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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 17, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my distinguished panel and for all you watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you here next week. eric: now reaction pouring in from lawmakers on capitol hill to the public impeachment hearings, with more testimony coming this coming week. democrats and republicans continue to disagree on the impact of the testimony, from those three career diplomats, as president trump continues to rail against the entire process, branding it fake and phony. hello. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. eric: i'm arthel neville. last week the house intelligence committee heard testimony from former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch acting ambassador to ukraine, william taylor, and deputy assistant
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secretary of state george kent. >> there is now ample evidence out there, you know, that there was a corrupt deal being cooked up, the three witnesses you saw in public this week of course were important because they could give context to what has occurred. >> none of them were on the july 25th call in question. none of them have first-hand information of that call. none of them are aware of any criminal activity or impeachable offense. i think the impression of the american people is what is this about, and why are we here? arthel: we have live fox news team coverage with kevin cork standing by the white house. but we begin with mark meredith in our washington bureau. mark? >> good afternoon, arthel. on tuesday lawmakers will kick off the second week of the public hearings for the inquiry. eight people are scheduled to testify between now and thursday, and the hearings come after the committee released transcripts of additional testimony over the weekend. now, on tuesday, the house is going to hear from an aide to the vice president as well as current and former officials from the national security
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council and the former special envoy to ukraine. but many people are expected to be paying close attention to wednesday's hearing, that's when gordon sondland, the u.s. ambassador to the eu, that's when he is scheduled to testify. he's met with lawmakers before, but that's been happening behind closed doors. now law makers say they are curious to hear what he will say once he's under oath. >> i think he's got to decide this weekend whether he's an american first or a trump loyalist. i'm not sure that we can trust his testimony given the fact that we know it is already changed. >> this is the first time by the way that you have direct testimony of someone speaking to the president and relating what the president has said and what he says directly contradicts this additional -- these statements that are largely hearsay. >> on saturday, congress released transcripts of testimony from tim morrison, former national security official. he told lawmakers that sondland had multiple conversations with the president over the summer as foreign aid to ukraine was being held up. but one of the big questions
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that remains unanswered right now is how long this impeachment inquiry may last. house speaker pelosi says it is not up to her. >> i don't know how much longer. i guess it depends on how many more witnesses they have. that's up to the committee. i don't guide that. that's up to the committee. >> you expect that to be wrapped up before the end of the year? >> i have no idea. >> pelosi says there's no firm timetable, she is inviting president trump to speak with lawmakers to address the controversy, and she says the president could even some of those -- could even answer some of the questions in writing. arthel? arthel: thank you. eric: we continue now from the white house. the president has been reacting strongly to these impeachment hearings saying republicans are not getting, quote, due process. he says they are being treated unfairly, and they cannot even call the witnesses to defend him if they want. kevin cork is at the white house with more on the president's reaction. hi, kevin. >> eric, good to be with you. the president has not been seen in public, but he's obviously
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been very busy on twitter. everything ranging from retweets to recrimination against members of the media that he thought perhaps slighted him. he's had a particularly strong message for g.o.p., members of his own party. let me share a tweet as he talks about not just to republicans but also talking to other people out there again about what happened, what transpired with respect to ukraine. he said republicans and others must remember the ukrainian president and foreign minister both said that there was no pressure placed on them whatsoever. also they didn't even know the money wasn't paid and got the money with no conditions. why isn't germany, france, europe, paying? his argument, eric, seems to go this way, not only was there no quid pro quo, but it was his duty to ask about possible corruption, whether it was related the bidens or not, which is something even the obama administration had concerns about, but his biggest gripe today, the quote sham inquiry handed by an unfair adam schiff.
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>> it is really sad when you see people not allowed to ask questions. it's totally -- nobody has ever had such horrible due process. there was no due process, and i think it is considered a joke, all over washington, and all over the world. they have taken away the republicans rights, and i watched today as certain very talented people, who wanted to ask questions, and they weren't even allowed to ask questions. >> obviously frustrated president trump there speaking on friday. back to twitter, he also took note of a republican of a strong performance in the hearings on friday. he tweeted this a new republican star is born. great going, her back and forth with chairman schiff over the process amid repeated interruptions by schiff, seemed to galvanize republicans, eric, it also set the stage for next week's testimony as of course mark has just laid out. speaking of, while we didn't see the president today, we also don't expect to see him tomorrow. his public schedule completely
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clear. you've been around long enough to know. if the schedule is clear, something's brewing. we will keep you posted. i will be here for you. back to you. eric: we will certainly see what that potential could be. arthel? arthel: several 2020 democrats speaking today at a presidential forum on latino issues in los angeles as former new york city mayor michael bloomberg makes his first public appearance since announcing a possible 2020 run. this just days after former massachusetts governor duvall patrick officially launched his bid for the white house. the governor had this to say earlier. >> i think that i have a record of being a bridge builder, and i think that's pretty important at a time when not just the party in some respects, but the nation is deeply divided. arthel: jackie heinrich has more now from our new york city newsroom. hi, jackie. >> hey, arthel. we will hear more from patrick
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and 13 candidates in las vegas later on tonight. today in the spotlight was really mayor bloomberg. seven years ago he stood in front of that very same congregation that he spoke to today and argued that the stop and frisk policy helped protect the very community that a federal judge later ruled was unfairly -- unconstitutionally and disproportionately impacted by it. and today he apologized full stop. take a listen. >> i got something important wrong. i got something important really wrong. i didn't understand that back then, the full impact that stops were having on the black and latino communities. i was totally focused on saving lives but as we know good intentions aren't good enough. >> whether it will b enough to garner support from minority voters is yet to be seen. reverend sharpton told bloomberg in a phone call you can't expect people like us to forgive and
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forget. the new york police benevolent association said bloomberg's misguided policy inspired an antipolice movement that has made cops a target of hatred and violence and stripped away many of the tools we used to keep new yorkers safe. the apology is too little too late. bloomberg's candidacy is still not official but he tried to get ahead of what could be the achilles heel of a presidential rain. meantime, in los angeles buttigieg, sanders, harris and castro, steyer talking about issues facing latinos. buttigieg commented on a recent iowa poll that showed him as the democratic front-runner among likely caucus goers. >> on the ground for weeks i have been feeling more and more support and momentum and a sense of when people hear the message, they connect with it and they get more and more interested in supporting this campaign. >> later tonight, in las vegas, those 13 candidates are going to
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make their white house pitches. top names at that event include former vice president and national front-runner joe biden and the two senators close on his heels, warren and sanders. arthel? arthel: jackie, thank you. you didn't just vote for me. you voted for four more years of putting louisiana first. [cheers and applause] eric: they celebrated the results, even though it was close. louisiana governor is keeping his seat. the democrat claiming victory in that run off election yesterday, edging out republican businessman who was backed by the president. we have more from baton rouge where the gap was just about 40,000 or so votes. hi, casey. >> hey, eric. yeah, we were right there in the room when the governor was making that acceptance speech last night, and the crowd just absolutely went wild as the returns were coming in, especially from some of the
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larger metropolitan areas, that the end to go more democrat, and then the numbers started going in the democrats favor. so needless to say, it's a pretty big upset for republicans here in louisiana because this is a ruby red state, a big campaign push to get your neighbor out to vote, to get louisiana back to your conservative roots rg really working hard to take back the governor's mansion from the incumbent. but the democrats really mobilized themselves and the crowd of supporters proved that last night with the governor. edwards campaigned largely on his record while his republican challenger millionaire businessman fought the establishment painting his opponent as a liberal, beholden to special interest groups. he spent more than 12 million dollars of his own money, and he told his supporters last night that it was an honor and that they fought the good fight.
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but now it is back to business and off the campaign trail for the governor here. >> he has a track record of how he has governed in the past four years. that seems to indicate how he's going to govern in the future. i think he's going to continue to work with republicans because he has no choice in a state like this. one of the key things, however, to watch is some of these state legislative races. >> now, record voter turnout, near record voter turnout, we should say, not as high as the 2016 general election numbers, but boy, i tell you, early voting was way up and the number who showed up to the polls in person yesterday also up. according to numbers from the secretary of state today, 42% of the voters were registered as democrats. 31% republican, with 27 listing themselves as other.
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no doubt you can assume this is a bit of an upset for the white house as well, considering president trump was vested in this race. he spent a lot of time on social media trying to get voters to back the republican, also traveling to louisiana three different times for rallies to get voters energized here, but again, at the end of the day, it just wasn't enough. eric? arthel? eric: casey, thank you very much. arthel: fiery pro democracy protests taking place in hong kong. the escalation coming after chinese soldiers arrive in hong kong for the first time since the demonstrations started. where is this all headed?
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eric: the battle for democracy and freedom continues in hong kong, a fiery stand off taking place outside a university there. antigovernment protesters setting fires and even shooting an officer with a bow and arrow. garrett tenney has more. >> like the protesters in hong kong, u.s. lawmakers are concerned about the chinese government's increasing control over the territory's autonomy. in response, a group of bipartisan senators are proposing a bill that would force the u.s. to conduct an annual review of hong kong's special status, which allows it to be treated differently than mainland china, particularly when it comes to trade and business deals. the bill would also force the president to impose sanctions against those who are
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responsible for eroding freedoms in hong kong. this comes after some of the most violent clashes we've seen in the more than five months of protests there, with pro democracy protesters using bows and arrows and molotov cocktails against police, while barricading themselves inside several university buildings. this week, senator marco rubio said the world witnesses the people of hong kong standing up every day to defend their long cherished freedom against an increasingly aggressive beijing and hong kong government. now more than ever the united states must send a clear message to beijing that the free world stands with hong kongers and their struggle. the house passed a similar version of the bill last month, but it is not clear if president trump will support it, given that it could further complicate the ongoing trade negotiations with china. chinese state media has slammed the congressional efforts as arrogant and dangerous. this week the chief of staff to vice president pence said the u.s. is closely watching how china responds to the hong kong protests as well. >> we agree that they need to
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make sure that the agreement they signed with the brits is maintained and protected. i think that's an indication as to how they will conduct other agreements across the globe in other trade deals and other agreements. >> senator rubio says his bill could pass as early as next week and it's helpful he has the backing of majority leader mcconnell who says the senate needs to stand with hong kong. back to you. arthel: all right. for more on this bringing in gordon chang, asia analyst, foreign fairs journalist and -- foreign affairs journalist and author "the coming collapse of china". at this point, it is a relatively small number of protesters inside the university, but you are thinking this could have a big and long lasting impact. tell us why. >> there's only 200 protesters inside the polytechnic university buildings but this sort of looks like the alamo and it is getting everybody's attention. protesters are trying to divert the intentions of the police by having protests all around hong
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kong right now and this comes on the eve of district council elections on november 24th and beijing is threatening to cancel those elections. arthel: that's a week from today. looking at live pictures there, 5:19 a.m. in hong kong and you see people are still out on the streets, protesting and look at the fire happening there. this is as the clashes we're talking about is continuing between the hong kong protesters and the police. and they are protesting the cancellation -- possible cancellation of this election which is my understanding that pro democratic forces were expected to win that election. if beijing cancels that election, by way of carrie lam, i mean will all heck break loose? >> yes, all heck will break loose. what you are seeing in these photographs are young protesters clad in black. if they cancel the elections,
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there's a real indication they might then you will see the mass of hong kong people on the streets. in june we had the marches of 1.3 million, 2 million people, we could see 3 million people on the streets again. and this is something that beijing's got to worry about because essentially when a city of 7.4 million, when you have so many folks, you know, showing resistance, it means that the government has lost legitimacy. beijing right now doesn't know what to do. the only thing they are thinking about is using live rounds on the protesters. that's going to just create a whole entire different situation. arthel: i mean of course that conjures up horrible memories of the tiananmen square massacre of 1989, there's no way 30 years later you are going to tell me they would allow pla soldiers to march through the streets this time of course of hong kong not beijing, march through the streets using lethal force? >> no, we will see something different from tiananmen where essentially 30 years you had chinese ar more, tanks, armored
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personnels, carriers move almost unrestricted through beijing killing at will. this time you have a band of protesters who have got very sophisticated tactics. they are evolving much faster than the police. they will exact big casualties on chinese forces, and that's one of the reasons why i think xi jinping the chinese ruler doesn't want to deploy the peoples liberation army in hong kong because he knows he will take back a lot of kids in body bags. arthel: that's a very haunting image regardless of which side you're fighting on. listen, you mentioned the chinese president. he won't make any political concessions, though, in hong kong because he's concerned if he does that, what that does to mainland china. >> yeah, this would be a renunciation of communism if he made the concessions that were necessary to bring peace to hong kong. so for instance, people of hong kong say they want universal suffrage. this was promised in the basic law which is a chinese law which implements an agreement that
1:22 pm
china had with britain for autonomy. i'm sure what they are thinking about in beijing if what could happen throughout china if people started to protest on their own grievances. it wouldn't have to be democracy related protests. there's all sorts of things going on in china right now -- arthel: social injustice, economic disparities. >> the economy is not growing as fast as beijing is claiming. maybe 1 to 2 percent or even contracting. all the numbers coming out of beijing for october pointed red or were declining. this is a situation where people are used to prosperity. they don't even know a concept of a recession because they haven't had one. so right now is a critical point for beijing. not just hong kong, but the economy as well. arthel: what can, should, or will the u.s. do to deescalate? >> i think the hong kong human rights and democracy act is going to pass. it is going to pass with veto
1:23 pm
proof majority. it will become law. you will see a tougher attitude on the part of the united states. president trump needs to start talking in much clearer tones and he's got to show he's not afraid of china, because if he doesn't do that, then you are going to see i think americans start to understand how bad china is and then take it out on the president. arthel: how much time before this blows up? >> could blow up any time. this polytechnic standoff has all the makings of a defining moment. but you know, what we have seen on those protests, when you go back two or three days, there could have been a defining moment at hong kong chinese university. if it's not polytechnic, it is going to be something else next week. i think what's going on this very moment is probably where everyone writes their history about hong kong. arthel: gordon chang, good to have you here. thank you very much. >> thank you, arthel. arthel: eric? eric: thank you, arthel and gordon. the unrest on the streets not just in hong kong, but throughout iran also. chants of death to the dictators being heard. that after a sudden hike in gas prices sparking deadly protests
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with a gift from ancestry. arthel: deadly protests erupting across iran over the abrupt decision to hike gas prices by 50% iran supreme leader is backing the government's decision and is now signalling a potential crackdown on demonstrations. the white house issuing a statement a short time ago saying it supports the iranian people in peaceful protests, d adding quote we condemn the lethal force and severe communications, restrictions used against demonstrators. benjamin hall has more from our middle east bureau. benjam benjamin? >> good evening. yes, the spark that led to these protests was the hike in gas prices but really these large-scale protests are more indicative of the long-term simmering conflict between the people of iran and the regime of iran, and it's all compounded
1:29 pm
now by u.s. sanctions. up to 100 towns across the country have now seen these protests. up to 59 people are reported to have died. roads have been blocked. cars have been burned. banks, fuel stations, government buildings attacked after the regime decided to raise the gas prices by 50%. but many people are also angry at iran's spending abroad on wars in syria and elsewhere. they are angry at the endemic corruption and low quality of life. to try to contain, the government has arrested over a thousand people and in a very rare move yesterday, they shut down nearly all the internet. today secretary of state pompeo showed his support for the protesters, tweeting the united states hears you. the united states supports you. the united states is with you. this rise in gas prices up to 50 cents a gallon was supported by the supreme leader ayatollah who has called the protesters thugs who are being pushed into violence by foreign enemies. and he also signalled a
1:30 pm
potential crackdown. >> translator: evil acts solve no problems. they add insecurity to whatever problems exist. insecurity is the biggest tragedy for every country and every society. >> the last few weeks have seen similar anti-government protests engulfing iraq and lebanon, two middle east nations that are also home to iranian proxies. 300 people have been killed in iraq alone, some are calling the country's arab spring, more people are demanding rights and crucially less iran yin influence. anger in iran has simmering as sanctions have hit, the currency has plummeted, prices have skyrocketed and the mullahs can't offer basic services to the people, as such combined with some resistance groups we have seen, national council for resistance of iran, this is becoming a real problem for the regime.
1:31 pm
we are seeing it flood out into the streets. arthel? arthel: thank you, benjamin. eric? eric: could these protests finally led to a tipping point to topple the dictatorship as the opposition is gaining strength? national security military analysis and president of iris independent research. doctor, we just heard protests in streets, chants of death to the dictator. how widespread do you believe this dissatisfaction and the anger by the iranian people against the ruling regime? >> eric, this was really the last straw raising the gasoline prices. iran subsidizes gasoline and to see them go up 50% and in some cases 300%, really the last straw. and it shows us how powerful the u.s. maximum pressure policy has been. i don't think rouhani wanted to do this, but he's had no choice in reacting to that maximum pressure policy. eric: so do you think this is a direct result of the trump administration policies, the
1:32 pm
president's tough stance against iran, harder sanctions, tried to isolate them, signalling them out as the greatest state sponsor of terror on the globe, that the president's policies on tehran, they are working? >> no question the policies are working. and this is what has pushed iran into this terrible and tragic situation. it's so sad because iran should be a prosperous nation. instead the imf says their economy is going to contract 9%. that's a huge recession. what we see, eric, is a reaction against the economic devastation, but also there's a new element, and that is the protests against the idea that iran is using money it raises from oil to fund terrorism and terror groups abroad. looks like the iranian people are beginning to push back on that a little bit. eric: we hear the chants and they are basically saying no to gaza, no to hezbollah and hamas. they don't want the money.
1:33 pm
the people don't want their country to support those groups. they want to help themselves, but they are seeing the money going out the door by the mullahs supporting terrorism. >> right. and so they are protesting it, and we see from the data that when the iran deal went into place, and iran had more money, they went and spent it on hezbollah and on supporting terrorism and on their weapons programs. so, you know, this revolution that has gone on now for 40 years, it's not delivering the economic benefits that iran should have as a nation. so i think this protest is very broad. it's got a political element to it. and you hear the ayatollah using really scary words like counterrevolution, sabotage, and obviously cracking down, not only with the internet, but i think he could crack down even more. eric: in terms of that, what do you think? the national council, resistance of iran, the largest iranian opposition group, benjamin referred to that group in his report, we saw the videos from them, they claim some of their units are responsible for a lot
1:34 pm
of the protests. we have talked to some of those protesters in the past. the head of that group today met with former general james jones, former allied supreme commander, national security director for president obama there in albania, and this is what she said. quote, the iranian people and youth are resisting the mullah suppression. the regime is mistaken to think it can stop the uprising through killings and arrest. they have pledged overthrow this regime and establish peace, democracy, people sovereignty in iran. under circumstances, the national community especially the united states must support the rightful demands of the iranian people to overthrow this regime and establish freedom and democracy in iran. president obama critics say did not take a forceful stance during the green revolution. we have the secretary of state tweeting. we have a statement from the white house. what else can or should the president do and this administration do to try and encourage these protesters?
1:35 pm
>> well, we'd like to see some better outcome where iran ends up as a more prosperous nation and not under the thumb of the regime. the regime fights for its life, using a blend of violence and then letting the protests sputter out. the key u.s. objective here remains very simple, and that is to try to get iran to agree to modifications to the big iran nuclear deal. that's where this pressure is coming in. the pressure is on that regime to make some modifications that would include the ballistic missile programs and that would stop some of the violence in the region that iran supports. but sadly, iran is actually violating the deal even more. they're violating it in a number of different areas, just in the last couple of weeks, so they are really pushing everything and keeping up their nuclear blackmail at the time when they have protests in the streets. eric: we're finally seeing the protests basically against the iranian regime in baghdad, also in lebanon. quickly, doctor, do you think this can be a tipping point that
1:36 pm
could potentially topple the regime? >> this is a point where iran should at least think about what it's doing and try to negotiate, even if they want to do it back channel, europe has said hey, we're not going to bail you out this time. this is the time for rouhani to really think what does he want for iran and to come to the negotiating table? eric: tehran under siege, dr. rebecca grant, thank you. >> thank you. arthel: opinions from lawmakers on how impactful the public testimony has been so far in the impeachment inquiry has been split along party lines. so are the hearings resonating with voters? 's talked to even more real people than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years.
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1:41 pm
what we're talking about here is that the president of the united states used taxpayer-funded military assistance to pressure a foreign leader to help him in his reelection campaign. arthel: new law makers journalists and pundits sounding off on last week's start of the public impeachment hearings. coverage and opinions varying greatly on the effectiveness of the testimony from three diplomats what impact are these public hearings having, if any? we're bringing in the white house correspondent at politico, but before we go there, gabby, i'm getting a late word. i want to start here with senate minority leader schumer responding to a question happening at an unrelated press conference in new york city this morning about the house impeachment hearings and speaker pelosi saying the president could testify before the committee, and this is what minority leader schumer said. he said quote i think hearings have brought up many many troubling allegations, and this morning speaker pelosi invited
1:42 pm
president trump to come testify, and i think her invitation is correct. if donald trump doesn't agree with what he's hearing, doesn't like what he's hearing, he shouldn't tweet. he should come to the committee and testify under oath, and he should allow all those around him to come to the committee and testify under oath. when donald trump refuses to come to the committee, now that speaker pelosi has invited him, when he doesn't let all the people around him come before the committee, you've got to ask the question, what is he hiding? why is he afraid to confront what these people have to say? or have said? now, back to you, gabby, any chance the president will appear in person, or will he live tweet again this week? >> i highly doubt that the president is going to be appearing before the house intelligence committee any time soon. if you recall, his own white house counsel sent a letter to house intelligence committee investigators a couple months ago saying this impeachment is essentially a sham and that it doesn't -- it's illegitimate, and so they have required not
1:43 pm
only white house personnel but also state department officials to not comply with subpoenas, to avoid appearing before the house intelligence committee, as they choose to, and so i do think the president will abide by what his own lawyers have told him to do, which is to treat this as though it is not a real investigation. arthel: as g.o.p. lawmakers fight to defend the president and deflect testimony that might point to potential bribery or illegal offenses, can they maintain character attacks or claims the hearings are boring as a sustainable strategy? >> well, the polling right now does actually back up that claim to some extent. reuters posted a poll before the public phase of impeachment hearings began last week and then immediately after we heard from both yovanovitch and ambassador taylor and others and they found there was barely a single percentage point movement in between -- arthel: let me show that poll, because, you know, you are right. they are juxtaposing numbers before and after the public
1:44 pm
hearings, the position of the american public seems unchanged on whether president trump should be impeached. 44% saying yes. 40% opposed the notion. so then what must the house democrats either do differently or continue this week to bolster their case for impeachment? >> well, you're starting to see them shift their strategy to where they can sort of dumb down the entire process and put it into terms that the average voter can understand. it is important to realize that this is not as salacious as clinton impeachment hearings. this is something that the american voter can tune into and understand. i mean, this is a web of players, of phone calls, of the mechanics behind foreign aid being withheld from a country. there's a lot going on here, and it's a lot for the average american to digest, especially working americans who might be only tuning in for an hour in the evening. arthel: did not the democrats learn their lesson from the mueller report? >>i think they have taken some
1:45 pm
of that and applied it here, but you are seeing them shift their messaging. we have gone from talking a lot about quid pro quos to bribery and extortion, and so they are tweaking the language and trying to make it more easily digestible for american voters, and we'll see if that works for them in public polling, but so far, it hasn't, at least after the first phase of public hearings. arthel: uh-huh, you are right. we will leave it there. gabby, thank you. >> thank you. eric: there's a new squabble back here at home between the nfl and colin kaepernick. after the quarterback's representatives abruptly changed location of his workout yesterday. now, the nfl is reacting to his move. can your car do this? man, y'all getting a hook up and you don't even work here. don't act like i'm not doing y'all a favor. y'all should be singing my praises. pacificaaaaa! purchase and get $5,361 below msrp plus 0%
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arthel: tourists continuing to arrive in venice despite flooding in popular destinations, and it's not just that city. workers in the western city had to put sandbags along the road, while the coastal town, evacuated 500 people due to flooding. florence is also seeing rising watt and high winds. -- rising water and high winds, very sad to see. >> i've been ready for three years. i have been denied for three
1:50 pm
years. we all know why i came out here to show today in front of everybody we have nothing to hide. >> that's former san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick after he held his workout in atlanta at a high school football field yesterday. that came after his representatives turned down an unusual invitation from the nfl for him to try out for the league's 32 teams doing that at the falcons facility instead he was in front of eight teams. christina coleman with more. hey, christina. >> hey, eric. today music mogul and businessman jay-z who was in partnership with the nfl to manage some of the league's community efforts is reportedly disappointed with kaepernick and feels like he turned a workout into a publicity stunt. jay-z who has supported kaepernick worked to influence the nfl to set up saturday's workout and now this happened. in a last minute decision yesterday, kaepernick switched the location of his nfl-arranged workout at the atlanta falcons state of the art practice
1:51 pm
facility to a high school stadium, about 60 miles away. kaepernick's reps say he switched locations because the nfl denied his request for all media to be allowed into the workout to film it and for an independent film crew to be there to ensure transparency. his reps also say the nfl demanded that he sign what they call an unusual liability waiver that addresses employment-related issues. the nfl says it's standard. it was apparently a big scramble for media to get to the new location and reps from only 8 of the 25 teams scheduled to attend the workout made it. although plenty of fans showed up to watch the impromptu spectacle. kaepernick said he's still being attacked and has been ready to play for three years and been denied for three years. >> waiting to hear from roger goodell, the nfl, the 32 teams we will let you know if we hear from them. the ball is in their court.
1:52 pm
we are ready to go. >> the nfl leased a statement saying league officials learned for the first time yesterday afternoon that kaepernick wanted to open the event to all media. that statement reading in part quote we are disappointed that colin did not appear for his workout. the statement goes on to say the session was designed to give colin what he has consistently said he wants, an opportunity to show his football readiness and desire to return to the nfl. and added that colin's decision has no effect on his status in the league. he remains an unrestricted free agent eligible to sign with any club. the nfl also says nike requested to shoot an ad featuring kaepernick during saturday's workout with him mentioning all the nfl teams present at the session. the nfl says they agreed to that request, so at this point, it's unclear if any video was shot for that ad after kaepernick switched workout locations. eric? eric: christina, thank you. arthel: grammy award winner kanye west visited pastor joel
1:53 pm
olstein's church in houston today. we will tell you why, next. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. eric: fox news alert for you, in hong kong protesters are inside the polytechnic university campus. as you can see on the left, they've set fire to the main entrance of that campus as police are attempting to move in. it is now about 5:56 in the morning in hong kong. student protesters have been out in force as opposition to beijing's clamping down on hong kong, that's intensifying. police threatening to use lethal force, and that's prompted fears there could be another tiananmen
1:57 pm
square-style massacre by the communists chinese against the citizens of hong kong. arthel: and, of course, we hope that doesn't happen. right now these protesters are up in arms because there's the possibility that an election that was supposed to take place one week if today will be canceled, an election we are told had a very high chance of having pro-democracy forces to win it. and i want the read quickly a statement from the hong kong police chief that he said earlier regarding this. he says if people point their fingers at the police and play the blame game accusing us of provoking violence in universities and causing social unrest, we have stressed repeatedly that police officers are in reactive mode. if rioters did not commit dangerous and destructive acts, there is no reason for police to respond with force. we'll keep an eye on this. meanwhile, kanye west making an appearance at one of the country's largest meg
1:58 pm
churches -- megachurches, joining pastor joel osteen to share his latest album and his recommitment to god. it's attracted a record crowd. chief religion correspondent lauren green is live on the scene in houston with more. hi, lauren. >> reporter: hey, arthel. ain't nobody having church like this this weekend, and that is so true. the rapper and mega-star kanye west coming here to america's largest christian church ever, and many people believe that his conversion, his faith conversion is really sincere. and joel osteen's lakewood church was filled nearly to brim as kanye west joined up with the preacher. many believed it was just a publicity stunt, but at the morning service kanye did not perform but only talked with osteen about his faith. >> you said you used to worship the god of fame and the god of
1:59 pm
some of those things, and they didn't -- that didn't fulfill you. can you talk a little bit about that? yes, because it's presented to us on tv. you start to feel like satan is the most powerful, and you start to feel like if you service god, that in life it means you will not prosper. >> reporter: well, kanye's reality show with kim kardashian and his daughter north were also on hand. now tonight kanye will do one of his sunday services at the church. it is three hours away, but the line is already still backed up to me already. so the tickets went on sale yesterday, and they were gone in seven minutes. back to you, arthel. arthel: will you be there for the performance tonight and have a report for us tomorrow on fox news? >> reporter: yes, i will bring you the report tomorrow on "fox & friends." arthel: we will look for it. lauren green there at lakewood church in houston.
2:00 pm
thanks, lauren. eric: looking forward to that. and maybe later on tonight too. arthel: that's it for us. thanks for joining us. eric: take care. >> this lawyer's star rose while ripping stormy daniels but fell after he was accused of trying to extort millions from nike in 2019. name? michael avenatti. greg: alex trebek with the win. they had such ambition, such dreams. the first hour for the most part will be entirely adam schiff. it's designed to be a blockbuster. >> these


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