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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 14, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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flow fly. beautiful name. fly arrow are not. you will love it. bring your cat. rob: we will see you later. more impeachment fun start rights right now. jillian: have a good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ never give up, oh no. steve: live from new york city on this thursday morning. it's the post game show. welcome aboard the mezzanine level. so what did you think? ainsley: neither side is giving up. that song is perfectly appropriate this morning. brian: day two more. today a day to pause and reflect almost sports like. you have a big game and then you give a day to come bang and recalibrate and then on friday they are forced to work, these lawmakers. they should be legislating. go back and featuring the ambassador from ukraine.
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what i thought overall is i don't know who got converted. and the pressure is on the democrats to convert somebody. because if the game doesn't change after four or five weeks and we get into thanksgiving and christmas and everyone stays in their lane, and nothing gets done and the government doesn't get funded, who is going to look bad? steve: the democrats are not good tv producers. that was a tv show. we were talking about it yesterday. in a tv show in the premier episode you want it to be really engaging. you want people to know there who know stuff heard it with their own ears. brian: that wasn't enough? someone dressed up in drag that wasn't a good tv show? steve: president trump is vowing to release his first call with ukraine. ainsley: comes after a fiery first day of public impeachment hearings. brian: griff jenkins we asked him to get up early again. he was reluctant but he showed up. thanks for doing that can you break down what happened over 45 hours yesterday?
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griff: absolutely. it's always the first day of these historic hearings. the take away president trump meeting with turkey's president wasn't able to watch it. well aware of what happened. firing back at democrats and he is calling again for the whistleblower's identity. >> this is a sham. and shouldn't be allowed. it was a situation that was caused by people that shouldn't have allowed it to happen i want to find out who is the whistleblower. griff griff this as schiff vows to protect the whistleblower. i do not know the identity of the whistleblower and i'm determined to make sure that identity is protected. >> i would like to congratulate you for passing the democrat starr edition held in the basement of the capitol. the russian hoax has end wanted and you have been cast in the low rent ukrainian sequel. griff: five hours lawmakers heard testimony from the two key witnesses ambassador bill taylor and george kent
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with revelation from taylor about a phone call from president trump that was overheard. >> a member of my staff could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador sondland about the investigations. >> is that staffer said he was told that the president cares more about the investigations of biden the president says first he has heard of it. we will hear more next week which ambassador sondland testifies. next up we have former ukrainian ambassador yovanovitch tomorrow and it's likely we will see the transcript of the president's first call with ukraine's president later today. so, the hearings aren't until tomorrow again but news will develop later today, perhaps. steve: that's right. griff, thank you very much. you know, most of what we heard yesterday we had already heard before. there weren't any real cliff hangers, aside from what griff just touched on where ambassador taylor said that a staff member by the name of david holmes overheard one side of a phone call. now, david holmes is now being called to capitol hill to explain the story. but, rather than on tv,
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because we would all like to hear it, he is going to go into that soundproof room down in the basement of the capitol so that the democrats can control the narrative in case he does not say exactly what they want. there is no expectation that they will call him, unless he says exactly what they want. ainsley: all based on opinions. based on hearsay. there was no direct contact with the president over quid pro quo. it's all based on what witnesses heard from other people. brian: right. but you don't understand. it's so much better than hearing something directly. that's one thing. ainsley: apparently so. brian: better way to hear it so indirectly you weren't even there. for example here is congressman mike quigley with his theory. >> i think the american public needs to be reminded that countless people have been convicted on hearsay. because the courts have routinely allowed and created needed exceptions to hearsay. hearsay can be much better evidence than direct as we
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have learned in painful instances and certainly valid in this instance. ainsley: hearsay can be much better than direct. mark meadows is on with laura ingraham last night. he was responding to this. he said democrats in the trump districts should be very worried. listen. >> today's hearing was a swing and a miss for the democrats. and if i was the 31 democrats and that won in trump districts. not only why be shaking in my boots tonight, i would be worried that nancy pelosi is going to send them down a path that will ultimately try to impeach the president with really no predicate. what we really saw today were two bureaucrats that have a ukraine first really sentiment vs. a president that has an america first sentiment. so those collided together. and what we saw was that the president was really being vigilant about the american taxpayer dollar. brian: how do you have extortion if the other side
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doesn't know they are being extorted. that is the case. yesterday, they asked taylor and the guy that did it jim jordan, he is going to be coming up at 8:15. they asked bill taylor how many conversations did you have with zelensky? three or four. how many did you have with the president? none. at any point did the ukrainian president say where's the aid? what's going on with the aid? no. because he did not know. yes, that's correct. he made it clear, taylor, i have so much respect for him. i'm not here to be anyone's star witness. i'm not here for political gain. his track record shows that he is telling the truth on that. i will say this. i thought the republicans did a really good job and steve castor had an interesting delivery when he broke down to george kent who is clearly to me anti-trump administration. when he broke down the concerns that kent had about burisma. when he broke down that he went to the u.s. aid program for having a charity inside the ukraine that was sponsored by burisma he said excuse me, you do not want to sponsorship about burisma
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and, was asked, who -- what high profile person is on that board? the president -- former president of poland. keep going. hunter biden. did you express concerns about that? yeah. in writing? absolutely. so what they are trying to say is this. the president has legitimate concern about 2016. he has legitimate concern about who is running affairs for the previous administration in 2016. joe biden. weirdness of hunter biden being on a board because his dad used to ride amtrak for a while and he had a position on that board. so he is establishing why the president would have a raised eyebrow about giving $390 million to a country. he provided a logic for it. it's to a reluctant witness. steve: ultimately, what they both did and, ainsley, you touched on, this they both being long time state department employees expressed the fact that they did not feel that the president of the united states had a good ukrainian policy. they did not like it.
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but, here's the thing, it's not their job. the president of the united states gets to dictate exactly what the policy is. not them. nonetheless, it was all hearsay but, as we heard the first democrat in that soundbite say, sometimes it's perfect. ainsley: based on upon. his staffer underheard a conversation allegedly he had an opinion there was quid pro quo. people read the transcript. people have their opinions whether or not you think there was quid pro quo. it's undeniable that joe biden, there was quid pro quo, when he says when burisma is corrupt, his son's on the board. the prosecutor is hired to investigate that company. and joe biden says i'm not giving you money unless you fire that prosecutor. steve: bad news for joe biden. because, later today, it sounds like deval patrick, the former governor of the commonwealth of massachusetts is probably going to wind up throwing his hat into the ring. and you know how many times have we heard, in fact, here's the headline from the atlantic this morning. a new candidate for barack
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obama's rightful heir joe biden. some think devol patrick is better equipped to win the presidency. how many times has joe biden talked about my friend barack obama. in this article it talks about how joe biden was brought. in it was a transactional thing to make him a vice president sure up that particular ticket. devol patrick is actually a friend and better aligned with mr. obama than mr. be wide den. ainsley: talked about throwing his hat in the ring. he hired all these former obama aides. he was the first black governor in that commonwealth. he is very well liked and regarded in that area. used to be the u.s. assistant a.g. for the civil rights division under bill clinton. he does have hurdles, fundraising. lack of name recognition throughout the country. getting in really late. brian: he has got no money and no staff. he was david axelrod cut his
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teeth on political for ray with deval patrick. he got him elected first. friendship as you mentioned, ainsley. he let his staff go so they are in tom steyer's camp and biden's camp. i'm wondering, it looks like this story israeli jarrett as close to barack obama as possible in particular has expressed worries about the strength of the field 246789 is not right wing hack. democrats are concerned about democrats. she didn't respond to an email earlier this week about having no staff and no staff money. but he dose look to get into it. here's the thing if barack obama who met with all the other leaders is not impressed, is that the reason? is there something deval patrick has that we can't see? maybe it's the quiet backing of barack obama that could catapult him into the fray. steve: what this atlantic article details is the thinking is that people who were drawn to barack obama, the man right there waiving, would be drawn to
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mr. patrick. ainsley: it would be interesting to see who barack obama would endorse. would it be joe biden or deval patrick. steve: conventional wisdom would have been joe biden. ainsley: going to new hampshire he has to file. tomorrow is the deadline to get that primary ticket and elizabeth warren did the same thing. she was in new hampshire. and she is predicting that she will win. here is elizabeth warren. >> are you going to win this? >> yes. >> what about the request? >> i'm very glad as democrats in february we will hear from voters or caucus goers in four different states. and those four states represent a lot of different parts of the country and a lot of different people. that it's urban and rural, different issues. and it's about the opportunity to get out and shake hands with people across this country. and that's where i am. brian: this field expanded when elizabeth warren went up the ranks. she has a lot of enemies on the democratic side.
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a lot of people don't think she can win the general election. great work ethic and smart. and policy paper mache people never thought she would elm open up the envelope and sees her plans and math isn't done. she doubled down on her attack on billionaires. taking out an ad on cnbc. first time billionaires fighting back by the dozens. there is only 700 in the country. villvilification of people in the country. people on the left. what are you doing? why are you creating more enemies from people we actually have to draw from and i don't think necessarily rich people are bad people. they seem to hire a lot of people. steve: well, this field on the political left seems to have gone way to the left with the exception of people like joe biden and devol patrick if he gets in. ainsley: you can't become a billionaire without working really really hard. and that's the american dream. steve: all right.
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ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: we begin with this fox news alert. breaking overnight. gaza firing several rockets into israel breaking a seas cease-fire. agree to end two days of intense fighting. the cross border violence escalating after israel killed a gaza militant top commander. israel conducting airstrikes in return, killing at least 34 people. embattled attorney michael avenatti hit with a new fraud charge in his extortion case with nike. now accused of lying and defrauding a client in order to get the sports wear giant to pay him $20 million as part of this new indictment two older conspiracy charges were dropped. avenatti says he expects to be fully exonerated in the cases based in new york. he faces separate fraud charges in california. the country music awards electrifying nashville with glitz, glamour and lots of girl power ♪ i'm a redneck woman ♪ i ain't no high west broad
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>> carrie underwood co-hosting her 12th cmas with music icon dolly parton and reba mcentire. >> started out tonight concentrating on women, doing something special, powerful and beautiful. >> we're doing it for all the little girls watching tonight dreaming of ruling the world of country music or maybe just ruling the world. jillian: garth brooks upset carrie underwood to take home entertainer of the year. casey musgrave. and carrie underwoo. ainsley: garth brooks, i love him. always have. steve: he is doing okay. ainsley: running for president. >> we need medicare for all. >> medicare for all you don't need the subsidies because medicare for all is fully paid for.
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ainsley: most swing state voters don't want medicare for all. so will the democrats listen? steve: first shear spinach and chris stapleton at the cmas. brian: for seven seconds ♪ could you ♪ (burke) at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. even a- (ernie) lost rubber duckie? (burke) you mean this one? (ernie) rubber duckie! (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. (grover) yoooooow! oh! what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover?
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>> feel very strongly about this we need medicare for all. >> to get medicare for all you don't need the subsidies because medicare for all is fully paid for, and that's the starting place.
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brian: corner stone policy for some democrats running for president. medicare for all is unpopular with voters in key swing states. states determining the next president, wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan and minnesota. according to a new poll 62% say bad idea. 36% say good idea. our next guest says he is not surprised. roy is the president of the foundation for research and equal opportunity which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank. he also is a former healthcare policy advisor to mitt romney 2012 campaign. what was the attraction and why are people, upon further review, not attracted to it? >> everybody loves a bumper sticker. abolish the private insurance companies private sector bad. profits are bad. even though a lot of insurers are nonprofit. that's the thinking. the problem is when you put it on paper like elizabeth warren did earlier this month. and you actually put it down line by line and say how do
3:20 am
we pay for this? whose taxes would go up and how many jobs would you kill? it's a problem. brian: big problem when taxes go up. the number that makes sense how much would taxes go up annually if medicare for all was instituted? >> in elizabeth warren's own campaign document she said taxes would have to go up by $20 trillion over 10 years. which means that the u.s. tax burden would go up by almost 50%. now my think tank the research on equal opportunity. went monday line by line through the warren plan. we don't think it adds up. only about 12 million in taxes not 20 all the economic growth it will kill and jobs it will kill and tax revenue and capital that will leave the country because people won't want that tax. brian: they also say when it comes to single payer, that might be on the surface good to single pairs is problematic, too.
3:21 am
>> first of all, again, you are going to be taking away health insurance from about 180 million americans who have private insurance and giving this one size fits all government plan. for some people they may want that big country. a lot of people quality of care is going to be worse. spend something going to skyrocket. what elizabeth warren is saying, what bernie sanders is saying it's going to be free for everybody. there is no deductibles, no premiums and cost-sharing. it's never free. somebody's paying poo for it. that's the rest of us. brian: doctors need medicare advantage. less doctor and access. do you this every single day. hopefully we get politics out of this and solve it. thanks for joining us. >> i hope. so. brian: day one of impeachment hearings is over. what did you think? what did the media think? >> devastating testimony today. if you were bored, you weren't paying close attention enough because there were lots of little nuggets here to follow. brian: next guest says the media should be outraged at who was missing from the
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3:26 am
rispone in the louisiana governor race. hopes to unseat john bel edwards in saturday's runoff election. steve, down to you. steve: thank you, ainsley. the media research center finds since started. 96% negative coverage. does that surprise you. so now that day one of the impeachment hearings is over, how did the media cover it? shear a sampling. >> i'm told the democrats here today are going to be somber, serious and focused. >> we are preparing for republicans to start off this morning with a little bit of thee attics. >> devastating testimony today from two of america's most respected diplomats who have served both republican and democratic presidents. if you were bored, you weren't paying close attention enough. because there were lots of little nuggets here to follow. steve: what were they missing columnist with the "new york post" miranda:
3:27 am
the headline whistler blowing smoke. where was the whistleblower? >> very good question. it was incredible that you had this entire hearing, which was triggered by one person, the one person you would expect would be there on day one. steve: right. >> to anchor the whole thing and he is not there not only is he not there but adam schiff refuses to allow anyone even to acknowledge his existence. steve: adam schiff said yesterday that the republicans were lying because the republicans, i believe it was devin nunes, says you are the only ones who knows the identity of the whistleblower. he comes out, adam schiff does, i don't know the identity of the whistleblower. do you believe him? >> no. not at all. we know about the whistleblower. a lot. everyone in washington knows his name. his name has been ricocheting. steve: who is the person? >> i'm not at liberty to say. steve: not the name. but tell us about their background. >> a partisan hack. registered democrat, who worked for joe biden a ukraine expert who when joe
3:28 am
biden was vice president and we know all about hunter biden and joe biden's business dealings, which are pretty shonky in the ukraine. this so-called whistleblower was there making phone calls to the then poroshenko running around finding dirt with a ukrainian-american on president trump's campaign. you know, there is so much to say that this person is not a whistleblower, is not an impartial person who brings information forward that is for the greater good and, you know, blows the whistle. this person is a partisan, is a player. just like everyone else in washington, they don't like donald trump. steve: which is about 90% washington does not like the president. but here's the thing about the whistleblower. you say that the whistleblower is like the most protected person in washington today and the reason -- even though the democrats had promised we're going to bring the whistleblower out, we will
3:29 am
protect their identity and we will get testimony from them until they realize wait a minute, it has been revealed that he has been talking to adam schiff's staff. >> exactly. before he even laid his complaint, he was talking to adam schiff. this whole thing has been coordinated by the democrats. and now, of course, they don't want their star witness, the person who crafted all this fuss, to be questioned, even -- i mean, the republicans are saying we will do it behind closed doors. you can protect his identity all you like, we just want to know where this is all coming from to see his demeanor, to check his credibility. you know, you can't have the president being accused of wrongdoing by nobody, by the shadowy figure who adam schiff is doing his best to erase from history. steve: you were actually in the committee hearing room yesterday. it was kind of boring to watch on television. was it more exciting in real life. >> it was pretty interesting. because, you know, you had probably 250 people in the room. a lot of members of the public who lined up since
3:30 am
6:30 in the morning. anybody that i talked to was definitely an anti trumper. and they were all very impressed by the two diplomats who are impressive men. steve: great resume. >> spent their whole lives in public service they didn't actually have any firsthand information. the biggest bombshell yesterday one of them had a staffer who told him three months after the fact that when he was in a restaurant somewhere he overheard ambassador volker speaking to supposedly donald trump. you know, how can you overhear a conversation that you are only hearing one side of. steve: we will talk to judge napolitano about that in 15 minutes. miranda, thank you very much. check out the column whistleblowerrer blowing smoke. some people to drink. >> tell me about the impeachment drink. >> so it's called impeachment please and it has peach in it which i thought was super cued. >> subpoena colada.
3:31 am
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♪ ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends? note why can't we be friends. steve: i'm getting calm just petting the dog. ainsley: so cute. steve: shot of the morning. stress congressional staffers relax with therapy dogs that were dispatched yesterday to capitol hill. ainsley: the organization behind the event says it was scheduled months ago. brian: they call it a happy accident that they were there on the first day of impeachment hearings. the lease people stress with those people in washington. people around the country what they're stressed out because of what they are not doing in washington.
3:35 am
people tight as a drum. if you have an extra dog, let someone borrow it. steve: really? ainsley: talk to todd who went to some of those bars in d.c. where they are serving crazy cocktails for impeachment. i don't think the turnout great. i don't think people sat down and watched it. the impeachment inspired cocktail to start off the hearings. that is how the swamp celebrated impeachment. brian: opening up early to host the hearing watch party. steve: that's right. todd piro resent him down with a pocket full of cash to go. ainsley: to go drink. todd: mostly nickels i put them on the bar and they gave me drinks. ainsley: what was turnout? todd: we will get to that. ainsley: sorry. todd: cheng icheck it out. todd: so normally wednesday arch are you at a bar watching tv and drinking? >> absolutely not. todd: why are you here today? >> i'm here to watch the impeachment inquiry. >> america is interested in what's going on with our government. do i like that people are
3:36 am
engaged, tuning in. >> what do you make of d.c. bars opening up for what, quite frankly, is a spectacle? >> this is d.c. >> everything is a competition. no matter if it's off the field on the field red skins, somebody testifying in front of congress. >> really interesting to see that people are taking such an interest in this and actually viewing it almost like a sporting event. todd: tell me more about the impeachment drink. >> so, it's called impeachment please. and it has peach in this which i thought was super cute. >> compelling one is subpoena colada. >> america likes to drink. we like politics. and we like to mix the two. >> a complete waste of time. you know, i think the left is grabbing at straws on this one and i think we need to be focused on some of our bigger issues in the u.s. >> i'm hear to listen to both sides. this is historic. todd: in response to ainsley's question. what was turnout?
3:37 am
i think we expected more and members of the media expected more. go into these bars and be like 10 people and 12 members of the media all trying to get the same people. steve: think about this though, todd, if you are seen at a bar at noon drinking a hard cocktail on television there were probably there saw the tv camera, i got to go. todd: also goes to brian's point. accusing these people not doing any work to begin with if you are at a bar drinking at 11:00, 12:00 it drives that point home. ainsley: a lot of people might like it. candidates are always having fun. drink and dancing. steve: all about accountability. >> brian: are you going to be following this story throughout the day. todd: right going to different bars in new york city and drinking. steve: some of them were already open. ainsley: what was the drink you tried. todd: quid pro-go. very surger fruity drink.
3:38 am
jillian: i was at a bar around noon i did have a cocktail. in my defense that's our dinner time. not that strange for people who work overnight. just saying. brian: good point. jillian: get you caught up on your headlines. we start with this story. investigation is underway after an american teacher is murdered in the dominican republic. police finding patricia anson strangled hand and feet tied and several electronics missing on the island. she had been living in the dominican republic working as a teacher. no suspects have been identified. a bus driver is under arrest accused of dui after crashing with 10 kids on board. surveillance video shows students thrown from their seats. [screams] >> i am so sorry. >> deputies say no one was hurt when the bus ran off the road in oregon. driver jonathan gates is suspended and under investigation. it was his third day on the
3:39 am
bus route. protesters are shut down during ben shapiro's speech at boston university. [shouting] [chanting u.s.a.] jillian: overpowering chants of u.s.a. drown out disruptions of ben shapiro's talk america was not built on slavery. it was built on freedom. 1500 students attended despite backlash and attempts to cancel the event. family decorating for christmas too early. demanding they remove the display until we are a little close tort holidays. >> when is the right time to put up? >> we are not going to do it. christmas spirit. we are not going to be forced to take it down. >> the family says they decorated early because mom is a montis 8 months pregnant. >> homeowner's association you have to do what they say. apparently they can take your house.
3:40 am
jillian: she wants the holiday decorations up when she comes home from the hospital. steve: one thing when stores put christmas decorations out on the fourth of july. it's your house. you can do whatever you want. ainsley: write us and tell us if it bothers you. if you have a neighbor in your neighborhood. steve: i have that neighbor now. ainsley: you couldn't see the grass there were so many things. didn't bother me. a lot of people in the neighborhood it really bothered them. brian: i think we decorate for way too many holidays. i have five boxes of lawful wean decorations. guy what are we doing as a family. steve: because you hate halloween. your family loves it. brian: thanksgiving you need old corn. steve: served at dinner? brian: or jib bless the put a bag of giblets on the door. ainsley: hang a raw turkey
3:41 am
on the door. brian: cnn says there was a problem with the witnesses. >> neither of them had direct contact with the president. >> ever, ever. >> and that's a problem if you are going to impeach the president. ainsley: might be a little problem. is he right in the judge is here to react coming up next ♪ ♪ ♪ to our military service members at home and abroad for all their hard work and sacrifice. we all sleep easier knowing you're out there keeping us safe. and on a personal note... sfx: jet engines ... i just needed to get that off my chest. thank you. geico: proudly supporting the military for over 75 years.
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yil yil good morning, welcome back. time for quick headlines now. cosco is warning of a fake coupon scam going viral on facebook. $75 voucher is a fake and not work at their stores. costco says they do not post coupons on social media. this breakfast tweet is the real deal. twinkie cereal hitting store shelves nationwide next month. hostess and post teeming up
3:45 am
to bring the snack to your breakfast table. previously joined forces before to create honey bun. round of applause for the twinkie cereal. brian: sponge in the morning finally. steve: plenty of hearsay at yesterday's impeachment hearings. both witnesses admitting they never had any contact, direct contact with the president of the united states. ainsley: even the usual media critics pointing out this is a problem for democrats' impeachment push. listened one criticism of these two witnesses which i think is very much legitimate. it's not really a criticism. it's just a factual statement, is that neither of them had direct contact with the president. >> ever? >> ever. >> and that's a problem if you are going to impeach the president. brian: here to weigh in is fox news senior judicial analyst celebrity file. judge andrew napolitano. a lot of people leaning on your opinions. was jeffrey singing your
3:46 am
song? >> i agree with jeff. i think it's a bit of a problem not insurmountable problem. the democrats moved the ball forward yesterday. the most devastating testimony did involve the president but it was hearsay. it was the conversation recounted by ambassador taylor that his aide overheard ambassador sondland talking to the president. mr. sondland is going to testify monday or some time next week. steve: and address it? >> obviously have to address it. ainsley: isn't it all based on opinion and hearsay when you read the transcript everyone has their own opinion. >> everybody does have their own opinion. but, if you look at the big picture, there doesn't seem to be any dispute but that the president wanted dirt on biden and the president was willing to hold up military aid in order to get it. brian: judge, how about this, legally, not emotionally, the president is concerned about ukraine did in the 2016 election. it was proven yesterday that he has a reason to be concerned because of the biden's role supervising ukraine aid and hunter
3:47 am
biden's legitimately perplexing place on the number one most corrupt oil and gas company and corporation in that country. >> that's a very good argument. the purpose of yesterday is to change people's minds. i don't think it changed people's minds. i watched it all day like everybody else did. i have already said in my opinion the law is not on the president's side law says asking for a campaign favor. brian: it's not a campaign favor that's investigation of a previous election. >> the way you are looking at it. investigating 2016 or dirt on program as prophylactic for 2020? ainsley: the president didn't ever feel pressure and he got his money. do we know if he turned anything about biden to the president? >> apparently. brian: this is the worse shake down ever. >> the delay is the quid pro quo. the delay of 55 days knowing that the russians were at the border. brian: if you didn't know that the direct deposit
3:48 am
didn't land. [laughter] brian: how is it delayed? i don't know. >> only you could put it that way. back to jeff tuben, when these things happen, evidence doesn't always come n a logical order. you look at the credibility of the witnesses and what part of the puzzle they fill in. steve: right. >> then you look at the big picture. what did the president do. is this behavior of the president we expect? is it constitutional? is it moral? steve: here's what it ultimately comes down to. we are talking about congress. this is not a court of law. >> yes. steve: this is essentially a tv show. people were waiting for a smoking gun yesterday. and ultimately it looks like it's baked into the cake that they are going to impeach him because you impeach somebody of high crimes and misdemeanors and that can be anything they say. >> yes. remember president ford an impeachable offense is whatever the house of representatives says it is. this is political. it is not the rules of court do the no apply. hearsay is as valid and politically potent as direct testimony. steve: i have never heard
3:49 am
the word geritical. judge: do you know where i got it from? kilmeade. steve: it's not a real word. brian: i have play nod role in the mocking of me. ainsley: should have taken. brian: instead i took speed reading. ainsley: took five years of latin. >> i don't know what to say to that on air. ainsley: 49 minutes after the top of the hour. fox news alert. it's official former massachusetts governor devol patrick is running for president: charlie kirk is here to react next. going anytime. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair
3:50 am
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3:52 am
ainsley: a fox news alert. the packed democratic field for president gets even more crowded. moments ago, former
3:53 am
massachusetts governor devol patrick a long time friend of former president obama's officially jumping into the race. here to react is turning point u.s.a. founder charlie kirk here to react. >> interesting to have this many candidates to come and change their minds especially this late in the race in november. what does this say about joe biden? i means the alleged frontrunner who can't draw much of crowds. he is not doing well in iowa and new hampshire. all of a sudden you have mayor bloomberg thinking of running and begin the process of doing so and now former governor of massachusetts deval patrick coming in. ainsley: how will he do? >> this is a bad sign. ains this is a bad sign for the democratic party. they are worried. this is exactly why they are pushing impeachment and trying to field new candidates. the enthusiasm is not on their side. they see president trump significantly beating top democrats like elizabeth warren in battleground states based on recent polls. and they are trying to find
3:54 am
an answer and the current field is not currently satisfying their question. ainsley: how do you think he will do? >> look, it's going to be very interesting. it's a crowded field. is he very charismatic. he is going to be able to raise a significant amount of money. being a former governor, he is also very tied in with former president obama. in fact, there are many news stories that came out that said they were trying to recruit him to run very early in the process. he decided not to do it. but, look, it's going to be very interesting. because i think he is going to come into this democrat primary and say why are we so far left on some of these positions? we can't win with these positions. i think he is going to only contribute to a very spirited debate in the democrat side. one of which will only help the president of the united states moving forward. ainsley: charlie, i want to talk about what's happening at some of these campuses. i know you were in north carolina. let's start in florida. the student body president down at the university of florida invited don jr., donald trump's son to the campus. and now that student body president is facing impeachment. what are your thoughts?
3:55 am
>> look, i was at that event, actually as an attendee. this makes me so angry. this was one of the most well-attended events in university of florida's political speaker history. they rarely are able to have such big names, conservative speakers like donald trump jr. who by the way is now a number one "new york times" bestselling author. so despite the fact that he is a very well respected grassroots activist for the trump campaign is he also a bestselling author. unfortunately, the left, the university of florida are going after impeaching the student body president because he tried to bring conservative beliefs to the campus. ainsley: were you wa surprised the way the audience fought back at north carolina north korea state protesters walk into the arena. crowd steps up and starts yelling u.s.a. what did you think about that? >> look, we have been doing this campus tour across the country. i want to give lara trump such great credit for coming back to the lines of her
3:56 am
alma mater. there is something special happening on these campuses where students are coming and they are not afraid to wear their maga hat anymore. they are not afraid to voice their support for this president. the only problem we are having at these events is a capacity problem. we can't find venues big enough to be able to fulfill all the students that want to come on campus and hear about the ideas of freedom and revitalization of our great country. so, look, there is something special happening. the media is not always reporting it. but students are gravitating towards the successes of this presidency and finally seeing this country going in the correct direction. ainsley: all right. charlie, thanks for being with us this morning. >> you bet. you are welcome. ainsley: 56 minutes after the top of the hour. now that deval patrick is in the race, it could be a bad for joe biden. jim jordan, bill bennett, kathie lee gifford and kellyanne conway are all here live ♪ the heat is on ♪ it's on the street ♪ the heat is on
3:57 am
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steve: this is a fox news alert. 7:00 here in new york city. 7:00 in boston and the news out of massachusetts is that one time massachusetts governor, 63-year-old deval patrick, who had said last december he would not run for president because of the strain on his family and friends has changed his mind. he just announced an online video. here is a snippet. >> if the character of the candidates is an issue in every election, this time is about the character of the country. this time is about whether the day after the election america will keep her promises. this time is about more than removing an unpopular and divisive leader as important as that is but about delivering, instead, for you. so in the spirit of profound gratitude for all the country has given to me, i am today announcing my
4:01 am
candidacy for president of the united states. brian: wow, at this late hour. deval patrick is in the race. couple things. we don't know the circumstances why now. maybe it's something personal. we do know this. if the field was strong, if it had taken shape, if it had produced the desired results against the president currently under impeachment inquiry, he would not be getting. in it's all this time and money. is he leaving bain capital to do it. ainsley: how is that going to effect joe biden and elizabeth warren in the same area? brian: joe biden has had the african-american vote blocked because is he linked to barack obama. deval patrick is long-time friends with barack obama. ainsley: will the bain capital connection because he worked for bain capital. steve: managing director. ainsley: would that go against him? brian: not anymore. steve: when mitt romney was running for president in 2012 the fact that he had worked at bain capital was a big, you know, albatross around his neck. is there hypocrisy in the way they cover the difference between republicans and democrats?
4:02 am
we have detailed it a number of times. is he running on his record. mitt romney passed healthcare reform. it was deval patrick had had to implement it. when you look at what else he says in that video, he talks about in 2016 the reason the democrats lost was because they did not listen to the people. and obviously that's part of his pitch. he is all ears what america -- brian: if i could just add this. in terms of likability, great personal story from nowhere to going to harvard and harvard law and to become a two-term governor. when he has been on with us before, you know, different things have happened in massachusetts with the snow in particular stands out. he has been quite composed and intellectual guy. is he closer to barack obama than anyone else. it will be great to see somebody on that stage that is a little measured in what they were saying. because one is trying to outleft the other come debate time. ainsley: he was u.s. assistant ag civil rights
4:03 am
division under bill clinton. elected governor shows his likabilities. a year ago he talked about getting into the race. he hired president obama's top aides to come and help him with the campaign. he decided for personal reasons not to run. but clearly he believes that there is not anyone that can beat president trump except for himself and that's why he is jumping in. steve: ultimately that's exactly it. democrats think they can beat trump. the question is who will it be? any way, he is in the race. 7:03 we move on. ainsley: president trump vowing to release his first call transcript. brian: comes after a first day of fiery first day of impeachment hearings. steve: kind of fiery. griff jenkins breaks it all down. there was no smoking gun yesterday. >> no huge smoking gun there was five hours of testimony from the two key witnesses. ambassador bill taylor and diplomat george kent. here was one of the testiest moments. watch. >> you did not listen in on
4:04 am
president trump and president zelensky's call. >> did i not. >> this is what i can't believe and you are their star witness. >> ghanted the whistleblower's identity again. >> this is a sham and shouldn't be allowed. it was a situation that was caused by people that shouldn't have allowed it to happen. i want to find out who is the whistleblower. griff: this as chairman schiff vows to protect the person who started all of this and ranking member nunes seeks to dismiss it. >> i do not know the identity of the whistleblower and i'm determined to make sure that identity is protected. >> i would like to congratulate you for passing the democrat star chamber auditions held for the last weeks in the basement of the capitol. the russia hoax has ended and you have been cast in the low rent ukrainian sequel. griff: most notably was this moment perhaps a revelation from taylor about a phone call from president trump that was overheard by his staffer. >> the member of my staff
4:05 am
could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador sondland about the investigations. griff: the president was asked about it he says first he has heard of it. we will learn more next week when ambassador sondland testifies on wednesday. tomorrow it's maria yovanovitch in the hot seat. we may see that transcript of the president's first call with ukraine's president. brian: i imagine it's even more perfect than the call we already have or else it wouldn't be out. steve: thank you very much. griff. yovanovitch's name came up yesterday. and it was revealed in the testimony from the testimony of the two gentlemen she was dismissed by the president months before that call. they both admitted that everybody who is in the diplomatic corps serves at the pleasure of the president. so he has the right to fire her. he did. it will be interesting to hear her take on that tomorrow. brian: prediction? emotional. they are going to go how her family are refugees they came to this country for freedom now she wants to go back to countries looking
4:06 am
for freedom. that's what her focus was. tap into more emotion on that because you saw that from george kent. because george kent obviously seems to be quite tight with her because they worked together in that area. the question is focus on the phone call. on the phone call the current president of ukraine said about her, yeah, she seemed to have liked the previous president better than me. so that might be-that might show that there was a reason that maybe it was a bad mix. she is still in the state department. ainsley: that's why democrats want her to be a witness. they want to hear what she says he fired her. steve scalise, congressman from louisiana, republican, house minority whip, he said it was really bad day for adam schiff and for the democrats. listen. >> this was a real bad day for adam schiff and this whole charade, this witch-hunt that they have been promoting. for months now. when john ratcliffe actually asked the two star witnesses, these were the first witnesses that the democrats brought out to make their case. he said can either of you name an impeachable offense? and dead silence. jim jordan showed the second
4:07 am
hand, third hand, fourth hand these career bureaucrats who i'm sure they have studied ukraine policy for decades but the bottom line is there is only one person that sets foreign policy for the united states of america and that's our commander-in-chief, donald trump. steve: that's right. you know, and it was early on that mike council away thconawaythe republican from tes moved to subpoena the whistleblower. adam schiff said we would vote on it later. they did. the democrats said we absolutely don't need them. here's the thing. while this is not a criminal proceeding, the president of the united states is being accused of crimes. and of course under our constitution, the sixth amendment says you should be able to face your accuser. and so that's why the republicans and jim jordan was part of this yesterday as well. are trying to bring the whistleblower in. there are ways that the u.s. congress can have the whistleblower appear where their identity is not revealed. brian: of course. steve: there is a million different ways. but ultimately the fact that it would be very
4:08 am
uncomfortable for adam schiff to be there as chairman and the republicans are asking the whistleblower questions about now how soon did you start talking to adam schiff's staff and it looks like coordination and yesterday, when devin nunes said it would be a reasonable question what extent did the democrats coordinate with the whistleblower and who else did the whistleblower coordinate with? ainsley: adam schiff said he didn't know who the whistleblower was. steve: do you believe that? brian: put it this way. here is plausible didn't. call comes in from the chief of staff whistleblower who did coordinate with the whistleblower. we know that you don't talk directly to him. can you simply say to your chief, ask him if he is willing to go the whole distance with this. ask him if we can have the list of other people on that call. am i talking with him, no. did i communicate with him, no. i spoke to my staffer. can you say i never spoke to him because you never actually speak to him. steve: adam schiff getting to the bottom of impeaching trump for so long, you don't think he asked who is this
4:09 am
guy? is it a guy that we -- you know, online this person's name exists. it is supposed to be that person. it is alleged that it is that person. you don't think he knows that name? brian: what's more damn something his lawyer. his lawyer tells a plot on twitter what he plans to do in 2017. he seems to have written the whole complaint and launched the whole thing. if it's you, wouldn't you like to know if someone has an ax to grind against you and worked for a political opponent of you? steve: adam schiff never thought that would be revealed. we are going to talk to jim jordan he is going to join us in an hour and four minutes from now. he will talk about the whistleblower coming up. brian: he will not be wearing a jacket. ainsley: i project he will be here at 8:15. brian: that's all. fine. steve: let's turn internationally now to international news. fox news alert. gaza firing rockets back into israel breaking that cease-fire from overnight. brian: comes just hours after israel called off
4:10 am
fighting in the region. ainsley: benjamin hall joins us live from israel with more on the escalating violence. benjamin, what are you seeing this morning or i guess it's afternoon there. >> good morning, brian, steve and ainsley. we were here to report on how things were coming back to life. how things were getting back to normal after the announcement of that cease-fire. when rockets come out of gaza the way they have been doing for the last two days, everything is paralyzed. shops closed, schools closed, roads closed. what we thought there had been a cease-fire announced at 5:30 this morning. no. we are seeing more rockets coming out of gaza in response to the killing of jihad commanders earlier this morning the fact is the last two days came very, very close to all-out war. 450 rockets were fired by this small iranian backed militant group called islamic jihad. that's after israel targeted one of their commanders a few days ago. as a result, we saw israel strike back and strike back in a big way. they called the operation black belt. it left 32 people dead inside gaza, the vast majority of the militants
4:11 am
sadly five children killed this morning. alongside islamic jihad commanders who was killed last night. and that may flame the tensions going forward. certainly that is why we have seen a number of rockets fired in the last couple of hours. today there was still an uneasy peace. the transcript who helped negotiate the cease-fire, the u.n. special coordinator for middle east peace tweeted this earlier saying egypt and the u.n. worked hard to prevent the most dangerous escalation in and around gaza from leading to war. the coming hours and days will be critical. the middle east does not need more wars. this latest round of violence it must be said although it was short is seen as significant below to islamic jihad and in particular to infrastructure in gaza. weapon command and control centers, tunnels, training fittingfacilities and other lauh sites. at the moment we have seen a few rockets for the last few hours. that being said cease-fire is generally thought to be
4:12 am
holding. we have watched hundreds of rockets fly over israel the last couple of days. air raid sirens constantly. reminder of the tense threat that everyone down here faces. so, yes, there is a cease-fire in place right now it. is frankly a very uneasy peace. back to you. steve: easy to break. benjamin hall live in israel with the very latest. brian: where do they get the rockets? steve: they make them in the basement. brian: unbelievable. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: following a number of stories. we start with a fox news alert now. the american isis fighter stuck at turkey's border will be transferred back to the united states. he has been stranded at the border three days after greece refused to let him in. right now turkey is working to deport isis fighters back to their home countries. the announcement comes one day after president trump met with turkey's president with the white house. a former insurance executive gets the longest prison sentence so far in the college admission scandal. toby mcfarland will spend six months behind bars after
4:13 am
paying $450,000 to get his children into usc as fake sports recruits. the judge calling mcfarland a thief in the boston courtroom. actress lori lawful has pleaded not guilty after her alleged role in the scam. she faces trial next year. changes in leadership at the department of homeland security. chad wolf sworn in as acting secretary. he previously served as chief of staff to former dhc nielsen. named ken cuccinelli as his deputy. cuccinelli acting director for the u.s. citizenship and immigration service. many consider him to be one of the administration's toughest members on immigration. and we want you to meet narwhal the puppy born with a second tail born out of his head. found the pickup wandering the streets all alone. vet says his extra tail doesn't have a bone so he can't wag it but is he still a totally healthy dog. he isn't ready for his forever home just yet but thousands of applications are pouring into the shelter
4:14 am
because people want to adopt that puppy. steve: how does that happen? how does a tail grow out of your face? brian: jillian how does that happen? ainsley: i heard it's going to be used to go into the schools and teach kids that you can be different and all the kids will love him because he looks like a little unicorn. brian: if we used iphones we were supposed to become unicorns. back of our neck. the puppy is ahead of his time. meanwhile, straight ahead. he was the first person sent st sentenced in the mueller investigation. calls the impeachment hearings a sham. he is next. steve: first, here is dolly parton singing faith at last night's cmas ♪ have a little faith in me ♪ have a little faith in me ♪ have a little faith in me ♪ when you don't know ♪ how are ♪ well, i will find you ♪
4:15 am
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4:19 am
>> what i can do is tell you what i heard from people. >> where is the impeachable offense in that call? shout it out. anyone? steve: sham investigation that's what republicans are now calling the political left's case against president trump arguing it's more about unelected bureaucrats being upset about president trump's policy. former trump campaign policy advisor papadopoulos who served time in court joins us from l.a. >> good morning, thanks for having me. steve: what did you think of the inquiry yesterday on capitol hill? >> you know initially i thought it was a little comical, people were probably thinking, you know, the same schiff, different day. but i think it was a little more pernicious than that. what i saw was basically an assault on ourself determinable constitutional republic by unelected bureaucrats who had an ax to
4:20 am
grind against a presidents who either was not taking their advice or simply that they wanted to force the president's hand on ukraine. i happen to believe that these bureaucrats had a ukraine first agenda in mind. not an america first agenda in mind. because clearly when you have never met the president. you were not on the call that he was on, which apparently initiated this inquiry, i think it's quite disturbing to have these type of quote, unquote, star witnesses in front of the american public. steve: well, they both admitted they never talked to the president. never met the president. all their knowledge was second, third, fourth hand. things like that. you are right. they did talk about how they felt about the president's foreign policy directives in ukraine. but, that's not really their job. the president gets to figure out what the policy is. george, you say that this impeachment inquiry is just a big distraction over what is coming down the pike.
4:21 am
>> absolutely. i think the american people because we have unfortunately been distracted by this inquiry and now these open hearings and quite frankly the things are going this morning i'm not sure they are going to get the 181 or 281 votes they need. i can't remember the exact number. i think there are around 31 democrats in districts which trump won in '16. i don't know if nancy pelosi actually wants to take them down a rabbit hole and maybe see their political hopes evaporate. but that's a different issue. the point is that durham and the horowitz report, meaning the ig report, the imminent release, according to william barr is where i think all the attention of the country should be on. this has been an investigation ongoing for over a year. it's looking into corruption within the higher echelons of the fbi and the department of justice. and that's really what our
4:22 am
attention should be focused on right now. steve: you say what's going on in capitol hill is distraction from the upcoming durham investigation and report. >> absolutely. steve: george papadopoulos, thanks for joining us from l.a. >> thank you. steve: we will be right back with some more. ♪
4:23 am
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the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. ♪ ♪ ainsley: it is time for news by the numbers. first, $400,000, that is the value of liquid cocaine found, look at that in all those shampoo bottles stashed in the suitcase. the suspect was busted at the bush airport in houston and sent back to colombia. next 26.8 million. that is how many fliers the tsa expects this thanksgiving. that is up 4% from last year. and finally, 25,000. that is how many veterans hilton wants to hire by 2025
4:26 am
part of their program called operation opportunity which helps vets transition back into civilian life. brian? brian: all right. thanks. protesters shut down during ben shapiro's speech at university. supporters of the conservative commentator quick to fire back for a change. [shouting] [chanting u.s.a.] brian: shepard shot back at student groups who said they would be triggered by his talk on campus. >> no thanks to the left who sought to have this cancelled. apparent fear of my wretched evil ban me to support its its students from me. look at me. [laughter] saying things. brian: eddie song is a correspondent boston university student at the speech last night and joins us now. eddie, this was not a surprise. the protesters kind of tell graphed what they were going to do, right? >> oh yeah, of course.
4:27 am
brian: what was it like in there? >> i mean, ben shapiro made some very good points on freedom and slavery in the very beginning. however, i mean, 15 minutes during when the speech first started you see these group of protesters, they stood up. shouted, blew their whistle and. they weren't there to learn. they were only there to disrupt. brian: had you groups there and very rare for them not to be overwhelmed. usually they pull a speaker out and cancel the speaks. you say they are scared of thoughts precious. not you, not them. >> i think bu students do experience some social backlash. i believe that boston university, they did do some very good things for bu students in terms of free speech. however, the social backlash is just absolutely insane.
4:28 am
brian: when you talk about defining america. is he taking on the red hot issue of slavery. how did he put it in perspective for that made sense? >> well, he basically explained how america wasn't founded on slavery. it was founded on freedom. as we can see. we don't see slavery. we see freedom. that's what the founding fathers intended us to have. brian: never embracing it. always saying it's horrific. but, sadly, it was part of society back then in that era at that time. and 600,000 lost their lives to fight to make sure we rid our country of it. >> yes. >> so you feel that message got through? >> i really think so. at least to a majority of the crowd. some students were just not there to listen. they were just there to protest, which is fine with me. brian: all right. thanks so much. that's the inside story of ben shapiro's speech last night. >> thank you.
4:29 am
brian: have a good day. still got plenty of time to get to class. democrats shifting their focus to bribery. did you notice on the first day of impeachment hearings. will that strategy work? legal panel here to discuss that next. pop star larry goldink giving ultimatum to the salvation army. why she is threatening to performance at the cowboys game. ♪ burn, burn, burn ♪ ♪ these days, we're all stressed. (honk!) i hear you sister. that's why i'm partnering with cigna to remind you to go in for your annual check-up, and be open with your doctor about anything you feel - physically and emotionally. but now cigna has a plan that can help everyone see stress differently. just find a period of time to unwind. a location to de-stress. an activity to enjoy. or the name of someone to talk to. to create a plan that works for you, visit cigna. together, all the way.
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4:32 am
>> anymore with the democrats' scorched earth against trump would not be surprised to see all the typical signs that this is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign. for example, after vowing publicly that impeachment requires bipartisan support, democrats are pushing impeachment forward without the backing of a single
4:33 am
republican. the russia hoax has ended. and you have been cast in the low rent ukrainian sequel. >> president zelensky never made an announcement. this is what i can't believe and you are their star witness. you are their first witness. you are the guy. you are the guy, based on, this based on, i mean, i have seen church prayer chains that are easier to understand than this: >> in this impeachment hearing today where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crimes, where is the impeachable offense in that call? are either of you here today to assert there was an impeachable offense in that call? shout it out. anyone? steve: nobody shouted it out. we got a great legal panel to figure out what was said yesterday. and the impressions. doug burns screen left right there former federal prosecutor. brett tollman in the center square. he is a former u.s. attorney for utah and robert ray former independent counsel and former federal
4:34 am
prosecutor as well. douglas, start with you. >> sure. steve: this was a tv show. >> it sure was. steve: that the the democrats put on. yesterday on the premier of this tv show there was no perry mason moment. >> no, there certainly wasn't and perry mason you will remember somebody would yell out wait a minute, i did it. not him. you will probably notice that didn't happen, steve. steve: no. >> joking aside the way i processed yesterday was 15% a foreign policy seminar about u.s. and ukraine. and then it was 50% as ken starr said, i want to give him credit. it was an oversight hearing. not an impeachment hearing. so the point is, if somebody complained and said the president did something inappropriate in a phone call, doing oversight hearing. okay? this is completely overblown. my colleagues will explain it and lay it out better than me. to start throwing around terms like bribery and extortion and high crimes and misdemeanors is very, very reckless. it's a very weak case and they have dug themselves into a very bad position in my opinion.
4:35 am
ainsley: bret, did you think bribery or hearsay? there is nothing there? >> well, i look at this and i thought to myself and i heard other former u.s. attorneys say well, you know, there might be a bribery case here. i thought i wouldn't present this case to a grand jury in a million years. and a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. not in this instance. you don't have elements that are satisfied in order to bring a case. and you would not want to present that. especially if you are the one that's going to argue to a grand jury hey, i'm bringing to you a very apparent bribery case. it wasn't there. brian: robert. the bombshell people are pointing to is the call that mr. taylor came up with and said one of my staffers after i was interviewed said, you know, i overheard a call between the eu ambassador and the president of the united states wasn't supposed to hear it but he was able to hear it and put it together. there is another example of this. that's the bombshell. is it damaging to the president? >> i think they were trying to use that as an example of direct knowledge, i guess,
4:36 am
because the rest of the testimony, of course, suffered from the fact that as the warm-up act, none of the witnesses had ever actually even met the president of the united states. steve: right. >> and, as i said yesterday, this is supposed to be an impeachment inquiry related to the president of the united states. brian: do you doubt the story, robert? >> i don't think there is any reason to think that it didn't happen. i mean, obviously the president was concerned about investigations, right? that was what was mentioned on the call. it wouldn't be surprising that the next day he would be overheard in a conversation asking about them, right? and i don't think that gets you anywhere close to a quid pro quo. it's just what he was concerned about. the president is entitled as a matter of foreign policy, essentially, in a situation like that absent a quid pro quo to say hey, listen, i'm concerned about these issues. these are investigations that i'm interested in. steve: sure. >> wait to see, even if he withholds foreign assistance, wait to see what they do. at the end of the day, the bottom line was, the aid got
4:37 am
released because the administration understood through omb that they had no authority to hold up the aid beyond the end of the fiscal year. steve: doug, this all got started with the report from the whistleblower to the inspector general of the intel community. the whistleblower was nowhere to be seen yesterday. although the republicans would like them -- that person to testify. >> sure. steve: but adam schiff said yesterday he was accused by devin nunes as being the only member on that panel who knew the identity and adam schiff said oh, i don't know who it. >> i almost fell out of my seat for a second watching that. because there has been a lot of reporting. brian: over and over again. >> he knows exactly who it is. back to this other point, it's the president, and this is not a political one, it's legal. the president sets foreign policy. if these two guys don't like his foreign policy. their only option is to resign. period. i have stood up in courts and advanced positions under the u.s. sentencing guidelines that i didn't necessarily agree with myself. steve: it was your job? >> it was my job. if i would have felt that strongly about it i would have resigned. it wasn't at that level.
4:38 am
>> tough explain that hearsay is much better than direct or even circumstantial evidence. your case is weak. i don't want to stand in front of the american people, let alone a jury. brian: look what i overheard. >> now we are left with the legal theory seems to be an attempted bribery involving an implicit quid pro quo with regard to efforts to obtain not foreign assistance military assistance but a meeting or a press conference with the announcement of an investigation, none of which, at least, i think in our collective view would constitute bribery or attempted bribery under the federal criminal code. >> we get into all the legal minutia, terminology, latin. the average person is like a juror and that's the key. grandfather say doug, what's this case about? the president is saying he might withhold money unless they did a press conference. well, doug, did they get the money? yes, they did, grand part of did they have to do the
4:39 am
press conference? no, they didn't. heed look at me with a blank face, wait a minute, i'm confused. that's the bottom line. ainsley: and did the president of the urk feel pressure? >> exactly. very good. >> your leading witness in this would be the president of ukraine who said i didn't feel pressure in connection with. >> the victim wasn't victimized. brian: come back and talk about this again. >> sure. brian: same seats? >> we will be saying the same thing. brian: i have different questions. >> that's nice to know. brian: jillian, would you promise to give us an update. jillian: i promise to do that now. more than a year after mollie tibbetts was found dead, police have still not found the murder weapon. the shocking revelation coming as a judge hears arguments on whether to throw out her accuse killer's confession. lawyers for christian rivera say police coerced him into an interview without reading his full miranda rights. a police officer admitting on the stand that she did not follow proper steps, calling it an honest mistake. rivera, an illegal
4:40 am
immigrant, led police to tibet's body in iowa cornfield. annoying, alarming or threatening a police officer could soon land people in jail. a county in upstate new york is considering a new law meant to protect first responders. violators could spend a year in jail or face a $5,000 fine. in the proposal, the monroe county legislature specifically mentions water bucket attacks on the nypd. the county executive will decide whether to pass the law. singer ellie goulding will play at the dallas cowboys thanksgiving halftime show the grammy nominated artist had said she might cancel after they pledgor donation to the lgbtq community. the salvation army replied saying that they help people in need regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. the game has kicked off the organization's red kettle campaign for the past 22 years. it's a beautiful day in the nursery. a pittsburgh hospital dressing up newborns in red
4:41 am
cardigans just like mr. rogers. his wife joanne visited the babies in the hospital and she was welcomed with a song. ♪ beautiful day in the neighborhood ♪ won't you be my ♪ would you be my jillian: the event in honor of world kindness day. isn't that beautiful? send it back to you. steve: that's adorable. brian: i'm sure that movie is going to be great. steve: thank you very much. brian: i have good news on sunday. 10:00 and 1:00 eastern time a special called sam houston and the texas fight for freedom based on my book sam houston the alamo avengers which yesterday came in number three on the "new york times" list. [applause] brian: right behind donald trump jr. and mitch alba. i'm excited about this special we shot in june. i was sweaty. here's a little bit of it to take a look at what happened in texas which eventually would happen in america. >> mentality of the war
4:42 am
fighter. >> courage is something that's different in every person. most people are not courageous alone. >> right. >> you get courage from the people you are around. this is 180-plus people who weren't professional soldiers. probably a handful had ever been in any kind of fight before. and so now they are here. they are about to face the unknown. they are led to believe they will probably be killed. they make this extraordinary decision, commitment to each other to stand. to be courageous. brian: and we lose 180 guys. what happened after is the focus and what's happening now is george p. bush helping us out. i hope you guys watch that meanwhile, from here i'm going to be going over the omaha for the first time going to nebraska. we have two affiliates there. be in a omaha and then going over to lincoln nebraska go to brian on the 16th. fox nation will be stream ago live show america great from the start. first time putting the alamo story in it. see that live on our app. and on sunday i will be doing a book signing in the
4:43 am
afternoon. you can get the addresses on my web page. and then madison, connecticut on the 19th. i'm really excited for everyone to see this great story. steve: remember the alamo. you are going to the alamo this weekend? brian: saturday i will be there and sunday and i will be on the channel promoting the special which is coming your way. steve: it looks great. ainsley: so fascinating. i have been watching all these videos. brian: you have been. it's amazing. ainsley: if they can't take your gun they will tax them. a major city just passed that controversial plan. steve: two gun owners say not only will it hurt them, it's going it hurt women and seniors as well. they join us live next. ♪ were you going to tell me about this? i know i can't afford to go.
4:44 am
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molly: "my name is molly and we choose nps." np: "consider an np. visit we choose to learn more."
4:46 am
>> one city has a new idea to prevent gun violence and that's taxes that tacoma washington approving a new gun tax on retail sales and the city also taxing up to 5
4:47 am
cents per round of ammunition. this as critics argue tacoma's new taxes will drive businesses out of town and put residents at risk. joining us now the president of the tacoma rifle and revolver club and certified nra firearms instructor jane along with the vice president of the tacoma rifle and club and pistol association john wassef. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: first i want to know your story. what led to you become an instructor? >> i survived a home invasion by two men and because of surviving that situation, men and women men and women how to use a firearm for personal protection because for women, a firearm is the equalizer. it levels the fight you might say and gives women a chance to survive. so, i took classes and
4:48 am
became a certified nra firearm instructor and every year i volunteer hundreds of hours teaching women how to use firearms for personal protection. i do that as a community service. ainsley: that's great. >> because of that. ainsley: what happened during the home invasion? >> i got them both arrested. i didn't have to shoot them. when you are a firearm owner, you train yourself when you use a firearm and when you don't. and i did not need. to say but, i was able to get them both arrested and they served time in jail. ainsley: good. i'm sure you were terrified. john, how about you, what's your story? >> so my background goes all the way from the marine corps days. i was a primary instructor back then teaching marines. some years later i got involved in our tacoma rifle revolver shooting competitively. and realized that there was a lack of training being available. so i went and got my nra
4:49 am
certification for rifle and pistol and started volunteering my time at the range to offer up training at low cost to our members. and their family and friends. ainsley: thank you for serving our country. jane, tell me what was your reaction when you learned that every firearm that is sold in that area is going to be taxed $25? >> well, when i found out about it, i was -- my first thoughts were to the women that have been through my classes. because we offer affordable classes, i get many of the seniors. there is a huge demand of senior women, widows, age group runs from 60 to 87 years old. that want to learn. and many of these women are on a very fixed income. and i charge $45 for a two full-day class. and so it's affordable. but for them to have to pay a tax or be punished for the
4:50 am
actions of criminals, just for wanting to protect themself i thought was just wrong. and so i started contacting all the gun shops. i contacted the nra for help and contacted gun groups to ask people to help me to fight this tax. ainsley: all right. john. real quickly, what are your thoughts? and what are the firearm shops saying? >> firearm shops are very -- they are unhappy because they are imposing a tax that makes them -- they can't be competitive to be able to sell to their local population. ainsley: i know. the fear is that they are going to move out. i know. >> they are. they won't be able to be competitive. ainsley: thank you both for being on with us. we appreciate it. the city council voted 8 to 0 for that issue. all right. congressman mark meadows caught off guard while he was on the phone and his smile is lighting up social media. carley shimkus has that and the day's other trending stories are next.
4:51 am
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♪ steve: fox and trends. this is hilarious. congressman mark meadows caught off guard in the hall yesterday while he was on the phone. with that little smile, it lit up social media. ainsley: here with more fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. carley: i couldn't stop laughing when i saw. this matt whitlock said this would be a perfect shot for a sitcom opening credits theme and then he made it happen. here is mark meadows the star of full house, family
4:55 am
matters and step-by-step. [laughter] ♪ everywhere you look ♪ heart ♪ ♪ the family ♪ step-by-step ♪ day by day ♪ steve: the first one was the best. carley: somebody else posted a tweet this is the look i give when i tell my wife i'm on a diet and she catches me ordering pizza. sorry. ainsley: so 80's. that's how all the sitcoms were. carley: too good. steve: out in the hall talking to somebody important, obviously. inside, it's interesting. the testimony of the two career diplomats, some say it was a little on the boring side to the point where we are talking about things near them.
4:56 am
carley: yeah. that's right. more questions than answers after yesterday's testimony. one thing is crystal clear. george kent samantha likes to stay hydrated because his giant blual jean bottle went so viral when i went on twitter yesterday. every other tweet was about people talking about this nalgene bottle. posting a link where people can buy it. also say on twitter making sure everybody knew they weren't sponsoring the impeachment hearings. could you imagine if these things could be sponsored? when people get bored they get stir crazy. ainsley: we weren't sponsors it but great choice. >> he is a man that has great taste. steve: and the bow tie. i liked the bow time on him. i think he has a good face for a bow tie. brian: he does. steve: good face for a bow tie. >> he has the face for a bow tie. ainsley: some people don't have a good face for a bow tie. is that what she is saying? brian: that's what she is saying. straight ahead kellyanne conway and jim jordan both
4:57 am
of them will be here next hour. look at them looking different directions. ainsley: no bow tie ♪ all fired up, fired up ♪ all fired up ♪ ♪ about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
4:58 am
. .
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5:00 am
♪ steve: democrats took their best shot yesterday, what did you think? we've been reading email all day long. live from new york city, "fox & friends" hour 3 from a very busy thursday. brian: one of first guests on fox and trends was pet benatar. we met her husband. ainsley: first round of impeachment hearings check, in the can, tomorrow could be emotional impactful. president trump vowing to release today to change gears a little bit. another call, a first call with
5:01 am
ukrainian's leader today. steve: that will be interesting to see. first day of public impeachment hearings on capitol hill the day after. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us from washington break it all down. reporter: let me break it down. five hours from testimony two key witnesses, ambassador bill taylor, george kent. testy at times. most notably this revelation from taylor about a phone call from president trump that was overheard. >> last friday a member of my staff told of events that occurred on july 26th. a member of my staff could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador sondland about the investigations. ambassador sondland told president trump the ukrainians were ready to move forward. ambassador sondland said president trump cares more about the investigations on biden which giuliani was pressing for. reporter: we will see what he said last week. he said that is the first he heard of it. blasting the hearing and
5:02 am
demanding the whistle-blower's identity. >> this is a sham and shouldn't be allowed it was a situation that was caused by people that shouldn't have allowed the to happen. i want to find out who is the whistleblower. reporter: chairman schiff vows to protect the identity as ranking member nunez goes on the offensive. >> i do not know the identity of the whistleblower and i'm determined to make sure that identity is protected. >> i like to congratulate you the star chamber in the basement of the capitol. the russia hoax has been ended and you've been cast in the low rent ukrainian sequel. reporter: marie yovanovitch is later today. hopefully we see the transcripts of the first call between the president and president zelensky. steve: interesting to see what she says tomorrow. she was let go months before the
5:03 am
phone call. kellyanne conway from the d.c. bureau. >> good morning. steve: what did we learn yesterday? >> we learned democrats have really no case against the president. this was a real court of law and not adam schiff's kangaroo court. objections would have been flying from any reasonable attorney to saying hey, we just discovered that a staffer of mine overheard a conversation, somebody else was having with the president in a restaurant. from a restaurant. this is not admissible in a court of law. i think that is why the president and people like senator lindsey graham chairman of the judiciary committee we want to know what the whistleblower said in the first place because we need to confront our accuser. if you were in a civil suit or criminal suit you would be able to confront your accuser and challenge evidence and present witnesses and challenge witnesses. here is what we learned. let's review. this will take less than a minute. ukraine got its aid. ukraine got $400 million of lethal aid from president
5:04 am
trump's administration. ukraine did not get that kind of aid from president obama's administration even though russia invaded crimea in 2014 on obama's watch. what we also know as of this morning overnight another minister in ukraine said there was no connection, there was no nexus made between vests and the aid. we know previously president zelensky said in front of the whole world at the united nations general assembly he felt no pressure. president trump said he put no pressure on them to do. so the people who are intimately involved in the transactions, for example, the two president of two countries and their top officials, their top diplomats say this is simply isn't true. ukraine has far more aid than ever had under president trump and far more aid from the united states of america as we sit here than it does from any other country. this is relevant because i think that, this entire inquiry is just a continuation of their russian investigation that went nowhere, the mueller report,
5:05 am
sequel, mueller himself stumbling and bumbling through the testimony. he was the original star witness of the summer that was supposed to undo the president. when you see deval duvall patris getting in the race. no one is asking for one more candidate and deval patrick to get in the race. they can't get him at the ballot box. they are trying to undo a democratically elected president three years ago and they're trying to initter fear, i said it interfere in the next election. brian: is the goal to avoid impeachment. is there offensive push from the white house, 31 voters that won trump districts in 2018 stop impeachment at house, or the goal to stop it in the senate and move on? what is the offensive game plan look like. >> the president is being treated unfairly. i think those 31 democrats who won in 2018 in districts trump
5:06 am
and pence carried in 2016 are watching this most closely. much more closely than the country is. you tune in, sound asleep, can follow he said/she saidhe said, he said. it is a bunch of "gossip girls." brian: you want to stop impeachment? >> well, what we want to do is, what we want to do is a couple things. one and most prominently is to make sure that those democrats, each of whom gets a vote understand they belong a party where the leadership that put the inquiry on the table like pelosi and hoyer and adam schiff, intel chairman, they represent safe districts. they don't represent districts that donald trump and mike pence won and will win again next year. when these people go home, they have to vase the voters in their own districts, not crazy left-wingnuts who want us to be a socialist country. they have to face their own voters, say to them hey what have you done for me lately? impeach the president.
5:07 am
where is the vote on usmca, where is rebalance reciprocal trade deals. where is the drug prices. where is the infrastructure plan that you can roll the tape see what they ran on. though 31 trump pens districts, i will get there impeach the president. who said that foul mouth, i told her five-year-old son, we will impeach the mfer. classily mom of the year. these were farmers, workers tax pacers, trade deals, one the economy coming along, love the deregulatory agenda, love the fact according to cdc, second consecutive year drug overdoses are down. thank you, president trump and melania trump for this. ainsley: democrats are shaking in their boots. >> ainsley you don't see them out on tv. you don't see them running to the cameras. you see. ainsley: deval patrick, how
5:08 am
worried are you he is the race? >> anytime a democrat comes into the race, michael bloomberg, democrat now or deval patrick, it shows you how chaotic an unsettled the democratic race is. not for lack of candidates. a dozen or so drop out, 17 or 18 remain. the problem is not enough people running for president, the problem is the other candidates are not getting a word in edgewise. they're completely crowded out by the impeachment inquiry. if i were them i would be mad at the leadership of democratic party. people are not paying attention. msnbc had a gun forum with the democratic candidates a few weeks ago? no one paid attention to that. that was fascinating because they're too busy getting the president, not getting the story. i think also democrats on capitol hill can't admit they can't beat donald trump fairly, squarely at ballot box, but what does deval patrick add to the race that others are not saying? we need a moderate in the race?
5:09 am
he is close personal friend of president obama, another slap toward's president obama's vice president joe biden. joe biden is seen at hunter biden's father than president obama's former vice president. steve: when he was running for president in 2012 he was attacked for super capitalist at bain capital. deval patrick was at bain capital. do you think he will get the same reception? >> not the same people that attacked mitt romney for that. it is a fascinating point, many people on wall street, democrats who supported hillary clinton coming forward, saying hold on, what is this left ward drift of the democratic party towards socialism away from our capitalist society? they're offering free stuff. we're offering freedom and free markets. it would be fascinating deval patrick, a corporate executive at bane capital comes in, folks we have to stop attacking wall street. we have to stop attacking wealth creation. we have to stop attacking
5:10 am
capitalism. we have to stop sliding towards socialism, green new deals, single payer health care that will not help 20 million americans after 10 years after obama-biden health care passed have no health care. see if he can compete on the debate stage. if he qualifies for debates. i tell my single friends, anything times zero is zero. their message is big zero. could you have 18 people, 8 people or one person giving us a zero message. it will still be zero. brian: we have only 20 seconds. president met with president erdogan. high-wire act, outlaw breaking away from nato, closer to russia. can you tell us the president made progress towards pushing them back into the nato orbit and s-400 defense missiles they game off their property? did the president make progress? >> president feels he did. it is important to meet with leaders around the globe, someone in nato like turkey, he
5:11 am
and president erdogan the fact they're dying these aircraft from russia and also discussed billions of dollars we have in defense equipment together. also what turkey has done to help defeat isis and save the lives of middle east. we need to continue to do that. meanwhile they're impeaching him. he is busy. busy doing all the thinks for america. thank you. brian: kellyanne, thanks. ainsley: jillian has more headlines. jillian: good morning. we begin with a fox news alert now. overnight gaza firing several rockets into israel breaking a cease-fire. coming just hours after gaza militants and israel agreed to end two days of intense fighting. cross-border violence escalating after israel killed a militant top commander. former u.s. ambassador jon huntsman is expected to announce he is running for governor of utah. sour tells fox news that he will make it official at southern
5:12 am
utah university. he served as governor 2004 to 2009 before being named ambassador to russia. the office will be up for grabs. incumbent gary herbert will not seek re-election. country music awards with glitz, glamour and lots of girl power. ♪ redneck woman jillian: carrie underwood co-hosting 12th cmas with music icons, dolly parton and reba mcintyre. >> started out tonight concentrating on women doing something special, powerful and beautiful. >> we're doing it for all the little girls watching tonight, dreaming of ruling the world of country music or maybe just ruling the world. [applause] jillian: garth brooks upset carrie underwood to take home entertainer of the year.
5:13 am
casey musgrave and maren morris grabbed entertainer of year. brian: they can get any table at any restaurant. straight ahead, congressman jim jordan tear into witnesses on impeachment hearings as special investigator. he joins us live next. steve: look who is in the green room. our old buddy cath lee gifford is here to sell us what she is ipup to. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money.
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♪ >> after you when on the call, didn't listen on in president trump's call and president zelensky call? >> i did not. >> never talked with the mulvaney. >> that's correct. >> had three meetings, two didn't come up. >> two they have never heard as far as i know? >> president zelensky never made announcement and this is what i can't believe. you're their star witness. ainsley: congressman jim jordan himmerring fill taylor, challenging his testimony and understanding of facts. steve: congressman jim jordan
5:18 am
recently moved over to intel committee for the impeachment hearings joins us from statuary haul. good morning. >> good morning, steve, ainsley, brian. steve: congressman, i don't know that democrats are good tv producers it was a tv show the stars of the show essentially didn't really know much first-hand knowledge about what happened. >> neither witness. these are the first two-star witnesses in the impeach peach sham process they have going neither one talked to president, neither talked to mayor giuliani and chief of staff mulvaney. guess what, the witness tomorrow never met with the president, never talked with the mayor giuliani or chief of staff mulvaney. this is how they start out. the american people can see the facts are on the president's side. they see this process is unfair from the get-go. ainsley: what did bill taylor's reaction indicate to you. he smiled after you said the key witness. seemed he was acknowledging that
5:19 am
can you believe that. >> he said he didn't even want to be the key witness. that is not the democrats plan. they made you the key witness, star witness in the very first hearing. he did meet with president zelensky three times between when the aid is released or when aid held and released 55 days. he met with president zelensky three times, never once was aid linked to president burisma or hunter biden or bidens themselves. never once it came up. the most important fact, president zelensky never made announcement or a tweet, saying he would hold a press conference to get the aid released. the aid was released because we became convinced president zelensky was a risk worth taking and true reformer. brian: castor sitting next to you that kent was concerned about hunter biden was on the board. he personally want the corruption out of the country on his own behalf, biden being on that was a problem.
5:20 am
why was that important for republicans to put forward? number one no one heard it. number two the president had every reason to be concerned about 2016. >> great point, brian. steve did a wonderful job yesterday. you're exactly right. secretary kent was so nervous about this perception of corruption when biden on the board of this company not just because he is the vice president's son but bus burstries ma had such a bad reputation. remember secretary kent even told usaid don't do a joint project for schoolkids, some essay contest i believe it was, don't this, this company's reputation is so bad. what do they do, they put hunter biden on the board. i thought it was great work by steve to bring that fact out yesterday. steve: ultimately the american public will decide whether the proceedings are fair. adam schiff came out with a list of three questions, republicans if you want to call any witnesses they have to meet these three things. well according to his own criteria the whistleblower should be there and devin nunez
5:21 am
yesterday mentioned alexander chalupa who gathered all sorts of dirt for democrats and hillary clinton in 2016. they both fit his metric. yet they are not being called. >> remember adam schiff has changed on this when this first started he said we need to hear from the whistleblower. the last seven weeks said we don't need to hear who the whistleblower. one thing changed in the time frames we learned adam schiff was not square with us when he said he hadn't talked with the whistleblower. he met with schiff's staff. i come back to 435 members of congress, only one, one knows who the whistle employer is and one had members of their staff meet with him. steve: he said he didn't know him. >> he had three positions. he said the whistleblower should testify, he should not testify and he doesn't know who he is? he has been all over the place on the whistleblower. we want the whistleblower to
5:22 am
testify hold up their right hand to see what biases they have. brian: you were sensational. see you friday. coming up next -- ainsley: our friend, kathie lee gifford. brian: around the bend. steve: hello there. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. make family-sized meals fast, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away.
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♪. brian: some quick 2020 headlines. joe biden releasing a one trillion dollar green infrastructure plan overnight. i will pay for it personally. he wants to make roads and bridges safer. always a good idea. build 5000 stations for electric cars. super wealthy and bib corporations will pay for the plan. someone tell them. senator bernie sanders and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez unveiling their green new housing deal today.
5:26 am
the overhaul includes carbon neutral housing with organic grocery stores and community gardens. estimate ad price of 119 to 170, that is a big dash, $172 billion. good luck guys. we will all have to pay for it ourselves. steve: meanwhile, tv show host, actress author, our next guest has done it all during a career expanded for decades. ainsley: despite leaving new york city she is not slowing down anytime soon. more on the new project, life in nashville, kathie lee gifford. >> great to see you guys. i thought you retired. no, honey, i refired. ainsley: awesome. how do you like nashville? >> i adore nashville. i'm on the outskirts of it. it is most fun place. there is culture of kindness down there, oh, my gosh, i'm loving it. brian: exactly like new york. >> so similar. my son lives in santa monica. he spent the night.
5:27 am
i slept all night long. no noise. no gunshots. no sirens. he goes, i woke up and i heard birds. ainsley: what are those, mom. >> it is beautiful. the people are lovely. steve: they're honoring you with you a lifetime a achievement award at orchestra. aren't you going to perform? >> pop symphony, my first ororio that i pretty god seize. the one i wrote with lee york. god on the other side. that was my first time directing. i did that in israel. all will be in israel. that was a joy. never too late. i've been in this business 55 years. i never directed. it was, i've got the bug now. brian: i have an idea. have burning hoop. have somebody else do it. >> light a fire in there. brian: don't you yell at me in
5:28 am
front of everybody. hallmark channel. >> you know, my friend who is here today, his beautiful wife, louise, written like nine or 10 books, got to do it like that. all about god winks stories. god wink is what some people say, well that is coincidence. when you're a person of faith, you believe in sovereign god there is no coincidence. there is no word in the hebrew for coincidence. they doesn't exist. god is sovereign or he is not. god wink when the divine and the human connect. brian: okay. >> it's a reminder god sees us. he loves the individual. he sees us and he is actively involved in our lives. so, we are taking these real life stories in all of these books, and making them into films for the hallmark movies and mysteries channel. ainsley: because of squire and louise, they coined the phrase god winks. >> it is in the dictionary.
5:29 am
ainsley: i remember him telling me a story he was supposed to be on oprah's show about god winks book, it was during 9/11. they canceled the show. he tried to get on every episode. she said sorry, we're booked solid. she was doing a tour of house, on her bedroom she saw the god wings book. they went to number unimmediately. >> hello, power of television. you can use it for good or for evil. steve: speaking of television, the movie will be on this weekend? >> sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. brian: you want to see a clip? >> do i have to okay? >> what a day you had, huh. flat tire, missed a rehearsal dinner. >> it was fine. actually, it was fun. >> really? >> it is not like that, i told you, you wouldn't even have met if i hadn't bailed out on the gala. this man happens to walk into the wrong party and then the two of you just happen to figure out
5:30 am
that you're going to the exact same place right here? steve: tell us about the character. you seem to have something going on with her? >> she real life lady named olga. she did pass recently. i'm sorry. i think she screening of the movie before the lord took her home. young girl, cindy busby. hallmark are geniuses. they know what america is missing out on wholesome, beautiful stories. the difference our movie, our movies are true. they really happened to real people. we're grateful hallmark came to understand there is a huge demographic out there not offended by faith. they embrace it. they are waiting for it. we were one of the highest rated, if not the highest rated on channel. hopefully, watch it, please. we'll make more of them. brian: when is it? >> i just told you.
5:31 am
it is sunday 9:00 p.m. brian: why are you yelling at me. >> you're adorable. brian: i keep saying most adorable. he is. quick question, are you drinking real wine on the show? >> my wine. gifft. available at fine liquor stores. ainsley: what don't you do? >> i don't sleep. i don't sleep. it is all great. god bless you guys. great to see you. brian: wrapping up her own segment. i got to go. ainsley: we're done? >> we're done. steve: ladies and gentlemen, kathie lee gifford. brian: that is unbelievable. she is from heaven from the producers. closed her own segment. steve: less than a year away from the 2020 election. internal polls show you good news for president trump and doom for democrats. bill bennett explains.
5:32 am
brian: here is miranda lambert performing something. ♪.
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
♪. >> this impeachment hearing today where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crimes where is the impeachable offense in that call? are either of you here today to assert there was impeachable offense in that call? shout it out. anyone? steve: nobody said anything. let's talk to bill bennett fox news contributor, former education secretary under president reagan. host of the wiseguys on "fox nation." newly-released one volume edition of america, the last best hope. bill, good to have you in d.c. >> yep.
5:36 am
steve: it was a pretty good point mr. radcliffe made. what is the impeachable offense? they got nothing. >> right. talk about all this, there will be more talk. sum it up in six words i think. no crime, what was impeachable offense. this is the difference between nixon, clinton and this one. no crime. no bipartisanship, and no drama. you know, if that was their opening stage, that was not much. but i mean the real point here is that this is a policy dispute and that became clear as the hearing went on. no serious crime. no bipartisanship. it fits exactly what hamilton warned about in the federal papers. don't have it just on party basis. the other two recent impeachments were not. this one is. it will not go anywhere. it will go on forever but not go anywhere. brian: concerns me senator cornyn said, are you going to stop the trial if it gets to the senate if the impeachment goes through?
5:37 am
right now we don't have 51 votes to stop it. i thought myself are some republicans waivering on the senate side outside of mitt romney? >> i don't know. maybe one or two. i don't think so. they shouldn't be based on what they heard yesterday. i would think reevaluation is required. by the way can i make a point? these guys talking about how worried they were about the loss of aid for these 55 days because no javelin missiles. did they write the obama administration where the javelin missiles? that went on for years. there was no help at all. ainsley: bill, there is nothing there though, right? >> that's right. ainsley: ukraine president is saying i'm not a victim. i never felt pressured. >> right. ainsley: we still got the money. i never gave him any information about, about joe biden's son. >> no. i'm closer to the president here. look they never disentangled kind of a technical point but it is important. they never disentangled the biden question from the whole question of corruption. president talking about corruption, 2016, the bidens like obama were all over foreign
5:38 am
policy. they were running it. and very well could have met all of that corruption in 2016. go ahead. steve: ultimately it is just a presentation. they're doing it in the big fancy room at ways and means because it looks better on television. ultimately they're trying to sway public opinion. and, bill, the public opinion is not going their way. ronna mcdaniel, the rnc chair tweeted tweeted this out day before yesterday about their internal polls. we've been polling our 2020 target states each week and since pelosi's charade started, president trump's approval is up. opposition to hearings among democrats is up six points. that is not good for them. biden's unfavorability is up 10 points. americans are not buying the attacks on the president. >> they're not buying attacks. they're not interested. this is a public event now. there is no burglary, no tapes,
5:39 am
no sex, no dress, no monica lewinsky, interest isn't there. most important there is no crime. the most important thing came out of that poll, conjunction with that poll number of democrats going to these trump rallies, 20%, 25%? that's really augers badly for the democrats seems to me. brian: when it comes to the state department versus the administration, not new to see some derision, brought up famously they tried to gut ronald reagan's speech, take down this wall, mr. gorbachev. you better not do it. >> sure. brian: hell to pay the crazy actor will get us into a world war. what happened? the wall came down. having friction, it is not donald trump centric. >> no, that's right. you know, at first we heard, well you know there is no deep state. now we're hearing thank god for the deep state. at least they admit it. when i was secretary of education we put out 130 political appointees. we called it fort reagan.
5:40 am
when we got to the hearings, why so many reagan people? we won the election. we won. we set policy. came as a shock to these guys. that is what policy is. steve: elections have consequence. >> yeah. ainsley: what do you think is happening at all universities? student president invites don, jr. they are trying to impeach the student body president. lara trump -- >> charlie kirk. ainsley: charlie kirk at umc, not umc -- north carolina state university. brian: okay. ainsley: and they were, all these guys come out and women and guys come out into the audience, trying to protest, the whole audience says usa, usa. you know what is happening, boston college, boston university with ben shapiro. >> boston university, yeah. i love shapiro. look at me. am i threat? am i striking fear to people's hearts? i think i am still the most
5:41 am
uninvited secretary of education to college campuses once i got into reagan administration. these places should be bastions of freedom of speech, free exchange of views and becoming worse repository of freedom. brian: where did it start? >> academic left. academic left recruited its own, built hegemony on the campuses. my my al matter, 98% vote for dukakis and bush. you better find these guys to get rid of them because they're poisoning kids mine. crazy, there is no point of view on the departments. i know this. i lived there. brian: one thing happening charlie kirk, white nationals showing up at the events claiming president is not to the right enough. talking about more white issues. this has to be stopped, correct? >> this whole business trying to link him is crazy.
5:42 am
goes back to charlottesville, total misunderstanding and misrepresentation of what the president said there. you know, charlie kirk and those kids are doing great work. i congratulate them. but think about whether you want to spend $250,000 for that tuition. there may abettor way to go with your money. steve: no kidding. bill bennett, wise guy, thank you very much. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: love that name. always cracks me up. 42 minutes after the top of the hour. a military k-9 helped take out leader of isis. how do the dogs get trained for battlefield next. look, this isn't my first rodeo...
5:43 am
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so you can... retire better. ♪'cause no matter how far away for you roam.♪ys.♪ ♪when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze.♪ ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪ the united states postal service goes the extra mile to bring your holidays home. jillian: good morning, back with some headlines now. an investigation underway after an american teacher is murdered in the dominican republic. police finding patricia hanson strangled with her hands and feet tied and several electronics missing from her
5:46 am
apartment. she was living in the dr working as a teacher. no suspects identified. bus driver is under arrest accused of ui crashing with 10 kids on board. surveillance video shows kids thrown from their seats. [bleep] [bleep]. i'm so sorry. jillian: deputies say no one was hurt when the bus ran off the road in oregon. jonathan gates is suspended and under investigation. it was his third day on the bus route. we told you about wild turkeys terrorizing neighborhoods in new jersey? guess what, the aggressive birds are getting evicted. >> they don't care. they are carefree. they're not afraid of us anymore. >> start acting like a turkey doing the -- jillian: good impression. the state will trap and relocate turkeys to unspecified location. a former mets player posted a
5:47 am
photo of turkeys surrounding his car. they are blamed for breaking windows and attacking people. my goodness. steve: who knew about the new jersey turkeyses. ainsley: thanksgiving something around the corner. brian: they know about it. last gasp. ainsley: i will clean out the neighborhood. steve: continuing in the animal kingdom, conan, military k-9 helped take out leader of isis. ainsley: we're looking at training the dogs undergo to combat terrorism. brian: grady trimble from sister network fox business is live in san antonio, texas, where the dogs learn to sniff out danger. grady. reporter: just about any dog in the military, any branch is trained here in san antonio. i have major matt here walk through as we see the action started. >> good morning, as we move through the building, classic building search, grady, we train at 341st training squadron, this dog is getting ready.
5:48 am
just like saw in baghdadi raid. they are integral part of our team. we train foundational training here at the unit. [shouting] reporter: there they go. >> that is part of performing. stay on the target until troops come in. our training stay on until the handler tells them otherwise. to control the situation. allow the rest of the team to filter in. reporter: why does the military use dogs as opposed to some sort of technology? >> this situation you wouldn't find a piece of technology to find and hold a suspect like you're seeing right now. from the detection side, we can't find a piece of equipment that can do that. reporter: dogs are trained to find targets but -- find bombs and other chemicals. we talked about that side of it as well? they save lives every day? >> right. they're trained on explosives
5:49 am
and narcotics. depends on the service needs. we train both at unit. finding explosives and saving lives. on drug side of it it is deterrent. reporter: 300 dogs are distributed to all branches of the military. >> that is the gateway to k-9. over 1100 dogs are housed here at between ourselves and transportation security administration. reporter: find the target. >> mission accomplished. steve: that was cool. thanks, grady. ten minutes before the top of the hour. the first public impeachment hearing day one over. there is still no word if we will hear from the whistleblower, will president trump get to face his accuser? discussion coming up next. brian: we check this with bill hemmer. i'm not sure steve wanted to. >> take the poll. brian: do you mind? ainsley: i definitely want to hear from you, bill. steve: indeed.
5:50 am
>> irappreciate that. breaking overnight. news overseas. middle east on the brink. take you there live. we'll take it to you in a moment. former ag jeff sessions wants his old job back as senator. he is our headliner. what changed after day one of hearings? another democrat gets ready to join the race. join sandra and me in minutes, top of the hour. three hour tour. see you then.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪. >> one member and their staff on this committee has direct knowledge much identity of whistleblower. >> while we find out details of contact between chairman schiff and the whistleblower? >> only chairman schiff knows who the whistleblower is.
5:54 am
we don't. >> my colleagues make the statement repeatedly that i met the whistleblower, i know the whistleblower. it was false first time they said it. false last time they say it. steve: sham investigation are what they are calling the case against president trump. they refuse to identify whistleblower or bring him in to testify. will president trump face his accuser. >> good morning. steve: steve president is accused crimes, under the constitution, the sixth amendment you get to face the accuser but not in adam schiff's courtroom? >> you don't, steve. this so offends notions of fundamental fairness. i find it interesting the democrats are trying so hard to protect a whistleblower. i put a 5-year-old little girl on witness stand, who had to sit 15 feet from the man who brutalized her. if she could do it, you would
5:55 am
think a adult member of the intelligence community with top secret security clearance could handle being in a courtroom or here in front of congress. steve: right. mr. schiff made it clear the whistleblower is not coming out of, you know into the public eye during his tenure as running this particular impeachment inquiry. you know, one of the things we did learn yesterday was two state department officials. they really don't like the way president trump is running foreign policy with the ukraine. we heard all about their feelings about that. >> well, you're right, steve. they were outraged. what the president is trying to do, they seemed outraged at his change in the foreign policy, taylor actually talked about longstanding foreign policy goals. well that is exactly what president trump pledged to do, change things, drain the swamp. you see swamp creatures, listen i'm not denigrating their service. they have served the country.
5:56 am
steve: they have. >> but they are perfectly illustrative of kind of bureaucrat that works in the state department for decades and substitutes their judgment for the president. steve: france seen, exit question. ultimately do you think the case democrats presented changed any minds yesterday? >> no, definitely not. it shouldn't, no. for sure. steve: that was simple. ultimately, you know, an assessment like that nancy pelosi would go, nope, this is not working, maybe we shouldn't have the vote, right? >> well you would think so, but i think what they're really trying to do with a narrative for the 2020 election. they will go forward with a vote i think. steve: thank you very much for joining us from l.a. today. >> thanks, steve. steve: we'll step aside. back with more "fox & friends" in two minutes.
5:57 am
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>> hate nebraska and texas if you would like to meet brian kilmeade go to in omaha tonight at 7:30 i will try to make sense until tomorrow afternoon. >> good morning everybody with some breaking news overnight him and hours old cease-fire already in jeopardy. hamas fired more rockets into israel, the attack coming at the yield of a deal two and 48 hours of the worst cross-border fighting we have seen a months, he live report me the israeli gaza border coming up inside of america's newsroom. first however crowded 2020 field for the democrats just got even bigger. and obama ally officially jumping into the presidential race, he is former massachusetts governor deval patrick making it all official. there is your wrist list on the screen. >> good morning everyone i am sandra smith. patrick announcing his bid


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