers of 4 loko coming out with hard seltzer. critics say it may be too strong for some consumers. what in percentage terms is its alcohol by volume? >> bret: this is not a multiple choice question? >> tucker: obviously neither one of you is an alcoholic so i will make up my own is it a 9%. b, 12%. c, 15% alcohol? bret baier? >> bret: 12%. >> tucker: 12% alcohol.
9:51 pm
is bret right? >> for loko hard seltzer officially goes on sale today and it's first offering is a staggering 12% alcohol. the flavor is called black cherry. and if you drink a whole 12 black eye from a hooker named cherry. >> tucker: 2-0. final question is worth two points. who knows what could happen. here it is. at breeder's cup over the weekend, a horse with a trump themed name came in first place and won a million-dollar prize. what was the -- this is multiple choice. what was the horse's name, the winning horse? was it a, swamp drainer? b, fake news? or c, covfefe. >> bret: got to go. fake news. >> tucker: face news. was it fake news?
9:52 pm
>> thoroughbred named covfefe. [laughter] >> all right. >> wins the breeder's cup in southern california. >> hilarious. minus 2. >> what do you get minus. >> bret: actually have to give a prize. have to take roommate out to dinner somewhere like the palm. the winner gets a golf shirt. wear it with prid pride:congratulations. get that tucker carlson. com. >> bret: nicely done. >> tucker: gentlemen, thank you both very much. >> bret: thank you, sir. >> tucker: keep following news right here on the fox news channel. so you can compete with the experts each week on final exam. we'll be right back. exam. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: sometimes the news trickles forth gently like a mountain brook. sometimes the news explodes. this is one of those times. it's friday, time for a dan bongino news explosion our favorite new york city cop and author of the book exonerated is here with his picks for the top week's stories. dan bongino. >> i got three ringers for you this week. let's get right to it. number three. nanny bloomberg otherwise known as michael bloomberg former mayor of new york. mtucker he is putting his war on the big gulp and firearms in your house aside for a moment to jump into the presidential race apparently and he is starting in of all states alabama. where i'm sure his big gulp
9:58 pm
war and firearm will go over very well. i assure you they like big gulps they love liberty and they like their firearms. good luck mikey b. starting alabama. great tactical decision you made there captain big gulp warrior. really nice work. >> tucker: only in the new york city finance committee that michael bloomberg is considered impressive. [laughter] >> as they say in that movie about the con artist guy i strongly concur, doctor. you areehe absolutely right: story number 2 the impeachment fiasco. this thing continues. gosh, can anybody tell the truth in this thing, tucker? i watched your breaking news story the other night. we had the former ambassador to ukraine maria yovanovich, listen i don't know ms. yovanovich, i am sure she is wonderful person bottom line when you raise your right hand and say something under oath i didn't really respond to that email from the democrat and someone said later you kind of did respond to the democrat on the email, yeah, weird, right weird a little bit.
9:59 pm
>> tucker: maybe doj will try to put her in prison for the rest of heir life like they are doing to roger stone right now do you think that will happen? >> that's a joke obviously. three most humerus story of the week. she is a democrat obviously. she is a protected class. let's forget that completely. no shot. story number 1, the best one. donald trump jr. walks into the lion's den and this alhappens. >> lowering the discourse to his level which is horrible for this country.hi >> we have all done things that we regret. if we are talking about bringing discourse down, i didn't, have you worn black face. >> i did not wear black face. >> she was not in black face. >> thank you. >> okay. there is -- tucker, there is actual photo evidence where joy behar described herself as a beautiful african woman.
10:00 pm
listen, you like your cancel culture liberals, you chew on it for a little while. how do you like the new rules, folks. wonderful, aren't they? >> tucker: unbelievable. self-discrediting. luckily. dan bongino, have the best weekend. >> thank you, buddy. take care. >> tucker: to you all out there see you monday at 8:00 p.m. have the best time.dydy >> hi, everybody, welcome to this hannity special trump vs. the left i'm tammy bruce in tonight forci sean. this is now a fox news alert breaking just moments ago. republican lawmakers havee formally requested that house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff testify in a closed door setting about his and his staff's contact with the so-called whistleblower.r. we will have more on that inav just a minute. but, first, as the democrats' impeachment mania continues today, president trump responded to the ongoing insanity.nt asserting that it is, in fact, making him stronger. let's take a look. >> what they are


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