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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 14, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> i would like to congratulate you for passing the democrats are chamber addition russia hoax has ended and you have been taxed in the low-rent ukrainian sql. >> it is thursday, november 14th and happening right now 4:00 am on the east coast, impeachment by his second republicans fighting back on capitol hill following the first public impeachment testimony, live in washington with the fallout and so-called star witnesses.
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bucking the backlash conservative commentator ben shapiro takes the stage at boston university. how members of the audience shutdown students triggered by his speech. and this year's awards all about the women, all-female performance, the night's biggest awards. "fox and friends first" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> a fitting song to begin the
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day. it was a jungle on capitol hill yesterday. we will have much more. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning, thank you for starting or ending your day with us. we begin with the jungle, fox news alert, donald trump vowing to release his first call with ukraine today following the fire restart to public impeachment hearings. >> i don't know the identity of the whistleblower and i'm determined to make sure the identity is protected. >> ambassador taylor and mister kent, i want to welcome you to russia hoax has ended and you have been cast in the low-rent ukrainian sql. >> tell you what i heard from people and in this case it was what i heard from ambassador sondland. >> where is the impeachable offense in a, shouted out can anyone.
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>> hunter biden served on the board of burisma and you testified you were indeed concerned about the appearance of conflict of interest. >> that is correct. >> you listen to the president's call? >> i did not. >> you are there star witness. >> griff jenkins joins us from washington as the president double down calls to identify the whistleblower. all i could think of from the person who heard this from this person who heard it from that person. >> what a day of first historic hearings in the president's firing back. >> this is a sham. it shouldn't be allowed. it was a situation caused by people who shouldn't have allowed it to happen, want to find out who is the whistleblower. >> the president said he will
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release the transcript today, democrats and republicans made their case to the american people over the question whether the president abuse the power of his office. >> if the president consumer reviews all oversight particularly in the context of an impeachment proceeding the balance of power between our branches of government will be irrevocably altered. >> i would like to congratulate you for passing the democrat star chamber additions held for last week's in the basement of the capital, russia hoax has ended and you have been cast in the low-rent ukrainian sql. >> it got firing with the key witness, ambassador bill taylor. >> 6 people having 4 conversations in one sentence and you told me this is where you got your clear understanding. you weren't on the call, where you? >> i did not. >> any revelation from ambassador taylor.
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>> last friday a member of my staff told me events that occurred on july 26th, put donald trump on the phone asking ambassador sondland about the investigations. mister sondland said they were ready to move forward. donald trump cares more about the investigations of biden which giuliani was pressing for. >> democrats called a bombshell republicans paint it as hearsay. we will see where it goes. mister sondland will testify. ambassador marie yavanovitch, we are just getting started. shannon: it was a long day yesterday. appreciate it. now bombshell but plenty of hearsay. should democrats be worried? congressman steve scalise said there is no doubt about it. >> a bad day for adam schiff and
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this whole witchhunt they have been promoting. when john radcliffe asked two star witnesses these were the first witnesses the democrats brought out to make their case, can any of you name and impeachable offense? jim jordan showed second or third and/or fourth hand career bureaucrats who studied ukraine policy for decades but the bottom line is only one person can do that and that is our commander-in-chief, donald trump. heather: will stressed congressional staffers relax with therapy dogs on capitol hill? the organization behind the event that was scheduled months ago. it was all a coincidence they were there on the first day of the impeachment hearings. to another fox news alert the cease-fire between militants in israel is broken.
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multiple rockets firing overnight from gaza city and it escalating violence for two days, a gaza militant top commander, israel conducting airstrikes in return killing 34 people. donald trump and turkish president erdogan vowing to work together. during a white house meeting they discussed turkey's military offensive against us backed kurds in syria. >> turkey will continue to uphold what it is supposed to uphold. i'm a big fan of the president was my goal is to expand commerce between the united states and turkey. and reciprocal relationships. heather: donald trump expressed concern over the plan to buy russian fighter jets the data one slams congress for recognizing the century-old armenian genocide.
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he said it was unacceptable turkish religious leader is living in exile in the us accusing him of plotting to overthrow the turkish regime. for more than a year after molly tibbetts was found dead police have not found a murder weapon. the revelation coming as a judge hears arguments on whether to throw out or accused killer's confession. police coerced him into an interview without reading his full miranda rights and admitting on the stand she did not follow proper steps. this led police to tibbetts's body in an iowa cornfield. former governor of massachusetts duval patrick is expected to announce he is running for president, another one, the democrat will likely file to get his name on new hampshire's primary ballot. he recently served as a managing
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director of a private equity firm. the biggest night of your financial, glitz, glamour and girl power. carrie underwood among some others, join us with more. >> carrie underwood returning, with music icon dolly part in and reba mcintyre for a female focused event and they kick things off with a powerful message for girls. >> started out concentrating on women doing special, powerful and beautiful. the great ladies of today and the up and comers changing the game and we are doing it for all the little girls watching
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tonight. >> dreaming of ruling the world with country music or maybe just ruling the world. >> one of the biggest moment of the night to watch this. a surprise ensemble performance of girl crush. runaway june, ashley mcbride and little big town with their song, what an awesome moment and blake shelton got a standing ovation and former miranda lambert and her new husband. despite the female focused tonight garth brooks upsetting carrie underwood to take home entertainer of the year. male vocalist and song of the year, musical events won by the
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crossover hit oldtown road. i know i will lose a lot of fans but garth brooks might put on the best concert. >> i don't think carrie underwood would disagree. they are part of the same family. a fox news alert. reaction from lawmakers on both sides pouring in after the first impeachment hearings. what are people outside the capitol building saying? >> the left is grasping at straws on this one and we need to be focused on bigger issues in the us. >> i'm here to listen to both sides. >> todd pyro is talking with voters as the bars open up early for the impeachment show. one dog doesn't have to look very far to chase its own tail. the puppy being compared to a unicorn.
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reba mcintyre performing fancy. ♪ ♪
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>> donald trump vowing to release the transcript from its first call from ukraine today with calls to identify the whistleblower. >> this is a sham and shouldn't be allowed. it was a situation that was caused by people that shouldn't have allowed it to happen, one to find out who is the whistleblower. shannon: a fiery start a public impeachment hearings. >> i am determined to make sure
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the identity is projected, russia hope has ended and you have been tasked in the low-rent ukrainian sql. >> what i heard -- >> what is impeachment offense in that call? >> the house intelligence committee hold their second public hearing, the ambassador to ukraine. it is another diary day. >> it is the democrats are not playing the long, and the accusations against the bidens. >> witness number one, witness number 2, joe biden, hunter biden, let's find out if barack obama was okay with hunter biden
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getting on a ukrainian energy board in charge of ukrainian -- >> the public hearing with fire drink specials, what else would you do? several bars in dc opening early to host the launch parties. this started at 10:00 am yesterday. >> i was pulling into the union station, checked out the folks that were drinking and watching. >> wednesday afternoon - >> what are you here today? >> interested in what is going on with the fabric. people engaged in tuning in. >> what do you make of dc bars opening up what is a spectacle?
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>> this is peak -- >> everything is a competition off the field are on the field against the redskins or post congress. >> interesting to see people taking an interest in this. >> tell me more about the impeachment trend. >> it is called impeachment please and it has in it. >> the compelling one is piña colada. >> america likes to drink and we like politics and we like to mix the two. >> the left is grasping at straws on this one. we need to focus on bigger issues in the us. listen to both sides. >> this hurt. >> this is what stood out to me about all this. obviously there were some people that were there watching but
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there weren't as many as i anticipated or members of the media anticipated because we were a media throng, the same media people at every bar trying to get the same people. a bigger interest. >> it plays the same across the country. do they have democrat and republican drinks? >> they just had drinks. and it was tasty. >> i wondered if they had one with which forms on it because it is a witchhunt? i don't know. maybe not. thank you, the time is 19 after the top of the hour. ellie golding giving an ultimatum to donate money to the lgbt community or she will skip the thanksgiving day performance at the cowboys game. carly shimkus has responses
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flooding social media but here is old dominion singing 1-man band. ♪ ♪ we can take our own show on the road ♪ ♪
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heather: single really golding is threatening to cancel her half-day performance at the cowboys game over complaints about the salvation army, saying she will pull out unless the charity makes a significant donation to the lgbt queue community. carly shimkus with serious xm
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115 is here with the response she's getting on social media. carley: she is slated to perform at the red kettle kickoff halftime show, many for the salvation army, some of her fans took issue with the performance because the salvation army is a christian charity that supports traditional marriage so golding took action and set on its exam i reached out to the salvation army and said i would have no choice but to pull out unless they quickly made a solid committed pledge for donation to the lgbt queue community. the salvation army said with an organization of our size and history is can perpetuate, on willingness to provide services, to meet human needs without discrimination. kyle says instead of pulling out
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of the halftime show why not pay to do it. and to pledge or give donations for the thanksgiving game. that is okay to do. and on the salvation's website, dedicated to supporting lgbt community. >> they need to educate a little more on that. a water bottle or something, people walked away with more questions than answers yesterday. george kent likes to stay
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hydrated. during the hours long testimony, the water bottles everybody brings, for these hearings. somebody says are they sponsoring george kent, and the analogy replied no, mister kent just has good taste. and the impeachment analysis - and wondering who else will play it. >> you can measure how much water you carry around. >> you can put ice in it. >> let's talk about this unicorn rescue puppy and flooded with
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adoption options. >> i can't get enough of this puppy and neither can people across that. and the task coming out of its head. falling in love with this puppy, one person tweeting i can't make heads or tails of this. that has the puppy right now, they have been inundated with applications. >> he is a very happy puppy. thank you. impeachment front and center on capitol hill. republicans tearing into the witnesses one by one. >> you don't talk to chief of staff mulvaney? never met the president? this is what i can't believe in you are there star witness.
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>> what any of this hold up in a court of law? attorney david bruno says not a chance and is here live to break down the holes in the democrats case. here is carrie underwood sinking drinking alone at the cmas last night. ♪ i can still keep my eyes on the road. my truck doesn't have that. it offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different camera views. that's quality picture. it even offers one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible - to help you see what's behind you. oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪
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't easy. 12 hours? 20 dogs? where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you. >> what i can do here for you today is tell you what i heard from people. >> we have 6 people having 4 conversations in one sentence and you just told me this is where you got your clear understanding. i have seen church prayer chains that are easier to understand than this. heather: republicans blasting democrats star witnesses for
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testifying on claims of hearsay as white house rips into it. how much hearsay should be allowed in the impeachment hearings, defense attorney david bruno, thanks for joining us, a long day listening to this yesterday. >> it will happen again multiple days next week and this is what will happen in the house. we have to do it all over again in the senate. shannon: a trial. in terms of what happened yesterday, day one. it did seem it was a lot of i heard, he said and he heard that from someone else who heard that from someone else. how can that be taken seriously and used when talking about impeaching the president of the united states and don't have first and evidence yourself? >> we don't have the of evidence we would have in a court room. if we were in the courtroom
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yesterday all the testimony would be inadmissible because hearsay is not admissible unless there are certain exceptions like dying declarations, somebody on their deathbed in anticipation of death, or exclaimed utterances for example but this testimony is not -- we are in a political process. this is not the rules of evidence, we are not in a courtroom and they are able to get out this stuff but we need to look at this and say how credible is it? there are multiple levels of hearsay. there was a tweet about cell phones, the telephone game we all played when we were young shows multiple levels of hearsay result in inaccuracies and that could be the problem. heather: we have heard quid pro quo, now we are in bribery. how can it be bribery when the person on the other side doesn't even know about it? i'm talking about volodymyr
1:34 am
zelinsky. >> he didn't know the aid was withheld at the time so how in the world could it be based on that demand? great points like jim jordan, superstar for the republicans for sure. this will continue because there are only a limited number of people who had conversations with trump and sondland is what it boils down to, the most support and witness but absent sondland, who has direct knowledge? sondland has a great argument for privilege. they may not get it from sondland because of executive privilege issues. heather: someone the republicans are trying to get out there and wanted to ask questions is the whistleblower. this was interesting. adam schiff saying he has no
1:35 am
idea of the whistleblower but his office seemed to say the opposite prior to this. >> only adam schiff knows who the whistleblower's. >> my colleagues said the statement repeatedly, i met with the whistleblower and i know who the whistleblower is. first time i said it was false, the second through 40th time i said it it will be false the last time they say it. >> a fact witness on this point and the chairman. how can you have dual responsibilities? he's not under oath when he makes those statements. he is a person that needs to be question. >> is not under oath when he makes that statement, are you saying he's lying? >> i am not saying that but there are reports the whistleblower went to his staff before he went to the ig and that needs to be ferreted out and i'm very hopeful from what i heard, lindsey graham saying we
1:36 am
are not going to allow hearsay and again we have to do this all over again. heather: you would think democrats listening to what happened yesterday if they want to be taken seriously there will be some conversations behind-the-scenes but we need to get this whistleblower to come forward. >> they are having those conversations as a result of what happened yesterday and these are natural talking points about hearsay. they have to have the use concerns because they have to convince the public, the representatives and later the senators and it doesn't sound like they have convinced many republicans. heather: thank you, appreciate you joining us, more to come. breaking moments ago, firing several rockets at israel breaking an overnight cease-fire. the latest from israel.
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>> reporter: we showed you life was getting back to normal in southern israel, shops, schools, roads and markets all closed down, rocket fire comes out but the us pointing out 5 rockets just fired in the last hour alone. we thought this would be clear and moving forward. there was a cease-fire between islamic jihad and the israelis. the last 48 hours on numerous occasions, 450 rockets were fired by the iranian backed faction of islamic jihad in retaliation for the targeted assassination of one of their commanders. as a result, israel struck back calling it operation black belt the left 32 people dead inside gaza. the vast majority of the militants, including 7 members of a family who were within
1:38 am
islamic jihad commander, they were killed early this morning, something, possibly a reason we have seen rockets fire overhead in the last hour. as this settles the un special coordinator middle east peace treated this, egypt and the un worked hard to prevent the most dangerous escalation in and around gaza, the coming hours and days will be critical, also maximum restraint to prevent bloodshed. the middle east does not need more wars. 48 hours long, really quite a hit to islamic jihad. a lot of their facilities, we are waiting to see another escalation or if it will hold. heather: thank you very much. mexican drug cartels now invading us national parks, marijuana crops, destroying land and wildlife, killing the
1:39 am
wildlife, could this be the threat to get democrats to secure the border? sheriff mark lamb is here to weigh in on that. stand with his people israel now and forever more. inside these buildings in jerus throughout israel there are many elderly jews who suffering daily. and they need our help now.
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as christians and jews we know we have a scriptural mandate to hungry. and here there are thousands in need. 17 years ago edna was in a horr terrorist attack. she's still in excruciating pain and she can't even afford her m. i've lost my will to live. all the time i suffer alone wit and pain. your help is urgently needed. please call right now and make $25 that will rush food and essentid to an elderly jewish person str survive. every gift helps keep them alive and show's your love to god's p. for over 35 years, the international fellowship ofs and jews has been bringing christian and communities together. and it's only with your help that we can meet this challenge basic essentials
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like food boxes to the elderly t most. inside each food box we put a hanukkah holiday note letting t recipients know that this is a gift from christ jews who love them. it means so much to me. your help will bring food to th and much needed peace into thei whether you can help one time o month you will recieve god's blessings when you bless these children o. i pray that god will speak to y now. we need your help more than ever before.
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heather: mexican cartels poisoning water and wildlife in california's national park by growing marijuana. will the threat to the environment to be in a for democrats to take action on the southern border? let's ask sheriff mark lamb. appreciate it. will this be the final straw for democrats to do something about the border? >> let's hope. we deal with the same amount of trash in our desert, they leave cars out there. we don't have the marijuana,
1:43 am
that is in the northwest, california, washington but same thing, it takes so much chemicals and so many things, total disregard for our country. heather: the manpower it takes. let's look at some of the items, 3000 pounds of trash, 3 miles of irrigation pipes, propane tanks, talking specifically about california grow areas here and 2000 illegal grow areas contaminating the national forest but it is spreading to arizona and impacting the trash. >> if you go to the border, abandon stolen cars, cattle
1:44 am
choking - they really do not care. it is about getting their product to america which is human beings and drugs and i don't know where the environmentalists are. i take somebody out to the desert, they wondered the same thing. heather: we hear the environmentalists talk about building the wall through certain areas, they are up in arms over that, environmentalists when it comes to the safety of our oceans and waterways. this can be done. >> they have 2000 grow farms, what they are doing what they can to eliminating those and they will need to do some massive rehabilitation as well. and clean it up and they literate up with trash again. we've got to continue to do border security and secure the border with boots on the ground,
1:45 am
hopefully funding to local agencies. >> it's not fair for people living in those communities to jump things up. >> they will carve their own paths through the desert. and smuggling drugs and humans into the country. that is what we have got to stop. heather: hopefully someone will stop up and think about it like you are. the time now, we will talk about adam schiff who was wearing all kinds of hats at the impeachment hearing. imagine him in one of them. prosecutor judge and jury declaring those hats and witness as well. is that fair? does evidence matter? our political panel on deck to the bait that. but here is beer never broke my heart. ♪
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>> you interrupting our time here? >> you have mischaracterized a. >> suspend the 435 minutes of congress, you're the only member who knows who that individual is. >> that is a false statement. heather: the first public impeachment hearing starting off with a bang but with adam schiff acting as prosecution, judge and jury is there even a chance that this can be impartial?
1:50 am
kevin wallace and tea party patriots genie martin, thank you for joining us this morning. it was a long day, the first of many days to come. i will start with you. what is your overall take on what transpired? >> i watched the first day of public hearings, the impeachment about nothing, democrats don't have anything on donald trump, they have no evidence and we know from reading of a summary that donald trump and the ukrainian president said there was no pressure, no conditions and the funds were released. >> what about that? that is a fact. there was nothing given, nothing taken, they did get the aid.
1:51 am
how could it possibly lead to an impeachable offense? >> i love seinfeld but i agree with chris wallace who said watching the testimony yesterday that it was very damaging to donald trump, chris wallace said ambassador bill taylor's testimony was very damaging because it laid out methodically the timeline involved with holding up the aid. yes, the aid was given to ukraine two days after the press reported it was being held up in the whistleblower report came out. only under pressure of public scrutiny was the aid released to the ukrainians. heather: the other thing we were thinking about, this aid included more aid than the obama administration gave including lethal aid but that wasn't discussed a lot. >> it wasn't, but it did include more aid and the kind that
1:52 am
ukraine wants so it can defend itself, the proper kind of aid that ukraine wants and feels that it needs. heather: back to you since we are talking facts and figures and you are talking about taylor's testimony, did it seem almost humorous when he was talking is jim jordan pointed out 6 people in four conversations and one answer, things like that? >> it provided a good overview, we will hear from ambassador yavanovitch who was removed by this administration and folks on the a, lieutenant colonel indman and sondland, this is just the first day.
1:53 am
kent and adam schiff saying and fatter coins it was russia that attempted to interfere in our election, ukraine did not attempt to interfere but at the same time we have democratic senators who encouraged ukraine to investigate donald trump in may 2018 but no one is talking about that, these three senators right here and we have a quote that we supported the capacity, building process and i disappointed that some appear to have cast aside these principles to avoid the i are of donald trump, and any efforts to impede cooperation with this investigation. >> this is not the first time democrats have a double standard when it comes to donald trump. not the first time they had a donald trump double standard when it comes to ukraine. democrat senators asking ukraine
1:54 am
to investigate and cooperate with the us investigation and joe biden talked about conditions he had, with a are okay with conditions and investigations into the 2016 election as long as it is democrats doing it. when it is donald trump doing it they don't want to know what happened in 2016 or get to the bottom of it and they don't think the president of the united states should be sitting foreign-policy. heather: what about the hypocrisy? >> i don't see hypocrisy here. compare the president's extortion and bribery with regards to ukraine to three democratic senators wanting to get to the bottom of why ukraine was propping investigations into associates close to the trump campaign is that a similar argument to be made. heather: there will be more on that note. thank you for joining us.
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>> protesters shutdown during ben's appear's speech at boston university, supporters of the conservative commentator quick to fire back.
1:59 am
overpowering chance of usa drowning out several disruptions, 1500 students attended despite backlash and attempt to cancel the event by other students. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. it is a beautiful day in the nursery. the pittsburgh hospital dressing up newborns and read cardigans just like mister rogers. she was welcomed. ♪ heather: the event was in honor of world kindness day. next, the bad. all washed up. a man tried to smuggle $400 of cocaine stashed in a suitcase. he was sent back to his home
2:00 am
country. the ugly, a family is shame for decorating for christmas too early, the homeowners association in san antonio, texas demanding they remove the display until closer to the holiday. >> what is the right time? >> we are not going to be forced to take it down. heather: mom is eight month pregnant. that wraps up this hour, "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> i would like to congratulate you for passing the democrat star chamber addition russia hoax has ended and you have been tasked in the low rent ukrainian sql. jillian: this is a fox news alert. sham investigation is what the republicans are calling the left's case against the president. rob: after the first day of public hearings are americans convinced there is enough to impeach? live in washington with that and


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