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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink which is everywhere and all of a sudden. our plea to you tonight, figure out how to dvr this show. there must be engineers among you can figure it out, we will see you tomorrow. the great sean hannity standing by in new york city to take over in a 9:00 p.m. hour. >> sean: great show as always, welcome to "hannity." we start with a fox news alert, if you are like most americans, you didn't watch today's impeachment charade, here's a big take away. another huge dud and frankly unembarrassing spectacle for the entire country. what democrats are doing, this is humiliating to all of us, a display that needs to come to an end. common sense, reason, intellectual honesty never played a part in any of this. nothing but one opinion after
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another opinion, followed by a conjecture, and how my feelings are about whatever. no evidence, no wrongdoing whatsoever, none. all of it, every bit of it hearsay and this persons interprets and tape initiatioins interpretation and a transcript which we all read. this is blowing up the democrats face and americans are tuning out in a big way. viewership from this public sham dropped by over a million from day one today 2, and i bet it dropped by another million today, the number americans watching already pales in comparison to previous proceedings. cbs news actually decided to pull the plug on their wall-to-wall coverage earlier today in exchange for regular programming, i would expect other networks would probably follow suit. according to a morning consult poll, the first hearings utterly failed to increase any support
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for this corrupt, this compromise, compromised schiff show. another poll is showing over two-thirds of americans have already made up their minds on the subject, they know it all comes down to the transcript, there is no mystery here at all despite what the democrats are trying to create, an environment circus of outcome of the american people are smart. they can easily read the now public transcript at the center of the schiff show and not one witness was necessary, not a single one. on that transcript which you can read, which today's witnesses confirmed was accurate and complete, not a single time -- how interesting -- did the president of the united states ever mention aid to the president of ukraine. aid was delivered in full, it was delivered without any conditions and it was delivered without ukraine having to do nothing and did nothing to get the aid. there is no quit, no pro, no q
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quo -- how many more times of the ukrainian president have to say i didn't have any problems with any of this? democrats now maybe we won't call it a quid pro quo, we will change the name to bribery -- that was only mentioned once, that was in relation to the real quid pro quo, joe biden, remember? you're not getting the money, you don't fire the prosecutor, you dollars, you got six hours. after he fired the prosecutor who he was told was investigating his zero experience son, then i'll give you the billion -- why is his son being paid billions of dollars, no experience in ukraine, no experience in oil, gas, or energy? because his son of the vice president, watch this. >> multiple democratic members of this committee gave tv and radio interviews over this past
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week discussing how the president's conduct supported his impeachment. for the longest time it's about quid pro quo according to the whistle-blower complaint but after witness after witness began saying there was no quid pro quo or even that quid pro quo was not even possible, we saw a shift from the democrats. they started to refer to the president's conduct on the july 25th call as extortion, and now it's shifted again last week to bribery. ms. williams, you've never used the word bribery or bribe to explain president trump's conduct, correct? >> no, sir. >> colonel, you haven't either. >> that's correct. >> sean: two of today's most senior witnesses completely refuted that claim, no bribery, no linkage, whatsoever between u.s. aid to any investigation, none, zero, zip, take a look.
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>> mr. morrison, i will start with you, did anyone ever ask you to bribe or extort anyone at any time during your time in the white house? >> no, sir. >> you were the top person for ukraine in the white house, correct? at the nsc level? >> i would argue ambassador bolton would be. >> reporting to ambassador bolton. >> i was a senior official. >> ambassador volker you had a storied career and you are the special envoy to ukraine. >> that was correct. >> did anyone at the white house ever asked you to bribe or extort anyone at any time? >> no sora. >> sean: zero evidence, top national security advisor to morrison, every witness zero evidence of anything like bribery, not even mentioning the word on their own. zero times, democrats want to impeach a sitting president over
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this, they won't even allow, precious hearsay, and on whistle-blower to testify. i have never seen such madness or insanity in my entire life, and 31 years following politics and by 24th year at fox, that's saying a lot. as ranking member devin nunes pointed out there's a very good reason you have the compromise, corrupt, congenital liar adam schiff, he wants to keep the whistle-blower and hiding, there's a good reason for that because he lied again, take a look. >> what was the full extent of the whistle-blower's prior coordination with chairman schiff, the staff or any people he cooperated with preparing the complaint. what are the whistle-blower's political biases and connections to democratic politicians? how does the whistle-blower
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explained the inaccuracies in the complaint? what contacted the whistle-blower whistle-blower have with the media, which appears to be ongoing? what are the sources of the whistle-blower's information, who else that he talked to, and was the whistle-blower prohibited by law from receiving or conveying any of that information? >> sean: don't forget, in september, the compromised fact witness congenital liar adam schiff tweeted "we look forward to the whistle-blower's testimony. ," he went on ms dnc, we would like to talk to the whistle-blower, another live by the congenital liar and a short time after media outlets reported that his office in facy meeting and advising the whistle-blower from the beginning and schiff reverses opinion. i know longer want the whistle-blower to testify and yet another shocking twist, now
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the congenital liar claims he knows nothing about the whistle-blower's identity. this is the level of insanity we've got going on here and corruption. by the way, he's the guy, that guy, who lied to this country who for three straight years of saying "we have all the evidence of trump-russia collusion." he's a liar, a congenital liar, and of course the idiots in the media mob they are following their beloved congenital liar over the cliff again. today oddly enough despite claiming he doesn't know who the whistle-blower is, the congenital liar somehow knew just went to cut off the witness from revealing anything about his identity, we are never allowed to know -- this whistle-blower is not a whistle-blower. look at the statute, we've examined it on this program, take a look. >> the intelligence community has 17 different agencies, what agency was this individual from? >> if i could interject here, we
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don't want to use these proceedings -- >> it's our time. >> i know, but we need to protect the whistle-blower. >> please stop. >> i want to make sure there is no effort to out the whistle-blower throughout these proceedings. >> i only read out outside of the nsc two individuals. >> and are not willing to tell us who the other person is. >> point of order, this committee will not be used out the whistle-blower, that same necessity of protection. >> you are recognized again, mr. jordan. >> i don't see how this is out in the whistle-blower, the witnesses testifying he doesn't know who the whistle-blower is, you have said even though no one believes you, you have said you don't know the whistle-blower is, how is this outing the whistle-blower to find out who this individual is?
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>> mr. jordan, this is your time for questioning, you can use it anyway you like what your questions should not be addressed to trying to out the whistle-blower. >> sean: checkmate. does that mean the witness you just saw lieutenant colonel vindman lick the call to the whistle-blower? we know his supervisors expressed a lot of concern about his judgment, he never talked to the president and never advised him directly, he seemed annoyed the president didn't use his talking points. we also know he was unhappy about all of that and that made him unhappy with a phone call about ukraine? the president doesn't follow a script, he's the president, he is the commander-in-chief and he sets his own foreign policy. not some other bureaucrat. i know this might be hard for many in the deranged radical extreme members of the democratic socialist party, the president is the
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commander-in-chief. 304 electoral votes and yes he defeated hillary clinton. if democrats want to offend the will of the american people, they better have a lot more evidence than hearsay, dumb, frankly worthless opinion and conjecture that differs from person to person. this is now hurting our country. hang on a second -- understand the senate is going to confirm this charade. federal rules of evidence don't allow hearsay evidence. that's not admissible, none of it, none of these people will be heard in the u.s. senate if there is ever a trial. one honest democratic congressman summed it up like this. "we spent millions of dollars, tons of money, tons of time, tons of hurt fracturing the nation apart, i haven't seen us to be a good thing." more of my monologue coming up, plus congressman jim jordan was outstanding today playing a pivotal role in the hearing, he will be here joining us with
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reaction, florida congressman matt gaetz and minority whip steve scalise. i will concede to the leader in the senate over you congressman, you're getting close -- steve scalise, there's not one thing that these people needed to testify except their opinion about what they thought of the transcript, they never talked about aid that the president of ukraine said he never felt pressure, they never did anything and they still got the aid. why are we here? >> it begs the question because ultimately they are trying to remove a president for having a better foreign policy than barack obama and joe biden. you even had vindman acknowledge that it was president trump, not president obama who sold the javelin missiles to ukraine so they could defend themselves against russia and take other action. what is is all about? i think we know what this is all about, the democrats have no candidate for president and they know the only way to stop donald trump from getting reelected is to impeach him.
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the only impeachable offense they've shown so far as he got elected in 2016. every witness that has been asked, name one piece of bribery -- they can't name a thing. that is the latest poll tested question because they keep throwing stuff about the wall and they have yet to find anything because there is nothing wrong. volodymyr zelensky said it was a perfectly fine call, he said there was no pressure. the foreign minister of ukraine said there was no link between aid in the investigations and yet they still continue on because they want to undo the results of the 2016 election and they are afraid he will win reelection, last week three high-profile democrats talked about getting into the race for president including deval patrick who said obama encouraged him. how does joe biden feel about the fact that president obama is encouraging democrats to get into the race for president because they have such a weak field? >> sean: to get where we are,
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you care about russian interference but you ignore the dirty dossier hillary paid for. in this case you cared about quid pro quo's and then you're going to ignore joe biden fired the ukrainian prosecutor who i know is investigating my son who is being paid millions with zero experience. the very thing that these guys are acting so upset about. they are bragging about and actually happened, i would like millions were doing nothing too. yet we can't talk about that. how do they bifurcate such hypocrisy in their minds? >> the left is able to get away with it because the mainstream media continues to say the concerns about burisma and joe biden were debunked, they are conspiracy theories. if the testimony tells a different story. we heard kent and volker talk about very legitimate concerns the president and others had
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about the environment in ukraine and also about burisma, specifically our own embassy had to pull out of a public-private partnership because of burisma's involvement, those are legitimate questions. democrats promised quid pro quo and what we got was bait and switch. there poll tested punditry said they should be talking about bribery and we didn't hear any witnesses talking about bribery, as a matter of fact you heard volker say there was no bribery, he was the lead guy, the special envoy, you heard morrison say there was nothing wrong and williams didn't think there was enough wrong with the call to report it. they are humiliated over russia, they told this lie about the president being an agent of the russian government and instead saying they were sorry, and moving on, they literally went to the country next door to create a new conspiracy theory about the president and they will be punished by the voters for this. >> sean: great analysis, keep
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fighting hard, the country needs to win this fight. joining us now, author debuting from "the new york times" with number one best seller, more than two times the sales of the next following book, donald trump jr., congratulations. triggered is the right word. >> they are triggered. the title totally justifies itself. >> sean: i'll ask you the same question i ask matt gaetz, you have to bifurcate a real quit and a pro and a quo with joe. >> it's a big part of the book, we've been talking about it for three years. i was in the hot seat for two years over unsolicited phone call button literally millions of dollars to the son of the vice president and that is before we even start talking about china, that's before we start talking about romania, even the democrat witnesses say they have no idea what
6:17 pm
experience why he's in there. >> sean: he said none, why did you think they paid you millions? >> i don't know. in his well prepped interview with abc, he didn't even know why and he knew the question was coming for weeks. we got nothing, we don't know, there's nothing inappropriate but they are trying again, they are desperately latching onto the russia delusion that they tried to sell the american people the schiff show. i'm watching this thing and i'm like i can't tell if these are our witnesses or there is because if this is their star witness and their next star witness, all they are saying is that donald trump had no -- >> sean: all they are doing is commenting on the transcript that shows nothing wrong. >> correct. they are doubling down, more importantly you see adam schiff trying to direct the conversation, he won't let you ask questions. he's told the american people that they have no idea who the whistle-blower is. it seems like they know well.
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i would like them to be treated like i would be if i lied to the american people, it's time the republicans pushed for some justice the other way, they are getting away with it and they will keep doing it and steamrolling the republicans until we push back accordingly, this is nonsense. >> sean: you're on the road a lot, congratulations on the book tour. i have been on the road too, i've been on to mecca to detroit, chicago, people say keep fighting. i get the impression -- i don't think your dad has lost the single voter who went out in 2016, you had the good economy, you add the defeat of isis, the trade deals, the tax cuts, energy independence, -- >> the differences now they see results. back then, they were like this is another guy who's making promises, now he's delivered on those promises, that's the difference between 16 and 20. he's delivered on promises despite unprecedented
6:19 pm
obstruction, incoming despite nancy pelosi not voting on major accomplishments like the usmca, it's been sitting on her desk for nine months and she won't vote on this because even though it brings jobs of the american people, her apparent constituents, she doesn't seem to care too much about that because it would also give trump a win, we can't have that. >> sean: they haven't done a thing for three years. the crowds have been huge, number one best seller, "triggered" and bookstores everywhere. >> we are all over the place, you can go to and i've done 3,000 books a day, you know how many people have asked me about impeachment? not one, it's not on their minds. they say when are they voting on usmca. it affects my father and i'm falling asleep, this incredible witness turns out to be not so credible. i've got to tell the truth, i'm going to be an honest dealer in this unlike the democrats. >> sean: joining us now from
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capitol hill, he was the start of today's hearings congressman jim jordan. this is madness we are now living through, they want us to ignore the whistle-blower, hearsay who doesn't qualify to be a whistle-blower, that's number 1. the contact with the congenital lawyer's office, nobody in the country believes the congenital liar. here's the next step, how do you ignore hunter and joe? the quid pro quo. >> your exactly right, sean. this idea that adam schiff initially said the whistle-blower is going to testify and now he says he's not because something in between -- what happened is the whistle-blower came to his office and we found that out and now he says i don't even know who the whistle-blower is. >> sean: i'm watching you every day and i'm watching all of these witnesses -- we can go through it all.
6:21 pm
at the end of the day, aren't they all just commenting on the same transcript? is there anyone who is added any single thing beyond their own interpretation of the transcrip? >> the transcript speaks for itself and several people said this in use at all the time -- there are four fundamental facts that will never change, have never changed, will never change. >> sean: explain them slowly. go slow. >> we got the transcript that shows no linkage, no pressure, no conditionality, no "do investigation to get security assistance dollars." we have the two guys who were on the call, they both said there was no conditionality, no linkage, no pressure, nothing. then we have the fact that ukrainians didn't know that eight had been held up at the time of the call, and both our witnesses today said they didn't know until late august, augus
6:22 pm
august 29th with the politico article. finally the most important thing is the ukrainians didn't do anything, no promise, no statement, no investigation, none of it. those facts will not change, they have to stir it all up and say someone said to someone else and here i am, that's what their case is. the american people see through it, they know the facts are on the president's side in this process is entirely unfair. >> sean: how do you bifurcate your brain is a democrat which i'm asking everybody, how is it possible joe biden is on tape "fire the prosecutor?" why would a vice president ever want to fire a prosecutor in ukraine -- "or you're not getting the money unless you do the act." he was warned the prosecutor was investigating his son with zero experience and paid millions, fire him, you get a billion, don't fire him, you don't get a billion, that sounds a good shakedown bribery, a squid, a
6:23 pm
pro, quo and a and they don't want us to bring that up, it is breathtaking hypocrisy. >> here's the bottom line, this sunday nancy pelosi called president trump on imposter, the speaker of the house calling the president of the united states on imposter, that's what drives all of this. the democrats have never accepted the fact that 63 million americans voted for this guy and they want to come here and shake it up and he won the electoral college landslide and they don't care because they don't trust the american people. that's what this is really all about and they are trying to with an anonymous whistle-blower with no firsthand knowledge who worked with joe biden, who everyone knows who this guy is but he won't tell us -- they are trying to take out of president 11 and a half months before the next election and that's what drives americans crazy. you are right and don jr. is right, more people are going to
6:24 pm
shop next november and we elect the president in another electoral college landslide. >> sean: you, devon, ratcliffe, the congresswoman from new york has been great, you guys are crushing them every day, i can't even believe they want to continue this schiff show. but apparently they do. great job. when we get back i'm a lot to get to. they sent it to the senate? what happens there? lindsey graham when we continue. if you live with diabetes,
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>> sean: democrats quid pro quo, now it's bribery, the narrative collapsing -- now they've shifted to bribery from quid pro quo but facts are getting in the way. senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham -- i've been asking your colleagues,
6:29 pm
federal rules as it relates to the admission of evidence, it is not going to be allowed in the senate and they all say the same thing, no. that would never be allowed in the senate, who decides that? will that be the senate making those rules or would it be the chief justice of the supreme court that would preside? >> it would be the senate, the resolution has to be passed by 51 votes setting the terms and conditions of the trial, it has to be done by senate resolution. what i would insist upon is the federal rules of evidence apply to the case in the house, so that president trump's defense team could object to hearsay and 95% of the testimony falls, the other thing i want is the ability to confront one's accusers because if you call the whistle-blower in the senate, i think you have the right to do
6:30 pm
that. you have the right to confront your accuser is basically due process. >> sean: that's the sixth amendment to the u.s. constitution. i would think that is fundamental, i would imagine the chief justice would preside over this and allow hearsay evidence that is not admissible in terms of federal law. i can't believe the chief justice ijustice of the supremet would go along with the unambiguous language. >> you have to set the rules for the trial, i don't think democrats -- is it too much to ask that president trump be given the same rights as every other american in a parking ticket case? you can't get a parking ticket based on hearsay and you are able to confront the person accusing you of illegal parking? those basic things have to be in
6:31 pm
the trial resolution i believe and i hope we can get 51 votes for the idea i just expressed. >> sean: you see what's happening over there, i can't get over the arguments they are trying to make about the president, when we read the transcript, everybody -- we are interviewing people to talk about the transcript that we all get to read ourselves and what they think of the transcript -- it doesn't matter what they think in the end about the transcript because we see the transcript, we also know that ukraine did nothing and they got the money, they did nothing. we also know the president of ukraine said five times, no pressure. we do have the issue of the bidens, i'm having a hard time with that hypocrisy here. how do they all say "nobody of credibility has ever said there's anything wrong here." >> nobody's looked, nobody's looked. >> sean: i'm looking, and what i see is really bad. the very thing they are getting
6:32 pm
outraged about, joe biden is admitting a billion dollars, fire the prosecutor, you don't get the billion if you don't, his son gets millions and he actually said no experience whatsoever, none, zero. >> here's the argument, joe biden was asking the prosecutor to be fired because his prosecutor was corrupt. >> sean: i don't believe it. >> all of these phone calls that took place between biden and then president of ukraine, most of them occurred after the raid on the gas company by the prosecutor. >> sean: slow down, i want everyone to hear you. the phone calls that took place between the former president of ukraine and joe biden right around the time this is happening -- wait a minute, are there transcripts of those cal calls? >> here's what somebody needs to ask -- joe biden at the ukraine portfolio, about every month he would call ukraine but after the raid on the gas company where hunter biden was a board member,
6:33 pm
they rated the president of the gas company's home. after that you see about three or four phone calls and four or five days between joe biden and the president of ukraine, then you see the case dropped. you also see hunter biden's business partners contacting the state department complaining about the raid on the gas company in saying this could affect hunter biden. i want somebody to look into that. >> sean: i want the transcripts released, i want the putin-obama transcripts releas released. i have to ask you a question here, december 11th, michael horowitz. that means we are going to get the week before so we can absorb it and not on a friday, no friday dump. >> i think so, just stay tuned, december 11th, it will be here before you know it and it will be out before the hearing.
6:34 pm
>> sean: is this another b.s. that's coming, or is this the real deal? >> you can put this one in the bank. >> sean: thank you for all you're doing. if you thought the democrats are actually bad today, wait until you hear what the mob and the media say about today's schiff show. the fbi is investigating the death of jeffrey epstein, those two prison guards have been arrested. this is getting out of control, straight-ahead. ♪ hi honey, we got in early. yeah, and we brought steve and mark. ♪
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or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. ♪ >> sean: the mob and the media can't even hide their bias anymore. today's hearings were a total disaster from democrats but you wouldn't know that if you watched fake news, take a look. >> this morning two dedicated public servants speaking truth
6:39 pm
to power in the face of withering criticism from president trump and his allies. >> it's an impressive morning for these witnesses, everyone has pointed out so clearly fact witnesses, career professionals. >> vindman struck me as the most devastating we've seen in a public hearing today, this is someone who obviously looks the part, is the part. >> look at him, he's in the uniform of the united states army and was almost emotional at the end of his opening statement. >> sean: with their impeachment hopes fading, the destroyed trump mob in the media are now inventing a new conspiracy theory, this time about the president's health because on saturday he went to walter reed and he began part one of his annual physical exam, and went and saw patients and met with the staff. the media challenge the official report, did he have a heart attack? take a look. >> i spoke to our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta who told me the reason could be
6:40 pm
routine but as a physician he has some questions. >> does he have some sort of symptoms? nobody suggesting he had any symptoms but if someone goes to the hospital a few months early, i think that would be a reasonable question to ask. >> all of this coming at a very crucial time for this white house in the middle of an impeachment inquiry and a president who has an uncomfortable with the truth, therefore all of this speculation running rampant. >> we have the president who had a health scare this weekend, everybody is lying about it, a health this weekend. >> sean: dr. joe knows better than anybody, here with reaction, senior advisor former "dancing with the stars" star, press secretary sean spicer. he has tons of energy, doesn't he? >> that report last year was touted as well, that dr. was scrutinized as well. he had said last year that he felt that the president had heart disease. how do you do that when you are
6:41 pm
diagnosing somebody from afar? >> sean: maybe he can look at us and tell us we have cancer early and we can detect it, we'll try that next. >> joe scarborough, same thing two years ago said the president was suffering from early onset dementia, that was two years ago, should we be at another stage at this point? there is never going to be any sort of apology or any sort of retraction because the bosses at these networks allow these things to be said and there's no accountability whatsoever. it's the wild west and the inmates are running the asylum. >> sean: i know you've dealt with the mob and the media, the biggest liar in the trump-russia collusion witch hunt hoax, conspiracy theory was the congenital liar schiff and now the mob are running over the cliff again with what is another hoax conspiracy because none of this meant a thing because we have the transcripts, we don't need everybody's personal interpretation of the transcri
6:42 pm
transcript. >> that's two issues, you bring this up. we are having a conversation about what people heard when we have a transcript, we can read it and decide for ourselves whether we think what the president said it crossed a line or not but he put it out there. he has been very transparent about it, what he said, he described the call himself. i think this idea of calling a bunch of witnesses, there's a reason the democrats have failed again and trying to create this spectacle. everyone knows they can read the transcript and make a decision for themselves. the second thing and you touched on this -- what the media has done and how they are covering this or how they are covering this visit to walter reed is highly responsible. when you look at why people are trusting the media less and less and why you are seeing a lot of business models fail, they aren't reporters anymore.
6:43 pm
they are here to give you their opinion and they are always one-sided, they give you the liberal point of view. at the end of the day, the discussion you play at the end of the president's health is nothing short of highly irresponsible. for them to speculate is exactly the kind of behavior they go after other people for doing. no basis in fact, it's okay. >> sean: this is a mob, we are watching this unfold and madness we've never seen. >> you look at viewership for impeachment they 1 today 2, 1 million viewers lost, donald trump jr. got 1 million more viewers on abc then the impeachment of the president of the united states. there was apathy about this, we know what the ending is going to be, he's going to be acquitted in the senate and only two
6:44 pm
senators on the republican side have defected. >> sean: all they are doing is pissing off every american who voted for president, they have been doing nothing but this crap for three years. >> there were a lot of people in the middle who were saying i wasn't sure i was with him but i am now. >> opposition to impeachment has gone up ten points, 47 opposed, 40 support. it was 37 last week, this is only going to change. >> sean: thank you both, the fbi investigating the possibility of a criminal enterprise is the death of jeffrey epstein gets weirder and stranger and more bizarre by the second.
6:45 pm
trace gallagher, geraldo, and dan bongino our next.
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>> sean: lost in today's impeachment circus and schiff show, there have been developments in the case surrounded jeffrey epstein. trace gallagher is alive tonight with the very latest, this is getting really strange. >> jeffrey epstein was one of the highest profile inmates in the country, two prison guards were stationed 15 feet from his cell and during their 8-hour shift they should have checked on him 16 times. they allegedly checked on him zero times. instead prosecutors said they shopped online, walked around the common area, and slept. it wasn't until they brought epstein's breakfast that he was found unresponsive, that is when they allegedly falsified documents to cover their tracks. today the director of the bureau of prisons acknowledged congress that the guard's behavior prompted the fbi to conduct a
6:50 pm
criminal enterprise investigation, she later clarified only the guards appeared to be involved in that case. meantime house minority leader kevin mccarthy said if "abc news" doesn't answer questions about why it reportedly killed an investigation story about jeffrey epstein, that he would push for congressional hearings. remember abc anchor any roadblock admitted on a hot mic she had a key epstein witness on tape but the execs would not run it. >> sean: here with reaction, dan bongino and fox news correspond at large geraldo, you have covered a lot of these cases. the cameras didn't work, the guards were asleep, nothing was in place, then there was the autopsy review. then there was a lot of other stuff, everything seems to say what is going on here?
6:51 pm
>> when you consider how many powerful people breathed a huge sigh of relief from princes to presidents, i initially like you put the chance of this being a suicide at near zero. i also thought the cameras were not working but the indictments today of the two prison guards who really were grossly negligent at the very least indicate that the cameras were working and according to the department of justice and the fbi, there was nobody, no third party went into epstein's cell there was no assisted suicide or homicide apparently, i don't put it past the reality that maybe somebody paid the guards to not check on epstein but it does appear from the fact that it was an operating camera outside the cell -- i don't want to believe it, the forensic pathologist said it was a homicide not of
6:52 pm
suicide but i trust the fbi in this regard. i believe them when they say the two prison guards were just as lazy as you could possibly be, they didn't even get out of their seat to look 15 feet to check on a guy who had attempted suicide back in july, just a few weeks before he succeeded. i wouldn't be surprised if somebody paid them off to be lazy, put it that way. >> sean: dan bongino. >> what would you look for? he would look for in a case like this being a former criminal investigator myself, motive. as geraldo accurately stated, motives were everywhere. some of the evidence i'm hearing is the network of cameras around epstein's operation was pretty significant which leads me to believe there was some significant blackmail material available against a lot of powerful people. having said that, geraldo was right, if you read the charging documents, apparently there was video that shows nothing
6:53 pm
unusual, no one going in and out. you can have the motives but if you don't have suspects showing up -- i'm open to evidence but being a conservative i view evidence, i would like to see more. >> sean: what about dr. botton, he said the bones would know break this way? he's done tens of thousands of those and i trust him. >> i'm certainly in no position is not a medical professional to question him but you're right, it's certainly suspicious. >> sean: geraldo? >> i hold him in the highest regard, he's a dear friend and his wife linda but i think that when you see the cameras, it's hard to explain in any other way than the fact that the guy was left alone, if you want to kill yourself -- the cameras matter. not according this indictment.
6:54 pm
this indictment changed my mind, i believe as you do that the camera was faulty, the relevant cameras were not operating but the indictment shows that the cameras were working and no one went in or out. >> sean: prince andrew caught her multiple lies, i don't have a lot of time. wow. >> he's a liar. he is already busted and he has the answer to the queen, i'm glad i don't. >> sean: last word. >> he had some medical condition and he couldn't sweat and some pictures surface of him sweating up a storm. that didn't quite work out for him. he should've thought that through. >> sean: when i put my arm around this woman and these pictures with arms around everybody. >> he says it's a doctored photo. >> sean: okay, i'll believe that. when we come back, rush limbaugh calling out the democrats hypocrisy and the schiff show.
6:55 pm
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♪ >> sean: earlier today, rush limbaugh summed up the glaring issues with the schiff show. take a look. speak all of this is a hoax, is the continuation of a hoax for three and half years. you know what i found fascinating folks? neither lieutenant colonel benjamin, nor jennifer williams, the star witnesses today, who were on the phone call, both of them said they knew nothing of joe biden threatening the ukrainian prosecutor. these people, in my opinion, and as far as my assumptions are concerned, these people have no court ability whatsoever. in my opinion, their partisanship here is as clear as a bell, folks. it is so much smoke and mirrors, it is such a web of deceit. there are sacks of manure in front of everybody here. this whole thing is an absolute
7:00 pm
disgrace. to the country. it's an insult to the people of this country. in addition to everything else that it is to donald trump. >> sean: is hurting the country. it will never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham. >> laura: i love how rush just cuts right through. hours and hours of testimony, -- >> sean: he nailed it. >> laura: from the beginning, we knew it was going to go this way. there were going to oversell and under deliver. they always overpromise and under deliver as a democrat. >> sean: well said. >> laura: you hit it out of the park again tonight, thanks so much. >> sean: great coverage on your show. have a great show. >> laura: i am laura ingraham, this is the incremental from another busy washington night. if you watched today's impeachment marathon you probably heard a lot about how aid to ukraine is desperately important to america's national security. does that make sense to you? newt gingrich answers that question.