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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  November 18, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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howie kurtz, we appreciate you being here. we will be in touch soon. thank you for joining us, kicking it off this week. i am dana perino. i will see you on "the five" a big treat for you next. it is the special john roberts. ♪ >> john: fox news reporting begins with breaking news from the state department, good afternoon, i am john roberts. mike pompeo announcing a major change in u.s. policy on israeli settlements in the occupied west bank. speak of the of civilian settlements has not worked. it has not advanced the cause of peace. the heart of this there will never be a resolution to the conflict in in arguments about who is right and wrong as terms of international law will not bring peace. >> john: against a 1978 legal opinion from the state department that says the
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settlements are not consistent with international law. the move will likely anger palestinians and put the united states at odds with other nations working to end the conflict. rich edson reporting live from the statement this afternoon. rich. >> thank you, john, and from the secretary of state is the reversal of the obama administration and secretary of state, then secretary of state john kerry's interpretation when he said back in december of 2016 that the settlements were a flagrant violation of international law. the secretary of state says that this is now a legal opinion from the united states, from the trump administration that those israeli settlements do not per se violate international law. he also said that israel had the legal system to deal with this and that the united states in this decision is not judging what the status of the west bank is, that they very much is up to the israelis and the palestinians, when asked if there was concern from the international community and the
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united nations, he said there is always been criticism from the u.n. when it comes to israeli policy. he says it is not a green light to build those settlements. this is a legal opinion. but this is what palestinians have seen, the trump administration moving towards benjamin netanyahu, and moving the embassy from israel to jerusalem, and on top of that recognizing israel's control over the golan heights, so this is something that will come out especially as the administration is waiting to erase that long-awaited peace plan that jared kushner is working on after the israeli form of government. >> john: rich, pompeo talking a little bit about ukraine? >> yes, he said that he would be happy to talk about ukraine policy, but not what he framed as a democrat's impeachment process out in the house. as you know several state department officials either have or are scheduled to be testifying in this. last week it was the former
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ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch, after rudy giuliani tried to push her out successfully did so, and the criticism of both yovanovitch leaving and in ambassador bill taylor taking over is not exactly square. >> ambassador yovanovitch's departure preceded the arrival of bill taylor. so there is some ideas out there that somehow this change was designed to enable some nefarious purpose, you should all look at the simple fact that it was bill taylor that replaced ambassador yovanovitch who in each case has been driving towards the appropriate ukraine policy. >> it was also about comments made by the president that it was a mistake potentially to bring back ambassador bill taylor, the secretary was asked about the confidence that he has an bill taylor, he said that the state department is doing a fantastic job, asked specifically again to comment on beau taylor, he said the state department is doing a
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fantastic job on policy. >> john: amy jaffe is here on the council of foreign relations, a senior fellow there, so pompeo said in his press conference, good afternoon, by the way, that u.s. policy over the decades has been inconsistent. this takes policy back to the days of the reagan administration. >> it does seem like a very big change, i'm sure there is some policy involved in it, local for us in the united states with democrats accused recently of not being pro-israel, and also in europe the new legislation sort of working against is really strained, but the bottom line is when people get a look into the details of what a peace settlement would look alike, we all know there has to be some land swaps going to end fro on either side to get to really a realistic peaceful settlement, so i think that the legal issue i kind of agree with the secretary in the sense that it is not as important as the final
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deal, which will actually involve some changes to the borders of a two day solution. >> john: pompeo noted that calling the settlements illegitimate has not led to peace in the middle east. calling them legitimate and up with peace? >> i think the point is to really leave the party is open to be able to have a negotiation without any prejudiced as pool what to solutions would be on a peaceful solution. and i think that everybody wants a peaceful solution. the united states wants to seem like an honest broker, and i'm sure that there will be criticism on both sides, this is too pro-israel, because it is taking away the e legality on an international level, but there will be others who will say that there was a barrier because there are certain land swaps that have to take place. you don't want them to be challenged in a court of law. so it is a pretty complicated
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thing to come up with a solution to the problem that has been going on for decades. and probably the administration move gives them more flexibility. >> john: i remember covering the bush administration when george w. bush told that the settlements were in "not helpful" and now this administration dialing back the policy on the legitimacy of the settlements in moving the embassy to jerusalem and recognizing the golan heights as part of israel. so this administration has taken some forward leaning steps in terms of the u.s. posture towards israel. >> it has come of the administration has definitely leaned towards if you consider negotiations, whole helping the israelis in their negotiations, there is no question that israel's establishment of settlements and particular areas on the west bank have been particularly divisive and not constructive to the peace process.
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so, there is no question about that. but when you look at the universal issues of how are we going to get a final solution that is going to allow for both countries, both populations to live in peace, the chances are that every single place that israeli is living might not be a solution, but to get backing for a final solution, i think that you really do need to have some flexibility on what settlements have to be dismantled and what settlements may be could not be dismantled, practically, so i think it is a little bit more organic than just the legal debate. >> john: this is only minutes old, how do you expect the palestinians to react? >> i think the reaction from the palestinians is always going to be intensely negative. that will set back the process, but the united states has indeed shifted the position over the years when it has gone into a negotiation. right here now is a period of
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intense change, the writing on lebanon which could change the ground in lebanon, you have the rioting in which has been targeted in the uranian activity, so that changes it too, because you have these groups that way and, sometimes negatively, whether that is through missile attacks on israel against the israeli public, going in certain directions, and a peace process, we have seen all kinds of parties take steps, and so, i think you do want to have flexibility if you are going to try to move things forward. and the fact that there is unrest and change in a younger generation that thinks about these problems in a different way is actually creating an opportunity. >> john: amy jaffe, good to see you, thank you for joining us today. we are learning that house democrats are debating whether
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>> john: fox news confirming house democrats are investigating whether president trump lied to special counsel robert moeller and his written answers in the russia investigation. the personal attorney jay sekulow pushing back, he says read the answers to the questions, they speak for themselves. house lawmakers gearing up for one of the busiest weeks to get in the impeachment inquiry. eight key witness is set to testify in the coming days including lieutenant colonel alexander vindman tomorrow on live tv. he is a top ukraine specialist at the end national security council and a first-hand witness who was on that july 25th phone call between president trump and
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vladimir zelensky, we will hear from jennifer williams, top aide for vice president pence who testified behind closed doors at the phone call was "inappropriate." she also has inside information about the military aid that was withheld from the ukraine. gillian turner reporting live from capitol hill this afternoon. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, sources on capitol hill are continuing to tell me this hour that they think it is unlikely that president trump will ultimately testify in front of house intelligence. they say while they admire and understand his willingness and desire to exonerate himself by speaking directly to the investigators, they say they worry that should he testify, it would actually legitimize a process that they say so far has really been unfair and really been a sham. also developing now, fox news has obtained a copy of the letter from the republicans sent to republican senator ron johnson, asking him to produce any evidence he has
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about president trump's management of ukraine policy. they write "you have first-hand information about facts at issue in this inquiry. you join the high-level u.s. inauguration to zelensky in 2018 as well as the debriefing of president trump." the members also taking an opportunity to criticize the majority saying the democrats have abandoned fundamental fairness and objectivity in their impeachment inquiry. so basically making the case here that they hope senator johnson has some exculpatory evidence that they can use to counter the democrats narrative, john. >> john: what more do we know about the witnesses we will see this week? i guess gordon sondland is being considered something of a wild card? >> yes, we will hear from eight witnesses total in just a period of three days. it's a lot of folks lined up for one week. starting with four witnesses who are going to testify on tuesday, that includes national security
12:16 pm
agent jennifer williams, two policy advisors that serve on president trump's national security counsel, alexander vineland, tim marston, and special envoy to ukraine kurt volker. but the big item is really gordon sondland's testimony, because he is president trump's ambassador to the european union. he will be the first ally of president trump to speak publicly as a witness. president trump appointed him to his post and they are also good friends. of all the witnesses we have heard from so far, he is also the one who has the most known direct interactions with the president and a lot of insight into how he executes ukraine foreign policy. this is also largely viewed by republicans as an opportunity for sondland to clarify testimony he gave behind closed doors. he with an addendum changed his testimony and brought it to the committee just a few days after he was debriefed and deposed
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behind closed doors, john. spew on the white house has certainly been zeroing in on that one word that he used in that testimony, i presumed that that was the case, we will see what he has to say on wednesday. gillian turner, thank you so much. a white house official is suing a journalist and her website for reliable and looking for tens of millions of dollars in damages, but a big payout is not all that is at stake. it goes right to the heart of the impeachment inquiry, howard kurtz host of "media buzz" here right now. tell us more about the case. >> it is strongly unusual, kash patel, top official at the national security council filed this $25 million suit against politico, and msn bc contributor accused him of lying and deceit in reporting last month, and he said president trump information about ukraine. but he says in the suit he has never discussed anything that he
12:18 pm
did with ukraine and the president. >> john: how do we expect this case will go forward? often we see sometimes there is a retraction and the whole thing is dropped, what a retraction do it? or is kash patel looking for damages? >> kash patel is a former aide to devin nunes, so it has a lot of trumpian language aside from the legality, politico has not made any comment so far. for example it says that adam schiff, democratic chairman of the committee worked with politico according to the suit to try to destroy his reputation and further the quid pro quo hoax, who does that remind you of? also saying that he conducted the interviews like a kangaroo court. it's a serious suit with a lot of money, but trying to target chairman schiff. >> john: saying that they got the information from week to testimony on capitol hill. so if you are getting sued for leaked testimony, how does this
12:19 pm
affect journalists covering the impeachment inquiry going forward? >> though suit says why not wait for the transcripts rather than rely on leaks. and it maintains that the career diplomats who implemented kash patel did not have any first-hand information, so if you are a journalists covering this, it is a leaky committee, it sends a message that you better be cautious that you absolutely have it nailed down. if you don't have a transcript or something on the record, because it could be legal consequences. we will see where it goes. >> john: i find it curious that he is filing as a private individual as opposed to the government employee? >> that is the key to the case, john, because if he rules as a white house official is a public figure, it is a much higher bar, reckless regulation for the truth, it is an easier case to win if it is sustained. >> john: good to see you. thanks. prince andrew was talking about his past relationship with convicted sex offender jeffrey
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>> john: britain's prince andrew says that he does not have any regrets about being friends with the late convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. he defended his relationship with the man who died in prison while waiting to be tried for sex trafficking charges. prince andrew also says he does not remember meeting a woman who accused epstein of forcing her to have sex with the royal when he was a teenager. he says that never happened. prince andrew, queen elizabeth's eighth oldest son and a thin line for the throne. >> good afternoon, prince andrew denied ever knowing virginia
12:25 pm
dupree, said that she was forced to have sex with the duke of york when she was 16 at epstein's home. >> i can absolutely tell you would never happen. >> do you work call any contact with the virginia roberts then or at any other time? >> not so ever. >> prince andrew said that he did not remember taking this photo with his hand around and under aged virginia's waist. he also denied her accounts that she met him at a club where he was dancing and profusely sweating. listen. >> a slight problem with the sweating, because i have a peculiar condition where i don't sweat, or did not sweat at the time. he said that he did not request his friendship with epstein, but he did regret visiting new york in 2010 when epstein
12:26 pm
was released and was a convicted sexual offender. now lawyers for his accuser called the interview appalling for the lack of empathy. a jon perry >> john: no regrets and no sweat. in house minority leader kevin mccarthy out of a completely different topic, ran to abc news about the video? >> that's right, this is coming from the veritas video showing amy roebuck expressing her frustration that she had in interview with virginia dupree three years ago, but abc decided not to publish her story. minority leader mccarthy wrote a letter to james goldstein demanding abc hand over the video interview that amy roebuck conducted, and more information pertaining to why the story was not published. in this letter mccarthy said "it is clear that abc news is enabling of mr. epstein has consequences, fewer victims
12:27 pm
willing to come forward to bring perpetrators of this modern day flagrant injustice in possibility that any number of miners could've been spared from human trafficking over the past three years." abc news has not commented on this letter, but they have said that amy roebuck's reporting did not meet standards to error. >> john: we will see how this goes from here. three people dead after a shooting in a walmart parking lot this morning happened in duncan, oklahoma. 80 miles south of oklahoma city. police say they found a man and a woman dead inside a car, another man found dead outside the car. the police chief said that the shooter believed to be one of those three people. family members told the local station that a domestic dispute sparked the violence. police in california searching for suspects after a shooting at a party killed four people and injured several others. it happened in fresno, california. police say family and friends were watching football in a
12:28 pm
backyard when people apparently got in through an unlocked gate and started shooting. investigators say about 30 people were at the party, including children. in a youth conference, police told the public that it was a planned attack not random. the high school in california will be closed until december 22nd, after a shooting that left two students dead. the 16-year-old student who opened fire on classmates before shooting himself has died at a local hospital. thousands of people gathered for a vigil in santa clarita north of los angeles. the students, first responders and friends and family of victims attended, a navy serviceman spoke about his sister who was killed. he said "i watched you grow up day by day, and felt like my little sister was becoming a young lady. thank you for being my sister." it looks like hackers have taken
12:29 pm
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♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly. wow! giving one. how did you guys...? >>don't ask. the lexus december to rembember sales event get 0 percent apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> john: "fox news reporting" rolling on, a new front runner
12:34 pm
in the presidential contest, the left lurching more towards the middle. a couple of college chemistry professor is getting a lesson in the law after cops say they put their know how up to no good. in the search for more potential victims in a twisted crimes. a slicing out women's body parts for no good reason at all. laura ingle reporting live from the newsroom with that story. >> hey, john, federal investigators say that there could be at least 200 patients who underwent surgical procedures that they did not want or need, the arrest warrant detailing the horrific accounts of victims, some who say this dr. routinely used the c word, cancer to scare patients into having soldiery. here he is, arrested and charged with health care fraud and making false statements relating to health care matters. investigators say that greed was the apparent motive in
12:35 pm
performing so many unnecessary procedures including hysterectomies, tubal ligation's, and the ncs. investigators started looking into him last september after the fbi received a tip from a hospital employee who suspected he was performing unneeded surgeries on patients who had no idea what he was doing to them. he has been ordered to remain in custody while he awaits trial. the judge in the case calling the allegations deeply disturbing and believe that the doctor could be a flight risk because of his wealth tied to pakistan, and history of deceit. to some former patients are reacting to the news part in the audio, it is a little bit loud. listen. >> he started off with me when i was about 60 years old stating that i had hpv and he had to do surgery for that. hpv does cervical cancer saying that he was going to remove cervical cancer cells, and i had several surgeries. and i'm having problems, and it is all because of him.
12:36 pm
>> a receptionist who answered the phone at his practice today told me that they are working on getting patients medical records back to them before they completely shut or the business. for what it is worth, the lawyer has said that he has received a multitude emails that have described his fine qualities and say that he has helped them. >> this is not the first time that the doctor has faced allegations. >> when you go through the arrest affidavit, not only has he been the subject of eight malpractice lawsuits, he also lost his hospital privileges in the '80s and had his medical license revoked in the '90s. the lawsuit involves allegations that he falsified medical records to justify unnecessary procedures performed up to 30 surgeries in one day and gave substandard care while doing it. if he is convicted on both of these charges, he faces between 15-25 years in federal prison. >> john: we will watch the case, laura ingle in the
12:37 pm
newsroom, thanks. two chemistry professors in arkansas accused of cooking on campus. that's according to sheriff's office and clark county, both henderson state university professors were arrested, now looking at formal charges. this statement the university officials wrote that they put the professors on administrative leave last month just days after police investigated a chemical odor which closed a science lab at the school. thousands of people who signed up for disney's new streaming service are locked out of their accounts today after hackers got in and change their information. and now those accounts are showing up for sale on the dark web. that's according to the website zdnet. disney has not issued a comment that cyber security experts say that user error could be to blame. a susan li is here with more. >> thousands of users expressing their frustration on social media because disney plus has only been around for a few
12:38 pm
days but many have already been hacked. this is going on the dark web, the email accounts and passwords are going for as much as $3 to $11 according to several websites. that's a lot of money as a premium given that disney plus only cost $7 each and every. but four to five times what netflix hacked accounts go on the dark web pit how do they get in? several ways, phishing email that you get asking for more information, which you input in. and also the specialized codes that mature through emails and passwords, and if you are using the same password on the same email, eventually on some of these accounts that combination works in. so a key is to change your password. disney plus has been so popular, 10 million plus signing up on the first day of operations, compare that to netflix that took 12 years to get 16 million users, who took 12 years just to get 28.5 million users.
12:39 pm
so i guess here, john, don't forget to change your passwords. we just got a disney statement as well, we reached out and they said that they take their privacy and security of their users data very seriously. and there is no indication of a security breach on disney plus. so there you go, just and fresh. >> john: maybe that will be good for disney stock. we will see. speaking of the stock market, they seem to find any reason for the stock market to go down, but what is driving the stock market to directed levels today? >> some people say that there are a lot of reasons for the stock market to go up at this point as we look at a strong economy and strong consumer, and trade tensions have died down a little bit, we are talking with the chinese and corporations and also a lot of these u.s. companies are still making a ton of money, and by the way, heading towards the year-end, what we call santa claus rally and because of the budgeting throughout the 12 months a lot of people keep dry powder in the bank and can be used towards the
12:40 pm
end of the year to maybe buy more into the stock market. >> john: susan li, thank you for joining us this afternoon. massive protests inside iran, and an internet blackout is keeping most folks there in the dark about what is really happening. that is next. ♪ little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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>> john: iran is almost entirely off-line as government officials have tried to squash the massive protests that have been ripping through the count country. [sirens] this video from iranian state television demonstration started on friday over the government's decision to raise the gas prices by at least 50%. here's the scene at what was a gas station in tehran, people torched eight to protest the
12:45 pm
price hikes. there will be decisive action if the protests continue. protest throughout the roads in the city, bringing -- many people have been arrested, injured or killed with the government reporting at least five people dead so far. benjamin hall reporting from the mideast newsroom. >> hi, john. it was a spark of the gas prices that lead to the protest spread but underneath this there is a longer simmering tension between the people of iran and the government. the regime of iran. that's what we are seeing play out right now. u.s. sanctions have made it a lot worse. more than 100 pounds across the country up to 59 people reported to have died and some opposition estimate now put that figure at over 100. the governments have arrested more than 1,000 people in response after roads were blocked, cars were burned, banks, fuel stations, and government buildings attacked. all after the regime raise their gas prices by 50%.
12:46 pm
it is not just the gas, which by the way is still only $0.50 per gallon, it is also corruption and the economy which has been in free fall. today president rouhani blamed the u.s. for all of the proble problems. >> the u.s. is purpose on iran is doing nothing but messing up the security of the country and sending the nation's interest on fire. >> many iranians have also criticized the regime for its spending on wars abroad in syria, yemen, and its support for groups like hezbollah and hamas when they can barely provide for their own people. this is fast becoming one of the worst crises that iran has seen in years. it will be critical to see whether the government decides to crack down harder or not. jon perry >> john: we talked about this a little bit with amy jaffe earlier in the hour, there have also been a big protests in lebanon and iraq recently. >> yes, absolutely, you can draw parallels between them, large or
12:47 pm
brainy and proxies in lebanon and iraq, and certainly anorak these are a rejection of the uranian -- where they had a big hand in the government. specifically in iraq, those protest took target for shieh political parties as well as she of militia. some are reporting that it is an arab spring. and u.s. sanctions playing a key role, because uranian currency has plummeted, prices have skyrocketed. that has made it very hard for the government to provide even basic services. and as such, this is why we are seeing the anger flood out onto the street. as i said earlier, the next few days will be critical to see if it gains momentum or slows down. >> john: benjamin hall for us in jerusalem. hundreds of protesters drew helped under siege in hong kong after barricading themselves on a university campus. police have the campus surrounded and have been
12:48 pm
arresting anybody who tries to escape. crowds of demonstrators on the outside have been trying to rush and break their police perimeter. their rising fears that a brutal and bloodied crackdown could be coming soon. we have seen some dramatic escapes from the campus. people lowering themselves with ropes to try to get away. any government protesters and police have been clashing for more than five months. south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg is the new front runner in iowa, surging 16-point since september. that's according to a new poll of likely caucus goers showing that massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and second-place just one point ahead of former vice president joe biden and vermont senator bernie sanders. this is the first time that pete buttigieg has had such a commanding lead in iowa that analysts point out that most of the state voters are white, and pete buttigieg is struggling to pick up support from black vote.
12:49 pm
peter doocy reporting live from atlanta where pete buttigieg will hold an event at morehouse college, a historically black men's college, peter. >> john, good afternoon, mayor pete has a problem. pulling in early states that are more diverse than iowa, and he knows it. >> that is very encouraging, at the same time there is a long way to go. and there are a lot of states in this process, so i recognized the work that we have to do to consolidate our gains and make sure that i am earning every vote. >> one of those other states he is referring to, nevada, where a fox news poll finds buttigieg far from the front, down 8% behind warren, sanders, and by then, the leader was 24%. now one of mayor pete's democratic rivals pulling behind them is ready to diagnose buttigieg's issues in states with a more diverse electric. >> i pointed out before that i believe that mayor buttigieg has a real problem with lack voters, because of his track record as mayor of south bend.
12:50 pm
it is age bad track record with black voters. >> and buttigieg is going to try to make an roads and atlanta with young black democrats. he is going to go to morehouse college to talk about his plan to pump $50 billion into historically black colleges and universities if elected. john. >> john: he has a beautiful day to do it, peter doocy and atlanta for a spread he told us that walks. now kanye west says that he is trying to bring people closer to god. plus ford unveiling its first all electric car? details on the new mustang coming up. ♪ hi i'm joan lunden.
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va mortgage rates have just dropped to near 50 year lows. loans, veterans can refinance their va loans with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. newday has extended our call center hours so that every veteran in america can take advantage of this unexpected drop in interest rates. one call can save you $2000 every year. to start saving on your next mortgage payment go to >> john: he is no longer in service to fame and money but in service to god. that's what he told packed house at joel osteen's megachurch.
12:55 pm
he is working to change the entertainment industry and bring people back to god. >> the greatest artists that god has created is not working for him. >> john: kanye has been traveling the country since january. he released a gospel themed album. reporting live from houston where she interviewed joel osteen and kanye. >> he is certainly not lasting for self-esteem. this is no ordinary church service. this is kanye west rocking religious experience. one question being asked, is this about promoting an album or about professing faith in jesus christ? the church in houston rocked a kanye service. the grammy award-winning rapper
12:56 pm
brought a full choir and ensemble. kim has said the services are like healing experiences for kanye. >> it feels like although this was meant to be. god already has the plan of bringing me up in the church, and then took me to the lowest depths of death, mental health, culture, being canceled by my own race and culture. >> the faith conversion has not been bad for business. it's number one on billboard's top 200 list. >> john: osteen talked to kanye on stage during his regular church service. what was the reaction from the congregation? >> you have to understand that osteen and kanye have millions of fans.
12:57 pm
these megastars have millions of fans. joining forces and make faith cool. talking to osteen about his journey of faith back to jesus christ. it's gaining skepticism as a publicity stunt for garnering publicity for his album. >> maybe you can speak of your transition. >> i know that god has been calling me for a long time and the devil has been distracting me. >> people are generally moved by his belief system. they really believe that he was sincere. i think he is making a big difference. he handed out more than 11,000 bibles to some of kanye's fans online. >> john: i love that line. "god has been calling me for a long time, but the devil has been distracting me." it's going to be all about
12:58 pm
electric when the los angeles auto show kicks out. ford is set to roll out its new mustang mock e. as the first time they're using the mustang name on a model other than their 2-door sports car. who would've ever thought we would see the day? >> it is everything that mustang ever was. and as ebay , suv. that's what it looks like. this is the performance version. it's called the gt version. it looks like a mustang from the front. from the back also. the metal is an suv. it sits five people. over here, i want to show you the premium version. this is interesting. some of the interesting pieces of this period.
12:59 pm
it opens for you. these are dealers, by the way. i don't want to interrupt them too much. they are being briefed on this right now. maybe you can hear this. you carry on or she says you can put ice and perhaps a beer or soft drinks perhaps. that's a cool thing. as a suv, it definitely has a hatchback in the back. it's eats 5. i don't know how comfortably , but it depends on your size. $43,000 for the low end version. a range of about 300 miles on full charge. it's the future, they say. 300 miles arrange. >> john: i'm not sure if the police would look kindly as using the front trunk is a cooler for beer. >> i hadn't thought of that,
1:00 pm
john. it's for soft drinks and perhaps if you're parked, it's okay. >> john: jeff, thank you so much. it looks like the dow is powering its way to yet another record close. there it is up 31 points. ♪ >> neil: you are right, my friend. impeachment hearings heating up and so is wall street. the president is speaking up at the white house responding to house speaker nancy pelosi's call for him to testify. the president saying that he is stronstrongly considering it. it's at to resume tomorrow in the ongoing public impeachment hearing. eight witnesses are set to spe speak. on the impeachment hearing showing no sign of letting up and kevin and the white house. the president could soon be speaking up. >> house democrats do not have a deadline for this impeachment


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