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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 19, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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disgrace. to the country. it's an insult to the people of this country. in addition to everything else that it is to donald trump. >> sean: is hurting the country. it will never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham. >> laura: i love how rush just cuts right through. hours and hours of testimony, -- >> sean: he nailed it. >> laura: from the beginning, we knew it was going to go this way. there were going to oversell and under deliver. they always overpromise and under deliver as a democrat. >> sean: well said. >> laura: you hit it out of the park again tonight, thanks so much. >> sean: great coverage on your show. have a great show. >> laura: i am laura ingraham, this is the incremental from another busy washington night. if you watched today's impeachment marathon you probably heard a lot about how aid to ukraine is desperately important to america's national security. does that make sense to you?
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newt gingrich answers that question. also, chick-fil-a bowed to the liberal mob and the liberal mob wasn't having any of it. we debate the lessons learned. plus, took a shocking development in the jeffrey epstein case. a top prison officials comment in the fbi's involvement now raising more questions about his supposed suicide. at first, a star witness burns out. that's the focus of tonight's angle. i think one of the best lines of today was actually said the night. >> welcome to impeach a palouse at 2019, which is a democratic plan to impel america impeach resident donald j. tromped through the sheer force of boredom because it's been a long day, and it turns out impeachment is very boring if you don't have any compelling or any condemning evidence. >> laura: of course
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congressman stewart was exactly right. who needs melatonin or herbal tea, chamomile, when you can just reply today's witness testimony and democrat questioning? i'm telling you, tylenol p.m. has nothing on schiff's, speier, swallow -- i'm not going to make the joke. voelker, williams, vindman, the list goes on and on and on. they won up with two of the impeachment forest was mind-numbingly dull. questions from the majority were mostly irrelevant to the central question of this entire inquiry. if there was smoking gun. there was no aha moment that will change anyone's mind one way or another. if the democrats have proven no impeachable offense here. but they have proven how absolutely worthless they are at accomplishing anything to help the american people. knowing full well that america tune them out last week,
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democrats knew they needed a new and improved protagonist. someone with some zaza zoo, who needs to make the case for impeachment when you have to do it with some flair, some sample flair. but who needs to do any of that one it so much easier to just sell a witness' personal biography? >> your family for the soviet union and moved to america when you are just three and a half years old. >> a fellow identical twin, a career army officer. an iraq war veteran who was awarded a purple heart. >> an extraordinary hero. >> laura: well, inspiring immigrant narrative, no doubt. but wholly irrelevant with the issue at hand. that's the way the democrats like it. this morning there was one moment in particular the democrats thought was great for them. >> mr. vindman, do you testify to a disposition that you did not know the whistle-blower?
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>> ranked member lieutenant colonel vinnie ben please. >> laura: no. it reminded me of another star in the liberal constellation of yesteryear. >> you know, do a favor, could you say senator instead of mama? it's just a thing. i worked so hard to get that title. i would appreciate it, thank yo thank you. >> laura: that never gets old. but i think vindman was maybe just so blinded by the spotlight, not really used to it, that he didn't see how his rank concern came off to the rest of america. >> one ranking member at noon as referred to as mr. vindman who quickly corrected him and wanted to be called lieutenant colonel vindman. do always insist on can civilians calling you by your rank? >> mr. stuart, representative stuart, i'm in uniform where my military rank. i just thought it was appropriate to stick with that. >> the ranking member, no disrespect to you. >> i believe that. >> laura: well.
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while little neil was set in the night and half hours of witness testimony today, there was one new nugget that even shocked me. just months ago, the ukrainian officials who got to know lieutenant colonel vindman were so impressed by him, they offered him a job. >> during that trip, did mr. denny look offer you a position of defense minister with the ukrainian government? >> he did. >> and how may times did he do that? >> i believe it was three times. >> laura: start time wasn't a charm? what? okay. how is that not a showstopper? ukrainian official later said he was joking, but was it a joke all three times? how strange. imagine if the shoe were on the other foot, the narrative was a little tweaked there. democrats knew this star witness, start -- well, was falling. >> in the 3 minutes that were spent asking about the offer made to make you the minister of defense, that may have come cloaked in a brooks brothers
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suit and a parliament or language, but that was designed exclusively to get the right wing media and opening to question your loyalties. >> laura: it's so pathetic. they can just right the questions for them. this is so tedious. although justice pathetic though is the notion that unelected bureaucrats like vindman believe they know more than the president, whose policies they are supposed to be advancing. not resisting. >> is our process to determine official u.s. policy? >> yes. my job is to coordinate u.s. policy, so throughout the proceedings, year that i have been on staff, i had undertaken an effort to make sure we had a cohesive, coherent policy. >> laura: depends on what the meaning of the word cohesive and coherent is. okay, we get a purity career foreign policy types like those we heard from over the past week or so will almost always want more of your money going to
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their regions of focus, in this case, ukraine. >> ukraine is on the front lines of a strategic competition between the west and latimer pollutants from monstrous russia. russia is a failing power, but it is still a dangerous one. united states aid ukraine and her people so they can fight russia over there that we don't have to fight russia over here. >> laura: wait a second, wait a second, morrison was kind of a pro trump witness, but we actually think russia is coming here to fight us? now, if only we spent as much time thinking about how dangerous it is to drive russia into the hands of china. we're going to get into a little bit more of that later on. or how about china's human rights atrocities against muslims, christians, dissidents? so in a sense, finned men, democrats star witness, he's just a simple of a larger dynamic at play. the bureaucracy is hungry for bigger budgets and a bigger role and i don't want anyone getting in their way, not even the president.
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and this is where they forget who's in charge. according to his former boss, tim morrison, finned men's colleagues questions his judgment. >> you said specifically about problems with colonel finn been exercising "appropriate judgment as to who he said what," is that reiki mexico it is, sir. >> top testified that dr. hill said that she had concerns about colonel finned men's judgment, is that right? >> it's, sir. >> and justify the colonel than men did not always adhere to the chain of command, is that right? >> i believe so, yes, sir. >> under testified that colleagues express concerns to you about colonel inman leaking information, is that right? >> yes, sir. >> laura: done done done. we may never get to the bottom of all of this but clearly there's a lot more to finned men's story than the stunning and impressive array of metals on his chest. it's important to note that however all of this happens, then ben wasn't all bad for trump.
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he was fine with the white house putting the call transcript on a classified server. he confirmed the call transcript wasn't altered with conspiracy there there, to hide in cremated dialogue, and even been or any of today's witnesses fought anything said on that call was criminal. >> the word bribery, or bribe, doesn't appear anywhere in that. you've never used the word bribery or bribe to explain president trump's conduct, correct? >> no, sir. >> colonel benjamin, you haven't either. >> that is correct. >> laura: democrats, they might think that they are exposing trump with these hearings, but what they don't seem to realize is that there really exposing themselves. after two plus years of mueller and now this, i just don't think most americans are taking them seriously anymore. if white house staff can't sublimate their own policy differences with the president, then they need to quit, and
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maybe if they run for office they'll realize that if the choices between sending sending our tax dollars overseas or spending it here at home, most americans will choose the latter, and they certainly don't think that's something worth impeaching a president over meanwhile, adam schiff is kind of like the boy who cried wolf. except he's the chairman will promised a star witness and never delivered. and that's the angle. or to respond, sara carter, investigative journalist, fox news which of the list army dillon, attorney from 2020 advisory board member and chinese men, constitutional scholar and senior fellow at the claremont institute. sarah, should democrats start tamping down expectations? everyone is a star witness except when the witness submits to requesting. >> absolutely. the democrats definitely have to start tamping down. one thing that we get out of this entire testimony was that there was no quid pro quo. then there was no extortion. there was no bribery. it was nothing that this star
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witness could deliver, but his own opinion of things we already see that even people that worked with benjamin, lieutenant colonel inman, had questions about him, had questions about him jumping the chain of command, making his own decisions. this is a huge problem for the democrats and it's getting them right in the face. >> laura: so odd that someone who is so insistent about being called lieutenant colonel every single time doesn't of the chain of command. >> that's absolutely true and i got to tell you a number of people -- my husband is in the military. number of people contacted me today, military officials and just regular boots on the ground and they said he was just -- they were kind of stunned he said that when he said that kind of statement usually is referring to somebody who was little bit of a jerk. >> laura: stewart mentioned something -- you don't normally wear your uniform at the white house, but you're wearing it today, that's fine. it was kind of a throwaway thing there. john, today adam schiff once again -- i think it's unequivocally true that he lied about what the legal rights of
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this "whistle-blower" are. >> whistle-blower has the right statutory right to anonymity. these proceedings will not be used to out the whistle-blower. >> laura: john, that's not what the statute says. as i've been making this point for how many weeks with you? it requires what, there was waa lower detection act. >> there are two statutes, the width to the stomach was a lower protection act prohibits retaliation if it was a lower which you can only do if you know who it is, and the specific whistle-blower statute for intelligence community says the inspector general can't review those names and even inspector general can do so if he thinks is necessary to pursue any prosecution, so schiff is just blatantly lying about what the statute says and i think that's why the republicans said mr. chairman, please put the statute that you're referring to into the record so we can all look at this magical anonymity requirement. >> laura: behar meat, i would say door republicans missed an opportunity. they should have had a big poster board just like should stack the audience in their with their supporters. if the democrats seem to have
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all their people in there, but they should have had a big poster board with the whistle-blower statute up there. i mean, we are not good at props i think. the democrats are better prop people. >> the whole thing was scripted and stylized down to the lawyer for vin been pushing back on the republican congressman asking questions. it was all choreographed, laura. but every workplace has a benjamin and the job of an employer is to find a person desegregate them because they only make trouble. they don't follow the chain of command. they make up things. they want to substitute their judgment for the bosses and guess what? 's function in his department's function is not of the constitution. article two determines who sets the national policy on these issues and it's only the president and not him and we talked about that today, they didn't really get it from the democrat side. i think it was very eye-opening if you can stay awake what the deep state is really up to. >> laura: oh, my god. i went shopping. i had to get my brother some stuff. i went shopping and bought some clothes. i came back -- oh, my gosh, it
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still going on. ukraine on by by kurt volker up into the narrative about my age ukraine was delayed. watch.
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this guy was always bad mouthing united states overseas, called on it at times. the fact of the matter is this is an inside cabal. he leaked information to a guy at the cia. what is the cia doing participating in sign stomach spying on competition going on white house? >> laura: deep state. that's what it is. a deep state. >> calling every time again. we've got to call it for what it is. it was told not to tell anybody about the call. the fact that schiff didn't shut that question down means schiff
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knows it wasn't a whistle-blower. how does he know that if he claims he doesn't know the whistle-blower is? >> laura: it all stuck -- i had to go back to this point i raised an angle, which i sat up. i actually took notice of this. this idea that ukraine offers him, as a joke, it's like adam shifts parity reading of a transcript that didn't exist, that was a joke. this is a joke with not once, not twice, but three times ukrainian government officials offered him the position of defense minister for ukraine and everyone is just supposed to blow that off. no big deal. the question is, what does ukraine see in his leadership or his policies that they want a little bit off. >> that's obvious, laura. it was inserting himself into this relationship. he was reporting to advise zaleski about how to deal with our president. they perceived him as their ally under advocate.
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i'm shocked that he wasn't let off the stage there with a lot of questions being asked by military officials about that but a kind of shows the whole thing and he didn't think anything of it. he did not seem shy about that. his hands were shaking like they were at the beginning of the testimony. he seemed very comfortable with that and explaining away as a joke is simply not credible. >> laura: they were ready for that. we were ready for it. they were ready for, but i think most -- it's quite a shocking thing. if you're working for the u.s. government and you're talking about u.s. national security interests, ukraine probably wouldn't have much use for you. we need more money, more money, that's a good guide to kind of keep chatting with. >> exactly. i think that was really concerning to me is okay, they ask him the first time, right? i would ask him two times more? if you say emphatically know, don't make that kind of offer, that's absolutely acceptable, don't even pretend to make that
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offer. >> laura: he brought it up with his superiors. >> however he did bring up with his superiors, he did tell them that he would've had to have gone through a poly. i'm assuming a polygraph is required when some thing like that happens but we have to ask ourselves why did the ukrainians feel the need to ask him three times. what was it about his personality? and i will tell you lieutenant colonel hit me and i spoke this weekend and he actually reprimanded vin been -- >> laura: john you're talking about. >> exactly, recommended vitamin when he was a major because he had caught vitamin talking to russian military officers putting down the united states, basically during a training exercise that they were all involved in. he had walked in the room and heard vin been kind of laughing, americans really don't know, understand the united nations. americans really don't know this. americans don't know that. and he was chuckling with these russian officers according to hickman, so he was reprimanded. i talked to other people were there and they supported what
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hickman said. very interesting. >> laura: junk on mike pence's national security advisor keith kellogg rebuked what his former colleague, jennifer williams, who was the cowitness within been today, saying i was on the much reported july 25th call between trump and zelensky. i heard nothing wrong or improper on the call, i had and have no concerns, ms. williams was also on the call and she testified, she never reported any personal or professional concerns to me. to her direct supervisor regarding this call. john, isn't it odd that none of the people concerned about the call relayed their concerns through the chain of command, leading people to believe what? >> well, that they somehow later discovered that there was some problem. after this thing was ginned up with schiff staff in this whistle-blower, was at the cia, who vin been is apparently the guy that leaked the information to, distorted. it's interesting that bensman
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himself says he thought the president demanded -- that the exact language that's used in the whistle-blower complaint. and there is no demand. i want to back up just one step real quick. >> laura: real quick. >> if he was asking about investigating the 2016 election, with already got a ukrainian corpse that has he convicted people for interfering with the election by licking false information about paul manafort at the time anna ford is becoming campaign chairman of it -- the foreign assistance act of this country has said since 1961, we got to investigate before we release money to foreign countries, whether there's corruption going on. >> laura: i set all along, trump was well within his rights and i think it's about time we had a president who watch our outgoing dollars and our money flow to other countries. that's part of the reason why he was elected. panel, phenomenal analysis, i didn't expect anything less from e3. and he was how >> the last time we impeached a u.s. president. newt gingrich is here tonight to pull back the curtain on the day's event.
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it was really been compromising u.s. foreign policy since trump took office? newt has answers next.
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♪ >> my intent was to raise these concerns because they have significant national security implications for our country. the impact that such information was having on our country's ability to achieve our national security objectives. it would undermine our ukraine policy and it would undermine our national security. >> laura: is that really true? withholding eight or holding it up for, what, 14 days? here now, newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor. he's also the author of the great new book, trump versus china. newt, why is sending money to ukraine so vital to u.s. national security interests when germany and italy and france,
7:27 pm
et cetera, et cetera aren't really boning up much beyond some humanitarian aid? >> first of all, i wouldn't measure what we should do against countries that are totally, i think, irrelevant, incapable, emotionally immature, and dodging their duties. it's either worth doing or not worth doing. to me, the most amazing thing -- i guess i think the republicans could be much stronger. people who didn't send aid to ukraine were called obama and biden. for years, they said we will send you blankets we will send you meals. we won't give you any weapons. trump comes in it for three years trump has been helping ukraine. so the democrats who are shocked that there was a 14 day delay -- where were they for eight years of obama? >> laura: that's exactly what i said. the point i was trying to make here is that lindemann, et cetera, if he is just a symbol of kind of a permanent foreign policy class that
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always -- they are never happy and this is what maria bonaventure said last week. they can always use more money. they are forever wanting to up the budgets of foreign aid to their areas of interest. in a time when you and i were in government. >> sure. i would go a step deeper. i would think this is potentially a great education for the american people that there is an entire class of people who believe that they should be making the decisions, that the constitution does not exist, and that the elected officials chosen by the american people are inferior to the brilliance and genius of the career civil service. and i think -- i think the correct answer is that it's an unconstitutional position. i mean, vin been to me is an absurdity. the idea that someone is in lieutenant colonel thinks that you know so much that he can overrule the commander-in-chief -- >> laura: quite full of himself.
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>> people like frank and donald roosevelt, he would be serving in antarctica. strong presidents make foreign policy. then they have a state department to implement their policy. >> laura: wasn't a true that when trump came in, he knew it was bad, but he didn't know it was quite this bad. he'd be in the white house, he'd be listening in on a call, writing memos to the file, leaking step to "the new york times," his first week -- even before he was inaugurated. so staffing, as you know, as any administration is so important and from the mid-level to the upper level, to the people listening in on the call, staffing is critical. >> staffing is critical and i think partially because they come came out of nowhere and won so quickly, trump never had the chance to build a team that he could rely on and he still i think only 20% of the way there. mean, when you look at the degree to which some of these departments had 95 or 97 or 98% of their contributions go to
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hillary and you just say to yourself, who are these people? without thinking they're bad people, these are people whose legitimate ideological commitment is the opposite of donald trump. >> laura: they think trump is not intelligent. they don't like them. they don't like the america first motto. if they don't like it, they didn't like his campaign, and so there they are working against him and i'm sorry, i know that sounds like a big -- it's not an exaggeration. when you watch the reaction, people quoting from, the kind of bristle. advancing his interests. i find it appalling if they want to run for president or run for senator, go try to sell aid to ukraine across the hustings of the united states. people act like we are back in 2003 and it's a different world, but he got elected on a very different approach and yet he still gave a lot of money. >> by the way. not a question about whether or not he's helping ukraine. he has helped ukraine dramatically more than barack obama, so any of these
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folks who were upset with trump, why didn't they resign under obama? >> laura: they don't like the fact that is questioning the european commitment, whether as nato military, military expenditures or the fact that they are just sending humanitarian and not lethal he military and aid, which the american people are doing, and we do because they think is the right thing to do, but newt, i want to get back to this issue of the whistle-blower tonight because there is schiff attempting to shut down the conversation about well, kind of the identity. >> did you discuss the july 25th phone call with anyone outside the white house on july 25th for the 26th? >> yes, i did what agency is this individual from? >> if i could interject her, we need to protect the whistle-blower. >> i do not know who the whistle-blower is. >> how is it possible for you to name these people and then out the whistle-blower? >> laura: thought? >> very simple, schiff is a liar. if schiff doesn't over the
7:32 pm
whistle-blower is, why is he cutting up questions about a person he doesn't know exists? i think it's hard to exaggerate the american people the degree to which adam schiff is a liar. and a liar on a scale that frankly totally dishonors the u.s. congress. i mean, his whole -- first of all, there is no whistle-blower. there's no whistle-blowing statute for what happened. what you have is a liquor. the liquor was licking things that are classified. he has no right to protection. schiff clearly knows who he is and has lied to the country -- >> laura: and the liquor has political -- the liquor -- alleged whistle-blower has political ties. >> frankly, look, i used to be pretty aggressive when i was in congress. i am surprised one of the members of the house -- republicans doesn't just say, look, we all know that whistle-blowers ask. if you know it's not x, who is it? schiff would then go oh, my god, we're going to file -- >> laura: what's the meaning -- how about the american media? >> the american media is all in the tank against trump.
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if there is no american media. that's an antitrust meter that happens to be based in the united states. >> laura: mr. speaker, it was great to see her, thanks for coming in tonight. coming up, more questions swirling in the jeffrey epstein case as the fbi looks at a possible criminal enterprise involved in the death? we take you life to new york next with the full report.
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♪ >> laura: breaking development's tonight about his grace financer jeffrey epstein, including about who was with him the night he died. reports the fbi is investigating a possible criminal enterprise behind the death. joining me now, linda schmidt, reporter for our affiliate, w ny w fox five new york, linda, what are these breaking details tonight? >> first of all, there are developers on two fronts with this story tonight. there were congressional hearings in d.c. today. meanwhile back here in new york, the two prison guards who were assigned to keep an eye on him the night he committed suicide, they were in court here in new york today. we are going to get to them in just a second. let's start with that congressional hearing.
7:38 pm
at the congressional hearing today, senators absolutely grilled the director of the federal bureau of prisons. they wanted to know, and they want the answers as quickly as possible. how somebody like jeffrey epstein, who was high-profile person. he had been charged with child sex trafficking, how we could possibly die in a federal prison. they also address the speculation that has been floating around out there since his suicide in august that he may have actually been murdered instead of committing suicide. they also dealt with the issue of the fact that the fbi is continuing to investigate his death. there was an exchange that went back and forth between senator lindsey graham and the director, and here's the exchange. >> the case this high-profile, there's got to be either major malfunction in the system, or criminal enterprise to allow this to happen. so are you looking at boats -- are the fbi looking at both? >> the fbi are looking at
7:39 pm
criminal enterprise, yes. >> do you concur with the opinion that it was a suicide? >> that was the finding of the corner, sir. >> okay, you have any evidence to suggest otherwise? >> i do not. getting back to those prison guards that i was talking about, a man and woman, they were supposed to be doing rounds, regular rounds and checking epstein every 30 minutes but prosecutors say eight hours went by before they checked on him and when they finally checked on him, he was dead. prosecutors say what were they doing in those eight hours? they said it was sleeping, they were shopping online and they were checking out sports and in the meantime, they also say their deaths were just 15 feet from epstein's cell. laura come back to you. >> laura: oh, my goodness, thank you so much. also tonight, hundreds of leaked documents exposing how china planned and carried out the mass internment of millions of its own citizens.
7:40 pm
"the new york times" says absolutely no mercy. this is the title. leaked files expose how china organized mass detentions of muslims. the documents show how chinese officials threaten uighur students whose parents had been taken to the camp. students were to be told that their behavior could either shorten or extend the detention of their relatives. i'm sure that you will support them because this is for their own good, and also for your own good. the leaks also include a shocking directive signed by a top chinese communist party official. keep up the detention, it ordered. stick to round up everyone who should be up, it said. "if they are there, round them up." joining me now, my pillsbury, senior fellow at the hudson institute and director of the center for chinese strategy. michael, so, we see this travesty up on capitol hill for the last week and meanwhile, we have what are clearly atrocities going on in china.
7:41 pm
i mean ethnic cleansing, slate magazine actually did a piece -- liberal slate had a piece out today, put it up on the screen please. apparently no one cares much about ethnic cleansing. celebrities going over there. we got taylor swift and with that the nba in business as usual. what in the heck is going on here? >> well, there's two angles. one is the chinese have their own influence operation to get a visa or to get a billion dollars. you have to say the right things and not bring up human rights or send junk or authoritarian technology. that's at work. the other thing is just the size of the chinese economy and just the forces of gravity. they are at 75%. it may be 80%, some people say. they are growing three times faster. there ahead of us and supercomputers, hypersonic muscles. it's a very long list. they have more billionaires than we do now. that's a real shocker to some people to think of china as this -- >> laura: they did at one point have 2 billion people,
7:42 pm
3 billion people, we have about 330 million, but still. with come a long way, baby. on our trade. speak all the billionaires. >> laura: i want to play something, this is the u.s. ambassador. from china calling the camps something different, watch. >> there's no camps. i visited some of the training centers. they are real training centers, they are not camps. they have open gates. on the guards, people could go home over the weekend. >> laura: their centers. i was with at the chinese ambassador to the united states. one would hope it's not the u.s. ambassador to china. it's all euphemistic language. they can go home on the weekend, so all that video that was smuggled out of the shaved heads and the chains around necks and legs, that's all made up? >> you'll notice ambassador sway speaks fluent english. a masters from johns hopkins. >> laura: would give him all the degrees. >> he can go all around the
7:43 pm
country. he has a huge staff. the influence operation to influence our elite starts with ambassador sway. do we have that kind of thing in china? no. >> laura: every time i hear someone say let's stable the green card to the diploma, how many times to hear people say that? >> a lot. >> laura: just stable to bring her to the diploma so they graduate from a university. if they can just come and, i don't know, when they want, report back home. >> i wish we could influence their system. some efforts, asia has a manner and broadcast. with got a small amount of money from the department of justice but their effort to influence us is probably something like 20 or 30 times bigger. >> laura: money talks, mike, money talks. by the way, a lot of the democrat lawmakers, including squad members are forever talking about u.s. oppression of muslims. watch. >> we finally have a leader in the white house who publicly says islam hates us. who fuels hate against muslims. >> is lama phobia still very on
7:44 pm
both sides of the aisle. the muslim faith, you are walking around fearful. there's a target on your back. >> laura: so u.s. is the problem. china not so much. >> may be aoc on the squad could be invited to visit to see the camp. >> laura: the centers. >> come back and tell us are the reeducation center is or is this more like an ethnic cleansing camp? ib's curious to see if aoc had her squad would make that finding. >> laura: they didn't like the zero-tolerance policy of the border separating the families, that was sad and awful. but is this a little worse or is this all the same? >> this is a lot worse, drastically worse. >> laura: mike, it's great to see you and you made a great point about how china is playing up the impeachment stuff back in china. it hurts our national security interests. >> it's a big diversion. >> laura: it's a good diversion. thanks so much. as always, coming up, chick-fil-a gets cap her neck. i will explain how the popular chicken chain is a victim of the latest less leftist mob next.
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♪ >> laura: after years of resisting the intolerance of the radical left, chick-fil-a decided to relent. hoping that those activists would just leave them alone. well, the chicken chain won't donate now to the salvation army and the fellowship of christian athletes because leftists defamed those groups as anti-lgbtq, which those groups deny. liberal activists were of course ecstatic. >> i think it's amazing. it's something that people were probably waiting for. >> the public wants something, the public is going to get it. >> it's good to give deposit of organizations and not necessarily good for organizations that might spread any ill will. >> laura: spread ill will? come on, here's what these groups really do.
7:50 pm
the salvation army provides meals, helps vets, fights addiction, offers job training and delivers toys to needy children on christmas without regard to any of the covered issues in the fellowship of christian athletes has the goal of teaching integrity and the importance of serving others. teamwork and excellence. how can anyone be against that? and as i've warned in the past, capitulating on whatever issue we are talking about, whatever issue the left is obsessed by, will never satisfy them, they will just want more. so chick-fil-a decided to relent and what did they get from it? well, now they are going to define the left that once more. now they are wanting them to ditch the group, focus on the family. so give them an inch, they take a mile. joining is now, charlie moore. journalist and conservative commentator jennifer holdsworth, democrat strategist, great to have you both on tonight. chadwick, when will the
7:51 pm
companies or anyone, really -- it's not really with regard to political belief, learned that you can't bow to the cancel culture or to the mob that's going to try to shut you down or run you out of business, you can't bow down, they will just want more. >> great question, and great way to frame it. we are living in an era of absolute moral panic and we see it infiltrating corporate culture and chick-fil-a is just the latest -- shockingly the latest company to bow to this. hopefully it just starts to correct itself as we are seeing a backlash against cancel culture, even the left-wing media because it's happening to them, so now they don't like it so much. but, you know, this was a terrible mistake for chick-fil-a. these people will never buy the product. they never ate there in the first place. they will never buy the product and aaa probably has the best brand loyalty of any fast food or any restaurant chain in the entire country, precisely
7:52 pm
because they refused to bow down to these bullies, and is nothing hateful about this company. there's nothing anti-lgbt about the groups that they were donating to. i only fear the next step is are we going to see, what, and he for beating up salvation army bellringers outside of shops? >> laura: don't give them any ideas, chadwick. >> well, wouldn't you be surprised if that happened. >> laura: let's get jennifer in on this. jennifer, here's an example of the kind of ill will that the salvation army i guess is accused of. >> hundreds of volunteers with the salvation army are serving a pot -- >> i was handing out food boxes and a lady just broke down crying and i hugged her and i prayed with her. >> would get up every morning, we come out and start working and you see all these people come in and help. it's amazing. >> laura: jennifer, what's so awful about all of that back >> that work is incredible and it's really too bad that the
7:53 pm
salvation army won't perform that work in cities like san francisco and new york where they refused to operate because the governments won't allow them to discriminate against lgbtq community members. i would love to see the salvation army -- >> laura: how do they -- >> are everywhere. >> laura: how did they discriminate? what particular positions or staffing positions are examples of discrimination? they deny all of this, by the way. >> i understand that they deny it but the truth is there are a lot of organizations that they supported will believe in conversion therapy. that's a form of discrimination and beyond. i think that the conservatives should be chairing this decision, because the free market economy work. if that of the government regulating what chick-fil-a had to deal, the free market economy boycotted chick-fil-a and force them to make this decision on their own. >> laura: back to that, the left never cares about boycotts when it's question saying enough of putting filth on television in family our tv.
7:54 pm
in fact, they are roundly ridiculed. you know what liberals always say? turn it off if you don't like the racing shows. turn it off, grandma. just don't watch. but one conservatives a -- >> that's exactly right. >> laura: don't buy the chicken, chadwick. that's not good enough. they must bow down. you must bow down. >> medically transitioned children. how about that. >> laura: stop harassing people. >> the lgbtq community. >> there are massive beliefs. the big, the lgbt industrial complex are incredible bullies. they do not remotely represent the individuals they purport to. they use to may be decades ago. now they are just a machine for democrat party policies and increasingly really bizarre anti-christian, anticapitalist, anti-west -- that's the only thing that drives them. they are monumentally powerful. there monumentally wealthy and have their fingers in every parts of society. who is this victim here with
7:55 pm
chick-fil-a and salvation army? the victim is what big and lobbies? it's the poor people. >> it's interesting to me that you call members of the lgbtq community bullies. >> i'm one of them. >> as a christian -- >> i'm a christian too and i'm! >> the first shall be last in the last shall be first. the lgbtq community has been marginalized for far too long in this country. >> not anymore! >> companies electric glare going to continue to push the narrative. >> laura: all right, guys guys. we are out of time. it's pretty hard to make that argument not marginalization one among the wealthiest and most influential people in the country are members of the lgbt -- >> and it's still illegal to discriminate against them right now. extraction power.
7:56 pm
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maybe he had some neurologic -- i think he is someone who has some neurological issues, which no one has ever really addressed. >> laura: how does ama not reprimand him for that? he hasn't examined trump. maybe it's cardio neurocollusio neurocollusion. let's bring mueller back for no special counsel investigation, these people are embarrassing. it's all the time we have for today shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team have all the days come a very lengthy development. but the best analysis, taking it from here. >> shannon: listen, laura, we have anymore investigations of my doctoral whole beautiful mind things. i can barely -- i manage and what we have now. we cannot add anymore investigations. >> laura: have a great show, shannon. >> shannon: thanks, laura. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. north on impeachment hearings on capitol hill today at 9:00 a.m., ending just a short while ago. key moments, which i benefited most and was up tomorrow?
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