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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 11, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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so send us your reaction to six months, questions, thoughts on that show the maven video questions if you have to impress us, that is fine. to be like that. at the end of each show we will share them. go to ingram angles at and happy veterans day to all the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. your sacrifice gives us the opportunity to live on the face of the earth. that is all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and "fox news @ night" take it from here, shannon. >> shannon: came into those comments and laura i will think of my own little thing to send an. >> laura: you come in and i will answer. >> shannon: i'm looking forward to it, see you soon, laura. breaking tonight, the transcripts rebelling another round of information as people speculate what it really means, the transcripts show, ukrainian military assistance and order,
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joe biden, and more about the fact that he was worried about corruption in that country. and also, we got news on a number of fronts, including more on the transcripts as they come in and we are counting down to 2020, three months ago when it actually starts, the democratic field to turn on each other. and again tonight, allegations of sexism, and actually, open arms and one democratic candidate is crashing iowa while campaigning in iowa. and president trump honoring the nation's veterans. that a political speech, the political protest. we will take you there and of course all the sights and sounds across the nation honoring american heroes. hello, welcome to "fox news @ night," shannon bream, in washington the chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher on the details of the transcript released by house democrats,
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good evening, trey's. >> good evening shannon, laura cooper at the top pentagon official with u.s. policy on ukraine, it was cooper's testimony you may recall that got delayed five hours because of a group of house republicans complaining about secret depositions came uninvited into the room. one think -- once things got underway, the cooper's testimony appears to be her concern over the administration's temporary hold on aid to ukraine. whether president trump had the power to withhold the aid quoting "the comments of the room, there is not an understanding of how this could legally play out" cooper testified national security personnel later told them that the president could only delay aid by going through congress. but the white house budget office argues it has clear authorities to help ensure agencies spend funds consistent with the law and the president's priorities. all actions taken under this administration were clearly within those authorities. in the meantime, some liberal,
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political and legal analysts say democrats should refrain the discussion away from quid pro quo and towards extortion and they found some takers. listen. >> you have enough evidence for the depositions we have done to warrant bringing this forward. evidence of extortion scheme. >> the president acted criminally and extorted the way a mob boss would extort somebody. we already do have evidence of the presidents wrongdoing of the extortion. >> you can call this extortion, bribery, all the same thing. >> the quid pro quo is a nonissue but extortion, and actual crime is easier to sell to a skeptical public. but the ranking g.o.p. member of the house foreign affairs committee, lee zeldin said not so fast quoting "dems have a new forte of the day extortion. the quid pro quo fell apart on them same problem with new shiny object. ukraine didn't know there was a
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hold on aid until it was lifted, they didn't have to do anything to get it lifted. others are now wondering if quid pro quo i go the way of the whistle-blower. shannon. >> shannon: good question, trays, thank you very much. more police today and tonight, what republicans say they don't even know if any of the witnesses they request it will actually be cold. they do want to hear from the original whistle-blowers that trace reported by adam schiff said that is unnecessary, so let's discuss. former deputy assistant general harry litman and 2020 advisory board member and attorney as well, ellis read, great to have you with us. >> great to see you the machine end. >> shannon: the house until chairman adam schiff said far from transparent, trump with obstruction. he is blocking a dozen witnesses from testifying his white house state department, the energy department and subpoenas for thousands of documents for the american people see through this. >> we are talking about the
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process, the president is clearly not getting any. you look at all of these transcripts being released, all of the secret backdoor hearings. the right to due process, the right to confront and examine witnesses is not happening. why would not the white house safely are able to participate meaningful in this process. so if you look at everything that has come out, the only thing that has come out is testimony that is one-sided that is d. what they do, they don't have anything so basically playing three card money, where is it, where is it, where is it? we can't find a impeachable offense and quid pro quo to extortion to something else and define what is an impeachable offense. >> shannon: let me play something from harry's most favorite radio shows rush limbaugh. he shaking his head now. okay but this is what rush has to say about this whole thing
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playing out in what the end result has been. >> recent polls show enthusiasm for incumbent donald trump is almost unprecedented. and in his own party, his approval number will pass 90%. everything they have tried. has blown up in their faces. and guess what it has happened? the existence of this so called deep state has been shown to be true. the existence of this little cabal of a lead us to things they run things is no one suspicion. >> shannon: so here he says they are helping the president by going after him and they wound up exposing deep state in the process. your response. >> i don't know where to start with a rash on the deep state. lets me respond to jenna. there is no due process protection at this point. it was not a concealed hearing, the republicans participated fully. now, the democrats are coming forward and bringing the
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evidence, that is when all of a sudden we hear about due process. look this is so straightforward. they develop facts with republicans in a bipartisan way like any investigator does and it's time to present them like you do in any trial. at this point, the president is afforded an opportunity which he normally would not have been. if he wants to participate but it will be in the senate. pico even here the protocol gives him that opportunity. >> shannon: who gets to decide to be a witness and who isn't? >> no. >> shannon: the republicans can ask. >> no, no, no same as when the republicans controlled, there is a constitutional responsibility for the congress to prosecute this case. the ultimate call rests with schiff and what he said and given the track record, i think it is very justified if they are trying to use this to relitigate
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steele dossier were something that doesn't have anything to do with trump behavior, then they will say we won't do it for that reason. but nobody gives -- >> shannon: it absolutely matters. they are saying that it does not matter or the whistle-blower doesn't matter, and calling senator biden doesn't matter, incredibly important to understanding what is happening on the ukrainian phone call. they are saying the only thing that matters is what the president said and she went to sin, you don't have contact and so the public opinion, they are simply trying to say we are impeaching regardless. this is simply an attack on president trump, and legitimate president. >> any impeachment is unseating. so let's put that to the side. it's not about impeachment. in fact, the constitution provides. >> shannon: but, we will get into semantics. is it undoing the 2016 election?
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any impeachment is undoing of the election. >> and in that sense, but one ne stands up and says, biden, barisma. >> shannon: that is the thing, does that disprove your case, it was released without those things happening? >> he didn't even know. >> shannon: he didn't know there was a whistle-blower. >> we have evidence they were concerned about it and spoke specifically with taylor about it. >> shannon: to the white house know there was a whistle-blower when the aide was released september 12th? >> i don't think so. >> shannon: okay. >> cross-examination -- >> shannon: we get no vote. thank you for discussing. jana, thank you. white house, we could go forev forever, mick mulvaney facing opposition and joins a lawsuit over testimony and the house impeachment inquiry. remember former deputy national security advisor sued over a
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subpoena he got from house democrats and how he doesn't want mick mulvaney to join the lawsuit. they are factual differences unmatched. so mick mulvaney wants to file his own case tomorrow. both men defying orders from house democrats. tonight u.n. and pastor giving the president some back up what was once a conspiracy theory. she writes in her new book the members of the administration did conspire against the president. a couple of the standouts secretary of state till her son, denying those claims tonight. correspondent doug mckelway has the story. >> had absolutely happen to. >> in her new book president trump's former ambassador to nikki haley describes what she says an attempt by then secretary of state rex tillerson and chief of staff john kelly to enlist her in their effort to undermine the president. she writes "kelly and tiller's and confided in me when they resisted the president they were being insubordinate, they were trying to save the
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country. >> instead of saying that to me, they should have been saying that to the president, not asking me to join them on their side bar plans. that undermines the president. that is really a very dangerous thing. and it goes against the constitution, and it goes against what the american people want. >> neither man responded to the request for comment. john kelly told cbs "if i resist, she means putting a staff process in place to ensure the president knew the pros and cons of what policy decision he might be contemplating. think guilty as charged." the president's supporters hayley's book, long suspected fears of a deep state. former acting cia director john mclaughlin recently acknowledged one does exist. >> thank god for the deep state. >> that comment resumes today given senate minority leader chuck schumer threatened in january 2017. >> you take on the intelligence community, six ways from sunday to get back at you.
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>> similar claims repeated in the soon-to-be released be released book "anonymous, and see the white house officials" the staffers including the vice president vice president discussed invoking 25th amendment which provides for the removal of a president unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. >> i never heard any discussion in my entire tenure as vice president about the 25th amendment. >> no wonder the republicans defy the process of impeachment with political gas lighting, psychological manipulation, the target question his own sanity. >> this is not about schiff, this is about schiff trying to destroy the trumps presidency. it is stretching the divide and what is becoming two americas symbolized in two recent appearances by the president, one in washington, the other in alabama. in a weekend "washington post" interview, former investor haley sidesteps speculation about a possible presidential run saying she is focused on getting
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the president reelected and evaluating her stats year by year, shannon. >> shannon: thank you. a member of congress woman claiming the republican pete king as islamophobic tonight. longtime new york lawmaker announced in retirement earlier today ilhan omar the first woman in congress taking issue with 2007 interview which king said there are too many in the country. he met there are too many mosques that refused to cooperate with law enforcement. less than three months until the first 2020 democratic primary contest tonight and yet another contender may be thinking about jumping in. "new york times" reporting for former massachusetts governor deval patrick calling a run for the white house next year. yet another sign of growing anxiety among democrats that the current slate of candidates in the race will not be able to unseat president trump. and also new tonight, the wife
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of the late congressman elijah cummings confirming she will run for health seat out of maryland. the infighting ramping up with the primaries, is that's what it's all about? the democrats throw down after the break. ♪ at outback, steak & oh no, it's phew, it's back with lobster mac & cheese. it's gone again. oh, it's back with shrimp now! steak & lobster starting at only $15.99. hurry in before these three are gone again. outback steakhouse. but he wanted snow for thelace holidays.. so we built a snow globe. i'll get that later. dylan! but the one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with homeowners insurance. what? switching and saving was really easy! i love you!
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♪ >> shannon: new infighting among democrats with 16 female candidates in the presidential primary field. one rising to the top tier, senator amy klobuchar, she is publicly calling out a rifle. that is not the only thing 2020 democrats are fighting about, counting tampa 2020. >> good evening to you, 84 days is how long it is until the iowa caucuses. it is hard to believe. the presidential hopefuls spending more time criticizing the competition within their own party.
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this is one candidate says, time to overhaul the entire way democrats pick their nominee. >> minnesota senator amy klobuchar is struggling in the polls. >> we are up to number 5 in iowa. meet -- pete buttigieg surging in iowa. amy klobuchar suggest sunday at the mayor's success may be tied to gender. >> do i think we would stand on the stage if we had the expanse he had? no, i don't. maybe we are held to a different standard. >> buttigieg is refusing to fire back. >> i'm not focused on that. we continued to reach voters with the right message, then that is how we will win. the senator's comments the latest sign of political infighting among candidates. >> she attacked me. >> tonight former vice president joe biden defended his position to call senator elizabeth warren's health care pitch to voters as elitist. >> it's not about her.
8:20 pm
it's about the attitude out there. the attitude that we know best. you do it my way. >> democrats are sharpening their attack on former new york city mayor mike bloomberg a potential bit of his own. >> i think our election should not be something by billionaires. >> michael bloomberg and other billionaires, sorry! you ain't going to buy this election! >> new hampshire filing deadline is friday. the former hud secretary julian castro, the only latino candidate in the race is tired of iowa, new hampshire getting first dibs at picking presidential candidates. >> i don't believe forever we should be married to iowa and new hampshire going first. >> castro said the changing demographics he does not believe iowa or new hampshire represents most of the country but it is worth pointing out julian castro, shannon poling 1% or below and those hawkeye states as well as the grand state. >> shannon: i spent a lot of
8:21 pm
days, months, years in iowa covering this and that is not the place. >> 84 days before the vote. >> shannon: you know what, go for it. >> what does he have to los 2020 contender julian castro campaigning in iowa, the first date of the nomination, they are too white. let's talk about it with the host, and political professor of law at cornell, founder of legal instruction, jacobson. welcome to you both. >> hi my shannon, good to be here. >> shannon: listen a strategy in iowa and professor, he calls him out and says new hampshire to white. you will shouldn't stay at the front of the calendar but the folks in the state commit is incredibly important and prestigious. i don't think they are giving that up. how do you think that will play? >> every year or every cycle, they were a somebody who talks about eliminating iowa and new hampshire as the opening states. it never changes. it is tradition. the point is, you have to be
8:22 pm
able to compete everywhere in the country. i think criticizing him may give an excuse at pulling 1% or turning out 1%, but the fact of the matter is, it is a different type of politics. retail politics and a politics of getting people out to caucuses and then to the polls. it is a good test. i don't think it will change and i don't think it should change. >> shannon: polling much better senator elizabeth warren was put on the spot and said in the interview, you will not get me to criticize, but what she said, she has a player in the game. she didn't want to get into whether it was too white for the democratic party. >> probably a smart move by senator warren who are casting the first votes, but i do disagree with the professor here and that the sake of tradition, not necessarily a good thing especially when we talk about partisan politics and of course, moved itself up to be part of the early super tuesday now that will change the fact california
8:23 pm
was totally ignored for primaries other than the cash regime up until this election. we can make changes and we probably should make changes because julian castro has a point and that those two states are not representative of the diversity of this country. >> shannon: okay so billionaire michael bloomberg city mayor, fighting and alabama and mounting this late run and we hear of the massachusetts governor may get in and mark penn but don't count out another key individual there is still a couple of days here, michael bloomberg, feels too crowded now and i missed my opportunity or the opposite, i did come in and get 165,000 donors. i'm tied with biden in the early states. there is still political logic for her. >> shannon: both of you, what do you think the odds hillary clinton cannot resist this moment in history and take another shot from a professor you first. >> you know she wants to get in.
8:24 pm
there is no doubt about it. whether she will get in i think it is 50/50. i would not be surprised. joe biden is a very weak front runner and i think hillary sees an opportunity. she think she won the last election and she thought it was stolen from her. so i don't see why she wouldn't get in. >> shannon: ethan they have not welcome bloomberg with open arms. how do you think the field width feel about hillary showing up. >> i don't think hillary will enter the race and she recognizes her role that she has a lot of power behind the scenes to help get people elected and she will put her weight behind that to make sure whoever is the nominee wins max -- wins the election 2028 to focus on the president moving forward. >> shannon: let's go back to amy klobuchar fighting in the race and talking about the fact that mayor pete buttigieg who was young, interesting in a lot of ways, but she said referring to warren senator, and
8:25 pm
kamala harris come a woman would not be on the debate stage if she had the same qualifications as pete buttigieg. quick comment from both of you, professor. >> i don't know whether that is true or not but somewhat irrelevant question because the primary and the caucuses are coming up. she has to win this election. amy clover chair has to win people over and not complain about society. that will not change overnight. >> shannon: ethan. >> he is not wrong however in this case senator klobuchar's rage. it is interesting mayor buttigieg april right political future but small-town midwestern mayor leading in the pack raising $20 million. raising a lot of questions and i think it goes back to mark zuckerberg's visit raising his profile. would he have done that for a female? i don't think so. >> shannon: a tough state like iowa comeau we will track that the next debate is a few days away. ethan, professor thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, shannon.
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prescription power. proven to work. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert israel has killed a palestinian commander during nighttime raid on the gaza strip. and live from the area. tonight, trey, what can you tell us? >> shannon, good evening. we are live in gaza city where it is army has killed him overnight. this is the commander of in, you heard explosions as we started talking, rockets being fired from the gaza strip into southern israel as we speak. we see air strikes this morning inside of israel, since the initial attack overnight that killed the senior military leader, islamic jihad as well as his wife. to give you background on jihad
8:31 pm
for the second largest faction in side of the gaza strip. they are receiving money and weapons from the regime and i spoke with the leader of the jihad over the weekend. they were meeting at a hamas headquarters in gaza city, trying to work on palestinian election information, trying to get elections together to basically have a stronger joint coalition against weather in the gaza or the west bank. and i tried to get rid of the division taking place between hamas, islamic jihad, palestinian organizations. you can hear in the distance, sirens. what we have seen this morning's emergency services in gaza responding to the house of the senior military commander, islamic jihad as this continues back and forth will occur throughout the morning. it is expected to continue throughout the day. this is the kind of event, shannon, that will launch a small military operation here.
8:32 pm
we have seen in the past, often times when there is a senior official whether political or military official killed inside of gaza whether hamas or islamic jihad come often times rockets fired into southern israel. the commander that was killed overnight is according to the israelis responsible for rocket fire that took place last week and a protester killed on the israel gaza border by live ammunition and this is a grievance of the people inside of gaza. they will continue to respond to what they call it israeli aggression, shannon. >> shannon: live with breaking news, thank you so mu much. fox news alert, hong kong riot police firing rubber bullets and tear gas as tensions continue to play her there. we are five months end. the chinese ruled territory a protester shot another set on fire. and the protest began back in june over a proposed extradition law. activists were in hong kong is
8:33 pm
eroding. the hong kong leader saying she will spare no effort to bring the protest to an end. this veterans day historic visit by the president to honor the nation's hero. president trump's remarks private -- politics free but now in force, more from new york tonight, good evening, rick. >> shannon, parade organizers say the commander-in-chief invited every year but this is the first time a sitting president has actually come to new york city on veterans day. and of course, not everyone was happy about it with dozens of protesters carrying signs and chanting antitrust slogans on the streets surrounding madison square garden's. some called out impeached in large letters high above. but the president's remarks were not political. he thanked members and highlighted the strength and spirit of new uniformed new yorkers and celebrated the recent mission to take out isis and syria and praised the heroes as the bravest, toughest,
8:34 pm
strongest virtuous warriors on earth. >> you left your families and fought in for -- faraway lands. you came face-to-face with evil and you did not back down. you return home from war and you never forgot your friends who didn't return, including prisoners of war and those missing in action. speak with the parade lasted for hours on this sunny but chilly day featuring some 25,000 veter, active duty military to my family, friends and high school marching bands across america filling fifth avenue from 26th to 48th street in front of cheering supporters. the grand marshal included three honor recipients and the marine corps, general david berger. >> what is your message to america today? message to america, i think for a moment, just pause, think of what veterans have done for the country, what they are doing right now. when you see one, shake their hand.
8:35 pm
tell them, thank you for your surface. thank the family for they are surface. this is that one day where we pause and say thanks, thanks for guarding the gates. >> the president did not take off to the president himself but they returned to trump tower after the ceremony this morning. shannon. >> shannon: thank you. people lining up around the supreme court tonight hoping to get a seat for tomorrow's hot button case. the justices will take up one of the most politically charged issues since the start of president trump stern ending the daca program. the executive action, the obama-era program estimated 700,000 people brought to the u.s. illegally as children. the trump administration said daca is not working and more importantly it is unlawful. the program benefits both streamers and this country. the trump administration announced its plan to phase out the program back in 2017 only to be stopped by several federal judges. the arguments began 10:00 a.m. eastern and i will be reporting
8:36 pm
starting live at 9:00 a.m. and ruling expected 2020 right in the middle of the presidential campaign. coming up, why one of the country's elite universities is banning veterans day 21 days salute but the news roundup. harvard university backing a boycott of the newspaper because the publication actually asked ice to comment for a story, the group called act on a dream is to manage the student run harvard crimson apologize for seeking comments from representative ice because the group says when the crimson talks to ice it makes the campus laissez for undocumented immigrants. histogram now will remove the light feature from some portions of the social media sites. the head of instagram said the idea is to depressurized the sites for people to have a more positive impact on mental health. kim kardashian -- in favor, but mickey -- nicki manoj is not. and the beachgoers in the los angeles areas, venice beach closed after what is being
8:37 pm
described as large amounts of needles and medical supplies. washed ashore. authorities don't know where it came from but they will monitor the area. and the fans and judges have "dancing with the stars" to sean spicer. the former white house press secretary making it to the quarterfinals bp -- before being voted out tonight despite the backing of the commander in chie tingled to destiny child's song. one judge called it argentine struggle. with the freestyle libre 14 day system -- a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at
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>> shannon: time for the lightning round. a berkeley instructor proclaiming americans who live in rural areas are bad people. san francisco has a new district attorney whose parents sent to jail for murder when he was a toddler. part of the domestic terror radical group underground. we start at the university of virginia tonight which canceled the 21 gun salute from veterans day ceremony. we will tell you wife. coming up, we have fox news contributor former clinton
8:42 pm
doug schoen and deputy assistant president george w. bush, brad, great to have you with us. >> pleased to be here. >> shannon: jim bryant said it would be disruptive to classes and unfortunately gun violence in the u.s. there was some concern to cause a panic if someone heard gunshots on the ground, canceling the 21 gun salute on veterans day. as an alumnus, i am a therapist. what a pain a pantywaist. he wants to take that first, brad comella start with you. >> what is shameful to politicize veterans day is bad enough, but they took it one step further and that is somehow to demonize and to shame the military for the highest honor they can render 21 gun salute and equate to gun violence. shame on the university of virginia. >> shannon: right to be worried that some students might be fearful or traumatized by that? >> i finished working on the virginia legislative elections.
8:43 pm
i'm proud that gun violence was an issue that weren't for the democrats and it's a harbinger for the president but let's be clear, a 21 gun salute to celebrate veterans has nothing to do with gun violence. and i have to agree with brad on this. you can give students adequate notice and the whole community adequate notice. >> shannon: let's go to san francisco where the d.a. elect whose parents were part of the underground both sentenced to prison for murder in a case that officers and private security guard were killed. here is part of his campaign pledge and why he thought it would be best for him to be elected, which he was. >> my mother spent 22 years in prison and my father may never get out. prison visits to teach hard lessons. i learned the criminal justice system is broken, mass incarceration plagued by racial disparities.
8:44 pm
>> shannon: he lamented as a child he had to spend time with his parents in prison. his father may never get out but michelle is not one to known has this to say about how he's a progressive and he's radical. he plans to turn the words come at the craft poll of san francisco into a bigger sanctuary for illegal immigran immigrants, criminals and cop haters. and apparently, one of his plans, he wants to try with i.c.e. agents and police officers where they have, he says doing their jobs but he doesn't agree with, doug. >> well, look, i'm a democrat. i'm a mainstream moderate democrat. this is ridiculous. you can't run based on the facts that your parents were both murderers and for some reason happen to be in jail for long periods of time or for life. i walked on market street today in san francisco. michelle malcolm exaggerates, but only by a little.
8:45 pm
this mass incarceration movement that somehow the people have committed crimes in america, that somehow they are victims rather than in many cases, those who committed serious misdemeanors, just plain wrong. i find this harbinger of the hill. >> shannon: do you want to add to that, brad or go to the third point? >> i want to say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. his harrogate parent is bill ayres. >> shannon: they raised him. okay i want to get this to a berkeley instructor and you talk to classes they are, but this week, this is the report he said ironically i am braced the bashing of rural americans, bad people who made bad decisions. there are good people but this nostalgia with historical way of life we shouldn't shame people not pro-city. he apparently talked about the fact that we need to make it uncomfortable for people to have a role lifestyle because the cities are underwriting technology and health care for
8:46 pm
them and everything else. they need to be made so uncomfortable they move to the cities. i can't follow him on twitter because a protected account but apparently he had an apology sing pretty sure i did a bad tweet. i will reflect more on this later, and meaner than i like to think i am. response from both of you. >> how about he's nuts. the fact that rule america is the reason we have the bountiful plenty of food. rule americans are the backbone of the country. they should not be demonized and by the way, why don't you take care of your cities? rule america is doing just fine as doug pointed out as somebody who has experience this event today, the inability of cities to care for their own people. rural is doing just great. >> shannon: dug. >> we started as a rural country and we remain at our heart link to rural communities, thank goodness for small town farms
8:47 pm
and traditional values. >> shannon: atvs and all of that. it feels good when i go home. doug and brad, thank you very much. >> a decorated veteran finds a loophole for wounded warriors causing a lot of problems. a tribute to the veterans next. is a regular flu shot strong enough... help prevent flu in someone your age? there are standard-dose flu shots. and then there's the superior flu protection... ...of fluzone high-dose. it's the only 65 plus flu shot... ...with 4 times the standard dose. and it's free with medicare part b. fluzone high-dose is not for those who've had a severe allergic reaction... any vaccine component, including... ...eggs, egg products,... or after a previous dose of flu vaccine. tell your healthcare professional if you've ever experienced severe muscle weakness... ...after receiving a flu shot. if you notice ...other problems or symptoms following vaccination,... your healthcare professional immediately. side effects include pain, swelling... ...and redness where the shot was given.
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♪ >> shannon: tonight a decorated veteran sharing his story fighting a bureaucracy that is hurting the wounded warriors. the skilled attorney who worries other soldiers without the same background won't be able to fight like he has for years. he actually launched an organization he hopes will close the gap so that service members can become injured or skilled but active duty will be able to do so. retired army major general olson joins us live. great to have you with us, sir. >> thank you. >> shannon: you have a personal situation and served overseas but you didn't want to leave the service but at some point, you've reached a crossroads where you were able to stay in. where is this gap? >> so it is very simple, 2,018th there is an organization that came online whole defense health organization. they used to be managed by service branches but then in 2018 dha took it over but amazingly they don't think they own the problem anymore. >> shannon: so it is a
8:52 pm
bureaucratic problem for people like you that want to get well and stay. i want to continue serving but if there is a medical assessment that doesn't go your way, it is tough to appeal it and find a way to stay in. >> that is exactly right because dha doesn't think they own it and a chain of responsibility, they say we can't do anything for you. so they army institution pointing a finger at dh -- dha and wounded warriors have created a gap that they have fallen through last year with no reprieve. >> shannon: the major general. i'm sorry. >> all of my friends will have to salute me when i leave tonight. >> shannon: listen, you earned it. i know a little bit about your background. you are a decorated veteran and someone who decide later to serve to join because by other people and their sacrifices. you talked about be an american and you thought you were very blessed. you felt like he wanted to join their service and do this. you graduated from pepperdine school. you are worried that there are other younger soldiers and
8:53 pm
troops of people who don't know how to fight this bureaucratic battle. even though it is over for you, you have launched an organization you help -- hope will help others injured or who are ill. >> that is exactly right, me as a jagged major and an officer, i have my doctorate and if they did this to me, i have time in the special operations unit, if they do this to me what would they do to a 19-year-old private? he has no hope. we work with congress with a bipartisan bill, wounded bill of rights and it is literally simple. it is creating a pathway for the wounded warriors to cross over the gap that currently exists. it will be democrats, republicans and the few bipartisan issues that is around today. >> shannon: veterans are one thing that unite all of us, it seems, cross political parties or ideologies. what is your plan to get this across the finish line? the bureaucracy of any government entity could be overwhelming. you can him find that out first hand. >> we have a full plan on us
8:54 pm five talking points and honestly, endurance, the values and have served me well and i'm just going to keep knocking on the door of the senators and congressmen. we are hoping to create this to go viral on social media so the american public knows about the problem so that, therefore, we can fix it. >> shannon: the more i heard about this problem and the more the viewers hear about this, they will want to support people like you. we are not saying the defense agencies are a problem because it seems like there is a disconnect somewhere. everybody wants to help wounded warriors. i know you heard about other people's in-service cut in the same loophole you were as well. >> yes, ma'am. there is actually hundreds i believe actually out there and some don't even know, especially what i expensed at -- a perfect storm because now we are trying to reduce the numbers and trying to get rid deep with russia and china which is wise. it doesn't mean we should get out and kick wounded warriors to the curb without time to get
8:55 pm
healthy. that is what is happening right now. >> shannon: especially because of the surface, thank you and all the other folksthe same sity major, we wish you all of the best and please keep us updated. >> thank you, shannon, i will. >> shannon: veterans day, sights and sounds honoring our veterans come america's heroes. ♪ [bellringing] ♪ >> shannon: went to a live for all you have done.past, we
8:56 pm
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♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." one thing we know for sure about elizabeth warren, above all else, is that on economic questions, she is a sincere populist. warren is deeply distressed by income inequality. she profoundly distrusts wall street and big tech. she hates monopolies and massive multigenerational concentrations of wealth. if you are a private equity chieftain, for example, or a weed smoking trustafarian living off family money in jackson hole, you have to be terrified of elizabeth warren. how could you not be terrified? listen to her talk. >> now they have got your


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