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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 10, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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the message and learn the truth. when they do that and vote accordingly we will keep winning. mark: it's been a great pleasure. god bless. we will see you next time on life liberty and live in live i. >> the most disturbing thing i have heard. there are so many things i heard
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over the past several weeks that are disturbing. steve: i think we'll agree, it's disturbing. was there a financial crash? no, the stock market hit a record high. did the economy dip into a recession? no. was there some kind of terror attack. not really. what is this crisis? i think it's suppose to have something to do with snation national security. >> it's about national security. >> putting our national security at risk. >> we are dealing with corruption and abuse of power that damaged national security. >> it's about national security. steve: we get it. it's about national security. who is the one person smart enough to explain the national cusecurity threat in a crisp wa.
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>> the idea that someone would invite a foreign power into our election and in the process withhold, apparently the allegation, some within the administration who heard the conversations, withhold vital military aid voted for by the congress we'll ukrainians are dying in eastern ukraine in order to take on russians who are still there killing these people, is just -- it is one of the things that no president has ever thought of doing. steve: wake up. he's finished. that does sound really bad. no president ever thought of withholding military aid to ukraine that congress approved. i think there was one president who did that. who was it again? i remember.
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it was this guy. that'st, okay, you can't expect joe to remember it. it was years oh go. but it's not just joe bhiensd conveniently forgetting. it's all the democrats and bureaucrats on their high horse about trumpmp damage our nationl security then he did actually send itai and obama didn't. this has nothing to do with national security. onit's all just an illusion. a bombshell revelation that the democrats and ruling class got so excited about. it's nothing we didn't already know. the truth about this impeachment is it's not about finding out things we didn't know. it's about telling a highly partisan political story and they settled on their cast of characters. >> sondland, taylor. >>ac taylor and
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yovanovich:vindman. >> fiona hill. >> sondland, sondland. >> yovanovich. >> taylor. >> george kent. george kent. steve: the anti-trump cult recite the names of these bureaucrats like holy even can y encantsing tions. on america role in the world they arrogantly oppose. i have worked at the heart of government. these permanent bureaucrats hate political back channels because it takes away from their power to control policy. they use every trick in the book to brand political involvement as illegitimate. but they are the ones acting illegitimate.
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they have no le lit mat mandate. in this poll there is only one person who fits that description. and it's president trump. these civil servants putting on a pedestal. they are part after smug, arrogant elite that's been wrong on every major issue the last 30 years. i would rather take the advice from the chickens in my back yard. that's me with my chickens. they are very cute and very smart chickens. but there was one name missing from this cast of characters last week. this man, kurt volker was there giving testimony money. the transcript of his evidence was released. but not a people out of ruling class state tv about volker.
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could it be because he exonerates the president on the main impeachment charges. this week i read the volker transcript. page 36, volker states clearly there was nothing link again policy and investigation. page 41 he explains it was advisors to president trump, not the president you. they wanted to get president trump to view the ukrainian president more favorably. according to volker it was the ukrainians who wanted to be connected to rudy giuliani. volker says aid was held up for a number of different reasons. page after page. 360 pages exonerating the president. but somehow despite being one of theirbu precious career diploma. ruling class state tv barely
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mentions volker and they haven't invited him to their public hearings next week. read the volker transcript. it shows this whole part of that impeachment is a farce. no normal person cares about any of this. we are in the weeds when we are bandying about the names of obscure bureaucrats nobody has heard of. we promise is to bring you the truth about impeachment every sunday night as long as this lunacycy goes on. let's meet our guests for the night. former trump senior military advisor, steve moore. and fox news contributor, lisa boothe. >> you were spot on about the
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volcker transcript. the witnesses fall in two categories. they were not witnesses to the call. bill taylor is one example. and you have the people who were on the call and have spoke within the president. the ones who have spoke within the president say he was imminently clear, no quid pro quo. and the list goes on. we don't impeach based on presumption or assumption or personal opinion. we look at this based on fact. the only quid pro quo is from kid pro joe biden. >> there is a lot there with new information on the hunter biden ukraine thing. >> so there was a fascinating front phage "new york times" story everyone should read.
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they interviewed dozens and dozens of people at the state department within foreign service diplomats, and they all talk about how much they hate trump and they are against everything he's trying to do. >>he they are literally lip mats -- diplomats. what was donald trump's closing argument in the election, drain the swamp. what is a fast hear it in being this, it appears about 90% of these career diplomats who work at the state department are opposed to the foreign policy donald trump put forward and it's not surprising their guns are blazing to bring this man down. if they don't like his foreign policy, they should get the hell out of the government. steve: that's so well said, steve. what makes it most obvious is this argument, we saw a bit of it in my opening on russia and the outrage it is even the question of stopping the aid
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when obama did the same thing. they are trying to react to this. this was jake tapper this morning talking about he considers to be the importance of this aid that was withheld. remember withheld by obama in exactly the same manner. just watch take tapper this morning. >> ukrainians desperately needed this middle aid and were dying, literally being killed between the time the money was held up in july and when it was eye released in september. steve: so outraged about this now. i don't recall any of that when president obama was stopping the aid and ukrainians were literally dying. >> i would love to see if he criticized president obama for not sending lethal aid.
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obama sent humanitarian aid, not lethal aid. alexander vindman said president trump was trying to subvert foreign policy. guess what, it's his policy. which is the problem we see in the trump administration. republicans and conservatives have a right to be concerned about this issue, the fact there are people who are trying to harm the president in is quite literally a book coming out by the anonymous author talking about trying to subvert the trump administration. there is an investigation by u.s. attorney john durham if the fbi and doj used their authority spying on the trump campaign. there is absolutely reasons to be concerned and be looking at this from a sceptical lens and doing the digging you did and actually readingdi the transcri.
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steve: we'll have much more on that next week. butt when we saw some of the extracts i put out a tweet, is the anonymous book author part of the media team? the's making argument for how this is what lisa was talking about. >> this is absolutely the deep state sat work. we don't know who this character is. the media wouldn't let us know even if they did know. theyee like to hide names. they run with anonymous sourcing. they will come to my administration and ask me is this true. i will say no this is not true and here are the facts against what you are reporting. but they will run with the anonymous sourcing nonetheless. >> one last thing i want to get your reaction to. this is all about the narrative. look at this. this was on meet the press,
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previewing what we are going to get from the democrats next week. >> they want marie yovanovich there because we are told she criedy in her testimony, they want somebody there to say i was a victim of the president doing this for his own political game. >> it's amazing to me this president has been as successful as he has given it appears now, 80% to 90% of the people in the civil service are against what he's trying to do. president trumpg tried to do civil service reform. the left went crazy saying how dare you try to politicize the civil service system. it sounds like it's pretty politicized already. qumy parents were refugees from communism in hungary and much of my childhood was spent behind the iron curtain visiting my flame there.
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so yesterday's anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall was especially important to me. the wall didn't fall, it was brought down by people in power. clear, decisive leadership, ronald reagan, margaret thatcher and mikhail gorbachev. and the second cold war rapidly building, a new empire in this century, china. all right. stay with us. we have much more on impeachment ahead. don't go away. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40%
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>> welcome back everyone we have much more on impeachment. she has been diligently reading. it is actually the daily caller that funded -- >> thought this was interesting that fiona hill had talked about how the russians possibly said this information in eager to
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drum up business which would make him susceptible to that. and it's a big deal the near time has previously raised the point that the diaz ea could've been on this information based on the fact it remains unverified and the problem with all of that is the fact fbi used the dossier to apprise a warrant against carter page multiple times. that is a core issue and should be very concerning. >> 's should be very concerning if the fbi used this information to obtain a warrant on an american citizen. >> you were just saying were getting a version -- i'm old enough to remember the dixon impeachment and it was all on tv. you can watch it in real time and with every american to make up their own decision. we are getting all the information to the filter of the media because none of this has been adjudicated and public and i find that offensive. that was not true of the nixon impeachment with the clinton
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impeachment but this is under -- you can see in the choice of witnesses and they want people to see the truth, that's not what they want, they want to tell their story. >> previous impeachment to tell witnesses. now we have to bow at the altar of adam schiff to actual witnesses and the witnesses will be allowed to publicly testify because it is exonerating and will see hunter biden, these are all republicans want to hear from but adam schiff has coordinated a drama force all to watch that the politically motivated narrative. we'll see what he says. he's always said no to hunter biden. >> another interesting thing marie of ottovich the former ukrainian ambassador was dishonest. >> she was the one in tears. >> maybe she will be that this
9:21 pm
is surface, she was dishonest about having contact with the democratic staffer to date after the whistleblower filed the complaint in the issue question was sensitive. probably pertaining to ukraine and she was you honest about this. why was she dishonest and this raises questions, you look at the fact that the attorney for the whistleblower -- >> how was she dishonest. >> she did not respond to the democratic staffer and it turns out she did have a conversation with the staffer -- >> who reached out to hurt. >> the staffer wanted to talk to her and previously known each other -- >> i believe it was two days after the whistleblower complaint was filed. and it was on her personal e-mail address as well that the conversation took place. and this also raises the question in conjunction with the whistleblower attorney talking about the inauguration and then adam schiff lying about having contact with the whistleblower.
9:22 pm
so the media should be a little bit more concerned and looking into some of the information a little bit more and the fact that they're uncritically pushing the point to the left without any criticism and digging into this and skepticism it's really concerning it shows their hand. >> there is a reason for that. the left believes that donald trump was illegitimately elected. they believe that from novembe november 6th. we had a two-year investigation of russia and it turned out to be a hoax. did you notice how quickly -- [inaudible] >> it was collusion, obstruction. >> the democrats were at the debate, why do you want to impeach. they also different reasons, one said ukraine, one said mueller, it's an orchestrated coup against a sitting president and was orchestrated by adam schiff with the whistleblower who went to his staff. you noted maria talking to democrat staffers it's an orchestrated coup.
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>> it reminds me that the point you made earlier, incredible to think how much has been accomplished and we will talk about some of that later especially by another areas, given the relentless investigation from day one. coming up new information, the biden of ukraine cash for gas candle. we have another member of congress live to join us to have great presentation, tim. could you email me the part about geico making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over.
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two days later hunter biden joined the gas company.
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vice president biden met with two board members of ukraine's gas company. those two board members, his son hunter and joe biden claimed he didn't know biden was on the board, give me a break. the spokesperson replied no, he's a private citizen. but in 2015, a separate state department official raised concerns. biden's own staff. but he was blown off. joe wants us to believe even though this state department and his staff knew, he didn't. finally, hunter biden's own account, hunter said he did
9:29 pm
discuss his original work with his dad. he told him, i hope you know what you are doing. if there is no corruption here, why is joe biden lying about this. new details emerged about the corruption, and freedom of information request. john solomon confirmed if a lobbying firm used hunter biden in the meeting, one day after that, devon archer met with secretary of state john kerry. seven months before those meetings hunter biden met with deputy secretary of state tony blinkham. meeting with the two top officials in the state department while billions of dollars were flown to ukraine.
9:30 pm
joe biden was in control of that aid. it's pry sighsly because joe biden is running for president now, we need to know that. the only way we can find out is to ask the ukrainian government. we have to get to the bottom of the cash for gas scandal. joining me, alabama congressman bradley burn. we have been on the same page on this for a long time. you have been on the show before impeachment started. tell us the latest. where are you with this bill you are pushing forward. >> i heard from the left that somehow we are trying to make up something where there is nothing there. all i'm saying is i want an investigation. i want the united states congress to look into this with
9:31 pm
the effort we have made going after president trump. if this wasn't hunter biden, fit was donald trump, jr., they would have done this months ago. i want devon archer to testify, i hunt hunter biden to testify. and tell us if there was influence to get hunter bind and the people in this business with him the special deals he got. he had no background in ukraine and no background in energy and they are paying him $50,000 a month? come on, something stings there. steve: i agree, but what are the chances of getting that investigation. who are you suggesting should run that investigation? >> it should be the united states congress. it should be the relevant
9:32 pm
committees of the united states congress. foreign affairs, judiciary. any committee with jurisdiction over these matters. we spent all this time, hundreds of man hours looking for things that haven't been there with regard to president trump. i want us to go in and apply the same effort to what happened here. if it's all on the up and up, everything is fine, fine. let's understand that. i have a suspicion the reason they don't want to do it, the reason they are so dismissive of it is they know there is something here. let's get to the bottom of it. if the democrats won't do this, they are showing their hypocrisy. steve: is it possible for this to happen, in the house, can any investigation open? it has to come from the democrats because they are in
9:33 pm
the majority? >> it is. but you have got to push on these things. you have got to let the american people know, this is out there, the democrats won't look into it. they have a double standard. if it had been donald trump, it would have happened months ago. >> is this a case that any of those committees you mentioned in the senate could open an investigation on this tomorrow? >> they could and i wish they would. i'm not in the senate, i can't make them do it. there is enough smoke here it would seem they would look at where the fire is coming from. this is not just about the election and joe biden. this is billions of dollars of american aide that's gone to a country that's critical to us. and there are all sorts of questions about what happened in ukraine in 2016, before them in ukraine, what's happening now with a new president.
9:34 pm
let's get it out there so policy makers and citizens can know what's going on. steve: congressman, thank you for the pressure you are putting on. you are right next door to the senate. if you can twist some sarps, we would be grate new. let's see what we all think around the table. >> you laid out the fact that joe biden lied about not knowing his son was on burisma. there was a 2016 new york types story about questionable ties to burisma and the biden vice president i. and finally the most revealing, marieian relationship was pressed in her -- marieian marin
9:35 pm
relationship was pressed during her testimony. >> you had john kerry's stepson writing his concerns saying it was a major lapse of judge the. did the american foreign policy change based on hunter biden being on the board of burisma? i don't understand why nobody sees interested tonight. if you watch the media, any type it gets brought up, push it aside. steve: they keep saying, what dries me crazy with all this, these two mantras you have any type any of this, anything to do with biden comes up, they say there is no evidence of wrongdoing. we just laid out the evidence of wrongdoing.
9:36 pm
the second thing, steve, they also say, well, they complain about president trump calling for investigation of his political rivals. no, this man, joe biden was then the vice president. he's not just a description political rival today. it's completely appropriate to ask does he know the vice president of his country had some dodgy business going on with his son in ukraine. >> these stories are complicated. but this is a simple one. hunter biden lied about it. she has no ukraine experience. 98 out of 100 people would know. and this is called graft. it's an error of judge', but it go beyond that. it goes to a corruption here.
9:37 pm
basically pay-to-play system. steve: you have got the lobbyist at burisma, john kerry's former chief of staff who recycled money, he gave money to democratic senators who pushed for aid. we don't know how much aid went from the u.s. taxpayer into the burisma bank account. it could in the billions. that's how much money went to ukraine. we don't know. that's why we need an investigation. >> we don't know because the democrats won't ask the questions. how hunter biden gets his lucrative deal with the bank of china. steve: once this nonsense is out of the way we'll be on to china. >> with regard to concerns over meddling in the 206 election.
9:38 pm
the new york types noted how a ukrainian court said the head of a anti-corruption board broke the law which helped underscore the narrative. there is also that "politico" article talking about a consultant working with the ukrainian he bassy digging up dirt on paul manafort. steve: there is a lot to investigate. in the real world. an update on the booming trump economy. that's next. new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. we chose eleanor. it was great-grandma's name.
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>> welcome back, the obsessed with impeachment but there's other things going on. meanwhile in the real world -- a
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booming trump academy a few weeks ago, our guest steve wrote an article about how the census bureau population shows middle-class incomes are growing under president trump. take a look at this, amazing chart, as you can see the total household income under president bush totaled $400 and under a president obama a thousand dollar gate and president trump the household has seen more than a $5000 gain in income. the current median household income is $66000, an all-time high. and the president is keeping his word, bringing jobs back to americans. look at this headline from a few days ago. gm plant promises union work and wages, the ohio factory will be taken over by plans to hire 404 employees to pickup trucks. the trump economy is delivery exactly the people the president promised to help. for the men and women who are
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>> welcome back right here in california, elected democrats are doing everything they can to run into the ground. ♪ so while the loony left is going on across the country. we're going to focus on california in san francisco where the attorney produced a progressive candidate who i think it's safe to say has an interesting back story in both of the parents are part of the domestic terror group where the underground has spent 22 years in jail. and look what happened at his election night party. keep in mind here is the top
9:49 pm
law-enforcement official. here is sondra lee who is a member of san francisco supervisors with inspiring words about the police officers association. [shouting] that was led by somebody who is elected on the board of supervisors. it is just insane. no wonder a new survey shows that third of san francisco's revenues want to lead. [laughter] as people are now very familiar across the country and the homelessness coming out of control, drug addiction, and
9:50 pm
shoes, this is just a joke. and these are the people getting elected. >> what was interesting there is a uc berkeley and los angeles times study that found over half of california registered voters are contemplating leaving the state. which is insane, just over half, that's insane. for good reason to look at places like san francisco, doctor lee rightly who deals with contamination issues said what is going on in san francisco is worse than kenya and libya and these other places. >> knows they can afford a they said come to florida with no income tax and electric power. [laughter] but it is sad and is more sad than humorous. the fact is, i was just in san francisco, you live in the area and you cannot even walk in downtown to francisco. >> it's not just san francisco.
9:51 pm
when you look at the top ten cities that have domestic migrants out of the city they been run by democrats going back to 1960. there was one study that found 400 residents have been hell or quicken states and got a donald trump states in 15 states alone. because nobody wants higher taxes and decriminalizing crime. >> we mention that, the day criminalized prosecution of crime. and everyone you know are getting cars broken into and burglaries all over the place and so on because the police cannot do anything about it. in the national applications. that cries loony left. the local labor party counsel with all the loony stuff and went national and kept the labor party out of town. >> the main street already has paid when you look at democrats on the debate stage raising
9:52 pm
their hand forgiving health insurance to illegal immigrants talking about decriminalizing border crossings and bernie sanders laying out a plan to abolish ice, it already has and alexandria ocasio-cortez abolishing ice, i think these policies are part of the national dynamic. >> they need to take these policies national. liquid company in san francisco. >> you want healthcare for illegal immigrants -- >> joe biden is next. coming of the 2020 update is another joe biden comedy segment. somewhat creepy tonight as well. that is next. do great presentation, tim. could you email me the part about geico making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you?
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i'm happy to give you the tour, i lohey jay. it. jay? charlotte! oh hi. he helped me set up my watch lists. oh, he's terrific. excellent tennis player. bye-bye. i recognize that voice. annie? yeah! she helped me find the right bonds for my income strategy. you're very popular around here. there's a birthday going on. karl! he took care of my 401k rollover. wow, you call a lot. yeah, well it's my money we're talking about here. joining us for karaoke later? ah, i'd love to, but people get really emotional when i sing. help from a team that will exceed your expectations. ♪ >> that interview really was the gt that keeps on giving. check this out.
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>> your favorite question, your age. "the new york times" had a story yesterday saying that a number of democrats are worried, and i'm just going to read about what it says have been your uneven performances on the debate stage and miscues as a campaigning preventing you from presenting a strong and confident presence as a candidate. >> look at me. steve: oh, my god, that's scary. i think we need to see it again. let's have a look. >> look at me. look at me. look at me. [laughter] steve: oh, my god. it's like, what? [laughter] that is really -- >> yeah. i hate to inform the host there, but he's been having verbal miscues going back to the 1970s. this is just creepy joe. steve: that was something, wasn't it? >> i actually think labeling some of the things he says as
9:58 pm
gaffes is generous, because some of them are borderline offensive or it's just straight up lying like we laid out earlier in the show about him knowing about hunter biden serving on the board of burisma, hunter even said privately that joe biden brought it up to him. steve: it's exactly that kind of thing that is behind, as we heard last week, michael bloomberg's decision to jump into the race. >> he is a big problem, michael bloomberg, which is that he is pro-business, and he knows how to create jobs. and, apparently, there's no place in the democratic party for people like that. i'm saying that facetiously, but that's been the attack so far. how dare mike bloomberg run as a democrat, he's a businessman. steve: and also the other disqualifier, apparently, in the modern democratic party hearkening back to what we were
9:59 pm
talking about earlier in loony left is is he was effective as being tough on crime in new york. >> yes, he was tough on crime with stop and frisk, of course, new york. but this guy's been all over the map. it's like a case of mistaken identity. he's been republican, independent, democrat, he is whatever behooves him at the moment, but he has the lowest favorability rate of any of the democrat contenders. he will not survive. >> i think we will know if it's real next week because the new hampshire filing deadline is friday, so let's see if he files there. he also previously said he'd be willing to spend $100 million. if that's the case, it would be interested if that's directed at joe biden and elizabeth warren. steve: not even going to try to do the look at me -- [laughter] that'll be really, you know, not -- >> it was creepy. steve: do you think despite stuff like that, can he survive? is he going to stay the front-runner in. >> i don't know. if you look at iowa and new hampshire, he's not doing as
10:00 pm
well as the national numbers. steve: we're out of time, how sad. we've had a great time. thank you for being with us and do, please, come back again sunday. ♪ ♪ pete: welcome to "modern warriors: a veterans day special." i'm your host, pete hegseth. this is a night i've been looking forward to for a long time. sitting with me are the best of the best our country has to offer, patriots who put their life on the line to defend our great country. >> there's two states that you live in. you're either at war or ready to go back. >> lieutenant colonel scott mann, four tours in afghanistan under his belt. he specialized in unconventional high-impact missions all over world. he now promotes awareness and


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