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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 10, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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economic club, i'll see you next weekend on "fox & friends," right back here saturday and sunday noon eastern as we continue to cover the stories that a matter to you. now over to eric and arthel neville for a brand new hour. ♪ ♪ arthel: adam schiff denying congressional republicans' requests for the whistleblower to testify as part of the impeachment inquiry, saying it would be, quote, redundant is and that it would put the whistleblower's safety at risk. hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. this comes as the impeachment hearings are about to go public for the very first time. those public hearings with testimony that we can all watch on our television sents are set for this coming week. they will start on wednesday. -- start on wednesday.
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garrett tenney with more. >> reporter: well, republicans were hoping to lift the focus of these public hearings from president trump's interactions with ukraine to that of the bidens and the dnc during the 2016 election. that is why the gop requested witnesses such as hunter biden and his business partner as well as nellie ohr. intelligence chairman adam schiff is suggesting that is not going to happen though. and this morning the chairman of the democratic caucus, hakim jeff race, dismiss the gop's list tweeting: sham witnesses wanted to testify. my two cents? get lost. but on fox news sunday, congressman sean patrick maloney, who sits on the intelligence committee, said he expects some of the gop's witnesses will be allowed to testify. >> well, i can't speak for the chairman, but what i can tell you is that i think we will end up calling some of the witnesses on that list, and here's my
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test: do these witnesses have important information, knowledge about the president's conduct? if it passes that test, then we should call them, sure. >> reporter: democrats continue to argue there is no question president trump broke the law and should be impeached. the defense we're hearing from a small but growing number of republicans though is while they don't agree with the president's actions in ukraine, they do not rise to the level of impeachment. >> i believe it was unemployment. i do not believe it was impeachable. >> what i want to see, is there an ability to establish criminal intent, did the ukrainians know that this was some kind of a quid pro quo. >> reporter: chairman schiff has not made any final decisions on which have to the witnesses will be allowed to testify, but with the public phase beginning next week, that announcement likely will not take much longer. eric and arthel? eric: thanks so much. arthel: while washington is getting ready for those public hearings, president trump is in
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new york today. ellison barber is at the white house with more on the administration's impeachment inquiry strategy. ellison, hi. >> reporter: hey, arthel. president trump is now joining republicans in calling for the first whistleblower to testify. congressional republicans, of course, asked for a witness list of at least 14 people to be approved so that they could testify, make their appearances. that list, as garrett reported, included the first whistleblower and former vice president joe biden's son, hunter biden. president trump tweeted that former vice president joe biden should testify, but yesterday he ignored shouted questions about whether whether or not hunter biden should. the white house press secretary said president trump probably would like to see it too. will be -- listen here. >> the american people should be concerned that when there was a politician, biden, vice president biden at the time in office, his son was potentially profiting off of that. finish so he, i'm sure, would
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enjoy seeing him up there. i would love to hear what hunter biden has to say, absolutely. >> reporter: a number of white house officials defied subpoenas last week, what the white house advised them to do. the president defended that tactic telling reporters on friday he does not want to give credibility to what he sees as a corrupt witch hunt. democrats see it as efforts to delay and possibly on struck their invest story work. arthel? arthel: ellison barber, thank you. eric: for more on the big week ahead and what we may not see, republican congressman and member of the house armed services committee michael waltz joins us. we also booked a democratic congressman, but he's sick, lost his voice. we wish him well. first of all, your view, republicans, do you think are they being shut out by congressman schiff for the witnesses you want to see testify? >> well, eric, you know, this is frustrating and continues to be
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frustrating. these trials should have been public all along, but that -- now that they are going to be public doesn't mean this is can turn into a show trial. i point out that, one, president clinton's counsel was allowed to be present, was allowed to question people back during the clinton proceedings and actually was allowed to call 15 witnesses to the stand and actually to ask questions. so i don't think, we still are not seeing the minority rights that we should, and we still aren't seeing the president get the representation that he should have. and the media and the democrats keep going, you know, they want to talk substance, substance, substance and not process, but process matters here, due process matters. this is about the constitution. and this is -- eric: isn't that the, excuse me for interrupting, but isn't that a the substance of the allegations that the democrats have against the president, saying that he broke the law in he, of course, saying that it's not true, or there's no quid pro
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quo. >> look, i think at the end of the day this is a lot of noise. the president was transparent from the beginning, he released the transcript, and what this is going down to -- come down to was whether the vice president abused his official position to enrich his family. and we haven't -- we aren't even talking about china yet and how punt hunter biden flew on air force two and weeks later every received over a billion dollars into a hedge fund for which he had no experience and still holds the equity to this day. was he asking about that or was he doing -- eric -- >> [inaudible] >> i don't think it is, yet i can't get access to all of the information until adam schiff and nancy pelosi say so. eastbound -- eric: what if schiff turns the request down? what would you ask hunter biden
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if you had the chance? >> i want to get into how the vice president influenced, how he came across this money. i think there are a number of things to look into how one thing happened with official meetings when the vice president went other on air force two and then just a short time later the, his son and the stepson of kerry are receiving billions of dollars from the bank of china. and let me point out, eric, i was just down in panama on an official trip down there looking at the panama canal for which our entire economy is dependent and our military plans are dependent. and guess what in the chinese are building ports on both sides to have panama canal, they're investing all over latin america. the monroe doctrine, in some ways, is under serious threat. and yet, you know, we have these kind of investments into the son of a vice president? i think this is absolutely worth looking into, yet the mainstream media and the democrats just
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want to say nothing to sere here. so at the end of the day, that transcript is going to come down to what was the president's intent, and that's for us to determine. eric: adam schiff says he thinks that's a sham investigation. quote: eric: do you think these questions ara sham, and do you think the whistleblower -- >> let me tell you what's a sham. this is the intelligence committee, and yet it has turned into the impeachment committee. we are facing serious threat from the chinese, russia is still very dangerous, we still have islamic extremism. meanwhile, by the way, i'm on the armed services committee, we don't have a defense bill yet for the first time in 58 years we may not have one.
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the military is, as we roll into veterans day tomorrow, the military is but two weeks from running out of money. so the men and women overseas deserve better from washington. the veterans who put their lives on the line deserve better from washington who still aren't getting the care that they need. is and let me tell you what else is happening, they may eventually get some money, but it'll be last year's money meaning we can't do anything new; no new ships, no new research and development, no new weapons to keep up with what the chinese are doing in artificial intelligence. that's what's a sham. and that is what -- our veterans expect people overseas deserve better, and their families deserve better who are waiting at home for them to have the equipment and the training and the new research and development that they deserve and that they need. eric: and a very special note on that as we are thought to have veterans day and also for you, congressman, who currently serve in the army reserves -- >> yeah. eric: we thank you for your
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military service -- >> well, thank you, eric. everyone, please thank the families as we roll into veterans day. i hope we can set all of this aside for a day to honor the free air that we all breathe because of their sacrifice. eric, absolutely. congressman, thank you. >> all right. arkansas indeed. thank you very much. for more, we're going to talk about the open hearings coming up this week, we're going to bring in former edenty assistant of state for legislative affairs in the obama administration, many joel reuben, and he's also the -- mr. joel rubin, president of the washington strategy group. good to see you. i want to start by asking, joel -- thank you -- how should dems go about conducting these open hearings this week in. >> the hearings this week are going to shine a light on what they've been hearing behind closed doors at the depositions alongside their republican colleagues. i think where democrats need to really start and where chairman schiff needs to drive this is to have what was heard behind closed doors come out in public,
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out of the mouths of real human beings and not of their own mouths, but literally of the ambassador's who will be, the deputy assistant secretary of state as well who will be testifying, to let them explain in their own words as members of the trump administration what they saw and how that's problematic. arthel: that said though, are the democrats putting too much stock into these open hearings, or will these hearings produce the dividends the dems are hoping for in. >> so hearings are never prescripted. one doesn't really know exactly how it's going to come out. it's like watching a sporting event where you think that the team that's ahead is guaranteed to win, and then the last minute it can flip, and the score can go the other direction. same thing with these hearings. we have to see how they speak, and democrats clearly by putting this in the public view are hoping that the hearing will go in their direction and that it will enable americans to understand the gravity of the charges against the president that they're laying out that
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really there was something askance, that there really was the misuse of american taxpayer dollars to help the president's personal political fortune and that that is an impeachable offense. they need to have that in that discussion x it needs to be clear for the american people to see. arthel: should they invite some to have witnesses from the gop wish list? >> what they need to do is really stick to actual objective of these hearings. and the objective is looking at the ukraine dynamic, the phone call that the president made, the foreign aid, the had doe foreign policy that rudy giuliani conducted. it's not as a if this is new information. the president himself released a summary of his call essentially saying he did what the democrats are saying is a violation of his oath of office. so witnesses that are within that lane, yes. but the idea that we're going to somehow have hunter biden and people off topic coming in opens up a whole can of worms. it doesn't help the american people to understand what's at
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stake, and it's, frankly, a lot of, to use the term, it's gas-lighting. trying to confuse rather than clarify for the american people. arthel: yesterday the president announced that he will release a summary of a second call with the ukraine president certificate eleven is sky. zelensky. does this suggest that a distraction campaign will be forged by the republicans during this open hearing? >> well, one can never discount the amount of theater that's going to take place. sort of a circus moment, is what we may end up watching. we've seen this time and again when it gets really hot, that the president will throw out a bone and then his republican allies in the house will pick it up. so if he releases the summary, that would be interesting. i'd actually like to see him release the full transcript which is in the white house that apparently states the words biden, biden, biden many more times than what he released back in september, making it clear
10:14 am
that this was about the bidens, not about corruption in ukraine. so if he wants to open up that can of worms, he's going to get more questions than he may be interested in having. arthel: a joel, will the atmosphere inside the hearings determine how engaged the american public will be? >> arthel, we've got a culture right now of a short, as you know, a are short attention span. it's not the early 1970s. but we recently did have one example with the mueller hearing, and the american people paid attention. they clearly did not go the way democrats wanted, but it was not as if the american people were not tuning in. so i think if more comes out in the these hearings that is leaning towards where the democrats are going or even, of course, if the republicans make a point that undermines some of the arguments of the democrats, that's going to get attention. but political parties can't go on very long east, so they too have a natural limit on how many days they feel they can dedicate to this in the public space.
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arthel: okay. we leave it there, joel rubin. thank you very much. >> thanks, arthel. eric: f and as the impeachment hearings get underway, just across the street at the supreme court will pit executive power against immigration reform. the court is set to hear arguments over the trump administration's plans to end the obama era deferred action for childhood arrivals program, otherwise known as daca. mark meredith has the details. >> reporter: good afternoon, eric. it's been more than two years since the trump administration announced plans to end the daca program. now the fight is over whether it can be terminated or not, and that's headed to the supreme court this week. on friday daca supporters rallied odds the nation's highest court, deferred action for childhood arrival, and as we talked about, it's an obama era policy that allows some illegal immigrants who came as children to receive work permits and renewable reprieves from possible deportation. >> if daca's taken away, my
10:16 am
biggest fear is graduating college and not being able to pursue the career that i want to do because i need a social security number, i need that identification to be able to continue to work. >> reporter: trump administration says it has the right to terminate daca because it believes it was never legal to begin with. the president, president trump, tweet about the case last month writing on rhine, quote: if the supreme court upholds daca, it gives the president extraordinary powers, far greater than ever thought. democratic presidential hopefuls have vowed, if elected, to keep daca in place. vermont senator bernie sanders says he plans to expand the program and overhaul the entire immigration system. >> on our first day in office, we will restore the legal status to have 1.8 million young people eligible for the daca program. >> reporter: while the oral arguments are happening on tuesday, a final decision is not expected until sometime in 2020, meaning this is an issue that
10:17 am
will likely keep coming up on the campaign trail. the debate comes as the trump administration is also proposing to increase fees daca recipients pay e to renew their paperwork every two years. the administration says the money is needed to help cover benefit requests and costs associated with vetting applicants. eric? eric: mark, thanks so much. arthel: mormon families from two towns in mexico crossed into arizona saturday afternoon following a violent attack that left nine americans dead. the attack occurred monday when cartel members opened fire on a dirt road. it took authorities several hours to respond to the ambush. among the dead are six children. other residents from the same two towns are also expected to leave mexico in the coming days. eric: iran's president rouhani claims his country has made a huge discovery, what tehran says it's found and what that could mean for the u.s., coming up. ♪ i saved hundreds on my car insurance
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xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. arthel: police and protesters clashing g kong today in what is known the sixth month of unrest. these latest clashes come just days after demonstrators mourned the death of a university student. act visits paid respects to the 22-year-old on friday. he fell from a parking garage last monday during a
10:22 am
confrontation between police and demonstrators. hong kong police deny pushing the studentment. ♪ ♪ eric: well, the iranian president has claimed tehran has discovered a new oil field that they think could provide an estimated $50 billion of crude oil. that announcement coming as tehran has been reeling from the crushing u.s. economic sanctions and raising techs in the middle east -- tensions in the middle east. trey yingst has the details from gaza. >> reporter: that's right, a big adopt for iran as the country did announce it's found an oil field that's capable of producing 53 billion barrels of crude oil. while this actually is not going to help tehran under the current circumstances though, it is important to note that those crippling american sanctions have put iran in a position where they're not able to sell that oil to many countries. now, the reimp decision of the u.s. sanctions has driven oil exports to about 300,000 barrels
10:23 am
a day causing iran to lose $50 billion in revenue compared to back in 20 s&p. the discovery as iran continues to break key terms of the 2015 nuclear deal only after the united states pulled out of it last year. president rouhani announced they began injecting gas into centrifuges, and today they began construction of a second nuclear reactor. the head of iran's atomic energy organization told workers to begin pouring concrete for the base of the reactor. responding to the new violations of the 2015 deal, iranian officials say they did nothing wrong. a spokesman for iran's atomic innocenter department said, quote, there is no fault in what i did. americans and israelis tried to make some noise, but it made us make more explanations publicly. eric, amid increased tension within iran, there are analysts in the region that are concerned a larger conflict would erupt any day between the west and
10:24 am
iran or iranian-backed proxies. we did speak with both of the proxies inside gaza, hamas and islamic jihad. while they appreciate the support from iran, they would not blindly take orders from iran. eric terrific reporting, trey, there in gaza. arthel: well, have you been waiting to wear your favorite sweater or maybe your favorite hat in time to pull them out as many parts of the country are facing cold weather this weekend. ♪ ♪ adam: yeah, it is really time to bundle up. this is the system we're looking at. all this cold air from canada about to spill down into the lower 48. how cold is it going to get? i'll relate you know coming up in my full forecast after the break. isp technology, you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps.
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you. the call is free and there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs, so call now! and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana, just might be the answer. arthel: new fire burning through the night in los angeles.
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crews say they have largely contained the barham brush fire which broke out saturday afternoon and authorities investigating what started the blaze. we are we are man, oh man, is it cold outside because millions of folks around the country dealing with freezing temperatures this weekend, you know, snow is expected to hit some parts of the country as soon as tomorrow, meteorologist adam klotz in extreme weather center that's aptly named for today. >> temperatures you don't typically see in january or february, all of this spilling from big arctic air mass, temperatures to our friends in the north, windchills to negative 20's, that's going to be settling down to continental united states over the next couple of days, maybe not that cold but much colder than the numbers we are currently seeing, even actual temperatures especially in northern plays getting down to 30 to 31-degrees, across the south not too bad right now, east coast,
10:30 am
all of the cold air will be settling in for now over the next couple of days and we are really begin to go see that in portions of the plains, in rapid city colder than it was yesterday. 24-hour temperature change. so from your forecast, highs on this sunday, numbers close to what we just saw, what a big change by monday, highs in chicago 27-degrees, 28-degrees in kansas city, northern plains, spots down only into the teens, only gets colder as you slip into tuesday where you start to get highs around 21-degrees in chicago and spreads in large portions of the country, by the time you get into wednesday, maybe spreading more and more off towards the east coast, incredible by cold temperatures, remember, those are daytime highs, you talk about early morning lows and it is quite a bit colder, monday morning, spots into the single digits pretty early, that continues into tuesday and really spreads out, chicago in the morning
10:31 am
9-degrees, even colder as you get into wednesday, 9-degrees and then you're looking at spots down close to freezing across portions of texas running from the gulf of mexico all the way up to east coast stretching all the way towards the west, by far coldest air mass to have season, eric, yeah, feeling more like january and february here in the middle of the week. eric: burr. >> cold looking at it. eric: all right, thanks. arthel: whoa, with public hearings beginning this week washington is laser focused on impeachment inquiry, lawmakers negotiating the usmca trade pack, senior capitol hill producer chad has more on that. >> well f all you're watching cable news that's certainly something that seems like all we are doing. >> impeachment is a muskular subject, it could squeeze out other issues, that's why house speaker nancy pelosi period climax a point to talk about anything but impeachment.
10:32 am
>> we had hr3, legislation to bring down cost of prescription drugs now. we are working on u.s.-méxico-canada trade agreement, i told the president we are not going away until we get this background check bill passed. >> then the speaker yield it to intelligence committee chairman adam schiff and sat in the front row of the press gallery with reporters, deferring to schiff on impeachment, you would it be a democratic fig leaf. >> view impeachment inquiry as a type of risk that undermines them and their ability to get other things done. the speaker has demonstrated that the house can pass legislation and conduct an inquiry at the same time. >> it would be a paradox for the democratic house to approve usmca amid impeachment rewarding president trump with the biggest bipartisan policy achievement of his presidency.
10:33 am
>> if some members do want to talk about impeachment, we shouldn't do it because we are in the middle of impeachment inquiry, that's the wrong way to approach it. >> usmca doesn't have a deadline but government funding does, wonder how impeachment cow president trump could handle a possible shutdown. >> i wouldn't commit to anything. >> funding for a border wall remains a flash point, that's why lawmakers are worried about the toxic brew of a government shutdown coupled with impeachment, an capitol hill chad, fox news. eric: now for something a bit different, what happened to jimmy hoffa, exclusive investigation series resumes in one week, we will have exclusive new information and stunning claim on who shot hoffa, what happened after he disappeared, our investigation debuts monday november 18th on fox nation, some of what we found starting next sunday right here on the
10:34 am
newscast. ♪ >> do you know where jimmy hoffa is buried? >> absolutely, i'm the only person who knows final resting place. ♪ ♪ arthel: as we celebrate veterans day tomorrow we look ahead to the next generation of america's military and how we can honor those who have already served. that is up next.
10:35 am
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10:39 am
>> eric, a lot of the small towns are rural, a lot on the south and recruiters call them hot spots, they rank them by the number of 17 to 24-year-olds who enlist in the military, they're often next to major military bases, we went down in kathleen, georgia to talk to some of the students about why they are interested in a career in the military including one senior in high school who signed a 6-year contract to go in the air force. >> that sense of family, everyone knows each other, everyone is connected, everyone knows everyone, it's like a small town feeling but all across the world. >> that rotc program at veterans high has a -- won a number of awards, west point or the naval academy, as far as instructors go, one of the key things to do is to set high expectations.
10:40 am
>> we put a bar out for kids and kids in this generation will rise to meet any bar we can and we set ours pretty high, kids that don't have a bar to reach, they are wandering out and that's what makes our program nice, we have expectations from all our kids. >> 1.3 million americans are on active duty in the military, less than 1% of the adult population. eric, back to you. eric: wonderful examples of service to our country, steve, thank you, arthel. arthel: for many veterans who have completed their military service, the next step is transitioning back into civilian life among the biggest challenges there is finding employment, joining me now from one of the organizations that helps our heros launch their civilian careers is american corporate partners manager genove king, if you can start out by telling us what is america's corporate partners mission. >> thank you, arthel, for having
10:41 am
me on, excited to be here, our mission to help transitioning veterans and military spouses find meaningful careers through mentorship, so these veterans who are coming home, one of the biggest things they face along with population is under employment and between 50 to 75 even some reports saying 90% of military spouses are under employed and so our mentorships, they are one-on-one, year long and they are customized for the career interest of the veterans in our program and we help with networking, we help with resume review, prepping for, you know, internships, interviews, all of that, and all of our mentors are volunteers from all around america and we've helped over 16,000 veterans who have gone through our program and say it changed their lives and affected their impact, our ability to, you know, make the transition. >> that's great.
10:42 am
>> when they are being mentored, this is not a paid position that they are, you know, getting into but it's about getting them kind of honing in on where they'd like to focus their new career. >> that's exactly it. a lot of the veterans might have an idea of what they might be interested in doing but they don't know how skills translate. if you're repairman, what does that translate into the civilian sector, the mentors are volunteered mentors, free program for everybody involved from the veteran perspective and they're really work to go figure out where these veterans fit and what a good career would that be for them. arthel: that's very good. >> tun employment rate, unemployment rate for veterans is 3% which is low but you're saying tun employment rate is not the problem, you're saying under employment. what do you mean by under employment? >> any individual who is under employed they aren't using their training or skills to fullest advantage, salary and benefits requirements aren't being met, they don't have the mobility
10:43 am
that they want to actually progress through their career in a way that's meaningful to them or not working in an area that they are interested in. arthel: how does that relate to income when you say under employed. it relates a lot to income, many, you know, military members coming out of the service, the average starting salary nationwide might be $45,000, veterans coming out of our program after a year of mentorship, average starting salary around $82,000, big difference in salary. arthel: i want to share some other stats on america corporate partners so we can let everyone know what you're up to, more than 30,000 veterans have participated in acp's program, acp has provided more than 15,500 veterans with year-long corporate mentorships, you have more than 80 of the largest companies in the country that are providing mentors and funding for the program, acp is citizens mentoring program
10:44 am
encourages individuals not affiliated with one out of our acp partnered companies to become acp mentors, acp's women veterans connected female veterans with entrepreneurs and year-long mentorship. when you hear that, first of all, congratulations on outstanding work. >> thank you. arthel: when you hear that, though, people at home or listening, they are wanting to know is there a way for individuals or even small businesses to get involved? >> so there are 3 way that is we are asking for people to get involved with veterans day being tomorrow; the first that we are running a campaign, social media campaign, and that's the way for individuals at home right now to go on your social media, your twitter, instagram, whatever you use. arthel: #acpthink. #acpthink. >> that's right, and say thank you to a service member and that's a great way for us to kind of raise awareness that veterans still have needs.
10:45 am
we still have an excess of 200,000 veterans transitioning this year alone and those individuals deserve the attention of the community and to be appreciatinged so join us in saying thanks there, also, and we encourage people to become mentors, we are especially looking for successful entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs. arthel: where do they go if they are interested? >> write to us and visit our website and all of our information acp -- and the final way asking for support from the community is that we are nonprofit, we are survive off of the generosity, year end is come around the corner, if people would consider donation for our mission. arthel: american corporate partners, thank you for helping to help our heros.
10:46 am
very, very important. >> yeah. arthel: absolutely. eric: thanks, arthel. well, let's take a live look, you're looking at iowa city, iowa, there's presidential hopeful bernie sanders holding campaign event, not the only candidate stomping in the hawkeye state, more on who is where hitting the campaign trail as america's news headquarters rolls on this sunday. we're oscar mayer deli fresh and you may know us from...
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arthel: people in spain are voting in the country's fourth election in four years and second election this year in hopes of breaking a political deadlock, acting prime minister pedro sánchez of socialist worker's party called for repeat after parties rejected idea of forming coalition after april's election, citizens are being asked to elect members of congress and senators but officials are concerned about whether low turnout and unrest in catalonia can impact the ability to produce a working majority in spain's parliaments. ♪ ♪ eric: you can see the election happening right here in our country, take a look, senator bernie sanders holding one of -- well, he has two town meetings today, town halls in iowa, one
10:51 am
right there, fellow democratic presidential hopeful kamala harris and pete buttigieg, they are also courting voters in early voting states today. jackie heinrich keeping tabs on who is where. >> hey, eric, biggest headline is michael bloomberg's move for presidential run, analysts could say it could signal to democratic party and second favorite elizabeth warren might be too liberal to beat donald trump, bloomberg once a republican filed for alabama friday and spokesman said announcement could come as early as next week. bloomberg would enter crowded field with late start, he decided to focus on california and texas instead of the first four early primary state where is the other candidate have spent months and ton of money
10:52 am
campaigning, 52 billion-dollar fortune can carry him further. >> there are folks that are trying to completely purchase our political system, running as republicans and now tossing in their hats as democrats. >> michael bloomberg and other billionaires, sorry, you ain't going to buy this election. >> meantime biden and warren have been trading barbs this week in a radio interview biden called the massachusetts senator much criticized healthcare plan unrealistic, warren snapped back by suggesting biden was running in the wrong presidential primary, biden answer today that by calling attacks like warren angry and unyielding which warren's campaign labeled as sexist remark, while biden may have the advantage nationally in the polls ahead of warren by nearly 8 points, the state with two primary contests in the country have warren ahead, in iowa biden is polling in fourth place, early states have so important to garnering support that they are seeing near constant visits from the
10:53 am
candidates, today senators harris and booker are in iowa as is mayor pete buttigieg and senator bernie sanders is going to be in new hampshire. another key date ahead is wednesday, the last day to qualify for the next democratic debate which is november 20th, so far only 10 candidates have qualified. eric. eric: all right, jackie, thank you. arthel. arthel: yes, we are going to tell you who is able to scarf down these stone crabs at record pace. we all sleep easier knowing you're out there keeping us safe. and on a personal note... sfx: jet engines ... i just needed to get that off my chest. thank you. geico: proudly supporting the military for over 75 years.
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♪ ♪ ♪ arthel: well, tomorrow is veteran's day and there are plenty of groups working to give back to those who have served our country, one group in particular is called to working teach vets a trade and purpose, john scott has more. >> in the tinny town of odessa, delaware in old ambulance garage, you'll find unusual and generous programs for u.s. military veterans. >> once they are finished here, they can take it anywhere. >> sam cannon, former baltimore police officer injured on the job felt into watch making and now opened the veterans watch maker initiative to teach this art to veterans especially disabled ones. >> we designed the school to handle anything from a wheelchair to a track chair, sport chair, anything in between. >> full course takes up to 16
10:58 am
months, roughly 2300 hours of instruction and cost to veterans? >> absolutely nothing, no tools, no books, nothing. >> john carlo, marine veteran deploy today iraq is one to have first to graduate. >> second hardest thing i've ever done was complete the course. >> because of the focus required overcomes pain, all kinds of problems that occur with veterans, they can sit here and focus on this little quarter-size unit and the world goes away. >> kelly deployed to afghanistan while in the army. >> this is like a therapy for me almost. just sense of peace that i have here and belonging, it's phenomenal, really changing my life. 501c3 charitable organization, if you're a veteran that would like to explore the program or make a donation check out their
10:59 am
website veteranswatchmaker odessa, delaware fox news. eric: dozens of people in key west, they were cracking like crazy and chowing down on stone crab claws. plowing through 25 claws, 25 claws completely clean, you don't leave any meet mind but 40% of stone crabs, by the way, do come from the keys, could you that that's? arthel: i'm all about this, the hot dogs i can't stuff, the hot dog i can't look at the videos, the stone crabs i can handle. eric: nathan's hot dog -- arthel: who cares? eric: it's a new york thing. arthel: give me the seafood, all
11:00 am
right, guys, listen, we appreciate you joining us, be sure to tune in impeachment inquiry happening on fox news sunday case wallace up next stay right here on fox news channel, meanwhile enjoy the rest of your sunday. ♪ ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace democrats prepare to go public with impeachment probe but will televised hearings change anything? ♪ >> those open hearings would be an opportunity for the american people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves, also to learn firsthand about the facts of the president's misconduct. >> they have gone out of their way to find the people that hate president trump the most. chris: after weeks of closed-door testimony, lawmakers will question witnesses in public about whether the president abused his office to get research from ukraine, we will ask two members of the committee leading the


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