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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 9, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ ♪ never going outta style. ed: never going outta style. pete: always thought you had great taste. jedediah: we got like double trouble right here. ed: i woke this up morning i got a red, white and blue ty in the closet. cape on it's covered up. he walks in for makeup and i did a double-check. ed: take off the cape i wore
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the same tie. who wore it better? jedediah: have you got to see who wore it better. we are going to need your votes to figure out. look at pete making his debonair face. pete: trying to game judges. jedediah: now he is doing it. good competition. i still don't believe that you guys didn't plan. this. pete: no collusion. ed: why are you here? we were not expecting you to be here. jedediah: i missed you so much. going stir crazy all week. i cleaned out every closet in the apartment. i have four days until due date. you guys have both been in the delivery room, if anything happens we will be fine. ed: never done it on tv. jedediah: i feel good. i miss the fans. i will miss this show so much when i'm out. i want to get every last minute i can in with you guys. ed: we are glad you are here. 2020 shakeup with michael
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bloomberg. i'm not sure joe biden is glad he is here. joe biden saying i'm still far ahead. i don't care if mike bloomberg gets. in he is a good guy. the president of the united states has a new nickname for him. pete: little michael. ed: deadline coming up. pete: super tuesday comes in february. the new news you may not have heard so far the strategy of the bloomberg camp, should he get in, is to skip iowa and new hampshire, which i mean ed is a long time observer of the primary process. he covered the candidates. ed: a lot of people have tried it. pete: how many people have made that lope. ed: many people who didn't think they were going to win the early states. i don't need that i'm going to win in south carolina. you lose those first two, you don't even compete. you have no momentum. it's really hard to get it going in south carolina or some of the super tuesday, late february, early march or california is there now. bottom line is the democratic party chair in new hampshire this morning has already put out a blistering statement saying
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he is knot happy that michael bloomberg is going to skip the first in the nation primary. jedediah: what role is he going to play in this? he is a billionaire. he have to go against elizabeth warren and the likes of bernie sanders who have been vilifying billionaires for a long time. pete: is he a capitalist. jedediah: more centrist than they are. is there room for a centrist in these states. i look at him and say he hates the plastic straw. he is anti-second amendment. he wants to vilify, i know, all of these industries and he doesn't seem to be the type of person that's really in to personal responsibility and personal choice. is he a big government guy to me. compared to elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, not so much. the question is will there be a role for him on that stage that is not being filled by anybody right now. ed: all the excitement has been on the left. socialist policies. even bill maher is even weighing in as a democrat he
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don't think bloomberg will excite the bridge. >> roads aren't getting built. roads aren't getting fixed. infrastructure isn't getting done because everybody so busy hating each other. >> correct. and you think michael bloomberg is the answer? >> michael bloomberg is the only personal running who has over a decade of executive experience running the largest city in the united states. >> who cares? i don't see a big city jew exciting the vote in alabama or a lot of the country. the election is going to be excited in six states, and they are not named new york. new york is in the bag. california is in the bag. we are talking about wisconsin, pennsylvania, arizona, michigan, florida. pete: speaking a lot of truth there. as a conservative i would like to defer my time to a much smarter person victor davis hanson talked about bloomberg's liabilities, listen. >> he's not the type of moderate that they need. biden supposedly is good old joel from scranton and
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appeals to the white working class. when you look at the issues that bloomberg has advocated, restrictions on the second amendment. nappy state obtrusiveness and everything from plastic straws to super sized drinks. climate change, open borders, sort of traditional engagement with china. that's not the issues that one, donald trumthatwon donald g states. is he not a charismatic dynamic person appeal to the working class episcopal, michigan, ohio, et cetera. pete: the president said it yesterday he doesn't have the magic. where is the mojo that bloomberg would bring to the race? who is he? does he take from biden? a centrist? ed: he has been a republican, independent and dependent. pete: it's a vanity project. jedediah: when judge judy says executive experience that should be something people value. when bill maher says who cares that rubs me the wrong way.
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you should be looking for, i always said, when you look at republicans, governors people who have run something, they should have some credibility there with that the other thing i will quickly say, north carolina, pennsylvania, wisconsin, these are states where a centrist could make some headway. those are state where people are going to be looking at the likes of warren. pete: maybe. not primary voters. jedediah: yeah, yeah. that's true, too. ed: big picture is he getting in, bloomberg, doesn't think biden can get the nomination now. maybe elizabeth warren can get it and capital its like bloomberg as you said have been freakin freaking to put ths mildly that warren with all of the surcharges and new taxes medicare for all plan cost $52 trillion how are you going to pay for that green new deal and all of the rest that's why warren wants to gewarbloomberg wants t. in warren says she wants to
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stop the deportation of illegal immigrants. watch. >> i am open to suspending deportations, particularly as a way to push congress for comprehensive immigration reform. with ice focusing on people who do not pose a threat that when ice comes in to our communities, takes our neighbors, our friends, our family members that they do not make this country safer. pete: i'm sorry, i fell asleep during that. [laughter] pete: that answer was in response to a question from someone who said my husband was here illegally, was caught with drugs, was arrested, and then ice, on a detainer deported him. maybe your husband shouldn't
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have been here illegally slinging drugs or having drugs, that's important. it's also in response to bernie released a plan the day before calls for breaking up ice an and suspending deportation. jedediah: also a response to what ice does. trying to manipulate the entire country into thinking ice is this terrible figure and storms down people's doors and goes in and takes innocent people out of their homes and, oh, you know, their ill intentioned and plays into what the left has been saying for a long time. i don't think this is going to resonate with a lot of people now who now have their eyes wide open and concerned about things they are seeing about what's happening when people come across the border about somple the crime that's been infiltrating. about the fact that many people's family members, for a very long time, followed a process and came here illegallherelegally and did thie right way. president trump had follow-through on his campaign presiden promise i dont
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know how well this will bode for her. ed: trying to get more support from african-american voters. he has been pointing out extremely low unemployment by african-americans. baled on the new democratic policies being thrown out there like the one from elizabeth warren, he believes the democratic politicians care more about illegal immigrants than black voters. watch. >> the betrayal of the black community is unbelievable what's happened. it's unbelievable. you have the worst schools of anybody in the country by far. it's not even close. democrats care more about illegal aliens than african-american citizens. or our military our citizens all over the place. ladies and gentlemen of the african-american community, i just want to tell you very, very strongly the best is yet to come. pete: that's a great line of argument. because the democrats have walked right into it. he has had success because of the policies he has
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pursued. there is still plenty of critiques to make about the inner cities that have been kr08d by democrats for decades. he can talk about that state by state and black voters can look around as you pointed out often, jed, my life has improved. i have a better job. my family is succeeding now fix my schools and all the things that the democrats haven't done forever. jedediah: point to the african-american unemployment rate that has improved under him. he still does have a problem with the polling african-americans. venturing into outreach, trying to get into the community and talk about that issue. listen, i think what i have said for a very long time is where i stand is that people really feel these things in their pocketbooks. they feel it in their everyday lice. that is going to b -- lives. do i want the state ha has gotten better to continue or do i want fund mental change that will take it in the complete opposite direction. pete: powerful new voices in the black community. candace owens, kanye west saying think more freely for yourself. look at al temperaturives. that bodes well for him.
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jedediah: mother and four children laid to rest. traveling with family when they came under fire. in all nine family members were killed. mexican authorities believe they were caught in a shootout between rival cartels. some family men's believe they wer -- membersbelieve they. hundreds attended funeral services for the family. a form of vitamin e as a culprit behind the majority of vaping related illnesses. over 2,000 people gotten sick and 39 people have died from vaping related illnesses in the u.s. while most of the cases tested positive for thc or nicotine, the only substance to be discovered in every sample was vitamin e. wow. wheel of fortune host pat sajak is recovering after emergency surgery for a blocked intestine. get well host expected to two weeks of work.
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co-host vanna white will take over in the interim. because the show is currently hosting a disney week mickey mouse and friends will step in to handle her normal duties. a huge college football game. the president and first lady melania attending the highly anticipated alabama and lsu game. student government is warning government if they are disruptive they will lose their seats for the rest of the season. todd piro is already there. we will check in with him coming up next hour. pete: todd piro football fan said can i go down there and report on that and we sent him there. ed: we will check in on that. supposed to be a big, big game. the president will be there. we will be talking about it tomorrow as well. republicans turning the tables on democrats and their impeachment inquiry demanding that, yes, congressman adam schiff testify behind closed doors. so will he? former u.s. attorney andy mccarthy joining us on that next. pete: not so happy cows?
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ed: adam schiff waking up to a surprise devin nunes demanding that the house intel chair testify behind closed doors, quote: by now the american people know your desire to see the duly elected president removed from office outweighs your sense of responsibility, nunes writes, to running a functioning intelligence oversight committee. so, does the republican ranking member make a valid point? here to discuss fox news contributor, former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york and author of the book "ball of collusion" andy mccarthy. good morning, andy. >> good morning, ed.
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ed: what do you think about this letter in the context is there was a dead lion set by chairman schiff of this morning for devin nunes to put forth what witnesses he wants. we should point out hunter biden is someone else that the republicans want to talk to. what do you think about, first, adam schiff being dragged behind closed doors like he has been doing to everybody else? >> well, you know, he is not -- that's not going it happen. it can only happen under the rules if he allows it to happen. but, i think, actually, it's a very clever ploy by the republican leadership. look, this thing that's happening starting wednesday is an impeachment show. it's not really a trial. nothing is actually going to happen. it's already sort of cooked in the books that they are going to pass a report onto the judiciary committee recommending articles of impeachment. we know that's going to happen. so, you want to go into a hearing with a plan. and i think it's a very good plan for them to have to make schiff the focus of the republican pitch on the
3:18 am
hearings. ed: explain that his staff had talked to the whistleblower when schiff had publicly suggested he didn't know anything about this. >> not only that ed, they have -- by the way they have made these rules, they have schiff, who has a three-year record of trying to oust this president on whatever reason, no matter how frivolous, even if they had to make it up like they did with the steele dossier. so, under the rules, they have made him the focal point of this hearing, because he is going to preside over it. and he gets to decide what witnesses get to be called. so, if i'm the republicans, i make a very public attack on schiff throughout the hearing to demonstrate the basic politicized nature and unfairness of this. i might even ask the witnesses, like whichever ones they can get up there, to read parts of that cockamamie character that carict godfather part 4 that schiff did first hearing. i might ask them all to read
3:19 am
parts of that and say, did you hear anything like that on the call? just, hammer at it and focus that this has never been fair from the beginning. ed: make schiff the focus. here's the second point that we can close on. what about what i mentioned at the top hunter biden and the fact that republicans want him to be a witness. to your other point, adam schiff is likely to block someone like hunter biden from coming in. isn't it a fair question to get hunter biden under oath and say was there corruption in ukraine, which president trump says he was trying to root out? >> yes. the point here, ed, again, is they don't have the ability under the rules to makeshift allow them to call these witnesses. but you want to make schiff say no. because that shows the basic unfair nature of this. the democrats are getting their side of the story. in the republicans have a relevant story to tell. and they are not being allowed to do it. ed: all right, andy mccarthy with a lot of interesting points early this morning, including the idea that wednesday will be
3:20 am
an impeachment show. we shall see. andy mccarthy. thank you. all right. we telling you about new york city mayor bill de blasio's plan to give accused criminals movie passes basketball tickets to show up to court just to get them in court. turns out the free handouts go a lot further than that the list, you have will not believe, is next. ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. geico would like to take a moment to say thank you to our military service members at home and abroad for all their hard work and sacrifice. we all sleep easier knowing you're out there keeping us safe. and on a personal note... sfx: jet engines ... i just needed to get that off my chest. thank you. geico: proudly supporting the military for over 75 years.
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hey. ♪hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi
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and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today. jedediah: some quick 2020 headlines, tom steyer embroiled in a second staffer controversy just this week. his iowa political director steps down among
3:24 am
accusationizations of offering local officials bribes to endorse steyer. comes days after aide resigned after admitting to stealing data from kamala harris. senator bernie sanders more than 2400 people attending his first rally there with alexandria ocasio-cortez. his campaign calling it the largest iowa crowd of the 2020 election cycle. the two will campaign in iowa again today. over to you, pete. pete: thank you, jed. not half of the crowd the president would have but i digress. detective dies after being taken off life support. jorge del rio was shot in the face twice trying to serve a warrant. detective del rio is the 35th officer killed in the line of duty this year. what is the change in our culture to stop the violence against law enforcement in america. nypd sergeant and founder of the new york city chapter of blue lives matter joseph. thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me.
3:25 am
pete: serving a warrant to a home in ohio shot twice. why is this happening the way it is? >> we see it nationwide where our politicians constantly go in front of a podium, saying things that misinform the public and they go out there and think it's okay. we have the nation going nationwide in new york city where people will be locked up and thrown back on the streets. individuals know they can pretty much push the envelope and get away with it. this is an individual with indifference to human life that just willingly and intentionally killed an officer. you will agree, other than the military, i don't think there is any other job but police you leave your house every morning and might not come home at the end of the day and kissing your family goodbye. that's a reality we all have to live with in the state. pete: reality every single call searching a warrant happens every single day in departments across america. execute. they did all they could but nothing could be done. >> they started shooting out the window and officers are pinned down behind vehicles. people aren't afraid to carry firearms nowadays. if we allowed police
3:26 am
officers nationwide to do their jobs, put fear in people this they do get stopped they will be locked up less people will carry illegal firearms. pete: in new york city, there is a new policy, the city is implementing to try to get -- we are giving away ticket to met games to criminals. explain this. >> i don't know about you most families and i was thought if you did something wrong, father deal with the cons sentences. come home. whether the cops stop you stay there for a while. now they are telling people you just robbed an individual, created a burglary, come to court and we are going to give you tickets and incentives to come back. that's not the right thing to do. pete: these are incentives to do what you are otherwise supposed to do. >> yes. so, instead of jumping out and evading going to court and being stopped again and getting a warrant, they want to give you something, which i think is costing somewhere in the ball park of
3:27 am
$12 million in taxpayer money. i don't know who in their right mind would approve that on a city council when you could be giving raises to city workers all over this great city. we shouldn't have to do it. there is no accountability. i said that before. if you do something wrong let go. we need to set an example. they do it with police officers all the time. you make a mistake they want to hang you that should happen with people in the public who create the crimes. do you something wrong, you will get in trouble and put in jail. pete: there will be consequences. thank you for your clarity this morning. >> thank you so much. still ahead on this saturday morning, emily compagno, morning, emily compagno, rachel lawrence jones allcu here. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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pete: hollywood has their awards shows, big trophies given to actors who play heroes on tv. tonight we honor the real heroes. >> what i have have done is just accept whatever situation i have and just move forward with what i can affect and that is what i'm going to do now and what i'm going to do next. >> it is my honor, along with rick, to present the award for most patriotic sportsman. >> what is it that made you feel so adamant about taking that stance? >> respecting our flag and anthem should be a basic concept of every american. [cheers and applause] >> like all of you, president trump and i know well, freedom isn't free. that america is the land of the free only because it is the home of the brave. >> when you reach out to
3:32 am
help someone, you are actually the one being helped. >> from the fox nation patriot awards to you and folds of honor. based on the proceeds from this evening. ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ ed: there is only one person missing jed because she couldn't travel. jedediah: i was sad. you guys looked like you had a great time. fold ever honor amazing charity. fox nation is doing amazing. pete and i always joke around. he did incredible job of pulling all of this together. this was a show we were doing on the fly. and pulling all these patriots together. the man that i was with rick barry the nba hall of famer you saw. we gave that award to a hoke coach in connecticut went viral said if you are not
3:33 am
going to stand for that flag don't even bleeping come out of the locker room. the crowd loved it. it was a wonderful night. jedediah: jed can i say i loved your intro contrast of award show so he between people though protect us every day and hollywood. phenomenal. pete: people are sick of it and rating going down. energy in that room not an empty seat in the house. just sort of waiting for an evening like this to say we are going to honor the real deal. and we did. and there was not a dry eye in the house that couldn't point to that night. ed: there are a lot of patriots. one of them is sean van ater, he came out with his wife, hills bury county fire rescue. you see him there with me. he is a firefighter, first responder, doing heroic work like so many men and women across the country. i want to highlight him because he drove with his wife. i met him at the tunnel to towers race a couple years ago. on 9/11, he came here to the
3:34 am
pile at the world trade center and tried to find his friend. couldn't find -- never found his friend. so many perished. he had one of two pieces of rubble from the pile at ground zero. and he drove all the way there he said that he loves fox so much. he wanted me to have. this and i can tell you mr. van atta, we salute you and i will cherish this forever because it's such a reminder that we can never forget 9/11. pete: very emblematic of that night. if you haven't seep it, you can still go to fox nation. worth your time to hear these stories. download fox nation until tuesday, veterans day, $5 goes to folds of honor charity that benefited that evening as well. check it out. that's the point of fox nation. if you missed it, you can watch it again. actually air on the channel, too. ed: thanksgiving week doing a prime time special. putting it together. patriot awards. phenomenal. honoring a lot of patriots and you will be there. jedediah: i get to go. it looks phenomenal.
3:35 am
looks like a beautiful event. talking about the energy in the room. even not being there. you can feel the emotion and power of that room. ed: we have a lot of other headlines this morning. key testimony in the case of a missing colorado mom. search dog handler says his blood hound detected signs of a decomposing body on property owned by patrick bare was fiance. burned the body with the help of a mistress who told the police about the property. friend also told that frazee talked about killing bare was in the past. repeat nothing body no, crime. babaras has been missing for almost a year. embattled superintendent. former chief charlie beck taking over on interim basis. he replaces eddie johnson who retired after 30 years on the force. johnson under investigation for falling asleep in his car at a red light. you got the jussie smollett case. all kinds of problems. made all kinds of headlines last month for boycotting
3:36 am
president trump's speech to the international association of chiefs of police, which was right there in his home of chicago. meanwhile ice cream maker ben and jerry's facing big lawsuit over happy cow marketing platform. environmental advocate accuses them of false advertising in claiming their products come from happy cows. the suit claims many of ben and jerry's farms are factory style and only some are part of the company's caring dairy program. all of that stuff backfired on them. interesting. this cheer dad has the spirit. watch this. this is amazing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ed: even the leg kick the virginia dad mimicking his daughter's every move on the football field. she taught him the routine so he can perform in the bleachers. here's the best part. he is an active duty captain
3:37 am
in the u.s. air force, both dad and daughter joining us live in the 8:00 eastern hour ahead of veterans day. pete: do we have a wide shot so he can perform it with her. ed: we will make him stand up. normally you do a live shot in the air. make him get up. jedediah: i cheer leaded in the sixth grade he has better moves than i have. rick rick could you do that at this age,. pete: he did. rick: without hurting something? pete: probably not. rick: really cold out there. hard freeze going on this morning across the great lakes and across the northeast. growing season is over. that will be the case across parts of the south. cold air with us the next five to six days impulses as fronts move on through. the first front that brought this first batch of cold air bringing rain across florida right now. good showers going on this morning. cold air, because it's in place moving across parts of the great lakes and lake-effect snow. we will continue to see that see these little bands that get going up water town and
3:38 am
puzzle area. this is the really cold air. watch what happens over the next few days. little impulses of it coming down. retreats and comes back down again with that cold air that's going to settle in, there will be storms that move through. because of that we will be looking at some snow, maybe even down across places like tennessee and kentucky by the time we are done. sunday, tomorrow, 21 degrees for a high in fargo. monday, we are cold down across amarillo 34. by tuesday the cold settles in. only a high of 45 in atlanta. by wednesday, we are talking about a high right here in new york of 33. so the cold air is here. it feels like winter, guys. hate it. it's here. pete: that purple graphic was really scary. rick: it was. jedediah: not bad. pete: president trump touting his success with the black community ahead of 2020. >> i look at the bleak dismal record of the democrat party and ask the
3:39 am
african-american community what the hell do you have to lose? i made you a solemn pledge i would be your greatest champion. jedediah: trump 2020 senior advisor katrina pierson says the president is a champion for minorities and she is going to explain that coming up next. most? orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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we're oscar mayer deli fresh your very first sandwich,m... your mammoth masterpiece. and...whatever this was. because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh. until march of next year. two companies now waiting until the troubled aircraft are recertified by the faa of the boeing's popular jet has been grounded for nearly 8 months after it was involved in two fatal overseas crashes. and a gender reveal in the sky goes horribly wrong when a plane crashes after dropping 350 gallons of pink water. it was a girl. the plane flying over texas was forced to slow down too much, causing it to stall
3:43 am
and slam to the ground. the two people on board were not seriously hurt. thankfully. seems a bit much. jedediah: thanks, pete. president trump wants a new campaign outreach focusing on black voters arguing black voters don't deserve their allegiance. >> when i ran for office three years ago. i looked at the bleak dismal record of the democrat party and asked the african-american community what the hell do you have to lose. i made you a solid pledge whether you voted for me or not, i would be your greatest champion. and you did. you came out. we did very well. we will do a lot better this time because now you know that we do it. now it's not just talk. jedediah: joining us now to discuss is top 2020 advisor katrina pearson. welcome to the show as always. >> good morning. thank you for having me. jedediah: of course. talk about this coalition what the goals are and how it plans to meet them. >> you know, i think this was probably the most
3:44 am
anticipated coalition of all of our coalitions that we have launched. six so far. the goal of this coalition is to do exactly what president trump did in 2016. he is going to make his case to the american voters. black voices coalition will go indirectly into the community, even the black press, to talk about the president's accomplishments because to his point, he doesn't have to give political talk anymore because he has a viable results to push forward whether it be the unemployment rate, whether it be the investment, and that's the key here jedediah. the investment that this president has put directly into the community. the mainstream press won't discuss we will go into those communities and talk about the scholarships for the historically black colleges. talk about investment and minority owned business. talk about this president's investment in the community. jedediah: you mentioned his accomplishments and unemployment rate. black unemployment rate in january of 2017 was 7.7%. now it is 5.4%.
3:45 am
so those numbers have improved under president trump's leadership. do you think that that will move the needle? republicans in general, not just president trump have had issued with the black vote. not just an issue to him. will this make an impact? >> >> well, it's going to take more than just that outreach is just a word to the trump campaign. because we know for 30 years the g.o.p. has fallen very short of going out there to the public and making the case. and the reason why the black voters out there have been voting democrat for so long really isn' isn't because of brainwashing because they have never seen a republican come to their town. the trump campaign has changed that. in 2016 we went to a black church in detroit. we went to those areas. tried to have a rally in chicago. we have to show up and make our case and now that the president has actionable results to deliver to this community, we're going to do the exact same thing. the party is absolutely on board with this.
3:46 am
we are going to go out there and bring black voters back into the republican fold which was its original home. jedediah: can you talk what outreach looks like. okay, so you will go into a couple of communities. how does that really impact what's going on? what do you actually do when you go -- say you choose a community, did you go in and talk about your honor accomplishments. what actually happens on the ground there in terms of outreach. >> that's a great question. what we have been able to do at the trump campaign is build the black voices coalition which right now consist of about 35 advisory board members that will deploy all over this country. it's not just going to be going out there and having raw raw campaign events. we will be going into the communities, having round tables, having discussions, deploy our surrogates across the board in local press, newspapers, and national press. and really finding out who wants us there. what we have learned in watching previous coalitions is once we are out there and people can see the engagement and the activity, they reach out to us. they welcome us into the
3:47 am
community. same thing is invited with black voices. we have been invited they will go to round tables and answer the questions of the people and promote facts about president trump's policies. jedediah: i want to thank you for being here. i'm glad the outreach is taking it seriously. we will see if it moves the needle. thanks for being here. >> we are here and here to say. thanks for having me. very jed hackers using lasers to take control of your alexa and siri. criminals using it to open garage doors and unlock cars. kurt the cyberguy is here to tell us thousand prevent it. he is coming up next. you won't want to miss it. ♪ ♪ our members shop a little differently.
3:48 am
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3:51 am
ed: something you want to pay attention to. did you know that signer cyber criminals can speak through your smart speakers to turn on your lights mess with your thermostat. this is creepy. jedediah: researchers found lasers can be used to access smart devices like am zone echo or google home from outside your home or office. pete: how can you protect your device so it doesn't happen to you? joining us now is kurt the cyberguy. kurt knutsson. laser beams sound foe face at this indicated but you are saying it is something that can happen to anybody. >> it is dangerous and this is disturbing. first, jedediah aren't you three days away. jedediah: four, actually. >> you look gorgeous. i'm very excited for you. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this. crazy. a visiting engineer from tokyo, the university of michigan says look what i can do. they started fooling around
3:52 am
with a laser and they realized from 164 feet away outside of your house, someone could be beam a laser and use the photo acoustic elements of the laser to sunday sound to anything in your home that can -- that is voice activated that includes alexa. that's google home. that's your ipad inside. name out the device, whatever is voice controlled, they can do it. why do we care? well, then you just say from the outside of the house hey, alexa, unlock the front door. or start the car. or open the garage. or turn the heat up to scru with the people on the inside. the fact is this is a very scary thing, and the companies have no way to stop it at this point. and all we know right now is the best thing to do with this is simply if you got your device that's in the line of sight of the window. now is a good time today to spend your saturday thinking where can i put this so that some crook on the outside can't see into my house to control.
3:53 am
this. ed: kurt, what about the fact that the amazon devices, for example, are connected to your amazon account, your credit card. so can you say hack into it and say alexa buy 50 televisions for exnumber of hundreds of dollars and all of a sudden you have a big credit card bill? how do you stop that? >> you can. that's absolutely correct. so, here's one thing. so, for example, on ipad zen and ios devices, you can ask for it to require a code before a purchase. and so if you have a device that enables that feature, i would turn it on. i would make sure that it has that enabled. that is very, very good point. and the fact is now that everybody is talking about this story, the crooks are going to start looking at this. they examined 16 different smart speakers, smart phones, other voice activated devices. and all of them will work doing. this they are able to penetrate straight through the window at your house. there is really little you can do. jedediah: kurt, people have multiple devices in their
3:54 am
home. if they are looking at this right now, tell them exactly what could happen, in terms of their day-to-day life, what could be accessed. what could be dangerous? what can they do? they are hearing you say well, you know, there is no mechanism to stop this, that's terrifying. >> the hiding it is the best thing to do. keep it out of the line of sight from the window. so that someone with a laser can't get to it. they even found when they are using this laser, jedediah, it doesn't even have to hit the device, it can be near it, that sound will still come through. you and i standing next to the speaker wouldn't even hear the laser. we might not necessarily see it. but the device will hear it loud and clear and just start doing whatever is being commanded. pete: almost like a dog whistle where a dog would hear it but we can't. is this something some crackpot scientists do or commercially available lasers. >> this is going to be a huge problem. any sophisticated crook or someone who just wants to be deceptive and got extra mile can get ahold of this relatively easily and start
3:55 am
doing exactly what these edges nears did and just tool it so they can get the sound to go through the laser. ed: what about instagram? there was a lot of social media angst yesterday about the fact that instagram is now testing the idea of hiding light. you post a photo and somebody could like it. becomes a competitive thing sometimes especially among teens and be destructive about who has got more likes. what are they trying to do here? >> ned seven countries they have been testing this out with instagram. try it here in the u.s. what is -- this is actually probably something i think jedediah is going to jump on and like. so, they just are going to publicly hide the likes. so i have got to tell you, i think this is a very healthy move for them. not necessarily for themselves. it's a people-forward move. so it's going to be healthy for our families. healthy for -- you are talking about teens. you are talking about adults. pete: so i can see how many likes i have but the public can't see it? is that the idea?
3:56 am
>> correct. correct. on your private side of it not available to the public. what it's going to do is stop you from needing to be liked so much because is that real? it's not real. pete: you will still see the likes. you will still be like oh that person didn't like it but publicly there can't be the competition? >> they won't have the ability to like it. so it won't even be there. jedediah: that's going to be key for the younger demographic. as we know a lot of kids in school compete with this and post stuff and posts get more and more outrageous because they feel like oh, if i post this, i will get more likes and becomes this very unhealthy game. >> they feel invisible without having that going on. if we can remove this unhealthy element to social media, i think we are it in better shape. ed: pete no likey. pete: disagree, no likey. there should be a like and a dislike button. thank you. ed: big show, congressman mark meadows challenging a reporter on air after she said this. >> congressman meadows, can
3:57 am
we talk about -- so he is walking by right now. but republicans are really struggling to defend the president. >> okay. great. >> another example of media bias, we are all over it, next.
3:58 am
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25 cent boneless wings at applebee's. ♪ born to be wild... born to be wild...♪ get 'em while they're hot. ♪ every girl's crazy about a sharp-dressed man ♪ ♪ ed: that is perfect for this morning we have a fashion foe pawrks maybe? jedediah: we have the. pete: you should not wear the same ties a the anchor. ed ran up to his office and picked out the same tie. jedediah: that did not happen. ed: i went up to get a backup in case the producers said it was horrible. i was in my office before pete was. i put this on. i have about five ties. put it on friday. i like this ahead of veterans day. and he comes in and he has the same exact tie on.
4:01 am
so who wore it better? jedediah: look at that. try to make your debonair face. ed: i made the mistake of telling sabrina that there is a poll on instagram where i'm losing and she didn't -- i don't know that now she knows it now she is going to highlight that i'm losing. oh, ed. ed: pete suspect big. pete: iowa caucuses now i'm up after the first. ed: i want to be like chicago vote early and often. jedediah: pete had the debonair expression. have to be prepared. he went in with a goal. i like it coming together, you guys often don't agree on things, coming together with a moment with ties. ed: viewers are weighing in. jedediah: my voice knot which pete is deciding. ed: i love joan who says ed
4:02 am
wears the tie better. pete: never done that goes to pete. his tie is much tighter, cleaner and has no dimple in the middle of the knot. maybe it comes down to preference of knot. jedediah: my favorite comment both men look hand some so it's a tie: well played. ed: dave our stage man is not here today he loves puns so he would have loved that. a lot of big news this morning, guess what? adam schiff woke up to a little surprise today. devin nunes now demanding that the house intel chair testify himself behind closed doors. jedediah: this as president trump rails against the whistleblower. pete: garrett tenney live with more on the impeachment inquiry. garrett, good morning. >> good morning, y'all. public testimony set to begin this next week. before that happens congressman devin nunes is demanding that chairman adam schiff testify behind closed doors about the contact his office had with the whistleblower before this
4:03 am
whole inquiry began schiff has been under fire from republicans after it was revealed that the whistleblower reached out to schiff's office. in a letter to schiff, nunes the top republican on the intelligence committee wrote although publicly claimed nothing inappropriate the three committees deserve to hear directly from you the substance and circumstances sur rounding any discussions conducted with the whistleblower and any instructions you issued regarding those discussions g.o.p. sources told fox news it is unlikely to schiff will agree to testify but republicans want to know things such as what schiff advice. what advice his office gave the whistleblower. how many times they met and how involved was the chairman in the discussion? president trump meanwhile is continuing to go after the whistleblower, calling them a traitor and demanding that their identity be revealed. >> the whistleblower is a disgrace to our country. a disgrace. the whistleblower, because
4:04 am
of that should be revealed. his lawyer who said the worst things possible two years ago. he should be sued and maybe for treason. >> ahead of the public hearings president trump is also trying to argue impeachment inquiry not hurting him. actually making him stronger by energizing his base. back to y'all. pete: calls it the angry majority is the new phrase he has used on the trail. listen, i agree with -- no surprise to you, ed, i agree with what the president who say there you want to find out the identity of the whistleblower go to google and find it. we are not doing it because we are responsible on this network. ed: those reports may be wrong. pete: it is a so-called whistleblower leaked information clearly for a partisan agenda. this is a person in the whistleblower who has worked with democrats time and time again. it's well known and no secret in washington. ed: even what he said sort of come true, right? pete: also a transcript you
4:05 am
can see. no funds denied and no investigation. and oh by the way corruption ukraine. legit for the president to look into it. the president and devin nunes going on offense to say this whole thing is for partisan purposes. jedediah: going adam schiff who lied about involvement with the whistleblower. he should have to answer questions. he has lied repeatedly going back to the charges oh i have x, y, and z information about collusion which he didn't have. him answering questions, i think that's something that a lot of people can get behind. ed: andy mcsceartd a prosecutor former fox news contributor. he said this is not a serious investigation. he called it the impeachment show. >> i think actually it's a very clever ploy by the republican leadership. look, this thing that's happening starting wednesday is impeachment show. not a trial. nothing is going to happen. already sort of cooked in the books that they are going to pass the report onto the judiciary committee, recommending
4:06 am
articles of impeachment. we know that's going to happen. you want to go into the hearing with a plan. very good plan to have to make schiff the focus of the republican pitch on the hearings. ed: real quick he said another ploy which will be interesting for the republicans to hold up the script of the fake call that adam schiff says this is -- when he didn't. and then ask the witnesses who listened to the call, what adam schiff said, the chairman is, that true you? were on the call. have the witnesses under oath say no, that did not happen, sir. pete: it's a staged impeachment show. someone compared it to wwe fight. like it looks real but they know what outcome they ultimately want. they have already said parameters of the three types of questions can and can't be answered. schiff can shut it down if it doesn't fit in those three categories. hunter biden. jedediah: rallying the base. 100 percent right about
4:07 am
that. fundraising immediately. democrats were calling for impeachment all the way back. the guy just got elected and they were calling for impeachment before they even had reason to claim that there was a reason for impeachment. so i think that's probably a very accurate point. ed: the has been calling out some in the media who he thinks are cheerleading this whole impeachment inquiry. guess what, republican mark meadows one of the president's allies is calling out a specific reporter on msnbc. doing a live shot claiming that republicans are struggling. meadows said time-out. >> republicans continue to hang everything on ambassador volker. hold on we have mark meadows here. congressman meadows can we talk. so he can s. walking by right now. republicans are really struggling to defend the president. >> we're not struggling on anything. the republicans are not struggling on anything. jedediah: people live for those moments though, for so long the republicans just got a beating from the mainstream media. they took it, they didn't fight back. now that you have so many republicans coming back and
4:08 am
standing up and saying oh by the way no. we are not struggling. or you have the likes of the president in the white house that doesn't take any from them. some live for these moments. >> i know for myself i enjoy them entirely. pete: i don't know the news business as well as you do. if you are in the capitol hill of the microphone. you are not part of the opinion division. ed: no part of the news division. pete: supposed to be playing it straight. nothing about the facts. give it to me. you could hear the editorializing in her voice good on mark meadows who has learned from president trump that if you just let them get away with that kind of hyperbole that's what the world hears. challenging them is winning. ed: having shouted at republicans and democrats to get answers. sometimes they are running legitimately to another meeting. so to an important caucus strategy. he was meeting with constituents. he was not necessarily running. had another meeting. and then when he heard that he was struggling. he said no, no, no. i'm going to hold off that
4:09 am
meeting and i'm going to call you out. jedediah: came right back. actually. great. turn to headlines for you now. father daughter duo accused of multi-state kidnapping and sexual assault. the las vegas woman was left to die in the dessert. but was rescued just in time near edwards air force base. >> vicious case held inside of a room for at least a week and left for dead. she was found just during a routine check. she is very lucky to be alive. jedediah: they are both in jail. deputies say knew her but still searching for a motive. >> producer, you were in th the -- jedediah: abc and cbs facing backlash after an accused leaker says she was wrongly fired. cbs asked staffer ashley bianco accused of leaking a video which amy robach says the network spiked a jeffrey
4:10 am
epstein story. she worked for abc when the video was recorded. >> i wasn't given the professional courtesy to defend myself. i didn't know what i had been accused of. it was humiliating and deficit stating. i'm sorry, abc, but the leaker is still inside. >> project veritas published the leaked video -- and berlin marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. german chancellor angela merkel joining hundreds of people placing roses at the last remnant of the divisive wall. also attended a prayer service and laid a candle at the national monument of. president reagan memorialized by a brons statue unveiled by secretary of state mike pompeo. ed: 30 years ago the berlin wall went down. pete: if a democrat were president and this type of so-called whistleblower --
4:11 am
that the mainstream media so-called would be running to find the name of that person and pushing out in headlines everywhere. jedediah: can i trigger you more. i'm ready to do it. new coming in on thanksgiving. apparently canned cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and turkey guess what? i don't really like this stuff. but i eat it. served in two thirds of americans saying they dislike it but eat it anyway. 68% dislike a classic thanksgiving food. ed: basically. two thirds saying they dislike one of these things. jedediah: here is the list. 29% say canned cranberry saws. 24% green bean casserole. 21% pumpkin pie. and 19% say they don't like the turkey. pete: that's wrong. the upside of this poll is that they put it on their plate and eat it anyway they
4:12 am
are connected to the tradition. if i had to go with one of those i'm not a sweet potato guy. i don't put that on my plate. cranberry sauce you don't eat it any of the other 364 days of year. ed: some yellow one. never takes as good as the ridiculous canned one that is sweet. pete: how about green bean casserole? jedediah: i like the stuffing. let us know at home what is your favorite thanksgiving food. it's got to be the stuffing. ed: which one do you want to vote off the island? pete: please stay focused on thanksgiving. it's not christmas yet. ainsley: is he very passionate about that. pete: stay on that story hard hitting. a sheriff blaming california's sanctuary laws for the death of one of his deputies. >> this tragedy was due to an illegal alien tending an illegal marijuana garden who
4:13 am
murdered my deputy. pete: jennings guest son killed by illegal immigrant in the state. he has a message for lawmakers. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand.
4:14 am
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stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. ♪ pete: california sheriff is not holding back after the death of one of his deputies. he says the state's sanctuary and marijuana policies are to blame. >> this tragedy was due to an illegal alien tending an illegal marijuana garden who murdered my deputy. when we come across anyone that is breaking our laws and victimizing our residents, then we need to hold them as accountable as everyone regardless of their immigration status. pete: that deputy's name was brian ishmael, right there,
4:17 am
who was shot and killed in the line of duty last month. his accused killers were in the country illegally our next guest lost her son ronald desilva when he was murdered in california by illegal immigrant in 2002. abby joins us now to. ago news, agnes. i appreciate you being here. came back and took the life of your precious son. when you look at -- god bless you. when you look at what is happening now, this particular case. your reaction? >> i am absolutely disturbed. gavin newsom protection of illegal aliens and criminals in the state of california is a disgrace. his behavior is irrational, unacceptable. and he has no human decency in not attending this officer's funeral. just like obama did. gavin newsom needs to be recalled working really hard with thousands of volunteers
4:18 am
working to recall gavin newsom. is he a disgrace to the state. he protects nothing but illegal aliens. and i want to share with the audience in two weeks from today, my son's murderer is going to be a free man in the state of california. we ought to be outraged about this. this shouldn't be happening. no family should have to go through. this now i have to live in fear of what this guy is going to do. is he going to come after me, my family, or the witness who testified against him? pete: would your son's killer be deported or is he going to walk free. >> is he going to walk free, most likely because ice is not allowed in the jails to pick illegal aliens up. so the ero is going to have to hunt him down. pete: unbelievable. which puts more officers in the harm's way because of peaceful transfer at the facility is far different than trying to find these guys. now, the sheriff, you have got to appreciate what the sheriff of el dorado county has been saying. he has been very clear. he said this tragedy is due to an illegal alien.
4:19 am
any death at the hands of illegal alien is ultimately preventable if you had prevented that have from happening in the first place. why is gavin newsom so dedicated to shielding these sanctuary cities and folks underneath it? >> you know, i don't know. for votes. i honestly don't know. he doesn't listen to us. the citizens of this country. but he is listening and protect the illegals. this is not okay. where is my protection. i'm a legal immigrant. i have no protection. and thousands of citizens in california we have to fear for our lives and for our children and family members. and i commend this sheriff deputy for calling it what it is illegal alien. it's about time we call it what it is. not undocumented immigrant. they are illegal aliens and they need to be all deported and i pray that trump sends national guard, if it's necessary, to come into the state and clean up this mess. pete: you know, when you
4:20 am
step back and think about it, the priorities are so backwards of citizens in this country who deserve every defense. yet, i keep going back to your case, because you know the case doesn't stop. your son is gone. but, his killer now walks free in our country having never come here in a legal pathway. this remains personal for you and for everyone else who has lost a loved one. >> it is very personal. and it affected my family, my daughters are afraid that i'm going to be the next victim. and but i'm going to keep on fighting because, when i took the oath of citizenship, to protect and defend my country. against foreign and domestic invaders. this is what it is. a domestic invasion. i'm going to do just that until the end because we need to speak up and bring awareness to these politicians that are protecting illegals and not following federal laws. pete: we think the sheriff's deputy agnes gibboney we
4:21 am
thank you for your time. >> thank you. pete: emily compagno caught up with a country singer to raise money for military charities. emily is here to tell us all about his initiative coming up next ♪ ♪ make it last all night ♪ the game doesn't end after that insane buzzer beater.
4:22 am
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ed: time now for news by the numbers. first 140 million bucks, that's how much colorado's first marijuana dispensaries just sold for. green solution bought by a canadian company. experts think could spark a trend of massive business deals illegal pot company. next, 8 feet tall and 300 pounds, the size of a massive big foot statue stole it from a florida mattress store.
4:25 am
police on the look out asking for sasquatch. finally, 211 years. that's at combined age of the world's oldest living couple. john and charlotte henderson of austin, texas, earning the guinness book of world records, one month before 80th anniversary. john 106, charlotte a spry 101 years old. yesterday jed awesome. you know country singer montana for his song american thread. >> with the camouflage ♪ support the flag to the day we are dead ♪ american thread. pete: fox news contributor emily compagno had the opportunity to visit him clay shoot to raise money for those who serve our country. ed: emily joins us now wonderful way to celebrate veterans day. >> good morning.
4:26 am
jedediah: happy birthday to you. >> thank you so much. it was an amazing event. obviously tim montana is a great friend of the show and huge supporter of veterans. and we all came together with the tim montana and friends american threads clay shoot. a ton of celebrities, supporters, veterans, take a look. >> there is one requirement, be safe and have a great time. ♪ ♪ >> the american thread clay shoot montana country music star is the founder behind this exciting event. [cheers] >> great cause. i love helping active duty and veterans on both sides. emily: tell us what we are going to be doing today. >> 15 stations. shots where we fire. emily: we have michael ray, american song writing legend steve cropper. x games super star travis.
4:27 am
>> cherry sheen will be here. >> the war is over for me now, but i will always be there. >> i'm honored to be here. what these men and women endure and the sacrifices they make it, means everything. >> lee greenwood to ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪ >> i'm proud to be out here. american thread in support not just of our soldiers but a guy who may be a amputee or double amputee. >> ryan o'neil will be here. >> i killed usama bin laden. >> have competition with people. >> two of the charities that we are honoring today involve service dogs and special ops excursions. >> we provide mobility assistance service dogs to severely wounded veterans at no cost. >> the dogs have changed my life drastically. >> billie marshall, a veteran and one of the recipients of the smoak mountaismoky mountainservice do.
4:28 am
what's it like for you to see these new vets getting dogs? >> it means the world to me. every veteran that comes home, whether they have lost a limb or not or whatnot, they all deserve something from this country. emily: as a former special op. what does it mean to help others after they have come back from deployment. >> it's tremendous. a lot of the prep work that goes into hunting, people like scott they take care of these guys and invite them out. special operators take advantage of time to relax. >> to me our program is a way, patriot, proud american to give back. >> as far as tim montana, followed that guy around the range all morning. he shoots very well. >> emily has the first station. are you ready? emily: i'm ready as i will ever be. pull. i missed both. i will improve with every station. ugh. so close.
4:29 am
i got both. i knew i could do it. ed: amazing. emily: improved throughout the day. it was amazing to see everyone come together to support veterans and for viewers to learn more go to special ops and smoky mountain they can learn a lot more and obviously tim montana's social media and all of his pages. it was such an incredible event to support all our vets. pete: you need a track like that. emily: thank you. pete: what is the biggest advice? emily: every station was so different because it mimics a different bird. sometimes it kind of depended on the thing. but when i actually hit it, it was like the most satisfying thing. i'm hooked. i'm going to do this every weekend. >> you did such an amazing job. nice of you to salute so many veterans that we decided for your birthday that we might have a little surprise. do we? emily: what? you guys? [cheers] emily: oh my god.
4:30 am
jedediah: happy birthday. emily: thank you. thank you, guys. ed: looks amazing. all yours. jedediah: breakfast of champions. emily: you guys, thank you so much. you didn't have to do this. ed: long-time friend of the show. when jed has a brief time with the baby we hope you will join us on the couch. pete: what is it like to turn 25. >> twice, amazing. jedediah: 18. emily: thank you so much. most importantly happy veterans day weekend. ed: you too. happy birthday. that's awesome. in a few hours, the president is going to be boarding marine one. guess what? he is heading to the lsu-alabama football game. our man tv's todd piro is already there ahead of the big matchup. a live report from hottie toddy straight ahead ♪ simply irresistible ♪ ♪
4:31 am
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♪ watching fake news got you seat pedals. >> 2020 you can they can't avoid. pete: it is your shot of the morning. president trump supporters making music great again, you might say, with the
4:35 am
#maga challenge. jedediah: the trend is lighting up social media and now president trump has made it a competition. ed: president trump tweeting he will announce winners of the impromptu competition even inviting them to the white house to perform their maga rap. some have a pretty good beat. >> that's pretty awesome. i think you should chime in and have a competition. pete: i was thinking we could throw something together. jedediah: i saw him roomating. pete: under consideration. jedediah: oh, well alabama state is facing off against lsu this afternoon with one special fan in the stands. the president of the united states. ed: president trump set to attend the game after two recent trips to sporting events that received some mixed reaction from the crowd. a lot of commentary about that. pete: our own todd piro call him tuscaloosa todd gearing up for the big game. good morning. todd: good morning to you. i always wanted to do a
4:36 am
brent musberger introduction. you are looking live it the stadium here in tuscaloosa. boy, that was fun. this stadium gets packed, sold out when it's a spring game. two alabama squads facing off against each other. it's extra intense when obviously it's the regular season. pit number two against number 3 in the college football playoff and wow by the way a guy named president trump is going to be visiting. a little bit of controversy earlier this week. student government association here at alabama said we don't want anybody to have any, quote, disruptive behavior. many in the mainstream media took that to mean you can't exercise your first amendment right. that's not what said. they basically said don't fight or you will lose your student seats. that seems like a logical conclusion again. you are allowed to exercise your first amendment rights. when the president is here. we saw that earlier at the washington nationals world series game. we saw that at mma and expect that there is going to be lot of discussion about president trump here in this game also people may talk about the quarterback
4:37 am
match-up. the individuals we have here. ready to bring them in. ready to talk about all things alabama and all things trump. beth and trisha. first i want to show the signs. look at that it say fear saban d trump's greatness: trump was coming and we wanted to have fun with it. we love saban. todd: what do you think the reaction is going to be. >> we will probably get some boos for trump but, you know, we made it on tv. todd: get on in here. >> what is today's game mean from a football perspective, first? >> well, it is l. determine to ho will get to go to the national championship as well as the sec championship. todd: on top of that, what does it mean to have the president visit your humble little tuscaloosa. >> that's going to make things crazy but will be a lot of fun. fun and exciting. todd: from what i have been told this is very low key. look at behind us, they are
4:38 am
setting up. everything is really intense. and you are walking down the street. it's packed already and it's, what, 6:30 in the morning here. >> yeah, yeah. are going to get crazy by 8:30 or 9:00 i believe. >> we are looking forward to that heading into the madness. quickly before we go. what's your prediction? >> alabama, of course. >> win by 50. >> 50? >> i think it's going to be close. last time we played there was a bunch of field goals. todd: all right. thank you guys very much. we appreciate it. go have fun today. we are going to visit some tail gates. we will have a blast. by the way another game of undefeateds going on today in yankee stadium, i believe. it's pete hegseth princeton tigers vs. todd piro's dark mouth. ed: interesting. tailgating todd, it's true. love it. todd: nice, well done. pete: i didn't know dartmouth or princeton still had a football game. no, it will be a good game
4:39 am
both undefeated. lsu has a great offense. that's a sleeper here. alabama has not seen a team like lsu all year long. turning now to a couple of headlines, air b and b will cover funeral costs for the five people killed during a halloween party company blasted for response to the shooting california rental. wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against air b and b claiming the didn't properly screen who was renting the house. no arrests have been made in the shooting and a dog missing for a week is rescued after falling 81 feet down a hole in the middle of a forest. a wildlife official had to repel down a hole in hawaii to save the 1-year-old hunting dog named orange. >> if it wasn't for garmon and obviously the help we had today, he would have never been saved. thank you everybody who came. >> jed is very happy. rescuers put orange in a
4:40 am
small bag pulling him to safety. luckily he was not hurt. just very hungry. understandable. wisconsin looking to become the next state to wage to $15. 48-million-dollar plan. nearly half of that would come from taxpayers with the rest coming from other sources, including federal aid. pete: wisconsin's former governor scott walker not happy about his successor reversing one of his. the state capitol would display a goat holiday tree. walker who insisted it be called a christmas tree defending that on twitter using this. this is menorah candle this is lit during the festival of lights during hanukkah this is not a holiday candle holder. good point, governor. and these are your headlines. ed? ed: we will be hearing a little bit more about that i suspect. meanwhile the world's largest chocolate event
4:41 am
salon di de chocolate coming to new york city. jedediah: known as the chocolate genius is carving something special for us. he joins us now. first of all it, smells delicious here. this is amazing what you are doing. tell us about it. it? >> is mount rushmore meets new york city meets fox news. ed: empire state building over here. skyscraper. >> capturing the energy of salon de chocolate next saturday. ed: "fox & friends" chocolate. and those are our faces you have been sculpting it. very high end chocolate it has lots of cocoa butter. ed: sounds great. >> endangered species chocolate. specifically what this is add a little bit of glucose and create it like clay.
4:42 am
jedediah: isn't that cool? jedediah: i don't need to come close. it's my heaven. >> can you smell 100 feet away. pete: can you eat it? >> it's delicious. ed: you are skill sculpting. jedediah: how long did it take to you complete something like that. pete: jed's face is not complete. >> about two hours per face. if you give me two hours, yeah. pete: thankfully we have two hours left in the program. ed: where can you find your program. >> ed: unveiling the mount rushmore of chocolate morning show host. keeping kids in school until 6:00 p.m.? really? kamala harris is pushing for a 10 hour school day. is this really a good idea? jedediah: rachel
4:43 am
campos-duffy says this is not pro-family. ♪ ♪ everybody wants new romance. ♪ ♪ born to be wild... born to be wild...♪ 25 cent boneless wings at applebee's. get 'em while they're hot.
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♪ jedediah: california senator kamala harris proposing a bill this week that would extend school and additional three hours a day to 6:00 p.m. in a statement, the 2020 presidential candidate says the family, friendly schools act would, quote: align the school day with the work day to better support working families. so is this a good idea? fox news contributor and mother of nine, rachel campos-duffy joins us now. rachel, welcome as always. rachel: good morning. thanks for having me on. jedediah: what do you make of this proposal by kamala harris? rachel: so you have this problem, right in the school day is shorter than the work day. and so that is a problem for some parents. but this is a legislation put together by someone who didn't talk to parents. what parents want is not to extend, you know, not to extend the work day or their
4:47 am
institutionalize their kids. what they want is options on maybe how do we make the work day shorter or more flexible and there are solutions to that. but this doesn't address it. it just keeps kids in school way too long. and i don't think it's healthy. it's pro-government, it's prounion. no surprise they are backing this policy. it's not pro-child and certainly not pro-family. ed: rachel, i have reached out to my daughter mila. i'm trying to get a statement from her. i think she is opposed to this. she is high school. you turn schools into glorified day care centers to your point and maybe it's not a good idea. immigration is a big issue, of course. look at how some on the left are framing it. watch. >> i am open to suspending deportations, particularly as a way to push congress. >> we are going to pass a complete overhaul of our broken immigration system
4:48 am
and provide a path towards citizenship. ed: we saw them go left on healthcare, green new deal and climate change, now it's immigration. abolish ice and stop deportations. >> exactly. this was the first person to kind of come out openly and say this. was aoc. and now all the candidates are following along just as they did with the green new deal. they are doing this. this is really a winner for donald trump. i don't think the american people like the idea of abolish ice or basically have them do nothing, not arrest people. in fact, the question came up to elizabeth warren during a town hall the person asking the question said i have a spouse who was arrested on a drug charge. now he's free. he's not legal in this country, why can't he stay? i look at this as the daughter of a legal immigrant and knowing so many people who are in line and trying to do it the proper way, have done it the proper way. this is so frustrating. why would somebody who is already arrested on a drug
4:49 am
charge somehow, you know, be okay to stay in this country and ice would do nothing about it? we need to actually start valuing citizenship. it has to mean something. and if it means something, that means we have to have a border. we have to have a pros is, and we have to arrest those who aren't doing it properl properly. pete: perfect segway have you an episode called moms, the episode there pertains to this topic. >> the price of hard work that he had to put in to become an american. we didn't live off the government. he went out there and he got work. but i looked at the process. i remember when they were studying for that naturalization test and going through the history. i was such a little girl. i still remember the time that they took to study and how they felt just ingraftd into this nation because now they realize the price of freedom. pete: legal immigrant moms in this episode? rachel: this show was all --
4:50 am
this episode of moms was all about immigrant moms. moms who understand what that means to become an american. often immigrants who come here legally and go through this process are some of the best americans. they don't take it for granted. they understand what it is like to not be an american and what a blessing it is to be an american. i have to tell you, i love this show. this is my favorite episode. dear to my heart as the daughter of an immigrant. but it really is a reminder to all of us that, you know, citizenship matters and process matters. we hear a lot about process these days in the news and it matters in citizenship. this show is really very heart-warming and really a good reminder for all of us of you who lucky we are and how blessed we are to be americans. pete: very cool. watch moms on fox nation. 5 bucks to folds of honor if you sign up before veterans day. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. ed: have a great weekend.
4:51 am
pete: calling it a busy day would be an understatement. stopped to save a fellow runner's life and then proposed to his girlfriend at the end of the race, fiancee who is also an officer coming up live. ♪ ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ wild one ♪ wild one ♪ wild one ♪ ed: really wild. yes. pete: yeah. we have been talking about instagram this morning because of the real story about the fact that instagram might hide likes because people were committing and too many likes and people love me or not. it turns out have you ever gone through,. pete: pete checking his
4:55 am
life. pete: we allikes. >> 86% of young americans want to become a social media influencer. i guess that's defined by you would be willing to post sponsored content for money. meaning, look, i happen to be drinking a diet coke. or look, i hav happen to be wearing ja j. crew. 86% seems high. jedediah: not high. look at kim kardashian and they make a ton of money by saying i'm endorsing this product so you should use this product too. whether it's a cell phone case or a beverage. i mean, and interesting because you can see people with, you know, 20,000 followers doing this all the way up to people with 20 million followers doing this. ed: sometimes somebody with 20,000 followers can have more influence. if it's 20,000 in a niche of specific industry, a specific you are really in to gaming or something like that. and if you have got 20,000
4:56 am
people who are fired up about gaming and have you sponsored content. they may all click on that. we know pete clicks on that and does all kinds of shopping. pete: i actually do a lot of instagram shopping and want to be instagram influencer are for pizza hut. i put pizza pu pizza hut some dy they will hire me. 12% already consider themselves social media influencer. ed: even if they are not paid for content they think they are social media influencer. jedediah: make sure you know a lot about the product. when you associate yourself so closely with something. and if something goes wrong with that product people will kind of point the finger at you. do your research. pete: i have done my research on pizza hut. jedediah: have you done plenty. ed: only add up to 98% but 2% don't know. more "fox & friends" coming up on the other side.
4:57 am
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♪ i don't want your freedom ♪ i don't want to play around ♪ i don't want nobody. ed: beautiful shot of the white house, crisp morning in the east with leaves changing there. pete: thank you meteorologist ed henry. [laughter] ed: by the way fashion icon pete hegseth. pete: you are welcome. ed: same ties a me today. what do you think? jedediah: there was polling out. these guys keep checking the numbers. pete: just did a story about instagram. during the break where are we in. pete: instagram account. earlier in the morning who wore it better. pictures side by side pete was up 67 to 33. it has tightened. pete: 52 to 48. ed: only down a couple points. pete: get out there and vote. jedediah: didn't do that on purpose.
5:01 am
this was a total accident. ed: you are going to miss us when you are out on maternity leave. jedediah: i thought last weekend was going to be my last weekend. i cleaned out my closet 67 times. i thought i'm going back and torture one more weekend. ed: we are glad you are here. pete: we are glad you are here as well. which camera. you think i would know that we have been doing this for a few years. ed: michael bloomberg was the mayor stepped down in new york city. some people think hey, look, the city was in a lot better shape then than it is now under bill de blasio in terms of trash, crime, the economy, you know, the local taxes that have been going up under de blasio. but, big picture, can he mount a national bid. can somebody from the heart of new york city, who is a billionaire, can he make it out in iowa and new hampshire and alabama and, more importantly, in the battlegrounds of say, michigan, pennsylvania. where this race will be decided? pete: because he has entered the race with an interesting political strategy which we now have learned he is going
5:02 am
to skip iowa and new hampshire. those early primaries. ed: being debated. pete: that's what it sounds like and attempting to go towards super tuesday which is february and over that amount of time and with that much money, he could flood some of those states and sort of catch up to the current frontrunners. to your point, ed, it's hard to categorize mayor bloomberg, is he a republican, democrat independent? ed: all three. pete: moderate, far left. nanny guy. ed: soda taxes a lot of people don't like that stuff. big government. jedediah: also a billionaire. that's a fact. something i don't demonize people like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders often do. it would be interesting if he got on that debate stage how he would dial down that language pro-socialist language. ed: to your point he has got to be tired of elizabeth warren targeting the rich. just keep taxing everybody to pay for these schemes. $52 trillion medicare for all. some on the left are even saying hang on a second though. bloomberg may think that he has got this moderate lane,
5:03 am
but bill maher last night saying huh-uh, not going to work in the battle ground states. watch. >> bridges aren't getting built. roads aren't getting fixed. infrastructure isn't getting done because irving is so busy hating each other. >> correct. >> michael bloomberg. >> and you think michael bloomberg is the answer? >> michael bloomberg is the only person running who has over a decade of executive experience running the largest city in the united states. >> who cares? i don't see a big city jew exciting the vote in alabama or a lot of country. the election is going to be decided in six states. and they are not named new york. new york is in the bag. california is in the bag. we are talking about wisconsin, pennsylvania, arizona, michigan, florida. ed: judge judy was there making the case because, remember, about a week or so ago she wrote an op-ed in "u.s.a. today" i don't know why judge judy is getting involved in the democratic primary. jedediah: awesome though. ed: basically making the clays that bloomberg was the
5:04 am
only one to save the democratic party. jedediah: she is getting involved because she represents a lot of people out there incredibly frustrated who look at the democratic field and feel like in a lot of states that bill maher just mentioned talking about florida and wisconsin. how is an elizabeth warren going to do? let's say elizabeth warren wins the nomination if she has to go against president trump in some of these states that have a, you know, the centrists are really powerful in these states. how are they going to be able to convey their far left message. hey, bloomberg has executive experience. is he more moderate on some issues. he is not a socialist. maybe this is the way to go they have no place else to go. pete: have you heard michael bloomberg speak. like listen to elizabeth warren clip almost fall asleep listening. there is nothing dynamic. there is no magic. there is no magnet for michael bloomberg. no one in america is waiting to hear from him. he can appeal to the audience in the five boroughs of new york. get outside of there and people maybe heard of bloomberg news. they maybe know who is the mayor. but giuliani really brought the crime down. he brought it down a little bit more after 9/11. is there really a rationale.
5:05 am
and who is he? i think he is a perfect foil for elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. here's the billionaire trying to buy himself an election. ed: exactly. pete: they get to play right into it. if he cuts into anybody, he potentially cuts into joe biden who is already wounded. who is already running a bad race. ed: wanted the moderate lane not locking it down. that is getting bloomberg into the race. ari fleischer made an important point on hannity last night. big picture here, the real points is that democrats keep moving further and further left. that's why someone like bloomberg sees an opportunity. >> really there is no establishment organization. there are no parties anymore that have control over candidates. there is a tremendous split neeinside the democratic party no. moderates and no conservatives left. so the realization is they might blow their opportunity to defeat donald trump in 2020 if they go too far to the left. pete: yeah. well, they're already there. the question is how does he fit into the ongoing narrative which is a march to the left?
5:06 am
ed: to your point you were talking about is he really going tokes sight people particularly in the democratic primary? there is a fox poll some weeks left. if you are not satisfied with the folks in here, who do you want to get in? in terms of hillary clinton and others, 20s and 30s, michael bloomberg was 6% of democrats want to see him. they are not demanding that michael bloomberg come in. jedediah: who is going to excite people. the only person i really see on the left with a lot of energy in terms of getting out and campaigning and being passionate about his ideas is bernie sanders who is the leader -- remember, he is the leader of that movement. elizabeth warren came later. but he is the guy who came out front and center. he really backs those hard left beliefs. he believes what he is saying. it shows. other than him, i don't see joe biden getting everyone passionate about. i don't see elizabeth warren. i don't see it anywhere else. i don't see it in bloomberg either. they are worried. well, bernie sanders is so extreme let's try to find somebody who has that kind of passion and energy with a more palatable approach. pete: all of their crowds pail in comparison to what the president can do across the country at this point.
5:07 am
as they mentioned keep going left. on another subject of illegal immigration. bernie sanders released his plan which included breaking up ice and stopping deportations. well, elizabeth warren was asked a question about. ed: she is not going to be out done. pete: we have clips from both of them talking about their take on illegal immigration. watch. >> we are going to pass a complete overhaul of our broken immigration system and provide a path towards citizenship. >> i am open to suspending deportations. ice comes in to our communities, takes our neighbors, our friends, our family members that they do not make this country safer. ed: pete made this point earlier is she running out of gas. maybe a bad day on the trail. her level is like. jedediah: trying to figure
5:08 am
out how to answer that question and thinking and how do i strategically align myself with this answer so knowing it's going to be played over and over and over again. i don't know. that's not the elizabeth warren that i have seen in rallies recently. i have seen her go out there. she wants to be the new populist leader on the left. i did not see that in that clip. pete: no, not at all. the person who asked the question was a woman who whose husband here illegally, caught with drugs. arrested and then deported. and the woman asked the question well, how can this be? it's a really easy thing to defend if you are here illegally and slinging drugs maybe you shouldn't be allowed to do that. ed: enforce laws in america? ed: again, looking for the first opportunity to compete with bernie because everyone is burning out to your point. he should have won in 2016. hillary clinton rigged it. shoe was the candidate. he wasn't. he was the real energy. who becomes that now, not sure. ed: democratic debate in primaries in miami where had you folks up on the stage basically all the democrats, joe biden did that sort of halfway raised a hand. do you think that.
5:09 am
pete: perfect analogy. ed: should illegals get healthcare benefits? they were all yes, sir, we want to do it. rachel campos-duffy says now you look at where warren and sanders are and this is ridiculous. watch. >> the first person to kind of come out openly and say this was aoc. and now all the candidates are following along just as they did with the green new deal. they are doing this. this is really a winner for donald trump. i don't think the american people like the idea of abolish ice or basically have them do nothing, not arrest people. we need to actually start valuing citizenship. it has to mean something. and if it means something it, means we have to have a border. we have to have a process and arrest those not doing it properly. pete: border and citizenship both things the president has talked a lot about. he was in atlanta yesterday reaching out to black voters and made an interesting comparison. listen. >> the betrayal of the black community is unbelievable what's happened. it's unbelievable. you have the worse schools
5:10 am
of anybody in the country by far. it's not even close. democrats care more about illegal aliens than african-american citizens. or our military or citizens all over the place. ladies and gentlemen of the african-american community, i just want to tell you very, very strongly the best is yet to come. pete: it's an important contrast. what he is pointing out is he doesn't see it through the lens of race. not white people angry about illegal immigration. it is any citizen of any race and creed who should be protected by our laws here is being undermined by an entire party that focuses on shielding illegals. good luck with that contrast. i think he can go into the black community with that message, with new influencers, we were just talking about social media influencers, candidate owens and kanye west and free thinkers saying what has the democratic party done for you lately that's a winning
5:11 am
message. jedediah: coalition formed to go out and talk to the black community to talk about the fact that the unemployment numbers have improved under the president and to talk about how his policies and policies with respect to education and with respect to the economy have a way of helping everyone out, regardless of your gender, your race, your class, whatever it may be. i think that's important. we have seen republicans not do proper outreach for a very very long time. i give the president a lot of credit for prioritizing that and saying you know what? i'm going to get out there and talk to people and have these conversations. ed: larry elder thinks get 20% on african-american voters put the stretch far far away that would be a stretch to get that high but he is pushing for it. jedediah: a mother and her four children killed in the mexican drug cartel massacre laid to rest. christina was with her american family when they came under fire in monday. in all nine family members were killed. mexican authorities believe they were caught in a shootout between rival
5:12 am
cartels. system family members believe they were targeted. hundreds attended funerals for the other victims on thursday a missing scbleej student found dead in atlanta. alicia crawford found 11 miles from her apartment. the roommate and roommate's boyfriend facing charges. crawford filed a report just days before her death describing, quote, unwanted kissing and touching by her roommate's boyfriend. one. suspects led police to her body. nhl star sidney crosby makes army veterans day by giving her a new car. pittsburgh penguin's captain wanted to help the single mother out after hearing she didn't have a car. crosby won the 2019 honda passport by being named mvp of all star game. those are your headlines. ed: turns out on instagram ed henry taking the lead in the tie. this is breaking. pete: a base election.
5:13 am
i need the base turn out. jedediah: getting hot on the couch. i'm just saying. keep weighing in. pete: following that and following very serious stories this morning as well including this one. a california man attacked, robbed and killed in mexico. just one year ago. now his father has a warning to other parents and tourists. coming up next. most? ] for powerful relief from cold and flu symptoms without a prescription. try theraflu multi-symptom. theraflu dissolves in seconds, so it's ready to work before your first sip, and absorbs quickly to target and attack 8 cold and flu symptoms fast. try theraflu.
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nuplazid can cause changes in heart rhythm and should not be taken if you have certain abnormal heart rhythms or take other drugs that are known to cause changes in heart rhythm. tell your doctor about any changes in medicines you're taking. the most common side effects are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid. ♪ ed: tragedy in mexico. 27-year-old taylor meyers' life cut short while vacationing. he was celebrating a friend's birthday. he was suddenly robbed, attacked and stabbed. his killer never found. unreal. now, on the one-year anniversary of his death, his father has a warning for other parents and tourists planning to visit mexico,
5:17 am
chris meyer joins me now. chris, good morning. i'm so sorry, of course, all of us here at fox, for your loss. tell us, briefly, first, how your family is feeling one year later. >> well, we have our ups and downs. today is obviously a downer day, you know, for his one year anniversary we have learned a lot about grief. we learned a lot about our faith. we kind of made a commitment to warning americans who of the dangers there. ed: obviously, it must have been particularly painful to see the headlines in the last week of this utah family tragically killed as well. talk about what went through your mind and the warning you have for people around america and around the world. >> well, my warning is this was that our government through the state department has ranked mexico a two. and i have been kind of a war path it, should be rank add four. it's the only country with our state department that they have divided into
5:18 am
states somehow to say one state is more dangerous than the other. i maintain the entire country should be ranked a 4. my son was murdered in carmen, a city of 14,000 the first three months of this year they had more than one murder per day in that resort community which supposedly is a safe one. ed: we want to be careful, obviously, as a news organization to not exaggerate and certain tragedies. you make important point about the state department numbers that do have very serious warnings for our viewers and people all around the country and around the world. i wonder when you have got someone like mitt romney this week, who represents utah obviously in the senate and been at odds with the president on some issues now saying this week that he applauds the fact that the president has highlighted these problems with mexico. what's your message to the president this morning? >> my message to the president is i like his idea going after the cartels. i believe that mexico is has
5:19 am
descended into a straight of try bellism where the government doesn't have control. i feel very sorry for the mexican people. but they really need help because they can't get it from their police, their military, the corruption is rampant in mexico. the information you get is bad. and lack of information. they find that it's cheaper to cover up their crime than it is to solve it. as a result. a lot of people are dying. ed: chris, in the 30 seconds we have left, can you tell me what you want our viewers to know about taylor. >> taylor was a great kid. 27. a lot of friends. great career ahead of him. i got to say that he is -- i know he is in heaven. he is a strong christian. and i just don't want anyone
5:20 am
else to die in mexico. particularly americans it's inexpensive to go down there. white sand beaches. i have been down there numerous times. somebody has got to warn people how dangerous it is down there. and when you start doing the digging, you will uncover. this i urge all americans who are considering a vacation down there, do your homework and don't just go by what you read on the state department website. google things. you will find tons of information, particularly in the mexican media. they have covered this mexican daily news is a source that i use and they have articles all the time about their crime. ed: chris, it's so important that you are giving this message to our viewers to make sure that they are very careful and do their homework as you say. most importantly i can hear the emotion in your voice and we hope you find peace on this one year anniversary. thank you for coming, in sir. >> thank you. ed: veterans campaigning for the president to get him
5:21 am
elected. veterans coming up. and air force vet tells us why the president needs to stay right in the white house. that's next ♪ they coming to america. ♪ never looking back again ♪ they coming to america ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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ed: quick headlines, the trump administration making u.s. citizenship even more valuable. according to the "wall street journal," fees would nearly double for citizenship applications from $640 to $1,100. the dhs says it would help recover the service costs. and, the president slamming a report that he wants to make a return to reality tv after leaving the white house. he tweeted this morning quote fake news is reporting that i'm talking to mark burnett doing a big show, perhaps the apprentice after
5:25 am
the presidency, which i would assume they mean in five years. this is not true. never had such a conversation. don't even have time to think about it. false reporting. the president says. pete? pete: thanks, ed, as we prepare to honor and thank our nation's heroes this veterans day. trump's re-election campaign is organizing his supporters who have served this country. joining us now is air force veteran and co-chair of veterans for trump scott o'grady, thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me this morning. pete: i read your book when i was a teenager about, listen, it's amazing story. served with honor. you had to eject out of your f-16 and for six days behind enemy lines. it inspired in part my service so thank you for yours. >> thank you. pete: why are you co-chair for veterans for trump and what does it mean to you. >> i'm very proud to be on the president's veterans for trump for his re-election. back in 2016, veterans overwhelmingly voted on a margin of 2 to 1 to support
5:26 am
candidate trump to become president because of his promises to enincrease our care. our benefits, and the respect that veterans deserve and he has delivered on all of those promises. so, i am now here to support him to make sure he gets reelected. pete: it was overwhelming in support for him. when it comes to v.a. or defense spending or backing our war fighters or the wars we are fighting right now. what are you hearing from those wearing the uniform and vets? >> veterans take notice when things actually get done like president trump has enacted the v.a. mission acts to be able to increase to increase the quality of care and the sebility of care for veterans. as well as the benefits such as the forever gi bill. president trump has done more for veterans in the history of this country than any president that's why veterans support him. pete: today the most recent poll we have got from may to june. i'm sure we will get updated on that as well. 57% approval rating for this
5:27 am
president. talked about the v.a. vets getting the opportunity to choose private care if they can't be seen promptly. the v.a. still not perfect but at this point, at least they have got an option. >> well, i think secretary wilkie is doing a great job there back in 2014, you know, we had scandals in the v.a. and under president trump's leadership, we have either removed, demoted or suspended over 4,000 v.a. employees who don't treat our veterans right. i think that's something that has been needed to change the culture in the v.a. one thing i really want to stress that americans need to realize that president trump has also rized that we have depleted our military over decades from 1991 to current day. we have reduced our total military force structure by nearly over a million troops. and, yet, we have increased our mission requirements by over 300 percent. putting a lot of stress on the backs of those who have been serving in countless wars from iraq, afghanistan,
5:28 am
syria, on in. and president trump has realized that not only have we decompleted our military equipment and our resources, and also the strain that it's put our military service members that we need to rebuild our military. he has aloe cased under two defense authorization acts $1.5 trillion in order to restore our military. also wanted us out of these endless wars which is extremely important. pete: also restored the depleted morale when war fighters are not allowed to do their job. thank you for your service and what have you done for this country and good luck for the cause. >> you got it. pete: president trump heading down stout attend the lsu, alabama game. tv's todd piro there ahead of the big matchup. there he is. check in with him coming up next. trying to fire up the folks down there. calling it a busy day would be an understatement. get this, a police officer ran nine miles in full swat gear. then he stopped to save a
5:29 am
fellow runner's life. not enough? he then proposed to his girlfriend at the end of the race. he and his new fiancee who is a fellow officer join us live coming up ♪ ♪ drive me wild ♪ oh, you make me smile ♪ you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps.
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pete: it is your shot of the morning white house director sharing this behind the scenes video of the moment president trump was elected. [cheers and applause] jedediah: yesterday marking three years since the 2016 election can you see then president-elect trump and his team celebrating. pete: the white house sharing this photo of president trump watching the historic results come in. i saw the context of it from dan's twitter in the kitchen at trump tower as they are watching that historic. ed: interesting family, close aides. all there watching. pete: three years. ed: feels like 10. there has been a lot happening. jedediah: i always feel like i'm gearing up for an election season. i'm always in that state. have you maybe a year where that's not happening. ed: what are your memories? if you have something interesting do it next hour. the president busy today as well. he will be attending the highly anticipated matchup football rivals alabama and lsu in tuscaloosa this afternoon. jedediah: check back in with
5:34 am
todd piro in the stadium with some fans. how are you doing, todd? >> hey, guys, if you had any doubt that president trump was coming today, the two buses filled with secret service guys just saw dropped off is one indication. also, are we at the fcc tailgate here? >> this is really the only one in town today that matters. number two vs. number 3. we have buddha. that's sausage and armadillo egg jimmie dean. a lot of other stuff. get in here. tell me why is today going to be so crazy? >> it's bama, lsu, it's going to be wild and crazy. [cheers and applause] todd: that's all you need to know. back to you guys. ed: that's it. that's great. the last time they played in a matchup like this game of the century in 2011. he can't hear us. game was decided by a field goal. the president will be there. turning to headlines, officers won't soon forget
5:35 am
the feathered accomplice they found during a drunk driving arrest. >> julio. >> police in wisconsin arresting two two men including a suspected drunk driver driving with a chicken and a ton of booze, of course, in the car. other drivers calling fowl telling 911 the bird was on the driver's shoulder as he swerved. the chicken named theresa is now with animal control. jedediah: chicken better be okay. tom steyer embroiled in a second staffer controversy just this week. his iowa political director stepping down amid accusations of offering local officials bribes, actual money to endorse steyer. it comes just days after another aide resigned over allegations of stealing volunteer data from senator kamala harris. oh, boy. baby fever might be striking through the royal family six
5:36 am
months and meghan and harry. prince harry hinted the royal couple is thinking about baby number two. during a surprise visit with military families, he let it slip. a mother who met them reportedly said harry was very interested in how she handles having a second child. is that really what we are hanging it on? pete: is thinking about a second child news? jed, are you thinking about it yet. jedediah: that's good. too close together, man. takes a toll on the body. i give her credit. pete: i know, i went through it. [laughter] ed: when i came in this morning it was chilly. rick: it is chilly. pete, take a look. you have some md slimes for you, pete. what's your name. >> my name is shae. i have a business called smd slimes that i created myself in april. ed: that' rick: you brought some signs for pete. >> i have a patriotic sign and mint chocolate chip
5:37 am
slime. i have a couple pelg other ones like a monster type slime. rick: are you sure the monster one isn't for pete? rick: monster or patriotic. pete: i will come out and check it out. rick: bring them in to you as well. pete: love it. rick: really cold all the way down across the south. feels like 28 degrees in atlanta this morning. front has not made its way towards the miami eventually. see the rain showers across florida, not going to wash your day out. cold air in places around the great lakes. get ready for lake-effect snow. back to you inside. thanks for your slime. pete: love it, rick. thank you you. ed: pete slime. she is a sales woman. pete: she is. jedediah: she is. ed: chicago swat medic mike nowaky ran 15 k in swat gear
5:38 am
saving the life of a fellow run his or her had collapsed. jedediah: all before he crossed the finish line got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. pete: joining us now mike nowaky and erin. thank you for being here this morning. >> good morning. pete: running this race in a ton of gear, which none of us could do. you knew you were going to propose, i presume, at the end, but something happened in the middle you had to safe one of your fellow runner's lives. walk us through what was a heck of a day. >> erin had to work the finish line of the race. and i was off that day so i said well, i will run the race and i will see you at the finish line. just to be a little bit more challenging, i decided to wear all the swat gear. and then i said well, why not do -- pop the question, which is something i have been wanting to do for a while now. about 150 yards from the
5:39 am
finish line i noticed the little commotion. and people were yelling for a medic. and me being a swat medic, i just naturally switched into medic mode and went over there. and there was a patient in full cardiac arrest. jedediah: wow. so, erin, you didn't have any idea what was going on at this time that mike was in the process of saving someone's life while you were at the finish line. >> not initially. when i was at the finish line, participants of the race saw me and they are like did you know there is a runner that's down. somebody had fallen. so i alerted the ambulance that was at the finish line. and said, you know, you have a runner down that needs attention. and in my ear piece i hear his call sign 4650 adam. he said i'm administering cpr. and i just look over at the ambulance and said you guys have got to go now. being at the finish line and everybody crossing just a sea of people. i could not locate or see anybody. so i had to sit there and
5:40 am
wait. and then i actually missed him crossing the finish line and coming over to me. and then he got down on one knee and i thought he was hurt. and then he -- you know, he popped the question i said yes. and then it just went into what happened down there? we just went right back into work mode. so it was one of the -- jedediah: two wonderful professionals. also emotional. tried to do your job. there because it had to be a wonderful moment. did i miss where was the ring in all this gear? where did you hide the ring? >> well, i carry a lot of medical gear on me. on my vest and in my cargo pockets of my pants. i shoved the ring box down amongst all my medical gear. [laughter] >> so i wouldn't lose it. jedediah: did you guys at least get to celebrate later that night? >> you know what, after the race, i went home and collapsed i was so exhausted. and erin had to finish off her tour of duty.
5:41 am
ed: the person who collapsed is doing well? do we know what happened? >> without releasing too much information about her, without her consent, she is doing better. she is going to need surgery. and she is expected to make a pretty good, a full recovery. ed: quite a day. pete: making me tired just listening to you. >> it was a whirlwind. it was a roller coaster. >> thank you very much. pete: very cool to share your personal life and professional life together doing great things. ed: we want to be invited to the wedding too, so good luck. pete: ed means it. ed: yeah a free meal. pete: ed mike sneak in. forget sat and act. might end admission testing because they claim discriminates against minorities. jedediah: is this the right move? we will debate it coming up next. ♪ don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy ♪ lighten up while you still can ♪ don't even try to understand ♪ just find
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♪ pete: we are back as it says right here with some headlines. turns out most americans aren't letting a case of the sniffles stop them from going to work. [sneeze] >> sweety, maybe you need to go home. >> i'm not going home. i cannot get sick right now. i have way too much to do. >> that's it. i'm taking you home. >> a new one poll survey finding 78% of americans feel they need to suck it up instead of staying home. a third of them also fear their boss won't let them take a sick day. and actress candace cammeron having a hard time ending fuller house. breaking down in tears while filming the final season telling, fans, quote, we are going through a grieving process because we love where we are and the people we work with. it's been a hard couple of days. if you remember netflix rebooted the 90's sitcom full house in 2016 but
5:46 am
original cast member lori loughlin stopped appearing on the show amid the college admission scandal. jed, down to you. jedediah: thanks, pete. one of the largest university system weighing a major change to admission requirements. university of california reportedly reexamining the use of standardized test scores in the process after mounting pressure from the social justice groups saying the test is discriminatory is this the right move? here to debate descrak strategist jason nichols and fox news contributor lawrence jones. jason, i want to start with you. are the sat and act discriminatory? >> well, i'm not sure that i would say they are discriminatory. the first thing i would say is they are not good predictors of success in college. that's been proven over and over again. grades are a much better indicator of whether someone will be successful. what we do know is wealthy children actually have an advantage when it comes to the sat, in particular because they are able to pay for prep courses that maybe
5:47 am
other kids aren't. which are really just a hack in order to maximize your score on the test. it doesn't show that you know anymore than anyone else. the other thing is that studies have shown that students from wealthy schools are three times more likely to get special accommodations on the test. in other words, thi they get untimed exams where the other kids are not doing that particularly when they are from a poorer school. there are many reasons why not to use the sat because it's not really a good predictor of anything. jedediah: lawrence though, does the sat and act were an effort to standardize because if you look at grades, then you have to take so much into account a school could be easier or harder. there are some factors that come into play. so what do you say to these charges that could be descridiscriminatory to standardized test. >> when it comes to test-taking i'm not big on test-taking period because i don't think you get the full measure. that being said, the issues with the test has nothing to
5:48 am
do with the discrimination for the test but for the area that the students are going to school. and many democrats are against school choice. when kids are going to failing school districts many times minorities aren't prepared when they go to take these test he is. if democrats would be for school choice and kids won't have to go to zip code schools even though they are failing schools and they could open up the marketplace where kids can go anywhere with their tax dollars. then when we see some competition in the process. but since they are so in the pocket of the teacher's unions, our kids aren't getting the quality education. when it's time to take those tests they are not prepared. many times we see a lot of these kids taking remedial courses for the first two years when that should be information that they learned in high school. jedediah: jason, if people are concerned about inequalities in the system, why not support school choice and give those families the opportunity to make those decisions that are best for their kids? >> well, i think school choice is a different issue. we certainly can talk about ways to improve education at
5:49 am
every level. i think i'm open-minded to many different ways to improve education for our kids at the k through 12 level. what we do know is that standardized testing is not working in terms of predicting success. >> brother, before you can -- before can you get to the next level, we have to make sure that our kids are adequately prepared to move onto the next level. >> sure. and so you guys are attacking a symptom and not going to the root of the problem, which is our kids aren't peepsd for the next level. and that's because it's a terrible education system right now. we know it's a terrible education system. but because the teachers unions have said they don't want school choice and don't want competition, you guys say okay. >> again, as i said, lawrence, i'm open to those kinds of conversations about ways to improve education at the k through 12 level. that's a different conversation. we were talking about the university of california and them doing away with standardized testing. jedediah: jason, it's not a
5:50 am
different conversation though. >> it is a very different conversation. jedediah: if they are talking about inequality in the system and attacking the test as a means to bring about inequality, then they should also look at how to combat inequality and democrats have for a very long time opposed the school choice which is the chief way that you can go in and that inequality. >> one of the things lawrence said that i would agree with is that there are many different ways to fix education not just through school choice. many things we need to do with standardized testing is not a way, a good predictor of success in college. jedediah: thank you both for being here. appreciate the spirited debate and we you have back. he has got spirit, yes, he do. this dad an active air force captain going viral for perfectly mimicking his daughter's cheer routine. up next, we will meet the dad and the daughter behind the viral video ♪ oh mickey you are so fine ♪ you blow my mind ♪ it's time to sell or trade in your car.
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♪ jedediah: this cheer dad has got the spirit. the virginia dad mimicking his daughter's every move on the football field. pete: she taught him the routine so he could perform in the bleachers, man did he deliver. the video is going viral. joining us now is that cheer dad air force captain and his daughter falcon's cheerleader mackenzie. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. ed: dad, what was it like to go viral and i wonder what your daughter thinks. i know my daughter gets embarrassed when i do stuff like that. >> it's been exciting, surreal, overwhelming, but it's been a fun experience. pete: mackenzie, you taught your father but did you anticipate the enthusiasm that was exuding from him in the stands? >> no, i didn't expect him to go that hard honestly.
5:55 am
it's just personality who he is though. [laughter] jedediah: dad, were you expecting this to go viral where now some people across the country are looking at you doing this amazing cheer? >> no, i wasn't. i didn't know about it until friday night when tha mackenzie came into our room said we were at 4,000 views and we watched over to the weekend grow and grow and here we are now. pete: captain, you have been in the air force for 22 years. you said you missed a lot of your kids' events but home for two years straight. part of this is hey i want to invest in my kids as much as i can while i'm there. >> that's absolutely right. i have missed a few seasons of softball for my other daughter and a couple seasons of mackenzie's cheer. my leadership, you know, colonel humphreys and colonel mcgehee gave meet opportunity to do dad duties. i take full advantage of it. ed: mackenzie, can you give us a last word on what your dad's great service to this nation means to you? >> just that he is home now and that he is able to support me.
5:56 am
ed: that's great. that's wonderful. he is doing it. and we salute the whole holland family and good luck the rest of the year. >> thanks so much. pete: thank you both so much. cool stuff. thank you for your service. >> thank you. pete: you don't always think about that the families serve alongside and it's vet that gets all the credit, daughters, sons, others are right there. ed: first lady melania trump and second lady karen pence have highlighted that with military families. top of the hour, republicans out with their brand new witness list for the impeachment hearings that start wednesday. we have the breaking details first. they are coming to fox at the top of the hour. you will see it here on "fox & friends."
5:57 am
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♪ >> something i never thought i would say, keep an eye on twining. >> someone is winning in the polls. >> we woke up and chose our red, white and blue tie, the wardrobe is not mad. it gives us a variety of ties. >> on instagram go to "fox and friends" accounts and stories at the top, there's a little pole. this means a lot to me. i need you to turn out, be there for me. i have a new show launching today at 12:00 noon eastern. i want to win on the first day. i don't want to lose. >> now your playing the empathy card.
6:01 am
>> the expressions on your faces is priceless. people just tuning in did this by accident, they walked out here, i didn't notice until the producers alerted me. >> we were trying to hide it, we were whispering as we were getting ready in the 5:00 hour and then she walked up and somehow she saw them both. our viewers are waiting in. i like both but it definitely -- >> you both have ties to match but do you have the shoes to match? they are the same color scheme. >> they both look great, not kidding, pretty good. >> second out on instagram. a big story breaking this morning. >> can i give it to our viewers? you were on the phone just now during the commercial break, senior republican source giving me some tidbits of the witness
6:02 am
list at 11:20 a.m. eastern. fox has it first just after 9 am. what is important about who the republicans want to call. adam schiff has veto power so -- the republicans have put hunter biden on the witness list as well is one of his partners at burisma. i'm told nelly ohr is on the list because they want to get a look at the entire investigation. and fusion gps, working at the justice department, very important, republicans also are going to be calling the whistleblower who is still anonymous. there are reports of who it may be. those have not been confirmed that they want the whistleblower as a witness. you can count on adam schiff blocking that and republicans will be calling as witnesses or trying, other people in the intelligence community who spoke to the whistleblower.
6:03 am
remember what we reported this morning that republicans want to call adam schiff, people on his staff spoke to the whistleblower himself or herself for people in their orbit after adam schiff at the beginning of this, he didn't know anything about the whistleblower so republicans want to pin him down and put him under oath. there is a lot of news breaking this morning. >> andrew mccarthy called this and impeachment show. the republicans can present those names but adam schiff with the gavilan the committee can overrule that. >> if he vetoes everything how do you go out there and say i'm calling for transparency and care about transparency but you don't let these people be heard? that will not be a good place for democrats to do that. >> republicans going on the counteroffensive, if you feel it is unfair, expect to hear more about these witnesses any minute now.
6:04 am
>> devon nunez demanding house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff testify behind closed doors. >> garrett tenney is all over this story with more on the escalating impeachment battle. >> devon nunez wants adam schiff to testify before the public testimony begins next week. adam schiff has been under fire after it was revealed the whistleblower had reached out to his office before the impeachment inquiry began. in a letter, devon nunez told adam schiff although he claims nothing inappropriate was discussed the 3 committees deserved to hear about the circumstances surrounding any discussions conducted with the whistleblower and any instructions issued regarding the discussion. despite that demand the gop source says adam schiff is not expected to testify but republicans plan to consider pressing for answers on what advice adam schiff gave the whistleblower, how many times they met and how many votes in
6:05 am
the discussions. donald trump is continuing to go after the whistleblower calling them a traitor and demanding their identity be revealed. >> the whistleblower is a disgrace to our country. of disgrace. because of that should be revealed and his lawyer who said the worst thing possible three years ago, he should be sued and maybe for treason. >> head of the public hearings next week donald trump is trying to argue not only is the impeachment inquiry not hurting him but making him stronger by energizing his base and you will see a lot of that from both sides over the next few weeks using public hearings to rally their base. >> setting the table for a big week ahead. >> a lot of things are how they are framed. that is why the frustration's
6:06 am
frustration on whistleblower, i call the most so-called whistleblower, depends on how you frame it, you can't touch me, i get to remain anonymous, then the information seems secretive and important when in reality we've seen the transcript, there was no quid pro quo and the president has been defending the phone conversation, they have to keep going on offense if they want to reframe the discussion. >> democrats need to figure out how to frame the impeachment hearing that is palpable to the public as we head into this election season. >> cbs news has an exclusive interview with nikki haley, former us ambassador to the united nations, not always on the same page with all administration policy. she is someone you might think might raise question about the president's conduct.
6:07 am
to the contrary, and this does not rise to the level of impeachment. >> asking for a favor, giving money, i don't know what you would impeach him on. impeachment is like the death penalty for a public official. when you look at the transcript there is nothing in the transcript that warrants the death penalty for the president. the biggest thing that bothers me is the american people should decide this. why bunch of people in congress are making this decision. >> obviously you look ahead at republican politics. taking a look and keeping her options down the road but she is backing up the president. this should not rise to the level of impeachment, he has gone favor by saying a was perfect. maybe, maybe not.
6:08 am
>> if you don't like the a or maybe he could have said it better that is not what we are talking about but whether it rises to the level of impeachment, they say the call - is there something that is an impeachable offense. >> death penalty? they said the russian investigation would be the end of his presidency. there was nothing, to call it a death penalty there is real damage being done. and the institutions, the president might be impeached by the house of representatives, will not -- >> what she meant is it should be the death penalty, such a serious thing but this is not. >> the thrust of her comments are defending but to say it is a death sentence or death
6:09 am
penalty this is a guy who would likely get reelected even if impeached in the house of representatives which would be a first in american history. you are just a little skeptical. nikki haley has been on all sides of the president so what does she mean? >> some headlines was a father daughter hero, kidnapping and sexual assault, california deputies say the las vegas woman was left to die in the desert but was rescue just in time near edwards air force base. >> a vicious case in a house inside a room and left, just during a routine check. she is lucky to be alive. >> they are both in jail, deputies say they knew her but are searching for a motive. abc facing backlash after an accused leaker says she was wrongly fired. ashley was accused of leaking a video in which abc anchor amy
6:10 am
roback spiked a bombshell jeffrey epstein story. when the video was recorded, she explained her side in an interview with megan kelly. >> i don't know what i have been accused of. it was devastating. police are still inside. >> project a verrucous says this was not their source. wheel of fortune host pat sajak is recovering after a blocked intestine. a get well message to the long so host who will miss two weeks of work. that await will take over hosting in the interim and because the show is currently taping disney week, mickey mouse and friends will handle that with normal duties. the robotic dogs out for a stroll. look at the doglike bots
6:11 am
running around the massachusetts campus during a friendly soccer match. the robot dog weighs 30 pounds and virtually indestructible. has someone seen the terminator? that is a scary dog. what happens? that is not a dog. >> who are you to decide that's not dog? four legs and walking around. >> you can relate. to take over the world you might have to fight them. >> were might help us take over the world. let you handle this. as democrats obsess over impeachment the next guest says they are ignoring real problems like what is happening at the southern border. republican congressman on what congress is not doing. i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy,
6:12 am
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6:15 am
>> we are back with a fox news alert, sources tell that henry republicans have released the witnesses they would like to call in the impeachment inquiry. on that list, hunter biden and one of his partners at burisma, nelly ohr. rob spannoh is here to react, the whistleblower, in the intelligence community. they are prepared to go back on the offense. >> thank you for having me. happy saturday. i'm excited to see these witnesses they placed on the list, finally we have an opportunity to get to the bottom of what is going on and round out some of the evidence, a very 1-sided sham of a process.
6:16 am
let's hope chairman schiff will about these witnesses to testify. >> you let off what my next question is going to be, chairmanship. behind closed doors with unclassified material, could have been done in public. what makes you believe this list should make him change his tune at all? >> i have to be honest i'm not optimistic it will make him change his tune after we vote on a resolution, no last week which comported to create a new transparent and open process. as i fly home from the border there were a number of depositions taking place this week that were closed. and from numbers of the hearing a few weeks ago that chairman schiff, and the process was so 1-sided.
6:17 am
i'm not optimistic, it will be open and transparent, i am betting he will reject these witnesses. we will see what happens but i don't think he will. >> this may be in public, totally rigged. to the border in a second, a great piece at , people watching this process play out, the weight is perceived in the public is important if you are going to make the case for impeachment. how are average americans viewing this process? >> they are disgusted. been home all week, been to local meetings in the district and without exception every person i spoke to is disgusted, and representatives in congress, what they are were elected to do, the problems we have including issues at the southern border. >> an opinion piece entitled this.
6:18 am
democrats assist with impeachment ignore border crisis. you are one of the authors of that piece. and with 5, most trafficked portion of the southern border. to see the things being done by the president including construction of a new piece of wall that was encouraging but great vulnerability that democrats are not addressing. after the first 5 months of this past year saying there was no crisis at the border finally in june they acknowledged there was when a bipartisan majority, the house and the senate voted to provide emergency, nancy pelosi called for the third time to reject the president's emergency crisis. how can you vote in favor of
6:19 am
funding and say there is no crisis. one month into the new fiscal year, we don't have one annual budget bill that was signed into law, the appropriations package is not considered by the house and none of those budget plans, they don't give money to secure the border. the defense budget bill had language that specifically precludes the use of money for the border. an absolute rejection of what is going on, turning your backs on what the american people want and worse than that continuing impeachment obsession and not solving real problems. >> nancy pelosi tried to say in the beginning, and do the things elected to do. all the focus is on impeachment, not getting anything else done. thank you for going to the
6:20 am
border. >> happy veterans day. >> thank you. michael bloomberg taking a step to make a 2020 bid official. eric holder might get into the race too. what does this say about the current field of candidates. ♪ i'm bad. you're stronger than you know. so strong. you power through chronic migraine, 15 or more headache or migraine days a month. one tough mother. you're bad enough for botox®. botox® has been preventing headaches and migraines before they even start for almost 10 years, and is the #1 prescribed branded chronic migraine treatment. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms.
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>> a rare moment of quiet in hong kong, a vigil from those heard in the demonstrations.
6:24 am
many demanding revenge, after a high fall. many were sparked by the government's attempt at passing a beijing extradition bill. the fall of the berlin wall, chancellor angela merkel joined hundreds at the last remnant of the divisive wall and later candle at the monument to the victims of communist tear running. this includes the unveiling and rightfully so of a bronze statue of ronald reagan. michael bloomberg making his run for president all but official, the billionaire businessman filing as a candidate for the presidential primary amid reports that former attorney general eric holder is considering jumping in the race. and candidates already running. richard fowler, fox news
6:25 am
contributor liz peek. i want to start with you. we have a great field, it is really amazing. any one of these people can beat donald trump, doesn't sound like michael bloomberg agrees. >> here's the truth. the truth of the matter is we have a good field of candidates and of other folks want to join the race the water is warm. if you talk to the campaigns, the biden campaign what you are going to hear is they see no problem with bloomberg. you have to run with a coalition. you have to have college-educated white folks, african-americans, and where bloomberg will suffer is to answer to african-american and brown voters. and folks who live in new york city. the african-american voters are not coalesced on one candidate but there's an opportunity for bloomberg but the opportunity
6:26 am
is very slim, and few and far between. >> what about the fact that bloomberg is putting on a big problem for democrats but they are growing nervous that elizabeth warren or bernie sanders can beat joe biden and this lurch to the left on medicare for all, green new deal seems like bloomberg and people on wall street, moderate and independents are concerned about that. >> they are very concerned. the most telling example of wireless with warren worries that ms. the polling in the swing states that they absolutely have to win to win the election in 2020. elizabeth warren does not do well in those states and doesn't do well with donald trump. now biden does do well but what we have seen in the last few months is a surge in elizabeth warren's popularity, attracting great crowds and great money which joe biden is not.
6:27 am
i think joe biden is leading in the national polls, he's not leading in the first two states, new hampshire and iowa and his candidacy looks frail. he's not able to raise money and attract big crowds. >> that would be a problem if we had joe biden as an only candidate. we have other candidates like pete buttigieg who is he a rise in the polls, going to rally school of individuals, full of americans trying to his perspective on how to make the country better. our field is booming and what we know, any of our candidates will beat donald trump. >> we have breaking news, i don't mean to interrupt. maybe that is an alert about this was we broke these details a couple moments ago about who the republicans are calling as witnesses for these impeachment hearings. hunter biden's business partner from burisma, the was a blower involved, people involved in
6:28 am
the beginning of the 2016 election investigation. tim morrison, kurt volcker and david hale, since richard got the point, i will listen to you. i'm intrigued by hunter biden which you can weigh in but the fact that republicans want to hear from the last three diplomats and trump officials the democrats had in. it tells me the republicans think those officials have exculpatory information that helps donald trump. >> republicans are incensed that adam schiff has carefully leaked and published the transcripts that are helpful to democrats. their contention is, and if you read the transcripts will find out this is true, that basically the public at large is not being presented with both sides of the argument. people like voelker who presented a more exculpatory testimony basically haven't been heard from. in terms of hunter biden and
6:29 am
devon archer they are at the heart of a controversial effort on the part of the vice president's son when biden was the point man in ukraine, to profit off of his father's position. i doubt it was illegal. >> let's give richard a fair shot. of this is a fair investigation should we have hunter biden in? the president says he just wanted to root out corruption in ukraine and maybe hunter biden did not do anything wrong but we haven't heard from him other than the one interview, why not get hunter biden and find out what happened? >> we know he did nothing wrong. it will backfire against republicans. it doesn't look away the facts of the case, on july 25th the president got a phone call with the ukrainian primacy. while that was happening he withheld congressionally allocated money and asked the prime minister to do him a favor, to look a political dirt on his opponent. none of these take away from
6:30 am
those fundamental facts of what is up for debate, do this president engage in a quid pro quo, is it a violation of campaign-finance laws in the country and that is what the debate is about. and those fundamental facts. >> some of these witnesses have said there was not a quid pro quo and what republicans are looking for is that message to get out there because it -- the closed-door hearings and secretive nature of this investigation up to now has not presented republicans with an opportunity. >> there's nothing that says there wasn't a quid pro quo because the white house transcript says there was a quid pro quo. >> the president would dispute that. they have a chance to put it all out in public view which republicans have been calling for. let's see what happens at the hearings. in a couple hours the president
6:31 am
heading south to lsu alabama game. todd pyro is there with the major matchup. we will go there live. and an important celebration of veterans day, check out our knowledge, how much we know about america and our military next.
6:32 am
6:33 am
6:34 am
♪ the whole wide world is raining down on you
6:35 am
>> the fox sports production include setting up shop at the us military academy. >> live from the campus in honor of veterans day at military bases. >> more than 2000 cadets will be in attendance previewing sunday's game, to our show starts tomorrow at 11 am eastern on fox. you can do that and i will have my show at 12:00 noon eastern after that. go to foxwoods for a couple minutes and then over to that. >> tailgating right now from tuscaloosa, alabama and having a real good time. >> reporter: this place was amazing to begin with. you have alabama, lsu and the president decides to show up
6:36 am
making this a wild day. a little controversy surrounding that because the alabama student government said we don't want anybody being disruptive. people took that to mean don't protest, just don't fight so you can keep your seats for the remainder of the year. let's get to what people here think of the president's visit. what does it mean? >> an honor to have him down here. we love trump, he is our man, he is doing so much for our country and an honor for him to be here today. >> reporter: what is the reaction? >> going to be great, everyone here is going to love trump, this is trump country. >> reporter: what does it mean to have lsu and alabama under one tends to tailgate? >> two top teams in the country and we are honored to tailgate with each other. >> reporter: brandy, for you? >> dogs and cats, what can the
6:37 am
nation learn when it comes to people coming together? >> love, honor and respect and roll tide. >> reporter: roll tide on one hand. all i can say is crawfish. >> shrimp. >> they love my crawfish. >> if you go to food you've got to get it right. that is funny. an important fox news alert, republicans releasing their witness list first broken on "fox and friends," this data of the impeachment hearing. at the top of the list hunter biden and his business partner devon archer at burisma, hunter biden sat on the board, $180,000 a month. republicans want to talk to nelly ohr. also on the list the
6:38 am
whistleblower. members of the intel community who talked to the whistleblower, a former dnc staffer, former white house official, state department official david hale, ukraine diplomat kurt volcker, some of those officials have exculpatory information is why republicans want to bring him in. adam schiff has power to veto the republicans request. in the meantime we know what caused three infants to dina pennsylvania hospital. equipment used to measure donor breastmilk was contaminated. eight premature babies were infected with the bacteria. the hospital made changes to its equipment distributing donor milk and has not had any new infections since. what a tragedy. the retirement community being invaded by wild turkeys just in time for thanksgiving. residents a 3 dozen of them are aggressively wandering.
6:39 am
>> many times, they look at you and want to fight you. >> i said go home. the jersey shore community has reached out to state officials in hopes of keeping them away and those are your gobble gobble headlines. >> what do you mean? >> what will you eat on thanksgiving? >> what about that lady? >> we never want you to go away. some extreme weather out there and we want to get the details. >> a lot of the country dealing with really cold weather, the coldest we have seen this year and probably breaking some records for coldest temperatures for this time of year. it is cold out there. happy anniversary. keep traveling. one person on the road all the time, looking good in this
6:40 am
picture. there you go. that is how you look good. the cold air settled in the southeast, feels like 33 in atlanta, 42 in new orleans, definitely cold. the cold front across parts of florida, some showers today. nothing too horrible but the cold air behind that moving across the great lakes, lake effect snow over the next couple days. colder a prospect of the southeast. i want to show you cold air, a couple storms move through and we will see some snow as far south as tennessee. >> in honor of veterans day we test our knowledge to see who knows the most about america. you to quiz us is the host of fox nation the quiz show.
6:41 am
otherwise known as adam schiff. >> i don't know what you are talking about. the oldest us service academy is the us military academy, the us naval academy or the us air force academy. i didn't feel buzz in. it beat you with the budget. >> the military academy. >> what have we got to give the us military academy. that is right. you've got to hit those. wait until i finish. which was not one of the original 13 colonies, rhode island, vermont or new hampshire? we had and once again. >> i will go for vermont. that is right. >> the 13 colonies. i will look over my notes. how many versions of the us
6:42 am
flag have there been, >> pete got this one.
6:43 am
>> no chance on that one. >> awesome always. >> i do play adam schiff and there will be more this weekend. >> now through veterans day, fox nation will donate $5 and provide scholarships. >> that is awesome. check it out. >> democrats taking control in virginia and going after a gun rights. ♪
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> virginia could take guns from law-abiding citizens after route northron says he's ready to tackle a number of anti-gun laws now that democrats are in
6:47 am
power. from virginia, lieutenant colonel daniel gates. what exactly do democrats have in mind when it comes to guns? >> the first principle of my campaign is promote individual liberty and the rest of the principles, what they are trying to do is restrict civil liberties. the gun rights are women's rights, gun rights are minority rights and gun rights are rural and urban people's rights. when you need to protect yourself against a criminal and need to protect yourself against the tyranny that comes from individual crime you need a firearm to do that and what democrats try to do is restrict commonly owned and perfectly legally possessed firearms in the name of some kind of nonsense agenda dreamed up by michael bloomberg and his group in new york. >> let's look at specific
6:48 am
policies, universal background checks, a ban on the sale of semi automatic firearms and high-capacity magazines and limit purchases to one gun a month and a red flag law. when you hear those things how do you think they will be received by the citizens of virginia? >> with the two of those. the one a talk about is banning high-capacity magazines. they say high-capacity but they need standard capacity. most have a capacity of 15 rounds, they will restricted to 7 to 10. that is one example. another one is red flag laws, they sound great, keep guns out of the hands of people who don't need them but red flag laws are easily abused, they are unconstitutional because they prohibit people from having the right to defend themselves against false accusations. red flag laws are ineffective and a way of taking people's
6:49 am
rights without any due process. >> what is your plan of action to combat this? on the national stage in the election the democrats coming forward on the presidential stage in the debate and saying we will confiscate your guns, no explanation how it will happen. what will be the best talking point to combat that when speaking to the citizens of virginia? >> we need to acknowledge people are worried about gun violence and that makes complete sense. shootings in schools, shootings and malls, all of that is horrifying and we should be worried about that but the truth is the vast majority of gun violence is gaining on gang violence, suicide and things like that. let's take stock of what the actual problem is and the candidate for u.s. senate virginia, i will not lie to the people of virginia. when he ran initially he was endorsed by the nra, said i'm in favor of gun rights and he has flip-flopped. in november last year or january he wrote an op-ed saying i changed my mind and semi automatic weapons are bad
6:50 am
and against my principles. he and all the statewide democrats for the longest time have been lying to people. not just the kkk robes the things like policy preferences like gun prevention measures. i will tell the truth for sure. >> do you think the people of virginia are on your side? >> absolutely. they have a long history. our state motto, thus always a tyrant. these measures among others are another form of tierney we see again and again from the hard left. on the presidential level and now the state level. >> we appreciate your take. next, a very sweet treat, everything is chocolate. we reveal what is coming up straight ahead. ♪ to the outside world, you look good,
6:51 am
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>> the world's largest chocolate event is coming to new york city and we have a preview of all the fun. >> here to show us how to make amazing chocolate treats, at harlem chocolate factory, welcome. >> thank you so much. >> what can we do at home? >> the easiest thing to do is make a quick ganache, take high-quality chocolate and heat up some cream, poor that right over the chocolate, let that sit for a minute or two and it is already melting. >> that is what ganache means.
6:55 am
>> chocolate and cream and so simple and the way to elevate something at home. you can buy at hardshell very easily at the store and this is chocolate and cream and how you elevate it, you can sprinkle a little sea salt and cocoa, anything you have around the house. >> nicely. >> thank you so much. >> we are bringing in a costume designer and pastry chef, and model rebecca. we will see what is going on. >> this wonderful festival, the cocoa school, we get prepared with a pastry chef and costume
6:56 am
designer, designed a dress and we collaborate together and came up with his creation made of chocolate. >> that is really awesome. >> we are going to bring in the chocolate genius, these are our faces, how did we do? pretty good. the "fox and friends" logo. >> in the chrysler building. >> on the far left. >> great job. amazing work. >> jessica, paul, happy chocolate. "fox and friends" a minute away. rand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. can you tell me the story again? every family has their own unique story. give your family the chance to discover theirs this holiday season,
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so you can... retire better. >> programming alert, we have a 1-hour show, with ed henry, going to be interesting because
7:00 am
the president is heading to alabama. we are standing by with cameras and go to him live. not enough edge. we will see you tomorrow. two of the three. neil: naming names. we have a few of them. fox news learning the names of republicans who want to testify in the upcoming impeachment program. hunter biden and the ukraine whistleblower among them. will democrats approve them? they have veto power, and how much anyone hears. i am neil cavuto, the listed names and the light of day. >> reporter: fox news obtained a copy of the gop witness wish list and


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