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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 14, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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p us pour the foundation too? i think you want the house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. i will see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." you can see from the screen, the president is about to rally his supporters tonight in louisiana, right across the river from shreveport. given what is going on in washington right now, the city the grip of hysteria, it's likely the president will have newsworthy things to say this evening. of course, we will be monitoring what he says and go there when he does. ain the meantime, though, the flow continues from the very first full day of impeachment hearings. what exactly have we learned? it depends on who you are. if you are, for example, a mid-level nonprofit executive from williamsburg, brooklyn, someone who announces your pronouns to strangers and regularly writes fervent letters to "the new yorker," your
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preconceptions were confirmed by what you saw. you hated donald trump when he woke up yesterday morning, and you hated him slightly more when you went to bed last night after watching 11 straight hours of wcnn. but if you are anyone else in america, a normal person, kids and a job in a marriage or care about, thea, hearings likely had no effect at all. you hear distant rumblings about ukraine, and ambassadors, and transcripts of phone calls! but you are not quite sure what it adds up to. you suspect politics, but people who run things hate trump excessively, and they are not hiding that people maybe they have good reasons for that. maybe they don't have good reasons for that. but there is an election just a year from now, and you can deciden then. for now, n you wish the buffoons on television would stop yapping about trump 24/7 and talk about something relevant to your life. but they won't stop, they are single-mindedly focused on despising it's weird and unhealthy. >> taylor can't handle hard
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questions thoughtfully, acted without animus, and were clearly driven by a sense of duty. taylor and kent should make us proud of the people who serve us in government. >> we saw two credible witnesses give sworn testimony -- patriots they are not never trumpers. they are telling it it is. >> tucker: you got that? so the people you are watching making slashing the partisan arguments to congress during the hearing don't come in fact, have "a dog in this fight." contrary to all appearances, these people are neutral,
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disinterested, as blind to partisanship -- trust us, say the news anchors, this is all totally on the level, as believable as jeffrey epstein's autopsy results. you'd have to be a total wacko to dump it. in fact, says chuck todd -- who by the way, jose tv show on sunday in washington. anyone who questions the official version of the stories has been brainwashed like an inmate in a north korean prison. chuck todd honestly feels sorry for people like that. >> conditioning 30 to 40% of the country to essentially, whatever you hear, it's not what you think. >> but we are living in a moment where we have a part of one of our major political parties that is just not accepting the premise, just not accepting facts that are facts. >> tucker: just not accepting facts that are facts! that's pretty funny. but it's not actually real.
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partisans on television, like that guy, say things like that, not to convince you -- that's not going to work -- they say things like that to reassure themselves that their ruse is working. and on some level, they know that you don't believe them, which is why they double the volume. but the adults in the conversation -- and by the way, there are some -- know the score. according to a cnn report this afternoon, top democrats secretly admits to one another that this isn't working. they are not going to get trump through impeachment hearings, not convincing voters of the president should be removed a year before the election. it has nothing to do with getting that done. they are impeaching trump for the benefit of the true believers who watch msnbc in prime time, who think chuck todd is a man. this is all a sham. it's a variety show, stage for the benefit of the party's donors and its activists. it's not actually going to move votes. and by the way, the sober democrats -- and there are some, there's a lot at stake here.
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not evan is a buffoon. there are smart ones in this game, and they know that. they also know that in the end, impeachment could wind up hurting them, hurting the democratic party, just like it hurt the republican party in 1998 when they impeached bill clinton. for much clearer reasons than they are impeaching donald trump. in fact, it likely will hurt the democrats, ministering to dawn on them now. and that realization is having an interesting effect, it always does. at the moment you realize you are not convincing anyone, the moment you get that your propaganda is impotent, you change. in this case, the establishment is doing less and less to conceal what they are really up to. here's one example. earlier this morning, "bloomberg news," named after the guy who is running for president, by the way, published this tweet, summarizing the first day of hearings. keep in mind, "bloomberg news" is a news operation, and we are quoting, "the first public impeachment hearing against donald trump laid out how a handful of loyalists led by rudy giuliani wrested control of u.s.
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policy from season to do diplomats." "wrested control of u.s. policy from season diplomats"? presumably in whose hands it should remain. consider that for a minute -- by the way, that the underlying assumption of all of the dumb people. chuck todd believes that as a matter of faith. but is there a clearer inversion of the constitution of the united states? hard to think of one. diplomats don't control foreign policy. they carry it out! who controls foreign policy? voters do. they control their country, in fact, through their elected officials. so it doesn't matter if every single bureaucrat in the state department disagreed with the president's policy on ukraine, or or whatever. russia or fill in the blanks. it doesn't matter. in their job is not to make policy but to affect it, to carry it out.
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they work for the president, all presidents, jimmy carter, ronald reagan, obama, whoever is elected next, they take orders from the elected person. because that person was elected, and they weren't. the president is only person in power with the executive branch, that's how it works. in washington, no one supports democracy. i buck sexton is the host of "the buck sexton show," and he joins us tonight. how do you like my favorite tweet ever on the internet? the problem is that trump and orhis minions were trying to wrt control of policy from the diplomats. >> it shows us what we have known all along, which is that this isn't about getting to the facts. this isn't about really eventh gathering evidence. it's about pushing a narrative, and it's a narrative that reminds everybody that the democratic party obviously wants to do anything to impeach this president and get rid of trump. it's a narrative that the crime
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he committed with the wrong that he did -- if it were serious, they wouldn't change when it was every week. next week, now they are saying bribery, extortion. for a while, it was campaign finance. >> tucker: why not cannibalism? why not just go there?no he is eating someone. >> i think there is a broader issue here. the media, by and large, has conditioned its audience to expect their watergate moment, and they'rege not going to back down from that. actually think a lot of the viewing public -- and i give cnn and msnbc viewers more credit than a lot of conservatives, that they can -- that they are smart enough to know this is actually a ruse. when nancy pelosi says this is a solemn day, and she's practically tearing up, because she is having her party lead and impeachment of a president based on nonsense, this is all theatrics. but as long as it is meant to get trump, they will be fine with anything. >> tucker: it's actually a kind of pornography, what they are doing is massaging the erogenous zones of their audience. they are not stupid. i used to work there, the viewers s are not stupid.
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but they hate trump so much that they want to hear that he is a very bad man, and he could be gone soon. oh, they love it. but it is fundamentally a lie. >> also, when you have no morey integrity to protect, as journalists, then you have a lou of latitude. this is actually going to get worse at this point. the fact that there are so many of them who are saying we should have no interest in the whistle-blower or his identity or his background, anything about him, but also praising these guys giving their family history h going back to bunker acting like they were hearing people playing flute and marching flags in the background -- it's utterly absurd, but that's what's the matter. by the way, one lesson through all of this has t to be, any tie the media tells you that a public official is beyond reproach, everyone at home should be very skeptical, whether it's mueller or weissmann or comey, or brandon, go down the list. the best of the best, smartest we have ever seen, and when they come out, they say and seeing
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things on, run to cnn and msnbc. then they move onto the next story line. >> tucker: any journalist who tells you you must trust -- i've never trusted a politician in my life and i never will. why would i? >> someone like adam schiff. does anyone really believe he dadoesn't know the whistle-blower's identity, tucker? journalists are like, if he says that, he must not. it's absurd. >> tucker: the great
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say, kellyanne does a terrific job shoving it back on wolf blitzer's throat there. you have to feel for her, because it is an extremely bizarre situation. you showed that clip of george conway yesterday, leaning like
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the leaning tower of peace that, as you said. was interesting to him is woeful quoted him supposedly because he is a serious legal scholar. that's not why he is on tv, he just goes on and talk about trump being a sociopath. and whether or not trump is a sociopath, the sad thing here as it is actually rather more sociopathic to be so obsessed with trump that you would actually go on msnbc -- and there he is! even if you're totally -- that guy, 25 years ago i told andrew lloyd webber to get rid of that haircut, i had no idea he would actually sell it to george conway. andrew can be vicious like that. but when you got that haircut, you should not be on television. >> tucker: but you know what is going on here, because you have in show business on television for so long. this is stunt casting.
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this is another example of television -- clearly there is something wrong. this is like a freak show. you shouldn't put him on tv. it's too ugly and weird and unfair. i don't know what's going on in the house -- i don't want to know, i'm not going to speculate -- but television producers are making it worse by putting this guy on the tube, i would say. >> it's actually cruel, and it actually speaks rather well for donald trump, whatever you think of the guy, that she's been there since day one. everybody else has come and gone. he's on his 27th national security advisor, or whatever it is, by now. she stuck by him and he stuck by her. even though this guy, who is just famous because he's mr. kellyanne conway, no one is interested in his legal scholarship, and wolf blitzer made him look -- made himself look utterly pathetic, sitting there, as kellyanne pushed back against him until some intern feeds into his ear, why don't
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you mention mary magdalene and carvalho, because they were a mismatched couple, too. they were a double act. that was show business. this is something -- as you say, they are just doing it because a couple of foggy bottom stiffs they put up yesterday didn't work, and every normal person just looks at them as a couple of dolts, and they are doing the freak show because it's better for them. >> tucker: because exploiting people is what the media are all about. i can say, having spent my life in it. [laughs] anyway, mark steyn, great to see you. you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: thank you. impeachment may not have just hurt democrats by boosting the president, but also directly hurt their own candidates. if the house and peaches trump, his trial will be held in the republican-controlled senate. that means mitch mcconnell could reschedule proceedings to cause maximum discomfort to the opposing party.
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and given the schedule of the primaries this winter, it could actually staying, and might possibly affect the outcome of those races. ned ryun, founder of america ned ryun, founder of american majority, joins us tonight to explain why. good to see you. i'm beginning to think -- i don't think it is just wishful thinking, i'm beginning to think this was a massive tactical error on the part of the democrats. tell us how it could play out in the senate for them? >> no, i absolutely agree with you, tucker. they've been wanting this had been pushing this, in many ways, they brought this upon themselves, and i'm not sure the know what they got themselves into. more of an airing of grievances by from the self-important bureaucrats, but if there is an impeachment vote -- and i'm not sure there is, with what we sawo yesterday, if the democrats will have the votes. but if it goes to the senate, i think mitch mcconnell could wreck a lot of havoc on the democratic 2020 presidential campaign. he could make it go as long as he wants to pick i don't think there will be a dismissal vote.
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i talked to senate offices today, there's not enough of them, swing state or republicans in 2020 are not going to vote for a quick dismissal, they are likely to have a two-week trial, so mitch mcconnell might as well stretch it all the way to february 3rd, the iowa caucus, of the senators off the campaign trail, bring them back to d.c., blow up the campaign schedules and campaign fund-raising. wreak havoc on them. the thing people have to understand, too, tucker, thesi senate can compel witnesses, so i'd love to see this before defense team -- if this goes to trial -- bring in everyone, comey, clapper, brennan, hillary, the witnesses schiff blocked. show it on national tv, but most importantly, give a fair trial of trump and give him the due process he has been denied the last several years. >> tucker: interesting to see if the republican senate is capable of that. they would have to want to stand up for themselves. but maybe they've changed. i don't know. we'll see. go ahead. >> it concerns me a little bit. i don't trust of the pierre
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delectos in the senate, but mitch mcconnell has two goals: he wants to be the longest-serving majority leader in senate history, meaning has to win next fall and keep the majority, and he wants to reshape the federal judiciary. the only guy giving him the judges he really, really wants, donald trump. he wants trump to get through this because he needs them to keep the majority. >> tucker: i think it's a very fair point. ned ryun, good to see you tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: there's a lot a lot going on, but we want to note an anniversary for the three years ago tonight, november 14, 2016, virt show launched. donald trump had been elected just days before, the most unlikely president in american history. we didn'tt know what was going o happen, but it was clear that that would be over democracy. would the people who held power renegotiate after the election outcome they didn't like? >> what is the show going to be about? you can judge for yourself, but here's the basic theme of that. people in power tend to like it or not that they want to, but because they can't help themselves. nature.uman
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the more power people have, the more to misuse it. the press is supposed to watch it, and it works fine for al couple of centuries, then they went with certain politicians, and it fell apart. get back to basics, hold the powerful accountable, pierce pomposity, translate doublespeak, mock smugness, and barbecue nonsense every night. hope you watch. >> tucker: people in power tend to live. we will save that tape, it will be fresh and true ten years from now. in fact, it will always be true. human nature doesn't change. we have been honored to cover that unchanging story for fox here. what a great and fascinating time that has been, thanks for hanging in there with us through itha all. if it weren't for you, we would be long gone, trust me. you want to thank fox and the murdoch family for the unwavering support of this show day after day. god bless them. when we come back, a lot more -- millions of people, including medical experts and members of congress tell the story of jeffrey epstein's death. there are questions. so why is the left calling this
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people fascists and demanding a cover-up? what is that about? and with impeachment taking up every hour of television coverage, do you remember anything else from this past week? play along with jesse watters and katie pavlich in "final exam." and the president's rallying in louisiana, hear what he has to say just next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: it's been three months since jeffrey epstein was found dead in his jail cell in manhattan. how exactly did he die? the autopsy says he killed
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himself, but more and more people doubt the official story. so many that it's becoming almost a trend, nationally, and even a member of congress has raised doubts in the most amusing possible way. cheap breaking news correspondent trace gallagher frames the story christ and tonight. hate, trace. >> hey, tucker. attorney general bill barr says it raisesak g serious questionsn both the fbi and doj inspector general would investigate the unusual circumstances. now, three months later, we just contactedd the doj and fbi, and there is no investigation update, and no comment. but epstein's brother mark is speaking out, telling the "miami herald" that his brother was innocent and did not commit suicide, quoting here, "i could see if he got a life sentence. i could then see them taking himself out, but he had a bail hearing coming up." mark epstein went on to reinvigorate the suicide/murder debate, saying "jeffrey knew a lot of stuff about a lot of people." the brother also said it was
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inappropriate for him to have sex with 18-year-olds, but not illegal. he doesn't remember pleading guilty in 2008 to having sex with a minor. and if you haven't noticed, the "epstein didn't kill himself" meme, showing up in the background of the football game, a basketball game, and beer cans in a brewery. now getting on the meme stream, yesterday in a live impeachment inquiry, the congressmen sent out a series of tweets commenting about the hearing, and it wasn't long before the twitter-sphere noticed the first letter of each tweet spelled "epstein didn't kill himself." adding a bit more you will to be conspiracy fire, he sent out another series of tweets that spelled out "area 51". tucker? >> tucker: things we laugh about, but turns out maybe they are real.
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great to see you tonight. congressman gosar, we are proud to say, joins us on the set tonight. you sent out 23 tweets in a row spelling in a code, the first a letter of tweet, spells out "epstein didn't kill himself" people and made my day, personally. tell me what you did that. >> we wanted a different delivery mechanism, and to a group of people that might not be following what is going on with the impeachment inquiry oft the and itng got the results that we wanted. it has now hit over 15 million look at hats and has been passed on around the world and is now global. >> tucker: why, as a member of congress, did you think that was worth commenting upon? >> we have to include t people o find out how big of a hoax we are actually seeing right now, the democrats but the president of the united states through. he did nothing wrong, and we were very pointed. our 23 tweets itemized each different instance of facts, why he is not guilty. so what this basically did is it showed "area 51," and now this
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meme, "epstein didn't kill himself," goes around the world, and people identify with it. now it shows how big a hoax we are actually seeing with the impeachment inquiry. >> tucker: heating jeffrey epstein did kill himself? >> i think there's a lot of things there that don't make sense. i will leave that up to -- >> tucker: that's fine, i guess the answer iske we don't know. but why do you think it is that some of our betters, the people in charge, the smart kids, are demanding that we believe he killed himself? why is it important for people to stop the questions you are asking? >> i've never been one that likes to be told what to think, so from that standpoint, when people tell me i have to think some way, it's usually the >> iopposite, and so inquiring s want to know, it will be put into right context, get a whole lot more people included into it. people from cabdrivers to people that work on the hill, to everyday people back home, they
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say, yep, signoff, epstein didn't kill himself. >> tucker: i love it. it certainly woke some of us up. it was great. congressman, keep joining us tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: somehow, the only people who aren't curious about jeffrey epstein's death appear to be members of the press. over at "the nation," maybe the single dumbest person in the press corps tweeted that epstein's skeptics were being recruited by "fascists!" you are a fascist if you have questions. stop asking questions, said the reporter. other publications dismissed questions of his death as a conspiracy theory, but it isn't just cranks and people in tinfoil hats asking honest questions about jeffrey epstein. plenty of physicians, forr themselves, have question the official version given in the autopsy. sometimes they even asked those
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questions on this program. >> the breaking of a hyoid bone, and i've tried strangulation cases, that's classic in a strangulation, not in a hanging. there's a rush, i don't know if it is to shut it down, but it makes no sense to me as a prosecutor. >> tucker: and not that long after that, dr. michael baden, the famous pathologist, revealed an independent autopsy review, which added to those theories, and bolstered those questions. watch. >> i think the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide. >> why? >> because there are multiple -- three fractures in the hyoid bone, the thyroid cartilage, that are very unusual for suicide. >> the breaking of a hyoid -- >> tucker: dr. marc siegel is the man we go to to get our medicalr: questions answered, a fox medical contributor. he has helped us understand the story from the beginning. hi, doctor. you believe in science, you are a physician, researcher, a man of science. doesn't make you nervous when people say, you know, don't ask too many questions. this is settled, we don't want
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to hear your questions. >> the first thing that comes to my mind, what might they be hiding? what might they not want to release because they don't know the public reaction is going to be? i, as a scientist and a physician, want the public toci know, i want the brother to know,en but i want the public to know what is going on here. why, as dr. baden said, thethut three fractures that occurred in the neck, much more common in a homicide, rather than a sheet hanging off a bunk bed where you have to be contorted at a strange angle. what about the hemorrhages that dr. baden, who observed the autopsy, found in his eyes? what about the marks that were found on the next? what does all ofof that me and? did two guards fall asleep simultaneously, and he is left unobserved or two hours? we are supposed to believe that. what about the video cameras being turned off miraculously? and one more thing that no oneed has ever said on this show before, how come the person who did the autopsy -- and at first did not have a ruling of suicide -- is not the one who
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issued the report? her boss issued the report and called it a suicide a few days later. what changed? what's the information we don't know? i want all of this information released. the bureau of prisons next week is going to be testifying in front of the senate judiciary committee,fy i want them to be grilled on this. what information hasn't been released here? >> tucker: we shouldn't sweep it under the rug. i never ask you political questions because i don't think of you as a political man, but what a shame this is becoming a political issue. why is only fox news and askingg these questions? why is the left telling us to shut up and not question the ruling class? >> especially in a situation like this when there's been one suicide in prison in 40 years, and they occur for predators regularly, and his cellmate had murdered three or four other people, whisked out of the room -- all of these facts, as you have said, belong on a "colombo" episode. how could this be swept under
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the rug? why would someone have a political agenda here? the public wants to know what the truth, what really happened here? >> tucker: they are telling us you are a fascist if you have questions. r good to see you, dr. siegel. less than three months from the iowa caucuses, and somehow pete buttigieg is in the lead -- really? seriously, l for the first time, who exactly is this guy? he is the mayor of south bend? where is south bend? what do they do there? can he really be president? our investigation next year also, jesse watters and katie pavlich face off in an epic "final exam." plus, monitoring the president's rally in louisiana. more breaking news, we will be back. ♪
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. the president of the united states taking the stage inin louisiana. across the red river. a make america great again rally peak of these rallies are more frequent, so we are monitoring them for good news is often
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made, and we will bring you in when it is. play it back to you the second it happens. but first, joe biden's presidential campaign appearing to be in a free fall, superficiallyth moderate wing of the democratic party has a new favorite, mayor pete buttigieg. the most recent poll of iowa democrats shows buttigieg leading by 3% in the state. so he could be the nominee -- at leastt theoretically. so maybe it's time for us to take pete buttigieg seriously. who is this guy? he's running on an executive experience as the mayor of south bend, indiana. what exactly does that mean? well, as buttigieg campaign, his city is expensing epidemic of violent crime, assaults have tripled since when he took office because he response with that? what kind of place is that? what kind of mayor is he? tony katz, thanks so much for joining us tonight. what kind of mayort has he been of south bend, indiana? >> with all of these things, you've got a mixed bag conversation.
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he likes to point to, for example, unemployment going down in south bend, but unemployment went down acrosso, f indiana, ie eight years that he was mayor. there is nothing given to the fact the started with the current president of purdue university, one of the great executives in american state history. the current governor eric holcomb, who has been maintaining this pro-business kind of growth, and there was a guy in the middle by the name of mike pence, i don't know if you know the name or not, who absolutely was part of this growth. some of the policies he put together are the policies that pete buttigieg was able to utilize toic bring down unemployment in south bend, because it was happening in indiana. >> tucker: so, in the actual city of south bend, though, violence seems like -- and violent crimes -- seem like they are rising pretty dramatically.o >> yeah, and this is a very, very interesting story. you take a look at murder rates, 2019, that is down. even in my beloved indianapolis,
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the murder rate seems toha be le it's going to be less than it was last year, but going up for eight years in a row, and it was going up, of course, in south bend. but the other crimes you are talking about -- and you are referencing their -- those are ougoing up. great article from "the washington free beacon" on this exact subject. if you're going to point to, hey, look, i'm the mayor who reduced crime, well, you don't actually have the whole story on pete buttigieg, because these other crimes have gone up, and if you want credit for the lower murder rate, it's not the whole story. >> tucker: by the way, i think he was elected with fewer than 10,000 votes. can that be true? >> i trust you on that one. but understand this is a city that also elected his deputy, his chief of staff, to replace him. so they went along with this. the story of pete buttigieg and the questions you're asking is the right question, which is about executive experience. does pete buttigieg, is he a leader or a manager who took
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advantage of other situations and other things happening around him? the leadershipth question came into question with the shooting of eric logan by sergeant o'neill, who had to resign from the forest. -- the force. the way pete buttigieg handled that was abysmal, and everybody knows that. harvey mills, with the police, has no faith in pete buttigieg pick of the leadership question -- which is the executive question -- one has to wonder whether he has that kind nof ability, not to just push a policy or idea or get people to follow. >> tucker: when he really is as a mckinsey consultant. >> he doesn't like to talk about that. >> tucker: i know he doesn't, but i do. tony, great to see you tonight. if buttigieg doesn't work out, democrats have another option if they want a hedge fund guy as president. former massachusetts governor to deval patrick has joined the race. this will force wall street democrats to choose mckinsey
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or bain capital. can you believe it? a democrat! howie carr, author of "what really happened," he joins us tonight. i was talking to one of my producers before the show tonight, he said this guy works at bain capital. it can't really be true that democrats, after attacking mitt romney for his work at bain capital would seriously consider nominating a guy who works at bain capital. >> could the headline be a venture capitalist enters the race for president? that's what they called mitt romney, when mitt romney -- >> tucker: correctly. >> first against ted kennedy, then against barack obama. they said basically kill the women in indiana, they had canceled their insurance, but half of the state of indiana out of work by closing factories. so then deval patrick leaves as
9:42 pm
governor, and bain capital says, i guess we can immunize ourselves against media persecution, so they hired deval patrick, the first black governor of massachusetts, to work for them.ev they set up one of these green investment funds, and sure enough, they've been immune from any kind of criticism for theur last three or four years. but now he is in the race. >> tucker: can i just ask you -- i wish we had more time on this, and i don't think he is going to be a real candidate, but how can you -- if you are in the democratic party, how can you with a straight face even consider nominating a finance guy like this? or michael bloomberg, s tom steyer? arerg they for real? to the democrats believe anything at this point, do you think? >> i know bernie sanders is going to say, he's a part of the billionaire class. that's the way it's going to go.
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but ihe think the only thing del patrick has going for him as he is going to claim he is a friend, the best friend, or the good friend of barack obama. but i can't imagine barack obama isa. going to officially endorse him, and how much is barack obama's endorsement worth, anyway? it didn't help hillary, did it? >> tucker:t no, it really didn't. his vice president is running, and it looks like he's losing. i agree completely. howie carr, great to see you tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: as we monitor the president's speech in louisiana, it's time for "final exam." impeachment is dominating your television sets, but if you are able to remember other stories, you may win tonight. look at that, katie pavlich versus jesse watters. if the president says anything newsworthy, you will hear it here first. ♪ l
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the president speaking outside shreveport, talking but adam schiff and impeachment. we want to dip into this. >> president trump: i said, i'veve got to release the real call. d,so they had transcribers, the call is perfect, and we released it. and that was the beginning of the end for them. they are a disgrace. now, now. [applause] honestly, they hurt our country incredibly badly. because i don't like releasing calls with other presidents and prime ministers. you don't like to do that. you don't want to do that. but you had to, because he totally fabricated -- he made up my conversation.bu he's a thief. he's a crook. and you know what? he's aef corrupt politician, and frankly, he should be prosecuted. the only problem is, he has immunity because he is a congressman, and he made the statement in the halls of congress.
9:49 pm
he made the statement -- he made the statement while in that great, beautiful building, so therefore he has immunity. he can be crooked as hell, and in the meantime, they gave the republicans -- who by the way, have really stuck together. it's a beautiful thing to see. [applause] so we don't have rights to lawyers. we don't have rights to anything. we don't't have rights -- it's e most incredible thing. but you know what? by them being so ridiculous, people see, we've been taken away -- our due process has been taken away, but here's what we have. we have the truth, the fact that everything is absolutely perfect, perfect. [applause] and based on the poll numbers, and other numbers, but based on the poll numbers, the people of this country aren't buying it. you see it, because we are going up, and they are going down. let's keepoi it going for a whi. let's keep it going for a while. [applause]
9:50 pm
i mean, i have one problem. i have one problem. and it has been very hard on my family. whoever heard of, impeachment, to me, is a dirty word. it's been very unfair, very hard on my family. me, it's crazy. what i life i lead. you think this is fun, don't you? but it's been very hard on my family. svery, very hard. but i will tell you what i found, the republicans, they stick together. i mean, they have really stuck -- but you know what they are doing now? the republicans are coming -- sir, our poll numbers are going through the roof, can we keep this going? and i said, do me a favor, let's keep it going. it's so great, we never had a time like this. i got a call from the evangelical leaders the other day. a whole lot of them. they said the church has never been more energized as it is right now, because of what they are trying to do to our president.
9:51 pm
ever. so we have a great group of republicans, but i said, you know fellows, but they actually said, let's keep this sucker going for a while, mr. president. i said, i don't know, something nice about ending it. dirty stuff. let me say, with this from the ukrainian -- right here, the ukrainian president, and the ukrainian prime minister, this is the whole ball game. so in theory, they should end it tonight, but they won't. they will find something. they will find something. these are very dishonest people. democrats are trying to overthrow the last election because they know they are not going to win the next election. that's all it is. [applause] and never forget, the democrats -- [chanting "four more years"]
9:52 pm
the democrats in washington are trying to stop me because i am fighting for you. i'm fighting for you. they are attacking -- that's what he said, they don't care about us. who said that? raise your hand. that's right, they don't care. and they don't care about african-americans. they talk. they work for the african-americans very hard to months before an election, then people don't hear from them anymore. and remember what i said, what the hell do you have to lose? remember that? they said that, they saw that, and you know what happened, we have the s best employment numbs and the best unemployment numbers in the history of our country. [applause] record.
9:53 pm
and they are attacking me, and they are attacking the republican party, really. it's an attack on the whole party. because i'm taking on the broken establishment and restoring government's loyalty to the people. if you want to see what corruption looks like, just watch the video of sleepy joe, and watch him as he brags about withholding a billion dollars in aid money to ukraine, until ukraine fires the prosecutors, gets rid of the prosecutor that's been going after his son, and his son's company inin ukraine. his son got millions of dollars from a company. see how much he made before the father was vice president. so no experience, no nothing, billions of dollars. paid approximately $168,000 a month, plus millions of dollars
9:54 pm
with no experience. would anybody here take that job? i think so. i think so. i think i might take that job, okay? that's a good job. and then hunter flew to china. we are making a great deal with china. or taking in billions in tariffs, i can live either way. they want to make the deal much more than i do. but he flew to china with his father on air force two, which is a slightly smaller version of air force one. and while the vice president was going soft on china, his son picks upup $1.5 billion for his stupid fund that he never did before. [boos] meaning he could make tens of millions of dollars a year. and i was with the top wall street people the other day -- they love us, because we are setting records every week, virtually. p
9:55 pm
which, by the way, means companies coming in, and jobs, jobs, jobs. that's what it's about. but i was with the top guys, these are guys that do this for a living, and i said, can you go into china and pick up $1.5 billion in 10 minutes? they said impossible. i said, well, supposing you guys, could they do it? can't do it, can't do it. but a guy with no expanse can do it. and the fake news doesn't even want to write about it.bu but it will become a major campaign issue. it will become -- it will become a major campaign issue. americans deserve -- assuming he wins, which i hope he does. i mean, the only problem is, wee will have the lowest ratings in the history of the base, because he is a very sleepy person. he's exhausted. joe is exhausted. tired. americans deserve to know the
9:56 pm
truth. but the fake news media, they are covering it up like they have never covered it up before. ever, in the history of our country. [boos] in fact, i saw a report today, we kill al baghdadi, the worst terrorist, founder of isis, building a new isis, we were the oneses that took 100% of the caliphate. when i took it over, isis was all over the place, and we defeated 100% of the caliphate, right? [applause] when we took down al baghdadi two weeks ago, they said president trump, out of the stories written, had 64% bad publicity. how do you get bad publicity? not only that, we killed him. we didn't lose one of our 68 incredibly talented soldiers. [applause]
9:57 pm
>> tucker: the president of the united states live at a rally inin louisiana. we will continue to monitor that. but we didn't want you to miss something the president said right before we went to him live. we were at a commercial break. and president trump directly addressed yesterday's impeachment hearings, and it was interesting. here's what he said. >> president trump: once again, there lies will be exposed, just like the last time.: [applause]e] their schemes are already unraveling. you saw yesterday, about when they ask these two never trumpers, what exactly do you think you will impeach him for? acand they stood there and went, like, what? but they are unraveling, and their sinister plans will fail. they have already failed, as far as i'm concerned. [applause]
9:58 pm
so, as i'm getting out of that beautiful air place, air force one, it is a beautiful plane. this just came out. big story. new remarks on top ukrainian official damages democrats' impeachment narrative. [applause] just came out. i only read it because they don't like to report stories like this. >> tucker: we will get back to the president live, but first, a quick reaction from mark steyn, who is still standing by. mark, what do you think?li >> well, i think you have to be pretty resilient to stand there and do impeachment shtick, and he is doing that because hes knows this is going down. for the democrats. he said the republicans are sticking together. i hope that is true, because i could see situations, if this thing ever went to the senate,
9:59 pm
where some virtue signaling nincompoop like mitt romney would actually vote to convict and remove him. but the president actually, in this circumstance, is standing there and saying, go on, bring it on, even if you did that, i still run this next november, and i'd win next november. and actually, he is inspirational to a fainthearted republican party. this is the way to do it. this is why people voted for him, because the base wants a candidate who pushes back. >> tucker: i'm starting to think he's going to win. i've gone back and forth, but it's starting to look that way, i think. mark steyn, thank you so much. >> they are not going to win because of adam schiff, the democrats won't win with adam schiff, tucker.ff >> tucker: that's totally true. mark steyn, thank you. by the way, we had to slide "final exam" to tomorrow. jesse watters and katie pavlich, worth watching.e sean hannity is next, as the president finishes up this hour for us. have a great night.
10:00 pm
[cheers and applause] >> president trump: he made a lot of her decisions and he did not win. we brought him up a lot. the rest of kentucky, i will what, they had recor record -- >> sean: this is a fox news alert. tonight the president holding a massive rally in louisiana. lo november 16th, that state will hold an important race for governor. right now the president isis talking just about that. we're going to continue to monitor his remarks throughout the night. we will be dipping in whene the president addresses the circus on capitol hill. he already has once. we have a ton of breaking news and big developments. we will be covering throughoutig this night. now, first up, the massive breaking news only moments ago, reuters is now reporting according to a brand new report, ukraine's foreign minister has just confirmed that the u.s. ambassador, gordon sondland, did not link, absolutely did not


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