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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 11, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> good stuff. >> thanks to all our veterans. great dog, by the way. don't mess with andy. >> have a great day, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, the drama is already building on capitol hill. a top democrat pushing back after house republicans submit their request for witnesses. including hunter biden and the anonymous whistle-blower among others. we are waiting to see house intelligence committee democrats will approve the witnesses. adam schiff, in a letter to the g.o.p. ranking member devin nunes already denying the request for the whistle-blower to testify publicly saying the testimony at this point would be redundant and unnecessary. also writing, it is important to
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underscore that the impeachment inquiry and the committee will not serve as a vehicle for any member to carry out the same sham investigations or debunk the conspiracy's 2016. house minority leader kevin mccarthy heading back. >> adam schiff started this all by wanting the whistle-blower to testify and now adam schiff gets to decide who comes forward and now he's fighting the whistle-blower from coming forward. why is he doing that? is it because we found out he met and the staff met with him? more than ever, this is a calculated coup and it is being orchestrated by adam schiff. >> harris: this is "outnumbered" and i melissa francis. here today, harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy herself. fox news contributor jessica tarlov and in the center seat today, retired u.s. marine corps
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bomb technician and fox news contributor joey jones. and he is "outnumbered" and we thank you for this service. let's dive right into the subject matter at hand, what you think about the proceedings this week, what do you expect, what do you think each side needs to do? >> joey: this is going to be the regular circus that is congress now. more grandstanding and opportunities to score points, especially this year going into the election. looking at the witness list, i don't know that the whistle-blower is important. i believe hunter biden is absolutely important because at the end of the day this will hang on president trump's intent. why does he want the bias investigated? is it for political purposes, campaign purposes or because he believes he can use the leverage he had to because these
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investigations on what he called a corrupt administration. hunter biden is a key witness in that. in trump's, strategy. that's why the democrats are trying to do. >> harris: let me ask you along those lines, it does seem like now hear more and more and more, if you wanted a pay day you went to ukraine. does it seem like hunter biden would be a necessary witness the way joey explains a? >> jessica: it is certainly a better argument that you'd want to hear, whistle-blower's complaint has been corroborated by everyone 20 ways from sunday. his life and his livelihood is very much at risk if his name gets released. the issue here is that corruption was going on in ukraine and it doesn't appear the biden's were actually profiting off of that and
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everyone says they went through the protocol and joe biden was executing u.s. foreign policy. >> melissa: you don't think they were profiting? >> jessica: i don't think they were doing anything besides getting a head because of nepotism which hunter biden talked about in his interview three or four weeks ago. the issue here is whether the president of the united states of america leverage the power of his office for personal profit like you said and that doesn't depend on hunter biden at all. the president is taking advantage of the system, fits squarely into the definitions of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> joey: you say the president is taking advantage of the system right after you say hunter biden was probably taking advantage of nepotism. >> jessica: nepotism and bribery are different. >> joey: for the people at home, morally they are equivalent. for voters at home, morally they are equivalent. >> harris: did you hear what kennedy said? >> kennedy: is the same system, you are talking about the same mechanism that leads to
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the same type of corruption. the only differences you had people like adam schiff are trying to negate the parts that you don't like for political convenience, saying things like, well, these are discounted conspiracy theories. we don't have to revisit this. yes we do because there are still outstanding questions and in terms of hunter biden i don't think he's on trial, i think he provides really critical context here and this is different from other congressional hearings we've seen because you are talking about impeaching a president and possibly throwing him out of office. therefore, we do have a different threshold and we do have the ability and the need to call and more people because the ultimate end of this is so incredibly serious that anything that even smacks of flimsy partisanship is wholly unacceptable. >> jessica: very quickly, the constitution doesn't say anything about nepotism. if they did, there will be a lot of kids out of their jobs
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including the trump kids. the constitution is clear about using the power of your office for abuse and personal profit. he solicited foreign interference, leveraged vulnerable nations, an ally of ours, a visit from him to the white house and -- >> kennedy: we have to change the system so -- you better listen to what i'm saying. what i am saying is the system is so corroded from the inside out that it breeds this level on both sides. >> jessica: if a kid got a job because his dad is powerful, i will say it, there's so many people -- >> melissa: harris, i would turn to you. did he get the job because his dad is powerful or did he get the job because he was delivering something else? if that's the case, that's bribery. >> harris: i can only go by
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what hunter biden said in that "60 minutes" interview. that his name had gotten him many things over his lifetime. he wasn't denying that. he said he wished he hadn't been on that board, he wished he hadn't done what he did and earned that -- what are we up to, $80,000 a month for that board seat? in the energy company in ukraine? i can only go by what he said, the fact that his name or access to whatever that would give another person. we will have to decide whether or not that's illegal. you brought up a point of -- i was just noticing, devon archer, former board member of burisma and they lay out why. former dnc committee staffer, she admitted to providing anti-presidential dirge to the dnc. what i see here, those are just
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three of the witnesses of the rather lengthy list. what i see here is probably more along the lines of the president looking at a situation and maybe as an example, joe biden as part of that overall trying to gather information. for republicans to use it as their reason to defend a president might get a little complicated because you are trying with this list to build a whole case for republicans on where you are looking for corruption in the first place, it's just something i noticed. >> joey: i think president trump's defense will lean toward and probably pretty honestly that this is right after the mueller report, president trump feels vindicated and on the offense. his team feels like they can show some of this russian collusion narrative was manufactured in some way. if you put the joe biden issue on this phone call which started all of this and with that, much different than i may have the run again someday, there is two
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different things. >> kennedy: i understand, that's a valid argument, the more investigations went nowhere, did damage to the presidency. a lot of this damage originated in ukraine, let's suss out the corruption. that's fine but don't send your personal attorney to to government business who had ties in your ukraine. >> harris: a couple of them, yovanovitch and mckinley, we saw rudy giuliani's name a lot and that has become the focus. >> melissa: i think that goes into the same pot, why are people going over to ukraine? it seems like they tend to get tempted by a payday. i want to know what they are getting in response to that, whether you are a republican, democrat, i want to know what you did there and what exactly you got paid for. that fund, i think these are
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people that would be less likely to play down what it was that hunter biden was -- >> harris: why did neither witnesses do you think, jessica? >> jessica: i'm not sure what's going to happen, i think the whistle-blower will be denied for his protection and a lot of people on both sides of the aisle agree with that. >> harris: we are not talking about the whistle-blower. >> jessica: that's the only one i've heard is an absolute no-go. i will point out, the readout of the call, the word "corruption" was not mentioned but the name biden was and that suggest that the president was not concerned about corruption in ukraine, he was concerned about targeting a political opponent. i know he wants to release the transcripts from the first call because it's a lot cleaner than that second call. >> melissa: if you are threatening somebody with the political death penalty -- is hillary clinton really thinking about a third run at the
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white house? another of her former advisors says don't rule it out. plus, bombshell allegations by former u.n. ambassador nikki haley, against president trump by some of his former top aides. >> to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing and it goes against the constitution. ♪ at bayer, we're helping to advance stem cell therapies
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this piece is talking yeah?. so what do you see? i see an unbelievable opportunity. i see best-in-class platforms and education. i see award-winning service, and a trade desk full of experts, available to answer your toughest questions. and i see it with zero commissions on online trades. i like what you're seeing. it's beautiful, isn't it? yeah. td ameritrade now offers zero commissions on online trades. ♪ >> harris: former u.n. ambassador nikki haley is accusing two former senior administration officials of trying to undermine president trump in an effort to "save the country." rex tillerson and former white house chief of staff john kelly try to recruit her to
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help. according to haley, taylo even d that "people would die" of president trump went unchecked. >> they should have been saying that to the president instead of asking me to join them on their sidebar plan. quit if you don't like what he's doing. but to undermine our president is really a very dangerous thing and it goes against the constitution and against what the american people want. >> harris: general kelly responded in a statement to cbs, saying "if by resistance installing, she means putting a process in place to make sure the president knew all the pros and cons of a policy decisions we ca so we can make an informed decision, guilty as charge." >> joey: when i say it's hard
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for me, it's hard for me to believe it but it's hard for me to accept that this is true. one thing i wish is that they would just stop. they are not very informative in my opinion, there is a book coming out by no one that supposedly is about a lot of important things. so does that inform the voter orders that set someone up for future political success? i don't think they're all that helpful, especially to the american people. i'm not accusing her of anything, she may be telling the complete truth but she wouldn't write this book if it wasn't beneficial for her. that's where we are with these books, they don't really help the american people. >> melissa: the military outlook and perspective, you are looking at what's good, i am thinking i agree with her 100% but you are so right. all of these books are doing a
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disservice and are basically selfish. >> harris: the one by anonymous is apparently coming with a warning which is also odd. we are going to get a warning the stire from no one. kennedy? >> kennedy: this is what i will say, i think you are absolutely right about nikki haley, you have to look at this and the reporting in the interview and say, who is made happy by this bombshell declaration? rex tillerson and general john kelly? no, it's the president, the president is delighted by this. she knows this is such a heated environment. she's also one of the people in the trump administration who emerged pretty much unscathed with her reputation not only intact but bolstered. someone like that is reputation only sound has quite a political future in that divided washington, the republican party trying to figure out what it will do with itself in a
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post-trump era. the question is, is it short-term or is it long-term? >> harris: what we do with the writing in her book that points to something that the president has talked about, all these people are gone, at his request. rex tillerson, general kelly. >> jessica: nikki haley did a wonderful job by all accounts at the u.n. remember, she pushed back in charlottesville. there are a lot of democrats who don't feel that way. amada, bipartisan credit. her pushback on charlottesville, we all remember her taking down the confederate flags. >> harris: i'm just trying to call it plain. >> jessica: is much bipartisan whatever, it's not like nikki haley is going to make democrats
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happy as a vice president or president. >> harris: what is about as a woman, the future is female. >> jessica: it is absolutely female. she is clearly focused on something higher for herself. i think it is vice president, there are a lot of articles and rumors swirling around that trump could pick her up, if he has a woman running on the ticket, especially one with some two a lot of bipartisan respect, that will be better for his ticket. but i do feel bad for a general kelly who i think did nothing but serve as honorably as he could and try to steer the administration towards good policy decisions. >> joey: today of all days i am not going to talk bad about general kelly but whoever is in the white house needs support the president and if that's not where he was at i'm glad he's not there. if nikki haley wants to run for president, i will way that when she gets there. >> harris: if you don't like
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it, you can always quit but communicate on your day way out the door. that didn't take long. 2820 democrats already attacking mike bloomberg before he even officially enters the presidential race. are they right to accuse him of trying to buy his way to the white house? plus, amy klobuchar saying female politicians are held to a different standard. does she have a point? ♪ one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va benefit now. one call can save you $2000 every year. ú7h2s+a÷÷p+8p&< there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people
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>> melissa: the women on the stage, do i think we would be sg on that stage if we had the experience that he had? no, i don't. maybe we are held to a different standard. >> kennedy: strong words from ay klobuchar. pete buttigieg keeps taking the democratic field by surprise. calshe is not alone in sensing a double standard at play. elizabeth moorings sending out an email saying "i am angry and i own it." warren's email reading "over and over, we are told that women are not allowed to be angry, it makes us unattractive to powerful men who want us to be quiet." i'm sorry, it is a full-contact
9:27 am
sport and if someone comes after you on a policy issue, you can't cry sexism or victimhood at every turn. >> jessica: i don't think you can do that but i do think we can acknowledge dynamics in the way the media works and the way the coverage works and how democratic voters are receiving people. amy klobuchar's point in the full energ interview, in a cityf 200,000 people, he is resonating with a certain group of voters. i'm not saying amy klobuchar deserves to be number one in the polls and mayor pete should be number 18. her insinuation is that he has implicitly gotten a leg up in this contest because of his gender. >> harris: did he get into a debate because he was a man, did i miss that? >> kennedy: democrat said you had to have a certain number of unique motors and a certain
9:28 am
percentage, i didn't realize it had to do -- >> jessica: i am conveying what amy klobuchar was saying, elizabeth warren leaves out the week before that she said joe biden was running in the wrong primary so there are internal dynamics going on here. >> joey: i want to jump in here, speaking of a leg up. joe for the holidays. listen, introduce amy klobuchar to a young woman named tulsi gabbard with a similar military background was done really well garnering media and getting in front of people because she occupies space no one else occupies. i'm sorry that she doesn't excite people but i think her gender is the least of why she doesn't excite people. >> melissa: mayor pete is a good candidate. if there's one thing, if you are a good candidate or you're not, i think amy klobuchar is not a
9:29 am
great candidate and the same thing how kamala harris hasn't performed the way people thought, mayor pete has outperformed his previous experience because he's a good candidate and i don't think any of those things have to do with gender. >> harris: we've seen him on the trail when he took some bumps, particularly with communities of color. there were a group of people in cal tv cameras outside, he was trying to read from a sheet, it was an awkward moment as he was getting some low back there. buddy constitutionally is of the agent he can run for the white house so i'm wondering what amy klobuchar looks at him and says he's got an unfair advantages, what is she talking about? not his age and his gender because that hasn't been a reason for it, those aren't the criteria for getting into debates, what advantages does sheet -- i'm just asking, what advantages does she think pete buttigieg has that she hasn't?
9:30 am
>> jessica: i think amy klobuchar would welcome the opportunity to come back and talk about this more. >> harris: i know her from minnesota, would love to have her. >> jessica: i'd love that if she came and talked about it but if you go back to the 2016 coverage, i was looking at this. in august of 2016, the top two words are people associated with hillary clinton were "liar and corrupt." and shrill and cold -- the way we talk about female candidates is decidedly different -- >> kennedy: have you read some of the coverage of the president? i'm not offended by it, i think it's downright entertaining but as woman who takes a lot of heat online and otherwise you have to develop -- i'm just having a good time. >> joey: you're talking about a candidate who came back from
9:31 am
the dead when it comes to being popular with voters. someone who was outed for essentially lying about her ethnicity comes back, becomes a front runner. it's because people are punching up, i don't see how you can assimilate that with attacking her when she came from behind to take the lead and didn't do a good job holding it? she doesn't actually have a plan for everything. it's 100% policy-based. >> harris: has billie jean king has said, pressure is privilege, right? i wish i had said it. it wasn't me. >> jessica: none of us can deny that there are conversations that go on about female candidates, what they are wearing, how they are presenting, their voices, we don't hear someone sitting around saying "i can't listen to that jared brown anymore, he has a super gravel gravelly."
9:32 am
>> kennedy: have you heard people talk about michael bloomberg's voice? >> harris: when she was saying, i was a tough boss and making that argument, fine, you can make that argument. >> kennedy: our boss so tough she eats salad with a calm. the acting head of border protection warning after that horrible attack that killed nine american women and children last week. whether the u.s. should take action, that's next. ♪ >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield.
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>> what's happening at the southwest border is not just a humanitarian crisis, it is this plus a national security crisis. this should be an alarm for every american citizen that the
9:37 am
cartels in mexico are alive and well and represent a national security crisis to this country every single day. >> melissa: mark morgan sounding the alarm after last week's horrific cartel shoot out in northern mexico that killed nine u.s. citizens. this as about 100 members of the offshoot mormon community living in that region crossed into arizona saturday to escape any further violence. also over the weekend, republican congressman jim roy of texas became the latest lawmaker calling on the u.s. to take action against the mexican cartels. joey, i'm interested in your perspective on this. >> joey: i lived in texas for three years, i lived in dalton georgia, i am always torn on this issue in a lot of ways. i think when the president stands up and says "murderers
9:38 am
and rapists," this is what he's talking about. they are doing the same thing that other mexicans have been trying to do and that can be used against them but we have to say, i believe they are all american citizens that were living there and that's much different. before someone goes there, they are not seeking asylum, they are coming back home. i think this does expose a large part of this issue, it isn't just threat, gangs are killing people every day and we need to be prepared before the violence becomes mainstream in our country. >> melissa: what do you think about the idea of sending military or anyone down there from the u.s. to try to combat the problem? they are saying we want to partner with mexico and we need to do something. >> joey: in the united states army special forces are active all over south america combating drug trafficking, human trafficking and political appraisals that may hurt us, that happens every day. it's all about what part of it we are going to focus on bring
9:39 am
forward, sending the military to our borders to protect our country makes a lot more sense to me than a lot of things. they were getting enough support from border patrol and were out there saving lives every day because people will throw themselves into the river, risk of death in order to come to our country. the manpower is a problem down there. if the military is what's needed for manpower, now that we have a legitimate security risk, it makes more sense. >> harris: from the national border patrol council, telling us the details of all of this, 1% of all drug cartel crimes, all crimes in general in mexico, a huge amount of them are tied to the drug cartels. 1% reported and solved crimes. and amongst them near the borders, violent crimes. when you talk about a country that would need our help, it's
9:40 am
not just boots on the ground in terms of our military but boots on the ground in terms of our intelligence and law enforcement, so on and so forth. i'm wondering why the president of mexico doesn't accept this? >> melissa: weaver they don't necessarily want to stand up to the gangs. this is what it looks like when the rule of law breaks down, you feel compassion for those people in mexico that are forced to live in this kind of situation and remind you why we uphold the rule of law here. >> jessica: i want to know the details of what this means if we were able to get militarily involved. but i do think that this is going to bring up all the conversations we had around the 2016 election and again in 2018 about the risks to our own country if we "build a wall," after the president will jump on that. >> jessica>> kennedy: we have tk ourselves why this is happening,
9:41 am
we've had this war on drugs and both ways don't work. when the mexican government was after the cartels and militarized as all of their police departments, the cartels have enough money that they pay off enough people that all that leads to his bloodshed. that's what their new president is trying to avoid, more bloodshed and more homicides. there is still a demand for what they are selling in this country, you are not going to change that by attacking. he said "hugs not bullets." the hogs obviously aren't working, the cartels love the hugs but it's not going to keep them from trying to sell to hungry americans who have an appetite for this. the only thing that's gone down at the border is marijuana seizures by 75%. there is much larger legal market for marijuana, that's going down. >> harris: do you want to legalize everything? >> kennedy: legalize everything, and the drug war and
9:42 am
end the homicides. >> melissa: we honor service and sacrifice on this veterans day, we will talk to some of the veterans will help inspire others. we are live on fox square with these american heroes next. ♪
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♪ >> harris: we are honoring the 100th observance of veterans day, with a spotlight on veteran owned businesses. air force veteran matt butler inspired by his summers growing up in minnesota to develop an award-winning game, not a video game a yard game.
9:47 am
he did it between his deployments to iraq and afghanistan. along the way he put fellow veterans to work and has inspired other veterans to create their own businesses. abby hornacek has more on fox square with a very special guest. >> that's right, harris, i am here at fox square and about 25% of veterans who are making that transition into civilian life think about starting a business. you mentioned matt butler, i have him here with me. thank you so much for your service. >> thank you so much for having me on. >> what inspired you to create rollors? >> it's a game to just get people together and socialize, i feel so much that we are playing arcade games and video games, this is just so people can socialize, be together and just hang out and that's part of the reason i hang came up with it.
9:48 am
>> it's a good old-fashioned game, not a video game and i love that. was there anything that happened in your military service that inspired you or help you with this? >> you're right, i didn't have any business background, i reached out to an organization called the institute for veterans and military families and they kind of built the foundation and help me through their education and networking to build a great foundation for this company. >> what's a message you have for other veterans trying to start their own businesses? >> the first key is you have to just start, you have to move forward with it and just do your due diligence. research, and one of the things i learned being a veteran and being in the military is being risk-averse, just plenty things out and being prepared. >> i talked to another veteran, he talked about some stigma attached to being a veteran and starting a business.
9:49 am
>> i really didn't, i think the military translates over into the business world quite well, there's a lot of things we learned in the military, you can use those things quite easily. >> what you hope people get out of playing your game? >> togetherness, being with family, friends, coworkers, being able to hang out and socialize and interact with each other. >> you guys have done such a great job unifying our country and i really thank you for your service. i think we are going to come play this game if anybody wants to join us here on fox square. he's got some air force background, so i'm a little worried. >> harris: say hello to matt, thank you so much to both of you. we got to go around the corner, melissa, and play that game. so coming back, talk to me a little bit about transition for veterans coming home and getting that first job. >> joey: i don't think entrepreneurialism is something
9:50 am
that's as popular in the military as it was generations ago, we came to age in the 2000s when owning a business was about as risky a thing as you can do. i think that's a little bit part of why it's so great to see these businesses, good friends of mine. >> harris: they recently did an event i attended. fabulous. >> joey: recently until to lie in the world of military transition, ptsd is stress related to the transition, more than traumatic combat. i think it's something better and with because when you lived and served for decades during a time of war there is this greater mission i was part of, it's hard to connect that to working in any industry in a 9-to-5. my goal is to get back to veterans and show them how important these tasks are to
9:51 am
people. >> harris: i want to put a fine point on leadership and innovation veterans bring to the workforce, they may be doubtful about their ability to do some of those things. those of us who are raised military know it's so true about them, how resilient you all are and how you just delete it like i mission and that something when i was in the community about other military families, i try to remind families, make it happen the same way you would out on the battlefield. >> melissa: i think your point is a good one, saying you have this higher mission when you are out there, telecom back and it seems like a lot of the stuff we do by comparison is kind of meaningless. so to find something that gives you that sense of purpose, i know i hear people like jamie dimon at jpmorgan, talking about how veterans are the best employees you can ever have. how you get them to feel that
9:52 am
this is worth doing, too? >> joey: tell your staff about what your company exists for and they can be beyond the bottom dollar. so many companies have culture, they just don't brag on it. they don't say, as our business, our company gets things from point a to point b and bring families back together. i think when veterans can see that, it really puts a light bulb on in the excel. >> harris: that may be why police department's across the country, 19% of the workforces military veterans. thank you for that and thank you to all the veterans and active duty today on this special day. we will be right back. ♪ so did you get a new car?
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>> jessica: just weeks after a former clinton strategist said hillary clinton had not close the door on a 2021, former clinton advisor says hillary could an opening in the race. the deciding factor could be the news that michael bloomberg may jump in. >> i don't know whether she will listen to michael bloomberg in and say, feels too crowded now or say the opposite, the field is weak, i could come in. i'm tied with biden and some of these early states," there is still political logic there for her. >> jessica: as a democrat i find this really frustrating, i know a lot of people, there is a conversation going on about
9:58 am
feeling shaky about this more so than people on the ground. do you think we will see more late entrance into the race? >> joey: i don't think anyone is standing out. i think those comments just now, this could be relevant, might be relevant so it could be an opposite reason, there are people that support her and have for a long time and want to see her succeed. i don't think she does her party any favors but as a republican you want her there because you know the formula for defeating her as well written and reversed but i don't think she's going to come in and i don't know that bloomberg will make a big splash either. i don't think you should buy the presidency but unlike president trump, there is a difference between waiting late and coming in and trying to purchase the presidency and saying i don't need special interest owners but i'm still going to go after the blue-collar families to support my candidacy which is
9:59 am
essentially what prompted so i don't think you can make those comparisons. >> jessica: i don't think that's fair yet, we have no idea what a bloomberg candidacy looks like, he's invested in hundreds of elections all over the country. do you think this is the elites versus the people divide and why are people saying things like this? >> melissa: i wish mayor bloomberg would come back and be mayor again. i think he would make a fine president. just based on the way he ran the city, we can see how it's falling apart since then but at the same time i can imagine he's going to jump into this race and unlike you i do think hillary is tempted because i think once you've had that in your mind for so long that you want to be president, you're kind of always thinking about it. >> kennedy: my problem with her is make a decision either
10:00 am
way. michael bloomberg is the deciding factor, why not elizabeth warren or joe biden? i don't understand why his interest is what makes a difference here. >> jessica: thank you so much for joey jones being here today and your service. harris. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert, the impeachment inquiry entering a critical new stage as public hearings begin this week. you're watching "outnumbered overtime" now, on this veterans day. i'm harris faulkner. democrats will be calling their first witnesses to testify publicly in a patient investigation. it'll happen this wednesday on friday, as lawmakers are already going at it over republicans' proposed witness list, which includes hunter biden and the main whistleblower, among others. house intelligence chairman adam schiff already rejecting the whistleblower's testimony. he says it's not necessary. however, senate judiciary cha


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