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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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helps even one person to find their faith it's a great thing. he apparently found his so why judge him. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye-bye. jillian: it is monday, novembe. impeachment overload, with at least eight more public hearings this week on the president's ukraine dealings, even democrats are worried about the inquiry's future. >> if there's something new, something we haven't heard, something that really rises to the level of treason or a high crime, that would be different. but we don't see that. rob: we're live in washington as leaders on the left call on the president himself to testify. and a boston marathon bombing bombshell. jillian: how gruesome new details about a triple murder two years before the attack
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could save a man from the death penalty. rob: everything is bigger in texas, including kanye west's sunday service. jillian: a crowd waited hours to join the new wave of revival. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> we are the new level. ♪ we are new level. ♪ we are the new level. ♪ part of the new level. rob: what is that. jillian: neither of us know what we're listening to right now. i have no idea. rob: that's kanye. that's his -- jillian: all right. and the world makes sense. rob: we weren't in the know. good morning. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm rob schmitt. jillian: it is a monday day. i'm jillian mele.
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thanks for starting your day with us. let's begin with this. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer calling on president trump to testify ahead of this week's impeachment hearings. rob: griff jenkins joins us from washington as the president warns democrats of using impeachment as a political weapon. >> reporter: good morning. a second week of impeachment hearings set to begin as the president saying yesterday in a twitter fury blasting the inquiry, writing this, the crazed do nothing democrats were turning impeachment into a routine partisan weapon that is bad for the country and not what the founders had in mind. he also attacks jennifer williams, aide to vice president pence who was on the july 25th phone call and testified over the weekend that she recalled the word barisma being mentioned on the call. williams will be the first witness we'll hear from on tuesday, followed by lieutenant colonel alexander venman, then former special envoy kurt volcker and tim morrison. speaker pelosi, who says she
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doesn't know when the inquiry will end, is inviting the president to testify. >> the president could come right before the committee and speak all the truth that he wants. >> you don't expect him to do that? >> if he wants to take the oath of office or he could do it in writing. he has every opportunity to present his case. >> reporter: on wednesday, one witness both sides are eager to hear from, ambassador gordon sondland, who is believed to have had multiple interactions with president trump concerning ukraine. >> my guess is that ambassador sondland is going to do his level best to tell the truth because otherwise he may have a very unpleasant legal future in front of him. >> i abide by what the president did and what president zelensky actually received. president zelensky received the money. >> reporter: look here, in all, a total of eight witnesses this week, in addition to sondland on wednesday, you have pentagon official laura cooper and state department official david hale. on thursday, nsc staffer fiona hill.
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republicans continue to demand to have their witnesses called, namely the whistleblower. rob, jillian. jillian: griff, thank you. rob: with another full week of testimony ahead, several lawmakers are concerned about how many time the impeachment inquiry is wasting. jillian: that includes democratic new jersey congressman jeff van drew who says he plans to vote no on impeachment. >> many of us came to congress because we really wanted to accomplish goals, really work on issues, such as health care, work on issues dealing with prescription drugs, election security, the debt, the deficit, you know, the list goes on and i could speak on and on about all the things we need to do. we spend millions of dollars on my opinion, tons of money, tons of time, tons of hurt, fraction the nation apart. i haven't seen this to be a good thing. i would imagine i'll be voting no. i always have a codicil if there's something new, something we haven't heard, something that really rises to the level of
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treason or a high crime, that would be different. but we don't see that. jillian: the first two public testimonies both lasted more than five hours. at least eight more officials will take the stand this week. a fox news alert. an urgent manhunt underway after four people are shot and killed at a backyard football party in california. fresno police say the shooter or shooters walked up to the home and opened fire, hitting 10 people in a targeted attack. the six surviving victims are expected to recover. investigators now looking for surveillance video and any other evidence. it's unclear if the shooting is related to another deadly shooting in fresno earlier in the day. supporters rally for death row inmate rodney reed's release overnight after a texas a appeas court halts his execution. >> free rodney reed! free rodney reed! jillian: an appeals court
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spared his life on friday, five days before his scheduled execution. the court is calling for his case to be re-examined. he was sentenced to death in a 1996 murder of stacy stietz. he claims her then fiance is responsible for her murder. rob: more on that story coming up later in the show. the man accused of killing eight people on a new york city bike path is due in court. a pretrial conference is scheduled. he is facing murder charges after allegedly running eight people over with a truck on halloween in 2017. it was the deadliest terror attack in new york city since 9/11. he is facing the death penalty. and new details are being revealed about a violent triple homicide involving one of the boston marathon bombers. a friend admits that the two of them tied up three young men,
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robbed and beat them before killing them. the killings allegedly happened two years before he helped to set off two bombs at the boston marathon in 2013. his brother is hoping to use these new details to appeal his death sentence. he claims that he was being pressured to kill by his violent older brother. jillian: wow. rob: yeah. jillian: violence escalating in hong kong overnight. hundreds of protesters running down a major highway as they try escaping police tear gas. rob: let's get to greg palkot in london with more on the continuing and growing unrest there. greg. >> reporter: rob, jillian, it's a nasty siege going on in hong kong, some of the worst violence that we have seen there. we're tracking over five months of unrest in the chinese territory. hundreds of militants and
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protesters and students holed up in one of the city's universities. the police are demanding that they give themselves up or they say they will charge in. young people claim they will fight to the finish. all across hong kong, schools, roads, rail lines and businesses are closed for another day. this is a major m area in say shaft people arsha.protesters ad going med evil with bows and arrows. 38 people were injured overnight, dozens have been arrested. this is part of a lengthy protest movement we've been telling you about, aimed by the activists at trying to get more democracy for the chinese territory. chinese officials say no one should estimate their will to maintain what they call their sovereignty. late sunday night, we heard from
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the state department. they are condemning the unjustified use of force, their words, on both sides of this conflict. rob and jillian, there were important local elections planned for sunday. it was a move towards democracy, it was hoped maybe could tamp things down. now the question is whether they will happen at all. back to you. jillian: greg palkot, live in london. keep us updated. thank you. rob: the 2020 democrats make their pitch out west. the candidates slamming president trump while pushing progressive policies at the first in the west event in nevada. >> i will mobilize an american majority that stands ready for the most progressive change to health care in a half century >.record more than a dozen candidates visited las vegas
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this weekend. nevada is the third state to vote during the primary and caucus season. jillian: the campaign manager for joe biden asking for a lifeline as biden slips in the iowa polls. he's urging voters to donate a total of $2 million by wednesday. this as a new des moines register cnn poll reveals the former vice president has dropped into a third place tie with senator bernie sanders, all of them looking up at iowa frontrunner pete buttigieg and the message to supporters, biden's campaign say if they don't win in iowa it will be much harder to win the nomination. those numbers, wow. rob: they having else. 10 minutes after the hour. the debate whether daca is constitutional continues in the supreme court. but there are some pretty shocking new numbers that show nearly 80,000 of these daca recipients at this point have arrest records. our next guest says we do not need to import more crime and problems into this country. we break down the fine print on
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rob: welcome back. as the supreme court weighs whether daca is constitutional, a new report shows one in ten of the program's recipients have arrest records, some raising to the level of violent or sexual offenses. jillian: will the new data impact the upcoming decision. joining us to discuss is george rodriguez. thank you for being here. let's take a look at a some of these arrests and you'll see that includes murder, rape, burglary, assault. you can see the list continues, battery, theft, immigration related offenses an driving under the influence. it's hard to deny what you're
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seeing on that screen. but it's also hard to he deny that a lot of people haven't been they in trouble for anything. so what do you think of that? >> well, once again, we've got a situation here where we've got immigration laws to control immigration and the whole idea is that we want the best and moral people to come into the united states. unfortunately, we've got a group of people who are the product of illegal immigration. even though they were brought in as children. so they've already been given a pass right now by the previous administration and i hope that the supreme court will overturn it and rule that it's illegal but they're already here illegally. they've already entered illegally. now we're recognizing that many of them have committed crimes and should not even be a allowed to stay in the country. rob: the number is around 10%, we can pull it up here, almost 80,000 daca recipients out of
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765,000 who have been approved of daca status. supporters say that's a lower number than the arrest record of u.s. citizens and my question to you is does this number come into play at all when the supreme court is trying to argue whether or not this is constitutional? does that number even matter? do they even consider that? >> well, again, rob, here's the situation. they are the product of illegal immigration. these people were brought in even though they were brought in as kids, they were brought illegally into the united states. what part of the word illegal doesn't matter? we're going to make a an excuse for this and set these folks apart? where does it start? we make exception after exception after exception. jillian: let's take a look at what ken couc has to say. this is a direct result of a previous administration's decision to circumvent the law
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as passed by congress. do you agree. >> i completely agree. it was in my opinion -- again, these folks are here illegally. they are benefiting from a program that is illegal and even though it's 10% that have committed crimes, the other 90% are still here illegally. so we must -- either the law matters or it doesn't. there is thousands and thousands of folks who are here legally, going through the process. there are many citizens who had never been arrested. so at what point does the law matter? rob: how do you think this plays out? how do you think the supreme court weighs in on this. some people think it leans to the right at this point. if they vote and say daca is unconstitutional will that lead to some kind of deal on immigration early next year? >> i would hope the supreme court looks to the law and
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doesn't think of itself in a progressive manner, like i'm pretty sure that four of the justices are going to do. this is not a political matter l. this is not about progressiveism. this is about the law. either we respect it and we live by it or we're going to start making exceptions for this and this and this and it's a story that never ends. jillian: george rodriguez, thanks for joining us. >> you got it. jillian: and we're coming right back. stay with us. (contemplative synth music) - [narrator] forget about vacuuming for up to a month. shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself into a base you can empty once a month.
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rob: welcome back. week 11 in the nfl and the rams escape a defensive struggle against the bear bears, doing eh
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to get the win. and the pa patriots getting triy to avenge their super bowl loss to the eagles. >> he's going to the end zone and it's a touchdown. rob: new england won, 17-10. the vehicl vikings won, 27-3, a comeback win over the broncos. the 49ers rally after a rough start to beat the cardinals, 36-26. jillian, over to you. jillian: controversial former quarterback colin kaepernick calls and audible and up ends his first nfl opportunity in three years. did he lose his chance for a comeback. >> we're waiting for the 32 owners, 32 teams, roger goodell to stop running, stop running from the truth, stop running from the people. my agent is ready to interview any team at any time. i've been ready. i'm staying ready. jillian: well, seems like it's another chapter of the embattled
2:23 am
quarterback's knee against the world saga. many are asking whether it's a pr stunt. here with reaction, mike gun gunzelman. what do you make of how this played out. >> he had a real opportunity here and he essentially blew it. you know what i mean? the nfl didn't have to do this for him at all. they invited all 32 teams, 25 were going to go. jillian: instead, eight show up. >> now eight show up because he did this on his own. i think he comes across selfish and is more of a hassle than ever before. he had an opportunity. there was no guarantee that anybody would sign him. now he comes across as it's all about me. once again, it's been three years we've been dealing with this from collin kaepernick. jillian: the quick version of the story, if you're not aware of what happened, apparently colin kaepernick wasn't happy with how the nfl was doing this for him. he decided about 30 minutes before this workout to say never
2:24 am
mind, i want to do it my way, i'm going to a different location. by the way, it's not exactly around the corner. so come join me over there. >> there were a couple he'll disagreements that he had. here's the thing. colin kaepernick, you're a free agent, you're unemployed, have you to abide by something. have you to at least give the nfl some leniency here because, listen, if you want to play for them, you have to abide by their rules. the fact is, he switched this completely. only eight teams went. he could have tried out in front of 25. if you want to play football, go out of your way to play football. instead, he makes it all about him and that's why i believe this now that it was a publicity stunt. jillian: let's listen to some reaction about this whole scenario. take a look. >> he don't want to play. he want to be a marter. >>a martyr.>> you don't want tw up, that's why you do it on short notice with these conditions. >> it was an opportunity to build a bridge for a return to the league and he didn't take
2:25 am
advantage of it. >> you've got to be on the field, you've got to show up if you want to play. bottom line. the nfl, like i said -- he also had other demands. for example, he wanted to turn the tryout into a nike ad and the nfl agreed to do that. they did go beyond what they were supposed to. i'm not saying the nfl isn't at fault or blame whatsoever there. he wanted it during the week and instead they did it on a saturday which he didn't want to do listen, if this is about football, and you think that you want to be a martyr, et cetera, guess what, it's not going to work. it's not going to happen. jillian: if you want to play for a team, you have to abide by the rules of the team. if you want to play football, have you to abide by the rules of the nfl. this is what the nfl says on this workout on saturday. they say we are disappointed that collin did not appear for his workout. the nfl made considerable effort to work cooperatively with collin's representatives. his decision has no effect on his status in the league. he remains an unrestricted free a agent, eligible to sign with any club and then we have a statement on behalf of colin
2:26 am
kaepernick. this says based on the prior conduct by the nfl league office, mr. kaepernick simply asks for a transparent and open process which is why a new location has been selected for today, meaning saturday. do you think a team ends up signing him? >> after yesterday's stunt or the past weekends stunt, i don't believe so. there's a lot of bad quarterbacks out there. a lot of bad backup quarterbacks. i think he became too selfish and nfl teams don't want to deal with him anymore. he had an opportunity. he didn't show up. guess what, you don't play now. jillian: a lot of people argue why was he given the opportunity in the first place. >> fair point. absolutely. jillian: good to see you. thank you. rob: 26 minutes after the hour. death row inmate rodney reed gets a stay of execution just days before he was set to die. forensic pa o pathologist dr. ml bideen saw this coming, he insists reed is an innocent man and he's here to explain why, coming up.
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. a look at our top headlines this morning. first, a fox news alert. an urgent manhunt underway after four people are shot and killed at a backyard party in california. s fresno police say the shooter or shooters snuck up to the home and opened fire. they believe the attack was targeted. rob: a hero mass yo massachuses firefighter will be laid to rest today. lieutenant jason maynard died saving people from a fire. he leaves behind a wife and three kids. jillian: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer calling on president trump to testify in front of house impeachment investigators. this comes as the president warns them of using impeachment as a political weapon, saying it is, quote, very bad for the country and not what the founders had in mind. eight witnesses are set to
2:31 am
testify on cap l tol capitol his week. texas death row inmate rodney reed saved from execution days before he was to be killed. rob: the convicted murderer maintained his innocence for years. now dr. michael boden says he's telling the truth. jillian: he joins us now with the evidence. thanks for joining us. it's a fascinating case, the fact that he was so close to death and it didn't happen. why do you say he's innocent? >> i have reviewed the material and the strangled body of stacy stites was found in 1996 in a field. the signs -- the forensic evidence, the signs of death, the settling of blood, the rigor mortis showed she had laid for four or five hours at least on her belly, on her abdomen before she was dumped. the only place that could have been was in the bedroom where
2:32 am
she lived with her fiance, a local police officer, jim any fennell who was the first suspect. but dna was found from rodney reed on examination. he explained that they had been having an affair and that they had sex 24 hours earlier. the prosecution witnesses falsely stated, incorrectly, that sperm only lasts for about a few hours and that it could not -- the sperm found could not have been from the sexual contact 24 hours earlier and that was just incorrect. sperm live more about -- at least four or five days after depositing, so that was -- rob: that's a big mistake. >> that's a big mistake. that put him, therefore, the only person who could have killed her. but the time of death was when she was with her fiance,
2:33 am
fennell. rob: you've got stacy stites, she was killed, she was in a relationship with jim any fennell. she's having an affair with rodney reed. people say fennell made incriminating statements, including a life insurance salesman and there's an officer that says he made statements at his girlfriend's funeral that implicate him. >> even more than that, there was a jailhouse witness, i don't always go along with jailhouse witnesses but there was a white supremacist in jail. fennell was arrested years later and convicted of kidnapping and raping a woman, got 10 year sentence, was in jail and he was trying to get cozy with the white supremacist who ran the jail and he says that fennell trying to ingratiate himself, told them he killed his girlfriend because he had an
2:34 am
affair with a black person, thinking that would get him in with the white supremacist. this guy came forth, the white supremacist, and said he admitted he killed his wife in prison. i think that sounds like a potential valid type of confession. jillian: as far as the physical evidence goes that you were talking about at the beginning of the segment, i guess i'm having a hard time understanding why this has continued to go on with false information as you stated for so long. >> because at the initial trial, back in the 1990s, he was convicted, the dna evidence seemed to prove he was the only one who had sex with her after she went missing. and everything after that has been an appeal. he's lost the appeals. 1996, black guy with a white girl didn't sound as natural as it might sound today and all his appeals have been lost. rob: there's been a number of celebrities, you said you -- >> he was supposed to have been
2:35 am
executed five years ago when i testified and the execution was put off because of new evidence, but he was convicted again. this time, kim kardashian, senator cruz in texas. rob: ted cruz. >> a whole bunch of democratic and -- came out in support because of the evidence. so right now he's just temporarily not being executed and has to still go on with a new trial to be -- rob: thank you so much for your time this morning. we appreciate it. what a story. jillian: we'll continue to follow it. thank you. rob: kanye west hits the stage for a massive sunday service concert. the rapper spreading the good word, urging others to join him on his christian journey. jillian: aishah hasnie has more on the church service unlike any other. >> reporter: the sunday service was delayed because of how many people showed up. thousands stood in line that
2:36 am
wrapped around joel osteen's lakewood church in houston to see the sold out service. the 42-year-old rapper who decided to stop singing secular music, defended osteen's rep you pew station i--reputation and ss now serving god. >> you said it didn't fulfill you. can you talk about that? >> yes, because it's presented to us on tv. you start to feel like satan is the most powerful and you start to feel like if you service god, that in life it means you will not prosper. >> reporter: what do people think about this? many who attended believe west is transformed. >> we can tell he has some of the word in him, so he's not just talking from the surface. he's digging deep. seems like he's been doing some studies. >> throughout his whole message, every time he mentioned
2:37 am
the name of jesus christ, over and over again, proclaiming he's the lord and the king. nobody can do that unless you have really had a true transformation with god. >> reporter: even texas governor greg abbott tweeting his support for the rapper, he says what kanye west does to inspire the incarcerated is transformative, saving one soul at a time. inmates who turn to god may get released earlier because of good behavior and may be less likely to commit future crimes. it would be great if other artists followed kanye's lead. so the rapper's fan base continues to grow in pretty unexpected ways. rob: interesting stuff. thanks so much. jillian: 37 minutes after the hour right now. time to connection in with meteorologist janice dean. is it seasonal right now where we are? >> it's a little below average. jillian: a little below. >> all in all it is seasonal. there's a coastal low that will be up the coast. it will be too relatively warm for snow along the coast. interior sections could get snow, especially parts of new
2:38 am
england. let's take a look at it. here's the last 24 hours. we have a wintery mix across the great lakes, even parts of the appalachians and the southeast we'll watch this developing storm system. mainly remain offshore but we could see some results especially along the coast of some flash flooding, certainly gusty winds, beach erosion, and then snow on the backside of this as we get into tomorrow morning as the storm lifts north and eastward and northern new england will get several inches of snow. not a huge blockbuster storm but something
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2:43 am
>> polls are a snapshot of the time. we've seen the polls go up and down for warren, biden and sanders and now for pete. i'm not sure that this is a true reflection of how the race will end up but certainly it's a credit to the ground game and the investments that mayor pete has made in ey iowa. with his outstandin outstand fug numbers, you can attribute that to pan part of it. rob: the latest poll, you have buttigieg at 25%, that's unbelievable, up 16 since september. you see warren down 6, biden down 5 and more momentum towards the bottom there. i think a lot of people thinker that buttigieg is the more moderate, pragmatic speaker of all these people. he seems like the most mature of the bunch. what do you think? >> pete impot geein buttigieg ta moderate but he's trying to pack
2:44 am
the supreme court. you have a situation where he's peaking. the numbers reflect that. i think we have to be careful because i think in some ways he might be peaking a little too early. barack obama had a peak, he peaked closer to the caucus dates. now with the information coming out now that he's basically put all these fallacies in his plan for black america, the polling also shows he can't find black people across america interested in him being the nominee on the democratic side of the aisle. rob: a lot of people could say iowa is not everything. you look at mike huckabee, rick santorum, ted cruz, people that won iowa and didn't get the nomination. >> i've been saying this from day one. south carolina will be the place who will decide who our democratic nominee will be, 61% african american, 55% women. no disrespect to any poll or any person who is putting their bank in iowa, but that does not reflect how i think the race will end up. we think about who our nominee
2:45 am
will be in south carolina. the other thing i tell you about the polling in iowa, the one thing you have to look at in polling is consistency. mayor pete hasn't done well consistently in all polls. that's why i'm not sure this is a prediction of how the race will play out. rob: some of the things he stands for, he supports a form of medicare for all, he calls it made care for all who want it. he opposes eliminating private insurance. that makes him more moderate in the group there. he says he supports the green new deal but you see nothing of it on his website. he doesn't talk about actually implementing that. he does support a wealth tax and legalizing marijuana. he supports the assault weapons ban. i want to go into what president obama has been saying just in the last couple of weeks. he's really been going after this far left push, the warrens and the berni bernie sanders ane has this quote. as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision, we also have to be rooted in reality.
2:46 am
the average american doesn't think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it. what do you make of that quote? >> i think we've been saying for a very long time that democrats are really outpacing america in their sprint to the left. they're running left faster than the -- i've been saying that, many republicans have been saying that. >> you're a republican, that's why you're saying that. [ laughter ] >> yes. i mean, look, here's the truth. you call it a republican talking point. now it's coming out of the mouth of barack obama himself. rob.rob: what do you make of ts statement? >> i think what people realize is that we cannot allow republicans to paint the picture of who we are. the party is still a center left party. that's why we beat you like a drum in the last two governor races. what thyou can't govern unless . what he was able to do was win twice. he ran on a pragmatic center
2:47 am
left approach. this is what he's saying, this is how we need to run so we can win. rob: we've got to leave it there. i hate to cut you off, joe. we have to leave it there. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. jillian: michael bloomberg says he's sorry for stop and frisk. >> i realize back then i was wrong. and i'm sorry. jillian: not everyone is accepting his apology. carley shimkus has the social media reaction. rob: first, let's see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> don't let anyone tell you can't wear that tan suit. rob: a lot of people hate this suit. >> i love it. rob: what about steve? >> it's okay. >> thanks for having me on this monday morning. we've got a big story that we're covering exclusively on "fox & friends." a man going from military hero to enemy of the state but now army first lieutenant clint lorance is a free man reunited
2:48 am
with his family after getting a life-changing call from the president of the united states. first lieutenant clint lorance will be here on set with his first exclusive interview since receiving the president's full pardon over the weekend. we also had eddie gallagher and matt goldstein who were part of the presidential aca shun actio. on the program today, jeff sessions, senator josh holly, franklin graham, burgess owens. don't go anywhere.
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jillian: a former critic of candidates going on so-called apology tour, new york's mayor michael bloomberg started his
2:52 am
own campaign by saying sorry over stop and frisk. listen to this. >> i was totally focused on saving lives but as we know, good intentions aren't good enough. i want you to know that i realize back them i was wrong. and i'm sorry. rob: carli carley shimkus herh the backlash he's getting on social media. >> stop and frisk was one of michael bloomberg's signature initiatives. now he says he was wrong to champion it. this policy lets police officers stop and frisk anyone that had are suspicious of. bloomberg largely supported it and defended it since his times as mayor up until now when he is considering running for president. some are calling the apology disingenuous. one twitter user says kind of
2:53 am
tough to gain momentum running for president when the first thing you do is apologize. john on twitter also chiming in, saying i'm guessing they had another focus group to determine stop and frisk wasn't a good pr term. it will now be pardon me and hug. current new york city mayor bill de blasio is slamming bloomberg for apologizing, basically saying too little, too late. jillian: the new york times accuses fed ex of not paying taxes and fed ex responds. >> a very interesting and sort of strange dispute between the new york times and fed ex after the paper claimed that the delivery giant had cut its tax bill down to zero. so on sunday, the paper wrote in the 2017 fiscal year, fed ex owed more than $1.5 billion in taxes. the next year it owed nothing. what changed was the trump administration tax cut for which the company had lobbied hard. well, fed ex's ceo, fret smith, replied with a bit of an interesting challenge saying the new york times paid zero federal
2:54 am
income tax in 2017 on earnings of $111 million and only $30 million in 2018, 18% of their pre-book income, pre-tax book income. i hereby challenge ag salsburger, pup live publisher e business section editor to a public debate in washington, d.c. with me and the fed ex corporate vice president of tax. that could be quite the spectacle. and you are going to hear more about this. now some of the candidates are weighing in. bernie sanders tweeting we're told we can't afford to invest in the housing, health care and education our people need, meanwhile giant corporations are paying zero in federal income tax. donald trump junior very excited for this potential debate, oh, my god, fred smith spanking the new york times like a child, he tweets. well, that tax break was supposed to increase investment but both companies are claiming the other did not use the money
2:55 am
for that. there you have it, guys. rob:thanksso much. 54 minutes after the hour. abc news could soon get grilled on capitol hill. how congress is taking action over the network shutting down the jeffrey epstein story. jillian: this 2020 hopeful is earning the name balling bernie. take a look at why. we're going to show you more of this, coming up. ♪ . . (logo whooshes) (logo chiming) ♪
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rob: all right. we're going to go for time for the good, the bad, and the ugly now. first, we're going to start with the good. figure out what we are doing here. senator bernie sanders showing off his jump shot. the 2020 candidate nailing three baskets in 10 seconds. sanders has been focusing on his health after having a heart attack. changing his exercise and eating habits. looking pretty good. jillian: wow, next the bad. smoke on the water. two massive yachts worth $20 million combined going up in flames at florida marine. both reportedly being repaired when the fire broke out. it took more than six hours to put out the flames. nobody was hurt. look at that. rob: finafinally the ugly. blend chicken rolled tacos into a spicy basi bisque:
3:00 am
jillian: what's your favorite thanksgiving food. rob: probably the cranberry sauce. jillian: really? rob: i do not. i never thought why turkey was that special. jillian: i'm a mashed potato and stuffing girl. rob: yeah, that too. jillian: have a good day. ♪ working for a living ♪ working ♪ working for a living ♪ working. steve: live from fox news world headquarters it's fox news channel with huey lewis and the news. ainsley: and the news. steve: welcome aboard, folks. week two of the public impeachment stuff. it's going to start tomorrow down in washington because the secret of washington is they don't actually work mondays. pete: they don't work weekends, either. steve: not really. pete: thanks for having me. what did you guys do this weekend? ainsley: i rested. because of i lost my voice friday after the show because i had a little cold. so i did


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