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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 17, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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performance like this in these places... it's pretty crazy. ...just imagine what it can do for you. ♪ >> a new testimony in the house impeachment inquiry the delivery of ukraine aid and an investigation into the energy company burisma holdings. and hunter biden. welcome to "america's news headquarters", i am eric. >> i'm arthel neville. a transcript released saturday, x national security official tim morrison says and asked her gordon sondland told him he was discussing the ukraine matter directly with president trump. both men are set to appear on capitol hill for public
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testimony this week. for the latest we begin with mark meredith. >> is going to be another busy week on capitol hill as eight people are scheduled to testify before the house intelligence committee but there is one witness who many in washington believe can shed the most light so far on what led to the decision of foreign aid money to ukraine. gordon sondland who serves as ambassador of european union is expected to testify on wednesday and he is already met with lawmakers behind closed doors and he later amended his testimony after other witnesses gave their account to what was happening behind the scenes. lawmakers say they are eager to hear what gordon sondland has to say. watch. >> my guess gordon sondland will do his best to tell the truth because otherwise he may have a very unpleasant legal future in front of him. >> this is the first time that you have direct testimony of someone speaking to the president and relating what the president has said what he says contradicts these statements are
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hearsay. >> before he testifies, for others are scheduled to go before the committee on tuesday and lawmakers are expected to hear from a senior advisor to the vice president, a ukrainian expert in the former special envoy to ukraine and tim morrison, former national security advisor. democrats will be asked how long this impeachment inquiry will ask, thanksgiving around the corner, nancy pelosi says it's not up for her to decide how long the inquiry will go on. >> i don't know how much longer, it depends on how many more witnesses they have. that's up to the committee, i do not guide that. >> do you expect that to be before the end of the year? >> i have annoyed you. >> she also invited president trump to speak to lawmakers of the holdup of foreign aid to ukraine preach she believes that president trump were worse than that of president richard nixon.
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>> thank you very much. >> from what was said behind closed doors and what we can expect this coming week. let's go to white house correspondent tim morrison national security official testified that ambassador someone was doing the president a job and doing back on this and what's the significance of what he says customer. >> it depends on who you talk to as to whether or not he was doing the president city. the president said i barely knew the guy. and there is question as to how well he did in fact know him. we know that gordon sondland rode with him on air force one and may and according to testimony he pretrade that he was in frequent contact with president trump. and whether he was actually in frequent contact, we don't know and that is something he will most certainly be asked about by lawmakers when he testify. >> he said during his testimony he did not have any problem with the call but concerned it could be leaked.
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why is that testimony so significant when he has someone who understands a call and has no problem with it? >> the white house has concerns about leaks particularly considering other calls of the president has made have had the transferring leaks in the past. but part of what was interesting about his testimony was he revealed it was gordon sondland who greeted the president before the joint 25th call with the president of ukraine. and that was something that was interesting because the president was giving a reading beforehand and a packet of information but gordon sondland according to the testimony is the one who prepared donald trump for that phone call which would confirm the fact that he was in some contact with president trump. >> david holmes has testified he was on the cell phone with president trump. they are having a lunch over a bottle of wine with two other officials. and he said he heard distantly the president's voice talk about the investigation, critics are
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saying this is the first direct evidence that the impeachment inquiry has about the president trying to seek this type of investigation. >> bill taylor had a public testimony he said his aid had overheard the call and he did not know who the aide was at the time, we now know it was holmes and he was sitting there when tomlin gave the president a call in the president can be heard in one point gordon sondland was holding the phone out because the president was speaking so loudly in math how he was able to hear what the president said and it was the president who left about the investigation and whether or not zelensky the president of ukraine would be conducting the investigation. and he was told by gordon sondland that he would be. another thing we expecting from gordon sondland under oath and is probably about the conversation on the phone. >> recently asked about that but supporters of the president say
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there is no direct linkage to this and there is no quid pro quo and no bribery. the democrats have accused them of. >> the bribery argument is very important. previously democrats have been claiming that there was a quid pro quo. but the constitution specifically says for a president to be impeached they need to have committed high crimes and misdemeanors, bribery or treason. now you for nancy pelosi and other democrats switch to the word bribery because it is outlined in the constitution that someone can be impeached for. now if they do choose to impeach the president, they would have to prove that he did in fact commit bribery and nancy pelosi saying an interview this morning, they have not gotten to the point. >> the president supporters in the president and that's not the case. meanwhile mark sandy testify behind closed doors yesterday. we don't have the deposition, we have leaks of what he said and he apparently said michael duffy who was his boss was a political appointee was pushing back against the ukrainian
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expenditure for this information, what do we know about what sandy said and what we see what he told the officials behind closed doors? >> you are correct testimony has not been released but from the victim parts that we have seen, we know he explained a technical process at least according to lawmakers in the room, technically how aid would've been released and he said his boss took over the process because his boss wanted to have a better sense of how the appropriation process work. he is not directly shedding light on the claims of democrats had made about the president and the phone call in the impeachment inquiry but he is explaining the part of the process by which the aide to ukraine was released. >> before we go i want to play republican congressman saying that this supports the president's position. here's what he said this money. >> his answer was one the i
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don't believe there should be an open hearing until the trans- crypt is released to his is going to change some of the answers that would be given by lieutenant colonel vindman tuesday morning. let's release all the remaining transcripts including mark sandy, david holmes because mark sandy answered that he gave yesterday to the question made for a very bad day for those who are pushing impeachment. >> the view is that sandy said duffy one to go through the appropriation that's why this was held on. >> that's the difficulty that he outlined, some officials are testifying and they have not seen what other people have said such as gordon sondland, they find themselves having a little bit of trouble, gordon sondland had to go back and amend his testimony reflecting he did recall certain details that he earlier said that he did not have any knowledge of. without those transcripts, people could be getting that the lawmakers already know the
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answer to that will happen behind closed doors but the person being asked does not kn know. >> witnesses this coming week gordon sondland basic with a big star of the whole week. wilson see what happens. >> be sure to stick around after our newscast, "fox news sunday" will be on, chris wallace has an exclusive interview and will sit down with house minority steve scalise to talk about the impeachment and where we go from here. >> speaking of louisiana, the last democratic governor in the deep south is getting a second term, john edwards winning reelection after iran off yesterday. taking a close victory over republican challenger eddie were sony, they are still in the red state. that is more. >> not bad at all, this is however, a big upset for republicans when you actually
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talk about the logistics of the race. it is a ruby red state and the gop was fighting hard to get the governor's mansion back from income net governor john bel edwards. but the democrats really mobilize in the state according to the numbers which will get to in a minute. but the crowd of supporters are going wild. we were there last night as the returns were coming in and out of the race was called in favor of john bel edwards. he campaigned largely on his record to his republican challenger millionaire businessman eddie were stony but the establishment painting his opponent as a liberal to special interest groups. he spent more than $12 million of his own money and told his supporters last night that it was an honor and they fought the good fight. in his back to the business of the state for the governor.
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>> he has a track record of how he has governed in the past four years and that is to indicate how he will government in the future. i think you will continue to work with republicans because he has no choice. >> near record voter turnout across the stadium this runoff. early voting in the number of people who physically showed up to the polls yesterday, according to the secretary of state this morning, 42% of voters who came out were registered democrats. 31% republican while 27% listed as other. this is also an upset for the white house because as we were talking about yesterday president trump himself campaigned hard on behalf of the republican on social media yesterday tweeting multiple times to get out to the polls and vote and also in person
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holding three different rallies, the president coming to read louisiana to rally the base but at the end of the day, it was not enough. >> i understand that even though they did turn out and drove for john bel edwards, the top supporters who voted for edwards are still with the president. this is not necessarily a forecast when it comes to louisiana for the national race. >> it is not. >> thank you. >> you know louisiana. here in new york city former mayor and presidential candidate michael bloomberg the former mayor speaking at a church in brooklyn today. marking his first public speech since alabama and arkansas. the democratic primary there. he promises to spend $100 million against president trump and battleground states.
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here is the latest on who will be the next democratic candidate to jump in. >> bloomberg's run could be bogged by a policy from his time as mayor, a federal judge was unconstitutional. he said his seemed like he wanted to get ahead of that and apologize before making his candidacy official. take a listen. >> we did make mistakes. i made mistakes. i don't know anybody who has not made a mistake. the cuticle issue is whether you can admit it, i think i can thank you. [applause] >> that's a departure from her longtime defense program seen at lower crime, he said he did not understand at the time how it impacted black and latino communities disproportionately. he also announced plans to spend $100 million of digital ads against president trump. those ads were not actually feature bloomberg but in addition to what he would spend
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on his own campaign. he's a $52 billion fortune and face criticism for coming late in the game and using his own money to finance opposed to democratic rivals who in their support of the trail. it is a busy day on the west west coast for california nevada. nothing does pate under pete buttigieg, bernie sanders and, the sanders and tom steyer will talk about issues impacting latinos and later on in las vegas, 13 candidates make their pitches, top names at the first in the west event including front-runner joe biden and senator elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg. former massachusetts governor who just announced his candidacy will also be speaking at the event. the forms come as and i will pull out yesterday showed a
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surge in support for pete buttigieg jumping past joe biden with 25% of likely democratic caucus goers saying he is their first choice. nationally joe biden is still in the lead. >> thank you so much. >> the senate will expedite a vote on a special bill that will have the state department checkup on hong kong to make sure they remain independent from china. this is after the antigovernment protest grew increasingly violent. here are details. >> like the protesters in hong kong u.s. lawmakers are concerned about the chinese government increasing control over the economy. in response to bipartisan senators are proposing a bill that would force the u.s. to conduct an annual review of hong kong special status which allows us to be treated differently than china when it comes to trade in business deals. the bill would also force the president to impose sanctions against those who are deemed responsible for freedom and hong kong. this all comes after the most violent clashes we have seen in
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more than environmental protest. with pro-democracy protesters using bows and arrows, cocktails against the police, while barricading themselves inside several university buildings. this week marco rubio said the witnesses of hong kong standing up everyday to defend their long freedom against an increasingly aggressive beijing and hong kong government. now more than ever the united states must send a message to beijing that the world stands with hong kong and the struggle. the house unanimously passed a similar version of the bill last month but it is not clear if president trump will support it. given that it could further complicate the ongoing trade negotiation with china, chinese in the state media has slammed the congressional efforts as arrogant and dangerous and this week the chief of staff to vice president pence said the u.s. is closely watching how china respond to the hong kong protest as well. >> we agree they need to make
10:17 am
sure the agreement they signed with the brits is maintained and protected. that's an indication of how they will conduct other agreements across the globe and other trade deals and other agreements. >> mitch mcconnell through his support behind the hong kong bill saying the senate needs to stand with hong kong, senator rubio said it could pass as early as next week. >> thank you very much. coming up a special preview of our exclusive box nation investigation of what happened to jimmy, a new claim about who killed him and where his remains were taken. >> a location where jimmy hoffa was buried. he told me they brought the truck and hoffa wasn't it and we buried him. >> i'm going to tell you where jimmy hoffa is buried. he told me. i'm the only person that knows the location of his final resting place. ok everyone!
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eric: tax filings by then your post show the reverend sharpton ringtone over $1 million in the nonprofit. he says the pay makes up for years of not getting his full scholarly of president and ceo of the national action network. the group says the reverend has not been fully compensated for
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all the years he was underpaid, and received no bonus. eric: 18 people are said to be arraigned wednesday for their role in the college omission scandal. among the most prominent faces in the group is lori loughlin, she in her husband will allegedly pay $500,000 for their $2 to get into the usc as crew team recruits even though neither of them were competitive. here to discuss what is next in the scandal, former federal prosecutor james is here. love to have you here, i want to ask you, based on their behavior i have told now in their legal strategy, what legal charges and punishment might lori loughlin and her husband face? >> they are certainly feeling increased pressure and adding charges and things like money
10:23 am
laundering, some of the people in this case have charges laced against him as well so there's room to call supersede, you continue to add charges and pressure. they should not make a giant difference in terms of ultimate sentence but it is something that can affect the sensing guideline where the judge feels more compelled to give a harsher sentence than they might have if they would've put play guilty like solicit me hoffman. >> what about the mastermind of this game, rick singer is probably facing the stiffest sentence in charges. what is the maximum for a case like this? >> singer, decades and decades he played guilty to rico, conspiracy, commit wire fraud, bank fraud, plenty of exposure, he will be driven by sentencing guidelines. but what makes him absolutely fascinating, he is the mastermind so you think you'd be the guy they get the stiffest sentence.
10:24 am
he's cooperating down in all the way down to the parents. so you have a guy who's the leader of the organization but also taken out everyone beneath him and obstructed justice during his cooperation. he is a complete wildcard in terms of what he will get paid likely even with the cooperation be considerably stiffer than what the parents or coaches are getting but hard to know. it's been a wild ride because of the cooperation in the field cooperation. eric: former real estate executive toby has already been sentence. six month in prison, he gets the longest prison term of all of the defendants. he also had to pay $150,000 in fines and perform a 200 hour of community service per he gave rick singer $450,000 to get his son and daughter into usc star athletes and neither of them could play sports. his daughter was able to graduate from usc before anyone knew of her involvement or her
10:25 am
dad's involvement was singer. does this make her degree and valid? >> it does not make it invalid but leaves a sour taste in the person on the waiting list that got bumped because of bribery so there's a lot of reasons for people to be upset about what this scheme was. but again what is interesting is figuring out where it's going to go for the locklin's in the world if you got six months for a parent, it's kinda hard to figure out what is going on with the judge, where the sentences differences, how much did the payment amounts matter in which class are you in, coach, schemer or parent and how much that will matter. >> i would imagine it'll play a role of messaging that the judge wants to send out. let me message this, what's the difference between the scandal, the illegal versus wealthy parents who make on the books contributions or donations to universities and endowments a guarantee entry to the
10:26 am
university for the child or children? >> it is funny, i support transparency in terms of openly reporting where money comes from but there is something that is interesting you have dormitory name after people who adversely through a million dollars at the school and got the unqualified kid in there all of a sudden and there is a deeper issue of why this is so much worse than the endowment of the contributors. it comes down to the fact that honest services are being deprived and people being defrauded in schools are cooking the books. there is a lot of fraudulent activity which comes with this bribery that is getting addressed by the indictment. eric: we have to leave it there. thank you very much. eric: the white house has been pushing back against the house impeachment inquiry. this is eight more officials are scheduled to testify this coming week. kevin cork is live on the north
10:27 am
lawn of the white house with the latest. >> pushing back as the president recognizes the person he calls a rising star. i am at the white house and have that much in the white house coming out. ♪ so he can use less water to grow crops. at bayer, this is why we science.
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eric: at the white house braces for the next round of public hearings of the impeachment inquiry president trump is tweeting high praise for the house intelligence committee over her role in last week's hearing. joining us from the white house is kevin corke. >> good to be with you. she may have been a relative on loan outside of new york or in washington. but a strong performance of the impeachment inquiry hearing by congresswoman has got a great deal of attention in her exchanges with the committee chair adam schiff about the fairness of the process or the lack thereof.
10:32 am
>> cnbc get the unfiltered testimony of the whistleblower, and market washed, adam schiff said sunday in agreement has been reached under which the whistler will testify before the committee very soon. i keep going but again the chairman refused to allow us to put these into the record with an animus consent but in this case the fact that were getting criticized by chairman adam schiff for statements that he himself made early on in this process shows the duplicity and the abuse of power that we are continuing to see. reporter: the congresswoman talking about that they haven't had a chance to question or talk about the so-called whistleblower asked the president, that got his attention, he said a new republican star is born, great going elyse to stop entrance to phonic. in her grilling of shift in others, and their change where she accused adam schiff of zachary and flautist from the white house.
10:33 am
the president has accused of and hesitatinreal examples of intim. >> what adam schiff did to congresswoman could be intimidation. i would say a cable network did to our senior advisor kellyanne conway this week, that can be looked at as intimidation. that tweet was the president's opinion which he has a right to have, he was expressing why he did not have faith in marie yovanovitch and h. we will have continuous coverage of more testimony as to continue to keep an eye and capitol hill. don't forget jennifer williams and alexander vindman coming up on tuesday and other headliners, cold war gordon sondland, a very interesting time on the nation's capital. arthel: kevin corke. thank you.
10:34 am
eric: now to the exclusive investigation of what happened to jimmy hoffa, tomorrow we will w the second season of jim hoffa on a fox nation. a study new claim about who shot hoffa in detroit in 1975 and where he is believed to be buried. the inside information comes from film a scotto junior, he is a mobster, and how the brother phil senior that just before his father died five years ago he revealed who killed him and says the remains were taken to new jersey. take a look. >> james hoffa senior was seen alive at this restaurant. >> james hoffa was swallowed from site. >> did your dad say who shot jimmy hoffa? >> yes or. >> where is he.
10:35 am
>> i will tell you were jimmy hoffa is very. he told me i'm the only person that knows the location of his final resting place. artheleric: washington, d.c. investigative journalist in the hospital wars. they teamed up with me on this investigation. good to see you. why do you think his emissions are so significant? >> i interviewed his father film a scotto senior, i interviewed him from 200-72-2014 until he died and he gave me information about the hoffa case with the frequency that a butcher would sell porkchops but nonetheless, he did give me quite a bit, he told me who killed him, he told
10:36 am
me jack alone he was killed the car that picked him up in his father was buried. eric: jack was the brother of anthony the head of the mob at detroit. in 2004 we found evidence in the house and the pattern that i believe for the murder. but now we have new information from phil and department saying the googl until talked about two sites, we came up with the same address that he could be buried. what do you think happened and where he could be. >> we have an interesting situation, we have two parts of a story going on phil says he was taken to a location by an associate of his name vinny and
10:37 am
what vinny said to him during his visit was coincided what phil senior told his son on his deathbed. now we do not know, still i was seven years with his father, five years with bill junior and i still don't know what phil senior said to filled junior on his deathbed. i'm waiting for phil junior to sign a soaring statement. >> that is the key. this will be on fox nation tomorrow. and filled junior says he's willing to sign a sworn affidavit so authorities can go start and dig we've identified a site in carlsbad new jersey that is currently an abandoned plot of land that the mafia has used before the crime family -- john was dumped in a body bag near the hackensack river. and there is another site nearby near one of the sites which is a parking lot.
10:38 am
do you think this is enough to get authorities to dig and potentially find jimmy hoffa if he is buried here? >> the law enforcement slinked it on the hoffa case at this point, and frankly i don't know of a single dig that the fbi has conducted that was righteous. whether the 2013 dig based on what tony had said or based on 2006 what don wells had said to the fbi where they tore down the barn. these were righteous digs based on good information and what you and i have done, were investigators and legitimate leads from legitimate sources and the fact that we don't want to open revolt, we want to make sure that whatever we come up with is once and for all determined to be by dna forensic evidence that it's the one and only jimmy hoffa. >> that the key to find any remains from the hoffa family
10:39 am
that want the answers and also the hoffa family, his daughter barbara and president of the teamsters that i call for releasing the fbi files. don't you think it be great if the president of the united states released the files. unredacted so the truth is in the file. should the fbi file finally be fully released so we find out who killed jimmy hoffa? >> i certainly agree without full disclosure is a key of everything. but you and i had adventure since mid july and i want to tell you you're a standup guy and it's been a pleasure working with you. eric: that's what they describe guys in the mob stand up guys. >> what a horrible thing. eric: same back to you, we will continue on this history. for the nation and the great teamsters and the hoffa family, our exclusive investigation debuts tomorrow on a streaming service fox nation. you know what fox nation's, the show riddle, the search for
10:40 am
james r hoffa on fox nation tomorrow. thank you. arthel: you are a standup guy. around supplying leader is backing the gas prices and protesting the move throughout the country. we will have the latest on this when we come back. guess who just got reinstated! well, not officially. nervous? yeah. yeah me too. don't worry about it, we'll figure it out. i'll see ya in there! just ok is not ok. at&t has america's best network, now with our best plans, at our best prices, starting at $35 a line for 4 lines. new from at&t.
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10:45 am
particularly now that u.s. actions are taking hold across the country in 93 different towns up to 57 people are believed to have died. roads are being blocked in cars being burned in banks and fuel station and government buildings attacked. after the resume decided to read under raise gas prices 50%. they've been criticizing around spending abroad with the wars in syria and elsewhere in their angry at corruption and low quality of life. to trying contain the government has arrested 1000 people in a very rare move they chouchou nearly all the internet. secretary of state mike pompeo shows a support for the protesters reach weeding a tweet saying the united states hears you, the united states support you in the united states is with you. the rising gas prices is up 50 cents a gallon was support of supreme leader who calls them thugs who have been pushed into violence by foreign enemies. he also signaled the potential crackdown. >> this type of evil solve the problem. they add insecurity to whatever problems exist.
10:46 am
insecurity is the biggest tragedy for every country in every society. >> the last few weeks have seen similar protesting and golfing iraq in lebanon. two nations that are home to iranian proximities and seen as crucial to tehran influence abroad. 300 people have been killed in iraq alone, some are calling it the countries arab spring as they demand more rights and less a rain and influence. iran has been simmering for some time from the u.s. sanctions take home the currency has plummeted in crisis have skyrocketed making it very hard for the regime to provide basic services and nothing seemed time you have resistant groups like the in cri, additional counsel for the resistance and around forcing and pushing them outside and it does not go well for the government of iran at the moment. >> thank you. eric: the search is underway for venezuela former military
10:47 am
intelligence chief, they were supposed to be extradited on federal drug trafficking charges. but the guys disappeared. brian has a leaders. venezuela's ex- military spy chief is missing after they agreed to extradite him to the united states. reportedly when spanish police went to pick him up at his home in madrid, he was not there. the u.s. special representative from venezuela told reporters he'd disappeared and it's a big and embarrassment for the government pre-he was under house arrest. he is wanted in the u.s. for federal drug trafficking charges in new york and miami. but he is also someone who can provide a gold mine of information and intelligence on criminal enterprises run by the venezuelan government. it was a former director of military intelligence under president nicolas maduro. >> has information about venezuelan government involvement in narcotics, money
10:48 am
laundering, terrorism. >> he is accused of trafficking shipments of cocaine. he faces narco terrorism charges in new york, federal prosecutors say he's a member of venezuela drug traffic organization known as a cartel which is run by high-ranking venezuelan government officials who experts say have turned venezuela into a mafia state. >> i believe that he knows how it was stolen and where a lot of it still is. >> as for where he is now. >> i would be very surprised if he still in spain. >> the americans are likely not the only one looking for him. he fled venezuela to spain after he was accused of treason by the dictator nicolas maduro for the back opposition leader long guaido instead. >> born again christian and a
10:49 am
mega church today. we will tell you all about it coming up. ♪ ara it is! there's one gift the whole family can share this holiday season, their story. give the gift of discovery, with an ancestrydna kit.
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arthel: former san francisco 49ers quarterback calling capper nick from the nfl to work out
10:53 am
for the teams yesterday moving instead to hold his own workout at in the lean to high school football field. kristi joins us now with more. >> as of today he is wondering if any team will want to recruit him after yesterday's drama in a last-minute decision he switched the location of the nfl arranged workout at the olanta company falcons facility to high school stadium 60 miles away. his reps say he switched locations because nfl denied his request for all media to be allowed into the workout to film it and for an independent film crew to be there to ensure transparency. his reps also say the nfl demanded that he sign what they are calling an unusual liability waiver that addresses employment related issues. nfl says it is standard, it's apparently a scramble for media to get to the new location and only eight of the 25 teams to to
10:54 am
attend maiden. all the plan fans came out. he told a group of reporters after his 40 minute workout that he is still being attacked and is been ready to play for three years and has been denied for three years. >> will be waiting here, the 32 teams and we will let you know. the ball is in their court were ready to go. >> the nfl released a statement reading in part, we're disappointed that he did not appear for his workout, the session was designed to give colin what he consistently wants, an opportunity to show his football readiness and desire to return to the nfl but his decision has no effect on his status in the league, he remains an unrestricted free agent eligible to sign with any club. some sports analyst questioning the whole thing including the end of omoto and offering him and him presented one man workout in the middle of the season with less than a week's
10:55 am
notice. arthel: thank you. eric: kanye west taken his music to one of the countries mega churches today. kanye and joel alstyne together. we will have that next. getting more for getting away. traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded. learn more at the explorer card dot com.
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eric: well, the last remaining survivor of the hindenburg airship disaster has died.
10:59 am
services were held on friday. he was just 8 years old when the hindenburg, as you see there, caught fire. it was mooring in lakehurst, new jersey, back in 1937. boy, in the early days of news rules, just indelible in what happened. his mother and brother survived the fire, but his father and sister perished along with 34 others. 62 people did survive that crash which was supposed to usher in the age of airships and did not. arthel: switching gears here, kanye west is promoting his latest album, "jesus is king," joining christian pastor joel osteen to share his recommitment to god in front of thousands at lakewood church, very popular church there in houston. you can see mr. osteen on tv as
11:00 am
well. he said a prayer with the pastor before leaving the stage. kanye is also going to perform at lakewood church later this evening. eric: fascinating. arthel: that does it for us, "fox news sunday" with chris wallace is up next. chris: i'm chris wallace. key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry tell their stories to the nation with more to come. ♪ ♪ >> in mid august it became clear to me that giuliani's effort to gin up politically-motivated investigations were now affecting u.s. engagement with ukraine. >> a member of my taffe could hear ambassador sondland about the investigations. >> as we sit here testifying, the president attacking you on twitter. what effect do you think that has on other witnesses' willingness to come forward in. >>st it's very intimidating. chris: hours of testimony as democrats ask their first three witnesses whether the president abused his office to get oppo research from ukraine.


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