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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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what a country that is, we are honored to cover it. it back tomorrow, the sworn enemy of lying, prosody, smugness, and groupthink. have a great night. if sean hannity is next. musical physical space are welcome to "hannity." we begin with a fox news alert, it's effectively over and it's finished. if this was the day the democrats, trump, ukraine, quid pro quo, who preached and hope officially died. if their weak narrative was ripped to shreds in the gigantic self-serving political stunt is now blowing up in their faces as we all knew it was. today, per the first time, the first time, we heard from the witness who spoke to the president of the united states, that would be the e.u. and as hr sondland. it was either hearsay witness or a so-called witness on the
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transcript that we could read on her own. sondland plays had this to say of the conversations with the president. it doesn't get much more exculpatory than this. >> i believe i asked him a open-ended question, what you want from ukraine, i keep hearing all these different ideas and theories in this and that and what do you want? it was a very short abrupt conversation. he was not in a good mood. he just said, i want nothing, i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo. it tells zelinski to do the right thing, something to that effect. >> rather than ask him nine different questions, is at this, is it that's come up what you want from ukraine. if i may have used a four-letter word. he said it, i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo, i want zelinski to do the right thing and do what he ran for words to that effect. president trump never told me
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directly that the aide was conditioned on the meetings. if my testimony is that i never heard from president trump that aid was conditioned on the announcement of elections. >> sean: he wants nothing. nothing. no equated, no pro, no quote, no conditions were ever mentioned to. those were the instructions from president trump directly. major exculpatory evidence. the key moments, the only witness that had a first-hand account, every other witness had nothing or hearsay or conjecture or opinions. there were no real witnesses until today. what do the democrats and the corrupt mob of the media do? well, first, the associated press the issue a very bizarre tweet acting like that testimony actually never happened. contradicting the testimony of the own ambassador, president trump did nothing from ukraine. after they were getting widely mocked all over twitter, they had to delete the tweet. if i mean, over at fake news,
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cnn, they compromised adam schiff, they ignore the major testimony in a obsessing over the wild opinions and gases from sondland that he made throughout the remarks. >> that's my presumption, my personal perception based on the facts at the time. the aid was my own personal you know, guess, i presumed it, yes. i think i filled in a lot of blanks. >> a lot speculation, a lot is your guest. >> i'm not in charge. >> you had to testify that you presumed foreign aid was this or that. you are guessing that this was tied to foreign aid it. >> that's my perception, yes, i presumed that might have to be done in order to get the aid released. >> i said repeatedly, congressman, i was presuming, correct as my presumption.
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>> ambassador sondland, you used the word, presumption, presumed, presumption, some form of the verb presume repeatedly today. today, he said that's the problem mr. goldman, it was nt tied to aid. of >> sean: in every course, this case it would be thrown out. hearsay is not admissible. that's not evidence. this of course, is not a court of law so a witch trial and democrats in the mob in the media, there were absolutely giddy after hearing all the opinions and opinions from sondland. it schiff it ran out of the room, fake news cnn and conspiracy channel they were claiming it was game over for president trump. if you could almost see the high fives, the celebrations. finally, three years, we got him. that was not until conger summoned mike to conger summoned mike turner come out laid it down, game, se,
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match. watch it. >> after you testify, he gets to impeach because of your presidency testimony, your banner says, sondland ties a trump to withholding aid. it is that your testimony, ambassador sondland that you have evidence that donald trump tidy to tied that? >> i said repeatedly, congressman, i was presuming and i also said that president trum president trump -- >> ever, giuliana didn't tell you, mulvaney did not tell you, pompeo did tell you. nobody else on the planet told you that donald trump was tying aid to these investigations. >> is that correct? >> i think i -- >> answer the question. if nobody told you that donald trump was tying this aid to the investigation because of your answer is yes, the chairman is wrong and the headline on cnn
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is wrong. no one on the planet told you that president trump was tying aid to investigations. yes or no? >> yes. >> you have no testimony today that ties president trump to a scheme to withhold aid in exchange to the investigations. >> other than my own presumption. >> which is nothing. >> >> sean: came, set, match. of that moment you just saw, that's when the hearing went south a very fast for the democrats. the moment when the ukrainian conspiracy hoax, the latest attempt of getting rid of donald trump, it died, sticking a cork in it. in fact, he started attacking their own witnesses. i heard by the way, elizabeth warren how did the ambassador ever become an ambassador? coming up, congressman turner joins us up exclusively, great day for them.
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and so many other republicans, they crushed it today. if they all come through and the democrats, he said, she said, conjecture, mbs, and they got right to the heart of this impeachment a coup over and over again. watch with their own eyes. >> you said to the president of the united states, what do you want from ukraine? the president, i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo, i want zelinski to do the right thing. i want him to do what he ran on. what did he run on, ambassador sondland? >> conspiracy. >> and dealing with corruption, right? >> that's right. why did you not put that statement in your opening statement? i think you said you cannot fit it in, is that right. we might be here for 46 minutes.
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>> it wasn't purposeful. >> you couldn't fit it in, 23 page open air, the most important statement about the subject matter at hand, the direct conversation with you about the issue at hand. you know what a quid pro quo is? >> i do. >> just for that. it right? looks to me like ukraine got that three times and there was no -- we did not do anything. excuse me, they did not have to do anything. >> sean: they did nothing. nothing! jordan pointed out. of the facts will never change on this, one, we have the transcript with a full call with ukraine, we have two, no time was usa ever mentioned on either call. president trump, the ukrainian president zelinski denied any existence of any kind. re, ukraine did not know there was temporary hold on the usa at
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the time of the call. for, this is the part one, entered and knocked it out of the park, the aid released in full was out with no strings attached and they got the money, they did nothing. according to a newly released letter, may 29th, president trump invited president zelensky to the white house with no strings attached. a third invitation from the president to visit the white house without any preconditions, two phone calls, one letter, meanwhile, president zelensky never announced any investigation in the 2016 election either. yes, it was fully released. take a look at this powerful momentum from today's hearing. >> when the chairman asked you about the security come out there had to be a public announcement from zelensky. i'm asking a civil cluster, we didn't happen? >> never did. >> never did, they got the call july 25th, they got the meeting, not in the white house, decemben december 11th.
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if the meeting happens again. >> never dated. >> you know who is in the meeting? >> which meeting -- >> the meeting that never happened, who was in a question m [laughter] you know how he do a press conference, how he released a question mark do you know how that happen? you got all three of them wrong? they get the call, they get the meeting, they get them on? it's not two plus two, it 0 for 3. i mean, i've never seen anything like that. >> sean: america, what are we doing here what the ukrainian impeachment coup attempt. if it's over, instead, no evidence of any wrongdoing and only exculpatory evidence. no first-hand accounts of any wrongdoing and as i said, this would be thrown out of any court in america on the summary judgment. that's how looked at the cases. yesterday, schiff's star witness, remember, he failed to
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deliver it with the democrats promised also. he testified, never even met the president. never actually advised him on ukraine. that did not stop him from advising president zelensky, wo wow. listening to our commander in chief, and get this, and well, he was all for the position of defense minister of ukraine. if not once, twice, but three times. if that seems a little weird, ds not? not a good day either, period of presidents, commander in chief, he sets foreign policy, not mid-level bureaucrats, apparently, working to undermine him. this is a political disaster for the democrats and they can't admit it yet, same with the mob in the media. if across the country, and americans, they are seeing this for what it is. look at this, the university poll, support for impeachment dropped by four percentage points in the great states, swing state of wisconsin. president trump leads 2020 rivals in the all important
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swing state. meanwhile, political polls shows that voter support for impeachment is declining nationwide. get this, president approval ratings continue to rise grade and it gets worse and worse and worse for the democrats just in time for the 2020 elections. more of my monologue coming up and joining us now, ohio congressman, michael turner. you know, i watched a lot of hearings, 31 years on talk radio. my 24th year here at fox. i do not think i ever saw a moment like today. of adam schiff's and, cnn, they say say, is it right or wrong? oh, no, that's wrong. >> sean, you're right, it's a bad day for adam schiff and it supposed to be the debris' going to pave the road on the accusations all the way to the white house but it was a big miss. now, it appears that all roads lead to ambassador sondland. if you take mr. ken's and ambassador taylor who said, you
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know, the testimony was based on hearsay and then morrison come up with a hurry to, they heard from sondland, and sondland himself said, well, basically, the bus stops later, he just presumed it to be true. if nobody told him, he actually went through all the different people he spoken to. none of them had ever told him this. if really, the case is over they have no other path to try to president to the fiction of the eight of the stations. >> and i know congressman schiff, he's compromised, and i think they should be under oath, but we know he's corrupt and it's a conventional congenital liar. he should be under oath. he denied that the republicans subpoena power over hunter and the nonwhistle-blower hearsay, who was in contact with schiff's office? >> rights, and it's really tragic at this, the whole inception, were not going to get
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the information about what adam schiff and the staff did a working and conspiring with the whistle-blower to make this whole thing an issue. was also tragic here, we now are to to the end of the hearings, there was no new evidence that came out in the public hearing. except that it exposing there's no case here. the democrats are still going to proceed to impeach the president. they will take the votes, majority of them, even before the call to ukraine happens, to impeach the president. if even with adam schiff having no evidence and now being exposd no road, no conversation, no quid pro quo, and the president of the united states he still going to proceed. >> sean: you did the country a great service today, congressman, you cut through the clutter, you got to the truth. >> we had a great team. >> sean: well, you know what, you did a service to your country, thank you for your work. you take team to beat italy today. while the democrats and faceless, fat-free, ukrainian impeachment coup attempt rages
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on , we have actual hard evidence of the real quid pro quo and breaking tonight. the country of ukraine, they are now widening their criminal probe again against the breeze my holdings, the same person and company deeply connected to joen the no expense on hunter. thank you to the investigative reporter, we can lay lit up out the timeline. 2014, and appointed vice president biden, on april 13th, hunter biden's david archer, appointed to the board of the ukrainian gas position. two days later, they issued the first of many six digit page mensa to the advisory firm operated by hunter biden and devon archer. the same day, hundred items
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business partner checks into the white house for the meeting with the vice president. joe biden, how convenient, may to 13th, 2013, they announced that he's appointed to the board. he admits, no experience and oil, gas, or ukraine or energy. zero experience and hunter gets paid millions for no experience, nice gig if you can get it. july's 22nd, 2015, the longtime ally, deputy secretary of state, and then on 2015, he's in "the new york times" got it right, they were it published a burisma was under investigation ukraine for corruption. they raise the alarm that hunter biden and company and his father's anticorruption platform could be in serious trouble. follow the timeline. february 4th, 2016, the ukraine general prosecutor's office under direction, announced the
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seizure of assets under burisma, and then a few weeks later, burisma was desperate. they sent a lobbyist to the obama state department to try to get a meeting with u.s. officials and according to the documents, the lobbyist of both hunter biden's name during the effort to bolster burisma and get rid of the investigations. it sounds like we figured out why the zero experience hunter was being paid millions. around the same time, march 2nd, 2016, hunter's business partner, devon archer, scores and apartment meeting with secretary of state john kerry. two weeks later, march 15th, assistant secretary of state, the men ukraine appointed and confirmed and new clean prosecutor general. the push to fire begins, vice president biden is calling the ukrainian president to demand the prosecutor general investor getting his son's company and paying him millions with zero experience. then, remember, we have the
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tape, we have quid pro quo joke breaking how he shook down and blackmailed ukraine. six hours. by the prosecutor, or you don't get the billion. fire him, you have the billion. of six hours. and sound of of you, they fired him. march 29th, 2016, they fired the prosecutor general. he stated to "the washington post," abc, john solomon, and he was fired because joe biden demanded it. no experience hunter biden makes millions. joining us now with mark, putting the timeline together, fox news contributor john solomon, also interviewed, and s unfolding today. you know the truth. how is it possible people can bifurcate in their brains such hypocrisy that you got a real quid pro quo? fire him, you get a billion, don't fire him, you don't get
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it, six hours, millions to a kid with a zero experience. >> and how could they reconcile today, the headlines that you're reading a newspaper's that are no longer just professionally misleading, they are immoral. there headlines out tonight suggesting that he confirmed the quid pro quo, he did not. he testified he said to the congo's men, that there was no quid pro quo, president gave him one instruction, no quid pro quo, why are the headlines tonight so wrong? they are immoral, there misleading the country. if the real quid pro quo is with joe biden. he laid and how it himself, the timeline and i want to point some thing out. go back two months, remember that america, they said burisma was dead and they had no reason to stop because it was going nowhere. it was not true, it was escalating. hunter biden boston home was raided, his property just before joe biden intervened, if they had wrong talking points they were trying to cover something up. >> sean: all rights, going to
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the second part of this, let's get with lindsey graham but we got that to preview from michael horowitz yesterday that nobody in the media has reported on but it is they are. give the headline. >> very important story, inspector general horowitz concluded that the fbi had a systemic problem with managing confidential sources just like chris. they were not fighting them properly, not checking for reliability and credibility, ann some cases, the people charged with giving the findings were being pressured to. don't put derogatory information into the informant's boxes of the trial. we were doctoring the files and withholding potentially derogatory information about the informants. this answers how christopher steele could become an informant and use to get out warrants when we knew he was paid by hillary clinton, had a bias against donald trump, was leaking to the news media. the fbi is going to be having several days of reckoning.
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>> sean: less question, and i don't have any time left, when you interviewed the prosecutor general, it's not your fault that he said on a video tape, to you, yeah, the ambassador handed me a list of names not to prosecute. if do not have an obligation to show the video of the tape? you are not the prosecutor general and the people said that's a spear, that's called reporting. >> thank you, i got a comment from the state department, the real point, the prosecutor was reading on the possession, the state department and witnesses adam schiff called in. their precious to my pressuring to drop cases. it's been confirmed by the test and the money. >> and i never got a call by mike pompeo, we only mentioned four times in passing. if plenty of lines out there, john solomon, great reporting joining us with more reaction, congressman mark meadows, and,
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congressman meadows, it's over. no quid pro quo, oh, they got nothing and they got the money. they did nothing. >> well, the president said today, we heard the testimony and he said it in the press conference earlier today. he wanted nothing. he repeated this, i wanted nothing, he told them he wanted nothing at the time. and tonight's, he want something, i want something, the american people want something. they want this corrupt process and the corrupt impeachment process to end and it's time to shut it down. >> sean: and they are in the room, you're watching this all unfold. how does this guy keep the main points out of the opening statement when he said it repeatedly in the addition testimony? >> yeah, that's unbelievable to me, he said that before, he left it out today and said, well, i had so much and that seems to be a very key thing.
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and saying his presumptions, they kept out the word presumption when they went to the microphone at the break which they planned that break earlier by the way. he kept talking about this. well, it's a quid pro quo because he presumed it. if the cups and, well, two plus two equals four and i brought out to presumptions, plus two presumptions doesn't even add out to one fact. of the fact is, yet the conversation with the president and he said i want nothing, nope, no quid pro quo, if you saw it, mr. sondland that this was a quid pro quo, what in the world to do not message to mentioned to the president at the time. >> sean: going back to congressman meadow, we've a compromise chairman's, we've chairman and for three years how does he do it again? he gets everyone to follow him over the cliff again with the conspiracy theories and lies. >> well, he's being aided and abetted by mainstream media, and it's interesting, here's the
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only chairman that i know of that's had now seven pinocchio's. it for her on one, three and another from "the washington post" ." the headlines tonight are about the opening testimony and i'm sure they give outcome of the embargoes of the opening testimony and let everybody right the reports. they put it all out there, and headlines have not been this wrong since we saw the headline "do we win?" this is just so fabricated that we have got to come to reality and i appreciate you bringing the truth, but i did a great job, mike turner, jim jordan, the whole team. let me just say this, when the facts are on your side, that's exactly all about the facts. if adam schiff has been presuming as well as ambassador sondland. >> sean: congressman, devin nunes, turner, radcliffe, i'm forgetting people.
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amazing day today. it ended, it died today. and thank you. it will become that, lindsey graham will be hidden and new breaking news straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: all right, tonight we're getting what looks like a preview of deep state coming attractions because just released yesterday, and explosive new audit ignored by the mob and the media from the doj inspector general michael horowitz. this expresses deep rooted problems of fighting, and christopher steele inside the fbi department of justice and fd that the fbi's vetting process and confidential human sources known as validation did not comply with the attorney general
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guidelines. "it gets worse, and putting out in an article, reported sheds light on massive red lights, and "as it pertains to an informant's credibility or reliability." if sound familiar, they were warned ahead of time about the steel in the dirty dossier. the failures include the reliance on steel and debunks unverifiable paid for russian dog dossier now disproven, 90 plus percent of it. and to get the applications despite the candidate transition. as i told you, my patience is done waiting for the report. they to make the hearing has been scheduled for december 11th. it that senator graham's committee.
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i'm confident we are that close now to truth and justice and the russia boomerang is in full swing. if we would expose the premeditated problem on the fisa court, exculpatory evidence that was withheld along with all the circular reporting and the new circular parting from stenographers in the media mob. bolstering their lives pretty here with a reaction to that in the big development surrounding hunter biden, senate judiciary chairman, lindsey graham and before we get to the hearing, let's start with today's hearings. oh, let's see, the president said to me, no equated pro or quo. when did you ukraine mentor, there's no quo the did not get it, and it's a checkmate, game of art, games that match. >> and sondland said today, it was an open secret, everybody understood that the no meeting
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and unless they opened up the investigation with the bidens. if it is not open and that well known, why did he not testify the first time he was under oath weeks ago. why did not the vice president know it, and why did volker know it, why did that the president annoys? the only part testimony about the presidency was, i don't want anything and there's no quid pro quo. i can tell and everybody in the world. donald trump would not give the ukraine a dime of a today unless myself, ron johnson, rob portman and others push the issue. i was willing to vote to turn the aid back on to the 11th because as i thought the ukrainians neither the aid and i trusted that the new president. then, only then, they turned the aid off. >> sean: by the way, and i mean, the president is clear. with everybody. you know why he wouldn't do the print quote pro quid pro quo, it was not open,
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well-known, why did you not mention that the first time you testified? what happens between the first day he testified and today, the business is being destroyed and his family is being harassed. he found it today, he's trying to get the monkey off his back and it makes no sense that he knows it now and did not know it then. if it was that obvious, the whole thing is becoming a joke. we want no quid pro quo, the first person that ever talk to the president, and the president said his exculpatory. well, it's it opens secret media is tied to actions we have a letter saying pointing to the contrary. and no preconditions. am emma writes, senator? >> the vice president said i never talk to sondland's about any conditions about any meeting or the agent. volker said there's no critical
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quote. and the first time he testified, he's making up because he got the hill beating out of him. >> sean: your lawyer and prosecutor, a period hang on, when joe biden said, you're not getting the million, fire him and son of a dba, they did it. and they paid millions. his name is used with obama secretary and, hunter works and please stop investing us. >> i guess what he's paid milli. we get to the bottom of the tube, sir? on 2015, ambassador of ukraine, he made the speech about corruption and he wanted the part general prosecutor to be more aggressive. the one being named a sleazebag, and what's the name of the
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company? >> sean: burisma. >> the one person that i mentioned in 2015, to be corrupt, with the president of the gas company. the same guy finally gets investigated by the prosecutor, that they reward the prosecutor saying, well done, this is what you we want you to do. if they fired the guy for doing too much. >> sean: senator, he talked about the calls, biden and poroshenko, the former presiden president. how that were releasing transcripts, any chance we can ever get those? >> on fairbury the second, the prosecutor raided the house of the gas company, february the fourth, he makes the announcement, he calls the state department and on the 11th, the 11th, the 18th, 19th of february, joe biden calls the president of the ukraine. a month later, they fire the prosecutor and this is the same guy that was urged to take
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action against the gas company president of the american ambassador and 2015. this does not add up. what was the phone call about? why would you want to fire the guy after you you prosecuted the person you said was the dirtiest person all of the ukraine? >> sean: okay. you mentioned to me that you have a letter going out. >> yes. >> sean: what's the letter go to mike about? >> i want to know if there's any transcript or readouts and the president of the raided, and the gas company president's house. after the raid, hunter biden kicks in, and hunter biden's business partner, john kerry, and advises him on three occasions to make a phone call to the president of the ukraine and goes over there in march and they fire the guy. and this is the same man of the ambassador wanted to investigate
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in 2015. what happen here, is, hunter biden was on the board and that changed everything. >> sean: the letter goes out tomorrow to the secretary of state mike pompeo, -- >> never called me. i want to know from mike pompeo, and he records that the vice president talked about. why were you calling the residence after? released them! >> sean: release them! >> instead of congratulating the prosecutor for going after the dirtiest guy in the ukraine, the end of firing him. it didn't do anything with the fact that hunter biden was on the board? you have to remember that the vice president son was serving on the board that was run by the dirtiest guy according to the ukraine according to our own ambassador in 2015. >> sean: you have on september e inspector general for the committee. >> i'm hoping we get a number of days and not on the friday, a dump. you will get the report.
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>> sean: december the ninth. it's locked. >> it's locked. >> sean: okay, that's a monday, we will be in your chambers on monday. >> this was a good day, and it makes no sense -- >> sean: and make sense, if you did not like the election results of 2016 it makes sense, if you did not get from the fbi's investigation, the intel house investigation and the bipartisan of what you wanted, sure, it makes sense. let's move this way now, i make it all up again and follow-up the congenital liar again which they did. thank you, senator, great work and we appreciate what you're doing for the country. joining us now, by the way, with a reaction to the knights of breaking news, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. kevin i have to be honest, you know when republicans are weak, spineless, vision list, i use all those adjectives against republicans, but what i saw today, was leadership and
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strength and they tore him up. they got to the truth in the sky today. >> sean: and you look at the sky, the committee, and i you say some adjustments, the committee to go on, they are exceptional. from john radcliffe to mike turner and jim jordan, devin nunes, looking up what he has to go through and remember for the viewers to understand, this is home-court advantage for the democrats and they change the rules in the first hour and no republican gets to ask one question. schiff takes a break just to have a press conference because they want to make all the headlines say something else. today was the end of it. adam schiff tonight has to think, how does he end this? he has no proof, every thing has worked against them, and every advantage to adam schiff, all the rules and everything, he still cannot look with anything? how they ended and how can they ever get 218 democrats to vote
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the presidents based upon its? spewing congressman, look, the democrats have gone on the cliff. and you know what's amazing about all this we got to the heart of it. we talked to the president and width of the president tsai? what do you want? nothing. okay, what did they do to get the money? nothing? why are we here? why is this allowed to continue? >> because adam schiff and all the democrats were upset they wanted to run in 2016, and adam schiff wants to change the election so bad he will continue to light to the american public. if he will continue to take us through these nightmares. when will he not learn from this process and why will they continue to follow that was make it remember, he's the one who lied and said he didn't know
6:41 pm
who the whistle-blower was, but stopped someone from answering the question because they're going to name the whistle-blower? how would he know the name of the whistle-blower if he doesn't know who he is? and he bases everything on someone who's not on the phone call and won't let that whistle-blower come forward to it, but in person, a person who's on the phone call with the president and the president said, no quid pro quo. you have exact proof, why are we continuing this? >> sean: opinion, hearsay, conjecture, presumption. congressman, be proud of your caucus today, they kick some serious, serious, you know what. good to see you. >> they work for the country because they believe in the truth and when you sit back and look at washington, who standing up for the constitution? those men and women against all the odds against them, and everything lined up against them rose to the occasion and they deserve to be praised. >> sean: thank you congressman, joining us now, harvard, law professor, and i just read this book.
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if also, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, and you know, professor, i've known you for a long time. after reading this book because you have been smeared and slandered, i would tell you, i would not want to be on the other side and you laid out a powerful case. it's not fun being, is it? >> not being smeared to, believe me, i understand what the president of the unites states is going through right now. i've been smeared, but this book categorically, unequivocally establishes that i was framed and then i'm innocent and that the woman never met me. she mentioned it in the own emails and the lawyer on tape says she's wrong, and i urge people just to read the book. decide for yourself. the reason to read this book because if they can have it to me, it can happen to yourself, it can help with your son, to your father, it can happen to
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anyone. >> sean: and this is your party and look at what happened today. it blew up in their face. >> look, i don't agree with my party is doing, i remain a liberal democrat because of my support for women's right to choose and gay marriage, both the cuts are doing to the constitution an abomination. and they are discovered destrol liberties. if you attack the president for attacking for the ukraine, where's the american civil europe liberties union? where the hearings. i'm proud to be a democrat who stands up to the constitution. >> sean: you know, larry, your great talk show host. i saw a game, set, match cut summary that should be thrown out now. >> i agree 100%. concerning the thought experience, sean, it's 2011, obama's third term, third year, he's on the phone with a cop
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foreign counterparts. look into the shady deal involving one of run they sons. a whistle-blower decides to file a complaint. and goes to a republican committee, and for guidance and counsel, and then files a complaint and the chair of the republican and heat, the staff member had any contact with the whistle-blower, oh, and or the like. the country would be on fire! >> sean: you're right. >> they fail. if i were opposing donald trump, a for i were calling for his impeachment, all the people who work leaving i did something wrong they would be on my side. but today, you read the tweets, everybody said, if he supporting terms constitutional rights, he must be wrong and i hope people just read my book and come to your own conclusion. >> up again,, bugs
6:45 pm
everywhere, larry, awesome work as always. appreciate both of you being with us. they weigh in, a lot went on. in the streets of atlanta, the democrats ask about their parties pandering to the $94 trillion green deal mad me. it don't be shocked with what they had to say. ♪ do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ >> sean: here with reaction and all the breaking news and the witch hunt fox news legal analyst, and fox news investigative reporter sara carter, greg, starting with you, legal analysis. if every other witness was hearsay or opinion. up today, we had a real witness. if the real witness had to say under oath, he had to say the president said no quid pro quo. he went on to say, no, they did
6:50 pm
not do anything they got all the money. it to me, it's over. if you? >> oh, ambassador sondland was destroyed on cross-examination today. it's important because so many of the other witnesses got their information from sondland. for example, george, the guy with the goofy bow tie believe there is a quid pro quo because he heard it from taylor and heard it from morrison who heard it from ambassador sondland. and today we learned that the sondland presumed it. if he was just guessing it. he said it dozens of times today even though the president clearly told him directly, i want nothing, there is no quid pro quo. if this is impeachment by rumor and innuendo and i agree with ambassador, this is an abomination of a constitution. >> no civil libertarians, and boy, so many so many
6:51 pm
similarities it to the russia lives, could swears he's come come a piece which might come of the hoax. if part the congenital layer corrupt adam schiff. >> absolutely, sean, looking at the facts here, the facts are, he wanted nothing and ambassador sondland now, i want nothing, i want nothing. i want president zelensky to do what is right. he said it exactly what president trump told and dusted her son lens and he was facing some of his own assumptions if the thoughts aren't that he had, and i think greg brought up a really great point. it was an abomination. if you're looking at the facts, sean, you look at the fact that this president has given more aid to your crane than president obama ever did. so, these allegations being brushed by democrats on the ceiling cap for some reason we were harming the national security waiting to give them
6:52 pm
aid is a complete lie. because all you have to do is look back and see that obama did not provide any legal assistance, no chapel and missiles, no humvees, no other assistance. >> is ongoing. >> that's right. >> sean: i think if i was quid pro quo joe, you get it if you don't, and in six hours, and i would say they are in trouble tonight. if the legal side. >> absolutely, the timeline that our colleague john laid out was damning evidence. more than sufficient for the department of justice to open the official criminal investigation. and to the current corrupt practice act and joe biden's role together with his son. i'm glad to hear that lindsey graham appears to be read to conduct any investigation as well. >> sean: december 9th, the ig report, is that real? >> it's going to be very real,
6:53 pm
it's going to be very and we have already seen the first part here with john spoke about which is regarding the human sources at the fbi. if we are going to see so much more in the ig report coming up, horwitz is going to have a report with criminal referrals. >> sean: thank you, both. all rights, game-time, finally getting there. if taken longer than i ever thought. my patience is thin. i'm next, lawrence jones and the streets of atlanta asking democrats about their party pandering to the radical socialist left. it lets you but they have to sa. ♪ we believe at newday usa
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♪ >> sean: tonight's radical 2020 democrats, yes, they are battling out there socialism in a great city, my old hometown of atlanta. lawrence jones is in georgia. find out what the locals think of the 2020 socialist contenders. take a look. >> president obama gave an interview recently talking about
6:58 pm
the democratic party going too far to the left. do you agree with the former president? >> i do agree with the former president. i think they are trying to please too many people instead of standing their ground. >> do you agree? speak a little mad but i think right now we've got to filter everything out and go that far so we can go back to the mi. >> the party, i believe, is dancing to the music of their own tune. the party leaders are moving too adamantly against economic and financial interests. at the preoccupation is going to shoot us in the knee. >> what kind of seems like they're going in the direction of telling people what they want to hear. >> is that going to hurt them? >> i think that is hurting them. i think that is something they need to be mindful of. >> laura: >> sean: joining us n, lawrence jones, r are 2020 on e scene reported. how was your perception tonight?
6:59 pm
>> they were nice people, they were out-of-state people. the case is very simple coming of barack obama, the former president has made a very clear. the party has gone too far to the left. the case, when you look at a socialized medicine, look at the d.a. beer do you think most americans want to be on the d.a. system? how this government runs that. the education system call . politicians, the poor kids have to go to different schools. the case is very simple for most americans. the radical left, everything normally works, last week, the people like me that came from poor you know neighborhoods and made something of themselves, the people who fight to get the community back at me want to charge them more taxes? it's not going to work. that is the bottom line. >> sean: a lot of travel this year. you're going to back up those frequent flyer miles. great to see you this week. that is all the time we have
7:00 pm
left. we always thank you for being with us. we will never be the rage, hate trump media mob. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. a laura ingraham is up next. we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. did we actually watch an impeachment hearing today, or was it one long funeral mask for the democrats customer congressman doug collins and steve scalise are going to break it all down. we are going to hear from dan bongino and here exclusive white house response with pam bondi as well. also tonight, the key reasons, this is going to be important, why president trump wanted answers from ukraine. some of that has gotten lost in this tedious coverage. and ed henry is here with some new reporting on that issue