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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 15, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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chauffeur board club hanging billy bass fish on the wall and you can see they all sing popular music in unison. there is that. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> the absolutely crazed lunatic, the democrats radical left, pushing the deranged impeachment witchhunt. we did nothing wrong and they are doing nothing. rob: democrats using impeachment to remove the president from office. now the president is using it to try to turn the tables. jillian: the fiery rally cry ahead of the public hearing. isis issue in a chilling new call to arms. rob: their plot to use the power of the press to try to assassinate world leaders.
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>> we find in america we love like the racist jokes. rob: willing disgraced? shannon: the latest jabber the president's supporters, "fox and friends first" now. ♪ jillian: it is friday. we made it. a crazy week. i feel we say that every week. good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first" this friday. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. presidential rally of support
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for any wristone. >> i'm thrilled to be back in the bio state which balances hard-working american citizens who believe in god, family and country. to send a message to the corrupt democrats in washington, you got to vote on saturday. jillian: todd pyro joins us with the night's biggest moments. >> reporter: good morning. as you might expect, the goal of a rally yesterday, the stated goal was system for any riskone. for the crowd fervent trump supporters in on a day of impeachment hearings and you get this. >> first it was the russia hoax, then it was the mueller witchhunt. the absolutely crazed lunatics, pushing the deranged impeachment witchhunt.
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we did nothing wrong and they are doing nothing. >> reporter: that line of the night a clear dig at the failure of the democratic controlled house to pass significant legislation while focusing instead on impeachment. one congressman in particular feeling the president's rat has always come in and helping to leave the impeachment inquiry, adam schiff. >> adam schiff made up my statement. it was horrible what he said. he is a thief, he is a crook, he is a corrupt politician and frankly he should be prosecuted. >> reporter: donald trump did get to eddie rispone hoping to flip the governor see red. what polls say the neck and neck race with incumbent democrat john bell edwards. >> you have a chance to elect a true louisiana champion, eddie rispone, a real success. got to get out, got to get out.
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profamily, pro-life, pro-second amendment and 100% pro-america. >> reporter: election day in the wheezy and is tomorrow, saturday. speaking of 100% pro-american check out this room behind me, so much americana, so many good things we are going to talk to folks in the air and throughout café usa all morning long on "fox and friends" when we do breakfast with friends, talking about the rally and impeachment. rob: as the president slammed the impeachment inquiry hearing center a second day. in just hours for ukrainian ambassador marie yavanovitch will take a stand on capitol hill. jillian: griff jenkins is in the office building with a preview. >> reporter: day 2, history in the making, former ukraine
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ambassador yavanovitch recall from her post by donald trump. we expect based on close door deposition she felt threatened by donald trump and she believed the president's former personal attorney rudy giuliani was running a smear campaign against her. fox news learned she was emotional during her close door deposition, democrats may be hoping to see some of that emotion today in the public hearing. they will gavel in at 9:00 today, an opening statement, swearingen and on wednesday the majority for 45 minutes for extensive question, the minority will have 45 minutes, into the 5-minute round. 9 republicans on this committee. meanwhile nancy pelosi is calling what donald trump did bribery and comparing it to watergate. >> the bride is to grant or withhold military assistance in return for a public statement of a fake investigation into
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elections. the cover of makes what nixon did look almost small. >> reporter: republicans pushing back, kevin mccarthy saying chairmanships -- chairman adam schiff is lying about the whistleblower. >> adam schiff has lied numerous times. i do not think adam schiff is fit to be in this position running the intel committee and it is decision by one person. i believe adam schiff spent his entire time in congress trying to impeach him. >> reporter: there is a close door deposition. david holmes, ambassador taylor on wednesday, taylor saying overheard a conversation between ambassador sondland and donald trump that the president wanted the investigation but next week we have eight more open public hearings coming so we are just
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getting to the second phase. a long way to go. rob: really expected to go after yavanovitch. thank you so much. jillian: turning heads and wednesday's hearing for demanding fairness from adam schiff. rob: republicans are heading into today's testimony with a different game plan and then democrats. >> we are focused on the facts. we saw earlier this week the democrats two star witnesses had no direct knowledge. they were giving instances of hearsay, third, fourth and fifth hand hearsay. this is a serious process and the american public was watching riveted, waiting for a silver bullet and they didn't have that. i do not believe the president committed impeachable offenses and the democrats have not shown the president committed impeachable offenses. we are leading on substance and facts.
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jillian: marie yavanovitch was sworn in during the obama administration in august 2016. rob: scary story, isis wants loan will terrorists to pose as journalists to assassinate world leaders. according to the daily mail the terror group without a guide with instructions including disguising explosives as a camera. the group believes this propaganda picture showing a terrorist standing over an image of donald trump, this having weeks after the group's leader, abu bakr al-baghdadi, was killed. israel is launching a series of radon targets linked to islamic jihadists. in gaza the israeli military says the strikes were in response to rockets being launched from gaza right after a cease-fire had been broken. israeli defense forces releasing video showing those rockets being intercepted. the new strikes creating uncertainty whether this deal that was made earlier this week
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will hold. i think it is safe to say it is not going to hold, 30 people have been killed so far. jillian: we are detained after an american teacher killed in the dominican republic. one suspect, at the apartment complex, found strangled and tied up two days after moving to a new home. a former coworker said she made a big impact on her students lives. >> when you look back at your use and think of one teacher that impacted your life i imagine so many of them will say that is her. shannon: investigators think she may have been killed during a burglary. a devastated community gathers for a vigil hours after a deadly high school shooting. a teenager is accused of killing two people and injuring three more on his birthday, the shooting lasting just 16 seconds in southern california. >> this happened in my community. >> why did this happen here?
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>> i don't know why he would do this. jillian: the 60-year-old suspect shot himself in the head it is hospitalized in critical condition with a motive is unknown. class is canceled today. rob: senator ben sass demanding answers about the death of jeffrey epstein. in a letter to the bureau of prisons director, the head of the senate hearing next week, writing to pretend this issue won't be a significant focus of attention it is hearing is naïve to the point of being laughable. there may be particular details you cannot answer, deflecting difficult questions won't cut it. epstein found dead in his new york city jail cell while awaiting charges on sex trafficking charges. everyone is talking about it. jillian: the austin city council voting to buy a hotel for the homeless. it will cost $8 million to purchase and renovate the building.
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governor greg abbott took action against the growing homeless problem last month, ordering the agencies, 10ths under overpasses. rob: we are going to go to janice dean. a number of people sleeping on the sidewalk down the street for an unnamed show we won't discussed. they've been there for a number of days. another network is having something, all on 48th st.. >> did they say hi to you? rob: they were covered in bundles. >> better for those waiting outside because temperatures are in the 30s, better than it was two days ago. here is the past 24 hours, fairly quiet but we do have a coastal low that will be developing across the southeast towards the northeast, the worst of it should remain offshore. the mid-atlantic region, north carolina, coastal areas of north carolina need to watch for this.
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we will see beach erosion, storm surge but the bulk of it will remain offshore as it comes towards the northeast. it will be too warm for any snow but we have to watch these coastal lows. we have potential for snow. not now. there you go but it is not a hurricane. happy friday. jillian: 12 minutes after the hour and we are a few hours from day 2 of impeachment hearings. i voters turned off? our next guest says americans are seeing through the democrats political game, trump 2020 principal deputy communications director joins us live next. >> this lawyer's star rose while ripping stormy daniels and fell after he was accused of trying to extort millions from nike in 2019.
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it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that. jillian: donald trump rally in a crowded louisiana hammering democrats for only focusing on impeachment. >> we did nothing wrong and they are doing nothing. based on the poll numbers the people of this country aren't buying it. you see it because we are going up and they are going down. let's keep going for a while. rob: supporters in louisiana are backing the president. how do swing state voters feel about impeachment? trump 2020 principal deputy can indications director talking about that. we will take a look, north
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carolina and nevada, two important states. you can see 42, 47%, 46% say the president should not be impeached. a lot of people think he should if you see those numbers. >> this impeachment hoax and sham led by nancy pelosi and adam schiff, failing for democrats because there is no basis in reality. we have seen internal polling that shows democrat opposition to impeaching the president is up six points. in key swing states, key battleground states that are important to donald trump winning again in 2020 there is a majority opposition to the president being impeached. those are the facts as they stand. it is important for people to realize the more democrats go down this road of impeachment the more they are bringing support to donald trump.
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we have raised $3 million and we saw that our dallas texas rally, a quarter registered to attend were democrats. shannon: talk about what is going on, you hear the messaging from democrats, pretty much solely focus on impeachment, at least that is what you are hearing publicly so you have that but you have the president out there, these are his followers, his supporters out there he is speaking to at these rallies but he needs to keep a hold of them so you have the message of impeachment and the message the president is trying to send, which one will win out? >> i think the message of promises made and promises kept will resonate with voters. like i said, a quarter of real registrants were democrats. it is not just hard-core republican base that come out to see donald trump across the country but every day americans who want to see results, who
2:19 am
want to see -- rob: you have marie yavanovitch coming up today and democrats hopeful they will paint a picture of a president that was trying to force another country to do some dirt digging on joe biden. what do you expect to hear from republicans going after her? >> the same strength and resolve republicans that we saw the other day. it's a matter of minutes for jim jordan sitting there on the panel to disassemble every argument the democrats were making against donald trump. democrats have gotten to the point they want to impeach the president, trying to line up the fact that the facts aren't there for supporting impeachment of a sitting president of the united states. what we expect to see is more strength republicans and hopefully we will see more lies from the democrats because they just aren't based in reality here. jillian: thank you for your time. rob: 19 minutes after the hour. legal marijuana and rising
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addiction, alarming new evidence that it does more harm than good. ♪ jillian: taylor swift in a battle to sing her own song. tracy carrasco joins us with how she is not shaking it off. ♪ the van just talked. sales guy, give 'em the employee price, then gimme your foot. hands-free sliding doors, stow 'n go® seats. can your car do this? man, y'all getting a hook up and you don't even work here. don't act like i'm not doing y'all a favor. y'all should be singing my praises. pacificaaaaa! purchase and get $5,361 below msrp plus 0% financing for 60 months on the 2019 pacifica limited.
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rob: taylor swift has bad blood with music executives. ♪
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rob: the singer says she's banned from player most popular songs. jillian: tracy carrasco here to explain. >> this stems from an ongoing dispute taylor swift has had, the writer her early music catalog, big machine, and a music manager, there is bad blood between all of them because she's not going to be able to play her old songs, fan favorite that upcoming performances, she tweeted out a long explanation of this outline her feeling saying, quote, my performance at the amas, netflix document and other events, and the question mark. and artists avoid similar
2:25 am
spaces. this is something she has been vocal about these ongoing issues. this is not the way she wanted to tell fans but apparently there is a documentary coming out very soon. jillian: the world's largest starbucks opens today. how big is this thing? >> 5 stories, 35,000 ft. opening up in chicago today. and this is the final and sixth location, and steps to take through the process, how it is brewed and roasted. and if you are interested in going to the magnificent mile at the corner of n. michigan ave..
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rob: there is a costco. >> there might be. >> that is okay. now we've got it back. 26 after the hour, border apprehensions since the peak of the migrant crisis. the worst of it over? our next guest says not even close. what needs to be done. >> when i started practicing i was very scared of the concept. jillian: a federal judge denies in alabama woman as request to come home after she flew to syria and joined his hair grew. aishah hasnie joins us for with another's next for the isis bride. ♪
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jillian: the isis bride who big to return to the us must stay in. refugee camp. a federal judge dismissing her lawsuit ruling she has no longer -- he is no longer an american citizen. rob: she and her family battle to bring her home. >> the judge says she is not a us citizen because her father was considered a diplomat when she was born here. and with her 2-year-old son, in 2014 dropped out of college and that her alabama home to travel to syria after being radicalized. muslims commit drive-by shootings on americans. when she sat down with fox news
2:31 am
in april she told us that was a big mistake. >> i just got into this. when i started practicing i was very scared of the consequences. >> reporter: her remorse did not help with her case. the yemeni diplomat did not inform the us he had been fired by the time she was born. child of diplomats do not get automatic citizenship. she warned her father any financial support he sense to her or her son will be considered supporting terrorism. and responding to this statement, we are disappointed with, this is not the end of legal options. the written opinion will evaluate our ability to the available options at that time.
2:32 am
and to step back on us soil, it continued. jillian: north korea compares joe biden to a rabid dog ready for death. anyone who dares slander the dignity of the supreme leadership can never escape the dpr merciless punishment. they add, quote, such rabid dogs can hurt people if they are allowed to run about. the agency went so far as to suggest biden should be put down. the vp has been critical of kim jong un and donald trump's north korea policy. rob: deval patrick supports the direction the democratic party is going. >> i love that we are the party of the welcome. we have to be the party of the still waking. and conducted personal life and business life and my life as a
2:33 am
civil rights lawyer and my life as an advocate. my life as a mediator. rob: the primary ballot in new hampshire. border apprehensions plummeting since the peak of the migrant crisis which was just a month ago. but it is not over yet. >> we made great progress. i want to remind the american people there still remains a humanitarian crisis at the southern border. congress cannot come together on a bipartisan matter to fix this. >> is the trumpet ministries and policy working. and the oversight council and senior advisor for the heritage foundation, thanks for joining us.
2:34 am
let's take a look at these numbers, may of 2019 to october 2019. let's look at the difference, 133,000 in may compared to 42,000 in october. what do those numbers tell you? >> those are great numbers relative to how bad it was in may. in absolute numbers they are too high. a patriot and best man for the job says only given a squirt gun to put out a forest fire. congress has done nothing to stem the flow. 45,000 apprehensions is too high. they started going down since the peak in may but we are still in crisis. not time to go to the neighborhood chilies yet. it is crisis time. rob: in the supreme court they are debating the daca situation. a lot of people think if they rule that daca is unconstitutional in the president's favor that can inspire democrats to make some
2:35 am
kind of deal on immigration. do you think that could happen? >> i can't get into dealmaking or politics of that and a terrible policy. at the heritage foundation we believe, when you put up a green light that says we are willing to give away amnesty for daca what you see you can expect to see more young folks crossing the border like 2014 when obama rolled out daca. jillian: what do you see as a possible solution? iici to eye on this at least a little bit? >> i don't think the left has an incentive to come to the table. they are getting into the country, there is not an interest on the left to stem this through the mass immigration crisis. there are more things the administration can do. the court is getting in the way
2:36 am
of every step. the executive retains massive authority to deal with this problem and there is no option on the table. >> what deserves more credit for this? it is one third what we saw in may and october. what deserves the most credit? stronger border and a wall or the deal the administration cut with mexico to fend off these people? >> absolutely the latter. what folks discovered they had to sit in mexico for the claim to be adjudicated, a lot of them are engaged with cartels, to try to cross illegally another way. a massive disincentive for illegal aliens to know they will not be licensing terror to play out. jillian: thanks for joining us. have a good day. it is 36 minutes after the hour. alexandria ocasio cortez urging democrats to move fast on impeachment. >> it is not just something that
2:37 am
occurred but preventing a disastrous outcome from occurring next year. rob: steve scalise calling her out. the capitol hill clash playing out on social media. look. only one thing's more exciting than getting a lexus... ahhhh! giving one. the lexus december to rembember sales event lease the 2020 nx 300 for $329 a month for 27 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> reporter: ukrainian allegation brings the caucus together, we have to run with how we unify the house. it is not just something that has occurred. a disastrous outcome from occurring next year. rob: alexandria ocasio cortez confessing to using the impeachment agree to influence the 2020 election. jillian: steve scalise calling up cortez on twitter. how it went down.
2:41 am
>> the impeachment inquiry about preventing abuses of power or is it about the 2020 election? that question front and center following ocasio cortez's remarks. congressman steve scalise tweeting ocasio cortez admits dems are using impeachment to rig 2020 against donald trump. take her at her word. this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year. he goes on to say make no mistake this is about power for dems, nothing else. ocasio cortez says she was talking about election interference tweeting the only way you can conclude this is if you thought foreign interference was trump's main strategy to win in 2020, letting elections be subverted by hostile actors is disastrous. wise the gop blocking election protection measures in the senate? conservatives on social media fired up over this one. mike on twitter says you can't beat donald trump in a fair
2:42 am
election so you have to resort to a soft coup that started the day he was elected. sean tweeted at the end if you can't beat him, impeach him. yesterday nancy pelosi said that impeachment was about patriotism, not politics. going against ocasio cortez. rob: a somber day for democrats of course. did you catch jeopardy last night? check it out. >> this lawyer's *rose while representing stormy daniels but fell after he was accused of trying to extort millions from nike in 2019. his name, michael avenatti. jillian: guess what, michael avenatti responded to that snub on twitter writing ben affleck,
2:43 am
jane fonda, gerald ford, pulp fiction, 24 hours in iowa, michael avenatti, the answer she didn't know on jeopardy, he is defending himself. a lot of other folks on social media. unfortunately for him the feds haven't forgotten. a tweet right here. this person says you know your 15 minutes are up when the tournament of champions contestants can't guess michael avenatti's name. he hasn't been mentioned on tv in a while. rob: nobody got that. jillian: i was surprised. carley: rob loves cash. what do you think of this one? you don't like the eyes? a lot of attention because of his unusual stair. his name is potato.
2:44 am
is owner things he is perfect referring to him as a cat model and entrepreneur. he backs up 38,000 instagram followers and counting. the possibilities are endless. a lot of people showing him love. he is so quirky and cute, lovely eyes. beauty is in the eyes - rob: so cute to be a fat cat. carley: i love that rob loves cats. steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> i had no idea you were a cat man. rob: they are mean and i think it is funny. >> we used to have a wildcat we kept in the house we named g gordon kitty. he was a great cat but started chewing on some of the kids. he was hungry.
2:45 am
all right, you would like him. cat men do. here we go. at 9:00 this morning the impeachment inquiry continues on capitol hill, we have some great guests to talk about that. donald trump junior, what he is going to say and kenneth starr, former whitewater independent counsel, the woman who runs the rnc, judge janine because it is a friday and diamond and silk as well, 21/2 hours starting up in 15 minutes on the channel you trust. rob: thanks so much. a member of the squad wants to banas a woman's. >> will progressive ideas bring justice in america? rob: gianna caldwell got a book coming up as well.
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rob: congresswoman iona presley, a criminal reform plan. >> with goals like giving criminals minimum-wage and equalizing prostitution. will be american people back her? rob: thanks for coming on this morning. let's pull up the highlight of this plan. she's talking about the cash bill. she wants to ban life sentences without possibility of parole. she wants a possibility you can get out, giving prisoners the right to vote, guaranteeing
2:50 am
inmates minimum-wage which is a lot of money for an inmate working and decriminalizing prostitution as well. she wants to go soft on crime. >> i'm a proponent of criminal justice reform. i worked on efforts by donald trump. arms against the 94 crime bill but when you talk about going soft on crime there should be penalties. we see violence every day. to allow someone to believe they can commit a crime and it will go easy on them or may be make a salary in jail is disingenuous to what criminal justice really means. >> let's look at her statement, quote, criminal legal system is racist, zeno phobic, rogue and fundamentally flawed, it must be dismantled and radically -- and the conservation effort. do you agree that it needs to be
2:51 am
completely overhauled? >> not completely overhauled. i am a proponent of injustice, that is important. to call the entire criminal justice system racist would be disingenuous and wrong. >> do you think somebody that commit something like a mass killing like a mass shooting that cleans out a place should be given a chance? that is a life sentence. >> absolutely not. it is important in certain instances. if you are locked up for a petty crime, you -- may be a situation like that or take bail off the table released on high bonds, that is okay but when talking about a legitimate true significant crime absolutely not. they should be in jail. >> you have a new book out.
2:52 am
>> taken for granted. i am so excited about it. endorsing donald trump, rob brian kilmeade and many others. i talk about how i grew up on the south side of chicago. and experience i had which led to politics at the age of 14. and the gangs and violence. she looked drugs up and being down. in his southern voice my grandfather said to me what is wrong with you? what can i do to prevent this from happening? i realized it wasn't my mother but a certain other thing. i am sorry. it could have been. what can i do to prevent this
2:53 am
happening? to increase the penalty to those who distribute drugs, so the next week, a city councilmember at the school like it was a job but then i really got an opportunity to see what the political philosophy is especially in chicago, how they come into the city neighborhoods, going to churches and get the pastors to push their agenda and never deliver. african-americans, they have been taken for granted by liberalism and i learned the distinction between conservatism and liberalism i saw that for myself. >> conservatism can win back the americans, thank you. rob: we will be right back.
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pacifica limited. ♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back. the only living president with impeachment experience is telling entrepreneurship prep to ignore the inquiry. he got hired to do a job and should focus on his agenda. >> every day is an opportunity to make something good happen. and i would say i have got lawyers and staff people handling this impeachment inquiry and they should just have at it. meanwhile i'm going to work for the american people. that's what i would do. >> so far president trump
2:58 am
hasn't publicly responded. rob: just four episodes into the new season will and grace back at taking jabs at trump supporters and 9 country in general. >> you ordered a maga cake from a bakery it. sent my life into a death special. >> your sent hub for neo nazis. hey, how's that going. >> it's closed now because it's been officially designated a hate space. >> whoever changed the name of the team instead of a mill stone we find a name america will love like the racist jokes. rob: nbc sitcom has been criticized for being too political. the cast says the show was always provocative. apparently still is time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. the college student who went viral for re-selling krispy kreme donuts just got a brand new delivery van. >> wow. >> incredible.
2:59 am
that's a krispy kreme mobile. >> it is a krispy kreme mobile. watch in 20 years he will be the ceo. shall freight liner surprising him with a van just like this one. last month the college student was told to shut down his business of driving krispy kreme donuts 250 miles from iowa where he got them to minneapolis. he struck a deal with the company to become an independent. jillian: good more him. marijuana in states where recreational use is legal. new study by nyu shows teens 25% more marijuana in 11 states where it's allowed compared to states where the drug is banned. scientists say their finding found a potential downside to legalizing the drug. rob: one football fan paying big for a lost bet. jack decided he would live on the roof of a restaurant until the cincinnati bengals won a game. the bengals are now 1 oil 9. he has lived there for more than a month. he does have shelter building a tent for himself
3:00 am
with food and tv so he can watch his team lose every day. jillian: that's kind of crazy. rob: the second impeachment hearing begins at 8:30 and "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ small town throw down. steve: the president was down in louisiana last night at another trump rally. third visit to louisiana. he is trying his best to make sure that republican is able to oust the democratic governor. ainsley: did you know that that's the only state in the deep south that has a democratic governor right now? steve: yes. ainsley: john bel edwards wants to continue to be the governor of louisiana. pete: he wants to distance himself from national republicans as best he can and of course edward risponi doing the best he


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