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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  November 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> hello america i'm mark levin life, liberty and levin congressman how are you? pencht congress, matthewgate good to see you fellas. well the other day i had quite a little session on the floor of the house of representatives. every democrat but two voted for what they call t a resolution. and eve republican voted against it and two democrats joined you and i want to get into this in a moment because j i see a lot of propaganda here where democrats are say we're doing the same
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thing with bill clinton and fun thing is i have both resolutions. they're doing exactly the opposite. before we get to that, i agree with the president. we have to talk a little bit about substance in the substance of this phone call. we have the phone call. i don't know what we need witnesses for. but witness why can't we read english and can we reason and digest this stuff in so i need a -- whistle-blower to tell me what i'm reading and lieutenant kernel no solet read one of the sentences they say is the troubling if sentence. all right -- now this is deep into the conversation. in fact, it is near then end of the conversation with the president say to the the president of the ukraine, the other thing there's a lot of talk about bideen son that biden tstopped the prosecution a lotf people want to find out about that. so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if
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you can lookk into it, it sounds horrible is that not a public fact representative gates that inbiden was bragging about fact that he stopped prosecution? of course. >> and we've learned over the course of these interviews that the democrats defense that while there were all of these international organizations that also.pd thed prosecutor gone is bogus because those international organizations were reacting to what was t emanating from united states. awhere joe biden specifically wanted to get rid of a prosecutor in exchange for aid. a quid pro quo, and by the way, oftentimes in american foreign policy, we demand things in exchange for aid, but what joe biden did was a little odd. because it seemed to be directly related to investigations of his family and his son and mark how in the hell is is the united states of america supposed to pursue an anticorruption agenda globally if the second family of the united states is running a hepay for play scheme out of the
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vice president office? >> congressman brooks do you have a problem with the president said here? efnlgt no absolutely not. i think that president and hope that every president would try to fair it out corruption wherever it may exist, and in this particular instance we have a video that the public can look ptat in which joe biden is on t, boasting about about how he was wise holding billion dollars of american taxpayer's money from the ukraine conditioned on ukraine within six hours firing the prosecutor at the time was in charge of numerous corruption investigations to include one of the employer of joe biden son who was being paid $50,000 a month for who knows what if not influencing the united states government to perhaps do things we should not be doing. so i'm thankful that the president of the united states is trying to fair it out corruption wherever it may exist. and if you have the investigation that the president was asking for, there are two
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outcomes. one is that biden family is clear. nothing unethical nothing corrupt. fine. that helps biden doesn't hurt him. but the other outcome of an investigation is that there was corruption, there is that kind of evidence there's a prosecution, and heaven help us if e we're not going to try to prosecute corruption that may go all the way n to the white house which it would have if that's the finding with joe biden being vice president of the united states. >> one thing that surprised me was that almost every other democratic presidential campaign rushed to joe biden's defense in the absence of any facts and so i wonder as democrats ultimately sleeked select a nominee i don't think it will be joe bieldzen will they all come to deeply regret the fact that they just reflexively oppose trump and fthat bad afnghts were not defensible, and will hunter biden now no longer just be a smear on b joe biden and also be
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smearing the integrity of all of the other democratic presidential candidate? >> here's what i say p see and let me get your take own this. it's okay to have a special counsel pointed to investigate a president of the united states even though that appointment violated justice department regulation. it was no criminal pretext. two and a half year investigation $40 million as if it never happened. president of the united states clear -- no allegation that they wanted to even bring an disiement they said well there's ten example of obstruction why didn't you recommend indictment even you koangt bringga one? because there was no charge that could have been brought. we have a president of the united states t who has been the subject of a subpoena campaign about his bank records. tax return -- his businesses, his family, his communications with his
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accountant and clause nobody heard it have that clause before. thrown out by a circuit court under constant relentless attack a russia came to nothing. all of a sudden if ukraine thing happened and now i've been around long enough you've bander congress these things don't just happen. all of a sudden ukraine hits the table.e. not ukraine because ukraine interfered in 2016 election according to politico in "new york times" to help hillary clinton and hurt trump that's a fact but now ukraine how did we get to this? >> i believe that the crane knockout sequel to russia hoax is a direct consequence of the humiliation that adam schiff, a lot of folks on the left and frankly the mainstream media feel after pedaling a lie for two and a half years about this president. they set the bar so high -- they said they have more circumstantial evidence that trump was acting at russia it
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was total nonsense so rather than doing whatta we should be doing, finding out why this corrupt investigation began, and to the president, democrats and their allies in mainstream media try to disact us with this ukraine nonsenseha look we don't need hours and hours of testimony so that the american people can interpret what is clearly before us in the transcript of this call. american people can read that call and e can understand there's nothing illegal at all it be. that it is entirely appropriate for the president to be rooting out corruption and where we have a joe biden problem, that is joe biden's fault not president trump's fault. >> i'm also confused about this joe bidessen stuff are you immune from investigation because you decide you want to run for office and you might be the opponent of the president of the united states and therefore had, the president of the united states talking to the the president of another country -- shouldn't elicit even suggest you might want to look into
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something that's in the public realm. that's the president of the united states trying to get a foreign country to interfere in the election. you could turn that on the head of any politician run for any time a politician or another candidate says or elected official might. the to lookou at this. this is in public record you're interfering with election you should be expelled and impeached. you should be removed. is that how it works? >> it should not work that way let's be clear about about what democratic argument is. if you h happen to be running fr public office, against someone that is doing investigation of you or prompghting an investigation of you, you absole immunity that cannot be sound public policy yet that is exactly what what the democrats are arguing for that because joe biden happens to be a democrat candidate for the presidency, by the one that i don't think has much of a prairp given the makeup of the democratic primary but putting that aside for all moment, given that situation he is not entitled to immunity from
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his had prior remarks about having held a billion dollars in aid to ukraine as hostage in order to stop or interfere with an investigation of a company that paying his son $50,000 a month. to me -- american taxpayers have a right to know whether hunt per biden was earning that money or if the purposee of that 50,000 per monh payment was to influence american foreign policy through his dad who happen to be vice president of the united states. now with respect to this other issue that we just touched on, understand that democrat goal in all of this. they have said before president trump was inaugurated that they want had to impeach him. of course they want to succeed in subsequent elections. and so with the russian collusion hoax that they put together they were enable to come up with evidence, the information to establish that
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this was anything more than a hoax. but they were able to use it to influence the 2018 locations. so they were not punished by american people. for having committed this fraud the fake news media was not punished by american people or having committed this fraud. in fact, at least with respect to they democrats, they have ben rewarded for having committed this fraud. and that kind of reward is prompghting them to use the russian collusion hoax 2.0 which involves ukraine. that's all it is, is a hoax motivated by an effort to influence a 2020 elections where the socialist can take the house, the white house -- and the senate impose their policies on freedom loving americans. that's why we have to fight. >> isn't he right isn't this about 020 they know this is going nowhere in the senate they want to push the trial into the the general election. they want to put that scarlet letter yietion on the president far ahead so when he's running
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they're not talking about destroying our had health care system under some government-run program. keeping our borders open -- eviscerating united states military taxing every man, woman, child in this country aves their households and so forth. isn't it true even look today all we talk about is impeachment. i guess the question so to you mark would be what had qowtd the democrats use to galvanize their point toand not infrastructure plane be able to point to their health care plan and able to point to sound policy on trade, of course not. they haven't done anything and so this is the copout for the lack of an agenda that impacts the lives of the american people. this house democratic group has geissued more subpoenas than thy have past bills. and so when they run back to their districts and michigan and pennsylvania -- and florida, i don't know what they're going to tell people who were promised especially in
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these districts that donald trump won that they're a member of congress and work with president to try to help folks instead they're caving to the mostll radical fringes of the lt democrat base because i think they're afraid of them and nancy pelosi is specifically afraid of the squad led group. >> you know most of the so-called monarchs in republican districts or trump district said they would vote against for pelosi for speaker and for her and not vote for anything like this. every one of them but two voted for this. so that's going to be their scarlet letter. >> that's an important point, though. the only bipartisan vote that occurred was a bipartisan vote to shut this garbage down there was no ability for the democrats to be able to convince a single republican that what they were doing was in the best interest of the country and i am sick and tired of the crocodile tears on the ukraine if this was really about ukraine where will all of the democrats with barack obama withhold aid from the ukraine
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indefinite ofly where are democrats when we have 250 million dollars in military aid for the ukraine in our national defense bill that moe and i worked in arm service ises committee and they won't bring that bill to the floor. because they're so obsessed with going after donald trump for temporarily withholding ukraine aid that they're actually withholding more aid to the ukraine. >> don't forget folks to check out levin tv, levin tv most weeknights you can join us by calling 844-levin tv, 84-levin tv or blaze tv -- mark we'll be right back. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty...
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health legislators a bill that require people to do things in order to get money whether it is domestic or foreign i hear had elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and the rest of them say israel youe better agree to a two-state solution but we're not to back anymore to foreign aid. isn't that a quid pro quo? >> absolutely. >> and don't we do this all of the time? >> absolutely if we don't we're l q fooled. by the way if we give aid to people with no expectation that
4:18 pm
they're going adhere to our values, to our goals and a particular area, why in the world would by ever give the aid entire point of aid is to ensure that we have a more cooperative productive arrange the with a country that we might not have without the aid soy guess we would have to ask folk on far left would you really borrow money from china to go give it to another country with no expectation that we would even articulate a goal to help the american people seems foolish. >> yowing ukraine now obsessing over russia and what we were obsessing over russia about -- not hillary clinton and the dnc and fusion gps and christopher steele, and the fisa court all of the rest somehow that was bifurcated by media and democrats, we're doing this tben with ukraine all of a suddenou we're interested in ukraine. i have an article here. second full paragraph you're crane i can government official tried to help hillary clinton
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and undermine trump. i publicly questioning his fitness for office they also documents with a top aid in corruption and suggested that they were investigating the matter only to back away after the election. and they helpedded clinton allies research damaging information on trump and his advisors a political investigation found that ukrainian american operative who was consulting for dnc met with officials and ukraine embassy in washington in an effort to expose ties between trump, top campaign manafort and russia according to people with direct knowledge of the situation and had an impact in race helping to force the manafort resignation with the narrative that the trump campaign was deeply connected to ukraine foes to the east, russia. tell me are the democrats mr. schiff, mr. pad her and whomever -- looking into any of this? >> no. of course not had it does not advance their own political agenda same thing with the
4:20 pm
mainstream news media cnn or ormsnbc or new york time or washington postda an lost had partiality, they now are the communications arm of these socialist movement in the united states of america. and well, what we have to do as elected officials and hopefully folks like yourself and you're doing a great job of it and others of like mind who understand that foundational principles that have helped make pus greatest nation in history what we have to do is try to overcome that onslot of media power ande political power to make sure that the public gets the right message. so you cannot depend on the mainstream news media or the powers that be in the the house of representatives to explore this kind of information because that does not help them achieve their social fist agenda. >>ing nothing shows this more than focus of the mueller investigation. robert mueller was initially tasked task evaluated all election
4:21 pm
interference in 2016 presidential contest yetng whati asked him the very direct question that you just asked us -- well, these efforts through the steal dossier to influence the election were those part of some foreign interference campaign you know what mueller said not in my purview or something i was looking at so everything in this town is tilted to try to delegitimatize president trump because he's changing things the way we look at things. we have these bureaucrats, these career diplomats giving testimony in the basement of the capitol saying well, we're certain that trump was doing something improper. you know what this is really, mark it is a policy disagreement because you've got those folks that all wentea to the same liberal universities. that all kind of cycle through the same left leaning think tanks that end up in reinvolving door of government at some point and they think their view of the world is the only acceptable view of the world you know what, drurch didn't campaign to somebody who waser going to go post up on russia every chance
4:22 pm
he got. he campaigned to a guy to cooperate wear cooperation it was appropriate. now you canning agree with that or you can disagree request that. i frankly think that russia is is not our friend. i believe they are a foe. but that's r not the decision fr some pun elected member of the diplomat pick court to make. that's the decision for the president to make. flearn when they don't like his decision, they have two options. follow orders, or resign web and instead what you saw was a group of these people conspire together, run to the apron of adam schiff and then collude to create this story that president trump had done something improper or just a bunch of people who want their judgment to be substituted for the judgment of the duly elected president that's the the real reason donald trump was legitimated president. to stop this circumstance where it didn't matter which political party won election it was same special interest and the same mentalal paradigm that govern te day and grateful we have a president that looks at things
4:23 pm
differently and work or get out of them from our goth? >> isn't he right two happening happening with this impeachment farce trying to buildld up a lit of bureaucrat and others who disagreeed with them disagreed with them. you know i went to the white house counsel's office and i said i'm concerned about this call so what -- we now have the call. well, i was ambassador they were say bad thing about me and i was holdover by obama and they forced me out so what. you should have the goen out nag. wow look he's not listening to career -- so what there's a lot of presidents who has rudy going back to george washington. who had second channels because of the bureaucracy in the state department. democrats include and then other channel they seem to be mess around in impeachment every time athey issue a subpoena or makea demanding if you don't agree immediately agreene that's on instruction s so we have a whole list of obstruction people who aren't sure and under
4:24 pm
separation of power, people who are being told different things people who want to go to court to check ite out. you know what i'm adam schiff i'm king of the world you know what that's obstruction so they line up obstruction so they zoo say see this ukraine president interfering with election asking you're crane for help. quid pro quo and look at this we've never had so much obstruction in the history of the presidency i want your answer when is we come back and we'll be right back. he wanted someone super quiet. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with renters insurance. ♪ yeah, geico did make it easy to switch and save. ♪ oh no. there's a wall there now. that's too bad. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be. should mean being bhealthy enough to act young.
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live from america news head wears i'm jon scott, president trump was taking in some college football earl years today. the president and first lady received mostly warm welcome from crowd attending face yop between louisiana and state in tuscaloosa. a much different scene from the the boos had had the go at game five world series and mixed reaction at a mma fight his third sporting event in more than two weeks. germany marks 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall. the wall built in 1961 divided east and west germany. it is collapse was beginning of the end of communism in eastern europe held one last bit of the wall that was still remaining marking hishing occasion i'm l jon sot see you tomorrow for the "fox report." now back to life, liberty, and levin.
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yo know histories and look back on this and i've studied johnson impeachment nixon and clinton. give this a very, very low mark. and what's happened to this president what's been happening to this president. and this big spectacle to vote on thursday -- they don't know what to call it. it is impeachment inquiry -- no, nope. why is that? well you know we have 30 memories may not like the word impeachment okay well what -- we're formallyizing the process, formalizing what process? let's talk it be because i heard this guy and others saying my comment and lie through their teeth about what's in this resolution 7 and a half pages long. so even they should understand what it says. this is what it say. resolution -- doesn't say impeachment inquiry resolution but resolution it says house authorizes the committee on judiciary when it eventually gets there from the
4:30 pm
intelligence committee and it will give them a report. and then knadler kicks in again. to conduct proceedings relating to impeachment inquiry reference in first section of this resolution, pursuant to procedure submitted for precincting in congressional record, by the p chair of the committee on rules. including such procedures as to allow for participation of the president in his counsel. that's all it says that president and counsel. and i keep hearing democrats on tv say it is the as clinton now all right let me read you clin this is what it says, this is october 7, 19 98 just section n the president. it says in part the committee adopted by voice vote a number of protection for the president. the president and his counsel shall be invited to attend all executive sessions and open committee hearings. the president counsel may cross examine witnesses. the president's counsel may make
4:31 pm
had obstructions regarding of evidence and invited to suggest that committee receive additional evidence. lastly, the the president or president counsel shall be invited to respond to the evidence that by the committee at an appropriate time. did you hear that? this? so what writes president counsel have we have no idea?ha >> as if democrats where a process to create the least amount of access to evidence to try to hide the ball for as long as possible, and i think that reason that's the case is because the evidence is not very good and it is not getting any better. we keep come back to where you began the show. all americans can read this transcript between president trump and president -- all american can hear president himself say that he felt no pressure and that there was no improper conduct directed at his administration. and so now as a consequence of that eroding case for the democrats, they'ved got to do
4:32 pm
everything they can to stack the deck. i serve on judiciary committee they wanted to impeach the president over the mueller report in the judiciary committee but we show the american people what a sham that was. the mueller hearing, the lewandowski you remember when they brought john dean back the ghost from christmas past they were all night per the democrats and so now instead of pushing information out they're trying to draw information in web and keep it from the rest of us and that ought to tell us a lot about what is really going on here. this is not a substantive case against the president. it is an effort to distract from the fact that these people lied to our country for two and a half years about russia. when we talk about this resolution let me emphasize something -- i'm a former prosecutor district attorney also been on defense attorney side, i've litigated in probably half of the state united states of america on the civil side, with commercial litigation. and there are rules in place that help ensure that you have a
4:33 pm
process that maximizes the chance that judges and juries will get proptive evidence to help them determine what truth is when they get to their verdict. and what you have with the process that the democrats are now using is so badly tainted everything that is going on in that process should be disguarded it should start anew it should be done in public where american people can see it, where i can n see it as unid states congressman representing 700,000 people from the state of alabama and if democrats aren't going to do that and with this resolution that recently passed, about they are not doing that, there is no requirement that there be public proceedings physician. it appear it is that schiff is going to continue in this subterranean basement of the united states capitol secret star chamber type proceedings where public can't see it then we're at the loss to come to proper judgment. and that's why process is so important and why the democrats
4:34 pm
ought to be abidings. by a procs that will enhance our ability to determine what the truth is by way of example. if you can't see a witness when they make a statement and all you can do is read what's on a piece ofne paper you have been deprived as an observer of your common sense that enable you to look at a person and help form a judgment as to whether those words are truce, or false -- so qhea the democrats are doing is a complete sham. they're doing it this ways for political reasons because they want to t enhance their maximum impact ability on the 2020 elections. it is not about removing president trump from office. it is about taking the senate keeping that house of representatives and taking over the white housemp in imposing their socialist views that they cannot get if american people are talking about public policy issues. >> let me come back to ask you about about how yeedz has been playing this because media is not so concerned about secret testimony anymore due process, do they? we'll be right back.
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>> congressman brooks congressman gates, the media -- you know, i remember when jim was thrown out of the white house. there was still billion reporters reporting on what was taking there and media circle wagon and sued under first amendment and hired ted sol and attacking freedom of the press now you have a committee chairman, presses allow in the room what had so far. the only man that get out is what he leak and had his people leak to "the new york timeses" and t other media -- that's the headline, other media pick it up they run with the same thing. they don't really know what's going on and in there either they know what they've been told. i don't't hear a damn thing abot first amendment. i don't hear media groups litigating going to federal district court i don't see the media association jumping up and down. they're fine with it.
4:40 pm
why are they fine with it? >> i believe that far too many people in the washington media have given up journalism and instead of taken on role of advocate say they don't believe their job is to report on what is happening. they are trying to shape public opinion to be consistent with their world view. it is a world view where you eat nothing but kale and keen quinoa and cling to bible and our guns and our fried foods and real america are looked down upon. imagine if the shoes on other food mark imagine if republican were holding secret hearings on an impeachment matter. you would have the washington press out there lighting firing and bringing out battery racheses to get through doors to find out what was going on but now they sit out there like pigeons waiting for adam schiff to throw them a little bit of bird food and then they take it and fly off -- with whatever narrative that he wants to spin. and it is critical as i am of it. it is hard not to acknowledge
4:41 pm
that strategy between schiff and mainstream media has been effective to a point. because whatwl they do is they have a perfectly crafted opening statement. that paint things in worst possible light for president trump. they release that at 9:00, 10 in the morning the media goes and just devouring that. they -- put it out there like it is vipture itself. and then when republican ask penetrating question -- about documents, timeline, other witness statements that show inking the city at times misrepresentations, and those opening statements when you never hear about that. there's a total gag rule on it this is why democrats have chosen to be so secretive when they have witnesses like robert mueller in public. whoop them on fair court so now trying to change battle space because they can't win on equitable terms. >> aren't you amazed you former lit gator -- former prosecutor, courtrooms
4:42 pm
are over. it is extraordinarily rare situation where they're not. one of the reasons that the federal level we have to make these deals with spies. is to the information doesn't get out in court. and so sometimes rather than get the death penalty you have to agree to life sentences i remember this as old chief of staff attorney general with some of the is g worst spy. you think should have gotten capital punishment but we didn't want information to get out in public. there's nothing classified going on here. they're leaking they say they're a grand jury this isn't a grand we d have never, ever seen anything like this in american history have we congressman? >> not in my judgment certainly not in my lifetime from history that i have read. this is an instance in which the news media "new york times," washington post, cnn, msnbc and host of others have totally ab are their role as watch dog for the
4:43 pm
federal government and as matched so el said become advocates in united states of moshing to the point where you cannot trust a word they utter thatbe is most unfortunate in ts digital age. now in fairness to them they have time constraints all trying to get stories is out. editorial staff rarely really goes over and proves what is put out to make sure it has evidential support for what is argued to make matters worse, though, in this particular scenario, they don't seem to want the public to get it first hand media doesn't seem to want to get it first hand themselves byir being able to see the actul witnesses as they are testifying. and in effect what democrats have done perhaps it is smart. i don't know. time will tell -- but they have misappropriated a designed to protect national
4:44 pm
security secrets and information from getting in the the handle of thecu russian, the chinese, d other adversaries and instead they're using a skiff in a bad way to hide from the american people an investigation that would trash if successful vote of over 60 million americans and undermine our republican in the process. >> isn't this the pointing, really they're in that skiff to keep we the people in the -- in the dark. that's it. that's the only reason. not even just republicans in the press. they want to keep we the people in the dark. so they can keep pushing their propaganda and propaganda -- american people are smart, and these ukrainian issue is pseudo issue it is a fake issue one pseudo issue after another, and they bring in a line of witnesseses to keep pushing this matter, narrative, narrative, butri the the president really d trump them didn't he? by releasing the phone call --
4:45 pm
rnll folk don't forget joins own levin tv most weeknights give us a call at 844-levin tv. 844-levin tv or blaze blaze we hope you'll join us. we'll be right back. l be right when did you see the sign?
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one rft interest thing that happen by the way on thursday was all of the democrats voted for what nancy pelosi told them to vote for. except for two -- three fourths of those democrats don't know what the hell so beginning on in that skiff either. they're reading what's in the newspaper. they just voted to be ignorant. they voted to be ignorant they don't know what they're voting on. they said okay -- we'll go along the one-fourth of the congress that is involved in this, that's fine the rest of us don't need to know any. this is what amazes me about the lack of representation. wasn't this the same party that said we have to vote for obamacare before we found out what was in it. so maybe it shouldn't surprise. it was pelosi who said it. so sort of their legislative mantra and vote first and then let's analyze thirds and consequences later. >> here's what's concerning too this is a presence dense -- for future houses for future
4:50 pm
presidency and under the constitution -- a very, very bad president you're chase him down from the moment he's electing trying to find a reason to claim to remove him and comb come up with phony issue andnd do a secret stuff lk to our media friends and we build, you know, try to build a juggernaut part under our constitution there's only one body that can protect us from that. united states senate -- will they? >> i believe that united states cincinnati will see through all of this and there's no high crime misdemeanor treason or bribery that has been committed. at least at this point based on what we have seen there's no credible evidence to support an impeachment charge now that won't stop socialist democrats from doing it because that is not theirir primary motivation. the removal of president if they can get that fine they would do it and primary motivation is to win the 2020 elections.
4:51 pm
and so what they have discovered is they've processed by which they can use united states taxpayer money to do opposition research in a secure environment where only the unrebutted damaging material can be seen by the public through "the new york timeses" washington post or other mainstream news media outlet. so if the public will just understand that this is a political matter designed to impact the 2020 election then i much more likely to come to d a more accurate and fair picture of what is occurring. will senate help? >> i have seen reporting that mitch mcconnell may plan to spend up to six weeks told holding impeachment trial and if mitch mcconnell does that it is betrayal of this president, and it will do damage to this country this totally unnecessary. does senate not get why we're
4:52 pm
really here? is there a single republican senator who believes that we would be impeaching the president over the ukraine if not for the democrats failures and lies about the russia hoax? i mean, before they got on to the ukraine, they were playing pin the tail on the the impeachment theory. like kids would play pin the tail on the donkey there was that crazy week where they wanted to impeach kavanaugh earemember that and they were talking about impeaching bill barr, and so they just sort of, you know, migrate from impeachment concept to impeachment concept and if mitch mcconnell spends six weekses on this it will tear the country afor the and distract us from important work we need to do and it will give nancy pelosi an her lie banding of people over there in thend house far more dignityo impeachment matter than it deserves. >> and then lose the senate -- >> they will because demoralize republic this was the big mistake in senate they believe you have to play to middle to look like you're a thinker you know that just walked out of the
4:53 pm
roman senate. the reality is, american people want to see guts. they want to see boldness and they want to see folks that will call it like it is that's why they elected donald trump we need more senators to stand up and say this whole thing is a sham. it only is here to distract us from the failures that the democrats had on russia, and the true corruption d in the deep state that o started the efforto delegitimatize president in the first place. it also has benefit of being true -- and also has benefit of defending the constitution, and pet impeachment clause from the constitution. what will it mean if mcconnell spends six weekses on this? i agree with you. >> we'll be right back. cold if you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪
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4:58 pm
help them win the 2018 elections. our task as americans is to make sure that the american people understand that foundational principles that help make america the greatest nation world history, and that those principles are under attack. they're under attack with open borders that are killing americans, at the handle of illegal aliens, thousands each year arerd dying. democrats don't want us to be talking about that we can be talking about deficit and debt and threat that is to a national and bankruptcy and socialism that produces well other produces poverty. so we can't let the democrats monopolize kftion by creating this false pim imagine of impeachment when there are many substantive challenginger issues that define us as a people. i hope this impeach m doesn't make us a less joyous country because we have every reason to be happy and excited right now. american economy is the hot test in the world. wage growth faster than any
4:59 pm
other point in a decade the lowest african-american hispanic and waiting for a transmissional president like donald trump we have tofi remember no matter wht the radical left and allies in the fake news media do, we've got to keep marching forward to improve thell live of the amerin people and if we do that vote reverse going to finish these democrats in upcoming election and they're going to sending president trump back to the white house for four more year of doing a great job. >> quickly, so-called monitor in thes who won in trump republican districts, and any trouble now? >>de well at first no such thing as mod person democrat i agree with left wing they ought to be beat if america is going to rescue our future. >> they're stuck between the radical left voices in and party and vote percent always l win. >> not deceive voters at get-go. >> there's a rude awakening because voters remember in november. >> all right been a pleasure.
5:00 pm
congressman -- enjoyed it. thank you. see you next time on life, liberty, and levin. ♪ welcome to water "watters world" i'm jesse watters protecting pedophiles from politic that's the subject of the word. there's something very wicked that is happening in america. st there a major media blackout on jeffrey epstein and we know why. whole thing is starting to make me feel sick to my stomach. now, i'm not going to let this story go. "watters world" will pursue it as far as we can. project blew it wide open this week and they deserve a ton of credit. this was their best work to date. video of abc anchor dishing that she had the goods on


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