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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 11, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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even better with these guys. you can watch the directors cut and fox nation .com. if you are not a member, sign up for thank you heather: good morning to you, monday november 11th happening at 4:00 a.m. here on the east coast, look at the video, sports cargoes flying through the air and smashes into the second floor of the building. lawmakers battle over who will take stand in public testimony. >> it's impossible to bring this case forward in my view fairly without us knowing who the whistleblower is and having a chance to cross examine them. heather: adam schiff shuts down
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the witness' wish list. patriotism over politics, president trump making history today as the first president to attend new york city veterans day parade, "fox & friends first" start right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, made in america, very fitting as row tune on "fox & friends first" on monday morning, it is a veterans day and big thank you to all veterans and their family across the country, i'm heather childers thank you so much for joining us, live look at capitol
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hill where capitol impeachment testimonies will begin this week, republicans want several witnesses to take the witness stand including the one who sparked the inquiry. >> republicans have at least 14 people they want to hear from but democrats are indicating they will not approve most of those individuals to testify specifically the whistleblower, hunter biden and business partner archer and nelly ohr and alexander chalupa, former democratic committee staffer, house republican cover-up caucus wants sham witnesses to testify, my two sense, get lost. on fox news sunday congressman sean pa provost and executive vice president for academic affairs trick maloney said other
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weeks that have testified behind closed doors will likely be approved. >> i think we will call the witnesses on the list, my test so s do they have knowledge of the president. >> demanding to hear from the whistleblower directly, on sunday morning futures, impeachment has no side if it makes it to controlled-republican senate. >> it's impossible to bring this case forward in my view fairly without us knowing who the whistleblower is and having a chance to cross-examine them about any vices they may have, if they don't call the whistleblower in the house, this doing is dead on arrival in the senate. >> the first public testimony in
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the impeachment inquiry begins on wednesday with ambassador bill taylor and state department george kentb before u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch testifies on thursday, heather. heather: much more to come, fox news alert, american isis fighter captured overseas is sent back to the u.s., well, turkey says unnamed american were sent overnight. this announcement comes 2 days before turkey's president meets with president trump at the white house. well, the fight against isis in syria is not over, mark milly says that more than 500 troops will remain on the ground keeping pressure on the terror group. >> the footprint will be small but objective will be the same.
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heather: president trump recently approved expanded military mission to secure oil fields after ordering a complete troop withdrawal. well, listen to this, the man who lost his life and son during cartel ambush in méxico is specspeaking out for the first time. >> the toughest part for me was saying good-bye, yeah, it definitely was, saying good-bye to two innocent lives that were cut short, and vibrant wife lived life to its fulliest, david losing his wife dona and 2 days when gun control gunman shot up suv, 13-year-old devin survived the attack hiding injured sib lippings before walking 14 miles for help, devin sharing his mother's final words. >> get down right now, she was trying to pray to the lord.
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heather: 9 americans shot and killed in the attack last week, 6 of them were children. 2020 hopeful had difficult time answering veteran in rally. >> i don't want to see anybody in the room have to wait like that because of a single-payer system which the va is, who is paying the bill? are in the pace of the va the government is paying 100 perm. i'm the former chairman. >> there's a failure there. julian castro is calling to change order of voting.
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castro, only latino candidate lack diversity. >> i don't think we were the same country in 1972, demographic it's not reflected as the united states as a whole and certainly not reflected of the democratic party. heather: castro having a hard time to gain traction in iowa at around 1%. it is veterans day and today president trump will make history becoming the first ever president to attend the new york city veterans day parade, jackie ibañez live with the preview, good morning, jackie. >> hi, good morning, heather, historic and exciting day ahead to honor nation's veterans in the big apple, the president will kick off 100th annual parade with address at madison square park in manhattan at 10:30 eastern time and lay a wreath at the eternal light memorial, the president and first layy will not march in the
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parade which will draw more than 25,000 participates, veterans expanded investigation but president trump is the first one to accept the invitation, during first time in oval office the president has been making veterans a big priority, under the trump administration veterans have had the lowest employment rate since the year 2000, there's been annual military pay increase, private healthcare options have expanded, va accountability office has been created and mental health care for transitioning service members is available, veterans are acknowledging the president's efforts, pew research center polls says 57% approve of president trump's leadership. and back in washington, vice president mike pence will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and give remarks at arlington national secretary. heather: we appreciate it.
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how about football now, to nfl week 10, the league honoring our nation's heros as well with the annual salute to service giant american flags ahead of veterans day, game highlights, all purpose yard powering the vikings to a 28-24 win over the cowboys and the titans rally in final minute and patrick returns from injury. >> across for the touchdown. heather: tennessee wins 35 to 32. but the falcons were upset of the day by shocking the saints 26-9 and packers hold off the panthers, 24-16 with a last-second goal line stand, good game, though, the time now
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almost 10 minutes after the top of the hour and senator lindsey graham says impeachment is dead on arrival on the senate if democrats keep the whistleblower from testifying, our next guest is a former doj official who says if republicans can't question the whistleblower, their claims about the president should be thrown out. >> stop fighting each other and help each other, get together with your friends and change -- heather: firing up the crowd with her people's choice award speech and performs her brand-new single, all the highlights for you include august big surprise appearance. ♪ ♪
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>> it's impossible to bring the case forward fairly without us knowing who the whistleblower is and having a chance to cross examine them about any vices they may have, if they don't call the whistleblower on the house this thing is dead on arrival in the senate. heather: lindsey graham calling out for denying whistleblower testify as adam schiff says the person's testimony will be redundant and unnecessary. that's, quote, but shouldn't republicans and the president be able to question the accuser, former doj officials joins me now to break it all down, thank you very much for joining us, first of all. >> hi, heather. heather: should the whistleblower be forced to testify? >> i do think so, when you're talking about removing a president this is every bit as serious if not more serious than any criminal investigation, a shoplifter has the right to confront their accuser and the
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way the whole russia thing started with at the base, the steele dossier which looks like a pack of lies, when you lie to the court and the american people we have the right to snow and the right to challenge that, we have the right to understand witness bias, these are fundamental precepts in criminal law and when you're talking about impeachment or removing the president, akin to prosecution. heather: we mentioned some of what schiff had to say, this is one of the full comments, impeachment inquiry has gathered ever-growing body of evidence from witnesses and documents but far exceeds the initial information. testimonies therefore redundant and unnecessary, let's also bring up the full gop witness list that we know so far because he's also said hunter biden which is on the list will not be allowed to testify and then you
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can take a look, devin or her, david hale, alexander chalupa, nelly ohr, the whistleblower whoever will be. a lot of familiar names when it comes to the russia collusion investigation as well. >> well, that's right, heather what you have here, you have to have context when the republicans say they want to question hunter biden it's all about context, the democrats say that the president has abused his office and committed high crimes and demeanors in quid pro quo without understanding the context and president's request, what was the context, was there corruption by the previous administration, high-level officials like the president and his son in the administration before president trump that president trump had every right and really a duty to ask about,
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it is not at all out of bounds for the president to ask for cooperation from a former head of state when it comes to criminal matters of u.s. citizens. heather: so why not truly have this an open hearing with both sides being able to have whom they want come forward? >> well, heather, unfortunately i don't think they really want the truth, this is not a search for the truth, if it was you would have the bidens, you would have all of the people involved in potential corruption with a foreign government coming in to testify and giving that kind of context and i think the fact that you don't, the fact that they refuse to allow the republicans the due process of calling who they want much less the president, giving the same rights president clinton lad he's not had in the proceedings so far, that shows you that the process not fair, they have no desire to search for the truth,
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they are merely trying to remove the president from office. >> beyond all of that, not fair to the american people to have the facts, thank you so much for joining us, we will see what happens this week. >> thanks, weather. heather: time now is 18 minutes after the top of the honor and medal of honor to country's greatest heros. >> medal of honor to me represents the best of who we are as a country, you see, my name is on it. doesn't belong to me, anyone that's ever served there's a piece of them on this medal. heather: carley shimkus takes us behind the scenes behind the medal of honor convention.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", today law enforcement officers from around country will honor a police detective killed in line of duty, jorge del rio shot during federal drug raid in dayton, ohio just last week, he died from his injuries days later, public memorial will be held at the university of dayton arena today ahead of funeral service on tuesday, detective del rio leaves behind 5 daughters and several grandchildren. the first responders are under attack, new report says that assault on firefighters and emt's, new york city are skyrocketing, assaults have gone up 36% this year according to fd&y to october 146, firefighters assaulted at work, officials say the rise in assault is connected to the increase in emotionally
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disturbed patients. ♪ ♪ heather: on veterans day we remember the hero that risk everything for our freedom and in that spirit we send carley shimkus to florida for this year's medal of honor convention as she down with several of metal of honor recipients and spoke about how the award has helped their life. >> it was an absolute honor to speak to them. highest and rarest military award, it's not every day you get to meet one recipient, a recent convention in tampa, florida brought 46 them together and each put life on the line in several unthinkable circumstances, all of them say the same thing, they were just doing their job. >> i am so proud to be able to say that i salute you for your bravery, you have made america more strong and more free, god
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bless you, guys. [applause] >> medal of honor to me represents the very best of who we are, see, my name is on it but that doesn't belong to me, anyone that's ever served there's a piece of them on this medal. >> when i read your story i was blown away, what your body went through, how anyone could survive that, tell us what happened that day. >> we were surrounded by 10,000 of the enemy, within the first hour i was wounded from an exploding rocket. i found out after i landed and tried to get up that i couldn't walk and i remember saying if i'm going to die i won't die in the bunker. >> as awarded in the name of congress, medal of honor to sergeant velavilla. >> president trump allowed me and -- >> fired back at the end my
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without even thinking, the insurgence, he just took over, david took over. >> you say that it was a team effort but the president is really putting this on your heroism. >> well, god bless the president, that's very kind, it's a great metaphor for life, you know, we are unified, we are together, it's never a personal relationship with the medal of honor until you have it and when you receive it, you're just constantly around guys that you read about, emulate, respected, it's like meeting the avengers. carley: what led to you receiving that award in 1945? >> i received the medal of honor as a result of action on the island. we were a reserve just in case they would -- never think that they would because of the number of casualties we had, that evening, they announced that
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night aboard our ship that we were going in. i would have never done what i have done in these 74 years if i had not been for the medal of honor. heather: love him for sure. carley: amazing to get to meet him, my maintaining away even though they received the award, they don't really feel like it's there, they feel like they are receiving it for the men and women that they serve with and those who have died and can't receive it themselves. heather: isn't it interesting that every time that we talk about the heros, they always say a similar thing? >> it's true, it's true, incredible amount of attention being brought onto them and a lot of them feel like it's a burden but also very humbling to see how they have responded to this. heather: that's the thing, they are humble.
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carley: absolutely. heather: thank you to all of those recipients. carley: absolutely. heather: 26 minutes after the top of the hour, speeding and slams into -- >> there are folks that are trying to completely purchase our political system running as republicans now tossing in their hats as democrats in the field as well. heather: are the democrats worried he will give them a run for their money, our panel debates up next evy silverado hd. it offers head-up display. wow, that's dialed in. i can still keep my eyes on the road. my truck doesn't have that. it offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different camera views.
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that's quality picture. it even offers one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible - to help you see what's behind you. oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪
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janie, come here. check this out. let me see. she looks... kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's...that's amazing. oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. - mmhmm. - i'll take that. look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. yeah. the same placements and everything. unbelievable. heather: welcome back half past the top of the hour, look at the headlines for you this morning, starting with fox news alert, american isis fighter is sent
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back to the u.s., turkey making good on its promises to send captured -- recaptured fighter back to their home country saying that the unnamed american was deported overnight hunter biden and the whistleblower are among the people republicans want to testify, no word yet on exactly who will take the stand. and today president trump will make history becoming the first ever president to attend the new york city veterans day parade, he will kick off the 100th annual parade at madison square park before laying wreath at memorial. justices will hear arguments to decide whether president trump's decision to end the obama-era immigration program was --
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>> this week the trump administration will argue before the supreme court that it has the right to end the obama-era daca program, daca refers to the deferred action for childhood arrivals program that was created back in 2012, now on friday supporters of the policy rallied outside of the supreme court, daca allowed some illegal immigrants that came to the u.s. as children to receive a renewable 2-year reprieve from possible deportation and allows the so-called dreamers to be -- >> i know nothing but this country, so i consider this my home. >> the trump administration announced to faze out but federal courts blocked their efforts, the trump administration it long believes president trump never had the right to impose policy in the first place and if daca should be kept it's up to congress to pass the legislation, president trump tweeted about the case
1:33 am
last month writing in part, quote, if the supreme coward upholds daca it gives the president extraordinary powers far greater than ever thought. but critic's of the president's decision is cruel and unnecessary, daca is to impact 800,000 people nationwide, the attorney general of federal recently addressed the upcoming case, this is what he had to say. >> the president's decision to end daca and put all of those things at risk was not only illegal, it ran contrary to american values. >> the oral arguments are scheduled for this tuesday, however, a decision from the court is expected to take months and keep in mind a ruling could have a major impact on the 2020 presidential election. in washington mark meredith fox news. heather: the democrats slamming former new york city michael bloomberg as rumors of him joining the democratic field turn to reality.
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>> there are folks that are trying to completely purchase our political system running as republicans and now tossing in their hats as democrats. >> mike al bloomberg and other billionaires, sorry, you ain't going to buy this election. >> so could this be a sign democrats are worried about the added competition, here to debate liberal analyst kathy aru and kathy barnett, thank you both for joining us, we have kathy and kathy. how am i going to do this, kathy barnett, you win, are they worried, the democrats? >> listen, they should be but what bloomberg is doing simply reading the tealeaves at this point in time, remember, biden came out of the gate with -- with a tremendous amount of fanfare, he was the crowd favorite, he was touted as the moderate democrat and yet from the time he came out with that flop of youtube video he has had
1:35 am
one misstep after another, he can't seem to get over tripping his own lips by saying one statement after another, now we have quinnipiac poll coming out recently that he's placing fourth among iowa voters, bloomberg is just reading the tealeaves, not to forget his son biden, hunter biden. heather: remains what to be seen what happened with that beginning this week, i should say, kathy a, biden at 31%, sanders 20%, warren 18, pete buttigieg, harris and bloomberg at 4%. >> right, well, we still don't know who bloomberg is, we know the name but we actually don't
1:36 am
know him as a -- we don't know him as politician, so now all the other candidates aoc and biden and warren and all those who should be worried, not aoc, she's not running but she has endorsed someone, they are trying to define him but he's going define himself and a lot of people on both sides of the aisle are excited about bloomberg and he's doing something no one else has done before, he's ignored the blood bath that's been going on and he's go to jump in now and he has a great chance, new york really loved him and it's up -- heather: i was going say he does have the name recognition going into it. he served as mayor, what, twice in new york city. >> 3 times. heather: ran as independent, he switched parties and became a democrat, kathy b, i will get you to respond to this, this was bloomberg and adviser in potential 2020 run, statement officially, we now need to finish the job and ensure that
1:37 am
trump is defeated by mike is increasingly concern that the current field of candidates is not well positioned to do that. >> yes, and that's exactly what i was saying initially, he's reading the tealeaves, the reason why bloomberg has jumped into the race, it says more about biden and warren than it does anyone else. biden was the preferred candidate and now that he's dropped the ball and say he has had underwhelming. heather: when you say finish the job, many think he's referring to $100 million that he donated and spent to flip the house with
1:38 am
democrats, kathy a, some of the things being said by aoc and biden -- i'm sorry, sanders over the weekend, they basically are saying that he's trying to buy the election. roar right, that's the only thing they can say, they are trying to define him because no one knows him yet, that's the only thing they could say about him right now, there's nothing else that they know that's negative and him being a billionaire is not a negative. he practically paid to be mayor of new york, he gave back more than he ever took from the city, that's someone that people are excited about and the democrats are excited about bloomberg. heather: kathy b, president trump who is not taking his salary as president and donating it to different causes. >> but unlike bloomberg, unlike the rest of the 2020 field, president trump has a very strong economy, he has done more for the black community since the day of abraham lincoln and to have someone like bloomberg jump into the race, i -- i agree with -- with sanders and some of
1:39 am
other democrats, they should be worried because if biden fails the party really wants a more moderate candidate and if bloomberg fits that mold, then the others should be concerned. heather: you are right about the economy, 6.7 million jobs created, 2.5 million people lifted out of poverty just so far during this administration. kathy a and kathy b, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. heather: with all due respect former ambassador nikki haley accusing top aides of plotting the president's back. >> to undermine the president is a really dangerous thing and it goes against the constitution and goes against what the american people want, it was offensive. heather: who she said approached with a plan to, quote, save the country. a dad who can't contain excitement, baby gender reveal
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turns into a smashing good time.
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go to and get 2 months free. heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", two people dead after porshe crashes inside building, this happened in tom's river new jersey, the driver was speeding and lost control of the car before hitting median and embankment which sent it flying into the building, the driver and the passenger were killed, amazingly no one else was injured, wow. well, a rare moment of bipartisanship growing around death row inmates, have you heard about this, texas man for execution of rape and murder of women in 1996, texas
1:44 am
congresswoman sheila lee calling to grant a 30-day reprieve to look at new evidence in the case. >> the death penalty is the ultimate decision, that means we want to get it right. heather: celebrities like kim kardashian have voiced support for reed, hundreds of protestors outside of abbott's mansion this weekend calling for reed's release. have you heard about this, former un ambassador nikki haley detailing an alleged conspiracy to undermine president trump in her new memoir he blasts former white house chief of staff john kelly and former secretary of state rex tillerson for trying to recruit her to stop the president. >> it should have been go tell the president what your differences are and quit if you don't like what he's doing but to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing
1:45 am
and it goes against the constitution and it goes against what the american people want. heather: john kelly denies hailey's claims saying he gave the president the best legal and ethical advice, rex tillerson has not responded. singer pink making a fiery speech while accepting the people's champion award. >> i don't care about your politics, i care about your kids. i care about decency and humanity and kindness, stop fighting each other and help each other, get together with your friends and change -- heather: well, comedian kevin hart making first public appearance since devastating car accident accepting the comedy act of the year award. >> thank god because i definitely don't have to be here, being that i am, makes me
1:46 am
appreciate life even more, makes me appreciate the things that really matter, family, i truly want to thank you guys for being there for me in my difficult time, country music performing new song club. ♪ ♪ heather: this moment had buzzing, congratulations to all the winners last night. the time now is not quite the top of the hour yet, president trump will honor our heros at new york's veterans day parade making history in the process, he promised to take care of them and he has, so what does his support mean, we will find out when our veterans panel weighs
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♪ ♪ ♪ heather: today president trump is set to become the first u.s. president to attend new york city's veterans day parade in honor of 100-year history, americans nice wide will honor those who have served, what has the administration support meant to men and women in uniform, here to weigh in army veterans and dr. darren and with them marine corps reserve karen. thank you very much for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: what has it meant for veterans?
1:51 am
>> well, it's good that we have potus recognizing our service, it's just, you know, a day that, you know, we have to recognize certain special for the fact that we have service members serving right now in iraq and afghanistan, syria, so, you know, just hanging along with the appreciation is very important. >> you're right, we have veterans from both sides of the aisle so let's certainly hope it doesn't become political today, let's take a look, let's get you doctor to respond to this, the lowest unemployment rate since 2000, annual military pay increase and expansion of private healthcare options, he also created the va accountability office and mental healthcare for transitioning service members, so he's done a lot doctor. >> i agree, going back to my time as army officer, it was a difficult task to rally the troops behind me or i should say under me to being a part of
1:52 am
what's going on, when i say a part of what is going on, seems like the political climate was against them and congress to receive benefits as oppose to introducing more benefits, we have a president that's introducing more benefits for veterans and that's really a robust component for us as military members, i salute the president in his endeavor and happy to say that i've served in the united states military and i salute all veterans on this veterans day. heather: what do you think? >> if you go back to when private citizen donald trump was running for president, veterans were center piece of campaign, veterans are still a center piece, one of the things that i like that has changed urn president trump used to be he wanted va health care you had to go to va hospital and now with the mission act that came into law under president trump, if you have a healthcare need you can go to local doctor, family doctor and the va will reimburse the doctor, gives you a whole
1:53 am
new world of options, it puts the veterans as the decision maker and not bureaucrats. >> 57% of veterans approve of president trump's leadership, do you expect as the democratic candidates begin to present their ideas and policies that will impact veterans, do you expect the number will grow aisha, i will start with you? >> regard to policies presented by the democrats i think it can go either way but for the most part i think both sides have a good plans and i think that for the most part you see continuity on both sides, both sides are very, very into making sure that we combat suicide awareness, you know, that number is increasing and i do think there's a bipartisan spirit behind that. heather: but let's stick with the period, let's not make it
1:54 am
partisan, let's talk about this new poll that shows almost half of veterans feel uncomfortable being thanked for their service, so what is the best way to support our heros when they do come home, dr. porcher? >> i think one of the best ways to support the veterans in reentry process, when i say reentry process, when someone exits active duty providing proper housing and employment, that's the most key component in terms of advancing as a veteran, often times as military doesn't necessarily teach you skill set and how to assimilate back into current society this being said, saying thank you is great thing but works better when we have fortune 500 companies that buy into the policies. >> let me take you back to what my friend darren said, sometimes you have a job description that calls for a 4-year degree, a lot of times the sergeant right out of the army or marine corps doesn't have the 4-year degree f
1:55 am
employees recognize that someone who serves in the military especially in nco or leadership position, they already have a great management agree, they don't have have a diploma that says so but real-world experience, it would be good for veterans. >> make it more than just words, make it action when it comes to our veterans, by the way, thank you all, thank you for your service to this country, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> heather: and we will be right back. the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be.
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heather: welcome back, time now for the good, the bad and the ugly, first the good, two-time cancer survivor meets the man who saved his life during marathon at disney world, crossed finish lines, barns who happened to be a navy vet, and the bad, a dad reveals the gender of his baby with a real bang, watch this. wife is expecting a baby girl, finally the ugly, pregame ritual of table smashing but ends up being an epic fail.
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[laughter] heather: the woman barely leaving a dent in the table, browns beat the bills 19-16, that wraps up this hour of first first fox, happy veterans day to all of our vets and families, "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> it is veterans day, monday november 11th, impeachment push, clear focus of democrats as we await the first public hearings. jillian: big question this morning, will the whistleblower come out from behind closed doors to testify in front of the american people, back in washington live. >> i don't want to see anybody in the room have to wait like that because of a single-payer system which the va system. >> i'm the former chairman of the committee of veterans affairs, ii know a little bit about the issue.


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