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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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eating it, if you can, and i failed but i suspect you will be better. good night from washington. guess who's next? live from new york city, taking over the 9:00 p.m. hour, ladies and gentlemen, sean hannity. would you time to wake up. tucker, thank you for a great show as always. welcome to "hannity." by the way, thank you to the braves men and women with honor and distinction and you give us more freedoms and liberties and we can never repay you and tonight we honor you had also tonight, we are going to break down all of the insanity, the madness that is going to enfold us we. all of that hypocrisy, you've got the do-nothing hypocritical socialist democrats, everything they've got planned for the week and frankly beyond in the next 358 days or so until election day, i can only get my volume up here, somewhere, it's not working. anyway, we will also break down what republicans need to be doing and just how dangerous
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interest for us it would be to be -- to elect to this radical group of extremists. the bottom line is this. here we go again. this is witch hunts 2.0. ukraine. okay. but on human growth hormone and steroids. it's a new process again, rampant hypocrisy again, while his greasy there is again and all led by a corrupt and compromise, a coward and congenital liar. his name is adam schiff. he has been hell-bent on smearing this president now for three long years and no matter what lie he has to tell, he will tell it. no matter how corrupt, no matter what lacking of due process, he's going to let it all happen. let not your hearts be troubled, he has lied to this country for three straight years. we know how this is going to play out in the end and that is in three to 58 days, that you, we come of the american people, we ultimately get to decide how this ends and former democratic mayor of san francisco, he
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actually sums it up pretty nicely, willie brown, writing, "democrats who spent the next few parcels were acting out of her john's cliffhanger into which everyone knows the script and the ending and come next year, trump will have an impeachment victory quite possibly, likely, i would say, solid economy, the democrats will have what? absolutely nothing." would look at what senator lindsey graham said. impeachment in the senate will be dead on arrival. watch this. >> it's impossible to bring this case forward. without us knowing that the whistle-blower is and having a chance to cross-examine them without any vices they may have. if they don't call the whistle-blower in the house, this thing is dead on arrival in the senate. >> sean: the kin group corrupt, congenital liar, schiff show trial, this is one big huge scam, hypocrisy on a level that is breathtaking. here is why. there is no due process. they tried to --
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there's no due process whatsoever because every single piece of evidence, every rule, every witness, called in this whole procedure, every question asked, is the description of that guy, that big liar, the congenital liar, which is the exact opposite of what newt gingrich gave bill clinton in 1998. adam schiff, the congenital liar, and he alone, will have the power to deny any request from the president and attorneys and wrecking members of the republicans were on the committee, they have no real power, they have no real say. this is really a corrupt circus. this is beyond a show trial, beyond the kangaroo court. g6 can deny any witness the opportunity to testify. he can prevent any piece of evidence from being presented read remember how he lied about having all of the evidence, all of this time about trump, russia collusion? he lied about robert mueller's findings, he lied about the president's phone call with
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ukraine, even fabricating the entire transcript, and then he lied about his involvement with the hearsay come in whistle-blower whistle-blower and despite schiff denying having any contact with this individual, well, we learned that in fact, his office had been closely advising the whistle-blower before even filing the complaint which brings us to our second point and that is that man running the show trial starting tomorrow publicly is totally compromised. he is a material witness in this charade. casey is now appointed himself judge jury and executioner vetted schiff, radical extreme socialist base, and the mob the media, none of them are impartial actors that really care about truth and justice. just the opposite. this is and has been for the get-go, a political hit job and we know this because they had been planning this before the president was even sworn in. take a look at this. >> if he takes the risk of going to try, he is convicted, that
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could be seen as an impeachable offense. >> maybe with one of his children, there was at least a chance he would be impeached. >> there are tools that congress has. >> i don't see how that wouldn't be impeachable. >> impeachable offense. >> impeachable offense. >> grounds for impeachment. >> impeachable. >> impeachable offense. >> all that may be impeachable. >> impeachable offense. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> grounds for impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachable offense. >> we are going to go in there and we are going to -- >> impeachable. >> if that's on impeachable, i don't know what his prints because the president be removed from office. >> impeachable. >> 100% is impeachable. >> guilty of high crime and misdemeanors. >> grounds for impeachment. >> talk of impeachment paid >> none of us came to congress to impeach a president but now we have to do our duty. >> sean: after the russia
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hoax, conspiracy theory lies real in their face, four separate investigations come at the eye, nothing, house intel, nothing, bipartisan senate committee, nothing, mueller, nothing, all right, we won't waste three more years, we go to a backup plan involving president trump and hayden's phone call with ukraine. there were eight examples of quid pro quo's. that's a lie too and you know what, it just shows where their mind is set and where it's at at this time. while the public involved in this, we got the transcript of the president's call. no quid pro quo, no misconduct whatsoever, just on the other hand, the president doing his job, faithfully executing the laws of this land and the current front of the democratic party, that would be sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe biden, he is on tape, just like the only russian interference was hillary's bought and paid for dossier, the only quid pro quo is joe biden on tape bragging about shaking
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down the very same country of ukraine with a real billion-dollar tax money, we saw it on tape. he's bragging, the country of ukraine, you have six hours to fire your top prosecutor, well, what he was told was investigating his hero, zero, non, experienced son, who is paid millions, fire the prosecutor at six hours, you get a billion. don't fire the prosecutor, you don't get a billion. well, son of a -- they fired him and at the very same time, the very same prosecutor, yeah, we now know he was investigating his son, hunter, zero experienced hunter, along with hunter's company come in ukrainian and gas giant, burisma holdings. no experience hunter, no experience in oil, gas, energy, or in ukraine, so now, why would somebody with no experience be paid millions and millions of dollars by a company in ukraine when his father is the vice president in charge of the
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obama administration policies in ukraine? great question. according to a brand-new report from "the new york times," even biden's old age and concern about hundreds ukrainian business dealings, they were so worried about the objects that they listed state department officials to gather facts to determine how to handle the story so let's recap. you've got a congenital, compromise, back quickness liar, leading this circus so trial against a duly elected presidents of the united states that he personally has been trying to get rid of for three years, lying about for three years, he's offering no new process, all while the president's political opponent is on camera bragging about the very thing that we are all supposed to be upset about and the exact same country for which president trump is wrongfully accused. you can't make this up. read the transcript. president trump was rightly performing his constitutional sworn duty. that's right. he is sworn to uphold the laws
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of this land. by the way, we have an agreement with ukraine in terms of cooperation on criminal matters and election interference because ukraine, we know, have been abated by the way, when did we start going about foreign countries interfering in our elections? his name interference detailed by politico, january 11, 2017, detailed how a real dnc operative working with the ukrainian embassy trying to dig up dirt to smeared donald trump and his associates, bolstering the clinton campaign, actually happened. by the way, that was a court decision on ukraine that actually upheld that court story as well. the real delusion, just like the real clinton bought and paid for russian dossier, the really russian interference, and i we see ukraine interference to help hillary. for good measure, president trump is planning now to release the transcript of another call with ukraine which i think is a great idea and should be a new standard for
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this time to demand that all is joe biden's transcripts, of all of his phone calls with ukraine, he made public. i think what we are at it, i would like to see president obama's transcripts with the country of russia and vladimir putin after he promised to have more flexibility after my election. it was also see the trends goes perhaps from obama's conversations with iranian leaders and the lead up to him giving that hate america iran $150 billion of our cash and other currency. after all, we have to make sure there is no quid pro quo's. it's right now it's time for republicans to get tough. senator republicans need to pay attention. we all know schiff is going to beat up pretty much any and all witnesses that will hamper his narrative, his hoax, his witch hunts, in the house. republicans of the power in the senate, that means you have the power to subpoena people. there are witnesses that need to be subpoenaed immediately and i
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would start with the nonwhistle-blower whistle-blower who is complaining totally on hearsay. we know he was close to joe biden. we know he's a democratic activist. we know he had contact with schiff's office before he filed a complaint. now he needs to answer some important questions. where did you get your information, did schiff's office help write the complaint, did they advise you to get an attorney, go to the inspector general, what are your ties to john brennan? your former boss, what was the nature of your relationship with joe biden in this campaign, did you collude with anybody in schiff's office? by the way, we should also bring in adam schiff and his office. he should have to answer questions and by the way, members of his staff, by the way, they don't have privilege paid staff to show up. they can be subpoenaed and they can all be put under oath in the u.s. senate. they need to answer for their involvement with the sony whistle-blower. it's also time to put hunter biden under oath. did he speak with his father about his ukrainian business deals? their statements we already know
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and it pointed out are in conflict with each other. when on "the new york times" tipped off joe biden and then his son was being investigated by the prosecutor in ukraine. that would mean joe, well, he come too, should be subpoenaed, like adam schiff and hunter biden should be subpoenaed like the whistle-blower should be subpoenaed. by the way, what it hunter say to his father? question what did he ask for favors gross margin hunter biden know that paris smoke was paying him billions for no experience and was in fact using his name to get the obama state department to do favors for schiff holdings? the next president would need to go under oath is former vice president, yes, joe biden himself. he should be subpoenaed. what did he really know and when he did he know that his son was being investigated, how many people warn his son was being investigated, what was he aware that the ukrainian prosecutor that he got fired was investigating his son and how many times was he told his son was in fact investigated? what role did his son play in
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u.s. policy in ukraine, if any? next, hunter's business partner, devin archer, what did he say tt burisma? also nellie ohr needs to be forced to testify under oath in the u.s. senate. she worked for fusion gps. along with christopher steele, her husband, fourth ranking highest number of the doj, russian misinformation throughout the highest levels of government, what did she get from ukraine? also we need to bring in former dnc contractor, operative, alexander truly love. remember politico in january 2017 detailed her efforts to meet with ukrainians in the ukrainian embassy. did she collude on behalf of the dnc and hurley clinton? did they actually get dirt from ukraine? did she enlist the efforts of this foreign government on hillary clinton's behalf who awarded her to do it?
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also, investor volker must be called to answer questions under oath as well. did he have any direct evidence of aids ukraine being tied to a political campaign? was the eight actually delivered? do you think corruption in ukraine is a legitimate concern for a president of the united states? everything that you witnessed this week is all about the upcoming election. the senate republicans have the power to bring in all of these people and they should issue the subpoenas. they've got to reject house democrats that are corrupt, hypocritical, abusing their power, dividing the country, and really they need to get to the truth in the senate. the truth about the fake whistle-blower who clearly had a political agenda, the truth about the compromised corrupt adam schiff, the truth about quid pro quo joe, it's time to expose this witch hunt for what it is. we will have more of my monologue is just a minute, including an important preview of the upcoming fisa abuse report. we expect that one week from today good for us, joining us
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now with more on the democratic witch hunt, fox news chief national correspondent, ed henry. add, what you got? because it is you. think about it. you just play that clip of a bunch of democrats calling for impeachment years before the televised hearings start this week. we look back, watergate, those televised hearings for 14 months before the house judiciary committee even voted on particles of impeachment. that means there was a thorough investigation, not a russian judgment, where and how you see democrats talking about the public unions, starting this week, and voting on articles of impeachment by perhaps christmas. so weeks, not 14 months, before they move forward on this. as for the question of bipartisanship, one republican devin nunes proposed those witnesses they mention it, i interviewed him over the weekend, he's of the whistle-blower, for example, would be material to how this whole investigation started. it was a medially dismissed by democrat adam schiff good hunter biden to come you talked about him, also dismissed by burisma
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when in fact, the phone call the president trump with ukrainian counterpart, was all talked about in ukraine. we do not have direct evidence of corruption tied to them but remember, as you noted, joe biden, as vice president, was overseeing all ukrainian policy while his son was making over $80,000 per month from burisma, that energy company you mention, and one of shifts own impeachment witnesses, we will hear from this week in public, career diplomat, george can come already testified under oath that in 2015, he went to the vice president's office and said this was a big conflict of interest, hunter biden was making all of his money from the accounting company, while his father was overseeing the poli policy. currently, republican senators chuck grassley and ron johnson are demanding documents from the state department that they believe will show burisma was using ties hunter biden to get meetings at the obama biden state department to lobby on marie smith's behalf as you suggested a moment ago so the
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bottom line is, you are not going to see adam schiff of these impeachment hearings digging into hunter biden and burisma but you have republicans who run the senate talking about starting their own investigations whether it's grassley and ron johnson or maybe even lindsey graham as chairman of the of the senate judiciary committee. >> sean: it's amazing. it's like boomer a number trickle. amazing how it works out. by the way, nice haircut pretty good to see you. thank you. if we have been asking for months, we are now told, i told you last week, my patience are pretty much shot and freda but hopefully it will pay off for the long delayed horwitz fisa abuse support we are now hearing could be as early as one week from today where they are telling me, my sources, the in other words, preventative front against the pfizer cord and sculpture evidence purposely withheld, circular reporting deceptively bolstered their warrants and the wise and pfizer, unverified so-called
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evidence that they put in there, the bulk of evidence they present to the pfizer cord, material showing that james comey's fbi knew that still dirty dossier was never verified and it was unverifiable garbage but they used it anyway and according to a brand-new report from sara carter tonight, criminal referrals, she believes, are likely. joining is now with the details, fox news contributor, sara carter. we were told we were going to get this back in may from the attorney general good why so long? >> it's been a long time coming. the main reason is there's been ongoing investigation while horwitz was inducting his report and its believe that evidence he stumbled on lead attorney general william barr basically to appoint john durham, the prosecutor from connecticut, to continue the investigation and expand the investigation and now we know it's a criminal investigation and that durham conducting his own separate investigation canal panel grand jury. he can subpoena witnesses. this is very important and very
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significant because of the same time that ig michael horowitz, behind the scenes, was conducting his own investigation since the beginning of the fbi probe into president trump, now the now debunked a theory that there was collusion with russia, was going to be so important abt this report when it comes out, and i have been told that the possibility of it coming out before thanksgiving is very likely, it is that there will more than likely be criminal referrals associated with a report and that could be several criminal referrals. another thing that's very important, we've been waiting forever, just to get our hands and be able to see into the american public looking forward to seeing those documents that president trump gave to william barr to declassify. we will mark a bit likely documents were loosed, accused in this report and this report is declassified to the most part very little will be redacted in horwitz's report so this is another significant development. that means the foreign intelligence surveillance act war income of those two we've
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been looking for and as well as other documents and emails between james comey and others in the justice department that will reveal and sculpture evidence was withheld, are going to be revealed to the public very soon. >> sean: sara carter, thank you for that update and report. he was a reaction, of the best color, power grab, jason chaffetz, along with freedom caucus chairman, congressman andy biggs. this has taken way too long. michael horowitz it has over 600 people. we have been promised this again and again and again. there is no other conclusion based on what we know then there was premeditated fraud committet because it says verified on the top of the pfizer application. we know now that it was unverifiable based on the steele dossier as the grassley grandma mom says. why so long and will it be what sarah just said? >> i think sarah is absolutely right. i don't think you can justify it
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going on this long that i think anything past thanksgiving is highly suspicious. i do think that originally there was an anticipation that russia's 20% of the report would be redacted and now the anticipation would there be sentences and paragraphs, not nearly the 20% of people originally thought, and i have no doubt there will be people outside of the department of justice, people like john burt john burt and in others, into other agencies, and i think that will be, as we look back, the reason why it took months and months longer because this tangled web was much further and deeper than just the people at the department of justice and i also think it will show how they manipulated and used the media here in the united states to move forward a political agenda to those of the top o top of th. >> sean: congressman andy biggs, we really don't have any ambiguity here because we already know the bulk of
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information and that those applications, three of them signed by jim comey, three of them, was based on unverifiable material. we also know that everybody was warned that number one, still had an anti-trump bias, that he'll he paid for it, and they were all warned it wasn't verified. so there really is no other possible conclusion so then the next question is, do you see crimes here and who would you expect should -- i guess durham has -- this is a criminal investigation, the right to subpoena, convened grand jury's and press charges, who would you expect might be facing that in the near future? >> well, i'm concerned for people like mccabe, call me, even rod rosenstein, anybody who signed off on one of those fisa warrant applications, and concerns -- not really concerned but i
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believe they are comparable in some way. i also believe the sources are comparable, anyone who suppressed information, but part of this is, the reason i think this got delayed so very much, is remember what horwitz did the last report, which gave people like mccabe, strzok and page, he kept getting whistle-blower at the last minute, so we have been promised this report for literally months which tells me that he had to broaden the scope of his investigation and i think there's going to be a world of hurt for people, perhaps even brennan, flapper, the highest levels of the intelligence community, i think are potentially coupled here. >> sean: thank you both for the report. we appreciated we have a lot of ground to cover tonight. the 2020 democrats are imploding. what they want is the blood of the president and what are they going to do to the country? we will get to that. i one-on-one interview with nikki haley. she talks about breath colors an end general kelly, not doing a great thing to the president,
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straight ahead. his
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>> sean: we have a fox news alert at this art are. jimmy carter has been admitted to the hospital. he is reportedly resting comfortably and we wish the former president the best. we will keep you updated. printed 58 days until election
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day so the new, extreme, do-nothing socialist democratic party, they are just fixated on one thing, pushing never ending conspiracy theories. impeachment hysteria, lies, smears, besmirch mints. that's what we watch every two and four years. they have done nothing in the last years except hate and oppose donald trump. of course, there for left extremist economy killing agenda is a ramp of an eye, the economy as we know it would probably die with that election. the stock market would go, say bye-bye to your 401(k), your taxes will be raised on any apprehension to pay for these policies they are pushing and of course, they want to abolish the lifeblood of our economy which is oil and gas and yeah pretty much the world's economy their ideas to eliminate the combustion engine, along with borders, open borders, sanctuary cities, will be yet another disaster and they want to make
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sure that everything is free, retirement free education, free health care, free child care, free healthy food, free cash for those willing or unwilling to work, and the list goes on and on. by the way, how did obamacare work out for you. remember we were all promised to keep your daughter and your plan and everybody is going to save on average $2500 per year? as of today, 37% of the american people only have one health care exchange option. only one. millions lost plans and doctors and family plans end up an average whopping 174%. none of those promises made repeatedly ever panned out. look at elizabeth warren's $52 trillion medicare for all plan along with the democrats $93 trillion green new deal over ten years. he had. that is unsustainable. we only taken $4 trillion per year for that is a promise that could never be capped. add that to bernie sanders new
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immigration plan beer that would include not only mass amnesty, holding all deportations, tens of thousands of climate migrants, whatever that means, free education, free health ca health care, for every illegal immigrant, and it looks like warren is trying to be even more radical because as of recent event, she backed her own plan to give health care to anyone and everyone. let me break it on his way. let me be clear. what they are proposing is just mathematically impossible. no border control is a recipe for a national nightmare. it's the exact opposite of the presidents of the first agenda. it's the exact opposite of freedom and capitalism to look at bernie doubling down on all of this, even promising if he wins, yes, congresswoman aoc, is going to have a big role in this white house. great. a member she wants government to tell businesses to tell exactly how they should run. take a look. >> what about a cabinet position?
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>> again, at the end of one year, she is the leader of the united states congress and her ideas have resonated all over this country great if i am in the white house, she will take a very, very important role, no question in one way or the oth other. >> sean: there are some democrats that are beginning to panic because deep down they know they have a weak bench and a toxic agenda. senator on hundreds of trillions of new spending with no plan actually pay for it. maybe that's why michael bloomberg says i ought to one because somebody good has to run and hilly clinton is fielding calls about jumping into the race. if you want to get on board with this new extreme socialist party, that would mean you have to abandon all common sense, rationality, and all simple math. there is no way to punish the wealthy without also punishing you and your investments and your entire mint savings. by the way, i love the democrats hoping for recession. it is no way to grow the economy by making it harder to start a
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business and higher workers. there is no way to ensure safety and security of the country by opening up our borders and paying for health care for illegal immigrants. here is the biggest problem. at the end of this whole predictable process, you might impeach the president and he will be convicted but then they will run on this and said in, they are running against the strong economy, they are running against the president who has an american first agenda that is working with a record low unemployment. as a matter of fact, the lowest job has been claimed since 1969. look at this, record number of americans now employed. a new high in household median income. a new low record unemployment for african-americans, record low unemployment hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workforce, youth unemployment. we have 3% wage growth, we have energy independence and so much more. as you watch this impeachment madness this week, you're going to know that that is what they want on the other side of this.
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crazed socialist that want to undo all of the success and to go back to not only the bad years of bad and obama, but even worse than that. they never got the results they wanted in 2016, mueller never gave them what they wanted, so again, rather than fighting for jobs, strong economy, security, they obsess over overturning the will of the american people and everything they now accuse donald trump of, kind of interesting to watch this boomerang effect. they themselves are guilty of. russian interference, the dirty russian dossier, that was hillary clinton's. dnc officials colluding with a foreign country, in this case you can, yeah, that would be the democrats. if you look at a quid pro quo, just look at joe biden but he's mr. quid pro quo joe bragging on tape about firing the prosecutor he knew was investigating his ear experienced son hunter who is being paid millions of dollars and basically says on tape well, we will give you the billion dollars if you fire the
6:34 pm
guy investigating my son. fire the prosecutor, you get a billion, you don't fire him, you don't. that's real corruption, the throw collusion, and also a real agenda that would do for the country as we've all owned on a show night after night. look at this. even ignacio cortez, she's now trying to defend for hunter biden. by the way, he is not a young kid, he's almost 50 years old. take a look. >> i do want to ask you, we had some news that broke earlier today. if the republican colleagues announced they intend to call on hunter biden as a witness in his impeachment probe. is he an appropriate witness? >> no. i don't think he's an appropriate witness and not only that but i think that the reason they are calling for these witnesses, these new witnesses, is because they want to make a spectacle and a circus out of this entire preceding pair they want to distract the american people. >> sean: hypocrisy is obviously breathtaking, show, circus, a kangaroo court. of course, selective moral outrage from the far left,
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that's nothing new good radicalism, socialism, unhinged hysteria, not only mainstream in the new democratic party, it is their new litmus test. we will have more on this later on the show but first, during an outcome of the author of the brand-new book out today with all due respect, defending america with grit and grace, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and former governor of the great state of carolina, nikki haley is with us. governor, how are you? good to see you again. >> great to see you and happy veterans day to my husband, my brother, michael, and all the veterans who have sacrificed for the heart and soul of america. >> sean: amen. because of all of these interviews and books are sure, you do give a great life story that i want people to read. i found out a lot of peat things about that i found quite inspiring actually and i your rise to be the governor of south carolina and u.n. ambassador -- what has gotten a lot of
6:36 pm
people's attention is the conversation, rex tillerson, general kelly, and i guess tell that story and out of it, i was wondering why did you not feel or did you at any point feel a need to tell the president hey, this is what these guys are doing? >> i did tell the president. keep in mind, this is one page out of 250 pages of the book. but i did tell the president and i told the national security advisor, h.r. mcmaster, there were others that knew of my concerns in the process and it was keep in mind, this wasn't these guys thought this was a rogue president, this was that these guys disagreed with his policy. they disagreed with us getting out of the paris climate agreement where they disagreed with us getting out of the iran deal. they disagreed with moving the embassy to tel aviv to jerusalem so when the president was charting a different course and really giving us a strong hand for americans for our friends,
6:37 pm
they just thought that he was going in the wrong direction and so when they sat me down that day, they were attempting to tell me that if i would work with them, they were trying to save america and keep people from dying but we saw when the embassy moved from tel aviv to jerusalem, this guy is still up there, it didn't fall, and we didn't see casualties but what we saw was a courageous moment by the president that many presidents have tried before that was very successful and it acknowledged the fact that jerusalem is the capital of israel. >> sean: it's very interesting because i look at your relationship with the president and on one hand, it seems great, trond and i understood each other, you talk about how much freedom he gave you to do his job and what his mandate was in his governing style was one that you liked, when you were first asked about the impeachment issue, you said that's like the death penalty for a public official but you didn't think it was a good practice to ask a foreign country to investigate
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an american. back. i want to take up issue with that because i read this transcript, americans read the transcript, the president has an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land. a ukrainian court said ukraine interviewed on our 2016 elections. the president is asking to get to the bottom move it. we also have joe biden on tape basically bragging about a quid pro quo. if they fire the guy, you get a billion dollars, you have six hours, a guy that he knew was investigating his son. to me that sounds like a crying. what does it sound like do you? >> i said before, you look at the transcript, it's very clear the president was not demanding that this be done. the ukrainians didn't do the investigations, the president released the agency should, i practiced that i don't think it's good for us to ever ask foreign governments to investigate americans but i think it goes to the fact that americans should be investigating americans and american should be asking the
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questions of joe biden and asking the questions of his son and finding out exactly what was going on with that situation and getting down to the bottom of it. there have been a lot of investigations that have been very one sided against the president and they haven't been looking at the other side which is all of the other issues and you know, whether it was the russian situation, i would like for them to go back and say what was president obama's role in that situation and the fact that all that stuff happened and the situation, what was joe biden's role and what was hunter biden's role in that process as well? does a lot of questions that need to be asked. >> sean: as we know head into this 2020 election and you know, you talk to lot about your relationship, it seems like mostly a good relationship with the president when you worked for him, and you look at the democratic candidates and you talk about trump literate structure but yet he always listens to you and you would tell him why you felt but that's the person i'm known for over 25
6:40 pm
years, do you think the president's misunderstood? >> i do think he's misunderstood beard i can tell you from the first day to the last day that i worked for the president, he always listened, he was always debate out the issues and then he made his decision. he is a disruptor and this is the time in our country where we needed a disrupter but there wasn't a time where i called him and said look, i think we should look at this another way where he didn't say will how do you see that playing out and we have a great discussion over it. i still consider him a friend today and i will tell you that that is what has been so hard. they've been trying to impeach him since the second he was inaugurated and i think that if you look at the results of what this president has done, you are seeing record unemployment, you are seeing an economy is booming, look at the stock market from last week, but you are seeing real hard decisions that were made, getting out of the iran deal, moving from
6:41 pm
tel aviv to jerusalem, getting of us out of the put paris climate agreement, which was an unfair situation, getting candid north korea to come to the negotiating table, there has been really tough, courageous stances that have been made and in all scenarios, i saw president and was very thoughtful, looked at all of the issues, made decisions, and it was a pleasure and honor to work with him and i will tell you that it's not what people per tray, this was someone that the reason we got along so well was because i told him the truth and he was always willing to listen to that and so i think it's too bad that a lot of people don't want to face what you see is on tv is what you get to what you see behind the scenes of someone who really cares about america and wants to do everything he can to strengthen it. do you want it's funny because the structure, i guess in today's language for a politician, means keeping your promises which i think would be a big part of his reelection campaign. congratulations on the book, and faster. thank you for being with us.
6:42 pm
straight ahead, the republicans have great plans for the impeachment hearings on wednesday. devin nunes will lead out the republican effort. he is next with a preview and rush limbaugh, a huge prediction about what this week will be about and later, san francisco elected a new prosecutor but apparently doesn't want to put anybody in jail. nobody read it we will tell you that shocking story later on. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand.
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you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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will analysis, commentary about that. i really think the model that's
6:48 pm
going to happen this week, it was a never ending parade for about a week and a half as every person they brought forth to try to destroy cavanagh failed, there was another one waiting in the wings and i will guarantee you that it is the same cheeky jury they are going to employ here this week getting started with public impeachment hearings. the one here now, congressman devin nunes and the other of which on, gregg jarrett. we already know that the process is flawed because at the end of the day, congressman, is it true or not true that adam schiff was compromised in this case. he gets denied the witnesses you call, he gets to make the final decision on everything, doesn't he? so there really are no rights by the ranking members of the president and his attorneys. >> as you know, nobody likes to disagree with rush limbaugh but i think in this case, rush
6:49 pm
limbaugh only has it about half right. at least during the cavanaugh hearings, the republicans had the ability to bring up people who were reporting stomach supporting cavanaugh. we don't even have that so adam schiff and his team, however, met with there with a whistle-blower, we have had no access to the whistle-blower. never chuckle, we want to know what was the dnc's involvement in the clinton campaign and the involvement in ukraine and why did the ukrainians interfere inr election? wells i have out of the situation with hunter biden, how did he get 80,000 something dollars a month? these are just questions we deserve to have the answer to you before any of the circus is set to begin on wednesday. we should have those answers. >> sean: you have a list of people, including adam schiff, the whistle-blower, nellie ohr, hunter biden, joe biden, will any of your witnesses be allowed to testify? >> as of right now, we have none of our witnesses. look, we even put on -- the new
6:50 pm
folder. this guy was the democrats first witness but he came in, it didn't go very well for them, he came involuntarily, the transcript or how, why on earth would volker not be there question monkey was the special envoy to ukraine. we are having the top people at the state department and the handle ukraine and now the acting ambassador that is coming in on wednesday, why would you not have volker on the stained panel? why would you not give the republicans a witness? as of right now till we have no witnesses and we have no knowledge of the foundation of this case and of these accusations. >> sean: fundamentally, like everything else, you outlined this in both of your books, gregg jarrett, everything boomerangs back. the only russian interference we know of was the dossier. it's a little ironic. now ukraine election interference, that's the democrats and the only quid pro
6:51 pm
quo was hunter biden come you get the billion if you fire the guy investigating my son, you don't get the billion otherwise. >> if this were an equitable process, both sides would be able to call their own witnesses but adam schiff won't allow it. he can only and will only allow witnesses that he likes. it reminds me of the old henry ford quote, any customer can have a car painted any color as long as it's black. look at the first two witnesses that will be called on wednesday, bill taylor and george scott. they admit they have no direct knowledge of a quid pro quo and instead they heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who heard it from an original guy and in both cases, it is diplomat, gordon sondland. long-winded admits he has no direct knowledge of the quid pro quo and instead he testified hed it so this is opinion built on hearsay constructed on speculation and conjecture e. >> sean: the senate,
6:52 pm
congressman new knows, they have the ability to call all of these witnesses. lindsey graham said this is dead on arrival without the whistle-blower and he wants hunter biden to testify. tell us what the senate can do and what would you recommend they do? >> let's see how this goes this week. my guess is it's going to be a complete circus paid we are not going to get any of our witnesses, the mainstream media is going to say how damaging it is to the president. if that is just going to be the story line for the fact of the matter is, if you actually read the transcript and gregg jarrett was just going through them, byron york has a piece out tonight talking about their star witness, these transcripts, as we were saying when the democrats were slowly leaking these out to the friends of the media, that's what we've been doing for the last six weeks, but on the transcripts are out, they are devastating to democrats so let's see where it goes but at the end of the day, the senate should be calling all of these people in. >> sean: i hope the senate is listening.
6:53 pm
they have got to do their job now. all right, just when you got san francisco couldn't get crazier, they now elect a prosecutor who apparently doesn't want to jail anybody and was raised by bill ayers bernadine doran, you just can't make this out. it trace gallagher has this crazy reports next. is a biolog, is a biolog, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin. and, had significantly less itch. that's a difference you can feel. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems,
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♪ >> sean: wild, crazy situation in the city of san francisco. they have now elected a d.a. that does not want to enforce laws for people in jail. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher joins us live from the west coast newsroom with the latest on this nutty story, trace. >> san francisco d.a. was considered the most liberal prosecutor in the country. the new d.a. is even more progressive. in fact, despite san francisco
6:59 pm
having the highest property crime rate in the country, he wants to reform the criminal justice system by ending cash bail to allow criminals free until their trial date and ending gang enhancement so if you commit a crime is a gang it will not increase the penalty. the quality of life crimes like public,, offering or soliciting the number one choice for criminals, but they don't care. on election night, city supervisors touted the new d.a. by saying at the police union, finally, his parents were members of the domestic terrorist group weather underground. and will convict in the 1980s armored car robbery that left two police officers and a guard dead. bodine was then raised by underground leaders and bernadine door. sean.
7:00 pm
>> sean: a pretty and believes it will both -- pretty unbelievable, and the rest of the country, god for for bed. the madness begins tomorrow and we will cover all the hypocrisy, never be the psychotic hate trumpet media mob. let not your heart be troubled, laura. >> laura: does not mean all the people who are swimming with god blessed them are doing worse than the fountain get there okay along with the drug pushers and all about? destination location, san francisco. >> sean: i heard everything you said but one thing i will say all these liberal cities will buy democrats for decades or a mess. all of them. >> laura: it is sad because you know why my love san francisco, love, love, love chicago and all the great american cities but they need better leadership. better democrat or republican but better common sense. fantastic show when i look forward to seeing your take tomorrow night unfolding, sean, i am lauren -- laura ingraham and t


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