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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 12, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> [ laughter ] >> i'm so sorry. >> it's just a lizard. heather: it was a pet lizard that jumped out of his pocket. this happened in california. well, that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first" of. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye-bye. >> it is tuesday, november 12th. air raid sirens and air strikes rocking israel overnight as gaza militants lawn of a daybreak attack following the assassination of their terror leader. rob: the situation is intensifying by the minute. fox news has the only live crew on the ground. plus, we know the democrats' path toward impeachment. for the first time we're looking at the republican playbook. >> the he key evidence revealed in closed door hearings that's coming to light as the fight goes public. there won't be a christmas tree there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people to rock around in one state
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448,134 to be exact. capital. rob: the pc item that will they answered 410 questions in 8 categories stand in its place. about vehicle quality. and when they were done, "fox & friends" continues right chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across now. cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say ♪ they go, we go, hey, hey, hey. "thank you, real people." ♪ oh, here we go. you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. ♪ feel it in my soul. ♪ we need it, need it. ♪ take control. ♪ we need it, need it. rob: a check of the top headlines this morning, we begin with a fox news alert, dozens of rob: if you live along the east rockets fired into southern israel overnight, after the coast, winter is about to get israeli military killed an real here in a matter of hours. >> real quick. yes, it is. islamic jihadist leader in an rob: sprinkles of rain might air strike in gaza. turn to snow. a second jihadist militant was >> might be icy. also killed in an air strike. rob: might be a nasty tuesday. jillian: president trump could release the transcript of his good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this first phone call with ukraine as tuesday morning. soon as today, this comes as i'm rob schmidt. republicans lay out a strategy gillian.>> let's get to this fs ahead of this week's public impeachment hearings. fox news obtaining the alert.
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israel bombarded, over 60 penned by top republicans rockets overnight after an air containing key points of evidence found in t strike killed an islamic jihadister iist leader in gaza. rob: people lining up outside the supreme court overnight watch. ahead of the case regarding [sound of explosion] rob: you can see the fireball daca. there, the smoke from that daca protects about 700,000 targeted explosion, the violence immigrants who came here as now escalating this morning. children from deportation. >> trey yingst is live in gaza jillian: republican kimberley klasik wants to add her voice to city with more on the cross border attacks. what's the latest good morning. congress, announcing her run for the house seat left by the late >> reporter: rockets are elijah cull cummings. she went viral for this shocking currently being fired into southern israel. footage of baltimore. early this morning a senior it caught the attention of president trump. this morning, kimberley joins me jihad militant was assassinated. live to explain why she thinks they say he was responsible for she is the best candidate. firing a series of rockets into good morning. good to see you. israel last week and had more >> good morning. how are you? jillian: good. let's start off taking a look at attacks planned. the commander's name, abu percentages of voters in the el-atta, the islamic jihad seventh congressional district, this is an uphill battle, 68.26% leader, as as mate assassinated. democratic voters there with a
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his wife was also killed in the about 16% almost republican. strike. kimberley, the nul numbers are t a militant, moments ago who was in your favor. planning to fire rockets into how of do you plan to sway some southern israel, he was also taken out by an israeli air of those voters. >> it will be an uphill battle. strike. things are very tense and they after bringing so much attention are changing by the minute. what we do know so far, 60 to deplorable conditions in west rockets were fired into southern israel. we did attend part of the baltimore and surrounding neighborhoods, i think we have a funeral for that islamic jihad shot. i talk to people, and they were commander earlier today. very happy that president trump emotions were running high. take a look. shed some light on the situation there. i believe there's a lot of >> funeral of abu el-atta is people there living in fear. there are a lot of people living below the poverty line. underway in gaza city. therthere's a simple fix that cn he was killed overnight in a help in this situation but local targeted as as nation by israel. leadership and those that are have been in office don't seem -- as a assassination by israele to care. jillian: there are a lot of democrats who are vying for this position, 10 of them right now, foreigns, inclue -- for demanding a response from the fact shoves inside gaza. republicans including your se. one person that's getting a lot we are getting video from the of attention is elijah cummings' israeli side, showing rocket wife, maya cummings. impacts along a highway near the israel, gaza border. we saw online a direct impact to take a look at what she has to
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say. >> i will announce that i will be running for the congress, the a small factory in the town, a seventh congressional district of maryland. i fought right alongsid alongsie small town along the border. gentlemaalongside elijahfor the. i received a text from a senior hamas official. he wanted me to continue this hamas is in control of the gaza fight. i'm going to continue this fight. jillian: what do you have to say about her entering the race? strip. the official said major >> can you hear me. escalation is expected. benjamin netanyahu is expected >> say it again. to make an announcement from the jillian: what do you have to say about her entering this israeli side in a few minutes. race? >> i think i expected it. i think a lot of people expected islamic jihad is pledging what it. but you know what, i look at it they call a war with israel amid the heightened tension. like this. i understand she's been working we expect more rockets here hard and she's a dnc chair and later this morning, into the afternoon a. certainly going to keep an eye has been working hard alongside on what's happening here in her husband. gaza. a building was struck by a a lot of money is missing, millions of dollars, the misfire from a rocket right next education system is failing, the to where we are standing. the building we're inside of did crime and violence, we hit 295 take shrapnel. there were no injuries. homicides, we'll go well over rob: trey, you're certainly in 300 for five years in a row. the middle of it there. stay safe for us. transparency needs happen on not just the low l call level but we appreciate the reporting. the congressional -- local >> great reporting out there. breaking right now, three l level, but the congressional level. taliban leaders are being federal grants have gone into l
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released from custody in baltimore city. afghanistan as part of a no one knows where the money as prisoner swap for an american gone. i applaud her for getting and postage. kevin king and timothy weeks are professors at a university in doing it. i welcome the chance to debate afghanistan. they were abducted at gunpoint her and ask questions. in 2016 and have been prisoners jillian: we showed the video since. of afghanistan's be president says the swap will help pave the you shot, i believe in july, way for face-to-face peace talks where the conditions were dirty. we're taking a look at it right with the terror group. now. and take a look at this. you can see trash all over the new video shows what appears to place. it was after this that president be an american isis fighter trump started giving some of stuck at the border of turkey that attention to baltimore. he said, quote, as proven last and greece. week during a congressional the unnamed man waving his arms, tour, the border is clean, trying to get into greece after efficient and well run, just very crowded. authorities refused to let him cummings' district is a in. turkey is working to deport disgusting, rat and rodent captured fighters back to their infested mess. home countries. if he spent more time in bat rob: family members of the americans killed by a drug baltimore, maybe he could help cartel are now leaving northern clean this dangerous and filthy mexico. they tell our martha mccallum they don't feel safe. place. you drew a lot of attention to >> to me, this was an act of the problems in bat mosh. terrorists, terrorism against our community. baltimore. i imagine you'll continue the we're a community, a small fight. >> that's right. community but we're quiet, quiet i drew attention to it and i et community. should come up with solutions.
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i have many of them. it's been safe. we've been there for over 60 people got on trump's case for years. we never had an issue or run-in basically repeating what so many people in baltimore said. with the law. rob: so mexico announcing an the former mayor said the same unspecified number of arrests in thing, rat infested. that ambush that sadly left nine there's problems there. americans dead including six there's problems on capitol hill. we need answers. kids. the fbi is now joining in that we need somebody to support trump's policies on immigration investigation. and many other things. people lining up outside the so i believe that republicans supreme court overnight ahead of today's blockbuster case over can win this seat and a i'm ready to fight. daca. they will hear argument toss jillian: we'll be watching. decide whether president trump's make sure you check back in with efforts to end the obama era us. all right. >> i will. thank you. immigration program is lawful or jillian: rob. rob: president trump demanding not. cobs tuesdayal law attorney ken iran turn over the longest held hostage in u.s. history. --s constitutional law attorney iran add a mitted this week to ken bellkerr joined heather to opening a case on fbi agent weigh in. >> there was a ruling in the robert levin soson who went misg census case that liberals are going to try to expand upon in 2007. where justice john roberts said his son dan praising the add a there has to be reasoned medicine strayings' work on his decision making. they're saying that is sort of -- administration's work on his father's gleys th case. an expanded level of burden of >> ts proof. rob: it's a big decision determined to get my father
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regarding what happens with immigration in this country. daca protects about 700,000 home. president trump tweeted about immigrants who came here as it. secretary pompeo cared about my dad's case for years. children, protects them from we're very encouraged. we believe the trump administration is doing deportation. >> president trump could everything they can. release the transcript of his rob: dan levinson says he and first phone call with ukraine as the administration will continue soon as today. pressuring iran until his father griegriff jenkins joins us livem is set home. duvall patrick may be the next washington as republicans lay democrat to jump into the 2020 ouout a strategy. race. the long-time friend of >> reporter: republicans are president obama mulling a white leaving nothing to chance when it comes to messaging. house bid after ruling out a white house run earlier this the gop staff of the three year. one person who is definitely investigating committees writing to its members, four key pieces running for president is don of evidence they say show blankenship. he launched a third party bid there's no treason or high under the constitution party. crimes or misdemeanors. 36 minutes after the hour. joe biden making another slip-up the call itself showed no on the campaign trail. this time involving our pressure. second, president zelensky military. >> u.s. troops dead, died, stated there was no pressure. third, the ukraine government was unaware of a hold on any 6,900, yesterday was 6,989. funds. and president trump met with rob: all right. president zelensky and a bit of a math mistake there ultimately aid flowed to ukraine that's concerning voters. and booted in the ballroom,
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in settlement. this as democrats release forelleformer whiter taking his another closed door transcript from laura cooper who detailed final bow on dabsinhimkus concerns with dod over withholding funds, she testified there was not an understanding how this could legally play out. joining us with reaction on president trump says we could this, coming in on social media see the transcript of his first phone call in april with overnight. ♪ i've got no rhythm. president zelensky as early as ♪ it's easy to pretend. today. and we're waiting to find out if ♪ i know you're not a fool democrats will allow any of the gop witnesses called for they as soon as the homeowners arrive, the open door hearings. among them, former vice we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. president son's hunter, here's what the former veep had to say your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. about that. >> there zero rational for that [ snoring ] to happen. no one suggested anything was [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] done that was inappropriate. this is all a diversion, this is classic trump. only pay for what you need. focus on the problem. we have a president who is one ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ of the most corrupt people to serve in the office. >> reporter: we'll see what today brings. tomorrow get your popcorn ready. that's the first open hearing.
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you'll have bill taylor and career diplomat george kent set to appear. on friday, former ukrainian ambassador marie yovanovitch. it will be really busy. rob: thanks so much. an arctic blast rollin rolls ace country, bringing bitter cold and look at the snow. >> in chicago, terrifying moments when a plane slid right off an icy runway l. >> no, no, no,. >> i think we landed. >> wow. the landing gear snapping on this american airlines flight, landing at o'hare airport. the weather causing more than 1200 flight cancellations in the city. rob: everybody was okay though. i think we landed, she said. janice dean is tracking the bitter cold as it heads towards the east coast. a lot of snow, a lot of people got snow last night. >> just a taste of what's to
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come. and the cold, i mean, we're going to set cold air records, probably hundreds of them across the country. there are your current temperatures. it's a balmy6 degrees in minneapolis. this is actual air temperature. we're below zero in a lot of areas in terms of wind chill. you can see the cold front. we're dealing with 50s ahead of it. so 24 hour temperature change as far south as san antonio texas a. we have the potential for icing across portions of texas. l i'll show you had that on the radar. so ahead of, along this front that's where we see the potential for snow as far south as austin, texas. there's the future radar. will we get some of those snow flurries in new york city? i'm not sure. i don't think so. the front's going to move through. we could see a few snow flakes. it's not going to stick. it's not going to be a big deal. but the cold air is what is
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going to be the story. there is your snow map across the great lakes, certainly parts of new england, northern new new england. we could see snow along the appalachians but not a huge deal. there are your highs today, 55 in new york. watch what happens, 34 tom he t. >> i carry in my pocket, it lists everything on thigh schedule and has a black box in we'll be in the 20s overnight. it will drop significantly as we it and lists in the black box get in the afternoon hours. rob: maybe snow on the u.s. daily troop update, u.s. backside. troops dead, died, 6,900, >> maybe a little bit. it's really dry right now. you need moisture to get the yesterday was 6,989. snow flying. maybe not. but it will be cold, my friends. jillian: joe biden caught rob: we're ready. sweating in the hot seat when an >> at some point you will see audience member asked what he snow. let's not rush it. did to improve mental health rob: thanks, janice. >> a new memo sheds light on care for veterans. house republicans' impeachment rob: carley shimkus joins us strategy. will the evidence they collected with reaction on social media. >> he bobbled the numbs betters behind closed doors help make their case in the court of numbers abit. public opinion? our next guest says adam schiff one twitter user says you and is actually helping make their key point. obama's plan failed in >> what i want to do is honor california. we have many veterans living in my grandpa, who is no longer tents under fre freeways, on
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with us. he was in the korean war. sidewalks because they can't get i grew up hearing stories about help. kathy, a callback to the 2016 pork chop hill and his time in korea. presidential election, saying i wanted to honor him. and hillary carries hot cause rob: jj watt recognizing with her at all times. this twitter user taking a jab at him. as for policy, biden's veterans veterans nationwide, starting withwith his own family tree. stay tuned. plan has four pillars including improving health care, decreasing the suicide rate and ♪ . we learned that he asked his [ tires screech ] staff every day to give him an the big idaho potato truck is touring america updated number of the amount of telling folks about idaho potatoes. service members killed since and i want it back. 9/11. what is it with you and that truck? so pretty nobel of him there. rob: fair enough. if you ever want to watch really bad tv, vh1 is your channel. carlie, this sounds like another one. >> yes. so take a listen to this. the wife of he'l he'll el chapor on a vh1 show called cartel crew. >> i'm like whose attorney are
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you. and she said i represent a di by by the name of emma. >> he'll ch el chapo's wife. >> he she ain't come to play. >> the news sparking backlash and accusation that's the show is glorifying the cartel lifestyle, especially in the wake of the nine brutal murders in mexico last week. melissa says, this is exactly why this world is a mess. another twitter user chiming in saying i had no idea this was a show. so her husband was responsible for many deaths and now she's going on vh1. one of the cast members, michael bdefended the show, saying we're not glorifying the life we lived, we're glorifyings us reinventing ourselves. the show is called cartel crew. to me it doesn't sound like they're distancing themselves from being a part of a cartel at one time. rob: what a joke. i mean, you've got to be
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kidding. jillian: sean spice sean sea. let's the take a look at this. ♪ why haven't i found another. ♪ a baller. ♪ someone to help me out. jillian: i like the song choice. it was a longer than expected run for him. he was in the show for nine weeks but he was finally given the boot. the president tweeted his support, saying a great try by sean spicer. we're all proud of you. spicer responded, thanking the president, saying i can't begin to he express how much your continued support has meant especially during my time on "dancing with the stars." >> he did a great job. >> yeah. i wonder if he gets to keep the costumes. rob: he got to five or six or sleep this amazing? how many? >> he almost made to it the that's a zzzquil pure zzzs sleep. semiknesemifinals. our liquid has a unique botanical blend,
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>> nine weeks on the show. while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. rob: thanks so much. san francisco's new district zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. attorney just elected wants to get rid of cash bail, lessen the sentences for gang members, and is not going to prosecute a lot of these quality of life crimes like public urination. jillian: in a city riddled with crime and homelessness, how much more radical can it get? a california state lawmaker joins us next to weigh in. rob: republicans laying out four key pieces of evidence in their impeachment defense of president trump. according to a newly attained memo by fox news. jillian: will the game plan make their case if in the court of public opinion. joining us now is former doj of usualofficial. let's get into the four key pieces of evidence, starting with the july 25th call, showing no evidence of conditionality or pressure.
2:16 am
ukrainian government stated they were not aware of a hold of funds at the time of the call. in the end, ukraine received aid in set. we have seen what the democrats' strategy is going to be here, a lot of them talking about extortion versus quid pro quo these days. break it down for us. >> look, all of that evidence shows there was no quid pro quo. and that is what will make the public realize that this really isn't an investigation intended to come out with the truth. adam schiff is helping the republicans. why? his refuseal to allow them to call key witnesses such as the so-called whistleblower who started all of this out, makes it look like he's trying to run a show trial, a one-sided partisan investigation. like i said, instead of trying to get at the truth. rob: democrats will say to the idea that there's no quid pro quo in that phone call, they'll say there didn't need to be, that the republicans that
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giuliani went in early and sent a message to ukraine before that phone call, that this is what we want if you want your money. and democrats also say this guy lev parnes, associate of giuliani will say just that and will say in may, giuliani, months before the phone call, went there and set the whole thing up. what's the defense for that? >> well, look, it's very hard to prove a quid pro quo when the person on the other side, the one who is supposedly supposed to do some kind of favor, says, well, i didn't see a quid pro quo. of course, that's what the president of ukraine says. it's also interesting in this case -- remember, what the president was concerned with was corruption in the ukraine over the self-dealings and profiteering of the biden family. once again, schiff refusing to allow hunter biden to be called. if there was nothing unethical in what biden was doing there, why wouldn't he want to testify
2:18 am
and why wouldn't joe biden want his son to testify? jillian: piggy backing off that, don't you feel like at this point a lot of people in the publication public, a lot ot to know more about what went down with hunter biden, they want to hear more about that. >> they do. particularly because, look, the vice president himself admitted on videotape that he pressured the ukraine saying they would withhold a billion and-a-half dollars in loan guarantee unless they stopped a corruption investigation of the company that was paying his sonen r nor muse amount oson -- sonan enorm. ome back. why would anyone think this is the acting white house chief of staff is filing a lawsuit to not a key issue in what happened fight his subpoena in theulvanel here and why we would not want to look at that. rob: biden's defense is it was a different reason than that. how does this play out on television? the mueller probe didn't go very well on tv. former national security these are people that most advisor, charles cupperman. he was subpoenaed by democrats.
2:19 am
people have no clue who they the request has been dropped. are. do people watch this? >> i think a lot of people will rudy giuliani could soon discuss not be watching this. i think things are very different than they were when, the democrats' impeachment push on a new platform. for example, bill clinton or sources tell cnn giuliani was richard nixon were impeached. heard talking about possibly i think a lot of people are launching an impeachment going to ignore this. podcast. frankly, they're going to be lawyer and president trump watching folks like you to get a critic, michael afte often neatn summary of what happened during the day. jillian: and we lean on you for some of that too, hans. twitter, let's do the podcast thank you for joining us. together. >> thank you. jillian: have a good day. that would be interesting. rob: san francisco's new it is 19 minutes after the hour. district attorney elect says he wants to end cash bail, stop kanye west's sunday service sends a spiritual wave across prosecutions for quality of life the country. >> i'm just excited about how offenses, and a number of other god touched his life and he's things, supporters call this willing to share it with the world. >> i came here just to be able progressive. critics say he's anti-law to get -- be filled with the enforcement and way too soft on crime in a city that has a big spirit. rob: what is sparking this new problem already. joining me live this morning, revival. jonathan morris attended his sunday service to find out and he joins us live next to ten uss tom bikaro. let's get into the bullet points about it. of what this man wants to do in ♪ don't stop believing. ♪ hold onto that feeling. san francisco, endings mass ♪ street lights, people, oh,. incarceration, ending the gang
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enhancement, when you talk about sentencing. we'll get to that. eliminating cash bail. another one we hear about. ♪ (contemplative synth music) divert first time nonviolent dui cases and reject tough on crime - [narrator] forget about vacuuming for up to a month. prosecution, rejecting tough on shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself crime prosecution. what do you make of that? into a base you can empty once a month. >> well, look, california's and unlike standard robots that bounce around, already beset with crimes. if you look at it, there is a it cleans row by row. if it's not a shark, it's just a robot. car break-in every 22 seconds which for a very small city, san francisco is only 750,000 people, it's out of control. it's even worse than what he's describing. he says he's effectively going to legalize prostitution because he says he won't prosecute the a offerinoffering of sex. he calls these quality of life crimes that he won't prosecute anymore. that includes what he says is public camping. in the rest of the world, that's known as as people living on the streets in neighborhoods, blocking people from their businesses. my own daughter, i wanted to send her a piece of mail and she said well, you can't send it to
2:21 am
my home because the homeless steal the mail. so california in general, but san a fran in specific is -- san francisco in specific is out and my lack of impulse control,, control. rob: there's needles, there's is about to become your problem. feces on the street. ahh no, come on. they're doubling down with this i saw you eating poop earlier. mentality of the new da. hey! his parents were a part of this my focus is on the road, radical left group called the and that's saving me cash with drivewise. weather underground. his parents were convicted in an who's the dummy now? whoof! armored car robbery in 1981 in whoof! new york that led to the deaths so get allstate where good drivers save 40% of two cops and a security guard and this man says that that for avoiding mayhem, like me. story is his inspiration for sorry! krill nail-criminal justice he's a baby! reform. what do you make of that. >> that's amazing. now you get jeep employee pricing as if you work here. he was brought up by bill ayers, at the jeep black friday sales event, you pay what we pay on select models. the weather underground founders like the high-tech luxury of jeep grand cherokee. and he worked for hugo chavez -- the most awarded suv ever. rob: a dictator. or other deals on the off-road capable jeep gladiator. >> he almost single handedly and the legendary jeep wrangler. the most technologically advanced wrangler ever. brought down venezuela and this
2:22 am
is his inspiration. move fast and take advantage of employee district attorney, he has no pricing plus at the jeep black friday experience as a prosecutor. sales event. jeep. there's only one. he was a very liberal public defender many what you have is a very left city going much farther left and the problem of course with that is san francisco's already suffering. it's ticked up to 35% of the people want to move in the near future. someone like me who has his own tv show within san francisco, i only go in there under protected parking. i won't bring my car into the streets because of the risk of break-in. rob: of course. a lot ofs those are gang related break-ins, gangs stealing cars and they want to get rid of the gabbing enhancement. -- gang enhance machine. sament.san francisco residents o what are you doing back there, junior? since we're obviously lost, jeep black friday i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. ah, relax. i got this. go through another four years of which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. the policies. been using it for years. have they moved further left? this is a district attorney who yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. has never prosecuted a case.
2:23 am
he knows exactly where we're going. >> absolutely. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... he was opposed by feinstein, the my account app makes today's even kamala harris who wants the xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. world to believe she was super not my thing. liberal as a d after. a. san francisco is badly divided. this guy comes out of the far left, obviously. jillian: good morning. he's pushing left. welcome back. former president jimmy carter this is why california i call it will undergo surgery in atlanta today to relieve pressure on his a dying city because it has the brain. the carter center says he's he lowest child per capita rate of any major city in america and experienced bleeding due to recent falls at his home. people want to get out. the 95-year-old is the langest t this is going to rush that. it's really sad. san francisco used to be a living american be president in beautiful, beautiful city. history. essayed to be resting rob: it really is a beautiful comfortably with his wife by his part of the country. tom, thank you so much. we appreciate your time this morning. >> all right. side. rob: dan dangerous mold shutsn thank you. jillian: it is 7 minutes until the top of the hour. next time you need quick cash beware. some rooms at a children's the brand-new way thieves are hospital. it is the second time the targeting atms and waking away medical center has closed this year over this harmful fungus. with all of your personal information. the hospital's planning to close all operating rooms to investigate thed mold this week. jillian: consistent yea kanyey
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rob: gibbing a whole new services are encouraging people meaning to road rage. this guy is proving horns not from all walks of life to explore their faith. just for the street. look at this. and it's going viral. >> jesus, give us strength. stay tuned. gejesus, make us well. ♪ joe sujesus is arock. it is nice. >> hallelujah, hallelujah. nice? this is the most-awarded minivan three years in a row. rob: so there's some video the van just talked. sales guy, give 'em the employee price, right there. then gimme your foot. jonathan morrises was at one of hands-free sliding doors, those services and he joins us stow 'n go seats, man, y'all getting a hook up this morning with more on that. and y'all don't even work here. . you said you were somewhat skeptical before you went in. >> going in, i would say yes. . i came out having great conviction that he is at least very sense sea sear in sincere d his intention. i loved it. i would say it's one part i need a ride. hip-hop concert, one part kanye
2:25 am
being kanye. two parts a gospel choir, an awesome one ott tha at that ande parts kind of a billy graham style crusade in which the gospel is preached in a straightforward way. i was impressed. i think we're going to throw to a few people i interviewed as they were going into the forum, a few of 17,100 people who packed that stadium. let's take a listen. >> i'm just excited about how god has touched his life and he's willing to share it with the world. >> i'm intrigued by what he has going on now and i'm curious to see how that's going to mix in. >> i came here just to be able to get -- be filled with the spirit and like being able to hear some great gospel music and singing. jillian: something struck me there, the young woman said i'm intrigued by what's going on right now. do you think a lot of people
2:26 am
feel that way? >> yeah. i also interviewed people as they came out which was fascinating, a young man was 17 years old, i said do you go to church on sunday usually. he said i never walked into a church in my life and he said this changed me. this was -- his word was transformative. so, hey, i congratulate kanye. we'll see what develops. rob: i remember when i was a kid, would you go to church. a lot of times you're bored, l l asleep sitting in the pew. maybe people need a different way to look at this. >> there are a lot of people right now among the nones, meaning they have no affiliation with any religion, over 25% of the american population, the highest it's ever been, say they're not affiliated with any religion. those are the people that are going to these concerts saying hey, i want to learn something. if kanye can have a transformation in his life, maybe there's something to this. i loved it. jillian: it can reach people
2:27 am
and have an impact on people, then at the end of the day -- >> it's complicated. his wife is kim kardashian. there's a lot of elements to this. but i love it. here hold this. and god has used a whole bunch follow that spud. of people who are imperfect [ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america throughout history. jillian: we love you. telling folks about idaho potatoes. thank you for joining us. rob: it is 27 minutes after the and i want it back. what is it with you and that truck? hour. the widow of the late congressman elijah cummings wants to continue his work. >> he wanted me to continue this fight and i'm going to continue this fight and run the race and prayerfully win. jillian: she's not the only voice answer aing the call to public service in baltimore. republican strategy kimberley klasik went viral for this look at filthy conditions in the city. she's throwing her hat into the ring and she joins us with reasons why she is the best candidate. that's next. ♪ i recently spoke to a group of students about being a scientist at 3m. i wanted them to know that innovation is not just
2:28 am
about that one 'a-ha' moment. science is a process. it takes time, dedication. ♪ from's no stopping us right now ♪ i feel so close to you it's a journey. right now. we're constantly asking ourselves, 'how can we do things better and better?' what we make has to work. we strive to protect you. at 3m, we're in pursuit of solutions jillian: rob can't help that make people's lives better. himself. tuesday is here. rob: i love it. jillian: rob hates tuesdays. target selling what it calls gender inclusiv inginger bred lg sleeve sweater. a person wearing a red bow tie. rob: yea. tony wants a politically correct holiday season. the democrat reinstating the name holiday tree at the state capitol. officially changed to christmas tree in 2011 by then republican governor scott walker. he tweeted about the new name holiday tree writing this is a christmas tree that is used by people celebrating christmas. this is not a holiday tree.
2:29 am
we will hear more from scott walker in the 8:00 hour of "fox & friends." jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. jj watt will donate proceeds from new sneakers to honor flight which flies veterans to washington, d.c. for tours. features his great grandfather's name and division of the korean war. rob: a pair of researchers say they found two issues with atms that could let criminals steal your cash and your information. they say they were able to get full control of the machine by control of the effort it praise on: jillian: finally the ugly, a guy carry as corn horn to fight crowds in new york city. watch this. [horn]
2:30 am
jill producing a horn out of a steering wheel and seat belt. he says it's not for sale. i will admit i have total sidewalk rage walking around new york city trying to get to the train it is crazy sometimes. but that thing honking at you is going to be even worse, i think. rob: yosef is going to get his butt kicked if he is not care unfortunately. this is new york after all. jillian: thanks for watching. rob: "fox & friends" starts now. steve: dozens of rockets being fired into israel after airstrike killed an islamic jihadist leader in gaza. watch this. [explosion] brian: violence escalating of course as benjamin netanyahu reveals the islamic leader was planning a new attack.
2:31 am
ainsley: trey yingst is live in gaza city with more on the cross city attacks. good morning, trey. >> brian, ainsley, steve, good morning. overnight the israeli military assassinated an islamic jihad militant by the name of
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