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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 9, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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"justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge * welcome to justice. thanks for being with us tonight. the streak goes on. so much thanks to all of you for making justice number one yet again the whole saturday. keep it going right into the holiday season. we have a super show lined up tonight. newly minted best-selling author donald trump joins me live. congressman devin nunes, deputy press secretary hogan gidley. ryan kilmeade, charlie kirk, dan bongino, that's a show, plus me. but first, this impeachment
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madness just won't stop. the republican -- the public impeachment of the president of the united states begins next thursday. wait a minute. someone tweeted that it already started january 30, 2017. two years and 11 months ago. just 10 days after donald trump was sworn into office. that same someone also predicted with the coup was the promise of rebellion and impeachment would follow. who wrote this tweet in some bummed out vengeful leftist wishing and hoping for a radical in the white house? >> no, an attorney, mark zaid, the attorney for the you iranian alleged whistleblower at the heart of the impeachment.
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he goes on to say that cnn will play a key role in making sure president trump does not finish out his term. he wrote, quote we'll get rid of them, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters. this tells you everything you need to know about the deep state to disenfranchise the voters. their hate for him is so intense they tried to frame him with russia collusion which was an outright lie for which people should be going to jail. time will tell on that one. so now these radicals go back to their trusty play book, so full of holes with second grade logic that it's laughable. they start with a guy they want america to desperately believe is a whistleblower. but he's not. he's a deep stater. a guy so bias, so emtir on
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substance with the complaints of hearsay upon hearsay he would be thrown out of any local police department in anytown u.s.a. but not our congress. they will take any complaint to go after our president. so he goes directly, this alleged whistleblower to the adam schiff team with his alleged complaint. schiff lies about the meeting and the whistleblower doesn't even tell the inspector general that he met with the schiff team. i guess there is something to hide there. in the meantime the whole thing is a charade. held in the basement of congress, where 75% of congress is blocked from entering, as they plant a new narrative to incriminate the president. it lacks due process or any accept ambulance of justice. but leave it to the dems to make some stuff up. >> any time he block sos one and
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they doesn't come? we conclude there is a consciousness of guilt. obstruction of congress. judge jeanine: if someone doesn't comply with a subpoena, someone else is guilty of obstruction? in all my years in the courtroom, i wouldn't mum bell that one under mire breath. why am i surprised? here is a guy who fought desperately to' president, riding on the russia collusion train and he registered zero in polling on the presidential scale. take a listen to this one. >> it's answer abuse of power to remove an ambassador for political reasons because you don't like what they are doing, period. judge jeanine: swalwell, a primer, you are still polling at zero. another primer, the president of
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the united states can get rid of an ambassador just like the president had the right to the get rid of jim comey, just like bill clinton had the right when he cleared out the attorneys at department of justice? don't you remember be obama saying elections versus consequences? or are you a special kinds of stupid. i don't want to get into all of this because nobody really cares. but this state department guy george kernt says the president demarnldsed that ukraine president investigate the 2016 election. then says he has no first-hand knowledge of this. to me, cancel him out. then he said rudy didn't like the way he talked about marie yovanovich. so what? cancel him out. they all say the president is under mining the rule of law. what rule of law are they talking about?
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here is another primer. whenever the federal government gives you money, they make a demand in return. it's called a quid pro quo with politics, but it's not illegal and it's not impeachable. if you are a city, town, village, state, or local d.a. and you ask the federal government for money, they will require in exchange for that money you have do and prove that you did x, y and z. the united states government does not give money because they are nice guys. they give money because they want something in return. it's never a gift. so, what do we have here? we have wannabe whistleblower motivated by his hear it for the president along with his attorney. what information puts this alleged whistleblower at risk? we are earn titled to know what
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motivates them. what information did he reveal that puts him at risk. and with his hearsay second, third or fourth hand? did schiff provide a lawyer for him? is he an agent of the coup? what brought this person to us. why was he even in the white house? the statute by the way does not give the whistleblower anonymity. but everyone wants to protect it. everyone is so stiewchered they are going along with the schiff narrative so we don't get to find out what this person's role was or how long he was being groomed. in the end, none of this matters or rises to the level of an impeachable offense. i still want to know what quid pro quo barack obama got. i still want to know what barack obama was promising putin to
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medvedev and the hot mic moment he could do after the election. if you don't like the president's policy, vote for somebody else. in the meantime let the president do the job we elected him to do. that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook twitter #judgejeanine. here the react to my open and all the latest developments in the dimms' impeachment witch hunt. devin nunes joins me now. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. last night you wrote a letter, november 8, and you have demanded that adam schiff sit for a closed door deposition before the house intelligence and foreign affairs and oversight committee. now, you make it clear that this is something that has been done
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in the past, for example, during the russian interference investigation, sitting members of congress actually agreed to participate in closed door depositions. so this is not something for which there is no precedent. and i'm curious. did you get an answer to the request that adam schiff considered a material witness agreed to sit for a closed door receive significance? >> surprisingly we have not got an answer to our letter from yesterday. but we did get and answer to our witness list this morning. we said in our letter, this is something that the democrats on the house intelligence committee push for. they were hell bent on having dana rohrabacher,ing a congressman from california, testify before the committee because after they struck out on their 50, 60, 70 witnesses, that
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we gave them, by the way, the mainstream media continues to lie because they are part of this cult following of this democratic cult that started like the trump voodoo cult. it never end. we gave them 50, 60, 70 witnesses. i can't remember the exact number anymore. one of those witnesses they demanded after they flamed out on all those witnesses, it must be congressman danga rohrabacher. so dana rohrabacher agreed to come in for a deposition and testify in private. judge jeanine: you are talking about before. i want to get to now. >> we can go there. >> you give a list of all the people you want to testify. i'm going to throw up some of the photographs of some of the requested gop witnesses, they are not gop witnesses but the
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gop requested they testify. you can see there is hunter biden up there, i suspect what they are saying is there is no chance of his testifying, correct? >> one of the things they did, judge, thing wasn't dry on the letter that we sent to the democrats this morning before they blasted out that press release to all their cohorts in the media saying there is something wrong with us calling hunter bind, someone receiving $50,000 to $80,000 a month, it's well documented, something happened there. it's well documented the ukrainians were disseminating information that ended up with today the fbi. -- that ended up with the fbi. the fact that the democrats
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aren't letting them testify, as of right now, they are giving us no witnesses. judge jeanine: you also asked for nellie ohr, the wife of bruce ohr. she worked for fusion gps. you asked for tim morrison. his testimony was clear, i am not concerned anything illegal was discussed. you want the whistleblower because you think the president should have the opportunity to confront his accusers since the i.g. reported boy as by the whistleblower against president trump and the whistleblower worked closely with vice president biden. if you are accused of a crime, why can't you be confronted with those witnesses against you? >> remember, this whistleblower first went to adam schiff and the democrats. they won't come clean on what they told the whistleblower or who this whistleblower actually
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spoke to. let's start with that. they essentially coached the whistleblower. you have all of the situation then turned into oh, we have to hear from this whistleblower. we are going to make this whistleblower available until now we can't talk about the whistleblower. anybody who speculate who the whistleblower is, their name disappears from the internet. judge jeanine: even the story changed as to whether he worked with the vice president. let me ask you this. you asked for a representative jim jordan, congressman jim jordan to be on the committee. and is he on the committee? does nancy pelosi have the right to quash that? >> well, she has the right to try to stop it. yesterday they were making rumblings they would, but they decided not to. the reason why i requested this get done. there is no longer a house
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intelligence committee. we don't meet on any intelligence committee matters. i went to the leadership to say we need to put some people on here that have some different types of experiences. so we'll be relying on jim jordan who is the top republican on the oversight committee. and then we'll be relying on john ratcliffe, a member from texas on the house intelligence committee, but also a long-time u.s. attorney and prosecutor. we'll be looking to those two members to lied our effort and do our questioning of adam schiff and the democrats witnesses. as of right now we are not going to get one witness. judge jeanine: you are the accused, you have a trial, and it's almost as though the prosecutor, judge and jury said you are not allowed to bring in the witnesses. that is stunning and contrary to
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everything this country stand for. >> we had this cult going on in the star chamber at the basement of the capital. now starts the democrat show trial. that's what you will see this week. >> thanks so much for being with us tonight. joining me now by phone. donald trump, jr., executive vice president of the trump organization and author of "triggered." good evening, don. >> how are you tonight? judge jeanine: i'm good. you had an interesting week. but i want to talk about your book. i started reading it. it's an easy read and it's very entertaining. one of the things you say right in the beginning, you say the only president in the history of this country ever elected without approval of the ruling
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class and the impeach the is started by people who hate donald trump more than they love america, why do you think people hate donald trump. >> i think he's tackling the establishment. the establishment in this country has gotten into high levels of power. there is no accountability on either side for far too long. that's why you see the nonsense with hunter biden. that's why you see the stuff going on where adam schiff can be judge, jury and executioner, and donald trump because it's an outsider doesn't get the same rights any citizen in the united states would have right now. he is an affront to the ruling class. he came in and said i am going to blow it up. and he has don't with record unemployment numbers and record start-up numbers for new businesses. he did everything incompetent politicians have not been able
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to do in decade and he has done it in a record amount of time. that's the scariest thing in the world for that ruling class. they are starting to realize and the american people are starting to realize they serve no purpose for the american people. i can't even imagine most democrats not voting for it. she can't give trump a win even if that's good for the american people. this is what i have been writing about and speak being. this is what the rest of the country tells me about when i'm all or the place. the american people want the democrats to let him do his job. judge jeanine: when he's doing his job which is 24/7 clearly if anybody is looking, he's accomplishing things. i find it interesting as i go through the book, you talk about how much luke your dad you are and you didn't expect to be, but
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the fact is that you are a counter puncher, too, and we saw that on "the view" this woke. i like if you that hot seat. but unlike you, i got thrown out of the building and cursed out of the building. what was that like for you? >> i'm not a baby. i don't assume they are going softball on mow. but if someone asks you object to a show like that for three segments to speak about your book, i expect one question about the book. it doesn't seem like an unreasonable ask. they figured they could try to get me in that seat and badger me for almost half-hour on the show. but the problem with them is they are used to people who just want to get invited back, who just want to be loved. i don't care, jeanine, if they don't like me it makes no difference to me. i will go out there and make my point, i will argue the points
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they can't fight back on. that's why they had nothing other than to be vicious. when they lost the crowd and even the crowd started cheering. because they have no facts. they have 5,000 episode, and it feels like i'm the first person to push back hard, to play the game by the leftist rules they established. they can do whatever they want and there is no accountability. if a conservative does something, then you are canceled. judge jeanine: in the end, as people were clearing you on, and as you at least were able to get out some of your points, they didn't just stop the interview as they did with me. they didn't talk about the book. so in a sense, you were to be really congratulated for standing your ground and getting your points out there. you did it very well. what do you expect in the end in terms of the book? what is the message?
9:20 pm
>> i think the message is many-fold. between the book and the interview itself, it speaks to to the hypocrisy we see from the media, the hypocrisy we see from the liberal elites. that was one of the major points of the book i wanted to point out. how disingenuous is it to invite somebody on your show to talk about a book and not ask a single question about it. they thought they could get me in a trap and badger me. but we are counter punchers and we hit back. judge jeanine: doornld, got to go. the president is taking aim at nancy pelosi, adam schiff and the dems. what is the white house plan? hogan gidley is standing by. (male announcer) it's here.
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[♪] judge jeanine: president trump continues to slam the democrats' ridiculous impeachment hoax. tweeting, i recommend nervous nancy pelosi who backed up schiff's lie, shifty adam shiver, sleevey joe biden, the whistleblower, the second whistleblower who also disappeared and the i.g. be part of the list. joining me with more, white house presents deputy press secretary hogan gidley. what do you think the chances are of shifty adam schiff saying let's make them part of the list. >> probably zero. the fact that the media is
9:25 pm
giving any credence or credibility to adam schiff and nancy pelosi at this point is absolutely ridiculous. they lied about collusion and kavanaugh. they lied about a cover-up. adam schiff lied about a bissell blower. he lied to congress and the american people. when he read his own demeanted and deranged words and tried to pass them off as the president of the united states. it's insane what this man has done and the democrats better wake up and smell what they are shoveling. the american people deserve a congress that works for them. usmca has to be passed. for farmers and ranchers and manufacturers, fixing the infrastructure that has to be done in this country. lowering prescription drug prices, not to mention the southern border. we have been talking about this for three years. and we saw the mexican massacre when american citizens were
9:26 pm
gunned down by the cartels. we tried to talk to nancy pelosi about this months ago and instead of listening and understanding, she got up out of the room and went to the media and said we were lying about the whole thing. if this doesn't bring them to the table to secure our southern border, i don't know what will. judge jeanine: when a president tries to get help to find out the extent of ukraine involvement in the 2016 election interference, you know, which he perfectly has a right to do. they save he's abusing his power because this might help him in the 2020 election. so let's forget about the corruption from 2016. because if he unearthed something that might help him, then it's an abuse of power. >> judge, i'm old enough to remember when democrats cared
9:27 pm
about getting to the bottom of meddling in the 2016 election. it seems as though if donald trump is the subject of the investigation, democrats are fine with it. if donald trump is trying to get to the goth bottom of it, they don't want any part of it. they understand the meddling happened under barack obama. he did nothing to russia. this president has been tougher than any president in history. judge jeanine: you don't have to say it, hogan, bob mueller said there was no corruption there. the president said the date before the so-called hearings are going to start, i'm going to release the second transcript. now i love his timing, i love it. but do you think it's going to matter to them at all? >> i hope so. i talked to the president about this yesterday. we were on a trip together. the fact is, the president has done nothing wrong.
9:28 pm
we are the ones who released the transcript. democrats are holding these back door, behind closed door meetings, selectively leaking things to hurt the president. releasing opinions about a document we released to the american people. this is public now because the president is all about transparency. that's why he put forth the transcript. he has done nothing wrong. the democrats -- republicans, democrats, independents, they all understand fundamental fairness. democrats are not giving this president due process under the constitution. if you judge get a parking ticket you would have more rights than the democrats are giving this president. it's ridiculous. judge jeanine: the best evidence of that phone call is the transcript. everything else is white noise. irrelevant, immaterial. it has no role to play in any of it. i don't care what this guy
9:29 pm
thinks or that guy thinks. as long as the president on this end and that end made cleared what they are thinking. like i have said in the open, i never got money from the federal government when they didn't want something in return. i'm not suggesting the president did or didn't. it's absurd. >> president z schedule ski said there -- president zelensky said there was no pressure. listen to people who didn't have knowledge of the call. the president of the united states and president zelensky of ukraine both said no pressure. we put forth the call because we understand the facts are on our side. democrats understand they are ruining this for the american people. it doesn't hurt donald trump. it hurts the american people who deserve a congress that works for them. judge jeanine: brian kilmeade joins justice.
9:30 pm
and we'll get into next week's public hearings. back in a moment.
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[♪] aishah: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm aishah hasnie. president trump warmly greeted in tuscaloosa for the alabama-lsu game. fans showering the president with applause and chants of usa. bradley burn is returning against trump's former attorney general jeff sessions for the alabama senate seat. the president has not committed to endorsing either county. nasa shows its first all electric aircraft in california this weekend. it's a year away from its first test flight.
9:34 pm
but nasa deemed it ready for its first public viewing. >> we should follow the example of the courageous people who have come forward. people who worked for john bolton, people who have in their careers much more at risk have shown the courage to come forward. they have not hidden behind litigation. judge jeanine: schiff just won't quit. the dems will do anything to get this president out of office. joining me, dan bongino. you know what i love about that? this guy is trying to look so caring. these people are so courageous. i mean, they came forward. you know, they have their careers and so much at risk.
9:35 pm
are you kidding? >> judge, listening to adam schiff talk about courage, he knows as much about couraging a i know about neurosurgery and cereal production in eastern guyiana. this case is b.s. it's a farce, a joke. a bad magic act at a kid's birthday party. the transcript is what matters. what you said, the rest is white noise. on this phone call he made some malicious deal with ukraine. the rest is nonsense. now, on that transcript they have three witnesses. colonel vindman. he sat there look, they gave him
9:36 pm
a couple minutes. he couldn't find it. witness number two, it wasn't there. you have witness number two, bill taylor. secede to bill, hey, bill, where did you hear about this quid pro quo. he said i heard it from bob who heard it from tony who heard it from a dude who bought a bagel. he heard it fourth hand. you are going to impeach the president over what bill taylor heard from a dude who heard from another dude. and then another one text him, the president has been crystal clear, there is no quid pro quo. this case is a flaming dive dog waste on your front porch. judge jeanine: any judge worth her salt would dismiss this case before it got to a jury. you know what? i almost could understand it.
9:37 pm
but i guess if they are evil. i almost could understand it if there were no transcripts. we have the guy on the other end. that's the best evidence. let me ask you something. if you were accused of petty larceny. if joe smith is accused of petty larceny, and joe site says he's arrested and says he's a thief. and three people say no. mary smith stole the tape. joe didn't steal the tape. they don't care. they got other people to come in. truth is irrelevant to these people. >> good example there. i will give you one better. it's not that a bank was robbed and they are saying president trump robbed a bank. there was no bank robbery. it's not that president trump didn't rob the bank. no bank was robbed.
9:38 pm
read the transcript. comprehension. read the damn transcript. there is nothing in the transcript. they are making it up. judge jeanine: what's going to be even better. he will issue the second transcript the day before. and then they will start with all these courageous people are coming out. there is so much at risk. >> they are just going to make another story up. come on, it doesn't matter. trump can release every transcript from kindergarten days on, it doesn't matter. they will just make up another hoax. he should give them the double barrel middle finger. judge jeanine: i don't care about marie yovanovich. everyone is saying they said bad things about marie yovanovich. hey, obama appointed you.
9:39 pm
get out. we don't want you anymore. why doesn't the president have that right? because he's a republican. >> he does have that right. when obama pays off the iranians with piles of cash he's celebrated with a nobel peace prize. it's the longest war we have never been in. judge jeanine: with the democrats cook up this phoney impeachment since day one? brian kilmeade joins me next. brian, wave.
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judge jeanine: the impeachment inquiry the dems are running started way back in 2017. the day president trump was elected to be our commander-in-chief. joining me with more, "fox and friends" host and author of "sam houston and the alamo," my friend brian kilmeade joins us now. first of all, i love seeing you at night. it proves to me and the rest of the world that you do actually function at night even though you are up at 3:00 every morning to do "fox and friends." let's talk about this lunacy and the president. but you got this attorney who says from day one this mark zaid, he talks about the resistance, the coup, the impeachment. he's either prescient or this was being planned and cultivated
9:44 pm
because from day one they wanted him impeached. what did they hate about him from day one? he's in their face in every way. he's extremely aggressive. he tore up hillary clinton and his opponents. then he had a meeting with all the media outlets and he put everyone down, especially cnn. so he laid the gauntlet out. he said bring it on. you come at me, i'm going to come at you just as hard. we have been watching a bar fight when we are just trying to get a drink. i am in texas and they say the usmca has to get passed. i'm telling you in the so-called fly-over country. we like that they call it fly-over country. we want the people on the coast to keep going over and not stopping here. but you are the legal expert.
9:45 pm
dare i go into your field for a second. what republicans are doing is not trying to muddy the waters. why? because the vice president was in charge of that. with eric holder, it was the vice president. his son was involved in this. there was a problem in 2016 as it relates to the 2016 election. why does it matter about bringing up the mark zaid comments? why do you want to bring out this nellie ohr? because to show the pot in the plant was in place. they are looking for a good reason in 2016. he had his envoy on the ground. it happens with jim barrack and sidney blumenthal. it's not a problem it's not hysterical. it's a counter argument to why the president was interested. it's not 2020 an opponent.
9:46 pm
it's 2016 and what they did to destroy his first three years in office. judge jeanine: he has an obligation if not a requirement to check to see what the genesis was of the russian'ing interest force because they tried to create a coup. i love your book, i lot of alamo. i love the story. can you make a connection to contemporary politics with your history? >> i was just with 1,000 texans the last 8 hours here in two separate stops. ken starr held an event for me in waco. these people have great pride. i want to tell the texas story and tell them it's your story. the texas fight for freedom of is every bit the american fight for freedom and liberty.
9:47 pm
if you counter oppose that to what we are seeing now, instead of giving me an opportunity in america to be successful. when the mexican government got in the way and threw out the constitution. that's when they rose up. we don't seem to care. we want to get rid of the first amendment. and the second amendment is against -- we are against when some idiots use it for the wrong reason. just a short time ago we were fighting for both those things and dying for it. my hope is, understand, america, you are aning exceptional -- you are an exceptional place. we are one country. some brave people of he fought to keep us one country. judge jeanine: i agree. i always felt that when you have made the analogy.
9:48 pm
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judge jeanine: president trump at the lsu-alabama game where he had a much different welcome than he had at another big game. take a look at the difference. obviously the alabama-lsu game, they were cheering, it looks like almost 100%.
9:52 pm
charlie kirk, was that your take as well? >> totally. i want a president who is booed by washington, d.c. and cheered by middle america. you look at at wealthiest counties in america, they are all around washington, d.c. but what does washington, d.c. actually create? they create laws, liabilities and coups against the president of the united states. in alabama they love donald trump and the revitalization of the greatest country to ever exist it was a wonderful response at the football game. not to mention the college students cheering for the judge. the demographics that are not supposed to be supporting him. judge jeanine: a lot of that is due to you at turning point. and i want to thank you. we have some video of done,
9:53 pm
jr. -- of don, jr. sat "the view." i want to answer your question. your opening statement how horrible it is about donald trump. >> that's what you said. you said that it was -- >> murdering the children american citizens. >> what's horrible is when the president of the united states whips up people to beat the hell out of people. judge jeanine: they cut me off, ended the program and threw me out of the building. i think we have sound from don, jr. they gave him a hard time as well. what is with these women who apparently -- whoopi goldberg said the date after he got elected that he should be
9:54 pm
impeached. >> the left hates the idea that there are other ideas. there are a couple people claching for don, jr. and she said stop it, this is not a maga rally. it tells a lot about you and don, jr. you know going into the view, it's not going to be the nicest time. your book and don, jr.'s book articulates the' it so well. they don't seem like they are very happy to be there. they are always complaining about donald trump. and i think it's fair to assume they would much rather see america fail than succeed under donald trump. i'm afraid that is the current status under the new democrat party. judge jeanine: i want to talk about, i think we have got a
9:55 pm
full screen, debra messing, the woman who would out anybody who went to a fundraiser for donald trump. why would you bring him on? you trying to be balanced snow and his family have assaulted our country, our democracy, four environment, and our national security, moral compass. she wants to out trump supporters then damn "the view" for having donald trump, jr. on. >> is that all she has to say? this woman is so determined to not just go against president trump, but anyone who dairs support him or platform the son of the president of the united states. i'm traveling with don, jr. in
9:56 pm
an event at ucla in l.a. tomorrow. but you look at debra, i don't think she'll be very happy we'll be in west hollywood there talking about how president trump is bringing this country back to greatness. like i said, the left hates the idea that there are other ideas. judge jeanine: charlie kirk, always good to have you on. we'll be right back. what's on my christmas wish list? i want an extra layer for my morning coffee on my deck. i don't want to be the best camper, but i do want to be the warmest. i want to keep that buck from even catching a whiff of me this year. (male announcer) kick off the holidays with huge savings from bass pro shops and cabela's. like ladies' sherpa mock neck pullovers for under $20. save 33% on this redhead men's 3-season jacket.
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i was looking for a companion and we-we had a connection corny as it sounds, it was love at first sight it was kismet. adopt love at our national adoption event. this weekend at your local petsmart®. tonight i want to take a moment to pay tribute to all of the amazing men and women who served in our armed forces sacrificed so much to defend our freedom. thank you to each and every one
10:00 pm
of you. thanks for watching, jeanine, advocating for truth, justice and the american way. i'll see yday. [cheering] >> come here, say a couple of words. come on. [laughter] we call that hug the biden. [laughter] [cheering] >> all right. how old is your son? how old is young man there? how old is your son? how old are


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