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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 16, 2019 12:00am-1:01am PST

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shouldn't wait to be fired. as a platform of foreign aid or more aggressive military intervention and see how far that gets you. shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take it from here. shannon: donald trump granting a full pardon to two army officers accused of war crimes and restoring rank to demoted navy seal eddie gallagher. and the massacre in vietnam, think the president's moves are unprecedented. we will dig into that. breaking at the end of a 2 of the house democrats public impeachment hearing nancy pelosi claiming the commander-in-chief is what she calls an imposter, new controversy over repeated showdowns between the only republican in the house intel committee and chair adam schiff. night court examined the case of
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miles garrett suspended indefinitely for ripping the helmet off nathan rudolph and hitting him with it. you will use the arguments of the case and you at home will decide. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with the president's executive action for two military men, one of whom was serving a 19 year sentence for murder. kevin cork is live with our story. >> reporter: a major move by the president granting reprieves to military officers accused of or convicted of war crimes overruling military leaders who sought to punish them. they are first lieutenant clint lawrence, major matt goldstein and chief petty officer eddie gallagher. in fort leavenworth as soon as today six years after being found guilty of first-degree murder, serving a 19 year sentence, to fire on and in afghanistan. 9 members of his unit testified
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against him saying the men were innocent. to the former green berets and silverstar recipient matt goldstein, it dropped, he admitted to bret baer that he killed a taliban bomber suspected of killing several marines in a 2011 battle. and was justified in what he did. in a fox news documentary from 2016. take a listen. >> at the time. >> after he was detained the suspected bombmake a refused to speak to investigators. because of strict rules of engagement they were ordered to release them. >> there is a limit to how long you hold guys. >> also this. navy seal chief eddie gallagher has his rank restored to petty
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officer, doctor paygrade after being convicted of posing for a photo with the debt isis fighter. gallagher has been acquitted of murdering a wounded isis detainee. the white house issuing a statement that reads in part, quote, for more than 200 years presidents used their authority to offer second chances to deserving individuals including those in uniform who have served our country. these actions are in keeping with this long history. as the president has stated, our soldiers have to fight for our country i want to give them the confidence to fight. in a statement tonight gallagher said, quote, there are no words to describe how grateful my family and i are for donald trump's intervention. we would like to thank the american people for their unwavering support during this difficult time for my family and i. we can never thank you enough.
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and emotional outpouring and big news. shannon: we are glad you were with us, thank you. the process of impeachment colliding with the 21st-century reality, social media, the democrats second public hearing aimed at removing donald trump. jillian turner gets up on the key moments. >> reporter: donald trump didn't attend the house intelligence hearing today but he was definitely there in spirit. midway through the afternoon session he got into it with witness marie yavanovitch on twitter. adam schiff picked up their exchange in real-time. >> one of his tweets, everywhere marie yavanovitch went turned bad, she started in somalia. how did that go? >> reporter: the president said this about yavanovitch's track record, everywhere marie yavanovitch went turned bad, she started in somalia how did that go? then to ukraine with the new ukrainian president, spoken favorably about her.
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it is the us president's absolute right to appoint ambassadors. yavanovitch, not giving a be replied. >> i can't speak to what the president is trying to do but the effect is to be intimidating. >> reporter: adam schiff picked up on that and a new buzzword was born. >> some of us here take witness intimidation very seriously. >> reporter: she got distracted by different argument, the house intelligence committee's only republican female member. >> ambassador yavanovitch, thank you for being here. >> gentlewoman will suspend. >> what is the interruption for this time? >> you are not recognized. >> reporter: the rules bibles quickly. >> ambassador yavanovitch, i want to thank you for being here today. >> you are not recognized. >> this is the fifth time you have interrupted members of congress. >> reporter: nancy pelosi not
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appearing either, all this aggression and fighting filters down from the top. >> part of it is his own insecurity as an imposter. i think he knows full well that he is in that office way over his head. so he has to diminish everyone else. >> reporter: breaking tonight another witness just wrapped up testimony behind closed doors at the intelligence committee. david holmes confirming some of wednesday's testimony from bill taylor and an official from the office of management and budget is slated to testify. >> amid the impeachment battle william barr says no one should be tried. >> after donald trump won election opponents inaugurated what they call the resistance and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every
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tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the executive branch and this administration. >> instead of viewing themselves as the loyal opposition as opposing parties have done in this country for 200 years they essentially see themselves as engaged in a war to cripple by any means necessary a duly elected government. >> reporter: let's bring in brad winthrop. a busy week, thanks for popping in. and the closed-door depositions, another one today wrapped up, overheard a phone call and you got that going on. a transcript from things a week or two or more ago. how important is it for you to have those transcripts?
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>> that is one of the problems we are facing. we are not allowed to talk about these depositions and what was said though none of it was classified material so if we want to ask a question to a witness in the open hearing, based on something we learned in one of the depositions we are not allowed. this is one more revenue. i'm afraid to say schiff is using to keep us at bay and use our clips but he is using to stifle us from saying things and it has been challenging for is an frustrating. shannon: we will talk to another group about that today and your continued showdowns. chairman schiff used a tweet in real-time today. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez tweeting trump is not satisfied with only one article of impeachment, his choice to broadcast is personally authored
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witness intimidation means he wants to sign up for another article on obstruction of justice too. the new york times saying the tactic functions not just as an attempt to discredit his critics but as a warning to deter others from coming forward. what do you make of the analysis that equates this to witness intimidation and possibly adding to the articles of impeachment? >> the president is going through a process where he can't represent himself in any way, shape or form and that is the problem. where's the instruction of justice? he can't even face his accuser. we don't get to meet the whistleblower even though we were promised we would meet the missile blower. look at the other side. this is a person who is being accused, who is being impeached as president of the united states and he can't even defend himself. maybe he felt that might be the only way to get his message out in the middle of this process but this is not unusual for an ambassador to be replaced. poland did a couple years ago because warsaw felt the
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ambassador from the previous administration was not at stake with this president so this happens. it is the same with the military when you take these jobs. they are tough jobs, no doubt about it. i don't doubt this ambassador's intervention to work hard and give -- sometimes you get moved and the president has the right to do that. that was mentioned many times today. shannon: the accusations rudy giuliani and others, that led the president to save she's working against interest i wouldn't want that ambassador there. what do you make of that today? >> some of those things being said were started by ukrainians so it made for a bad dynamic. she may be the innocent victim of that but sometimes like at a baseball team if the chemistry is not right the management has to go. that is how you make the move and the president felt there was
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somebody else to put in place. the president had council president and bring forth their own witnesses and that is not happening today. that is frustrating for the president. i can't speak for the president but that is pretty frustrating and heal the red one part of the tweet. there was more with a lot of explanation. i don't know if she is getting the president's tweets as she sits there so i don't think she would be intimidated unless adam schiff said something. it was a week case. shannon: eight more witnesses on tap. we will hear from several more including ambassador sondland and others that asked for additional witnesses. let us know if you get anymore. >> we will but wasn't this all about the phone call? it seems we have drifted from what the impeachment was supposed to be about. shannon: it continues.
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the impeachment dominated the news most of the week. the host of media buzz looked at how the mainstream press is covering these historic sessions. >> reporter: coverage of impeachment hearings has split into parallel universes with anti-from commentators saying the testimony of career diplomats is devastating to the president and pro-trump analyst calling it secondhand and irrelevant. >> an incredible witness, very matter-of-fact guy, straightforward. >> these guys, i couldn't tell if they were doing a job interview talking about their great-grandfather and his wife or they were homeless guys. >> this devastating new testimony about donald trump caring more about investigating joe biden than he cares about ukraine. >> what actually unfolded was complete and utter disaster.
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>> praise across the board for the ousted ambassador to ukraine, criticism of the president tweeting everywhere marie yavanovitch went to turn bad changing the media narrative. >> don't forget the president of the united states is their boss and his intimidating them publicly. >> poor judgment. i don't think it rises to the level of intimidation but that is the way it is characterized. >> reporter: cable news network took different approaches. the first day of fox and cnn coverage was anchored by teams of journalists, brian williams with x democratic senator claire mccaskill, anti-trump host nicole wallace and trump bashing lawyer george conway, husband of kellyanne conway.
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>> a direct violation of his oath of office, the ultimate impeachable offense. >> reporter: some journalists found the initial hearings watched by 13 million people pretty dull though impeachment shouldn't be assimilating tv shows but the president provided the needed plot twist today with his twitter attack, which the press is casting of a sympathetic witness. shannon: stock investors struggling with impeachment and theatrics going on in washington. another huge day on wall street with all 3 major exchanges in record territory. the dow surged 223 to cross the 28,000 miles on for the first time. quid pro quo is out, bribery is an. the specific reason democrats are shaping the narrative. arkansas governor and former impeachment manager asa hutchinson is up next. applebee's new sizzlin' entrées. now starting at $9.99.
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>> shannon: inside scoop from >> inside scoop from the
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washington post reported a recent change in the word democrats are using to push for impeachment, quote, the shift came after the democratic congressional campaign committee conducted focus groups in the house battlegrounds in recent weeks, messages related to impeachment. among the questions for participants was whether quid pro quo, extortion or bribery was a more compelling description of trump's conduct. according to two people familiar with the results that circulated among democrats this week the focus groups found bribery to meet most damning. you hear that word a lot now. to discuss the development, arkansas governor and former impeachment manager asa hutchinson. good to have you with us. when you take the country through this, the democrats said you have to persuade the american people, it is so divisive to the country, they focus tested and they know the
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word, something that is not good for the president is the word bribery. you know messaging is important. how does this work? >> it recognizes they have to have the support of the american people and are trying to figure out a way to gain support for their removal efforts. it also shows they have an objective to accomplish which is the removal of the president and their focused on that objective and trying to figure out a way to get there. it also sets a very high bar for them. bribery has very specific meanings in the law, and a high burden of proof in contrast to other offenses they can outline that would not be so difficult and clear under the law. they clearly have an objective, trying to reach that objective and i have been through this before, 20 years ago, and what strikes me is the difference that then we had the judiciary
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committee, the lead committee, chairman hyde who was really a fair person and the conduct of the hearing and here you have adam schiff, the lead prosecutor, set himself up in that fashion and that diminishes the fairness and you can never get the support of the american people if you don't have a fair process. shannon: democrats argue they are making a case, they are going element by element, if you want to make it bribery we will ask former ambassador yavanovitch about that. here is her exchange with congressman stewart. >> do you have any information regarding the president of the united states accepting any bribes? >> know. >> do you have information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the united states has been involved with at all? >> know. >> reporter: that is how she answered the questions.
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in the nation under the headline about debunking the gop defense, for bribery you have to show the public official wanted a thing of value in exchange for doing his job. the transcript makes that case easily. this is not a traditional criminal court hearing, this is impeachment and house members have a lot of latitude in how this comes together and they know that the word bribery is not only polling well with people that also mentioned in the constitution. does that make their job easier? >> i don't think it does. we have to remember they are trying to lay out a case. there is nothing i have seen that justifies impeachment. it is a serious distraction for our country that makes it difficult to get other things done like the voting for us mca, the new nafta that is so important to states like arkansas. when you look at the case they are laying out they have eight more witnesses and we don't know
12:23 am
what it is going to be, but they have a heavy bar, and the first, best evidence in this case is the transcript. right before i came on, you can't make a case for bribery from that transcript. it has to be supported by other evidence that we have not seen. we have seen diplomats who should be respected. i worked with them as head of the dea, good public servant but because they believe they have been mistreated by the president's policy you cannot convert that into and impeachable offense. that is the path the committee is going. shannon: do you think any democrats will vote against the articles of left with what we have seen so far? >> know, i think they made up their mind. shannon: great to have you with us tonight.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the 16-year-old accuse accused f killing >> a fox news alert. the 60-year-old accused of killing two of his fellow students in southern california have died. he allegedly shot five fellow students leaving three others still wounded before ending the spree by shooting himself in the head. federal jury finding in favor of planned parenthood in a civil suit the abortion giant brought against pro-life activists from the center for medical progress. the group recorded and released undercover video of conversations planned parenthood doctors and employees about costs associated with preserving and transferring fetal body parts. the jury awarded planned parenthood more than $2 million
12:29 am
in damages finding the activists engaged in fraud, trespassing and illegal secret reporting. the center for medical progress says they are going to appeal the verdict. trouble brewing for the newest presidential candidate tonight, critics are pointing to deval patrick's efforts to oust state officials during his time as massachusetts governor, those officials were trying to put patrick's brother in law, a convicted rapist, on the sex offender registry. tonight's democracy 2020 report, joe biden on the attack, calling the president a threat to national security in a new fundraising video. biden has personal interest in a professional one in the impeachment saga, he thinks will successfully take down the president. peter doocy reports from santa monica. >> reporter: joe biden likes to brag he has been in the two impeachment hearings but this is the first one where a member of his family is on the republicans wish list.
12:30 am
>> if your son hunter is on the wish list -- >> reporter: his first event, 40 miles from the site of the high school shooting. >> i'm so tired of people talking about your prayers. we have to protect these kids. >> reporter: another democrat spending tens of millions of his fortune on gun control. michael bloomberg isn't officially a candidate but is about to dump $100 million of his own cash into anti-trump digital ads in general election swing states, mission, wisconsin, pennsylvania and arizona. a bloomberg and tells fox news, quote, mike isn't waiting to take on the president, he is starting now. elizabeth warren started in january. >> he did not invent the corruption in washington but he has taken it to new heights. >> reporter: warren's campaign, no later than her third year in office, she will pass legislation to complete the transition to medicare for all,
12:31 am
longer than many thought but it doesn't matter to the people. edge campaign where without war and she still doesn't trust the american people to make the right healthcare decisions for themselves. that overshadows foreign policy but north korea is complaining about joe biden calling him a, quote, rabid dog, beaten to death with a stick. >> i got a high compliment today. my staff told me from north korea they said biden's election would be a terrible thing to happen. i am paraphrasing. they are right, it will be a terrible thing to happen. >> reporter: the democratic nomination is no sure thing, biden has been to a war and event or sanders event or mayor pete event but what he's seen and heard at his own rallies is promising. >> i'm not going to let this goes my head. >> reporter: this afternoon was a deadline for democrats to get on the ballot in new hampshire and hillary clinton didn't do it but that doesn't mean she is out for good because michael bloomberg didn't file in new hampshire it is choosing to focus on march 3rd's
12:32 am
supertuesday, this one. the santa monica, california, fox news. jillian: abc analyst says this is a perfect example of the failures of electing somebody because they are a woman. or millennial but many call her a star. we will debate that next but where in the world? prince andrew says he doesn't remember a woman who accused him of sexually exploiting her by jeffrey epstein. andrew telling the bbc in a broadcast for tomorrow, he has no recollection of meeting virginia who says he paid her $15,000 after she had sex with andrew in 2001 when she was just 17 but he does admit he didn't cut ties with epstein once he was first convicted in 2008. >> he had been convicted, that
12:33 am
is a bit where i kick myself. it was not something becoming of a member of the royal family. >> he knows exactly what he has done and i hope he comes clean about it. >> reporter: to canada the government denying entry visas to some google workers from africa. they wanted to attend an artificial intelligence conference in vancouver, canada says it can't be sure they will leave once the conference ends which exceptionally high tidal waters returned to venice, the mayor closed the st. mark's square and is asking for donations to repair the italian lagoon city three days after experienced its worst flooding in 50 years. saa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it -
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>> the gentlewoman will susp >> the gentlewoman will suspend. >> what is the intention for this time? >> you are not recognized. mister nunez. >> just recognized. >> you are not allowed to yield
12:38 am
time. >> the ranking never yielded time to a member of congress. >> that is not accurate. >> that is accurate. ambassador yavanovitch, thank you for being here today. >> you are not recognized. >> this is the fifth time you have interrupted members of congress. >> the gentlewoman will suspend. >> day 2 of the impeachment hearing this time with former ukrainian ambassador marie yavanovitch, adam schiff versus stefano. democratic strategists steve murphy, the daily caller's tiffany hamilton fox news's murdoch, welcome to all of you. this is how it was put by the "national review". she stood out on day one of the impeachment hearing, the new york congresswoman was clearly the strongest republican questioner of the day. >> he has been quite a standout
12:39 am
during the impeachment hearings, she has a lot to say. she's externally effective, one of the oldest members of congress, she's a millennial, one of 13 republican women in congress. there is not a ton of women in politics and i really think at initiative's treatment of her today was abhorrent. he seemed to have a next or level of disdain when he told her to quiet down and you have to wonder how the left would react if it was a republican who was the chairman, i don't think they would take kindly to it. the whole reporting would be different. >> at them schiff's behavior is appalling. if a republican did this the media and the democratic party would instantly accused him of being sexist. is that fair? >> i don't think it is fair because she is out of order. her argument and her defenders
12:40 am
argument is with rules of the house and of order, not with anybody else. what she is doing is a perfect example of the republicans can't argue the facts of this case. the facts are transparent that the president tried to leverage us aid to ukraine to get them to investigate his front running political opponent. shannon: does it matter they didn't do the investigation and it was released? >> not at all. it becomes a case of attempted bribery as opposed to bribery. the bribe was never carried out, but that doesn't change the fact that he committed an abuse of power. what you are seeing the republicans do is argue the law which is a standard technique in a courtroom.
12:41 am
>> this whole thing that happens, there were was put into place, chairman adam schiff overseeing those rules said there is no room in the initial round of questioning to give time to a member so she wasn't allowed to ask question under the rules of they established for this. slate says the episode was a stunned, the incredulity of nunez was manufactured. >> according to the rules the time should be given over to the ranking member but adam schiff could have said it more politely. he didn't have to bang the gavel down. it was unnecessary. i give her credit for what she did wednesday which was to get ambassador taylor to admit the policy towards ukraine involved the provision of we fall military aid, 55 day paz and got military aid. they had to wait 1066 days under obama from the time the russians
12:42 am
wanted in february 2014 at the time obama left office. they got 0 military aid, they got blankets and comfort and betting under obama and whatever the delay and all that under the trump administration they got weapons that could care russian tanks apart. they got a very a democrats are saying they deserved, they didn't get that under obama and i don't regret them schiff and pelosi and the democrat party complaining about that policy. shannon: it seems in putting together the case that she's going to make and the questions she's going to ask but a couple things in recent weeks have gone to this thing about her being so young and unrecognizable it may be a millennial, matthew dowd has since said his tweet was misinterpreted but she is a perfect example of why just electing someone because they
12:43 am
are a woman or millennial doesn't necessarily get you the leaders that we need. a few weeks ago during court store testimony when she was one of the questioners, his attorneys i don't know who you are, identify yourself of the record, she said i am on the house intelligence committee. i don't know who you were, i apologize. i'm from new york, a third term member. i get asked this a lot. he said that is good. she says it is not good. i will continue my line of questioning. this is not something new to her. >> reporter: with iabc analyst matthew dowd apologized but in his apology, it is misinterpreted but people should be voted in as long as they have integrity and she doesn't have any integrity. that apology was even worse. this goes to the big picture that conservative women are constantly under attack and the media isn't there to defend them.
12:44 am
women in the white house with high positions are attacked for their makeup, the way they dress, the way they speak, everything about them is under attack and it is not something you see happen to men. there is a little more scrutiny but for some reason it is open season on conservative women and it is something i face all the time. it is sickening. shannon: dowd had ten a while back about congresswoman ocasio cortez, whether you agree with her ideas or not she is a breath of fresh air, a young woman firing the place up. is there a double standard when it comes to conservative women? >> i don't think there's a double standard at all and i don't think she is being mistreated here.
12:45 am
she is in the position of being the tough person because she is a real hard-nosed, experienced politician, very active, opposition researcher before she was elected to congress, she knows what she's doing, she can stand on her own two feet, she can defend herself, that is why she's being so outspoken. the republicans want her out front because she is a partisan and a highly competent one, not because she is a woman. >> an unbiased journalist -- shannon: let's give you the final wrap-up. >> talking about intimidation, the presentation about how donald trump's comments about the former ambassador to ukraine, she was intimidated and all that, started her career in somalia, in tough places. the notion a few words from donald trump via twitter would lead her to be intimidated and shocked and terrified is absurd, doesn't rise to the level of witness intimidation since she testified for another 51/2 hours. if she was intimidated she would have run out of the room. >> reporter: she held her home, a strong woman out there. great to have all of you with
12:46 am
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>> what i did was more foolish,
12:50 am
i allowed myself to slip like that. >> one of the worst things i have ever seen on a professional sports team. shannon: defensive end miles garrett is looking at a long suspension for ripping off the helmet of its steelers cornerback nathan rudolph, garrett has apologized for the incident and the lawyer says he's not ruling out any legal options. two men who know their way around the courtroom, great to have you with us. let's start with exhibit a. garrett violated unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conduct rules as well as fighting, removing the helmet of an opponent and using the helmet as a weapon. what chance does he have for an appeal? >> he's going to appeal and has a right to an appeal and the suspension is an indefinite one, it counts for this year and
12:51 am
possibly next. this is the longest suspension for on-field incident that there is. there was a 2006 incident, he actually took the helmet off and stomped to the individual's face and that was five games. this is more. what he needs to do is appeal but he needs to start doing more community service. he needs to do a management, he needs to put together a motivation package to try to put his best foot forward on the appeal and later tried to get reinstated for next year. shannon: a former teammate, former nfl player says the outrage is done. baseball and hockey fight all the time. anytime football and basketball players get into it it is an ethical issue. >> this goes beyond the pale of sportsmanship roughness.
12:52 am
this guy literally committed what people can see is a crime if a prosecutor wanted to go forward with this. these helmets are made of steel. that quarterback had just been knocked cold unconscious a couple weeks before, look at the hit your viewers are watching. it could have caused serious injury. the fact that wasn't serious injury is the thing that will save prosecutors, had he been injured he would be in handcuffs. that is what we do with defense lawyers, he needs anger management and community service, they need to get outside the court of public opinion and try to convince the league at the end of the day, try to do the right thing, otherwise he is toast. shannon: let's go to case number 2, madonna apparently is two hours late for her ticket, this guy is suing because he bought a ticket that set 8:30, the promoters, she's always 2 hours late, the ticket satan:30, he tried to get his money back but
12:53 am
in his complaint he says ticket holders have to work and go to school the next they would prevent them attending a concert that would end around 1:00 am. he attended without success to get a refund for the tickets purchased for the madonna concert. >> for this business, bad business, not giving the refund, what can i see? i can see an argument by madonna that is not material breach. it is only two hours and it starts on time anyway. and also in his complaint he is asking $15,000, i don't see why you would get $14,000 more and he has a duty to mitigate so he better tried to solve them because if he sits on them he could be out someone as well. shannon: he did sell them on ticketmaster but didn't get anywhere near what he thought he should because the tickets are devalued, they know it will not
12:54 am
start on time. whether your attending an 8:30 event or 10:30 event you have obligations the next day you may or may not want to buy these. as for madonna here's what she said. >> something you need to understand, and that is the queen is never late. >> they were just early. >> all i can say is that is not a great way to express yourself. here is the thing. there is a curfew in miami that says you have to be home by 11:00 and when concerts are routinely starting at 10:30 and sometimes 12:00 because she deigns to queen herself at those later times you put that kid in a position where he loses the tickets or has to violate the law.
12:55 am
from that standpoint this guy may have a good case in court, the damages may be too much but there is a deceptive fraud practice, sometimes they trouble those damages. shannon: i didn't know there were places who had curfews for kids but interesting, you learn something new every day. you have made your arguments, folks at home, let us know, use the hashtag night court and use@fox news night, let us know how these gentlemen did and you decide. have a great weekend. we have a whole group of heroes tonight, all strangers to each other, they came together when a dog was found darty through traffic on beltway 8 near hwy. 90, apparently escaped from her owner after they had been in an accident. 20 drivers worked together to rescue the frantic pup, slowing down in unison until they brought the entire freeway to a halt. good samaritans comforting and reuniting this highway hound
12:56 am
with the family. sorry about the traffic jam but the good people of the city of houston who helped a friend in need, you are all our midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. frequent heartburn? not anymore.
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what's behind you. oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪ 8:00 p.m. sean hannity is next. ♪ >> sean: hi, welcome to hannity, so the schiff show is back in action. the circus remains in town. today, another national disgrace. what we saw, again, every american needs to see this a b.s. pathetic show trial, zero substance, zero facts, zero -- get, this first-hand knowledge. nothing. zero. zip. nada. and, of course, no due process. we got a judge, jury, and executioner, his highness, we got the compromised, corrupt, coward, congenital liar, adam schiff, oh, he was in rare form today. take a look. >> ms. stefanik. >> thank you, mr. nunes. ambassador yovanovitch, thank you. >>


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