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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 13, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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than puppets of aoc. and number four, the mueller report didn't bring down trump and neither will the impeachment scam. 2022020 candidates have to decie whether they want to reward the one in d.c. or the one who has done nothing for middle america. easy choice. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news at night" team have all the best analysis and take it from here. >> shannon: thank you so much. we start tonight with the fox news alert. democrats take their impeachment inquiries public. a bombshell or major dive? we will bring you the key moments and break down the first two witnesses and tell you what you can expect as the house democrats impeachment train rolls on. hello and welcome to "fox news at night." we have fox team coverage tonight. we begin with celia turner live on capitol hill. post of a brand-new show saturday and sunday at noon
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eastern. her initial reaction to what we saw today? >> very interesting. i talked to three senior republicans who all said they had been a little on edge going into today about how all this would turn out. this republicans around the house leadership are downright giddy. you have top democrats griping about what happened and one senior democratic aide saying they have no bombshells. that's on their party to prove to the american people actually have something here. to be sure, democrats were happy that they got bill taylor, one of their big witnesses to reveal some information today. but even that big reveal, that one of his aides overheard a phone conversation in which president trump was more personally involved in making sure there were investigations in exchange for aid? that was basically first-hand. but democrats were specifically deflated by republican jim jordan declaring that some of the text traffic on this with six different people having four different conversations that
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were simply hard to follow. watch. >> let me read it one more time. i told mr. morrison that i conveyed this message to mr. yermak in connection with vice president pence is a connection to warsaw and meeting with president zelensky. we have six people having four conversations in one sentence and you tell me this is where you got your clear understanding? i've seen church proteins that were easier to understand than this. >> they are relying on second and third hand accounts in some cases because of presence is the one not letting first-hand witnesses come up and testify. >> shannon: it's stick around because i want to get more from you but let's also sneak in gillian turner over there on the hill. >> something that sources here on the hill are buzzing about tonight and will continue to do it for the ahead is the thread that ran throughout the hearing. that's between democrats and republicans about whether the second and third hand witness
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accounts really constitute evidence that can or should be used. republicans obviously say no. democrats are going full stream that the micro steam ahead with yes. that took center stage today and take a listen to this exchange between jim jordan and bill taylor. >> you weren't on the call, were you? >> i did not. >> you've never talked with chief of staff mulvaney? >> i didn't. >> you've never met the president? >> i have not. >> this is what i can't believe. >> about the most explosive piece of evidence came from acting ambassador to the ukraine bill taylor who said he's learned brand-new information that he considers evidence since he last testified to the committee behind closed doors. he said he learned from one of the staff members that that
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staff member overheard president trump tell gordon sondland that his personal top priority for the ukraine was to get hunter and joe biden investigated. >> a member of my staff could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador sondland about the investigations. ambassador sondland told president trump that the ukrainians were ready to move forward. ambassador sondland responded that president trump cares more about the investigations of biden which giuliani was pressing for. >> he wasn't there today and a lot who submitted their wish list over the weekend would like to see him there. he might not have been there in person but he was there in spirit as his name is brought up again over and over across the six hours of testimony. >> i have to think that tonight republicans are feeling pretty good about their decision to put jim jordan on the republican
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committee. but it was a mix? >> jillian makes a really good point there. he kind of went off script for democrats a bit because he aired out the fact that in 2015 back in the obama and biden administration he raised conflict of interest questions about hunter biden raking in over $80,000 per month from bre's mama while his father was overseeing the policy. >> i raise my concern that hunter biden as a board member would create the perception of a conflict of interest. let me be clear though, i did not witness any effort by any official to shield burisma from scrutiny. >> so in fairness, it's important to include that testimony. it hasn't been fully investigated perhaps. what did hunter biden do for all of that money? jim jordan said it biden didn't have any energy experience and didn't speak ukrainian and at
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one point, jim jordan said to come was a government issuance? why was he hired for over $80,000 a month for this energy board he had no experience for? >> shannon: it sounds like a washingtonian thing. all right, ed and jillian live on the hill, thank you very much. more busy days ahead on this front. a major shift in the democratic narrative tonight, including bill taylor tying the president to a bribery plot involving the ukraine president. >> are we going to say that other official acts can be conditioned on another country, given something of value to the presence of the united states? >> president trump: there was no quid pro quo, pure and simple. >> never once did president zelensky announce he was going to start an investigation into burisma or biden, never once. >> shannon: let's bring in chief political anchor bret baier. good to have you with us.
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there's been a lot of conversation about, quit using the word quid pro quo. the average american doesn't get it. the impeachment inquiry in many respects is about controlling the narrative. on wednesday, democrats seem to start to frame president trump's actions as possible bribery and extortion. did you sense that shift today? >> a little bit. the main question on the democratic side is a former u.s. attorney from the district of manhattan. so he kind of framed, wanted to frame some of those questions about setting the table i think for the narrative that they were trying to go for. and that said, the big question is, did anything today move the needle at all, did democrats change the dynamic today and was this the star witness or witnesses?
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if so, they got an uphill battle to make this case before they get to the end of next week. >> they are talking about, like with anything you go to build, you have a broad foundation before you build up. they go on to say this impeachment may be intended to last only as long as it takes to burn it to the ground. he didn't feel like democrats had come yet with any really good case. >> i think the most telling moment was congressman radcliffe when he looks at the two witnesses and says, is there anything impeachable on that call? tell me you have that. >> shannon: for you, we have that. >> in this impeachment hearing today where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crime, where is the impeachable offense and that call? are either of you here today to
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assert there was an impeachable offense and that call? >> shannon: and that's where the crickets are chirping. >> the cricket start tripping and their silence and eventually taylor comes through the microphone and says, i'm not here to make a determination, that's your job. but that is the bottom line question. it's not that hearsay stuff or where they heard this or whatever, it's really, is it impeachable? and can you get the american public to put pressure on republicans especially in the senate if thou's moves forward with impeachment? >> shannon: because there are questions now about whether it will be about policy differences, if that's the crux of this as some suggests. there will always be people within the infrastructure and the bureaucracy who don't agree with what they are doing. "the new york post" opinion piece talks about this, impeachment will be the new normal of american politics asking, it would be a quantum leap in partisan antagonism. in the past americans it regarded impeachment as an
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extreme rarity, a civic apocalypse. but in the future it might become another ritual of hardball politics. >> maybe it does but maybe the backlash of impeachment scare people enough that it doesn't happen. after he's impeached it actually goes away as far as political seats that were lost or one. there is some reporting tonight that republicans are considering stretching out this trial to go to the iowa caucuses to keep some of these democratic senate candidates, and if you are thinking about that they don't make it that means they think they are in a good position after just day one of the hearings. >> shannon: and what are we talking about. are there six current senators? i keep losing track. >> they aren't supposed to be narrowing the field. >> you can imagine,
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senator mitch mcconnell would be only too happy to tie them up into a 6-8 week. and that would be all the politics. so the answer to your question, if there is a backlash or the sense for the republicans would somehow gain an advantage would prevent this impeachment will ram a from happening again and again. >> shannon: anything you are looking ahead to? are they running out of steam already on day one? >> i think the testimony of ambassador sondland will be much more focused after the statement that ambassador taylor said that he had an aide who heard a phone call that was supposed to be from president trump to sondland and he was concerned about the investigation. there were lots of things that sondland had told taylor that directly he can be asked about under oath and that makes it more focused. but again, moving the needle, we
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will see. >> shannon: thank you for the recap tonight, good to see you. you just heard bret baier ask, did they sway any republicans closer to voting for president trump's impeachment? talk about it with the congressman. you've been in most of these closed-door depositions and you are there for the full hearing today. let me reduce some reaction headlines that we have out there today. kent and taylor testified to corruption and more is coming. msnbc, impeachment day one. bricks of bribery evidence pileup against trump. democrats handled the impeachment hearing like pros, republicans less so. do you make of those assessments? >> i don't know what hearing they were watching today, i was inside the first floor of longworth, the house ways and means committee for the house intelligence committee had occupied some space. they filled second, third and fourth hand information, not a
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lot of first-hand information but there was one significant thing that was first-hand information when bill taylor said he was able to confirm that the ukraine did not know there was a hold on eight until auguss important. but for example when tim morrison told you that the president told sondland that -- really, this is your star witness? it was not a good d and the strategy of selectively leaking texts and certain aspects, i think that backfired. democrats around the country may be coming in and routing for higher expectations and certain new facts to come up to life. they might have learned some of what was first-hand is actually third and fourth hand but they got to see the backside of the story. they heard answering questions from republicans to taylor and
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kent, allowing people who are actually independent-minded to maybe learn something new. i think the argument in favor of impeachment is weaker now than it was this morning. >> shannon: as part of the closed-door depositions, you were able to ask him some questions. you asked him how to characterize. you asked him about impressions, and you said it, your sources are "the new york times." and he said yes. he said the president's goal of making this request was anything other than "the new york times." he said i have no other information about what the president was thinking. he's an ambassador. he does have sourcing in second and third hand people giving him information but for one of the key assessments he pinned him down on the fact that you got it from "the new york times." >> i don't know where he got it
8:15 pm
from, i thought he would tell me a person but his answer was "new york times." then he had follow-up questions and he reveals that his only source was "the new york times" and basically what happened was he was taking a quote from rudy giuliani on the creating presumptions and influences and trying to tie it to the president. your only source is "the new york times"? give me a break. >> so there's some second and third hand of testimony, and they say the, they are the ones, it's an invitation for the president to show up. but then they say you guys are the reasons that we aren't hearing from first-hand sources because, the president or the white house or whoever it is one of them come. >> actually the best sources when president zelensky speaks out and says there is no pressure, there was nothing inappropriate. on multiple occasions he's come out and said that.
8:16 pm
the ukraine as i just pointed out, the ukraine didn't point out that there was a hold on eight until august 29th. shortly thereafter, the aide gets released and that's the first-hand information that proves there is no quid pro quo. basic quid pro quo in the new word of the day became extortion. the word of the day became bribery after that. i don't care what shiny object you want to show the american public with your moving goalposts, the fact is what ukraine didn't know and what they did know and what they actually had to deliver, let's look at what president zelensky said. the proof is in the pudding. >> shannon: congressman, great to have you in. we will do this all again on friday. >> the ukraine has long released the delay. look at what and when. trace gallagher sets the record straight, next.
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>> shannon: it democrats say the trump administration's temporary delay on aid to the ukraine could cost lives. but, what is actually provided to the ukraine and when? trace gallagher digs into the issue of military aid for us tonight. >> good evening, shannon. while the democratic impeachment inquiry went live on national television, more transcripts were released on testimony from national security officials who say they question the administration's decision to temporarily withhold aid it to ukraine. crane and specialist christopher anderson said he feared they would hamper engagement with ukrainian officials. defense official laura cooper said in my sense is that all the senior leaders of the u.s. national security department and agencies were all unified in your view that the systems were
8:22 pm
essential. and state defense for ukraine catherine croft said if ukraine had known about the delay it would have been a really big deal in the ukraine and a republicans argued that ukrainians didn't know the aide was delayed and so the point is moot. after today's life hearing democratic house intel chair adam schiff said the delay in aid likely cost lives. listen. >> we would learn as they learned and testified that not only was this meeting conditioned but also this military aid at a time when ukrainians were dying every we week. >> but during his live testimony of esther taylor indicated that it was president trump who likely saved lives. >> isn't it the case that the trump administration has indeed provided substantiation to the
8:23 pm
ukraine and defensively filleted, correct? and that is more so than the obama administration, correct? >> yes. >> former vice president joe biden confirms that. in a memoir he writes in 2004 he employer did president to increase lethal aid about obama flatly rejected the idea. between april 2014 and november 2016, 9,743 ukrainian and despite, former navy intel officer turned nbc analyst malcolm nance, continues to say that president trump is a russian asset. shannon? >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you as always. ari fleischer is tweeting out about today's hearing saying this. this is like watching a meeting
8:24 pm
of the council on foreign relations discussing the most appropriate foreign policy to resist aggression you aggression in the ukraine. good stuff but hardly the stuff of impeachment. good to have you with us. what do you make of the assessment there? is it one that rises to the level of impeaching any president? >> not only does it not rise to the level of impeachment but it's very difficult to understand how something could allegedly be used as a bribe. that's after the famous conversation i think it's verging on ridiculous.
8:25 pm
if they don't know, it's hard to lean on them. >> shannon: and we see the terminology is changing a little bit on accusations. sean davis, one of the cofounders of "the federalist" tweeted this today. as best as i can tell, trumps real crime is used to delegate the entirety of u.s. policymaking to think the constitution gives them all the power and authority that runs a country. that gets us to this conversation about whether the bureaucracy or the "deep state" might be smarter or better. having been a leader, how is this a so-called conversation of the deep state? >> they are extremely loyal americans not only to the country but also to their boss.
8:26 pm
and correctly would resign if they came in conflict with that boss. they are also -- some, i certainly don't think it's the majority but, there are some who fulfill this criteria for what people are calling a deep state. undermining the president's policies because they don't like them. and i think they are there and i think they are sounding off privately and trying to influence you then. but i certainly don't think they are the principal characterization of the civil servants. >> shannon: yes, the majority of them. i want to play something that devin nunes said today in his opening statement about the u.s. providing assistance to the ukraine and more on that. >> despite all their dissatisfaction with president trump's ukraine poli
8:27 pm
policy, the president approved the supply of weapons to the ukraine. unlike the previous administration which provided blankets as defense against invading russians. >> shannon: this is then ukrainian president's and he said finally the day has come. the launch of javelin missile complexes took place and it's a very effective defensive weaponry which is used in the event of russian offensives on the position of ukrainian troops. how would you assess what this administration has done to help the ukraine? >> by transferring javelin and other lethal aid instruments and weapons. as well as things that they need anyway and were given by the obama administration such as blankets. it's under those circumstances that the trump administration has done a great deal more for
8:28 pm
aiding the ukraine then the obama administration did. i think it's not just a slight difference, but it's a huge difference. to be able to have aircraft. and that is as effective as what is transferred and that certainly was not done anywhere near the obama administration. >> former cia director. how a senate impeachment trial could wreak havoc for democrats on the 20-point campaign trail. how will the candidates choose their loyalty? that's next. cleaner and better. and we see possibilities everywhere.
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welcome to fowler, indiana. home to three of bp's wind farms. which, every day, generate enough electricity to power over 150,000 homes. and of course, fowler. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. >> shannon: six democratic senators are vying to replace president trump next year while their colleagues in the house or
8:33 pm
trying to remove the president sooner. which could take place making certain senators a little bit in an uncomfortable position of having to choose what's important. in impeachment trial in the senate or the campaign trial. >> some of the democratic presidential hopefuls must now wonder how much their day job of senator will interfere with getting the job they really want, president. mitch mcconnell says there will be a trial in the senate and the jury is the senators, including those six running for president. >> the evidence to come before the senate. >> i have constitutional responsibilities, part of that oath of office is the basic principle that no one is above the law and that includes the president of the united states. and if the house goes forward, and sends impeachment over to the senate, i will be there for
8:34 pm
the trial. >> but being there for the trial might mean missing the typical live in iowa and sprint through ththe dash and that fact is not lost on republicans. and this is the 2020 field and they mostly met today's hearings with a detached interest. >> it was pretty devastating. >> that last sound bite comes from elizabeth warren's official entry into the new hampshire primary. looking at the current polling there, biden leads her 2016, pete buttigieg at 15, bernie sanders at 14. some voters said they would not vote for michael bloomberg whose
8:35 pm
flirting with getting into the race and not on the race was devault patrick. he is expected to announce shannon tomorrow morning at boston media market covers much of new hampshire and that this would pick him squarely against his own senator, elizabeth warren, in the prima primary. >> shannon: as we were discussing earlier in the show, usually the field is dwindling at this point. >> everyone you add to you seem to get one dropping out. >> shannon: president trump says he's too busy to watch the impeachment hearings spending his days instead with the turkish president air to one. look at our straight relationship. >> you did a great job. what a crazy day once again in the nation's capital. this time two leaders, once again looking to smooth things over between two key nato
8:36 pm
allies. >> what a difference a year and a half makes. turkish security fought with protesters here in the capital. the occasion, a visit by the turkish president. a much more serene environment as they took questions at a conference after a day of meetings. among the many questions asked, turkeys incursion into syria. >> president trump: we have assured each other that turkey will continue to uphold. >> turkey remains or it should be the most reliable partner of the united states in this region. >> also today, they met with turkish leaders. >> the purpose of this meeting is to -- for our friends in turkey. and there's a pony in there somewhere if you can find it. >> that referenced on the
8:37 pm
standing the turks have had their challenges as of late. notably the u.s. troop withdrawal from northeastern syria, a decision that has led to turkish aggression including ethnic cleansing in turkey's syrian offensive. they also removed turkey from the f-35 aircraft program after they bought a series of russian defense systems. as you can probably imagine there is no doubt that congressional lawmakers have at their differences. the house overwhelmingly passed bill to sanction turkish officials and its army. at the house by the way also passed a resolution recognizing the armenian. as for the president, he touted future trade opportunities and, that's a much needed conversation with the two countries which has begun to pull back.
8:38 pm
>> it's interesting because, it's another national leader and that would be the top news of the day. but washington is a different place right now. and we are glad you are on it. federal appeals court ruling tonight that congress can seek eight years of president trump's tax return records. trumps legal team says it will appeal this to the supreme court. the administration is arguing the house of committee subpoena exceeds congresses investigative and legislative powers. and justice ruth bader ginsburg missed arguments again today because she is with us like stomach bug. her cancer surgery cost her some court sessions in january. 20 year old molly tibbetts murder. the fight for justice in her case taking a dark turn tonight. and why the illegal immigrants on trial wants the confession he gave thrown out. next.
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>> president trump: i deal with a crooked politician. this guy adam schiff. he's a crooked politician. nancy pelosi should go back home to san francisco and clean up. be one that was part of the presidents launch called black voices for trump. even the left-leaning website box that democrats should take his pitch seriously. "there's some evidence democrats have lost ground with black voters" and that's a subtitle. joining me now, gianno caldwell and his brand-new book is out now, and it's called taken for granted. how conservatism can win back the liberalism. so what do you make about skeptics who say, why is the president even trying to make this case where he had 8% of the black voter support? at least last time exit polls
8:44 pm
blasted around. >> it was 8%, generally 12% among african-american men. and let me be clear for all that are listening. if president trump has been the most impactful president for african-americans for a policy standpoint in my lifetime. we can look at the clear demonstration of policy which has impacted in the policy. this president has allowed thousands of people to come out of prison and 90% of them were african-americans. he's created the best economy for african-americans. the last year president obama was in office until now, over 1.3 million jobs for africans in african-american specifically. the list goes on and on. there hasn't been a democrat or republican who has accomplished as much for african-americans in the first two or three years. it hasn't happened. i think democrats should be very
8:45 pm
concerned about what's going on because president trump unlike some republicans who we've seen in the past, is not seating ground. he's going out there and he is legitimately messaging and, it says some analysts have a suggested the president's goal is demonstrated to white voters in the suburbs where republicans are bleeding support that he's racially tolerant. despite they say racially charged and racist attacks on minority congress members over the summer. they say it's a head fake. how do you respond? >> you know kimberly classic is running for congress, baltimore was in shambles. and, you walked on the street in chicago and you can get shot, that's true. most republicans, and this
8:46 pm
president doesn't seem to really care. this will be a big issue for the democrats, because they don't have the same level of accomplishment, and that's more in these black communities that has been a most impactful president for the african-americans. >> aggressive new details, the case of iowa college student mollie tibbetts. the illegal immigrants on trials that he wants his confession thrown out because it wasn't read his miranda rights. matt finn is tracking us, and has more for my a while. >> in court today police testified that last summer when
8:47 pm
mollie tibbetts was missing for a month, farmers in this area were calling and very anxious because none of them wanted to be the person that stumbled upon molly's body and one of their fields. hearings this week are going to determine how much of the alleged killers confession can be used. gruesome new details emerging at pretrial hearings for 20-year-old college student mollie tibbetts. defense attorneys for 25-year-old cristhian rivera are trying to get his alleged confessions thrown out. arguing rivera was not given his full miranda rights and alleging police used improper tactics like advising rivera that he did not need an attorney. he was accidentally given his miranda rights incorrectly during questioning but was correctly given them a second time when he would lead to police to this part field where police say he hid mollie tibbetts' body. police say she was stabbed to
8:48 pm
death but the murder weapon was never discovered. defense attorneys argued during questioning that she repeatedly told rivera that she could help him which, he may have interpreted as releasing charges. >> me using the word help in this interview was just the reporter that i was trying to build with him but i was not making any promises or talking about what consequences he was going to have to have. the defense is scheduled to call its witnesses tomorrow and the judge will have weeks to decide how much of the confession can be used during the murder trial which is scheduled for february. >> shannon: a critical piece of the evidence. thank you. tonight, praying at high school football games is under fire again. we will weigh in on the cultural conversation, next.
8:49 pm
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8:53 pm
complained. let's talk about it. good to have you back with us ridges. >> looking forward to it, absolutely. >> shannon: what do you make of these conversations? if it's at a public school, this group says it amounts to an endorsement of religion if a public school coaches out there doing this on the public school field. >> first of all, this is the reason why i'm running. we need to fight for this culture that we have. we knew that because the author of ou is god. benjamin franklin said very simply only a virtuous people can be a free people. that's what we have to keep in mind. the coach that we have is one of inclusion and tolerance but then we have the other side, these other people that are so intolerant and they hate what we stand for. though my goal very simply as i think we can come together as a people and understand, i think
8:54 pm
as a country we can finally pull ourselves together no matter what side we are on. we have head, heart, and hands at home. head is education, heart is god. hands is industry and home his family. we get to that no matter what side of the aisle we are on, we start having conversations and realize that we are against these socialists that in undermine our culture. >> shannon: this freedom from religion foundation, back in september they filed a complaint of it against a coach in tennessee because of a postgame thing. this coach went on to apologize because of his getting into so much trouble and he said, it's not okay today but i'm old school and i just forgot about it being such a sensitive issue in this day and a time. i wasn't trying to be disrespectful. what do you think about the state of play when the coach said it, i did mean to hurt anybody? and i thought it was a good
8:55 pm
thing to pray with my players. >> atheists are bullies. we built our country based on the fact that we are not wimps. we are strong in our belief and we are strong in giving people the option. at the same time we have to stand strong for god to give us the options we have. we have these guys who get triggered by goodness. anytime you see good people doing their thing, it drives him nuts. we have to make sure that we are fighting and for good people to stand up and do the right thing, and i would say most importantly, we cannot stand by and let these guys continue to drive us back into the darkness and not stamp out our rights. >> shannon: there are a lot of people out there. we will watch this one and see how it plays out. in the same time, we will keep an eye on your campaign as well.
8:56 pm
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♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight."ke if you could remember that far back, democrats formerly began impeachment proceedings against president trump on september 24th of this year. today nearly 2 months later they held the first public hearings.. cnn went wall-to-wall under strict instructions to squeeze every last drop of partisan drama for the proceedings. if you were stuck in an airport and caught some is of it, you could testify how pointless and tiresome it was. it made you realize democrats had no master plan for impeachment. they haven't thought it through. they are making it up as they go along as most people in d.c. imare. and in the e


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