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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: if we had only listened to russia. the worn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. good night from washington. sean hannity is next. >> sean: a great show. welcome to "hannity." look it's this number. it will go fast. 351 days until the president election. we have a brand new speech from the attorney general of the united states bill barr. it's sending shockwaves through the washington swamp for good reason. this is a preview of coming attractions. this is a powerful statement. take a look. >> immediately after president trump won the election, opponents inaugurated what they called the resistance. they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the executive
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branch and his administration. resistance is the language used to describe insurgency against rules against an occupying military power. this is a dangerous notion to import into the politics of a democratic republic. >> sean: this is a preview of coming attractions. it sounds clear that he discovered serious corruption and serious abuse of pour in the origins of the russia witch hunt. pay close attention to what you just saw. i see every indication that the attorney general understands what is a clear and present danger to this country. people that abuse power and corrupt at the highest levels are not held accountable. if we don't have equal
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application of our laws. there was abuse of power. it's clear to me, i don't think the attorney general would make those remarks about the so-called resistance if he didn't have damning evidence. i predict in the coming months, if i was a deep state bureaucrat working against the president of the united states or a candidate or a transition team, and against the country, i would be very worried tonight. when the attorney general comparison to the insurgency i would watch out. probably i believe something major is about to happen. it won't be good for deep state operatives. everything we reported on this show, we have been 100% accurate on. while the attorney general finishes his investigation and search for the truth and justice, there is still that other bs witch hunt taking place on capitol hill the schiff show.
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we are in week 2. even some democrats are not pleased with what is taking place. one democratic congressman from new jersey comparing this to what goes on in 3rd world countries. that's an understatement. take a look. >> this has nothing to do with whether you like donald trump or don't like him or want to see him have a second term. this has to do with the institution of impeachment and not misusing it. our founding fathers many didn't want it to in the constitution and battled back and forth. it was more like what you would see in europe or what you would see in oligarch or 3rd world nation. people make the decisions in america. people vote. we have elections. >> sean: a lot of people see this for what it is. three never ending years of the
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schiff show. anyone with a functioning brain, you should be livid. you should see what they are doing to this country. how did we get to this point? most of the congressmen's democratic colleagues, to be a democrat or the mob in the media, you have to lose contact with all truth and common sense and basic fairness. we noticed something bizarre emerged. you have the democrats radical and the media mob, they have bifurcated their brains. they are embracing breathtaking hypocrisy. it's like their brains are split in two. like a psychotic rip from any truth or reality. on one side, they put blinders on and ignore all real issues of corruption of the behind closed
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doors. a real quid pro quo. hunter biden gets million dollars from a corrupt oil company. no background in oil or energy. why? because his daddy was vice-president. the video of joe biden a real shakedown he is bragging about with the country of ukraine. takes a billion dollars of your dollars against a prosecutor investigate hunter biden. you have to forget the state department officials who were concerned about this mixed conduct. we won't investigate that. hear no evil, see no evil. no different when the democrats acted like they cared about russian interference in our 2016 elections but never cared about
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the hillary clinton bought and paid for dirty russian dossier. while you are ignoring the biden shakedown quid pro quo on one side of your brain without cause, then you accuse of president of an impeachable offense. a quid pro quo or whatever words is polling best on any given day. unlike the bidens there is zero evidence of any misconduct. as a matter of fact, the transcript is excullpatory. all we get is somebody's 3rd's cousin said something. does the transcript ever talk about aid? not once. did the ukrainian president accuse the president feeling any pressure to do anything?
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zero. did they ever do anything? no, they did not. when you move further, all of the witnesses in the schiff show, all of them. zero knowledge of anything! ambassador sonland testified he was the only one that asked the president what would you like in exchange for the aid? the president answered repeatly, i don't want a quid pro quo. i just want to end the corruption. -- oh like ukrainians interfering in the 2016 election. tomorrow we will hear from former senior national security official tim morris son. he was on the president's phone call with ukraine and will testify tomorrow. the president's call had no connection to the upcoming election. he had no concerns the president was trying to use ukraine to
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influence the upcoming race. he saw no quid pro quo and believed the president was worried about corruption in ukraine. this is what democrats want to nullify an election over? there is nothing here. you have the bidens. my son has no experience at all. i don't want you to investigate him anymore. they will rip this country apart. no crime, no quid pro quo. nothing was done. the aid went to ukraine and they did nothing. also breaking tonight congressman zeldan calling for hearings to be postponed because of recent closed door testimony he believes is a game changer. the corrupt liar that, guy. he was caught to tape colluding
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with the russians has yet to make that transcript public? where is all the transcript? where is the hearsay whistleblower? what contact did the hearsay whistleblower have with schiff's office? when is joe biden going to explain using a billion dollars tax dollars investigate his son being paid millions? and a senior white official is suing politicalo for liable. calling out a political reporter for acting in concert with the liar adam schiff who has anax to grind against the president. that's what this whole trial is about? -- this is not about truth or
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justice or fact finding. the latest effort by schiff and their friends in the media to undo an selection they can't believe they lost. they never accepted the results of the 2016 election. ever since they have been out for revenge. here's one point you must understand. this is bigger and deeper than just donald trump who they just is obviously hate. they also hate we the people. we smelly, wal-mart shoppers that believe in god and guns and our bibles and religion. they want to send us a message. teach us a lesser antillees. -- lesson and take back what they feel is theres. they think they are smarter and look down on the people who voted for donald trump because they know better than we do. the only solace you should take
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tonight, you have the power to shock the world again and put them back in their place and end-all of this madness. here's fox news legal analyst greg jarrett. i don't believe an attorney general of the united states of america as esteemed as bill barr would make those comments without any knowledge behind it? >> he has tremendous knowledge. he called at this time resistance. i call it the malignant force. unelected powerful officials operating in secrecy to undermine the president and pervert the rule of law and subvert the constitution. it was going on in the russia witch hunt and now it's going on, on steroids in the ukraine
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witch hunt. diplomats trafficking in hearsay to invent a pretext to impeach the president and adam schiff is at the helm of it. >> sean: david hale's testimony was released and he said it was his understanding that pompeo called you about allegations about this woman. we barely mentioned this woman. i never got a call from secretary pompeo. why would they lie about this? you are being smeared. donald trump has been smeared for 3 years. >> she is an irrelevant and in
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any court case would be an inadmissible witness. >> sean: any of it would be. >> if mitch mcconnell uses the federal rules of evidence none of these people would be allowed to testify. >> sean: doesn't the chief justice decide that? >> no, the federal rules of evidence can be invoked by the senate and it could be done by mitch mcconnell himself. they set the rules for the trials. the constitution is silent about what rules they can use. they don't have to have a chief justice. >> sean: could a chief justice ever not follow the federal rules of evidence? >> you could bet that a chief justice would always follow the rules. but he would defer to what the senate wants to do and mitch mcconnell said we will use those rules. that means all of these people would not testify. >> sean: great work. keep in mind in the back drop of
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all of this nonsense with the schiff show, we are waiting on investigations out of the doj. after one delay after another, we might have a date certain of the horowitz report on fisa abuse. breaking tonight senator lindsey graham just announced that the inspector general horowitz will testify before his senate committee about his findings on december 11th. that means we will likely get it the week before. please don't drop it on a friday. give it to us on a monday so we have plenty of time to go through 5 or 600 pages. and the attorney general is dropping some pretty big hints that his investigation into the origins of the russia witch hunt is not coming up empty. barr has been trashed by the media mob for doing his job. searching for real truth. joining us with reaction is
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jason and kimberly. you know horowitz, jason. that would tell me after listening to bar's comments and the announcement by lindsey graham we have a date. the first week in december. that's what it sounds like. >> the attorney general has had this report since september. he's been giving updates for a year. there a reason why he is so active can durham. the fact that lindsey graham schedule the date. he won't just drop the report the morning of the hearing. i think we will get a full and complete look at it. will be nearly 1,000 pages. >> sean: 1,000 pages? >> closer to 1,000 pages. you don't do reports like this to give them a clean bill of health. that's not what is going on here. >> sean: kimberly, my sources said there would be criminal
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referrals and information and evidence that will shock the conscience and soul of the american people. what do your sources tell you yanke? >> yes, i heard the same thing. there will be criminal referrals and people will be held to account. this won't just focus on fisa court abuse. we know that the inspector general from some of his prior reports has been concerned with leaks, for instance. we will see how far he gets and what john durham the attorney needs to mop up. >> sean: is there any doubt, jason, that premeditate ed frau
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on a fisa court, unverified. that was used to spy on a candidate, a transition team and a president? any doubt that has to be the conclusion based on what he already know to be fact? >> you are correct. you talked about this for a long time. you are spot on. we had john ratcliffe and trey gowdy who looked behind-the-scenes and saw the unredacted material and came close to saying that. what is interesting about this report. it spreads out to other departments and agency. perhaps into the cia. that's where brennan and clapper have been vocal. they have a lot to worry about. and that's why durham has to take over. the inspector general can only go within the department of justice. durham can go into any of those
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departments. the attorney general himself said they used all tools at their disposal, that include legal and illegal to go after this president and try to subvert him. this will be one of the biggest tests for the department of justice if they can hold themselves accountable and those within the cia and the dni. >> sean: outsourcing intelligence gathering that will fit. the democratic party has become a dumpster fire of far left socialism and economy killing extremism on top of the hate and rage against trump for breathing. even barack obama sounding the alarm. warning about the dangers of this far left turn. i think there is something. i will explain on the other side of what he says. >> we are bold. [muffled audio].
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>> sean: now, we told you this would happen. the party would become so r radicalized domesticallical that even -- so radical that even barack obama will probably be hated by these radical leftists. those comments by barack obama were planned in vance. we know david axel rod and team obama are moving in to support patrick the former massachusetts governor.
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the back lash started. we have new and extreme democrats. omar taking aim it's obama # too far left. not being extreme enough. the things get even more insane with michael bloomberg. now he is on an apology tour coming out against stop and frisk. a policy he supported for 12 years. here with the examination of that dan bongino and mike huckabee. governor huckabee, i don't think it was an accident what obama said. they really joe can't make it. warren unelectable. pete buttigieg is winning in
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iowa. he won't be the guy. axelrod working with patrick is the sign that is where the obama political machine goes. >> sean, i never thought i would say that barack obama is the voice of reason and moderation in the democratic party. apparently, he realizes they can't win with the radical message. he at least toned his own radical message down and pretended to be something else. now the democrats are going after him like ants on a honey biscuit at a church pick anything. -- picnic. they are eating him alive. they are not saying listen to this guy who got elected president twice. they think he is not radical enough anymore. this is the most radical group of democrats and they will
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nominate the most radical candidate since 1972 when mcgovern got drummed. >> sean: michael bloomberg supported the policy and now teary eyed. i am not buying it. >> you should not. he is a phoney and a complete fake. this radical far left tilt you addressed there in the monlog portion at the end -- it's not as if this wasn't tried before. wealthy in europe repealed wealth taxes that elizabeth warren wants now. others are moving back from the healthcare system including
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finland's government. they collapsed trying to get out of this system. it's not as if we have not tried government run schools and it failed our kids. it's old failed ideas. when barack obama is the most radical far left president we ever this is the voice of sanity on the left. houston we have a problem in our party. >> sean: mike? >> i think the democrats are setting up for a landslide reelection by this president. i am convinced he will win big. bigger than any of the media will be able to accept. i don't know what they will try to impeach him for, for the next 4 years. >> sean: he is back. newt gingrich is back and will weigh in on the democrats impeachment circus and the politics of 2020. and prince andrew disastrous
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interview about his friendship with jeffrey epstein. and lawrence jones is asking kanye about me. i have a message for kanye west straight ahead.
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>> ♪ >> sean: joining us now author
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of trump versus china, former house speaker and fox news contributor newt gingrich. to be a democrat, you have to reject all of the fairness you provided the minority party. and bill clinton and his attorneys. to be a democrat you have to care about foreign election interference with russia but not the dirty dossier. to be a democrat you have to ignore the biden's quid pro quo and hunter biden paid millions. if you are a democrat you have to believe anybody that made an accusation against kavanaugh but ignore the allegations against the governor of the commonwealth of virginia. there is nothing i see the president did anything wrong. i argue he faithfully executed the laws of this country. >> there is no question that the
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agreement made between president clinton and ukraine requires the president of the united states to cooperate in corruption fighting in the ukraine. trump was doing exactly what the president should be going. remember, none of this is real. what you are faced with is a democratic party desperately committed to destroying the president. they don't care what the facts are. they have an absolute deep passionate need, i would argue a pathological need to destroy the president even if if the process they cripple themselves. all of us who are trying to talk about facts misunderstood the conversation. this is a drama in which schiff and pelosi and others are living out their fantasies out of
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desperation. i think deep down they think trump will get reelected. they are faced with a nightmare. none of this is real. people should not judge it as real. it's a theater of hate trump led by schiff and pelosi. >> sean: do you believe they will impeach the president? if they do, what should the senate do. >> well, i keep watching. i do think the republicans have been effective in asking the question: did you see a crime? no. did you see an impeachable offense? no. the weight of that i suspect there are a number of marginal democrats in districts that trump carried would love for this to all go away. they know if the vote comes up, they will have to vote yes or they will be devoured. if they vote yes, they will devoured by the pro-trump base of their district.
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they for a very, very difficult situation. i think that mcconnell reached a decision. they will have a trial. as you just announced earlier with lindsey graham becomeing to call in the inspector general with other things starting to develop, i don't know if i were a democrat they would be happy with the kind of open hearings and the kind of subpoenas that lindsey graham is likely to have. then the honest debate on the floorof the senate which will be to the disadvantage of joe biden and the democratic party. >> sean: what is the exact assuming he gets acquited in the senate in short order. no hearsay allowed. we have the transcript. nobody they know sees anything wrong with the transcript. i don't think you do either. what impact does all of their
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actions for the last three years and what we will discover about abuse of power to take down an elected president, what impact will this have in november of 2020 in 351 days? >> the biggest impact may be the destruction of the america news media. over 50% of the country sees the news media as anti-trump and having no interest in the fact. the news media today is weaker than any time in my lifetime. that's a huge disadvantage for the democrats because the democrats are in position where they need the news media to be believable. they are not believable because the fact is every day you see the "new york times" and the "washington post" and msnbc and abc doing things that only work
6:32 pm
if it's propaganda. >> sean: all right, mr. speaker. we appreciate you being with us. also tonight, months after the mysterious death of jeffrey epstein that scandal is ensnaring those in his office. huge breaking news from the west coast newsroom. trace gallagher. wow! what a disaster that interview with prince andrew was. >> oh, yeah. by all accounts. critics say prince andrew failed to show remorse for the underage sex victims and being friends with jeffrey epstein. prince andrew claims he doesn't remember meeting the girl. he said on one date she claims they had sex he had taken his daughter for pizza.
6:33 pm
he was asked about his friendship with epstein. >> do you regret the whole friendship with epstein? >> still not. the reason being that the people i met and the opportunities that i was given to learn, either by him or because of him were very useful. do i regret the fact he has quite obviously conducted himself in a manner unbecoming? yes. >> he was a sex offender? >> yes, i am being polite. >> the two jail guards who failed to check on epstein the night of his death could face charges for falsifying documents. there are reports that one or both fell asleep and doctored
6:34 pm
the logs. both guards were offered a plea deal but turned them down. the bureau of prisons chief will face questions on capitol hill tomorrow. >> sean: unbecoming? wow! that's sick. trace gallagher, thank you. also tonight, how minority leader kevin mccarthy is demanding answers from abc news why did they spike the report on jeffrey epsteins in 2016? the gop leader sent a letter to the network demanding to see a discarded interview with one of epstein's victims and information who was on involved in spiking that story. when you thought the liberal media could not get anymore corrupt. nbc news hired robert mueller a pit bull as an on air legal analyst. he with held evidence. we know his biases.
6:35 pm
here is fox news contributor sarah sanders and host of no agenda on fox news nation starting in january. congratulations and welcome laura logan. we will start with you sarah sanders. they spiked this. you see what they are doing with the rest of the media. i am like wow! >> it's unbelievable. i am glad mccarthy is calling the media out. this is something the president and others like yourself have been doing for the last few years. i am glad to see the leader of the republican party is stepping it up. this has a lot of implications. i am glad he is calling them out and asking them to answer big questions. this seems to be suspect to say the least about this story and why it never ran. it's great he is asking for
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these questions to be answered. >> sean: look at, laura, what i talked to newt gingrich back. the trump and russia collusion. there was one. they ignored the dirty dossier of clinton used as the bulk of information to get a fisa warrant. pretty bad stuff. then this story with ukraining. hunter biden zero experience. his father leveraging $1 billion, tax dollars. you won't get the billion dollars unless you fire the prosecutor. you have 6 hours to decide so my son can keep making millions can no experience. how does that corrupt media survive constantly with this double standard? it's on a sickening level. >> well, as a professional journalist, i do my job the same i have always done it.
6:37 pm
it doesn't matter who i am doing it for. "60 minutes" or fox nation. having firsthand sources and verifying information independently, those are the basics of independent, descent journalism. they don't change. i was always confused about the dossier as a professional journalist. the sources in it were not firsthand. then you had agents who were the sources. with epstein. abc said they did not have the goods. they didn't have enough verification which is valid. that's reasonable, but on the other hand, you think you didn't have the verification for the dossier and you put people on television. you see this every day today aa
6:38 pm
-- allowing them to be anonymous. the audience can't see the people. they don't have the credibility. it distorts journalism. i have a lot of great colleagues and especially for the people in this country we lose when the media doesn't do its job the way it is supposed to be done. that's why i am taking heat and being honest about what i say. it's not because i had a transformation and i have gone from being a liberal to a right wing journalist. that's what the propaganda wants you to believe. it hasn't stuck to me because it's just not true. >> sean: can the media ever recover from the fake news that
6:39 pm
donald trump has tattooed into their foreheads? >> not if they continue on the path they are on. they don't seem to learn their lesson. they continue to run these crazy stories without firsthand knowledge. look at the impeachment whole sham we are in the middle of right now. every witness did not witness anything. it's mind blowing to watch this unfold day after day. you have this entire process full of people who never saw anything. yet, we continue to go through this charade so they can attack the president. if the media doesn't change and if democrats don't figure out how ridiculous they look, i think the president will skate into reelection. unfortunately i would like to see him skate into reelection and have 4 years where we are not battling this barrage of fake scandals so the president
6:40 pm
can continue to accomplish things. the contrast can't be more clear between the president who is doing things and the democrats who are doing nothing but arct tacking the president and fieth into the fake news narrative. >> -->> sean: when we come back. lawrence jones attend kanye west's services at joel olsteen church yesterday. he got an interview with kanye and my name came up. i have a message for kanye west. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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>> ♪ >> sean: kanye west brought his sunday service to joel olsteen's lakewood church in houston yesterday. we sent lawrence jones to the service to speak to kanye. that's just ahead. some thoughts about what i see
6:46 pm
that kanye is doing as extremely powerful and a lot of lessons we all could learn. kanye west when he steps out and says he is seeking out god in his life. redemption in his life. wants to be a better person. the best he can be. getting in contact with the god that built universes withinune vissers. that's a powerful message to young people. they look at -- kanye has a role model. his new album jesus is king. he is boldly sharing his journ toe god and faith. it's a message we all need to hear. totally admirable and bold. i like that part. but here's what is impressive about what kanye is doing. he is putting words into action. he is solving some problems. he is getting results.
6:47 pm
helping people in need. take a look at this moment. remember alice murray johnson. he came out of prison right into the arms of her loving family and said thanks, america for giving me a second chance. i won't let you down. that would not happen if not for kanye west and kim kardashian. they asked president trump for help and the president did the right thing. she deserved to be let go. they followed it up and pushed for criminal justice reform with jared kushner and the president jumped on board again. this will impact thousands of real lives. from the rest of hollywood, all of these other rich celebrities. they yell on twitter how much they hate donald trump and his supporters. kanye said i will work with you. let's get this done and help
6:48 pm
these people. just days before he went to lakewood, he visited houston prisons. it's the scene. there are people crying. look at how much his appearance meant to inmates, tears, hope, joy. prayer. resilience. in the face of tremendous hurdles they are all facing. kanye didn't have to visit the forgotten people in prison but he did. that meant a lot to people. what interests me about kanye the most is this thing: we have a lot of sheep. there are a lot of people. it's cool to hate trump, buy into the lies. buy into the propaganda and the misinformation. he doesn't care what people say. he is out there and will stand boldly and say i love god. maybe he shops at wal-mart like me. a smelly wal-mart shopper that clings to god. he forms his own thoughts and follows his own path.
6:49 pm
he is an independent thinker. unlike all of these other celebrities, he doesn't give a rip what other people think of him. that's refreshing. this is not even about his support for president trump or any politician. it's not about supporting any party. he is fighting for things that are right in his life and right for him. he is making a difference. not worried about conforming to the media industrial complex that want to criticize him because he likes god and donald trump. he is not embracing their destructive group think that gets nothing done. having the courage to stand up for faith and change in the laws. helping innocent people that can't help themselves and giving comfort to those people in the worst moments of their lives. we have way too many sheep. too many people who cave to the lies and smears. too scared of not being liked.
6:50 pm
i watched kanye fighting for others. that's inspiring. i don't know what heeding about me. -- he said about me. lawrence jones went to houston and had a few moments with kanye. take a look. >> i know that god has been calling me for a long time and the devil has been distracting me for a long time. even for someone professing god and saying this will be a gospel album. the devil will do everything to distract people from knowing how to fully be in service to the lord. >> how did you feel about the sunday service experience? >> i thought it was amazing. it's so cool to have somebody that you looked up to. to see their life transformed. i know tv can make things look better than what it is. i think he is staying the course
6:51 pm
and walking his walk. >> how are you handling people seeing this evolution of you coming to christ in this new way? >> now i have the ultimate security guard. that's god. it's to secure my mind and my spirit. the main thing people try to do the naysayers try to distract you. we are keeping our eye on christ at all time. it's always in service thatched removes the fear. >> do you feel liberated? >> absolutely. liberated. . liberated for the name above all names. >> do you believe this new kanye? >> absolutely! >> you have to. i want to transition. i have to believe he can go through it as a rapper who has been able to cross over to gospel and make it. >> i have been trying to get
6:52 pm
sean hannity to listen to hip hop. now he is listening to kanye's new album and texting me saying he is supporting kanye. how does that make you feel? people you were never able to reach before and now different lyrics you are able to reach them? >> just praise god for the anointing and talent and what he's given me since age 5. me going to art school and the scholarship he gave me to the art institute of chicago. all of these platforms. the grammys and live performances. now i can be of service to him. >> sean: joining us now "hannity" special election 2020 correspondent lawrence jones.
6:53 pm
he fascinates me. he doesn't care what people think about. i like the original. >> i was a fan of kanye before he made the evolution. he always talked about his faith but put out a record. >> sean: really good and powerful. >> he is so authentic. i talked to people. do they feel like it's real? me and my producer were there and i have not felt this way since i was a kid. my mom was the minister of music and a preacher. the feeling i felt in there was something i could not explain. there were a lot of young people who gave their life to christ because kanye invited them in. >> sean: we have business to take care of. i don't like heavy metal. it's just noise to me. >> i don't like it either. >> sean: i never like rap.
6:54 pm
no. i liked this music. >> i don't think -- all rap doesn't have that. >> sean: no. and they do a lot of stuff. >> there is some good rap out there. this shows you how rap has been used for a different tool. >> sean: uplifting and degrading is the difference. >> you don't get this kanye without that story. it's because of that he is able to bring young people into the church. >> sean: great job. we will continue right after this.
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yeah, i could see that. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. >> sean: all right. that is unfortunately all the time we have left this evening and as always we thank you for being with us. tomorrow is not going to be a good day for the schiff show.
7:00 pm, don't forget to set your dvr so you don't miss an episode. we will never be the media mob, we are looking for the truth which is coming. and let not your hearts be troubled, laura ingraham is next. >> laura: the ig report is like christmas. it's always coming but it's not quite there. they set the testimony. >> sean: i was told today no more delays but i won't say that anymore because i'm so paced off about the whole thing. >> laura: a fantastic show as always. i am in graham angle from washington tonight. the doj washington report, sean and i were just talking about that. the fisa abuse is no imminent. plus democrats trotting out even more star witnesses for week number two of their